Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR, rSBLIIHKD BVEHT AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) A* Ikt Star BnU4\nit, romtr ef rtmuflwmi* ???'< f.'iimU rlrui, By W. D. WALLACH, W.P tv-n^ed tc auberribera by carrier* al(SIA AN" A QUARTER OK1MTS, poyable weekly *r tbe \Rents; paper* acr^ed In pa^kagea at e?'ntn pa inoma. To mail subscribe? the aob fcrtptlon price la THKFH DOLLARS AND FIF TY CENTS a year ?* ^wiJWO DOLLARS for *lx nr. on tin, and ONK DOLLAR for tkne aaontba; for le? thnc throe nontba at tb? rata ?f cent* a weeb. SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1856. NO. 1,015. talatag a ??? THX WEEKLY STAB. F?utru? Km J war Laaay va Sla?Uaopy, paiaaaaa ?! U ??nn? ??mIjJ"1 ?5 W warn? en TweatJ copw M ITT Oiii, wuiunt m tman. E^SlnKleooi>???(lawrappera)eaiibep??ea ad ?I tba counter. I nnaadlately after tbe taene of it? paper. PrJoe? Taaaa Cbrtb. Poor Kama a wl aooMDlHloa of twenty per eeat. orriciu? 7a?A?CET Dspartmi^t, Deo. 1,1859. Notloe Is hereby given to holder* of stocks of the Unltod States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of ?1,500 000 of said stocks at any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st day of June next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1948, a premium of ten p#?r r^nt.; for stock of the loans of 1947 and 1948, a premium of sixteen per oent.j for stock Issued under the act of 19SO, commonly called Texas-ln d-mnity stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of 1348, redeemable on the 12th November, W16, If received at the Treasury prlcr to the 1st day of January next, a premium of'^X percent.; if received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If received after the 31st of March and prior to paid 1st of June next, a premium of 1){ per cent. Inter-^t will also be allowed oa said stocks at the rates specified In the certificates, from the 1st J ily last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of January next. After that date the interest will be allowed In addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's 1 ulsrsst will be allowed In addition for the money to reach the seller. Certificates transmitted to this Department ua d*T the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest. if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by tne party entitled to receive the purchase money. Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts U'>on the assistant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Pnlladelphia. as the parties entitled to receive the money mav dlr-jct. . JAMES GUTHRIE, , dec 3?dUunel Secretary of the Treasury. proposals for gunpowder. ORDN ANCE OFFICE, ) Washisotoh, April 13, 1856. t PROPOSALS ARE 1NVITEITTROM THF. a Powdex Manufacturers of the country for fur nishing Flva Thousand Barre s of Gunpowder, or any por.lon of that quantity not le^s than one thousand barrels. Four-fifths of the Powder to be famished must be Cannon Powder, and one tlfth Musket Powder; and the whole amount that may be ordered must be delivered at the harbor of New York by the 1st of August, 1956, and not sooner than the 20th July, 1956 Contracts will be entered into only with those who can give sat isfactory assurance of their ability to manufacture l'owder of the qu<dity required f>r Government use. The proportions of the ingredients of Pow<ter for the military servic* are #5 parts of nitre. 15 parts of charcoal, and 10 parts of sulphur. Tbe ingredients to be u?ed in the manufacture must be of the highest degree of purity; tne nitre must not contain nure than l-300'Kh part of chlorides; the charcoal must be obtained fiomsound loillorp or poplar wood, of not more than three or focr years' growth ; and th? sulphur of such purity t hat In burning 100 grains In a gU*3 vessel the tcsiduuin shall not exceed a small fraction of a grain. The Powder must be packed in barrels of cne hundred pounds each ; the barrels to be made of weil-aeasoned white oak, and hooped with hickory or cedar hoops (the latter preferable) de prived of their bark; the hoops to cover two thirds of the barrel, and to be secured by copper nails; in?tead of a hung on the side, a screw hole one and a half inch diameter must be made in the head of the barrel, and closed by a wood screw with an octagonal head, not projecting beyond the ends of the staves, with a washer under It of thin leath*r steeped la a solution of b*es- waa in spli its of turpentine, and a piece of clot l glued over the head of thetcrew plug. The ingredients, and also the powder, during and after fabrication, will be subject to inspec lon ind proof by officers of the Ordnance Depart ment. as laid down n the Ordnance Manual, (to whlcn bidders are referred ) and non; will be re ceived unless approved by the Inspector. The In spection will be made at the powder works, and eertiBcates will be given by tli; Inspector to the contractors, on the presentation of which, with receipts, by the ordnance officer stationed In the bart>or of New York, for the powder delivered there, payment wlH be made to the fall amount The' proposals msst s ate the pri e p-*r 100 piunds. i barrel included.) and must be endorsed ?? Proposals for Gunpowder," and directed to the undersigned, at the Ordnance Office, Washing ton, U. C., where they will be opened on the 24 th ?;f May in the presence of the bidders, or of such of them as may choose to appear 11. K. CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnance. I'nlladolphla Argus; Day B*?k and Military Ar*us, New York; Botdoa Post; and Hartford Tituss Each of the above pipers win send one of the papers ontaining the advertisement, and also the?r bills, to the ordnance Office, ap .'i-dt21May ORDNANCE OFFICE > Washi.istoji. May I, 19j6. | 'PHE WHOLE QUANTITY OF PO.VDER I required under the above advertisement Is re du~ed to tkr*e thousand barrels, four-fifths of it to ?