Newspaper of Evening Star, April 21, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 21, 1856 Page 3
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kv kn JNG STAR. "loc al intelligence. S'atiokai. Xb?it?? ?The of the National ft*? another evidence of their disposition to supply a succession of attraction J, their patrons in the engagement of the dis tinguished tragedian Mr. J^W ??' ??d the charming French dancers, Madame rLwa and Mr H. Monplaisir. To-night we Mr Wallack in hii thrilling drama of ..The Iron Mask;" the French dancers in two dances, and Jefferson in his great character Ifpillicoday. We trust that the crowded house of Saturday night is but earnest of the nccess for the entire season of the deserving and enterprising managers. Co*?tAi*Tg, but wo Law.?Yesterday sev eral citiien* residing in the Northern Liber ties. oomplained to Justice Hollingshead that j number of men were burying a horse on a lot near their dwellings. Justice Hollings head took the late act providing for the estab lighment of a Board of Health, Ao., and gave them the 17th section to read They could ?asily see that the Justice had no right to pre yed the burial. The law says that dead ani aals must be buried two feet ut dor the earth, hut dees not say where. A man may bury a dead animal in his own garden, no matter how offensive it may be to the neighbors.; if the carcass is two feet from the surface of the earth, he cannot be fined under the munidpa ^Hobsb Stbaliso Casb.?Saturday, Mr. John Harvey of Prince George county, Md., passing through the Centre Market, siw a horse that had been stolen from his father a month ago. The animal was attached to a wagon belonging to Mr. Hutchinson, a dealer in the market Mr. Hutchinson was arrested by Officer S C. Davidson, and when examined before Justice Smith stated that he got the horse in a trade with a man named Addison Brown. Warrant* were issued for Brown and he was arrested in Alexandria, Va , by Offi cers P. B Bell and Hughes. Mr. Hutchinson was held to bail for his appearance, and sent to jail for further hearing on Tuesday next. Troublesome Visitors ?The respectable citiiens residing near the boundaries of the city have been disturbed lately by gangs of persons, male and female, who live in the woods, and rove about the farms and gardens, itealing poultry and committing other depre dations. The good citiiens, fearful that their property will be destreyed, have ordered them away; but the vagrants, instead of leaving, attacked the dwelling houses of sev eral persons. They have no visible means of support, and are good subjects for the police magistrates to look after. Fugitives fbow Justicb.?A dispatch was *?ceived yesterday morning from the Mayor Richmond. Va , by the Chief of Police, . Davis, Esq , describing two persons who harzed with the larceny of certain The Chief, with Officers Allen and *nt to the steamboat wharf, and th'? 1. StjI of the Southern boat, ar an examination b^fom ju?tlc.e .?f?lht was committed to th ? county jail for .further hearing Money was hl? and some of it answere * the description of "kVJ'dall ? Hentiot of .11 who delight in the rustic pursuit raising their own vegetables, or wbS wish to a oool retreat from the parched atmosp ; city, to the advertisement of Mr Si *kn.y,in anotner column, of several pleasant re. lLieii:e for rent These houses are situated at con" renient distance from the city, and po. _ rare attractions, especially to those leading sedentary life. As the season for gardening has now arrived early application should be made to Mr. S before it is too lato. Iucbswiart Fire?On Saturday night, at about 10* o'clock, fire was discovered in the stable of Dr Frye's residence. 533 Thirteenth street, Island; but by the timely assistance of the neighbors it was speedily extinguished. On examination, two rolls of cotton-cloth were discovered stuffed between the rafters and roof, and which had been set on fire. The cause of this wanton outrage is entirely un known ; but it is high time stringent^ efforts should be made to discover and punish the incendiaries who are going about our eity de stroying property and endangering life. Tub Obphass' Fair ?Ey a misprint the types made us announce, on Saturday last, that the Orphans' Fair, now open at Carusi's Saloon, is to continue until Wednesday instead of Tuesday evening next as written ^ It closes positively on Tuesday night next. So all who would enj^y an hour most agreeable and use fully, should be sure to attend to-day or to morrow by sun light or gas light. Rbscceo from Drowhiwc.?Yesterday, some boys were fishing in the canal near Seventh street, and one fell into the water. A gentleman standing near by leaped in and saved him. The little fellow was one of the hard sort, and went away remarking, with an oath, that he didn't care for the ducking since that man had saved life. Warbisg to Colored Boys.?Cornelius Carrol, colored, was arrested by Officer Si monds last night for an assault and battery on Nathan Dorsey. colored. The boys had been drinking, and the disturbance grew out of the use of rallying cries. Carrol and others beat Dorsey and tore his coat, for which he was or dered, by Justice Hollingshead, to receive five lashes Pbofa5itt a*d DRrJKBSXESS ?Mrs God dard. a good looking old lady, was sent to the workhouse, on Saturday last, for sixty days, by Justice Hollingshead, for profanity and druakenness. The example she had placed before her children is not likely to produce good results?such was the opinion of the magistrate when she appeared before him. Gsokge Nolle* was arrested last night by Officer Yeatman fur threatening the person and property of Mr Wm. Murphy, lie was taken to the guard-house, and sent to jail this morning by Capt. Birch. Kliiabeth Thomas was arrested at the same time, but was dis missed for want of evidence against her. Parodi asd Amalia Patti were present at St. Mathew s Churoh yesterday, and sang in the morning service. Patti Bang Schubert s Are Mart a The Salb or tbe Loxo Boat, advertised to take place on the 2yth, should have been to morrow, the 22d. [COM MUSIC AT BD. Shoe a !?I notice, with some surprise, that many persons are in the habit of smoking cigars in your streets and public places. I am But one of those who would deprive any indi vidual of so innocent and pleasant an occupa tion, provided it is indulged in where it will not annoy and disgast their fellow creatures; bat I find that persons smoke on your Penn sylvania avenue, at the City Poet Office, in front of the hotels, going to and returning from lectures and concerts, and, in faot, all places where people do most congregate. 