Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHINGTOH CUT SATURDAY April 2f>, 19*6. iLT" AdrerllieiMuU should be handed la bf tt o'eleck, m., otherwise they may not appear antll the next day. SPIRIT OF THI MORHIWG PRXSI. The Union compliments highly the recent speech of Lieutenant Governor Willard, of Indiana, before the Jackson Democratic Asso ciation of this city, which it regards as the opening of tfce Presidential campaign. The InflligmcT again nrges arbitration as the proper mode for settling car outstand ing questions with Britain. WABHITOTOW HEWS AMD GOSSIP The Twelfth and Laat Reception?As was anticipated, the reception of last night was much the most largeJy attended of the season All the ordinary levee-goers were present of coarse, and there were in addition all those procrastinating spirits who, were the recep tions " to stretch till the crack of doom," would inevitably miss all but the final one. The ladies, of eourse, made the most of the occasion, and at the height of the reseption? a.\j about half-past nine at night?the east room and all its approaches presented a flower gaiden brilliancy of variegated spring cos tumes ; the gay colors worn by the fair crea ture* being thrown eut in strong relief by the ?ombre-toned broadcloth of the sterner and grimmer sex. Amic'it this indescribable confusion?this moving avalanche of ribbons, flounces, tissues, tarletanea, crapes, sprays and brocades, sin gle gentlemen of small sise, were pretty con tinually getting obscured, and sometimes in extricably snarled up by an awkward step through a spreading flounce. Occasiocally tho confusion was heightened by the adveut of some "family party"?some lean man wi:h a stout wife, succeeded by two or three wife's sisters, backed up by half a doaen daughters, and a concatenation of cou sins, and cousins' cousins, all arm in arm, linked together like a string of sausages ! The delegation of Seminole Indians were present, but they seemed to care little for the display of fash on ; and stationing themselves as near as possible to tho Marine Band, were oblivious to aught else but the music for the entire evening. The bare list of names of distinguished per sonages present wouH swell this article infi nitely beyond the small space we can allot to it to-day; suffice it to say that the collection of celebrities and lions r f all sorts?congressional military, diplom&tio, literary, Ac , Ac.?wns extensive enough to satisfy the most enthu siastic hero-worshipper or curiosity hunter. The array of M. C.'s alone was sufficient to give coloring to the idea that both Houses had adjeumed en wiaste to the Presidential Man sion. The veteran Cass was present, and ap parently quite recovered from the effects of his late severe accident We noticed also amongst the "old stagers'' of the Senate Messrs. Douglas, Crittenden, and Bell ef Tennessee. Mr. Speaker Banks was there; also Mr.'. Banks. His face snd figure has now become familiar to cur citisens. but Mrs Banks has been less seen in public, and was consequent ly much observed. She was unanimously voted " magnificent." Of the Cabinet we saw Messrs. Guthrie, Dobbin, and McClelland. Handscme Judge Wayne of the Supreme Court was present. Gen. Persifer Smith was there, and other distinguished Army and Navy officers; but we are straying beyond our limited space, and will close with one long, lingering look at the ?ast Room now closing for the season? 41 Like some banquet ball deterted, VV hose Hgh's are fled. wbo?e gariaMs deed, And all but me departed " The Marine Band?which we hope to meet soon again in the public grounds?performed a rich programme, including several fine com positions by Professor Scala, the accomplished leader Setting Them Up.?Yesterday's session of j the Hou^e was consumed in an effort to get immediate action upon the bill to refund the duties upon goods in the original packages destroyed by fire since 1838, to which we briefly referred yesterday. Mr. Pelten has informed the Huuse that it does not embrace the olaims of insurance companies who have paid for the destruction of such goods by fire. We do not comprehend the propriety of the distinction The individuals owning stock in such companies are as justly entitled to the bounty of the Government in this case?the question being altogether one of bounty?as any other class of citisens Bat the point at present on our mind is the fact that a multitude of those who lost by the great Are in New York in 1838, made that fact their nominal reason for taking the benefit of the bankrupt act in 1841; paying their creditor* only with their oaths setting forth that they were without the means of paying for value received. As their property in the goods de stroyed by fire had in 1841 no existence, of course 'hey made over to their creditors noth ing as the value of those goods So, the credi tors, rather than the bankrupt debtors, a re the loser* by the fire in question; and if it is proper to refund the duties to either, surely the creditcr.' of the bankrupts are the partieb who should receive the bounty of the Govern ment. Mr Pelton, according to the information at his command, estimated the total amount to be paid under this bill at a maximum of $300,000. The Committee on Commerce of the laat House, after investigating the cubject, set down double that sum as the amount to be paid on account ot the lo*s by the great fire in New York in ?1S38, and two fires in San Francisco alone. he present bill covers every fire that ha* occurred any where i? the United States in J T i0 wl",l, good, id tbo onginil pwk.g.. ?,ry burne,J The reader, on reflecting upon this fact will readily perceive that it will be quite ? easy to make the amount payable under this bill if enacted, ten, as five millions of dollars. The