Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. "local intelligence. * National Theatre.?We think if our oiki xen* WPre really aware of the fine histrionic Ueat aff >rded at the National during the en gagement of Mr. Wallack, they would not permit the bad weather to prevent their ughtly attendance. The unpleasant weather last night kept many of our theatre-goers ???y. but those present expressed the great est delight, not only at the remarkably fine delineation of the character of Leon by Mr. Wallack, hut at the general excellence of the performance of ?' The Iron Mask." by the en tire company. This play may with truth be called " intensely interesting," though not of the clap trap order usually so designated. To-night will be presented Colley Cibher's adaptation of Shak?peare's Richard Third, and the opportunity afforded of seeing this gTeat play fr<>m the uomutilated text ought to secure a full house. The French dancers will appear, and Mr J. Jefferson will perform his *uie-splitting part of Jack Cabbage. A Scggestios.?We presume that to-night, and every night this week, there will be any i number of good sort of people with more or le?s loose silver burning in their pockets, who will be moving listlessly about our streets seeking for amusement and excitement, and who alter throwing away their surplus dimes on objects worse than useless, will return to their homes, not hilf satisfied with the way they hare spent time and money. To such we would suggest the capital conscience satis * fying plan of visiting the Fair now held by the ladies of the Sixth street (Inland) Presbyterian Church ; there let them purchase a few of the beautiful articles offered for sale, and having spent a delightful evening they can march home, proudly perpendicular, and retire to their virtuous pillows, conscious of having done a g*od deed. Selah ! I.ipias Delegations.?Eight chiefs of the Ottawa and Pottawatomie Indians have ar rived in this city, accompanied by the Ksv. J J. Jones, their pastor, and and Mr. J. W. Barrow, interpreter. The following list of their names we obtain from the register of Wren's-Hotel, C street, where they are stop ping: Ottawa delegation : Kom-Chaw, Sbaw-Pun dar, Pah tee; Pottawattomies : White-Skin, Maw-bau-so, Mo ti (alias) Bottle, Sc-ko-uk, Me-shuck-ke-yan. They are noble representatives of the sons of the forest, and have been delegated by their tribes in Kansas Territory to transact business with the Government 1'o-day they are vis iting various places of interest in the city. The Couisg Mat Ball of Professor Mun d?r is creating a general stir of expectation and preparation amongst the little folks, and indeed among " the children of a largar frowth," fur those who have had any taste eretofore of that delightful affair, a May ball, as got up by Prof M ,can hardly be ex t pected to remain passive under the irresist ible attractions held out by the May ball for ]Si6. The remarkably brilliant May ball given by Prof Munder at the National Theatre last year, is still fresh in the recollection of all who were present, and affords a fair guar antee of the ability of this gentleman to carry out the extensive and beautiful programme promised for the coming ball. ColstebfeitCois ?For several weeks past, Officer Hi rrover has been engaged in trying to discover the persons engageu in circulating the counterfeit gold coin which has been pa.-?ci upon various merchants und others in thu' ity. The counterfeit coin is calculated to deceive any one We have ?etn men, who are constantly engaged in handling money, aililn^ly accept it when offered, by way of a test by the otficcr. It purp'-rt- to be of tb?s coinage of 1843?is in excellent imitation of the genuine, and it u ?aid that ihcie is a l'.rge amount circu lating in the District. Escape of a Pbi-o\?b?Yesterday Thog Ferguson, a colored tn:in was arrested by Offi cer W D Bell on a charge of stealing bacon. After a hearing before Justice Hollingshcad Ferguson was committed for trial at the Crimi nal Court. On the way to jail Ferguson leap ed from the buzgy in wnich he was riding with the officer, andhis leg caught in the wheel. He was dragged -"me in that fix, but the officer not wishing to break his leg stopped I the horse, and the prisoner cscaped CiitrviT Coikt.?The case now uiider con sideration by this court is a snit against the United States Marshal of this District, and brought by Dyne, Biddle, Kays McKenney, and Hazard, men who were tried by court martial for an tffcace upon the high seas, and c dfined in the penitentiary in this city. They were subsequently pardoned by the Preoi dent, and they now sue for damages, contend ing that their imprisonment was illegal. The court had not decided the case this morning. Delegates ?The following gentlemen were . selected at a meeting of the voters of the Fourth Ward, held on the evening of the 21st mst . as delegates to the Anti-Know Nothing Mayoralty Convention: Dr. William Jones, Hugh B Sweeney, Win H Thomas. Michael W. Ciuskey, Elij?h Elmonston. At the same meeting a committee of ten was appointed to nominate, to an adjourned meeting, buitable candidates to represent the Ward in the Boards of Aldermen and Common Council. Biggbr Loaves Waxted.?Our bakers are respectfully reminded that tlour is now worth only about half the price it commanded a few months ago, and it would immensely delight our bread consumers to see the size of loaves keep ?