Newspaper of Evening Star, May 5, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 5, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHINQTON CUT; MONDAY Nay 5, 1???. \Lf~ Adrfrtlffinwits should 1m handed Id bf W o'clock, m., otherwl*. they may not appear onK! the neat day. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Union shows that the Republican lead en are laboring to shirk the ultraism of the aims of their party, and accepts their tender of a square fight on the principles of the Ne braska Kansas bill. The New Tork correspondent of the Intel Ixgtnetr narrates the circumstances of the effort of Walker to seise the Pacific steam er Cortes on her last down trip, and its result, all of which we explained to our readers nearly a fortnight in advance of the receipt, at this point, of the news of its occurrence, having obtained information of Walker's de sign against the vessel and of the means taken kj her owner to thwart its consummation. WASHIHGTO* HEWS AND GOSSIP Still Under that Load of Hay ? F. P. Blair has published a very long letter addressed to the late Republican abolition meeting in New York, designed evidently to cheat ignorant parsons at the North into the foolish fancy that the Republican party of the day is the legitimate descendant of the Democratic party of Jackson's times, becauso Jackson himself always adhered to the Virginia custom (kept up in the Old Dominion to this hour) of styling it (the Democratic) the " Republican party." Another very evident purpose of this singu lar epistle is to generate sympathy for him self on account of the very shabby way (ac cording to his story) in which the Democratic party treated him in Polk's time. " Our euf. fenngs is intolerable" even to this hour, runs through every passage of his rcmarkablo let ter. He sets out to prove that Mr. Calhoun and his party have nullificationized the De mocracy from stem to stern. He fights Mr. Calhoun's ghost with energy and teal borrow ed evidently from his great political brother, Col. Benton, who to this hour broods over his assumed wrongs at the hands of the great South Carolinian, and lives, so far as public affairs are concerned, only for the delight be takes in aaiailing that distinguished man's memory with vituperative abuse and misrep resentations, whieh only go to make the im pression more general, that he has entirely lost his senses in the intensity of his hatred of Mr. C. Blair again publishes, for the ninth or tenth time, fragments of letters from General Jack son, to him, disapproving of the policy of Mr. Polk in removing him (Blair) from the tripod of the organ of tho Democratic party, wrung f. .m tne old hero by Blair's inisrepresenta* tien of the truth concerning that point in the history of the Polk Administration The reader who knows aught of the political his tory of those times, will perceive that Blair, in the matter of mi?atating facts, has lost none of the cunning of the pen with which he suc ceeded in making General Jackson, then just lingering between life and death, believe his multitude of slanders upon the honorable and honest men whom he found it necessary to backbite to extract from him (Jackson) a disapproval of the very best thiDg done by Mr. Tolk, aa Blair a aubaequent malignant hatred to the Democracy provea-the severance of hia (B.'s) connection with the United States Treaaury, ao far as it was in his power so to do. Blair's allegation is, that Polk's act in dis missing him, was the result of an intrigue in which Messrs Calhoun, R.J Walkor, Pick ens, Ritchie, Armstrong, Nicholson, and many ether gentlemen participated, and he pretends to detail circumstances to make good his story. We happen to know well the hitherto un published history of the event, which is, in few words as follows, vii: Blair, though nomi nally advocating the election of Mr. Polk, was well known by every Democrat in Con grew at the time, to be deadly hostile to that gentleman and those by whom his nomina tion was effected, in whose triumph in the Democratic National Convention he read the wre declension of the power of the cet who in common with Blair himself had ruled the iwst under Van Buren. His expressions of bitter and unrelenting hostility to the annex ?tion of Texaa, Mr. Polk, the anti-Van Buren wing of the party, Ac., Ac , were so frequent ?nd public as to induce individual Democrats from nearly every State in the Union to urge on the incoming President the necessity for displacing bun. The latter consented with great reluctance, knowing that Jackson owed Blair $20,000 for money loaned before he left' Washington , and that, indejendent of bis remarkable attachment to all those who had been haaging around him as his personal ad herents, (as Blair did, when filling his pock ets by ao doing.) the old hero would stand by any man who had helped him cut of his pe cuniary trouble*, aa Blair did by that loan to the bitter end There was heroism in Jack son s sentiment of gratitude for the favor but naught but selfish calculation on Blair i P*rt in making the loan. He knew the in vestment was a* safe M 4ko(|gh ^ # of the proceeds of the ill-requited favor of the Democratic party remained in hia pocket while it was drawing for him as high a rate of interest as any regular banker would dream of obtaining for ao large an inveatment. On reaching Washington, Mr. Polk became satisfied, from the tone ?f the Democratic membera of Congress on the subject, that the