Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1856 Page 3
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KVENfNtJ STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. JyRTMR ExAlMKATIOJ or Hon. PlIILKWO* T. llfcKRBUT pn* Killing Thovas Kbatug. I he examination was resumed yesterday af ternoon before Justices Smith and Birch, in the court room of tho Citj Hall. The pris oner was brought in shortly beforo fire o'clock, ?nd the examination proceeded with in the presence of a largo assemblage of citiscns and members of Congress. Mx. Bradley announced that the examina tion of witnesses for defence would not be en tered opon until tho testimony for the prose cution was concluded. Mr key, the District Attorney, stated that ibe only witness yet to be examined on the part of the prosecution was Mr. Du Iieis, the minuter from the Netherlands, and as foreign ministers were rot liablo to the ordinary pro cess of law. he had addrecsed a note to the secretary of State to requeat the attendance of Mr Du Bois. to which he had received the following answer: Dkpartmr*t or Statr, ) Washington. May 9, 1S5G. j To P. Barto!* Kit, Esq , Washington. Sir : I have to inform you that, pursuant to the request contained in your note of this date, I hare addressed an invitation to Mr. Du Bois, the Minister of the Netherlands, to appear as a witness against Mr Herbert, and have .had an interview with him upon the subject, but be declines for the present to ac cede to my request. He deems it necessary, before making up his mind, to consult the other members of tho diplomatic body. It is not probable that he will be able to do this before to morrow or next day. I am, sir, jour obedient servant, W. L Marct. Mr. Key di3hked to put tho prisoner to any hardship, but fell it his duty to ask a post* poncment until this testimony could be ob tained. The counsel for defence contended that it was a case of extreme hardship to put tho prisoner in custody until this witness should decide whether be will obey the summons or not. Thcro was no guaranteo that the delay would be productive of any good what ever, and tho testimony if procured would only be accumulative testimony, there being an unusually large number of witnesses to the transaction. The Distriot Attorney replied that it could only be determined after the evidence of this witness was given whether it was only accu mulative. The evidence now before them was confused, contradietory, and principally by those who took part in the affray Here was a witness who was sitting there as a cool, unexcited eyo witness to the whole tracsac tion. This gentleman was a stranger here, having arrived within a few days, and wished time to consult his diplomatic associates as to the course proper for him to pursuo. There was no hardship in the delay until to-morrow or next day. The point was further argued by the Dis trict Attorney and by the counsel for defence, when the postponement was refused by tho Justices, and the examination was resumed. Arnold Harris sworn for defence ?Was at Willard s "n the morning ot tho affray, was sitting uj-on a sofa near the office, at the west end of the hall, with a friend, when hearing a noise in the diniDg room, he supposed at first that a taldo had been upset, but seeing some persons hurrying towards tho door of tho diniDg room, he remarked to bis friend that '? there was a row there," and they proceeded leisurely to the dining room; on entering the door ho saw a large crowd of people at the turther end of the room engaged in a strug gle; did not know at that time who tho \ ar ties were saw several, perhaps throe or four, upon one man; another inau was standing near by with a chair, with whieh ho struck down one of these persons, and the person t: us -.truck he thought, had a knife in his hand ; can identify the person who used the c^air, bat not tho person who, he thought, had a knife; about that time, and when he had advanced about a third of the way down the room, be heard a pistol fired; witness then recognised Mr. Herbert and went to him , Herbert was supported upon two sides by person* whom witness did not know ; his face was bloody and he appeared very much exhausted ; witness considered the struggle a -c.-perate one. Herbert, he thought, was in m recumbent position when the pistol wa* fired ; witness could not not say if the person he supposed to have a knife was a servant; the genUcman who struck with tho chair he af terwards learned was Mr. Gardiner; ho thinkj owing to Herbert s recumbent position tnat he i witness) did not recognise Herbert before he emerged frt-m the crowd ; a dozen persons were engaged in the seuflio ; (iardinei was standing with the chair in his band usine i- very actively; Herbert was bareheaded wnen he left the ro^ m; could not say if any ivnives or plates were used in the struggle; .card the pi.-tol shot while the fray wasgointi ' n , heard but one shot; did not seo deceased John E Reynolds sworn.?He is nn invalid, and gave his evidence seated in a chair ; waj ptuairg the dining-room d<H>r at Willards' about. 