(>me sort of proportion to the lessening price What Washington baker will imraoi talite himself, earn the gratitude of our citi aens. and make his everlasting fortune by es tablishing himself on the big loaf platform ? Who speaks first? Tux Potomac Soap Stose Compart is about commencing operations. The object of the Company is to work extensive quarries of Soap Stone or Steatite, which are situated immedi ately upon the Potomac river, 4i miles west of 'ie..rgetown, in Fairfax county, Virginia, and one half mile above the dam and feeder of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. The speci mens of stone exhibited from the quarry are said to be very superior. The Yagers?This fine company of our German citizens, commanded by Captain brhwarzman. is making extensive prepara ti n? for a grand pic nic and target firing in May next at Beckert's, on the Seventh street road near the Park. This company is noted for the success of their undertakings, and we freiiet, if their intention is to make this a gr ?ndjaffair, they will succeed, labor and ex pense being no obstacles in their way. SrpREMB Court.?Yesterday?No. 93. Sol omon S M isters .t Son, plaintiffs in error, is. Frederick L. Barreda A Brother. The argu ment in this cause was commenced by Hon. K Johnson for the plaintiffs in error, and c ntinued by Messrs. Carlisle and Bradley for tee defendants in error. Adjourned. Ar*y A Sbui* are preparing, it will be seen b; tne advertisement in another column, to rpen the summer campaign with spirit. Their literal water, porter, ale, champagne cider, me?d. A j., arc articles too well and favorably known to need any special recommendation. The announcement that they are prepared to sti llj orders is sufficient. F!fth Wabd Nominations?The Anti-Know Nothings of the F fth Ward have made the foil wiug nominations For Alderman?John Fiiipatrick ; Common Council?Thomas Hut?rhing*on, Samuel Hanson, jr., and Wm. * ^ slla;e , Assessor?Wil i im Mar.-kali. 1'iasT Ward Delrgates.?At the First War. I ni'm meeting, held last night, the fol l?*mg gentlemen were elected delegates to tiit c nvention for the nomination of Mayor *t ibe coming election: S. S Parker, A J. i Wm. firibbl#, D C. Lee, and Ignatius > laK Isu Clu entertain their frienls to 1 -'-tint ?t Ai.^ostia Hall, uearthe Navy Yard. . - bs.i will be well attended, no doubt. ^ tee Cluo are quite popular with the fair Iscrrasiks ?Daring two day*, throe nt*? ietratea bare issued over thirty peace war ranta-wivae afraid of baabahda. husbands afraid of wire*, and grown men afraid of chil dren. After long stadj to find a reason for this Bidden inoreaae. ?ome of the officers have decided tbat in the hurrj of business some merchant has seut a barrel of good whiskj to Fiab Town, and the fighting whisky has fallen to toe of these unfortunate parties. The remarkable quietude of the wharves seems to favor this impression. Orphans' Fair.?As to-night will be the last Right of this enterprise for a most praise worthy object, it is confidently anticipated that it will be largely attended and well pat roni led?even more so than it has been yet. fto one, go all' It must positively close to night, as the Saloon is required for other pur poses. ? Aqcilla R. Allen, police officer, was ar rested this morning by Officer Parham, and brought before John H. Goddard, Esq , and held to batl for bis appearance at court at the June term, for assault and battery on J >orwood, County Constable, by striking him on the head with an instrument called a billy. i-iGHTiwc ?Yesterday, WiHiam and Susan, with W est Peale and Maria Peale were taken before Justice Hollingshead for fieht Parties were all colored, and had taken this plan of settling little controversies in which they were engaged. All were held to security for peace. Fish.?The prices were tending upwards this morning. The highest prices for good fish ? ?nherrin?*5,a5 50P"thousand; shad SlOalO 50 per hundred. This was rather startling to retail dealers who were making purchases. ? * ,Ti"?0DB N?e ball to-night of the Western Hose Company! Spirited fine ?nd a good time generally R ? ?f the Dight at the Assembly Wavch H.rcRRS.-Nothing was done last night. The cells were all vacant at the cen tral guard houso ; not even a lodger in We are informed by one of the attendants at the work-house tbat hands are in demand at the tarxn. c,? ~ . [ADVERTISE**!*!-. ,?o ? ^AR.D Anti.Kncw Nothing Meet ... . ^ meeting of the citizens of the Sixth ?> ard opposed to Know Xothingism was held at Anacostia Hall, on Tuesday evening, the fnHM i 'n o G?or?? 'ulmer presidicg, V?' Brandt acting ns secretary. The chirman stated the object of the meet ing to be the selection of five delegates to re present the Ward in tho Convention to nomi nate a candidate far the Mayoralty; where upon the following gentlemen were elected delegates: Messrs Geo A Dohrer. Thomas. Altemus, George Fulmer, F S. Walsh, and Sylvester Gates. On motion of Dr Miller, the meeting pro election 30 Ct a Wari Uck0t fur the c??iDS , "'fiT ^ Jiohrer was chosen unanimous lf J f IN W Nothing candidate for the Board of Alderman, and Messrs. Thos Alte Pi. J"; anti J- D Brandt were I Arf candidates for the Common Council After dcolaring Dr. Wm. B Magruder the ? ^ i ,?Pet.V1S as th? Anti-Know Noth ing candidate for Mayor, but declining to jrivc special instructions to the delegates to the convention, and directing that the above pro ceedings be published in the Evening Star and Washington News, the meeting adjourned si>/4 die. J- P- Brandt, Secretary. .h.^*TraTHer* a,on? OBr Western waters precaution to ouppiy I TKM .?,?"uLiru'le "f,Stomach urH valuable ?5. .? conceded by ail wb. hare tried tl.U ii, \ m*A . they will regnlate the it'nuch ;f II,r u-Wi th" t,0f>" "i" h"ltle. ltl'1 c*rry a traveler e'r>fe A tar,u?" < h?nje?..f diet, a* v??-|| u V4ur Hau'e'cr!e onnr? T? ""! Pr?'W' **-?? ard dean! P/?T*ntlve '? worth apo-ud o| cure. Kor aa.e by drn?g:s'a and hotel* s?aerally *P M~lw J A WES If. CALL AX. Agent. "? 11 For-Thi. Wood'S Hair i. 1?*"tlon *?ked dilly by h end rets It ia tha^u u- or fear con trad k Mot?, that It I* the oulr article known which will do all It rrowi-Mi for Ul-n?h r~< "? growth?It w^?^?Jop ui ivl ? . r*?tore It* natarn! color. It ?? not * hair I Z'JV ? *P*idy ad ?fflrarjotis RettomtlTe. Trial bc'tl-* ll;rtuu?a;,..r ?u. Read the advertisement on tb*<inrth 1 hp 19 tf ? As n Spring and Simnrr Mi dicing. I ?lloth?r? 5 Ita^il'3? 5!,1Ill BK ?t*nda pre eminent al~0' r ?ran 111^;. i ?gl,U'ty actiusi ou the bk ?d; ita tiSTL?I? Sinn T",ry,n? 1M11U#.; ita wale aa,?n on th!r h/Ir to drive all humore toUie?urlare I ^rh', " rf r.",''I'g .* ,y'Wru ?c?ordlnit to Nature'a own pr^ --1! ? ?'