Newspaper of Evening Star, April 19, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 19, 1856 Page 3
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Evening star. INTELLIGENCE^ Ttllf a*d Belt.?The examination (for -Jmitment) of these two young men (Charles f1. .Te and Harvey Belt.) for having stolen Ify 1(0rtions of the proceeds of the villainies vS- Jang of Washington burglar* and ineen j-^fnow in prison, took place yesterday af tls n before Joatice Holliugnhead. Among w art'ieles found in their possession were -His stolen from nearly every house whieh >ther prisoners are known to have bur (itfioaslv eDtered?boots and shoes, clothing. tVwxii. clocks. watches, Ac., all of which JlJ ?v came into their hands from young ntmaine Steele, like Demaine, has respec H. relatives in this city, with whom the Vuiutity feel great sympathy. Tbev were duly committed under the charge reaving stolen goods in their possession. ,iJis ?tolen in the robbery of the premises of u, Wm Phipps. engraver, were found on Sim among the others. This is the first ? klinc that the police have had of the fact that this gan8 were the perpetrators of that I*t also The number of cases against them 9jX. and the aggregate of bail demanded , rYach prisoner was $4,000. Fish Tow*, in Alexandria, is just now worth a visit from all males who have never *n th* -ight in this region of country. It is -t depot and mart for the result of the labors f the seine haulers on the Potomac. Mil Ion* <?f fish are brought there in smacks to be vi I and put away. A heterogenous popula tion of fishermen and fishwomen, the latter being principally after the order of those of the Billingsgate market, in famous London ? wn." ?re at work there. There are usually fr.,m five hundred to two thousand persons collected on and around the fish wharf and in the surrounding booths, and on Sundays thev fl ourish most astonishingly. The neces ?ities of the business, which is becoming a Terr important ' . , ? . r Tl* , rot np with scenes in and around "Fish town'' for two or three weeks, such as under ao other circumstances ever transpire among ar sedate neighbors of Alexandria. Once imb at the height of its busy season " Fish is never forgotten. Steamboats run -early every hour between the Washington wharves and that astonishing locality. Hack Rates ?We give below a list of the i rices the law allows hackmen to charge for their services. This we do at the request of reTeral of those who do not know : Between daybreak and eight o'clock p. m., for ooavey ine each and every passenger not over one mile and a half, twenty-five cents; ovor one mile and a half, and not exceeding three miles fifty cents. In case any such vehicle shall be detained longer than five minutes the driver shall be allowed twelve and a half cents for every fifteen minutes so detained ; ati for every detention later than eight o'clock the driver may demand and receive for the whole hack at the rate of fifty per cent in addition on the foregoing charges see soction twelve of an act in relation to hackney carriages, cabs, and other vehicles for the transportation of passengers, and re galing all other acts in relation thereto. The FrK5iSHi!?G Stork ?Just pay the es tablishment of the Washington Genin, Hop kins, a visit, stranger, if you wish to see a fight in the way of ?? Gentlemen's Furnishing ti>*.d?," not to be found elsewhere out of Broadway. New York There is no artiole of a gentleman s " belongings," from a tooth brush to a *60 smoking jacket, conceivable, that is not to be seen there, manufactured in the very latest fashion and for sale at all trices; the stock being selected to suit the dimensions of the pockets of all, from the aim who wants a hat or an umbrella for oae dollar, to biiv who wishes such or any ther article of the highest price in the mar ket A man hardly knows what is necessary to his comfort until he glances over the rich lHplay of ilopkins's goods. ?Jovsrsmest AnMOHY ?The contractors, Messrs E. Bird A Co., have commenced and made considerable progress with this work. We are obliged to ? ne of the contractors for the foil- wing: The building is to be 103 feet ; inches, by 67 feet; three stories and attic ; from the ground to the top of blocking 47 feet, aad 00 feet to the cone of the roof The first story will be ten feet high, the second twelve feet, and the third fifteen. The second and third fl.jors are to be supported by cast-ir^n Above the foundation, the build ing is to be of pressed brick, for painting Ibe work is under the supervision of Major hell, commandant of the Washington Arsenal, tad Mr I'aac Miller, and will require twehe a aths" time for its erection. Mite polita* Me< hanic*' Institute.?At t setting of the Mechanic* Institute the fol lowing i flicer- were elected : President, W. W. C-reoran; Vice Presidents, Francis Mo han. Charles F. Wood, Joseph Bryan, and William A-h'iown ; Corresponding Secretary, Thomas Rich ; Recording Secretary. Peter M. P ?r? n . Financial Secretary. Henry Janney ; Ireasurer. William F Bayly; Librarian. Hoi ?i; Am.d n Directors : James A. Tail. Fran ti? Wittingly. Henry Polkinhorn, John Sese ?rd. sr.. C P. Waunall, John Varden, Geo. Jiilard. M. G. Emery, James M Carlisle, J. L Cltkb, and Thomas J. Gardner. The Treasurer's report shows the amount ?f cuh o.i haud to be upwards of $1,000. t Aia ? We dropped in last night at the fair f the Siith street Presbyterian church, Is Aod. which is being held in the basement of ie church, and can speak confidently of the aste displayed by the ladies in devising and arranging things pleasing to the eye and grate al to the plate Also, we saw the performing <lep'aant "Columbus," hide, hair, tusks, rank, and all, and can certify toif.t remark iole capabilities. Also, we give it as our un hesitating pinion that the ladtes who officiate ? the tables or promenade the room, are just J pretty as can be ; and all unbelievers are 'e?pectfully advised to buy a reason ticket *ad pit themselves under a oourse of convic tion Pair f pen nightly next week. Partial Ellipseoi the Moon.?The moon *'?11 enter the earth's shadow to-morrow morn 3g at twei.ty minutes past two o'clock, and ufjur o'clock there will be more than seven ?sths of her disk obscured Man will then * near his setting point, a little to the south weit. During this eclipse the moon will be ae *Vuthwestern part of the heavens, ac 'aniad by the bright star Spica Virginis. . ^,'Q: he hour of sunrise she will have c">m t*. p??gage through the umbra and 1 wn with her f?ir companion, to the -wnbers of r.e weit otm ai.?? ?final commitment ?ffiamc for farticipation in the extensiva ?"'