11 o clock ; heard a noise in tho dining room and entered; he first saw five or si* per,. il5 all Md ; two or three wore engaged in a fight; did not know any of the parties ? ard thought, at first, it was a fight between hoarders ; afterward., during the, be distinguished several persons ilTLh"1 V >*ck?,a 'truggling with one man whom he supposed to be a boarder. This man whom he afterwards ascertained to be JUerbert. appeared to witness to be borne down, and to be receiving pretty bard usage. The straggle continued some time during whi' h no one seemed to g? to Herbert's rescue and in the mean time chairs were used k.? with Herbert pressed a "fth* r'*>m W>U1C fifteen yards witness advanced toward# Herbert, and saw " ? t<K/k U' bo ?frie?i ol -Herbert, Li > *wailerou th? bead with a chair rfcSf tu b* be"rd tb* report of a j-itol, the struggle still continuing without inierrupuon The parties did not separate ??F?* P-lU.n puNd fa, wards the wall when the pistol was dis C.Arf*d: lh? inipres>ion that the ?tnkmg with the chair caused the separa lion Ihe impulse of witness Was to rush to the assistance of Herbert, but was prevented by the state of bis health. Wm A Gardiner sworn ?Went to break fast in company with Herbert between Km, and eleven o clock on thejnorning of the af. bert' tht t Y!"* at lJc i*010 Ubl? with -Her bert , the table was the first or second one on reakfast and they waited as itseomed to him some twenty minutes, but ho was hungry and ,n<Jt.haTo bo*n 9tJ '?ng ; the boy came *-k and witness understood him to sav that bert then called the boy a d-d raial" I. i told him to gooff and get some breakfast ?' the was evident by his manner that he tu <li* pieased at what Herbert had said ; Herbert ?aid to him, "you go away from here or u' some breakfast, or words to that 'eficft ? "i ness thinks deceased replied that ' be woman t do it. but does net recollect * Her bert told him to go away, a d-d scoundrel ?he tahl'.aIiii,l lliini; W*ltcr ar-^d e table und ploked up a silver plate und a ciiina plate and said to Herbert. '? you are a -1-d i"nn < 1 a bitch," at this time the wliten gett'ng around pretty t?,k, and Herbert W ,h * ?K ' ?n'|iw??ter threw a plate but *' fther china or silver, witness could not say 1V Waffer*3?cJd that time pretty buiu y himself; couldn t say whether he cEair or Si ir .Urow;4r"' -?? wbil ,hC F<* ? wi.tHr. -k occupied by some SXZA up bthind hiui-bnt? of them ho tried to make (witr.ef# . "l V "Ot lecollect if be h" did'a ^%kTkeJ,doWn' but " he was, knoek/a d Wu the Iil? he ^uociCHl uown on hi* u . _ . , -inching in his h.J bJt whVthe^t ^ a, kwfe or not. witness could n. t say " the c.mmeikctment of the diftcultw JJh Herbert first spoke to the dece,,edf h. ^'k vv..tvM, OO M.H1K out bis pistol and walked towards deceased , deceased walked away, and Herbert returned to his s-.'t and put up his } i?u*l; tbe piatol Ltl?/i g? i to witness, and was a single bar relled D.-r:rg*r piatol; witness lodged with iirii ? rt, and had seen no other in bis pos -eseion Herbert had taken this pistol from his room oa Tuesday or Wednesday sight; could not say if Herbert was in a bent posi tion when the pistol was fired ; tho spot where tho pistol was fired was twonty step* from where they had been seated at the breakfast table. When witness reached Herbert two men had hold of Herbert and another wm striking him; witness came away from Wil lard's; they eame out at the front door; Her bert had a little blood on his nose ; was much exhausted Major Graham sworn.?Knew the pistol Br-ed by Herbert; it was a single barrel pis til, and belonged to (lardiner. On the night previous to the affray Herbert came in while witness was lying upon the bed and picking the pistol up, said, "I believe I will take this along with meand putting it his Coat pocket, walked oat. Herbert did not I roturn until the next morning; had seen the pistol since, that was used at the affray, and it was tho same pistol. Witness had known Herbert for several ycari. Ho was a quiet and peaooabls man, cxcept when a little aroused by passion. Tho testimony for the defence rosted here. The counsel for the defenco, vix : Messrs. Bradley, Weller, Phillip#, and Percy Walker, urged the acquittal of the accused, which was opposed by tho District Attorney. Justices Smith and Birch after consultation announced that they would render their de cision at ten o'clock to day The decision of the Justices was read this morning at the hour named, in the guard house of the jail, to the audience there as sembled, by Marshal Hoover, and ii sub stantially as follows : The Jastioes say that after a careful exam in tit ion of the evidence, they feel it a duty they owe alike to defendant and Government, that the demands of justice may be fally met, t? -ond this matter to the Criminal Court; that tribunal, they conceive, being the one to grant or refase application for discharge. As to the application for bail, they are di vided in opinion, and thereforo commit tho defendant to the custody of the Marshal until he be discharged thence by duo coursc of law. An application for a writ of habeas corpus baa been made by tho defence, and at one o'clock to-day tho examination of evidenoo upon tho application was commenced in the Counoil chamber of the City Hall, before Judge Crawford. Tfie Wrather.?Our Georgetown friend " B ," again favors us with the range of the thermometer for the past week, beginning at noon, on Saturday, May 3, and ending this morning: Morning. Noon. Night. Saturday ? 60u 56? Sunday.... 50? 