Newspaper of Evening Star, May 3, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 3, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A BHIWOTOl 01T Y : SATURDAY May 3, 1N?. |[T AdverUMDienti should b? handed In by 1*2 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear nnlll Ui? nest day. THE WISELY STAB, To day, embraces a vast quantity of cur rant Dews of interest. In addition to its per fect compendium of Washington News and Gossip for the past week, it has all the late exciting intelligence from Nicaragua, Oregon, and Europe, together with important advices from California and other quarters ; with edi torials, poetry, tales, local news, and personal intelligence?making altogether just such a paper as is sure to be a welcome visitor at every fireside. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligencer republishes the celebrated declaration of the Union party members of Congress in 1851, pledging themselves to re gard the settlement of the slavery quection as involved in the enactment of the Compromise measures of 1S50 as final and abiding, and adds: " How unfortunate has it been for tha pub lic tranquillity that its wise determination and counsel were in an evil hour departed from! " Tha Union publishes a letter from tba Sec retary of the Navy to the chairman of the Senate's Naval Affairs Committee, from which we gather that the Attorney General, on being consulted as to tha legality of tha manner in which tha late Naval Retiring Board was or ganised and proceeded, sanctioned all the preparations under which it began its labors. PERSONAL. .... Qen. Robles, the Mexican Minister, has returned to this city, and is at Willards". .... Wo learn that Mr. Sidney Webster, the President's Private Secretary, has Iclt Washington for a brief visit to New York. .... Francis P Blair, of Maryland, has ad dressed a long letter to his *' Republican" friends of New York about slavery. .... Major Mordecai, Richard Delafield, and G. B. McClelland, U. S. A., who were sent out to Russia by our Government, have arrived atWillards'. .... Wa regret to learn that Senator Bigler has been quite ill, at his lodgings iu this citjr, lor a week past. His friends, however, will ba glad to hear that he is now much better, and that his early recovery is looked for. .... Henry Dinear, a German, who was committed on a charge of picking pockets during the recent fire, hung himself in Mova mensing prison, in Philadelphia, yesterday morning. A large amount of funds was found upon his person, which led to tha discovery that he was possessed of amnle means, show ing that the charge was evidently a mistake. .... Among the arrivals from California i? Mr. Wm V. Wells, a gentleman who has been connected with the Alia Calrj'omian, during the past year, and the products of whose pen have been an interesting feature in its col umns. Mr Well* goes to New York for the purpose of attending to the publication of a work which he has written upon Honduras. Mr. Wells has resided in California for some years, and since 1851 has been editorially con nected with the San Francisco press. ....Mr- Pierre Soule has consented to ad dress the citizens of New Orleans on the Cen tral American question In the note giving his consent he refers iu the following terms to Walker : "Though entirely unconnected with the schemes and fortune of the gallant adven turer who so nobly defends the rights of an oppressed people against the tyranny of a handful of petty despots who hold them in ab ject and almost beastly subjection, I have watched his course with intense solicitude, and perhans sympathised deeply with his as pirations. Mb. Everett ajid the Mocst* Estate.?Mr. Everett, in a letter In which he accepts an invitation to deliver his Washing ton Address, at Springfield, Mass , says: " I am gratified that you concur with me in the wish to appropriate the proceeds in aid of the fund for the purchase of Mount Vernon The recent letters of the proprietor throw some doubt on his present willingness to sell the estate. It cannot, doubted, that it will eventually become public property. In the meantime I do not understand that the efforts making to raise the requisite funds will be relaxed. The sums which have already been received by me have been sjfely and advantageously invested in trust, and I shall make the same disposition of what may here after come into my hands, without the de duction of a dollar for personal expenses. Should the attempt to purchase Mount Vernon eventually fail, the funds raised can be ap propriated to some other patriotic purpose of general interest connected with the memory of W ashington." New Mcbic.?Hilbus has with his usual promptness laid upon our table two of his re cent publications " The Canary," by the ac complished Foertsch, and "The Bee Gum," (music by J. E. Search) as sung by that irre sistibly comic genius, Harry Lehr. A BEArTircL Complexion may easily be acquired by using the "/>?/?? of a Thousand i*7oicers.' It will remove tan, pi mji/es, and fttklet from the skin, leaving it of a soft and roseate hue. Wet a towel, pour on two or three drops, and wash the face night and morn ing For sale at Bhillington's, agent for Wash ington, and all druggists. The superiority of American inventive genius, not only over that of our English pro genitors, but indeed of all other nations has beoome too tangible to be disputed. It was notorious at the World's Fair in London, that the Americans far outstriped all others in the useful inventions which they supplied. We beat the English in vessels, railroads, tele graphs and manufactures by power. We are beating them in the scientific arts of Chemis try and Medicine, as we have long beat the rest of mankind. A new and practical proof of this assertion is shown in the fact that the principle remedies of the allied armies of the hast are furnished from the laboratory of our own countryman Dr. J. C Ayer of Lowell, is filling orders for immense quanaities of hi? Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic Pills, for both the land and sea forces in Turkey His medicines have been tried and approved by those in power who found them tho moet reliable which they could procure for the ex egencies in which are to be employed ? N Y. City Timts. Tee Trocble is Kashas ?A despatch in the Louisville Courier from Eansas states that Sheriff Jones, it was thought, would survive his wound. The despatch also says: Ex Governor Ueeder, on his arrival from Wa h ingU>n at Lawrence, has addressed the people advising resistance to the territorial laws to tbe last extremity. Five companies of the I. Htatcs troops under the command of Col. fcumner have left Fort Leavenworth for Law rence, the seat of trouble. Health or Norfole ?The Board of Health at Norfolk in noticing reports of the yellow fever being in that city say there has not been a case there of yellow fever since the last of October; that the health of city never was better, but advise, notwithstanding the fact that the disease even as far south as New Or leans, never makes its appearance before the 1st of August, the use of tho moet stringent precautionary measures. ? . m - . | WASHINGTON NIW8 AND GOSSIP The Panama Biot ?We feel well assured that this Government have already taken the necessary steps to render the Panama route as safe from riotous molestation hereafter as any railroad route in the United States The true cause of the trouble was, undoubt edly. the fact that the construction (comple tion) of the railroad across the isthmus had oompletcly cut off the income of nearly every native New Granadian who, for some years past, had been living upon tho money extort ed, in a thousand ways, from passengers to and from California. The amount (aggregate) of money assuredly spent among those people by travelers has been immense; affording to thou sands of them the means of living in com parative idleness and luxury. The comple tion of the railroad and its appurtenances upon the Paciflo shore, however, completely revolutionised the transit business there, and left tho greasers without a dollar. They are ignorant, lawless, and vicious, and one such murderous outbreak on their part was to have been expected, more especially after what occurred not very long sinoe at Erie, Pont sylvania, where, fora similar cause, a railroad track was torn up, and property to the value ?! many thousands of dollars was destroyed with somo lives, if our memory is oorrect. It is only to be regretted that the rioters on that occasion were not punished as severely as the New Granadian Government will doubt less punish the chief actors in the recent mur ders and robberies. The failure to punish the Erie rioters, by the by, has already re suited in a recurrence of railroad riots there, according to papers received a day or two sinoc. An American naval force sufficient to put down any effort to repeat the late affair outside of the walls of Panama, will be at hand by the time the next steamer from Now York can rcach Aapinwall; we apprehend with orders to do so at all hazards, if neces sary. However, our expeotation is that the New Granadian Government has already caused a scorce or so of tho banditti to be hur.g ; tor it by no means stands on trifles when dealing with that claw of its subjects. The maintenance of its transit route in safe ty and regularly oporating is a matter of prime impcrtaace to New Granada; afford ing as that does the Government's chief source of revenue. Under these circumstances, we expect that the next news from that quarter will tell that a terrible and very convincing lesson has already been taught to the greasers of Panama. The Cause Why.?Among those most active in the work of lobbying to defeat the pending national aqueduct appropriation, is acontrac tor now connected with the works. He has taken a contract at losing prioes, and tho su perintendent holds him to his obligations, as in duty bound to do. If the appropriation can be defeated, the individual hopes that his sureties will, of course, *e released, the Gov ernment having failed to comply with its ob ligations. So he is moving heaven and earth to discredit the present plan, and to create the impression that his company (in the moon) will build a much better affair for much less money, Ae ; in fact he aims to do anything that will result in defeating the appropriation All this has grown out of his over-eagernoss to obtain his original contract, whioh was let at ruinous rates, as good seourity was offered for its fulfilment. We need hardly say that this contractor does not belong here; for our fellow citizens of the District of Columbia are not the men who take Government contracts at low prices. The Conference Committee ?The Confer ence Committee on the National Water Works appointed a few days sinoe having failed-to agTee, another was appointed by the Vice President and Speakeryesterday. It is under stood that Messrs. Davis of Maryland, Thurs ton, and Seward of Georgia, could not be in duced to abate an f of their original hostility to the Works. Messrs. Pringle, McMullin and Stanton were named as the new committee on tho part of the House. Our fellow citixens can only hope that the Speaker in making his selections has not been guided by the spirit ol animo;ity to the Federal city that h ^ been openly mani tested by too many honorable members of lato. Ihe Judge Irwin'g Court -Those in Con gress who are moving against Judge Irwin of the U.S. Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, are apparently in earnest, and w.11 not rest until they effect the enactment of a law repealing the statute Voder which his court exists. Some years ago, articles of im peachment against him were prepared, and introduced into Congress; but the matter was dropped, it being understood that he deigned re igning. The particular cause of complaint alleged against him at this time is the char* that he has kept his court open for six months without there being any necessity for so doinir on his part, and at a heavy, and, of course, un necessary expense to the national treasury. Naval Engineer Board -The Board of Na val Engineers to examine candidates (of that branch of the service) for promotion, has been ordered to meet in this city. The candidates for promotion, are required to report to the Engineer-in Chief, Mr. Martin, at hi. oflice in the Department, on the 19th inst. Candidates for admusion are to be examined on the 2d of June, proximo. Persons wishing to become such candidates are required to file in the Department satisfactory testimony relative to their character and qualifications to perform hejduues of Third Assistant Engineers in the Lnited States Navy, and they will be author ed to go before the Board for examination. Xhey must also state their age The Speech.?The speech delivered yester ay by Senator Benjamin, upon tho Kansas question, has been the subject of more con versation, among leading publio men in Wash ington, than any other dolivered in either Sou., tbu ?Mion. I( UDdoublKi| went fi[ (ow^? ' lb," preTi<>"" 8?Mr?] imprenion In XT "'J-*-" Tbe Current Operations of tha Treasury Department. On yesterday, the 2d of May there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stocks.... $22,723 45 III h! "^?P'rtment... 14,8U 71 p ? Department 8 244 C7 on".?ouMoVthi'NM,.'.'.'.'.;;;; u?4" iCr"' ?n ?f thi ? '"?"'"?''""mmww!:!'.!! J;?? 20 MfalTthi" ~w? hm re "4 lhij morta?* prominent citizen of Missouri, dated at St. Loaij, April 27tb, in which be says: "The (State) Democratic Convention has endorsed the Administration in the higk4it terms ; and though it was considered beet not to instruct the delegates to Cincinnati, yet it was generally understood that thej will vote for tne President as our first choice.'* congressional proceedings. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr. Benjamin delivered a speech on the pending Kansas State bill, wherein he dis cussed the subject at length, taking the ground that on the slavery question all compromises were futile except those of the Constitution it self. lie thought that the great statesmen of 1820 had made an unfortunate error in at tempting a settlement lie reviewed the opin ions of Northern Senators, and in responding particularly to the declaration of Mr. Seward that slavery was an outlaw by the laws of na tions, he quoted the opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States delivered by Chief Justice Marshall, to show the fallaoy of this position. Mr. B. descanted freely upon the objects of Northern agitators, whose purposes he declared to be, first, to attain political power in Congress, and then to carry out aTk> lition in its fullest extent. He concluded by defining his nolitioal position, declaring that as there nal been in 1852 no differ ence on the subject of slavery, the engross ing question, between the Democratic party and the old Whig party, of which he had been a devoted member, and as the issue in the coming Presidential election must be between the Democratic and the Republican parties, he would join the former in the impending struggle, and give it whatever aid his humble Siwers co*ld afford. He considered the Know othing party as having destroyed or absorb ed the Whig party of the North, and that its mystic ceremonies had been used only to give power and influence to the Abolition party, whose objects were easily traced through the transparent veil thrown over them. Mr. B. declared that in joining the Democracy he did not ohange his principles, but only his party name, and ho expressed the fullest confidence in a complete triumph over sectionalism. The debate on that bill was further con tinued in short speeches by Messrs. Cass, Sew ard. Hale, Clay, and Douglas. Mr Brown then introduced a joint resolu tion authorizing the Commissioner of Public Buildings to contract for watering Pennsyl vania avenue; which was passed. A committee of conference was appointed on the disagreeing votes cf the two houses upon the Bounty Land bill, ere they adjourned ovor until Monday noxt. In the House, a large number of privato bills, roported from the Committeo of thi W hole, were passed; and then they aljouined over until Mouday next. Political Items Tho Pittsylvania district of Virginia met in Danville on Wednesday last, and elected Wm. H. Clarke, esq , of Halifax, and Wm. B. Ihompson, esq , of Franklin, delegates to the Cincinnati Convention, and James M Dillard esq., of Henry, and Walter Coles, jr., esq ! of Pittsylvania, alternates. The convention did not adopt any resolutions instructing the delegates how to vote. The Know Nothing Split Convention, the offshoot from the Philadelphia gathering, will >e held in New York on Thursday, June 12 The ooll is signed by representatives from twenty States nnd territories. The Conven tion will nominate candidates for President and Vice President, and the Free State Know Nothings are earnestly requested to be present by Delegates. The colored Know Nothings of Ohio, a few uays since, called a State Convention, to be held at Columbus, on the 29th of May. Their white brethren, not to bo outdone in patriotic labors, have called theirs for the 27th of May two days in advance. Gen. James \cll, an old Jackson Democrat, is spoken of as the probable Know Nothing candidate for Governor of Arkansas. A New York correspondent of the Rochester Advertiser says : You may expect some stir r'?g political news in a few days George Law mi ia th? Amorican candidate. Fillmore will decline the nomination of the party given to him at Philadelphia. He will decline be cau-o he is not an "Amorican," in the party sense in which that word is now used by the Know Nothings Information has been re ceived from Mr. Fillmore, within a few days, to that cffect. He will give his reasons for not being one of the dark lantern party An election was held in Boston on the 28th ult for Register of Deeds, which resulted as tollows : For Henry Alline. opposition. 