Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ?ON DAY April '21, IMS* [I~r Advertisements should be handed In by IS o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MOBNINO PBEIi The Intelligencer, rejoicing over the recen action of the 41 line and straight Whigs of Kentucky, in holding a Whig State conven tion, eulogised the objects and influence for good of the Whig party, and urge? its resusci tation. saying:* " We repeat, then, that we heartily approve the spirit and object of this movement, oom meneed by the Whigs of Kentucky, and in dulge the hope that it will meet with a response from all who cherish kindred sentiments. Meanwhile, for ourselves, we ean only say to the ' Old-Line Whigs,' whom it may be our honor to address, that it still seema expedient to us that the Whig party should preserve its distinct organisation, and, as we have hereto fore bad occasion to suggest, abide its proper time for making the weight of its influence felt in that decision which duty and patriot* ism shall eall upon it to take in the present coiguncture of politioal events." The Umoit argues the Enlistment question with the London Tint's, insisting that the offence of the British officials is a very grave one, and that the equivalent reparation has not been tendered. Reviewing the boast of the New York Times that there are ten " free State" men going into Kansas to one man of opposite polities, the Union says with much force : ! ?? It will never do for the Times to take the ground that in a contest where the Free-State men will be as ten to one they cannot secure a fair election. The fact is to be remembered that the Free-State emigrants go to the Ter ritory armed with the terrible Sharpe'a rifles, and they go with the positive assurance* of the rtverend politicians who are arming and Bond ing them that these frightful weapons will strike such terror into the heartaof the boast ful pro-slavery men that there will be no danger of eolliaion. Surely it will not be said now that tho Free-State men, numbering ten I to one over the Southern pro-slavery men? the former armed with Sharpens rifles and the latter with Holy Bibles?will not be able to prevent the timid, panic-stricken little band of " border ruffians" from seizing the polls and carrying the election. This is what must be said in support of the revolutionary procesa through which Mr. Seward seeks to hasten Kansas into the Union. One of two things is perfectly certain?either that the Times is not m earnest in what it savs about the inequality of the contest, or that it will stultify itself by further opposition to Mr. Douglas' bill." WASHINGTON NEW8 AND 0088IP. I The Barber ?A very large and fashionable audience attended the last representation ot the Pyne and Harrison troupe, on Saturday I night last. The English translation of Roaini's I master-piece, the " Barber of Seville," was I performed as well as ever before in this coun- I try?better, by far, than we ever before saw I this translation put on the stage. It is, how- I ever, exceedingly diffioult to adopt the re- | markably rapid music of this opera to expres- I sion in English, a much clumsier language than I the Italian, and wholly unsuited for being ren dered in the peculiar musical measure that I marks most of the finest passages of the | ?? Barber of Seville " This was very evident I in the rendition of the part of Figaro, whose I notes ara nearly all very vivacious, following I each other so rapidly as to make it utterly I impossible for any singer to utter them in I .English words so as to be comprehended. Mr. I Stretton labored to do so, and thus, we think, I ?poiled much of what would otherwise have I been the effect of his capacity to sing the in- I imitable score of Figaro's role. The truth is> I the translation should be re-written, with the | express end in view of dispensing with half I the words embraced in the current one. The I effect of the piece would then be such as it I should be when rendered by euch a troupe as I was with us last week. Of Lopisa Pyne, in Rosina, we can say I nothing that will embrace too extravagant I praise. She sang the translation of the gem I of the Opera?Una voee poeo Fa?as well as I that world-renowned air was ever before ren- I dered in America, by Lind, Sontag, Alboni, I La Orange, Parodi, Mrs Wood, cr auy other I Prima Donna who has crossed the Atlantic. | Her rendition of her role from beginning tj I end, was marked by inimitable grace, taste, I and artistie skill. There is an absence of I straining throughout her vocalisation, which I really renders an hour spent under the magio I influence of her charming voice, a richer treat I than to listen to that of almost any other I opera singer we ever beard. Mr. Harrison surpassed himself as Alma- I viva. His lower notes and forte passages I were rendered, on this occasion, quite as ef- I fectively as his piano and falsetto, in 9'inging I which, he is, and long has been, without an I equal among all the tenors born out of conti- I cental Europe. Mr. Horncastle sang Dr Bartolo's role as I well aa that ean be sung in the English lan- I guage by a vocalist who is more of a baritone I than of a basso. The aeting of all was inimitable It was I really worthy of the plot, than which nothing I more amusing in the way of dramatic repre- I eentation was ever put on the stage On the whole, the piece, as represented, gave I great delight to the reflned and accomplished I audience present. We hear that the troupe I return to us after performing a short engage- I meat at Richmond; and