*'"mle??, and at tbe tlite extraordinary fhT n T"' *n ,hK, of rnrM teetitled to by m*iiy of wk.tlirr citizen, of Blehafond, V? , and -ue n ;'V* u'?t th.ra I. no liumhn; *?* ?ivertlaement In ?ncther colnmn. ?p 1-lm irrGi.'nian'B Liqnid Hair Dye is the *?*rt>c'* DOW "? thi? rlty. Gentlemen who wear attir^TIV,nIT,<>U,,UC ?r * *r*y or re?''t,?h l'"e ? isUlnK to * "''.Jf p*rtr. c*u ?PP<i?r in a aalt ot black by .]<? r.i.K ?4<,itloo?I wlnate at their toilet in n?l?-e the very udfer ?'tlela which headi thla not)ce.-(Philadel|?bla ProprLtor, 340 P.. av.nne, W.ablnjtoa. ror tale bj DruggiiU tTorywhere. Ap 21-1 w R"Mia" Remedy.-Pro honL h.L. . I*aTJ ni?tli?r ahoold have a box to tLs 7"v,r0f nor lei ^ 2?r* K?PP"?. >recomn>enrted by JUJS LT^hJ?(r.n Kit* Bite., spider Sti;,K ' "f v.- ir . Scarry, Hore and Cracked Line *v Wonnda, It la a tnoet valuable i^;ift In O eW u r*? b* * b' thoaaa.d. who t?av? need it In the < !ty cf Bbatuu and vicinity for tl?? iast Intlrf yr*r?.'i. ?? ln,t*CC8 W"1 thl* Salve do an iDjnry or Interfere with a phyeictau'a prescrlptluua It is m?.le 'rom ^ from Hul'^ i - cocntry-and the propriev.r? have t"wti or coantry, and may be ordered of ?nv wh' '? la rur ?4i' 41 SW'-UifOTOirB, Ajfent for W?i Mn U ? "? At Balthelor'i Hair Dre Grav tt*Tor Ruaty Hair dye4 ^atantiy to a Beautiful aa.l Naln ?irT?s ?"'^ZU^at lbe 'T' K"ury 10 H?:r ?r ' ri--""i^sKsrKs SfpSr Sold in *11 citiea and town* of the I nited Sutea br nrtia gi?U and Panrv omji Dealer* ' "ru* -ZZ? b' CH AH- 8TOTT'. P?nn-yu.nla avanoe. IZF" t'aatB, Paste, aud Vtiti, koah W AUiRU FZo'f"*'*' ?u'thes' Suits. their annnal dltplay of 3PKINO AND 81 M V eb CI othing ?? * -r?men.No?f ' AJfD TOLmi ClothI5TQ of toe n*w??t ?i.h h#?. thlelr'KltW ,r!mni,u*. ???! workman*)!"]. To ivit , H "nd3r exrell*"-';e> wlUl economy In fa.hlonabie ar t.rle* of dreao. an opportunity U now offere.1 for ??leci'ri ?? UARRIZD, THnfe? ''vlw!aa?f; b7 Rev Mr Rolph, I/eut. HnHRwa ^u1"> Navy, to MARIA K of a daughter of John Hodges, Esq. or Pnace Qtorge connty, Md. D1JCI), D CH1(JH A2H n"Str t!ltT ? 8horl lllne"; PETER King K,q , late of tbe -Navy'Departm^t in?? daughter of Rot>ert <i. Harper Kaa ITaiJ} burK, Pa , la the 28th year of her a^e' betlys On the 23d instant, in the 46th vMr a# va Mr*. CATHERINE EMILY WIL^on l>?hT*ehlff?ly' "d dau*htCT ot lhe lat? V reder'cB ?is4!5TSk%Srt?iswiia? 55; ^??? TO THE PUBLIC. The undertaking business here. t of ore carried on by th? late . Jaui". P Harvey, will he " J ued by bla widow. Mr GEORtii: HARVEY, (brother of my de cerned bushsnd) baa heen engaged to conduct aid manage the business, and ta fully authorized to act In the premises. The public may be assured that every attentlou will be given to tbe bualnem aa formerly. FUN r.R ,\L CALLS attended to at all bour> of :he day ?ad night. MARIA E HARVEV, ap 21- jw 410 Seventh atreet. Q tAA WORTH OP 6EORUITOWFI 'PfJKJU CORPORATION STOCK for kale by E K. LUNDV, ?P 94 IW Bridge St., OeorgetowR. WANTS. Wantf.D?BY A FAMILY RESIDING A short dUt ince In the country, a neat, Indus trious white woman to cook, wash, iron and milk. None but competent person* with good recom mendations need apply Call at No 539 H str*ct, "between 6th and 7th, on Saturday morning alter 9 *^.ock "P WANTED. ?AT NO. *54 G street, near I5lh street, two white Mlvant girls, one for washing. Ironing, chamber, and general housework, a smaller one for a waiter and seam stress. Bestrecommendationsrequired. ap23-3t? WANTED ?BOARD IN A PRIVATE family, by a young man who can give unex ceptional references as tocharacter Those living between Pennsylvania av?nue and H street ntnth and and 12 streets west, having the above ac commodation*, will please address H 8 city Post Office. ap22-3t* WANTED?A PURCHASER FOR S1.5C0 worth of Deed of Trust Bonds, secured on property worth twi?-e the amount. Addjfss, stating where the party can be 'een. to Box No. 17, Star Office, ap 22-co3t* WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Slar??es Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and mtall Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B.?Old Work Regllt, and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR SALE AND KENT. [See first page for other Rent and Site notices ] CTORA0E ROOM FOR RENT?A GOOD dry room 25 by 85 feet, under the new Bowling Salcon on D street, between 8th and 9th. Said reom is floored and would answer forfurnlture. or any thing else. Apply on the premises. ap24-3t? FOR SALE ?three NEW FRAME Houses, containing six rooms each, situated on east Capitol street, between 4th and 5ih streets. A very liberal crtdit will be given on the above property For terms apply to O. A. DAILEY, Dentist, Pa. avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, ap 2! 3t FOR SALE?SQUARES202 AND 2(4, BOTH fronting 11th s'reet, with new pavement in front, well enclosed am rich, has been used as a market garden; on 2>2 is a brick house with four rooms, frame stable, end sheds, a few choice fruit trees, abundance of grapes and strawberries 204 is well set in grass, and lies beautiful These squares front the test street tn Washington. 1 will seU them cheap. Apply on the premises, No. 3 I- ourteenth street. ap21_3t? WILLIAM MURPHY. For sale ?i will sell at private sale, a two story and attic Frame House and Lot; also a vzcant Lot adjoining, situated on 12th street west, be.ween M and N streets, JVo 331. The House contains 7 room-, with an excellent dry cellar Any person dewirlng a cornfbrtable and pleasant residence, will do well call and examine the primisei. Terms verv accommoda ting [ap 23-lw*] J AS. V. FERRY. Dwelling bouse to let.?that large and well-finished Dwelling-house situ ated on I street north, between Sixth and Seventh streets west, fhre? stories and basement, contain ing fifteen rooms, with ail the modern improve ments, such as hot air furnace, gas, cooking range, hot and cold water in bath room, kitchen and pantry, a pump of good water In the kitchen, two porticos, Ac To a careful and punctual tenant th# rent will be very moderate. Inquire of the undersigned, No. 64 