3,295; ror James Rice, Fillmore K. N. 1 01H Ma jority against K N. 2 277. The St. Louis Republican, of the 27th ult. says : No despatch, so far as we can learn, ba^ been received in this city from Col. Ben ton, signifying his determination in regard to the position given to him on the ticket put forward by the Price Convention. According .J,e telegraphic despatches this morning, he will decline to run for Governor, but the au thority does not seem to be altogether reliable. Col. John Charles Fremont is not a Catholic n-jr a slaveholder, but is a member of the rrotestnnt Episcopal church, and is 44 intense ly opposed to tho further extension of slave ry. So says C C. Chaffoo, member of Con gress from tho Tenth district of Massachusetts From Hatti.?By late arrivals from Port au Frince, it appears that the Emporor in en gaging in the late contest depended too much on the interested representations of disaffected omioicaiM ; but, although defeated, he was not disposed to listen to dictation from a for* e'S[*.Power as to his future action in the affairs ot nis government. It wassuspected that the interest shown by the English and French of ficials towards Faustin I. proceeded solely from jealousy of the progress and influence of the I nited States both in the Congress and abinet. Ihe Dominican authorities had ratified a treaty with the United States It is identical with the one negotiated by General Lazeneau. President Mota had proclaimed death to all outlaws or filibusters landing on the island. 6 Blind Preachers ?The Rev Dr. Spring nag. in consequenoe of his protracted applica tion to books and writing, failed in his eve sight. The Rev. Dr. Barnes, of Philadelphia, can see but very imperfectly ; yet he manages to do considerable writing. The Rev. Mr Muburn, the blind preacher and lecturer whose eloquence has delighted so many in vh nous parts of the land, is publishing a work entitled 'Axes, Rifles, and Saddlebags " The K?t. Dr. Wackbridge, of Spencertown, N. ?? has been blind from the commence ment of his ministry,Jis said to be engaged at present in preparing reeollections of his own limes. Abroad.?The Boston Journal says . During the late war in Europe large sums of money were sent to this country by sev eral houses abroad, to bo invested in the Lnited States ; and, from what our informant has learned upon tho subject, it appears that tho agents of those houses in this city have advised their principals to continue their in vestments among us, on account of the amnio interest and security to be had for wLn funds in this part of the country." fore,t>n EF'On Saturday, an individual dressed in genteel suit of black, with all the IdjunCu g?nt,.eman' ?X06Pting that he was hatless and shoe ess, appeared in Broadway, New York, and promenaded the street with a verv sedate demeanor. It is conjectured he was some benighted votary who had undertaken ?"??? ?' P?nftnc? ; hut it is quite as likely wager6 Cr"7' ?r a wl10 had made a A Congregational. Pliascr* trip _Tt ia stated that the Rev. Dr. Thompson of the ,-re<t Ch?rch> ha? Chartered the cabin of the clipper ship ?? in a few days acoc of his church o weeks to Europe. CouNTEBritTS.?The Baltimore riinn., says that gold coin of the denomination of SI SE JS&SLS55!1 - ?? jy The New York Tribune has raised the STATED MEETING OF THE CO 'lumbla Typographical Society will be held THIS EVENING, at the City Hall, at 8 o'clock. _ m, -^TEMPERANCE MEETING TO ?vS^MORROW EVENING,at3o'clock,at the Northern Liberties' Market, east al4*?- The workingmen of Washington .are specially Invited to attend. Good apeakersare expected. By order of the Committee, Meam. Blddlemsn. Gouch and Sibley. Dr. W. BOVD. m 3-11* President. ?-^??RELlEF TO THE PEOPLE OF THE CAPE VERDE ISLANDS ?A public meeting of aJl who are Interested In the subject of raisin? means to relieve the inhabitants of the Cape Verde Islands from Starvation, will be held In the Rooms of the Young Men 4 Christian As sociation, corner Pa avenue and 10th at., THIS ^Saturday) EVENING, at 7# o'clock. It fc-^^?THE REV. MR BR1CKMAN WILL preach to morrow In the New Jeruf&lara Church, on North Capitol street, near the Rail road Depot, at 11 o'clock a. m , In English, and at 3% o'clock p. m , in German. it* ^NOTICE?THOSE FIRE COMPA ?OR nles that Intend to participate In ihe es cort to Good Will Engine Company, or Phlladel fihla, are requested to send a Delegate to the Co umbla Engine House, to confer with the Colum bia, on next WEDNESDAY, at 8 o'clock p. m , to make the necessary arrangements. m 3 It JAMES McDERMOTT, Sec. ?-3^FIRST WARD PIONEER CONSTI TUTIONAL ASSOCIATION ?THE members of the Association are requested to meet at the Hall on TUESDAY EVENING, May 6th, at 8 o'clock Every member will please be punc tual in his attendance, as the election of officers of the Association will take place on the above eve ning By order: B. RANDOM, Pres. JOS. F.SHILLENN, See m3-8AT? M ATTENTION, NATIONAL GUARD ? Y ou are hereby notified to mret at your ar mory on MONDAY, the 3th Instant, at8 o'clock, in full uniform, with plumo, for parade. By order ol Captain Tait : m 3?It C. R. BISHOP,O 8. ?