Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, rtULISHKD KVIKT AKThKIOOH, (EXCEPT 8UNDAY,) it tk< SU* Suti iingt, rcrntr ?f Fr*niy;?e?4? mi??? Kitttmtk rtrtttj 1J W. D. WALLACH, 4?til b* p^Tvrd U) ubsc.-'be.'K bycHirl*-!* it SIX kVD A QUARTER CENTS, p-iyible weekly n tb* Agents; fw;#ere nwtl In packages at 37# I Vj P^t month. To m&li suotcrlbera the sat WipUon price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIP. fY CKNTS iyeuwa^MM(,TWU DOLLARS for six otoolhx, and ONE DOLLAR for three ?Kirvlha, for Iras tiua three raoatke at Ike rate ef oenta a week. try SINGLE COP IMS ONE CENT. Vkls axeeUeat Famll? aai < talalag arieataivarietyelreeAls?tbaa eaa ke ftma* \a tar ether?la pakllakf* *? VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. Cm MONDAY. APRIL 28, 1856. Lai*? ' NO. 1,005. ?lafleeepy.peraaail*^.'...^..... ?i U ?? eaaae. Five eeplee Tea cop,**...... ? m rweatt oeptea 9% CT Caaa, iaeaaiaaiT ta aaesaea. ff7* Single oopiee (la arrappars) eaa ke preea e4 kt tke oounter. immediately after Ike Vane ef lb paper Prloa?Taaaa Caava. Poaiaiitm wkoaot aai aoammlaaloa ettwmty pert IT,Dec. 1, IBM. Notice U hereby given to holders of stocks of the United States that thla Department will pur chase to the amount of 91.300 000 of said stock* at any time when the sanae may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For rtock of the loan of a premium of tea per cent; for stock of the loans of 1947 and 1W8, a premhun of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the art of 1*0, commonly called Texas-ln demnltv stock. a premium of super cent.; and far stock of the loan of i?i?, redeemable on the I*th November, lS'.fi, if received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day cf January next, a premium ?'-J< percent ; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31*t of March next, a premium of '?* per cent ; and if received after the list of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of 1* percent. I nterwt will aLso be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified la the certificate*, from the 1st July laat, If assigned with the principal of the cert Urates received prior to the 1st of January next After that date tLe interest wUl be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt In both cases one day'? Interest will be allowed la addition for the money to reach the setter. Certificate* transmitted to this Department un der the present notice should he duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's in terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) bv party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon the assistant trea-urersat Boston, New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive 'he money may direct. * , JAMES GUTHRIE, 4<x. $?dtjnnel Secretary of the Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR Of.*NPOWDER. ORDNANCE OFFICE. ) WiiHijrsrni, April23, 19o6. f |>R?)P08ALS ARE INVITED FROM THE * Powder Manufacturers of the country for fur mshing Five Thousand Barre s of tinnpowder or any portion of that quantity not le-s than one thousand barrels Four-flfthi of the Powder to ^lfu W um'l,ibeCaaDon Powder, and one nftb Musket Ponder; and the whole amount that '"av bf.?ffT'd mast be delivered at the harbor of New ^ ork by the 1st cf August, 1356, and not sooner than the *?th July, i$sa Contracts will ^ entered into enly with those who can else sat isfactory assurance of their ability to manufacture Powder of the quality required *f?r Government use The proportions of the iugredlents of Powder for the military service are 75 parts of nitre 15 parts of charcoal, and 10 parts of sulphw. ihe I ingredients to be u-ed In the manufacture must be I of the hlgbes' decree of purity; the nitre must not contain more than 1-3000th part of chloride* I the charcoal must be obtained from sound *>iUoit> 1 or pophr wood, of not more than three or four I years' growth; and 'be sulDhur of such purity I ?hat In burning U*? grain* In a glass vessel the residuum shall not exceed a small fraction of a I ?'raln. Tb? Powder must be packed in barrt's of I one hundred pounds each; the barrels to be made I of well seasoned white oak, and hooped with I hickory or cedar hoops (the latter preferable) de prived of their bark; the hoops to cover two- I '.hirds ef the barrel, and tod* secured by copper I nai.s; instead of a bung on the side, a screw note I one and a half inch diameter must be made in the I head of the barrel, and closed by a wood screw I with an octagonal nead, not projecting beyond the I ends of the staves, with a washer under it of thin 1-ath-r steeped in a solution of bees wax Jnspiiii* I of turpentine, and a piece of cloth glued over the head of the *crew plug. The Ingredients, and also the powder, durinx I ajjd after fabrication, will be sufeject to inspect I tion and proof by otlieersof the Ordnance Depart- I V. j down " Ordnance Manual, (to I which bidders are referred ) ani non<s will be re- I eel ved url?ss approved by the Inspector Thein- I 4paction will be made at the powder works, and I ceitlicates will be given by tie- Inspector to the I contractors, on the presentation of which, with I receipts, by the ordnance officer Rationed in the I harbor of New York, for the powder delivered I there, payment will be mad- to the full amount I The proposa-s most state the price p?r 100 I pounds barrel included.) and must be endonied I ' Proposals for Gunpowder," and directed to the undersigned, at the Ordnance Office, Washing J l?nj w V-? where the? w111 le opened on the 24ih | ?f >lav In the presence of the bidders, or of such I of them as may choose to appear B.