Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1856 Page 3
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evening star. LOCAL INTELLIGENCF. The Pbovosbd New Electiob Law ?The following is a copy of the Washington City Election Bill thmt passed the Senate yesterday. It is ideciical with the bill whieh the Housa Distiict Committee are indeavoring to report: ?? Bt it enarted, \e. That if any oommis lioner or other person appointed to superin tend municipal elections in the eity of Wash ington shall knowingly refuse to receive the ?ote of a person possessing the legal quali fications to vote at such election, or shall in any other manner hinder or prevent the legal exercise of the elective franchise in said city, he shall, upon indictment and conviction thereof before the Criminal Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, be subjeot to imprisonment in the county jail for a period of time cot ex ceeding six months and to a fine not exeeedipg two hundred dollars in each case, at the dis cretion of the court, and shall thereafter be ireligihle to any offlce under the city Corpora tion, besides being liable in damages to the party whose rote shall be so rejected. "? Sec- 2 And As it further enacted, That the penalties prescribed in the foregoing sec tion of this act shall apply to any commis rioners or other person appointed to superin tend an election who may wilfully and knowingly receive, or permit to be received, the rote of any person not legally authorized to vote; and also to any person or persons who may wilfully disturb, molest, hinder, or interfere with said commissioner* while in the discharge of their duties, or who may wilfully disturb, molest, hinder, or interfere with any voter while at or going to the polls, and also to any persons who may vote illegally or more than once at any municipal election J and, in making the returns of any election to the Register of the city, the commissioners or other persons appointed to superintend said election, shall also make a return of all tha ballots cast on the occasion, to be securely kept for a period of at least two years. 44 Sec 3 And be it further enacted, That in the joint meeting of the Board of Aldermen and Common Council for the appointment of commissioners of elections, as provided in the sixth section of the act approved May fifteenth, eighteen hundred and twenty, entitled 'An act to incorporate the inhabitants of the city of Washington, and to repeal all acts hereto fore passed for that purpose,' no member of either Board shall be entitled to vote for more than two of the three commissioner* to be elected for each ward or election precinct, and In all cases the three persons having tho high est number of votes shall be declared duly elected. "Sec 4. And he it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the city corporation to provide at least two election precincts in each ward, to appoint commissioners to superintend elections in the same, and to adopt such other regulations as may be necessary to give full force and effect to this section. 44 Sec. i And belt further enacted, That at all elections to be held in the city of Wash ington for municipal officers, the polls shall be opened at seven o'clock a m. and closed at seven o'clock p. m ; that this act shall take effect immediately, and that all acta and parts of acts inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed. Scprbmb Court.?Yesterday?No. 141. Jas. C. Converse, administrator of Pbilip Greely, jr , n Benjamin Burgess et al In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Massachusetts Mr Justice Camp bell delivered the opinion of the court, affirm ing the judgment of the Circuit Court in this cause, with costs and interest. No 76. The Lafayette Insurance Company rs Mayrard French et al. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Indiana Mr Justice Curtis de livered the opinio? of the court, jtffirming the judgment of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs and interest No 72. Amaron Led >ux et al., vs. John Black et al. In error to the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana- Mr Justice Camp bell read the opinion of the court, (by Mr. Justice Catron,) affirming the decree of the said Supreme Court in this cause, with costs No 90 Joshua R. Stanford vs. Clay Tay lor. In error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Missouri Mr. Justice Campbell read the opinion of the court, (by Mr. Justice Catron,) affirming the judgment of the said Circuit Court in this cause, with costs. No. 96. Gustavus T Beauregard, heir and executor of Madame Emilie T Poultney, ap Esllant, vs. the city of New Orleans, Wm. H ayton, et al. The argument of this cause was continued by Hon. John Henderson for the appellant and by Hon. Miles Taylor for the appellee. Adjourned. The Weather ?Our Georgetown friend ' B ," again favors us with the range of the thermometer for the past week, beginning on Saturday night (April 19) and ending this morning: Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? ft4? 54? Sunday ?????????????? ? 48? 48 40 Monday 38 36 34 Tuesday 38 46 Wednesday 40 53 52 Thursday. 44 58 58 Friday. j0 67 60 Saturday 50 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from the 20th of April to 26th inclu sive 43^ 03'. Monday,"April 21 ?Snow, hail and rain rain fell during the day. Thursday. April 24 ?Between 9 and 9 o'clock at night the remains of a very heavy thunder storm passed over the town and city?the light ning presenting some curious fancies and shapes?came up from the North and West; a fine shower of rain followed. Badlv Scalded ?Last Thursday, an in fant child of Mr Walter Evans was badly scalded by the aceuleutal upsetting of a ket tle of boiling water and a pot of coffee upon it The child is about fourteen months old, and was lying in a oradfe near a stove on which the water aid ctffee were boiling. A little sen of Mr Evans was playing near by, and leaped upon the lip of the stove, which eaased the upsetting of the p->t and kettle, and poured their contents upon the unfortu nate infant. This morning, we learn, the child was comparatively easy, but not considered out of danger. Cobfibmed.?The