-^^BNITARIAN CHURCH ?THESER rices of this Society will be temporarily , h'ld (In consequence of repairs) In the Upper Sa loon of Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th and 10th. Morning Service at 11 o'clock?evening at y to 8 o'clock. mt-2t af^J^KAIR FOR THE BENEFIT OF the VsA Zlon Weeley Church Is now being held it Gideon's Building, corner of Othand D streets, A which the public are respectfully Invited to it tend. in 2 NOTICE.?THE BOABD OF DI ?"v-SL reotors of Washington Building Associ ation will meet THIS EVENING, at A o'clock, in tfce Room of the Franklin Fire Company, cor ner Pa avenue and 14th street m 2-2t* J. P. DICKINSON, Sec. JACKSON DEMOCR ATIC ASSOCI ?v_25 ATION.?This Association will hold its regular monthly meeting on MONDAY EVE NING,at its headquarters, south side Pennsyl vania avenue, between 4 ^ and 6th ?fs m*-3t DANIEL RATCLIFFE, Pres. RAN KLIN NOTICE ?All members oftbe Franklin Fire Company are here by notified to be punctual In attendance at the En gine Honse oil MONDAY MORNING next, at 7 o'clock, In uniform, for parade. W. H. BEARDSLEY, m 2-2t Sec. pro tem ?-^5?THE EMPIRE CLUB TAKE GREAT ?vS pleasure In announcing to their friends a;id the public generally tbat they will give an ElOtHsil^ ANO Pit NIC TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION OS IHE 15th or MAT. apgg-3t By order: THE COMMITTEE. General Land Office, April 9, 1F56. ^NOTICE?ALL PERSONS HAV W " " ? ^ ?" ?"** " ? II A f - ? lng books or bound document* belonging to this office will please return them withontdelay to west wing of the Patent Office building, to which the General Land Office l<s this day re moved ap ll diOd FRENCH WORKING COTTON, LINEN, Flourishing Thread, Moravian Cotton, Em broidering Cloth, Ac., for sale at m 3-3t LAMMOND'g, 7th st. FOR SAI.E-THK FAST.-AILING YATCH C\6NET, 22 tons burthen; 4 years old ; in grml nrder, and well found In every respect Will be soM low for ca^h Apply "to HEN R V Al A\ K EN .No 6i Thames street, Fell's Pulnt, Baltimore. m SALT 5 SALT ! SALT! 150 ?acks G . A. SALT 50 d? fine do Ju?t received, in good order, and for sale at re duced prices, by WILLIAM M r-Ripps, m 3-6t 61 La. av? betw 6th and 7th st*. PIVE DOLLARS REWAiTd.-STRAYED A from the Washington Commons on#?>7to ?w/.?0Ut !he ,9Ml AP,U' a dark Brlndle vSaPI COW, white on the back, white horns. teats full of warts, ear marks, silt and crop on the left and hole in the right, motley face. The above reward will be gi?en fer any informotlon so i get her again CHARLES TURNER, Talnter, m 3-3t? 6th street, bet F and G. SHARERS !-SH 1KKKS ''-SHAKERS !!! Only 50 Cents. F> B HALL, No. 373 SEVENTH STREET, , h"JU,t r^"*lv?d 20# SHAKER BONNETS, which he will sell at 50 cents. Also, a good assortment of LEG-j and NEAPOLITAN. BONNETS, very cheap. Remember the place, No. 37] Seventh street four doors above I. m 3-6t MORE LIME. ^HHE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED 2,000 bushels fresh wood-burnt LIME which wlil be sold lower than it can be bought In W?shington, for the cash. OI? hand, WOTHERSPOON'S PLAS rhK.thebmt manufactured in th s cruntry, in the lot a few barrels of superfine or CaMinii Plas ter ; together with CEMENT, WHITE SAN1) and LATHS He soMcltsacall from a'l disposed to s ,vc by buying at the lowest cash price WM. P. DRURY, At the old Gas House, 10th street and Canal m 3 ec4t* I ? ( kEUVHES COMPLETES DE HOLIERE with 110 vignette illustrations, price #1 26 Rousseau; La Nouvelle Hflelse, many Illustra tions, 50c. Rousseau ; Les Confession ; many Illustrations 50c ' BilllatSavarin ; Bnysiolcgle du Gout; many il lustrations, 37c French Novels, in variety: by Dumas, Scribe, Jacob, Balzac, Karr, Barthet, Victor Hugo, Feval, Eugene Sue, and others, at prices ranging from 20 cents upwards Also, a number of Modern French Drama", by Scribe and e ther writers, at prices from ten cents upwards Imported from Paris direct by ,n 3 FRaNCK TAYLOR. GRAND MAY FESTTVAT. TO BK REPEATED! pROF. H. VV. MUNDER TAKES GREAT *- p easure in announcing to hlsfriends, patrons, and public generally that, at the solicitation of many who were prevented from attending his first exhibi ion by the inclemency of the weather, he will re P?** the programme, In every particular, ?i?<"r??ay.e.vCnlD? la"1' on TUESDAY EVE NING, May flth, at his Hall. This Exhibition has been universally acknowl edged to greatly excei the one given by Mm at the National i heatre. All tboss who nave not witnessed the grandeur of the Flower and Shawl Dance in full co*t:ime. should not fall to avail ih(iu?elves of this last opportunity. The former patrons are invited to attend. \\ eber s Excellent Band is engaged for the oc c ?n; m 3-3t FIEST GRAND EXCURSION & PIC HIC The Associated Bookbinders, OF WASHINGTON. TAKE PLEASURE IN ANNOUNC JT lng to the public that our first ? Excursion and Pic Nic to thefiS^LisfcC WHITE HOUSE PAVILION whPlaS^^e on MONDAY, May 19, l*?. " ,d*eP?te ?r?T?n P1?^? ^eroeflves that no ex ertion will be spared that msy contribute to the oranf??tfwnfv.ei?,0yment of a11 thOM who may hon or us with their presence Scott's celebrated Brass and Cotiiion Band k" been engaged for the occasion. ? ?UPP* #nd Refreshmer ts will be fur nl*hied by an experienced caterer, at city prices The Steamer GEOKGE WASHINGTON will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m : Washing 90Q WlKarf at 8* 5 A exandiia it ,? ?. afternoon will leave Washington at 2: willf^hdi Rtturn,I1?- '"" tail ?!a "!?.\Y^},e Hoo?e at 6 o'clock p. m rickets ONE DOLLAR ; admitting a gan'le ^ ?'any member ot the EicmalonT' RU " boat on the morning of the Executivi Committee?(White Ro?ette ) F A Manning, W H Bailey, Frank Miller, John Burns, B T Crawford. ^ Floor Managers?(Blue Roaette) yHGorbutt, G Rosewag, H Wanborg, wYn^' toW' TLUm b, WLP?w<Un, w3.ut LIST OF LETTER* Rtmatningm thiPost OfUi, Washington, D.C. Map 9, 1M. [Ordered to be advertised In the " Evtyng Sutr,?? agreeable to the ftrtlowlMg section of the Post Office Law?it being the newspaper having the largest circulation or aay dally paper pub lished In Washington: Sac. 5. And bt it further t%act*d. That the list of letters remaining one ailed for in any post office in any city, town, or Tillage, where news papers shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished once only in the newspaper which, being issued weekly, or oftoner, shall hart tht largtn circulation within the range of the delivery of aald office, to be decided by the postmaster at such office J SVPereon* applying for letters la thereliowlnc list, will plSUa Uf they ?'? iDTMTIIID. Allsou, Mary A .lam*. Miss B C Anbortt, Mr* P Altrliison, Mim burke, Mrs T Brown, Mi? Ann