will take oooasion, I during their stay, to play Cinderella, always I a deserved favorite with the Amerioan public. I We predict for them another triumphant sea- I eon here. The Petition ?It f<eems to be currently I understood among public men here that two distinguished back-bone practitioners were called in to doctor up th^Kansas petition, so I unceremoniously kicked out of the Senate chamber; Dr. Cumback and Dr. Greeley. Ac- I cording to the popular belief Dr. C. superin- I tended the preparation of the first paper pre- I ?a*ted, and Dr. U that of the different one I subsequently sent in purporting to be the same I document. These f*cts should be known to the public at large, as they serve to illustrate the way in which capital fur "freedom's cause" is manufactured in Washington for the con sumption of Northern gullibility. The distant' public may pretty safely write down most of the abolition peculiarities connected with the presentation of the so-called petition of the Kansas Legislature as being simply a few "shrieks for freedom," from Doetors Cum baek and Greeley, the accomplished accouch ers, who each assisted, for days, in the "labor" of its parturition. '< Freedom in Kansas thy arrant humbuggery is only second to that of "challenging Douglas!!" loah.? The Washington public have been vastly amused with flash accounts in a doxen distant journals of the preparations which Col. Jas. H. Lane i? represented to be making to challenge Senator Douglas, for the latter's re marks in the discharge of his Senatorial da ties, upon the Kansas-petition paper that haa twice been unceremoniously kicked out of the Senate chamber as embracing grow fraud and mendacious impudence. Such, in substance, are the terms bj which it has been character ised by those Senators who have taken occa sion to expose it. This challenge-story is the richest humbug of the season?positively the very richest. As announced in advance in the newspapers by writers who evidently obtain their facts di rectly or indirectly from Col Lane, or those he has taken into his confidence in the affair, it amounts only to a pressing invitation on the part of the writers to the police of Wash ington, for Qod's sake to interfere ere their interference after the fact?after the pas sage of the challenge?might not be effective in preventing an exchange of shots ; or might get permanent employment for the gentleman they are cracking up under the supervision of our philanthropic and estimable fellow-citi len, Mr. Thomas Thornly Those who are familiar with the details of duelling in this country are splitting their sides with laughter over the bald humbug gery and charlatanism of this challenging affair, as narrated in newspapers sympathising with Col. Lane in his current political labors. The Colonel has cause to pray to be saved from tho effects of the solicitude of his kind friends, who are by no means earning for him the fame of a duellist. San Jacinto.?To-day is the anniversary of the battle of San Jacinto that occurred twen ty years ago?April 21,1836, commencing at 3 p. m. Seven hundred Texans under tho oommand of Generals Houston and Rusk, b)th of whom are now veteran members of the Senate of the United States, beat sever, teen hundred Mexican troeps under Santa Anna, leaving seven hundred of them dead upon tho field of battle. A Havy Officer Dead.?The Navy Depart ment have official news of the death of Com mander George Adams, U. S. N., who was furloughed under the recommendation of the late Retiring Board, lie died at Baltimore on Friday last. Monetary and Commercial ?The following quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warrants were furnished us (April 19) by Sweeney, Rittenhouse, Fant A Co., bankers: BONUS AND crrv STOCKS. Waahlcgton Corporation 6 per cent. Georgetown do ? do Alexandria do 6 do coupon. St. Lonia City Bond* S per cant, ex lot. Cincinnati do ? do do Loniarilla do ? do do Lonirrille do ? abort b'da do Prederickabnrg Mamnhla Haw Orleana rittabfg Burlington San Pranciaco San Prancieca Sacramento I NITKD STATES STOCKS. Loan of IMS ? par cant. Loan of lstl ? do Loan of 1?67 g do Loan of IMS ? do Loan of IMS (Conponf) ? do Loan ot IMS (Texaa lud.) ? do RAILROAD BONDS.' Baltimore A Ohia ? p. rt MM Beading ? do 1M? Orange A Alex. 6 do llllnole Central 1 do Illinois Central 'Praelandi 7 do BANK STOCK. Bank of Metropolis ? in % lot Bank of Waskingtoa ? 7S (g Patriotic Bank ? 45 10 Parmera A Mech.V Bank, Georgetown ? 7S <4 71 Bank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria ? 100 <4 101 Bank of Commerce, Georgetown, (none for aalf INSURANCE stocks. Firemen'a<none In market) Pranklla (none In the market) Potomac do do STATS STOCKS. Virginia ? per cent. ? Q *4 Maryland ? do I _ 1M (a) 1*7 Miaaoarl ? da , _ uH ? Mfc Kentucky 6 do ? Lonleiana S do Tmneaaee ? do California 1 do 103 <4 104 . ?? *> - 1 M ? MK ? (4 >1 EATKS OP FOREIGN BANK NOTBS. Dlsc't. Disc't. Eastern States... i Richmond I New York State. i Norfolk f New York city... par Petersburg f Pennsylvania.... $ Fredericksburg.. f Philadelphia .... par Winchester f New Jersey f N. W. States .... 1* Delaware } Kentucky 1| Maryland j Tennessee 2t Baltimore par North Carolina.2 Virginia f Other S. States ..la2 LAND WARRANTS Buying. Selling. 100-acre warrants, per acre....fl lOiaSl 11# 80 do do do .... 1 10ia 1 lit 120 do do do ?... 1 06 a 1 07 60 do do do .... 1 06 a 1 07 40 do do do .... 