-K CRAIG, im |. .... . Colonel of Ordnance, i Philadelphia Argus; Day Book and Military I Argue, New York; Boston Post; and Hartford r:m?s Each of the above papers will send one I of the papers containing the advertisement, and I also the.r bills, to the Ordnance Office I _ap *i-dCUMay j LADIES1 DRESS GOODS! |OHN H SMOOT. NO. 119 SOUTH SIDE I of Bridge stseet, Geotgetown, D C , has re- I celved ? Silk Robes and Rich Dress Silks, spring styles Rich Printed and pla'n ground Barege Robes Rich Org?ndle and Lawn Robee | Rich b-st French Organdie Lawns and Jicooets I Vlaln and str'ped Bargee, all colors | Siaev and col d Crape de Spange and bl'k Gren- I adlms I'-.upln's blk Bareges, very cheap Colored and white figured Brilliants, very neat >uiall checked *ad rich new style Cheni Gliur- I hair.* ^ Black and white Organdie and P!aln bi'k La woe I and Ginghams ' Plain mlx^d 0 nghams fo; travelling dresses ! I lain bright and mode colois ;?loas de l.alnes Rich printed Chaliey* and Baivge de Lalnes Striped Ginghams, Lawns, and plain oolored I French Cambrics A Urge assortment of good quality and styles fast I colors Lawns at 12)< Scotch and I^ancastar Ginghams at lttf' Plain and Plaid Nainsook Musllus flaln Mull, Swiss and India do Plaid and striped Swiss and Jaconet do. Mich Agured and dotted do J ac Cambric and Cambric do. Plain corded and India Dimity 3U0 pairs best Ingllsh, Iloyles, Prints, at l?uc. ALSO ? l*lack Silk and Lace Mantilias. new styles Stt>4U and Printed Cashmere Shawls & Sarf* | bra*", ma a Ilia corded, whalebone and mohair I s'klrts I H> cartons rich Bonnet Ribbons, cheap . * pieces i?lssholfc A semper ldean bik Silks EMBROIDERIES in collars, setts, sleeves, and I cambric and muslin strips, very cheap Ca?h and prompt paying customer* will find it I to their advantage to give us a call. ?P n _ J H 8MOQT. I ALSWICh FRENCH 4.XU ENGLISH ttL VALL' bfcViKAKV, FOR B O.iK UI MO PUPJLS SITUATED SIXTEEN .MILES ON THE ? * Baltimore and Wsahlngton Railroad and I '.rurnpUe. and two miles sou'h of the village of I Laurel. I At A. TYSON A SISTERS respectfully in form Chelr patrons and others that it Is their In- I entlon to close, permanently, their day school In I the city on the'Jist April, and that the summer I termer their Alnwick Institution will open on I MONDAY. May 5th ' Applications may be ma'e at their city resi- I *?mce until 1st May, or by letter addressed to the I Laurel Post Office, ild N li ?Ever>- facility Is afforded for the acqul- I iti ss sf the French Language and Music. ?p' H-dX Vlay 10 WILLIAM PALMER, Pro*"???*." of singing and the Flute, Begs inform the inhabitants of WasJlngi^n :hat he proposes establishing SINGING Ci.'AMKS for two, three or four pu pils, wheceOy *^ch voice will l>e properly ex amined, and separately cultivated, according to its quality, which cauld not be done, consistent ly, slmiltaueoas teaching?as Sopranoi, Mexzo i*opfiBOS. and Contralto Voices require a widely different training The same care la ne ceasary with male vslc?*s, vlx Tenor. Baritone and Bass W hen the pupils are sufficiently ad vanced to sing bv theinsel?es th**y will then be taught to take their respective parts In Duets. Trion, or (Quartette Terms per t^uarter : ?10 for eaeh pupil, if only two pupils one hoar will be devoted, and an extra half hour for every additional pupil; C*A> per quarter for separate pupils. ap5-tf Pennsylvania avenue 1'LLIS'S STORK Is 300 Pennsylvania ' svenue, near Tenth street. mar 8 r,B" riiliiu LAHIF. IT J? KN?WN TO ALL PER90NS 7pTma ? ?r.V* ac<lualnted with lamps that !La *?! *? aclrcular wick, sa(? and not llab e to heat, so constructed that the light ,!*;rr0ll#d and re?rul*t^d. bas been a great desideratum ever since fluid has been uwd. J. 1 known that no such Lamp has until now been offered to the public. -,?.vCh ? L*n,P we now wesent. which barns clea.r',l{on^ u?bt, and with a steadiness hlch renders It superior even to gas for purposes of fttd ng and writing Acd It will bum with undiminished flame urtil the fluid In the Lamp Is entirely consumed The material ttstd is common burning fluid, known also by the names of Etherial Oil ai.d Spirit Gas. The Lamp Is very simple In Its construct I on and easily trimmed; the light can be regulated es Ptrf?ct)y M gas-dght, so that no more need be consumed than is wanted. ** ull*rlV adapt* d to the purpose of lighting churches and public halls, while for lighting parlors, reading, writing or sewing, it hasnoeaual. *' Por-aleby J R. McGREGOR, Seventh street, between Louisiana ap eoyw avenue axd D street. MOKE RICH rLOUKt'ED DRESSES. E HAVE JU8T RECEIVED FROM THE recent large auction sale* In New York a DR'KaStSo""'1?6"' bC,U,"Ul We name In the lot? *5 very rich Flounced Silk Robe Dresses 50 printed with Satin stripes and plain Berege Rokes, entire new designs, and at low KiM 18 rich and bsantifnl Organdy Mnstln Robes ?? Lawn and Jaconet Robes, very cheap -0 pieces flne Organdy Muslins and French Lawns with embroidered and plain Swiss .M U*1,IU an<1 P1?!* Cambrics 10 piece* Crape Marefz In all plain colors, a new , and beautiful article for ladles' and chil dren's wear 100 pieces printed Lawns, which we will sell at IS* and 1#\ cents per yard, the eheapest goods ever offered In this market. We shall be In -eceipt of New Goods every w<-s* during the season, and cordially Invite purch;?ers to call and examine our stock before purchasings. All articles warranted to prove es represented, and no goods cut off c^n V taken bark cr ex changed _ COLLEY A SEARS. Ml teventh ? ., 3 doors north Pa ave ap 21-ecflt T?1.