proper way to dispone of such cases, is to provide that every claimant shall establish his claim by legal testimony before the Court of Claims or a committee of Congress, that the case of each shall stand on its own merits, and that the real loser, the insurer and the bankrupt s creditor, .hall be the recipient of the Government's bounty, where they prove to be tfce parties who have lost by such fires. We da not, however, Tiean to he understood ? approving the policy of paying such claims; ?? we see no justice in making the Govern! ment the insurer of persons engaged ia com. mercial bu"n*ss against any contingency of their trade whatever. Every dollar paid by them into the national treasury, was legiti mately and properly so paid; and they hare as little right injustice, aa in law, to ask the Government to stand between them and a visitation of Providenoe, aa the farmers hare to demand that the Government shall refund to them the duties they pay (indirectly) on a thousand thing;, when Heaven sends on them a blighting season of drought, that causes the loss of their labor and capital invested in crops. So far as the amount to be paid under this bill, if enacted, ia ooncerned, that depends, in a great measure, on the consciences of par ties who may present claims under it, and thaee who aid in getting them up It abounds in opportunities for the perpetration of heavier " Gardinerisms" than have ever yet occured under the Government of the United States. The Correspondence?We find in the Union this morning, the whole of the recent corres pondence between Senator Donglas and Col. Jas. H. Lane. The space at our command will not permit us to publish it all to-day, so we are compelled to lay over the crushing and conclusive reply of the Senator to the singu lar letter of Col. L. until our next issue. The reader will find that it completely disproves Col. L's idea that the Senator did him injus tice in what he took occasion to say in debate concerning the affair of the presentation of the so-called petition of the bogus Kansas Legis lature. On the whole, it may be written down a very important chapter in the current expo sure of the arrant humbuggery of the " Free State" politics of Kansas. Herewith we ap pend the Unitu's introduction to the corres pondence, the introductory letters, and the funny epistle of Col. Lane, ahiok, it will be perceived, bear out what we have heretofore taken occasion to say of the affair: The DoroLAs and Lani Correspondence The false rumors which have been put afloat in regard to an alleged correspondence be tween Col. Lano and Judge Douglas in rela tion to the debate on the spurious Kansas me morial have induced several of Judge Doug las's friends to ask bis consent to give the cor respondence publicity. The letters will be found in our paper this morning; and we risk nothing in saying that Judge Douglas s letter places Col. Lane in a worse predica ment even than he was in before We ob serve by the New York Times which reached us last night that Col. Lane has published a card in that paper of yesterday, in which he introduces his own letter to Judge Douglas, with the exception of the concluding sentence, but fails to accompany it with Judge Doug las's reply He undertakes to give the points of Judge Douglas's reply, but he does it so imperfectly that it is gTosely unjust. With out dwelling on the card of Col. Lane, we deem it due to Judge Douglas to say, upon authority, that the statements that when Col Lane's letter was handed to Judge Doug las he " atktd until one o'clock to reply, which teas grantedand that " he then a*ked until four o'clock, and afterwards until Monday," which weie "cheerfully granted," are a total perversion and misrepresentation of the facts. Judge Douglas asked no time to reply, and none was granted. When Mr. Watson called on Saturday and delivered Col. Lane's letter, Judge Douglas had com pany, and he intormed Mr. W atson that he would be ready to reply in an hour or two, which would be one o clock. Mr. Watson said he would be engaged for several hours, and probably until four o'clock. Judge Douglas then fixed four o'clock for his reply. After h:? company left he read the letter, and found that it would take more time than until four o'clock to make such a reply as his judgment dictated as proper He immediately request ed Col. Orr to ?ee Mr. Watson, and notify him that his reply would be mado on Monday morning. Col. Orr, not finding Mr. Watson, left a note for him giving the notice. These arc substantially the facts, and they show h<?w grossly Col Lane has perverted and mis stated them : House or Representatives, J April 25, 1856. \ Sir : You will please publish the enclosed correspondence. The letter of Judge Douglas to Hon. C K. Watson vai delivered by me to him on Monday last. After reading it, Mr. Watson said to me, verbally, that he wa? not aware when he delivered Col. Lane's note that it could be construed as hostile in it* character, and that it was bis determination not to prosecute further the correspondence. It is due to Mr. Watson to say that his man ner and conversation in relation to this matter have been courteous and friendly, holding that no rule or technicality should induce him to do any thing that his judgment could net approve This met the approval of my own judgment Very respectfully, your obedient servant, Editor Union JesErH Lake. Washington Citt, April 25. 