1 14 a 1 16 Some activity has prevailed during the past week in the money and stock markets Poace is officially proclaimed, rendering quite oer tain tho anticipated cessation of the specie movement eastwards. The advance in con sols is 1$ percent. The demand for Ameri can stocks in London had not, however, in creased, nor prices improved. At New York and here the standard State and Government stocks remain without change. In some of tho western and interior railroad shares a better business is doing and rates have slightly advanced. The British steamer of last week took out $453,000 in coin, a less amount than might have been expected, considering the immense amount of imports for the past quarter. The semi-monthly steamer from California arrived at New York on the 16th, with $1,458,000 in gold on freight, and a sum in private hands estimated at $242,000, making the total re ceipts from that souroe $1,700,000 for the week, and exhibiting an excess of specie over the exports of $1,247,000. London exchange commands 109f, and closed at that prioe on Friday. LAND WARRANTS. Sales during the past week have been large with a supply about equal te the increasing demand. This is the season when warrants are eagerly sought for location, and the de mand must continue without any material variation until July next, until which time, as we have frequently remarked, fair rates must be sustained. The Cnrrent Operations of the Treunry Department ?On Saturday, 19th of April, there were of Treasury warcant* entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stocks.... $31,814 01 For the Treasury Department... 1,803 86 For the Interior Department 26,31V 18 For Customs 20.870 86 From miscellaneous sources 2,000 00 00*QHX$$IOWAL PROCEEDINGS. la the Senate, to-day,the presentation and reference of petitions, Ac., and reports from committees were made. In the course of these nroce?din??a if. Toombs reported back from^h!r^!i ? Committee the bill of Senator Adams*tJ amend the naturalisation lawa mondation that it do not pass ' recom On motion of Mr. Adams this report vu made a special order for this day two weeks hence. Afterwards the Kansas State Government bill was .again taken up, and Mr. Clay was addressing the Senate upon it as we went to press. In the Houie, the Senate's amendments to the Deficiency bill, as reported back from tho Committee of the Whole on the State of the Union, were taken np. The clerk reai orer the said amendments for the information of the House, and all those which wore not ob jected to, wore agreed to without a division. The question then recurred on the refusal of the Committee of the Whole to sanction the I amendment appropriating $25,000 to pay for certain engraving of the Senate ; and the said reiusal was confirmed by a vote of the Hoax, The question next recurred on agreeing to the Senate's amendment appropriating $150 ? 000 te pay for engraving generally. Xr. Jones of Tennessee, called for the yeas and nays, which being ordered, the said amendment was agreed to. The yeas and nays were being taken on agreeing to the Senate's amendment appro priating $49,000 to pay for the engraving of the Pacific Railroad surveys maps, m the Star went to press. Yi?it of the President and Secretary of the Navy to Annapolis President Pierce, accompanied by Mr. Dob bin, Secretary of the Navy, Captain Ingra ham, and Sidney Webster, Esq., arrived at Annapolis by the evening train of oars on Friday. The President was received at the depot by a committoo of citizens and con ducted to the Senate chamber, where he was formally welcomed tn the city by Mr. Murray Commissioner of the Maryland Land Office! President Picrce replied in a brief, pertinent, and neatly worded address, which was warm ly applauded. The citizcns then availed themselves of the opportunity to exchange salutations with and reccive introductions to the President,,and also Mr Secretary Dobbin, both of whom were very cordially greeted by those present. The hero of the Kosta affair, as well as Mr. Sidney Webster, also received polite attentions. At night the President and Secretary of the I Navy were tho guests of Capt. L. M. Golds- I borough, commandant of tho Naval Aoademy, at a brilliant ball given in the Aoademy build- I ir.g?. -I At about 9 o'clock Saturday morning the I President and the Secretary of the Navy, ac eompanied by Gov. Ligon and party, visited the Naval Aoademy, and were appropriately I received by Commander Qoldsborough with I the ofiiceis and professors, and the entire I school of 120 pupils drawn up in infantry line. I The official salutes were fired from the guns of the shore battery and from the Preble, I which ship was gorgeously decorated witfe I about a hundred flags and streamers _ At 12J o'clock, the morning train of cars ar- I rived with a large number of members of I Congress. heads of bureaus, and other invited guests, with quite a number of Udios, to visit the Merrimac. Among them were several Senators, Mr. Speaker Banks, Mr Faulkner, and several members of the press Judges Legrand and Mason, of the Court ot Appeals, and the Hon. Anthony Kennedy, Senator elect were also present. Preparations were immediately made for the I visit to the Merrimac, which had arrived at her anchorage off the mouth of the harbor early in the morning, and now formed a beau tiful object in the seaward view. The govern ment steamer Engineer was soon closely packed with the dignitaries whose visit gave eclat to the occasion and with as many ladies and gentlemen in addition as could find room on her decks, put off for the Merrimac, lying about four miles distant. As the boat ap- I proacbed, the frigate grew in beauty and in size, until a close view disclosed the immense