>*'LL FEED : MILL FEKD!! HE SUBSCRIBER HAS CONSTANTLY on hand a supply of SHIPSTUFF, MID DLINGS. SHOR1S, and BROWN S"fuFF, which he will sell low and i i quantities to suit purchasers. BEN J DARBY, a p < eo 11n 89 Water street, Georgetown. li>ie:-lime::-li>ik! :: W/ILL BE OPENED TO-MORROW, AT v the Lime Kilns of W. H. Sodey A Co . situated on Rock Crwek, between the upper and a kl n ?' superior WOOD BLRNT LIME. The subscribers have also on ? ifr(re ""PP1/of PLASTERERS' HAIR, CEMENT, CALCINED PLASTER, and every of tb<*?7 best quality of lime, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms ap 14?*otf W. H. GODEY ft CO. REDUCTION IN THE PrtlCE OF GAS. Wajhisriox Ga? Lisii CoMfiStf, / SATISFACTORY infoVmation ?hAv ,'"5, obtained as to the terms on which suitable ( oal can be procured for the supply of the year, the B^ard of Directors, In fulfilment of the promise given in their Circular of the 14th ultimo, have now the pleasure to state that thev are enabled to make a corresponding reduction in the price of Gas Accordingly, a discount of n ltal^rer r?nt will be allowed upon ail bills for gasccnsuined after the ??th of June ^ expiration of the present quarter,) if Paid at the office of the Company within five davs from the date of presentation. By order of the Board : ap 18-ec2w J. F. BROWN, Secretary NEW SPRING GOODS FOR GENTLE ^1E ^ P-LSTEER, MERCHANT TAILOR, No.488 ? Seventh street, between D and E, has ** received his new Spring Goods, acd has^H now the pleasure to announce to his custo H mers and the public that his stock Is very?jfiL complete Gentlemen who wish choice styles *re invited to call earlv, with the assurance that the most elegant and desirable goods will be shown . The stock embraces, as u*ual, new and elegant Furnishing Goods for gentlemen ap :i-eo?w 1200 *kward _ranaway from tbe city of Richmond, Virginia, ^ betweeoI the let and Hth of April, 1346, my slavs PHILL BARBER He is a bright mulatto, about ti years old, was well1' dressed ; is very geateel in his appearance;" uair cur s, but is generally well comb: d ; has been a waiter In hotels and at the Springs; when sud denly spoken to hesitates and stan.mtrsall tie He Is 5 feet 8 to 8 inrhes high, feet small and is under the common six*. 1 purchased Phlll from K,(ir1een'lfcl<l - cf Washington; he is now probably lurking in or near that city. He Is sud posed to have purchased free paptrs. If apprehended and secured so that I get him. 1 will pay a reward of 4100 if taken in Virginia aid tauo if tnken In the District of Columbia, or In any ^ta'e north of the Potomac river Phi 1 absconded without provocation, and is supposed to be making his way to a free State O. W- H- GAINES, TAThtf Warrenton, Va. CASH PAID FOR FURNITIRE, " OERSON8 DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING V 2T ,7,im? * su'piua of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chass thsl rent ire stock, or such articles as thev may wish to dispose of Call and see ?ONTZ A COOMBS. r?k s*?"'" b"1"ldI( refrigerators /AF THE MOST APPROVED KIND, JUST J^jwgwd at the Homse F urnishlng Store of the Also, a large supply of new FURNITURE made to order, and will be sold very low for cash or appioved paper. N . M McGREGOR, mar 31 scow _ No 530. Tth slrtit. THE FAST TROTTING STALLION MOSCOW, (believed to be the fast ffv _ e?t stallion in the three adjacent States) will be le; to a LIMITED number of MarfsVe). is tkt month of April only For terms, pedi gree, Ac , apply to ' Dr. GEORGE SMITH. ap l-dl0tAeofrt? At Birch's Stake*. MRS. J. R('OFF |> ESPEC fFULLY INFORMS THE LA -?*' dies of Washington that she has inst ? returned from New York with a spleudld^^fei assortmentof Spring and Summer BON uii. /'i'! wUl **ve h''r opening April^^L Ladles will tave 30 per cent, to call before purchasing elsewhere No J h ast Capitol street, Caplto'. Hill 1 door from corner of l street apll-Ulm NEW BOWLING SALOON^ ON TEMPERAXCE PRiyriPLES 'pHE SUBSCRIBER HAS FITTED UP X oneof taene^rrtoreeon Dstreet i , between 8th and flth street, as a TEM-'xIr I'ln PERANCE BOWLING SALOON XI *1' s where gentlemen who need thlsexercW fSTh^Ith and am use aunt mar resort and be bene?t?,.rf No Intoxlcatl* g liquors allowed on the prem lses, and no betting permitted P "1' The subscriber pledg, s himself to n ake thi. , resr?ecuble place of amusement; and nothing will be allowed at which ihe most 'a ttdlous can eomplairi. c?n liquor** SOd* Waler #nd Ci,f,,r8 fake thC p,ace of A call Is respectfully solicit d ?P T B BROWN, A^eat. MARBLE AND BK' - W N STONE WORAB Fa nvenut. b*twren 18(A and IDtk strtrtt ' The undersigned keeps on hand and makes to order on the most rsasonahl* terms?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONES, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kinds of plain ana ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purpoeee executed with promptness, and at as low prices as can be had eisewhi re. sp 10-edly H. PARRY. TABLE CUTLERY. SI LVER-PLATED TABLE AND DESSERT Knives ; Ivory Handle Knives ; Knives and Forks: Carvers, Forks, and Steeln ; Game Car vers, BeefSlicers; Biesd Kalves. Ac. Remember, prices are low on 7th et , especially ?t 4*>. ap M- G. FRANCIS. Li I I LADIES! Your Immediate Attention ig most respect fully Solicited !' H . C . STEVE N S , DRALRR in FRENCH MILLINERY ft FANCY GOODS. I EMBRACE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY of the seasons to Inform my friends and j the public that my stock of Straw BON -I NETS. Boys' hats and FLATS, Straw! Trimming, best French and American Ar tilolal Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, Illusions, Erg llsh and Italian Crapfs, Neapolitan, Tuscan Swiss, French I^ace, Suton, Florence and Eng lish Bonnets, white and black Ribbons, full as sortment, all of which will be sold at the lowest market prices for cash. P.S.?JUht received lOo Shakers, 50 blk Bon nets . 