Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. * TbbOtbra?"Ci'idbkblla."?The Pyne A Harrison Opera Company, after a week s ab sence, reappeared at the National last even ing to a crowded aad fashionable audience Mis* Louisa Pyne was m charming and bril liant as ever ; although she bad traveled from Richmond during the daj, her voice had lost cone of its ail very ?weetnesa, and she warbled through the rolt of Kaiarina with all the rue and grace of ber own native " Sky Lark." Mr Harrison waa also in excellent tune, and gave the air of "Ob, whisper!" charmingly. This evening, the far-famed fairy opera of " Cinderella" will be given with new and splendid scenery, dreaaes, tricks, and transfor mations. Id addition to the talent of the Pyne A Harrison Opera Troupe, Mr Ford has se lected from his Baltimore and Richmond com pany the most available and talented portion of lady and gentlemen artists to give full ef feet to the successful production of this favor ite opera, amongst whom are our old friends, Mr- J- Jefferson, Miss E. Morant, Madames Chapman. Germon, and other ladies and gen tlemen necessary to the perfect ensemble of the opera. In spite of the unfavorable weather, the b?x office was crowded this morning with ap plicants for seats, and we hare no doubt but the National will be crowded this evening to its utmost capacity. As HrvBLB Lodger ?On Monday night a respectable looking man, an Italian, was di rected to the guard hou3e for lodging. He was on hia way to aome place where be could be employed and remunerated for his services. When no one was thinking of himfNind the attention of those present was attracted in a different direction* he knelt beside the bench In the prisoner's dock, and remained, appa rently, in prayer a few momenta; then arose, stretched himself upon the bench, and was soon quietly slumbering upon his hard couch. How different his condition from those who were locked in the cells below. Angry with themselves and all the world, "their mouths filled with cursing," calling upon their crea tor to conjign them to eternal flames, they raved through the eight. That poor man, despite his poverty, could be happy and com mune with his God ; ask his protection, and sleep quietly till the day dawned. Railroad Discrimination against Wash ington?A writer in a morning paper calls attention to the arrangement of trains on the Washington branch of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, as discriminating unjustly against this city Passengers from the way stations cannot reach this city before lli o'clock, a. m., and must leave at 3 o'clock, p m , unless they would pass the night here, while from the same stations they can reach Baltimore at 8 o'clock or 10 J o'clock a m , and return at 9i a. m. or 3 p. m The Rail roal Company should ccrtainly afford, if pos sible, as much accommodation to passengers visiting Washington as to those visiting Balti more. There is a growing population along this end of the road, whoee custom belongs properly to this city. Thb Leap Year Partv at Harmont Hall. With the triumphant success of the ladies for the second time in the getting up and man agement of a ball we suppose the leap year movement may be considered fairly inaugur ated. The party at Harmony Hall last night was a fine affair undoubtedly, and establishes beyond all cavil the fact of the capability of the ladies to carry out such an undertaking as it should be done. We learn that the ladies have now in band the project of a grand leap year pic-nic at Arlington. We guarantee that it will be a model pic-nic ; in fact, the model of models? a model by which hereafter all modelers of model pic-nics shall model their models. Hur rah for leap year, and the ladies ? Dknj ?Those little shanties, kept by white men. where ignorant colored persons are per mitted to assemble, and gamole and drink, an 1 are robbed of their littio earnings, are not entirely broken up. A number yet re main to be operated upon by the police, who, in connection with the auxiliary guard, have done much to les*en the number. It is a pity that the keepers of there places are not always caught at the s.-iir.e time with the gangs of col ored persons who are taken from their houses The penalty tor permitting EO, ABC, LSD, faro, rolly-poly. shuffle-board, equality table, or other device, to be set up. kept, or maintained in his bou?4 out house, Ac , is fifty dollars for every day so kept up and maintained. f NriSASCBS.?The B? ard of Health has is sued its circular, giving information relative to the disposal of slops. Ac. This has been widely circulated, and we presume that few housekeepers are unacquainted with the law. For the benefit of some persons who are not, we mention that piling fish offal in the streets or gutters, or casting refuse iiquid* from dye houses or other places, in the streets or gut ters. is a i?enal offence under the Corporation laws. Several acts of this sort have been mentioned to us. and this information is given in the hope that it will prevent their repeti tion. Thb Botanic Garden.?Our readers cannot pass a more agreeable hour than by a visit to the Government Botanic Garden. The worthy superintendent, Mr. Smith, takes pleasure in explaining to each visiter the history of the plants under hia supervision. That most rare and beautiful flower, on eidiumyapilio (but terfly flower) is now in full bloom, and will so continue for about six days longer, and we have no doubt that many of our lady readers will avail themselves of the opportunity to view it within that time, it befng the only specimen in the United States. MrsiiBK s Grand Mat Ball.?The unpro pitious weather to-day has not had the effect of damping the enthusiasm of the little folks and others interested in the grand ball to night , and it is p -sitively to come off, " weath er or no!" On all sides we see notes of preparation, and indications of a fresh tri umph for Professor M. " Sic transit gloria Munder !" which, being translated, means that Munder's glory of last year can only be surpassed by ths sp lendor of his present achievement. Attempt at Incendiarism.?An attempt was made last night between 9 and 10 o'clock, t/> fire some wuod sheds in the rear of the buildings on the south side of Massachusetts avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets It was discovered by the residents in