dimensions and massive elegance of her hull. I Intil the Engineer approached to within one I hundred yards of I he Merrimac, a solitary I sentinel walking on the outer guards, and the boat keepers doling in the sun, were the only signs of life to be seen, but suddenly the sides I swarmed with sailors, who running nimbly up I the rigging dispersed themselves in hundreds I about the yards ; their fine apparance and at- I titudes of expectation as eaoh man assumed I his station seeming to render the whole im-I mense fabric instinct with life. The Prtsi- I dent and Secretary of the Navy were received I at the gangway by Capt. Pendergast, and his officers, and conducted to the quarter deck, I where the mannes were drawn up and saluted. I The great guns of the ship then gave forth I their Boisy we come. The view presented at I the moment of the reception of the President I on the quarter deck had a certain degree of I imposing intefest about it that is not every | day paralleled. I A general examination of the various parts I of the vessel followed. So many descriptions I have already been published that but little I further need be said. To the unnauticai eye I she appears the very perfection of a war ves- I sel ; solid and massive in her unornamented I beauty, complete in her appointments, and I perfect in all the improvements of hull, model, I machinery and armament, that could fit her I to cope with the most powerful vossel that is I possessed by the navy of any nation The fact that she has eleven acres of deck area ex- I presses briefly but forcibly an idea of hor great size Her present number of officers! and men is about eight hundred ; but this is I only her peace complement. In time of war I she could not be fully manned with less than I fifteen hundred, and has plenty of "fluhtinif I room'; for two thousand. I Whilst the visitors, increased by this time I by another boat load from Annapolis, and an I excursion party from Baltimore, were scatter- I ed through the ship, the drum beat to quar- I ters and orders were given to prepare the ship I for action. The gangways were taken down, I the^jULS unlimbered, ammunition was passed I up from the magazine, orders rang out, officers I took their station, the men hurried to and fro, I the boatswain's whistles were heard in all parts of the ship, and the mode of preparing | the ship for action was carried out with all tho I apparent earnestness and speed that would I characterise the half hour previous to a real I engagement. Tho President and members of Congress de- I siring to return to Washington in tho evening I train after hastily partaking of a rich and I bountiful collation provided in the Captain's cabin, prepared to leave the vessel. The I same ceremonies wero again gone through I with. The marines mustered and saluted, I the yards were manned ; and as tho boat I moored ofl a parting saluto gave out its noisy I good-bye. The President and Secretary of the Navy, and most of the members of Congress returned to Wasbington in the four o'clock train. PERSONAL. .... Miss Maggie Mitohell is playing at Lou isville, Ky. ....Robert L Stevens, Esq , died at his residence at Hoboken, N. J., on Saturday morning. .... F. N Ripley, a young doctor frcm New York, was frozen to death in Minnesota last winter, and devoured by wolves. .... Rev Samuel 11. Cox. D. D , of Oswego, has accepted an invitation to the presidency of the Ingham Collegiate Institute, at Le Roy, N. Y. ....Tho Hon. Messrs Loiter, of Ohio and Letchcr of Va., both of whom have recently visited their respective homes, are again in their seats in tho House of Representatives. .... At his own request, Com. McClunghas been permitted to leave, and Com. E A F. Lavalette has been ordered to succeed him ia oommand of the Oosport Navy Yard. .... We are pained to announce that the lady of the Hon. George S. Houston, of Ala bama, who has been ill for some time at Brown's Hotel, expired about 11 o clock last night. ....Mr. Ray, the person who lately deliv ered a speech at Goose Creek Meeting House, in Loudon, containing obnoxious sentiments which gave great offence, has concluded1 to leave Virginia and return to his native State. ....Mr. A. Greatrake, convicted of the se duction under promise of marriage of Mill Mary S. Murray, a young woman employed as a compositor on one of the daily papers of Pittsburg, was on Saturday senteneed to two years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. ....Townsend, the mail robber arrested a few days sinoe by Col. Hughes, made an at tempt to escape from the jail at New Castle, Delaware, on Saturday. He was ahot at by the sheriff whilst getting over the jail wall and severely wounded, lie was re-captured and returned to jail. r | THREE DATS LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THE AFRICA The stoamer Africa arrived at New York on Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock, bringing dates from Liverpool to the 5th of April, but bar newt is of very little importance. Peace had been proclaimed at8t. Petersburg, and created a very general feeling of satisfac ti?n amongst all classes but the old Court P*rt?