Newspaper of Evening Star, May 7, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 7, 1856 Page 3
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EV ENING STAR. J.O( *L INTELLIGENCE. T?* Board or Alder*** met on Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock Mr Pepper reported a bill to grade and pave the alley No. 728; passed. Mr Pepper reported a bill to grade anu pave tbe alley in square No. 530, passed. Mr Pepper reported back with an amend ment the bill from the Council authorising a gravel footwalk to be made on the south side of F street south from Ninth to Tenth street Amendment concurred in, and the bill as amended passed. Tbe bills from the Council for the relief of the Northern Liberty Fire Company, and to grade and gravel a portion of Tenth street west, in the Seventh Ward, were passed The bills trom the same Board for the relief of Charles Stewait, and for taking up and re laying the gutter on the north front of square No. 4SV, were referred to the improvements committee . ? . , The bill from the same Board for the relief of F. B. Poeton was referred to the claims committee. Mr. Smith introduced a bill to erect a mar ket house in the Seventh Ward; referred to tbe improvements committee. The Chair laid before the Board a proposi tion from J W.Owen to erect lightning-rods on the City Hall; referred to tne improve ments committee. The Chair laid before tbe Beard a commu nication from the Surveyor of the city in reply to the resolution of this Board of the 2bth ult., in reference to A street north and East Capi tol street; referred to improvements com mittee Mr Bayly submitted the following resolu tion: ... Knotted. That the Mayor be and he is hereby requested to furnish this Board, at its next meetiug, with a full ard complete state ment of all tbe indebtedness and outstanding claims against this Corporation of every kind and nature, including the stock-debts of all kinds, the amount of debts due by the various wards, and the amount due to contractors and others; also, the various outstanding appro priations made out of the general fund. Mr. Houston moved to amend the same by adding the words (k and the time when said debts were incurred which Mr. Bayly accepted as a modification of the said resolution. Mr. Busey then moved further to amend the resolution by adding the following : 44 And be it resolved, That the Mayor be requested to furnish this Board with informa tion in answer to similar inquiries for the two years preceding the present term of the Mayor, "and also the amount of floating debt due on the 30th of June, 1854." The amendment was earned in the affirma tive; and the resolution as amended was then adopted Mr Evans submitted the following resolu tion. which wa3 unanimously adopted : " Whereas it has been announced that the Hon. James Buchanan, of Pennsylvania, late United States Minister at the Court of St. James, is about to visit Washington : 41 Knott ed, That the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of the city of Washington hereby tender to Mr Buchanan the use cf the City Hall for the purpose of re ceiving the congratulations of our citiiens on his safe return to his native land.'' Mr. Bayly submitted the following resolu tion. which was adapted : Resolved, That the Register be and he is hereby requested and directed to furnish this Bo;ird. ut its next meeting, a statement of the aci'unt expended out of the W ard iunds for improvements from July 1, 1854, toJuiy I, lS5i. and tbe amount expended out of the Ward funds from July 1, 1855. to the present time; also, the amount expended for f<ot wny- and curbing from July 1, 1854, to July 1, 1855, and the amount expended for foot way* and >.-urbing from July 1, 1855, to the present time. Mr Pepper reported hack, without amend ment, the bill from the Council for the relief of Charles Stewart; passed. Mr Clarke, introduced a bill authorising the hiring of bulls for the Sixth and Seventh Wards ; which having been read twice? Mr Busey moved to amend the same by striking out the words 44 Sixth and Seventh Wards ' and inserting 14 general fund and the question being taken by yeas and nays, it was carried in the affirmative. The bill, as amended, passe 1. And then the Board adjourned. Common Council ? The President present ed the petition of John Fletcher and others, asking for the extension of an alley in square No 516, and for grading and paving the same; referred to the improvements committee Also, the petition of the Northern Liberties Fire Company, asking for an appropriation to aid them in tbo purchase of a bell, accompa nied by a bill for the relief oi said company ; passed Mr. AtLeo reported a bill for the relief of Martin Bosse ; pas-ed. The President introduced a joint resolution directing repairs to alleys in square No. 518, and making an appropriation lor the same ; passed The bill from the Aldermen for the relief of Joseph Ilile was referred to the improvements committee The bill from the same Board to repair tho fatter extending from the southwest corner of onrteenth street and Pennsylvania avenue to Ohio avenue, Ac., was paiS.'d. The amendment of the Aldermen to the bill to tuiend an act altering and establishing the grade of Seventeenth street we?t was read and concurred in. The hill- from the same Board providing for the grading of D ?tfeet south between Eighth and N'icth street west; authorising the con struction of wooden foot bridges in the Sev enth Ward ; and authorising a paved gutter to be lai I on the east front of square No. 975 south, were passed Mr. Turton introduced a bill making an ap propriation to repair the alley in square No. 120; passed. A communication was received from the Mayor, returning (in compliance with the re quest of the Board of tbe 29th ult.,) the bill '-to re/ulaie tbe sale of poisons within tbe city of W a'hington " Mr Huff moved a reconsideration of the vote by which the bill had been passed; agreed to. Tbe biil then being under consideration, and the question being taken on its passage, it was rejected. Mr McCutchen thereupon introduced a bill to re<?ul tto the sale of poisons within the city of Washington ; referred to the polioe com mitt?jc The bill imposing taxes for the year 1856, which had been made the special order for this day. was taken up. Mr Oirne moved tj amend tbe first section by striking out the word 41 seventy cents" and inserting tbe words 4' sixty-five cents;" de cided in the negative Tbe bill having been read through, it was passed by yeas and nays, as follows: Yeas?Messrs. Abert, AtLee, Baldwin, Ball, Bayne, Bohlayer, F'sher, Jeffersou, Lloyd, McCutchen, MeKeao, Puinphrey. Huff, Tur ton. Venable, and the President?16 Nays?M^srs Orme and Towles?2 The bill amendatory of " An act providing for the a| point me ut of a Commissioner of Health, prescribing his duties," was taken up Mr. Jefferson moved to amend tbe first sec tion by inserting the words 14 or above" alter the word 41 below agreed to ; and the bill passed. 