185ft Dear Sir : It has been announced in the newspapers that a hostile mcbsage had been sent to you by Col. James H Laue. of Kansas Territory, and your course in regard to that matter has been most grossly misrepresented. We. as friends whom you consulted, and who advised the course which you pursued on that occasion, request your j ermission to publish the correspondence now in our hands., in order that the facts may be understood. Very truly, your obedieLt servants, R. Toombs, J. D. Bright, John ? Weller, James L. Orr, JosErH Lane. Hon S A Douglas Washington, April 25, 1856. Gentlemen : In reply to your note of this date, I take pleasure in saying that you have my permission to make such disposition of the correspondence referred to as you may think the circumstances require. Very truly your friend, 8 A Docglas. Messrs. R Toombs, J. B Weller, J. D. Bright, J L. Orr, Joseph Lane. Washington, D. C., April 18, 1856. Sir : One day lart week I placed in the hands of General Cass, with a request to lay it before the Senate, the memorial of the gen eral assembly of Kansas praying for hor ad mission into the Union as a sovereign State. I gave that direction to the memorial from the fact that the convention which framed the constitution of Kansas, with great unanimity, had before selected General Cass as the me dium by which to present the constitution to the Senate, deeming him, on account of se niority, the more proper person to introduce into the new applicant. On Thursday of that week that memorial was the subject of severe criticisms, and in connexion with it charges of the most grave character were preferred against me. On Monday last, in a paper read in your hearing and by yours, I frankly avowed my self the reviser of that memorial; stated dis tinctly that it was prepared under my direc tion, in cenformity with the authority vested in me ; that no human being was consulted in tie preparation of it, tho instructions of my principals faithfully carried out; the expla nation was as full as the avowal was frank, nothing being withheld After this, in con nexion with the memorial, you repeat the oharge in a form much more objeotional than before Believing, as I do, that neither the constitution of the United States nor the rules of the Senate were intended to justify or sanction so gross an attack upon the character of an American citizen, I respectfully a?k for such an explanation of yeur language upon that occasion as will remove all imputation upon the integrity of my action or motives in ?on-exieu with that memorial. When you are reminded that although I *.certificate of election to a seat in the body of which you are a member, and so far your peer, yet I am not permitted to speak in my own defence ; when you are reminded of the friendship, personal a? well as political, which has heretofore existed between us ; that I came here your friend, confidently expecting to find you on the Kansas application where you stood in '44 on the Texas question, in '50 on the California question, in favor of reaog niaing the people's government, and extending ever American eitiiens the pro tee ting arm of the general government, I feel oonfident yon will, witheut hesitation, tender the explana tion reque?ted, and thereby render a simple act of justice toward one who has faithfully disoharged his dnty to his constituents in all the relations which have given rise to the ex isting oontrorersy. My friend, Hon C. R- Watson, will deliver this to yon and receive your answer llespeotfully, J H. Lixk. Hor. Stbphbx A. Docolas, Washington city. Petty Spit#.?The aetion of the Know Nothing Councils of Philadelphia towards Mr. Buchanan, in refusing io permit his friends to receive him in Independence Hall on the oc casion of hit return boat from his mission to England, is in fair keeping with the refusal or the Abolition authorities of Boston, on a somewhat similar occasion, to permit Mr Webster to use Faneuil Hall, because the nationality of his sentiments was distasteful to them. Pennsylvania!!?.?Quite a number of dis tinguished Pennsylvanianshave been in Wash ington for some days past. Anmong them we perceive Arnold Plummer, Canal Commis sioner ; Mr. Brawley, the Surveyor General of the State ; Mr W. Piatt, Esq , the Speaker of the State Senate; Judge Pettibone; and1 Mr J Cresswell, a member of the State Leg islature Difficulty in Kansas ?We are permitted to copy a telegraphic dispatch dated Westport* April 23,1856, addressed to a gentleman in this city, and received last night: " Sheriff Jones shot in the back at night while guarding a prisoner at Lawrence " Mr. Jones is the sheriff of Douglas oounty, Kansas Territory. The Fire Bill ?We understand from a gen tleman, who says that he has in charge a por tion of the fire claims involved in the bill now before the House, that he has no objeotion whatever to its due consideration in Commit tee of the Whole, that oourse will be just and proper. Confirmed ?The Senate bave confirmed the nomination of Henry Bond, to be receiver of public monies at Tallahassee, Fla. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, 25th of April, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the bookB of the DepartmenV? For the redemption of stocks.... $18,735 (!9 For the Treasury Department... 33.067 71 For the Interior Department....* 20.103 83 For Customs 35,0719 War warrants reoeivod and en tered.... 2,870 00 War repay warrants received and entered .? 801 02 On account of the Navy 6,678 11 From Customs*.*????????????.?? 6 16 From miscellaneous sourcos.....