Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, fCBLISHFD KTRKT APTERIOUR (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) H til Sft Bntidtmft torntr #/ p *%tnut mnd EUvmtk Strut, BJ W. D. WALtACH IfiU betrrrtd to a ibacr'bera by carrier* at AND A QUARTER cents, p.nkte Week, atbeAsent*; paper, ?rr-red in J p?, mooUr To mall .ub^rlb^r* the m? option prV*l? THREE dollars AND FIP fY CB.NT8 ? fearta mdvamet, TWO dollars* lo, ,ix mooL,., u>4 one DOLLAR for Uuee aMt*; tor law thaa thro* no.tki a? *a ra*af jj# o??? a w?ek. CTSINeLE COPIES one CENT. SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1856, NO. 99S. THE WEEKLY STAR. VkK talalag a t Paauiraa4 ?iui| a greater variety of lateral ag raadinr tba? aaa be teu4 la aa? attar?la paMlabei <*a 8atur. a.. -?-?? t ? nna. pjt? capias Tea ooplaa ? weaty ooplaa. CT Caaa, iruiuut ib uron ET Slaglecopies (In wr?ppava) oaa boproea M paper Pric^- I h&bi PoavHaaraaa wboact as areata will Mi a commission of twaaty per aeat. omcui. Tu?A?r*T DiPiiTm^T, Dee. 1,1936. Notice 1? hereby given to holder* of stocks of United States that this Department will par ehise to the amount of SI,MM 000 of said stocks ,ny time when the same may be oflfered prior to 1st day of J on? next, and will pay therefor the fallowing price*, to wit. For itock of the loan of 1848, a premium of tea per cent; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848, , premfcm of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued der the act of 1350, commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, a premium of six per oent.; and l^r itock of the loan of 1846, redeemable on the I*h November, ls4?, If received at the Treasury prior to the lat day of January next, a premium percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of j per cent; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of Juae next, a premium of 1* percent. ? interest will also be allowed on said stocks at grates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates reoolved prior to the 1st of January mxt After that date the Interest will be allowed in sddltlon to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest. If sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts apeo theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, 0r Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIB, 4^ 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. 31EW FIRM AXU NEW ARRANGEMENTS ' The undersigned, t. potentini a S ZITELL, having formed a cor?;trtne-shlp for the purpose of carrying on tbe CONFEC TIONERY and RESTAURANT business, at ?79 Pennsylvania avenue, under the style of POTENTINI A ZITELL, bez leave to call the attention of the patrons of tbe olafirm, and the public generally, to the increased farMties which they now effcr for supplying WF.DDING. BALL and SUPPEH PARTIES, at the shortest possible notice, with all tbe deli cacies both in and out of season. Rooms furnished for BREAK F AfcT. DINN F^R and SU f PER, for private parties, at all times We have also connected with our establishment a fine SALOON fitted up expressly for the ladle*, where they can be furnlshsd with GAME ana OYSTERS of aU kinds, ser?ed up in every style, at the shortest notice. Ladles favoring: us with a call can always be furnished with every dellcacy that the appetite desires. Ladies and gentlemen can have their MEALS sent to them ai tnelr private rooms by leaving or ders We will also pay particular attention to the manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY' in all their branches, and will always keen on hand asolect assortment of F rencb CONFECTIONS BON BONS, PRESERVES 4c POTENTINI A ZITELL, 379 s s. Pa av . between 10th and 11th st*. ap 12-'im (IntAOrgan) WATCHES. MW SALT A BRO. OFFERS CON ? fctantly a complete assortment of superior Wrtches They call particular attention to those made by T F Cooper. F B. Adams A Sons, David Taylor. D?xon, Oralg, and others, London M T. Tobias A Co , R A J Beeslry. Joseph Johnson. Biundeil A Co , Liverp ol. Jules Jargens<>n, Copenhagen Also, Vaoherou A Con?tantlne's celebrated Ge neva Watches, which, from their sixe and style, are pertiliarly suited f r ladies The above, with tboae by ovary other maker, ars offered at the lowest rated. M W GALT A BRO , Jewelers, ap IS dtf 3^4 Pa av. bet 9th and lUth sU. C KIHH1NG TACKLE. 'H1NWE BRASS. SILK. LINEN AND Cotton FISH LINES, furnished complete and unfurnished Klrby, Limerick. Gravitation. Virginia!, and Chestertown Fish Hooks of all sixes LimetVk Hooks on Silk worm 6 at. Ringed, hollow and bank Sinkers Best Bamboo anl Heed Rods And everything In the Fishing Tackle line for sale very low by E n LUNDV, ap 19 US Bridge at., Georgetown. TABLE CUTLERY. SILVER-PLATED TABLE AND DESSERT Knives ; Ivorv Handle Knives ; Knives and Forks ; Carvers, Fork*, and Steel* ; Osme Car vers. Btef Sheers; Bead Knives, Ae Remember, prices are low on 7th *t , especially at 4Wi. ap 14- O FRANCIS. S P. HOOVER, Irea Hall Bset, thee and Trank Establish Jurr RECEIVED MY STOCK OF SPRING BOO r* and SHOES for ladlea, mis ses and children. A.?o, a large assortment of Gents, Boys\ and Youths' French Patent Leather and Calf Boots, Shoes and Pumps, all of which 1 will sell low fur c*sh. My assortment of TRAVELING TRUNKS cannot be s-irpaased In any city south of New York. S. P. HOOVER, apll- Iron Mall CAIT OFF CLOT Hllitt I30UGHT AND SOLD AT 79 LOUISIANA ?3 av?Mu?, opposite H>lmead's Grocery, neir Semmea'. aoaicM, ikrough Poet Offlte, to "Mr. Tailor " ap7-lm? WORKED COLLARS AND ILECVBS la sets ?Just opened from the Importer