Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDIUCSDAY April SS, >911. IZT Advertisement* should be handed la bv M o'clock, m., otherwise they m*y not appear ujiUI the neat day. 6PIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union protest* with ranch force and feeling against the course of the Pennsylva man and the Harrisburg Patriot in en dorsing the style of conducting the canvass of Mr. Buchanan for the Cincinnati nomination, in which the Washington Sentinel indulges. The Intelligencer commends the President's recent speech at Annapolis for the good taste, patriotio sentiments, and interesting refer ences it embraces. WASHINGTON NEWS AMD GOSSIP The National Water Works.-Those in terested in the continued advancement and prosperity of the Federal city?the creation and ward of the General Government?need not despair at the treatment it seems likely to receive throughout this session at the hands of the House of Representatives of the I nite l States, ad manifested in the vote of the day before yesterday upon the Water Works ques tion. Much of the existing hostility of honor able members to the city of Washington (and a few of them cannot hear the name of the city callcd without breaking out with some accusation or other against it, which is wholly baseless) arises from the deliberate and sinister misrepresentations of parties, some of whom are cititens heretofore supposed to have some interest here. Others of these parties are of the class of hawks and buizards who hovor in Ihe Congressional atmosphere, always sweep ing around for prey. And, some of tho others, again, are almost entire strangers in Wash ington, who, being speculators in charter getting. go wherever a legislative body may be supposed to be open to their peculiar blac. disbments. Such parties have, for the last month, been plying the ears of the member? of Congress with misrepresentations concern ing the facta involved in the National Aque duct question. Professing to be seriously alarmed at the alleged extravagance of the plan of General Washington to construct permanent Water Works for the supply of Government property here, they seek to make capital against it by representing it a? a work for the benefit of the individual citizens of the federal city. They know, while makiDg such representations, that, as being constructed, no citixen of Washington is to be entitled to draw from it a gallon of water for any purpose whatever; which priv ilege cannot be accorded by any power short ? that of Congress itself, and only on such terms as Congress itself may dictate They are busily engaged around the lob bies of the House backbiting and maligning the character of this community, in order to justify and account for the disinterested mo tives with which they profess to have entered upon the crusade against Washington city involved in their efforts to defeat the National Water Works appropriation, that they may feather their own nests by procuring Con gress to charter them?elves, individually, into a Washington Water Works Companv. Most < f the "outsiders," whether residiDg'in Wash ington or elsewhere, who have urged or recom mended to any member cf Congress not to adopt the senate's Water Works amendment to the deficiency bill are in this scheme, as far as we can learn. If a single man of them all fails be laboring to turn a penny for himself while so doing, we have yet to learn his name. Not long since the prime movers of the band who are offering to take a charter to con struct these works at less than the cost as esti mated by those who are charged with their superintendence, hearing that the Legislature of Maryland, ( moved to pity for the pecuniary ruin brought upon thousand? of Chesapeake and Ohio Cinal stockholders, bondholders, and business men of Maryland, the District and elsewhere, by the State's system of man aging that work solely for the benefit of its rival-the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad)?wad aboat to sell its controlling interest therein to the bondholders, under a pledge that the latter should raise the sum necessary to put the canal in complete order, went to Annap olis, anl representing themselves as capital ists, offered for it a higher price than the Stata authorities had a-roed to take from those really interested in the efficiency of the canal The arracgements for the transfer of the State s interest in the work to the bond holders and individual stockholders, at ?n appraise i valuation, had been completed, and the s&ie r-as about to be consummated, when these gentlemen made their offer of a higher price Bfiiig unknown comparatively, in An napolis, their representations with reference to their means of complying with such an agreement of course frightened the Legisla ture from their .original arrangement; as it would never do to face their constituents with an admission that they had taken less money for the State's property in the canal, than other responsible parties stood ready to give. The State accordingly flew from its bargain, and only found out when it was too near the termination of the session to repair the injury thus done, that it was a difficult matter to raise among the whole party of higher bid ders, the money sufficient to pay for the oyster suppers and trimmings which went rery far towards wheedling the members into that last act of bad faith towards the Chesa peake an 1 Ohio canal company, and those whose property and business depend on the proper management of that great enterprise. ?"