the neighborhood in time to prevent any serious damage to the property. Centre Mareet?The very unpleasant weather did not prevent a full attendance of dealers in the various branches of the market this morning. Under the roof umbrellas were used as well as outside. In its present condi. tion the market is certainly very unpleasant for all those who have business there. Tee Gas dipbiccltt which was laid before Juatice D. Smith a few days since, is likely to be taken to the Circuit Court by petition. The friecda of the gas company and gaa consumers appear to be equally anxious to see the ques tions in controversy settled. The amount sued for by Mr. Doniphan was SI2 80. BEAfTirrL Paper Hangings, Ac.?Our friend Markriter, No. 600 Seventh street, has, we see. got in a fine new stock of paper hang ings. window shades and curtains, shade trim ming*, piotare cord and taasela, and all that class cf articles. We know Mr. Markriter to be a fair reliable man to deal with, and ad vise cur roaders to give him a call. OvtkTER*, Crabs, Ac ?A daily arrange ment with Norfolk and Rappahannock pack ets, and from Annapolis by Railroad, for Pickled Oysters, and Soft and llaid Shell Crabs, warranted perfectly fresh, at Drake's Restaurant, south east corner E and Seventh atree'a ?? Hctchinson A Mi-nro have received a rioh assortment of wreaths suitable for the ap proaching May festivals Their establishment h No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Teath streets. Cot rt cr Claims.?Yesterday, Albert Pike, Esq , of Arkansas, made an argument in fav or of a rehearing^ in the caso of J. K. Rogers vs. the United States, in which au adverse decision has been given. Adjourned. Arbisted ?The ?hief of Police, with Offi cer Handy, yeaterday arreeted Lawrence Cen roy, who is charged with atealing the prison keys firom the Deputy Sheriff at Norfolk, Vir ginia, and 11 berating two of his prisoner?, lie wns committed to jail by Justice Hollingshead to await a requisition. Justice llollmgshead also disposed of tho following cases : Jno. Clark, assault and bat tery ; Lizzie Brown. George Tompkins, and Edmonia Brown, threats aad assaults ; secu rity for peace. Wesley Burke, assaulting his wife : security for peace. Riotous Gathering?Last night a sort of a bail was given by a party residing in that portion of the Fourth Ward known as Swamp pudle. A fight was excited by the females and Captain Whisky, and the oonsequeoce was the exposure of some porsons who we shall not name, they not having been arrested. The fun of last night will not compare with their regrets to-day, they knowing that their friends and relatives ace aware of their presence in that rintou??ang of dangerous men and aban doned women. The Battery Taken.?Yesterday, Officers Parkham and Norwood made a descent upon a locality in the Second Ward, known as the Battery, and arrested Elizabeth Walker, who was taksn before Justice Offut and ordered to give security for peace towards Ann E. Miles. Emma Hamilton, and Cora Stewart; and bail to appear at court for an assault and battery in the magistrate's office on a witness who ap Ei a red against her Cora Stewart, Sarah irst, and Emma Hamilton, ordered to give security for peace. Lavinia Goddard was ar rested and dismissed. Supreme Coort.?Yesterday, Lucius N. Bangs, Esq., of New York, was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this court. No. 98. Wm B. Culbertson, appellant, t*.t. the steamer Southern Belle, Henry B. Shaw et al . claimants. This cause was argued by Hon. S. F- Vinton and Hon. J. P. Benjamin for the appellant, and by Hon. J. J. Critten den for tne appellees. Adjourned. Nominations ?At the mooting held last night at Coombs' Hall, of oitiiens of the Third Ward, the following nominations were mads for the City Councils: For Alderman?John H. Goddard ; Couneilmen?Lambert Tree, L. A. Gobright, and Dr. John Bogan; Assessor? G. T. Langlcy. Foot Race.?Last night,(about d o'clock, a race came off between two hackmen on Sixth street, near the Avenue. The wager was "drinks for tho crowd," but it came near be ing paid off in blows. Tbe presence of the Guards on that beat prevented a collision. Firemen's Parade ?Last night several companies of firemen wero parading. Between 9 and 10 o'clock the procession passed through the Capitol grounds, with music and torch lights. They appeared to be companies from the eastern wards. Wm. Connor was arrested yesterday, and held to bail for court by Justice Daniel Smith. He is charged with breaking into the stall in the Centre market. Watch Returns.?John Dandridge, col., assault and battery, jail; swearing and dis orderly conduct, ordered to pay Sll 41 fine and costs ; James Butler, col , disorderly con duct, S6 44 fine and costs; James Bowie, col., do.; Maria Dillon, drunk and stopping per sons on the streets, security for better beha vior, and 51 45 costs. [communicated. School Examination.?We have just re turned from the annual examination of the school of Mr. J Mattern. numbering one hun dred pupils, and we add our testimony that it was most interesting and satisfactory. The various branohes in which they were exam amined are, reading, penmanship, arithmetic, composition, grammar, natural philosophy, morality, geography, music, drawing, history, and declamation, in all of which they acquit ted themselves in a highly creditable manner; and the more so as they were examined in both English and German. This youthful seminary is hardly more than a year and a half in existence, and judging from what has been accomplished in this short time, we are warranted toprcdict for it a glo rious future. Connected as it is with the Ger man Evangelical Church Society, whose pas tor and members take a deep interest in its welfare, it must prosper. Advantages are af forded by this institution whioh we do not easily find elsewhere. The only suggestion we have to msks is that the worthy and indefatigable tutor should have an assistant in the arduous labors which he performs, and we hope he will soon have that aid. Civis. Washington, May 1, 1856.?It 07 Fever and Ague?An Infallible Care. Wsdefy the word to prednceany mullein* which doee Dot roDUIn Quinine, Bark Atmuic, Mercury, or any notion* < r deadly c .mi "and, to care tin* annoying dlsssse to effect ually i* Carter's Spanish Mixture. While It contains note of the above-named dangeroue articles, jet