Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ^ 1 1 -? W1IHIIGT0I C ITT: FRIDAY... April S3, IMS. ICT Advertieements should b? banded In by It o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear nntll the neat day. THE WEEKLY STAB. Tha public appreciation of our weekly is .. evidenced by the immense number of sub aorptions pouring in by erery mail. They ooae from North, South, East, West?from Eu rope, Canada, Australia and the Sandwich . I aland a eren, showing how Widely extended ia the fame of our paper for the fullness, accu raoy, and reliability of its political and other Intelligence. The number for the present week ia quite equal to, if, indeed, it does not surpasa its predecessors, in the excellence and rich abundance of its contents. SPIBIT OF THE MOBBING PBES8. The Intelligencer ia, to-day, devoted to news. The Lnton again deprecates the warfare upon the President indulged in by some of the Buchanan journals; and argues that Geor gia Know Nothingism ia on its last legs. Rosi* Oil.?In consequence of the falling c-? ,n supply, and advance in price, of sperm, whale and other oils, there has been of late innumerable attempts made to disoover some substitute whiob should oombine cheapness with efficiency. Lard oil, cannel coal oil, sunflower oil, and other oils have been the result of this experimenting and investigating, hut nothing seemed likely to supply the defi cienoy, until it was discovered, not long ago, that sixty-two per cent of oil oould be ob tained from common rosin, and that the resi due ooold be converted into valuable u?ea. This important discovery has directed all ?yes .to the immense pine forests of the Southern States, and the manufacture of this oil has already grown up to one of much im portance, and promise* to expand almost il i.mitabiy. It is stated that there are at present eight factories for the manufacture of this oil in this country and one in Liverpool, which turned out last year over one hundred thousand barrels of oil. The rosin cil in many rcrpects resembles sperm oil, and is represented to be every way suitable for tan ning purpose*, machinery, burning in lamps, painting, manufacturing, gas making, Ac., Ac. This discovery is justly hailed by the South as a means of balancing the relative influence and power between the Southern and Northern 8tatas. The revenue derivable from this ?ource is almost incalculable; and as the oil oan be manufactured upon the spot where the rosin is produced, the entire profits will re main with the South. Bxvatob Dguolas Fiftbbn Years Ago ? In the fourth volume of the "Law Reporter" (Briton, 1S42) we find the following aocountof a gentleman deservedly prominent before the American people. It is contained in a letter from a Boston lawyer who had emigrated to Illinois. After speaking of a change in the judiciary, alleged to have been made for party purposes, he says : " T?u J,u<*?our cireuit ? s- A. Douglas, a youth of 28, who was the Democratic eandi iaUi0r.uC<;Dgr?" 1838> ,n opposition to btnart the late member from this county He is a \ ermonter, a man of considerable talent, and, in the way of dispatching business, is a per feet ??steam-engine in breeches" lie i/the democratic judge I ever knew. While a case is going on he leaves the bench and xoes among the people and among the members?* the takes a cigar and has a social smoke with them, or often anting in their laps, beln* in person say fire feet nothing or thereabouts, nnd probably weighing one hundred pounds I have often thought we should cut a queer figure if one of your Suffolk bar should acci dentally drop in. PEB80NAL. ....Commanders Berrien and Ridgely, of New York 'l^ron, hare arrived at 'ItBooh", the distinguished harp ist, died in Australia on the 7th January lie was traveling with Madan.c Bi.bop. . ???? CoL WiHiam Sehouier has withdrawn from the Cincinnati Gazette. preparing to em hark in commercial pursuits. .... Rufus W. Griswold has a pamphlet in I r#Ut,0? 'he lat? divorce ^uit-in which he wa? the defendant. New 0re*t?a. A- Brow neon is leeturiog in New York upon the relations of the Catholic Church to the Government. ????Messrs. Dix & Edwards announce a In Washington, at Brown's Hotel. ' senud Hthl (7.m- NiTen/ ^ f0'merly repre New York I c** tul,ivan of Bew *'?*^ h?? appeared in Ene as Canirn c?E8ldetrab,e 'access One is Thom asCapern, a postman ; the other a factorv ' WnU" Bnder th* ^goature of Isa. .... The Spiritualists have called & E???ws * B- Pm? of E"' lorii", of the Orators. Thackeray w<ls one ? ?..Messrs T. S. Bocock and E W Hnv ard are appointed delegates t/, th r-\ arsSE Whi'ch ?ieB?arT?,Yf Modtn TraTel' on return to Europe to spend two rears, princi pally in Sweden. Norway, and Russia P ??.. 'Enoch Easel," the sprightly we!' JST&S'SES? :ra,'V N- k?, Indian 9c#ne? fn/.L Pa,nt?ng e?mo exr,uHta srosss.--*-or r-,h^ ?pp?ar.d (., ?bodii the 1st of February" ^ Jork chJ Rock away, N. J^on Tnt.T whore at by bis father Hi* gol(i identified and other valuables wereWfo^d^^n,ir,DK in good order. ?* hl< Person ? ??? The New York Ereninv p Mr. B.rtuu u l?,ki.g cm really hiDDT to a*** ' friendsagain ?e is, perhaps, stouUr thin wh?n t<5 left us, nearly three years ago and ?here is a ruddy hue of health upon Lis?h'aek. ?a?Sli\Dt#d ,0?,k from hU W which in ^ he M Physically and mentally at forwarded*for?tbe of Pa"*'> h" ral Agrirultu eeeds, procured trom th? . gtaln and Fair in 1^55. He is al?, LWorld s a?aa4rEgstBtt WASHIMQTOW W?W? A*D GOSSIP The Fir? Sill.?Xlio House bad a narrow escape of it yesterday, we apprehend. Mr. Speaker Banks decided that there was no ne cessity, under the rale, for sending to the ! Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union the Senate bill to refnnd tho duties paid since 1836 on goods destroyed by Are, which was reported back from the Committee on Commerce. The House overruled that decision, becavse, though not professing di rectly to make an appropriation, it did make one in fact. The amount to be paid under this bill can hardly be less then ten mil lions of dollars. So it is due to the public in terest that it should at least be scrutinize I i before buing rushed through. An effort will be made to-day to reconrfder the very proper action of the liotose in de ciding that it should at least te examine.i thoroughly before being passed. Herculean efforts were, of course, made last night to in duce a dosen gentlemen, who had voted not to sustain the singular decision of the Chair, to relent, and ohange their position to-day. We apprehend that, for every member thus gained over, one at least who voted blindly yester day to aid in rushing through the bill in ques tion, on getting his eyes opened to its true character, will be found recorded against its enactment without due consideration in com mittee of tho wholo, as proposed on the motion to reconsider, which will be made ere we go to press this afternoon. The Lane and Douglas Affair.?We hear that Col Joe. H. Lane has written (probably for the New York Tinus) for publication, his version of his late affair with Senator Douglas, wherein he assumed to call that gen tleman to account for words spoken in debate, in the Senate chamber. The reader must not understand us as intimating that Colonel Lane challenged the Senator, it being cur rently understood in this city that his letter to Mr. D. was a sort of argument with that gentleman, which was the only course left him after the newspaper boasts, in advance, of his political friends relative to his in tentions. The correspondence will prove a rich affair, if tho wondermongers in Wash ir.gton are not greatly mistaken. So we advise our readers to look out for it; and for the reply of the Senator especially, which is understood to place his antagonist in an exceedingly funny position Tho charac ter of tho petition about which the corres pondence arose is, by this time, thoroughly understood by the country through the pub lished action of the Senate upon it. The correspondence with reference to it, will bring forcibly to the mind of old stagers here the fact that Col. Lane, when in Congress, had a somewhat similar affair with the Hon. Theo dore Hunt, of Louisiana, the particulars of which all remember. The Navy Yard Mechanic* ?At the re quest of the fair writer of the following ap peal we are happy to give it a place in the I Star : I To the Senate and House of Representatives: I I would most respectfully ask permission of I your honorable body to address you in be I naif of the mechanics of the Washington Navy I Yard, who have memorialized Congress to in I crease their pay. and by this act place them I on the ?ame footing with other employees of I the Government. I trust the liberality of a I generous country will be extended to a class I so meritorious and so indispensable, aad as a I citizen of Washington I can attest to their be I ing worthy of your bounty. When we take I into cc nsidcration the unexampled severity I of the past winter, and the consequent strain I upon the limited resources of tbe working I man, I am sure your honorable body will I not hesitate to grant them what they ask. so I reasonable and right in itself. We should I encourage these worthv artisans by every I means in "ur powei, and the increase on tbeir I pay, which we pray your honorable body to I grant them, is no more than what hai been I riven to employees in other branches of the I General Government. Some of the mechanics of the yard receive I but one SI.68 per diem, which is not enough I to support their families, even with the strict I est economy, when every neceHsary of life I his greatly increased in price. Compare, for I a moment, the occupation of some of thoee I who have already received 20 per cent, on I their compensation, with that of these worthy I and laborious mechanics. The former do not I labor e**!ong as the mechanic, who, with the I exception of one hour at noon, labors from I sun to sun ; and the examples are not few, I permit me to say, when tf:eir Lard-earned I wages are cheerfully shared in ameliorating I the condition of the worthy but unfortunate I companions of their toil. I Their condition addresses itself peculiarly I to Congress ; and the pledge may safely be I made on their behalf, that for whatever lib I erality may be extended them by the Uov I ernment, they will exhibit that jusf appru I ciation which so strikingly characterizes the I laboring portion of our countrymcn. A Lady. Dr. firoeley.?We beg the doctor a tLou 1 sand pardons. He denies having had any I thing to do with cooking up the very last ver 1 sion of the so-called petition of the bogus I Legislature of Kansas, in reply to our para I graph that such was the prevalent impression I in this city. So the doctor's skirts are oleai I of responsibility for any share of tho masse I ore of the cause of the Republican party, as I involved in the foolish splurges that have I marked that portion of the Kansas drama in I Waihington. Aborigine??A delegation of emigrated I Seminoles accompanied by their agent, Mr J. I W. Washburne, reached Washington yester I day. They come to make a treaty with the I Government in connection with a delegation I of the Creeks, by which they may obtain foi I their ooeupancy, a separate tract of oountry. I They are now looated conjointly with the I Creeks, on the Arkansas frontier, and the I tribes wish to separate. The Poet Office Extension ?We hear that I the first cargo of marble from Massachusetts I f<>r the construction of the north front of the extension of the Post Office