?e of tl>?m have the first red cent of the I*rge amount of money they proposed on that ???<"?, of make- h dr7K,>^Smen'tai,0".?boe ' Ac ? 0f to l.aru Ik. f?t, M ,f Q"u u c.rUir, b, .-limit,, lh, 6r? man be meets. 3 et W. ,.?t. ,!?? i?t. th.t tu ? U. H.?. ?, ?4.?u?d frKiwl, (b? ? bout this proposed scheme in lieu ,r th National Water Works as being constructed under the plan long since adopted by Congress after careful investigation It is neither more n r less than a scheme to enable a needy set ?i a Iventurers to raise the wind, by selling in Wall street or elsewhere, the ebarter for a Washington Water Works company, they are seeking at the hands of National Legis lator NicaragUA.-The New York correspondent the Intelligencer, in that p*pw of ^ d-y states that on the Orisaba's arrival at * ? ? um del Norte the ngents of the Transit laid up the river boats, pursuant tf I instructions from the owners in New York, and that Walker bad made them large offers to continue to run them contrary to those in structions. Thereby hangs a tale. Walker had laid a plan to seize the ooean steamer of the company on the Paeific side> on her trip to meet the last boat sent from New York by the company. His purpose was to place his followers on her and to sail for Punta Arenas. This was his original scheme for the invasion of Costa Rica. But the com pany defeated his plan by sending agents to meet the Pacific boat on the ooean and warn her commander not to go in at San Juan del Sur. They met her on the ocean, within six hours sail of San Juan del Sur; and her com mander, according to instructions, proceeded straightway down to Panama, oarrying a large number of unwilling fillibusters thither who had started on her from San Francisco only to join Walker Being disappointed in getting possession of the steamship, Walker was forced to invade Costa Rica overland, for which he was by no means prepared?the glowing letters from his army to the oontrary notwithstanding. The same steamer carried out other agents of the company, charged with orders to the com pany's agent who manages the river boats (who had also been appointed the receiver to take charge of them under Walker's act, by which he assumed to confiscate them) to lay them up at San Juan. He obeyed that order, (it seems, by the Intelligencer't correspondent) and thus, we presume, prevented the two or three hundred fillibusters who went out on the Orizaba, from reaching Walker, as a march, overland to him is impossible, and no other means of conveyance is to be found there. It is not wonderful, therefore, that Walker offered the agent large promises of reward if he would keep the boats running on the river. We have every reason to be lieve that they are at this moment safe from any raid of fillibusters, through the protection of a man-of-war of England. France, or the United States ; so that Walker's hopes of aid from the fillibufters, who last went out to join him from New York and New Orleans, havo been cut off in all probability. We are ex pecting that the Orizaba on her return to New York will bring back her cargo of adventurers with very long faces on them, indeed. Mr. Buchanan.?The reader will perceive from an item in our telegraphic column that Mr. Buchanan has reached New York. His true friends, and all true Democrats will re joice at his opportune arrival, because it af fords him an opportunity at once to put a stop to the suicidal system of advocating his nomination, to which imprudent men among his immediate friends are now resorting. The Portsmouth ?We understand that the sailing instructions to the U. S. ship-of-war Portsmouth, now laying at Norfolk ready for sea, left the bepaitment this morning. Her destination is to join the East India squadron We presume that she will sail in a day or two. Confiimed?Yesterday, the Senate con firmed the nomination of Mr. A. W. Lamb, to be surveyor of the port and inspector of cus toms at Hannibal, Mo. Mr. L. was a mem ber of the last Congress. Confirmed ?The Senate have confirmed the nomination of William S Moss to be surveyor and inspector of the port of Peoria, Illinois Lilt of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending April 22, 1858?each bearing that date : Julius T. Buel, of Whitehall, N Y ?For improved fishing tackle. George J. Bitler, of Lancaster, Ohio.?For improvement in seeding machines. Warren S. Bartle, of Newark. N. Y ?For improved machine for sowing fertilizers. Alexander Buchann, of New York, N. Y.? For improvement in balance and slide valve for stenm engines. Gustav A Blittknowski and Frederick Wm. Hoffman, of New York, N. Y ?For improve ment in revolving fire-arms Andrew Coleman, of Perth Amboy, N. J.? For improvement in receiving magnets for telegraphs John Culver, of Baltimore, Md.?For im proved waste device for hydrants. Patrick S. Devlan, of Reading, Pa?For improvement in brick machines John B. Erb, of Strasburg, Pa.?For im provement in door locks. Geo. Esterly, of Heart