Louisiana avenue. ap23-')t J. H. GODDARD, J. P. IjV)R RENT?A DESIRABLE SUMMER residence on the corner of C and Kith streets, east of the Capitol. The house contains five rooms and passage, milk house aril pump of water at the door. And a large garden wltli fruit trees of various kind*. Also for rent, a siua*' frame house one mile and a half from the Anacostia bridge, which can be had on the most reasonable terms. Apnly to L. L. BALDWIN, corner of 10th and B streets East. ap 22-3t* VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE, CON talning Pi) acres, sltu ited ^ mile east of the Rockville Turnpike Road, a id 2% from Wash ington city. It is we'l watered, and on H a good supply of fire wood and young orchard The im provements are a small frame dwelling and sta ble It possesses all the advantages lequlsitc to nuke a garden of great value, or a dairy farm, and a pita-ant residence The terms will be niddeeasy. Apply to POLLARD WEBB No. 51<i Seventh street, opposite National IntclUprn cer Office. ap22-tf For rent.?several ok those de llghtfui country residen< eswitli large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having been put in thorough repair, are now for rent at the low price of 8150 a year Fcr beauty of location and healthiness of situ atloo, these residence# are unsurpassed, offering as they do, ex'raordicary inducements to all who prefer the salubrity of country air to the sultriness and dust of the city. Distance from the Post Office a mile and a quarter. Apply to WM. ST1CKNEY, at his residence No 4 Kendall Green. an21-lw BOARsnra. B CARDING.-MRS CUDLIFP, No ?? PA 1 avenue, opposite United States Hotel, will have several large front rooms varan* on the first of May. which .-"he would like to fill with fami lies cr sing'e gentleman. ap 23 "t* Board,ftc.?mss. bates,on the a. w. comer of Pennsylvania aver.ue and 9th street ispreparedtoaccominod-Uegtniiemenwithroom*, with or without board. Every effort w'.ll be made to render those cornfortabic who may favor her with1heir patronage. ap8?tf FOli SALE?ONE OF SWAN'S PATENT AT VI OS PH ERIC SODA FOUNTAINS, complete. Apply to ap ll-2aw2w W. ELIOT, Druggist. INDIA KI'IlBCn TUCK, SIDE, PUFF, aiid Dressing COMBS. Also, Buffalo Tuck Combo, new patterns, and very cheap at ap *2-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. TjMIUND.?IN THE WAR DEPARTMENT -T Building, on the 21st Inst , a !<mall j POODLE DOG. (feminine.) apparent ly a pet of sot:.e honsahold. The owner can recover the fame by applying at23i I street, ap 22- lw* e._owe* Kmc Military and naval merchant Tailor, No 212 Pa avenue, having^** made a very laroe and choice addition to their Spring ana Summer s ock of Goods, respectfully invite their friends and cus HI. tomers to tall and examine. ap 22-?2w G'IKiS LAMMOND'S, 461 SEV ENTlTTt. I is the place to buy Fancy Articles and Toys suitable for presents. ap22-3t FRESH SARATOGA WATER JUST re. ceived this day. For sale by S. B WAITE, Apothecary and Drflgglst, Next door to McGregor's, 7th street. Etheteal Oil at 54 cents a gallon. ap 22-lw OK HAND AND OK THE WAY?150 doz. Fresh CONGRESS WATER, direct fxom the Spring. Sent to any part of the city free of expense for carriage. Apply at W. H. OILMAN'S Prescription Store, cor. Pa. avenue ap 22-3J and 4^ street. OARASOLS '.?PARASOLS I! X Just received from the Manufacturers 300 PARASOLS In every quality and size, and for sale very cheap by WM. R RILEY, ap2-lm Cor Sthst.,opp Centre Market. OPKPIINO MURK SPRING MANTILLAS AND SdAWLS. WE NOW OFFER THE LADIES THE largest and most select styles or colored and black Pile MANTILLAS th^twehave ever of fered at any former season. Klch Stella Shawl* and Scarfs Black Silk and white and black Barege do Long and square black Thibbet Shawls Embroidered and plain while Crape Shawls *?) beautiful black Chan till a Lace Mantillas 50 superior Chantilla Lace Veils, at low prices. The attention of purchasers is cordially Invited to the above article*, and to our usual large stock of FANCY DRESS GOODS COLLEY A SEARS, 513 7th street, 3 doors north Pa. avenue, ap 28-eotot LIME!?LIME!?LIME ! 1HAVE NOW ON HAND A THGUSAND berrels of the best quality of WOOD-BURNT LIMK, which I can and will sell rhaaperthan any other manufacturer in Washington. 1 w*l. also, from tula day open a kiln ofw-od burnt Lime every week, so thai It can always be had fresh and good Also, constantly on hand a splendid article of CEMENT, HAIR and plaster wlrtch will be sold cheap. LAWSON P. HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th street, one square south of the Lower Bridge, near Georgetown, ap Li-UK t AUCTION SALES. F By A. 6REEN, Auctioneer. BKH'K AND FRAME HOt'SB* AND Lot* and Vacant I at in the First Ward at Ancticn.?On WEDNESDAY, the SPtb inst , I shall sell in front of the rremlses, at i o'clock p m., commencing with the first named prop erty, part ot Lot No 4, in square No 120, with the Improvement#, which are a good two-story frame House, being No. 4C1, oa 20th street, be tween 6 and H streets north Next after the above two brick houses, two stories, containing five good rooms, each fronting on '.2d street, be tween G and H streets nor.h, being lot No 13, In square No 79. The house occupies half the lot, which Is <3 feet front, running back 1?* fc?t A part of the lot will be sodas vac int. and t e above two frame houses on 23dstreet, >>elween L and M streets north, being part of lot No. 9, in square No 51. Terms: Ore hn'f cash; balance In tlx and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from day of se'e. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of purchaser. ap'24-eo&ds A GKEFN, Auctioneer. By JAB C McGU I RE, Auctioneer. Valuable blildino lot at pub lie Sale.?The s ibscrlher will sell at public sale, oa THURSDAY, the 1st day of M-iy. 185ft, at 5 o'clock P. M.,cn the premise*. LotC,subdl Tlsicn Lot 3, in square 5.3. fronting C4 feet on Indiana avenue, between 2d and 3d streets west, and ndjolning the handsome residence recently bntltltyM. \V Gibbons, Esq The above lot Is beautifully located, and offers a most desirable opportunity to persons wishing to bul'.d or invest