-and burglaries that have occurred in '.s' n for some month* past, took place - eriay af'ernoon. at Justice Hollingshead'i -ee Identified st len g<**l?, the proceeds ' five different robberies, and one case of ar ' wcie found in hi' p-s session. and he was emitted in default of *500 bail in ea'hrot case, and *1.500 in the arson case, or an Kgregate of *4,000, which the Justice very j^perly required. ^iear.54* Cocbt.?Yesterday, Hon J. M ? f Louisiana. was admitted an attor< and ' ounsellor of this court *e wo Joshua R. Stanford, plaintiff in er ?'' ? . Clay Taylor. This cause was argued " ?? u. Reverdy Johnson for the plaintiff in ?rrr,r. v ?s ' 'I A lam < igilvie et al , complainants, '"i- Kd .i iLi-jriiice Company et al This wa? snl mitted to the consideration ol ? -?r' :i ti.v- re rd and printed arguments ^ Ju idli for the complainants auJ by Mr *wford f?,r the defendants. Adjourned. c?*L,t ^LA** ?The fire companies were t e y'ut l??t night by an aUrm that proved k * These alarms of fire are growing very eotumon, and active firemen are in< 're,J answering the bells and pall ? i?,r heavy appartttas over the streets c,lu?e. Fal-e alarms drive good fire the companies, and proper meana ^ usel to prevent them ?ek'*j58*1' ?The charges against Mr 1'aine >#,ter,W by Justice Siaith, bis be,n2 *? evidence to sustain them 1 was fiually dismissed Thi Weather ?Oar Geoijjetown friend " B.," ?g?in favors at with the range of the thermometer for the past week, beginning on Saturday night (April IS) and ending this morning : Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? ? <6? Sunday 46? 53? 50 Monday 40 47 58 Tuesday 54 61 55 Wednesday. 50 57 55 Thursday 52 59 55 Friday 46 70 54 Saturday 44 ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from the 13th of April to 19th inclu sive 47? 03'. Full moon to-morrow, between four and fire o'clock in the morning. Th* Orphans' Fair.?The fair, now in full blast at Carusi's Saloon, proves to have been one of the most brilliant of the season ; the at tendance of beautiful and interesting young ladies?the charm of such entertainments? being almost unprecedented in this region. The display of enticing articles for sale con tinues to threaten tho pockets of all visitors. It is to continue until Wednesday night next, when it closes with a grand concert, at which Mrs. Young, assisted by the best talent in the Catholio choirs of the District, are expected to t&ke part, we bear. To-night, those who attend may expect to enjoy themselves vastly, as on every other evening until the fair ter minates. 1 Dismissed?Yesterday, a man named Jacob M. Kibbey charged a colored boy named Chas Minor with stealing his pocket book, contain ing thirty dollars in money, and papers of the valuo of one hundred and eighty two dollars. The case came up for trial this morning be fore Justice Clark, but the prosecutor failed to appear. The witnesses all gave evidence in favor of the boy, and the Justice dismissed the case. The boy has always sustained a good character, and it will not be injured by thisoharge. Centre Market.?The supply of country produce was abundant this morning, and prices about the same as we have quoted be fore. The fish market was crowded at an early hour Kock and perch were selling at 25 cents per bunch ; herring 10 cts. per bunch; and shad 25a37i cts per pair. In the butch ors market dealers and purchasers were lively. Supply plentiful, and prices about the same as during the week. Fiqhtixg ? Justice Smith also examined the cases against Michael O'Sullivan and Den nis Connell, charged with fighting. Both par ties were ordered to give security to keep the peace. ?? [COMMt'N ICATED. Mr. Editor: An error occurred in my com munication, published in yesterday's issue Instead of " Jefferson Square," as published, it should read " Jefferson Place." The sug gestion I intended to make was, that all those triangular " Reservations," should be desig nated and known as "Places," and not ?s "Squares." ClTV. Watch Returns.?This morniug, a man named John Stammer, a German, was brought out for trial, lie was found at 1 o'clock in the store-rooms of Mr. S. Shreve. That be ing the only charge against him, he was sent to the work house for thirty days by Justice Stevens. Mr. Masset.?A statement in the Star having been made, alleging that Mr. Ma-sey was arrested for obtaining goods under false Bretences, the statement is a reflection on [r. Massey, which the circumstances of the case will not justify. Any and every person trading in paper, and paying out the same with or without endorsers, and the parties not meeting said paper promptly, the person so passing and guaranteeing the same might be brought up on a similar charge. So entirely futile was the charge against Mr. Massey. that the matter, when understood, was promptly adjusted to the satisfaction of ail persons oonr cerned, without any reflection on the charac ter of Mr Mtissey Friend. It _ GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, April 19, 1856. The following business was had under con sideration by our City Councils last night: Mr Orme presented a communication from the Trustees of the Poor covering the esti mated expenditures of the poor and alms house for the year 1856 Estimated expend itures $2 650; estimated receipts from farm and garden, $500; leaving a balance of $2,150 to be provided for out of the corporation trea sury; referred. Mr. White asked that the committee on pumps be discharged from the further consid eration of the memorial of W Runington and others, and that tbe memorial be referred to the Mayor; agreed to. The same gentleman reported a bill appro priating $53 50 for the benefit of Thos. Philips and 8. Jones for work done on a well in Sep tember, 1855; passed both Boards. The same gentleman reported Aldermen's bill for the improvement of the footway on the east side of Washington