1 1>ray you. Mr. Editor, lend your aid in abol ishing this abominable practice A Visiter. I.i connection with this subject, I send you th? following lines : 1 mmvt bv tbe ?aoke that ro lazily curled From hla llpe, twaa a loafer 1 happened to mtwt; A nd I aal d, If a no laance t here be In this world, lis In avnoklng cigars in frequented atreeta Twaanlght,ai*d tne lad lea were numerous around, And in many an eye shone the glittering tear, But the ioai'er puffed on, and 1 heard not a sound, Save the abort hacking cough of each amoke * mitten dear And here, In this kaown public place, to be crammed With second-hand breath .n your nose, and your eye; By a fellow who'd probably aee you be d?d Kre he'd atop, la too bad . 1 exclaimed with a aigh. Beneath hla old walateoat, who* red lining peeps Ktom that rip la the comer, no fond heart re clines, For no man, but a beaat la the rascal whose Hps ?iotoaUHe Karth'a Mop**, in the street, with long ulnea. Fruits or Know Nothibgism.? According t? the report of the New Orleans Chief of * olice, during the last six months, one tenth of the entire population of that eity were under *rr*?t Truly a lamentable state of affairs. Mb. John A. Washington andtbi Ladies' Mount Vkrnon Association.?" A Southern Matron," in in interesting communication to the Philadelphia Inquirer, says that the as sociation on their first application to Mr. W ashingtnn received from him an answer to the effect that he was unwilling to sell Mount Vernon Ur any other purchaser than the 3t*fce of Virginia or the General Government. Then, says our " Southern Matron"? " We appealed to Virginia to purchase from Mr. Washington, and by accepting herself the " sacrifices"?not the " heart offerings" which the Daughters of Washington would feel it a privilege to be allowed to bestow?enable them yet to accomplish all that love for his memory had suggested. This appeal had been responded to nobly?with a promptness and patriotism which should enshrine the Vir ginia General Assembly of '66 in the hearts of?woman ! It has been responded to in a manner which, while there is no departure from Mr. Washington's expressed condition, conveying the property in "trust" deed to the State, yet gives the association all a State constitution permits, with this restriction? our appeal spoke only of a trust deod arrange ment for the property. Mr. W. required it, and therefore Governor Johnston, in present ing the subject for the consideration of the Assembly, confined himself to this proposal; but to the honor of the Old Dominion be it recorded that, when he afterwards made an application to Mr. Langfitt, the chairman of the Mount Vernon Committee appointed to report on this portion of the Governor's rnes sage, to include an " net of incorporation " for the association, with an enlarged patriot ism which should endear his name to his coun trymen, it was at once acceded to, and on the 17th March the " Mount Vernon bill" passed both houses in less than an hour, and almost by acclamation! By this act the Assembly authorized the Governor to contract with Mr. Washington for Mount Vernon, in tbe manner in which Mr. W. had consented to dispose of it, i. e., a trust deed to the State The addi tional act of chartering the Mount Vernon Association, does not make the latter a party to any transaction in which Mr W. is to be eoneemed?it is purely one between the State of Virginia and the association." A Remarkable Smuggling Cask ?A sin gular trial lately occurred in Liverpool, in the course of which it was proved that a respest able merchant, or rather, a merchant of res pectable standing in Manchester, named Bren nan, having a house in New York city, bad, for many years, been in the habit of smuggling silk goods into the latter port in hampers. It seems that he had made an arrangement with a clerk in the omploy of the agent of one of the lines of passenger ships, through whose connivance he had been enabled to carry on a very successful smuggling business. Three of the hampers having failed to reach their destination, the Manchester merchant brought a suit against the clerk to recover tho value of their contents, but was nonsuited, the Judge declaring that he could not assist anybody in defrauding the Government of the United States. The decision was a very natural one, and the marvel of the case is, that the smug giing silk dealer should have had the stupidity to expose his nefarious practices. I O. O. F?The Grand Lod^e of Virginia have elected the following officers: N. K. Trout, of Staunton, R W. G. M ; John R. Jackson. R. W. D G M ; Thos. J. Evans, R. W. ti. W.: M Seagers, R. W. G S.; George W. Toler, R. W G. T.; W. H. Piters, G. C.; Al?x. Grant G. G.; J. W. Poindexter. G. M.; John Childress, G. II.; Rev. Mr. Hiland, G. Chaplain. A Snake i.n Mart Folds.?The editor of the Petersburg Express has seen a large King a^iake, which had wound himself arouBd a atic k in so many knots and folds that he was unable to free himself. He was caught by a gentlcm 1?; the vicinity of that city, who, while pla>'u>g with him, allowed him to coil around the btick and thus puisle himself into bondage. iETGilmaa's Liquid Hair Dye Is the only article now need is Uii city. Gentlemen who wear whiskers or moastactisa of a grsy or reddish bo* wl.hing to attend a ball or rarty, c*? appear la ? suit of black, by de rutin* OD? additional atnafe at th?ir tel<at la n?lng tfce very celebrated article which heads this notice.?I Philadelphia Ledger. L D. OILMAN Proprietor, Pa. avenae, Washington. For sale by Drtvtglsts ersry where. ap II?lw Dniley'a Genuine Pain Extractor, will subdue the pain and inflammation from tbe eererest born* or scald*, la from one to twenty minute*?and that it will iieal the wounds without war; and effectually cure Fever Sores?Piles?Salt Rheum?Inflammatory rheumatism?Sore and Inflamed Eye*?Cuts ?Wounds?Bruises?Old and In veterate Sores?Scald Head?Corns and Buulons? Erysipelas ?Sprains? Swellings?Felons?Chilblains?Bite of Insects? Swelled and Broken Breast?Sore Nipples?Eruptions?an<l all other Inflammatory and cutaneous diseases, where the parts affected can be reached. Don't be incredulous about the many diseases named to he cured by only one thing?but reflect, that the few, but posl tive properties which the Ualley Salve alone contains, and as heretofore enumerated?one to four?can reach not atone the afore-mentioned diseases, hut many more not enumerated Kach L?