retention of Blair would surely bring his Ad ministration into a minority in both Houses on e instant they agaia assembled ; and he was thua confirmed in the dispodtion to make a eng. wlth which he set out for the Federal bers f, C?n"1Ution with Democratic inern bers from all qaarUrg of th# sr.?p??m, Rilchi.locc ** r "" Tb" ? Da,I, . Urgm.., >>? Democrats of both Howes, wr?t? to Mr H urging him to oonscnt to remove to Waahi t ton. Mr. Ritchie positively refused to Uke the subject into consideration, and his percm tory repulse of the proposition caused thoaa who were urging it to give over the idea in deep air. At that time we were connected with the Riehmond E^ntrtr, as its Washington corr^pondent, and corresponded also freely r HL f r ?n Pab'iC afftirf in ?tended only for hi. own eye. We judged from on. of hi. private letfrs to us that his refusal had been baaed on the ground that it I D?L b4> m*Dlj *nd ProP*r tor him to oast Mr. Blair from the Globr, for hia own ad vantage We saw in an instant that the sim pie-hearted ar.d scrupulous gentleman, as he was dii not comprehend two important fact, pater t to all who were behind the eurtain here first, that Blair, seeing the handwnting on the well, was willing to retire, apparently gracefully, if he could gel his price for the position ind the material?of his office; and second, th At quite eighty members of both llou'es were deteimined that he should vacate the organship of the party. With the knowledge and approbation of Oeneral Bayly and the other members of Con gress who bad failed by correspondence to in duce Mr. R. to listen to the proposition to remove to Washington, we wrote him, forward ing conclusive proof of the truth of the two facte mentioned above, and urging that if he continued to turn a deaf ear to the solicita tions of Mr Polk and the Democracy of Con gress, some one in whom the perty at large must necessarily have far less confidence than in himself, would inevitably and very shortly succeed Blair. His answer was a promise soon to visit Washington to look into the sub ject. The purchase was made after his arri val here, and only after most urgent personal appeals from Mr. Polk, that he would make the change of his location for the good of the party, and the salvation of his administration. We were the only assistant that Mr- Ritchie had on the Union for the first six months ol its existence, and were with or about him dailj from nine a. m., until after midnight?often until four a m. In that time he repeatedly detailed to us the conversation that passed be. tween Mr. Polk and himself, and other dis tinguished Democratic public men, through which he was persuaded at the last hour tc listen to the proposition to supersede Blair. The latter, in the letter on which we comment, states falsehood upon falsehood?deliberate and palpable, for he knows the truth?in rep" resenting Mr. Ritchie as having been long engaged in an intrigue to get his position. But all public men who know aught of the unwritten political history of the last twelvo years, are well aware that Blair and his concern have pursued Mr. Ritchie, dead as well as living, with venomous slanders and brutal ferocity equal to that which characterises his (B's) course towards the Democracy, since he has openly joined hands with the Abolitionists to get a full measure of ^mean, miserable and selfish revenge, be cause with his heart notoriously against their cause, the Democracy would not longer trust his hand, bent on turning into millions through its favor (though hating it) the hundreds of thousands that favor had netted him. 8ign? of the Approaching Oenoral Elec tion.?The politicians of the Democratic party from a distance, temporarily sojourning here, are getting astonishingly nervous They watch the signs of the times, as developed in the newspapers and letters received at this point, with the earnestness with which passen gers in the Qulf stream watch the symptoms of a rising breeze at the fag end* of a three week's calm. Nor are they by any means neglectful to use any means at hand by which they can give, each his own favorite, a shove ahead, or some other aspirant a " set back*" The recent publication in the Buchanan organ at this point of the silly rumor that President Pierce is about to decline the contest for the Cincinnati nomination, is an apt illustration of the schemes reported to to create confusion in the minds of those who desire hia renorni nation. The Hon Linn Boyd, of Kentucky, reached Washington on the night before last. Th? quidnuncs attribute his visit to political ends Though he came over the mountains on a visit to his connections in Pennsylvania, and ha?, since leaving Congress, devoted himsell assiduously to agriculture, he will be apt, at least, to learn everything that may be going on here in the political line ere returning ta Kentucky. We are glad to find that hii health is rapidly improving after his danger ous illness last fall; though he looks thin, as might be expected from the fact that in No vember last he weighed but one hundred pounds, instead of some two hundred and twenty-five?about his weight when in the Speaker's chair. New York has sent us a distinguished lotol leading Democratic politicians, too. Among them we perceive Messrs. Dean Richmond, of Batavia; Nicholas Hill, Jr., of Albany; and Robert J. Tilden, of the Empire city, all re markable for political astuteness-Softs; Messrs E. E. iiart, Edward West, and