* 42 75 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press. Mr. Brodhead concluded his speech against the bill for the relief of the Hon. George P. Marsh, and after a speech in its favor from Mr. Foot, it was passed?yeas 27, nays 12. The Senate then proceeded to the consider ation of District of Columbia bills. Tbe first bill was to incorporate the Colum bia Wood Gas Company Mr Pratt advocated the bill, and Messrs Brodhead and Bigler opposed it; when, on motion by Mr Wright, the further consideration of the subject was postponed until to-morrow The bill to incorporate the St. Thomas Lit erary Scciety, in the District of Columbia, was read a third time and passed The Senate then proceeded to consider the bill defining the rights of voters and the du ties of commissioners of elections in the city of Washington. Mr. Brown moved to amend the bill by striking out all after the enacting clause anil inserting a substitute, being the Dill that the House committee have 3greed upon, and which they would report if they had an op portunity. The amendment was agreed to, and the bill was read a third time and passed, when the title was amended so as to read as follows: " Bill defining the duties of commissioners of elections in the city of Washington, and for other purposes " [For this bill in detail, see our local columns.?En ] The bill to incorporate an insurance com pany in the city of Washington, and tbe bill for the benefit of public schools in the city of Washington, were read a third time and passed The bill to authorise the Commissioner of Publio Buildings to remove obstructions from certain streets and avenues in the city of Washington, and to prevent trespasses on the same, was taken up, and discussed by Messrs. Stuart, Pugh, Toombs, Brown, and others; when the further consideration of the subject was postponed until Friday next at one o'clock, and the Senate adjourned until Monday. In the House, at the conclusion of the speech of Mr. Phelps against the motion to re consider the vote by which the House had overruled the decision of the Chair, that it was not necessary, under the rule, to send to the Committee of the Whole the bill to refund the duties paid on goods destroyed by fire sioce 1838, the said motion was advocated by Mr. Haven ; and it wa? agreed to?yeas 74, nays A long debate then ensued on the question of sustaining tbe ruling of the Chair, wbich was not disposed of when they adjourned over until Monday next. py We learn that the second of the scries of Mrs. Speaker Banks' receptions will take place on Thursday evening, May 1st, instead of April 29th, as erroneously engraved upon the cards distributed. |y The New York Ledger, May 3d, with a continuation of Cobb's great tale, <>The Gun maker of Moscow," can be obtained at Shil lington's Book and Stationery Establishment; where also can be obtained all the new books aud magazines ao fast as published. PER80NAL ... .Governor JohnBon, of Georgia, and fam ily, are in Washington, and have rooms at Willard's. .The Trish News," Mr Meagher's new paper, states that Mr. Smith O'Brien proposes a visit to this country. He will receive a warm welcome. .... Blackwood's Magazine noticing Par ton's Life of Horace Greeley closc3 with the following " complimentary Now, then, reader, if you do not give us credit for introducing you to the acme of modern biography, we pronounce you the moat ungrateful and least discriminating of human beings. " If Horace Greeley were a flower," says J. P, ? botanists would call him a single, and examine him with interest " " He is what tbe Germans sometimes style < a nature.' And if J. P. also were a flower, botanists would inevitably pronounce him " a tulip " He is what, in Scotland, we some times call " a natural"?otherwise known as a baldingor, in vernacular English, a born fool. Th? Prknstltawia Law op Libel.?Both branches of the Pennsylvania Legislature passed the following act relating to the law of libel in criminal oases : " That from and after the passage of this ?ct, on trial of indictments for writing or pub lishing a libel, the truth of the matter cbarg ?d as libellous may he given in evidence; and if the jury in any such case shall find that the same was written or published from good mo tives and for justifiable ends, and that tbe matter so charged was true, it shall operate to tbe aocqittal of the defendant or defendants." ?^T*,I DELEGATES ELECTED IN F**? .,W?rd? of thl. city, to the Nominating Convention for the mayoralty, are t2SS\2?S*9 at Washln8[tcn Hall. (Ute Nlffo ti??V^! v?*!1? on MONDAY EVB 1?10' taag'th faut, at 7 o clock ap 26 tt 5^?i^Ti?E ~JttE PUBLIC ARK RE f* . y>Tct|^1y informed that the Irat GRAND EXCURSION AND PICNIC AMOCIATE0 lUOKHKOERS Will take place on MONDAY Mav lflth irm 52"??? future advmisJme*?7 ^ fcf.AI* AND FESTIVAL.?'the LA ? " dies of tUc ^fwlng Society of th* \f ?*k ^kurch lntend hol**n* ? Fall h?^h/ ?upe'lor quality. No pains will b?sparad ^*^er* mSke lt ona of lh? moit Cur. town ^nMnt Falr" held in George A Jl Tht ?'J!>2T0N L,eHT INFANTRY ft H t h ?? *1* no,tlflf'd ^at the drill ol ?/**" ? *?E?IH,8?. A LUTHERAN CHURCH ffisaWiS fts-iSratf d?ri?g SABBATH, B V, ? u? .??3?l p m ap 25 . PAIR TO AIDTHE COLOREI Baptist Church is still in motion, am1 the manners offer the most excellent assortmen hLn^Sfi" fanc>'? ?rd che#P articles that have ye baen sold on such cccasions. Come to the come; of Ninth and D streets, the lucky bag gives sen eral satisfaction. y ap 5%*t* PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD Attention!?^ ou *re hereby o deied tc 7 .. i ,vour Armory on MONDAY ?,m. ~~",APriI 1856, at 10 o'clock a m ,wltk d *ccoutfements in complete order, foi tirxet practice Promptness is expected of even HEX"' *' V?e Co,nPany take up the line 3 march according to order. ?, u ? JOS. PECK, Captain. W. H. Hatwakp, First Perg't. ap ?-2t? A LECTURE FOR THE BENEFI1 cf the Young Catholic's Friend Society muiT^vWn;T1U ,, dellvered by Fr.feasor A Tl?i*n av'at Forre,t Hall, on TUESDAY EVENING, the29th Instant Doors open at 7# f'clock Tickets can be procured at John F. Ellis' Mu sic Store, Kid well A Laurence's Drtig Store Washington; and at John L. Kidweil's,George-' L ap IM-St* f3a?PAIR OF THE SIXTH PRESBY TER1AN CHURCH ?The Lady man agers of this Fair beg to announce that it will be continued for the remainder of this week. They are thankful for the generous patronage of the past week, and hope to merit its continuance Open from 8 to 10^ p. m. *P5?