>x of GctriiNK Dally's Pain Extkactuh has upon it a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signatures of C V. CL1CKI.NKR A CO., proprietors, and HENRY DALLBY, manufacturer. All othara are counterfeit. Price cents per box. *r All orders should he addressed to C. V. Cllckener k Co., SI Barclay street. New York. SWFor tale by CHAS. MUTT, NAiKK 4 PALMER, and Druggists generally. I?eoSm The Great Russian Remedy.?Pra BONO PrBLICO.?" Every mother should have a box In the hooae handy In eaae of accidents to tiie children." HEDDINU'S HI" SSI A SALVE. Tt Is a Boston remedy of thirty yeare' standing, and la ra eommeuded by physicians. It Is a sure and speedy cure for Burns, P1lee, Bolls, Corns, Felons, Chllbalns, and Old Sores of every kind; for Fever Sore*. Ulcers, Itch, Scald Head, Nettle Rash, Banlons, Sore Nipples, /recommended by nurses,) Whitlows, Sties, Festers, Flea Bitee, Spider Stings, Froxea LlmL.?, Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Sore aud Cracked Lips, Sore Nose, Warts and Flesh Wounds It Is a most valuable remedy aud cure, which can be testified to i,y thousands who have used it In the city of Boston and vicinity for tbe last thirty years. Id do Instance will this Salvs do au Injury, or Interfere with a physician's prescription*. It is made from the purest materials, from a re-lpe brought from Russia?of articles growing la that country?and the proprietors hava letters frotn all class**, clergymen, physicians, sea captains, aurses. and others who have need it themselves, and recom mend It to nthsrs. Reading's Rusela Salve Is pot In large tin baxes, stamped on the cover with a picture of a horse and a disabled soldier, which picture is also engraved on the wrapper. Price, 2? Cents a Box. Sold at all the storae In town or aoautry, and o>*7 be ordered of auy wholesale druggist. For sale at SHILLIMOTOK'8, Agent for Wseh agtou. Jan IS JIT" Aa a Spring nnd Summer Medicine, CARTES 9 SPANISH MlXTl'RK stands pre-eminent above all other?. Its singularly efficacious actlou on ths blood; its streixthening aud vlvifyiug qualities; t:s toulc action on the Liver ; its teudeocy to drive all humors to the surface, thereby cleansing the system according to Nature's own pre ecrlption ; its harmless, an I at the sani? tlir.e extraordinary good efleets, and tbs number of cures testified to by many of ths most resj.e-table citliens of Richmond, Vs., aud else where, must be conclusive evidence that there is no humbug stent It The trial of a single bottle will satisfy the most skeptical of its benefits. e#s See adrsruaement Inan'tUer ooIbmd. ap 1?lm IZT What ia it Far?This Wood's Hair RESTORATIVE ??Is a question asked dtlly by hundreds. We answer, without hesitation or fear ofcontradvtio", that It la the only article known which will do all It promises for the human I?*!>'. It will renew Its growth? it will step its falling?It will restore Its natural color. It is not a Hair Dye, but a speedy and efficacious Restorative Trial bottles $1; piuls |1, quarts M Read the advertisement on tbs unrlh page. ap It?tf IET Oilman's Stimulating Liniment will apaedi y car* chronic and acute Rhonuatlsa, as can he proven by hundreds who hare use l it in this city. It will atao core Sprains, Lameness, Strains, Bruises, S-ddie galls, Ac., In horses, for which purpose It was originally prepared; ie cents per bottle. Prepared by Z. D. OILMAN, Orwggtst, XI Peana. avenue. ap ll-lw inr Ceats, Paata, and Vesta, Dress Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALKER A CO., Maurlk Hall ClOTHIKu Karo ?ii", B owns' Hotel Bnl'dlng, respectfully aunouuca that their aunval display of SPRINU A Nil SUMMER CI.OTHINO Is now ready for inspection, comprising an assortment of Uimtlisui aid Tonus' Plothixo of the uewest and rich est les'gas. 1u material, trimming, and workmanship. To tho*:* who etady ax'-ellerce, with economy In fashionable ar ticles of dress, an opportunity Is now offered for selecting from one of th? most attractive stock of goods In this city, at very reduced prloee. ap j?tf MAHH1KD, In Georgetown, on the 17th Instant, by the Rev. N.P Tlliinghast, the Rev THOMAS G AD DISON to MARIE E., daughter of Thomas B. Addison, Ksq , of Gt onflow. 1)IID, On the '20th icstiat, after a short illness, J AS. M K AI>. a mucti-resptrctedcitizen of this place, in tbe 7Uh year of his age; formerly of Prince George county, Md., but for tS years a resident of Washington, and a Soldier in toe war of 1812 His funeral will take place to-morrow after* noon, at 2 o'clock, from the residence of James H. Mead., 6th s'reeteast, near Pa. aveaue ? In New York, oa the '20th Imtant, In the 5Wd year of htr age, Mrs. MARY V1RG1NIA, wife of J. Wilson Keep, and daughter of the late Rob ert Pen wick, rf tnls city. The funeral will take place to morrow (Tues day) afternoon, from the residence of Mrs. Mil burn, corner Virginia avenue and 7th st. The friends of th<* ftmllles of Mrs. Mllbnrn and Pen wick are invited to be preaent * in Haitiaore, on the 18Ji iastani, Commander GkORGK ADAMS,oftheU 8.Navy. In Baltimore, on the 18th Instant, In the 37th year of her age, HONOR A S . wife of George Gueat, Slid daughter of Sen James Baukhead, | of the D. S. Army. WANTS. w rANTED.?AGOOD OYSTER SHUCKER. APEi7 at cornflr of Pennsylvania ave nue and Eleventh streets. under Farnbam's sta tlonery Store. ap 20-It* WANTED TO PURCHASE?BY A GEN tleman residing In Missouri, a servant wo man. She must be a good cook and washerwo ? man, and not over thirty-five years old, and must be of trustworthy character to all respects. She is wanted as a cor.fldroafl family servant. None will suit except one that can appreciate the value of a permanent home In a kind family. The ad vertiser will not buy one tbat will be thus sepa rated from her husband or children, but will make no objection to buying a daughter with the mother, If the latter has such a single child. Ad dress, at once, box No. 13 Star Office; or, for fur ther particulars persons having a suitable servant to dispose of may enquire at the counter of the Star offlce. ap21-3t WANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO AT tend in a Store. Good recommendations required. Address " A B" at this offlce, name and residence. ap 19 WAN TED ?A GOOD PLAIN COOK, washer and ironer. A