Senate have confirmed the nomination of the following gentlemen, to b? Justices of the Peace for the District of Columbia, Washington county, viz: James Lawrenscn, Francis J Murphy, Jas. L Corry, Htnry Naylor, Charles Wiltberger, Jenkin Thomas, Jas M Wright, William Thompson, Wm. A Mulloy, and Joshua Pearce. Ri'siwiv.?As Mr. Whetzell of George town, a butter merchant, was taking bis stock to the Centre Market, the horse attached to his wagon became frightened and ran off. The axle of the wagon broke, and Mr. Whet sell was thrown out upon the street and slightly injured. Fob Cocet ?Oscar Wileon and Edward Orindall, two boys, were arrested by Officers Parham and Norwood for stealing a lot of bot tles and porter, from a wagon belonging to Amy & bhinn. Wilson was sent to jail by Justice Offcutt, and Grindall held to bail for his appearance at the Criminal Court Rorsebv ?Last niirht, about 12 o clock, the grocery store of Mr. McChesney was en tered by burglars, and robbed of several dol lar* in cocper coin, and sundry bills and other ?<^ert. Ifte etore was entered by forcing tho Arbbst ?Last evening Samuel Russell was arrested by Officer Davidson and taken before Justice Smith. He was charged, on the oath of Charles Seams, with the suspicion of steal ing a Quantity of corn Mr. Russell was held to bail for a further hearing. First Ward.?At a meeting of the citizens of tbi* ward, held on the 23d Instant, the fol lowing nominations were made for the ensuing election: Alderman?Wm T Dove; Com mon C mncil?Col D C. Lee, Charles Abert, and John Turton ; Assessor? Wm Ragles. The First Exct bsiob and Pic Nic of the season is that annoanced in our advertising columns for the 19th of May, by the Associ ated Bookbinders. National Tail a ra ? ? Rob Roy is announced for to-night, and the ba?t chanca is afforded of seeing Mr Wallack prior to tts departure for Earopa. Mr. Wall**', fine personal ap pfearanoe will give him great advantage in lLfv^l y McGregor, and he will look the part to perfection as well m act it admirably. We only wonder the ladies do not take the theatre by norm during Mr Wal laek's engagement The performance* conclude with " The Ma niac LoTer," in which Mr. Jefferson will ap pear as Andrew Adae Next week for three nights we hare again with aa the delightful Pyne A Harmon Troupe in Cinderella. ?? Risb iJt Rbal Estate.?At a sale made on the 34th inat. by Messrs. C. S. Wallach and Wm. Redin, aa trustees, in square No. 1W, on Seventeenth street west, and I and K streets the property seld at high prices. The com pany present was very large ; the whole affair evincing very plainly a growing confidence in treatability and increasing value of property m Washington. The prices obtained amount ed to fifty per cent, mor* than was antici p&tcd. Rarrstn ?We hear that the Circuit Court has refused to rule Officer A. R Allen before them to answer a charee preferred by Jos S. Norwood. Mr Allen has been neld to bail for h?s appearance at the Criminal Court, and rule will not be granted until that Court has Mrfm 11 CM6 Th* defliai?n appeared to satisfy all parties. . ^L^R*~Th? ??ial alann of fire was raised last night about 10 o clock, and was caused by a bon-lre atarted by boys. These alarms ?J? * K?at annoyance to the active members of the fire department. Watch Rbtcbnb?George Dames, (slave) drunk and out after hours, was made to pay a fine and costa by Justice Hollingahead. \ ovauiso to tub Rockt Mophtais ?About this time of every year, (says the St. Louis Democrat of the 15tb,) two, three, or a greater number of boats, exoluaiveof those belonging to the Lnited States government, start on ex* Know*!? *PUrr*' or the moulh of the Yellow fctone river, and are not seen again at three m'onttL * ^ ?f ',0' ?< ^'P" JSz v; 3P| K ^ th.elr ?mPloJ?e? in ?he wildorrex, and to bring in the return the furs, robes and peltries collected by them during the year. The departure and arrival of one of the?e mountain boats is an event at the landine of unusual importance. Days are spentin fitting tShtlr'ah expedition. The boat is madf k ^ v u5ua1' discharging everything about her that can be dispensed with. Stores are laid in for the support of officers and crew; adieus aro said, handkerchiefs are waved and the vessel is away on her long and dreary The Genoa, Captain Throckmorton, is now Fo at 1 jud,D8 for ene of these trips to Fort P?erre and will probably be the flit boat to reach that point this year. The St Wie7h beSextA 8hftwi? leave about a take th^sf' v C?Ptain ^abar?e intends to tonH ? fD Mar7 fi'teen hundred miles be yond Fort Pierre, and far beyond the utmost Kilri ev^gai.Ded a steamboat on the Mis "ui E e ,Dtende<i to be reached if possible by Captain L. is the Forks of the Missouri, in the vicinity of Fort Benton. He f " a'ready been offered as an encouragement lrifm77t ?U er'terprise, fifty tons of gov ernment goods, to be delivered on account of some tribe of Indians. Some years ago Cap riv?r in?hde h,ID-8?lf quite famili?r with the nver m the vicinity of the 44 Fork" by fre quent excursions in canoes, accompanied by Indiana and traders We have no doubt he *f L?"?!?, in. earning for himself the fame of be ng the first captam to take a steam Inni if- v of.naTi?at?on on the Mis aoun His boat is extremely light, and whirh ??^8scd of,that indomitable energy r" elW Mu,D?Urft tbe carrying out of h-s ob Sf" b? attainable. If the St. Marv'e k lS t0?h!r destination and returns in safctv tm mil"' 1 ""?* "'p <* Hrs. lluater * Williams, Physicians for Diseases of the Lungs, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. f??Bn^P?CVCi0f,I)ra* ?ttnt?r <L Williams is confined exclusively to the treatment of chron Is t 8 ,of.the thraat "d lungs by Mcdi and th? 8ncce? that has at tended their labors is sufficiently well known. Arthmf6 p?* ru ed ^onl^ tbat Bronchitis, A.thma, Catarrh and Granular Sore Threat may be permanently cured, but that Consump th?t ?? 