1 tie joint resolution from the Aldermen ten dering tbe use of tbe City Hall to tbe Hoc. James Buchanan, on Lis arrival in this city, for the reception of bis friends, was taken up, read twice and unanimously passed. Mr AtLee made an adverse report on the petition oi Leonora S Butler; which was agreed to. Tne bill trom the Aldermen to grade aod pave the alley iu square No aiO was passed. The amendment of the Aldermen to tbe bill authorizing a gravel footwalk to be made on the south side of F street touth, between Ninth and Tenth streets: concurred in. Tne lull from the same Board to grade and pave the alley in square No. 72t>, was referred to the Improvements committee. The resolution directing the police commit tee to inquire what legislation is necessary to prevent tbe sidewalks being used by auc liou??r* was pmsed I he joint resolution relative to the deposite of the night soil of the Seventh Ward, was taken op Mr. Jefferson moved to re-commit the bill with infractions so to amend it that means shall be devised and afforded to carry it into effect; agreed to. Mr. Turton introduced a bill authorising and requesting the Mayor to have the break on the north side ef Twenty-sixth street west, at its intersection with I street north, repair ed : passed The bill from the Aldermen authorising the hiring of bulls for the Sixth and Seventh Wards was taken up and referred to the com mittee on police. Mr McCutchen moved to amend the bill by strikiug out " $40" and inserting " 140," and also further to amend by striking out "Sixth and Seventh Wards" and inserting " the different wards of the citynot agreea to. Mr Orme moved that the bill be indefinitely postponed ; decided in the affirmative Mr Abert moved that bis colleague, Mr. Turton, who was absent at the last meeting of the Board, be permitted to record his vote in the negative on the adoption of the report of the majority of the committee in relation to the secretaryship to the Board of Commission er* of the Washington Asylum; and permis sion was accordingly granted. I The Board then adjourned Supreme Court.?Yesterday?No. 80 Jas W. Gosleo et al., owners of the steamboat Autocrat, vs. Theodore Shute, executor of Maria Shute, deceased, and Mary A. Shute, owners and claimants of the steamer Magnolia. Appeal from the circuit court of the United States for the Eastern district of Louisiana. Mr. Justice McLean delivered the opinion of the court, affirming the decree of the said cir cuit court in this cause, with costs. No. 104 Susan ? Conner, widow of Henry L. Coaner, deceased, plaintiff in error, vs. W. St John Elliott, administrator, et a I., heirs of Henry L. Conner, deceased The argument of this cause was concluded by Hon. John Henderson for the plaintiffs in error. No. IOC. Joshua Maxwell et al , plaintiffs in error, vs. Alexander H. Newbold et al. The argument of this cause was commenced by Mr Lawrence for the plantifl> in error, and continued by Hon C. Cushing for. the defend ants in error. Adjourned. National Thbatre.?The thrilling nation al drama of 44 Horse Shoe Robinson,'' will be performed to-night for the third time. Great pains have beeu taken in putting thia piece properly on the stage, with a most powerful cast, and effective accessories of scenery, ccs tumes, and appointments. The incident* which illustrate the suffering and the daring achieve ments of the Southern partisan leaders, in the War of Revolution, are of a most exoiting character, and create nightly a degree of en thusiasm rarely surpassed in the performanoe of any plaT. The performances commence with <( Robert Macaire," in which Jefferson will be apt to make something of the richly comical part of " Jacques Strop." More Young Rogues?Last night Officer Wollard arrested a little boy named Win, Harrod. f?>r being concerned in' breaking into tnd robbing various stalls in the market houses. This little fellow is about eleven years of age ; but we are informed that this is not his first appearance before a magis trate upon charges of this description. If we remember rightly, he was in the county jail during the last term ef the Criminal Court The witness against him is a little b ?y about bis age, who describes the attempts made to enter different stalls, and thq robbery of Ham I ilton's stall, and the variety stand in tie upper market. Ho also described the persons woo were engaged in the robbery with Har I rod. Harrod was sent to jail. Court ow Claims ? Yesterday, Shattuck Hartwell, Esq., of Cincinnati, was appointed a commissioner to take testimony to be used in I thia court. Charles W Blincoe, Esq., of Alexandria, was admitted to practise as an attorney of this I court. 