- The news had also been announced in the Prusian Chambers, but was reaeived with apparent indifference. The Baltic fleet has been ordered back to England, to be incorporated in Vhe ordinary ?J ihe ?eaca ??tablishment. The blockade of the northern ports of Rus sia had been raised and the armistiee baa been prolonged for another brief term, to oover the !rm.!wr elapse before the ratification of the treaty. There had been another moeting of the Pans Congress on the 2d of April, for the dis cussion of minor points arising out of the con ditions of the treaty. It is thought that it will not break up for another month. The review in the Champ de Mars on tha celebration of the conclusion of peace, was one of the most magnificent spectacles of the kind that has over been witnessed. The appearance of Mr. Dallas, the American minister, in the Jlouso of Commons, attracted suine attention Tho London correspondent of the Glasgow Daily News describes him as a remarkably mild looking old gentleman, ot fair, fresh complexion, with white locks, looking very like a country clergyman in the dissenting lino.-' The following from Lloyd's List may or may not hare reference to the Pacific ? "FiouaiRA, 24th March.?The Skipwitb, Kyan, arrived here; incoming off the New C<iMt' fcl1 in with ice the distance of 200 miles from the land, and saw the lights of a steamer in the ice. [Memorandum?The above vessel left St. John s, New Foundland, 13th of February."]

TUB CRIMEA. ? j Q Bight of March 17th ft shocking ftc* cident occurred on tho slope of Kadikol, in the burning of some weoden huts occupied by men of the Commissariat work corps. Not withstanding prompt assistance, sixteen men perished in the flames They were doubtless suffocated by the smoke. Their bodies were charred past all chance of recognition. GREAT BRITAIN. The businoss in Parliament has been most ly of home interest. Papers were laid before the House of Lords on the subject of torture exercised in Madras to compel the payment of taxes. Mr. Scott moved for a select commit tee of enquiry into the tisket-of-leave convict system. Among the notices of motion is one by Lord Godenck?" to ask whether a document, which has recently appearod, purporting to be a des patch written by the British Minister at Wash ington to the Secretary of State of the United States, on the 27th of February last, with ref erence t%the disputes between Great Britain and the United States on the subject of Central America is authentic " The Military Board of Enquiry into the al legations contained in the report of the Crimea Commissioners?Sir John McNeill and Col. Tulloch against the Earls of Lucan and Car digan, Gen. Airey, and Col Gordon, have held i their first meeting in the hall of Chelsea Hos- 1 pital. Preliminary matters were gone through. The public were admitted. Next meeting was to be held on the 7th inst., when Lord Lucan would be put under examination. An English church is to be built in Con b7 subscription, as a memorial of the British who perished in the war. A letter from Mr. Dallas to the Earl of Clarendon is published in the English papers, requesting Lord Clarendon to pay over ?50 sterling on behalf of the President of the tnited States, to Captain Ferguson, a British se;iman, who rescued the crew of an American bark at sea. The money was paid, through the Liverpool Sailors' Home, to Capt. F. Thb Teeth and Brbath.?If those who are blesged with well formed teeth knew how soon decay steals into the mouth, making un sightly what otherwise are delightful to ad mire, and designating unhealthiness by im purity of breath, they would spare no expense to chase away these fatal blemishes The Balm of a thousand Flowers will embellish and preserve the dental structure, and impart a grateful fragrance to the breath. For sale at Shillington's Book and Stationery estab lishment, Odeon building, Pennsylvania ave nue, corner of Four and a-half street. REGULAR MONTHLY MEET lng of the Young Men's Christian Asso ciation will be held at their rooms, corner Pennt avenue and 10th street THIS (Monday) EVEN ING. the illst Instant, at 7# o'clock. Members and friends of the Association are re respectfully Invited to attend. ap SI?It CHAS. H. HOLMEAD, Rec. Sec. BANNER WARD, ATTENTION! The members of the Seventh Ward Council, and the public (generally) are respectfully Invited to attend a meeting on TUE8DAY EVENING, the 24d Instant, which will be held In the Salosn of Island Hall. It Is expected that the Hon. Hxhut Wintsx Davis, oi Maryland, and the Hon Mr. Carlils, of Virginia, will be present and address tbe meeting. Rally, boys ! rally! as an intellectual treat awaits you! Every one (Irrespective of party) is cordially Invited to be present. ROBERT T. KNIGHT, sp 21-2t Secretary Seventh Ward Council. ?-^5?FIFTH WARD DEMOCRATIC AS PJBL SOCl ATION ?A special meeting will be held at Casparis'Hotel on TUESDAY EVEN ING, April '2id, at 7# o'clock. All opponents of Know Nothlngism in the Ward are respect fully invited to attend, as it is expected nomina tion* will be made of suitable persons to repre sent the Ward In the City Councils. C. W. C. DUNNINGTON, President. JoHW S. Devlin, Jr , Sfcretary. ap '21-8t ^S^SIXTH WARD ANTI-KNOW NO THING MEETING ?4 meeting of the anti-Know Nothing vcters of the Sixth Ward, will be held at the hall of the Anacostia Fire Company, on TUESDAY EVENING, the 22d Inst., at7# o'clock, for tbe purpose of electing Five Delegates to the Mayoralty Convention. The presence of tvery anti-Know Nc thine In the Ward is earnestly requested. ap al?St* ?