Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ""local intelligence. Cosoressioral Proceedings or District Interest.?In the Senate, yesterday, a com munication was received from the Commis sioner of Public Buildings, made in com pliance with a resolution of the 5th ult., di recting that officer to ascertain and report to the Senate at what price certain lots belong ing to private individuals could be purchased within certain named limits; and directing bim also, where he may tbink the sum asked is excessive, to note the amount of that ex cess in his report. The Commissioner gives a detailed state ment of all the lots and parts of lots in squares >'os. 575 and 576, and in reservation 12?show ing the number of square feet in each lot, the value per foot, the assessed value, the value of improvements on each, and the estimated va'ue. The Commissioner informs us that a quin quennial assessment is required of every de ecription of property; each assessor, before entering on his duties, to take an oath to be governed by what, according to his best judg ment, shall be the cash value of the property at the time of assessment; that the last assess ment was made two years ago, and that the average increase of the value since that pe riod, be learns from competent judges, has risen about fifty per oent. The estimated value of all the lots in squares 57d and 576 and in reservation 12 is S379 259 ; the price demanded is 5604,382 Twenty seven owners ef property In these squares and reservation fix the above valuation, and sev enteen other owners have signed a paper agreeing to the passage of a law for the con demnation of property under the usual form" This document was referred to the Commit tee on the District of Columbia and ordered to be printed In the House, a communication was re ceived from the First Comptroller of the Treasury, containing the information called for by the resolution of the 17th instant, re questing "the Secretary of the Treasury toin lorm the House what amount of money has been paid from the National Treasury for costs in criminal cases and on warrants to prevent breaches of the peace in the District of Colum bia for the year ending March 30, 1855, and whether, ia his opinion, any legislation is necessary to protect the Treasury against un just claims on account of such costs." [The Comptroller says that inasmuch as the 1'nited States Marshal, whose duty it is to disburse the amount required for legal charges attendant upon the administration of justice in the District of Columbia, renders his ac counts semi-annually for the terms ending reipectively on the 3'Kh of June and the 3lst of December the entire year of 1855 is select ed, as the information cannot be given for the period designated in the resolution. Statement of costs for 1855. Marshal S3 389 55 Attorney. 5,325 00 Clerk, (December term not returned) 4,275 27 JurOrs 4,547 50 Witnesses 3,946 40 Jail, guards, and all other costs... .14,176 12 Contingencies 1,450 64 Support of prisoners 4,1S2 34 Magistrates costs bills 10.101 64 Constable? 10,486 20 $61,880 66 In regard to future legislation to protect the Treasury against unjust claims on account of such costs, the Comptroller deems it proper to say that the subject has been considered by the Secretary ol the Interior, and that he has conferred with the Judiciary Committee in the matter.] The paper? were referr? d to the Committee on the Judiciary and ordered to bo printed. Among the Senate amendments to the de ficiency bill, agreed to yesterday in the House, were the following . 44 For filiing up and draining the grounds in the vicinity of the National green-houses, known as the Botanic Garden, and for walling the creek which passes through the same, five thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. 44 For continuing the grading and planting with trees the unimproved portions of the mall, ten thousand dollars 14 For repairing old portion of the Patent Office building, constructing water-closets therein, and casual repairs of the east wing of said building, four thousand dollars. 44 For fi nishing the portico and exterior of the west wing of the Patent Office building, to pay the reservations due, put up iron rail ing, and lay down the necessary flagging and pavements, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars." The Board or Common Cornell, met on Monday evening at the usual hour. Mr. Bob layer was the only member absent. Mr McKean presented the petition of C. W B teler an>l ethers, asking the grading and paving of the alley in square No. 570: re ferred to improvements committee. Mr. Turton, from improvements committee, reported without amendment the bill from the Aldermen for paving an alley in square 517; passed. Also, from the same committee, reported the bill from the same Board to repair the paved alley in square No. 254, in the Second Ward; passed Also, fr m the same committee, reported the bill from the same Board, with an amend ment, authorizing a gravel (ootwalk to be made on the south side of F street south, from Ninth to Tenth streets west; nassed. Also, introduced a bill authorising the ex tension of the alley in square No 452 and for grading and paving the same; passed. Mr tLuff. from poliee committee, reported the bill from the Aldermen making appro priations for cleaning the alleys, Ac., in the different Wards. Mr. AtLee moved to amend the bill by striking our the words 44 Sixth Ward," and inserting '? Seventh Ward ," agreed to ; and the bill, as amended, passed. Mr T fr in police committee, reported the bill from the Aldermen to prevent fa^t driving over bridges ; passed Also. from the same committee, reported the bill from the same Board in relation to the deposite of the 4' night soil" of the Sev enth Ward Mr Lloyd moved that the bill be laid over f.r further consideration; agreed to. Mr Huff, frvm poire committee, reported the bill from the Aldermen " regulating the sale of poisona within the limits of the city." On the third reading of the bill the yeas and nays resulted as follows ; Yeas?Messrs. Abert, AtLee, Baldwin. Ball, Bayne, Fi*her. Fuller, Jefferson Lloyd, Mo