Hum. Mr* Isaac 0 Brown, Mim C Brow*, Elian M Brown, Mr* M Brown, Nri llrowu, Mary A Bond, Mr* Ja* C Barber, Mt*a H Brannon, Vita L Baldwin, MVs P Brannon, MlssLPG Bnshell, Jane 0 Breltwaite, Kllen Bryan, Mary Clark*, Sarah P C<>x, Ann A Crate. Martha A Oolltna.Mt*s Alalia Carlton, Bath Crawford, Maria H Cualia, Mr* R Crufsr, Mr* Henry Connor, Julia A CoK*we!l, Mim Clinton, Kllen Crowley, Bllen Made, Mr* M J Downs. Mr* M Oawiey, KHz* Dovall, .SuaaonahK LADIES' LIST. Elmora, Mary A Pltxpetrlck, Mra Kenoall, Mr* lhoe Flelrher, Mtaa A GeriTon. Margret Grainier, Ouc>i|m Hall. Mrs Lory lie Hayes. Mlaa H HonKh, Caaeeeilar Holmead. Mlaa C Hanson. Ballle D Hamilton,Mr* H W Humplirla.Gert'de J Holdau, Eveline B Horkeua, Julia Hawkins. KUen Ingram, Mary Bloc, Jenny Klddea, Kllaaheth I/orratta, Mlaa A La wren re, Mlaa P Lerrrlu. Mra M Lawrence. Mra H E Lokey, Mr* Anna l.awiiiig. M ra E H Mill*, Mra Hlmeon Marlnw, Mrs Wal ter H Marahall, Mary Jana Marshall, rtarah T Madlaoa, Mra L Mathews, Jame R Martin, Mary Noon, Haanore Nurse, Mrs L 0 O'Connor, Jasa Pale*, Mra 1 Pack, Mlaa Better** ParkaMteaBllaa belli Porter, Mlaa B 1 Pran ties, Mra Jlanry Phillips. Ml*a A A Parrle, Merv A Prilchett, Mra J.C Knrlia, Mlaa Anuta Koblnaon, MleeKllxa Raardon. BliaheUi Riddle, Bnaan K Btranabury MreCTtaa Baa'th, Mr* Jane t?Uple*MiaeS<>phlrA*. Kllxer Jana Broil. Mlaa Oenna Hmltb. Mia* K C B| ridllO(, Mr* A B Suoahae, Ml*a Miah Bnydaia MleeMagme Ballon, Mlaa I Bheehan. Mra Jetla Btaplaa, Mlaa Alice Spencer, Barak BmiUiaos, Mary J Stewart, Mary D Thomas, BT Tti maaMla* Alaluda Thonae, Baaanna While, Bilen Aun Wlaater, El Ira bath Wall, E A Wall. Hannah While, Daniel GENTLEMBK'8 LIST. Archer, Thos T Adam*, Isaac Amee, J L 0 Annuo, M C Ahho t, E A A'len, K B Allen, A T Andrew*. Col Brcwn, ('be* P Gredy, TUne Greenleaf, B I Gregory. Richard Green, O H Green, L Gray, Mr McDonald, Daniel MrMnrray. B MeClellan, Capt G B Mcltrain, James McCarty, J L McDonald Capt J L Green.PrederickW Voel, Dr Wa T I Glorer, A Green, Geo Bennett, R*v W W Graham, HKA Brou|f*i, W V Bell, Tim* H Betta, R Bailout, R Braitair, Peter Brocoh in, P K Barkna, P B en*, Mr Bobn, M Barnes, J W Bahoock, J K 2 Brle*ey, J E Bank*, Jno Blgler, Got Jno Brown, J Vincent Bnt er, Jame* Berry, J H Karros, J M Bee Hamilton S Blood, Henry 3 Brook*, Henry Bayard, H M Barron*. H P Brent, Geo Wm Burge**, Geo W Bumea, Geo A Idle*, Geo Blaeell, Col E M Baker. C B Berrtl, C Boyinton, C J Brown, A P Baker, A Kailey, A Conw*y, Wm Ohafre. W K Cannon, Wm M Calhoun, W K 2 Carr, W W Caaipbell, W W Campb?ll, V N 2 Cha'bara. W Harney, Gen W 8 Hatchl*en, W Hoff, W W Ho<lgaa, W A Hill, Warren P Hancock, Wm A Hlrali. Wm Harrison. W Holden, Thos Hart la. T J Hazel, Bandy Hatch. Ramie! Haven*. R N Harris, R T Henann, Peter Ha rrleen, Peter Holme*. Mr Hirr ?, Jame* Haxlenp, Jamea Heart, Jno W Hall, Jno H.ward, Joe M Howe. Jaima Hall, Jacob Hocking, lakk Hall. Jno Heostls, Dr J T Horton, Hoeea B Herbert, H L Hibbard, H Hart, H J llax/ard, LtG W Howlard, Lt G W Helbarirer, P Hr.nter, E 1 Hall, K E Uarri*. E 3 Hamil.on, David Havllland, D Harkeraon, D C Hall. Cha* M Hyatt, CG Callaghan, Timothy Howard, Ama a Culver. 8am 1 Hedge*, A P Circoran,R W KnirM, Thos Ryce, Samuel Morton, St?phen Norniy e. Mr Korrle, Geo P Newberry, P Noble. D A Newell. A W Nelll.Tltoa Nash. Rev R 8 Oliaatead, L J Olden. Capt W S O'Brien, Patrick i <)? d, Paclflre* C) Donnell, J V D Onell. Jelia (Vmtbee, H H Patterson, W Pearne, RerThoe H Aiks Parkenaos,H P Partrage, eamuel Phillip*, Mr Taca. L 8 Phillips, Lew's H Partridjw, Jos M Polish, Jno P Pre#toii, Jno W Picard, Jacob Prentice, Dr H M Peck. G 8 Payn'er, Cbaa H Peck,A J Price, A Fotla, Ree J E lose, Wm Ro>e, Wm A Ratney. Tho* Robei taon. Col M Rawlett. Jeeae W Reynold*. Col J K 2 Rannle, Jemee Blchard*on, Jao D Robinson, Henry Rnab, Hagh Rnsaell, OCi Bnnnerstrlm, O C Ch?|>min A Prentice Hazard, A G Hoferniae, A nth'-u7 Raabur, B T ormlck, Dr M L C ij pln, Sir C-iapin, M W Car er, J B 2 ' Campbell. J 0 C-tnnell, Jno Claseead, Jno Cary, Jno B Collins, Jno Cocbrau, June* Ca-ter, Henry Crokel^ Herry Cliauncey, Honry Coleman, G G Cum, Geo W Callighau, David ('harnber*. D A Carl, Charlea Conrad, C M Cooper. Rev A Clark, A1 fted H ?'?, A Daebler, W G Darnail, 1 lios I. Doh-rJ v, Timothy Dart*. Hon Tlioe Drayt n. P Dangbeity, O B Danfoith, M J Dingle, Jamea D xoo, J W jr Holt. B B Horton, W 8 Ha't, Edward 3 Ibbotteon, n J Jo nson, Thos Jane*, Nelson J odd. N B John*, Jno S Jonee, J H Jackson, Henry Jnmes, Geo Jai key. Col Joenser, W M Kimball, Otis t Ke.?r*ley A Kejea Ke'ler, Jrme* H 2 Keasier, Jno Kinsley, E W Kt? l!cg, D P 2 Ktigotir, Clus H 2 Kendall, Cbas M Kiuzer i Brent Kerr, Archie King, Rev Jos E l^dd, W P I.tckllde', Wm Llddell, Tboe Little, 8*ml C Lowry, Lt R R Lewis, Lawrence law s, J L |i|rkin*on,t.lJcoH2 l^evy, James P Da via, Jno Levy, Jehn De Porreat.Joo N 3 Lucas, Jno DsvU, JN Latrb, Jno Dieyer, II Lewson. Geo W Dexter, Geo N 2 Low, P 8 Drummond,Ft ancle Low, K Dei ey. D M Harrow, C S Drichorst, Cbaa Daily, Dr A A Eastman, Wm E:*le?toii, X|o?ee fad-, J 11 2 Cubact, G Emmermaun, E Caatman, MaJ C G Edwards, A Euiercou, A PUngUrrty, Thos P.oyJ A No re* Pitzpstrick, Mr I^n'aeter. Edward l.ewlS. D W Levi, D T Lewis, Ctias J Morphy, Wm Mttehell. Col Wm Marsh, W S Moore, W Maureit. Dr Jos Mont, Thomas Meagher, Timothy Meltiler, Reuben Mnrpliy, Hubert C Movao, H M.u .'n, Matthias Fltzsersld, Micbsel Mortimer, Wr Kaure. J R 2 P'rdwlck. Jame* Praaer, John Ko. d, Jame* H 2 Kairall. Jos 8 Panqnier, J W Parotun. Alex Porree, Sanil 2 Perroul, Lnigi Gibba, Re\ K A Gitt. Dr W W T GordoO, Wm H Guiiuiaun, W Ga I* 'en, Tr . ?