street, between Stod dard and Road streets. Mr. Seymour reported adversely on tho pe tition of R B. Lloyd asking to be refunded amount paid by him for cart license ; report sustained. Aldermen's bill appropriating $100 for cleaning the town was passed. Also, bill for the benefit of Ja?. F. Esiex. A communication was received from Mr John S Blackford, which was laid over until next meeting, without being read On motion of Mr. English tho bill appropri ating $25,000 to meet tbe second instalment of the Corporation's subscription to the Me tropolitan Railroad was then taken up and passed the Council by the following vote : Yeas?Messrs Barron, Crawford, English, Seymour. White, Jones, Sweenoy, Orme, and Tyler. Nays none. The Boards then adjourned The interruption to the packet line by the frequently occurring breaks on the canal is not among the least of the annoyances and ill conveniences to which the public are sub jected in consequence of them. Tbe Argo, which went up on Monday last, is expected to be able to pass the damaged portion of the canal aid reach her wharf in our city this evening or to-morrow, and be ready to resume her regular trips again on Monday morning. We would advise those bricklayers and plas terers who may desire lime, Ac , of the most superior quality, to call at Godey A Co.'s kilns, on Rock Creek. See advertisement. Look out for your horses' legs. A part of the flooring of tbe Canal bridge, immediately on tho west side of the market is in a horrid con dition, and if not repaired soon will be the cause ot s<,tue serious accident. > | The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest , I yesterday amounted to about 200 head; most i I of which was purchased by Baltimore specu 11 lators at $4 25a*6 on the hoof, equal to S8.50 i|afl2 not. District butehers manifested no dis. osition to purshase largely at these prices. Sheep ?good quality 6c per lb. gross. Veal calves the same. Our fish market is abundantly supplied. The quantity daily coming in is more than ejual to the demand. Shad are selling at i7a$8 per hundred, and herrings at $3af4 per thousand. The flour market is more buoyant and prices seem inclined to tend up a fraction, steady at SI 75 for standard brands. Wheat $1 45a$| 501orred, and $150a$l 60 for white. Corn is held at 45a48o Spectator. V Mr ^"R'ni-LRY?Not the Bishop.? The Kev Mr Duffy, a pastor of St. Patrick's Church of this elty, received a letter to-day, per the Cambria, from the brother of the Bish op O'Rielley ia Ireland, dated March 27th, statiug that I>i*hop O Ridley sailed on board of the Pacific, and oC,course his fate is invol ved ia that of the steamer. Th? Rev. Mr. O'Rielley, reported as a pas senger in the Cambria, is a nephew of the late Father Bradley, lie was expected by this steamer. Of course, then, the report that it was the Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Rielley who had arrived, is not correct.?Hartford Time*. 'The Rappahannock River (Va ,) Agri cultural Society has appointed twenty-three delegates to the convention of farmers to be held in this city on the 10ih of June, to con sider '* the exorbitant price at which guano is held." [17* What U It Far?This Hair BKSTORATIVI??Ii ? question asked daily by bnndreila. We answer, without hesitation or for of contradiction, that II t? tha only article known which will do all It promt*?* for the human lialr. It will renew It* growth?tt will ato|> it * falling?it will raatora It* natural color. It la aot a Hair I>ya, bat a spaady and efficacious Beatoratlva. Trial bottles tl; ptata $1, quarts $S. Bead the advartlaamaat on the on rib pa (a. ap 1??tf C7* Prtfenar De flrttk'i Electric OH ? Tba public ma*t l>? on tba look out. Tbcra ara Imitator* and e unterfaitars la tba world. Thara ara "Smiths" and Brown*, aad Blum who, bavins baan warm*d Into II a by the subscriber, ara low trying to rnln tbeir benefactor. I am tba aoo r.f tba diseorersr of tha original Klactrlc 01', Pr f. Da Orath. Tha "Snilthe," tha Browna and tha BIdh, with thalr wive*, ara merely Intarlopar*. Da Orath I* tlia only natna which abould appear ou tha clrcalareaf tha Klac trlc Oil. Tba only Oil that U genuine and worth a rush U tba Klactrlc Oil aold by Prof. De (Irath, with hi* name blown on tha bottlae. which I* known all orar tha world After tha IStb instant, tha 'Smiths," tha Brown* and tba Bines, with their wivea, will ba no mora?thay will bava cone to New York to try to aatiafy thalr namerou* creditors In the Sugar Ooatad Pill Una?or to Jersay, or *oma ether on: of the way place. Prof. Da Orath can and does pay all hta debt* - he is tba friend of tha people. His Klartrlc Oil Is a bl easing to maukind?an InTaluableboon? and tba "Smltl.*" tbeBrowns and tha Blaaa, with thalr wires, who attempt to maanfac tnre It without knowing of what It I* complied, endanger, and perhapa dealroy human llle. Beware of Imitators and counterfeiter*. Take only the original article, eigced by the great Prof. Da Orath. Particular* in a few day*. A story is now avoiding which will astonish tha pnbllc. Agent* will receive daa notice The public of Pennsylvania, particu larly. Is reqnaeted to wait until the 15th Inst. Tlia great I>e Oratli I* lu town. ap 19 LCT Oilman's ?timnlatia| Liniment will speedily enra chronic and acute Bheumatlsm, aa can be proven by hundred* who have used it In this city. It will also care Sprain*. L?mMieee, Strain*. Brniaee, Raddle galls, Ac., In horses, for wtiicb purpose It waa originally prepared; to < ente per bottle. Prepared by Z. D. OILMAN, Druggist, MO Peoua. avenue. ap 1&?lw H7" C'nntt, Pants, and Veata, Dress Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALKKS A CO., Makblb Hai.i. Clothinu Kmpo eium, Browne' Hotel Building, reopectfully announce that thalr aunaal dlaplsy of rtPKINO AND HI MMKB CI.OTHINO Is now ready for lu*p?ctlou, comprising an anaorlroeut of Okxtlkhkn ahi> Youths' Clothing of the newest and rich eel dealgas. In material, trimming, and workmanship. T<> those who stndy excellence, with economy In fashlouabie ar ticle* of drees, an opportunity I* now offered for selecting from one of the most attractive stock of good* In Ibia city, at vary reduced prlcea. ap 3?tf lTTWrn. A. Batchelor's Hair Dye.?Gray Bed. or Buaty Hair dy??i initaiitty to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Black, without the leaxt lojnry to Hair or Hklu. Fiptkkn Mniiu an ii Diploma* have l>eeu awari^d to Vm, A. Batchelor *lnce 18S9, and over 80,000 applications have been made to the Hit r of his patron* of hi* f<imon* Dye. Prejudice again*! Dying the Hair aud Wlilxker* la unjust, aa it would be agaiu.ot covering a bald bead with a wig. '?? ?