Department build I ing has arrived, and that very shortly a large I additional force will bo put on the work, I which will be rapidly pushed during the cur rent season. The want of this eargo has oc casioned a considerable delay in tho progress I of the work. Another cargo, whioh is on the I ocean, msy be shortly eipected to arrive. Promotions and Appointment! in the Ma I rine Cerps.?First Lieut. Isaac T Doughty to I be a captain in the Marine Corps, vice McNeill 1 deceased. J Second Lieut. A 8. Nicholson to be a first lieutenant, vice Doughty promoted. . Hebb to be a seoond lieutenant, | *ice Nicholson promoted. Krasmne H. Youngblood to a second lieu tenant, vice A. D. Is parks declined. Forage.?In order to entitle an officer to draw forage in kind, or to receive the author ised commutation therefor for the number of I horses limited in time of peaee by the proviso 1 of the act of March 3, 1645, the horses must have been kept for public service, and it should so appear bj the certificate of the officer. The Ship Donation.?It was not ax-Gov ernor Stevens (Samuel) of Md , who not long tinee bequeathed a large sum of money to the American Colonisation Society wherewith to build a ship, but John Stevens, E?q., a re tired merchant lately residing at Tlrappe, Tal bot county, Md , in the immediate vioinity of tha residence of ex-Governor S., who is Kt dead. V? . The Levee.?The Levee to take place to night at the Executive Mansion is to be the last of the season. It will, of coarse, be at tended by a large ooaoourse of eltiiane and fashionable strangers. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 24th of April, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stooks..., #1,119 12 For the Treasury Department... 81,709 13 For the Interior Department 7,928 64 For Customs 19,697 94 War warrants received and en ?Ur#* 27,869 14 War repay warrants roceived and entered 3 869 14 From miscellaneous sources. 4,877 21 On account of tho Navy 6^000 00 Repayment on aocount of the Navy 833 63 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Houston delivered the conclusion of bis speech upon the Naval Reform ques tion. Mr. Biggs having obtained the floor, the subject was postponed until Monday next And then they adjourned. In tho House, Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, moved to lay on the table the appeal from the decision of the Chair ruling that the hill to refund the duties collected on goods^destroyed by fire since 1836 did not require, If parsed, the payment of money from the Treasury, and therefore that it was not neoessaryf under the rule, that it should be considered in Commit tee of the Whole ; not laid on the table?veas 72, nays 83. The question was then put on the appeal, and the House refused to sustain the decision of the Chair?yeas 74, nays 78. The *aid bill was then committed to the Committe of the Whole on the stato of the Union. Shortly afterward the House went into Com> mittee (Mr Cobb, of Gejrgia, in the cfcair) on the Indian Appropriation bill, when they were addressed by Mr. Ritchie in a steech maintaining the power of Congress to pro hibit slavery in the territories. Mr Maxwell next obtained tho floor, and the Committee rose and the House adjourned. Praceediaga ?( Te-Day. In the 8enate, to-day, the bill for the re lief of George P. Marsh was taken up, and Mr. Rrodhead addressed the Senate at length in its favor. In the House, Mr Watson moved to recon sider the vote by which the House yesterday overruled the Speaker's decision wherein he ruled that it was not neoessary to commit tho bill to refund tbe duties paid on goods de stroyed by fire since 1836. After some debate on points of order? Mr. Clingman moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the table ; not laid on the tabia ?yean 70, nays 72 The question then arose on tho motion to reconsider, which was being debited by Mr. Phelps against it as tbe Star went to press. Rbcbptiu.n or Mr. R[7chana.v.~As goon as the Arago was signalled in the New York Bay, the intelligence was communicated at the Chief's Office, whence despatches were sent to the various Wards io which the members of | the Reception Committees resided, infoiming them of Mr Buchanan's arrival. The mem bers immediately convened at the City Ilall, where they took carriages and proceeded tj the Arago's dock at the foot of Reach street. Notwithstanding the earliness of the hour, and the fact that the arrival of the steamer was not generally known throughout the city, a large crowd of persons?the frieuds of Mr, Buchanan and curious spectators? wcie upon tho ground. Tbe steamer reached her landing before 9 o'clock, and ?s soon as the gangway was low ered the reception committees went on board, and were severally introduced to Mr. Bu chanan He looks as hearty and robust as ever, though a little paler than usual, on ac count of the severe sea sickness from which he suffered during most of the voyage. Al derman Ely, who was deputed to speak for the committees, tendered him the hospitalities of the city, with a complimentary allusion to his eminent public services and private vir tues. r Mr. Buchanan replied, that he was pro foundly grateful for the honor extended to him, and would be happy to remain the guest of the city during his stay. He expressed himself averse, however, to a public dinner, or other demonstration. He spoke of the pride which, as an American citizen, he lelt in our city, which was distinguished for its commerce, its charitable institutions, and its schools. He added, with emphasis, that he was rejoiced once more to set his foot upon a land of liberty, and that he should all the better appreciate the excellence of our form of government, after his residence abroad .r V,chanan was to leave New York for