Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, rUBLISHKD EVKR.Y AKT? K^OOS, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 41 tkt Simr Fundings, torntr ?/ Pinmtf Ivmmim mnii EUrtntk tlrt*I, By W. D. W ALL ACH, Will be served to snbscrlbers by carriers at 3IX AND A (QUARTER CENTS, p-yable weekly lo the Agents; papers served In packages at 77^ ? iat? per ir.onth. To ma'l subscribers the rob ??rlptlon price 1? THRKEDOLLAR9ANDFIF ?Y CENTS? ayear???^*a?fi,TWO DOLLARS Tor sir rr.rnth*, and ONE DOLLAR for three mtmtin; for lees than three months at the rate ef oents a week. l^TSINSLE COPIES ONE CENT. Cfbming VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1856. NO. 1,014. THE WEEKLY STAB. This excellent Family and News *lBla* a (ranter variety eftnteraetlBfraadlafthHl taa be fonnd 1b aay ether?U pabnshed ea letnr. 4a y Mernlaf villi. ?iBfieeepy, pmmmm m ?? nm r Its espies Tea copies Twenty copies CT" Casi, IRTABUUT IP AiriRCI. ILT" Single copies (In wrappers) ean be proo?i*d it the eounter, Immediately after the lesneef Ue paper. Piioe?Triib Cbhts. PosTMasTBBs whoact as agents will Ml a eonamissloB of twenty per cent. ? M orviciu* Tax* scar Dipaktxbdt, Dec. 1, 1836. N otlce is hereby given to holders of stocks of the United StaUs that ibis Department will pur chase to the amount of 91,500 0(10 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to thf 1st day of June next, and will pay iherefor the following price*, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1842, a premium of ten per cent.; for stock of the loans of 1817 and 1848, s premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under the act of 1850, commonly called Texas-In demnity stock, m premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 194?, redeemable on the U h November, 1549, if received at the Treasury prior to the 1st day of January next, a premium o t2% percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the :Jlst of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and if received afTer the 31st of March and prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of IX percent. I uterest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the dale of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department un d^r the present notice should be duly assigned to tae United States (with the current half year's In terest If sent prior to the 1st of January next) bv tne f>artv entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by draft* upon theassl-tant treasurersat Boston, New York or ralladeiptla, as the parties entitled to receive tae money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtJunel Secretary ofrthe Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR GlNPOWOfcR. ORDNANCE OFFICE. > PWashijigto*. April23, l=>56 ( ROPOSALS AKK INVITED FROM THE Powder Manufacturers of the country for fur nishing Fiva Thousand Barre s of Gunpowder or any portion of that quantity not ie-s than on* thou^d barrels Four-fifths of the Powder to be furnished must be Cannon Powder, and one fifth Musket Powder; and the whole amountthat in iv be ordered must be delivered at the harbor of New \crk by the 1st of August, 1?56, und not sooner than the 20th July, 1856. Contracts will >'* entered into only with* thoss who ran give sat isfactory assurance of their ability to manufacture Powder of the qu*ity requirrd for Government use The proportions of the ingredients of Powder for the military servic** are 75 parts of nitre 15 parts of charcoal, and 10 parts of sulphur be ingredients to be u*ed in the manufacture must be cf the highest degree of purity; tlie nitre must not contul i m>re tnan l-?HKKh pari of chlorides the charcoal must be ob'alned from sound willow or popl ir *eoo<f, of not mor-> than three or fo-ir years' growth: r.nd the sulphur of such puritv t hat iu b irnlrw lf>^i grains in a vp?.*el th resid ium shall cot exceed a small fr iction of a 1 be Pow?5-r must be ,-.a"kt-d in barrels of o;:e Lund'ed po inds ca' h ; the birrels to be made of well-seasoned white oak, and hooped with hi ory or cedar hoops (th? latter preferable) de prived of their baric; the hoops to cover two tblrds of the barrel, and to be secured bv copper nail*; instead of a bung on the side, a screw hole on-i and a half inch diameter must be made in the he idof the barrel, and closed by a wood screw with a:i octagonal head, not projecting beyond the ends or the staves, with a washer under it of thin le.ith-r steeped in a solution of bees- wax in spli its n' turpentine, and a piece of cloti glued over the head of the?crew plug. Th" ingredients, and also t?.e powdeT. durin* after fabrication, will be suoiect to inspec ioa and rroof by racers of the Ordnance Depart ment. as laid down r the Ordnance Manual (to waich bidders are referred.) and noni will be re cei 'ed unless approved by the Inspector. The In spection will be made at the powder works and certiieatej will be given by tiie Inspector to the contractors, oa the presentation of which with rr. -ip;*, by the ordnance officer stationed 'in the fcarbor of New \ ork.for the powder ddivred there, pivment will L-e mad" to the fuli amount. Th>* prop^-a s in ist state the price p r 100 !? -unds v barrel included.) and must be endorsed '? Proposals for Gunpowder,'' and directed to the undersigned, at the Ordnance Offlc--, Washlnc V" ?'here the>' * U ** ?f**ned on the^lOj of May la the pretence of the bidders, or of such vt them as may to appear H. K. CRAIG, . Colony of Ordnance. Philadelphia Argus; Day Book and Military Argus, New t ork ; Boston Post; and Hartford rimes, kach cf tne above pipers will send one of the piper.