Prairie, Wis.?For improvement in cultivator* Abraham Fitts, of Worcester, Mass.?For improved machine for digging peat Sam'l H Oilman, of New Orleans, La.? For improvement in sugur evaporators Christian liaas and John C Noll, of Chicago, ill ?For machine for driving spokes. Wm. H Hale, of Worcester, Mass.?For im provement in hotel annunciators. Wm E Hayes, of Geneva, N. Y.?For im provement in the arrangement of dampers for cooking stoves C. B Hoard, of Watertown, N. Y.?Forim provement in steam boilers. Eben N Horsfori, of Cambridge, Maw ? For improvement in preparing phosphoric acid as a substitute for other solid acids. George Hubbard, of Stonington, Conn.? For improvement in suspending extra top-sail yards. James J. Johnston, of Alleghany, Pa.?For improvement for flasks for moulding. James H. Kinyon and James Hollingshead, of Chicago, 111 ?For improvement in cotton cleaners Pells Manny, of Waddam'sGrove, 111 ?For improvement in sub-soil plows. Alonio M Mace, of Springfield, Mass.?For improvement in hydro-carbon vapor lamps. James Miller, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For im provement in machines for sawing marble in obelisk form. R C. Maack, of Conrad's Store, Va., and W. T M:Gahey, of McGaheysville, Va.?For improvement in corn harvesters. ^ Albert J. Partridge, of Southbridge, Mass. For improvement in electro magnetic printing telegraphs. Thog Pethericb, of Pottsville, Pa.?For improvement in coal breakers. Nathan M Philips, of New York, N. Y ? For electro-magnetic grain scale. Edwin A. Palmer, of Clayville, N. Y.?For improved measuring faucet. Alanson Quigley, of Sheldrake, N. Y.?For improved apparatus for raising and lowering carriage tops Asa P. Robinson, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in cast iron pavements. Wm F Shaw, of Boston, Mass.?For im provement in gas burners Samuel R bhepard and Orson W. Stow, of Plantsville, Conn ?For improvement in work ing kheet metal. L. 1) Sibley, of Northampton, Mass ?For improvement in to prevent nocturnal emission!. Henry 11. Sibley, of the United States Ar?7;?For improved conical tent. Kmile Sirret and Wm. H Scott, of Buffalo, , * ?For improvement in the method of '?tn,ng lMaP* 10 lanterns. of Pittsburgh, Pa.?For irn * ln P*oj?etiles for fire arms ueo. b. G ^pence, of Boston, Mass ?For ?f""" ,or Alfred Speer, of Passaic, N. J.-For im proved weather strip an<l loak for windows, wC ? A. H. Stevens, of Warsaw, N. Y.~For iin provement in corn-shelters. Samuel T. Thomas, of Lawrence, Mass.? For improvement in looms for weaving bags. R:chard Vose, of New York, N. Y ?For im provement in divided axles for railro&d oar*. L'has. B. Wait* and Joe. W. Sener, of Ired erieksburg, Vs.?For improvement in coffee poto. Henry r. Worthington, of Brooklyn, N. Y. For improvement in oompleting the throw of the valves of direst acting engines by the ex haust steam Thor D Bark, of Chicago, 111 , assignor to Jno. C. Miller and Chas A. Fowler, of tame Elace ?For improvement in link gearing for orse powers Thos. D Bark, of Chicago, 111., assizor to James Oarrott, of Ogle county, 111 ?For im proved device to allow for contraction and ex pansion in wire fences. Kelsey Curtiss, of Winchester, Conn , as signor to the " Winsted Auger Company, "of same place?For improved auger. Oeorge W. Holmes, of Buckfiold, Me., as signor to James c Marble, of Paris, Me For improved hoop machine Samuel Huffman, of Richmond, Va , as signor to himself and James D. Browne, of same place ?For combined shovel and tongs. Ira Merrill, of Shclburne Falls, Mass., as signor to himself and Arthur Maxwell, of same place?For improved machines far tun neling and quarrying. Lucius Paige, of Cavendish, Vt., assignor to himself and Albert L Linooln, of Boston, Mass?for improvement in studs for wearing apparel. Designs ?William h Green, of Meriden, Conn ?For designs for outer*. Harvey Smith and Frederick A. Sheldon, of Troy, N Y ?For design for stove plates. Additional Improvement.?Geo. Esterly, of Heart Prairie, Wis.? For improvement in grass harvesters. Patented June 27, 1854 The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 221 of April, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the book* of the Department? For the redemption of stocks.... $29 892 89 For the Treasury Department... 2 63S 40 For the Interior Department 6,12158 For Customs 4,767 69 War warrants reoeived and en tered 20,000 00 From Customs 258,458 90 From miscellaneous sources 4,860 11 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, amendments to the pending Bounty Land bill wero considered and disposed of, until th??y held a short Executive session ; after which they adjourned. In the House, the remaining Senate amend ments to the Deficiency bill were disposed of ?