It possesses a power In relieving snd raring Fever aid Aguswht'h an not be eppr scl.ed by auy of them separately or In Combination. It acta e peel Ileal I y on the Liver, purine* the Blood, opene the poree of tbe 8k1n, and assist* nature to expel from the sys tem the seeds of disease, or what Is aa had. the remalDKof the Mineral Drug*, which clog and Anally destroy the con stitution. See the care of Mr. Longduu, of Virginia. He had Chills twlre a <1av far three years . nothing woold relieve him Bntll lie tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, ooly three U tt les of which restored him to health ; Dor hs* he had a leiurn of the dls csm slice. uiy 1 int. \ZT An eld Friend to the Suffering la Mri> Gardiner's Indian Balsam of Liverwort and Hoarboaud; for the enre of cmjhi. '-olds, croup, Ac This preparation has stood the teat for the past twenty years, and now and ever wliistiod unrivalled. It Is for sale by all the druggists throughout the I'nltfcd States and British Provinces. We*ksA Potter, IS* Washington street, Boston, Wholeesle Agent ap 10-Iw X. P. OILMAN, Washington, Special Agent. |?7* Wm. A. Batchelor'a Hair Dye.?Gray, Bed. or Busty Hsir dyed inet <utly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Blvk, wiUiout the lsaet Injury to Hair or Skin. Piftbbk Medals axn Diplomas hate been awarded to Wm. A BaUhelor sin. e 1 *39, and over so.MO applications hsve been made to tbe Ha r of his patrous of his fsmons Dye. Prejudice against Iijiuk' the Hair and Wiilakers Is unjust, as It vr.uM bs against co'erlng a bald head with a wig. Wm A Hatchkloa's HaI* Drt produces a color not to be distinguished from nature, and is w*bbavtkd uot to Injure tn the least, however Ion* It rn.iv be continued. Sold in all cities and towns of the United States, by Drug gist-* and Psnc^ Goods Dealers. ?far* The Genuine has the name and sddreea npon * steel plate engraving, on lour aide* of eaeli bottle, of WILLIAM A BATCUELOR, Mi Broadway, New York. 9W For sale by CH AS. STOTT, Pennsylvania evenne. ?p 7?eo4m UjT Irtwt'i Branchial Trachea.?We Uke pleasure In railing the atteutlon 4 onr readers to these Lo(*ii;m. Here, la BoaWu. wbere the Bronchial Trochee are known, they are household words and seed no testimony to recommend them , but to onr readers In Canada, the weet, and Indeed everywhere, we cheerfn'.ly bear testimony, from perqpna! knowledge, to their efficacy.?Ballon's Pictorial. Bold by Drngglats everywhere. J. H. Beed A Co , Chicago, T Eckstein, Cincinnati, Western Agents. ap 2A-lw JAM. N. CALLAH, Agent, Washlugton, D. C. |fT Gllnan'i Llqnld Hair Dye ia the only article bow need la this city. Gentlemen who wear whisksrs or moaetecuee of a gray or reddish hae wishing to stten 1 a ball or party, csu appear In a salt of black, by de voting one additional minute at their toilet In using the very celebrated article which heads this notice.?{Philadelphia Ledger. L D. OILMAN Proprietor, KO Pa. avenue, Washington, for sale by Drcgg*. su everywhere. ap 21?lw CT Ceata, Pants, nnd Vesta,* Dr?ts Su if.', Business Suits. NOAH WALKFR A CO , Mabblb Hai l Clothiko Empo ana Browns' Hotel Building, respectfnlly annonnre thst their annaal display ofHPKINO AND ST'M MKB CLOTHIKO Is bow ready for Inspection, comprising ei assortment of OnxTLPHkB aai> Toatus' Clotmik<#o1 the neweet snd rich set deetgas. In msterlal, trimming, and workmanship. To those who atndy excellence, with economy In faehlonable ar ticles of drees. an opportaalty Is uow offered for selecting from oue of the moot attractive stock of goods In this city, at very reduced prices. ap 1?tf IT7" DijBrath'a Electric Oil?This eel ?br.w.1 rsiu^j lor RMunaiiim. Uoat. Herald* Ii-mI** U?, fcraptlon*, *prain? Burn*. Koine**, a is mmnBfnrtll ? only by Prof. Cha. De Orsth every wherj original discoverer,st hlsoldesUMishmsnt.In Elrhth .Trill below Cheenat, No 1? s ?-'??th street, N. B ?Tlie sick, tor their own safe.y, must avoid all worth leee counterfeits, from the uee of which the worst eonsaou... c?e have followed to Invalid* who hava been deceived in, buying the*. An article whleh Is roafssae<l, In ths adver t semen t* of it, te be only aa Imitation of prof. Charlee De Orath's Electric Oil, la aometlmet offered to the public bra person la Hue city, who preu,nd* to hava picked Bp a knowl edge of the mode of preparing It, while in the employ of Prof De Orath. This Is an entirely nnfonaded pretension. A person who uow advertises an imitation of tbe Electric Oil. waa once en gaged with Prof. Ce Orath, aa a book keeper and oorreepon dent, and Ibue made hlm*elf known to aotae enstomers ; bat be v,s never eatrasted with the Makitapti bi of the Medi cine, of which be Is entirely Ignorant. Of thle person. It le not necaessry to say more, et preeent, as. of coarse, no one will bay sb imitation when they can obi .In ths original, gen nine ai tic.a by application to Prof. Cbas. De Grath, at hi* long eatabllshsd Store, No S, South Eighth street, a few doore belom CtieeaBl. apH-tt. C7~ Aa a Spring and Snmnaer Medicine, CABIEB'S SPANISH MIXTl'BE uands pre-eminent above all othere. Its singularly efficacious a<-ttou ,.n the blood; 1U ctrengtheulng and vivifying qaalitlee , iu tonic action oa theLlrer; Its ten lency to drt\e all hamors to the surface, thereby cleansing tbe system according to Nature's own pre scrlptlon . iU harmleea, and at tbe same time extraordinary good atTests, and tlie number of curee test,tied to by rasuy of ths wet teepe, tab.e cltlseus of Bicbn#nad, V*., and else where, meet be conclusive evidence that there Is no humbug about It. The trial of a single buttle will satisf> tbe most ?keptioal of IU benadte. ?.* See *dr*rtisemeal la AAoUer ooiiuao. ifMi DRKSS MAKERS WANTED?ONE OK two first rite drees nakm can find employ ment by applying to Mlm M. CRAMPSHHR, Fashionable Dress Maker, No. 241 H street, be tween 17th and 19th streets m l-3t* WANTED?A YOUNG GIRLTO ATTEND In a confectioner's store. She most he ac quainted with the business, write well, ard corr*p well reoommended. Also, a woman to do general housework. Apply at No. 279 Penn. avenue,b? weea 10th and 11th streets. m 1-tf ^ITTANTED.?BY A MIDLLE AGED WO Vr man a situation as nurse or chambermaid. Good reference can be given. Apyly at No. C32 19th street, between I and K. ap39-2t* WAN TED.