*. Batchklob's Haih Dm produces a color not to be ?ll?tingnlehed from nature, and !* warranted not to Injure In the lea*t, however long it may be continued. Sold in all cities and town* of the United State*, by Drng gl*n *nd Pancy Goo<ia Dealers. S^* Tlie Genuine lia* the name and address npon a *teel plate eugraving, on four sides of each bottle, of WII.I.I aM A. BATCH ii LOR, 1U Broadway, New York. ?*" 'or aale by CHAS. 3TOTT, Pennsylvania avanae. ap 7?eo6m S1AHR1ED, On the 17th Inst, bv Rev. Dr. Pvne, JOHN W. JONES, Esq., of Delaware, Ohio, to KATE JESSIE, daughter of the late Wm. A. Wil.lams. Esq . of this city. DIKD, On the 17th lnst&nt, SARAH ESTHER, infant child of B. S. and Jane A. Howard. At hi* residence In this city, on the 10th Inst , Rev T H. BUSEY, of the Baltimore Annual Conference, In the 43d year of his age. The funeral service will take place to morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock. In the Foundry M. E. Church Friends of the family ifte Invited to attend. ? On the 18th Instant, Mrs. ELI/A HENLEY?, widow of the la*e Commodore John D.Henley, U S N In Prince George county, Md , on the l'2th In ataut, Mrs MARY bCAGGS, aged 66 years. WANTS. & WANTED?AT NO. 431 F STREET, near 6th, a steady, settled woman, to cook, wash and Iron for a small family. None but a tompetent, obliging woman who can come well tecommended, need apply. ap 19-lt* WANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO AT tend in a Store. Good recommendations required. Address ,l A B" at this office, name and residence. ap 19 WAN TED ?A GOOD PLAIN COOK, washer and lroner. A slave preferred Ap at No. 31# E street North, ntar 10th street .Vest. ap 19-3t* PERSONS WHO HAVE YARDS OR GAR dens to be fl'ted up, or laid out. can have it done by addressing " G " through thisoffice All Trees aLd Shrubbery furnished on reasonable terms ap 19-3t WANTED?A GOOD MILLINER IMME dlately, one who understands the business thoroughly can apply at No. 281 Pennslvanla avenue. ap 18 WANTED?TO GARDFNERS, FLORISTS AND OTHERS.?Wanted to rent a square of ground, containing about seven acres, hne soil. Fruit Trees and Dwelling House thereon will be ltt either on shares or otherwise. Apply to J. CRUTCHETT, No 474 C street, Capitol Hill, near Railroad Depot. ap 19 W WANTED?BY A YOUNcTaMERICAN girl a situation to do plain sewing and as sist in the housework. Good reference given. Apply at No 21,13^ street, between C and D. ap 19- t? WA N TED?A WOMAN TO DO PLAIN Cooking, and to wash ard iron. Also, a Girl to take rare of small children Tosultable persons good wages will he given. Apply at No. 435 Eleventh St., between G and H streets, ap 17-3t* WANTED?A COOK FOR THE STEAM bcat George Page. Also, several dining room Movants. They must be genteel and of steady habits. For such the highest wages will be given Apply Immediately on baard. ap 17 3l* WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND his wife, a jarlor and bedroom, and board in a private family. A locality between 12th and 13th and H street and Pa avenue preferred Terms liberal. Addrest Box 2^3 Post Office, Washing ton. ap 17-4t BOAKDERS WANTED?SIX OR EIGHT single gentlemen can be accommodated with good boaid at my house on 2id st., between I st. and Pa. avenue, (First Ward.) Terms moderate; and care taken that the bouse shall possess the comforts of a home. ap 12-St? SARAH POOR WHITE OR COLORED COOKS, CHAM bermalds, Nurses, Ac , furnishing satis factory recommendations, n.ay always find good situations: and persons having Houses or Rooms to Kent ? *" *" * calling vevancingflHBPI I and L uisiana avenue, No. 6 second story. *p 17-lw Nurse and chambermaid wanted at 474 Pa. avenue, with good recommenda tions. JONAS P. LEVY, ap IS?tf Wine. Liquor aad Grocery Store. Ions; and persons having Houses or Rooms nt can be supplied with gocd tenants, by gat BAKER'S General Agency and Con cing Office, Columbia Plate, corner 7th st. BOARDING* B A FEW TABLE BOARDERS CAN BE Ac commodated by applying at N?. 49*2 G st., between 4th and 5th. Board"is can be accommo dated at S3.5U per weok. Mrs. S. HUNTER, ap 16-lw* OARD ?SI X, OR EIGHT GENTLEMEN 1 can oct-in board at No. 45S) 10thstreet bewetn E and F, fcr (.'J per week. Also, a gentleman and wife. apl4-lw* BOARDING ?ONE LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, on the flrst floor, and one large front room la the second story, furnished or unfurnished, with or'without board Also, two single rooms for gentlemen Table boarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms A large yard is a'tached to the house, making it deslra o> for a family with children. Apply to468.10th street, between D and E, east side, ap 9-2w? Board, Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street iapreparedtoaccommodategentlemenwlthrooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?tt ANDREWS' Grand Raffle for $18,000 IN DIAMONDS AND JEWELKY WILL now TAKE PLACE IN A FEW days All those who lave not procured their ticket* bad better do so without delay, as over oae-half 01 thein have already been disponed of. This is decidedly the richest stock of flne JEWELKY ever offered in this country. The whole of this stock will be placed in the bands of Mr Hood, Jeweler, for safe keeping, uutll the Rattle is decided. Tickets only ONE DOLLAK, which can be had at No 4*lo Pennsylvania avenue, where the good* are now open for inspection. Give Col. Andrews a call, and you will not re gret your visit. Tickets rsfiled for every evening at his store. The Haffie will b-j decided by a committee of the ticket-holders, on the day of the drawing. ap 17 LlftlK!?LIMK !!?LIME ! !! NOW UNLOADING A SUPERIOR ART1 cieof wood burnt lime, which will be sold very low for cash. All persons wanting are re quested to give me a call at the old Gas House, 10th street and canal. WM P.DRURY. ap 15 3teod* bELLIN'S STOKE is 30b Peansylvaaia J avenue, Bear Tenth street mar 8 FOB BALE AUD RE1CT. [Ste Jirst pa^t for other Rent and Sale na'.itt* J T^tTELEVENTH street, BETWEEN flvv H and 0 ?One large front room with board. ap HMt* Mill offal, corn, oats, and hay AT PUBLIC AUCTION.?Being about to clow btwine**, we will offer our entire stock of f?ed at public auction, on Monday, the 83th. at 10 o'clock, consisting of Corn, Oat*, Hay, Shorts, Shlpstuff*. Middling and Brown Stuff. WHKATLYt BALL, Water Street, ap 19-dts* Geo*getown. D. C. For rent?two pleasant cham bers, on the flrat floor of the house, corner of New Jeraey avenue and B street, No. 551, in the

