Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, rrni.isHF.D evert afternoon, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) U tk4 Stmr B*iS<ti?cs, eornir nf Pt+mtflm*?4* mm?i Mii ftrul, If W. D. W 4LL1CI, IVtU tn <abr?r1be?K bycarrkra at SIX AVI) A QUARTER CENTS. payable weekly to the Agents; paper* nerved In package* at 37# ?ent? per month. To mall aubsrrlbera the snb fcjlptlon pn^eL" THKKK DOLLARS AND FIF TY CEN TS a veer t? afvmei. TWO DOLLARS |-r sit month*, and ONfc DOLLAR for three ?oiths; for lem thai :hme nnntha at the rate ef |(^ wnli a wveh. JiT" SINGLE COPlBt< ONE OBNT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON WEDNESDAY. APRIL 23, 1856. NO. 1,001. inhnehede* ? SI t Family aad tatalag a greater variety of la* ?aa ha fouad la ur tthwr It day BMnilac _ taua. Bla?le aopy, pet uiu ? *e nm. Five teplw Tee copier ? 0 eo Twenty copies It M DT" Cat*, mviiiiiii ti uvian. ITT Single eoirtea (!e wreppete) eaa he preea e# at the counter, lauaedlatrtv afta* the Uaae H th paper Prloe-TaRBB CamaJ Point* trait who act at areata will ha allow? a eomaiteioB of twenty per ?eat. OFF1CLAL. Tiraiiit Dkhrtskit.Dpc 1, 193#. Notice is hereby glv,:n to holder* of stocks of lh" ' nlted S.<ttes that this Department will pur eha*e to the amount of ?l,500 000 of said stock* at any time when the same may be ofltored prior to the 1st day of June next, and win pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 184*, a premium of ten per rent ; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1846, a premiam of *lxU*en per cent ; for stock issued under the act of ISJO, commonly called Texas-In demnity stork, a premium of six per cent ; and t foz stock of the loan of 1&4/5, redeemable on the Uth November, 184?, if received at the Treasury r?i<*r to the 1st day of January next, a premium of 2# percent ; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of * per cent; and if received after the 31st of March and prior lo said 1st of June next, a premium of \\ percent. Interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the 1st July last. If assigned with the principal of the MitlldtN received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the Interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's interest will be allowed In addition for the meney to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, If seat prior to the 1st of January next) bv the party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stock* will be made by drafts upon thei^slstant treasurersat Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive 'he money may direct. ? . JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary of the Treasury. A LARD. HTHI-; UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE dr,n ?f D Finch A Son.) still continues to cany on the Painting business in all its vaiious branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public generally a continuance of their favors All work contracted for by him Will be execu ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to be left as usual, at the old stand, cor ncr 19th and E streets. JNO. summerfield FINCH ap 11-lm PLATED WAITERS. Anew article ?just received, a handsnm" assortment of verv superior PLA TED W Al TERS. from 10 to 30 inches, equal in quality to the best Sheffield Ware, and at verv much lower rates. ' M W GALT A BRO., Jewelers, ap 9 3*1 Pa. av. ^t. 9th and 10th streets. THE RUING STAR GA>IE.?THIS IS A A beautiful and instructive 6ame for Children It laarns them to commit to memory all the inci dents and celebrated battles that we're foughtw ti ring the American Revolution For sale by the ALEX ADAMSON, mar H-'-Tm 7th street, opposite Host Otfire. SALAD SALLE. THE SPECIAL ATTENTION OF HOUSE keepers and others is called to this delicious article, esteemed by " connoisseurs " one of the greatest production* of the age. It is composed of the injst essential vegetable extracts and Oils for importing a rich piquancy and making food highly digestib e. Por'sale only by Z. M. P. KING, ap IS 263 Vermont av., cor. 15th and I sts. VILEI'I REGISTER.?First 40 volumes, i~ complete, price ?10 One copy only * ?Pl7 FRANCE TAYLOR. C^O AND EXAMINE THE BOSTON PI. ? AN08 at ELLIS'S Music Store, 30), betw. 9th and 10th streets. ap g NEW FIRM AXD NEW ARRANGEMENTS ! THK UNDERSIGNED, T. POTENTINI A S. ZITELL. having formed a cop-trtne-shlp for the purpose of carrying on the CONFEC TIONER k and RESTAUR ANT business at 279 Pennsylvania avenue, under the style of POTENTINI A ZITELL, beg leave to call the attention of the patrons of the old arm. and the generally, to the increased faci it!es which tuey now otfer for supplying WEDDING, BALL and SUPPEW PARTIES, at the Fho.te=t possible notice, with all the dell cacics b >th in and out of sea?ori. Roonisfornl'bedfor UK KAK FAST, DINNER and SU KPER, for private parties, at all times We have- also connected with our establishment a fine SALOON llttti up expressly for the ladies, where they can be furnished with GAME and O YSTERS of all kinds, ser?ed up in every style, at thf shortest notice. Ladio* favoring us with a rail can always be furnished with every delicacy that the appetite desires. aud gentlemen cau h?ve their MEALS sent to them a t ?eir private rooms by leaving or ders We will al*> pay particular attention to the manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY in all their branches, and will always keep on hand asele<9assortment of French confections. BuN BONS. PRESERVES Ac POTENTINI A ZITELL, 279 s *. Pa. av.. be'ween loth and 11th sts. ap 12-im (1 n? A Organ ) TABLE CUTLERY. ^ILVER-PLATED TABLE AND DE33ERT ^ Knives , Ivory Handle Knives ; Knives and Forks, Carvers, Fork-i and Steel* , Game Car vers; B.ef Slicer*; Bread Knives, Ae. Remember, prices are low on 7th st, especially at 4HO ap 14- Q. FRANCIS. 