8Uge" U ft c?r?ble disease, and that, the direct application of remedies, by means of inhalation, to the seat of the malady instead of giving them by the stomach, (aN ys over taxed and delicate in these diseases) MUth?"onA?er H6 rTard^d the Profession " .tern? 7 " "?d KieMi,c mod' ?f Parties unable to visit the city will be treat ed by correspondence-medicines, inhaling instruments. Ac , being sent to them by ex* ?fe.n?h " 0bUin a ProP?r statement' !? . u orm of <laMtioB" has been prepared, which will be forwarded by letter. I>r Hcntbr or Dr Williams will visit Washington on the 12th and 2tfth of ?ich rSLJiSfTUUwi"*?*?-? vl'rw;SMi' C71 Ifetlce it Hereby Given?That the Partnership t *r?iofrr? ?nb?Ut!D( h?lwwn O. 11. Smith ?n<l C fit Orath nuder the flrrn of Pt (>r?th A Co , 1? tLla <lajr rnilM, by the purrhaas by C. D? Orath of all tb? Intereat of O. R. !>iulth In aaM Arm. AM doe th# 3rm will t>? pai l to Prof. C. Da Orath, who la alone aalliorlwl to collact the vaine Tbe mannfarture and Bale of " l-e Oratti'a Electric Oil" t? roa it ued by Prcf??? .r fm Urath, at his eld ?t?nd. No. 39 South Ktghtb ?tr??t, between Chestnut and Walnut, Phila delphia Prof. CHAS. DK OKATH. April IS, 116. So'd by CHA9. 3TOTT A CO. ap 8S-3t gy? Traveler* along oar Weatera waters abould alw.j* take Ui<- precaatinn to supply theini?el*es with a genuine article ot HosTKTTKH n STOMACH Bll TFRS. a? It la uow roncede-1 by all vbe have tried this ln valnable medicine that they will recnlate the et<^ma<-h. If u?e?l aa per <llrect'.o?s on the tottlc, and carry atravrler safe Ihr nu all the various cbanies of diet, aa well aa water, wliich, wlthont, often will prrdu'e alrkneea and death. Hen"e one onuc* of preventi. e la worth a pound of cure. For sale by drngclsta and hotel* generally, ap 3>?1 w J AMKS N. CALl.AN, A(ent. ICT What la it r.r-Tfci? Woed'e Hair BKsTOBATl VK T?Is a qoeetion asked dally by hundreds. We aaewer, wltnout hesitation or fear of contradiction, that It la tii* only article known which will do all It prumleea for the human hair It will renew its growth?It will atop its falling?It will restore Its r.atnr*l color. It la not a Hair Dy?, but a xpeedy and eAcarinna KeetoratUe. Trial bottle* $1. i>luta $2. qoarts $>. Bead the ad vertisenirut on the onrth page. ap 1??tt {^7* Aa a Spring aad Summer Medicine, CAKTKR S SPANISH MIXTl KK sUnde pre-emlnetit above *11 other*. It* *IUKai?rly efflca< ions a>~ti->ii on the b!<> >d; It* ?treiiKthenint *nd vivifying Qualitlea , lis tonic action ou th* Liter; It* tendeocy to drive *1) humor* to the surface, thereby rletnslng tiie eytera according to Naturr'a own pre acription , its h^rinle'*, and at th* aame time extraordlum y goo<t er!e?-u, and the uumber of cure* te*title<l to by many of th? rnoet re*i>?ctabl* citiseus of Blchnf'>nd, Va., and else where, mn-t he conciaslve evidence that titer* l? no huiubuf; ahoat it. The trial of a single bottle will satisfy the inoat skeptical of Ita benefit*. See advertisement In another column. ap 1?lm Ujt v.iiuiai. * 1.1,pud Hair Dye is the only article now a awl la this city. Oentlemen who wear whisker* or moustache* of a gray or reddlah hue wishing to attend a bail or farly, can appear In a mtt of black, by <1* vollu< additional mlutite at their In u?irg the eery celebrated aitlcle which heada thia aotlre ? [Philadelphia Ledger. I D. OILMAN Propriator, ISO Pa. avenue, Washington. Por ?*!? by Druggists eT*rywhere. ep 21?lw J?^ Wm. A. Batchelor's Hair Dye.?Gray, K? 1 >r Itusty Hair dyed lusUntly to a Ueautifnl and Natu ral Browa or Slack, without th* leaat Injury to Hair or Skl'i FirTSBx Mkoal* and DtrLoaaa hars been awarded to Wm A. Hat<-h*lor slnoa lsjy, aad over applications have been made to the Ha r of hi* patrons of bis famous Dye. Prejudice against Dying the Hair and Whlsksrs Is unjust. M It would be arainst covering a bald head with * wig. Wm. A. BarcnaLoa-* Haia bra producea a colar act to be ?listlugulehe-i from nature, and la wmturiu Dot to Injure In the leaat however long it may be continued. Sold In all citlee and towns of the I'ulted Stat**, by Drug gi*f and Paftcy Oood* Dealers. OiT" Th* (Jen nine has the nam* aad add raw apoa a steel Mate engraving. four *id*a of each botU*, of WILLIAM A H aTCHILOR, US Broadway. New York. eST for sale by CHAS. BTOTT, Fannsylvaal* ansa*. irr t eats, Fan la, aad Veata, Drtst Suits, Business Suits. NOaH WALK KB a CO.. Mamlb Mall Clotbui? Bmpo> aiuM Brown*' Hotel Building, reepectlully aaaoaac* that "clr a"7aal display of 8PBINO AND SUMMXB CLOTHINO is k..w rsady for Inspactioa, compri*lug an aaaortmant of OnrLLStn a*i> Toitu' Clot?i*o of th* uewaat and rleh e?t daaigaa. la material, trlmailng. aod workaanahlp. To tlu>M who atady axoallacce, with ec?ouj In faghlonabla ar t clea of drea* an oppcrtanlty la bow offarad far selecting from oa* of the momt attractive aloe* of good* Id this city, at vary re4uC"rt prlaa* ' " PrtK.ii Sit.ATooA WATAH JUST RE A ctivel inii day. For asle by S B WAITE, Apothecary and Druggist, Naxtdoox to Mcttmgor's, 7th street. Etheieal OU at H ceota b gallon. ap *>-lw WARTS. Avodns woman, that under stands sewing and catting,wishes a situation to go with a family either to Caltfotala or any ff^t of the Western country. Please address "A Box No 9 Star Offlce. ap93? n* WANTED?TWO ROOMS (unfurnished) suitable for a Parlor and Chamber, near as possible to the Kirkwood Home. Apply at 441 I street, ss early as possible ap 26?It* WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. Ap ply at No 13 13)( steet, between D and E, until Monday, at 12 o'clock. ap 96?It* WORKING JEWELLER WANTED.?A young man to learn the business of a work ing jeweller. Apply to J A. WATSON, No ;9 Bridge street Seorgetown, D. C. ap 96-3t? flCAA WANTED?ON PROPERTY VOuU worth three times that amount and clear of all debts, for which six per cent aid a reasonable bonus will be given Add ess A. B.C. at the Star offlce, stating where the party can be seen. ap 25?3t? WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasres Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oral or square Oil Pointings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gliding line done to order with dlst>atch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Kirkwood House. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. TOR SALE AND RENT. [Se< first page for other Rent and Sale notices ] For rent?a two-story brick House, (No 530, 13 h street, between B and C streets. Island) containing six rooms. It will be rented low to a punctual tenant. And has a fine vegetable garden, also, a grape arbor, and flowers, all in good order. It will ts for rent by the 1st of May. Apply on the premises to Mrs. SHEA. ap96 3t? For rent, in the first ward ?a Urge Frame Hou?e, on the corner of 22d and H streets, at.'913.50a month. For sale, threesmall bricks on 20th street, near M. Neighborhood good. Apply to T.W.JOHNSON. ap26ec3t? For rent?a very neat brick House containing 8 rooms, and a large yard in front, situated on 12th street, between G and H, No. 451. Rent 8275 perar.num. APo, horse No 175 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 19th street*, containing 12 rooms and back build ing. Terms very moderate to a permanent tenant. Inquire next door, or of K. W. BATES, Room No 14#. Clerk's Offlce, House Representatives, ap J6-^3t? LARGE DWELLING HOUSE IN GEORGE TOWN FOR RENT?The Houss on the corner of Dumbarton and Mongomery streets re cently cccupled by Mr Major It is suitable for a large family, and has a Urge garden attached, filled with shrubbery, and a pump of good water in the yard. Rent very low. Inqure of Mr. J ON ES, on the opporite'eorner. ap 26 3i* S~TORE ROOMS FOB RENT ?The store and upper rooms on 9th street, next to corner of D, now occupied by Donn A Brothers, are for rent The fixtures being verv complete, can be had with the store If desired The store room is large and well arranged for almost aiiy business. TLe thr.-e upper rooms are also commodious and well lighted, and ran be entered either from tae store or from th? c utslde Possession can be had at ten days notice. Inquire of tie undersigned op posite. ap 26-lw (Int.) J. GIDEON. RFSTAURANT, BOARDING HOUSE AND STORE FOR RENT?We v i'l rent that large ho se situated opposite the marke-. in Alex andria, V , 14 rooms, large yard and stable for 9350, large store room annexed for ?150, an excel lent stand for the market trade Also, that well kmwn Restaurant below, f .r 9200, all well fl trd ' p to suit the tenant Address LLOYD & CO., 16th stree', Washington ap26 3t* \7"AR1KTY HALL!?THIS ELEGANT AND ? newly flttrd Hall is now offered for rent for Balls, Concerts, Fairs, Ac. Every care will be tat en to make this ceu'ral and convenient Halt the most attracti e place in the city, by a pr n er and efficient management. Apply to \v . WALL of Wall A Stephens. ap 25- lm For sale ?the three story brick House situated on Brldgestrect, Georgetown, now occupied by Mr. Judson Warner. The building has been thoroughly repaired, and for a dwelling and store is one of the most desirable Iieces of property in the town Apply to R. P. ACKSON Ho. '55 Bridge street. ap25~lw FOR SALE ?A GOOD USTARLISHKD Restaurant, sltuatrd in the middle part of the city. The present proprietor has leen do'ng, for the past seven yetrs, a profitable business, and will sell It cheap for cash. This is a fine chance for a young man with a small capital to commerce buslne?s Price from 9250 to 9450. Inquire at this offlce. ap25-3t* STORAGE ROOM FOR RENT ?A GOOD dry room 25 by 85 feet, under the new Bowling Saloon on D street, between 8th and 9th. Said room is floored and would answer for furniture, or any thing else. Apply on the premises. ap21-3t? For sale ?three new frame Houses, costaining six rooms e?ch, situated on eist Capitol street, between 4th and 5ih streets. A very liberal credit will be given on the above property For terms apply to O. A. DAILEY, Dentist, Pa avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, ap 21-3t BOARDING. Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania o.venue and &th street isprepared toaccominodatcgentlcmer.wlthroorns, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her with tholr patronage. ap6?tf Watches and jewelry 25 per ct cheaper than It can be bought elsewhere in W ashlcg ton, at J. ROBINSON'S, ap24-lm 3'9 Pa av. opp Briwns' Hotel. BOYS' CLOTHING FOR SPRING AND Summer.?We have on hand at the present time the largest assortment of Boys' and Chil dren's CLOTHING to he found in this city, suit able for the present and coming sch.*od. WALL a STEPHENS, ap 94-3t 322 Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. Astrology madam s. duvall, practloner of Astrology and Phrenology, to gether, with the assistance of Professor Brough ton, is prepared to answer all questions relating to human life Nativities wriiten. Questions an swered personally, or by letter. M. S. D. late from Purope, Is bow taking a tour through the United State. Her stay will be here a short time only. No. 79 Bridgestreet,2doorsaboTC the Post Offlce, Georgetown. ap 24-lw? ?:oWs: cattle:: Turnups have turned down ?The subscriber has yet 3C0 bushels of Connecticut RUTA BAG A TU RNI PS, which will be deliv ered in any part of this city or Georgetown, at the exceedingly low price of 30cen s a bushel. Thrse having cows would do well to purchase as they are the cheapest ai d best food that can l>e given this season. App' y at Centre Market, or 177 Massa' husetu. avenue ap24 3t* DANIEL GRAHAM. A CARD?WE BEG TO INFORM OUR 1* friends and the public that we havef^jSllBBj just return*d from a two weeks' tour atj^ T FT' the North, a:id have visited and examined thor oughly the principal Piano manufactories of Bos ton, New York, and other cities From there es tablishments we have made, with personal care and attention, a selection of a stock of PIANOS, which will form the largest and most beautiful assortment ever before presented in any Southern city. We have made arrangements which will Insure us a seml-ironthly tupply. Our stock shall always consist of an assortment of Grand. Parlor Grand, Louis XIV, Square, Round, and other styles cf beautiful finish, and exquisite tone and finish. Ti ese Pianos we have purchased for cash, hence we shall be enabled to offer them upon exceedingly reasonable terms. We will make liberal discounts for cash ; take good en dorsed notes; sell by the monthly payments; ac cept old pianos In pirt payment; warrant and guarantee every instrument we sell; give numer ous references in this city of persons.who have purchased of us. Also, always on hand, second hand Pianos; Pianos for rent by month or quar er; Melodeons, Guitars, Violins. Viollncellos, Accordeons, and music merchandise in general. Our Store is near Tenth street, No 306 Pennsylvania avenue. JOIlN F. ELLIS, ap24-tr Pianoforte aud Music Kmporium. AWNINGS MADE BY GEO. WILLNER, No. 464 Ninth sL, bet. D and IJ. ap23 1w* \fHS. D1TT ?' AND MISS LANPH1KR ifl will ope.i SUMMER Ml LI INERY j*? on Saturday, ti e 26.': In^t No 311, second 4Q story, south ^ide Pe:.nsylvanla avenue, be>yp^r tween 9th and 10th Greets ap 93-4t? MIRPORAJTION STOCK.