- c attaining the advertisement, and a'.s > the.r bills, to the Ordnance Ofilce. ap 21-dCMMay ORDNANCE OFFICE ) N\ ashissto"*, May 1, 18'8 < rpilE WHOLE 1{1'AM1TV OF POWDER I- required ur.der the above advertisement Is'e d iced io ikrtt ttou-acd barrels, fou'-fifths rf it to l?ecannon powder and or.e-fif:h mu^kt t powder witn all tbe o h? r conditions of the above adver' tiseaent unchanged H K CRAIG Colonel of Ordnonce me paperi authorized to publish the call for prjf.osa.s for gnn-powder. dated April *3 will please insert this m-tice Immediately under that advertisement m ^ mew Finn AXD SE <? AHKANGEMENTS ' T POTKNTINIt S '"t 1 r,LL, formed a copapne^hip f r th* purpose cf ctrryiag on the CONFKU. I IONER i and RESTAURANT business 4t ?W i'-nnsylvanla avenne, under the siyle of ' POTKN riNI A ZITELL, rx>2 leave to c ill the attention of tfa* patrons of the o.d firm, and ihe generally, t. the Increased faclltles which they now oiler for sinplvlni/ WEDDING, BALL and SUPPEK PAKWe" a: the shortest possible notice, with all the deli cacies both in and out of season. Room* furnished for BR KAK FAST, DIVMB and SUi'PEK, for private parties, at all tlm?s v\ e hav? aisoconutcted with our establishment . fine SALOON fittel up express:y for the ladies where they caa be furnished wftn GAME 0\ STEKri of all k. ids, served up in every stvie ??t vh* shortest notice. Ladies favoring us with a call can always be furnished with every deilca-v tnat the cppetite desires. cy and gentlemen can h%ve their MEALS ^eftt to ihem a C elr private rooms by leaving or We wm also Day partlculii attention to the ^ v i P n *nd a'tameaui CON r i.C I IONEiO In all their branches, and will always k-ep o^haud a stieci assortment of h rench COYFEch^NS, HON BONS, PKESEIl VKi >-? POTENTINl ^ Z1TELL, 2,9s s. Pa av between 10th and lith sts ap 12-2m (IntkOrgan) ALNWICK FRENCH Aft DEMOLISH M >IAL.E HEniNAtty FOK BO.1RDl.yG PVP1LS ^JITl'ATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THE Batimore and Washington Railroad and 1 urnpi ?e, and two ml.cs south of the village or Laurel. M A TYSON A SISTERS respectfully in fjnri their ,>^Uons and others that It Is their in te itloo to aos^, p.rmanently, tbelr day school 1b tie cltv on the 21?t April, and taat tae summer laeu AluWica iostltutlou Wia open on ?'HJMUAY, May 5th. Applications may be mi?e at their city resl d-i:: e a-i.ii ut May. or by letter addrcssed'to the Laurel Post oAce, M4 I ?i?n ^c'iity is afforded for the ?cqul "iy?.^ry ",d ^ "IR WILLI AVI PALniiK, Profcator of Siigms and the FIut?, I>EGS ro INFORM THE INHAItlTAMT^ iVi.N ?-? -tif uw" . Ci.A.^Sc.S for iwd, three or four m> pi.s. wnereby each vice wU 1^ propS y a rimed a id separst-'e cultivated, a.:o6rdiii1/ to Its qua.ity, which coald not be done, consistent lv ?!th .laulUMM., Me/? > Sopranos, and C^nt/alio Voices require ? widely ditt'ereut training Tfie same car-is ceseary with male voices, vi*; Tenor, Baritone" an l ti t-1 wnen the pupLs a/j sufilclenUy ad' v '^"1 losing be tbe.ns.l7es they will then be tvi^-a: ?e giKe their r'?pect've parta in Duets i' .or <.{ua;te.tM. ' . ? ?? > p-T li'j irter : ?.'I f<>r eirh p ipll, If only ' -'oae ftO'ir will l>e di'<?! ti andancxt'a u,f *:r f-?r evtry aijiiionu pi^i!; f*r quiriei f jr separate pupils. ?P4-" 247 Pvuttsflvania avenue. 1 MOKE LIME. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS JUST RECEIVED 2,000 bushels fresh wood-burnt LIME, whi"b will be sold lower than it can be bought in Washington, for the rash. A so, on haad, WOTHERSPOON'S BLAS TER, the best manufactured In th s country, In the lot a few barrels of superfine or Casting Plas ter; together with CEMENT, WHITE SAND, and LATHS He solicits a call from a'l disposed to save by buying at the lowest cash price WM P DRURY, At the old Gas House, 10th street and Canal. m 3 eo4t* HARD WAKE?(HEAT FOR CASH. CUTLERY, HOUSE FURNISH GOODS, Tools , Scales. Brushes, Shovels, Spades, Forks Hoes, Traces, Plough Castings, Locks Hinges, ^crews, Glue, Flics, Ac. Ac In fact everything to be found In a well regula ted Hardware Store always to be found on hand and cheap for cash at HARVEY A ADAMS, ap 28-eolm 325 Pa. av , near 7th st. 5AAA BBLS. POUDKETTE. jUUtJ 10.00<( lbs. De Burgh's No. 1 AMMO MATED SUPER-PHOSPHATE, annalyzed by Dr. Stewart, Chemist to Maryland Agricultu ral Society. 300 tons of MEXICAN GUANO, at S. F SPAULDING'S, Varnum Buildings, ap 19-eotf No. 50 Louisiana avenue. [No 554 ] IXJOTK'E OF THE DISCONTINUANCE ll OF THE LAND OFFICE AT IOWA CITY IN THE STATE OF IOWA Notice is hereby given that in pu-suance of law. and in view of the rep rt of the register and re ceiver at Iowa city, Iowa, that the vacant land In that district Is reduced below one hundred thou sand acres, thetecretarf of the Interior his direc t d that the land oth> e at Iowa city be discontin ued, and the lands remaining unsold at the time of the discontinuance be made subiect to sale and entry at Fort Des Moines, in said State. Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated bv law, and subject to private entry at the land ottc nr.w di?coMinu?d, will cee*e to be subject to entry at said office from the date of the receipt of notice to that effect bv the register and receiver th. reof, and the land officers at Fort Des Mo lies will give public notice of the day on which they will be picpartdto receive applica' ions for entries of <*ny such lands at their office. Given under my hand, at tne city of Washing ton, this 15th day of April, A D lb56. THUS A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office. ap 17-lawtiw _ [No. 533 ] ]\TOTH'E OF THE TEMPOR4RV CON ll TINUANCF. OF THE LAND OFFICE AT KALAMAZOO, IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. Congress, by an act approved April 5, 1956, ha?ing authorized the temporary continuance of the lind office at Kalamazoo, Michigan, which office wa? directed to be discontinued by nrtice No 547, bearing date November 12, 1955? It is, therefore, hereby declared and made known that the said order for the discontinuance of the Kaiamazoo district is revoked, and the of ttce wi'.l be reopened for b^slne^s on the 1st day of June next, and continued until further notice. Given under my tand at the city of Washing ton, this 15th day of April, A. D 195*. THOS. A. HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Office, ap 17-lawGw FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. FOR SALE, AT THE NURSERIES OF the subscriber, at Lincaen Hill, ard onj 11th street, in W ashington, a large and well* sel-oted assortment of FRUIT and OKNA-? MENTAL TREES. Amongst thuin 12 to 15 tho.sand APPLE TREES, well-aisorted and of fine growth, at *20 per hundred. 