8 P HOOVER, Ires Hall Bset, Shee and Trunk Establish meat. JUST RECEIVED MY STOCK OF SPRING BOO TS and SHOES for ladies, mis m. ?es, and children. Also, a large assortment cf Gents. Boysj and Youths' French Patent Leather arid Calf Boots, Shoes and Pumps, all of which I will sell low for cash My assort in-nt of TRAVELING TRUNKS eannot b; surpassed in any city south of New York 9 p. HOOVER, *P *1- Iron rial! CAST OFF CLOTH1NO Bought and sold at 7? Louisiana aveaue. opposite Holm;ad's Grocery, near Semrne*'. Address, through Post OAce, to ''.Mr Tailor j* ^ ^ ap 7-1 in* WORKED COLLARS AND SLEEVES la sets ?Just opened fiom the importer a full assort wilt of? Collar- and Sie-rve* in sets Cambric and Muslin Collars at very low prices Also, White Cambrics Plain and Figured Swiss Musilns Plaid Cambrics and White Brilliants at 12k cts P* yard With many other Goi.da very cheap. WM R RILEY, ap'i-liu Cor 8th St., opp Centre Market. MR WILLIAM PALMER, Frofetsor of Singing and the flute, Begs to inform the inhabitants of Washl:igton that he propones establishing SINGING CLASSES for iwo, three or four pu pils. whereby each voice wiil be properly ex amined. and separately cultivated, according to lis quality, which could not be done, consistent ly. with simultaneous teaching?as Sopranoj, Mezzo Sopranos, and Contralto Voices require a widely different training. The same care is ne cessary with male volte*. viz : Tenor, Baritone, and Basi. Wnen tbepupils are sufficiently ad vanced to sing by tnemsel es they will then be taught to take tneir respective parts In Duets, Trios, or l>uartetts. ? Terim i>er quarter: S10 for each pupil. If on" y two pupil* on?? hour will t* d*Tot**d. .iudan txtrn half hour for every additional pupil; p, r quarter f ?r separate pupils. ap fr-tf A>7 Pennsylvania avenue. pOR SALE O R EILHANOE.-SEVERAL *? ?wen-octave rosewood PlANo-irfSSta 'ORTK. elegantly finished, will be^ FlTl ?oid low for rash or g<*>d paper, or will be ex changed for building material and work. The?e Instruments may be seen at my Saloon, and any p-'?ou d'spoeed to purchase or trade will plea>e T??ke e*.-iy application. ??*? LEWIS CARL'bl. Gents, youths and children's HATS of every variety and style, in - A ? * -J * ft great abundance, at STINEMETZ'S. ^ ap 19 eolw Pa. a v. bet 13th and 14th sts. RED LIT IU N IH THE PKlCE OF OAS. ".Vashinston Gab Light Compamt, > April lAth, lt-56 \ SATISFACTORY INFORMATION HAV ^ lng been obtained as to the terms on which ?ultable Coal can be procured for the supply of the year, the Board of Directors, In fulfilment of the promise given In their Circular of the 14th ultimo, have now the pleasuie to state that they are enabled to make a corresponding reduction in the price of Gas. Accordingly, a discount of and a half p?r cent will be allowed upon all bills for gas consumed sfter the 3uth of June next, (the expiration of the present quarter.) If Rtld at the offlce of the Company within five days om the date of presentation. fly order of the Board : ap IB eo'2w J. F. BROxVN, Secretary. JUST RECEIVED? SO bbls Cognac Brandy 10 do New York Gin 4 casks Hilbert's London Brown Stout And for sale low by BARBOUR A SEMMES, ap 21-eo3t 43 La a*., bet 0th and7th sts. 1 NEW SPRING GOO US FOR GENTLE MEN. P J .STEER, MERCHANT TAILOR, No.488 ? Seventh street, between D and E, ha?_ n? received his new Spring Goods, and has now the pleasure to announce to his custo mers and the public that his stock Is ???y complete. Gentlemen who wish choice styles are invited to call early, with the assurance that the most elegant and desirable goods will be shown them. The stock embrace*, as usual, new and elegant F mulshing Goods for gentlemen. ap l2-eo2w MRS. J. RUOFF ESPEC 1'FULLY INFORMS THE LA dies of Washington that she has Just. returned from New York with a splendid! assortment of Sp/Ing and Summer BON I NETS, and will have ber opening April 15th Ladie* will save 30 per cent, to call before purchasing elsewhere No. 3 hast Capitol street. Capitol BUI, 1 door from corner of 1st street. ap 11-eolm NEW BOWL'NO SALOON. ON TEMPERANCE PRINCIPLES. R THE SUBSCRIBER HAS FITTED UP one of tbe newt tores on D*tr;et, i. ? . b?tween 8th and ?th street, as a TKM-vi ,'i lT f.XH' o PERANCE BOW LING SALOON, ~ where gentlemen who need this exercise for health and amusement may resort and l>e benefitted. No Intoxicating ll'quors allowed on the prem ises. and no batting permitted The subscriber pledges himself to ornke this a respectable place of amusement; and nothing wlU be allowed at which the most fartldlous can complain. Good Soda Water and Cigar* take the place of liquor. a call is respectfully solicit'd. ap 15-eotf T. B BHOWN, Agent. l\ T FOR GENTLEMEN. EW SPRING tiOODS, EMBRACING A general variety of the newest and prettiest styles and fashions. Orders promptly filled. Constantlyon hand a good supply or Garments, ready made, of superior quality. Also, fine Dress Shirts, with' Gaute, Silk, and Cotton underdress, Furnishing and Toilet Goods in variety. A H YOUNG, Merchant Tailor and Clothier. Browns' Hotel, mar 25-wtf Pa avenue. ES T R A Y ?CAME ESTRAY TO THE residence of the subscriber some/ days since, a red and white COW. long! tall, short horns, very pjor and gentle 1. . The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. RICH R. SHEKELL, 111, cor 7th and High sts., Georgetown, ap 1 l-laW3t? s THE FAST TROTTING STALLION MOSCOW, (believed to be the fast | e?t stallion in the three adjacent States) ? will be le: to a LIMITED number of Marts dur i* the mmtk of April only For terms, pedi gree, Ac , apply to Dr. GEORGE SMITH, ap 1 -dl0tAeo0t? At Birch's Stables. MARBLE AND BROWN STONEWORKS, Pa avenue, between ]*th and 19th streett. 