a full assortment of? Collars and Sle*ves In seta Cambric and Muslin Collars at very low prices Also. White Cambrics Plain and Figured Swiss Muslins Plaid Cambrics and White Brilliants at 1** ets. ? psr yard With many other Goods very cheap. WM R RlLKY, *p *-lm Cor 8th st , opp Oeatre Market. MR WILLIAM PALMER, Professor of hinging and the Flat*, TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS ?J of Washington that he proposes establishing SINGING CLASSES for two, three or four pu pl.s. whereby etvtli voice will be properly ** ?m;aed.aud separately cultivated, according to lis quality, which could not be done, consistent ly. with ?lmultaaeous teaching?as Sopranos, Mc7zo Sopranos, and Contralto voloes require a widely different training. The ?aine car,; is ne cessary wltn male voices, vli: Tenor. Baritone, and Bass. Wneu the poplin are s .iliclently ad vanted to sing by themselves they will then be taitfht to ta*e their respective parts In Duets, Tr.oa, or Quartette. Terms per (Quarter: S10 for each pupil. If only two pupils one hour will bede?ot?d. and an extra half hour for every additional p'ipil; S*<M per q Marter f >r separate pupils ap5-tf 'iaT Pennsylvania avenue. LVJR&ALEOK EXCHANGE.?SEVER A L " ??V0U octave rosewood PIANO- -JTlHl FORTE, elegantly finished, will beri Iffl x>ld lew for rub or good paper, or will >*; e? thaiv*(d for building material and work. These Itu'rummi* may be seen at my Saloon, and any person disp<>?ed to purr base or trade will please 'ua*e ?ari v application, mar* LEWIS CARUS1. WATCHES A? D JEWELRY JJ per reat cheaper than can ? be bought elsewhere in Wash 'ngt >n, at J ROBINSON'S, mar*l-tm ?19 Pa av , opp Browns'Hotel. ( 'LOCKS ?4'LOC K8?CLOCKS.?A GREAT " J variety of CLOCKS, all warranted toi *eep good time one year, at I J ROBINSON'S, Ml 1M9 Peiasylvauia avenue, WBM "aril?im opposite Browns' Hotel MR. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Fi*? Dollars Per Quarter. Apply at GEORGE HlLBUS'S Music Depot, r'atsytvanla avenue. ut*r 14-tf FISHING TACKLE. WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM those of our friends end the public who in dulge in the sport of angling, that we have just opened a complete assortment of FISHING TACKLE, of all the varions kinds and descrip tions; Red,. Reels, Line*, Flies. Sinkers, Floats, Hooks, Bate Boxes, Pocket Companions, Ac , in fact every thing necessary to lit out for the sport; and to regular fishermen who buy by the quan tity we would say, call on us. In quality, quan tity and price we cannot be surpassed SIBLEY A GUY, Pa. avenue, between 10th and 11th streets, ap 17-eo3t (Organ) HARUWARE~AMD BUILDING MATE RIALS. WE BEG LEAVE TO CALL THE ATTEN tion of our customers and builders generally to our stock of HARDWAREand BUILDING MATERIALS; also, TOOLS of everv discriptlon, Baltimore Chapln's Plains, Davenport A Mallory's l ocks, American Socket prime Chisels In setts or f>Ingle, Spear A Jackson's hand, pannel, tenant, Compass and rip Saws, and every thing usually found in the Hard ware trade We earnestly invite a call, feeling confident that the quality of our goods, and the price# will insure sales SILBEY A GUY, Penn. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th streets, ap 17-eo3t (Organ) REMOVAL?REAL ESTATE AGENCY. I WE SUBSCRIBER HAS REMOVED HIS Office to No 419 Thirteenth street, between G and H He continues to pay special attention to the sale and purchase of Real Estate; renting Houses and Farms; collecting Rents; Negotiat ing Loans; buying and selling Mortgage Bonds, 1 and Warrants, Ac.. Ac. Persons having prop erty to sell, or those wishing to buy or rent, will find it their Interest to call on him. JAMES J. MILLER, ap 17-eo3t Real Estate Agent. FRINGE AND TRIMMING MANUFAC TORY. Ladies dress trimmings in frin gea and Fancy Buttons, Cords and Tassels, every variety on hand and made to order. Wide Tassell Frlnee, Bugle Gimp and Buttons, fancy wash TRIMMINGS, Ac. < No '2j? Pa avenue, south side. ap 12.15.10* MRS LOWE. ROOTS AND SHOES. OVICK SALES AND SMALL PROFITS. WE ARE DAILY ADDING TO OUR large assortment of Spring HOUTS*^| and SHOESfor Ladies. Misses, Children.MI Gentlemen, Boys, and Youths. You willf save time and money by calling early and examining our stock. Another supply of those new style Gaiter* received to-day. A HOOVER A SON. South side Pa av., bet. 6th and 7th st. ap 2?TThASlm REFRIGERATORS AND WATER COOL ERS. WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY nounce to our friends and the pub lic generally, that we have just received a supply of WATERMAN'S PATENT VENTILATED REFRIGERATORS,I of all sizes and prices. Also, a lot of Nickols' Refrigerators, a very superior article. WATER COOLERS of every description. Please calland examine our stock SIBLEY A GUY, Penna. aveaue, between loth and 11th sts. ap 17-eo3t (Organ) SPRING MILLINERY. The subscriber has just opened HER SRING STOCK OF SILKr and STRAW BONNETS. RIBBONS.I FLOWERS, Ac , and respectfully invite! my old customers and the public to pay me a visit, if they desire to see a very l>eautlful, fash ionable, and tas eful lot of Millinery; all of which Is for ssle at extraordinary low prices My latest ?elections of the new styles of PARIS BONNETS of the fashion in that city for this SpriDg are un surpassed in the United States MISS WALLACH, Pa. av., over Mr Wall's shoe store, mar 24-2awlm between 7th and 8th sts. SPRING OPENING OF 1*36. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RE turned from the Eastern Markets wlth^. one of the largest and most varied assort ments of FRENCH BONN ET8. adapted/^* to the season, ever offered in this market. Also, a large stock of French FLOWERS, EMBROIDERIES, RIBBONS, STRAW GOODS, and CORSETTS Ladies DRESS TRIMMINGS In greit profu sion ? .. Particular attention paid to Dress making In the latest French styles. Neatness and despatch rn.yb.-U-online^ W)LUAN Market Space, between 7th and 8th streets, mar 11?eoflw Copper-Plate 4 Wocd Engraving, and Lith ographic Drawing and Printing OvriCl SCP*BI!*Ta"Da!*T Public PR15TI!??, ) WaihixstoNi April 10, 1856 $ UPLICATE PROPOSALS WILL BE RK _ celvsd at this office until the 25th dav of A prll Instant, at 12 o'clock, m ,for Engraving upon Copper, for the use of the Senate ar.d Home of Representatives, in the best manner, fifteen Charts of Harbors, Ac , to accompany the report of Commodore Perry of the recent expedition to Japan. Also, for transferring and printing from stone, eighteen thousand four hundred and twenty im pressions of each chart. Also, for drawing on stone, and printing in one or mors colors, the same number of impressions of certain plates of Natural History and Conchol ogy, to accompany the same report Also, for transferring and cutting cn wood, in the very best style, one hundred or nrore pages of machinery (4 51-6 by 7* inches) to illustrate the report of the Commls.loner of Patents on Me chanics Also, for transferring from copper, and printing In the best manner on stone, twenty-two thousand nine hundred and twenty impressions of ?lxty charts, to accompany the annual report of the Su perintendent of the Coast Survey. Also, for engraving on stone, or drawing In crayon, and printing, twenty-thre? thousand nln? hundred and twenty impressions each of certain quarto plates (6 by 0 lacnes) of Botany, Natural History, Conchology.and Geology, to accompany the reports of surveys of route for railroad to Pacific ocean. ^ _ The illustrations will be open at this office, for the inspection of those persons desirous of bid ding for the same, until the closing of the bids, and any Information desired will alsobefurnlshed. Also, for drawing and engraving on stone, and printing and coloring, for the use of the House of Representatives, 10,000 copies of a map or Cen tral America. The paper required for printing the lithographs will be furnished by this office. Contracts will bs entered Into with, and bonds with security will be required from the successful bidders for the faithful execution of their con tracts. It is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertained from any partle* not directly engaged in, and practically acquainted with the stvle of work bid for. The bids will state separately the price, and m D but one price, for each class of work bid for: and in the lltnograpv, the price for ent?rav1njf or draw ing; and th?* price f? r pointing, either transfer In crayon ?>r colors, the price per hundred and one thousand copies for each tint or color, and the time required tor the execution of the work, or portions of the same ; and must be addressed, cue to th? chairman of the Committee on Engrav ihg, House of Representative*, United Statrs, and one to A G Seaman, Superintendent of Public Printing, Washington, D C., and be endorsed *' Proposal* forCopper-pla,e"or ?? Wood Engrav ing'' or" Lithographing." * A G. SEAMAN, ap 10 -todt26th Superintendent. MILLER A CUNNING HAW, PLUMBERS, GAS AND STEAM FITTERS, 3U5 Pa nvtnut, bttw lfifJk a*d 13/A tit. [IF r ANU FORCE PUMPS, II VURAULIC Rams, Foun'slus, Bathing Tubs, a Shower Hath Fixtures, Marbl* W'a h Ba ?ins. Water Closets Lead, Iron and copper SINKS. -CTM. Dwellings, Stores and Public Buildings fitted *<>' ^ ap U-et2w OR SCHWARTZES Worm Destroying Svrup. 1HK ONI.Y KNOWN REMEDY WHICH . never falls to destroy W orms without injury to the patient. Itls warrantrd to be a purely vege table compound, and compared with other prepa rations is pleasant to take, and lnnoeent In Ita operation It needs but a trial to prove Its effi. cacy. Price ifi cents a bottle For sal* at JOHN SCHWARTZES, Drug and Chennlcal Store, No. 468 Pa. avenue, next to U. S. Hotel. P S ?A liberal deduction will 1>e made to the trade. uur 20?eotf 'I SPRING AID SUMMER GOODS. IOHN H SMOOT, No. 119 SOUTH SIDB OP ?* Bridge street, Georgetown, bas received, per recent arrivals from New York and Philadelphia, ajfrgf/ni well assorted stock of SPRING AND su W MFiR 6UOD3, comprising a general isiort meat of the newest styles for Ladles, Gents, and Children's Wear. Also, Furnishing and Domes tl" Goods. Having made extensive purchases at the New ^ or^ and Philadelphia auctions, with anange ments to be furnished throughout the season with the newest goods as they amvi, he is prepared to oner bargains to cash and prompt paying cm torn ap 16-tf restaurant and reading room, S. E. cor. E and 7/* sts ,opp. P O DevmrtmU. rpilK BEST OF SEGAKS, AND CHEWING ' TOBACCO; strictly choice OY-^K - STERS SEA TURTL'B, TERRA-fflA^^ I PIN, FISH and DUCK in season QUAIL, WOODCOCK, SNIPE. VENISON and BEEF STEAK, served by an experienced Cook and polite Servants, In pleasant rooms. Private entrances to Reading ana Fating rooms, on E and 8eventli streets, for those who object to public Bar Rooms. FAMlLI ES SUPPLIED WITH OYSTERS on chafing dis es. WHIS KIES, ALES and other drinks, 6 cts , Fine BRANDIES 10 cts. Leading political and lite rary periodicals in Reading rooms. Your patro nage is respectfully solic ted. ap 15 FRENCH PICKLES, SPANISH OLIVES. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED TWO CASES of thos* choice French Pickles. Also, very fine Spanish Olives, Fresh Tomatoes, Gretn Corn, W'orcestershlreSance, Sardines, Anchovies CaUuts, Jellies, Pickles, Ac. For sale by Z M P. KINO. 965 Vermont avenue, corner 15th *P H __ and 1 streets. HARPER S MAGAZINE for May received ?t SHILLING TON'S Ainorp the contents of Harper's Magaglne for May will be found an account of Commodore Perry's Expedition to Japan, full of lllustra'lonn. Courtship and Marriage, by Oaroline L. Hentz. All the rn-w books published received Immedi ately afterwards. Everything in the Stationery Line at SHILLING TON'8, Odeon Building, cor. Pa. ave. ap 17-3t and steeet. LADIES' DRESS GOODS. JOHN H SMOOT, NO. 119 SOUTH SIDE of Bridge stseet, beotgetown, D. C., Las re ceived? Silk Robes and Rich Dress Silks, spring styles Rich Printed and pla'n ground Barege Robes Rich Organdie and Lawn Robes Rich best French Organdie Lawns and Jaconets Plain and striped Barege*, all colors Black and col d Crape de Spange and bl;k Gren adines Lupin's bik Bareges, very cheap Bolored and white hgurtd Brilliant*, very neat Small checked and rich new style Chenl Ging hams Black and white Organdie and Plain bl'k Lawns and Ginghams Pis in mixed Ginghams for travelling dretsps Plain bright and mode colois Mous de Laines Ilich printed Challey and Barege de Laines Striped Ginghams, l?awns, and plain colored French Cambrics A large assortment of good quality and styles fast colors Lawns at 12,}f Scotch and Lancaster Ginghams at 12# Plain and Plaid Nainsook Muslins Plain Mull, Swiss and India do Plaid and striped Swiss and Jaconet do. Rich figured and dotted do. Jac Cambric and Cambric do. Plain corded and India Dimity 3(?0 pairs best pnglisb, Hoyles, Prints, at l'i^C. ALSO ? Black Silk and Lace Mantillas, new styles Stella and Printed Cashmere Shawls 5c Scarfs Grass, man Ilia corded, whalebone and mohair Skirts [ lOcartons rich Bonnet Ribbons, cheap 6 pieces Hischofls & Semper Idean blk Silks EMBROIDERIPSln collars, setts, sleeves, and cambric and muslin strips, %ery cheap Ca.?h and prompt paying customers will find It to their advantage to give us a call ?P 17 J H. SMOOT. NEW DRESS GOODS. WEGAN A SON, No. 323 PA. AVENUE, ? 3d door east from Seventh street, have now in store a great variety of new DR ESrt GOODS, many of which being bought at auction at very low prlres, viz: Black Silks, Berage Robes, [ Shally Robes, Lawn Robes. De Balie Robe?, Berage DeLains, Farcy Lawns, black and white | Lawns, colored Briliiante, solid cc lors all wool M. DeLains, plain Berages. plain Tissues, Mourn ing DeLains, English Chli.z Prints, Madder Prints. Merrimac Prints so id colors Ginghams, Manchester nnd Domestic Ginghams, black Ala pacas and Bombazite. Nensook, Book und Swiss .Muslins, Bishop L&wn, plaid and ftrlp?-d Mus lins, Dotted rtwUs .Muslins, and many other de sirable and rcarce goods, at *eiy low prices, ap ll-6t ALNWICK FRENCH A* D ENGLISH FE MALE SEMINARY, FOR BOARDING PUPILS. SITUATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THE Baltimore and Washington Railroad and Turnpike, and two miles south of the village of Laurel. M. A. TYSON A SISTERS respectfully in form their patrons and others that it Is their in tention to closo, p rmanently, their day school in the cltv on the 21st April, and that the summer term of their Alnwick Institution will open on MONDAY. May 5th Applications may be mi'e at their city resi d?-nce, until let Mav, or by letter addresged to the Laurel Po*t Olflce.'Md N B?Every facility Is afforded for the arqnl 1 tlon of the French Language and Music, ap 14-dt.MaylO GAS LIGHT!?GAS LIGHT II Always sure, and u?der your own control! GALLAHFR a smith HAVING PER fected their PORTABLE GAS GENERA TOR, now off*r it to the puMlc, assurirg them thet it is fie- from all the objections whlcb have been urged against other inventions for accom plishing artificial illumination It will generate more Gas, at less expei se, than any otht r Apja ratMs, take up less space, and Is free from all noxious odors, while its original cost Is fifty per cent. less. For Public Buildings or Private Dwellings this Grxhatoi will be found pecu liarly applicable, and In the country highly ad vantageous, as the Gas can be manufactured fiom any kind of grease that Is now considered valueless arid thrown away it is verv simple in Its construct.on, not liable to get out of order, and can be tecded with entire safety by an ignorant servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think It necessary, in an advert eement, to give any long description of their Gas Gk.i.'.kator, those des reus of being supplied will examine for themselves, they would, therefore, resnecifully refe- the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No 305 Pennsylvania avenue, rou> h ?lde, Who are the --ole and General Agents, whe e the Gas can be seen burning, and all particulars as certained relative to the Generator, Ac. ap 14-lm AUCTION BARGAINS. Fine de baife at lixc White Brilliants 12KC Striped and plaid Muslins tij^c Extra quality do