-BOARD FOR A SMALL family. In a respectable private house where there are but few or no boarder*. Address G. H. | city Post Office. ap 80-3t* WANTED ? A SERVANT WOMAN TO do the work of a small family, consisting of a gentleman, lady, and child. To a trusty and capable one good wages will be given, and a per manent home. Inquire at No. 36#* l'Jth street, be tween M ass. avenue and M streets. ap 30-4t* WANTED?THREE OR FOUR MlLLlr NERS. Good wages given Apply at Miss C. PRIBRAM'S, 277 Pa. avenue, between 10th aad llth streets. ap 29-3t WA N T E D?A MIDDLE-AGED WHITE Woman, to nurse two children ard do the chamberwork of a small family. One that can sew, and English by birth preferred. Address "P." Alexandria, Va. ap*?-3t? A GOOD TENANT WANTED ?1 WILL rent my country residence to a good tenant who will take care of It. Situated out of the city limits, adjoining Jos. Gales'farm. For particu lars Inquire of the subscriber at the Dead Letter Office, or No. 439 6th street, between E and F. Possession given immediately. ap28-tf GEORGE M. KENDALL. WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Bracke'.t Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any site Looking Glasses, or other work la the gliding line done to order with dlsratch. Also, a lot of cast-Iron Bracketts, suitable for shelving, Ac., cn hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for car,h. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking Gifts* Plates Inserted. *255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR SALE AND RENT. [See first page for other Rent and Salt notices] VERY DESIRABLE FURNISHED HOUSE V FOR RENT?The tubscriber Is authorized to rent a delightfully-situated furnished House, in the immediate vicinity of the State Depart ment. The bouse contains twelve rooms in all, is handsomely furnished, with ilower garden and side lot, and is altogether one of the most delight ful and comfortable residences to be had. To a satisfactory tenant applyinr Immediately the rent will be moderate. Apply to JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer and Commission Mer chant m 1-flt For sale ?on the most reasona ble terms, two small two-story Brick Houses tnew)and Lots 1, 7,8, and 9 In square No. 715,on )elaware avenue, between I ana K streets north. This property is rrost pleasantly situated, and contains a variety of exce lent fruit trees. If de sired, will be divided to suit purchasers. A long crfdit given, and a bargain may be obtained by early application on the premises to HENRY BURKHART m 1-lw* For sale.?a small frame house , and Lot on 6th street, between K and L, Lot ; fronting 25 feet, with a depth of f6 feet 8 Inches, j Terms reasonable location unsurpassed. Apoiy to ROBERT. A PAYNE, Druggist, corner 4th street and Mass. avenue. m 1-tf FOR SALE?THE ADVERTISER will ' sell at private sale between now and the first of-August, a very desirahle Lot neatly enclosed, j with a small two-story frame house on it, situ- ! ated on the. corner of Virginia avenue end 23d street, and fronting C4 feet on Virginia avenue, i It is in the immediate neighborhood of the Ob- ! servatory. Persons wishing to purchase can examine the property at any time, when the terms 1 of sale can be ascertained. m 1-lm# I FOR SALE?THE UNEXPIRED term 1 of a lease, now two years and eleven months, of the store rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, l>e tween 11th and 14th streets, lately occupied by Mrs GARRET ANDERSON, is now offtredfor sale For terms be pleased to apply to the sub scilbfr. if not sold by the 10th of this month the raid rooms will be for rent. G M DAVIS, m 1 ?d lot Trustee. I For private sale?a very neat, convenient, three story frame House, with a deep lot laid off as a flower garden The above house contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the prlvlledge of a back alley The above house Is situated on the north side of Mei *a<>biisetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, : No.5U4. For further information please call as i above. Possession given in a few days. If the above is not sold in a few days it will be for rent, ap 30-tf ; For sale?two of the most valuable lots for private residences in theclty. t Situated on 9th street, near H, west side. I nquiie at Mrs HUMPHRIES, No. 335, South B street Capitol Hill, or of C. WALLACH, Esq..oppo site City Hall. ap 29-2w? For rent, in the first ward?a lirge Frame House, on the corner of 22d and H streets, at $13.50a month. Forsnle, threesmril bricks on ttth street, near M Neighborhood good Apply to T.W.JOHNSON, apif. eo3t? FOR RENT?A COMFORTABLE AND convenient house on t e corner of O and 22d street It will be furnished if desired, either for a family or for gentlemen wanting rooms, provid ed a snSelf nt number can beb^d to All the home. Also, two very good brick stables Apply at No. 13b 6 street. ap 29~eo3t* AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of a building site, and market garden. It has a fine growth ofyoung cedars and oak mess on the great er part < t it?the elevation Is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash- , ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being Just outside of the Co>poratlon limits ren ders it more desirable, being free from the Corpo- j ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown jan 42?wtf | Brick yard for sale ?the under, signed will dispose of their Upp??ror Eastern Brick Y ard, sltuated,on the corner of N and South Capitol streets, (20 building bill) with an abund ance of the best quality elay. The Improvements are?one steam engine of 20 horse power, lm- > ?roved Clay Mixers, three large substantially uilt 12 arcn kilns, and suitable shedding, Ac , ! and all the improvements necessary to make 28 or 30 thousand Drick dally; will be sold on libe ral terms. Application can be made to Richard Wallach, or John Van Rlswick mar 11-eotf SAMUEL BY1NGTON A CO. BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE?A VA riety of Building Lots in all part* of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms. Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's office, next door to W. B. Todd's, Hat Store, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room, ap Jil-eo3in DAVID MYERLE. BOARDING*. B OARD can BE had AT NO. 473 #TH street, between D and E. ap 98-ec3t* Boarding?day boarders can be accommodated at a very excellent table for f 15 per month, over DRAKE'S RESTAURANT, corner of E and 7th streets* ap 28-tf (BLOCKS?CLOCKS?CLOCKS.?A gr1 J variety of CLOCKS, a'l warranted toi keep gooa time one year, at I J.ROBINSON'S, \ Jl'.t Pennsylvania avenue, I ap'24 lm opposite Browns' Hotel. CHAt'Nt'Y WAREINKB, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, iND DIA.L1K IX Fine Watches, Jewelry, nnd Silver Ware. Gold seals, fob and vest chains, FINE JEWELRY.S1L- ITir> - VER SPOONS. FORKS. GOBLETS. CUf?. Ac., I sale at New York prices. dBIB5SSHS3 R EPAIRING.?-The Chronometer. Duplex. " ,Repeatlng. Musical, and other \V ATCHhS repaired. Also. JEWELRY. Ac. No. 370 Psnnstlv^mia Avawua, betw'n iMxth and Seventh street*. Browns' Hotel bni dine, sign of the GO i DEN WATCHES? ?p*?-tf Washington. LAD1BS' CABAS, WORK BOXES, Bask et?, Powder Puffs, Lily White, Barry's Trl copherous, Swedish Hair Creator, Ac , at ?p LAMMOND'fe, 7th it. AUCTION pat-m By A. GREEN, Auotkweer. H<Ki,5OLi? A*D **tchk* fcrni. ff B.t r r Carria?^ lltid.imr iPM SATU?Sv mt AoctLn.-On ! JV 3(1 I shall Mil in front of my store, at 9 o'clock a m., a large and gene ral assortment of Furniture. * i? *5 *n.t Carriage Horses, in fine a v* ' and F^rfectif gentle. One good Family Carriage.

Terms cash. A. GREEN, ml'3t Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VA?1bAB^1?JML,,H>,!,w iot at Air. ^llV? n#^uONDAY'the5tbinsf*nt' 1 "ball Mrtof lotNo 1 Prem^*e8? at? o'clock p m., Eft* J* '? *n square No 71, fronting ?0 or ?W ?amc,u* avenue, next to the ff^ dentw n.ortV runnl?P back at the ave sTfftlU^rthS ? 7 u h? *bove-described lot la f ",eclrcI?i "?? ??? vrlll d?. twTie;^Jlne-;hlrd ca"h' balance in ??X and dav ofTale a 1bearin* Interest from the ffin &lv*n nnd dcf* of iTU,t taken. Title indisputable. A GKEKN. - ,n 1-a Auctioneer By B. W. 1 ERGUSON A CO., Auctioneers at aoct.on.-we will ? ' on THURSDAY EVENING in!ton ?.C^llTrcln^ at 7* o'clock, at the Wash ing 9?h1^'p^#nn8ytan,!i *venue> ketwe?nfth ana 9th, 15U pictures handsomely framed, Ger ieacP, English, and American, embracing ??i? ?ui' fDC fu1' moraJ> aI,d patriotic subject^ wMh<>ut reserve. Pictures on exhibition at the above store where catalogues may be obtained and at our Auction Rooms ' ap 30-'2t B. W.FERGUSON A CO., Auct ?fl?asv,svs?ss1i.7afs5j on account of the storm. ' * C1 *? ml~d B. w. T. A CO. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. yALUABLK THREE.STORY BRICK v Houit nnd l ots at ths corner of Berth N 'J1 to^.,h ,treetl at Auetien.?On MONDAY, the 12thi instant. I stall sell, In front of the prem ises, at 5 o dock p. m , east part of Lot No. 1 in having a front of 50 feet on North . inning back with the line of Tenth st west 100 feet, with the improvements, which are a fine and nearly new three story Brick House containing thirteen conveniently arranged rooms' wide passages, and fine cedars under the whols : #. T.. a Pn,?P ?* excellent water In the vard, ftult trees, and flower garden. The house is considered to be one of theV?t-built and most conveniently arranged in Washington. ioAf?nnbui J!cf Mld!ot' fronting on N street 49 feet 0* laches, running back 100 feet; and all of lot 10, in same square, adjoining the abovs, having a front of 66 feet 8 in , running back 99 ft 10 inches, improvtd by a stable. The last men tioned lots will be sold in subdivisions if re quired. We deem it unnecessary to give a further de scription of the property; suffice it to say, in point of locality, health and convenience, it is equal to any place In Washington as a pleasant residence Any person wishing to purchase Is respectfully Invited to call at the preml?e< and examine for themselves, where they will receive any further Information required. Title indisputable. Terms: One half cash; balance? 6, 12,18 and months, the purchrser or purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken m l-eo&ds A GREEN, Auctioneer. Wi FOR THE MAY BALLS. 'E HAVE NOW IN STORE A REAUTI ful assortment of WREATHS, suit-, able for the approaching May festivals also, all kinds of Flowers for dressing the hair; and wouid respectfully request those wbo will be in need of such, to give us a call at our Fancy and Millinery store, No 310, Pennsylvania Avenue, between 9th and 10th sts., north side ap28-tr HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. FOR THE LADIES. /"OPENING SUMMER MILLINERY -THE subscriber is opening to-day a large and handsome lot of goods adapted to the BRA approaching summer, among which m.iyTf^ be found some of the prettiest Brnrcts he has ever shown, with an unusually large and well assorted line of Bonnet and Dress Trimmings and the most desirable Embroideries, including some very handsome Infants' Dresses. Ladies' Dresses made in the best styles , M. WILLI AN, _ap 23-?w Cen're Market Space, Washington. DISSOLUTION. The pretended co-partnership heretofore existing under the firm of W i li. i a m Bkll A Grad'eon, D>ers and Scourers. 4til, 1 eniisvlvanla Avenue, Washington, D. C., !>.. from the 10th of this month of April, 1856, dis solved I give notice to any pereori who have any goods to dye, nrt to trust them under such firm, and be deceived; for I am now working in the Dyeing establishment of Mr. John tiartel. corner of IX street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Wash ington. GRANDJEON, ap 28-1 w* The French Dyer DARASOLS !?PARASOLS !! "T A Just rerelved from the Manufacturers!^ PAltASOLS in every quality and sire, L and for sale veiy cheap bv \VM R. RILEY, *P8-ltn Cor. 8th st., opp Centre Market. VtTATCHES AND JEWELRY 25 per ct " cheaper than It can be bought elsewhere In Waching ton. at J. ROBINSON S, _ap24~lm 319 Pa. av. opp. Browns' Hotel. NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFULLY announces to his friends and the public that he has this day associated with hlms4f JAMES H. MEAD, to conduct the business of Black and White Smithing In general, under the Aim of BUCH1NGHA.M A MEAD. I would solicit the continuance and patrorage of my foimer custom - ers and the public generally to the new lirm, *? my old stand, located on C street. between icth and 1 Ith st.eets, where all orders in our line will meet with prompt execution, on as favorable terms as can be bad in the city. Wanted, a well grown Boy; one that has been at the business would Imj prefenvd. N B ?I for sale a four-horse Steam En 61ne In good working order. 