'HE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND and makes to order on the most reasonable terms?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE. STONE*, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kind* of plain and ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purposes executed with promptness, and at as low prices as can be had elsewhi re. aplOeo'.y HPAKRY\ T. N. K f D W ELL, DEALER IN ICE. ORDERS LEFT AT THE FOLLOWING places wiil be promptly attended to : Kldwell A Laurence, corner Pa. are. end ll'.h street. G F. Kldwell A Co ,11th street, opp Frank lin Engine House. J. B.Moore, Druggist, Pa. avenue, betw. 19lb and 20th streets. Geo. Seltze, New York avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. R. C. Dyson A Co , Druggists, corner of 9th and I streets. Rot?ert A Payne, Druggist, corner 1th st. and Mass avenue. ap3?:2aw?w CASH FA ( II FOR FURNITURE PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or havine a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire stock, or such articles as they may wish to dispose of Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS. No. 'J09 Seventh st , bet. I and K. feb 19-eod REFRIGERATORS OF THE MOST APPROVED KIND, JUST received at the Hoase Furnishing Store of the subscriber. Also, a large supply of new FURNITURE made to order, and will be sold very low for cash or approved paper. N. M MrGREGOR, mar 31?et?w No. 330. 7th street mill feed: mill feed:: J1HK SUBSCRIBER HAS CONSTANTLY 1. on hand a supply of 8HIPSTUFF, MID DLINGS. SHORTS, and BROWN STUFF, which he will sell low and in quantities to salt purchaser* BENJ. DARBY, ap 7-eolm 8# Water street, Georgetown. lime:?lime::-li>ie! i: WILL BE OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Lime Kilns of W. II. Godey A Co , situated on Rock Creek, betw en the upper and lower bridges, a ki'n of very superior WOOD BUKNT LIME. The subscribers have also on hand a lar^e supply of PLASTERERS' UAIK CEMEN 4 . CALCINED PLASTER, and every def?cr . ption of the very best quality of lime, wcich will be disposed of on the moit reasonable terras, ap 14?eotf w. H GODEY A CO. United States Patent Office, > Ov Washington, April 14. 18Sfl. J N THE PETITION OF BENJ T BAB BIT. S F H 1 GillK, and P W PLANT^ prating for the extension of a patent granted to them oa the 7th of O tober, 1842, for an improve ment In 4>pumps and fire engine*," for seven years from the expiration of maid patent, which takes plaee on the 7th day of Oc'ootr 1856 : It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Ofilce on Monday. tte'*d of next, at 12 o'clock m.; and all persons are notified to appear and show cause. if any they have whv said petition ought not to be granted. ' Persona opposing the extension are required to file in the Patent Olflce their objections, specially aet forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing : all testimony filed oy either party to be uaed at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in accordance vrtth the rules of the office, which will be furnished on application. The testimony in the case will be closed on the 12th of September ; depositions and other pa pers relied upon as testimony must be filed In the otlce on or before the morning of that day; the ar guments, IX any, within ten days there-ifter. Ordered, also, that this notice be published in the Unlon, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Wash ington, D. C.; Republican, Baltimore, Maryland: Evening Argus, Philadelphia, Pa ; Day Book, New York. New York; and Post, Boston, Mn s ; once a week for three successive weeks previous lothe 2id of September next, the day of hearing. CHARLES MASON, Commissioner of Patents. P. A ?Editorsof the above papers will please copy, and send their bills to the Patent Oflee, with a paper containing this notice. ap 1??iawfiw SPRING AHO SUMMER GOODS. JOHN H. SMOOT, No 119 SOUTH SIDE OF Bridge street, Georgetown, ha* received, per recent arrives from New York and Philadelphia. * large an 1 well assorted stock of SPRING AND SU MMER GOODS,comprising a general assort ment of the newest styles for Ladies, Gents, and Children's Wear. Also, Furnishing and Domes tic Goods. ^Having made extensive purchases at the New York and Philadelphia auctions, with arrange ments to be fnrnishwl throughout the season with the newest goods as they arrive, he is prepared to offer b.trgains tooash and prompt paying cut torn f H.8. ap lfi-tf RESTAURANT AND READING ROOM, S. E tor. E and 7tk its., opp. P. O. D'partni't. The best of segars, and chewing TOBACCO: strictiv choice 0\-AT\ i. STERS. SEA TURTLE, TERRA-fla'f^^V PIN, FISH and DUCK In season yUAIL, WOODCOCK, SNIPE, VENISON and BEEF STEAK, served by an experienced Cook and polite Servants, in pleasant rooms. Private eitrances to Reading and Eating roems, on E and Seventh streets, for those who objec t to public Bar Rooms FAMILIES SUPPLIED WITH OYSTERS on chafing dis es. WHIS KIES, ALES and other drinks, 6 cts , Fine BKANDIES 10 cts. Leiding political and lite rary periodicals in Reading rooms. Your patro nage is respectfully solic ted. , ap 15 FRENCH PICKLES, SPANISH OLIVES. 