vicinity of the Capitol. For further particular* applv on the premises to Mr*. E. B. MILLS. apl0-3t? _ Ten furnished rooms to let at CASPAR1S'on Capitol Hill. ap 18-3t? ? For rent?on capitol hill, a suite of Furnished Rooms, (parlor,chamber, dining room, kitchen, pantry and servant's room) suitable for a member of Congress with a small family. Enquire at the house No. 281 South B street, or address R. H. W., at this office, ap 19-1 w# For rent.?the brick house on the North corner of Vermont avenue and L street, between 14th and 15th, furnished or unfur nished, containing 9 rooms. The situation is airy and heathful; four squares Nor h of the State Department Enquire of J. P. HILTON, three doors East of Chubb's bank, F street, or at the house. aplS-tf VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE.?1 will sell, on accommodating terms the following described property: The new three-story Brick Dwelling House, on Missouri avenue, near the corner of Four-and-a h?lf street. This house is sltuat d In one of the most healthy and pleasant locations in the city, fronting the public ground*, and commanding a view from the Capitol to the Washington Monu ment, with all the surrounding country, which can never be obstructed. The house Is admliably arranged, having been built under my own direc tion, with an eye to the comfort and convenience of my own family. It contains sixteen rooms, with all the modern Improvements of eas and heating appaiatua, hot and cold water, bath room, Ac. There is also a cistern in the yard capable of containing 15,000 gallons of water, and a sewer L ading to the main sewer of Four and-a-half streets, for the purpose of carrying off all the slops. There is also In the rear a large brick sta ble and carriage-house, covered with tin. The lot fronts 34 feet 6 inches and runs back 126 feet to a 30 feet paved alley. I will also lease the vacant lot adjoining the above property, lot same size. ap 18-2W E. WHEELER. Furnished rooms to let?three Bed Rooms handsomely furnished and lighted with gas. Meals can be hid at any hour. Apply atC. GAUTIKR'S Restaurant, Pennsyl vania avenue, No. '252. ap 17-6t For-sale^Tthat very pleasant and desirable residence, corner of 10th ani N streets. The house Is new, and well furnished, containing thirteen comfortable rooms, beside bath room, kitchen and good dry cellar. A well of the best water at the kitchen door, and lot 50 feet by 100, with choice fruit and flower garden planted. Anyone desirous of purchasing will please call and examine the premises Also, four or live lots adjoining the above, on 10th and N streets. ap 17?fat N OPPORTUNITY FOR A UOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colon-1 Cox, (Ciiiled the Cedars.) poss s*lng rare advantages as a building site, and market gaMen. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak mess on the great er part i f it?the elevation Is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria The fact of thi* property being just outside of the Corporation limits ren ders It more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWKLL, Georgetown. Jan 22? wtl F*OR SALE OR RENT?LOT NO. I. IN Square No.?53, corner of E street south and 10th street west, near the Steamboat Wharf, con talning about 10.000 squarefeet, recently occupied by Jno. W. Martin'* blacksmith and wheelwright shops. Also, for rent, Square No. 56*2, between 2d and 3d streets west, and H and I streets north, con taining 2X acres; now occupied by Mr. H. N. Laxsdale On the square, which will be enclosed with a good fence, Is a stable and carriage house, and the land In excellent order and well situated for cultivation Fotsession given on the first of April. An abundance of excellent gravel and sand, on the premise*, for sale Inquire of mar8?eolwAStf JOSEPH INGLE. Monster Spring Arrival! AT THE Orieiiial Dry Goods and Shoe Emporium Oraat Inducements to Cash Buyers Rl! HALL, No.373~SEVENTH STREET, ? ha* returned from the Northfr* Mar kets, where he selected from the latest importa tions, and is now prepared to exhibit, for public inspection, the largest, most varied, thor ough complete, and CHEAP STOCK OF GOODS ever offered in this market. DRKSS GOODS.?The greatest attenticn has teen paid to the selection of this class, so as to combine elegance, neatness, and permanent col ors. Hni'lf ntf PUIJ Bllka, 76c Ladlee' ? Ki1 Olovee, ;*? Wide Klak f ilk, ?'>c Sl't only 12c Mooa de I-atnee, ouly bo !-??>? rare.d Ulove*. 5c Klue De iitrg'i, 12?* Hone *1a<i La!f uoid, Plaid Ulngham 6e Kicti Plaid ltlbbona, only 9e Dotted 8wlie Muslin, 12c Uenu. Silk Haudkerclilerj, 25C KreuohOluKb*i?,12c,Wortb25 Boy* Silk Bo only l?c Ktuti'J Curtalu Munliu, 1*' Colored border Uo only ?c Hlt'Khtfd and unbleitched Cot- Lilian SLlrt UotoDlri, S.c ton, 6c, worth 10 Cotton, 11c per doieu Irish Linen only 25c Handsome striped Cambric, Linen Towel., 6c for rarrla?e Ilnlu* only lor liifriit*' embroidered Bodies, to piece* fast colored Calico, 25c, wortb 75 6*. would be very I'ndereleevet", only 11c cheap at 10c Unbleached Cottou, DC Good a?i?rtmeut of Woollen Ueiit*. Slit Cravat*. 25c IJ?en and BU k Lace Veil*. 25c Cotton Go.. for boys wear. CALICOES, for beauty of design, quality, fast colo's, and moderate price*,carnot bosurpassed. BONNETS, FLATS, Gentlemen's ana Chil dren's HATS are elegant and fashionable. A beautiful selection has been made at reduced PrcARPETINGS, MATTINGS, Floor, Stair and Table OIL CLOTHS at a small advance on manufacturers price*. ... BOOTS AND SHOES, a full and desirable stcck Care has been taken to select a c ass of each that will give satisfaction. The objects ob tained in this line are durability and style. La dies Slipper* 37 cents; Ladies tine Gaiters #1, worth !