-^^SECOND WARD MEETING.?ALL ?CSk the Cltlaens of the Second Ward op posed to tbe Know Nothing party are requested to attend a meeting to be hela on THURSDAY EVENING, ApriirMth, at 6 o'clock, in the ball over R. Farnham's Bookstore, corner Pa. avenue and IIth street. Delegates to a Citv Convention to select a suitable candidate for Mayor will be appointed. All friends of the eause are invited. ap '214t Aj * ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD ? fi ft The Company will meet for drill at their fiTArmoryon MONDAY and WEDNESDAY W ft EVENINGS of each week. The attend ance of every member Is required. By order of the Captain: apgl-at CHAS R. BISHOP, O S. |-3i?FIR8T WARD ANT1-KNOW iCSk "NOTHING MEETING ?Thecitizens of the First Ward opposed to the Know Nothing party are requested to meet on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 33d Instant, at 7% o'c'.ock, at the Hall formerly known as the Gratiot Buildings, one door west of the Circle, for the purpose of electing five delegates to represent this Ward In the city conveution to nominate a candidate for Mayor; also, to nominate one Alderman, three members of the City Council, and one As?e**or for the Ward^ ap l>-8t t-3a?AT A PRELIMINARY MEETING of the voters of the Fourth Ward op E?sed to Know Nothlnglsin, held at Washington all, on the evening of the 17th lost , Dr. Wil liam Jones was called to the chair, and Hugh B. Sweeny appointed Secretary The object of the meeting having been briefly stated by the chairman, on motion of Mr. 6to. McNeir, it was resolved thatThe President and Secretary of thla meeting be auhorized to make arrangement for an adjourned meeting for the purpose of selecting delegates from the Fourth Ward, to the Nominating Convention for the mayoralty, at the ensuing election." ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE VO TERS OF THE FOURTH WARD.?The voters of the Fourth Ward opposed to Know Nothlngism, are requested to assemble at Wash lngton Hall, (late Copp's) on Louisiana avenue onTdONDAY EVENING,the?lBt,at7# o'clock, for the purpose of selecting delegates to the con vention about to assemble to nominate a suitable candidate for the mayoralty. WILLIAM JONES, Chairman. H. B. SWEENY, Seoretary. ap l?-2t ii UNION GUARD* ATTENTION .?You are hereby not1 AM to meet at your armory on MONDAY EVENING, April SI, at 7# o'clock, In fell uniform, for drill. By order of Capt Rnasa: ap 19-St PETER HARRISON, O. S. U. S. Marshal's Offic?. ) April 14, lf-56 S ,A FURTHER indulgence UN ? . - til the 1st May aext Is granted to all per sons Indebted to John A Smith. Clerk of the Cir cuit and Criminal Courts of this District, for fees which accrued In either of said Courts in the years 1851, 58, f53, sad '54 AU accounts then unpaid I mnst proceed, as directed, to collect ac cording to law. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal. ap IS Ginckal La*? 0?fici. April 9J1&I6. .NOTICE ?ALL PKRSONS HAY lng books or bound documents belonging to this oRce will please return them without delay to west wing of the Psteat Oflce building, to which the General Land Ofice is this day re mo red. apll d30d NOTICE.?A LADY IN BLACK, ACCOM ponied toy a little boy, left her PARASOL In our store on Saturday. She can have It by calllag FORD A BRO., Drugrlsts, apSl-lt corner Pa avenue and 11th st. JUST RKCCIYBO S<> bb's Cognac Brandy 10 do New York Gin S casks Hubert's London Brown Stoat And for ssle low by BARBOUR A SRMMES, ap 2l-eo3t 44 La. ao., bet Oth and 7th sts AO KKWAHD?STRAYED FROM THE <$0 p emisesof the subscriber, a hern-< ed, red and white cow, abont eight ye-rsl o.d, both ears slit, white triangular spot1 on the forehead white stripe along the back and all four feet white. La*t seen on Saturday in the ?lclnityof the Nary Yard The above reward wi 1 be paid to an> one returning her te WM WERDEMANN, Delaware avenue near North Capitol Sate. aptl-'t* Notice. ?the subscribers have this day entered Into copartnership, under the firm of T.J.t W M Galt, for the purpose of conducting the WOOD AND COAL BUSI NESS. Possessing every facility, they ar* prepared to execute promptly and at the lowest rates, ordeu for all kinds of Wood and Coal THOS. J. ?ALT, WM. M. GALT, apSl-St Office N. W. corner llth and C st*. JOHN L. SMITH, ATTO RN EY AT LAW, INFORMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE PUB lie that he is now prepared to give his undivi ded attention to the practice of law, In the Circuit and Criminal Courts, and Court or Claims; and also the prosecution o' Pension, Bonnty Land and other claims against the Government. He will also attend to the sale, purchase and renting of houses. Conveyancing carefully executed." He maybe found at all times at his old oflce, on 6th street, near Pa avenue Several houses for rent. ap 91-6t TO THE PUBLIC. The undertaking business here tofoieoarried on by the late Jam*s F Harvey, will be contln-l ued by his widow Mr GEORGE HARVEY, (brother of my de ceased husband) has been engaged to conduct a*d nranagethe business, and is felly authorised to act in the premises. The public may be assured that every attention will fce given to the business as formerly FUNERAL CALLS attended to at all hours of the day and night. MARIA E HtRVEY, ap 21-2w 410 Seventh street. ELEGANT FLOOR OIL-CLOTHS. JUST RECEIVED AND ON SALE? 10 sheets heavy and superior OIL-CLOTHS, In rich Tapestry, Mosaic Pave, Oak Pannel. Fresco, and Encoustlc Title patterns, which will be cut up for all sized rooms, halls, or passages, as per diagram, at low prices Also, 30 sheets 12 and 6 feet wide do, very low priced, In beautiful colors and patterns Also, 200 rolls superior heavy and llrm-bodled CANTON MATTING. In 3 4, 4 4, 5 4 and 6-4 widths, and White, Red, Checked, and Fancy Colors, In double extra Nankin, extra Gowqua marking and Toshing brands. We can safely assert that the first two kinds above-named, are the best goods of the kind ever offered for sale In this market They were made to order, are warranted, and will be sold very low. ap21-eo3w CLAGETT, DODSON * CO. tonn REWARD ? RANAWAY FROM the city of Richmond, Vlrglnle, between the 1st and 14th of April, 1096, my slave PHI LL. BARBKR. He Is a bright mulatto, about. 