* May 2, 1S5C. MaiiU ug. J A Manonl, J A Moraut, J B Mtrtin, J as 0 Moore, Jamas Matthys, Jno M??oo, James B Merwin, Jo* Miller, Geo W May son. Gen Minor, C?u?r Geo Matliugly, P Miers, F Mason, Alf.el J AS. Ring. Cha* K Randall, Alfrtd Bhermer, Wm Cymlngtoa, W H Spark, Wm A 8'ithoron. Blchard Se tt, B K Sue line. Mr Hmllh, Mr Bothoron J W, M Co Kuittb, J do Stok'ly, Joe Seller, J M 2 Kweeoy, James Reiser, H R Sibley, H H 2 Steele, Pranklln 2 Btckle*, Daniel B Snil h, David Small, Cha* H Sleight, B D Schoolcraft, Mr Storey, Albert Howdos, A J C >ulliv?ti. MkUael Bnyder, Wm Tborpee, Wm Ttaompeon. Waldo Taggert, Thos Tapilu, 8 A Taper oil. B B 2 Thompeou, Jus H Tlama, Javee T Tnompfon, Ool Tharp. E H 4 Turcer, Daniel I llhorn A Co I nderhlll, Samuel Vermillion, B Vaneant, M W Tattler, Dr J L 2 Web*'er, W m Will am*. T Wa-bl gt..n, T M Wood, 8 J Wood, 8 B Wolfe, Robert T Wentworlh, N W< rd, Col M Wheeler, Jno C Weod?ard, Jso H Walsh. J C Weutwcr'b. J Wilsor, Jacob *1 eon, J E Wlllson, James Wigaod, Jno Wileoa, Jacob Warder, Jamee Whlttsmore, jr I Whit*. Geo White A Carter Wayne, Lt W A Weaver, ?'has K Young, Lt Thos B Youug, John Yetfur, Geo 8 ? Y aet, Conrad Ya'es, t'*pt G BEKBET, P. M. BAY WATER! BAY WATER! 10 cases (1 dozen cach) double distilled BAY WATER, for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRIPP8, m 3-6t 61 La av., bet. 6th and 7th ftj. Htt tlit THE SLBSCR1BEK WILL RECEIVE from Annapolis, on Wednesday morning, the 7th instant, a carload of OYSTERS, in the shells, frrsh fiom the waters of the Chesapeake , and twice a week through the season Will fur nish hotel keepers with shuckcd Oysters ; deliv ered to them by leaving their names and quanti ties with the subscriber. Also, Hard and Soft CRABS will be regularly received and furnished throughout the season. A. ANDERSON, Agent, m 3 3t* (Organ) *17 south r st f ONDON PORTER, 1 i and Scotch Ale. BROWN STOUT, 10 ca?: s "Bvass" and "Tennett'e" London P<r tcr and Brown Stout ?I casks ''Byasa" Brown Stoat, (in quarts) 5 casks "Younsers" and 'tTcnnett's" Scotch Ale Just received direct from the importers, and for sale low by WILLIAM M CR1PP8, m3-6t 61 La. av., betw. 6th and 7th sts. ^HILLINGTON HAS RET El YED LES ^ lie's Ladles' Gazette of Fashion for Mav, c? n taining over ft rty Engravings of the Spring end Summer Fashions Harper's Magazine for Mav Godey's Lsdy's Book do Putnam's Magazine do Graham's Magazine do Household W ords do Chamber's Journal for April The New York Ledger for May 10th, containing Cobb's great tale, "The Guninaker of Mrs cow " All of the back numbers are for sale. All the New Books and Magaz'pee received as fast as published, and even thing in the Station ery line for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, m 3-3t Odeon Balldiog, corner street. WE ISBN FIELD'S "Odeon" Clothing Bazaar, AND EMPORIUM OF FASHION, North corntr of Pa. avtnu* and ttreot. PENED THIS DAY A MOST SPLENDID and carefully selected assortment of COATS, PAN TS. and VESTS, and Men and Boya* WEARING APPAREL, equal and notsurpaated by any similar establishment in this or any other f?V. . _ Extia flne cloth Dress and Frock Coats Vests of every hue and texture Pants?cloth,casslmere,and doe-skin, of every Tsrletv Children's Wardrobe, every dessrlptlon GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS in endlesa profusion, such as? Shirts, Drawers, Socks Cotton and Silk Undershirts Plain and Fancy Neck Ties And indeed every article kept to complete a gen tleman's wardrobe Men ard Boya' BUSINESS SUITS, superior to anything ever before offered to the public The subscrloer respectfully lnfotms his former patrons and the public that, having mtde large additions to hla already immense eatablishment, he ia prepared to aell them goods in his line, of better texture and at cheaper rates than any other bouse in Waehingt"". Call at m*-Sw WIEBENFKLD'S BAZAAR O ABfruprimlihtb. KUNKKL 4 LKHMtru JOHN T. FOOD .SOLE MJLNAger HifM oe >1?1111 : l(Mntd l|Pttl trrnim Soxes a*d Paiquet J?* Family Circle and Gallerle* ""iff POSITJ VSL y LAST OPMRA NIQHT' Be^ivTt"*n? La?t ArraA.aYc.., Mitt LOUI0 A PT1? k Mr W HAR1I80* THIS EVENING, May 3, * When they will ch4IIlllaf CINDERELLA, OR, THE LITTLE GLASS SLIPPER Miss Louisa Pyneas Cindereiu Mr W. Harriscn as Prtnof Fell* Mr. St ret loo ma Dandlnl Mr. H. Hornr*? tie aa Baron Pcmpoltno Mr Joseph Jefferson as iv<ir0 mJfT The Bo* Sheet for the sale of Rrfnrt Seats will be open every day. Office bouts be? twren 9 a. m. and Sp m. On MONDAY will be presented for the first lime a dramatization from the Hon John P. Kennedy's novel of H0R8E?SH0E ROBIlfSOlC! raJMt TREBLE TROUPE?THE GRAND IRIU5E It COMING. Madigan & Co'b National Circus The union of threr companies m one, will appear In Washington, for four days only. commencing on TUDtfDAY. May a, i?i? continuing on the 7th, e:h, and *h, both af ternoon and evening This Company comprises among Its members the best Equestrians, Atheletes, Gvmaasts, aid Acrobats in tha profession. Ranking ip pr*oe dencaamong theee is the darlnr and unequalled female Equestrian, Mam'lleROSA MADIGAN t e great Italian Trick Clown, FELIX CARLO the justly celebrated Equestrian, GEO BACH ELOR: the best eeoeral performer living; thnt son of Momas. M IK K LI f MAN ,?the original and witty Clowa;" TH?8. NEVILLE? tbe freat somerset and tuck rider; Mara'lle WOP ?AND, In fcer uneqrnJed Mar age Act: the ar tistic and Wonderful Acrobat, Meat. W'M CAR WlMrd Horseman, JERRY WOR LAND; the Boy Hero Master. JAMBS MADI y/N; the Lilliputlsn Clcwn and f*on?rster Master CHAS. MADIGAN: together with Mr Pastor, Jean Ravel, Paul Brilliant. Ac. Admission? Box<*:ocents; Pit2ft cents Doors open at lu and at 7 p. m m 1?TFSTWThF NOVEL AND ELEGANT ENTERTAIN. 