58 55 Monday 44 61 55 Tuesday 43 55 46 Wednesday 42 4$ 43 Thursday 48 4*> 50 Friday 43 53 55 Saturday 48 ? ? Average height of the thermometer in the mornings from 4th to 10th of May, inclusive, 463 06'. Note.?May 11, Whitsunday, first quarter of mot'n between 3 and 4 p. m. . Mapigan A Co's Circus at Georgetown? This splendid Equestrian Troupe appear at Georgetown to-night, and we recommend tliein to the patronage of tho citizens. Among the talented artistes will bo found tho female equestrian M'lle. Rosa, Mr. Ba'chelder. Mr. Neville, and those sons of mirth, Felix Carlo and Lipman, together with the troupe of pretty little children who appear in the pa geant of Cinderella. This company gavo satisfaction to the citizens of Wa^hington. and notwithstanding tho inclement weather drew full audiences. Go and see them ! Sudden l)EATn.?We were informed, yes terday, that a lady, a teachcr in the femalo department of the day school attached to St. Duuninick's (Catholic) church, in the Seventh Ward, was found dead in her bed on Thurs day morning. She dismissed hor school at the u*ual hour on Wedncfday afternoon, and retired to rest at night apparently in good health, but in the morning was found dead, as stated. Tho physicians decided that she was taken with a fit in the night, and was, in consequence, unable to give alarm to others in the house where she board*!. Tna Gun Maker or Moscow will not be published in book form, nor in any other paper than the New York Ledger, which can be ob tained at Shillington'a bookstore ; also, the following new and interesting works, recently T ublished : " Plu-ri-bus.tah, " Sparrowgrass Papers," " Great American Battle." " Mar ried, not Mated, ' ii Defence of tho American Policy," " Salad for the Social," " Christine, or Woman's Trials," ?' Wonderful Adventures of Capt. Priest." "Life and Adventures of Jack Adams," Ac., Ac. Agricultirk ?Our country readers should look at the advertisement of 11. L. Allen, 188 and 191 Water "trcet. New Y*rk Wo have occasionally dealt with this most celebrated bouso, in its line, in the country, for seven years past, and havo found it reliable in every respect Its facilities are immense; its stock the most extensive in the Uuion, and its prices always satisfactory to the purchaser W e can, therefore, cheerfully rccommund it A Kakb Chance?The famous Warren Green Hotel, in Warrenton, Va., is to be sold by auction, with all its appurtenances com plete, on the 27tli inst. It is within five miles of the Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, and at all seasons enjoys a large patronage. Wo know no other so fine a chance to get into a profitable hotel business, as hundreds also re sort to it from the cities during the spring going season. We will afford any informa tion concerning It required. Call on as.. Lartrxv ?La*t night, three young men were arrested by Officers Ennis and Stoddard for stealing two gill-nets from Mr 11 Ellis, and a lot of clothing from Mr. Theeker They were taken to the (Juard-house and sent to jail for a farther hearing. One of the gill-nets, we are informed, was valued at about fifty dollars. A portion of the clothing was found on the person of one of the parties arrested Washington AthbNjBFM.?At a meeting of this literary association of young men, held on the evening of the 8th inst., tho following named gentlemen wero elected officers for the ensuing term: President, Hugh Maoncil ; Vice President, T F. Anderson; Recording Secretary, John Ott; Assistant, T C. Matti son; Financial Secretary, F M. Spencer; Treasurer, Joseph Howard. SrrREWE Cor*T ?Yesterday, P. H. Watson, Esq , of Washington, D C , was admitted an attorney and counsellor of this court Not. 113 and 114. Edward Field, plaintiff in error, vs Pardon G Soabury et al , and the same vs. the same. The argument of these causes was commenced by Mr. Lockwood for the plaintiff in error. Adjourned. Bad Speculation.?Yesterday, one of the County Constables had Mr Madigan, of the equestrian troupe, then in tho city, arre3ted on a civil warrant, iJ 50. It was takon before a Justice tf the Peace for trial. Tho Justice gave a judgment in favor of the plaintiff for $1 50, and ordered him (the plaintiff) to pay the costs amounting to $1.81. A MOST excellent bill is that offered at the National to night, and it will doubtless draw an overflowing houje ; the moral drama of ?' The Drunkard," and '? Horse fehoe Rob inson," in both of which Messrs Bonifaco snd J efferson appear. Arbested ?The only ease for trial at the Guard hoase this morning was that of Lemuel Herbert, colored, who was arrested by Officer Boss for stealing a lot of gold and silver coin, the property of Capt Williams. He was sent to jail for a further hearing by Justice Stevens Givb thb* a Trial.?T. J. A W. M Gait, who have just gone into the wood and ooal trale, aro indefatigable and enterprising young men No others in their lino are more worthy of encouragement. Give them at loast one trial, city reader. Thubsdat next will be a great day at the White House Pavilion no doubt, that being the time set apart by the Empire Club and their friends to enjoy a Pic-Rio at that dc lightiul place The fin? steamer George Wash- i ington will convey the party down. Siikbav Scwoot, OsLRMATinif ?The Anni versary <>f the Sunday School Union of Wash ington will be colebrated on Monday, the 12th itiotaot. A procession of the schools will bo formed as indicated by the annexed pro gramme of tho marshals. The exercises at the churches will commcnco on tho arrival of tho proocssion, probably about hnlf-pa?t ten o'clook Addresses are expectcd from tho Rev. l>r. iurley, the Rev. Dr Murray, of Georgetown, tl oHev J. F. Griswold. Agent of tho Ameri can.Sunday School Union, and tho Rev Sam uel Rodgers. 