-#S,000 Corp* u ntlon of Washington Stock for sale at CHUBB BROTHERS. ATTCTIOIT SALE8. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. TRCItH'S SALE OF VALUABLE in. proved Heal Estate the Island.?Bv Virtfle Of s deed in trust bearing date on the S9d day ot November. 1864, and recorded In Liber J. A. 8 , No. 89, folios 899 et seq.. the subscriber will sell at public sale on THURSDAY, the loth day of April, 1856, st 5 o'clock p. m on the premises, pert of Square No 363. fronting 80 feet on llth street west, between D and E streets touth, bv 99 feet 10 v laches deep, with the Improve ments. which consist of two well-built frame dwelling houses and brick bakery. The a^ove property is eligibly situated In a rap Idly Improving part of the city, and offers a favor* aue opportunity to persons desiring to secure a residence or business stand, or msklng an invest m- nt. The terms of sale will be: One-third cash, and th? balance In six. twelve, and eighteen months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by deed of trust

upon the property, and if not compiled with in six days after tbs sale the property will be resold at the risk and expense of tne purch*eer. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchaser C. P. WALLAOH, Trustee mar31 eodts C. W. BOTELER, Auc't. C7?The purchaser of the above sale hav. ing failed to comply with the terms thereof, the property will be resold, at his risk and expense, on TUESDAY, the 6th day of May, 1836, at 5* o'clock P. M , on the premises. C. P. WALLACH, Trustee ?P 26-codts C. W. BOTELER, Auc't. By JA8. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ~ GOVERNMENT SALE OF VACANT Lets v* lathe City cf Wasniagtea?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON, May 27th, at 3 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, 1 shal sell, by order of the Commissioner of the Public Buildings, the fol lowing described City Lots belonging to the United States: Square. No. of Lots. 33 4 36 8 and 9 61 3 89 part of 23 116 4, 6, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 551 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 8, 9. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24 613 3 636 south half of 15 652 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19 653 4 656 I 658 1,2,3, and 4 660 5 667 4 So. Of 667 4 E. ef so of 617 4,5,8,9,10 E.of so.ofs 667 1 83S 13 959 11, 12, 13, 14 E . of 1025 8 So. of 1667 1 S.E. of 1068 1 8. of 10*0 1 1111 15, 16, 17, 18. 19 1119 1,2, 10, 11, 12,13,It 1125 1,2,11,12,13,14,15.16 1126 1, 2, 10 11, 12, 13. 14 1127 3,4,5,6,7,8 1128 1,2,9,10,11,12 1120 3,4,5,6.7,8,9 1132 1,2,11,12,13,14,15 1133 1,2,10,11.12,13,11 1134 1,2,9,10,11,12 1135 3,4 , 5, 6,7,8 1136 10, U, l'i, 13 1137 1,2,11,12,13,14,15,16 1PP 1, 2, 10, 11. 12, 13, It 1139 1, 2, 0, 10, 11, 12 1140 1,2,9,10,11,12 1141 1,2,11,12.13,14,15,16 1142 3,4.5,6,7,8,9 1143 1,2,9,10,11,12 1144 1,2,3.4,5,6,16,16 Terms of sale* One third cash the res'due la two equal payments, at 6 ami 12 months, with in terest. Tbe terms of the sale must he compHcd with in Are davs thereafter, orth'' property will be resold at the risk and expense of tne rtellcquent purcha ser. J. B BLAKK, Commissioner of Public Buildings ap 26 2aw J.C. McGUIRE, Auct_ By J AS. C. Mc6UIRE, Auctioneer Extensive sale of gold and i Silver Lever Watches, Geld Chains, Leckeu, Jewelry, Ac., at Aoctl a.?On SATURDAY EVENING. April J6th, at 7 o'clock, at the fctore of the late Robert Keyworth. on Pennsylvania avenue, near 9th street, I shall sell a line lot of? Hunting and open ficed gold Watcher, for ladles and gentlemen Gold guard and vest Chains Also, cameo and Florentine 1'Ins and Ear rings Lockets, Kings, Keys, Locket Bracelets, Chains, Ac. Termscash JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap25-d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer CATALOGUE SALE OF CHOH E MOD. J *ra Oil fainting* ?On MONDAY a^d TUESDAY AFTERNOON, April28thand29th, at 4)< o'clock, at the Saloon over Farn>>am's Bookstore, corner of Eleventh street and Penn sylvania avenue. I shall sell without reserve sixty modern Oil Paintings, tbe property cf a yrlvate gentleman of Baltimore, lately deceased, com prising many line specimens of popular artists We came In part, specimens of Van Arden, Newtll, Reach, Rowbotham, Warren. Lanman, Scott, Pvne, Cobell, Ellis, Ac. The paintings are handsomely framed and will be found worthy of attention. Terms: 850 and under, fash ; over that sum a credit of 6?? and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. Catalogues may be obtained at the Auction Rooms jas. C. McGUIRE, ap 25-d Auctioneer. Bv WALL BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers Furniture and household Ef fects at Pnblic Aactisn.?On WEDNES DAY, April 30th, at 10 o'cloek A M , at No. 451 Pith street, between G and H streets, west side, (the lag will deslgate the hous*,) we will sell the Furniture and Effects ef a family declining housekeeping, consisting in part of? Mahogany, Sofd, and Parlor Chairs Cane and Wood-seat Chairs and Kockers Mahogany and Walnut Sofa, and otter Tables Three-ply, Irgraln, and other Carpets, Ollclc th Window Shades and Curtains Cottage and other Bedstead Mattresses 12 Feather Heds. Bolsters and Pillows Dining, and other Tables, Va>es Tolkt Sets, l.ainps, Looking Glasses Blankets, Comforts, and Counterpalnes Cooking, Parlor, and other Stoves, Andirons. Abo, a general assortment of Kitchen requl-i'.es Terms: 830 and under, cash ; over that amount a credit of 30 and 60 days for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. WALL, BARNARD A CO , ap 25-da Auctioneers. N1 By A. GREEN, Anctlonesr. EW TWO-STORY F R A >1 ? HOUSE - . and Lot at Anctlen.?On FRIDAY,the 2d May next, 1 shaU sell, in front