1HAVE JUST RECEIVED TWO CASES of thos" choice F rench Pickles Also, very fine Spanish Ollvm, Fresh Toinatoes, Green Corn, Worcestershire Sauce, Sardines, Anchovies Catsu s, Jellies, Pickles, Ac. For sale by Z M P. KING, 265 Verne ont avenue, corner 15th ap 10 and I streets. LADIES' DRESS OOODS. JOHN H. SMOOT, NO. 119 SOUTH SIDE of Bridge stseet, Geofgetown, D. C., has re ceived? Silk Robes and Rich Dress Silks, spring styles Rich Printed and plain ground Barege Rob?s Rich Org indie and Lawn Robes Rich best French Organdie Lawns and Jaconets Plain and striped Bareges, all colors Black and col'd Crape de Spange and bl'k Gren adines Lupin's blk Bareges, verv cheap Bolored and white figured Brilliants, very neat Small checked and rich new style Chenl Ging hams Black and white Organdie and Plain bl?k Lawns ar>d Ginghams Pip in mixed Ginghams for travelling drefses Plain bright and mode colois Mods ae Lalnes Rich printed Challey and Barege de Laines Striped Ginghams, Lawns, and plain colored French Cambrics A large assortment of good quality and styles fast colors Lawns at 12# Scotch and Lancaster Ginghams at 1*J# Plain and Plaid Nainsook Muslins Plain Mull. Swiss and India do Plaid and striped Swiss and Jaconet do. Rich.figured and dotted do. J ac Cambric and Cambric do. Plain cordel and India Dimity 300 pairs best English, Hoyles, Prints, at l'i^c. also? Black Silk and Lace Mantillas, new styles Stella and Printed Cashmere Shawls A Scarfs Grass, manilla corded, whalebone an 1 mohair Skirts lOcartons rich Bonnet Ribbons, cheap fi pieces Hlsnhoffs A Semper Idean blk Silks EMBROIDER IKS in collars, fetts, sleeves, and cambric and mnslin strips, xery cheap Cash and prompt paying customers will find It to their advantage to give us a call, sp 17 J H. SMOOT. ALNWICK FRENCH AKD ENGLISH FE MALE SEMINARY, FOR BOARDING PUPILS. SITUATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THE O Baltimore and Washington Hallroad and Turnpike, and two miles south of the village of Laurel. M. A. TYSON A SISTERS respectfully in form their patrons and others that it is their in tention to close, prrmanently, tbeir day school in the city on the21st April, and that tbe suminw ferm of their Alnwick Institution will open on MONDAY. May 5th Application may he ma'e at their city resi dence, until 1st Mav, or by letter addressed to the Laurel Pott Office, Aid N B.?Ev?rv facility is afforded for the acqul Itlon of the French Language and Music, ap 14-dtMaylO GAS LIGHT!?GAS LIGHT I! Always sure, and under your oten tontrol! GALLAHER A SMITH HAVING PER fected their PORTABLE GAS GENERA TOR, now offer it to the public, assuring them thst it is free from ali the objections which have been urged against other inventions for accon: plishlng artificial illumination It will generate mote Gas, at less expe- se, than any ether Apf a ratss. tike up less space, and is free from all noxions odors, while its original co?t Is fifty p?r cent. less. For Public Buildings or i\-i?ate Dwellings this Urxrrator will be fourd p- cu iiarly applicable, and In the country highly ad vantageous. ns the Gas can be manufactured from an> kind of grease that is now considt red valueless aud thrown away. It Is verv simple in its construction, not liable to get out of order, and can be tended with entire safety by an Igno ant servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think It necessary, in ?n advertisement, to give any loi'.g description of their Gas Gkmirator, those di-s reus of being supplied will examine for themselves, they would, ?her. fore, rsjpectfully refer the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No. 243 Pennsylvania avenue, *oivh ?lde. Who are the role and General Agents, whe;e the Gascnnbesesn burning, and all particulars as certained relative to the Generator, Ac. ap 14-lm a a a * CH'Ht'E FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. in nnn APPLE treks> ?f extra ll/jUUU growth and well ?snorted 5,000 PEACH TREES, forming a com plete assortment and well grown. A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised by the late John II. King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented. Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply a3 above. E. J. K. mar 11?tf SI BOER'S Improved Sewing Machines. To which was granted the highest Award el the Parts Exhibition, thereby receiving the Wsrld's Verdict ?f Superiority. THE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS ftlA

chine has simplified them in many respects, and they are en p;*bhr of executl ng twice t he amount of work they did formerly In any given time They ere without question the only Machine ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for narness can be sewn by any of thet^e machines by a simple change of neeale and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to get out of order. We have machines with guages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at tbe lowost rates. Persons desirous of Information regarding Ser/ log Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. B ?