Rich ard B. Connelly, of New York cky?Hards. Somehow cr other, when a bevy of New York politicians of oither wing arrive, the next tram ii sure to bring about as many of the othei branch Cf " The Happy Family" of the Em pire State. The appearance of those gentle men in this city of course gives rise to much speculation over the question?which branch will be admitted into the Cincinnati Conven tion ? Both have taken ground fully and fairly on the Nebraska platform ; the anti Nebraska men of tho Soft wing having lonj since gone over to the Republicans. A majority of the delegation to the Ciacin nati Convention?full forty of them?are, 01 were very recently, in communion with the Know Nothings, or they are most foully slan dered. The anti-secret political society reao lution passed at their recent State Conventior was so drawn up as to confirm the truth ol that statement; for a wagon and four horsei leaded with quibbles can be driven through it easily. They voted down or choked off a proposed substitute, which, had it been adopt ed, would have purged them of the foul sus picion. However, the public may rest as sured that before the Cincinnati Conventior will consent to listen for an instant to theii claim to be admitted, they will one and all b< compelled to purge or perjure themselves up on the Know Nothing question. The Wagon Road ?We hear that a hug< petition is on tho way from California, pray ing that Congress will forthwith cause a goo? wagon road to be constructed from Missouri t< the Pacific. The state ?f things on both the New Granadian and Nicaraguan isthmusei should be enough to warn Congress, it seemi to us, of the vital importance of promptly doing all they can constitutionally do bj ?ay of insuring convenient and safe inten course between our Pacific possessions and th< rest of the Union. The project of Mr. Her ert .similar in its essential features to that ol Mr. Thelp*, or something of the sort, is th? key to the solution- of the difficulty. Thii provides for an overland mail, with stationi not more than a convenient day's ride apart? the land necessary for the station, only to b? donated to the contractors or settlers upon it Were such a plan carried out, in one yeai after the first effort to carry the mail in thai way there would be a line of hardy settleri up >n the route, sufficient to afford ampl > pro tec'.ion to travellers, and to furnish them witt *ui'plies for themselves and beasM. Kotluitj has so astonished us among all the funny things done bj Congress of late years, as its failure to consummate some such plan for In suring the safety and convenience of the over land trip to California, and Washington and 0 regon Territories. Confirmed.?The Senate have confirmed the nomination of Joseph P. Baldwin, to be the Register of the Land Office at Elba, Alabama. The Current Operation! of the Treasury Department-?On Saturday, the 3d of May, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of atooks,... $17,999 35 For the Treasury Department... 64,002 47 For the Interior Department 3,07102 For Customs 116,701 06 War warrants received and en tered 442 28 War repay warrants received and entered 705 34 Interior repay warrants reoelved andontered 4,448 67 On account of the Navy 109,891 00 From miscellaneous sources...... 712 19 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the 8enate, to-day, Mr. Pugh presented resolutions of the Legislature of Ohio upon the state of Kansas Territory, and having ts ken occasion to disavow and repudiate the sentiments they embraced, he moved that they be laid on the table and printod ; agreed to. Much morning business was then transacted. Mr. Stuart then moved to take up the bill to punish the forgery of land warrants, Ac.; agreed to The said bill was being considered as we went to press. In the House, Mr. Haven moved to suspend all rules to enable him to move to discharge the Committee of the Whole from the further consideration of the bill to deepen the chan nel of the St. Clair Flats, Michigan. After some conversation upon the right of Mr. H. to make that motion while there was a pending question before the House, in which the Speaker, and Messrs Jones, of Tenn., and Haven participated, the question was put and the rules were suspended ; and then the said bill was passed. Philadelphia Municipal Election.?The Know Nothings of the city of Brotherly Love appear to be in a bad way. Their candidates for the Mayoralty decline running as fast as nominated; and now? unkindest cut of all? the dignified North American, the leading commercial nnd "old line" Whig journal of the city, has come out with a powerful edito rial, in which it denounces the present city authorities and the Know Nothing party, and virtually recommends the Whigs to vote the Democratic ticket at the Mayor's election on Tuesday next. PERSONAL. .... John L. Hodge, Esq., late U S. Con sul at Marseilles, has reached Washington. ... .The new Minister sent from Nicaragua in place of Parker H. French, is named Vigil. He is said to be a high dignitary of the church, and an amiable and intelligent man. ....Mr. Hudson, the once great English railway king, is in Spain, and likely to come forth all right on tfce flood tide of one of the Spanish railways. ....Montgomery Martin, the historian of the British colonies, Ac , is daily occupied at Apsley House looking over and arranging the Duke of Wellington's papers, preparatory to writing the memoirs of the