Philadelphia to-day. ThbStkaushipPabikic, andthosb "Lights IJI thb Ice ' '?When the story of this St Johns captain is analyied, we fear there will be but slight grounds for the expectation* of the safe ty of the missing steamer; still, due weight should be allowed for all the facts in regard to it. In the first place, this captain, who re ports having seen lights in the ice, oould not have known that any steamer was out of time, i Again, if a steamer's lights really were seen. I as indicated, it is known that they could not have bean those of the Persia or the America, and no vessel of the sort is known to have been in such a position at the date named. If, too, it was the Pacific's lights that were seen and she was hemmed in by the ice, it does away with the supposition, which has gener ally prevailed, th&uhe struck tho ico violent ly a lid been sunk, and leaves a probability something may yet bo heard from her. Had tbe Pacific been compelled to drift until she was released by the ice separating, the time now consumed by such an operation would not be very extraordinaty, in view of the crippled state the vessel would most likely find her self in after the encounter ? Hoston Courier. (Jnous Nbouob.vce and Destruction ok B'~ On Monday night the Harrisburjr train ran off the track a few miles below Lancaster, and horribly mangled two men who was rid ing on the outside of the express car Taey were killed instantly. One of them resided in the village of Bird in-hand, and kept a store there. The express car, bagguge oar, and lo comotive were shattered to pieces. The loco motive ran into Landis' stone warehouse, and knocked down one corner of it. This ware bouse has a private switch, which was turned the wrong way, and let tho locomotive and train immediately against the stone wall of the store. The agent of Adams' Express es caped by a miracle, as tbe car in which he rode was wholly destroyed. Dbbpbsib? ran Sbinb.?In the acoounts from France, brought by tbe Canada, we find the following : "A project is on foot for deepening the Seine throughout its whole course to the sea, so as to render it navigable at all periods for vessels ?Kr\"J?g j?urt*en feat water. It is understood mat tba htuperor has sigued the deed of e n cesmon, with a minimum interest of 4J per tho* it, V English joint stock company ; and without dJuy'" brought on tbe market ALEXANDRIA COKKKJSPOMDJtflCJG. ? % Alexandria, April 25, 1856. The ploaaant weather of yesterday made our streets a teal treat to look upon. All female Alexandria came oat with their spring bonnets; and no other oity on the continent can match Btlle Haven for beantiful and ac oomplised women. The ooming county election continues to ex cite general Interest, and electioneering goes on at a brisk rate. We learn that our friends of the Sun Fire Company propose having quite a gala time ere long. Extensive arrangements for the risit of the Franklin firemen are on foot; and the Sun expects to receive their oo firemen in a manner worthy the hospitality of the Old Do minion. Numerous improvements are in progress in the various teotions ot our city, ana notwith standing the tight times, business is brisk. We regret to learn, however, that it is in con templation to close up entirely the extensive worts of tho Virginia Car Manufacturing Company. Fish was yesterday was rather dull, but few fish came up, and sales were made readily at advanced rates, shad bringing Sll per hun dred and herring $5a$6 per thousand The grain market continues unchanged. Ami. Political Items.?The Whig City Conven tion of Philadelphia met on Wednesday, when the candidates recently nominated for Mayor and Solicitor declined the nominations. An addre^ was adopted withdrawing the candi dates, after which the convention adjourned sine die. The Benton Democrats of Missouri, have nominated Hon Thos. H. Benton forGovernor of the State. The Atchison wing of the party have nominated Tristen Polk. Another Arctic Expbdition.?Mr. Henry Grinneil, of New York, has received a letter from Lady Franklin, in which she expresses a desire that Dr. Kane should visit England for the purpose of taking charge of another Arctic Expedition. She still hopes that some survivor ef Sir John Franklin's party may be found living among the Esquimaux, from whom might be obtained the particulars of her husband's fate. She proposes to fit out a propeller at her own expense, and give tho command to Dr. Kane ICT Notice is Hereby Given?That the Partnership I eratotrre subsisting between 0 B. Smith and C. l>a Gratli. under the Arm of Pa Grath 1 Co , la U li da; ended, by tho purchase by C. De Urath ef all tbe Interest of Q. K. pmitb to ??til flrtn. AM debt* doe the Arm will be paid to Prof. C. D? Grath, who 1* alone authorized to collect the iimi The manufacture and aula of " t e Gratki'e Electric Oil" is no iuued by Professor Ce Grath, at hla aid stand, No. 39 ' South Kiphtli street, between Cheetuut and Walnut, Phila delphia Prof. CUAf. DK aUATD. April 18, 1?3G. avid by OH AH. STOTT A CO. ap 25? 31 JX7~ Travelers alone enr Western waters should always take tl.? precaution to supply themselves with a genuine article nf HOSTETTEB'M STOMACH HII TKRS, as It Is now conceded by all whs hare tried this in valuable medicine that they will regulate the stomach, if used as per directions on the bottle,and carry a traveler safe through all the various changes of diet, an well as water, which, without, often will pioduce sickness and death. Hen?e one oouce of preventive is worth ?pouud of cure. For sale by druggist* and hotels generally. ap 2J?1 w JAMES N. CALLAX. Agent. JJ^What is It For?This Weed's Hair RESTORATIVE??Is a question asked dally by hun I reds We answer, without hesitation or fear of coutradl. tlo , that It ie the only article known which will do all It premises for tue human hair. It will renew Its growth?It will stop iu fa'llng?It will restore Its natural color. It U not a Hatr f?ye, but a speedy and efficacious KAetorative. Trial bottles |1; pints $t; quarta %?. Read the advtrtlaement on the onrth page. ap 19?tf 1X7" As a Spring and Suaoser Medicine, CAKTER'S SPANISH MIXTCRK stands prs etuinent above