Cutchen, McKean. Orme, Peters, Pumphrey, Ruff. Turton. Yenable,and the President?18. Nays?Messrs Towles and Walker?2. The bill was then read the third time and pissed Mr Fisher presented the petition of Hugh Diwling, praying for the remission of a tine ; referred to claims committee. Mr. AtLe% from public schools committee to which the subject had been referred, re ported a bill providing means for repairs to the public school house near the Obseivatory ; passed Mr Ball presented the petition of John A Rufl and others, asking certain improvements in square No. 4oJ ; referred to improvements Committee Mr Baldwin presented the petition of J. P Ingle and others, asking for the filling up of an alley in square No. 732; referred to im provements committee. The President laid before the Board a com municator lr m Samuel K. Douglas. Register, transmitting, in compliance with a re.'oluti >ii of this B- ?r 1 of M ?rch 24th, 1?56, detailed statements of the receipts and expenditures f 'he 1-irst and Second Ward?, from July 1st '"'?1 to March 1st. 1b5o; severally referred to,'he delegation* of the wards specified. fcinc joint resolution from the Aldermen au thoring the Mayor and a joint committee to examine certain pumps was referred to im proT^m.-nts committee. The amendment of the Aldermen to the bill for grading and gravelling Fourth street, east **? concurred in. * Tfct j ,int resolution from the same Board in relation to making W.i?ninjrton a port of en try was passed The bill* from the same Board for the relief ?f F A lLtger and L. Godfrey wore refer.el to tha iine committee. Ib* mo ?ndment of the s.imt Board to the j?i't re intiun in relation to the grade of <J *r*ti a . a between X wen ty-first nad I wen ty-sixth street*, making it a concurrent in stead of a joint resolution, was agreed to. The bill from the same Board making an appropriation for the improvement of the cul vert under Second street east was passed. Mr. Lloyd introduced a joint resolution in reference to the election 01 Commissioners of Elections; passed. Mr. McKean introduced a bill to amend the act to establish a Board of Health; referred to police committee The joint resolution from the Aldermen, asking Congress to establish a House of Refuge, whioh had been laid over for further consid eration, was next taken up. Mr. McCutchen moved its indefinite post ponement ; agreed to. The Beard then adjourned. More Burglarier ?Last night about elev en o'clock, the large grocery store of Messrs. Middleton A Beall was entered by burglars, and a small amount of money stolen. They effected an entrance by forcing the basement door with a butcher's clcaver, and climbed into the store through a trap door This was .1 bold undertaking. The store is situated on Pennsylvania avenue, immediately opposite the National Hotel, and the robbers selected an hour of the night when crowds of persons are moving about in that vicinity. Thecleaver used to force the door was left in the store, and had not been identified this morning. About 2 o'clock the store of Mr. Stewart, corner of Twelfth and H streets, was entered, but the robbers were frightened off by a m?n who was sleeping in an adjoining room. At this plaee they forced a padlock on the out side and a .'tore lock on the inside of the door. They overhauled the desk and money drawer, but obtained nothing for their pains National Theatre.?Mr. Wallack will ap pear to-night for the third and last time in his new historical drama of " The Iron Mask." This play is pronounced by those competent to judge, to be one of the most thrilling pieces ever put upon the stage ; and Mr. Wallack's fiersonation of Leon as a mo*t masterly per ormance. Those who have been prevented by bad weather or other causes from witnessing the able manner in which he sustains this arduous part should, by all means, avail themselves of the opportunity to-night The performances conclude with the popu lar "Mazourka" by the French dancers. Orphans' Fair ?Carusi's Saloon was, last night, literally crammed with visitors to the fair, and to comply with the reauest there so universally expressed, and by tne politeness of Mr. Carusi, the ladies will continue it to day and to-morrow. The fair was overshad owed last week by concerts and operas, and the rain of Monday completely interfered with it But it must most positively be closed after tc.-morrow night?the room being en gage 1 for other purposes. We would again Iask for the ladies tho patronage never hereto fore refused them Trial ?Yesterday, John Hodgkin was triod before Justice Smith on a charge of assault and battery on L W Butte. It was charged that Mr liodgkin struck Mr Butts on the head with a weapon known as a " billy." The de fence showed that Butts had drawn his hand over Hodgkin:s face several times, and had been told by Hodgkin if he repeated the act be wculd " knock him in the head." Justice Smith dismissed the case on tho ground thac Butts had committed the first assault. False Alarms.?Two alarms of fire were given last night, both false, and given proba bly to excite a collision between fire compa nies. Two attempts were made to get up riots, one in the First Ward the other in the Second The promptness of the guards and police officers prevented any serious conse quences. Watchman Mockabce arrested a man who appeared to be a little too anxious for a row, and in the scuffle lost his short club, the watchman's weapon. The prisoner got away and the crowd dispersed. Assault a?d Batter v.?Yesterday, a little afair occurred near the National Hotel which called fur the interference of an officer. Mr I a&c Ross, of the Auxiliary Guard, wascalled in, and in his efforts to quiet the disturbance, received a blow from Mr. R. L Fay. Mr. Fay was taken before Justice Morsell, who committed him, and subsequently released him on security for peace. It was a small matter, but caused a large crowd to assemble in the neighborhood. The New Firm of Potentini A Zitell have entered upon the confectionery and restau rant business in fine stjle, at their establish ment, 279 Pennsylvania avenue. Their ar rangements for supplying supper, ball, and wedding parties, promptly and handsomely, are