Duke. ....As wc suspected, the letter purporting to have been written by Jenny Lind to a lady in Philadelphia, expressing sympathy for Barnum, is a forgery?at least Barnuin ex presses that opinion in regard to it. ... .The American Publisher's Circular says that G. P. R. James, settling down into a steadfast admirer of free acres and broad fields, has invested largely in western lands, and remains for the present in the United States. .... Frank Ball, well known in the cities of the Northern and Eastern States as the prin cipal mesmeric subject of Leroy Sunderland at lectures which he gave in 1846, 1847 and 1848, has commenced publishing a series of papers entitled "The Adventures and Revela tions of Frank A. Ball, as a "Mesmeric Sub ject. " Sunderland and he made more con verts to mesmerism than were mado by any other ten persons in that time. He now states that he never was in the mesmeric sleep, but did all the "experiments by collusion , and he explains how it was done, and appeals to a number of witnesses to confirm the truth of what he says. He makes affidavit to the truth of his relations, and his first paper is con firmed in many of its most material points by a respectable gentleman now residing in New York. Political Items Hon Wm. A. Richardson, of tho House of Representatives, has been nominated as the Democratic candidate for Governor of Illinois, and Richard J. Hamilton as their candidate tor Lieutenant Governor. Tho selection of Mr Richardson as thoir candidate by the De mocracy of Illinois, will of course insure a fair and square fight on the Nebraska-Kansas bill question. His nomination proves the absurd stories that the Democracy of his State are not standing up to the straightcst line of the Democratic faith on the slavery question. At the meeting to elect delegates to the State Convention of Arkansas, held in Craw ford county, tho following among other reso lutions was adopted : Resolved, That we entertain unabated con fidence in the administration of General Pierce, and, should he be the nominee of the Demo cratic National Convention, he will receive our cordial support. Similar resolutions were adopted by the meetings held in Ouachita, Conway, Perry, and Yell counties. The Democratic meeting held in Winnebago eounty, Illinois, on the 26th ult adopted reso lutions endorsing the administration of Presi dent Pierce and the course of Hon. S. A. Douglas. Intelligence prom Mexico ?Dates from the city of Mexico of the 18th and Vera' Cruz of the 22d ult. have been received. The Bishop of Puebla was making a vigorous pen and ink defence of the right of the Church to the large property lately seized for Govern ment use. Although his lordship invoked the authority of saints, holy fathers, and oouncils of old, President Comonfort held firm to tha cash, and the people were disposed to support him. Tamares was still on board the French frigate Penelope, but wa3 about to leave for the United States. Augustine Iturbide, ton of the late Emperor, left Vera Cruz in the steamer Texas, in order to visit his mother in Philadelphia Tho remains of ex-President Arista are to bo brought from Europe for inter ment in his native soil. It was said that Vidaurri had pronounced against the central government Attempts at revolution in To* buca and Morelia had been crushed. (Jen. Uraga was to be banished to the island of Ceballes, in the Pacifio. Gen. Gadsden, our Minister, it was said, had made another treaty with Mexico. The U. S. ship Cyane waa at Vera Cruz, all well. Murder in Sr. Louis.?The dead body of John 8. Langley well known in St. Louia for tho last six or eight years as a professional {ambler and sporting man, waa found on Thura ay morning last, we learn from the St. Louia Intelligencer, lying on a pile of boards in that city. The acull of the deceased was found to be badly crushed, which with other ciroum stances made it apparent that he had been murdered. Two men named Rhue and Violet, who were associates of Langloy, have been ar rested upon the charge ol committing tho mur der. From Karsas ?A despateh from Lawrenoe states that a large meeting had been held there on the subjeot of the murder of Sheriff Jones A resolution waa paaaed disclaiming all responsibility for the act, and denounoing the murderer. Govenor Robinson offers a r? ward of 9500 for th* apprehension Of the sb ?ssain. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gbokobtowk, May 5, ISM. A bereavement of a very mournful charac 1 ter occurred in our citj on Saturday last. Less than on* year ago Miss Mary E. Mitchell, daughter of Judson Mitchell, Esq., in th? bloom of youth and health, was married to Mr. John W. England, of New York city, whither she removed with ber husband. A few weeks since she came on to our city to spend a short time with her parents and friends, and while here she was taken sick and ex Eired on Saturday as above stated She leaves ehind an infant ohild only a few weeks old, and an unusually large circle of friends to mourn her early death. After a very able discourse at Christ Churoh last night, by the Rev. Bishop Wittingham, twenty-five persons, mostly young, were con firmed. The spacious edifice was crowded to overflowing, many were compelled to leave, being unable to get in. This church is pre sided over by Dr. Norwood, and never was in a more flourishing and harmonious condition. The most agreeable placc we know of to spend an hour or two in the most delightful manner imaginable