-4t Gbnfral La*d Oiiicr, April 9. 1P56. ? ^..>N O TI C E?ALL PERSONS HAV ing books or bound documents belonging to thi* office will please return them wlthoutdelav of thc Patent Office building, to which the General Land Office Is this day re moTed- ap ll-d30d T?i?*OI?A W,?7^rK. MANUFACTURERS. - >0 carboys OIL VITRIOL, Just receivtd and for sale low at w H. &ILMAN ?S _ Pfl q.m D?g Md Prescription Store, ap *6-3t? Cor Pa avenue and 4# st. THE kvening~of Paro , d,r? Concert, at Fellow,' Hall, a Hair Brace. r,T"er can haTe " by calling at the Star Office, or 310 Pa avenue, and paying for this ad vertisement ap 86-11 VORK LEDGER FOB MA* 3d ln? the thlrd number of Cobb's great storv THE GUN MAKER OF MOSCOW,?> just receive ai;d for sale st BISHOP'S Agency, 216 Pa a*enue, nnder WillaTds'Hotel ap 28?It* S640 TO LOAN. ATJ.'SWi1? POSSESSING REAL ES , *ate> t,het will satisfy the Georgetown Bul.'d ing Association, can ob'aln that amount at once on very favorable terms, on application to E K LUNDY, P * 126 Bridge st , Georgetown. FRE1CH .MILLINERT. il|RS M. L DAVIDSON RESPECTFULLY T.ian?cnnce' to custrniers and the w ^ public hat sne has Just received a of 43T\ r rench IMTS, and will open them Tues-^IV dny, the'i'J-h iastant, at her ShoV Roomier Gait A Bro., Pa avenue, between 9th and !Cth streets xi 1 n ap 26 -3t* KEWARD.-8TOLEN OR STRAYED ?f. ? 'ro,m the Common, a gray C?lt flV * MARE, two year* o d, white star on her forebea.l, long switch tall, finely ard ffe^Tr made; imrk known; three white stripes can be s??n by examination across the rump of the tall. The above reward will be given for any informa tion by which she may be recovered E " LA FONTAINE, ap 20-3t* 481 Maryland avenue. I I 00 *EW AR,D?LOST. ON THURS VAVV day morning, April aoth, between 9 and II o clock, near the Georgetown market owl totbe Drover's Rest, a ROLL OF NOTES, of about eight hundred dollars, wrapped in yellow paper, part on the Metropolis Bank and part on the Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank The above reward will be paid for the reeo'ery of the money on its return to W1LL1AM A. MEANS, or to his brother, at Drover's Rest ap 29-2t* FRINGE AND TRlMMlAG MANUFAt Ltory, ADIES DRESS TRIMMINGS IN FR1N ges and Fancy Buttons, Cords and Tarsals, every variety on hand and made to order. Wide Bugle Gimp ar.d Buttons, fancv ^aS?h Ac. No. 297 Fa. avenae, south H de. MRS. LOWE. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-Three Fringe ^tfnnT' wl ilKreC lHtU Rlrls w111 be taken on Buttons Will be compensated fi?r thc work af ter a lit'le instruction ap 28- 31* NATIONAL THEATRE. KUNKELA CO t |<*ttvrrc JOHN T. FORD SOLE MANAGER. D 1 o P*IC1S OF ADHTESION : Reserved Seats ? B^x's a- d Parquet \7**.".'!! 5 > cents Family circle and ttallcries cent! Re engagertent of the Pyne & Harrison ENGLISH OPERA TROUPE. To commence on WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 29th, With Auber'a Optra, In 3 acts, of CROWN DIAMONDS! k*5"wtarlllt Loui*? Pvn? Don Henrique Mr. VV Harrison *?l'?,d?- Mr. Stretton Count de Campo Mr. H. Homcvstle "la,u Mrs. Chapman On THURSDAY will be presented the Fairy Opera of CINDERELLA! With the moet magnificent Efflscts, Costumes, Ac , ar.d a Great Cast. 1T7* The Box Sheet for the sale of Re'ervrd j.cats will bj open everyday. Office hou.-sbe twe?n^9 a. m. and 5 p. in. ap?6 BlILDING HARDWARE. PHAHDUfA?JN ^ANT, ?F BU,LDING r? ? ARb> *uch ?? Mortice. Kim, Deid and Clotei Locks; Porcelain and Min ow Kuobsi Shutter Knobs; Parliament] Blind Iiinees; Loose and Fast Joint DoorL Hugos, all slz?s; Glmbl-t Screws: Roulu, Square, Shufer aud Flush Bolts; Sa h and Shut! ter Fastenings; Nails; Sash Weights and Coids Brads; Ac , would do well to glfe us a call as we feel confident we can, from our great variety, suit them Having bought our goods for cash we are enabled to sell them as cheap as can be had this ride of manufactories, for the ready money HARVEY A ADAMS, 325 Pa. avenue, sauth side, four doors ap 26?eol m from corner Tth st. [Wo.MiJ NOTICE OF THE REMOVAL OP THK LAND OFFICE FROM CAHABA TO gJKENVlLLE.IN THE STATE OF ALA In accordance with tha provisions of the act of Congress entitled " An act authorizing changes 3?1653 U Vs^herlb^S^?1^''' 8PPro^d Ma^h thittl'. LS?,nd made known Ca!tbf of Publk5 Und* * ,n Slate of Alabama, will h? r#? tn?Mld duTriif 1?Wa of .Cahaba to ? nMM riLLi, of J une neit aftcr sixteenth day ,Gi*" ???,?? hand, at the city of Washing. uJ* * ^th lay of April, a D. 18?9. By O der of the President ? THOS A HENURICK8, Commissioner af the General Land Office. ap!?-law6w 'T'OTS for THE CHILOREN^Trhe iar A gest stock and greatest variety la the city at ?pVat ? LAMMOND'S, 7ths? ton LIST or lrtui Remaining in tkt Post O filet, Washington, D. C., April M, 18m [Ordered to be advertised in tbe " Evening Star,11 agreeable i* the following section of the Poet Office Law?it being the ftewspeptr having the largest circulation or any daily paper pub lished in Washington: S?c. 5. And 6? it fltttker tnarud. That tbe list of letters remaining uncalled for in any post office in any city, town, or Tillage, where news papers shall be printed, ahall. pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being Issued weekly, or oftener. shall hare the largest circulation within the range of the delivery of ?aid office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office ] ?