complete ; and we oannot do such of cur readers as may need any thing in this line a greater Fervice than to recommend them to M essrf. Potentini <fc Zitell. Haying upon the heels ov a Snow Storm. The singular spectacle was presented yester day in our city of snow laying upon the high grounds in the vicinity of the city at the same time that laborers were mowing grass on the triangular reservations. We learn that con siderable snow fell out Rockville way. Is the clerk of the weather aware that this is the 23d of April' Hardware and Building Materials of excellent quality ani at fair prices may be had at the establishment of Messrs Sibley k Guy . also, fishing tackle of every variety, af fording a complete fit out for the angler. Their supply of water coolers, refrigerators, <t<* , is also complete and at accommodating prices. See advertisement. Supreme Coirt?Yesterdsy?No. 92 The Vnited States, appellants, r*. Crui Cervantes. The argument of this cause w^s continued b* Mr. Wm Carey Jones for the Appellee and concluded by Mr. Attorney General Cushing for the appellants. Adjourned. FiGnTixo.?Peter Bcheell and John Beline were arrested last night by Officer Gittings for fighting on the Avenue. They were taken be fore Justice Hollingshead, who held thim to security for peace. Mr P. J Steers, merchant tailor, 485 Seventh street, has in a full stork of new spring goods, of choice and desiiable styles. Watch Retcr.ns.?The only case for trial this morning was Louisa Jefferson, colored, drunk in the street. She was sent to the workhouse this morning by Justice Hollings head. H !>?-- ? ?? H - J?! UAHKIKU, On the 22d Instant, by the Rev. John F. Aiken Mr. THOMAS LAMBERT, of Washington, to Miss ROSETTA COLLINS, of George own (Bait Sun copy) _ * OIK O* On t_e 2Td instant, at 0 o'clock a. in., LUKE RICHARDSON, aged 72 y?ars, a native of Lin colnshire,, but for the last forty years a resident of Washington His funeral will take place to morrow (Thurs day) at 3 p m., from the ret.1 lence of his una in law James Goddard, L street, between 13th and it.h streets. ? At Annapolis, on the 21st instant, in tha 11th year of her a*e. MARY ALICE, eldest daughter of Professor Joseph E Nourse. On the 21st instant, Mrs HANNAH K.,wife of Beujamin A. Thorn, In th- 16th year of her age TO THE PUBLIC. THE UNDERTAKING BUSINESS HERE ti fore carried on by the late r Jam** F Harvey, will be contln ued by his widow Mr tiEORGE HARVEY, (brother of my de ceased husband) has been engaged to conduct aid manage the business, and In fe lly authorized to act In the premises. The public may be assured that every attention will fee given fo the basinets as former! y. F UN EKAL CALLS attended to at all hours cf the day and night. MARIA E HARVEY, ap2l-2w 410 Seventh street. CLOTIl DRKSMPie AND OYE1NG ES TABLISHMENT. 'PHE SUBSCRIBER HAVING RE-ESTAB 1 lished bl.nself In the above business la pre pared to DYE SUk, Merino, and Dela'ne Ureases, silk, Dama-ik and Merino Curtains; Crape and vi erino Shawls dyed or bleached lients' Coats, Pan *, Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L J. DENBA.M, \o '19 so'-th side Pa avenue, between 12th and loth rrwi, opposite Gautier's Confectionery apll-la* ? ? | w WANTS. WANTED?AT NO. 364 G STREET, near 15th street, two white servant girls, one for washing. Ironing, chamber, and general housework, a smaller one for a waiter and seem sirens. Best recommendations required. ap23-3l* ANTED ?BOARD IN A PRIVATE i ^ a youne man who can give unex ceptional references as t o character Those living between Pennsylvania avenue and H street north and 4jf and 12 streets west, having the above ac commodation?, will please address H S city Poet Offlcc. ap22 3t? "l^ANTED TO PURCHASE?BY A GEN vv tleman residing In Missouri, a servant wo man. She must be a good cook and washerwo man. and not over thirty-five years old. and must be of trustworthy character In all respects. She Is wanted as a confidential family servant. None will suit except one that can appreciate the value of a permarent home in a kind family. The ad vertiser will not buy one that will be thus sepa rated from her husband or children, but will make no objection to buying a daughter with the mother, If the latter hes such a single child. Ad dress. at once, box No 13 Star Office; or, for fur ther particulars persons having a suitable servant to dispose of may enquire at the counter of the Star ottlce ap21-3t WANTED?A YOUNG LADY TO AT tend in a Store, Good recommendations required. Address " A B" at this office, name and residence. ap 19 WHITE OR COLORED COOKS, CHAM bermalds, Nurses, Ac , furnishing satis factory recommendations, rray always find good situations ; and persons having Houses or Rooms to Kent can be supplied with good tenants, by calling at B AKER S General Agency and Con veyancing Office. Columb'a Place, corner 7th st. and Lrulsiana avenue, No. 6 second storv. ap 17-lw WANTED ? WAN TE D?WAN TED?TO find persons in war.t of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glaspes Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or sqtiare Oil Paintings, lar^e and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In brenze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any sl7e Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Sracketts, suitable for shelving, fcc., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for ca*h. N.B.?Old Work Regilt,and Looking Glass Plate* inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR SALE AND RENT. [See first fag' fcr other Rent and Sal* no ices ] For sal e?stock, fixtures and Good Will of a Family Grocery, doing a good business Store Room for sale or ren^. Terms llbral Address "Grocer," City Post Office ap 23-eo3t* For sale ?i will sell at private sale, a two story and attic Frame House and Lot; also a vacant Lot adjoining, situated on r;th street west, be ween M and N streets, No 331 The House contains 7 room . with an excellent dry cellar Any person desiring a comfortable and pleasint residence, will do well call and examine the prlmise*. Terms very accommoda ting [ap23-lw*] JAS T. FERRY. Dwelling house to let. ?that large and well finished