50 boxes double and single Ruche, green Ribbon and Silk to trim Shakers. ap 19 tf GAS LIGHT!?OAS LIGHT!! Altoayt sure, and under your men tontrol ' Gallaher a smith having per ftected their PORTABLE OAS GENERA TOR, now oflWltto the pnr>l!?, assuring them that it Is fie1 from all the objections which have been urged against other inventions for accom plishing artificial illumination It will generate mote Gas, at less expense, than any othtr Appa ratus, take up lees space, and I* free from all n^xlons odors, while its original cost Is fifty per cent. less. For Public Buildings or Private Dwellings this Grnkrator will be found pecu. liarly applicable, and in the country highly ad vantageous. as the Gas can be manufactured from any kind of gtease that la now considered valueless and thrown away. It is verv simple in its construction, not liable to get out of order, and canbetexded with entire safety by an igno:ant servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think it necessary, in ?n advertisement, to give any long description of their Gas Grnmrator, those des rous of being supplied will examine for tbem?eWe?, they would, ther. fore, reioectfully refe- the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No. 243 Pennsylvania avenue, rou h *lde. Who are the -ole arid General Agents, whe;e the Gas can be seen burning, and all pirtlculats as certained relative to the Generator, Ac. ap 14-lm UNION BOTTLING AND M1NIRAL WATER DEPOT. The undersigned respectfully inform thei?customers and the p'ibllc gen erally. that they now have their new Silver t Lintd AiparatM in operation, and are pre pared to furnish them with ibeir premium MINERAL WATER In addition to the above, they have made ar ranginents with the most extensive Brewejs in the United States, for a constant supply of the best stock of PORTER and ALE, such as wa: never offered before in the District, and guaran tees to have constantly on band a stock sufficient to enable them to fill all orders at the shortest notice. We return our most sincere thanks for the pat ronage which has been so liberally bestowed on us, and hope that by strict attention to business we will merit a continuance of the same As usual a supply of their superior CHAM PAGNE CIDER, itEAD, Ac., on hand Orders ^iven to our drivers or by mail promptly dispatched ARNY A SHINN, Union Bottling Depot, Georgetown. ap^?-dlm ' JONAS P. LEVY, V IMPORTIR AH D DIALER iM WlNV, LIQUORS, CIGARS, AND FIHI ^_GR0CES1E8, OemralCommiaeioit & Forwarding Merchant INSURANCE A ND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U.S. Hotel, Washington Citt, D. C. N. B ?Country Merchants are requested te glv? me a call before purchasing elsewhere. ecS-ly CAST OFF CLOTHING Bought and sold at Louisiana avenue, opposite Holmes'!'s Groccrv, near Semmes'. Address, through Post Office, to "Mr. Tailor#* ap7-ltn? WOK.RED COLLARS AND SLEEVES la sets ?Just opened from the Importer a full assortment of? Collars and Sleeves In seta Cambric and Muslin Collars at very low prices Also, White Cambrics Plain and Figured Swiss Muslins Piaid Cambrics and White Brilliants at 12){ eta per yard With inaay other Goods very cheap WM R. RILEY, ap'2-lin Cor. 9th st , epp Centre Market. CHOICE FRUIT TRESS FOR SALE. IO APFLK TREES. OF EXTRA ?.vFjVmJU growth and well assorted 5,000 PEACH TREES, forming a com plete assortment and well grown. A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. The above comprising a very cbolee assortment of Trtes were raised by the late John H. King, they will be guaranteed to be what they aire rep resented . Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one inlle northwest of Georgetown Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply as <ii>ove. E. JK. mar 11?tf NEW" FIRM ~~ AND NEW ARRANGEMENTS ! THE undersigned, T POTENT1NI A S ZI TELL, having formed a copartoe-ship for the purpose of carrying on the CO.NFEC TIONERi and RESTAURANT business, at 27V Pennsy lvania avenue, under the style of POTENTINI A Z1TELL, beg leave to call the attention of the patrons of the k A l\A 9? T at the shortest possible notice, with all the deli carles both In and out of season. Rooms furnished for B R v.\K FAST, DIN N ER and SU PPEtt, for private parties, at all times. We have also connected with our establishment a fine SALOON fitted up expressly for the ladles, where they can be furnished with GAME and OYSTERS of all kinds, served up in every style, at the shortest notice. Ladies favoring us'with a cslloan always be furnished with every delicacy that the appetite desires. Ladles and gentlemen can h*ve their MEALS sent to them a> their private rooms by leaving or ders We will also pay particular attention to tie manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY in all thair branches, and will always keep on hand a sele<s assortment of French CONFECTIONS, BON BONS, PRESERVES Ac POTENTINI A ZITELL, '279 s s. Pa av., between 10th and 11th fcta. ap P2-'2m (IntAOrgan) L. J. MIDDLETON, DEALER IN ICE. Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. feb '27-tf A CARD. IHE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE firm of D Finch A Son ) still continues to carry ?>n the Painting business in all Its various branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public generally a continuance of their favors All work contracted for by him will be execu

ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to be left as usual, at the old stand, cor ner 12th and F. streets. JNO. SUM M ERF I ELD FINCH. ap 11-1m NILES'S REGISTER.?First 40 volumes, complete, price SiO One copy only ! ap 17 FRANCE TAYLOR. pQ AND EXAMINE THE BUSTOBI PI. ANOSat ELLIS'S Musio Store, 306, betw. 8th and 10th streets ap V FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE.?SEVERAL S*ven octave rosewood P1AN I)-1JT3 PORTE, elegantly finished, will hef | g y 11 sold low for cash or good paper, or will be ex changed for building material and work. These Instruments may be seen at my Saloon, and uny person disposed to purchase or trade will please make early application. . LEWIS CARU8I. A COUNTER AND GLASS CASES FUR Sale. ?In consequence of wishing to enlarge our store and make room for an linmeme stock of Bos'on Pianos, we offer for sale, vpry low, a 'arge COUNTER and one or two fine SHOW CASES Renumber, at 30U. the Piano and Music t stab ishroent of JOHN F. ELLIS. ap*22 M H. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES five Dollars ter Uuarter. UAOBl!'B? Apply at GEORGE HILBUS'S Music Depot Penny, van la avenue. , max ' Houses, &c , for Rent and Sale For sale ?the three story brick House situated on Bridge street. Georgetown, now occupied by Mr. Judson Warner The building has been thoroughly repaired, and for a dwelling and store la one of the most desirable pleee* of property In the town Apply to R P JACkson, No. 156 Bridge street. ap'25-lw For sale?i will sell at private sale, a two story and attic Frame House and Lot; also a vacant Lot adjoining, situated on 1 ith street west, be ween M and \ streets, No '01 The House contains 7 room , with an excellent dry cellar Any person desiring a comfortable and pleasent residence, will do well call and examine the prlmbes. Terms very accommoda ting [?p23-lw*] JAS T ferry. VALUABLE FARM FOR sale. CON tainingjfao acres, situated % mile east of the Kockvillc Turnpike Kcad, and from Wrsh lngton city It Is well watered, and on it a good supply of Are wood and young orchard The im provements are a small frame dwelling and sta ble. It possesses all the advantages leoulslte to make a garden of great value, or a dairy farm, and a pita ant residence Tfce terms will be madeeasy. Apply to POLLAKl) WEBB. No. 512 Seventh street, opposite National Intelligen cer Office. apsftj-tf For rent ?several of those de lightful country residences wltli large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having been putin thorough repair, are now for rent at tLe low price <1 $150 a vear For beauty of location and healthiness of situ atioc, these residence* are unsurpassed, offering aa they do, ex raordinary inducements to all who prefer the salubrity of conntry air to the sultriness and dust of the cur. Distance from the Post Office a mile and a quarter. Apply to WM. ST1CKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Green. apSJl-lw FOR SALE?ONE BUILDING LOT ON the eorner of Virginia ayipue and B street soutt, between 12th and 13th streets For farther infor mation apply on the premises. ap ti-lvr* FOR RENT ?a LARGE BRICK HOUSE on 7th atrest, near Doraey's Hotel, costalnlng twelve rooms, besides two parlors, kitchen atrt cellar, with gas through the bouse Rent low, and Immediate possession elven Apply to L. G ASSENHE1 MER'S Clothing Store. No. W 7th street, between H ard F. ?p2l-lw AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 1? acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colou 1 Cox, (called the Cedars.) poss?s?ing rare advanta es as a building site, and market garl^n. It has a fine growth of young cedars and oak mess on the groat er pari <t It?the elevation Is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington snd Alexandria The fact of this property being Just outside of the Co noratlon limits ren ders It snore desirable, being fre?* from the Corpo latlou taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWJ2LL, Georgetown. Jan 22? wtf BUILDING LOTS FOR BALB -4 VA rietv of Building Lots in all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms. Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's office. rext door to W. B Todd'a, Hat Store, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room ap21-eo3m DAMP MYERI.E. For rent ?a large three-story brick house on Fast Capitol street, nearly opposite the residence of B. B French, Esq. App!y to the subscribers-it their Lumber Yard, corner of "26th and D streets. ap21-e*4w^ H A J W. 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Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumber er bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by de?d of trust on the property. Title indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa av.,bet. 18th A 19th ^ ap 10?3m ALUABLK PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE ?I will sell, ou accommodating terms the following described property: The new three-story Brick Dwelling House, on Missouri averiuevnear the corner cf Four-and-a h ilf street. This house is situat d in ene of the most healthy and pleasant locations In the city, fronting the public grounds, and commancllng a view from the Capitol to the V\ aslilngton Monu ment, with all the surrounding country, which can never be obstructed. The house is admhably arranged, having been built under my own direc tion, with an eye to the comfort and convenience of my own family. 