is the at ladies' festi val at Pompean Hall. This evening is ex pected to bo one of peculiar interest We ad vise all who can to go and see for themselves. Since the recent drenching rains, our streets look as if our very industrious street scaven ger hnd been over them with a new broom With proper caro hereafter, and a little labor and lime upon some of our alleys and less frequented streets, our city will be in a first rate condition to meet the approaching sum mer. There is considerable activity in the way of business upon our canal The number of boats laden with coal and flour, now arriving, is considerable. There is some 3,000 or 4 000 bbls. of the last-named arfele afloat this morning. Wo learn that tho Know Nothings of the District are about to tack on to their platform another plank, to be called the necessity plank, which is designed for the special benefit of Protestant foreigners. We hardly think it likely, however, after what has already passed, that any of this class of our citizens, who are possessed of proper self-respect and the genuine spirit of independence, will be induced to ven ture upon it. Mayor Addison is again confined to his house by pevere indispositiou No change has occurred in the markets since our report of Saturday. Spsctator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, May 5, 1856.

The sudden death of a negrcss, Jane Jour dan by name, slavo of Andrew Jatnie?on, Esq , and tho circumstances attending the same, having caused a suspicion that she came to her doath from a blow at the hands of ano ther slavo negress named Louisa Campbell, Coroner Neale commenced an inquest on the body of Jano on Saturday morning. The re sult of a post mortoin examination mado by Drs Chancellor and Drown, and the other evidence having failed to enable the jury to find a verdict, tho inquest is adjourned until Tuesday morning. In the meanwhile the ac cused has been committed to j.iil. The facts presented in the evidence before the Coroner's inquest are these: That Jane Jourdan went on the eight of Friday to the house of Louisa Campbell, on Queen near Columbus street, in search of her husband, who fled at her approach; that as she came' away from the house the ktgrcss Louisa struck her with a rock; that near the corner of Queen and Alfred streets *he mat another negress, a free woman. Mary Ball, to whom she related these facts. Hnd in whose houso she diod about on? hour afterwards. The post mortem examination shows no ef fusion of blood in the tissues, such as would take place if a person were struck with a heavy cubstance ; but one large vessel of the heart was ruptured, at least one and a half inches, and there was much effusion of blood in the sac of the heart; which rupture might have been produced by violent mental emo tion. It was further stated by the surgeon, that the effect of such a rupture might be to produce on the mind of tho deceased the im pression that she had been struck with a stone. The case excites considerable inter est, and the re-opening of the inquest is ea gerly looked for. Tho quarterly term of the County Conrt opens at tho Court House, this morning, and the session promises to be one of more than usual interest. Tho Sun firemen are already in the Engine house, ready to receive their friends of the Franklin, who are expected in the next boat. Madigan's Circus is in full blast. The fishing season begins to wane ; several shores having already "cut out." Am. For the American Srfaoro.nA storesbip will ^ail from the Charleston Navy Yard for the African squadron about the 10th of May. Any letters sent to the Naval Library and In stitute at the yard will be fofwarded. Mrs Washington French, of Atala county, Mississippi, recently presented, at a single birth, to the astonished Mr. Washington French, two boys and two girls. The parties had been married one year only. Bonv ?A very serious affair i* chron icled in the last Caddo Gazette, which "should be a warning. ' etc : I he body of one of the young men of our tiwn was found in his bed on Thursday last, by the black man who blacks boots. He had been Musing for several days. On examina tion ho was found to be "alivo and"?badly kicked rir ? And wilt thou ever, ever be unfaith ful to me again " Nay, dearest," he replied. And she jteighed ?Jbardstoicn Gazette. "And wilt thou be my own faithful, loving wife ? Oh, wilt thou ?" And she wilted ?Johnson's Age "And wo shall live lovingly together in a dear little shanty?shan't we ?" And they shantied.?Louisville Journal. Railroad Cblerration ih Virginia ?A grand Railroad celebration has been arranged to come off at Danville Jon the 9th of June. Among those invited are Gov. Wise, of Vir ginia, Gov. Morehead, of Kentucky, and Gov. W. S. B. Cabell. Judge W. W. Crump, of Richmond, and Jos. Segar, Esq., have oeen invited to deliver eulogies on the life and character of Whitmell P. Tuustall, late Presi dent of the Richmond and Danville Railroad. 1ST That most industrious author, the Rev George Gilfilan gives the following as the secret of his powers of indurance : ?and his statement is interesting testimony to the value of "sleep andsj6tem." I am often asked, (he says) with real or af fected wonder, bow I can get through so much work of vnrous kinds. My answer is?sleep and^yatem. I sleep eight or nine hours out of the twenty-four, and I never write after dinner or supper. I never have, at any time, written moro than five hours a day, and I road at meals and odd moments At Edinburg I hurt myself, as I said, by sitting up lato to study ; and when I obtained a settled position, I said, "I shall down my pen every night at nine and, with the exception of three sev eral timos in nineteen years, I have kept the resolution. ?THE REV. MR. BOCOCK, PASTOR ?va elect of the Bridge st. Church, George town, will preach in that Church THIS EVEN ING, at neforeti o'clock. in 5-lt* _ .?