0. C Wight. Secretary. PkOORAMME OK THE I'EOCESSION. The schools will bo formed Into two divisions, by previous allotment, on the founds of the Smithsonian Instiution, onTklonday, May 12th, at half-past 9 o'clock a. ui. prociscly : Divioif. School Nasinm^ I. Proviaeuco Mission HcLool. " ' t*rl?D r. L. Moor*. t. TMit*?T)th Ktre^t lUptlnt. ?. goreuchChapel, Win. Warder. b- Chnrch, K. H. Miller. 6. Eug.l*h Lutheran, C. H. ttermeulile. .. Fourth Pre?byteri?D, I!, a. Janvier. ! L!.k IT . W. H. rienuer. m ,* Chnrrli Month, H r. Zimmerman. 10. Sixth ri?*hy!eri*ii, H B. Noll* II. Wcwleui Fre?b) t?r Ian, j. h. Moora. 13 rir.t Baptlet, J. F. blldham. ), *? No. ?. J*?. G. Johnson. It. Ka*t. W**h. Moth. Prot. Mil*. W. Macfcey. CiroitB Hi vision. I. K<nnSry MetbodlM, B. F. Guy J Christ's Church. 7' i. *??!?; Ch.pel, j. h Daniel, ? *?r*st HaptUt. rhHr,S,tlckn#yk*r' ? M<- Ken<1re<' Metho4l*t, JJ Jones 6 Capital Hill Method)*!. "? Young Men * Chut. A**o. No. 1. O. H. Young S Union Ch*pel, j. 8. 9. Welhn?1l*t Protested, Oeo. W. I)ouu 10. ???-?nd HaptlM, Clia*. Allen. II. Y. Men e Chritt. Aeso. No. J, W. M. Unit, i* a W. B. Wludeor, 1J. Second PiexbyterUn. 11. r etreet Freebjterlan, O. Mnueon, 14 A??My Preebylerlan, J. T." Hrore?10"' 16. Seventh etreet Preahytei lan, B. W. K lianilv IS. Capitol lllll Preeb. Mlaalon. **?nar Other schools wishing to join the celebration will please report themselves to tho chief mar ihala. Tho cfficcra and toachcr3 will tako their places on tho right of their respoctivo schools. A band of music will precede each division Iho speakers, ministers of tho Gospel, and the representatives of the press will have positions assigned them on the right. Tho two divisions will pass out of the Smitb ?onion grounds u, one Hue, through tho west gate, to Twelfth street; along Twelfth street to Pennsylvania avenue ; down Pennsylvania avenue to Four-and-a-half street; up Four and a-half street to tho First Presbyterian cliureh; and then tho first division will con tinue on to Louisiana uvenue, and thence t> the E street Baptist church; but tho second division will pass into tho Presbyterian church Tho doors of the several churches will be kept closed until the proco^ion arrives r.Chicf Marsha^.-i'homas P. Morgan, Z. Assistant Marshals -John W. Eaeby, A D Moore, R T. Knight, E W. Farley, L C. Campbell, J. C. Fill, W. B. Windsor, T. Nor Worth Attention ?Almost everyone has hid occasion to bo awaro of the difficulty of as certaiuiiig the number of a house at night by present plau of small tin or othej im-tal plates containing tho figures, and which fig ures arc not only contracted in size, but fre quently so obliterated as lo be quite undis tinguishablo. We see that the same diffi cnliy is experienced in Now York city, and a writer in the Courier and Enquirer says : a -j gentlemen up town have dccided to place the number ol their houses upon the glaai plate, over their hall doors, in ,iro? gt't figures, so as to be equally visible by day and night. Ono of tho greatest con veniences not only to strangers l>ut to resi dents is to distinguish easily tho houses of their acquaintances, and now ladies are fre quently obliged to leave their carriages and climb the stoop to decyphcr tho absurd little number plates upon tho doors of our costliest dwellings The Fifth avenue has already set the example of tho improvement, and we hope it wig go through the city, and result in every house, high or low, being distinctly numbered on the glass or the door in largo gilt, figures which is the only place for it. Let Ncw?York be numbered." Watch Returns -The cells were occupied mostly by lodgers, there being but one pris oner retained for trial this morning. PN t? w a n. [COMMUNICATED. riRK8. ii/r. Editor : It appears very grange to mo that no arrests are tuado of tho Incendiaries that are nightly devastating our ox*y- )V<? ha(l tw? Arcs last night, one the D- l an(l fact one nearly every night for a week, all the work of incendiaries And yot, no arrests aro mado, or rewards of fCr6u J state of things is really getting t?K> bad; something should be done, and that ivUantw Please, Mr Editor, stir those t>o hce gentlemen up, for i am sure they need it W hile on this subject, allow me to call the aitention of the corporate authotitics to tho difficulty of getting tho engine and bose appa ratus to tho fires,-especially lato at night La-t nitrht, although it was only 11 o'ekx-k it almost impossible to get men enourh'to urag tho different apparatus to tho fire. / Jut one, as a ctlizrn and a property holder, go Ml for having tho Corporation appropriate a sum of money for tho purpose of purchasing two or more horses, with gearing, lor each en gine, how cirriage, and hook and ladder coin 5^.CS0 horBCB to bo at tho houses of tho difforout apparatus, ho that they can ,i? ge:""ed and attached at a moment's notice. This is done in New Orleans, and 1 believe in a_l tho largo cities The firemen (those noble, self-sacrificing volunteers) are thus saved the labor of dragging the machines, by which they are generally so much exhausted, when they arrive at tho fire, as to be unable to do service ; and the engines are much sooner on the ground, and consequently tho tlames more quickly subdued. I sincerely hope some pa triotic member of the Council or Board will notice this matter, by preparing a bill by the n<W'"S .. FACERB BONUM. \V ashipgten, May 7th, 1)556. r 'fT Orath on the Weatbrr ? ???,"? w"l,h "'uu.:'1 %*sr u,# "r t"- '?? Mpaw ctri^OU '' Cbemlal, Ac., he., u not "l?e Qrath'S licn/of IhU Vn'r' t ?"