slave preferred. Ap ply at No. 379 E street North, near 10th street West. ap 19-3t* PERSONS WHO HAVE YARDS OR GAR dens to be lilted up, or laid out, can have it done by addressing " G" through this office All Trees and Shrubbery furnished on reasonable terms. ap 19 3t WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND his wife, a parlor and bedroom, and board in a prlva'e family. A locality between 12th and Hth and II street and Pa avenue preferred Terms liberal. Address Box 223 Post Offlce, Washing ton. ap 17-4t WHITE OR COLORED COOKS, CHAM bermalds, Nurses, Ac , furnishing satis factory recommendations, ncay always find good situations; and persons having Houses or Rooms to Rent can be supplied with good tenants, by calling at BAKER s> General Agency and Con veyancing Offlce. Columbia Usee, corner 7th st. and Lf uMana avenue, No. 6 second storv ap 17-1 w 7 Nurse and chambermaid wanted at 474 Pa. avenue, with good recommenda tions. JONA8 P. LEVY, ap 15-tf Wine. Liquor and Grocery Store. WANTED ? WANTED?WAN TED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with dlsr>atch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regilt,and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR BALE AND KENT. [??? first page for other Rent and Sale no'ices ] FOR RENT?a LARGE THREE-STORY brick bouse on Fa<?t Capitol street, nearly opposite the residence of B. B French, Esq. Apply to the subscribers at their Lumber Yard, corner of 26t"u and D streets. apll-eolw. H. A J. W. EASBY.^ For rent?a briok cottage in the West End, near the corner of 18th and H streets, with a fine enclosure, conver ifnt out buildings, an i handsomely furnished. Apply at the premises. ap2l-eo4t FOR RENT ?SEVERAL OF THOSE DE lightful country residences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having been putin thorough repair, are now for rent at the low price < f 8150 a year For beauty of location and healthiness of situ atlor, these residences are unsurpassed, offering as they do. extraordinary inducemetts to all who prefer the salubrity of country air to the sultriness and dust of the city. Distance from the Post Offlce a mile and a quarter. Apply to WM. STICKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Green. ap21-1w FOR RENT?a LARGE BRICK HOUSE on 7tli street, near Dorsey's Hotel,containing twelve rooms, besides two parlors, kitchen atd cellar, with gas through the house. Rent low, and Immediate possession given. Applv to L. G ASSENHE1M KR'S Clothing Store, No H69 7th street, between H and F. ap 21-1 w Building lots for sale?a va riety of Building I ots In all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommoJatlng terms. Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's offlce, rext door to W. B. Todd's, Hat Stcre, Pennsylvania avenue, tldrd floor, front room ap 21-et-3m DAVID MYERLE. Mill offal, corn, oats, and hay AT PUBLIC AUCTION -Being about to close business, we will irffer our entire stock of fed at public auction, on Monday, the 28th. at 10 o'clock, consisting of Corn, Oats, Hay, Shorts, Shlpstutt'4. Middling and Brown Stufl' WHEATLY A BALL, Water Street, 19-dta* Georgetown, D. C. FOR RENT-TWO PLEASANT CHAM bers, on the first floor of the house, corner of New Jersey avenue and B street. No. 551, in the vicinity of the Capitol. For further particulars apply on the premises to Mrs. E. B. MILLS, ap 19-3t* Ten furnished rooms to let at CASPARIS'on Capitol Hill. ap 18-3t* FOR R ENT?ON CAPITOL HILL, A suite of P urnished Rooms, (parlor, chamber, dining room, kitchen, pantry and servant's room) suitable for a member of Congress with a small family. Enquire at the house NO. 281 South B street, or address R. H. W., at this offlce. ap ls-lwe VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE ? SALE.?I will sell, on accommodating terms the following described property ? The new three-story Brick Dwelling House, on Missouri avenue, near the corner of Four-and a h?lf street. This house is sltuat'd in one of the most healthy and pleasant locations in the city, fronting the public grounds, and commanding a view from the Capitol to the Washington Monu ment, with all tbe surrounding country, which can never be obstructed. The ho-rse is admirably a: ranged, having been built under my own direc tion, with an eye to the comfort and convenience of my own family. It contains sixteen rooms, with all the modern Improvements of gas and heating apparatus, hot and cold water, bath room, Ac. There Is also a cistern In the yard capable of containing 15.000 gallons of water, and a sewer leading to the main sewer of Four and-a-half str ets, for the pnrpnss of carrying off all the slops. There Is also In the rear a large brick sta ble and carriage-house, covered with tin. The lot fronts 24 feet 6 Inches and runs back 126 feet to a 30 feet paved alley. I will also lease the vacant lot adjoining the above property, lot same size. af> W E. WHEELER. Furnished rooms to let?three Bed Rooms handsomely furnished and lighted with gas. Meals can be h-d at any hour Apply atC. GAUTIER'S Restaurant, PennsvL ?aria avenue, No. 252. ap 17-6t FOR. sale.?that Very pleasant and durable residence, corner of 10th an 1N streets. The bouse is new, and well furnished, containing thirteen comfor'able rooms, beside bath room, kitchen and good dry c;llar. A well of the best water at tbe kitchen door, and lot 50 feet by 100, with choice fruit and flower garden pianU-d. Any one desirous of purchasing will pleasecall and examine the premises Also, four or live lots adjoining the above, on 10th and N ap 17-8t BOARDING. A few TABLE BOARDERS can BE Ac commodated by applying at No. 492 G St., between 4th and 5th. Boarders can be accommo dated at S3.5<) per week. Mrs. S. HUNTER, ap 16-lw? Board?six, or eight gentlemen can oM in board at No. 45910thstreet beween E and F, for f3 per week. Also, a gentleman and wile. ap 14-lw? HOARDING?one LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, on the first fioor, and one large front room In the second story, furnished or unf.irnlshed, with or without board Also, two Mngle rooms for gentlemen. Table boarders can af?om?odated on reasonable terms A large yard la attached to the house, making it desira w,th children. A pply to468.10th "1 , j*?tween D and E, east side, ap 9-2w* BATES,ON THE S. W. t![ a^nn*y?nla avenue and 9th street wl"> a,"? Just received 73 tons Phlla. Red Ash COAL 82 do White do 100 cords Oak WOOD 50 cords Pine do Which will be sold at the lowest market nrlcM *>y F L. MOOUK, ap 16eo3t West side 9th st., bet. D and E AUCTION SALES. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer Excellent furniture and Heaet. Effects at Public Auctiea.?On WEDNESDAY MORNING. April 30th, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of P. ae Ausoategnl. Esq.. No. 117 West street, Georgetown, I shall sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, viz: Mahogany case Pianoforte, Stool, and Cover Two mahogany Sofas, arm and parlor Chain Marble-top centre Table, reception Chairs Two handsome gas Chande iers. Brackets Brussels, three-ply, and ingrain Carpets Hat Tree, Oilcloth, stair Carpets Window Curtains .Shades, Clock Walnut extension Table, marble-top Sideboard Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers Superior Shefleld-plated Dinner Service, consist ing of ten pieces, nearly new. and cost S500 China, glass, and crockery Ware