<e cannon powder and one-fifth musket powder, witn all tbe u her conditions of the above adver tisement unchanged H R CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnonce. The papers authorized to publish the call for proposals for gun-powder, dated April 13, will please Insert this notice Immediately under that adverfsement m 2-td NEW FIRM AND NEW AHRANVEMKHTS ! f|^?E UNDERSIGNED, T. POTENT1NI * a S ZITELL. having formed a copartnership fk>r the parpose of carrying on the CONFEC TIONER* and RESTAURANT business, at fTJ Pennsylvania avenue, under the style of POTENTIN1 A ZITELL, be ' leave to call the attention of tk* patrons of the oldfirm, and the public generally, to the increased faci i'-ie* which they now offer for supplying WEDDING, BALL and SUPPER PARTIES, at the shortest possible notice, with all the dell cade- both In and out of season. Roo.usf jruisnedfor BRKARFAST, DINNER and dl) f PER, for private parties, at all times. We have *Iao connected with our establishment a fine SALOON fl'tel up expressly for the ladies, wh?re they can be furnished with GAME and OYSTERS of a'lkinds, served up in every style, at th? shortest notice, ladles favoring us with a call can always be furnished with every delicacy that the a;>petit2 desires. Ladies and gentlemen can hove their MEALS sent to them a ttieir private rooms by leaving or ders We will also Day particular attention to the manufacturing of plain and ornamental CON FECTIONERY in all their branches, and will always keep on hand aseleO assortment of French CONFECTIONS. BON HONS, PRESERVES Ac POTENTINI A ZITELL, 27V s s. Pa. av. between 10th and 11th sts. ap 12-2iu (lntAOrgan) ALNWICK FRENCH AND ENGLISH FE? MALE SEMINAR V, FOR B0.1KDIXU PUPILS. SITUATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THJ5 Ba.timore and W.vshington Railroad and TurnpUe, and two miles sou.h of the Village of Laurel. _ M. A TYSON A SISTERS respectfully in form their patrons and others that it is their in tention to close, permanently, ttieir day school in the city on the 21st April, aud that the summer te*mof their Alnwick institution will open oa MONDAY, May 5th Application* may be male at their city resi dents, until 1st May, or by letter addressed to the Laurel Post Office, Md N B ?Every facility is afforded for the acqul* ltion of the French Language and Music. ap 14-dtMaylO MR WILLIAM PALMER, Frofeeaor of Singing and the Flute, BF.GS TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS of Washiagtoa ttat he proposes establishing SINGING CLASSES for iwo, three or four pu pils, whereby each voire will be properly ex amined, and separately caltivated, according to its quality, whi< a e ?uld not be done, consistent ly, with simultaneous teaching?as Sopranos. Mezzo Sopranos, and Contralto Voices requlrt a widely different training The same care is ne ces*r> with male voices, viz; Tenor. Baritone, and Bass When the pupils are sufficiently ad vanced to sing by themselves they will then be taught to take taelr respective parts in Duets, Trios, or t^uartstts. Term? per Quarter: S10 fbr each pupil, If only two pupils one hour will >>e devoted. <uidan eitra half h'ur for every adiltional pupil; 920 por quarter for separate pupils, ?p *-?f ~ur, Pennsylvania avenue. SUN (MBRELLAS?A VERY 8UPERI or assortment, with steel and whale bone F'amea Prices low at GEO. H B. WHITE 4 CO ?8 SIP Genl'a Furnishing Establishment, hi 6 co3t 332 Pa av. bet. 9th and 10th sts WHITE B8ATER AMD FEI.T HATS. J uat rrcelved, of all style* Call at ffiTl GEO. H. B WHITE A CO.'8 ? \ Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, m 6-eo3t 332 Pa av , bet ?th and 10th sts, JOTRAW HATS.?A FULL ASSORTMENT ^ for men and bovs, for sale cheap, at GEO. H B WHITE A CO 'S, Fashionable Hat and Cap Store, m (5 -colt 332 Fa av bet 9th and llith st?. REAL KSTATK AND LAND AGENCY. Henry n. lansdale and Jonathan KIRK WOOD have entered into partnership, under the firm of LANSDALE A KIRK WOOD, for the purchase and sale of all kinds of City Property. Also, Farms and Lands, and any prop erty connected with farming They will also at tend to the Renting of Houses, Negotiating Claims, buying and selling stocks, or other busi ness requiring the services of an Agency. Conveyancing carefully executed. Office No. 614 Seventh street, opposite the Na tional Intelligencer. m 6-eo2t* bonnkts: bonnets:: WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER new guppiy Cf Ladies' and Misses' BONNLT8. also? JM 10 dozen children's Shaker Hcods at 82kc. 10 do do Flats, all prices 10 do do Fancy Caps, do. W. EGAN A SON, No. 423 south side Penn. avenue, in 2-6t 3d door east 7th street. T. N. KID W ELL, DEALER IN ICE. ORDERS LEFT AT THE FOLLOWING places will be pmuiptlv attended to : Kldwell A Laurence, corner Pa. ave. and llth street. G. F. Kldwell A Co., 14th street, opp. Frank lin Engine House. J. B Moore, Druggist, Pa. avenue, betw. 19th and 20th streets. Geo. Seitze, New York avenue, between 10th and llth streets. R. C. Dyson A Co., Druggists, corner of ?th and I streets. Rohert A Payne, Druggist, corner 4th st. and Mass, aveaue. ap3?SawOw WARBLE AND Btt.1* YVN STONEWORKS, Pa avenue, between 18lA and 19tA streets. THE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND and make* to order on the most reasonable terms ?