1 The argument in the case of Jacob Bigelow, I administrator of Caznau, vs. the United I Statese, was resumed in behalf of government I by the Solicitor, who was followed, in favor of I claimants, by Hon. Reverdy Johnson, who I concluded his remarks, and the case was sub I mitted for the decision of the court. Adjourn I ad. Stealing a*i> Arrest.?Yesterday a col I ored man named Joe Jenkins, was arrested by I Officer Davidson for receiving stolen goods ; I and Mrs. Curtis a white woman for stealing I them from Mrs. Dillon, by whom she hed been I employed. The examination of these case*, I before Justice Daniel Smith disclosed a degree I of degradation rarely known iu this commu I nity The details are not proper for publica tion. and we will only say th^t both were seat J to jail by Justice Smith. Robeurv.?A young man went to the guard house last night, and stutod that he had been robbed while iu the city. He described tho person he had suspected, and be learned by telegraph that the thief had been arrested in Maryland. He was awaiting a re<inisition, but was doubtful whether he had money enough to pay for his lodgings while in the city Upon searching bis pockets he wil lingly enough withdrew his request for lodg ing in the guard room, and departed to search for a more comfortable chamber. I The Exercises at Mundcr's Festival last I night were beautifully performed, and we can I only regret that the driving rain prevented 1 many fiorn attending who were designing so | to do, and who were thus deprived of what all who were present must have felt to be a great pleasure The tight of so many beautiful children collected together wasdelighful in it s - If, but more bo, when, a* on this occasion they performed the graceful evolutions of the even lsg dressed in costnmes of cheerful yet deli cate colors appropriate to the bright gay spring-time. Decoying and Kidnapping.?A colored wo man named W innie Jefferson was arrested last night as an acccssory to the decoying away and kidnapping of a young colorod girl named Hope Ann Hotnesbury. Witnesses were ex amined who stated that a kind of courtship was carried on by the young girl and a certain white man, who, it was said, was the com panion of a fugitive married woman a few weeks since. The girl and this man left the city iu a buggy, and Winnie was charged with decoying her off. The case was laid over for the present ??? Seventh Ward Anti-Know Nothing Meet* ing.?Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, Potomac Hail was crowded lastuiglt by the voters of tho Seventh Ward. Speeches wore made by Samuel G. Flood, Eiq , Dr. Wui, B. Magruder, and F. McNerhany, Esq., and received with great applause. Many oi our Know Nothing friends were present, and we irust will profit by the wholesome truths which were told tLem by the several speaker?. What was the Cause ??Last night, a short time previous to the attempt to burn Mr Hunsberger's stable, cries and screams, ap parently from a female, were beard in tho vi cinity It alarmed the neighbors, who went out of their houses to ascertain the cause A short time after the fire broke out and was extinguished. Was this screaming to attract attention from the spot ? or, was it caused by some drunkard whipping his wif?, us on a former occasion ? Firkman's Fusibral.?We notice this morn ing that the tlags on the engine houaus belong ing to the Fire Department, were half ina?ted as a token nf respect to the memory of Mr. Benjamin Grenup, who came to bis death by the accident on Monday night last. Mr. Grenup was a young gentleman who was high ly esteemed by a very large circle of acquaint ances in Washington He was a member of the Columbia Fire Company. The Regiment ?At a meeting of the offi cers of the volunteer regiment, last night, it was decided to parade on the last Monday in tbis month, in the afternoon. It was also agreed to form an encampment at as early a period the present season as convenient The committee to make arrangements for the en* campment consists of Major Bacon, Adj. Ober, and Capt. Feck. Obly twbntt cents a hundred for fine buff adhesive envelopes. For sale at Alexander Adamson's, Seventh street, opposite the Post OSce. t Arrested.?Yesterday the office?* succeed ed in arresting Frank Rounds, colored, who is charged with asaault and battery with intent to kill Mace Slater, colored, at the dance at Dr. Haw's farm Monday night He ia in jail awaiting a final bearing before a magistrate. Three colored men who were present at the time were arrested also and are in jail for a further hearing Ixcbndiarism ?Last night an attempt w made to burn a stable in the Northern LfHer tiea belonging to Mr liunsberger. It was discovered and extinguished before serious damage wao done. About 11 o'clock, a stable situated on Eight near, L stroet, and belonging to Mr. Adams was burned by some incendiary. The horse and carriage was saved. The loss is not very heavy. Thk gbhtlkuan who called on Charles H. Anderson two weeks since for important pa pers belonging to Charles Mahon, Esq.. can procure tho same by calling on Mr. Anderson with McSpedon A Baker, Stationers, 4Q2 D street, between Sixth and Seventh. * Qakboq* says that the most ignominious death possible, for an aspiring young hero, who is panting to writ* his name high upon thesoroll of fame, is to be shot by mistake for a wild turkey. Stabbing?Wm. Quigley was arrested on Monday for stabbing a. man on Capitol Hill. He was arrested by Officers Wise anu Simonds and committed to jail by Justice Wm. A. Mul loy. ??? Watch Rbturn s ?No coses for trial this morning. A few lodgers were accommodated and dismissed at an early hour. CT" Brewn'a Troches.?This preparation le wall worthy the attention of parson* accustomed to public speaking or ^inglon;. Id the whole list of remedies there U ijoite more uui\er?ally popular, lit cases of OoM, Cough, B'otiehlt't. Ac., a niore effectual au<l ooaNsntent remedy has never been brought to Mght. Many rterfywen hihI t oralis t? of our acquaintance prefer there tozenges to all others, an they contain no deleterious drag to pr*\ent the free use of them If requisite, and we never hear of them except with eu tire saifsfartlou.?Exchange. Sold In N?w York by J. MILHAC ; Washington, by J AS N. CALLAN, and all Druggists. m 7-lw MAHKIKD, Ontbefth instant, by Rev. 1*. Light Wilson, Mr RICHARD BELL to Miss CHRISTINA VERMILLION. Also, at tue came time, Mr. JOHN R 9H1NN to Miss MARTHA E. BARKMAN. 0UU>, On the 6th Inst, Mrs. ELIZABETH R. LAR NEU, consort of Col. Benj F. Lamed. On the 6th Instant. HEN J. C. GRENUP. In the 25th year of his age. WANTS. WANTED?AT 403 TWELFTH STREET, a good house servant References required. m 7-; t? WANTED?A YOUNG LADY, TO TEACH with an Invalid ladv, as companion. One of affectionate disposition will meet with a deal ratle situation and competent salary. Address "invalid," through City Despatch, giving real name and residence. It* WANTED?A STEADY SOBER YOUNG Man, (f good address and business habits to lake charge of a Htore about fifty mile* from Washington. None need appiy unless fully com petent. To such an one steady employment and a liberal sa'ary will be given. Address 'Mentor ' at tLe City Despatch Office, for two days, in hand* writing of the applicant. It WANTED A G AH DEN KR.?A SINGLE or married Man, with small family; who can come well recommended can hear of a situation by applying al this office. m T-3t? WANTED?A GOOD PLAIN COOK, wash er and ironer References required. Apply at No. 379 E street, between Wh and 10th. m 7-3i* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COLORED Nurse, of good character, at 146 Browns' Hot 1. _ ? WANTED?AN ACTIVE YOUTH, between IS and Is years of age, to attend in an Ice Cream Saloon. Good refe'ences as to character required. One wbo can read and write preferred. Enquire of R U. DAILY7. No. 74 Bridge street, Georgetown m 7-4t* WANTED.-COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE obtained at a pleasant location near Bla densburg depot, on reasonable terms after the 15th )n?ta.nt The groucds are well supplied with shade, making it a desirable retreat for families through the summer. An omnibus runs twice a day, beside the cou'enience of the cars, thus af fording ample faciities for persons having busi ness in tbe city. MRS. D. JONES, m 6-eoIm* WANTED ?A SITUATION AS WAITER in a private family, cr as valet, by a youig man wjo perfectly understands h's boslnes*. anu is willing to give perfect satisfaction to any lady or gentiemin who may require his service. Ad dress A B., Box If at this office, until engaged, rn 6-3t* WANTED ?A PARTNER WHO CAN furnish a thousand do.iar* cash money, in a profitable business that will pay over 25 per cent Best of given and required. Address Box No 22 at the star Office. m#-3i* A COOK WANTED.?GERMAN OR COL. cred preferred. She mnst undei-tmd the business thoroughly, come well recommended and net be afraid of work. Ask for E. K. at the Star Office. , m 6-tf WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD rake and pie baber at the corner of Loul 1 ar.a avenue and uth ureet. None but a i>ood hand need apply. Also, for Rent, two Furnished Rooms m 5-41? WANTED?A MAN FOR GENERAL Farm work Also, one to milk and work in a dairy. Apply at Locust Hill Farm. Seventh st. road, near the first Toll-gate m 5-'Jt* WANTED?AT TIIE MANSION HOUSE Alexandria, Va , a young gentleman of in dustry and good address, in the office, m S-3t A G. NEWTON AN. EXPERIENCED AGRICULTURIST^ horticulturist, and practical gardener having spare time, will attend to the call of those who have a pleasure ground or garden about their premises by applying at No 200 7th street, m 5-3teo \t] ANTED ?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND W in a dry good store, of good charactn. that can bring good recommendations: one acquainted with the business prefeired. Address L. T , Box No 6 at gtai Office. m 5-3t? FOR SALE AND RENT. [Si?* Jirst page /or otktr Rent and Sale s?!t>(.i ] For rent or sale - a two story and half brick House, No. 246 C street Rent S12 50 per month. C. B. GRAHAM, m 7-tf Farm for sale?a fine farm. within an hours drive of the City, over tho plank road. It has excellent Dwelling House and other necessary buildings upon It The farm is well watered by several springs and streams, and has upon It apple and peach orchards, and other fruits; also, crops or wheat, rye, oa's, and grass, and corn la now being planted on about twenty acres The neighborhood is excellent and the Elace very health. For terms, Ac . apply to EO. BURNS, Penn. avenue, near vth street, or to LANSDALE A KIRKWOOD, Real Estate Agents. No. 514 7th street. m 7-3t* IfOR RENT?THE UNEXPIRED TERM of the present occupant, ending the 15th of November next, the house No. 2W H street north, between 17th and Ifeth streets. First Ward, now occupied by Major Denny The house will be rented alone cr with the furniture, or the furniture will be so d. but if not rented or scld at private sale will be disposed of at auction. For terms applv on the premises or to W. BRUNNER, No. 211 G street. mt)-lw? VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FORSALE. I have for sale a large number of Buldlng I.oLh In different parts of the (city, very favorably located either for residences or business. Ap ply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, No. 40, Louisiana evenue, near tilh street, mi ro FOR RENT ?SEVERAL OF THOSE DE lightful country residences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having beep put In thorough repair, are now for rent at the low price of SliO a year. For beauty of location and health* lne** of situation, these residences are unsur passed, ottering, as they do extraordinary induce ments to all who prefer the salubrity of country air to the sultriness and dust of the city. Distance from the Post (Afflce a mile and a quarter. App.y to WM. STICKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Grten. rn 5-gw BOARDING. OARD,4fl ?MRS. BATES,ON THE 8. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and <Rh street with their p?troMf?. AUCTION SALES. VwJ*Z i,AS c McGUIRE, Auctioneer VALUABLE BflLDIMGlOT O!! <1 franklin Row. 1 w , , Y APTKRNOON, MmvlOth,*t 4H o clock, on the premises, I shall sell ptrt of Lot No 24, in u?Ttrljin'? subdivision of square v I' fron'lnK * feet a Inches on north. K atreet, yy*".1*1* 13th 'treeta west, running back J#7 fe?t 9 Inches. Thla la a serf desirab'e location for a private residence, and the sale should command attention. Terms: One-half cash; the residue in ? and 12 months, satisfactorily secured. bearing Interest m 7<t JAM O. McGUIRE, Anet'f^ Fi i?*?iAri- McGUIRE. Auctioneer. L,?,?ITlRK AND HOUSEKEEPING Effects at Public Sale. ?On WEDNES DAY MORNING, May 7th. at 10 o'clock, at the 1fe al*dy declining houaekeeping, on .M eft' betwe*''1 Eand F streets, I aell the I- umlture and Household Effect* Mahogany case Pianoforte and Stool Do Sofa and Parlor Chairs .17 P?. ^r^4' P!er? and "M* Tables Walnut What-not, mantel Clock. UirandoWs Case and wood-seat Chaira. Shades Brussels and Ingrain Carpets. Mattlnga Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands Mahogany Sideboarda, Dining Table China Tea Set. Glassware, Cutlery