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F F Also, uioie au? "_ . SMITH'S, 833 F street. nov 27?U FOR RENT.?A handsome THREE ?tory frame House on ltth street, between ^ew York avenue and K etreet north, containing line good aud conveniently-arranged J00"**' "yj1 Ude passage It has a large cistern in the yard, ipplj to XT SNYDER A SON, Bankers ARE CHANGE?THE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated m 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue Their ituation cannot be excelled for either business or ?"tgiiiussa? Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal mce in 1, ?, 3, and 4 years. Residence No 6, lorth A street, Capitol HIU. feb?l-tf EVENING STAR. Senator Douglas's Reply to the Letter of Col. James H. Lane. Saturday, April 19,1856. Sir : I have examined the letter signed by your friend, James II Lane, which you placed in iny hands to day, and will now give you my reasons for responding to you a* its bearer, instead of him as its author. The letter is so equivocal in terms, and por tions of it so irreconcilable with other por tions, that it is impossible to determine, with any certainty, whether it is intended as a hostile message or a friendly not* It is true that the city is full of rumors that your friend, vol Lane, intended to challenge me, and the letter writers for those newspapers in the hastern cities most friendly to the revolution ary movements in Kansas and most hostile to myself not only announced the fact some three or four days ago, but actually fixed the timo when your friend intended to send the hostile message. The object of your friend in caus mg his intentions to be made known to the world and published in the newspapers is not for mo to explain, when he and every one must havo known that the effect would inev itably be to have both parties arrested the moment he suocoeded in making the publio believe that he intended to invite a hostile meeting. In the National Intelligencer of this morn mg I find a "card," published by yemr friend, in which he attempts to assail me personally, and to raise a question of veracity between us upon a point in reference to which he admits and affirmatively asserts, the truth of my statement, but denies that he gave me or any other person a "shadow of authority for mak ing any such statement.'' Having selected his tribunal and removed his complaint from the jurisdiction to which public letter-writers in his confiJeDcc had declared he would bring it, and appealed to the public through the columns of the newspaper press, he is as lib erty to prosecute it in that forum as long as he pleases. Since tho the publication of thif "Card" in the newspaper*, your friend, iu a letter^of which you are the bearer, and in which you are designated a? his friend to re ceive my answer, referring to the debate on Monday last in the i niteJ fctalc* Senate no the fraudulent memorial of the Fpurious legis lature of Kansas, makes the following request of mo : " I respectfully ask for such an ex planation of your larguage upvn that occas ion as will remove all imputation upon the integrity of my action or motives iu connexion with memorial " Tho rras"ns assigned for calling upon me to vindicate ?? the integrity of his acHon mad motives in connection with that memorial" are, that 41 on Thursday of that week |tkr wtri previous to the. delate of which h* ,?*/. rompfr?nis\ that memorial was the subject of severe criticism, ard in connoctiun with it i'HARGSS of THE V'iST ORAVfc CHARACTER were rREKERREh agaixst re,' (yourfriend Col Laue ) It is not pretended that I made those chargcs against him in th.u debat Ibe published debate shows that "on Thurs day of that Week" no Jess than three Vr lour Senator* did denounce that memorial as " an impudent forgCTy, attempted to be palmed off upon the Senate of the United Staled through the hands of tho venerable Seuator frojn Michigan;" as "a paper which ba? reached the Senate through fraud, which has stamped upon it every mark of forgery asi4ator gery which has becu palmed off ou the Seu atc ; and various other denunciations of a like character, all tending to stamp the me morial with fraud and forgery. I did not en dorse theso grave charges on the one haud nor repel them on the other, for the reason that while all tho facts then known to the Senute seemed to justify a strong su*i>icion, and, indeed, raise the presumption, that they wero true, yet the circumstances were not cuch as to render it my duty to do more than to reject tho memorial upon the facte disclosed in the debate. In fact, I followed the lead of the illustrious Senator from Michigan, who presented the memorial under the impression that it was a genuine paper, by expressing a willingness to vote for his motion to print, as a matter of courtesy to him, so long as it in volved no other consideration than the amount of money which the printing would cost. But when its reception and printing became the test of a principle which was to recognise and sanction the revolutionary proceeding in Kan sas, I announced my purpose to vote against it for that reason Subsequently, such dis closures wero made as to create doubts in the mind of Gen. Cass in respect to the authen ticity of the paper, and