$i:50; Children's Shoes only IS cents; Gentlemen's line Laf^ ting Shoe* SI 50. worth S'2 50: an endless variety of Ladles' Gentle m? ns', Boys and Children's GAITERS ANI) FANCY SHOES of the newest styles, at very low prices Buying my goods In flint hands, and selling for cash only, I am enabled to sell at wholesale or retail every description of goods, at about one profit lower than thev are generally sold Those who pav cash for their goods will flnd i - gTeetiy to their advantage to visit my extensive establish inent It will stford us great plfasure to show you our goods, and sell them If we can Don't fail to examine eur stock and prices be fore making your purchases. All goodh purchased at this establishment mey be returned if not as represented R. B. HALL, No I?73 Seventh street, four doors above 1. ap 18-flt PAKA.SOLS '.? PARASOLS !! Just received from the Manufacturerfe*^** 300 PARASOLS In every quality and size, I. and for sale veiy cheap bv WM. R RILEY, ap2-lm Cor 3thst.,opp Centre Market. SPRING MILLINERY. MKS PIERCE, IN THE SECOND STORY and over Gltting's Fancy Store, on Pa j^a avenue, between ?th and 9th sts., will open ^^1 on TUESDAY, the 15tb instant, her sprlng^^P and ?ummer MILLINERY. ap l2^w? CVlOLRS! CLOCKS !!?JUST RECEIVED J another lot of No. 1 Clock* some entirely new pattern*. They will he *old at astonishingly low price * Remember, every Clock is warranted, ap 12 O. FRANCIS, 490 Seventh *treet. FOR SALE-ONE OF SWAN'S PATENT ATMOSPHERIC SODA fountains, complete. Apply to ap 11 2aw2w W. ELIOT, Druggist ASTROLOGY. Madame s. d., professor of As trology and Phrenology, announce* her arri val 1? Georgetown, together with the assistance of Frof-tssor M BROUGHTON, and will practice here for a short time. She Invites those who wish to enquire Into their futurity. She i* able to give satisfaction in all the affairs of human life. Madame S. D Is lately from Europe, where *he ?eeelved patronage from the Nobility there. She 1* now taalng a tour through the United State*. All question* In the science of Astrology an swered either personally or by letter. Nativities also written. Residence No. 7# Bridge St., two door* above the Post Office, Georgetown. apM-5t? MADAME DEVOI Has removed from browns' ho tel TO THE LAKES, 501 Pa. avenue, with her Spring and Summer FASHIONS, which will be opened to morrow, April lStb^at 9 o'clock, for a few day* only. ?P 13 AUCTION BALES. ? two w GREEN, Auction yKRT VALUABLE RClLDIFie LOT . . rJh *> between Fsarth mad Fifth ftU. ?w ?"c?#?T0n FR">AY, the 25th lastant, I shall tell. In front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m , Lot No. 19, In square 518, having a frcnt on the south aide of North K street of M feet 7 inches "iSlI111? *^ck ? "lde t,lfy 1? ftrt7 Inches to a30 foot alley, con alnlng aear 8,000 square feet 11iTer?': One third ca?h; balance In 6, 12, and 18 months; the purchaser to give notes for the d-ferred payments, bearing interest from the diy of sale. ' All conveyance at cost of purchaser ap 19-eoAda A GREEN, Aoct & A- GRFEN, Auctioneer ON? BOAT TOW THUMB, AT Al'C . if10?/-0" TUESDAY, the Wb instant, I shall seJl, at# o'clock, p m., in the Washington Canal, between 15th and 16th streets, a long Soat, named Tom Thumb. She is a good boat, being <5 feet long and 13 feet 9 inches wide, and two masts ^ Capacity upwards of 32 tons Terms cash _aP A. GREEN, A net. By HI GH DOW LINO A CO., Auctioneers 400 !??! V* For Sale. Jr Will be sild at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 24th day of April, at 5# o'cl'k p m . at the premises, near the corner of H street south and Ninth street west, the contents of an Ice House, containing about 400 tons of Ice, of very superior quality, having been carefully put away in a good and secure bullJing The pur chaser to have the privilege of removal at his own leisure, free of rent. Terms : One-half cash on the day of sale; the balance in 2and 4 months, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. HUGH DOWLING A CO., ap !8-5t? Auctioneers. CBy J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ATALOGUK SALK OF C HOICK MOI> ern Oil Paintings.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 23, at 7* o'clock, at tbe saloon over Farnham's Bookstore, corner of Eleventh street and Pennsylvania avenue, I shall sell, without reserve, sixtv modern Oil Painting*, the property of a private gentleman in Baltimore, lately deceased comprising many fl e specimen of popular artists We name In part specimens of Van Ardcn. Newell, Roach. Rowhotham Warren. Lanman. Scott, Pyre, Cobell. Ellis. Ac. The paintings are all handsomely framed and will l>e found worthy of attention. Terms 850 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for fatisfactorlly en dorsed notes, bearing interest. Catalogues may be obt ined at the Anctlon Rooms. JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. _ Bv J AS c McGUIRE. Auctioneer PEREMPTORY RALE TO CUVKK AD I. vances?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 21st, at 4# o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell. without reserve? 75 sets ivory and bone hundle Knives and Forks 50 pairs black doeskin Pants 60 pairs sattlnet Pants 3,000 superior Havana Cigars 1 erros : and under cash ; over that sum a credit of 60 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes tearing interest. ap l?_d J^C. McGUIRE, Acct F..?v JAS c. MeGUlRE. Auctioneer IRNITDRE AND HOUSEHOLD EF fects at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY MORNING, April 22d, 1956. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping on D. between 9th and lOih stieet*. I shall sell the F urniture and Household I- fleets, via Mahogany Sofa, Rocker and Chairs Mahogany and walnut Centre and Sofa Tnbl< * Gilt frame Mirrors, Window Shades Cane and wood seat Chairs. Lounges Carpets. OlJcloth. Rugs Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wash stands Wardrobes, Toilet Sets Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Cocking and other Stoves Kitchen U ensiIg,Ac. Terms: 830 and under cash; over 830 a credit cf 60 and W> days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed waring interest. ap 17?d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ( Bv JAMES C McGUIRE. Auctioneer! HOSING OUT SALK AT ME6SRS. J l??nn, Br?i. A C?.