Dwelling-house tit j ated on I street north, between Sixth and Seventh strettswest thre- stories end basement, contain ing fifteen rooms, with all the modern improve ments, such ks hot air furnace, gas, cooking range, hot and co'.d vater In bat room, kitchen and pantry, a pim p of good wa'er in ?ht kitchen, two porticos. A<; To a careful and punctual tenant the rent wnl be very moderate. Inquire of the undersigned, No. 6i Louisiana avenue. ?P23-''U J H. GODDARD, J. p. For rent?a desirable summer residence on the comer of C and 10th streets, east of the Capitol. The house contains five rooms and passage, milk house and pump of water at the door. And a large garden with fruit trees of various kinds. Also for rent, a small frame house one mile and a half from the Anacostla bridge, which can be had on the most reasonable terms. Apply to L. L. BALDWIN, corner of 10th and B streets East. ap 22_3t* VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE, CON tainiag P0 acres, situated ^ mile east of the Rcckvllle Turnpike Road, and 2# from Wrsh lngton city. It Is well watered, and on it a good supply of lire wood and young orchard The im provements are a small frame'dwelling and sta ble. It posserses ell the advantages lequisite to make a garden of great value, or a dairy farm, and a pi. a ant residence The terms will be iuadeeasy Apply to POLLAKD WEBB, No. 512 Seventh street, opposite National Intelllgen cer Office. ap 22-rf FOR SALE?ONE BUILDING LOT ON the corner of Virginia avenue and B street south, between 12th and 13th streets For further infor mation apply on the premise*. ap 22-lw* BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE?A VA riety of Building Lots in all parts of the city, at reasonable price* and on accommodating terms. Enquire of ttoe subscriber at John E. Kendah's office, rext door to W. B Todd's, Hat Store, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room ap21-ec3m DAVID MYERLE. FOR RENT?A LARGE THREE-STORY brick house on Fa*t Capitol street, nearly opposite the residence of B. B French, E?q. Apply to the subscribers at their Lumber Yard, corner of 26th and D streets ap21-eolw. H. A J. W. EASBY. FO R R KNT-A BRICK COTTAGE IN the West End, near the corner of 18th and H streets, with a fine enclosure, con vet i en t out buildings, an 1 handsomely furnished Applvat the premises. ap2l-eo>t For rent ?several of those de llghtful country residences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having been put in thorough repair, are now for rent at the low price t-f 3150 a year. For beauty of location and healthiness of situ alio ., these residences pre unsurpassed, offering as they do, ex raordirary inducemer.ts to all who prefer the salubrit y of country air to the sultriness and dust of the city Distance from tne Post Office a mile and a quarter. Apply to WM. STICKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Green. ______ ap21-lw 1 BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?THREE Bed Rooms handsomely furnished and lighted with gas. Meals can be h d at any hour. ApplyatC. GAUTIER'S Restaurant, Pennsyl vania avenue, No. 252. ap 17-6t BOARDING. Boarding ?mrs cudlipp, No 427 pa. avenue, opposite United States Hotel, will have several large front rooms vacant on the first of May. which she would like to fill wi'h fami lies or slng'e g?ntlemen. ap'J3 3t* BOARDING ?ONE LARGE ROOM, hand somely furnished, on the first floor, and one large front room 1n the second stcry, furnished or unfurnished, with or without board Also, two single rooms for gentlemen Table boarders can be accommodated on reasonable terms A Izrge yard is attached to the house, nuking it desira ble for a family with children. Apply to 168.10th street, between D and E, east side, ap 9-2w* Board,Ac ?mrs. bates.on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and !Hh street ispreparedtoaccommodategentleruen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap 6?If ELEGANT FLOOR OIL-L'LOTHS. JUST RECEIVED AND ON SALE? 10 sheets heavy and superior Ol L-CLOTH9, in rich Tapestry, Mosaic Pave, Oak Pannel. Fresco, and Encoustic Tit e patterns, which will be cut up for all sized rooms, haiis, or passages, as per diagram, at low prices Also, 30 sheets 12 and 6 feet wide do, very low priced, in beautiful colors and patterns Also, 200 rolls superior heavy and firm-bodied CANTON MATTING, 'in 3 4, 4 4, 5 \ and 6 4 widths, and White, Red, Cuecked,and Fancy Colors, in double extra Nankin, extra Gowqua ! marking and Toshing brands. We can safely assert that the first two kinds above-named, are the best goods of the kind ever ?fl'ered for sale In this market They were made to order, are warranted, and will be sold very low. ap2l-?o3w CLAGETT, DOD3QN A CO. PLEGANT AND VERY CHEAP CAR petinga.?Just received frcrn late auctions In New York, and now for sale? 50 pieces superb three cord Tapestry Bruisels CARPtSTINGS. which will he sold at SI - 12)f, worth 81 50 5 bales Imperial Three-ply do Double Ingrain, as rich and durable as three ply and much cheaper 2" do all wool, at62^ a 76 cts., worth cents and 91 20 bales Cotton Chain wool filling, rich colors and patterns, at 37* and 50 cents, worth 50 to 75 cents 10 do heavy List end Rag do., very cheap 8 da heavy Hemp Carpeting, extremely cheup j ALSO? | 4 do VELVET RUGS, very rich and cheap 2 do assorted DOOR MATS 30 do 3 4, 4 4 5 4, and 0 4 heavy cocoa i MATS, very cheap. ap41-*#t CLAGETT,DODSUN A CO. J AUCTION SALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auction*?. [T^RESERVEDSALEOF FCRNITTTkk, fir 2** Cr*5kerT *?<? ?!??? W?r?, *e * ?* p?b,ic Aaetlen, th. mil !, t,;.a Storekeeper dulinin* rniiieu? ln,JvHURSD,AY MORNING, April 24th, at 9 w< ??11, in front of oar auction room. a*oc<1 assortment of Furniture, Groceries, Ac , consisting In ?art of? ' ' Wardrobe*.Softs, Lounges, Toilet Tables Dressing and Plain Bureaes, Sideboards Sa"^ni^cd.--at Cba,r*. Rockers Feather Beds, Bedsteads Hair and husk Mattresses BruFseU, Three-piy and Ingrain Carpets To^h^I^81^ G[a,1^w*re. 'arce assortment Together with a stock ?f Groceries, an J about-JO barrels cf Apples, Cider Vinegar, Ac. >n0. lt wall, barnard a CO , ap^~U Auctioneers.