^person* applying for letters ts iks fsllowlbb list, Will pl*?? aay they ir? Adtkstiskp. Alston, si rail t a' ken, mrt Allen, Mr* mary Ball, mrt jane 0 Brows, lire ii Barren. Catharine borle l*i inie A Ball, Hra LADIES' LIST. darta, him n ? rdmonecs, hra E Elite. Mrs CM M arstistl, M lassallt* monetian. Anna C mnrraymlssuasi*e peswtck. Mra Ann Mathews mresasss Myers, Mra i Griet, Miaa A e . , Haines, Mra b b mlch-1, Mrs jas Hncklna.Mlaa Julia m< Oarty, mrsbettte hawatna.mrtehwd McDernot, Bridget Blna, Miaa Laclo B barrie,m>*t rve'eH McCoy, lttana Baldwin, Miaa R E Henley M r*E iiabethklcholeonm r*i ottle Butler, Mr* Nancy Handy, Mra H D Patch, Miaa Sarah B-twIe.Mr* Ceth'ne Jonea, Mrs P C Paine, Mra P L Batten*, mlae Sarah Bin*. Mra abaedia Peony, Mary Jane Barber,mia# Elii'th bullburg, Clara L Rot-eneoa, Mrs t 8 Baldwin, Miaa P bilhana.Mlee Lydia Smtth, catbarloa Creat, Mrt Mary benuon, Mra E C Smith, Miaa kala mra m Relley, Sarah rmilh, Mr* r a Clark. Mia* 8 A ketiedy.mieaanoee Smith. Mra Jane Car<lwel1,MI**B E 1 Kinney, Miaa Cud- Singleton,ml*eanne Colin*.mu? kiullyt atanoc Colbert, Mra j Belly, Bridget J cl?n>?nt*. MIm K L lw Mr* Sallna Cahlll. Ellen Louis, Caroline Cramt'tonmrebarab la<ld. Mra Conway, Mia* Carpenter,Mra u A Carroll, catharine Colbert. Mrt C A Campbell, Emma Dowdeit, mr* E Dosolioe, mra Treppe, cetbarlne 1 T?rn?r. Mr* H C thnmpann.mioa M E Taymau. Mra saaen Talbot, Mra m k langliborroughmrt wllllaaiaonmrajana Win l wlesfcmfh, Sophia Loucord.mranaary Willeon. Mary R Moor*, Mr* Geo B Warrington. Mary ? Washburn.mta* C A Woodward, Miss s r p Webstar, Mrs Wis T. waablagto*. Meryl' Moore, Mra Mary Mill*. mi** R Myera, ann S deniiiaou.MraMarv Marahall, Mr* Han Don?*on, miii Hau rletta nab INITIALS. -Mta* J. M. W.; Mrs T. B GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Allen, win Adam- kirhard Anderaon, o A P Ant-nlm, Onlenno Anderaon, k j Alexander, cm". Atidar*ob, C C Appleton, C H andrew*, Capt B H VibN, the* andertou.Geu Ales Orahatn, 8 B l<i>*twick. win C oa?t, Samuel Bowie, Wm D hiwb, wm hrltbane, Dr Wm klancberd, Wm Bradley, Tho* Brail, Thoe Paure. J r Foxwell, J L Puller, M r Pa i lam, H o Parwsli, George Polk, (leo R Poaeer, A O Geary, Tho* Urey, rlehardaon Greeley. Paul orwa, Owen Green, J W Gelden, jamw Gremlin, Rev J M bo> kfiigli*m,R?-v8g0edney, G W B brotod,8 k Bell, sylvester ba on, 8 Brannm. Robert Brown, R y Harry, Tatrlek t Bar i d, Nathan 1 blanchet, Mr Bailey, M J Bnrdlni, Mr Bright. M g Barlow, Milton 3 Beat, Lawrence Bar' vman, L II Basil, Lewi* blaii' liard, L Brothers, Dr L J Baker, Lew * barcroft, Dr j no Burl.our, jamaa Barker, Jacob Borland, jno B 3 Bap.lit, Jno Bennett, Jame* beall, George Bagby, geo p Bray, Geo W Berry. c M Graham, Geo Granger, p Green, Col l'.ai ton Hrairenor, frlee Uawlcy, Style* W Harris, P P Hubbard, W M Henry, Mr Herlehy, Michael Harding, Jaa b T H"*kin*. Jno Hyde, jam** Henderson, Jos Hatiey, Jno Hill, juoc Hillock. J L maakell, H W s Hickman, Geo H H'4|kis?, Ueo W Hamilton, T R Pratt, Alfred Parrot, J so Patten. Oso D Petti t, Gso Power, Gse i Patten, e Potu. David Pettlbons. C J Place, u diss W P?ge, C C Pbelpa, B T Potter, A B Qseen, H W Vseen, Tboa ricliarda, Wm t Boblsaon, wm rickctts. W W Robee, T r Bawling a, Lewis P Read, Jamas Roberta, J a* H Row, J M Betas. Jos Raid, J so T Rice. Jos Rabr. H reitsaa, geo A Rislev. Gso rlcs, D W 0 Bollf>n D Reed. Chat Smith, Wm T shsuy, wm stswait, Wm 0 Sanger, W J 8 8 shausoa, wtlsen Sar.-tant, T D sntrmeracale th(>e Hamilton, ( haa O 3 Sieved, Simon Haawcll, i"ha* H Hogan, Michael Hendricks, Geo W Johnson, W A Jose*, T A James. Tbot Jonea, Stephen 8 Harriet, ohaon ey 3 Jon?e, D s Ballaure, Chaa Hayn.trd, a?berry Brown, A H Bemie'.t, atbsry Hailey, Alexis 3 Cla'y, Wm Connor, w ra W Cooke, W W Carley, Tho* Cavan, Timothy Cook, Sam! Catne-, Peter Connolly, P Corcoran, Pafrxk calaron. mr Callahan, Jno Oolklea*ey, Jacob Crabb, Johu Chalmera, jno Cobb, Jno A jr Cllne, i a*c Casaln, Jno Ctmp, J G Clsmmont, J ohspuian, jin Coop r, H M Corb n, H B collnian, Hssry rathedrall, (is > C<>?tagen, f Cu'rle, D T Cameron, ii A Cieary, 1> m Cooper, D H Cabtli-ld, C'pt Conrad, C m Cco|.er, Casper Conway, Chat Corbln, H Clark, H f Clark.a J Davidoon, W F Doherty, Ihoa Dav is, Robert C deshn, R M Dowell, Mr ttavia, Jno W Deaua, Jo* Dcdtan, Jacob Do.lge, J P Diak. Jno Dix, Jno A Drhue, Jno Dagg, J T iil<*, P humbett Dorr. E R Dodton, Dary Dnngan, C B dig**, Chas Davla, A B bdw arda. W W Elliott, Robert Jones, B r 3 Jscobs, asgnstos Kelly. Thos J Keune<ly, Jso Knox, Jame* kmgbt, Jame* L Kirhy, Jame* P Klrkpatrick, ? G llchliter, wm 8|oan, s Stanley, 8 g Smith, Sam i Spear. Sgt Maj 8 r speoi-s, Dr B T rpeake, Dr B H Sextos, Robert 8 n i lives, Pstrick 3 Street. Pank Smith, M M Sal's, Joeeih Savage. Jaa M Steel, Jamt* W Shaw, Jamea B 7 Silky, I W Stmpeon, jo*i*b kkillmss, Capt Hy Langdon.Re*wncjlshea, Henry Lotc, wm B lasoon, W W Lowe, W g Lambert, Dr T S 1 atham, J B Lewi*, laaac Shourks, h J Sommer, Henry Spslding G R 3 pcrivner. 6 R S slncoud*. k L Storck*. Edward lanraater, Edward Squler, E G Lumpkin, H Lstz, H B Le 'erer. Gottlob Lewie, Martin a Sieger mi lie, wui Miller, Tho* morrle, Peter Myrick. N 3 Mitchell, Jno F Murphy, Jos b M nrphy, Serg't Jae Mottdy, Jane* F Moot*. jaiuea Markham. Joe Moore, jaiuee mitchell, u C minnekor, Dr Martin, Ch*s May, CD Mexcham, A Mcintosh, D H M- Cmn, Kdwsrd 1 McCormick. James McDonald, Jno G McLeod. JoaT mccanley, juo M Mclntoeh, Ja* J m-kent tg, Jatnee M. Kinley. J J McCoy, Martin McCa.thy, Patrick McGe?, Tho* Sanford, Daniel schuhatann, Chas Smith, Oiaa V sebaolcraft, A S Smith, Adlson Shoemaker, A C P Story, Albert Taner, wm Talor. W J Taplin, T A Taylor, 8 A Trlpler. Dr Toop, Robert Taylor, Ri'h*rd Th<>int>*oi, R t Trnesdell, L e Tra*er?e, Henry Territt, H Thomoon, e h Tharpe, E H j l h mann, C p Vestka', p tsn aradale. P H Van Rurer, Dr Veeakal, A*gs?t Wilde, Jo? B W*beter, W A wliltthorne, W C Wsyns, Lt W a3 WsWoa, Dr W A W'*e, Wm T Wynn, robert WllleCt, R H McCormick. Wss H Ward, W T mcdaniel, J R I nevlu, R k Nortbrup. M A