Black Alaracas 12#c \ Brown Linens 6j|C 4-4 do Fine Linen Handkerchiefs Cjgc Extra quality d Dike While Flannels 12#c 4 4 Fancy Prints 12kc 4-4 Purple do ' 1U c 4-4 Furniture Chintz 12 Wc 4 4 Brilliants 25 c 7-8 fine Bleached Shirtings 6j^c Fine Book Mt'slins 12kc Brown Linen Table Cloths 31 Me Brown Linen Towels tike Fine Table Napkins also? A handsome lot of Black and Colored Visltes, very cheap. Also, a large assortment of Embroidery, Ac. W EGAN A SON, No. 323 Pa av., s. side, 3d door from 7th. ap 14-dt NEW SPRING MILLINER!^ " ON T^URUDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, Miss THOMPSON will open our stoak of SPHJNG MILLINERY, ar.d we re ?pectfully solicit a call from Ladles on the iPM above named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap2-tr No. 310, Pa av., bet. Vth and 10th sts. n ARG.UNS AT .ELLIS'S; he is sellinc out. ap'J-tf R' Houses, &c , for Rent and Sale Th^kA^ell-?u,^t frame houses * uIma} , LoU far Also, a nnmbtr of M m? PLn^l,0t'' a11 ln the First Wad. Apply JLu ? .! CAMERON, 14? B street south, opposite Smithsonian Institution, ap 16-lw* VA^ABLE PROPERTY FOR sale? rmi t-ttmt1 ??r,^r has following described ?rZ?o tarli i?T r?le' wh,rh w,u ** "?'d on mod tate ? ' the PurPO?e of settling up ar es T^lW,h?le.?'^uar#440' ??tuated on7 th street Xhtrl^nf?. mprOVedbym K00* brlck bOUt-e, which contains a store room and bake oven : there is also, a neat Cottage on this square, aad fruit trees. . Frame House on the Island ; the ssmo . ?n 7tl1 8,reet) *nd In square 673 Ttis bouM 1h now occupied by Mr. Harris as a Grocery Store and dwelling ; there is a stable at tar bed to the premises. On English Hill I have also several fine lots f?r?V? , K. C MORGAN, ?P 1(Mw Executor. t*OR sale.?I WILL SELL AT PRIVATE X sale, a two story and attic Frame House and Lot; also a vacant Lot adjoining, situated r.n 12th s'reet west, between M and N streets, No 331. The House contains 7 rooms, with an excellent dry eellar. Any person desiring a comfortable and pleasant residence, will do well to call and examine the premise*. Terms very accommoda tliig. fap 15-lw?] JAS. T.FERRY. NO.306 ?FOR SALE, A VALUABLE TWO ?tory and attic frame House and Lot No 306, on 9th street west, built of best material, con taining twelve rooms, wide passage, cellar, all ne ct s?ary out buildings, pump of excellent water in the yard, and la consideied one of the most conve nient houses in the city. Terms, one-fourth cash; residue ln six, twelve and eighteen months. Inquire on the premises, ap 14-6t , For r ent?the large house, com pletely furnished. situated on the corner of Pa. avenue and the President's Square Posses sion given immediately. Enquire on the prem ises, No. 224 Pa avenue. ap *, tf F^OR BALE OR RENT -A SMALL FARM situated near the Old Field?. Prince George's, Md., on the stage road from Upper Marl boro' to W asbington, only seven miles to Wash ington. On the place is a good Dwelling House good fruit, a young growing woods, and the soii easilv improved For particulars inquire en D at , between 6th and 7th, No. 424. ap4 - lm# FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov87?tf For rent.?a two story brick House, with a two story wing. It has exten sive grounds about It. and is situated on the south west corner of F and With streets Kent, f 17 per month Key at Mr. C. ALEXANDER'S*, near Winder's building. mar mi?eolm# IOOMS TO LET ?A furnished PAR lor and Chamber (including fire and gas) will be rented together or separately during the session of Congress. The rooms are on 'be first floor, within one square of the Kirkwood House. Enquire at the office of the Kirkwood House. Jan 30?eotf Brick yard for sale ?the under, signed will dispose of their Upper or Eastern Brick Yard, situ^tedjon the corner of N and South Capitol streets, <20 building'hill) with an abund ance of th? beat quality clay. The improvements are?one steam engine of 20 horse power, im proved Clay Mixers, three large substantially built 18 arcn kilns, and suitable shedding. 4c . and all the Improvements neces?arv to make 28 or 30 thousand brick daily; will be sold on libe ral terms. Application can be made to Richard Wallarh, or John Van Kiswlck ~ mar 11-eotf SAMUEL BYINGTON A CO Avery desirable farm for sale. The subscriber will sell his farm in Fairfax County. Va., lying on the Leesburg turnpike, but a mile and a half above Its junction with the Co lumbia Turnpike, at Bailey's X Roads The land is excellent. The farm contains 111 aciets. agood young orchard of apples and peaches, a comforta ble though small dwelling house, end a capital barn. Thirty acrea are of line cultivable low grounds?twelve acres are in wheat. The place is a miles from Washington, and six miles from Alexandria, with turnpike communications from the gate to both cities. It is at this moment the most desirable place known to be for sale within twenty miles of the Federal City. REUBEN KELSEY. P. 8.?Persons wishing further information mav apply to W. D. Wallach a', the Star Office, (who knows the place well ) or to me on the premises ap 1?w4w* Apollo hall! apollohall;?for sale or lease, the lot on which the Apollo Hali formerly stood, fronting 48 feet 4 inches on Pennsylvania Avenue, south side opposite the National Theatre, by a depth of 85 feet This lot is generally considered about the best vacant let on Pennsylvania Avenue for a safe investment. Terms?one-third cash, the balance in one, two, and three years Apply at No 331, G street, or of E. C Dver, Esq., Pennsylvania Avenue between 12th A 13th streets, north side. ap 10-eo2w FOR RENT ?a TWO STORY HOUSE con taining seven rooms, besides the kitchen, w th gas through the house. Apply at -0ft, H street, between 13th and 19th street. ap 10- eo6t. FOR SALE ?THESTOCKandFJXTURIS of a retail store, doing a good business. Kea- j son* for selling will !?e made known by address ingW. C. A , at this office, giving name *r.d residence. Terms liberal. ap 2?2awtf Farm for sale?the subscriber will sell a valuable Market Farm, containing sixteen acres more or less situated five miles from Washington, and ljtf from Tenallytown, D. C., at the Junction of the new milk house fnrd road, and the road from Tenallytown to Baltimore, which makes It a most desirable situation for a summer retreat The society cannot be excelled by any in the State The improvements are a conr. foi table Block House, and out housis, and a large | Apple and Peach orchards: the whole being ln a high state of cultivation Price low and imme diate possession given. For particulars enquire of JAS. COLEGATE, Esq , or totte subscriber on the premises, J. PARKER. ap 17-eo6t* FOR RENT.