^SEVENTH WARD.?Rally, Friend. of Civil and Religious Liberty 1 R#i. ly, Friends to tbe Long Bridge!?All person in favor of restoring the harmony and good feel ings that formerly existed iu our city, are request ed to meet at l'otomac Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and Eleventh st., on TUESDAY EVEN ING, May 6th, at o'clock. IngN omUiee for^Mayor* adores?''the ^OHN F?S?^'88a'" C"2'?y. ADJOURNED MEETING OF Vfe of the 1st Regiment 3d Brl VKNINm ^iU. uk? PU<* on TUESDAY VEMNtt, the 6th Instant, at 7K o'clocv, (u the Arnan ef the IJghl Infantry and this Mounted ?5-*t* HEN*Y N. OBER, Adjutant. ? MEDICAL ASSOCIATION ?THE regular neml annual meeting will b? held on TOfcSPAV next, May 6th, at 12 o'clock m. at ?he City Infirmary. Physicians of the District who haw not ret signed the regulations are exptcttd to attend on the preoent occasion. m fi-lt W.J C DUHAMEL. M P , Sec 'MASONIC ?THE MEMBERS OF Hi ram lx>dge No 10, are notified 'hat a call<d ^'meeting will be held st their Hall, on 10th street, between H and I, WEDNESDAY EVE NINO. May 7th, at 7 o'rlcek, at which time W. M. Lthdk Elliot, of National Lodge will d'llver a lecture Subject: "Chanty." All brothers of sister Lodges In good and regu lar standing are most fraternally Incited to be pseront ?n*-3t CHARLES CALVERT, Sec M ORDER NO J? FLANK COMPANY. MARION RIFLES, ATTENTION ? You are hereby ordered to meet at your ar mory on THURSDAY, the 8.h instant, at 19# o'clock, In full uniform, for parade and tar get practice By order of Framcis M. Shbrill, Capt : m 5-2t JAS. L. FOXWKLL. O . fL_ M ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS?The regular monthly meeting of the Company will be held at tbelr Armory on TUESDAY EVENING, lhe6:h Instant, at 7* o'cloek. Business of Importance demands the attendance of every member. P. S ?The Constitution will be er forced upon all absentees. m5-? JAMES LACKEY, Sec. ?JACKS<?N DEMOCRATIC ASSOCI ATION ?This Association will hold its regular monthly meeting on .MONDAY EVE NING, at Its headquarters, sou'h side Pennsyl vania avenue, between 9th and 10th sts in'i-3t DANIEL RATCLIFFE, Pres General Laitd Orrici, April 9, If56. ^NOTICE?ALL PERSONS HAV lng books or bound documents belonging to this office will please return them without delay to west wing of the Patent Office building, to which the General Land Office Is this day re moved ap 11-dTOd LOST?YESTERDAY MORNING, A HAIR BRACELET, with Gold Clasp, with the in Itlals on the outside *-C McC," and on the inside of4*J McC." Any one leaving it at this efflre will be liberally rewarded. m 5 3'? Lost?on the id instant, a check payable to J Adium Barber, or bearer. for sixty-seven dollars, on the Savings Hank of Washington All persons are cautioned against receiving it, as pavment has been stopped m 5-lt# M C. BARBER Ifco REWARD ? LOST, BETWEEN l!Hh and President'* Square, in H street,ablack lace VEIL. The above reward will be paid by leaving it at Senator THOMSON'S, 459 Thir teenth street m 5-It* &OA REWARD?I WILL PAY the above reward for the apprehension and convic tlon of the person ci persons who, on the after noon of Sunday, the 4th instant, broke and de faced :? frame of mould< d Brown Stone Work. In my Brown Stone Shop, m5-3t* NICHOLAS ACKER. DOG LOST?STRAYED PROM A HOUSE in the First Ward, a tirown tenicr < PUP, 6 week* old,ears ai d tall crooncdj clo?e. A suitable reward will be paid for h's re turn to 261 II street, corner of 13th. m 5-2t* 1EFT AT MY SHOP SOME DAY LA*T ?i week, two pair of ELLIPTIC SPRINGS, which the owner can liave by calling at No. C05 D street, and paying for this advertisement m5-It SIMON FLVNN Or REWARD?STRAYED FROM *lpO subscriber, on the 8d i us taut, ai fmall red COW, with short h^rns. She^ had a bPavy leather collar on when she; left, with the lnHlal* " W F B" stuck In with brass tacks The above reward will be paid to any person who will return her to me. at Ben'er A Dubaut's Restaurant,corner Pa avenue and 6th street W. F BENTER. m5-3t MADAME ?. DIVALL, Practitioner of Astrology ar.d Phrenology, together with the assistance cf 1'rofe.sKor B rough ton. is prepared to answer all questions relating to Human Life questions answered personally or by letter. Na tivities also written M. S. D Is late from Eu rope, where she has received the most flattering patronage from the robillty. She is now taking a tour through the United States. Her stay will be short here. Corner of 2 >d and north H streets, in 5-lw* TO EVERY BODY WHO HAVE OLD PtAXOS. WE WILL TAKE OLD PIANOS IN PART payment for new, and give sj higher price than any other establish ment in the Southern country. Always on hand, PIANOS of every style and price, from the old sad favorably known estab ments of Hallett. Davis A Co , Boston ; Halns A Brothers, Llghte, Newton A Bradbury, and Ba con A Raven, of New York : to all of which we invite the attention of the puclic. Al*o, received this week, two beautiful model MELODE"NS; GUITARS, VIOLINS, AC CORDEONS, FLUTES, Italian STRINGS, NEW MUSIC, Ac , Ac The