Table Cutlery, silver-plated Castors Single and double cottage Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Superior curled hair Mattresses Bolsters and Pillows. Bankets, Comforts, Ac. Excellent bed and table Linen Mahogany Writing Desk, Lounge Superior Refrigerator, kitchen Utensils, Ac Terms: S30 and under, cash; ovai that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S. The above Furniture is all nearly new and In excellent order. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap^l-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO THOUSAND VOLUMES OF HARE and Valaable Books at Pahllc Auction. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVEN INGS, April 29th and 30th, commencing at 3 o'clock, at tie auction rooms, we shall stll a portion of the Library of Thomas Ewbank. for merly Commissioner of Patents, consisting of about two thousand volumes of rare and choice Scientific, Historical, Literary, and Miscellaneous W<rks. a full description of which will be fur nished In a complete catalogue, now in the hands of the printer. Terms cash. P. S ?Persons at a distance will be furnished with catalogues upon application to the Auction eer. jas C. McGUIRE, ap21-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASE PIANO Fsrte, Furniture, and Hsusshsld fcfleets at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, April 24th, at 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms, I sba 1 sell, without reserve, the Furni ture and Effects of a family removing from the city, comprising? ' Superior rosewood case French Piano Mahogany Piano Forte, Parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Walnut \V hatnot, cane-seat Chairs Brussels, three-ply, and Ingrain Carpets Window Shades, Looking-glasses Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wardrobes Washstands, Toilet Sets Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Cooking Stove, Kitchen Utensils Terms cash. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ? ap 21 -d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. WRUSTEE'S SALE OF PAPERHANG J- Ings and Upholstering Met f rials ?By virtue of a deed of trust duly executed and re corded, the subscriber will sell at pubic sale on MONDAY, the itoth day of April, 1856. at 10 o'clock a m., at the auction store of J as. C. Mc Guire, on the corner of Penn*ylvanin avenue and 10 h streets, an assorted stcck of Paperhaigings and Upholstering Materials, consisting of? Assorted Paperhanglngs Gold, Velvet, and other Borders Mouldings, Corner pieces Views, Window Shad<? Cords, Tassels, Ornaments, Ac Terms of sale will be: All sums of and under $26, cash; all sums over S'.i5 and under #50, thirty days; and over S50 and under *100, thirty and sixty davs; and all sums of #100 and over, thirty, sixty, and ninety days credit, for notes, with approved endorsers, bearing Interest from day of sale chas. 8 WALLACH, Trustee. ap21-eo3t JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. Bv A. green, Auctioneer. Long boat tow thumb, at Auc tion.?On TUESDAY, the 22d instant, I shall sell, at 6 o'clock, p m., in the Washington Canal, between 15th and 16th streets, a long hoat, named Tom Thumb. She is a good boat, being 75 feet long and 13 feet 9 Inches wide, and two masts. Capacity upwards of 32 tons. Terinscash. aplH-d A GREEN, Auct. Monster Spring Arrival! AT THE Original Dry Goods and Shoe Emporium Qre&t Inducements to Cash Buyers RIJ HALL, No. 373 SEVENTH STREET, ? has returned from the Noktiikrx Mar kets, where he selected from the latest importa tions, and Is now prepared to exhibit, for public inspection, the labgk?t, most varied, thor ough complete, and CHEAP STOCK OF GOODS ever offered In this market. DRESS GOODS ?The greatest attention has been paid to the selection of this class, so as to combine elegance, neatness, and permanent col ore. Hau lscnif Plaid Silks, 75c Ladies' best Kid Glove*, fcOc Wide Black Silk, 10c bilk Gloves, only 12c M<.ca de Laiues, ouly 5C J.isieCtire.d Ulove?, S; Fine De Bege, Uc Hone and half Hose, 6* Plaid Gingham, Cc Rl< h Plaid Klbbou*, only 9c Dotted Swiss Muslin, Ho Gents. Silk Handkerchief, 2Je Kfeiich Uiugbaiu, 12c,worth25 Boys Silk Do only 12c Kmb'd Cnrtaln Mini It), 12c Colored border Do only 4c Bleached and unbleached Cot I.lnen Shirt Bosoms, 37c ton, Cc, worth 1 j Spool C'jiton, 12c per dozen Irlvh Linen, only 25c Hands, me ftrlped Cambric, Linen Towels, 6c for carriage lining, only 10c Infants' embroidered Bodies", 50 plecci fast colored Calico, 25c, worth 75 6c, which wonid b? very I'nders'.eevee, only 12c cheap at 10c Unbleached Cotton, 5c Onod assortment of Woollen Gent*. Silk Cravat*, 25c Linen aud Black Lace Veils, S6c Cotton Goods, for boys wear. CAlhcOES, for beauty of design, quality, fast colors, and moderate prices,car not besurpassed. BONNETS, FLATS, Gentlemen's and Chil dren's HATS are elegant and fashionable. A beautiful selection has been made at reduced prices. carpetings, MATTINGS, Floor, Stair and Table OIL CLOIHS at a small advance on manufacturers prices. BOOTS AND SHOES, a full and desirable stock. Care has been taken to select a c ass of each that will give satisfaction. The objects ob tained in this fine are durability and style. La dies Slippers 37 cents; Ladies line Gaiters #1, worth SI.50; Children's Shoes only IB cents; Gentlemen's line Lastingfchoes SI 50,worth $2 50; an endless variety of Ladles' Gentleman*', Boys' and Children's GAITERS AND FANCY SHOES of the newest styles, at very low prices. Buying my goocU