all others. It* alngularly efficacious action on the blood; its ?traugtbauing and vlTifylng qualities ; it* tonic action on the Liver; It* tendency to drive all humor* to the snrface, { thereby cleausUg the system according to Nature'* own pre scription; Its harmless, and at the sauie tin.* extraordinary good etfeets, aud the number of cures testified to by many of thi most respectable citizens of KlchtOoud, Vs., and else where, must be conclusive evidence that titer* s uo humbug i about It. The trial of a single bottle will satisfy tlie most I Skeptical of its benefits. Sea Advertisement In another column. ap 1?1 m JIT* Oilman's Liquid Hair Dye is the only article now ns?d in this city. Gentlemen who wear whiskers or moustache* ef a gray or rnldleh line w' to attend a ball or party, r?u In a salt of k!ar^. by de voting one additional minute at their tol'et Iu uelug the very celebrated article which heat* tliIs notice.?(Philadelphia Ledger. Z D. OILMAN Proprietor, 5-3 Pa avanne, Waalilacton. For sale by Orogftlsle everywhere. ap 21?lw fJZT* llalley't Genuine Fain Extractor, will subdue the pa'u and Inflammation from the severest burns or ??-aids. In from one to twenty lulunt-s-and that It will Iteal the wound" without scar; and effectually cure Fover Soree?Pile*--Salt Khemu?Inflammatory rheumatism -Sore a-id Inflamed hye* ? Cuts?Wounda?Hrulse*?Old and in veterate Sores -Scald Head -Oorn* and lluuions?Srysipelaa ?Sprains?Swelling* Felon*?Chilblains?Bite of late to ? Swelled and Broken Breast?Sore Nipple*--Eruptions and all other inflammatory and cutaneous disease*, where the parts affected can lw reached. Don't be incredulous about tha mauy diseases n m.e I to be cured by only one thing?but reflect, that the lew, I ut posl tire properties which the Dalley Salve alone contains, aud as heretofore enumerated?one to four?cau reach not alone the ?f rt mentioned disea^ee, but many more not enumerated. Kai-h bo* of Gkm ink Dalit's Paix Kxtbvctor l.aa upon it a Steel Plate Engraved Isabel with the signatures of C. V. CLICK K.N EK A CO., proprietois, and HKNKY DA I.LEY, manufacturer. All othere are counterfeit. Price lb cents per bos. All orders should be addressed loC. V. Cllckener A Co., SI Barclay street. New York. error sale by CHAS. STOTT, NAIBN * PAt.MKU, and DrugglsU generally. ap %?*otm UT Coats, Pants, and Vests, Drtss Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALK KB k CO., MaaaLB Hall Ci.otuimo Empo rium, Browns' Hotel Balldlng, tespecUally that their annual display of SPRING AND SI'MHKB CLOTHING Is uow ready for Impaction, coBjprUfcg an aaaortment of Gcotuioi amd Youths' of tha newest aud rich est Uaalga*. Iu material, trjmiulng, and workmanship. To those who study excalieuca, with economy In faahioaable ar ticle* of dress, an opportunity Is now offsied for selecting fro* one of tha Most attractive stock of goods iu this city, at very reduced price*. ap t? tf fcST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Rev J.G Bctl*k Pastor.?Service iu this Church, at the corner of H and l*th streets, daring SABBATH, D. V., at 11 a. m., and at7^ p.m. apS5 ?THE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION will meet TO-MORROW (Saturday) morning, at the Smithsonian Institution, at eleven o'clock. Mr A. C. Richards will read an Essay bsfore the Association. Sut ject; "Tbe Social ar.d Pro fessdonal Relation of the Teachers " A general attendance of Teachers is solicited ap2S-tt* R. T. TAYLOR, Rec Bee. >THE FA IR TO AID TH E COLORED Baptist Church Is still In motion, and the managers offer the mast excellent assortment of useful, fancy, and cheap articles that have yet been sold on such occasions. Come to the corner of Ninth and D streets, the lucky bag give* gen eral satisfaction. ap25-2t* PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, Attention !?You are hereby o deitd to /J*lfat# meet at vour Armory on MOiNDAY, " April 2flth, 1856,at 10 o'clock a. m ,with arms and accoutrements in complete order, for target practice. Hromptness is expwted of ever^' nr.emb"r, as the Company will take up the line of march according to order. JOB. PECK, Captain. W. H. Hat ward. First i?erg't. ap 25-*t? ?A LECTURE FOR THE BENEFIT of the Young Catholic's Friend {Society of Georgetown, will be delivered by Pr. feasor A. DIMITKY, of Louisiana, at Forrest Hall, on TUESDAY EVENING, the 2?th Instant Doors open at 1% < 'clock Ticket* can be procured at John F. Ellis' Mu sic Store, Kldwell & Laurence's Drug Store, Washington; and at John L. Kldwell's, George town ! ap 5M-51? kFAlR OF THE SIXTH PRESBY TERIAN CHURCH ?The Lady man agers of this Fair beg to announc? that it will be continued for the remainder of this week They are thankful for tbe generous patronage of the past week, and hope to merit Its coutlnuanco. Open from 8 to 10)$ p. m. ap *<KMt Grnkkal Land Ovricc. April 9, H5<> ? TI CK ?ALL PERSONS HAV k& in?r books or bound documents ?>elonglng to this office will please return them withoutdelay to west wing of the Patent Office building, to which the General Land Office is thia day re moved. ap 1 l-d30d^ Ls S. Marshal's office, > April 14, 1*56. i ,A FURTHER INDULGENCE UN til the 1st May next ls granted to all per sons indebted to John A. Smith, Clerk of the Cir cuit and Criminal Courts of this District, for fees which accrued In either of said Courts In the years 18SI, '&2, '53, snd '54 All accounts then unpaid I must proceed, as directed, to collect ar cording to law. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal, ap IS ? OA ARDe?:I WILL GIVE THE W above reward for the arrest and convic tion of the person or persons who broke late ray stand In Centre Market on Tuesday night last, snd took therefrom goods to the amount of 950 to *100, consistlag of Portemonnaies, Needles, Per fumes, Spool Cottcn, and sundry other articles. A. McCLEISH, Stalls Noa. OT and 83 Centre Market. Also. No 108 High street, Georgetow. ap tl-3i? Servants for balk ?a gentleman from one of tho lower counties of Maryland, has 15 or 20 11 elv aegroes (of both vexes) to dis pose of, and will seu them to any gentleman In the Stat* ef Louisiana, or the South, for his own as*. Apply at this oRco. (Union) ap?5-4t mon VOH THK CHILOHBW?Tfc*1**" M. gest stock and greatest variety In the city ?t ap 25- i! LAMMOND'S, 7th at._ SUMMER HLUVCS ?OKNTLE-?f man can be suited wl L Summer Gloves,)! at STKVENS'S Salesroom, ; ap 15-Tt Brown*' Hotel. LADIES' SLEEVE PROTEt TURO, Long Whalebone. Watchstards, Cabas. Reticule*. Jet Bracelet* and Breastpins. Moravian aid French Working Cotton, Ac., at aptt-3t LAMMOND 3, 7 A at. FIR I AL ?.?A GENTLEMAN ABOUT leaTlnjrthe city will sell, at tu cr.flce. a handsome Family Carriage. ?ultable for one or two horses, ard uaed only about one month. Price S2C0. Ap^ly at Jtt l it between 13th and 14th. ap ~~ ~ Gentlemen's ihoildrk seam Shirts, erery sire and e?ery variety of Cuffc and Collars, comprising the largest assortment ever offered, at 1 * STEVEN*'* Salesroom, Browns' Hotel The trade supplied. ap *S-6t Salt : salt u? 1.% sacks G. A. SALT 50 do line do In store and frtr sale by BARBOUR A SEMME8, ap25-3t W La. ??., bet. <th Md 7th ate. GENTLEMEN'S fine shirts, eid Gloves. UaderahliU, Drawers, Cravats, Ties, Handkerchiefs. Hoaiery. Ac., and all articles ne cessary for gentlemen's outfit, at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, ' ap 25-tr 3 J2 Pa. avenue, next to Inn Hall. F?9' JR THE SPRINM TRADE?UNDKR _ SHIRTS AND DRAWERS?Our assort ment In this department Is larger and more ya tied If possible than at any former period 5Ilk, Cashmere, Merino and Cotton Shins and Draw ers In great variety and of every sire and quality The trade supplied at STEVEN*S ap V-lt Salesroom, Btowna' Hotel. f^HJBMICAL OLIVE SOAP.? 30 boxes Chemical O! rlor article for washing ~ IS lve Soap, a very aupe Also. 25 boiea Pearl Starch Just received ard for ule by BARBOUR A SKMMES, No. 45 Louisiana avenue, between ap 25-St ?th and 7th streets. PR THE SPRING TRADE-STEVENS. Browns' Hotel, has now opened and ready for sale the largest, newest, and most varied .ae ? sortment of "Gents' Belongings" ever offered by him, and of course the largest assortment at retail this aide of New York Buying as we da all ar tlc'es lor cash, consumers are assured that the floods are of the newest and beat sty'es, and at the owes'price., at STEVEN'S ap25-It Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. EYTRA 1 RAIN TO ANNAPOLIS. F OR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THO?E who intend to visit the STEAMSH1P MER* RlMACan EXTRA TRAIN will be run TO MORROW. (Satnrdav,) the2flth Instant, leafing Washington at 8W a. m and Annapolis at 6 p in. F*re for round trip TWO DOLLARS The ticket office wl 1 be open THIS EVEN ING from 5 to G o'clock for the sale of tic keta. By order: T. H. PARSONS, Agent. ap 25-It VENTRILOQUISM. PROFESSOR BIDDLE, THE CELE brated and long experienced Ventrllrquist and Magician, respectfally announces to the la dies and gentlemen of Georgetown and vicinity, that he will give an entertainment of his myste rious and much admired gift of conveying h i voice, at FORREST HALL, on FRIDAY EVENING, the25th Instant. Admlsaion TWENTY-FIVE CENTS; Chil dren half price. Doora open at 7, performance to commence at 9 o'clock. Front seats reserved for ladles; and strict order will be enforced ap25-lt? NEW PATENT FLUID LAMP. IT IS WELL KNOWN TO ALL PERSONS who deal In or are acquainted with lamps that a Fluid Lam-, with a circular wick safe, and, not llab e to heat, so constructed that the light could be controlled and regulated, ha* been a great desideratum ever since fluid haa been used. It 1 as we I known that no such Lamp haa until now been offered to the public. Such a Lamp we now present, which burns with a clear, strong light, and with a steadiness which renders it superior even to ^as for purposes of reading and writing Ar.d it will burn with undin lnlshed flame until the fluid In the Lamp Is entirely con*um< d. The ma'erlal used is ccmmon burning fluid, known also by the names of Etherlal Oil and Spirit Gas*. The Lamp is very simple In Its construction and ea>ilv trimmed; the light can be re^ulat^des perfectly as gas-light, so that no mora need be consumed than Is wanted. Tbls Lanrp is pe ullarly adapted to th? purpose of lighting churches and pubUc halls, while for lighting parlors, reeding, writing or seeing, It has no equal. For sale by J. R. McGREGOR , 534 Seventh street, between Loul>iana ap 25-eo9w avenue a: d D street. CHICK LK I NO b SONS' PIANOS. THE SUBSCRIBER.BY LATE AND I'RES ent arrivals from Boston, la In re-ry^ta ceipt of two more superb Parlor Grandjt If (I Flanos, three ma^aiAc-nt Louis XIV, ai>d several Central 7-ectavo Pianos, from the old and justly famed Factory of Chlckerlng A Sons. Bv the ateamer which leaves Boston on the 26th instant he will receive a further aupply of Louis XI Vth and Central Pianos. His stock at all times embraces by far the larg est. mo?t elegant, and select assortment cf Piaiioc in th's city. He has the exclusive sale of Chlck erlng A Sons' Pianos, Instruments ef unequalled excellence In touch, toi.e, and durability The