of the premi ses, at 6 o'clo-k p m., a good new two-story frame House, with five good and conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on 22d street, near corner of H street north, being part lot No. 1, in Square No 55 Terms : One-third cash, the balance in 6 and 13 months, for notes, bsaring Interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken, ap 24-eoAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer FTUIUSTEE'S SALE ?By virtue sfadeedof A trust, duly recorded In Liber, J. A S. No. 99, one of tbe land records for Washington county, In the District of Colombia, we E C Morgan and H B. Sweeney, will sell, on MONDAY,The 31st of March, A D. 1856, at 5 o'clock p. m , the fallowing described Real Estate and improve ments thereon, situated In the city of Washing ton, District of Columbia, namely: Part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 844, being the southeast twenty two lect of said Lot No 4, fronting on D street south, and having a depth of seventv-ive feet; with the improvements, which area<inall brick house. The sale will take place in front of the premises, and the terms will be one-half cash, ana the bal ance In six and nine montLs; with interest, se cured by a deed of trust cn the premises All conveyancing at coat of purchaser. E. C. MORGAN, > Trustees H. B. SWEENEY, \ A GREEN, Auct'r The above mentioned property having been sold on the 31 st M arch, and the purchaser having failed to comply with the terms, the undersign* d will resell on TUESDAY, the 22d of April, )8;6. at 6 o'clock, p m., at the auction store of A. Green, No ?36 7 street. Terms, as above mentioned. If the purchaser should fail to comply with the terms In three days after sale the Trustees reserve the ri ht to resell the property at the risk and cost of the delinquent, by advertising three times previous to such resale In the Evening Star. E. C. MORGAN. ) Trust.M H. B. SWEENEY, J ap 12-eodAds A. GREEN, Auct'r. little above sale is pe*tP?B?d nntll SATURDAY, the 3d day of May. at 6 o'clock, p. m., in front of the premises. By order of the Trustees. A. GREKN, sp23?tswJtds Auctioneer. ARCHITECTURAL PLASTER ORNA MENTS OF EVERY STYLE ON REASONABLE TERMS.?Mastic and all kinds cf modern finish for the decoration < f tbe interior and exte rlar of Private and Public Buildings. At NOO NAN A CALLAHAN'S Ornament Shop; Plain and Ornamental Plasterers, 508 Eleventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, ap 23-lw# AUCTION BALES. E H' Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer XI ELLIOT FURNITl'R E ANOHmh. ? keeping Effects at Public Auction.?On WEDNESDAY MORNING, April 30U>. at 10 o clock, at the residence of I*. de Ausoategui. w#- West street, Georgetown, I snail ?Ml all hie Furniture and Housekeeping Effect* Mahogany case Pianoforte, Stool, and Cover Two mahogany Sofas, arm and parlor Chain Marble top centre Table, reception Chairs Two handsome gas Chande lers. Brackets Brussels, throe ply, and ingrain Carpets Hat Tree. Oilcloth, stair Carpets W indow Curtains, Shades, Clock Walnut extension Table, marble-top Sideboard Cane and wood seat Chairs, Rockers Superior Sheffield-plated Dinner Service, consist ing of ten pieces, nearly new, and coat 1500 China, glass, and crcchery Ware Table Cutlery, silver-plated Castors Single and double cottage Bed?tends Bureaus. Wardrobes. Wash stands Superior curled hair Slattresses Bolsters and Pillows Blankets, Conifcrts, Ac. Excellent ?>ed and table Linen Mai'Ogarv Writing Desk, Lounge Superior Refrigerator, kitchen Utensils. Ac Terms: ?30 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of slaty and niretv diys. for satisfactorily endorsed notes, (tearing interest. P. S. The above F urnitureisall nearly new and In excellent order J AS. C McGUIRE, ap 21-d Auctloseer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO THOUSAND VOLUMESUf KAHK and Valuable Books at Pahlic Aactisn. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAV EVEN INGS, April 29th and 30th, commencing at 5 o'clock, at tfce auction rooms, we shall sell a portion of the Library of Thomas Ewbank. for raerly Commissioner of Patents, con&Ming of about two thousand volumes of rare and choice Scientific, Historical, Literary,and Miscellaneous Wrrks. a fall description of which will be fur nished In a complete catalogue, now In the hands of the printer. Terms cash. P- S ?Persons at a distance will fce furnished with catalogues upon application to the Auction eer. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap21-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer PEREMPTORY SALE?On MONDAY, the 26th April Instant, at 6 o'cleck la the af terno.n, the following desirable Frame House nearly new, and Lot, will be scld at Auction, or the premises; namely, part of Lot No. 26, In Rotbwell and Naylor s subdivision of Square No 425, fronting on 7th street 23 feet 6 Inches, bj 100 feet deep, to a public alley, between L and M streets Terms: One-fourth cash,and the residue at? 12 * nd 18 months. * Immediate possession can be given. Ii.qnln of \V. R. Woodwa'd, Attorney at Law, No. 451 Sixth street. W REDIN. ap 17-d A. GREEN, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF COTTAGI ? Residence At Public Auction. ?<>i THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 1, at 4J, o'clock, in front cf the premises we will sei Lots E and F, in square o00, subdivision on 4W street, between K and L streets, west side, im proved with a beautiful two story and attic fram? Cottage, nearly new, not having been Ipullt ovei eighteen months. It contains seven rooms, pan tries, Ac. The location is good, and la a fast im proving part of the city. The attention of those in want of a gocd bouse is Invited to the above sale, as it will be sold without reserve. Titl< guarantied. Terms : One third cash; a credit of 6, 12, and IP months on the remainder for notes bearing in terest, secured by a deed of trusi on the property WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auct's ^ ill also he sold, in f re at of the prem isei immediately after the above sele. two Fraux Houses, in square 499, Lot N'o. lfi, located in th< hast side fronting 13 feet each, running back lot feet deep, to a