(see our local columns for interesting de tails.?Ed ) And then Mr. Marshall, of III., reported from the Claims Committee a bill to nmond the act creating the Court of Claims; com mitted. Mr. Washburn, ef III., reported a bill to amend the act for the better security of life on steamboats, ac ; postponed until Thursday next. Mr W. also reported a bill for the improve ment of the harbor of Sheboygan, Wis. Air. McMullin moved its commitment; not agreed tc?yeas 38, nays 9y; and then the said bill was passed. ? After many other river and harbor improve ment bills were reported from the Commerce Committee and committed, the House ad |journcd. Proceedings of te-Dar. In the 8enate, to-day, after several pri vate bills wero reported and petitions and resolutions were introduced and referred? Mr. Mallory announced that the Secretaiy of the Navy had invited the members of the Senate to visit the frigate Morrimac at An napolis, on Saturday next It was then moved to take up the three mil lion bill, for altering the small arms of the Government; not agreed to. Mr. Mason moved to take up his resolution and report from the Foreign Affairs Commit tee, holding that the action of the President in the Sound Dues question is sufficient for tie abrogation of the treaty, under its prevision? Messrs Stuart and Iverson opposed that motion, whioh the Senate had not disposed of ere we went to press. In the House, Mr. Thurston moved to re consider the vote of the House on the fifty first amendment to the Deficiency bill, which adds twentv per cent, to the current compor> sation to the Librarian of Congress and his assistants?declaring that the law granting the twenty per cent additional to the em ployees of Congress does not design to give the twenty per cent to the public printers; and also repealing the law placing the De partmental binding, Ac., under the charge of the Superintenent of the Public Printing This motion was debated by Mr. Ilavtn against it, and Mr. Cobb, of Oa., and Mr. Clingman for it, ere we went to press. PERSONAL. ....Col Ben. McCulloch, the celebrated Texan Ranger, is at Columbia, S. C. .... Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe is in this city, and is stopping with Dr. Bailey, of the National Era ? ?? Mr Bishop, of New Jersey, recently absent on a visit to his home, is again at his post in the House of Representatives .... The personal difficulty between Mr. P. A Pryor and Mr R W. Hughes, of Rich mond. has, by the intervention offriends, been adjusted .... Hon Howell Cobb delivered a lecture at the Maryland Institute, in Baltimore, last night. Subject?" Political Tonics of the Day." .... S. B Jerome, the clock man. writes the Tribune a letter from London, in which he denies the m> j ?r part of Barnaul's statement in rpgard to the affairs of the Jeromo Oom pany .... Rev. James Beecher. wife and child, will sail from Boston, oa the 25th inrt., fur Canton, where he will enter upon his labors as a missionary. Mr. B. is a son of Rev. Dr. Lyman Beecher. .... Among the distinguished strangers now in Washington, wo perceive the Hon. Abram Rencher, of N. C , and tho Hon. Mr. Iloag land, of Ohio, both ex-membcrs of the House of Representatives of tho United States ? ?.. The New York Times says that Louis at apoleon, whilo in London, lived in a neat small house, in No. 2 King street, St. Jarces, where he kept a handsome mistress, a large cellar, and a small library. ,*??? CitP.t .J?f d blair, * younger brother or f. P. Blair, esq , is on his way to this city, lie was appointed a captain in tho Mexican war by President Polk, which place he filled with distinction. For several years just past ho has been residing in the Sandwich Island?. .... Hon John M. Nile.% now lying ill, went to New York some two or three weeks since, to procure the aid of a cancer dootor in that city, a cancer having appeared upon his oheek The case has taken an unfavorable turn, and we regret to learn that Mr. Niles h now considered to be in a very daneert us &it uation. F?U.M Black Republicanism.? The District of Hon. William A. Howard, of Michigan, composed of Jackson, Livingston Wayne, and Washtenaw counties, at the re cent township and city elections gave Demo cratic majorities as follows: )JHy?e 1,400 Washtenaw Jackson 320 Livingston 41$ Total 9 314 mr. ?? ^ ? ' member tee. ? ? X ~K Huward, it will be remembered, it a r of the Kansas investigation oommit Tn* Dkmochatic National Comvsmtion.? Dr. Arch. Graham, of Rockbridge, and Sam uel C. Williams, of Shenandoah, have been elected delegates to the Cincinnati Convention from the Tenth Legion district, Virginia. They are instructed to vote for Mr. Buchanan. At the district convention for the Frederick electoral district, Virginia, which met at Winchester on the 15th, Messrs. Thomas m lehell, of Clarke and J R. Tucker, of Fred erick. were appointed delegates to the Cin oinnuti Convention ; Dr. o R Funsten, of wnr-on, and Cspt. R D. Seauian. of B<rke allot nates. They are said 10 be lor Mr. Buchanan. j FOUR PAY1 LATER FROM 1PROFI. ARRIVAL OF THE ABAGO MR, B UCII AN AN A PASSENGER. [BT TILEG RAPH 1 New You, April 23?The Havre end Southampton United States mail steamship Arago arrived at her dock at about 9 o'clock this morning, with dates from those ports to the 9th inst?four days later than the advices by the Africa. Mr. Buchanan is a passenger. The Arago brings no news of atriking im portance The steamship Arabia, from Boston and Halifax, had arrived out [8*rOND DISPATCH.J The Arago brings one hundred and thirty nassengers. Among them is Henry Dubois, Minister from Holland to the United States The Arago left Cowes on the morning of the 10th. She came south of the Banks, expe rienced moderate weather, and saw no