1 will sell it at argain, as I have no further use for it. C. BUCKINGHAM April 16th, 1S56. ap 16-w3w E. OWEN tc SON, Military and naval merchant Tailor, No 212 Pa avenue, having, made a very large and choice addition to their Spring ana Summer s ock of Goods, respectfully invite their friends and cus . tuners to call and examine. ap tt-tfw SHAD AND HERRING ?< ALIVE." Dealers and families desirous of procuring the best SHADi or HERRING for salting can, have them delivered at market prices, immedi ately upon being caught, by leaving thfir orders at the Union Land Office, 7th street above Odd Fellows'Hall, or at the fishing shore adjoining the Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they can be obtained alive. ap22-lm* MADAME R. WILL CERTAINLY LEAVE ON THE 8th of Mhjr, and respectfully informs the pabllc In general, that she will give information In all the Affairs ielatlng to Life, Health, Wealth, Marriages, Love, Journeys, L*w Suits, Difficul ties in Business, Ab'ent friends, Sickness and Death, and in respect to all other subjects She Is also able to tell the ages of persons by reading numbers. She can be consulted at all hours or the day and evening. Her name is on the door?at No. 285 13th street corner of D, on the left hand side. Gentlemen 50 cents and ladles 26. ap 29-lw* CHICKERINO * SONS' PIANOS. rpHE SUBSCRIBER,BY LATE AND PRES A ent arrivals from Boston, Is in re-f GS3BM ceipt of two more superb Parlor Grand; I | f | J Pianos, three magnificent Louis XIV, and several Central 7-cctavo Pianos, from the old and juftly famed Factory of Chlckerlng A Sons. By the steamer which leaves Boston on the 26th Instant he will receive a further supply of.Louis XiVth and Central Pianos. His stock at all times embraces by far the larg est, most elegant, and select assortment of Pianos in this city. He has the exclusive sale of Chlck erlng A Sobs' Pianos, Instruments of unequalled excellence in touch, tone, and durability The Parlor Grand Piano, of their own late Invention, Is considered by the first artists superior to any instruments ever produced In this country, and so eargerly are they sought that the manufacturers cannot meet the demand. That persons deairln* their Pianos may be secure of purchasing a genuine instrument, the Messrs Chlckerlng will hold themselves responsible only for those bought of their authorized agent, as will be seen In their card of the 25th ultimo in this TuL. excellent Pianos of various styles and prices by Brown A Allen, Boston, makers of high reputation and experience. Second hand Pianos taken in part payment. The subscriber's invariable rule, to buy all arti cles sold by him for cash, his experience of twenty-five years in the Piano business, and his thorough knowledge of the Piano, to i m] ortant for the security of purchasers, will secure to them the best Instruments at the lowest prices apgjt RICHARD DAVI8. PATEN ICE CREAM FREEZERS, ALL ? 1ms. Prices always low. ?p *9 G. FRANCIS, 490 Seventh st. | 1 By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctia Peremptory iaieoftwo hams. iodic Family Carriages, ?w? rtirttg* Harm, Hamtiii fcc.?On iATlIRU A V MORNING, May S, at U o'clock, In front of the Auction Rooms, we shall tell without Two hand?ome family Carriage*, weD Inlshed, and In perfect order. Two carriage Hordes Set of a liver-plated carriage Harness, Robes, Covers, cc. The abovo will positively be sold to tha highest bidder, as the owner is about to leave the country Terms: One tlilrd cash; the residue In two and four months, for satisfactorily endorsed notee, bearing Interest. JAS. C McGUIRE, m 1-d A notion err By WALL BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORYIALE OFFURN1TURB, t'arpttl, nattlai, Crackery and Glass* ware, Planes, Feather Beds, kr.,at Fahllc Aacttea.-On SATURDAY MORNING, May 34, at # o'clock, we will ?eil, In front of our Auc tion Rooms, a very large assortment of House furnishing Goods, the cff-cts of person* moving from the city, among which inay be fbur.d an ex cellent assortment of? Mahogany Softs, Chairs and Rockera Do marble top and other Tables Do Dressing and plain Bureaus 2 Do I ianos and Stools, second hand Cane and Wood-seat Chairs and Rockers Feather Beds Hair and 9buck Mattresses Cottage. French, and otter Bedsteeds Brussels, Ingram Carpets and matting Crockery, and Glassware, large assortment Wardrobes. Lounges, and Refrigerators Mahogany Sideboards and Divans Excellent Cooking Stoves complete, and others. Together with many other attlcles, all of which will dc told without reserve as the owners are leaving tbe|city. WALL, BARNARD A CO., m l-2t Auctioneers. By WALL. BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers Peremptory sale of cottage Residence At Pabllc Aactlen. ? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 1, at 4* o'clock, In front of the premises, we will sen Lots E and F, In square :?00, subdivision, on street, between K and L streets, west side. Im proved with a beautiful two story and attic frame Cottage, nearly new, not having been built over eighteen months. It contains seven rooms, pan tries, Ac. The location Is good, and In a fast Im proving part of the city. The attention of those In want of a good house Is Invited to the above sale, as It will be sold without reserve. Title guarantied. Terms : One-third cash; a credit of 6, 12, and 18 months on the remainder for notes bearing In terest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auct's Will also be sold, in frent of the prenaisea immediately after the above sale, two Frame Houses, In square 499, Lot No. 16, located In the East side fronting 13 feet each, running back IOC feet deep, to a wide alley, improved by two frame Buildings wbich will be sold separate or together, both of which will be sold without reserve. Terms of sa;e. as above mentioned. WALL, BARNARD A CO., ap23 dts Auctioneers. |[~y Tie abave sale is unavoidably post poned on account of the weather until TO-MOR ROW AFTERNOON, May 2d. at the same houi and places. WALL, BARNARD A CO , ml-d Auctioneers By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 1VEW TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE 11 and Let at Aactlen.?On FRIDAY,the 2d May text, I shall sell, in front of the premi ses, at 8 o'clock p m., a good new two-story frame House, with five good and conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on 22d street, near