wide alley, Improved by twofram* Buildings which will be sold separate or together both of which will be sold without reserve. Terms of sa e. as above mentioned Wall, uarnakd a co., ap23 dts Auctioneers. By A. GREEN , Auctioneer. [OUSEHOLD AND KITt HEN FLKNI. tures, Fine Ptanetorte, Ac. at Auction. On THURSDAY, the 1st of May, 1 shall sell, a tfce residence of Mr. T. t itch! on North G, be tween 13th and 14th streets, second door east o; the Foundry Church, at 10 o'clock a. m , an ex cellent assortment or Mahogany, Walnut anc ether Furulture, viz : Mahogany and Walnut Sofas, Parlor and othe Chairs M ihogany Sofa Bedsteads.Centre and Card Tabin Etatere Quartette? ard finry Tables Mahogmyand walnut dressing and other Bureaui Mahogany and walnut Wardrobes and Wash, stands Welnut extension Dining Tables, Cane Seal Cbaiis China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Knivea, and Forks, Ac. Bedsteads. Bedding, acd Marresses, Toilet Stb Brussels, Ingialu, and other Carpets, and Oil cloth Ccoking, radiator and other Stoves And a pood assortment of Kitchen Requisites With many otter articles which we deem unne cessary to eo umerate. Terms: ?25 and under cash ; over that sums credit of 60 and 9? days for satisfactorily endorsed notes, btaring Interest. ap 24-d A. GREEN, Auct. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctimeer. Furniture and household ef fects at Fablic Auction. ?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 2d, et 10 o'clock, at No. 582 Pennsylvania avenue, between lft and 2d streets west, 1 sha'l sell the Furni ure and Effects cf a family declining hous< keeping, viz: Mahogany fcofa, arm and parlor Chairs Do centre, side, aid card Tables Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Lounges Window Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply. Ingrain, and other Carpets Oilclotn, Rugs, Stair Carpets Hij?h and low-post Bedstrads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Wasbstands Fourteen supeiior Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Excellent hair and husk Mattresses Counterpanes. Comforts, Blankets Mahogany dining snd side Tables Chira, Glass, and Croc'Kery Ware Cantors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard, Coffee Urn Excellent cocking and other Stoves Together with u general assortment of Kitchen Utensils '1 eims : <?25 and under, cash ; over that sure a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P. S The House Is for Rent; inquire on the premises JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 24-d Auct oneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF PAPERHANG. ings and Upholstering Materials ?By virtue of a deed of trust duly executed acd re corded, the subscriber will sell at pub ic sale on MONDAY, the 28th day of April, 1856 at 10 o'clock a m , at the auction store of Jas. C. Mc Gulre, on the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 10th streets, an assorted stock of Paperhargings and Upholstering Materials, consisting of? Assorted Paperhanglngs Gold, Velvet, and other Borders Mouldings, Corner pitces Views, window Shades Cords, Tassel*, Ornaments, Ac Terms of sr.le will be: All sums of and under SM, cash; a'l sums over $25 and under #50, thirty days; aad over #50 and under ?109, thirty and tixty days; and a'l suius of $100 and over thirty, sixty, and ninety days credit, for notes' with approved endorsers, bearing interest froin day <jf sale CHAS. S. WALLACH. Trustee ap21-eo3t JA.UE3 C.McGU1RE, Auet'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Brick and frame houses and Lats and Vacant Lot in the First Ward at Auction?On WEDNESDAV, the3ah Inst , 1 shall sell in front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m., commen-lng with the first n-imed prop erty, part of Lot No 4. in sqrare No. 120, with the Improvements," which are a good two-story frame House, being No. 404, oj 20th street, be tween G and H streets north Next after the above two brick houses, two str-rles, containing five good rooms, each fronting on 22d street, be tween G and H streets north, being lot No. 12, in square No 79. The house occupies half th? lot, which is 73 feet front, running back 126 feet A fart of the lot will be so.'d as vacant and after e above two frame houses on23dstreet, l>etween L and M streets north, being part of lot No. 6, In square No. 51. Terms: One-half cash; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the coat of purchaser. ap24-eoAds A GREEN, Auctioneer By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer, VALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT PUB. lie Sale?The subscriber will sell at public sale, oiTUURSDAY, tfce let day of May, 1854 at 5 o'clock P. M., on the premises, Lot U, subdi' vision Lot 3, in square 573 fronting 24 feet on Indiana avenue, between 2d and 3d streets we?t, handsome residence recently built bv M. W. Gibbons, Erq The above lot Is beautifully located, and offers a most desirable opportunity to persons wishing to bulid or i <vest Terms: One fourth cash, and balance in6. IS. and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by deed of trust upon the property; and if not complied with in six dsyi> after the sale the prop erty will be resold, upon oce week's notice,at the risk and expense of toe purchaser Title indis putable CHAS 8. WALLACH, Atfy. apM-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auctl 101 TM1 ASSOCIATXB riKU ?Y HOCII PilHTIFIfl TELIGRlFHt laillaf of the Bait* April Mth?The Coltina steaaa *m>o? to day, taking o?i f500,000. " w Release of Allayed Tillibsatere. New Yobc. April V> 1The alleged nubu* Un who were lately arretted o? Wo*rd of the Oriiaba, were to-dsy discharged by order of the Court Sale #f a Railway. Matsvllle, Ky., April 24.?The Msyrvillo sr.d Lexington railway with all its appenda KM. was a?ld yesterday at Lexiu^lou, for $501,000 It ?u bought by Mr Tyler, agent for the first mortgage bondholder*. Charleston Market. Charleston, April 24 ?Cotton ban ad vanced } cent under the influence of tbo iUamer'i news. Sales to-day of 600 bales ; during the week 11,600; good middling 111. Hew Orient* Markets. New Orlbahs. April 24.?Cotton was atiffer. but not quotably higher after the reeeipt of the steamer's news Sales to-day of 8,M0 bales; middling 10jalOfe. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, April 26 ?Flour ia irregular with a declining tendency, sales of l,5u0 bbls. Howard street. The market opened at $6,44, closed at $6 12) Nothing was done in other brands. Wheat is dull, with a downward tendency; sales of good to prime reds at tl 40a$l 45, and good to prime whites S1.50a$l 60. Corn-white 46a51e ; yellow at 52a54c. Provisions?The stock continues light and the market firm. Baoon shoulders 8}*8ic ; sides 9]al0c.; plain hams 10]sllc.; oaneaned hams 12ic. Lard closed at lie. Whisky?Ohio and City 23a234e Hew York Markets. New Yoke, April 26.?Flour bas declined; sales of 6,500 bbls.; common to goed State 55 75aS6 12i; common to low grades of extra Ohio $6a$ft 31; Southern?gix?d to standard 56 62ja$7 11; fancy to extra $7 25a62i. Wheat is a trifle lower; sales 3,000 bushels. Corn is firm; sales of 30.000 bushels; Southern mixed 61c. Pork is improving; sales of 300 bbls. mess at SIS 374 Beef is dull; sales of 250 bbls. Chicago repacked at $12a$13. Lard is firm; sales of 250 bbls. at 10io Whisky is firm; sales of 150 hbls Ohio at 26 ic. Financial. New York, April 26 ?Stocks are higher Chicago and Kock Island 924; Michigan South ern Railrail 97; New York Central 9<4J; Penn sylvania Coal Company 98 J; Reading Railroad 912; Virginia 6"s 94i; Missouri 6's S5j, Illi nois Central bonds 871. Sterling exchange is firm. THE ITK.IMER GEORGE WASHIRU. TUN will depart at the follow ing bonra: Leave Alexandria 7jf, 11. l)f . 3)$ 5k Leave Washington...8. 10. 12. 2#, 4 jg,'S jp2-d JOB CORSON, Captain. rpUE STEAMER OEOROE PAGE IS * now running regularly between Washl gton and Alexandria at the| following hours: Leave Alexandria 1#, f, 10,12, 4](, and S o'clock. Leave Washington 6M,9, 11, IK, J if, 5M, and 7 o'clock. ELLlb L. PRICE, Captala. mar 24 A CARD. Having been transferred from the Treasury to the Liquor De partmeiit. corner*E and 7th ureets, ll am prepared to furnish my frier.d-t and the community generally with Philadelphia, Reading and Baltimore Ale; a choice glass of Brandy; old Bourbon ar.d Old Rve. Fir break fast to morrow?Egg Rolls, Waffles, Fresh But ter, Broiled Corn Shad, Porter house Steak, ten der and fat, H<t Fr?nch Coffee. Kadish. Ac Dinner from 11 a. m, to 12 at night, of Boiled Rock. Egg Sauce, drawn Butter, Walnut Cat?np, tblnhot Corn Hoe Cakes, Veal Soup wi h Aspar agus, tender Chicken Pot Pie rlchl v seas ncd As fine Oysters as ever came to Washington served in every style. Call at d .it?dge for yourselves N B"?Looked for dally, spring Chickens, to be fried la Cream and Psra!ey; and Roast Lamb with Green Peas. WANTED?An active Restaurant Cook, that can fry Oysters and broil a steak. Apply to ap 23-tr K . E. WHlTLOCK. FOH SALE?ONE OF SWAN'S PATENT ATMOSPHERIC SODA FOUNTAINS, complete. Apply to ap ll-2aw2w W. ELIOT, Druggist. NEW SPRING MILLINERY. ON THURSDAY NEXT, APRIL THIRD, ? Miss THOMPSON will open our stock of SPRING MILLINERY, and we re gl spectfully solicit a call from Ladies on the.^^? above named day HUTCHINSON A MUNRO, ap 2-tr No 310, Pa av , bet 9th and iota sts Clocks: cloc ks : t?just received ?> another lot of No 1 Clocks some entirely new patterns. Tbev will be sold at astonishingly low price* Remember, every Clork Is warranted, ap 12 G. FRANCIS, 490 Seventh street _ JOHN I . SMITH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, INFORMS HIS FRIENDS AND THE PUB 11c that he Is now prepared to give his undivi ded attention to ihe practice of law, in the Circuit and Criminal Courts, and Court of Claims ; and also the prosecution o' Pen?lon. Bounty Lend and other claims aga'.nst the Governmrrl' He will a'so attend to the sale, purchase and renting of houses. Conveyancing earef.illy executed. He maybe found at all times at his old office, on 8th street near Pa. avenue Several houses for rent. ap 31-St TO THE PUBLIC. The under taking business here tr-fore carried on hy tbe l*te Jrm?s F Harvey, will t>e contln-l ued by hi* vridow. Mr GEORGE HARVEY, (brother of my de ceased husband) has been engaged to condnct aid n anagethe business and Is felly authorized to act In the premises. The public mav be assured thst every attention will be given to the buaineaa as formerly. SFUNERAL CALLS attended to at all hours of the day and night. MARIA E HARVEY, ap21-2w 410 Seventh ttreet. PARASOLS!?PARASOLS!! ^ Just received f?m the Manufacturers?? 300'P ARASOLS In every quality and slae, I and for sale very cheap b'v WM R RILEY, up2-lm Cor 8thst.,opp Centre Market li>ie:? lime:? limb: I have now on hand a thousand berrels of the best quality of WOOD-BURNT LIME, which I can and will sell cheaper than any ether manufacturer in Washington. 1 will, also, from this day open a kiln of wood burnt l.lme every week, so that It can always be bad fresh and good Also, coeetantly on hand a splendid article of CEMENT. HAIR and PLASTER which will be sold cheap. LAWSON P HOOVER, Potomac Lime Kilns, 27th street, one square south of the Lower Bridge, n? ar Georgetown. ap 18-I0t CLOTH DRESSING AND DYEING ES TABLISHMENT. THE SUBSCRIBER RAVING RE-ESTAB lished himself In the above buslnees Is pre pared to DYE Silk, Merino, andDela'ne Di easts; Silk, Da mask and Merino Curtains: Crepe and Merino Shawls dyed or bleached Genu' Coats, Pants, Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L J DENHAM, No. 248 south side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, opposite Gautler's Conflectlooery. ap ll-lm* LATEST NEWS FROM PARIS. ADAME C. PRIBRAM AND DAUGHTER V ? 1AIV. Madame c. prib"*??? "-a," Pa. avenue, N2H, between Ot b and Uth ate., Inform tbe lad e* !? Waafc - intrfnn ivit tbev have received, with the lasfstoamer from Europe, the latest fash '" spring MILLINERY and BONNETS, Ac , N from Perls. apU-lm NOW RECEIVING. EW AND FASHIONABLE STYLES OF - . Gentlemen's F uralrhlng Article* adapted to Spring and Summer wear, at LANE'S Gents' Furrlshlng Store ap 14- 424 Pa. av. near comer *feet. STILL A MR AC AT RISH AT ELLIS'S FOR BARGAINS?NOW IS tbe time to get ebeap goods, as be ia selling out to ehaage buslnees Go, everybody, to 9M Pa avecoe, between 9th and l?th sta ap 17