ice. She brings the second edition of Wednes day's (the 9th) London Times. The steamship Edinburgh, from this port, arrived in the Clyde on the 4th. The Her mann, also from this port, arrived off Cowea on the 6th ; and the Arabia, from Bo?u>n, at Liverpool on the same day. The French steamer Barcelona, arrived out on the 5th. The two English steamer* that went in search of the Pacific had returned to Galway, after a fruitless cruise of nine days. The proceedings of the Peace Congress con tinue. It is said that Austria gives trouble by persistently refusing to fix the time for evacu ating the Principalities. Austria's pretext is the necessity of protecting the country against disorder until a regular administration shall have been established, though she is bound by the treaty to qu t the Ottoman territory on the conclusion of peace. Russia, is is said, strongly adheres to Aus tria's position. Later intelligence, however, states, that the Austrian troops were leaving the Princi palities Tiie French army is to be reduced from six hundred thousand to four hundred thousand troops. It is believed that Russia will send an am bassador to Turin as soon aa the ratifications are exchanged. Advices from St. Peteraburg state that the nrohibition of the expert of Russian produce aas been repealed. The Czar had issued an ukase, stating that the two fleets hitherto maintained by Russia in the Black Sea and Sea of Agoff, are not to be reinstated. Many grain laden vessels, lying at Odessa, have received orders to proceed to Marseilles. A considerable fall had taken place in the market at the latter place in consequence. It was reported in Berlin that the British Cabinet had decided to reject the proposition for a capitulation of the Sound dues on the terms offered by Denmark, but would m<ike a proposition itself. A dispatch from Paris states that the Allies

have sent orders to their fleets to raiae all blockades which have kept Russian vessels in neutral ports. The French government denies contempla ting 8? nding any expedition te Madagascar, but advices from Toulon show the contrary The Russian Minister of Finance issued a notice on the ith instant, that in consequence of the signing of a treaty of peace, merchant vessels of the Western powers would be ad mitted to Russian ports La Nurd states that the oxchange of ratifi cation- would be effected by the 2(Jth. The ship Red U iuntlet, from Melbourne, reports that the ship Schomberg had gone to pieces. The English money market was but little changed. The funds however, were rather heavy, and foreign securities wero improving W. D. Young, shipowner, and insurance broker of Liverpool, had failed for a larse ?mount. The London corn market was steady. Reports from the manufacturing districts are favorable. TIIE MARKETS. The Liverpool cotton market since the de parture of the Africa, had been steady, and ? rices were firmly maintained. The sales of [onday were 10.0U0 and Tuesday 8 *00 bales. The advices from the United States had no effect on the market. The Manchester market was unchanged and firm. Under heavy arrivals of breadstuff*, wheat and corn were rtther easier Ciood flour was unchanged in price, but inferior Western was neglected. Beef and pork were flat at unchanged rates. Bacon waa in good demand. Lard was offer ing treely at 52a54. Tallow was firm. Consols for money were quoted at the clofe at 93. At the Democratic county convention held at Annapolis on . the 221, instant, reso lutions were passed endorsing the Nebraska Bill, approving of the administration of Pres ided Fierce, and the course of Governor Piatt, and Huns. T. F. Bowie and James A. 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To those ?!-o study, with economy In fashlonsble ar ticles of dres?. 4u opp^itonlty is now offered for selecting from oue of the ni.jst attractive stock of goods In this city, st very reduced price*. *P 1?" FAIR OF THE SIXTH PRE8BY TKRIAN CHURCH ?The Lady man agers of this Fair beg to announce that It will ke continued for the remainder of thia week. '1 hey are thankful for the generou* patronage of the past week, and hope to merit Its continuance Open from 8 to 10* p^m apffl-4t MONTGOMERY GUARDS ATTEN TION ?You are hereby notified to attend at your armory on THURSDAY EVfc NING the 24th inst., for drill. Punctual attendance is called for. By or of ap23 St THOMAS McENIRY, O. S. H WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS, Attention !?You are hereby notified to at tend at your Armory on THURSDAY EVENING next, April t4th, at 8 o'clock precisely. Every member Is required to be pres ent By order: ap?3 2t? JNO BAIN, Captain. ill: ,JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCI ATION.?The Association will meet at Its headquarters, Pa.avenue, between 9th and 10th stmt*, on THURSDAY NIGHT. t oir.e all, as Important btwinf m will wtage st teution DAMEL KATC LIFFa,. ap ?