Parlor Grand Piano, of their own late invention. Is considered by the first artists superior to any Instruments ever produced In this country, and so eargerly are they sought that the manufacturers cannot meet the demand That persona dealrin z their Pianos may be secute of purchasing a genuine Instrument, the Messrs | Chlckerlng will hold themselves responsible only for those bought of their authorized agest, a* will be seen In their card of the 25th ultimo In this P*K, excellent Fianos of varloua styles and prices by Brown A Allen, Boston, makers of high reputation and experience. w S cond hand Pianos taken in pfert pay ra n t. The subscriber's invariable rule, to buy si! arti cles sold by him for cash, his experience of twer.ty-flve years In the Piano business, ard his thorough knowledge of the FUoo. so important for the security of purchasers, will secure to them th-5 best Instruments at the lowest prices ap25-5t RICHARD DAVIS. PROPOSALS FOR GUNPOWDER. ORDNANCE OFFICE. ) WasHiHGTOH, April23, 1956. $ PROPOSALS ARE INVITED FROM THE Powder Manufacturers of the countrv for fur nishing Five Thousand Barre s of Guntowder, or any portion of that quantity not !e-.s than one thousand barrels. Four-fifths of the Powder to be furnished must Cannon Powder, and one flfth Musket Powder; and the whole amount that may be ordered must be deliver* d at the harbor of New York by the 1st of August, 1S56, and not aooner than the 20th July, 1656. Contracta will be entered Into only with those who can give ast lsfactory assurance of their ability to maiiufciture Powder of the quality requlnd for Government use. The proportions of the Ingredients cf Powder for the military service are ?5 parts of nitre, 15 parts of charcoal, and 10 parts of sulphui. The I?1 gradients to be u?ed In the manufacture must be of the higher degree of purity; the nitre must not contain m<.re than l-3000th part of chlorides; the charcoal must be obtained flora sound teillow or popLr wood, of not more than three or four years' growth; and the sulphur of auch purity that In burning 100 grains lnaglasa vessel the residuum shall not exceed a small fraction of a grain. The Powder must be packed in barrels of one hundred pounds eac h; the barrels to t? msde of well-seasoned white oak, and hooped with hickory or cedar hoops (the latter preferable) de prived of their bark: the hoops to co\er two thirds of the barrel, and to be secured by copper nails; ln*tead of a bung on the side, a screw note one and a half inch diameter must be ma4e in the head of the barrel, and closed by a wood screw with an octagonal head, not projecting bevond the ends of the staves, wltn a washer under It of thin leath-r steeped In a solution of bees-was in split's of turpentine, and a piece of cloth glued over the head of theecrew plug. The Ingredients, and also the powder, during and after fabrication, will be sublect to Inspec tion and proof by officers of the Ordnance Depart ment, as laid down n the Ordnance Manual, (to which bidders are referred ) and none will be re ceived ualess approved by the Inspector. The In spection will be made at the powder works, and certllcates will be gtven by the Inspector to the contractors, on the presentation of which, with receipts, by the ordnance officer stationed la the harbor of New Yotjk. for the powder delivered there, payment will be made to the full amounc The proposals must state the price p?r 1*0 pounds, (barrel Included.) and most be endorsed '? Proposals for Gunpowder," and directed to th?' undersigned, at the Ordnance Office, Washing ton, D. C., where they will be opeaed on the 24th of May In the presence of the bidders, or of such or Iko. .. miy ctoo-.. .pj*" C(A|U Colonel of Ordnance. Philadelphia Argus; Day Book and Military Argus, New York; Boston Post, aad Hartford Times. Each cf the above papers will send ??e of the papers containing the advertlsemeut, and also the.r bills, to the Ordnance Office, ap M-dttHMay AMUSEMENTS. t Hi A T I ? N 4 I, T II K .1 T K K I KUNKEL t CO 1.1 """i I JOHN T FORI) WILK MAN '-- K S JOB JEFFERSON STAOE .WAN \ii KR MICH or ADHUMA1I. Boxe* and Parquet ?...So nm,u Family Circle and Galleries tire.ii No extra charge for te??rv*d *?-at? BENEFIT Of the eminent Tragedian, Mr JAMES W WALLACE, Jr. And last appearance but ?'hen Lt win at. pear in two chsracterr THIS EVENING, APRIL SS, kotiebue's beautiful play of THE STRANGSR. Stranger M r Walter< To conclude with ?LACK EYED lltAN 1 William Mr. Wa ;?k Gnatbraln Mr. J?ttei>oa flT The Box Sheet for the sale of Rear*-. 4 ?eata will b* open every dav of this wrak othre hoots between 9 a. m and 5 p m sp*&->< THE SECOND ANNUAL CONCERT or THE UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION Will be given AT THE SMITHSONIAN 1NST1TUTIOS, Om MONDAY EVL>1 NO, May A. THE PROGRAMME HAS BEEN SELECT- I ed with care, embracing a variety of p^pj.^r^ CHORUSES, QUARTETTES, TRIOS, * A!*D OBLtOATO (OLOt, which will be rendered with Orchest-al Arrorr, paniinent. The Ccncert will be under the direction of Vr. J. H. DAN I EL. Conductor cf the A?ao< iatlon Ticket* TWENTY-FIVE CENT* ; to be htd at the principal book and mua.c atorea jjy A a no money can be received at the door of the Institution, f*raons who design at* ending the Concert are requested to secure ticket* in ad vance. ip22-eo Grand Exhibition & May Ball. PROF. H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT pleasure In announcing (0 the public that his Grand EXHIBITION AND MAY BALL will take place at his Hall (adjoining the Star Office) on THURSDAY Frjf.l NING, May 1st. ISM I lie has exerted himself to the utmost of h!? ability to render this Exhibition, If posalble. more brilliant than the one given by him last veer at the National Theatre Several nev* >x*ac tlful, and complicated Dances will be tntrcduced together with a portion of hla former favorite col lection. The following programme of Dances are stipe rlor In point of beauty, grace, and execution than any offered to a Washington audience: I College Hornpipe, by 4 masters 2. La Carhucha, bv * mimes, two of which are 5 and 6 years of age. I 3. Cracovienne, by 4 m'saes. (Elsler style ) 4 I.a Smolensk!, by 4 mitsc* ?5 Highland Fling,'by 3 master* 6 G <vot de Vestres, by 2 niM.a. ( 7 El Jeleo de Jerea. by a miss, (Elaler atyle t b. I as de Trols, by 2 misses, 5 and ? year* t f agr. and a master 7 Thia dance to danced with much precision, and la both dlMcnlt and graceful. 