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Twins lib eral. Persons who have been Induced to purchase inferior machines under the pretext of being chenp, wlii find this a benefit indeed. mar 10? tf NEW SPRING MILLINERY. ON T^??DAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, Mlas THOMPSON will open our stock " - of SPRING MILLINERY, and we re 4&fc\ spectfully solicit a call from Ladles cnthe>l^ above named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap 8-tr No 310, Pa av , bet. ?thand 10th ft*. R. W. HENRY FALMKR'3 PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Pive Dollars Per Quarter. Apply at GEORGE HILBLS'S Music Depot, Psnssyivanla avenue. mar 14-tf " I AT Houses, &c , for Rent and Sale For rent ?a large brick house on 7th street, near Dorsey's H< tel, containing twelve rooms, besides two parlors, kitchen ai d cellar, with gas through the house. Rent low. and immediate possession given. Apply to L. GASSENH ElMER'S Clothing Store, No. *9 7th street, between II and F. ap 21-lw Mill offal, corn, oats, and hay AT PUBLIC AUCTION.?Being about to close business, we will offer our entire stock of f-ed at public auction, on Monday, the S?th. at 10 o'clock, consisting of Corn, Oats, Hay,Shcrts, Shlpetuff-*, Middling and Brown Stuff. WHEATLY A BALL, Water Street, ap 19-dtsa Georgetown, D. C. FOR rent?ON CAPITOL HILL, A suite of Furnished Rooms, (parlor,chamber, dining room, kitchen, pantry and servant's room) suitable for a member of Congress with a ?ma'l family. Enquire at the house No. 281 South B street, or address R. H. W., at this office, ap lt?-lw* VALUABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE sale.?I will sell, on accommodating terms the foil owing described property The new three-story Brick Dwelling House, on Missouri avenue, near the corner of Four-and-a h.*lf street. This house is sltuatfd in one of th* most healthy and pleasant locations In the city, fronting the public grounds, and commanding a view from the Capitol to the Washington Monu ment, with all the surrounding country, which can never be obstructed. The house 1? admirably arranged, having been built under my own direc tion, with an eye to tfce comfort and convenience of my own family. It contains sixteen room*, with all the modern improvements of gas ana heating apparatus, hot and rold water, >>atn room, 4c There is also a cistern in the yard capab> of containing 15,000 gallons of waur, and a sewer leading to the main sewer of Four-and-a-half streets, for the purpose of carrying off all the slops. There Is also In the iear a large brick sta ble and carriage-house, covered with tin. The lot froats 21 feet ft Inches and runs back 126 feet to a 30 feet paved alley. I will also lease the vacant lot adjoining the above property, lot tame size. apl8-2w E. WHEELER. For sale?that very pleasant and desirable residence, corner of 10th an>l N street*. The bouse is new, and well furnished, containing thirteen comfortable rooms, beside bath room, kitchen and good dry cellar. A well of the best water at the Kitchen door, and lot SO feet by 100, with choice fruit and flower garden planted. Anyone desirous of purchasing will please call and examine the premises Also,four or live lots adjoining the above, on 10th and N streets. apl7-?t For RENT?THE BRICK house on the North corner of Vermont avenue and L street, between 11th and 15th, furnished or unfur nished,containing 9 rooms. Ttesliuation is airy and beathful; four squares Nor b of the State Department Enquire of J. P. HILTON, three doors East cf Chubb's bank, F street, or at the house. ap 13 tf For rent.?the large house, com pletely furnished, situated on the corner of Pa. avenue and the President's Square Posses sion given immediately. Lnqulie on the prem ises, No. 224 Pa avenue. ap a?tf F^OR SALE OR RENT ?A SMALL FARM situated near the Old Fields. Prince George's coutty, Md., on the stage road from Upper Marl boro' to Washington, only seven miles to Wash ington. On the place Is a good Dwelling House, good fruit, a young growing woods, ar d the soil easily Improved. For particulars inquire rn D st , between 6th and 7th, No 421. ap 4 - lm* FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov27?tf FOR RENT?A HANDSOME THREE story frame House on lltb street, between New York avenue and K ?tre*t north, conti'ning nine good and conveniently-arranged rooms, v.itb wide passage. It has a large cistern in the yard Apply to M. SNYDER A SON, Bankers ap 4-tf For sale?a tract of land con 170 arres, 40 of which Is cleared, 15 cr 20 well set In clover and timothy, and the balance In oak and hickory, some of which Is very heavy It is bar.dsomely localed, in a thickly settled ar d rapidly improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, 6^ miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil of the best qual ity: buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be Bold in whole or In part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H . SMITH, at H<msc of Representatives, or to J. H. CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf ATPR1VATESALE ? EIGHTEEN SMALL building lo's for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Aveuue, near the circle, Fir*t Ward, ranging in price from &0 to 160 dollars each. Terms rrom6 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of buildirg thereon, luinrwr or bricTts (at market pricc?) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by detd of trust on the property. Title indispu table For eny other Information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard. Pa av.,btt. I*th& 19?h ?U. aplO?."Jin 15 ARE CHANCE.?THE undersigned IV offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either busings or residence tltes, aud will be sold a! a great sacri fice. H. C. HARKOVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years Residence, No 6, north A slreet, Capitol' Hill. feb23-tf i 1 I ladies: Your Immediate Attention is most respect fully Solicited!! R. C. STEVENS, DEALWR IN FRENCH MILLINERY & FANCY GOODS. I EMBRACE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY of the seasons to Inform my friends >ind^^ the public that my stock of Straw BON-^EFj NETS. Boys' I1ATS and FLATS, StrawBSr Trimming, best French and American Ar tiflclal Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, Illusions, Erg llsh and Italian Crapes, Neapolitan, Tuscan Swiss, French Lace, Suton. Florence and Eng lish Boineti, white and black Ribbons, full as sortment, all of which will be eold at the lowest market prices for cash. P. 8.?Just received 100 Shakers, 60 blk Bon nets, 60 boxes double and single Ruche, green R ibbon and Silk to trim Shakeis ap le-tf UNION BOTTL1NM AND MINERAL WATER DEPOT. The undersigned respectfully Inform thcii customers and ti e public gen- ~ erally, that they now have their new Silver Lined A;paratus in operation, and are pre Bired to furnish them with their premium INERAL water In addition to the above, they have made ?r rangmeots with the most extensive Brewers in the Unite! State*, for a constant supply of the best stock of PORTER and ALE, such as wa? never offered before in the District, and guarau tees to have constantly on hand a stock sufficient to enable them to fill all order* at the shortest notice. We return our most sincere thanks for the pat ronage which has been so liberally bestowed on us, and hope that by strict attention to business we will merit a continuance of the same. As usual a supply of their superior CHAM PAGNE CIDER, MEAD, Ac., on hand. Orders given to our drivers or by mail promptly dispatched AKNYASHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. ap 17-dlm KEOUCT/ON IN GAS-FITTING, At 269t. s. Pa. bttwetn 10(A and 11(A it. OWING TO RECENT REDUCTIONS IN prices of Gas Fitting mtterials we now offer to fit up buildings WITH GAS TUBING AT LOWER RATES thaa ever before done in this city, and In a thorongh workmanlike man ner. Also, on hand, the most comnlete assortment of GAS FIXTURES ever offered, from the factory of Cornelius A Baker, comprising severel new French patterns. ap 10-2w J. W. THOMPSON A BRO. SPRING MANTILLAS. ?THE LADIES are respectfully informed thst we are n; w pre pared to exhibit a beaut ful assortment cf the latest styles of Silk and Lace Mantillas CLAttETT, NEWTON. MAY A CO ap 18-61 corner Pean. ??. and 9th st. EVENING STAR. THE ACE OF SPADES. BY FRAHCI8 A. PPRIVAOK 44 Twonty to one I hit it at the first shot!" said Frank Traverse, a young American, as be pointed out to his companions?a group of Cuban* and Spaniards?a playing card, the ace of spades, pinned to the trunk of a palm tree, at twenty paces distant, in the oapacious garden of a country seat in the neighborhood of Havana. 44 Draw it rather milder, for Heaven's sake, Frank." whispered his friend, Will Water.*, a New Yorker, long a resident of Cuba. " Twenty to one I centre the ace !" repeated Traverse, looking round him. 44 You are jesting, said a dashing young Spanish officer, Captain Antmio Alva rez. of the Lanseros. "You are jesting, or jou want to throw away your money." 44 That's my lookout, captain ; will yoa take me up'" u Certainly." " Well, then, I'll make the offer faiier. I will turn my back to the mark?wheel at the word fire' and discbarge my pistol at one two?three. You shall give the word, if you like." 44 Done !" Traverse turned his back to the card. The captain gave the word. Traverse wheeled and fired at " two." Captain Alvarez ran up *nd examined the card. He returned stroking his coal-black moustache. "You did it oertainly,''said he; 44 but it was a chance shot." "A chance shot!" repeated Traverse. "A hundred to one I'll do it again four times run ning." '? Done !" said the captain. The second shot widened the hole made by the first The circumferenae of the third out the circle of the tecond?the fourth and fifth shots widened the aperture. The card was handed round amidst the admiration of the company Traverse smiled as he put the card in his vest pockct. " This is nothing," said he ; "I have made hotter shots. There is nothing wonderful in it I have lived with the pistol in my hand 41 Do you understand the small sword, also, senor," asked the lanccro, carelessly. 44 Indifferently well." replied Traverse " What do you say to a bout ?" asked tho captain. 4 With all my heart'' Alvarez smiled, and signed to an attendaiit to bring the foils He offered the America n hi1- choice. The young men laid aside their coats. Traverse bent the blade of his foil to try its temper and spring ; it proved to be of the best German steel. Alvarez tossed bis high in the air, caught it with the right and lei>. hands, threw it over his arms, and played with it in a thousand dexterous fashions. At last the)* saluted gracefully and interchanged the preliminary passes to ascertain thnr dis tance. 44 On guard !" cried tho Spaniard, stamping his foot; and the glittering b!?des were en giged. Traverse was accounted a g<K>d swordsman i He made a pass, and his antagonist sent his blade whirling thirty feet in the air. 44 Take mine. I beg you," said Alvarez with a polite bow Picking up the American's sword, he re newed the encounter, and touched his antag onist lightly on the breast. Traverse lunged in return, and was disarmed instantly. 