Excellent Cook Stove, Kitchen Utenails. rerma:: S20 and under, caah: over that sum a I credit of 3u and ?0 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notea, bearing Interest J. C. McGUIRE, m2~d Auctioneer. abave aale ts postponed In csnse qiienceof the rain until FRIDAY MORNING, May 0th, same hour. m 7 J O McGUIRE, Auct T By J AS C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer RUST EES' 8ALK UK DfcSIHABLK Honae aad l.?t on 13th street at Public Auction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 10?h, at## o'clock, on the premise*, by vir tue of a deed of trust dated February 3d, 1853, and duly recorded In Liber J A. S., No. 52, folios 153,154, 155, and 150, one of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will aell at Gubllr auction, to the highest bidder, part of Lot o. in Squaie No 250, beginning for the same on 13th atreet, at the southeast corner of laid lot, and running thence north sixteen feet, ttenre west thirty feet, thence north one foot ten Inches, thence west sixty six feet, thence south on the line of the public alley seventeen feet ten Inches, and thence east ninety-six feet t? the place of be ginning, together with the lmprovemeuta, which consist of a very neat and we: 1-built two-story and baaement frome dwelling Louse, with a back bonding. . Terms : One third cash ; the residue in six and twelve months, with lntereat, seen red tothentls faction of the Trustees If the terms of sale are not complied with witkln 0ve days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to resell at the rlak and expense of the defaulting purchaser. JNO. W McKIM, >? . RICHARD. H. CLARKE, I T'uste*? m7-lawAdsJAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer TOURN1TURE AMD HOl'SE-FUKKISH X ing Goods at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING. May 15th, at 10 o'clock, at the Houte Furnishing store cf Win. Dowllng, on High itreit, Georgetown, a few doors north of Bridge street, 1 shall sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping prtlcles, consisting of? Mshogany hair spring seat Sofas, of various styles and pitterns Large quantity of Cane and Wood-seat Chairs Mahogany Rocking and SfWlng Chairs Wood and Canc-scat Ann and Nurse Rockers D waning and Plain Bureaus Wast-stands, Sideboards Breakfast and Dining Tables Bedstead*-, Wardrobes, Office Chairs Mahogany and Walnut frame Glasses of various siz"3 Lounges. Tin Safes, Kitchen Tables China. Glass Ware, Wooden Wa'e. Ac. TogKh?*r with a general assortment of goods usually found in a house-famishing establish ment Sale without reserve, as the concern must be closed. Terms : #25 and under, cash ; over that sum a credit of thirty, sixty, and ninety days, for satis factorily endorsed notes, bearing interest m7-d JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer PAIR OF SUPERIOR CARRIAGE Horses, Carriages, Harness, saddles. Bridles, kc ? On THURSDAY afternoon, the 15th of May, at 5 o'clock In front of the auction rooms. 1 shall sell, without reserve? One excellent open Family Carriage, built to or der by Ham, of New York Pair of superior black Carriage Horses, exceed ingly well matched, young, and very fast: they both work wtll in single harness, and are first rate saddle horses Silver-p'.ated double Harness. Covers. sut>erlor English and French Saddles, Bridles, Ac. Cutting Box, Carriage Furs, Ae, Terms: One third cash; the residue In #0 and 90 days, for notes bearing Interest, with approved endorsers. Persons desirous of examining tt e above previ ous to the sale may do so by calling at the re.-i dence of V Bollleau, French Secretary, corner of High and Road street. Georgetown in 7-d J. C. McRUIRE, Auct. MAl? SHAL'S SALEXIN VfKTUE~OF A w;lt of Kleri Kacits "under the Lien L?w" I issued froi.i the Clerk's Office of the District of Columbia, for the Ccunty of Washington, and to me dir cted, I shall expose to public sale, for | cash, on SATURDAY, the 3lst day of May Inst., In front of the Court bouse door, at 12 o'clock in., the following property, to-wit: All defendant right, title, claim, and interest into a Lame dwel ling house situated on Lot No. 1 in Square 477, In the City of Washington, D. C , se'zfd and levied upon as the property of William Voien, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial No. 35. to October term 1856, Joseph Llbbey A f-'on vs. William V<?xen J. D. JlUOVEK. Marnbel m 7-dts for District of Columbia. BY VIRTlEOrTWOWRlTSUr FIEH.I Facias Issued by Henrv Feaver, a justice of the peace for the county of Washington. D. C., at the suit of Wm. llydeand John Davidson, jr., firm of Hyde A Davidson, against the goods and chattlcs, lands and tenements of Alfred Tippet, and to me directed, I have seized and taken In execution all the right, title claim, interest and * state at law. and in equity of the said Alfred Tip|iet. in and to Lot number 124 in Beall's addi tion to George own on Dunbarton,between Wash ington and Green streets, with the Improvements thereon, and 1 hereby give notice that on TUES DAY, tne3dday of June next, at4 o'clock p. m , in front of the premises, I will offvr for sale the taid property so seized and taien in execution, by public auction to the highest bidder for cash. R. H. TRUNN ELL, Constable Georgetown, May 3 1856. m 7,14,21.28. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Desirable improved property on Tenth street, near Pennsylvania av enue.- On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, May 14th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 6 in Square No. 330, fronting on Tenth street west, between C street north and Pennsylvania avenue, wltn the Improvements, consisting of a two-story brick Dwelling House and back building, containing 0 rooms Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelv? months, for notes bearing interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. mJJ_d J. C. McGUIRE, Auct By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL AND DESIRABLE FRAME Dwelling Houae nt Auction.?On rUES DAY AFTERNOON. Mavr 13th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell (arts of I.ots num bered 11 and 12, In the subdivision of Squaie No. 528. commencing for tLe same on Fourth street west 17 feet 11 Inches from the southwest corner of said lot numbered 11, and running thence north along said street 14 feet, thence east E8 feet, and thence south 14 feet, thence west 88 feet, to said street, being the place of beginning, with the 1m Srovements, consisting of a new and neatly-built welliug house, containing 6 rooms, with a good cellar The above piopertv is situated on Fourth street west, between H and 1 streets north, In a rapidly lmprovlrg part of the city, and is very desirable to persons desiring a small neat dwelling-house. Terms: One-fourth cash; residue in 6, 12, and 15 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. m? d J. C.JUcGUIRE, Auct. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers POSITIVE SALE Of A VALUABLE Building Lot aa Capital Hill at Pabllc Aactioa?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, 9th Instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell In front of the premises, Lot No 3, In square ??5, fronting 47 feet 2)f Inches on north A street, between 3d and 4th steets, and running back 138 feet 3# Inches to a 30 feet alley. This valuable prcperty, which la in a fast im proving neighborhood, will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Title is Indisputable Term*: One-third cash; the remainder in three equal payments of 6. 12. and 18 months, bearing Interest from day of sale, and to be seen ed in a satisfactory manner. m 3-dts WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auct. By K. 8. WRIGHT; Auctioneer. ADEMKAULE BUILDING LOT IN Georgetown far sale at Aactiaa.? A very eligibly situated Lot, fronting on the east side of High street 40 feet, and running back 130 It forms the north half of Lot No DO, In Beatty A Hawkins addition, belonging to the heirs of the late Wm M. Beall. The sale will take place on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 14th Inst., at 5 o'clock p m Terms of sale: One-half cash on the day of sale, the balanca in six months, with Interest and security. SAMUEL MART, Attornay for Heirs. KDW. S. WRIGHT, m5-eo3tkd8t Auctioneer. AUCTION SALES. OA AAA BUSHELS or TALL ?U^UUU for i?lt it AiiftlM.?0? PW* DAY next, at 11 o'clock a m., Will b* ?old, al the Pioneer Mills. AlcxaadriS? ? *>,0U0 bushels of the dtJVrent d*scrlp0*ns-ef Mill (IU TSr JOB? By JAS C MctiUlRK. SUPERIOR RO&KVfUUD PlAlVO Forte, Kurllcat Famtture mad H*a**k*ld Ef fect* at Public Sale.?On TU EPDAY HORN ING, V.av lfb, at 14 o'clock, at the rot id''nee of Lou's Janin, Esq., cornet of llth and HWrests, 1 shall sell all hts exrelleut Furniture and House keeping Effects, com prist ng-? Superior Rosewood satin ewwrred parlor furniture, corsUttnc of two French Sofas, Six arm Chalra.asd six parlor Chairs, made ?1 to order In Paris Handsome Prem ?>-pl* e mantel and pier Glass, Slabs, asd Brackets Two rich slx-llght Chandeliers Rosewood marble-u>p centre and tofa Tables Walnut Whatnot*, r^rtlon Chairs, Ac. l)aina*h and Lace Coitalns, Cornloe, Ac. Several choice oil Paintings and Engravings Superior Velvet. Brussels, and Threw-ply Carpets j Oilcloth, Matting, tar.dsosse R uga Mahogany extension Table, Marble- top Sideboard Oak dining Chairs, aide Tables Ftench china, * ranite Dinner, Dessert, and Tea ware, Glassware Elegant mahogany high-post Bedsteads, with heavy cornice and canopy Handsome enamelled Cottage Sec Mahogany Ellrsbethlan Bedsteads, Wardrohse Dressing fablM, Bureaus. Washstaads Excellent Hair and Husk Matt esses Holsters and Pillows, Blankets. Stimts, Spreads Cane-seat Chain, Toilet Seta. Shades Four Iron Settees for porch or garden seats Datrobe, open front, and other Stoves Kitchen Utensils, Ac. Terms: *30 and under cash: ever that mm a credit of 0(1 and 90 days, for satiafaccrily endorsed notes, bearing interest. J. C. M06UIRE, m 6-d Auctioneer. Bv WALL BARNARD A CO . Auctioneer* Peremptory sale of cottage Residence At Public Aartlta. ? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 1, at 4k o'clock, in front of the premises, we will sell Lota E aud F, In square 64*1, subdivision, on 4J| street, between K and L streets, west side, im proved with a beantlful two story and attic frame Cottage, nearly new, not having been built over eighteen months. It contains seven rooms, pan tries. Ac. The location is good, and In a fast Im proving part of the city. The attention of thow In want of a good house Is Invited to the above sale, as it will be sold without reserve. Title guarantied. WALL, BARNARD A CO . Auct's Will also he seld, in fr*at of the premises Immediately after the above sale, two Frame Houses, in square 499, Lot No. 10, located in the East side fronting 13 feet each, running beck 100 feet deep, to a wlae alley, Improved by two frame Buildings which will be sold separate or together, both of which will be sold without reserve. Terms of sale, as above mentioned WALL, BARNARD A CO., ap23 dts Auctioneer*. ILT T he absve sal* I* unavoidably psst Eined on account of the weather until TO-M OR OW AFTERNOON, May 2d.atthesame hour and places WALL, BARNARD A CO., ml-d Auctioneers. l?^Tke above sale Is farther postponed on accout of the rain until MONDAY AFTER NOON same hour and place. It WALL. BARNARD A CO. The nbove sale is farther p*stp*ned until FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 9. when it will positively be sold, at 5 o'clock m 6-d A*RD * CO. Bv J AS C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Furniture and household Ef fects at Fnbllc Auction.?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 2d, at 10 o'clock, at No. 562 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st and 2d streets west, I shall sell the Furniture and Effect* of a fhmllv declining housekeeping, viz r Mahogany Sofa, arm and parlor Chairs lio centre, side, ar.d card Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs, Lounges Window Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply. ingrain, and other Carpets Oilcloth, Ru?s, Stair Carpets High and low-post Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Fourteen superior Feather Beds, Bolster* and Pil'iOWS Excellent hair and htisk Mattresses Counterpanes. Comforts, Blankets Mahogany dining snd side Tables China, Glass, aud Orociery Ware Ca-stors, Table Cutlery, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard. Coffee Urn Excellent cooking and other Stoves Together with a general assortment of K ltchea Utensils Terms : S25 and under, cash; over that ?um * credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. P. S. The House is for Kent; Inquire on the premises. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap24-d Auctioneer. l?