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONES, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring. Also, all kinds of plain and ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work tor building purposes executed with promptness, and at as low prlccs as can be had elsewhere. ap 10-eoly H PARRY. NEW PATENT FLUID LAMP. T IS WELL KNOWN TO ALL PERSONS who deal in or are acquainted with lamps that a Fluid Lam ?, with a circular wick salt, and not llab e to heat, so constructed that the light could be controlled and regulated, has been a great desideratum ever since fluid has been used. II lfe> we 1 known that no such Lamp has untii no^been offered to the public. Such a Lamp wo now present, which burns with a clear, strong light, and with a steadiness which renders it superior even to gas for purposes of reading and writing. Ar.d it will burn with undiminished flame uttll fluid In the Lamp Is entirely consumed The material ustd is common burning fluid, known also by the names of Etherial Oil aad Spirit Gas. The Lamp is very simple In its construction and easily trimmed ; the light cm be regulated as perfectly v g??-'lght, so that no more need be consumed than Is wanted. Tills Lamp Is pe.ullarly adapted to the purpose of lighting churches and pub'le halls, while for lighting parlors, reading, writing or sewiag, it has no equal. For sale by J R. McGREGOR, 534 Seventh street, between Louisiana ap ?5-eo2w avenue aid D street. BOOTS SHOES AND GAITERS POR SPRING AND SUMMER WEAR ? ?- A good a*sortment of the above goods for Ladles', Gentleman, Misses', Boys',, and Children's wear, can be fo-ind at HAKMON BURNS'S, 3W? I a. avenue, between 4^ and 6th streets. a few doors east of National Hotel. J nst received, a fresh supply of Day A Martin's real Japan BLACKING, direct from the mana ftcturcw. m 2-eo*<w P BUILDING HARDWARE. SfimwlSJ" WANT OF BUILDING .? ARE, such as Mortice, Rim, ? De*d and Closet Locks, Porcelain and Mlu- ctj ow1 ??.or Kuob*j shutter Knobs; Parliament Blind Hinges; Loose and Fast Joint DoorC_3 Hinges, au slxei; Glmbl-t Screws: Round Square. Shut'er and Flush Bolts: Sa<-h and Shut ter Fastenings; Nails; Sash Weights and Cord* Brads; Ac , would do well to gi v? us a call as we f^el confident we can. from our great variety, suit them Having bought our goods for cash we are 10 a?'1 them as cheap as can be had this feiu? of maR'jid'!fori68, for the rpady mont?v HARVEY A ADAMS, 325 ' ?? avenue, srjth side, four doors _ap iw-eolm from corner 7th st. REFRIGERATORS 0F THE MOST APPROVED KIND, JUST ^ rrcelved at the House F urnlshlug Store of the subscriber. Also, a large supply of new FURNITUHE made to order, and will be sold veTy low for cash or approved Daper. NM McGREGOR, mar 31?cc6w No. 530. 7ih street. MRS. J. RUOFF " ? E9PECTFULLY INFORMS THE LA ^ dies of Washington that she has just, returned from New York with a splendid/ ^kxnrtmont <># ? B u r . _ . I I R' rPZL ? T"- - ? npirimu assortment of Spring and Su mmrr BON ? NETS, and will have beT openLug ap.u1?. 15th Ladles will save 30 per cent, to call before purchasing elsewhese No. 3 Last Capitol street, Capitol Hill, l door f om corner of lst street. _ ap 11-eolm AMERICAN AND FRENCH PAPER. HANGINGS. I AM I If RECEIPT OF MY SPRING AS 1 aortment of PAPERHANGNGS, embracing al the latest styles and best patterns of the mo5 celebrated manufacturers of Europe and this country, to which I invite the attention of mv friends and the publl ?. ' ' ?l?o In store a large assortment of LACE and MUSLIN CURTAINS. PICTURE CORDS and TASSELS, WINDOW SHADES and WINDOW CONNIES ' ana . JOHN ALEXANDER, 86-cotw No. 240 Penn. avenge mm . , [NO. Sil.l IVottet of the removal of the land office from Brownsville to Chatfield, in the Terri tory of Mishesota. w? THE PROVIS ? ftCt Of 6ntltlfd *'An m/*t ScM^nif c^n^es ,n l^e location of land of W',18J3' lt ?? ^reby de tLat ibe land office for the *al? of the public lands in the "Root-riv??r 5fcCili # ln Territory of Minnesota will be remjtved fron the town of RroJn?Sle ' iZ n ? ent location, to Ch-.tfleld In P .?d ? .r u; 31.. <Uy ofiMayneit T",U?'V. ?? Ojven under my hand, at the citw n* i*.- Li ton, thU 3d dav of April', A D SS W By ord"r of the President: THOS.A HENDRICKS ap 5-law?w,nnilMl00er Ge"enii U?d Office. (No.555] NOTICE OF THE REMOVAL OF THir LAND OPPICK FROVf CAHAHa bama^V1lle,i*n t"s state of Ila In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congiess entitled - An act authorizing^chanLw in the location of land offices," apnrovid \iU5fk 3 1=5 i, it i. hereby declared JP?I iJlowS that the land office for the sale of public lands at lhe ot ALA.Aia. wuTuTw moved from the town of Cahaha to Gaim rTT> > in said district, from and after the sixteenth dav of J use next " Given under my hand, at the city of Wishing, ton, th s 24th day of April, A D. j8.VJ. "mnK By order of the President: THOB A HENDRICKS, Commissioner of the General Land Oitce ap2E-law0w P VTEN It E I'KIAM FREEZERS, ALL 'tee*. Prices always low. *P? G. FRANCIS, M0 Seventh at. I ,n I t'HAlIJICY WARRINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AND DIALBR IN Fine Walehe*, Jewelry, nnd Silver-Wnrc. C^OLD SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * FINEJKWELRY, SIL VER SPOONS, FORK*, GOBLETS. CUPg. Ac., for sale at New York prices. REPAIRING. ? The Chrrnometer, Duplex. Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical, and otheT W *TCHHS repaired. Also, JEWELRY, Ac. No. 370 Pkxnstlvaxia A vksuk. betw'n Sixth rnd Seventh street*. Browns' Hotel tul'ding, sign of the GOLDEN WATCHES. ap 30-tf Washington NEW MAIMER ARRANGEMENTS. IN ADDITION TO OUR PREMIUM MIN cral Waters, Mead, A!e, and Porter, we ? have made such arrangements as will enab e Us to keep constantly on hand a large supply of the following articles, most of which have ? been carefully prepared by scientific men. as ton ics for weak and delicate persons : Ginger Wine, Native Port Wire prepared from native fount, Blackberry Brandy. Raspberry do., Cherry, Hose Coidlal Cinarnon, Anise, Curacoa, Stomach Bit* ters, Wine, Steutons ; Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry. Pine Apple, Vanilla, bemon and oth er Syrups; Extracts of Sarsaparllla for cleansing the blood, and a host cf other articles too nume rous to mention. All orders left at our Depot, or with the drivers of our Wagons promptly attended to. m 1-tf ARNY A SHINN, Georgetown. BAJOU'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES JNO.H. SMOOT, No. 110 BR 1DGESTREET, Georgetown, has received, from New-nm York, ladles Bajau's KID GLOVES Jiflilr) \ white, black and colored; gents, do do iilUuilhi ladles and gents Jatl'.ta Silk and Lisle WT?I' Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached and t-rown Cctton Hose, all qualities; bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose; misses and boys' Hose and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very l?est makes of the above goods, purchasers imy depend upon get ting a good article as cheap as the same quality can be bought elsewhere. m 1-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. SHAD AND HERRING < ALIVE." Dealers and families desirous of procuring the best or HERRING for raiting can have them delivered at market prices, immedi ately uron being caught, by leaving their orders at the Union Land Office, 7th street above Odd Fellows'Hall, or at the fishing shore adjoining tne Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they can be obtained alive ap 22-1m* SG40 TO LOAN. ANY PERSON POSSESSING REAL Es tate, that will satisfy the Georgetown Build ing Association, can obain tbat amount atone* on very favorable terms, on application to E K LUNDY, ap26 128 Bridge st , Georgetown. C LOTH DRESSING AND DYEING Eft. TABLI3KMENT. The subscriber having re-estab llshei himself in the above business la pre * ? IW'I.* d??*_ m* a a 1 ? dyed ? Pants, Vests, Cloaks and Mantels cleansed or re dye L. J DEN HAM, No 240 south side Pa avenue. between 12th and 13th streets, opposite Gautler's Confectionery. ap 11-lm* WATCHES. MW GALT A BRO. OFFERS CON ? rtantlv a complete assortment ef superior Watches. They call particular attention to those macc by T F Cooper. F B. Adairs A Sons, David Taylor, D?xon, Oralg, and others. I^ondon N. T. Tobias A Co . R A J. Beeslry. Joseph Johnson, Blundeil A Co , Liverpool. Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen. Also, Vacherna A ConstanUne's celebrated Ge neva Watches, which, from their sire and stvle, are peculiarly suited for ladies. Tko above, with those by every other maker, are offered at the lowest rates. M.W.GALTA BRO , Jewelers, ap 18-dtf 324 Pa av. bet. Oih and Itlth sts. ladies: Your Immediate Attention is most reepect fully St licit ed !! R. C. STEVEN^, FRENCH MILLINERY & FANCY GOODS. 1 EMBRACE THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY of the seasons to inform ray friends ands|^_ the public that my stock < f Straw BffS NETS Bovs' HATS and FLATS, StrawWR* Trimming. best French and Americau Ar tifirrial Flowers, Ribbons, Silks, Illusions, Erg llsh and Italian Crapes, Neapolitan, Tuscan Swiss, French Lace, suton, Florence and Eng lish Bonneti, u>htteand black Ribbons, full as sortment, all of which will be sold at the lowest market prices fo? cash. P.S.?Ju?t received 100 Shakors, 50 blk Bon nes, 50 boxes double and single Ruche, green Ribbon and Silk to trim Shakers. ap 18 tf was light:?gas light:: Always .iure, and under your own control' GALLAllER a SMITH HAVING PER fected their PORTABLF. GAS GENERA TOR, now otter It to the public, assuring them that it is ftee fr?;m all the objections which bavo been urged against other inventions for accom plishing artificial illumination It will generate more Gas. at less expense, than any other Appa ratus, take up less space, and is free from all noxious odors, while its original cost 1s fifty per cent. less. For Public Buildings or Private Dwellings this Generator will be found pecu liarly applicable, and in the country highly ad vantageous, as the Gas can be manufactured from any kind of grease that Is now considered valuelexs and thrown away. It is very blmple in Its construct', on, n^t liable to gel out of order, and can be tended with entire ssfetyby an ignorant servant, or child, without the least danger. The patentees do not think it necessary, in an advertisement, to give any long description of their Gas Generator, those des rous of being supplied will examine for themselves, they would, therefore, respectfully refer the public to the Gas Fitting and Plumbing Establishment of MILLER A CUNNINGHAM, No 243 Pennsylvania avenus, south *ldo, Who are the ?ole and General Agents, where the Gas can be seen burning, end alt particular* as certalned relative to the Generator, Ac. ap 14-lm CHOICE KKUIT TREES FOr1?ALE. ~ in nnn applk trees, op extra I VjUvu growth And well assorted ?s* 5,000 PKACH TREES, forming a com-WK1 piete assortment and well grown. A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised by the late JohnH. King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. ? Catalogues furnished on application e j- king. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice

ROSES. Apply as above. EJ. K. mar 11?tf The rising star game.?this is a beautiful and Instructive dame for Children. It learns them to commit to memory all the Inci dents and celebrated battles that were ftwght du ring the American Revolution For Kale by the "Kent, ALEX. A DAMSON, mar 22-3m 7th street, opposite Post Office. L. J. >1! DDL ETON, DEALEB IN ICE, OJIa and Depot?Southwest comer of F and Twelfth streets. feb 27-tf A CARD. r*HE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THK firm of D Finch A Son ) still continues to carry on the Painting business In all its various branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public gen rally a continuance of their favors. All work contracted for by him will be execu ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to be left as usual, at the old stand, cor ner 12ih and E streets. JNO. 8UMMERFIELD FINCH. ap 11-lin TH* CHRISTIAN LIFE, its Hepes, it* A Fears and its Close, by Thos Arnold, D.D., horn the fifth London edition, gl. A Sketch of the Life of the Rev William M. re?u,ror Paul's Church, Nor . V ?a ' th? GeorRe D Cummins, rec tor of Trinity Church. Washington, 40 cents. J ust published, and for rale at v TAYLOR A MAUBY'I I *P 90 Bookstore, near 0th street. T For sale?two of the most valuable lots for private residences In theclty. Situated on 9th street, near H, west side. Inquire at Mr*. HUMPHRIES. No. L3S, South B street Capitol Hill, or of C. WALLACH, Esq.,oppo ?ite City Hall. ap f'OR SALE?THK ADVERTISER WILL sell at private Hale between now and the first of August, a very desirable Lot neatly enclosed, with a small two story frame house on It, situ ated on the comer of Virginia avenue arid 43d street, and fronting 84 feet on Virginia avenue It is In the immediate nelghborhoad of the Ob servatory. Persons wishing to purchase can examine the property at any time, when the terms of sale ran be ascertained. m 1-lm* FOR RENT?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, UNIMPROVED LOTS IN SQUARE No. 375.?The subscriber will lease for a term of abont eight years, the Unimproved Lots in square No. 375, in the city of Washington He Invites pro i osals until the 10th of this month, for a lease of the whole property, with the privilege to sublet it; and if not disposed of bv that day, he will then make leases of detached parcels thereof. Undoubted recurity for the payment of the rents, will be required (in2-12td) R.SMITH. For sale.?a small frame house and Lot eft 8th street, between K and L, Lot fronting 25 feet, with a depth of f6 feet 8 inches Terms reasonable Location unsurpassed. Apply to ROBERT. A PAYNE, Druggist,corner 4tn street ard Mass. avenue. m 1-tf VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE, Con taining f-0 acres, situated ^ mile east of the Rockvillc Turnpike Koad, and 2){ from Wrsb lngton city. It is well watered, and on It a good supply of Arc wood and young orchard The Im provements are a small frame dwelling and sta ble. It possesses all the advantages leaulsite to make a garden of jzreat value, or a dairy farm, and a pica*ant residence The terms will be madeeasy. Apply to POLLARD WEBB. No. 512 Seventh street, opposite National Intelligen cer Offlce. ap22-tf For sale?a tract of land con talclng 170 acres, 40 of which Is cleared, 15 or 20 well set in clover and timothy, and the balance in oak and hickory, some of which is very heavy It Is handsomely localed, In a thickly settled ar.d rapidly improving neighborhood, near Bayly's Corners, miles southwest of Washington, and about the same distance from Alexandria and Georgetown ; well watered ; soil of the best qual ity; buildings, a small frame House and stable; contains a valuable stone quarry, ard will be sold in whole or in part, at a great bargain. Title un questionable, and terms made easy. For further particulars f-pply to F. H . SMITH, at House of Representatives, or to J. H CLEVE LAND, on the premises. leb 29?tf OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with boarrl. F Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov27-tf AT PRIVATE SALE ?EIGHTEEN SMALL building lots for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging in price from 80 to 160 dollars each Terms irom 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of bulldlug thereon, lumber or bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of tru:,t on the property. Title Indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av., bet. Itth A 19th ats. ap 10?3m L^OR SALE?THE UNEXPIRED TERM ?T of a lease, now two years and eleven months, of the store rooms on Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 11th and 12"h streets, lately occupied by Mrs GARRET ANDERSON, Is now ottered for sale For terms be phased to apply to the sub scriber. If not sold by the 10th of this month thn raid rooms wi'l be for rtnt. G. M DAVIS, m 1?d lot Trustee. fjV>R PRIVATE SALE?A VER\l NEAT, convenient, thre? story frame House, with a deep lot laid off as a flower garden The above house oontatns ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the prlviledge of a back alley '1 he above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between <th and 5ih streets, No. 5<>1. Foriurther Information please call as above, Possession given In a few days. If th* above is act sold In a few day? It will be for rent, ap 90-tf Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa avenue. TheH situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H.C. HARKOVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb23-tf WOOD AND COAL. rpHE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING NOW MADE A extensivo arrangements, are prepared to sup ply customers with the very best article of Lehigh and Schuylkill White and Red Ash COAL, and also Cumberland Coal, either by the cargo or single ton; 2,240 lbs invariably given Also, the very best qualities of Hickory, Oak, and Pine WOOD, at wholesale or retail. We will sell at a very small advance when taken im mediately from the vessel. Persons desirous of laying in their winter sup plies of Wood and Coal would do well to leave their orders early, and thereby sccure the ad vantages of low prices. ROGUE ft O'NEILL. Office No. 105 Water street, Georgetown. m 2-1 m FOR THE LADIES. 