? P-PT. O,"uM,r\?*l0,;* " 8ni:lh-r< r?eHy eng^ ^th?pTr ^ * <?* bo?''" ?r"1 r'-rre*pJfXnce of D. ttr.7h nX.'.TX abUl^t delpTu"1' -No- 8ootb Wow SLS5St wl" tbe,r order* to him alone Waeldnjton Cru?*"u. ?n'1 ^ CHac. STOTr A CO., Aten?*. ai io-ir FOR BALE AND RENT. [See first paqe for other Rent and Sale notices.] For rent.?the gentleman who rented the House on 12th Mreet, between O and H. having failed to take it, the bouse has been fit-ed uu'aad Is again offered for rent In quire of R. \V BATES, at Mrs VV>nn??ll< 12th street, between (i and F, or at the Clerks Ofllce II. R. U.S m 10-3t? TO let ?A FRAME HOllSK ON )5thS reet west. No. 363. between Land M Tne house has eight room* In good order, a pump of good water in the yard, and possession given on the 12th, by applying to JAM Eft MILLER. in y^Jt? IitOR RENT OR SALE ?A TWO STORY and half brick House, No. 24tt C street Rent ? 12 50 per month. C. B. GRAHAM, in T-tf FOR RENT ?several of those dk llghtful country residences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having beer put In thorough repair, are now for rent at the low prioe of ? 150 a year. For beauty of location and health lnetut of Mltuallon, these residences are unsur pa*Ned,dMerlng,as they do, extraordinary Induce ments to all who prefer the salubrity of country air to the sultrlnene and du>t of theclty. DUtancc from the Fost Office a mile and a quarter. Apply to WM. 8T1CKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Ure?n. m 5-2vr BOARDING-. Board,*c.?mrs. bates,on the b. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is prepared toaccomraod.-'tegentlemenwHhrooina, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fa*or her Vitktkelr paiioaagc. ap ??tf AUCTIOW BALES. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. HftNDSO^IE BUILDING LOT ON MA ryinnd avenue nearlh?corner of10>h street, at Anction ? On TIKWAY. the 13th instant. 1 shall ?*eii. In front of the premises, at ? o'clock p. m., part of Lot No. fi lu Square No. F5; having a front on Maryland avenue, near the coiner of 10th street we?t, on the Island, of 33 ft. rt Inches, running back 79 feet. This property la handsomely located on Mary- ( land avenue in the most rapidly Improving p.-rt | of the Island Terms: One third cash; balance la 1, 2 ^nd 3 years, the purchaser to give notes fir the defer red payments, bearing Interest fnmday of sale; x deed given end a deed of trust taken All con veyancing a: the cost of the purchaser m 10-d^ A. GREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VERY EXTENSIVE FAW1BR?kFH'S Sale of Unredeemed Pledges.- On THURSDAY, the 15th instant, I shall sell at my Auction Room, No. 528 Seventh street,commenc ing at 10 o'clock a m., a very extensive assort ment of the following articles, viz : 75 flue gold and silver Watches 25 flue gold and silver fob and n#ck Chains T Violins and Guitars, Crape Shawls Feather Bed*, 1 cotopiete set of Surgical instru ments With many other articles which we deem unne cessary tj enumerate. Termsca?h. ISAAC 11 EN ZHENG, - m 10-eoAds Licensed Pawnbroker. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. MUK sale, THAT VEHY VALUABLE r Property opposite the Northern Liber, ties'* Market lluute. sn !Uh street.?Will be sold at auction, oft FRIDAY, May 10th, at 0 p

m., on the premises, Lot No. 17, In Davidson's subdivision of square 37*2, with the Improvement. which rents for over $?MH) per year. This Is an excellent s and for any kind of bas iness, and enhances in value rapidly every year. Terms: $4,000cash; balance in 0, 12, 1*8 and 21 unnths, with interest and secured by a dted of trust. in 10-e?Ada A GREEN, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. \rrKY HANDSOME AND VALUABLE *<iuare?f Ground, being Square No 739, with the Improvements, at Auction. ?On THURSDAY, the 2Hn Instant, 1 shall sell in front of the premises, to the highest bidder, nt 5 o'clock a m., the above-mentioned property, be Inn the former residence of Mr. Thomas B la "den, and recently vacated by Theodore Mosher, lisq , situated on New Jersey avenue, south of the Capitol. The Improvementsareof the first order. The Honsecontains twenty good and conveniently arranged rooms, with wide passages, and Is sup n ied with water fixtures ana otherfconveniences The garden and grounds are large and In the highest state of cultivation, and stable and car ildge-house sufllsient for the accommodation of six horses and four carriages. In the garden there l? a large vinery, which yle'ds large quantities of the most delicious grapes This pquare has a front cf 241 feet on New Jersey avenue. ?