-?t President. . AN ADJOURNED MEETING OP Ihe Apothecaries' A'sociitlon of Ihli citywill be brldoa WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the 23d Instant In tke Aldermen's Cham ber, City Hall, at 8o'clock. Punctual alte?danor Is requested W. H OILMAN, ap _*t Hoc. Secretary Jg JJ ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD? fl fl The Company will meet for drill at their R? ft Armoryon MONDAY and WEDNESDAY N H EVENINGS of each week. The attend an re of everv member In required. By order of the Captain: ap*l-3t CH AS R. BISHOP, O S ^SECOND WARD MEETING ?ALL the Citizens of the Second Ward op posed to the Know Nothing Party are requested to attend a meeting to be held on THURSDAY EVENING. April21th, at 8 o'clock. In the ball over R. Parnham's Bookstore, corner Pa svenoe and 11th street. Delegate* to a Cltv Convention to select a suitable candidate for Mayor will be appointed. All friends of the eaute are invited. ap21-4t U. S. Marshal's Off Ice, April 14, V ? FURTHER indul6knce JL. M M til the 1st May next Is granted to all per sens Indebted to John A. Smith, Cleik of the Cli cult and Criminal Courts of this District, for fee* which accrued in either of said Courts in the yearn 1351, '52, "53, and '54 All accounts then unpaid I must proceed, as directed, to collect ac cording to law. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal, ap 15 Gkirral Land Orvica. April 9, 1*56. ^NOTICE? ALL PERSONS HAV lng books or bound documents belonging to this ollce will please return them wlthoutdelav to west wing of the Patent Oftce building, to which the General Land Ofllce 1a this dav re moved. ap ll-d3Qd AWNINGS ADE BY GEO WILLNER, No. 4?4 Ninth St., bet. D and E. ap 23 lw* US. DITTY AND MISS 1.AN I'II I UK will open SUMMER MILLINERY on Saturday, the 26th Inst. No 311, aecsnd atory, aouth side Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 9th and 10th . irreta. ap 23-4t? ]\TOTirE.-THE PERSON WHO TOOK A IN Blark Silk UMBRELLA from the Orphan*' Fair, on Saturday evtnlng last, will confer a favor by sending it to No. 41? Ninth street, between G and H streets. The umbrella was marked "Com. Ballard, U. 8 N." ap23-lt? Gentlemen are invitedtocall and examine our new assortment of SPR IN O CLOTHS, CAS1 MERES, and VESTING9, re .?eived this day. which we will make to order In the most superior and fashianable manner, at much cheaper rates than the usual city price*. WALL A STEPHENS, ap 23-lt No 312 , 9th and 10th sts ARCHITEC TURAL PLASTER OB NA MENTS OF EVERY STYLE ON REASONABLB TERMS.?Mastic and all kinds of modem finish for the decoration cf the interior and eite rior of Private and Public Buildings. LU NOO NAN A CALLAHAN'S Ornament Shop; Plain and Ornamental Plasterers. 508 Eleventh street, near Pennaylvania avenue, Washington. ap23-lwe ALBATA TEV SETS AT REDUCED PRICES.?Elegant Plated Walters, Cake Baskets, Castors, Albata Forks and Sp^cna. We are now opening a very superior lot of the above goods. Persons in want of these articles will find (hem at much lower rates than usual. M. W. GALT A BRO , ap 23-3t 3 4 Pa. av., bet. 9th and 10th sts. STRAYED?FROM MY RESIDENCE, ON 15th street, between L and M. Thura- 5j\ . day, the 17th inat., a largo bay HORSK ify? The horse may easily be known by a stiffn-Vs ia his hind legs when walking 1 he Under will be liberally rewarded by the subscriber, if returned to mv stable, 15th street, between L and M apPMf BAZ1L patterson. DIAMOND JEWELRY JUST OPENED A BEAUTIFUL ASSORT iu?nt of rich DIAMOND JEWELRY, con sisting of? Brooches, Bracelets, Ear aad Finger Rings, Crosses. Studs, Ac Also, full sets of Enamel Paintings, Cameos, Lavas, Florentine Mosaics, and Conu. All of the abovs we are selling at low price*. If. W. GALT A BRO., ap23-3t Pa av., bet 9th and 10th streets. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OP CO PART NER SHI P. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between Peter M. Pearson and Chas W. Davis, conducted in the name of "Peter M. Pearsou A Co.," has been dissolved bv limita tion. Richard H. Laskkt, Attorney at Law In whose possession the Bosk* have been placed, is authorized to settle up the business of the late firm, and all persons indebted to it are requested to make payment to him. P. M PKAREON, ap 23-3t CHAS. W. DAVIS. SPRINU SUPPLIES. WE HAVE RECEIVED OUR SPRING supplies of BOOTS AND SHOES for ladies, misses ai:d children, gents , boys and youths Our stock ia large andf well aborted in all Its bianchea, frcm the t>est manufacturers of New York and Phlladel hi a. dies black GAITERS osly SI Gents, blaek ard colored GAITERS only S2 So Abo, asupclor assortment of TRUNKS AND CARPET bAGS, which will be dhpcs>d of at a small advance Call early and examine cur assortment. A. HOOVER A SON, South side Pa. avenue, bet. 6th acd 7th sts. ap2i-eo6t (OrganAl ntel) tS! A CARD. Having been transferred from the Treatury to the Liquor De- AF\ ? par'me?.t, corner E and 7th streets, am prepared to furnish my friendsOL^?^ and the community generally with Philadelphia, Reading and Baliimore Ale; a choice gla?s of Braudv, old Bourton and Old Rye. Ft r break fa t to morrow?Egg Rolls, Waffles, Freah But ter. Broiled Com Shad, Porter house Steak, ten der and fat, H?t French Coffee, Radish Ac. Dinner from It a m, to 12 at night, of Boi!ed Rock. Egg Sau; e. drawn Butter. Walnut Cat.