^The *h*ve sale is nnavsitfsbly post poned until THURSDAY MORNING. Mavbth, same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE, m 2-d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. SMALL FRAME HOUSE AN U LOT AT Ancllsn.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 9, at 6% o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the north part of lot No. 4, in square No. 477. fronting 30 feet on Sixth street west, between Q and R stre ts north, running" back 93 feet 4# in . with the improvements, consisting of a small frame dwelling house, containing four roon.s. Terms: One half cash; the residue In eighteen months, satisfactorily se< uied, be?ring interest m 2-d J C McGUIRE. Auct. By JAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer \TEHY VALUABLE BU1LD1NB LOT ON D, near 13th street, nt Auction.? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. May 8th, etOjf o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell parts of Lots 11 and 12, in square No. 293, fronting about'At feet'cn north D stre?t, between Pith tnd 13th streets west, running back an average depth of about 70 feet. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 0 and 12 months, for notes bearing in erest, and secured by deed of trust on the premise*. Title perfect. JAS. C. McGUlRF, m 3-d Auctioneer. By J AS C. McGUIRE. Auctionasr. VALUABLE LOTS ON THE ISLAND AT Public Auction On THURSDAY AF TERNOON. May 15th, at? o'clock, on the premi ses, 1 shall sell Let No 47, in square No 203, situated at the corner of 13* street west and south B street, having a front of 48 fe?rt 4 Inches, run ning back 74 feet This is one of the most de*i rahle building lota fr.r sale In that part of the c ity, being located on high yround and commanding a full view of the Smithsonian grounds and city generally. I mmedlately after the above, I shail sell Lot 29. In subdivision of sqmre 327, fronting 21 feet 8 inches on Eleventh street weit, between Maryland avenue and sonth E street, running back 90 feet to a 21-feet alley. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In 6 and 12 months, with interest satisfactorily secured m6-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. EW TWO-STORY FRAME HOUSE and L*t at Amtlsn.?On FRIDAY.the 2d May next, I shall sell, In front of the premi ses, at C o'clock p m., a good new twu-story frame House. with Bve pood rnd conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on 22d street, near corner of H street north, being part lot No. 1, in Square No 55. Terms : One third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes, bearing Interest from dav of sale A deed given aud a deed of trust taken ap24-eoAds A. G KEEN, Auctioneer [If Immediately after the above sal* I shall sail, on the premises, l*ot No. 7, in souare 124, fronting on 19th street, between New York ? avenue and north D street, with the improve- | menu, which are a Frame House, Ac. Also, l?ot No. 4, In square east of wuare No. ?7 fronting on north C, brtween 20th and 2lsl at*. Jp"?*'""' A.SKKKS.AUC. irr The ab*v* sale la p*stn*nsd la ?*oa*e quKce of the rain until WEDNKSHAY the ,th Hy JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer BY VIRTUE OF A DEUREE OP TRIt Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, made In the case *f W. S. NWhotU agalast Ja-s U Erere's heirs, the subscriber will wll, at auc tion to the highest bidder, between five and six 2"iek p m , on SATURDAY, the 20th dav of t|j( present month of April, in fr?mtof the premi ses Lot No 14, In Square No.s6 in Washington city and District aforesaid This lot Is situated on the north side of K street, opposite the new \* est Market, fronting 47 feet on said street Terms of sale: One-fourth of the purchase mo ney to be paid on the day of sale; the residue In 6, '19 and 18 months from said day, with interest thereon, purchaser to give his notes therefor. On default of the purchaser for the space of five days to comply with the terms of sale the subscriber reserves the privilege to resell, at the risk of the defaulter, on such terms and at such time as the subscriber sees fit JNO. MAR BURY, Trustee, ap 8-eots J. CrMcGUIaK, Auet. ifT *be absve aale is THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May l*t.,*t six o'clock, on the premises. Tn,lW 1 JOHN MAF BURY, Truttee. an^-d J? J C.McGUlfcE.Auct. |?r Th* absvs ?al?,1l*v^Jf?KSDAYfAF souuence otthe rain unUl WEDNESDAY Ar T&RNOON, May 7, same hour and plap* TER.NUUI*, ? rN?0 MiLRBURY, Trustee. 4. C. McQUlRK, Auct. N1 TELEGRAPHIC BTEW9 FROM THE ASSOCIATED PBtSS BY H?l ?? PRINTINO fKLKVHIPH. Hob Arrival of tho Steamer Halifax, May 7, 11, a. m -The Canard ateamer America, bow doo here. has cot ytt been signalled. Philadelphia I loot ion Pffii.ATisr.riM, May 7.?At anticipated tho entire 1'emocratic ticket wai elected yester day. Vhdi r majority for Mayor J,871. Tbo Democrat* have a majority in both branche* of the Councils, the nlfft council stand* with those holding oyer 14 to 10, and the oomtnun council 69 Democrat* to 17 Americana. Expected lfewe From Europe? Poor Days ? Later Qcuic, May 7th ?The screw steam hip North America from Liverpool en tho 23d alt , for Quebec, passed a point one bond red miles below this city at 11 o'elock tbta forenoon Her ad rices will be four dayi later then those by the Portia at New Tort The American Traot liaity. New Yobc, May 7 ?At a meeting of tho American Tract Society, held to-day, a reec lution, appointing a eommittee of lnvesUga tiv>n, wai pasaed, after a long discussion al most unanimously; but not until erory Im putation upon the integrity of the executive committee had been disavowed. Bolters Moo ting in Boston. Boirov. May 7.?The bolters from the Amer ican State Council held a moo tine last night at the Adams House, and adopted resolutions r |>udi?ting the semination of Fillmore and Done I son Delegates were ohoeen to the aati Fillmore National Cenncil to bo hold in New York on the 11th of June next. Croat Trotting Match. New Yore. May 7.?A great trot between "Lantern," end ths Philadelphia horse"But," mile heats, best three in five, to harness, for the sum of S10600 came off yesterday over the linion Course Lsntern won the first, third, and fourth heata. Time 2 36, 2 324,1 32t, 1 37 Bailing of tho Arabia. Boston, May 7. ?The Cunard steamer Ara bia sailod at noon to-day, taking out $950.OUO in speoie. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, May 7.?The markots are hoary Flour?Howard street, 3#. Nothing was done in Ohio and Cite Mills Wheat is unchanged. Oood to prime whites $1 45*$1 53; good to prime reds Sl-SSsfl 40 Corn is one to two cents lower, but prioes prices are unsettled. Provisions are hoary and prices slightly l<<wer The sales of bulk meats wars large Baron was in moderate demand. Sehouldors 8a8{c; sides 9ia9!c; hams lOtalio. Mas* pork 318. Lard steady at lOiallo. Bow York Marksts. New Yost, May 7.?Flour is lower; sales of 6.5O0 bbls.; common to good State $5.27 a$o 75. common to low grades of extra Ohio $5.7oaSti 25; good to standard Southern S6 12 aS6 73; fanoy to extra do 36 b~a(8 25. Wheat is firm; sales of 6,000 bushels; South ern red SI.61, Southern white SI 30. Corn is firm ; sales of 24.000 bushels: Southern mixed 50a61o. Pork is firm; sales of 450 bbls. mess at SI7.75 Beef is firm; sales of 250bbls. Chicago repacked at SlOaSlS. Lard is firm; sales ot 500 bbls. at lOio. Whisky is improving; sales of 130 bbls. Ohio 29o. Financial New Yoke, May 7.?Stocks are firm. Com berland Coal Company 24;; Illinois Central Railroad shares 99f; New York Central 92; Pennsylvania Coal Company 97; Reading Railroad 89i; Virginia 6 s 94, Missouri 6*e85. Sterling exchange is dull at 9! premium. By J AH. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUA1LIH4 Eligibly Situated Hease ss4 Let at Maryland avenae, between 4 % und St* eta., W'lti ? By virtue el a deed of trust bearing Sate on theSth day of February, laS3. aad recorded la Lit*r 1. A 9 , No Sit, folloe 83. Ac , tbe sub scriber will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, tbe &id day of May, 1856. at o'clock nm , on tbe premises, all that piece or parcel of ground lying and being situate in tbe citvof Washing ton, and known and distinguished as Lot <4, in the subdivision of Lots Noa. 7,8, 0, 10, and II. In square No. 4*2. fronting 23 feet 5 Inches on Mary 1 nd avenue, between 4jf and 6th streets west, and running back to a twenty feet alley, with the buildings and Improvements which consist of a wetland substantially built two storv and attic brick dwelling-honse, with two story frame hark bui'ding ar.d necessary out-bulldings Tiie above property la situated In a healthy and desirable location, and rapidly enhancing in value, and nffr.s a favo able opportunity to per sona desirous of obtaining a conven ent and com fortable residence or making an investment. The terms of sale will be: One-fourth cash. and the balaace in six, twelve, eighteen, and twentv-four months, for notes b** n^r interest from day cf sa^c. secured by deed of trust upon the property. If the terms of aale are not com plied with In six days after tbe sale, tbe propery will be retold at the risk and expense of the pur chaser upon one week's notice All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. TlUe Indisputable. CHAS 8 WALLACH. Truntee J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap3l??eoAds Auctioneer Bv A GREEN. Auctioneer. Extensive sale or saddles, hah. uess, Trunks, and Snddlea, Hardware at Aactlen.?Mr. Daniel Campbell Intending to change his business I will sell, on THURSDAY, the 8th of May, at 10 o'clock A M , at his Sad dlers' Est ibllsbmcnt, No 30ft Pennsy'vania ave nue. between 4# and |6tb streets, the entire stack of Goods remaining on hand, viz : Fine English Bridles axd Martingales Be*t Somerset and Hhaftoe Saddles, English style Ladle*', boys', and common do Double and single Harness llest English Saddle Trees and Cart Saddles Plough Bridles, Collars, and Harness Ladies1 and gentlemen's best sole-leather Trunks Enamelled leather Bags. Hat Boxes, and Valise* Whips of every variety. Spur. Bits. Ac With a large lot of Saddlers' Hardware, and many other articles which we deem unneeeooarv to enumerate Any person wishing to purchase any of the above-mentioned artuJea is respectfully invited to call anv time previous to sale, as Mr. C. will sell at? reduced price. Terms of auction sale: Under S2S cash; over S'25 a credit of CO and 00 davs.for notes aatlsfiKGo rily endorsed, bearing Interest A.GREEN, ap 3o eoAds Auctioneer By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer A HAKE CHANCE TO OUT Alii A Small Country Sent Nenr the <?*>??On THURSDAY, Ma> ltth. at four o'clock, t. M I shall sell on the premises s part of that beautiful tract of land called St Elizabeth, more generally known as Poplar Point, situated on the Essteru branch of the Potomac, opposite the Navy Yard, about three miles from the centre of the elty. This lsnd Is most eligibly situated, embracing some of the most beautiful building site* tu tbe viciaiiv of Washington; t? eaay of aoeasaby road which Is In excellent condition, and UueU adap ted for general gardes purp ises ? It wlfl be sold in Lou of from five to twenty - five acres, thus affording s rare opportunity for ibese who desire a small country seat near the city. If not dUpooed of at private aale before the time above specified it will thea be offered at pub lie suction. For terms of sale and farther particulars apply to Jno C. C Hamii ton Esq., Attorney at Law, Louisiana avenue, or to T M Hanson, No &3S 7th steeet. A plat will be exhibited on thsdavof sale, with division of the land. C. W. BOrttLAK, ap2i-\V3w Auctioneer Bv A. GREKN, Auctioneer. IHtAUTIrtiL off MHODN# AT 15 tbe Intersection of 1U and Boundary streets, wlthtee Improvements, at Auction. On THURSDAY-, May oth, at 5 o'clock P M.I ?hall sell, in front of the premises, all of square No. 44U, containing l>etween IS and 17 thotiiand squ ire feet, with the Improvements, wfcScb are a handsome cottage and a brick dwelling and <rore honfe, bake-oven, and other necessary outbuild ing? The remainder of the aquare is Improved with a fence, which encloses the whole, and a variety of fruH trees, vines, Ac. The above described property ta handsomely situated on the east side of 7th street west and Boundary street, and prensnlsaSne opportunity for Investment, as tbe sale will be posemptery. Terms: One fourth oesh; balance in t end it months, the purchaser to give notes for the defer red payments, bearing IntffNt from day of sale; n deed given aad a deed of treat taken Allcou veyaitcing at theeost of the pirehaaer. ap JO eoAda A. ?EEEN,Auat%