24 ysars old, was well^ dressed; is very genteel In his appearance; curls, but is generally well combrd; has been a waiter In hotels and'at the Springs; when sud denly spoken to hesitates ana stammers a little He Is 5 feet 6 to 8 Inches high, fit, small, and is under the common size. I purchased PhlU from Thos. Green, Esq , of Washington ; he Is now probably lurking in or near that city. He Is sup posed to have purchased free papers. If apprehended and securtd so that I get him, I will pay a reward of ?100 if taken in Virginia, and *200 if taken in the District of Columbia, or In any State north of the Potomac river. Phi 11 absconded without provocation, and Is supposed to be making his way to a free State W. H. GAINES, ap2'-MAThtf Warrenton, Va. Elegant and very cheap car petings.?Just received from late auctions In New York, and now for sale? 69 pieces superb three cord Tapestry Brussels carpetings, which will he sold at fl - 12#, worth SI ?0 5 bales imperial Three-ply 7 do Double Ingrain, as rich and durable as three-ply and much cheaper 20 do all wool, at 02# a 7S cts., worth 87# cents and SI 20 bales Cotton Chain wool filling, rich colors and patterns, at 37# and 60 cents, worth 60 to 75 cents 10 do heavy List and Rag do., very cheap 6 do heavy Hemp Carpeting, extremely cheap also? 4 do VELVET RUGS, very rich and cheap 2 do assorted DOOR MATS SO do 3 4, 4 4. 5 4, and 6 4 heavy COCOA MATS, very cheap. ap 41-eo6t CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. MORE RICH FLOUNCED DRESSES? WE HAVE JUST R ECEIVED FROM THE recent large auction sales in New Yorki very choice assortment cf rich and beautiful DRESS GGODS. We name In the lot? 25 very rich Flounced Silk Robe Dresses 60 printed with Batln stripes and plain Berege Robes, in entire new designs, and at low prices 18 rich and beautiful Organdy Mtutln Robes 25 rich Lawn and Jaconet Robes, very cheap SO pieces fine Organdy Muallns and French Lawns with embroidered and plain Swiss Muslins and plaid Cambrics 10 pieces Crape Maretz In all plain colors, a new and beautiful article for ladles' and chil dren's wear 100 pieces printed Lawns, which we will sell at 12# and 16# cents per yard, the cheapest goods ever offered In this market. #*#We shall be In receipt of New Goods every week during the season, and cordially Invite purchasers to call and examine our stock before purchasings. All articles warranted to prove ts represented, and no goods cut off c?n be taken back cr ex changed. COLLEY A SEAKS. 523 Seventh St., 3 doors north Pa ave. ap 21-eo6t YANKEE SHAVING SOAP?A superior ar ticle and warranted to give satisfaction, for sale at LAMMOND'S, 7th st. ap 10-3t Gents, youths and children's HATS of every variety and style, In great abundance, at STINEMETZ'S, _ ap 19 eolw Pa. av. bet. 13th and 14th sts. SALE?A beautiful YEAR OLD 8th streets. ap l?-3t* LOST.?On Thursday,the 17th Inst ,on Penn sylvania avenue, or dropped in one of the stores, a Lady's Gold Enamelled BREAST-PIN. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving it with the Messrs. GALT, Jewellers. aplO at* MRS. CLOUD, TEACHER OF Entbreid ery, would Inform the ladles of Washington that she will be In the city for a limited time and Is prepared to give lessous in all the various styles of Embroidery. Applications addressed te 3*4 Massachusetts avenue will receive Immediate at tention. ap 10-Sto MARBLE MANTELS! MARBLE MANTELS AT NORTHERN 111 PRICES?The subscriber has for sale a choice assortment of Plain and Ornamental Ital ian Marble mantels of the newest patterns and superior finish, whloh he has determined to dispose of at as low prices as can be procured in any of the Northern cities. Persons desirous of purchasing will find it to their advantage to call * JACOB VEIHMEYER, Marble and Brown Stone Ysrd, on 14th, ap 1S-8M W3t? Corner C street. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL. TQEATRI^ KUNKEL A CO LFRSEK* JOHN T FORD SOLR MANAGER ' JOS. JEFFERSON STAGE MANibLK nicit or illiuM. Boxes mad Parquet 50 r?*> Family Clrele sod Galleries 84 ee No extra charge for reserved seat* i THIS EVENING, APRIL *1, The eminent Tragedian, Mr. J AXIS W. WALL ACT, Jr. Will appear for the flrat time la hi* drams of LEON, THE IRON MASK. Produced with strict regard to iceneiy, Pre??> Properties, fte. Together with a G tat Cast. Loon Mr J. W. Wallack The charming French Dancers. Mad CIOCCA and Mr H MONPLASIK. la Two Dane LY AN ?A Mr. JOS. JEFFERfON in the Farce of POOR PILL1CODDT ! aptl-1t riEEMiyir orawp hall. SECOMD AHHIVEB8AEY BALL or tii WESTERN HOSE CO., No. 1. Thk company respectfully AN n'unc* to their friends and the pub Uc, that they will give their SECOND ANNIVERSARY MALL on THURS DAY EVENING, April 1Mth, 1656. at the j WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMsJ The general satisfaction our foimer balls haw retofore given, and the entire suceeaa attending ttmm, Impress us with r?newrd energy, aid ?? pledge ourselves to make this Ball ooe of the orlgn'eat that has ever givej brightness to the his tory of Balls. No exertions will be spared that may contribute to enlovment and pleasure of those who may Lonor as with their pros:nee. Supper and Refreshment* will be furnished by an experienced caterer. Scott's favorite Cotillon Bar.d has been engaged for the occasion No Hats or Caps will be allowed In the hall, except those worn by the F ire men. Tickets ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle and ladies. P. S.?The object of this Ballistoald the Com pany la building their new Host House, on >34 street, whera we have purchased a lot. and have one story np We appeal to the generous pubile. Committee of Arrengements Vn. RiqIm, P.T. nrilao*, P. Haffarty. K I Bootb, Wm DtMtviT, A. P.Baadla Managers on part of tke Firemen J A Tilt, J Saadara, B Bodlar, S K Doi|UM, J McDarmott, J Sular. K E Doyls, B Borkaad, W Brows Managers on part cf tkt Citizen*. Ho? J T Tuvar*. W. Heodcraoo, Dr Ihmt. Hon J O Hoor.r, J T Marr, Wm Carroll, K Clark, Cas MtCalla O* oala, W T Dora, C ? an tier, B WalUrh, W H Magrndar, Ool Barratt, W Lenox, Dr Millar, Capiat? Th"?!, D BaAelita, rrm Bally, Major Danny, P B Kay, J B Tarton, W W Oarcoraa, J M Carltl*. 