Terms : One fourth cash, and balcucoin 6, 13, and IB months, for notes bearing interest, secured by deed of trust upon the property; and if not complied with in six days after the sale the prop erty will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risit and expense of the purchaser Title indis putable. CHAS 8. WALLACH. Att'y ap'24-eoAds J. C McGUIKE, Auctioneer. By A. 6REKN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni. tares, Fiae Pianoforte, fee. at Auction. On THURSDAY, the 1st of May, 1 shall sell, at the residence of i?lr. T. Fitch, on North G, be tween 13th and 14lh strrets, second door east of the Foundry Church, at 10 o'clock a. m., an ex cellent assortment of Mahogany, Walnut and other Furniture, viz: Mahogany and Walnut Sofia, Parlor and other Chairs Mnhoganv Sofa Bedsteads,Centre and Card Tab't s K.tagere (Quartettes and fancy Tables Mahogany aud walnut dressW and other Bureaus Mahogany and walnut Wardrobes and Wash stands Walnut extension Dining Tables, Cane Seat Chairs China, Glfss and Crockery Ware, Knives, and Forks, A.c. Bedsteads, Bedding, and Mattresses, Toilet Sets Brussels, ingrain, and other Carpets, and Oil cloth Ccoklng. radiator and other Stoves And a aood assortment of Kitchen Requisites With many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms: *25 and under cash ; over that sum a credit offtO and 9'1 days for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. ap2l-d A. GREEN, Auct, Bv J AS C. McGUIKE, Auctlmcer. UHNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EF feets at Pnblic Auction?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 2d, at 10 o'clock, at No. 062 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st and 2d streets west 1 sha'l sell the Furnl ure and Effects of a family declining housekeeping, viz: Mahogany i*ofd, arm and parlor Chairs l)o centre, side, and card Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs, Lounges Window Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply, ingrain, and other Carpets Oilcloth, Rugs, Stair Carpets Hi^h and low-post Bcdsttads Bureaus, Ward robes, Washstands Fourteen superior Feather Beds, Bolster* and , Pillows _ Excellent hair :md husk Mattresses Counterpanes, Comforts, Blankets Mahogany dining snd side Tables China, Uias*, and Crockery Ware Cantors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard, Coffee Urn Excel ent cooking and other Stoves Together with a general assortment of K ltchcn Utensils Terms: S^5 and under, cab ; ever that sum a 1 credit of sixty and ninety days, foi satisfactorily endorsed notes, b aring interest. | P. S The House is for Kert; Inquire on the premises. J AS. C. McGU IRE, ap2i-d Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctlonejr. ; V[EVV TWO-STORY F R A W *C HOUSE ! ll and Lot at Auction.?On FRIDAY,the 2d May next, 1 she11 sell, in f ont of the premi ses, at ft o'elo:k p. m., a good new two-story frame House, with five good ind conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on 'Md street, near corner of H street north, bting part lot No I, in Square No 55. i Tfrirfs: One-third cash; the in Hand 12 months, for notes, bearing interest from day of 1 sale I A deed given and a deed of trust ta>. n j ap21-eo&ds A. GKEEN, Auctioneer. By C W. BOTE LF.R. Auctioneer. SALE OE fcU KLI EM HO> SK1IOLU ? urniture at A action .?On FK IDA V , the | 25tb ins'ant. at 10 o'clock a. m , I shall sell, at No 333, situated on the north side of D street, be tween Sth and 9th. a large collection of Howe hold Furniture, consisting In part of? i Handsome walnut Parlor Suits, covered with bre i catelle Mahogany Sofas, arm and roeker Chairs Gilt frame Mirrors mahogany Chairs Mahogany and other Bedsteads I Walnut extension dining Tables ! China, (i'nss and Crockery j Plated Castors, block tin Ohafling Dishes Mahogany Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobes Wasbstands, Superior Feather B^ds, Bedding Hair and shuck Mattresses, Toilet Sets Hand'prne sets of Cottage Chamber fr urniture 8 oves, parlor and chamber Carpeting Kitchen Furniture Co king Requisite*, l?rge cooking Stove. Ac j Terms: 930 and under cash ; over $30 a credit of<>0 and 90 davs. for notes satlt-factcriiy endor.-ed bearing interest ap23?3t C W. BOTELER. Auct. ! Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. STOCK OF A RETAIL OttOl ERY AND Liquor Store at Auction.?Oa FRIDAY | MORNING, April 25tb, at 10 o'clock, I shall tell the stock and fixtures of the Grocery and Liquor Store situated oa Marvland avenue, one door east I ol llth street south, ('he flig will designate the place,) comprising in part? Crushca. pound, and brown Sugars Java, R io, and burnt Coffee Teas, Klc, Pepper. Ac., fee. ! Also, a fine Platform Scale One Refrigerator, nearly new A fine lot of Bottles,, Ac. sp23-d A. 6REEN, Auctioneer. Monster Spring Arrival! AT THE Original Dry Goods and Mioe Emporium Great Inducements to Cash Buyers RB. HALL, No. 373~SEVENTH STREET, ? has returned from the Norihsrs Mar kets, where he selected from the latest importa tions, and Is row prepared to exhibit, for public Inspection, the largest, most varied, thor* ocgh compi.ktb, and CHEAP STOCK OF GOODS ever offered In this market. DRESS GOODS.?The greatest attention has teen paid to the selection of this class, so as to combine elegance, neatness, and permanent col ors. Handsome Pl?!<i Silks, "5e Ladtee' best K11 Gloves, ?0c Wide Black Silk, 60o Silk Gloves, only 12c Mont Ue l.allies only 8c Ltele Tbre.d Gloves. 5c Klne De Bt-ge, lJc flow *nd Unit Host, 6c Plaid Gingham. 60 Rich Plaid Rtbtx.ns, only 05 Uottfd Swiss Muslin, lie Oents. 8ilk Handkerchief*. 25: Preach Gingham,12.-,worth 25 Boys Silk l?o only l.e Kmb'd Curtain Muslin, lie {Colored border I?o only 4c llleaciifd and niiblaached Cot- Linen Shirt Bosoms, 3.C ton, Sc, worth 10 ?po~> CoU?o. 12c per dozen Irish Linen, only 2Se Handsome striped Cambric l.luen Towele, Sc *>r carriage lining only Mc Infants' embroidered Bodies, 60 piece fast colored Calico, 24c, worth 75 6c. which would be very VudeYsleevca, only 15c cheap at 10c Unbleaclie4 Cotton, 6c Good *#sortnjent of Woollen Gents. 