ttALKy?r\?yjREI'KR- Auctioneer N^wf'th1' fit10 ?'clock a "1,1 ?hal! i?U,?t No .133, situated on the north side of D street, be h"wV' ,atnd Bth' 8 larSe collection cf House hold Furniture, consisting In part of? Handsome walnut Parlor Suits, covered with brc cateiie Mahogany Sofas, arm and rocktr Chairs Gilt frame Mirrors, mahogany Chairs Mahogany and ether Bedsteads Walnut extension dining Tables China, GJass and Crockery Plated Castors, block tin Cha g Dish* s WashBtand?^*1118 Bureau"> wardrobes Superior Feather Beds, Bedding Hair and shuck Mattresses, Toilet Seta Handsome sets of Cottage Chamber Furnilu;e S oves, parlor and ehamber Cnrnetin" Kitchen Furniture Cocking Requisites, large rooking Stove Ac. nfMjft?']11 and'ln(1?rca8l>i over ?30 a credit or <w and 9.) days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing Interest. ?P23-gt C. W. BOTELER, Auct. ^T11(? Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. CJTOCR OF A RETAIL OROCERY AND Mfi!i2i2r?S!?r? at Auction.?On FRIDAY MORNING. April 545th. at 10 oclcck, I shall sell the stock and fixtures ?r the Grocery and Liquor Store situated on Maryland avenue, one door east of llth street south. (the flig will designate the place,) cornorislng In part? Crushed. pound, and brown Sugars Java, K io, and burnt Ccllee Teas, Ric?*, Pepper. Ac., Ac. Also, a fine Platform Scale One Refrigerator, nearly new A fine lot of Bottles, Liquors. Ac. _?P23-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By W ALL. BARN'ARD A CO , Auctioneers ptKt.MPTORV SALE OF COTTAGE ? Residence At Public Auction. ?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 1, at iy o'clock, In front of the premises, wo will sefi Lots E and F, in square aWl, subdivision, on 4 k street, between K and L streets, west side, im proved with a beautiful two story and attic frame Cottage, nearly new, not having been built over eighteen months, lt contains seven rooms, pan tries, Ac. The location is good, and in a fast im proving part of the city The attention of those in warn of a good house is invited to the above sale, as it will be sold without reserve. Title guarantied. Terms. One third cash; a credit of 6, 12, and IS months on the remainder for notes bearing in terest, secured by a deed of trusi on the nropprtv WALL, BAKNARi) A CO , Autt's Will alio he sold, in front of the prein'-see immediately after the above sale, two Frame Horses, In square 499, Lot No. 1?, located it. the Fast s:de fronting 13 feet each, running back 100 feet d- ep, to a wide alley, improved by two frame Buildings which will be sold separate or together both of which will be sold without reserve. WALL. BARNARD A CO., ap 23 d's Auctioneers. By B. W. FERGUSON A Co., Auctioneers. Frame it o i' si e and lot at Auc tion?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the '26th insiant. at 6 o'clock, we will sell, on the premises, Lot 83 In Square 677, with improve ments cons's ing of a small frame House, situated between G and H streets, near the Iron Bridge Sale positive. Termscash. B. W. FERGUSON A CO , ap 23-3t Auctioneers By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED Real Estate?On TUESDAY, the 22d In stant, at five o'clock p. m , in front of the premi ses, we sball sell, at nubile auction, Lot 12, in Square 901, with the improvements thereon, con sisting of two neat Frame Dwellings, fronting or 7th street east, and formerly the property of Geo D. Kllnehause Ttrms: One third cash, and the I ala ice In six. twelve end eighteen months, secured to the sat isfaction of the trustees; and if not complied with In three days the property to be advertised and sold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser. A. LLOYD. I ,r JOS. H. BRADLEY, Jr., S rrustees ?P 15 J C. McGUlKE, Auct. LT7" The above sale is postponed until THURSDAY EVENING, April J4th. at 5k o'clock, on the premises. A. LLOYD, } ? , JOS. II BRADLEY, Jr , S T,ustees CP '-M-d J. C. McBUIRK, Auct B?' A. (JRKEN, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue efadecdof I trust, duly recorded in Liber, J A. S. No. 89, one of the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, we E C Morgan and H B. Sweeney, will ?e.l, on MONDAY, the 31st of March, A D. 1^56, at 5 o'clock p. m., the f>llowli:g described Real Estate and improve ments thereon, situated in the city of Washing ton, District of Columbia, namely: Fat of Lot No 4, in Square No. $14, being the southeast twenty two iet-t of said Lot No 4, fronting on D street south, and having a depth of seventy-five feet; with the improvements, which are a.small brick house. The fale will take place In front of the premiss, and the terms will be on?*-ha!f cash, and the bal ance in six and nine months; with interest, se cured by a deed of trust on the prem'ses All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. E. C MORGAN, > Trustees H. B. SWEENEY, J A. GREEN, Auct'r The above mentioned property having neen srld on the31 st March, and the purchaser having fail* d to comply with the terms, the undersign d will resell on TU ESDAY, the 22d of April, J8?G. at 6 o'clock, p m.. at the auction store of A. Green, No J36 7 street. Terms, as above mentioned. If the purchaser j should fail to comply with the term.? In thre?days after sale the Trustees reserve the ri ht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the delinquent, by advertising three time* previous to such resale in the Evening Star. E. C MORGAN, > Tru_.?_ H B. SWEENEY, \ lrus ees ap 12-eodAd> A. BR EEN, Auct'r. ff7?The above sale is postponed until SATURDAY, the 3d day of May. at 6 o'clot k, p. m., in front of the premises. By order cf the Trustees A. GREEN, ap23?2awJrds Auctioneer By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF PAPER HANG, ings and Upholster!n? materials ?By virtue of a deed of trust duly executed and re corded, the subscriber will sell at pub ic sale on MONDAY, the 28th day of April. 