he, after an interview with Col. Lane, from whom he had received it. made the following announcement to the Senate, and voted for the resolution rescind ing the action of the Senate whereby the me morial was received and referred, and there fore withdrew it. Gen. Cass said : 44 Within a few minutes I Lave Lad aa in terview with the gentleman who presented me with the petition, and I am hound to say to the Senate that i am not satisfied that this paper is one which ought to be acted on by the Senate. This is alt that it is necessary for iriK to sny. I shall vote for the resolution of the Senator from Viigmia " After the "memorial" had been denounced by several Senators as a fraud and a forgery, and after General Cass had thus announced his purpose to vote for its rejection for the reasons stated, Mr Seward rose and said that ho had just converged with Col Lane upon the subject, and added : " lie tells me, and authorises me to say, and requests me to say to the Senate, as I do in his behalf, that before he left the State of Kansas he saw this paper, the same paper? he does not say that it is the identical paper in chirograpby?but ho caw the memorial ol which this is the substance and text signed by all the member* of the provisional legislature of Kansas, and that this is a truo copy of that paper, as he bad before stated to the honor able Senator from Michigan, and I suppose the original is within his reach and available This is in no substantial respect different." Mr. S-award also further said that 14 this statement is due to him ; and this statement is all that I need say in justice to myself " In reply to Mr Seward a Senator arose and Mid: "I think, Mr. President, this debate will not be without its advantage to the country We are beginning now to get at the truth of this matter slowly, but it would seem securely. '* Where do we stand? A paper has been 6resented here, palmed upon the Senator from Lichigan, purporting to be a memorial from certain persons in Kansas who claim to be the senators and representatives of the State of Kansas It is questioned , its authenticity is doubted; it is denounced as a forgery and a fraud. We loarn now that it reached the honorable Senator from Michigan at the haid of one who is sent hero a* a Senator from Kun sas. We learn from the Senator from New York that that paper, thus denounced on this fluor as a forgery, and fraudulently done, , came to the hands of the Senator from Michi- | ?an by one of those men who is sent here as a enator for the psuedo State of Kansas ; and yet there is no man who I have heard who undertakes to vindicate him. There is no gentleman who stands on this floor and says that the man who brought the paper here is what he claims to be?an honorable man?and that he brought a fair and honest paper. I do not understand the Senator from .New York to do that Where are the gentlemen who slaim to bo here speaking for the oppressed people of Kansas Sir, uoscttur soctts is a safe maxim?the man is known by the oom pany he keeps If it be true that the man is Itnown by the company he keepe, the oompany is known by the man who helps them. After further discussioaf 'aaimilar char *cter, the resolution of Mr. Mwoo was ador'. ?4 by a votei of thirty-two in the affirmative to three in the negative, by which the order ? J freuaulent paper to the Commit tees on Territories and Printing were rewind r ***?' WM th" by i t 8 1111 r?turBwi to Colonel Lane, i bare been thus minute in tracing the out hne, of the debate which oocur^S oS ie firnt pre^ntation of this fraudulent memorial in order to .how that I tooh no part Intl. ^"T100 wh,ch qo**tionad the autfcentichv lbe paper or the conduct of Col Lane in S?T!rSWii lt ^'et it win be observed *Jt1 IV,* whkoh JO* bore from Colo nel Lane to me. it u stated, as the firet ean-e of grievance, that ? on Thuroday of that week critJi"?? Wai lhe **yere criticism, and in connection with it charres uf a most grave character ur? preferred against me, (Colonel Lane ] F"w?wraa "We have seen what thuee charge, were They were n<> less than that .f nuun an.I roRUKRV ! These charges were made and re poated by several Senators in the coarse of that debate, and received the sanction of the o na ? by a TOt* of 32 10 3 in th? ^option of Mr. Mason s resolution Your friend, C<d. Lane, rested under these oharges until the Pf*' week, when he attempted to exoulpate him.-elf, not by calling on the Senators who made the charges for explanation, but by pre senting a petition signed by himself, with the original memorial making a part of it, pray ing that the pretended cony, which bad been rejected on the previous Thursday, might aljj be received, and inviting a comparison be tween the two, with a view of enabling the senste to determine whether the one which the .Senate had rejected was a copy or a for ^ery. As the chairman of the oommittee haviug charge of territorial affairs, it bacama my appropriate duty to institute the compari son which had been invited by Col. Lane in his petition, and to give the Senate Che result <?! my investigation. I found that while the rejected oopy purported to be authenticated by the signatures (all in one handwriting) of tue members of both houses of that sparioea legislature, the original, from which it wax pretended to have been copied, had no ?igna tures at ail attached to it. and no autlicnt'.ea - lion whatever, except an evasive affidavit t iktn that day before Judge McLean. I also found that the first three pages of the original were entirely suppressed in thepretended copy, I aleu found many other material om?i?.1ons and suppressions, many interpolations and al terations running all through the paper, and changing its whole character, not onlv in f>rm. but in subatanca and prinoiple I ex posed the e thing* to the Senate in plain and unmeasured terms, as it was my right and duty t? do. I did not go oat of my way to crimT uate or caculpate any <>ne I dealt with the frau luleat paper as it came before me in the fine of my duty, and left the authsrs of the iniquity free to pursue their own course. 