15 to 20 thousand PEACH TREES, forming a complete assortment, at $12 50 per hundred, or <100 per thousand 5,000 to 7,000 PEAR TREES, dwarfs and stan dards. A f*w hundred DWARFS of extra site. W 1th a generil assortment of PLUM, CHER RY, APRICOT, NECTARINE, andQUlNCE T R K Also. CURRANTS. GOOSEHERRIES, RASPBERRIES, STRAW BEK K IK;*, Ac of the most approved kinds. The stock of ORN AMENTAL TREES is ex tensive ,-uid fine. Amongst those < f lar^e size for streets and lawns are many thousands of such as American and European Elms and Lindens, Tu lip Trees, Aspeu, Abeie, and other Poplars; American and European Horse Chestnuts; cugi-r, Silver. Scarlet, and Norway Maples; Mountain Ash, Green and White Ash; several varieties of Oaks and Magnolias; Weeping Willows, Golden Willows, ana many others. Ornamental Evergreen* and Shrubbery. Great exertions nave been made to make this department complete; it now contains from thirty to forty thousand Firs and Pines of choice vdrie t!e-, a portion < f which are of extra nize. Persons wishing to embellish their grounds and proprietors cf photic cemeteries wilt lind It to their advan'ageto call and select such as may an swer their pui poses. Persons residing near, when it is desired, can have Trees delivered, with balls rf earth to the roots, which they will flad to give them a decided preference over trees transporte I from a Jlstance. Job gardener* will be supplied at a reasonable discount JOSHUA PIERCE mar 14?wtf ELEGANT FLO'IR OIL-CLOTHS. JUST RECEIVED AND ON SALE? insheets heavy aud superior OIL-CLOTHS, la rich Tapestry, Mosaic Pave, <; ik Pannel, Fresno, and Encou;;ti- Tit e patterns. which will be cn; up for all eixed rooms, ba'ls, or passages, as per diagram. at low priues Also, :ju sheets 12 and 6 feet wide do, very low psited, In beautiful colors and patterns Also, 200 rolls superior heavy and lirm-bodied CANTON MATTING, In 3 4, 4 4, 5 4 and 5-1 widths, and White, Red, Owcktd.and Fancy Colors, in double extra Nankin, extra Gowqua marking and Toshlng brands. We can safely assert that the first two kinds above-named, are tl?e best goods of the kind ever otf red for sale in this market They were made to order, are warranted, and will be sold very low. ap21-to3w CLAGETT, POD SON A CO. DK ItHVI ARTZE'S Worm Destroying Syrup. 'pHE ONLY KNOWN REMEDY WHICH 1 never fail# to destroy Worms without injury to the patient It !? warranted to be a purely vege' tabie compound, and compared with other prepa rations is pleasant to take, and innocent in its operation It needs but a trial to prove its effi cacy. Price : 5 cents a bottle For sale at JOHN SCHWARTZE'S, Drug and Che ideal Store, No. 4A8 Pa. avenue, next to U. S Hotel. P S.?A liberal deduction will be made to the trade mar 20?eotf lime:?lime::?lime:!! WILL BE OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Lime Kilns of W. H. Godey A Co , situated on Rock Creek, between the upper ar.d lower bridges, a kl'.n of very superior WOOD BUK.NT 1..1 ME. The subscribers have also ou hand a iar^e supply of PLASTERERS' HAIR CEMENi, CALCIN ED PLASTER, and every descr ptionof the very bestquility of lime, wolch will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms ap 14?eotf W. II GODEY A CO. CAttl FA I O FOR. Fl'KN ITl'KE. PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all tlmos to pur chase their entire stock, or such articles as they may wish to dispose of Call and see BONT'Z A COOMBS. No. 360 Seventh st , bet. I and K. feb lft-eod ACOCNTEK AND GLASS < A>fcS FOR Sale.?In consequence of wishing to enlarge our store and make room for an lmmen>e stock of Boston Pianos, we offer for sale, very low, a large COUNTER aud oue or two fine SHOW CASKS Remsmber. at 30G, the Piano and Music fcstab lshmer.t of JOHN F. ELLIS. ap22 STILL A GREAT RUSH AT ELLIS'S FOR BARGAINS^?NOW IS the time to gtt cheap goods, as he is ?elllng out to change tiuilne*? Cio. everybody, to 3tn Pa avenue, between fth and 10th sts ap 17 MR. W. IIKNRY PALM ?.R'? PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Ft* Dollars Per (Quarter. Apply at GEORGE HILBlS'S Music Depot, Pcnts/ivaala avenue. BW CHAL'NCY WARRIIVKR, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AND DKAL1R 15 Fine Watfhfs, Jewelry, nnd Silver Wnre. (^OLI) SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * FINK JKWKLR Y.S1L VF.R SPOONS, FORK;4, GOBLETS, CUPS. Ac., for sal# at New York prices. I ? R E PAIRING. ? The Chrcnompter, Duplex. Lover. Cylinder. Kfpeatlng. Musical, and other W*TCHES repaired. Also. JEWELRY. Ac. No. 370 Pennsylvania Avenue, betw'n Sixth fnd Seventh street*. Browns' Hotel building, sign of the GOLDEN WATCHES, ap 89-tf Washington NKW HUMMER AHRANOEMEKTS. IN ADDITION TO OUR PREMIUM MIN eral Waters, Mead, Ale, and Porter, we a have made such arrangements as will enable A us to keep constantly on hand a large supply B of the following articles, most of which have 9 been carefully prepared by scientific men, as ton ics for weak and delicato persons : Ginger Wine, Native Port Wire prepared from native fount, Blackberry Brandy. Raspberry do , Cherry. Row