in first hands, and selling for cash only, 1 am enabled to sell at wholesale or retail every description of goods, at about one profit lower than thev are generally sold Those who pay cash for their goods will lind it greatly to their advantage to visit my extensive establish ment I twill afford us great pleasure to*htw you our goods, and sell them If we can Don't fail to examine ?ur stock and price* be fore making your purchases. All goods purchased at this establishment may be rtturned if not as represented. R B HALL, No. o73 Seventh street, four doors above I. ap 18?61 arasols:?parasols:: Just received from the Manufacturers 300 PARASOLS in every quality and Mze, and for sale veiy cheap bv WM R. RILEY, ap2-lm Cor ftth st., opp Centre Market. A CARD. Having taken thk yardforwer ly occupied by Mr. McCutchen, corner G and 22d streets, I would respectfully inform my friends and the public generally that 1 will be piepared, in a few davs, to furnisn them with the best ar ticle of WOOD AND COAL, at the lowest mar ket prices. Hoping, by strict attention to busi ness and fair dealing in all cases, to merit a lib eral share of patronage. ap 17-3t JOHN W. MYERS. PLATED WAITERS. Anew article ?just receivfd a handsome assortment of very superior PLA TED WAITERS, from 10 to 30 Inches, equal in quality to the best Sheffield Ware, and at very much lower rates. M W GALT &. BRO., Jewelers, ap 9 324 Pa. av. bet. Oth and lOih streets. REDUCTION IN THE PRICK OF OAS. Washington Gas Lighi Company, > April 18th, lfc56 f Satisfactory information hav ing b>en obtained as to the terms on which suitable Coal can be procured for the supply of the year, the Board of Directors, in fulfilment of the promise given In their Circular of the 14th ultimo, have now the pleasure to state that they are enabled to make a corresponding reduction in the price of Gas. Accordingly, a discount of twelve and a half per rent will be allowed upon all bill* for gas consumed after the SOth of June nest, (the expiration of the present quarter.) if Kiid at the ottce of the Company within five days om the date of presentation. Bv order of the Board : apl?-eo2w J- F. BROWN, Secretary. The rising star game.-this is a beautiful and Instructive Game for Children It learns them to commit to memory all the inci dents and celebrated batUee that were fought|du the American Revolution For sale by the ALEX. A DAMSON, mar ?-3m 7th street, opposite Post OUce. P ATJCTIOXr SALES. By HUGH DOW LINO A. CO., Auctioneer^. 40H TOI,,? or POTOMAC ICK Fer Sale. nrn/.V.,JY111 ** at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 24th day of April, at 5 k o'cl'k P ?;? a* tbe premise*, near the corner of H street south and Ninth street west, the contents of an fee awe, containing about 400 tons of Ice, of J^I.^P*rior clnalltT-hiTing been carefully put ? K???J"?d secure buildi*. The pur lei. uri, tprlTlte^ ?f Pem?V&1 #thlS own bJmTtn the day of sale; the notes, ?D 19-51. HUeH OOWLINB t CO., ap 18-5f Auctioneers. By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. C^T? ^SF pfiiV'* or !lho,cf mod. APTKRNOCiN^??rti%~?; WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 23, at 7# o'clock, at the Saloon over Faraham's Bookstore, coraer of Eleventh street and PennsylTanla avenue. I sh.H sell, without reserve, slxtv modern Oil Painting the property of a private gentleman in Baltimore' lately deceased, comprising many 1 e specimen* of popular artists We name in part specimens of Van Arden, Newell, Roach. Rowbotham Warren. Lanman, Scott, Pyre, Cobell. Ellis. Ac! The paintings are ail handsomely framed and will be found worthy of attention. Terms: ?50 and under, cash; over that sub a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. Catalogues may be obtsined at the Auction K<*ms J AS. C. McGUIRE, aP 13~d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE TO COYER A D A yances.?Un MONDAY AFTERNOON, April 21st, at 4# o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell, without reserve? 75 sets ivory and bone handle Knives and Forks 50 pairs black doeskin Pants 60 pairs sattinet Pants 3,009 superior Havana Cigars Terms : S25 and under cash: over that sum a credit of 60 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes bearing interest. \ ap 13-d J^C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Furniture and household ef fects at Pnblic Sale.?On TUESDAY MORNING, April 22d, 1856. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping on D, between 8th and 10ih streets. I shall sell th* t urniture and Household F fleets, vix ? Mahogany Sofa, Rocker and Chairs M ahogany and walnut Centre and Sofa Tables Gilt frame Mirrors, Window Shades Cane and wood seat Chairs, Lounges Carpets. Oilcloth, Rugs * Bedxteads, Bureaus, Waslistand. Wardrobes, Toilet Sets Feather Beds. Bolsters and Pillow* Cooking and other Stoves Ki chen U ensils,Ac. ?*' ar,d# under cash; over ?l>0 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing interest. aP 17~<* JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GRI^EN, Auctioneer PEREMPTORY SALE.-On MONDAY M. the28th April instant, *t 6 o'clrck li th- af ternoon, the following deslrab'e Frame House nearly new, and !?ot, will be sold at Auction, on the premises; namely, part of Lot No. -JG, in Rothwell and Naylor s subdivision of Square -4t5? Anting on 7th street 23 feet 6 inches, bv 100 feet deep, to a public alley, between L asd M streets Terms: One fourth cash,and the residue at 6, 12 i nd 18 months ' Immediate possession can be given. Inquire of VV . R Woodward, Attorney at Law, No. 451 Sixth street. VV. RED1N. aP 17 A. GREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. mRl'STKE'S SALE OF VALUABLE Real X Estate.?By virtue rf a decree of the Or phans' Court rf the Districi of Columbia, ap proved by the Circuit Court of raid District, sit ting in Chancery, passed in the matter of the pe tition cf William Whitmore and others, children and heirs at-iaw of William W. Whitmore de ceased, I will, on TUESDAY, the V9th day of April, insiant, at 6 o'clock p. m., in front of the Cremises, pro sed to fell lots of ground num ered sevente*n (17) and eighteen (19,) in square numbered five hundred and three, (503,) situate in ttecity of Washington, D. C. The above-described property is located on 0!h ?re*t' ***ween N and ? ?feets, south There is a good two-story frame Dwelling-house on a part of Lot 18. Lot 17. and also that portion of Lot 18 begin ning at the northwest