0 Abart, I Blsc*. Ji>l|a Crawford, K Foliar, W W ataon, (apt Carrlagtoa, 0 Kraft, P Wataan. J H Bra?ll?T, B Raudosi. Capt Main, Dr Baaay. 001 D C Las, H Bart faro, I> W attach. J Tata, Dr A. D Davis, J L Bldar. ap It OR AND ASSEMBLY! THE FIRST GRAND ASSEMBLY OP TBI UGLY CLUB Will be given at ANACOSTIA HALL. NAVY YARD. THDRIDAT EVENING. A pril *4th,l*6?. Tickets PIFTY CENTS?admitting a gentle man and ladles. Manager*. ThoSDenham. W Howell, B Berkley ap 18,19,81,82* I LIMB:?LIME!?LIME ! HAVE NOW ON HAND A THGUSAND berrels of the best quality of WOOD-BURNT LIME, which I can and will aell chaaper than any other manufacturer in Washington 1 will, also, from this day open a kiln of wood burnt Lime every week, so that it can always be had fresh and good Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of CEMENT, HAIR and PLASTER which will be ho id cheap. LAWSON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, 87th street, one square south of the Lower Bridge, near Georgetown ap 16-10C A SIN DIALS! LL K NDS OF SUN-DIALS TO BE HAD for cash, cheap. Old Dials repaired and ?et, intownorcou try Address JAS. SWORD, Sign of the Sun Dial, north tide Pa avenue, between 3d and 4)f streets, Washington, D. C. ap 18?lw? IE (?BEAT ATTRACTION TO THR TRADE. I HAVE JUST RECEIVED. AND HAVKon exhibition, a large and handsome assortment of Rockingham and Y*l otc ITarr*. believed to be the first of this klrd of Ware ever offar^d be fore in thiscity, and which will be sold reasonable. The trade are respectfully invited to call and examine ths Goods at my store, No. 5*1 comer of 7th and D streets. apW A^GREEN. LOST?On the night of the 17th instant, a half dozen flat FILES. The flnd??r will be suit ably rewarded by leaving them at Mr. FLYNN'S Coach Shop, 305 D street, bet 12th and 13th ap 18 3t FIVE Hl'NDRRD DOLLARS REWARD. Mavoi's Opficb, > Waskington, April 17,1856, i A REWARD OF FIVE HUNDRED DOL lars is hereby offered for the appreheaator: and conviction of WASHINGTON S'AILOR who was arrested for burglarv and admlted to bail, and who has since absconded. Said Nallor Is about thirty-six years of age. about Ave feet eight inches high, dark complexion, wrlght about 140 pounds; when spoken to has a downward look, and is very talkative and speaks quick. He had at the time ne left a full suit of hair, and was unaccustomed to shave anv portion of his beard, which was very long when he left . ap 18-lw JNO T TOWERS, Mayor. LADIES! Yoar Immediate Attention is moat rfspect fully Sclicited !! R . C.STEVE NV, DBALBB IB FRENCH MILLINERY & FANCY GOODS 1 EMBRACE THE FIRST OPFORTUNITV of the seasons to inform my friends andi the public that my stock of Straw BON-I NETS Boys IIATS and FLATS, s=trawl Trimming, best French and American Ar tificial Flowers. Ribbons, Silks, Illusions. I Bg llsh and Italian Crapes, Neapolitan, Tuscan Swiss, FieucL Lace, Suton. Florence and Eng lish Bonnets, white and black Ribbons, full as sortment, all of which will be sold at the lowest market prices for cash. P. S.?Just received loo Shakers, 50 bik Boa nets, 5U boxes double and single Ruche, ereeu R lbbon and Silk to trim Shakers ap 18 tf NEW RESTAURANT! METROPOLITAN HOUSE!! (Formerly the Verandah) Ptnna. are Mite, betitun 1UU and 11(4 streets. THIS HOUSE HAS UNDERGONE a thor ough renovation and Improve-. ment, and will be opened on MON-] DAY next, underanew management.^ The BAR will, at all times, be supplied wltlt the very best LIQUORS and SEGAR&. ap 18-3t? LEATHKK* NOTICE OF UNION LEATHFR STORE " NOW IS THK TIME TO BUY LEATHER, OF ALL KINDS, CHEAP' A large lot of Frcneh and Atmrlcan Ca f Skin. Also, French Patent Leather, all of the best brands. Morocco and Undressed Goat Skins 100 Sides Sole Leather and Skirting, a- d Har ness Leather I invite all to pay me a visit. JOHN C. SHAFER. ap!8 3t? Pa. av bet 13th and 13X st? _ NEW SPRINM ?OOHS FOR OfcNTLE M E N PJ STEER,MERCHANT TAILOR, No Itfe ? Seventh street between D and E, ha* received his new Spring Goods, and Las now the pleasure to announce to his custo men and the public that his stock is very, complete Gentlemen who wish choice styles *re Invited to call early, with the assurance that the most elegant and desirable goods will be shown them. Tbe stock embraces, asasual, new aad elegant Furnishing Goods for gentlemen. ap l?-oo8w A CARD. rpuR UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF TRK A Arm of D Finch A Sob,) still continue* to carry on the Painting buslneat la all its vaiioua branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public generally a continuance of tbHr favors. AU work contracted for by him will be eztca ? ted with promptness and Sdellty Orders to be left as usual, at the old stand, cor ner 18th and E afreets JNO. SUMMER FIELD KINt H. ap 11-lm 4