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The Illustrations will be open at this ofllce for the Inspection of those persons desirous of bid ding for the same, until the closing of the bids, and any information desired will also be fur nished ContMcts will be entered Jnto with, and bonds with security will be required from the sucresslul bidders for the faithful execution of their oon tnots. It is to be distinctly understood that no bids will be entertilned from any parties not directly engaged in, and pratlcelly acquainted with the style cf work bid for, and that the contracts will in all ease, be awarded to the lowest and best bidder. The bids will state prke, ard but ore price, for the work bid for, and the time required for the execution of the work; and must be addressed, one to the chairman of the CoagnlUeeon Engrav ing, House of Represeaatives, United States and one to A. G. Seaman, Superintendent of Pub lic Printing, Washington, D. C., and be endorsed on the outside of the envelope '? 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THE PUBLOIlfED LETTEB At Paris, just after dark, one gusty evening in the autumn of 18?, I was enioying the twofold luxury of meditation and a meer schaum, in company with my friend C. August Dupin. in the Faubourg St. Germain. For an hour, at leant, we bad maintained a pro found silence, when the door of our apartment was thrown open, and admitted our old ac quaintance, Monsieur G , the prefect of the Parisian police. We gave him a hearty welcome The pre fect sat down, and shortly disclosed a most perplexing case in which bis professional ser vices bad been in requisition. His story was this : il I have received information that a ccrtain document, of the last importance, has been purloined from the royal apartments. The individual who purloined it is known ; this is beyond a doubt, for he was seen to take it. It is known, also, that it remains in his possession. The person on whom the theft was committed, is a certain royal personage, a female, over whom the holder of the docu ment has gained by this means a dangerous asceudnncy ? hor honor and peace are jeopard iied " " But this ascendany," I interposed,41 would depend upon the robber's knowledge of the loser s knowledgo of the robber. Who would dare " "The thief," 6aid G , " is the minister D , who dare? all things?those unbecom ing. as well as those becoming a man. The method of tbo theft was not lesa ingenious than bold. The document in question, a let ter, had been received by the personage robbed while alone in the royal boudoir. During its perusal, she was suddenly inter rupted by the entrance of another exalted in dividual, from whom, especially, it was her wish to conceal it After a hurried and vain endeavor to thrust it into a drawer, she waa forced to place it, open as it was, upon the table. The address, however, was uppermost: and tho contents thus unexposed, the letter escaped notice. At this juncture, enters the minister D . His lynx eye immediately perceives the paper, recognixe? the handwri ting of the address, observes the confusion of the party addressed, and fathoms her secret. Aftor some business transactions, hurried through in his usual manner, he produces a letter, somewhat similar to tho one in ques tion opens it, pretcBds to read it, and then laces it in juxtaposition to the other. Again o converses some fifteen minutes upon the public affairs At length, in taking leave, he takes from tbo table the letter to which he had no claim. Its rightful owner saw, but. of course, dared not call attention to the act, in tho presence of a third person, who stood at her elbow. The minister decamped, leav ing hi? own letter, one of no importance, on the table. The power thus attained has, for some months past, been wielded for political purposes to a very dangerous extent. The person robbed is now thoroughly eonvinced, every day, of the necessity of reclaiming the letter. But this, of course, cannot bo done openly Jn fine, driven to despair, she has committed the matter to me." " It is clear." said I, "as you observe, that the letter is still in possession of the minister; since it is this possession, and not any employ ment of the letter, whioh bestows the power. With the employment, the power depart* " 44 True," said G , 4,aud upon this con viction I proceeded. My first care was to make thorough search of the minister's hotel, and here my chief embarrassment lay in the necessity of searching without his knowledge. Beyond all things, I have been warned of the danger which would result from giving him reason to suspect our design " '? But," said I, " you are quite an fait at these investigations. The Parisian police have done this thing often before " V O yes ; and for this reason I did not des pair. The habits of the minister gave me, too, a great advantage. lie is frequently ab sent from home all night. His Servants are by no means numerous They sleep at a dis tance from their master's apartments, and being chicfly Neapolitans, are readily made drunk. I have keys, asyou know, with which I can opon any chamber or cabinet in Paris. Tor three months, a right has not passed du ring the greater part of which I have not been engaged, personally, in ransacking the D Hotel. My honor is interested, and, to men tion a great secret, the reward is enormous So I did not abandon the search until I had become fully satisfied that tho thief is a more astute man than myself. I fancy that I have investigated every nook and corncr of the premises in which it is possible that tho j r^cr can bo concealed. Yet, neither is the letter on the person of the minister lie has been twice wnylaid, as if by footpads, and his per son has beer, rigorously searched under my own inspection." 