Great Pianoforte and Music Establishment is at 306, near 10th street, on Penn avenue. m5-tr JOHN F. ELLIS FIBST GRAJTD EXCURSION & PIC SIC OF THE SEASON' THE MEMBERS OF THE EMPIRE CLUB take great pleasure in announc ing to their friends and the publicj in gcreral that they will give an Excursion and Pic Nic tothe White House Pavilion on THURS DAY, May 15. The Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave Georgetown at 7#, Washington 8#, Blag den's Wharf 9, and Alexandria at 9^ a m Coaches will leave L and 7th st , F and 7th st., 12th street and Pa avenue, at 8 o'clock. Superior Cotillon Music has been engaged for the occasion. Dinner and Refreshments will be furnished by an experienced caterer. Committee of Arrangements I Morrice, C M Murphy, G B Bell, J A Butler, J S Ingram, A H Hill, m 5-5t Proposals for Copper Plate Engraving. OfficbSlpirintrsdent PriNTijiG, ) Washington, May 5, 1556 J DUPLICATE PROPOSALS WILL BK RE celved at this office until the 15th day of May Inst., at 12 o'clock, m , for engraving upon copper fcr the use of the Senate and Hcu?e of Represen tatives, la the best manner, certain quarto platc?, 6 by 9 Inches, of natural history, conrho'ogy, and gerlogy, to accompany the repoiu of the Pacific Railroad, and Survey* and Japan Expidition. The illustrations will be open at this office for the inspection of these persons desirocs of bid ding for the rame, until the closing of the bids, and any information desired will also be fur nished Contracts will be ente-ed into with, and bonds with secuilty will be requir d from the suceasful blddejs for tne faithful execution of their con tacts. It is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertiinid from any parties not directly engaged In, and pratlcally acquainted with the style c f work bid for, and that the contracts will in all cases, be awarded to the lowest and best bidder. The bids will state rri'e, and but one price, for the work bid for, and the time required for the execution of the work; aud must be addressed, one to the chairman of tbe Committee on Engrav ing, House cf Representatives, United States, and one to A. G. Seaman, Superintendent of Pub lic Printlg, Washington, D. C., and be endorsed on the outside of the envelope '? Proposal* for Copper-plate Engraving " AG. SEAM AN, m5-td Superintendent. Fr ench working cotton, linen, Flourishing Thread, Moravian Cotton, Em broidering Cloth, Ac., for sale at in 3-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. For sale?the fastsailing yatch CYGNET, 22 tons burthen; 4 years1 old; in gco<l order, and well found In every respect Will be sold low for cash. Apply H EN R Y M AN KEN ,No. 65 Thames ?trett.Foll s Point, Baltimore. m 3 ?ply to SALT *. SALT ! SALT ! 150rack* 6. A. SALT 50 d? fine do Juat received, in good order, and for sale at re duced prices, by WILLIAM M. CRIPPS, m 3-6t 61 La. av., betw. 6th and 7th sts. Five dollars reward strayed from the Washington Commons ont or about the 19th April, a dark Brindlej COW, white on the back, white horns* teats full of warts, oar marks, silt and crop on the left and hole In the right, motley face. The above Tew?rd will be given for any informolion so I get her again. CHARLES TURNER, Painter, m 3-?t? Oth street, bet. F and G. SHAKERS '.?SHARERS 'I-SHARERS !'.! Oily 30 Cents. RB HALL, No. 373 SEVENTH STREET, ? baa just received 90# SHAKER BONNETS, which he wlU sell at 50 cents. Also, a good aasortment of LEG-^B^ HORN FLATS ud NEAPOLITANiJttiM BONNETS, very cheap. Remember the place, No. 37J Seventh street, four doors above I. m 3-6t AMUSEMENTS. KUNKELA CO MWEEI JOHN T FORD SOLE MANAGE? JOS JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGE*. rucii or iDMiiiioa. Boxes and Parquet *> w?ti Family Circle snd Galleries oaata. First night of the (RM Natloaal drama, fro* the work of the same name, by the Hoa. J P Kennedy, entitled HORSE-SHOE ROBOT SOW! Which will be produced THIS EVENING, Mar 5th. With all the appnrtenaw***, and an ENLARGED CORPS DRAMATIQUE : Mr. J. Jefferson, M r. J Hamilton, Mr. J G. Burnett, Mr C Porter, Mr E Adams, Miss Ma* Dvvlln, Mr Wentworrh, Mia Gevmoa, Mr G.C.Boniface, Mrs Proctor, Mr J . J Wallace, Miaa Le Roy, Ac To commence with ll'DDCFI THOI GHTI! Jack Cabbage Mr. Jelfersea 117" The Box Sheet for the sale of Ro*erv*d Seats will be open every day. Offloe houta be tween 9 a. m and 5 p m. It MRS. EMILY P. LEIOIRNIER Has the honor to announce tbat ?he will recite the MlFlfl Or HIAWATHA, In the character ard costume of an Indian Girl. AT CARUSI S SALOON, THIS (MONDAY) KVKNING May5 The Entertainment to conimen*e at 8 o'clock Cards of Admission FIFTY CENTS; for sale at the usual places. and at the door. mS-lf THE SECOND ANNUAL CONCERT or TBB UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION Will begiewi AT THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION, Ob MONDAY EVENING, Hay 9. The programme has been selkct. ed with carc, embracing a variety of popular CHORUSES, QUARTETTES, TRIOS, AltD OBLI6ATO SOLOS, which will be rendered with Orchestral Accom paniment. The Concert will be under the direction of Mr. J H. DANIEL. Conductor cf the Association Tickets TWENTY FIVE CENTS; to be had at the principal bock and music stores HjT As no money can be received at the door of the Institution, persons who design attending the Concert are requested to tseeure ticker* in ad vance. sp #l-eo TREBLE TBOUPE?THE GRAND TRIUNE IS COMING. Madigan & Co's National