-up, thin hot coin Moe Cakes, Veal Soup wi h Aspar agus, tenderChicken Pot Pie richly seasoned. As flee Oysters as ever came to Washington served iu every style Call a?d judge for yourselves. N. B?Looked for dally, Spring Chickens, to be filed in Cream and Parsley; ai.d Roast Lamb with Green Peas. WANTED?An active Restaurant Cook, that can fry Oysters and broil a steak A pply to ap23 ?tr R. E. WHITLOCK. INDIA atBBKR TUCK, SIDE, PUFF, acd Dressing COMBS. Also. Buffalo Tuck Combs, new patterns, and very cheap at ap *2-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. Found?in the war department Building, on the 91st inst , a small POODLE DOG. (feminine,) apparent i ly a pet of some nousahold The owner can recover the taite by applying at 23* I street, ap 22-lw* A COUNTER AND GLASS CASES PUR Sale. ?In crnsequenceof wishing to enlarge our store and make rrom for an Immense stock cf Boston Pianos, we offer for sale, very low, a >arge COUNTER and one or twoflne SHOW CASES Remember, at 308, the Piano and Music kstab Ishraentof JOHN F. ELLIS. ap 22 E. OWEN A SON, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT Tailor, No 212 Pa avenue; having made a very la their Spring' an respectfully Invite their friends and cus toniers to call and examine. ap '?2-dSw (1IFTS LAMMOND'S, 494 SEVENTH at. M i? the place to buy Fanry Articles and Toys suitable for presents ap 22-31 Fresh Saratoga water just re ceived this day. For sale by S B WAITE, Apothecary anl Druggist, Next door to McGregor's, 7th s*reet. Ktheieal Oil at 54 tents a gallon. ap *2-lw N HAND AND ON THE WAY?150 dcz. Fresh CONGRESS WATER, dl?e*t from 4o vi2 ra avenue, naving _ a. irge and choice addition to id Summer s'ock of Goods, OA vite their friends and cus O the Spring. Sent to any part of the city free of expense for carriage. Apply at W. H. OILMAN'S Prescription Store, cor. Pa avenue ap 22-3t and 4y street. DOR B OST O N?The SCHOONER RIO f GRANDE has arrived and will have Ai. quick dispatch for the above port. a&2? For FREIGHT apply to hartley A BROTHER, ap 22-3t 101 Water st., Georgetown. SHAD AND HERRING "ALIVE.*' Dealers and families desirous of procuring the best SHAD or HERRING for raiting caoMIB^ have them delivered at market prices, immedi ately upon being caught, by leaving their orde s at the Union Land Ofllce, 7th street above Odd Fellows'Hall, or at the Ashing shore adjoining the Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they can be obtained alive ap 22-lm* PARASOLS 1?PARASOLS!! X A Just received from the Manufacturer Ml 300*.PARASOLS In every qoallty ar.d tlze, ? and for <?!e veiy cheap by \VM. R. RILEY, , apS-la Cor. Mil ?t., opp. Centre Market AMUSEMENTS. KUNKEL * CO LF**rF? JOHN T FORD ttOLK MANAGKR ' JOS* JEFFERSON STA?E MANAtiLR P KICK* or iDMIUIOI. Boxes and Parquet ,Vi f*nU Family Circle and Galleries a c<^u No extra charge for reserved seats. LAST SIGHT OF THE SEW FLAT* THIS EVENING, APRIL S3, Kr. james w. wallack, Jr. Will appear for the third and last time labia new Historical Drama of LEON, THE IRON MASK. Loon, afterwards the I ron M ask ....Mr Wallack ^ To con :lude with the ?? M A * O 0 R ft A !?? By Mad CIOCCAand Mona H MONPLARIR l?7" The Box Short for the sale of Reserve* Beats will b? open every day of this week ORce hours between Di.m and 5pm ap it- it THE SECOHD AJTITTTAL COHCIET~ or TBB UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION Will be given AT THE SM1THSOS1ASISSTITVTIOS, Ob MONDAY K V E >1NG, May i. f|1HE PROG RAM MK WAS BEEN SELECT A ed with care, embracing a variety of pcpnlar CHORUSES. QUARTETTES. TRIOS, ASD OBLIbtTO SOLOS, which will be rendered with Orchestral Accona panhuent. The Crncert will be under the t irectlcn cf Mr. J. H. DANIEL. Conductor of the Association Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS; to be had at the principal book and mus'c stores 1X7" As no money can be received at the door of the Institution, persons who design attend ir? the Concert are requested to secure tickets in a<T vance. ap 4* eo FIJI EM B >' I' 6 RAND BALL. SECOND ANHITEB8ABY BALL or tkb WESTERN HOSE CO., No. L THE COMPANY RESPECTFULLY AN. ncucce to their friends and tbe pub lic, that they will glw their SECOND ANNIVERSARY BALL on THURS DAY EVENING, April 24th. 1* the WASHINGTON ASSEMBLY ROOMS The general satisfaction our fouiier bans bare heretofore given, and the entire success attending them, imprest* us with renewed energy. and we pledge ourselves to make this Ball one of the brightest that has everglte? brightness to the his tory cf Balls. No exertions will be spared that may contribute to enjoyment and pleasure of those who may too or us with their pres nee. Supper and Refreshment* will be furnished by an experienced caterer Scott's favorite Cotillon Bai.d besbten engaged for the occasi-n No Hats or Caps will be allowed In the hail, except those worn by the Firemen Tickets ONE DOLLAR; admitting a gentle and ladles. P. 8.?The object of this Br.lllstoaid the Com pany in building tbelr new H?s? Hens*. en 23d street, wh*r: rr have purchased a lot and haw one story up We appeal to the generous public. Commtltet of A^rnng?? m> nt?. Win. Rlnrlx*. r. T. Wlleon, P. Ha*er y. B. B Booth, Wm. Del! away, A. T Betdle Mnnngers on part of the Firemen J A Ta.t, J Sander*. H Bo4i*i, 8 B D'Oj'a**, J McPermott, J 8'iter, K E Doyle, * M BirkMd, W Brews Mamgert on fart of tke Citixtnt. Ho? J T Tow.r., W. H?