Coidial Cinamon, Anise, Curaeoa, Stomach Bit ters, Wine, Stoutons ; Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry. Pine Apple. Vanilla, Lemon and oth er Svrups; Extracts of Sarsapariila for cleansing the blood, and a host of other articles too nume tjus to mention. All orders left at eur Depot, or with the drivers of oar Wagons pro mptly attended to. m 1-tf ARNY ft SHINN, Georgetown. BAJOU'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES J NO H SMOOT, No. 118 BRIDGE STREET, Georgetown, has received, from York, ladies Bairn's KID OI,OV ES ,|,[;ilb \ white, bla"k and colored; gents, do do '/ill' ladles and gents J at! la Silk and LMe 'i*' Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached aud brown C:>tton Ho>?, all qualities; bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose; misses' and boys' Hose and Half Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very best makes of the above goods, purchaser* may depend upon get ting a good ar'lcle as cheap as the same quality can be bought elsewhere. ml_tr _ _ Joh^hjjmoot^ SHAD A* It HERll 1NG < ALIVE." Dealers and families desirous of procuring the best SHAD > Hi or HERRING for salting can have them delivered at market prices immedi ately upon being caught, by leaving their orders at the Union Land < >fllce, 7th street above Odd Fellows'Kali, f.r at the fishing shore adjoining the Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they fan be obtained alive. ap22-lm# 8040 TO LOAN. ANY PERSON POSSESSING REAL Es tate. that will satisfy the Georgetown Build ing Association, can ob ain that amount atones on very favorable terms, on application to E K LUNDY, ap 26 128 Bridge st , Georgetown. CLOTH DRESSING AND DYEING ES TABLISHMENT. The subscriber having re-estab lished himself In the above business is pre pared to DYE Silk, Merino, andDela'ne Dresses: Stlk, Damask and Merino Curtains ; Crape and Merino Shawls dyed or bleached Gents' Coats, Pauls, Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L J DENHAM, No 219 south side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, opposite Gautler's Confectionery, ap ll-lm? WATCHES. MW. GALT A BRO. OFFERS CON ? stantly a complete assortment of superior Watches. They call particular attention to those made by T F Cooper. F B. Adarcs X Sons, David Tavlor, D xon, Oraig, and others, London r.t T. Tobias ft Co , R A; J. Beeslry. Joseph Johnson, Blundell & Co , Llverp oi. Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen Also, Va<uieroB A Constantine's celebrated Ge neva Watches, which, from their size and style, are oecullarly suited for ladies Tae above, with those by every other maker, are offered at the lowest rates. M. W GALT & BRO , Jewelers, ap 12-dtf 324 Pa av. bet. &th and 10th sts. ladies: Your Immediate Attention is most respect fully Solicited !! R. C. STEVENS, I)EAL*R IN FRENCH KILLINERY & FANCY GOODS. 1 EMBRACE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY of the s'asons to Inform my friends and the public that my stock of Straw BON -! NETS Boys' HATS and FLATS, Straw! Trimming best French and American Ar tificial Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, Illusions. Eng lish and Italian Crapts, Neapolitan, Tuscau Swiss, French Lace. Saton, Florence and Eug lUh Bonnets, white and black Ribbons, full as sortment, all of which will be sold at the lowest market prices for cash. I*. S.?Ju*t received 100 Shakers, 50 Llk Bon net*, 50 bores double and single Ruche, green Ribbon and Silk to trim Shakers. ap 19-tf OAS LIGHT OAS LIGHT!! Always sure, and undtr your own control! GALLAHEK A SMITH HAVING PER fected their PORTABLE GAj GENERA TOR, now oflVr it to the rnihlic, assuring ttem that It is free from all the objections which have been urged against other inventions for accom plishing artificial illumination It will generate more Gas, at less, than any othtr Appa ratus, take up less space, and Is free from all noxious odors, while Its original cost is fifty per i cent. less. For Public Buildings or Private Dwellings this Generator will be found pecu liarly applicable, and In the country highly ad vantageous, as the Gas be manufactured from any kind of grease that is now considered valueless and thrown away. It Is very simple in Its construction, not liable to get out of order, and can be tended with entire sifetyby an ignoraut servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think It necessary, in en advertisement, to give any long description of their Gas Generator, those des rous of being supplied will examine for themselves, they would, therefore, respectfully refei the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No '243 Pennsylvania avenue, rou'h side, Who are the role and General Agents, whee the Gas can be seen burning, and all particulars as certained relative to she Generator, Jbc. ap 14-lm CHollE rRUIT TREES FURHALE. in nnn APPLE TREES, OF EXTRA XV/jUl/V/ growth and well assorted. 5,0'i0 PEACH TREES, forming a com-^^P plete assortment and well grown. ? A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TRELS,of extra size. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised by the late John H King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View

Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, ^ few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply as above. E. J. K. mar 11?tf rilHE RISING STAR GAME.?THIS IS A X beautiful and instructive Lame for Children. It learns taem to commit to memory all the inci dents and celebrated battles that were fought du ring the American Revolution For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON. mar **-3m street, opposite Post Oace. ~l7j. MIDDLKTON, DEALER IN ICE, Office and Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. feb 5*7-tf ? CARD. HE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE firm of D Finch A Son ) still continues to carry on the Painting business in all its various branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public gen' rally a continuance of their favors. All work contracted for by him will be execu ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to )>e left as usual, at the old stand, cor ner Pith and E streets. JNO. SU MM ERF I ELD FINCH, apll-lm __ I^UE CHRISTIAN LIVE, its Hopes, its ? Fears, and its Close,by,Thos Arnold, D-D., from the fifth London edition, St. A Sketch of the Life of the Kev William M. Jackson, late rector of St Paul's Church, M*c folk, Va , by the Rev George D Cumiulns, rec tor cf Trinity Church. Washington, 4o cents. Just published, and fjr ? ale at TAVLOR A MAURY'S ap 10 tBookstore, near Vth street. T Houses, &c.,for Rent and Sale kiA,l.e;~tvvo ok thk most ? \ PrlTate residences in thecltv . ini M n l' near H??w? ?lde 11,quire ?'J f" u.V, No ??. South B street ii li ?r WALLACH, Km., oppo site City Hall. \plV*U POR SALE?THK ADVERTISER WILL , .8<"u Rt Private sale between now and the first of August, a very desirable Lot neatly enclosed, with a smail two-story frame house on it. situ ated on the corner of Virginia avenue ai.d <Jd ??? . 'rriit'ng 84 feet on Virginia avenue It Is In the Imm ediate neighborhood of the Ob servatory. Persons wishing to purchase can examine the property at any time, when the terms of sale can be ascertained. in l_im* F"* ?NT-F?R A TERM OP YEARS, UNIMPROVED LOTS IN SQUARE No! JJ?C~ subscriber will lease for a term of about eight years, the Unimproved Lots in square No ?J< j, In the city of Washington He invites pro Iu's i. l^e month, for a lease of the whole property, with the privilege to sub'et it; and if not disposed of bv that day, he will then make leases of detached parcels thereof Undoubted security for t&e payment of the rents, wia be required (m2-12td) K.SMITH DOR SALK.-A SMALL FRAME HOUSE a. and Lot on 8th street, between K and L, Lot fronting 23 feet, with a depth of ffi feet 8 Inches rerms reasonable Location unsurpassed. Anrlv to ROBERT. A PAYNE, Druggist, corner 4th street and Vass. avenue* m 1-tf VALUABL B FARM FOR SALK~ CON talning 90 acres, situated mile east of the Ro^kville Turnpike Iload, and 2% from Wash ington city. It is well watered, and on it a good supply of fir* wood and young orchard The Im prove men ts are a small frame dwelling and sta ble. It posse-ses all the advantages lequlaite to imkc a garden of great v?lue, or a dairy farm, and a pita ant residence The terms will be made easy. Apply to POLLARD WEBB. No 51 v! Seventh street, opposite National Intelligent cer Office. ap 22-tf F*or sals:?a tract of LAND CON talcing 170 acres, 4<? of which is cleared, 15 cr 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance in oak and hickory, Rome of which is very hea?y it is ha'dsoriiel- iocalcd, in e. thickly settled aiid rapidly improving neighborhood. near Bavly's Corners miles souU west of Washington. and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable: contains a valuable stone quarry, and will be sold In whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars apply to F. H. SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H. CLEVE LAND, on the premises. feb 29?tf FOR RENT?SEVERAL H ANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 233 F street. no* 27?tf AT PRIVATE SALE -EIGHTEEN SMALL bjliding lo:s for sale, ccrner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First V\ ard, ranging in price from 80 to l?0 dollars each Terms from 5 to 15 dollar? per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumoer or bricis (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by de'd of trust on the property. Title Indispu table For any other Information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av.,bet. 18th 6c 19th ap 10?3m F^OR rent ?a three story brick Dwelling, with extensive Back Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of g*>od water in the yard, situated on K street, nearly op posite the Brewery. To a good tenant the rent will be made moderate. App y to COM S. CASi?IN, or at UODEY A CO S . Line Kiln, Beall street, between Congress zed M ashington streets, Georgetown. in 2-eotf FOR RENT.?LENOX'S WHARF, NEAR the Long Bridge, tfle best and most reliable one in the territory for landing stone and other heavy articles. Jt has about 100 feet fiont, with depth of water sufficient for landing purposes on either side Attached thereto Is a square of ground for the purpose of depositing coat or wood. On said squaie Is acomfortabledwelling, which may be adapted to store purposes There is about 14 feet water alongside said Wharf at low tide To those desiring to make a profitable business a rare opportunity is offered. For terms apply at No. 180 H street north, between 8th and 9th streets west. JAMES TOWLES, Property Agent, ap 25-eotf Building lots for sale?a va rietv of Building I ots la all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms, Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's office. rext door to W. B Todd's, Hat Stcre, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front rco:n. ap 2l-ec3m DAVID MYERLE. FOR SALE.?THE UNEXPIRED TERM of a lea~,e now two years and eleven months, of the store .ooms on Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 11th and 12th streets, lately occupied by Mr* G A R F ET A N L) ERSON, is now oflVred for sale For terms be pleaded to apply to the sub scriber. If iiot seld by the 10th of this month the fald rooms wi l be for r^nt. G. M DAVIS, ml-dlOt Trustee f^OR PRIVATE SALE?A VERY NEAT, convenient, thre.i story frame House, with a deep lot laid r if as a flower garden The above house contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the