4* I give it up," said he, gaily il S'. George was not more a master of the sword " 44 It is nothing," answered the Spaniard, indifferently, yet well pleaded at tho compli incnt. " My feeling is like your shooting I have lived with the sword in my hand. It is my favorite weapon." 4'Ho is an invoterate duelist," whispered Walters to his friend. 41 He has killed four men to my certain knowledge, and each one was drilled in a different place His success makes him something of a bully." 44 Come, gentlemen, to horse said Captain Alvarez. 4' The sun has almost touched the horizon?the sea-breeze lias sprung up?we shall be in time to pay our respects to tne la dies on the Pasco " The gay party lighted their cigars, mounted their littlo Andalusian horses and cantered to wards the city at an easy pace. It w.ts holiday time in Havana, and Tra verse and his friend, both masked, were chat ting with a couple of lovely sentritas <>n whom tbey were making an evening call, when a group of maskers entered the room. One of them held a guitar in bis hands, which he touched skilfully, while he sang witu a voice whose richness was not entirely suppressed by the mask he wore, the words of a Spanish ditty. When he ceased, he approached the senorita Melendez, and said : 44 Manucla, do you know me ?" 44 I know you not, signor." 44 Can you not guess ?" 44 It flashes on my mind, ' said the senorita, 44 that you are Sebastian Nevarro." 4,WroDg' ' replied the stranger, with a light laugh. 4- Iry again " '? I will be sure this time, " said the gey girl, and she sprang from her seat and snatch ed at his mask. The stranger defended him i oelf, and as he was much taller than his as sailant, buflltd her efforts completely Traverse, laughing, sprang to her aid, and had already seized the stranger's mask, when a shriek uttered simultaneously by the two ladies arrested bis band. He turned away in astonishment. Manuela, pale as death, sank into a cb.tir, and covering her face with her hands, sobbed convulsively. >4 What the devil have I done now 7 ' asked Traverse of his friend. 14 Don't you know," replied Walters, 44 that it is a deadly insult to lay your hand on a mask A woman has privileges b?it a man none It is like pulling an Oriental by tho beard. You've got yourself into a precious sjrape." 44 You'll stand by me, Will ?" 44 Ye-es," replied Waters, with some hes itation. At this juncture, the stranger approached Traverse, and said in a low, deliberate voice : 44 You desired to see my face. Behold it, then !" He raised his mask. 44Captain Antonio Alverei!" exclaimed Traverse. 44 The sarno, sir, at your service," replied the captain 44 It appears you know me. May 1 ask you to favor me, in return, by disclos ing your face ? I am very anxious to know to whom I shall pay my respects for the honor you did me just now in tho presence of threo ladies ! Remove your mask if you please " 44 Not here, Cantain, but you shall soon learn who I am. l never conccal myself from a friend or foe. I will send you my card, and then jou will know to whom to address your cartel?for I presume you consider yourself affronted." 441 am to be found at my quarters in the cavalry barracks, whither I am going diree'. ly. Until we meet again air, farewell." The stranger offered his hand first to Tra verse, then to his friend. Then with a low bow, and an a los pies dt uslada, senoritas, he passed out of the room with a stately step. Each of his comrades exhibited the same stately oourtesy, and the two Americans weie left alone with the ladies. Manuela threw herself into the arms of Tuwerse, and wejt upon his shoulder. 440h!" she exclaimed, 441 wish that I were dead. I have brought this on you by a thoughtlcs act?and he will kill you a* he has done so many others. And what will Jour poor madre do when she hears that her lave son has fallen in a quarrel like this. 4< An embrace and tears from you, fenon* ta, are cheaply purchased by life itself!" re plied Travemi with high-flown gallantry. " Bat dry your bright eyee?or prepare to shed your tear* forth* lancero?for the choice of weapon* lies with me, and he u at my mer "Deuced lucky, too!" muttered Walter*. " If it had been otherwise he would hare 'pitted you like a lark. Bat what s to be dune now ?" " To the captain * quarters," replied Tra verse '? Adieu, ladies." 44 Good fortune go with you, gallant Itro ' cried the girls, together. Traverse, putting his arm in that of his friend, strolled away in the direction of the barracks. ' Why the deuce did jou not mind your own business ?" grumbled Walters 44 It's a oonfounded ticklish thing to meddle with a man s mask, and you ought to have known it " 41 How should I ?" 44 Ignorance is no excuse in the ejes of cus tom, any more than in the eyes of the law. But you're in for it now. What do you pro pose to do ?" 4* Send bim my card." 44 He'll fight, of courae." 441 should suppose?his profession will force him to it." 44 Very well?you name pistols. You can't think of killing him ?" 44 Do I look like a ruffian, Walters ' ' 44 Very well, then, you fire in the air. He'a dissatisfied, demands another shut?you grant it, and very likely the fellow will hit you. No, no ! ycu must wing bim at the first abut. Touch him in the arm." <( And perhaps cause him the loss of a limb I can't think of that " 44 Then all I have to say is, that it's a very bad scrape. What if you apologit* ?" 