&s I am directed to sell to the highest bidder, persons wish ng to make a got <1 lnvestm* nt or to secure a beautiful residence would do We'll to ex amine the property and at cud the sale. Mr. White, who Las charge of tbe premises, Will show the property to parties desiring to examine It, and for nart^pulars apply to Theodore Mosher, at his lumber-yard, Blaeden's Whsif, or to the subscriber. Terms: One-fifth cash; the residue In four equal instalments of 1,2, 3, and 4 years, the pur c=ascr to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of saie, (Interest to be paid semiannually,) and alien on the prcj<erty to secure the payment cf the notes. m 10-d A. GREEN, Auct'r By A. GREEN, Aueiioneer. O VLE 11Y CATALOGUROF Al EXTBN. ij aive Stock oI the bestquality <?i U?ot> and Shoes at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the Uth instant, I shall sell, by catalogue, at the Boot and Shoe Store No. 1^> Seventh stitel, between D a: d E. at 10 o'clock a m., an excellent assort roeut of Ladles and Gentlemen's, Misses and Hoys' Boots and Sho^. t he stock being of a general assortment we deem It unnecessary lo specify. The Catalogue, giving a full description, will be readvfor delivery on Monday, the 12th instant. Gentlemen in the trade will'please call at my store and obtain them Terms of portion sale: Under 825 cash; over ?25 a credit of 2 and 1 months,for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing Interest A GREEN, in lo-d * Auctioneer By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VFRY DESIRABLE DV* I.LLINW House at Fnbllc Sale?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, May 15th, at 0 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lets No.8audl0, in Davidson's subdivision of square No. 310, fronting 15 feel6 inches on lltli strtet west between M and N streets north, running back 92 feet to a public al ley, with the improvements, consisting of a sub stantial. well-finished three-story and basement brick Dwelling-House, containing e'jjht rooms a'lconvenlrntlyarranged. with closets, Ac Tliere is also a well of pure water a^.d a good cellar en th* premises, and the whole property is very desi rable to any person desiring a comfortable dwel ling In that healthy arid pleasant |>a't rf the city. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In C and 12 mo <ths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises If the terms of sale are not comp led with within five day?the propei ty will be resold at the risk and expense of tnedefau't ng purchasers. Title indisputable m 10-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer, \rEIt Y VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON Nsrtb K street opposite Franklin Row. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, May 10th, at o'clcck, on the premises, 1 shall seil part of Lot No 21, in Davidson's subdivision ?f square 28 j, fronting 20 fe^t 2 Inches i n north K street, between 12th and 13th >tieeU west, running back 07 fe^t b Inches. Th's is a eery deslrab'.e location for a private residence, and thesaleshould command attention. Terms: tine-half cash; the residue in 6 and 12 months, satisfactorily secured, bearing Interest in 7 d JAS C. McGUIRE, Aort'f Cy E. S. WRIGHT; Auctioneer ADKMHAISLE BUILDING LOT IN Georgetown for sale nt Auction.?A very eligibly situated Lo?, fronting on the ea't side cf High street 40 feet, and running back 130 It forms the north half of Lot No 2t>, in Beatty A Hawkins addition, belonging to the heirs of the late Win. M Beali. The sale will take place on the promises, on WEDNESDAY, the 14th Inst., at 5 o'clock p m Terms of sale: One-half cash on the day of sale, the balai oc In six months, with interest and security. . SAMUEL HART, Attorney for lleirs. EDW. S. WRIGHT, iu5-eo3t fcd'lt Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR. ROSEWOOD PIANO Forte? Excellent Furniture and llouseheld El fectsNt I'u h lie Sale.?On TUESDAY MORN ING, May 13th, at 1U o'clock, at the residence of Louis Janln, Esq., corner of lith and H streets, I shall sell all bis excellent Furniture and Route keeping Ettcc's, comprising? Superior Rosewood satin damask covered parlor furniture, consisting of two French tsofas, six arm Chairs, and six parlor Chairs, made to order In Parle Handsome French-pla'e mantel and pier Glass, Slabs, and Brackets Two rich six-light gas Chandeliers Rosewood niaible-top centre and sofa Tables Walnut Whatnots, ncer tlon Chairs, Ac. Dama>h and Lace Curtains, Cornice, Ac. Several choice oil Paintings nnd Engravings Sui>eilor Velvet. Brussels, and Threw-ply Carpets Oilcloth, Matting, handsome Rugs Mahogaay extension Table, Marble-topSldeboard Oak dining Chairs, side Tables French china, granite Dinner, Dessert, and Tea ware, Glassware Elegant mahogany high-post Bedsteads, with heavy cornice and canopy Handsome enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany Elizubethlan Uedsteads, Wardrobes Diesslng fables, Bureaus. Washstands Excellent Hal' and Husk Ma't esses Bolsters and Pillows, blankets, Sheets, Spreads Cane-seat Chairs, Toilet Sets, Shades Four Iron Settees for porch or garden seats Datrohe, open front, and other Stoves Kitchen Ltei.sils, Ac. Terms: ?30 and under cash: over thatntima creditof All and 91 day.', for satlsfacorlly endorsed notes, bearing latere-1. J. C. McGUIRE, in6-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Desirable improved property ou Tenth street, near I'eunsylvauia av enue.-On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 14th, at 0 o'clock, on the premises. 