9. Paa Styrlan. by 2niia*ea and 2 matter*. 10 Syrian Waltx, by Prof. M under and 2 young II The Grand Flower Dance, by 3a mli>*e*,t* Introduced by the Vleanalse Children it is composed of 16 arches and 10 circle*. < t rosea of every variety and color. 12 The Grand Shawl 32 mlssea which has been altered and Improved, with tbe exception or the Crowning Scene, the Grand Mareh, atd Ascension upon the TLrone which haa always been considered perfect i WEBER'S MILITARY AND COTILLON BAND la engaged for the occa>lon. The ladle* woo attended the Theatre Ball. Li* present and former patrons, and the patron* of nts " Brother Professors" sre cordially invited to attend, as there will be no Invitation card* a> j trlbuted. N B.?It has been ratnored by some msiriou* person that mv hall la net Milficlentiy string to aold the great crowd that will attend m eihTbl | tion To satisfy the pubMc to the contrtry, ? have bad the building thoroughly examined, and it Last ken pronounced by a competent bui'derto be perfectly safe. ap 19? tb NOTICE. MR. RUDOLPH BUCHLY II AS HF.I N ap I pointed Collector of the rroount* due the ea (ate of Jain* * F. Harvey, deceased, and fcuthvr lz'd to receive and receipt for the same GEO. HARVEY. J ap 44-St Agent for Executrix. MARRIED, NOT NIAT4 l? : or Row t:. 11 ted at Wood aide and 'I hrockmorton H I bv Alice Can', author of Clovernook Prlct ?I Just published and f r ?ale at Taylor A mali:vs ap 24 Bookstore, near 9th M CLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOfRS.?A GREAT varletr of CLOCKS, a'l warranted keep good time one veer, at EJl J. ROBINSON'S, P? 349 Pennsylvania avenue. tSJ ap 24 lm opposite Browns' Hotei Girard Fire and Marine Insurant* Co., PHILADELPHIA, INSURES AGA1NSI I.oss or Dxmage, by FIRE. Buildings. Mer chandise, Furniture, Ac , in Washington city, cr the country. POULARD WT-'BB. Agent, No. 512 Seventh at , opp ap24-lm National Intel. Oifi rATCRE* AND JEWELRY 25 per ct chc*per than It can be bought elsewht re in W ashing ton, at J ROBINSON'S, ap 24-lm 3;9 Pa av opp Browns' Hotel tOYV CLOTHING FOR fc? RINR A!?D ? Summer ?We Lave on hand <:! ike rr?;" tiui" the largest aaaoitment of Bov*' wd Chil dren'* CLOTHING to be found latbi??.lty, *uir able for the present ard comity ? eat-on. WALL A STEPHENS ap 24-3t 322 Pa avenue, next to lroa Hall STROLOGY?MADAMS CUVAl L, practlcner of Astro'ogy and Phrenology, to her, w'th the aasiatanritof Pr. feneor Rroieb Ol W' B( A grtber n, is prepared to answer all q e^tlrn* re a tins to human life Nativities wri ten. (juestiot.a *n swered personally, or by letter. M ? D. late from Europe, Is now taking a tour through the United State Her stay will be here a short time civ. No. 79 Bridge street, 2 doors ab<ivc the l'o?t Cfc e Georgetown. ap24-lw* cows! cattle:: Turnups have turned down?ite snbseriber has vet 310 bushels of Connectlrut RUTA BAGA '1 UK MPS. wbirb will be dellv ered in any pait of this city or Georgetown, at the exceedingly low prl. e of "30cen s a bui>bel Those having cows would do well to purchase as they are the cheapest atd beat food that can be given this season App'y at Centre Mai ket 01 '77 AIa*?a busetts avenue ap24 3t? DANIEL <?RAHANi A CARD WE BEG TO INFORM <>UK friend* and the public that we hsve^S^fc^ just return*d from a two week*' tour atfl I i I ' the North, and have visited and examined thor oughly the principal Piano maaulhctorle* of Bo* ton. New Yerfc. and other cities From tbe?e es tablishments we have made. wKh personal car,* and attention, a selection of a stock if PlANt?> which will form the Isrgest and moM betut.fu! assortment ever before presented in any South* fn city. We have made arrangements which w.H insure us a semi-monthly tupply <>nr sto a shall always consist of an assortntent of Crai d, Parlor Grand, l.oul* XIV Square. Ronrd. ai d other styles ?f l>eautlful finish. and exqri*Pe tone and finish. Tt ese Piano* we have pnrrh?*ed f r cash, hence we stall be enabltd to offer them upon exceedingly reasonable terns We w\: make liberal dlscooni* for cash ; take gocd en dorsed notes; sell by the monthly payments. cept old piano* in p*rt payment; warrant ard guarantee every Instrument we ssll; give ous reference* in this city cf persons who l a?e purchased of us. Also, always on hand, second hand Pianor Pianos for jeiit by month or quar er , Melodeon* Guitars, Violins. Vio Incellos, Acrordeow*. si d music merchandise In general. Our ttttre isat?r Tenth street, No tud Penn*vlvania avenue JOHN F. ELLIS. ap94-tr Pianoforte and Music Emporium AWNINGS ADE BY GEO. W1LLNKR, No W4 Nimb St., bet. D and E. ap23l?* M Mrs. ditty and miss lanphiek wi on Satu story, south side Pennsylvania rill open SUMMER MILLINERY^, on Saturday, the 26lh Inst No 311, second nla avenue, be tween 9th and llKh treets . ARCHITECT URAL PLASTER ORRA MINTS .. OF EVERY ?TYLE ON REASONABUe TERMS ?Mastie and all kind* rf modern finish for the decoration 1 f f the Interli r and ?|*t " rlor cf Private and Pnblie Building* At ' NAN A CALLAHAN'S Ornament SLop ; Ptsiu and Ornamental Plastoiera. 5M8 Elev* ntb street, er Pennsylvania avenue, Wa?hlnpton apR-lw?