44 Apologize !" cried Traverse "No! no! the blood of the Old Dominion will not allow me to stoop so low as that I can bleed, but I cannot blush. It's an awkward affair as you ssy; hut 1 mast see it through." " Very well, or rather very ill," said W al ters. " And here we are at the barracks. I am to go in and ask for Captain Alvarei, and hand bim your card." 44 Exartly. and wait for his answer, what ever it may be." 44 Hand me yonr card, then, quick !" 44 Confound it!" cried Traverse, searching his pockets,441 haven't any cards about me ; I left them all at my hotel 41 How unlucky cried Walters. 44 Unlucky, indeed Stay ' have you a pencil *" 41 Yes, here it is, have you found a card '" 44 Yes " said Traverse, producing a crum pled and soiled card, 4- there it is.' '?That' Do you call that thing a card ?" 4' Yes, it is the Ace of Spades !*' 44 The very card you centred five times 44 Yes, it must serve the purpose And Traverse wrote his address upon it. Walters took the card and disappeared, while Tra verse walked to and fro, wrapped in deep thought. la a few moments his friend reappeared with an exultant countenance. 4* Joy ! ji?y !' he cried. 41 What do you mean ?" 44 Alvarei has barked out. It was the Ace of Spades that did it. As soon as he saw it he changed color There's a note from him V* Traverse tore open the note and read : "Carmo mi Amigo: Had I known it was you who laid hands upon my mask, the affair would have ended with a laugh. We cannot hold foreigners responsible for acts committed in contravention of our social usages Let it pass as a frolic of the Carnival. .Excuse my apparent rudeness, and believe me ever your?, "Amtowio Alvarez." 41 Valiant captain !" cried Traverse, as the friends turned to regain their lodgings 441 appreciate his motives; he had no idea of be ing centred like the Aoe of Spades." Ba&nix's Masterpiece. ? Barnum has performed many wonders, but the greatest of all is the following : It consists in nothing lc.-? than passing down the Niagara eataract in a vessel constructed for this purposu. The vessel is a ball of gutta percha, thirty feet in diameter, supported in its interior by hoops, rings of steel, and wood Strings of gutta percha coming from four points of the rings, meet in the centre of the sphere, where they are fixed to a coat of mail of ths same ma terial. This is so fixed that a man buckled in it hangs supported by the four strings, safe in the middle of (ho ball. At the lower end of the ball, where the lower part of the mail is directed, some lead is rot, so that swimming la the water the head side will be turned up wards in this upper part there is a hole which may be opened by the person in the in terior. The ball is so strong as to Eustain, without danger, the shock of the fall. On account of its cite it cannot sink, nor can the Eer^on buckled in the coat of mail euffer any arm from the violence of the fall. As soon a* the ball, after its falls, has found its centre of gravity, its inhabitant unbuckles himself, opens tho flap, and gets out of the hold, wav ing the United State1 colors under the ap plause of some 60.000 or 100,000 spectators, whom Barnutn intends to assemble at one ? dollar each, upon the occasion of his first per formance. From every such performance a gain of 520,000 or $30 000 is to be counted on, since from all parts of the Union spectators will flock to the cataract of Niagara. Barn urn is about to make an experiment with a dog. If that animal arrives all right below, a mg er will be engaged for the next experiment, f that one arrives equally safe, the Yankee undertakes the first serious passage himself. I Sensible Doo ?The Hartford Times is responsible for the following : 44 Mr , a venerable and worthy man, had a Newfoundland dog which used to go a short distance and get the Daily Courant, bringing it home in his month, evincing great anxiety until he had procured the paper. The paper changed owners, and at the same time became more vacillating in principle than be fore It advocated Sam. As soon as this change took place the dog was noticed lo ap pear ashamed when the paper was given him to carry home ; he would sometime* drop it in the street, let it lie and put for home At last be refused to go for the paper at all ; he was of no u?e to the owner except to get his paper, and as the dog positively refused to have any thing to do with it any longer, he procured a Know Nothing to kill him, paying the sum of twenty-five cents for the job." Widow Stock Looking Ui*.?An exchange paper,* the editor of which no doubt lately 4>*et up" with a widow, goes off thus 44 i'or the other half of a courting match, there is nothing like an interesting widow. There is as much diffetcnce between courting a damsel and an attractive widow, as there is between cyphering in addition and double rule of three. CourtiDg a girl la like eating fruit, all very nice as far as it extends ; but doing the agreeable to a blue-eyed bereaved one, comes under the head ot preserves?rich, pungent, syrupy. For delicate courting, we repeat, give us a live widow.' Firther or THE Bavases or the Field Mice. livery day instance* o^ms to light of the >rreat damage to fruit trees, by field mice duringtbe past winter. One gentleman in th? vicinity of Boston, had trees which he r ilued at from f600 to *700 completely destroyed. Some of those tr*es were of large site.?Bos ton Traveller, Friday. A country merchant, residing nut far from Petersburg, hae taught a yound mueoovy duck to ring , and, encouraged by the tuoeess, is now proceeding to teach a turkey to take part In a duet with the quaek musician. EP3 Man talks to conrinee?womsa to p?r? suade and plea*