1 shall eell part of Lot No. 5 In Square No. $$u, fronting on Tenth street west, between C street north and Pennsylvania avenue, witn the improvements, consisting of a two-story brick Dwelling House and back bu'lding, containing # rooms Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months, lot notes bearing Interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the Prer?-?es ? ,n n d J. C. McGUlRh., Auct. DANIKL CAMPBELL, IN CLOSING HIS present business, would thank his customers for their kind patronage, and la doing so, states tbat their respective accounts are made out, and that prompt payment will be expected. AU to whom he is Indebted will please present thMr bills m 2-tf ICR cream. Sold at TWO DOLLARS per gallon NORBECK'S Confectionery, ap 28-im 310 Peana. avenue on at inue. ^ AUCTION SALES. ByC. \V. BOTELER, Auctioneer KJtAT SALK OF L?TS JitAR THE * President's.?Oni*ATI'RDAY EVENING of this present week 1 will sell to the highest bidder 36 bui din* Lots. situated on tbe oorner of E and 18th street* w.~st, bfiu^ Square 141, but one square went of the President's ground*, on an eminence nflordtnp a beautiful v!sw of the city and lis tnvi.ons, and very deslr,.bie for first class hou*es. Sale positive, on the premises If fair, or at my store o?? Pennsylvania avenre If rain v. at ft p m. Terms: One-lour h cash, a ad the balance in tt, 1*2, and ?l months, with Interest ar.d deed of trust on the premises Title Indisputable. Plats may be had at my store. C. W. BOTFLEK, m 9-'2t Auctioneer. By A. liKKKN, Auctioneer HOlSEUCLU AMUITI Ht> FIRM, lore at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 12th Instant, I shall sell p? the resident? of Mrs. Ray mond, No. 3*7. south side of C, between and f?'h streets, at 111 o'clock a. m ,an excellent assort - mcnt of nearly new Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofa and parlor Chair* Do and walnut dre?sin<:andother Burcous Do llatrecks aud waluut extension dining Table Fine cottage Bedsteads, w<:sh (J'oifte, and Stands Hair and shuck Mattresses, Bedding Toilet Sets, Window Curtains ai.d Shades Cane and wood seat Chairs Wardrobe, centre, side, and other Tables I hree-ply, ingrain, and stair Carpets and Rugs China, glass. and crcckery Ware Pass?ge Ollclo h Cooking, radiator. and other Stoves With a good lot of Requisites. Terms. Under SA5 cash; over S'25 a credit of Co and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interest. A. GREEN, m 9-d Auctler.ecr. By J AS C. McGUlRK. Auctioneer FUUMTlKt ANU tl OI HE HOLD EF fects nt Fabllc Aactien.?On FRIDAY MORNING, May '2d, at 10 o'clock, at No 56*2 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1st and '2d streets west, I shall sell the Fnrnl ure and Effects of a family declining housekeeping, viz : Mahogany Sofa, arm and parlor Chairs Im? centre, side. a?d card Tables Cane and wood scat Chairs, Lounges \\ indow Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply. Ingrain, and other Carpets Oilcloth. Rugs, Stair Carpets High and lew-post Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobes, Washstands Fourteen superior Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Counterpanes. Comforts, Blankets Mahogany dining snd side Tables Castors, Table Cilery, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard, Coffee L'rn Excellent cooking and other Stoves Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils P. S. The House Is for Rent; Inquire on the premises. J AS. C. MrGUIRE, ap 21-d Auctioneer. jn^Tlie above sate Is postponed In con sequenre of the rain, until WK1)N E9DA Y MORNING. MaylDh. same hour and piacc m9d JAS.C McGUIRB,Anct. By A GREEN. Auctl >ncer. HOlSLilULU AN 1> hirt IIK> HMNI. ture at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 13th instant, i shall sell, at the jesidenc'.' of a lady de c lning housekeeping. No 366 Stxth street, be tween H and I streets north, at 10 o'clock a. m., an exceiUnt fs'ortment of I- uruiture. vJi : Mahogany Sofa, dressisg and other Bureaus Dd marble top Commode Fancy and other Tables Fine Rosewood E tag ere a: id Walnut Whatnot \\ alaut Cottage and other Bedsteads Do Dress stands, Wash Clrseti Chi:>a, Ma**. and Crockery Ware Excellent hair and husk Maltiestes Mantel Clock, Cane seat Chairs Ingrain and other Carpe's Cooking, Airtight ana other Stoves And a n?>od let of Kitchen Requisites With many other articles which we deem unne cessary toenuinera e. Terms : ?.25 and under, cash; over that sum a credit of thirty and sixty da.a, for wii-fartorlly endorsed notes. b< tiring interest, in? d a. green. Auctioneer. by A. GREEN. Auction er. \'EW TH O-SIORI' F K A *1 K IIOISE II and IjOt nt Auction.?On FRIDAY,the 2d May next, i shall sell, in froct of the premi ses, at 6 o'clock p m.T a good new two-story frame House, live good and conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on *22d street, near corner of H street north, being part lot No 1, in Square No 55. Terms: One-third cash; Ihe balance In 6 and 1*2 months, for notes, bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken ap g4-eo&d* A. GREEN, Auctioneer. U f immediately alter the above ?aie I shall sell, oa the premises. Lot No. 7, in square 1*21, fronting on 19th street, between New York avenue and north D street, with the improve ments, which are a Frame House, Ac. Also, Lot No. I, in square east of square No. 87 fronting on north C, between 2tith and 2ist