priviledge of aback alley The above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenu#, between 4th ar.d 5th streets, No. 501. Forturlher Information please call as above. Possession given in a few days. If the above Is hd sold in a few day-* it will be for rent, ap 30- tf I)ARE CHANCE?THE UNDERSIGNED k- otters for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARROVER. Terms : A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol' Hill. feb&i-tf fropotals for tipper Plate Engraving. OFFlCKSrr*KtNT*liDKNT PtBLlC PlMNTlSG, > Washington, May 5,1850 j Duplicate proposals will bk re ceived at this office until the ISth day of May Inst , at 12 o'clock, m . for engraving upon copper for the use of the Senate and House of Represen tatives, ir. the best manner, certain quarto plates, 6 by 9 Inches, of natural history, concbology, and geology, to accompany the reports of theTaclfic Railroad and Surveys and Japan Expidition. The illustrations will be open at this office for the Inspection of tnose persons desirous of bid ding for the same, until the closing of the bids, an<T any information desired will also be fur nished Contracts will be entered Jnto with, and bonds with security will be requir- d from the successful bidders for the faithful execution of their con Iricts. it Is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertained from any parlies not directly enraged In, and pratically acquainted with the style of work bid for, and that the contract* will in all casas, be awarded to the lowest and best bidder. Tbe bids will state prl'e, and but ore price, for the work bid for, and the time required for the execution of the work; and must be addressed, one to the chairman of the Committte on Engrav ing, House cf Representatives, United States and one to A. G. Seaman, Superlatendentof Pub lic Printirg, Washington, D C., and be endorsed on the outside of the envelope ' Proposals for Copper-plate Engraving " A G. SEAMAN, m5-td Superintendent. ONLY 12* C ENTS. BUCKLEY'S CELEBRATED SONG BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans Serrtiaders at their opera house, Bioad way, New York. For sale bv the agent, ALEX ADAMSON. m?r 22-:Jm 7th street, opposite Post Ofilce For the ladics.?per express this day one case Mai lard's NEW ^ ORK CANDIES, consisting of? Cream Chocolate, Burnt Almonds Lady Drops, Cod Liver Paste With a large variety of Plums, Ac. Z. M P. KING, ep29-tr 865 Vt. av., cor. 15th and l sts. S>?ftTLEMICA'S FIRS SHIKTsTluD VT Glovts, UtdershlUs, Drawers, Cravafs Ties, Hardkerchiefs, Hosiery, Ac , and all articles ne ?*??iiy for gentlemen's outfit, at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS. ap 2*-tr &M Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hall. , EVENING STAR. MATTERS AND THINGS IN NEW YORK [CORKRSPON HK5CR OT TBI STAR ] Niw York, May ft, 1850. The uufortunate denizens of this Metropolis are just now in a state of the mo?t disagreea ble doubt, du?t, and confusion, growing out the abomination of desolation set up in every house by the annual May muring This pe riodical ovciturn begins in earnest about the 28th of April, and last3 a week, May-day be ing the high tide of the woik. And such a work! Only imagine two or three carts and wagons, with a dozen persons interested in cacli, toting household furniture of ..11 de scriptions, from the brocatelle and rosewo'>d . of lifthave-noodledom to the dirty pine of the Fire Points ; with all the confusion of moving out while others arc moviDg in, collisions ol tables and temper, breaking of pier glasses and patience, scratching of fine furniture and faces, smashing of crockery and of craniutns blacking of bedd'ng and eyes, tearing i f car pets and coats ?first time since last moving day; or. what is worse, drenched by a north easterly rain, which seems to take malignant pleasure in pelting yonr person and property to make work for doctors and cabinet makers. This is a faint picture of a sad reality ; a reality which is over for this season. Nine out of every ten movers have solemnly sworn that they will not move again?a promise that eight of the nine will break next Spring If you ask why so many people move every May in New York. I can give no better reason than that it is the custom. A few are obliged to move because the houses are to be torn down or altered to stores; a larger number because they cannot pay the rent demanded; now and then one who will not stand an advan tage, but paying twice the advance for cart hire and damaged furniture; yet the great mass of locomoting families move from love of change, an hallucination much more lament able than many which send their victims to a lunatic asylum. The " anniversary week." as it is called, commenced on Sunday, when half a d"ien annual sermons were prescbed, mostly by clergymen from abroad. The regular sooiety meetings will continue for about two weeks, during which time gome twenty anniversaries wiii be held. The most important are, the meetings of the Tract Society, Home Mission ary Society, Colonization Society, Anti Slave ry Society and Congregational Union. These annual gatherings bring to our city a great number of clergymen, and professors of the most diverse views and faith, and pro voke among our newspapers equally diverse comments. With the people it is a period of peculiar interest. Speakers of fame from all parts of the country hold forth, and the rush to hear them is overwhelming. It matters not what doctrine a man holds or teaches, if ho has oratorical fame, he will have no lack of hearers in New York For a week we are Mayorless, Fernando havii g gone to Virginia to speak an eulogy upon Alexander Hamilton. Yours, Tscukseh. Mr. Capron becomes Smitten Mr. Capron resides in Hartford. On Wed nesday he paid a visit to this city. I)uriug