netrtos, jno honrss, C E Nicholeon, A B Hetl, Perry <>akly. UEH3 o'Couner, Dan'.el O'Neill, A pi|>*, Wm H kminermauu.Ern'ttpreiitice, Dr W M Edroiub, E D Ee*ex. Ed a In erertfleld, Dr C e lgetton, A P freeman, W L Pal-a, Lewie T Ford, J-me* h < Floyd, jno T Fitzgerald. Jno April 18, 1*56. Ward, Maralt -II White, Michael Ward, Mat ew W< rtcley. Jno 3 Waller, jno D f Wheeler, J B Wallace, Itrael Wilson, I H Wallet, itaac watklna, Gilbert wordeman, H Wynn, Geo Peerce, Thos, ef Vs Woodmsn. Gso phillljia, Capt TbosC We*c- at, E potwine, T S Peerce. Tboe 5 Pratt, Oreon Perry, Com M 0 Page, Lt T J Poulk. I b Pectsch, T C J AS. G Wlngste. C J 4 wilson C D Wells. Lt C H Werlnq C W wad*worth, ass Wiggle, Asgustus BERRET, P. M. The New York Mercury. This large, handsome, and popu lar w<ekly may be had regularly at SH1L linuton'S Newspaper Agency. TRICE FOUR CKNTS. The nuodber for Sucday, April t", will contain A LETTER TO HON. J AS. odthr1k, FROM JOHN SMITH, JR., OF ARKANSAS, on NEW YORK CUSTOM HOUSE MAT TERS, to which ihe attention of Mexbcn of Congreta from the South and Southwest la p&rtie* ulariy called. Also, a VEKY INTERESTING LETTER from washington CITY; together with a Tarietv of interesting matters too numerous to mention. apm-lt Elegant and tert cheap car. petings.?ju.<t received firm late auctions in new york, and now for sale? 50 f ieces superb thr*e cord Tapestry Bruise's carpetings. which will fee sold at 81 - 13*, worth 81 .'0 5 bales imperial Three-ply 7 do Double inera'n, as rich and durable as three-ply and much cheaper 20 do nil wool, atflt^a76cts., worth 87,% cents and 91 20 bales Cotton Chain wool filling, rich colors and patterns, at 37# and 50 cents, worth 50 to 75 cents 10 do heavy List and Rag do., very cheap 0 do heavy Hemp Carpeting, extremely cheap ALSO? 4 do VELVET RUGS, very rich and cheap 2 do assorted DOOR MATS b'O do 3 4. 4 4 5 4, and 6 4 heavy COCOA MATS, very cheap. ap 21-ecftt CLAgkTT, dodson 4 CO. NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED respectfully announces to his friends and the pub!:c that he has this day associated with himself JAMES H. MEAD, to conduct the business of Black and White Smithing in general, under the firm of buchingham a MEAD. I would solicit the continuance and patror age of tny former custom ers and the public generally to the new firm, at my eld stand, located on C street, between lfith and llth st-eets, where all orders in our line will meet with prompt execution, on cs favorable terms as e n be bad in the city. Wanted, a well grown bov; one that has bcei at the business would be preferred. n. B.?i have for sale a four-horse Steam En gine in good working order. I will sell it at fi bargain, as I have no further use for it. C. BUCKINGHAM. april 16th, isol. ap it-w3w Girard Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Of PHILADELPHIA, INSURES AGAINST Loss or Dimage, by FIRE, Buildings, Mer chandise, Furniture, Ac , in Washington city, or the country. POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 512 Seventh st., opp. ap21-lm National Intel. ORce._ P>und._in THE WAR DEPARTMENT Building, on the21st Inst , a small* POODLE DOG. (feminine,) apparent-i ly a pet of sor^e housahold The owner' can trover the rase by applying at 23' I street ap 22-lw* SHAD inu HERRING ?< ALIVE." Dealers and families desirous of procuring the best SHAD or HERRING for tailing can have them deliTered at market price* immedi ately upon being eanght, by leaving their orde's at the Union Land ORce, 7th street above Odd Fellows' Ball, or at the fishing shore adjoining the Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they oaa ba omalaed ailva. apts-im* AMUSEMENTS. KUNKEL A CO.?u. liTPSKn. JOHN T. FORI) SO|.F. MANAGER . JOS. JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGER. faicxs of iBMiumt. B?x?< id4 Parquet so cents Family Circle and Gallerlee .35ceits No extra charge for rnwH seat* Last night of Xr. JAMES W. WALLACE. Jr When he will appear la the great Plat of ROB ROT! Rob Roy Mr. W attack To cone lode with THE MANIAC LOTfR! Andrew Adu Mr. Jeffe-aoa Grand Exhibition & May BalL Prop, h w. munder takes great pi? public are In announcing to the public that'hla Grand EXHIBITION ANP MAY BALL will take place at hta Hall (adjol the Star Cfflre) on THURSDAY E SING, May 1st, 1S56 He ha? exertid b1m*eU to the utmost of his ability to render tMs Exhibition, If possible, more brilliant than ib?- one glren by him last year at the National Theatre several new. beau tiful. and complicated Dances will be Introduced, together with a portion of hla fcrmer favorite col lection. The following programme of Dancea are supe rlor In point of beauty, grace, and execution than any offered to a W ashlngton audit noe: I College Hornpipe, by 4 matter*. a La Cachncha, bv ? misses. two of which a?e S and 6 years of age. 3. Cracovlenne. by 4 misses. (Elalcr atyle ) 4 La Smolenskl, by 4 5 Highland Fling, by 3 matter*. 6 G-votde Vesire*. by 2 mlsss T. El Jcleo de Je-es. by a mlaa, (Elaler atyle ) 8. Paa de Trota, by '2 nlnes,5 and ? yearn 11 age, and a master 7 Thla dance la danced with mcch precision, and la both diAcalt and gradtful 9. Pas Styrlan. by 2 misses and 2 makers. 10 Styrian Waltx, by Prof Mender and * young ladies. II The Grand Flower Dance, by 32 misses, aa Introduced by the Vlennolse Children It la composed of 16 a*che* and 16 circles, of roses of every variety and color. 