corner of said dwelling, and running thence south wi h thellaeof said ?th street twenty feet, and extending back with that uniform width (20 feet) to the rear line of said lot, and upon which the hou'e stands, will bs sold at the risk and cost of the persons who purchased the same at a former sale made by the Trustee, and who have failed to comply with the term of said former sale Terms of sale: One third cash, and the residue in two equal payments at 6 and 12 months, with Interest, the deferred payments to be secure d by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, satisfac torily endorsed. Upon the full pavmert of the puriha?e money ard Interest, and the ratlflratlon of the sale by the Court, the trustee will convey said lots of ground to the purchaser or purr has ers thereof at his, her or their (the purchaser's) cost and expense. If the terms of sale are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the trustee reserw-s the right to resell said lots, or either of them, upon reasonable noticc, at the risk and cost of the purchaser. RlCHAKD H. LASKEY. Trustee ap U-Jtaw*wAds A GREEN, Auct. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer VALUABLE HOTEL PROPERTY, eppe aite the Railroad Depot, at Fabric Aac !!?*?1On MONDAY afternoon. April Jlst, at4K O'clock, on the premises. I shall sell part of ori ginal Lot No. 3 in Square No. 630, fronting 50 feet on north D street and 77 feet 11 Inches on New Jersey avenue, containing 5,255 square feet of ground, more or less, with the improvements, consisting of a three-story brick building, con taining in all twenty good rooms, arranged ex pressly for a small hotel, with hot and cold water and gas throughout the building. The property is situated on the corner immedi ately opposite the Depot, and from its location offers great Inducements to persons desirous of engaging in business. It was built by the late John Foy expressly for a second class hotel, who conducted It successfully unti his death. Terms: One-fifth in cash: the residue in6, 12, IS 24 and ."HI months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. For farther particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray, Esq., or the auctioneer. mar 17-eoAds J AS C. McGUIRE, Auct. By A GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE.? BY VIRTUE OF two deeds of trust, the one duly recorded in Liber J. A. S , No 99,one of the land records for Washington County, in the DiMrict cf Columbia, and the other duly Hied the 16th of January A D 185*, In the proper Record office of the County and District aforesaid, the subscribers will sell on MONDAY, the 31st of April, A I). 1856. at five o'clock, p. m., the following described Real Es tate and improvements thereon, situated in the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 1, in rquare No 397. beginning for the same 13 feet, and one inch north from the south east corner of said Lot one, run ning thence north along 8th street west 12 feet 11 inches, thence west 99 feet 4 Inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take place in front of the premi ses, and the terms will be one half cash, and the balance In tt and 12 months, with interest secured | by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at eost of purchaser. The property will be resold at tbe purchaser's risk and cost on ten days notice if the terms of sale be not complied wi:h within three days from the day of sale ' BENJ. P SMITH,) ? , | E. C. MORGAN, f Trustees. mar 15-2awAds A. GREEN, Auct. Bv JAS. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer AN UNDIVIDED INTEREST IN THE National Hotel, Washington, at i ablic Auction.?Trustee's Sale.?Br authority o.- a deed of trust and by direction of the cest q. trust, the subscribers will sell ut auction, at the auction storeof J C. McGuire. Washington,on THURS DAY, the 19th day of April next, at 12 o'clock m , eight undivided three hundredand fifteen parts, the whole into three hundred and fifteen equal parts, being divided of and in all and singular the lots of ground in Washington, in the District of Columbia, marked and known on the plat thereof as lots numbered 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, In square numbered 491, and all that part of lot number .4, in said square, adjoining said lot number ;3, fronting twenty feet on north C street, and running l>ack at right angles with said street north the full depth of said lot 14, with the im provereents thereon, being the establishment known as the National Hotel, now In the occu paney of Wm G uy. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; and the resi due in six, twelve, and eighteen months from the day of sale, for which notes bearing intere? t with a lien on the premises, will be taken Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser The Droperty will be resold at the purchaser's risk and cost on ten days' notice If the terms of noi C0.mPlle<* wltil within three days from the day of sale. ^ RICHARD WALLACH, . JOHN H. SAUNDERS, i Trustees, apt?eo&ds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct. above ?le la peatpoaed aatil Tit U RSDAY, April 94, same hour and place. RICHARD WALLACH, > TrtlHtMm JOHN 11. SAUNDERS. J rruautm apWeoAds J. CMcfUlRE, Auct ? FROM THE ASSOCIATED HLEU B? HWIU PRINTING TBLMftAPH. Baltimore Market*. BALTiMomE, April 21?Flour is steady . Howard rtreet W CJt; Ohio and City Mills $o 50. Wheat is fire to eix etnU lowsr. with a Tory wide range of pricsa Corn is firm and un changed; white 51a54c ; yellow 62a67e. Provisions ere firm: meet pork $17 St; balk sides Sic ; shoulders 7io.; hams fe. Bacon? sides 9]c., (asking 10); shouldere 81c; hams 10ial2ic. Lard lOalOie. lew York Markets N*w Tokk, April 21?Flour is dull, sale* of 7.S00 bbls.; common to good SUU $6 25 a$6.50; common to low grades of extra Ohio $ft 44i|6 7i; mired to standard Sovthern ST a$7.50; fancy to extra Southern $7 62ia$8 S#. Wheat is firm; sales 3,500 bushel?; fair white Soathern 51 85. Corn if drooping; sales 20 000 bushels; Soathern mixed 63c. Pork is firm; sales of 1,000 bbls. mess at $18. Beef is drooping; sales of 200 bbls. Chieaco repacked at $13. Lard is firm; sales of 100 bbls. at 10c. Whisky is improring; sales of 300 hblf. Ohio at 26c Fiaancial. Nxw Youk, April 21 ?Stocks are dnll. Chicago and Hock Island 94; IUinos Central 98; Michigan Southern 87|; New York Central 92*; Heading 91}; Virginia 0 i Ml; Illinois Central bonds 87j. Sterling