the evening he took up a position un the Man sion House stoop to see the ladies and think of strawberries Mr. Capron is evidently a susceptible young man, with a strong bias toward pouting lips and plum colored eyes. We say Mr Capron stood uu the Mansion House. About a quarter to ten a young lady with a veiled face passed. Mr. Capron felt h:s hoart beat like a trip hammer. Mr Ca pron resolved to mnke the acquaintance of the y<ung lady. lie accordingly pulled up his collar, adjusted his dickey, and started in pursuit. As they approached Steuben street, Mr. Capron opened conversation, and asked the y. ung lady if he inigut sec her home?the streets being dark and loncsoAe. The young lady said "it whs the very favor she would have asked." Saying this, she took Mr. Ca pron's arm, which caused Mr. Capron's heart to flop about like a blessed carp in a lime bas ket. They walked up Broadway to Orange, up Orange to Van Schaack, a short distance above Chapel Here the young lady etepped upon the stoop, opened the door, aud invited Mr Capron to walk in and " take a seat in the front room.' Mr Capron replied " With pleasure, my iove,'" and took up his position m a twelve shilling rocking chair. The young lady then took off her hat and veil, and com menced feeling for a match to light the lamp with The young lady, after a c.eal of trou ble, found 'he in^ch. Ihe young lady lit the match, and then touched off the lamp The mon - nt she did this Mr. Capron was seized with astonishment. "Why, you are a colored girl, are jou not?" " Certainly , are ycu not of tho same pat tern ?" ??Me! Of course not." " Why. then, did you wish to accompany me home ? Why did you call me ' my dear ?' " "Bah! Get my hat." The young lady, as desired, handed Mr Ca pron his hat. and regretted that he had mis construed matters Mr. Capron made no response, but stormed to the hall door, and kicked a bob-tail dog off the stoop. Mr. Capron had barely left the stoop when a colored gentleman came from an unexpected hiding place. " What you been to see dat gal for ?'' " What gal?" " Dat gal where you kicked dar kog." " None of your business. Don't bother ma?" " But I will bodder you. Never call on dat colored gal when I'm out. Must kill this nig ger or take his life?don't care which." Hero Othello, with a great disregard ef his personal property, threw a ten shilling over coat into a mud-puddle, and pitched into Mr Capron. The first blow lifted Mr Capron about a foot. The next laid him as flat es a flounder- Mr. Capron halloed for the police. The police came and arrested tho party. The colored man, Mr. Wilson, was excused, and held to bail to appear at the next County Court It ia doubtless, however, whether Mr. Capron will appear against him. The trans action is attended with surroundings which would not read well in the laud of steady bab its.?State Police Tribune |jf-Be careful with your postage stamps! Since the law went into operation, requiring the prepayment of postage with stamps, many letters have been withheld, and never reached their destination, because of the neglect of the writers to pay tho postage in advance. An other trouble frequently arises in consequence of the manner in which the stamps are fas tened to the letters. They are furnished with a feeble sort of glue at the best, requiring great care to make them stick at all, and in some cases they drop off after the writer has deposited the letter in the Post Office box, and they are in that case retained with unpaid letters. The safest plan is to use a little ex tra paste er a wafer. Constituents of Chalk ?Dr. ManUll states that a microscopical urinalysis of chalk shows it to be a mere aggregation of shells and corals, so minute that upwards of a mil* lion are contained in a cubic inch: the amor phous particles uppear to be the detritus of similar structures These organism, for the most part, are calcareous shields and cham bered shells of the animalcales termed fora uiinipera, which swarm in inconceivable num bers in our present seas, and are constantly contributing to the sediment forming the bed of the ocean. The Pedlar of Swarffham Tho curious woodwork in the Church of w*rffh*P5, Norfolk, has a ringuiir story oon S?S W ll' A P*Jler' il ? **iJ. !?*' h, in the place, saw one night in a drenin a super "u?L fipr? landing near hire. which *aid, ?h.r.K Pi1? LondoD Brid?<'' ??d there it ,nl! . ? ^""ure.' The pedler was, ionrPrf*r ", nnwilhng to undertake so long a ^ fut. ^ 0 ? intimation, and took no notice of the appanuon The next night it appear ed to him again, and commanded him to be gone inftantlj. Still his incredulity war insu a.?* tJeth,rd n,^t. I think, the figure appeared again, and m .re urgently couiminded him to set off forthwith; and that with suoh a commanding manner that on wa king our pedler determined to obey Having happily surmounted the tedious journey ta king only his dog as his companion, he came to the Lond n Bridge. and wandered up and down it a whole day without any result At 'a t. as it grew toward evening, a man who had, fr?