corner of H street north, being part lot No. 1, In Square No 55 Terms: One-third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes, bearing interest from day of sale . A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ap24-eoAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer JC7" Immediately after the above sale I shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 7, in sauare 121, fronting on 19th street, between New York avenue ana north D street, with the improve ments, which are a Frame House, Ac. Also, Lot No. 4, In square east of sauare No. P7 fronting on north C, between 20th and 21st sts. Terms at sale. ap30-d A. GREEN, Auct. By A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni tnre, Piano Forte, JtcM at Aactlon.?On FRIDAY, the 2d of May, I shall sell at 10 o'clock A M., at the res'dence of a lsdy declining house keeping. on Missouri avenue. No. 19, between 4# and 6th streets, a good aasor ment of Furni ture, viz: Mahogany Fofas, Chairs, and Rockers Do Dressing and other Bureaus and Side board Do French Bedsteads, Dining, Card, and Tabes Do Wash Closets and Stards, Palutei Wardrobes Maple Cottage and other Bedsteads Toilet sets and Glasses Mahoganv case Piano Forte, Gilt-frame Mirror Parlor and other Curtains Crockery and Glass ware Feather Beds. Bedding, Hair and ?huck Mat tresses Hatrack, Lounges, and a large lot of Carpet Cooking, Airtight, and other Stovos, with a good assortment of kitchen requisites With many other articles which we deem un necessary ro enumerate. Terms : Under $23, cash; over 825, a credit of thlrtv and sixty days, for notes bearing interest, satisfactorily endorsed. A.GREEN, ap29-d Auctioneer. ByJAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Y VIRTUE OF A DEt'KEE OF THE Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, made in the case of W S. Nichoils against J as B. Frere's heirs, the fubscribtr will sell, at auc tion, to the highest bidder, between five and six o'clock p m , on SATURDAY, the 26th day of the present month of April, In frontof the premi ers. Lot No 14. in Square No. 86 In Washington citv and Dlstrirt aforesaid. This lot is situated on the uoith side of K street, opposite tbe new \\ est Market, fronting 47 feet on said street. Terms of sale: One fourth of the purchase mo ney to be paid on the day of sale; the residue in 6,12 and 18 months from said day, with interest therein, purchaser to give his notes therefor. On default of the purchaser for the space of five days to comply with the terms of sale the subscriber reserves the privilege to resell, at the risk of the defaulter, on such terms and at such time as the subscriber sees flt JNO. MARBURY, Trustee, ap 8-eots J . C. McGUIRE. Auct. jr-T" The above sale is postponed antil THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May 1st., at six o'clock, on the premises. JOHN MARBURY, Trustee, ap28-d J C. McGUIRE, Auct ByJAS C. McGUIRE. Aucttcneer. Furniture and household ef fects at Pabllc Auction?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 2d, at 10 o'clock, at No 562 Pennsylvania avenue, between let and 2d streets west I shall sell the Furniture and Effects of a famliy declining housekeeping, viz: Mahogany Sofa, arm and narlor Chairs Do centre, side, ana card Tables Cane and wood-seat Chairs, Lounges Window Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply. ingrain, and other Carpets Oilcloth, Rugs, Stair ( arpets High and low-post Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Fourteen superior Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Excellent hair and husk Mattreves Counterpanes, Comforts, Blankets Mahogany dining snd side Tables ? China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Castors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard, Coflee Urn Excellent cooking and other Stoves Together with a general assortment of K ltchen Utensils Terms : ?25 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P S The House Is for Rent; Inquire on the premises. J AS. C. Mcb UIR E, Pap24-d Auctioneer. By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ITALUABLE BUILDINO LOT AT PUB V He Sale?The subscriber will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, the 1st day of May, 18?, at s o'clock P. M., on the premises. LotC,subdl vision Lot 3, in square 5,3, ????? Indiana avenue, between 2d and 3d streets ww, and adjoining t^e handsome residence recently built bV M W. Gibbons, Esq The above lot s >mnMfullv located, and offers a most desirable opportunity to pereons wl.hlnK to build or Terms : One fourth cash, and balance lut>, 1J. and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by deed of trust upon th? property .and if not complied with in six days after the sale he pron will be resold npon one week's notice, at the Si Ted expense of the purchaser Title Indis putable CHAS S. WALLACH. Att'y. ap24-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. B M' LATEST NEWS FROM PARIS. [ADAME C PRIBRAM AND DAUGHTER L Pa avenue, No. 277, between lOtni and llth sts , Inform the ladies in Wash I lngton tbat they have received, ^th tbel^_ last steamer from Europe, the latest hjk ion Spring MILLINERY and BONNETS, Ac , from Parts. Double ?ckpitchbrs-different SUoer pitted ?d B?bP'U~ . *?*?***? FROM THY ASSOCIATED PUB! BY HOUSE PR 1 PIT I PI? TKLBeaiPl. large mi nr Philadelphia. l*m, sr, PaiLAMLraiA, May I.?a terribly deetruo tire fire oocurred in this cltj about 1J o'clock 'est night, the loot by which to estimated at two million? of dollars. It commenced in the paper warehouse of Messrs Jeeeup A Moor*, on North street, below Sixth, and extended rapidlj before a furious northweat gale through te Commerce street, and from theaee to Market street, consuming all the buildings on the eastern side of Sixth to Market street. The stores on Market street destroyed ere those of Bagley, Woodward A Co , grocers . Wilcox. Rodger* A Fedley, strew goods . L? rick. Kaisen A Co., boot? and shoes; Fair banks, patent scales ; Wm. Arerley'i of&oe , new store building by Celeb Cope ; William W. Knight, hardware ; Sellers and Pennock, leather hose; Wiekerham A Sena, iron railing. On Sixth street the sufferers are F. H. Shoe maker , tailor; J. W. Williams, stationery; C C. Shoemaker, tailor ; E M Uoiling*worth, stationery; George Bruders, ahoes; Dr. T. Cooke, drugs; John Buer, pianos; J. D Wil