14 Suppose you detail," said I, ,!tbe partic ulars of your search of the premises." 44 Why, the fact is, we took our time, and we searched everywhere. I have had long experience in these affairs I took tho entire building, room by room, devoting the nights of a whole week to each We examined first the furniture of each apartment. We opened every possible drawer; and I presume you know that, to a properly trained police agent. such a thing as a secret drawer is impossible. Any man is a dolt who permits a secret drawer to escape him a scarch of this kind; the thing is so plain. There is a certain amount of bulk ?of space?to be accounted for in every cabi net. Then we have accurate rules. The fif tieth part of a line could not escape us After the cabinets, we took the chairs; the cushions we probed with the fine needles you have seen me employ. From the tables we removed the tops." 41 Why so?" " Sometimes tho top of a tabic, or other similarly arranged piece of furniture, is re moved by the person wishing to conceal an article ; then the leg is cxcavated, the article deposited within tho cavity, and the top re placed." The bottoms and tops of bed-posts are employed in the same way " 41 But could not the cavity be detected by sounding'" I asked. 4 By no means, if, when the article is de posited, a sufficient wadding of cotton be placcd around it. Besides, in our cnee. wo were obliged to proceed without noise." 41 But you could not have removed, ycu could not hn7e taken to pieces, all articles of furniture in which it would have been possi ble to make a deposit in the manner you men tion- A letter may be compressed into a thin spiral roll, not differing muoh in shape or bulk from a large knitting needle, and in this form it might be inserted into the rung of a chair, for example. You did not tako to pieces all the chairs ?" 44Certainly not; but we did better We examined the rungs of every chair in the ho- ? tel. and, indeed, the jointings of every de- 1 saription of furniture, hv the aid of a most powerful microscope. Had there been any traces of recent disturbance, we should not have failed to detect it instmnter. A single grain of gimlet-dust, or saw dust, for exam ple, would have been aj obvious as an apple Any disorder in the gluing?any unusual , gaping in the joinU?would h>ve sufheed to insure detection " " Of course, you looked to the mirrors, be tween the boards and the plates; and you probed the beds and the bedclothes, as well as ihe curtains and carpota?" 4 4 That of eourse; and when we had sur treyed every particle of the furniture in this way. then we examined the house itself We I divided its entire surfaee into compartments, I whioh we numbered, so that nose might be i misted; then we eoruUniaed each individual square inch throughout the premises, includ ing the two houees immediately adjoining, < with the mioroeoope aa before/' " The two hooaea adjoining!" X exclaimed; j 44 you mast have had a great dsa] of trouble 7 * "We had; bat the reward offered it prodi ? gioua." " You explored the floor* beneath the ear peU " Beyond doubt; we removed every carpet, Hod examined the boards with tbe microscope." " And the paper on the walla?" ??Yes" '? You looked Into the eellar V* ??We did ; and as time and labor were of no importance, wo dug up every one of them to the depth of four feet/' " Then," I said. ?? yoo hare been making a miscalculation, and tbe letter it not upon the premises, as you suppose " " 1 f?*r you are right there," said the pre feet; " and now, Dapin, what woald you ad vise me to do ?" ??To make a thorough re search of the premises " 44 That it absolutely needless," replied U?. ?' I am not Bore sure that I breathe, than 1 am that the letter is not at the hotel " " I have no better advice to give yoa. said Dupin. "You have, of course, an accurate description of the letter*'' "Oh yes!" And here the prefect, produc ing a memorandum-book, pr-ceedcd to read aloud a minute account of the internal, and especially of the external appearance of tbe mining document Soon alter finishing tbe perusal of this description, he took his depar ture, more entirely depressed in spirits than I had iver known the good gentleman before In about a month afterwards be paid ut another visit, and found ut occupied very nearly as before, lie took a pipe and a chair, and entered into some ordinary conversation. At length I said? ?'Well, but G , what of the purloined letter7 I presume yon have at last made ap your mind that there it no auch a thing as overreaching the minister?" ?'Too true; I made the re-examination, however, as Dupin suggested ; but it was all labor lost, at I knew it would be." " How much was the reward offered, did jfou say ?" asked Dupin. "Why. a very great deal?a very liberal reward?I don't like to say how much pre cisely ; but one thing I trill say, that I wouldn't mind giving my individual check for fifty thou.