91?KTe Mrs emily r lesdernier hasthe honor to announce that she will give an en tertainment, to consist of varied Recitation select ed from the most adintred English and A merle in poets, at CA R USPS SALOON, on 8ATU R D A Y EVENING. May 3d. to comiucnce at 8 o'clock Cards of Adiuiation FIFTY CENTS; for sale at tbe uaual places, and at the door PABT I. Balconv Scene from Romeo and Juliet Oplate Scene do do Napoleon s March to Moscow....Robert Southev ??* H Poe The Tale of a Trumpet Hood 1 he Bridge of Sighs. ^ _ part It. The Proud Miss McBiidt J o Pate Tha Bells Ldrar A Poe The Lest Helr..? T^os Hood _ To conclude with The Building of ibe Ship Henry Longfellow m 1-31* yARIETY HALL!?THIS ELEGANT AND U nDeo y J i,a111* "pw for rent for Balls, Concerts, Fairs, Ac. Every care will be frixen to make this central and convenient Halt the most attractive place in the city, by a rroier *# w*" ni"??cmeEt. Apply to W WALL af \\ all A Stephens. ap25-lm Lost.?this mokmng. between Gautlers and the Capitol, a PORTNONIE containing a gold Napoleon,and about fort* dol lars In gold The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving it et this office. m2-3t Straw berrt: strawberry : Fresh STRAW BEhRIES are served at m * 3t GAUTIEK S Saloon C1UR SALE-A SERVANT GIRL, AGED a. about Ifi years, la capable of doing general housework. To a person purchasing ior their own use she will be sold on very reasonable terms Address Box lOWJity Post Office m 2-31* A SELF-CHARGING SODA WATER AP PAR ATI'S for sale. With slight re, airs it will be as good as new. Apply at W H bl L.MAN'S Drug and Prrscriptlon Htore, Cor. Pa av.ardljfst SODA APPARATUS. At private sale, a complete so da APPARATUS, consisting of F oun tains, Pipes. Cooler, Stand, Bottles. Ac. m 2 3t B. 8 WRIGHT, Auct ttTl'DS, SLEEVE BUTTONS, Ac.-JUST k-5 received, a tine assortment of Cameo, Mosaic, Coral, Paintings, Carbuncle, lava, and plain Gold STUDS AND SLEEVE BUTTONS M. W. GALT A BRO m2-3t 821 Pa avenue, bet IHh and 10th sts Daniel cawpbell, in closing his present business, would thank his customers for their kind patronage, and la doing so, states that their respective accounts are mrde out, and that prompt payment will be expected. All to whom he is Indebted will please present thtlr bills. n I ^ PORTA IT TOTOl'KI STS NEW S Traveling Guide for America ?Colton's T>av eler and Tourists' Guide Book thrcugh the Uni 'ed States of America and tbe Canada*; accom panied with alargr and aocurate Map. price *1 New Towrship Map of the State of lowa, \rice 75 cents. Just pu Misted and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S m 2 Bookstore, near Wh st bonnets: bonnets:: WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER new supply of Ladits' atd Miss**' ? BONNETS. <gl ALSO? JBfr 10 dozen children's Shaker Hoods at ?2*e. 10 do do Fla's, all prices 10 do do Fancy Caps. do. W EGAN A SON, No. 423 sojth side Pens avenue. m 2-flt 3d door east 7th street BARGAINS FROM AUCTION. JOHN H SMOOT, No 11? BRIDGE ST., Georgetown, has recently received from the New York Auctions: Pure Linen Damask Table Cloths, 8-4 and 10 4; pure linen Nspkins and Doylies; pure Irish Linen and Birds eye Linen; white Cambrics, Jaconets snd Nainsook Muslin*: checked and striped Muslins; plain, dotted and figured Swiss Musllss: genu colored, bordered, and white Linen Cambric Handkerchief*; ladles plain and hem-stitched Handkerchiefs; Lace and Muslin Curtains : worked Collars and Sets . with other desirable gocds, which will be found to be very cheap. Persons la want of goods of the above desert p> t'.on. or any description of Drv Goods, are In. vlted to call and take a look, m 2-tr J H SMOOT. T WOOD AND COAL. HE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING NOW MADE ? extensive arrangements, are prepared to *up ply customers with the very best article of Lehigh and Schuylkill White and Ked Ash COAL, and also Cumberland Coal, either by the cargo or single ton; 2.240 lbs Invariably given Also, the very best qualities ef Hlckorv. Oak, and Pine WOOD, at wholesale or retail We will sell at a very small advance when taken im mediately from the vessel Persons desirous of laying in their winter sup plies of Wood and Coal would do well o leave their crders early, end thereby sccure the ad vantages of low prices. _ BOGUF. A O'NEILL Office No. 105 Water street, Georgetown. m 2-lm fOW &TMAYEO OR STOLEN.?LEFT , the premises of ti e suherriber. Mon-f>w.^*f' day, the 2Sth ultimo, a dark iron gray * > Buffclo COW, with a slit in her right jSTZSL. *ar ? Whoever will refui n her to the subscriber w give information where she may be fbnnd will ha suitable rewarded JNO C. WILSON. m l-3te 417 pa |T , op* Jackson Hall BAJOU^S KID AND OTHER 6LOVE>> JNO H. SMOOT, No 119 BRIDGEf*T*EET, Georgetown, has received, frcm .NVwriH York, lediea Baiou'a KID GLOVES 1 I whi'e, bla?k ai d colored; gents, do do M'. ladles end gents Jafl U Silk and Ll?l?- * " Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assoitment of bleached and brown C<tton Hose, all qualities; bleached, brown and faucv Ha'f Hose; mis^s and boys' Hoae and Half Hcse. Particular attention being paid to kTrior ? good assortment of tbe very best makes of tbe above goods, purchasers may depend upen pet ting a good article as cheap as the seme qu?lltf can be bcught elsewhere, m 1-tr JOHN H. SMQOT_ WATER COOLERS?STONE AND m<>'. I plain and handsome, very low at ] ap? 0. FRANCIS'#,Seventh.'