(jder*< n, Dr Hon J l> Hoover, J T M?rr. Wm Owroll, K Clark, Gen BcCalla 0 Souela. W T Dot*, C (i.nllrr, B Wallacfc, W B Majrruder, Ovl Ra?'it, W Lwi, Dr Miller, CaptainTl.em, D Bade I'lie, Wm Ballf, Mamr Denny. P B Bay, J B Tnrton, W W Corcoran, J M Carllle. C Abert, E Blcf*, Judje Crawford. E Enller, W Wata< r. Capt Carrlnjt^n, O Kraft, r Waiaou. J B Bradley, B Random. Cap! Meira, Dr Buaay. Col D C Lm, 8 Bad fern. I) Wallack, J Tate Dr A D Darts, J L Bidet. ap IS Monster Spring Arrival! AT THE Original Dry Goods nnd Shoe Enipcrinm. Great Inducements to Cash Buyers RB HALL, No. 373 SEVENTH STREET, ? haa returned from the Ncbtbbbx Mab* k ets. where he selected from the latest importa tions. and is now prepared to exhibit, for public inspection, the Laesebt, most tabibb. TH"S oush complete, and CHEAP STOCK OF GOODS ever offered In this market DRESS GOODS ?Tbe greatest attention has been paid to the selection of this class, so as to combine elegance, neatness, and permanent col on. Uandecme Plaid Sllka, Tfta L i lie*' beat Bid Glove*, >4c Wide Black bilk. fcO 811k G'.oree. only 12 M^na de Lalnea, only sc I.tale Tbre-d (jlorea. sc 1*1 na De Bare. ISo Hon- and half Bnee, Plaid Gingham. Sc H? b Plaid Rlbl..;.*, only ?'* totted Swiae ktuallit, lie Ueat*. 811k Handkerchief*. T -C Branch Gingham.lie,worth !& Boy* Silk l>? onl. 15c KmbM Curtain tloglin. 13c Colored border Do only *c Bleached and anbleacbed Cot- l.iaau 81 l?t B"eoi.ia. Rc ton, 6c worth 10 hpool Cotton, IV per d<?ea Irlah Ll jen, only J&c Handsome atrlped Cambric, Linen Tovele, Sc for cat i ace lining, only 1*<~ Infanta' embroidered Bodie', M pi^c?<* f??t colored ?c, worth T? 6-, wklcli taosld be r?ry t'nder?l*e\e?, only lie cheap at ISc I'nbleached Cotton, ic Good aeaortment of Woollen Genu. Silk Cravat*, lie l inen and Black Lace reils. Be Cotton ttouli, for bay* wear CALICOES, forbesuty of design, quality, f .st Colo's, and moderate prices car not hoaurpes>e<t BONNETS, FLATS. GenUemen s snd Chil dren's HATS are elegant and faxhionable A beautiful selection hao been made at reduced prices. CARPETINGS, MATTINGS. Floor, Sta'r and Table OIL CLOTHS at a small advance on manufacturers price* BOOTS AND SHOES, a full and desirable stock. Care has been taken to select a c ass cf each 'hat will give satlsfar tlon The objects ob tained in this line are durability and style. La die* Slippers 37 cents; Ladios line Gaiters SI, Wunh SI SO; Children's Shoes only IS cents; Gentlemen's fine La-tings*hoe* SI 50,worth S'J an endles* variety of Ladles' Gentium ns', Bovs' and Children's GAITERS AND FANCY SHOES of the newest styles, at very low pries Buying my goods 1* Urst h'tndf, and selling for cash only, 1 am enaMed to sell at wholesale or retail every description of ^roods, at about or.e profit lower than thev are generally aold Those who pay cash fcr their goods will find It g'eitly to their advantage to visit my extensive establish ment. It will afford us great pl?asuM lothtw you our gocds, and s??U tlem if we cau Don't fail to examine our stock tnd prices be fore making your purchases All goods purchased at this establishment Hi?v be returned if not as repretented R B HALL. No. 373 Seventh street, four doors alwe 1 ap 18-01 Offffcn W ? K T M O* eEuRGKTOff N WOW CORPORATION STOCK for sale b> E K. LUNDY, Bp 22 128 Bildgest , Georgetown^ ^lOLM-ON THE NIGHT OF THE PTH ^ or 10th instant, frrrn a rcom at Wll lards' Hotel, a GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN. The Watch was made by Vacheron A Gonstan'ine, Geneva, and '.*4 numbered (15 us3. The Gold Chain is lei^ and massive, wi'h a contacting slide, and is meant to he worn armnd the neck. They were the dym* fift of a valued Mend, and are tbe efore pr ;ed y the owner far above their money value TtS person who haa them mav retain tbe inrner s'o len at the time, and no questions will be asked tf the Watch and Chain are returned to PURSER RITTEN HOUSE, in Georgetown. D C ap *?-3t Notice. ?The subscrFbers have this day entered into copartnership, under the firm of T. J . A W M, for tbe purpose of conducting tie WOOD AND COAL BUSI NESS Possessing every facility, tbeyrr* prepared to rxecute promptly and at the lowtst ia'.as, otders for all kinds of Wood and Costl TH09 J.6ALT, WM M.tiALT, apSl-3t llfficN NN corner l?th ar.d C sis This is to ?ite notice, that the subscriber has obtained frrm tbe Orphan* Court of Washington county. In tie Dlst let (f Columbia, letters of administration on tie per sonal estate of Edward Godey, late of Washing ton county, deceased. A'l perbotis bavlogc^aln s agaimt tie said dtcanted are terrby warned to exhibit tbe san e wittt vouchers tbereo to th? subscriber on or before the I5ih dsv if Anil next, or they m y otherwise by law be excluded from aN the benefit of the aaid eaiate Given under my hand ttls 15th day of April, 1656 JACOB STaUB. ap 1<-W3t AdPilninra??r__ ?mahule mantels: ARBLE MAN T ELS AT NORTH 1 FN PRICES?The subscriber has f< r a*<e ? choice assortme tof I'Uin and Ornamental "* " lan Mailtle MANTEL* of the newtet p?t'^r! * and supeiior tnlsh, wh'ch he has detern-im a ?<> dispose cf at as low prices as can b-j [i cbr?<l " any of the Northern cities Person* d slrp'-" '* purcha?ing will find It to their advaktsLC l' ?l JACOB VEIUMLYFS, Marule nnd Brown f tone Yr.rd .Cfc 1!>I ap l?-BMWSt? Corner C sti??< & M