Circus THE UNION OF THREE CONPANIE8U one. will apf car in Washington. for four days only, commrn-ing on TUDSDAY, May*, INrft, anl coatlnuli.g on the 7th, 8 h, and 9th. both af ternoon and evening. This Company comr rises among its members the best Equestrians. Athelet<-s, Gymnast#, and Acrobats in the profession Ranking In prece dence among tbe*e Is the daring and unequalled female Equestrian, Main'llc ROSA MA DIG AN ; t e great Italian Trick Clown, FEI.I X CARLO , the justly celebrated Equestrian, GEO BACH EL<>*:ihe best keneral performer living, that son of Momas, MIKE Llt'MAN, '*ths original and witty Clown;" THOS. NEVILLE, the freat somerset and tuck rider; Mam lie WOR .AND, In her unequalled Mara*e Act: the ar tistic and Wonderful Acrobat. Matt. WM CAR LO; the Wizard Howman, JERRY WOR LAND; tho Hoy Hero Master, JAMES MADI GAN; the Lilliputian Clown and Songster, Master CHAS. MADIGAN: together with Mr. Pastor, Jean Ravel, Paul Brilliant. Ac. Admission? Box*s fOcents; Pit 24 cents. Doors open at lu and at 7 p. in. m 1?TFSTWThF GRAND MAY FESTIVAL TO Bit REPEATED! PROF. H W. MUNDER TAKES GREAT p easure in announcing to his friends, patrons, and public generally that, at the solicitation or manv who were prevented from attending his tirst exh'.bl ion bv the, inclemency of the weather, he will re-I peat the programme, in every parti' ular, of Thursday evening last, on TUESDAY EVE NING. May 6th. at Sis Hall. Tb's Exhibition has been universally acknowl edged to greatly excel the one given bv him at the National Theatre. All tboss who have act witnessed the grandeur of the Flower and Shawl Dance In full coctume. should not fail to avail hemselves of this last opportunity. The former patrons are invited to attend. Weber's Excellent Band Is engaged for the oc casion . m 3-3t MAT festival AT CARCSI'I SALOON. Lewis carusi takes pleasure to inform his friends and the public that the MAY HALL will take p'aee on THURSDAY EVENING, the 8th day Mav. | All the necessary arrangements a*e ln!_ the course of preparation, and no pains' spared to render this F*te one of the most inter - estlng to all, both old and young. Amongst the various fancy dances the celebra ted Mlnuett de la Ccurt will be danced in full costume as In the time of Lools XIV. of Franoe. The crowning will take place at eight o'clock. Those who are anxious to witness this interesting scene arc requested to assemble as early as coa vanlent Ladle; who have not received cards of Invita tion to Carusi's May Ferival, are requested to send their cards to the Salcon. Mr WEBBER'S FASHIONABLE BAND will be In attendance and perform many favorite and fashionable pieces. ap 30-eo3t* VARIETY HALL!?THIS ELEGANT AND ne#ly #tt?d Hall Is now offered for rent for BaP.s, Coucctts, Fairs, fte. Every care will be taken to make this central snd convenient Halt the most attractive place in the city, by a proper and efficient management. Apply to W.WA LL of Wall A Stephens. ap 'iS-lm BAY WATER! BAT WATER! 10 cases (1 dozen ea^h) double distilled BAY WATER, for sale low by WILLIAM M CFIPPS, m 3-fit fit La av.. bet 6th and 7th sts. natLi v e. THE SIBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE from Annapolis, on Wednesday,* morning, the 7th instant, a car loati*; i t OYSTERS, in the shells, frtsh from the waters of the Chesapeake ; and twice a week through the season Will fur nish hotel keepers with shucked Oysters; deliv ered to them by leaving their names and quanti ties with the subscriber Also, Hatd and Soft CRABS will be regularly received and furnished throughout the waecn A ANDERSON, Agent, m 3-3t? (Organ) *17 south F ?t London porter, brown stout. and Scotch Ale. 10 casks "Brass" and "Terinett's" London For ter and Brown Stout 2 casks '*Kyass" Brown Stont, (in quarts) 5 casks ''Younger*" and ??Tennr'l's " Peotch Just received direct from the Importer*, and foe sale low by WILLIAM M CRIP'S, m 3-6t 81 La. av., betw. 6th and 7th sts. WEISr.N FELD'N "Odeon" Clothing Bazaar, AND EMPORIUM OF FASHION, yortk corner of F*. avenue and street. OPENED THIS DAY A MOST SPLENDID and carefully selected assortment of COATS. P A N T 8 . acd VESTS, and Men and Boys' WEA RIN G A PPAR KL, equal and not surpassed by any similar establishment lu this or any other city. Ext'.a tine cloth Dress and Frock Coats Vests of every hue and texture Pants?cloth, casslmerc, and doe skin, of every variety Children's Wardrobe, every description GENTLEMEN'S BELONG NGSln WHiles* profusion, such as? Shirts. Drawers. Hocks Cotton and Pilk Undershirts Plain and Fancy Neck Ties And indeed every article kept to complete a gen tleman's wardrobe Men and Boys' BUSINESS SUITS, superior to anything ever before offered to the public The subscrlocr respectfully Informs his former patrons and the public tbat, having me de large addltiona to his already immense'. be Is prepared to sell them goods in his line, of better texture r.nd at cheaper rates than any other bouse In Washington . Call at mS-aw WIESENFELD'S BAZAAR. Lost?this morning, between Gautiers and the Capitol, a POHTMOMK containing a cold Napoleon, ard about forty dol lars In gold The Sndei will be liberally rew-rded by leaving It at this office. m 'J 3t SELF-LHARWINO SODA WATER AP PARATUS for sale. With rlight re. airs K will be as good as aew. Apply at W if OILMAN'S Drug and Preaerlptien Store. m Mt Cor Pa av. ar d *k **_ PATEN ICE CREAM FREEZERS. ALL A sizes. Prices always low. ap*9 G. FRANCIS, W Seventh at. A'