811k Cravats, 2So Linen and Black Lace Veils, 96c Cottou Goods, for boye wear. CALICOES, for beauty of design, quality, fast colors, and moderate prices, car not be surpa-ised. BONNETS, FLATS, Gentlemen's snd Chil dren's HATS are elegant and fashionable. A beautiful selection has been made at reduced PrCARPETINGS, MATTINGS, Floor, Stair and Table OIL CLOTHS at a small advance on manufacturers prices. BOOTS ANi) SHOES, a full and desirable stock. Care has been taken to select a c ass of each that will give satisfaction The objects ob tained in this line are durability and style. La dles Slippers 37 cents; Ladles line Gaiters sh, worth Sl.50: Children's Shoes only 1<* cents; Gentlemen's fine La*tlngSboe?#l 50,worth# an endless variety of l,adie?" GenUcjn*ns , Bovs and Children's GAITERS ANu b SHOES of the newest styles, at very l0^ prtcr"; Buying my goods in first hands, an(^.He, "n? cash onfy, 1 hiu enabled to sell at retail every description of goods, at sbout one profit lower than thev are gcnerally sold 1 hose who pay cash for their goods will find it p?*tly to their advantage to visit ray extensive establish^ meat. It will tfford us great pleasure to show srt;' esltbHihment m?y be returned if not as repreteuted^ HALL No. j73 Seventh street, foui door* above 1. apl?-?t Auction bales. T By JAS C. Mf GUI RE, Auctioneer RUKTEE'S SALE OF IWPRO*E? - Real Estate?On TUESDAY, the 22d in stant, at five o'clock p m ,1a front of the prerni *?s, we shuJl Mil, at public auction. Lot 14, in Square 9ul. with the Improvement* thereon, con sisting of two r?eat F raine Dwelling*, frcntlng on 7th street east, aud formerly the property of Geo. D Kllnehause Terms: One third cash, and the balance In six, twelve siid eighteen months, secured to the sat isfaction of the trustees; and If not complied with in three days the property to be advertised and sold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at expense of purchaser A LLOYD, )T . JOS.H BRADLEY, Jr.. * ap 13 J. C. MrBUIttE, Auct. UT" *he Above sale is postponed until THURSDAY EVENING, April '24th, at 5% o'clock, on the premises. A LLOYD, JOS. H BRADLEY. Jr., \ T,U8t?* a p '23-d J C. MctfIT1K E, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer VALUABLE HOTEL I'HOPEKTY, oppo site the Huilroud Depot, at Pnblic Auc tion?On MONDAY afternoon. April 21st, nt o'clock on the premises, I shall sell part of ori fjlnal Lot No. 3 in Square No. 630, fronting 50 eet on north D street and 77 feet 11 inrheson New Jersey avenue, containing 5 255 square feet of ground, more or less, with the Improvements, consisting of a three-story brick building, con taining in all twenty good rooms, arranged ex pressly for a small hotel, with hot and cold water ami gas throughout the building. The property Is situated on the corner Immedi ately oppc lte the Depot, and from its location offers great Inducements to persons desirous of engaging In business It was built by the late John Foy expressly for a second class hotel, who conducted it successfully untr his death. Terms : One-fifth in cash; the residue in 6,12, 18, *24 and '0 months, with Interest, secured l.y a deed of trust on the property. For further particulars address Stanislaus Mur ray, Esq., or the auctioneer. mar 17? eoAds J AS. C. McGUlRE, Auct. lU~ The above sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain until THURSDAY AFTER NOON, April 24, same hour and place ap22-d J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By HUGH DOW LING A CO., Auctioneers. /inn TOI<,s or POTOMAC ICE For Sale. 'iU" Will be sold at public auction, on THURSDAY, the2lth day of April, at 5% o'cl'k p m., at the premises, near the corner of H street south and Ninth street west, the contents of an ice Ho-ii-e. containing about 400 tons of Ice, of ?ery superior quality, having been carefully put away In a goca and secure DulMing. The' pur chaser to have the privilege of removal at his own leisure, free of rent Terms : One-half cash cn the day of sale; the balance In Jand 4 months, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interett HUGH DOWLING A CO., ap 18-5t* Auctioneer*. By B \V. FERGUSON A CO., Auctioneers Frame h o t s e and lot at Auc tion?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the 2t>th ins'ant. at 6 o'clock, we will sell, on the premises, L t 83 In Square G77, with improve ments cons!s'irrr of a small frame Hou?e. situated Kbetween U and H streets, near the Iron Bridge. Sale positive. Terms cash. B. W. FERGUSON A CO., ap 23-3t Auctioneers. Hy A. GREEN, Auctioneer VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT en Norih K, between Fonrth and Fifth tits* at Anition.?On FRIDAY, the 25th instant, I shall sell, iu front of the premises,; t 5 o'clock p. in , Lot No. 19, In square 516, having 8 front on the south sid-. of North K street of 54 fret 7 inches running back with a side aiity 14* feit7 inches to a 30 foot alley, con alnlng wear 8,000 ?qr,are feet Terms : One third cash; balance ln6. 12, and 18 months; the purchaser to give notes for the d- fernd payments, bearing interest Jrom the d <y of sale All conveyance at costcf purchaser, ap 19-eoAds A. GREEN. Auct T By A GREEN. Auctioneer. VHSTtL'S SALE.?CY VIRTUE OF A two ?<ce*?s of trust, the one d"Iy recorded in Liber J. A. S , No 99, one of tie land records for Washington County, in the District of Columbia, and the othe- dulyfiied the 10thof January A D lsofi, In th? proper Resord office of the County and District aforesaid, the subscribers will sell on MONDAY, theSlst of April, A D 1856, at five o'clock, p. m.. the following described Real Es tate aiid improvements thereon, situated in tfce City of Washington, In the District of Columbia, namely: Fart of Lot I\o. 1, in square No 397. beginning for tiie same 43 feet, and one inch north from the south east corner of said Lot one, run ning them e north along 8th street west 12 feet 11 inches, thence west 99 feet 4 Inches, being the entire depth of said part of Lot This sale will take place in front of the premi ses, and the terms will be one half cash, and the balance in 6 and 12 mouths, with interest secured by a deed of trust on the premises All convtvanclng at roat of purchaser. The property will be resold at tbe purchaser's risk and cost on ten days notice if the terms of sale be not coin plied with within three days from the day of sale BEIVJ l? SMITH,) _ , E. C. MORGAN, I Trustees mar 15?2awAds A. GREEN. Auct I\J~ The above sale i? poetpenrdin conse quence of the rain until FRIDAY, the 25th Inst , ssmc hour, by order of the trustees, ap 22 d A. KEEN, Auctioneer. Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. I^XI ELLENT FUKX1TUKE ANDHouee 1 keeping Effects at Fulilic Auction.?On WEDNESDAY MORNING. 30th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of F. ae Ausoategul. Esq . No. ll< West street, Georgetown, 1 shall sell all hi<? Furniture and Housekeeping Effectr, viz: V.ahogany case Pianoforte, Stool, and Cover Two mahogany Sofas, ^rm and parlor Chairs Marble-top centre Table, recept'on Chairs Two handsuine gai, Charide lers. Brackets Brussels, tLree ply. ?nd Ingrain Carptt3 Hat Tree. Oilcloth, stzir Cart et<? v\ indow Curtain*, Shades, Clcck Wainat extension Table, inarble-top Sideboard Cane and wood seat Chairs, Roi kers Superior Sheffield-plated Dinner sertice. consist ing of ten pieces, nearly new. and cost ?500 China, glass, and crcckery W are Table Cutlery, silver-plated Castors Single and double cottage Bedsteads Bureaus. Wardrobes. Wastelands Superior curled hair Mattresses Bolsters and Flliow.-,, Blankets, LcmTor's, Ac. Excellent bed and table Linen Mat.ogany Writing Desk, Lounge Superior Refrigerator, kitchen Utensils, Ac Terms: ?30 and under, cash; ovei that sum a credit of sixty and ninety diys, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. F. S. The above Furniture is all nearly new and in ex< elient order. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 21-d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rilWO THOUSAND VOLUMESOP KAKE 1- and Valuable Books at Public Auction. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVEN INGS, April 29th and 30th, commencing at 5 o'clock, at tbe auction rooms, we shall sell a portion of the Library of Thotnas Ewbank. for merly Commissioner of Patents, consisting of about two thousand volumes of rare and choice Scientific, Historical, Literary, and Miscellaneous Works, a full description of which will te fur nished In a complete catalogue, now In the hands of the printer. Terms rash. P S ?Persons at a distance will be furnished with catalogues upon application to the Auction eer JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap21-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Aactioneer Peremptory sale on Monday, the ?J8th April Instant, at 6 o'clcck in the af ternoon, the following desirable Frame House, nearly new, and Lot, will be add at Auction, on the premises; namely, part of Lot No. 'X, in Rothwe'il and Nayior's> subdivision of Square No. 425. fronting on 7th street 23 feet 6 inches, by 100 feet deep, to a public alley, between L and M stiects Terms: One-fourth cash, and the residue at 6, 12 tnd 18 months. Immediate possession can be given. Inquire of W R. Woodward, Attorney at Law, No. 451 Sixth street. ? W. RED1N. up 17 d A. GREEN, Auct By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers Peremptory sale of cottage Residence At Public Auction. ?On THURSDAY' AFTERNOON, May 1, at 4K o'clock, in front of the premises, we will sell Lots E and F, In square ?0<', subdivision, on 4# street, between K and L streets, west side, im {trfved with a beautiful two story and attic frame Jottage, nearly new, not having been built over eighteen months. It contains seven rooms, pan tries, Ac. The location is good, and in afkstim proviug part of the city. The attention of those in want of a good house Is Invited to the above sale, as It will be sold without reserve. Title guarantied. Terms: One third cash; a credit of 6,12, and 18 months on the remainder for notes bearing in terest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. WALL, BARNARD A CO , AUCt's. Will also be s^i, in front of the premise* immediately after the above sale, two Frame*. In square 499, Lot No. 16, located in the East side fronting 13 feet each, running back 100 feet dtep, to a wide alley, Improved by two frame Buildings which will be sold separate or together, both of which will be sold witnout reeerve. Terms of sale, as above mentioned " Wall, barnakd a co., ap 23-dU AuctlooMra* TELEGRAPHIC WEWB. FKOM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOU?i PRINTING TELEGRAPH. Further from Nicaragua New (JfcLiiii, April 21?The kMonnti kj Charles Morgan an aM|n u4 nnreliable We have however one or two further items of iuterest. Col Parker H French had left San Joan for Aspinwall, owing to a diftculty with Walker It is reported thai the latter at the head of 700 men was marching to meet the Coeta Ricanf, who were expected to invade Nicara gua. The Philadelphia Disaster Pbiladklphia, April 24-?Yesterday the Directort and Superintendent of the Camden Ferry Company, and the offioers of the ferry bout New Jersey, with the inspectors of her boiler and machinery, were ail arreeted by the sheriff of the city of Camden, but were re lented on bail in the ram of three thousand dollars each Delegates to the National Convention [ SPECIE DISPATCH ) U Ar.iRHTows Mn , April 22 ?The Demo cratic District C onvention to-day appointed Judge M:i*on and Governor Lowe as the dele gate to the National Convention to be held in Cincinnati in Jane next. Vew Orleans Markets New 0m.EA.fts, April 21.?Cottoa has sd* vanced J of a cent per pound, with sales of 9,000 bale?; middling 10|al0{. April 22.?Cotton is dull and unchanged; sales to-day of 3,500 bales Dealers are await ing the Arabia's news. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. April 24.?Flour is dull, and has declined I2ic ; Howard street g6.50, Oh e aiid City Mills $6 37*. Wheat has declined 5 to 6c , and is dull; good to prime redsf 1 35afl 44. good to prime whites $1 50a$l 60. Corn is vary heavy, and 1 t<> 2c lower; white 47a50c.. yellow 52a54e Provision? are dull and nominal. Mem pork $18. Bacon?shoulders SJaSic , sides 9}al0c. Hew Tork Market!. Niw York, April 24.?Flour has declined; sales of 6,500 bbls.; common to good State (5 25; common to low grades of extra Ohio $6 25aS6 5AJ; mired to standard South ern Sfi 75a$7.37i; fancy to extra Southern 57 50aS8 ?2t. Wheat ha? dcolined; sales of AOOO bushel*: Southern white $1.80 Corn is lower; sales of 20 000 bushels; Southern mixed 61?v Pork is active; sales of 1,000 bbls. mew at ?13. Beef is dull; sales of 150 bbls Chicago repackod at f 13. Lard is improving; sales of 950 bbls. at lO^e. Whisky is improving; sales of 50 bblf. Ohio at 261 cent?. Financial. New York, April 24 ?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Rock Island 9^i; Illinois Central 98i; New York Central 93j; Pennsylvania Coal 93i ; Missouri 6's 85$ ; Illinois Central bonds 88. Sterling exchange is active at 9| premium. D' nc* vin A SHAD AN 1> HIHR1NG ?< ALt VK." ,KALERS AND FAMILIES DESIROUS of ?rocuring the beat SHAD^^g^ or HKkRlNG for salting, can have them delivered at market prices. Immedi ately upon being caught, by leaving their oidera at the Union Land Office, 7th street above Odd Fellows' Hall, or at the fishing ahore adjoining t^e Navy Yard bridge, Wsihington, where they can be obtained alive. ap 22-lm* wO/Wl REWARD ? RANAWAY FROM the city of Richmond. Virginia, between the 1st and Uta of April, 1S56, my slave) PH ILL. DAK BLR. He is a bright mulatto, about 2'J yean old. was well_ dressed ; l> very genteel !n his appearance; curia, but is generally well comb d , has been a waiter In bote's and at the Springs; when sud denly snoken to hesitates and stammers a II*lie He Is 5 ieet 0 to 8 Inches high, feet small and la under the common six*. 1 purchased Phill from Thcs. Green, Esq , of Wasnington; he la now probably lurking in or near that city. He la sup pos d to hav# purchased free papers. If apprehended and secured so that I get him, I will pay a reward of ? 100 if taken In Virginia, and ?*20o if taken In the District of Columbia, or in any State north of the Potomac river. Phill absconded without provocation, and la supposed to be making his war to a free State W. H GAINES, ap2J-MAThtf Warrentoa, Va. STOLEN^ON~THE NIGHT OP THE 9TH or 10th Instant, from a room at YV11 lards' Hotel, a GOLD WATCH AND CHAIN. The Watch was made by Vacheron 4 Gonvtantlce. Geneva, and M numbered ft5 063. The Gold Chain la long acd massive, w ith a connecting slide, and is meant to lie worn around the neck. They were the dying gift of a val.ied friend, and are therefore prized by th? owner far above their money value The Grson who has them rnav retain the monev sto t at the time, and no questions will be asked if the Watch and Chain are returned to PURSER R ITT EI* HOUSE, in Georgetown. D C. ap ? TO THE LADIES. WE HAVE IN STORE THE FOLLOW lng Goods, which we are prepared to sell from 20 to 23 per cent, lets than the usual prices, having Just purchased them at auction at gTeat sacrifices: 500 Swis* Embroidere-i Collar*, from 82 ^ to ?5 30 ?ij Silk Robes at S20, worth S'JS 15o Eugenie do , (20 yards each) at (5 10 pieces black Silk, very cheap A splendid assortment of colored Silks 200 SteliaSbawls, very low 150 Scarfs, hew designs 75 printed bordered do., all wool 500 Linen Tablecloths, a* great sacrifice* 600dozen Ladies' Linen Handkerchiefs, great bargains 800 Cambric and Swiss Bands, all prices Together with a great manv other desirable goods, which will be sold very low R W.CARTER, ap 19-eo2w Cor. 7th st. and La. avenue FIVE HL'NDRBD DOLLARS REWARD. Mayor's Orrici. > Wa:kingt?n. April 17, 1MB, > A Rib WARD OF FIVE HUNDRED DOL lare Is hereby effered for the apprehension and conviction of WASHINGTON NA1LOR, wbo was arrested for burglary and adraited to ball, and who has since absconded Said Nallor is about thirty-alx years of age. about five feet eight inches high, dark complexion, weight about 110 pounds; when spoken to ha* a downward look, and is very talkative and speaks aulck He had at the time ne left a full suit of hair, and waa unaccustomed to shave any portion of his beard, which was very long when he left. ap 18-lw J NO T. TOWERS, Mayor JOHN L. SMITH, ATTO RN EY AT LAW. INFORMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE PUB 11c that he Is now prepared to give his undivi ded attention to the practice of law. In the Clrrult and Criminal Courts, and Court of Claims ; and also the prosecution o' Pension, Bounty Land and other claim* against the Government. He will also attend to the sale, purchase and renting of houses. ? Conveyancing carefully executed. He may be found at all times at his old oBoe, on 9th street, near Pa. avenue Several houses for rent. apHl-fit LATEST NEWS FROM PARIS. Madame c. Pribram and daughtbr Pa. avenue, No. 277, between 10tb^^^ and 11th sta., inform the ladle* In Wash-^^B lngton tfcat they hav* received, with th?Wlr last steamer from Europe, the latest fash Ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS. Ac., from Paris. ap 15?lm NOW RECEIVING, NEW and FASHIONABLE STYLES OF Gentlemen's Furnishing Articles adapted to Spring and Summer wear, at LANE'S Gents' F urnishing Stor* apl4- 424 Pa. av., near corner sties*. ~~~ SUN DIALS! All k nds of sun dials to be had for cash, cheap. Old Dials reralred and *et., in town orcou-try Address JAS.BWOKIJ, Sign of the Sun Dial, north side IPa. between 3d and 4* street*, W ashington, D. C. ap 18?lw* nil ? AND BEREGE RORES.-JU8T S received s*v*ral InvoWes of 811k and Berege Robo of the latest Paris styles, to which we re loeetfeUy invite the attention ot the Ladles t\V< are daily receiving large invoice* of Drea* and lancr Goods. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. ap lS-0i corner of Penn av. and 9th st. CORPORATION STOCK???,??? Corpo ration of Waahlngton Stock for sale at feb^^-tf CHUBB BROTHERS ? BARGAINS AT fca to c