1 <howa4 that the original memorial which it is *Uegid was adopted by the spurious Legisla ture of Kansas was baaed on the fundamental | idea or principle that Congress had no pewer to establish iovernuients tor the Territories; that the Kaiises-N'ebraska act was unconsti 'utional and void for that redfcoU; that the ( i*ooi>le the Territories owed no allegianee I to the government* which bad been or should he established by Congress in the Territories; and hence they had an inherent right to take the flaps which they had Uken to overthrow the territorial government without the con sent and in defiance of the authority of Con gress. I also showed that in the pretended copy all this had been suppressed since the issue whs made up between the two par ties by tha renorta of the majority and mi nority of the Committee on Territories, and in lieu of it had been inserted an humble petition to Congress recognising its autho rity and praying for its interposition. In ?hort, I showed and proved by a compari son of the two papers that the pretended e >py was not a oopy in any seuse of the word ; tnat it was a base and impudent forgery. 4Nu Senator did, no man in or out of the Senate o*?, vindicate the paper from this just con demnation. The severest judgment which I pronounced on this transaction is contained in the following extracts from mj speech, which I now repeat as the only explanation I have to make of the matter to which they re fer : '? I submit whether this does not make it a totally different doenment, affirming entirely different principles, in order to place their action in a totally different light. The Kan sas legislature, in the origioal document, said they justified their acts because Congress had no power over them. The memorial came in the other day recognising the power of Con gress I ask, then, if it is not a forgery thui to change the document in the most vitally important point upon which the whole pro ceeding rests ? I do not say by whom the forgery was oommitted-I care not. The taint runs through this whole proceeding, and the affidavit does not cure or remedy it Again : " I can t.ike up this memorial and show that, as I have expose! on? heresy aftar ano ther of their pretensions, they to^k the pen and ran through this memorial to get rid of the objection. " It has been changed from time to time in material points, striking out and inserting, ? until it has hardly a vestige of its original form The very comparison which is hare challenged between the pretended oopy, pre sented the other day, and the original now. proves conclusively that such is the ease. I tuen submit whether here was not evidenee at the most glaring fraud ever attempted to be perpetrated upon a legislative boay. After that fraud has been ence detected andexpoeed, the question is, whether a second one is to be perpetrated upon us by taking the same spu rious document and atta-hicg it to a memo rial, and thus drugging it into the Senate ?" It should be bjrne in mind, that the flrsr time this fraudulent paper was presented to the Senate I pronounced no judgment upor the question of its authenticity, or the mean* by wnish it found its way to the Secretary a table. Other Senators did denounce it as "a fraud and impudent forgery." I remained silent on these points, not from anv sympathy with the per]?etrators of the fraud, bat from my profound respect for the feelings of the il lustrious Senator from Michigan, whose confi dence had been abused so far as to induoe him to present it under the impression that it was an authentic memorial. When he dis covered his miBtake, i joined him in that vote of condemnation which Lhe Senate pronounced by 32 to 3 in the adoption of Mr. Mason'a resolution The next week Col Lane Oomec to the Son ate, through Mr Harlan, of Iowa, and pre ients a memorial, in which he asXs and ehal lecges a comparison of the two papers, with .he \ icw of inducing tha Senate to reverse the udguient which had besn so emphatically pronounced upon the conduct of the authors >f that fraud, at the i<tme time avowing him self to be the person who perpetrated the ac'. I did make tne comparison in pursuance of he request contained in his memorial, and liated the facts to the Senate as 1 found them >o exist, together with my opinions upon them. The Senate ratified those opinion* in the re jection of the memorial by a vote ef 30 te 11. In the face of these facta, your friend. Col. Lane, calls upon iu? "for such an explanation >f my language upon that oesasion as will re nove all imputation upon the integrity of his iction or motives in connexion with that me oorial." My reply is. that there are uo facta vithin my knowledge which can "remove all mputation upon the integrity of his action or aotives in connexion with that memorial " For the reasons which I have stated, I can lave no correspondence with Colonel Lane, aad herefore address this note to you. Your obedient servant, S. A. Doc9La?. Hon. C. R. Watson.