exchange is dull at 9i per cent pre mium. I NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. BEG LEAVE TO INKORM MY OLD CCS tomers and the public generally, that 1 hare again resumed business next door torn void stand. under the firm of C. Wooitwuu, jos A Co , where we will keep constantly on hand an assort ment of STOVES and URATES of all kinds Also REFRIGERATORS. WATER-COOL ERS, BOSTON HAT BATHS,SAFES,CHIL DREN'8 CABS, Ac. All of which we will sell very low for cash Please give us a call C. WOODWARD, SON A CO ap 19?3t I'enn. a*, bet., 10th and 11th ats. A CARD TO THE LADIES. Mrs. nater. fashionable deess maker. No 4<P Ninth street, between D and E, for many jears experience in the business In Philadelphia, solicits a share of the public ne tronage, .nd, from Ion# eiperiesce, will sanely yromfse satisfaction to all who may call on her. ust received the LATEST FASH IONS from New York: also, a new ityle NEGLIGEE WANTED?Several Young Ladies to work at the above business. ap ANDREWS* Grand Raffle for $18,000 IN DIAMONDS AND J I WE LEY WILL NOW TAKE PLACE IN A FEW days All those who have not procured tkc-lr tickets had better do <to without delay, as r.ver one half ol tbem have already been disposed of This is decidedly the richest stock of fine JEWELRY ever offered in this country The whole of this stock will be placed is the hands of Mr Hood, Jeweler, for stfe keeping, until the Rattle is decided. Tickets only ONE DOLLAR, which can be had at No 120 Pennsylvania avenue, where the goods are now open for inspection. Give Col. Andrews a call, and you will not re gr*?t your visit. Tickets nfiled for every evening at his store. The Raffle will be decided by a committee of the ticket-holders, on the day of the drawing. ap 17 SPRING MANTILLAS. ?THE LA DISS are respectfully informed that we are now pre Gred to exhibit a beautiful assortment of th? :est styles of Silk and Lace Mantillas CLAGETT, NEWTON. MAY A CO. ap 18-6t corner Penn. av. and 9th st. BONNETS, RIBBONS AND EMBROID ERIES. GREAT JOBS OF COLLARS, fc. JUST OPENED, 6JOBS OF CAMBRIC COLLARS, from 50 cents to S4, very cheap 3 jobs of SWISS COLLARS, SI, ?1 25 and SI 50 1 do real French Do S'J 50 and S3 1 cartoon of Black Brussels LACES A splendid line French Swiss BANDS Alto, CAMBRIC RUFFLING AND BANDS Splendid RIBBONS, for 25cents Rich Sash and Bonnet RIBBONS Rich LACE BONNETS. Also, every variety of GIMP AND STRAW BONNETS AND FLATS The above goods are all low. MRS R G ETCH1SON, ap 16-eo3t Successor to Mrs. R. A. Psaco L NION BOTTLINO AND MINERAL WATER DEPOT. THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY inform tbel?cnstomera and the public gen- m erally, that they now have their new Stlrtr Lintd. Airaratus in operation, and are pre- Hi pared to furnish them with their prt mlumV MINERAL WATER In addition to the above, they have made ar rangments with the most extensive Brewers in the United State*, for a constant supply of the best stork of PORTER and ALE, such as wai never offered before in the District, and guaran tees to have constantly on hand a stock suAclent to enable them to fill all orders at the shortest notice. We return our most sincere thanks for the pat ronage which has been so liberally bestowred on us, and hope that by strict attention to business we will merit a continuance of the same As usual a supply of their superior CHAM PAGNE CIDER, MEAD, Ac , on hand. Orders given to our drivers or by mall promptly dispatched ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown, ap 17-dlm STILL A GREAT RUSH AT ELLIS'S FOR BARGAINS ?NOW IS the time to get cheap goods, as he la selling out to change husineaa. Go. everybody, to 306 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th its ap 17 CLOTH DRESSING AND DYEING ES TABLISHMENT. THE SUBSCRIBER HAVING RE-ESTAB llshed himself in the above business la pre pared to DYE Silk, Merino, and Dela'ne Dre?se?; Silk, Damask and Merino Curtains: Crape and M wlr.oShawls dyed cr bleached. Gents Coats, Pants. Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L.J. DEN HAM, 'No. 219 south side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, opposite Gautler's Confectionery. zp 11-lm* BONNETS, FLATS AND RIBBONS. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED OUR SKC ond supply of HON NETS, FLATS, AND RIBBONS. Infant s and Children's?^ HATS AND CAPS. Also, UONNETyW FLOWERS and TRIMMINGS, which wecflWr at veiy low prices. W. EGAN A SON, ap7-2w 323 Pa. avenue, near 7th street. REDUCTION IN GIS-FITTINO, At 269 4. s. Pa. a*<Nw<, oittenn lot* and lit* sr. OWING TO RECENT REDUCTIONS IN prices of Gas Fitting materials we now ofibr to fit up BUILDINGS WITH GAS TUBING AT LOWER RATES than ever before done in this city, and in a thorough workmanlike man ner Also, on hand, the most complete assortment of OAS FIXTURES ever offered, from the factory of Cornelius A Baker, comprising several new French patterns. ap 10-zw J. W. THOMPSON A BRO. LATEST NEWS FROM PARIS. Madame c Pribram and daughter Fa. avenue, No. 277, between and 11th sts . inform the ladios in Wash^^^H . ington that they hav? received, with theW^^ I last steamer from Europe, the latest fash- ' ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS, Ac., from Paris. ap 15?lm MADAME R. WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THE 8th of M.y, and respectfully informs the public in general, that she will give lnforifcatlon in all the A(Talis ielatlngto Life, Health, Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys, L w Suits, Difficul ties In Business, Abent ? rlends. Sickness and Desth, and In respect to all other subjects She la also able to tell the ages of persona by reading numbers She can be consulted at all hours sf the day and evening. Her Lame is on the door?at No. 2*5 13th street corner of D, on the left hand side Gentlemen to cents and ladles 26. ap 11-2W NOW RECEIVING. EW AND FASHIONABLE STYLES OF Gentlemen's Furnishing Artlclcs_a?apted to ng ai ap 14 F"*eBeV5Ti^IDOVER, Capt Atkins. has arrived and will have quick dispatch for the above port. For FREIGHT apply to HARTLEY A BROTHER, ap I? 101 Water St., Georgetown. GREAT toi N Gentlemen's Furnishing Spring and Summer wear, at LAN E S r * Gents' Furnishing Store an 14- 424 Pa av., near corner 4 % stre /BLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS.?A ( V> variety of CLOCES, all warranted keep good time one year, at J ROBINSON'S, 34t Pesnavlvanla avenue, mar 11?lm opposite Browns' Hotel, i