1836. at 10 o'clock a m , at the auction store of J as. C. Mc Guire. on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 10th streets, an assorted stock of Paperhargings and Upholstering Materials, consisting of? Assorted Paperhanglngs Gold, Velvet, and other Borders Mouldings. Corner-pieces Views, Window Shades Cords, Tcssels, Ornaments, Ac Terms of sale will be: All sums of and under 9?5, cash; all sums over 825 and under $5o, thirty days; and over 850 and under *100, thirty and sixty days; and all sums of ?100 and over, thirty, sixty, and ninety da>s credit, for notes, with approved endorsers, bearing Interest from day of sale CHAS. S WALLACH. Trustee. ap21-eo3t JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. CCATALOGUE SALE OF < Holt K MOD > ern Oil Paiatiogs.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 23, at 7)4 o'clock, at the Saloon over Farnham's Bookstore, corner of Eleventh street and Pennsylvania avenue, 1 shall sell, without reserve,sixty modern Oil Painting*, the property of a private gentleman in Baltimore, lately defeated comprising many 11 e specimens of popular artists We name in part specimens of Van Arden, Newell, Roach. Rowbotham, Warren, Laninan. Scott, Pyne, Cobtll, Ellis. Ac. The paintings ae all handsomely framed and will be found worthv of attention. Terms: $50 and under, cash; over that snm a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily en dorsed notes, bearing interest. Catalogues may oe obt Ined at the Auction Rooms JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 18-d Auctioneer. LIME!?LIME !?LIME ! I HAVE NOW ON HAND A THOUSAND berrels of the best quality of WOOD-Bl'RNT LIME, which I can and will sell chaaper than auy other manufacturer In Washington. 1 will, also, from this day open a kiln of wcod burnt Llme every week, so that it can always be had fresh and good Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of CEMENT, HAIR and PLASThR which will be sold cheap. LAWSON P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th street, one square south of tne Lower Bridge, near Georgetown ap 18-lttt AUCTION BALES. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE TO COVER A D r vnnrf* On MONDAY AFTERNOON. April 21tt, at 4^ o'clock, at the auction room*. I shall sell* without reserve? 75 sets ivory and bone handle Knives and Forks 5u pairs black doeskin Pants 60jjairs sattinet Pants 3,009 superior Havana Clears Terms : *25 and under <.asb; over that sum a credit of 60 days, for satisfactorily endorsed note* hearing interest. apl8-d J.C. McGUIRE, Auct. ITT Tbe sb?vf sale Is postponed anttl THURSDAY MORNING, April tttfa. at 1* o'clock, in front of the store J. C. MrGUiEE. Antt By JAS.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer [/AMIABLE HOTEL PRO PERT Y, oppo * site the Railroad Depot, at Pafelte Aac. tion -On MONDAY afternoon. Apriltlst, at o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of ori ginal Lot No. 3 in Square No #30, fronting 5fl feet on north D street and 77 feet 11 inches on New Jersey avenue, containing 5 455 square feet of ground, more or leas, w'th the improvements, consisting of a three-story brick building, con taining in all twenty K<*?d rooms, arranged ex press'.y for a cmall hotel, with hot and cold water and gas throughout the building The property is situated on ths corner iramedi ateiy oppo ite the Depot, and from its location offers great inducements to persons desirous of engaging in business It was built by the late John Foy expressly for a second f lass hotel, who conducted it successfully unti' his death Terms : One-fifth in cash; the residue In 6. 18, 18, 94 and W months, with Interest, secured ?>y a deed of trust on the property. For further particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray, Esq . or the auctioneer. mar 17?eo&ds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct. ID-T lie above sale is postponed in conse? quence of the rain until THURSDAY AF'I ER NOON, April24, same hour and plaoe ap 22-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auc Auctioneer. By A GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE.?BY VIRTUE OF two deeds of trust, the one duly recorded in Liber J. A. S , No 95*. one of the land records for W ashlngton County, in the District of Columbia, and the other duly filed the 16th of January A D th'proper Record office of the County and District aforesaid, the subscribeis wiil sell on MONDAY, the 21st of April, A D 1850, at five o'clock, p. m., the following described Real Es tate and Improvements thereon, situated in the City of Wa-hington, In the District of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No 1, in square No. 397, bet'innlngfor the same 43 feet, and one inch north from the south east corner of said Lot one, run ning thence north along 6th street west 12 feet 11 inches, thence west 99 feet 4 inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take place In front of the Dreml? ses. and the terms will be one half cash, uid the balance in 6 and 12 months, with interest secured by a deel of trust on the premises All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. The property will be resold at the purchaser's risk and cost on ten days notice if the terms of sale be not complied wi h within three days from the day of sale BENJ. P SMITH,) ~ , E C. MORGAN, < Tru*t?*s mar 15?2awAds A. GREKN. A< ct IW The above sale is postponed in rouse. quence of the rain until FRIDAY, the 25th inst same hour, by order of the trustees. apgg d A. ORE EN, Auctioneer. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer EXt ELLENT FURNITURE ANDHouae. keeping Effects at Public Auction.-On WEDNESDA\ MORNING, April 3l'th. at 1U o'clock, at the of P. de Ausoa'egul E?q No. 117 West street, Georgetown, I snail sell all his Furnlture and Hoiisekeepin/ Effects viz: Mahogany case Pianoforte, Stool, and Cover Two mahogany Sofas, arm and parlor Chairs Marble top centre Table, reception Chairs 1 wo handsome gas Chande iers. Brackets Bruv-els, three ply. and Ingrain Carpets Hat Tree. Oilcloth. Htair Carpet* Window Curtains. Shades, Clock Walnut extension Table, marble-top Sideboard Cane and wood seat Chairs. Ro kers Superior Stieffield-plsted Dinner Service conslst ing of ten piece*, nearlv new. and cost $500 China, glass, and crrckery Ware Table Cutlery, silver-plated Castors Single and double cottage Bedsteads Bureaus. \\ ardrobes. Washstands Superior curled hair Mattresses Bolsters ard Pillows H ankets, Comforts, Ac. Excellent bed and table Llien Mahogany Writing Desk, Lounge Superior Refrigerator, kitci:en Utensils, 4c I erms : ?30 and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for setisfactoiiiy endorsed notes, bearing interest P S. The above Furniture 1-all nearly new and in ex el ent order JAS C McGUIRE. ap 21-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO THOUSAND VOLUMES OF RARE and Ynlnahle Hooks at Public Auction. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVEN INGS, April 29th and 30th. commencing at 5 o'cicck, at the auction rooms, we shall sell a portion of the Library of Thomas Ewbank. for lr.erly Commissioner of Patents, consi-tirig of about two thousand volumes of rare and choice Scient'fic, Historical, Literary, ar.d Miscellaneous W < rk?. a full description of which will be fur nished In a complete catalogue, now in the hands of the printer. Terms cash. P S?Persons at a distance will be furnished with catalogues upon appHeatiin to the Auc?ltn j JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 21- d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR ROSIiWOOD CASE PIANO Forte, Furniture, and llousohold at Anctirn?On THURSDAY MORNING, April 21th, at 10 o'clock, in front of the Auction Rooms, 1 sha 1 sell, without reserve, the Furni ture and Effects of a f mlly removing from the citv. comprising? Superic - rosewood case French Piano Malicgany Piano Forte. Parlor Chairs Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tables Walnut Whatnot cane-s^at Chairs ? Brussels, three-ply, and ingrain Carpets W indow Shades. Looking-glasses Bedstead". Bureaus, Wardrobes Washstands, Toilet Sets Hair and Husk Mattre-se*. Bolsters and Pillovs China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Cooking Stove, Kitchen Utensils Terms cash JAS C. McGUIRE, ap21-d Auctioneer Bv JAS. C A!cSIIIP E. Auctioneer An undivided interest in the National Hotel, Washington, at Fnblir Auition.?Trustee's Sale.?By authority of a deed of trust and by direction of the cest q trust, the subscribers will sell ~t auction, at the auction More of J C. McGuire. Washington, an THURS DAY. the 19th day of April next, at 12o'clock m., eight undivided tliree hundred and fifteen paru<. the whole Into three hundred and fifteen equal parts, being divided of and In all and singular the lots of ground in Washington, In the l?ii?trict of Columbia, marked ar.d known on the pUt thereof as lots numbered 8, 9, 10, 11. 12. and 13, in square numbered 491, and all that part of lot number 74, in said square, adjoining said lot number -3, fronting twenty feet on north C street, *nd running iiack at right angles with said street north the full depth of said tot 14, with the im Jroventents thereo.1, being the establishment newn as the National Hotel, now in the occu pancy of Win Guy. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; and the resi due in six, twelve. at:d eighteen months from the day of sale, for which notes bearlrg interest, with a iien on the premises, will be taken. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Tho nroperty will be resold at tho purchaser's risk ana cost on ten days' notice if tha terms of sale be not complied with within three days from the day of sale. RICHARD WALLACH, ? .- . JOHN H. SAUNDERS, f *ro?ees ap 2?eo&ds J. U McGUIRE, Auct. ITT" The above sa'e is postponed until ThURSDAY. April 24, same hour and plrce. RICHARD WALLACH, > JOHN H. SAUNDKRS. { *??tees ap 18 eoAds J. C McbUIRE, Auct By A. GREEN, Anctioneer PEREMPTORY SALE.-On MONDAY, the 2stb April instant, at 6 o'cicck In the af terno n,the following deslrab'e Frame House, nearly new. and Lot, will be sold at Auction, on the premises; namely, part of Lot No 26, in Roth well and Nayior's subdivision of Square No 425. fronting on 7th street 23 feet 6 inches, by 100 feet deep, to a public alley, between L and M streets Terms: One fourth cash,and the residue at 6, 12 * nd 18 months Immediate possession cin be given. Inquire of W R Woodward, Attorney at Law, No. 451 Sixth street. W. RED1N. apl7~d A. GREEN, Auct. By HUGH DOW LING A CO., Auctioneers 400 ^ 1C* 55e. Will be s id at public auction, oa THURSDAY, the 24th day of April, at5U o'cl'k p. in., at the premises, near the corner of H street south and Ninth street west, the contents of an Ice House, containing about 4to tons of lee, of 'ery superior quality, having been carefully put 1 away in a good and secure tmllliug- The pur chaser to have the privilege of removal at his own leisure, free of reat. Terms: One-half cash on the day of sale; the balance In 2and 4 months, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. HUGH DOWLING k. CO., ap Ut-ft* Auctioneers TH1 ASSOCIATED P1BU _ Mouu PRlMTlMg TIHgHAfM. ARRIVAL oy THE ARABIA THRCI BATlIUTr. * ?OM 1CIOPI. from Liverp?Foa Uie at this port this mornin.. Her ?t?, though three days later than the Arago's, is not of an important character. There haa been an active speculative de mand in the Liverpool cotton laarket, end prices were a trifle higher; sale* of the week 70 000 bales. The Breadstuff's market was weak, with trifling transactions at rather lower price?. Provisions were a shade higer. The London monoj market wal witboat change of moment. Consols for money closed at #3j. From Kansas. ^?icaoo, April 23.?Messrs Howard and bhermun, of the Kansas investigating oorn mutee reached Leavenworth on the 14th inst. Mr. Oliver had not arrived. Departure of the Cambria. n ^?**?*? April 23.?The Canard steamship I ambria sailed at noon for Liverpool via Halt fax Shu takes out S500 000 in specie. The Welland Canal Bi kkalo, April 23.?The water waa let iato the Welland Canal to day A Heartless Hoax New York, April 22 ?A dispatch has been receiven here from Provincetown, Cape Cod, to the following effect. " A bottle drifted ashore to-day containing a paner with the following words : " Uff Grand Bank, steamer Pacific ; mi?t% gone; steamer oat of order; send assistance immediately?Asa Lliridqb " This story is evidently a beartlees hoax.? Reporter. Few York Market*. Nxw York, April 2.T?Flour has declined, sale.