12. The Grand Shawl Dance, by 3* misses, which has been altered and lir proved with the exception of the Crowning Soene. the Grand Mar-h, ard Aacenaloa upon the Throae, which haa always been conaldrred perfect WEBER'S MILITARY AND COTILLON BAN'D la engaged for the occasion. The ladle* who attended the Tneatre Bail, hla E resent and former pa'rons, and the patron* of la 44 Brother Professors" are cordially Invited to attend, aa there will be no Invitation cards dis tributed. N. B.?It haa been rumored by ?iir.f malicious Eerson that mv ball la not ?uRcteatly strong to old the great crowd that will attend mv exhibi tion To satisfy the nubile to the contrary, 1 have had the building thoroughly siarnin* d. and It haa been pronounced by a competent builder to be perfectly safe. ap 19?tb RUMMER GLOVES ?GENTLE-, ?3 man can be suited wl h Summer Glove* at STEVENS'S Saleroom, ap Browns' Hotel ADIES' SLEEVE PROTECTORS, Long I Whalebone. Watchstands, Cabas Reticules. Jet Bracelet a and Breastpin*, Moravian ard French Working Cotton, Ac., at ap <5-3t LaMMOND'S, 7th st. PIR SAL E -A GENTLEMAN ABOUT leaving the city will sell, at cr.'flce. a handsome Family Carriage, suitable for one or two horses, ar.d uaed on. v about one month. Price fAHi. Apj ly at 3tS I st. between 13th and 14th. ap 25?3t* ENTLR MEN'S IHOl'LDBH S E A M Shirts, every sire and e <ery variety of Cuffs and Collar*, comprialng the largest assortment ever offered, at STEVENS'S Salesroom. Browna' Hotel The trade supplied. aptt-At L G S G C SALT ! SALT 150 sacks G A. SALT 50 do fine do I n store and for sale by BARBOUR A SEMMES. apS5-3t' 65 La. av , bet eth and ~th *ts. ERVANTS FOR SALE ?A GENTLEMAN from one of the lower countle* cf Maryland, haa 15 or 'JO li'elv netrroea (of both sexes) to dl* po?e of, and will sell them to any gentleman In the State rf Louisiana, or the South, for his own use. Apply at this oRce. (Union) ap 25-3t ENTLEME*'* FINE SHIRTS, RID Gloves, Utdershlit*. Drawers. Cravats. Tie*, Handkerchiefs Hosiery. A.c., and all article* ne cessary for gent'enun's outfit. at vrrv low prices WALL A STEPHENS, ap 25-tr 3J2 Pa avenue, next to Ircn Hall. FIR THE SPRING TRADE?UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWERS ?Our assort ment In thia department la larger and more va tied if possible than at anv former period Silk, Cashmere. Merino and Cotton Shlrta and Draw er* In great variety and of every ?ixe and quality. The trade supplied at STEVEN9S ap25-3t Salesroom, Browns'Hotel. HEM1CAL OLIVE SOAP.? 30 boxes Chemical Olive Soap, a very supe rlor article for wa?blng Also. 25 boie* Pearl Starch Just receivid ard for sale by BARBOUR A SEMMES, No 65 I^oalslana avenue, between ap 25-3t 6th and 7th streets DI?R THE SPKINO 1RADE.-STEVENS. 17 Browns' Hotel, has now openrd and ready for sale the largest, newest, and most varied as aortment of "Gents' Belongings1' ever offered bv him, and of course tbe largest asaortment at tetail thla aide ef New York Buying aa we do all ar tlc'es for cash, consumers are assured that the f oods are of the newest and best sty'es. and at the owest prices, at STEVEN > ap25-3t Salesroom. Browna' Hotel CHICK EKING fe SONS' PIANOS. THE SUBSCRIBER.BY LATE ANbPRES ent arrivals from Boston. Is In re ceipt of two more superb Parlor Grand? _ Pianos,three magnificent Louis XIV, a'd several Central *-octavo Planoa, from the old and justly famed Factory of Chlckerlng A Sons. By the ateamer which leaves Bo?ten on the 26th Instant he will receive a farther supply of Louis XlVth and Central Pianos. Hla stock at all times tmbrare* by far tbe larg est, most elegant, and select assortment of Piaeos in this city. He haa the exciualve sale of Cbtrk erlng A Sons' 1'ianoa, Instruments < f unequtlled excellence In toncb. tore, and durability The Parlor Grand Klano, of their own late Invention, Is considered by the first artiats superior to any ln?trum~nts ever produced In thiscountrv. ai d so eargerly are they sought that the manufacturer* cannot meet tbe demand That persons desirln/their Pianos may heaecate of purchasing a genuine Instrument, the Messrs Chlckerlng will hold themselves responsible only for those bought of their authorized agert, as will be seen in their card of the 25th ultimo in this excellent Pianos of various styles and prices by Brown A Allen, Boston, maker's of high reputation and experience. Second hand Pianos taken In rart payment The subscriber's Invariable rule, to buy all arti cles sold by him fer cash, his exp rience of tweety five years In the Piano business, ai d hi* thorough knowledge of the Placo, to important for the security of purchasers, will seen re to them the best Instruments at the lowest prices ap25-St RICHARD DAVIS_ NOTICE. MR RUDOLPH liUCHLtf HAS BEEN ap pointed Collector of the rcoount* due the es tate of James F Harvey, deceased, snd tuthfr li*d to receive and receipt for the s?me GEO HARVEY, ap 24-3t Agent for Executrix MARRIED, NOT MATED ; or How Ibey ll?ed at Woodslde and Thrtckinorton Hr , bv Alice Cary, author of Clovernook. Price f I Just published and fer sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S ap24 Bookstore, near 9th at_ CLOCKS?n.OCKS?CLOCRS.- A GREAT variety keep good time one_ y?r . at variety of CLOCKS, al warranted to sp good f" ap 24-lm J. ROBINSON'S, 319 P- nnaylvaula avenue B* opposite Brtwns' Hotel E OWEN A SON, Military and naval merchant Tailor, No 212 Pa. avenne. having made a very large and choice addition to their Spring ana Summer *'ock of Gocds, sJ respectfully Invite their friends and cua H tomers to call and examine. ap vr2-A2w AOA R E WAR D.?I WILL GI VE THE Vabt ve reward for the arrest and convic tion of the person or person* who broke ints ?T stand In C? ntre Market on T ueaday ni^ht ls>i sad took therefrom gooda to the amount of ?40 lo IIMQ, conslatlag of Portemonnaies, >e?d!es Per fumes. Spool Cott< n, and sundrv other a-t:clcs A McCLEISH. Stalls Nob. S2 and &3 C<n're Market. Alsv^0 10* High street, Get.rge'.own ap2 3t* Ae AA W O R T H Off CEOROETO** " #OUU CORPORATION STOCK for .tie *-jr E R. LUND V , ap 22 12P Bridge st, ?aerg?tc%? :

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