-a handsome THREE story frame House on 11th street, between New York avenue and K street north, containing nine good and conveniently-arranged rooms, with wide passage. It has a large cistern in the yard ^pl^ to M. SN YDEK A SON, Bankers Apply ap 4 FOR SALE ?I WILL SELL AT PRIVATE sale between thla and the lat of May, mv property, constating of two two-story Fran# Houses, situated on 20th street, No 404 and 4i6, between G and H. Also, two two-story Brick Houses, situated on 28d street, No. 214 and 216, l>etween G and H Also, two small frame Houses, situated en 23d street, No. 114 and 116, north of K. Alar, one vacant M>t of Ground on22d street, between G and H For terms of sale Inquire of Mrs. HANNAH MILLSON, on tween G and H mar 28? 1 m? fjV)R SALE?A TRACT OF LAND CON talclng 170 acres, 40 of which iacleared, 15 or 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance ln oak and hickory, some of which is very hea*y it ishaadsomelv iocaled, ln a thickly settled and rapidly improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown; well watered; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold ln whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H. SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf AT PR1VATESALE.?EIGHTEEN SMALL building lo!s for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging ln price from 80 to 160 dollars each Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumber or briclrs (at market prices) totheamount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title Indispu table For any other information apply to H PARRYj Marble Yard. Pa. av., l*t. lPth A 19th ?uj aplO?3m Rare chance.?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacrl *<*? . H. C. HARKOVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal ance In 1,2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north ? street, Capitol H1U. feb 83-tf EVENING STAR. LA RABBIATA; OR, LUTR AND PRIDE. CHAPTEK I. The sun had not yet risen, and a heavy mist hung over Mount Vesuvius, spreading on to wards Naples, and enveloping the small towns on the coast. The sea was calm On the beach of a small gulf under the Sorrentine rocks several fishermen were engaged in hauling up the boats and nets which bad been used during the night, whilst others were preparing tbeir tackle and trimming their sails for a fre-h start. No one was idle; for even the old women had brought out their spindles, an I the wives and children were engaged in work or play 44 Look here, Rachel! there is our padre," said an old woman to a little thing of ten years old, who played round her spindle. 44 lie is just stepping into the boat. Anto nio is to take bim over to Capri, iloly Ma ria ! how sleepy the vene/able pastor looks." Thus saying, she greeted a little benevolent looking priest, who was just seating himself in a boat, after having carefully lifted his long black robe and npread it on the bench The men on the shore paused in their work to see the departure of their pastor, who nodded and greeted right and lift. " Why does ne go to Capri, grandmamma?" asked the child. " Have the people there no priest, that they have to borrow ours?" " Silly child . said the old woman ; they have plenty of priests over there, and the mo*t beautiful churches, and even a hermit, which we have not. But there is a noble lady who lived here for some time, and was so ill that mere than once it was thought she could not recover, and the priest had to go to her with the Host. However, the Holy Virgin succored hor; she is now strong and well again; and bathes in the sea every day. When slio went forth from this place over to Capri, she gave a great heap of ducats to the church and to the poor, ana would not go till the padre had promised to continue his visits to her there, that she might confess to him. She had wonderful confidence in him, and we may consider ourselves fortunate in keeping him as a pastor, for he has the talent of an arch bishop, and many of the highest in the land inquire after him. The Madonna be with him " Whereupon sho again nodded towards the little boat, which was just pushing off from the shore. 44 Shall we have fine weather, my son ?" in quired the little priest, looking doubtfully to wards Niples. 44 Tho sun ba6 not yet risen," replied the young owner of the boat; " it will soon clear aw:iy the mist " Antonino seized the long oar to push tho boat into deep water, but suddenly stopped and looked up the steep path which led from the beach to the little town of Sorrento. The slight form of a girl was visible hastening down the steps, and waving a handkerchief. She carried a little bundle under her arm, and her dress was plain in the extreme ; but the head thrown haughtily back,-and the noble cut of the features contrasted etrangeiy with her apparent poverty. The black braids of her hair were crossed above her forehead, like the diadem to which she seemed born. "Why are we waiting?" a.