-On MONDAY MOK NING, April 21, at 10 o'clock, at the store of L?onn, Bros . A Co., we shall close out. without reserve, the balance of their Stock, consisting of Wa'nut, Cherry and Maple Bedsteads W alnut end Cherry Dining and Breakfast Tables Three rosewood Sofas in cotton Wa*hstan<1s, Looking-glasses, Clocks Plated, Britannia and Block-tin Ware Waiters, Fire Irons, Wcodenware China, Glass and Crockery, Ac. Together with many other articles in the house keeping line Terms: 825 and under cash ; over $25 a credit ofrtUand 90 days. for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. ? S ?The Stcre i* for rent and the fixtures for "alp' ^ J C MrGUlRE, Auct ap 16 d P By A. GREEN, Auctioneer LK EMPTOR V SALE.?On MONDAY, tbe 28th April Instant, at 6 o'e'rek l-i tb? af ternoon, tbe following desirable Frame House, nearly new. and Lot, will be scld at Auction, on the premises; namely, part of Lot No 26, In Rotbwell and Naylor s subdivision of Square No. 425. fronting on 7th stre* t 23 feet 6 inches, by 100 feet dtep, to a public alley, between L and M streets Terms: One fourth cash, and the residue at 6, 12 .-.nd 18 months. Immediate possession cm be given. Inquire of W R Woodward, Attorney at Law, No. 454 Sixth street. W REDIN "P d A. GREEN, Auct. Bv A GREEN, Auctioneer. rpRUSTKE'S SALE - BV VIRTUE OF * two deeds of trust, the one duly recorded in Liber J. A. S , No 9?, one of the land records for Washington County, In the District cf Columbia, and the other duly filed the 16th of January A D. 1S56, in th3 proper Reiord office of the County and District aforesaid the subscribers will sell on MONDAY, the *21 st of April, A. D. 1856. at five o'clock, p. m., the following described Real Es tate and Improvements thereon, situated in tie City of Washington, inthe Districtof Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 1, In square No 397, beginning for the same 43 feet, and one Inch north from the south east corner of said Lot one. run - nlng thence north alonjj 8th street west 12 feet 11 Inches, thence west 99 feet 4 inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take place in front of the premN ses. and the terms will be one half cash, and the balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest secured by a deel of trust on the premises All conveyancing at ro;t of purchaser. The property will be resold at tie purchaser's and cost on ten days notice if the terms cf sale be not complied whh within three days from the day of sale BEN J. P. SMITH,) E. C. MORGAN, i trustees mar 15?2awAda A. GREEN, Acet. By A. GULEN, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE?By virtue of a deed of trust, duly recorded in Liber. J A. S No 99, one of the land records for Washington county In the District of Columbia, we E C Morgan and H B. Sweenev, will jell, on MONDAY the 31st of March, A. D 1856, at 5 o'clock p. m., the following described Real Estate and improve ments thereon, situated in the city cf Washing ton, District of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 4, In Square No. 844, being the southeast twenty two ieit of said Lot No 4, fronting on D street south, and having n depth of sevemy-five feet; with the improvements, which are a small brick house. The faie will take place in front of the premises and the terms will be one-half cash, and the bal ance in six and nine months; with interest, se cured by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. E. C MORGAN. > Trnstee*. H B SWEENEY, \ A. GREEN, Auct'r '1 he above mentioned property having been sold on the31st March, and the purchaser having failed to comply with the terms, the nndersigntd will retell on TUESDAY, the 22d of April, 18f6, at 6 o'clock, p m., at the auction store of A. Green, No 536 7 street. Terms, as above mentioned. If the purchaser should fail to comply with the terms In threedays after sale tbe Trustees reserve the ri ht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the delinquent by advertising three tlmej previous to such resale In the Evening Star. E. C. MORGAN, ) _ , H. B. SWEENEY, \ Tru*tecs ap 12-eodAds A. GREEN, Auct'r By BARNARD A BUCKEY ; Georgetown. ^URNITURE AT AUCTIO N.-On MON DA\ , the 21st instant, at 10 o'clock a. ni , we wlli sell, at the residence of Mr Dunster, on Dumbarton street, near Christ Church, G?orget'nl, the Household Furniture? 1 Sofa, Chairs, Tables Carpe.'s, Matting. Stoves Safe, Clock, Loosing Glasses Beds, Bedsteads, Mattresses Stands, Dressing Bureiu, Clock Bedding, Shades. Curtains, Ac. Crocken* and Kitchen Ware. Terms cash BARN ARD A BUCKEY, ap 17-d Auctioneer*. PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. Agkntleman leaving the city wishes to dispose of one of Chick ?CS3B| ering's 7-octave (rosewood) PI ANOS,jT^T^I of v,-ry rich toire, but little used, and in excellent ?order. It can t.e aeen at 423 Thirteenth street, between G an H. Also, for sale, a BUGGY, with leather top, harness, saddle, bridle, horse cloth, Ac Inquire ?t R EARL'S Livery Stable, on H st., between 20th aid 21st. ap 15-1 w* TELEGRAPHIC XTEW& FROM TH1 AfttOCIATXD P1MS BY MOUSE PRINTING TKLtSRAPM. Arrival of the Africa New York, April 19.?The it?ta?r Africs, with Liverpool dates of the 5th of April. has keen telegraphed below She vill probably be at her dook about 4pm Loooapte again Beaten ? New Orlbub April 18.?Inthe throe mile race to-day on the Union coarse Pry or beat the oelebrated Lecompte. The latter had previously been beaten by the some rival orer the Pharsalia eonrse, at Matches The Wakemenitee Acquitted N?w Haver, April 18 ?The jury in the trial of Samuel Sly. Widow Wakeman, and Thankful Hereey. for the murder of Juatua W Mathews, bare returned a verdict ot not guilty, on the sole ground of insanity. Tb? parties were all tried on one indictment. Tho result was generally anticipated Wow Orleans Markets. Naw Orlraxe, April 18.?Cotton has ad* vauced la}; sales of of 14.000 bales Orleans middling lOfalOj. Sates of the 64,000 bale*. Increased receipts OTer last year ?22,000 hales. Stock on hand 263.000 bales Coffee Hi for Kio. Sales for the week 7,000 bag* Stock in port 34.000 bags. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. April 19 ?Flour is steady; sales of 3,000 bbls. Howard street at $6 <'2t; Ohio and City Mills at $? 50 Wheat is 6rm; wheat $1 65a$l 90; red 91 4S at 1.55. Corn is firm; white 52aMe.; yellow 55a57o. Provisions are firm; men pork $17 25a S17.50. Bacon?sides 9]c; shoulders bic. Western mess beef $lls$ll: Baltimore peeked beef $16aS17. Lard lOalOic. Hew Tork Markets. ,, New Yore, April 19?Flour is improving: 9ales of 6 000 bbls.; common to rood Stato S*> 2ja$6.50; common to low grade' of extra Ohio $6 44a$6 81; good to standard South ern ?7a$7 50; fanoy to extra Southern $7.50 aSH 50. Wheat is firm; sales 5,500 bushels; South ern white $1 95. Corn is firm; sales 30 000 bushels; Southern mired 63c. Pork has advanced; sales of 600 bbls. moea at $18. Beef is dull; sales of 150 bbls Chieaco repacked at $13. Lard is firm; sales of 400 bbls. at 10c. Whisky is drooping; sales of 100 bbls. at 26c Financial New York, April 19?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Hock Island 92i; Cumberland Coal Company 22\\ Michigan Southern 98; Michi gan Central 93J ; New York Central 92J; Pennsylvania Coal Company 93i; Reading 91i; Missouri 6'i 84J Sterling exchange is dull. UNION IOTTLINU AMD MINERAL WATER DEPOT. THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY 1-' *?* iwtp? io iurniHQ mem witb their pre ml MINERAL WATER In addition to the above, they have made ar ranginents witb the moat extenalve Brewers In the United State*, tar a constant supply of the best stork of PORTER and ALE, eucn aa was nevtr offered before tn the District, and guaran ? tees to have constant)v on band a stock euAcleat to enable them to fill all order* at the aberteat notice. We return our moat sincere thanka for the pat ronage which baa been so liberally beetowed on us, and hope that by atrict attention to bnalneos we will merit a continuance of the same. As usual a supply of their superior CHAM PAGNE CIDER, MEAD, Ac . on hand. Orders Ktven to our drivers or by mail promptly dispatched ARNY ASHINN, t'nioa Bottling Depot, Gerrgetown ap 17-dlm - _ CMf* KEWAKD LOST, ON THURS i? I"' day morning,on Pa avenue, l?tw. 16th and 17th streets, a POCKET BOOK, containing ?52, a note of C H . Hilton, in favor of A Swarti. The above reward will be given to any person who will return it to A 8WARTZ, G street, be tween 17th and 19th, No. 22V. ap 17-Jt CLOTH DRESSING AND UTEINO ES TABLISH M EN T. 'HHE Sb BSCRI BER HAVING RE-ESTAB 1. ll*he<l himself in the above business is pre pared to DYE Silk. Merino, and l>e!a*ne Dr?as. Mlk, Damaok and Merino Curtains - Crape and Merino Shawls d\ed or bleached Gents Coats, Pautr, Ve?ts, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L J UKN HAM, No 249 south side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th street*, opposite Gander's Confectionery. apll 1m* BONNETS, ELATS AND R IKKOilt. , WE HAVE J Li ST RECEIVED OCR SKC ond *uppiv of HON'NETS. KI.ATtt AND RIBBONS. Infant a and Children'a^Pa HATS AND CAPS. Also, BONNETyl|w FLOWERS and TRIMMINGS, which we ofilar at ve*y low price". W EGAN A SON, ap 7-2w J23 Pa. avenue, near 7tb street REDIIITION IN <? %S> FITTING, At 260 1.1. Pa. avimuf, betwtfn lor A and lit* sr. OW ING TO RECENT REDUCTIONS IN prlcea of Gaa Fitting materials we cow ofier to fit up BUILDINGS WITH GAS TUBING AT LOWER RATES then ever before done in this city, and In a thorough workmanlike man ner. Al?o. on bar.d. the most comnlete assortment of GAS FIXTURES ever offered, from the fectory of Cornelius A Baker, comprising several new French patterns. ap 1Q-2W J. W. THOMPSON A BRO._ LATEST NEWS FROM PARIS. Madame c Pribram and daughter Pa. avenue, No. 277. between luthi and 11th sts., inform the ladles in Wash ington tvat they have received, with the! last steamer froin Europe, the latest fash ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS. Ac , from Paris. ap 19?lm ETHLRIAL OIL, OR SPIRIT OAS. 64 cents per gallea. For sale by J. R McGREGOR, ap 12-dlw ?34 7th at., bet La av and D at MADAME R. WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THE 8th of M*?, and respectfully Informs the public in general, that ahe will give information In ^1 the Affaira ielating to Life, Health, Wealth. Marriages. Love. Journeys. L'W Sulta, Difficul ties In Business, Ab-ent *rlends. Sickness snd Deith. and in respect tn all other subjects She I* also able to tell the agea of persons by readlnp numbers. She can be consulted at all hours or the day and tvenlng. Her name is on the door?at No. 2*5 13th atreet corner of D. on the left hand side. Gentlemen 90 cents and ladies 26. ap ll-2w* FOR THE SPRING. NEW STILES OE GENTLEMEN'S PI'R NISHING HOODS. OUR STOCK OF GENTS FURNISHING Goods Is now complete, embraclag In everv department the most choice selections the New York market can afi'oid, and adapted especially for Spring and Summer wear. We name In pait: Dress Shirts of Lliten and Cotton, with plain snd F rench woved bosom* Flg'd Linen and Cotton do. Under Shirts and Drawer* of Silk, Game Merino, Liale Tread Cotton, all size* Ties, Crava's, Scarfs, Stocks, Suspenders. Gloves of all kinds?Alexandre's make of kid always on band. White. Brown, and Fancy Silk, Liale thread. and Cotton % Hose. Tollft articles, Ac., Ac. The public will find it to their advantage to call and examtce our stock, as we are determined to sell low for caah. G. H B W HITE* CO. Hat, Cap. and Genta Furnishing Store, ap 15-#t No 332 Pa av , het Oth and tOtbata RITH CHINA OOODS HOLY WATKR Founts, Cups and Saucers with Alottoes, Perfjme htxnds. Jewel Boxes, Vases, C*rd Bat ket<. Ac., for mle vwy cheap, at ap_ljT-3t LAM.MON D'S, 7th S< HORSES FOR SALE A PAIR OF HANDSOME DAPPLE GRAY HORSES, five and 6 years old.justj arrived from W'aatern Virginia. To 1 Been at SUTTON'S Stables. Hth street. sold together or separately, and If not sold beiere Saturday, the l?th Instant, tbey will positively be sold on that dav, at 10 o'clock, at public auc tion, In front of the Bank of Washington. apl4-St? F I>A UN ALL NOW RKf KIVINO, NEW AND FASHIONABLE STYLES OP Gentlemen'a Furnishing Article* ndaptod So Spring aud Summer wear, at LAN'E'tf Gents' Furnishing Store, ap 14- 424 Pa av., near corner 4^ street.