liams, carver; J. M. Kelly, tailor; Henry lennent, tinman; Penny, Packer A Plynn, grocers; Robert McKinley, conveyancer ; Fieher A Brother, publishers; N C. PeUr tnan's IIoUI; Bertram A Co, perfumery; Wallborne 4 Co, furnishing store; R C. Wright A Co., clothing; J/Y iflbor. trim mings; Mrs. Warrington, segars ; Robert Clerk, stoves the most of the buldings de stroyed on Sixth street, were occupied by femiles, who saved very little of their furni ture. The Commerce street sufferers are C.C. Davis, paper ; John Tenck A Sons, grocers; Carter's cooper shop ; Myener A Supples, box makers; Samuel Croft, ooppersmith. On North street, Jessup A Moore's wave, house, where the fire commenced, and ive adjoining dwellings were consumed. A number of dwellings on the west side of Sixth street, including the City Bank at the comer of Farmer street, were damaged. The fire also crossed Market street, below Sixth, consuming the upper part of a building occupied by Cunningham and Herr. grocers, and Conover Brothers, boots and shoes. Sparks also set on fire the silk store of John Kiehl A Sons, on Chestnut, above Seventh, the roof of which was damaged. The eon tents were mostly removed. The Loss is very heavy, but is supposed to be mostly oovered by insurance Very little stoe k was saved from the Market street stores, owing to the rapid spreading of the flames. John R. Groff, a fireman, and returned Mexican volunteer, was killed by the falling of a wall. Two or three other firemen are missing, and are supposed to have been crushed to death, and others ere injured. The new store built by Caleb Cope was leased to Truitt Brothers, who had $25,000 worth of hardware stored in it. The building was valued at $75,04)0 On St. James stteet, west of Sixth, a num ber of small dwellings, a German tavern, and a large school-house, belonging to the Society of Friends, were destroyed . During the fire. James Bartley, a member of the franklin Hose Company, was stabbed in an affray with the Moyamensing Hoee Com pany. The letter company has been out of service several years, but was called out bv the Chief Engineer. Bartley is not expected to survive. Village Destroyed by Fire. Dattow, N. Y. May 1.?The village of Gowanda, in Cataraugus county, waaalmoet wholly destroyed by fire last night. Amongst the buildinge consumed, were all of Palmer's Block, Welch's Block. Henries' store-house, Mansion House, "the bridge" etc. Great Fire in New York. New York, May 1?The New Haven Rail* road Depot in Centro street, was partially de stroyed by fire this morning. It wes an immense structure, covering four blooks of ground, and contained innumerable tenants. The loss is very heavy. Baltimore Market!. Baltimore, May 1.?The markets are gen erally unchanged. Flour continues aobve. Uo*rard street is firm at SO. No transaotions in City Mills or Ohio reported. Baltimore family flour is selling freely at S9af0 50: Howard street extra is quoted at f7a$7.25 Wheat is in fair demand; fair to prime red 51.26a$1.35; good to prime whites ?1 40afl.53. and choice for family flour $1 55s$l 56. Corn is dull, and prices are too irregular to give quotations Provisions are inactive, and prices are tend ing downward Bacon is in limited demand; sale* of shoulders at Sa8*c; sides 9ia9J; hams 10ial2L Western mess beef is sell it x for fll aS12. Me*s pork f 18. Lard Is eteaay. Whisky is a trifle lower. Hew York Markets New York, May 1.?Cotton is firm. Flour is languid; sales of 14,000 bbls.; oom* mon to good State $5 25a%5.56i; common to low grades of extra Ohio $5 75a$4.12i; mixed to standard Southern $6 25a?6.87i; fancy to extra do S7a$8.50. Wheat is firm; sales 6,000 bushels; Southern White $1.65aS1.7S. Corn is firm; sales of 32,000 bushels: Southern mixed 62c. Pork is nominal; mess tl9a$19 25. Beef is unchanged; Chicago repacked SI2a$13 Lard is firm; sales of 200 bbls. at 10*10?c. Whisky is higher; sales of 250 bbls.; Ohio 25c. GREAT FALLS APID WATERWOtlti. The canal packet m. c. meigs, Capt'u Jambs L. Warwick V will commence making her rt*gu-0|BflHH^ lar trips fer the above points on the 13th of Apr OL.. 11 1 I * ~ her wharf every TUESDAY' I SATURDAY at 7 o'clock a m She will leave _ THURSDAY and _ 1ET PLEASURE PARTIES wishing to vlalt the b reat Falls and Water Works can charter the boat on the alternate days, on reeaonable terras, by applying to W H AH G RITTF.R, ?P 9-tf Georgetown ARCHITECTURAL PLASTER ORNA MENTS OF EVERY STYLE ON REASONABLE TERMS ?Mastic and all kinds of modem finish for the decoration of the Interior and exte rior of Private and Public Buildings. At NOO< NAN A CALLAHAN'S Ornament Shop; Plain and Ornamental Plasterer*. 506 Eleventh street, near Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, ap 23-lwe Girard Fire and Marine Insurance fo.. OF PHILADELPHIA, INSURES AGAINST Loss or Damage, by FIRE, Buildings, Mer chandise, Furniture, Ac , in Washington city, or the country. POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No 51* Seventh st., opp ap-2i-lm National Intel. Oflce. DISSOLUTION VF COPARPNERSHIP. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE existing between the undersigned as Dent ists Is this day dissolved by mutna. consent T^e unsettled accounts are transferred to Dr. Baily for settlement. J F. CALDWELL, STEPHEN BAILY. Washington, April 26, 18S7. ap ?-3t Ar REWARD ??LOST, ON SUNDAY evening last, the 27th instant, on< Seventh street, Island, a blue Setter* DOG, with black ears and head, between me hours oft and 5 o'clcck was seen following two gentlemen in a buggy crossing the Long Br.dge. Any person returning him to WM B SASSCfcR. No. 487 H street, between 4th and 5th etreeu, will receive the above reward. ap 3Q-&* GENTLEMEN8 FURNISHING GOODS t^OR SPRING AND SUMMER -MYSTOCK -T la now foil and complete In every department, and as my facilities for doing business la of bee* character the public will do well to examine my stock, a* I am determined to sell cheap for caah, or to punctual customers LANE O v Genu Furnishing Store ap30 No494 Peon avenue, near 4# street (ULVANlZiD SUMMER OVENS. Anew and splendid article foe summer use, warranted to save eighty-Ive per cent, in full and the material from which It la manufactured being a non-conductor aad eee atructf d with air chambers there la no rsdiatiea ef heet in the room. SIBLEY A GUY, Pa. avmue, between iOthand 11th s4a. ap?-eo3t (Organ)