^ked the priest "There is a woman coming towards the b at who wants to go to Capri, if you do not ob ject, padre. We shall not go any the slower, for she is a little thing, scarcely eighteen years of age " At this moment the girl stepped from be hind the wall which enclosed the winding path. "Laurella!" said the priest; " what ha; she to do in Capri ?" Antonino shrugged his shoulders. The girl advanced hastily with hor eyes on theground. 44 How do you do, LaRabbiata !" cried sev eral of the young sailors They would havo said nioro had not the presence of the priest restrained them ; for the silent, scornful way in which the girl received their greeting seemed to irritate tho rude fellows 44 How do you do. Laurella"' said the priest; 44 how are vou to day ? Ho you wish to go to Capri?" " With your permission, padre. " Ask Autoniuo; he is the owner of the boat. Every one is master of his own prop erty, and God is Lord over us all " 4'Here is a half carline," said Laurella. without looking at the young boatman ; 14 can I go for that ? ' 44 You want it more than I do," murmured the young man, as he pushed asido some bas kets of oranges to make room. 141 shall not go for nothing,'' replied the girl, knitting her black eyebrows. 4* Come, child," said the priest; " he is a good yttuth, and will not make himselt rich at tho expense of your little store. There, get in, and sit down here by me See, he has spread bis jacket, that you may sit more com fortably ; he did not do as much for me ; but that is the way with young people?more care is taken of one little girl like you than of ten reverend gentlemen. Well, well, yeu need not excure yourself, ?Tonino ; this is always the way of the world !" Laurella had meanwhile stepped into the boat and seated herself; but she pushed the jacket on one side without a word of thanks The young sailor did not remove it, but mur mured something between his teeth. He then pushed vigorously from the shore, and the little skiff flew out into the gulf. 44 What have you got in that bundle?" asked the priest, while they sailed across the water, which was just now glistening in the first rays of the sun. 44 Silk, thread, and a bit of loaf, padre. I am to sell the silk to a woman in Anacapri, who makes ribbon, and the thread to some one else." 44 Did you spin it yoursolf7" 4' Yes, padre." 44 If I remember right, you have also learnt to make ribbons ?" 44 Yes, padre; but my mother is so much worse that I cannot leave the house, and we are not able to buy a loom for ourselves." 41 Oh ! is 6he worse ? When I was with you at Easter, she was sitting up " 44 The spring is always the worst time with her. Ever since the great storm and tho earthquake, she has suffered so much as to be obliged to keep her bed." 44 Iudced ! then you must be earnest in prayer to tho Virgin for her, and be good and industrious, that your prayers may bo heard." After a pause, he continued : 44 As you wero coming down to the shore they shouted 4 How do you do, La Rabbiata !' Why do they call you so ! It is not a pretty name for a Chris tian girl, who should be soft, mild and gentle." Her dark face crimsoned with blushes, and her eyes flashed. 44 They mock me because 1 will not dance, and sing, and talk nonsense, like every girl. Why cannot they leave me alone ? I do them ne harm." " But you should be courteous to every one. Perhaps you may not like to dance and sing like others whose lives are happier; but even hearts oppressed with sadness may give a kind word. She looked down and contracted her brows as if to hide the dark eves beneath. For some time they oontinued their way in silence. The sun now shone brilliantly over the moun tains ; the summit of Vesuvius rose above the mist; and the houses in the orange-gardens around. Sorrento looked danling white in the morning rays. "Have you heard nothing more of that pain ter, Lanrella?that Neapolitan who wished to marry you?' asked the prieBt. She shook her head. 44 He came once to tako your picture : why did yon refuse to allow him ?" 44 \V hat did he want it for ? There ate m tny girlt more beautiful than I am. And then, who know* what he would hare done with It* My mother said he might bewitch me. and in jure mj life. perhaps even hurt my aoul " "Do not believe such sinful things," said the prieat eerne?tly. 44 Are you not always in the hand* of ttod, without whoee will not a hair of your head falls; and can a man like that, with a mere picture in hii hand, be more powerful than our Heavenly Father' Be side* that, you might have known that he wished yoa wall, or would he hare asked you in marriage?" The girl was silent. " And why did you refuse to marry V con tinued the priest, after a pause " He was a good and handsome man, and would hare supported your mother much better than you can do witn the trifle you earn by spinning and silk-winding." ?'We are poor people," replied Laurella vehemeatly ; " and my mother, has been to long ill, we should only have been a burden to bini Besides. I am not flt to be a siguora When his friends came to visit him, he weuld have been ashamed of me.' " How you talk ! I tell you that he was an excellent man ; and, betides, he would have come to live in Sorrento. You will not easily find such another ; he seemed aa if tent from heaven to sucoor you." " I do not want a husband ; I shall never marry!" she said disdainfully, and a* if speaknig to herself. " Have you ever made a vow, or are you going into a convent?" She shook her head. " People are right in calling you head strong. Do you consider that you are not a!cce in the world, and that you make the ill ness and poverty of your mother only mora bitter by your obstinacy ? What good reason could