- of 6,500 bbls.; common to good btat? 5tia5?5 37j; common to low grades of extra Ohio S6 25a*ft mixed to standard Sooth em S7a57 50; fancy to eKtra Southern $7 M& 37#. Wheat?nothing doing Corn has declined; sales of 30 000 bushels; southern mixed 62o. Pork is drooping; sales of 250 bbls. mess at S18. Beef is drooping; salesof 500 bbls Chica go repacked at $13. Lard is firm; sales of 20ft bbls. at 10c Whisky is firm; salea of 100 hbl?. Ohio at 26j cents. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer ^TRrSTKE'S SALE OF TALL'ABLE Real J- Estate.?By vlrtic cf a decree of the Or phars' Court rf the District of Columbia, ap proved by the Circuit Court of ra!d District. -It ting in ChaLcery, pasted In the maiter of th?? pe tition cf William 'N hitmore and others, chi dren and heirs at-'aw of William W Whltmore. de eased. I will. on TUESDAY, the *?th day of April, ins'ant, at 6 o'clock p. m , In front of the premises, pro eed to tell lot> of ground i.uni "ered *even'e<n (17) at?l eighteen (1?.) iu squire numbered five hundred and three, (503,) situate intuecltyof Washington, D C. The above-described property is located on C:h street west, between w and O strec a, south. There Is a good two-story frame Dwelling-con** on a part of Lot 18. Lot 17. and also that portion of Lot 18 begin ning at the northwest corner of raid dwelling, and tunning thence south wl h the tire of Bald ttth street twenty feet, and eitending back with that uniform width <2?ifeet) to the rear line of -aid lot, and upon which the hou:e ?tan<*s. will b; sold at the risk and cost of the persons who purchased the same at a formei sale made by the Trustee, and who have failed tocomplv with the term of raid former sale Terras of sale: One third cash, and the residue In two equal payments at 6 and 1st months, with interest, the deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, satisfac torily endorsed. Upon the full pa>ment of the pur. ha>e money a*d interest, and the ratiScatlcn of the sale by the Conrt. the trustee will convry said lots of ground to the purchaser or purchas ers thereof at his, her or their (the purchaser's) cost and expense. If the terms of sale are not compiled with within five davs from the day of sale, the trustee reserve* the right to resell said lota, or either of them, upon reasonable notice, at the risk and cost of the purchaser. RICHARD H. LASKEY, Trustee ap 14-3taw2w&ds AUREEN, Auct FIVE HI NORED DOLLARS REWARD. A Mayor's Orrica. ? Washington, April 17, 1M56, \ K hi WARD OF FIVE HUNDRED DOL ? lars is hereby rffered for the apprehension and conviction or washington NAILOR. wfco was arrested for burglary and admired to bail, and who has since absconded Said Nailor is about thirty-six years of age. about Ive fret fight inches high. dark complexion, weight about llo pounds; when spoken to has a downward look, and is very talkative and speaks quick. He had at the time he left a full suit of hair, and was unaccustomed to shave any portion of Lis beard, which was very lonn when he left. ap 18-tw JNO T. TOWER!*, Mayor more rich flounced dkeVsfs. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE recent large auction sale* in New York a verr choice assortment of rich and bean iful DRESS GOODS. We name in the lot? 25 very rich Flounced Silk Robe Dresses 50 printed with Satin stripes and plain Bere^e Robes, in ertlre new designs, and at lew prices If rich and beautiful Organdy Mustln Robes 25 rich Lawn and Jaconet Rob<>s, very cheap W pieces fine Organdy MusMns and French Lawns with embroidered and plain Swiite Muslins and plaid Cambrics 10 piece* Crape Mare'i in all plain colors a new and beautiful article for ladlts' ardchil dren's wear !(*) pieces printed Lawns, which we will nil at 12jf and 16\ c?nts per ysrd, the ehespcl goods ever offered in this market. i**We shall be in receipt of New Goods even' w?-et< during the season, and ccrdially invite pur.-hifers to call and examine our stock before purchasings. All articles warranted to prove ss represented, and no goods cut off can oe taken back cr ex changed COLLEY & SEARS. 523 Seventh st , 3 doors north Pa. ave. ap 21-eo6t JOHN L. SMITH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, INFORMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE PUB* " lie that he is now prepared to give his undivi ded attention to the practice of Itw. in the Circuit aud Criminal Courts, and Court of Claims; ard also the prosecution of Pension, Bounty Land and other claims against the Government. Be will also attend to the aale, puichaae and renting of houses. Conveyancing carefully executed. He may be found at all times at his eld cflce, on 8th street near Pa avenue Several houses for rent. ap 8l-?t LATEST NKW* FROM PAR'S. Madame c Pribram and daughter Pa. avenue. No. 277, between 10tb^ and 11th sts.. inform the lad es in Wash ington tbat they have received, with thel las: steamer from Europe, the latest fash ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS. Ac., from Paris ap 13?1m now RECEIVING. NEW and FASHIONABLE STYLES OF Gentlemen's Furnishing ArtfrUs adapted lo Spring and Summer wear, at LANE'S Gents' Furnlshiii? Store ap 14- 124 Pa. av., near corner ?X street sun DIALS! All k nds of fun-dials to be had for cash, chop. Old Dials repaired sod set, In town or cou try Address jas. SWORD. Sign of the Sua Dial, r.orth side Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4 K streets, Washington, D. C ap 18?lw* ? CLOCEft! CLOCKS IT- JUST RECEIVED another lot of No 1 Clocks some entirely new patterns Tbev will be -old at astonishingly low price* Remember, even' Clock Is warranted, ap IS G. FRANCIS,^** Seventh street. 4<id 0KAI6E ROBES?JUST received several lnvoicee of Silk and Berege Robes at the latest Paris styles, to which we re spectfully Invite the attention of the Ladles ^Ve are daily receiving large invoices of Dress and iancy Goods. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO ap 18-et corner of Penn av and 9th st. S Corporation STOCK??*,000 Corpo ration of Washington Stock far sale at feb 25?tf CHUBB BROTH ESS DARGAINS AT ELLIS'S; he U sell.?f O out. ap *-tf ELLIS'S STORE H SOS r?BMylvanla