>m one of the houses I prenme on the bridge, watched his incessant motions to and tro. came up to him " Sir pedler," said be, " may I be so bald to inq u i re the cause of your wandering up and down the bridge all this livelong day, without intent methink to gain any advantage there by The pedler, who by this time began nimseli to mistrust tho reasonableness of his errand, was loth to expose what might be hit own folly; but at last, on being very much pressed, '? Well," quoth he, ' an I mus' tell you. a \ ision bade me come to London Bridge, tor tlir.t there I should find a treasure, but trea?ure. X have found none, and unless I am more fortunate, back shall I go as poor as 1 came.'' " Never trust again to visions,' quoth ue other; " If I hud been fool enough to be i a ken in by them, I might have been sent ere now on as wildgoosc a chase as you have been. I dreamed, once on a time, that I saw a fig ure which bade me go to a town called Swarff uarm, in Norfolk, to a pedler 8 hou?e lying i^ard by the church ' naming our own ped itr s abode, " and dig in the corner of hia gar den, for that I shuulJ find a pot of gold there; t)ut l never went, and never mean to go ; and yuu methiiiks had done well to stay at homo and mini your own business, as I did " " Good evening, friend," quoth the pedler, I li warrant you I'll never come and look for treasure on London Bridge again " Back he and his dog journeyed to Swarffham. he calls for pickaxe and ?pade, and falls vigor ously to work in tho described oorner of his garden Presently he hits on something bard,' he redoubles his efforts, and turn* it out it is a large pot of gold W ith part of it he builds the church; and a magnificent perpendicular erection it is; and in commemoration of the adventure, had it carved on the wooden seata, and on the basement mouldings of the huge tower The inhabitants of the place fully beiieve the story; and I see no reason to doubt it ?Hierologut. II r*bolpt cpoj? Table-Ti rsihg ?Spirit ualism is attracting considerable attention in Germany and several rather distinguished Sivaut are announced among the converts. S?me persons rep rted the author of Kos mos U> be a believer iu the mysteries of table moving, because he had approved of the the ory of the electricity of the nerves, started by Du Boys Keymonds Or. Jobard thereupon wrote to Humboldt to ascertain hia opinion about spiritualism, and received the folljwing answer; "Bkrm.t. April 2J. 1851 -You have writ ten to me, my dear sir. as you always do, a most amiable letter, but I am not able togive my opinion upon the possibility of the existence of the various kind* of mineral, vegetable, an imal, direct or indirect cerebral electricity I have a holy horror of all kinds of pine-wood spiritualism and paycbograrliic mysticism. You increase my horrors by the ghost of that ephetneric being of reason, which is to receive intelligence from the thoughts ot tho<e per sous who surround the table You know that Geoffrey Saint Ililaire pretends to have sweat the oxyde of thought while in Kgypt, an! you my dear friend, will say, that my incredulity is the simple consequence of my latiness I submit willingly to this reproach, for I am convinccd that the friendship, which you al ways entended to me. will not be diminished if I can be intrumental in leading you out of the obscure path of error. I rely on your for giveness A. V. HrMBoLnr." A Me< haxical Curiosity?With a great deal of wonder, says the editor of the New Haven Patriot, we the other day saw at the store of Mr. Cannon a couple of bottles, each of which would not hold over a quart, and in one of which was a saw mill in operation and in the other a flour mill also in operation. Both mills were moved by a crank in the neck of e:v.*h bottle. The bo'tles and machinery are in the possession of Mr A. H. Parkingham, who is now in the employ of Mr. Cannon. Mr. Parkingham says the machinery was built within their covering thirty-five years ago by a person who was then a resident of New York, but now deceased He did it on a wager of 55,000. which he won in less than three years, the time allowed for the work It has been suggested that the glass must have been blown over the machinery, but it is also said it was impossible with such kind of bottles They arc filled full of machinery, which is braced and otherwise made strong. The neck of each bottle is filled with a plug which is keyed close to the neck. The mystery of getting in the key, when there is hardly room to get in a tool as big as a shingle nail, is as great as any other mystery about the ingenious affair. The Rev. Henry Ward Becchcr a>d JudgeO'N*all,ok South Carolina.? A New York correspondent of the Charleston Mer cury. writing on the 7th instant, says : "I attended last evening the preaching of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. The church was crammed to suffocation. In voice, manner, language, and style of illustration, he is as like Judge O Neall as it is possible for one man to be like another The resemblance amounts almost to identity- Ttie intellectual mould of the two men is equally analagous ; and one is compelled to feel, in spite of the arguments in favor of the diversity of the races, that there are at least two men on the earth of a common type. {y A few weeks since, in the Nicholas cir cuit court, Ky , Mr Garrett Davis was bully ing a witness named Roberts, and derisively called him Captain, when the following dia logue took place : Witness?I am no military man. Mr Davis, but when yon are elected President, I hope you will give me a commission | Laughter j Mr. Davis (furioiuly)?If I were President, tho first thing I should do would be to have you hung, sir! Witness (with a quiet bow)?Thank you, Mr. Davis ; but if I live until you become a President to have me hung, lite will become a burden. , .... Mr. Davis is an ambitious politician?a K. N just now. Qi een Victoria Coming to America 'The able London correspondent of the Toronte Globe states that a report is quite current is England to the effect that the l^aeen has some thought of paying a visit, during the coming summer, to her loyal province at Canada. So far has the rumor gained ground that several London papers are discussing the propriety of the ttep, and advising the Queen to make the journey by all means Id^A young lady in Charleston, S C.. committed suicide because her lover kissed her cheek instead of her lips as usual. He had never been so " cruel," she said, and lif? had become a burden to her on that ao count. Quite chivalrous.