-and franct to any one who could obtain mo that letter. Tbe fact is, it it be coming of more and more importance every day ; and the reward hat been lately doubled. I would really give fifty thoutaud francs, every centime of it, to any one who would aid me in tbe matter " 44 la that case, replied Dupin. opening a drawer, and producing a check-book, " you may as well fill me up a check for the amount montioned. When you have signed it, I wiil hand you the letter." I was astounded- Tbe prefect appeared absolutely thunderetrisken For some min utes he remained speechless and motionless, looking incredulously at my friend, with open mouth, and eyes that seemed starting from their ^ ??kct. ; then, apparently recover ing himself in some measure, he seized a pen, end after several pauses and vacant stares, finally filled up and signod a check for fifty thousand francs and handed it across the ta ble to The latter examined it care* fully, and deposited it in his pocket-book, thou, unlockicg an crruotrt, took thenoe a ?^tter and gave it to the prefect This func tionary grasped it in a perfect agony of joy, opened it with a trembling hand, cast a glance at its contents, and then, scrambling and struggling to the door, rutbed at length un ceremoniously from the room and from tbe house. without h iving uttered a syllable since Dupin had requettrd him to fill up the check. When be had gone, my friend entered into some explanation*. 44 The Parisian police," he s%ld, 44 are ex ceedingly able in their way. They are per severing, ingenious, canning, and thoroughly versed in the knowledge which their duties seem chiefly to demand Thus, when G? detailed to us his mode of searching the pre mises of the hotel D , I felt entire confi dence in his having mace a satisfactory in vestigation, so far his labors extended " 44 Yes," said Dupin. *4 Their measures adopted were not only tbe beet of their kind, but carried out to absolute perfection. Had the letter been deposited within the range of their search, these fellows would, beyond a question, have found it." I merely laughed, but he teemed quite te rious in all that be said. ??The measures, then/' be continued, "were good in their kind, and well executed , their defcct lay in their being inapplicable to the oasc and to the man A certain set of highly ii genious resources are, with tbe prefect, a firt of Procruttean bed, to which he forcibly adapts hit design! But he perpetually errs by being too deep or too shallow for the mat ter in hand; and many a schoolboy it a bet ter rcatoner than be. I knew one, about eight years of age, whose success at guesting in the game of "Mid and even" attracted uni versal admiration. The game it simple, and is played with marbles. One player holds in bij hand a number of these toys, and demands of another whether that number it even or odd If tbe gues* it right, the guesser wins one; if wrong, he ioset one. Tbe boy to wbom 1 allude won ail the inarblet of the school Of course ho had tome principle of guesting, and thit lay in mere observation and admeas urement of the astuteness of hit opponents. For example, an arrant simpleton is his oppo nent, and holding up his closed hands, asxs, ?arothey even or odd?' Our s?boolboy re plies 'odd,' and loses ; but upon the second trial bo wins, for he then says to himself, 4the simpleton had them even upon the first trial, and his amount of conning is just sufficient to make him have them odd upon tbe second ; I will, therefore, guess odd; he guesses odd, and wins. Now, with a simpleton, a degree above the first, he would have reasoned thus 'This fellow finds in the first instance I guessed odd, and, in the second, he will propose to himself, upon the first impulse, a simple vari ation from even to odd, as did the first simple ton ; but then a second thought will suggest that this is too simple a variation, and finally, he will decide upon putting it even as before; I will therefore guess even he guesses even and wint. Now this mode of reasoning ;n the schoolboy, whom his fellows termed lucky, what, in itt last analysit, it it [ TO B* COSTIKCXO.] Ixstisct ?Mr. Patman, of the Adams' Express Co , some eighteen or twenty months since brought to his residence on Floyd and Main streets, two fine patridges These he kept and fed attentively until last Spring-?one year ago?when they were taken to tbe coun try and set free about two miles from Middle U>wn and ten miles from the eity. Daring the intensely cold weather of the past winter, these birds returned to the city and and sought tbe residence of their former kind protector One bleak wintry day, Mr. Patman was as tonished by a rapping at his window, and found, upon investigation, the two patridges seeking an entrance. He instantly recognised them as his old friends by peculiar marks upon their bodies. Of coarse, be could bat take them in and treat them kindly. They are now kabitufi of his grounds. ?? circulating ' pro miscuously among the fowls aoOmakiLg them selves at home within and without doors We have never in the course of our reading met with a more striking instanoe of the develop ment of instinct. It appeart indeed beyond belief, that aoouple of patridges releaaed from a cage twelve miles from the plaoe where they were oonfined, should after a lapse of nearly two years, return to their old home?driven there by the pangs of hanger and oold.?Lew is**IU Courxtr iy "Keep your dog away from ma," said a iaudy to a butofcer boy. . 4-Data the dog. he'? always afttr pop pies, "? said the boy.