you have for refusing the honest man who wished to support you? Answer me. Laurella." "1 have a reason," said she*, in a low and hesitating voice, " but I cannot tell it." " Not tell it ??not to me ??to your father confessor? You know I always seek your good?do you not, Laurella?" she nodded. ?? Then unburden your heart, my child. If you are right. I will be the first to commend you; but you are young, and know little of the world, and may afterwards regret having thrown away your happiness for some child ish fancy.'' She cast a hasty glance towards the young man, who, busy with his oar, sat in the bow ot the boat, his woolen cap drawn down over hid eyes. He was gasing on the sea, and seemed occupied with his own thoughts. The priest saw her look, and bent down his ear. '? You did not know my father." she whis pered, and her eyes were full of gloom. ?' Your father! why, he died when yen were scarcely ten years old, I think* What ha* your father, whose soul, I trust, is in Paradise, to do with your obstinacy?" " You did not know him, padre! You do not know that to him alone is my mother's illnes owing!" ?'How so?" inquired the priest with sur I rise. ?'Because he beat and ill-treated her. L remember well the nights when he would c <me home iu a perfect fury. Sho never spoke a word, and did all he wished; but he would beat her till my heart nearly broke. I use I to draw the covering over my head, and pre tend to be a?leep; but in truth I cried all night. And when he ?aw her lying on the floor, his manner would suddenly change; he would raise her, and clasp her in hit arum, close to his heart, till she cried out half suflo cated. My mother forbade me to say a word about it then ; but it had such an effect upon her, that, ever since his death, many years ago, sho has never regained her health ; and if she dies?which hcaveu f-irbid!?I know who will have killed her " The little priest shook his head, and seemed uncertain how far he should acknowledge the justice of the girl's reasoning. At last ha said : "Forgive him. my child, aayour mother has forgiven him Do not let your thoughts dwell on such sad scenes, Laurella; better times are iu store for you, and all this will be forgotten." '? Never ! I shall never forget it!" she said shuddering. -'And it is this which has deter mined mc to remain unmarried, padre. I will not be subject to one who will ill treat me one moment and caress me the next. If any were now to attempt to do either the one or the other, I should kuow how to defend myself, but my mother would not do so, because she loved him I will love no one well enough to endure suck things from him." *' What a child you are to t*lk such non sense !" replied the priest. "Are all men like your father, who gave way to every whim and passion, and did, in truth, ill treat your mother ? Have you nwt seen numbers of ex cellent men in the neighborhood, and women, who live in perfect unity and peace with their husbands " Ah ! they appear to do so ; but no one knew my father's conduct to my mother ; she would rather have died a thousand deaths than have uttered a word of complaint, and all because she loved him. If it be love, which closes one's lips so that one dare not cry out for help, and which makes one de fenceless against greater injuries than would be endured from an enemy, then, as I have said before, I will never give up my heart and liberty to any man." " I tell you, you aie an ignorant child, and do no! understand what you are talking of. Yourieart will not ask you whether you will love or not; when the time comes, all these notions will then give way." After a pause he again continued : "And did you tell that Sainter?did you tell him that you feared his arshness " " His eyes looked just liko my father's when asking forgiveness of my mother, and tryiug to make it up with her. I know those eyes; they can be feigned even by a man who beats the wife who has never done him any harm ; and I shuddered when I saw them again." After this she remained silent, and the priest followed her example. He was think ing of much good advice that he could give to the girl; but the presence of the young sailor, who, towards the end of the converse tion, had become apparently restless, closed his mouth. In about the spacc of two hours they ar rived in the little harbor of Capri. Antonino carried the padre through the surf to the shore ; but Laurella would not wait till he had waded back to fetch her; she lifted her little skirt, took her wooden shoes in her right Land, the bundle in her left, and splaaLed sturdily through the water. " I shall remain some time at Capri, to d iy," said the priest. " and you need not wait for me, my son. Indeed, I may possibly not return till to.inorrow. Laurella, salute your mcthtr for me when you get home; I Khali visit her before the week is out. I suppose you return before night ?" "If there be any opportunity," said the girl, as sho arranged something about her dress. '* Vou know that I must get back " said Antonino, in what was intended for a very in different tone. ** I shall wait for you till vespers : and if you are not here by that time, it does not matter to me." " You must go baek, Laurella," put in the little priest; "you mutt not leave your mother alone all night. Have you far to go now ?" " To Anacapri, to a vineyard." M Ah ? then our roads do not He together. I am bound for Capri. The Madonna bleu you my child; and you, too, my sou." [to aa CONTINUBD.] KMan shines abroad?woman at home, has science?woman taste. Man has judgment?Woman sen ibility.