sts. Terms at sale. apIiO-d A. GREEN, Auct. The above sale Is postponed in conse. quence of the rain until WEDNESDAY, the 7th instant, same hour. A. GREEN, m 3-d Auctioneer. JIj" Tbe above sale is farther postponed in consequence of the rain until TUESDAY, the 13th instant, same hour. uit'-d A. GREEN, Auct. B By J i Y VIR AS. C. McGUlRK, Auctioneer. RTUE OF A DECK EE OF THE Circuit Couit of the District of Columbia, niail" i.i the case of W. S. Nlcholl* against Jas H l-'rcre's heirs, the tubecrlber will m11, at cuc tlon. to the highest bidder, between live and six o clock p m , on SATURDAY, the titilh day of the present month of April, in front of the premi ses, Lot No 14, in Square No. fcti in Washington city and District aforesaid This lot is situated on the north side of K street, opposite the new West Market, fronting 47 feet on said street Terms of sale: One fourth of the purchase mo ney to be paid on Ihe day of sale; the residue lu ?i, I'2 and 18 months from itid day. with iu'erest thereon, pun baser to give his notes thi refor. On d'fanlt of t'jr purchaser for the space of five d;\ys to comply with the terms of Hal" the subscriber reserves the privilege to resell, at the risk of the defaulter, on such terms ar?d at such time as the subscriber sies fit JNO MARUl'RY, Trustee np J eots J C. McGl'IRE, Auct. J[7" The above sale is postponed nntil THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 1st , et tlx o'clock, on the premise* JOHN MAR BURY, Trustee ap28-d J C. McGUlRE. Aiiot IfT" The above sale is postponed in con sequence of the rain until WEDNESDAV AF TERNOON, May 7, same hour and place. JNO M AR BU R V, Trustee m'2-d J. C. McGUlRK, Auct. U7"Ilie above sale is further postponed In consequ*iice of the r.In uic:l WEDN ESDAY, May the I4tb, tame hour a d place. JOHN MARBURY, Trustee. mH-eoAds J.C. McGUlRE, Au-tloneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE THREE.STORY BRICK House nnd i ots at the corner si nerth N and 10th streets at Auction. ?On MONDAY, the 12th instant I sLail fell, in front of the prem ises, at 5 o'clock p. m., east part of Let No. 1, la square No. 339, having a front of 50 feet on North N street, running back with the line of Tenth st. west 100 feet, with the improvements, which are a flue and nearly new three story Brick House, containing thirteen conveniently arranged rooms, wide passages, and tine cellars und?r the whole ; a well with a pump of excellent water In the yard, fruit trees, and flower garden. The house Is considered to be me of the best built and most conveniently arranged in Washington. Also, the half of said lot, fronting on N street 49 feit 10* laches, running back 100 feet; and all of lo? 10, In same square, adjoining the above, having a front of 6T> feet 9 In , running back 99 ft. 10 inches, improv<d by a stable. The last men tioned lots will be sold in subdivisions if re quired We deem it unnecessary to give a further de scriptlrn of the property; sultice it to say, In point of locality, healta and convenience, it is equal to any place in Washington -s a pleasant residence Any person wishing to purchase is respectfully invited to call at the prembes and examine for themselves, where they will receive any fuither Information required. Title indisputable. Terms: One half cash; balance In 6,12,18 and 21 months, tbe purchrser or purchasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken m l-eo&ds A GREEN, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. SMALL AND UKS I RABLK FRAME Dwelling House at Auction. ?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON, May 13th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shell sell (arts of Lots num bered 11 and lit, in the subdivision of fcquare No. 52b, commencing for the same on Fourth street west IT feet 11 Inches from the southwest corner of said lot numbered 11, and running thence north along said street 14 fe?t, theuce east and thence south 14 feet, thence west feet, to said street, being the place of l>eglnnlag, with the Im provements, consisting of a new aud neatly-built dwelling hcuse, containing 8 rooms, with a good cellar The al?ove property is situated on Fourth street west, between H and I streets north, in a rapidly improving part of the city, and Is very desirable to persons desiring a small nest dwelling-house Terms: One-fourth cash ; residue In ?, 1*. and 15 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises m? 4 J. C. McGUlRK, Auct. mo* THE ASSOCIATXD PRESS BY liUtIK FKIIITIRe TSLIWRAPH. Walker Aid Meeting N?w York, May 10 ? The flliibnster meet ing la.?t Bight ?u largely attended Judge Doan. General Walhridge. end Captain Ryu* dors were ara'?ng the speaker* Letters of sympathy from tien Cass and Judge Morton, of Georgia, were read amid grant enthusiasm Much material *n premised, and a committee cf subscription was appointed. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, May 10 ?Float is brink this aiorning. but pricos ?re unchanged Howard street 56; Ohio and City Mills aro held at the same price The grain market is steady and unchanged. Wheat?ordinary to prima reds $1 2Sall.40; fair to prime whites SI 45*51 4** Corn?white 4Sa4'.?e : prime is ouotcd at S0a51c ; g?od yel K'W 52c Provi-ions aro somewhat firmer sinoe the re ceipt of tbo ioreign news Shoulder* 8e . sides 9'afljc.; bams are nominal. Lard, in bb!s., 9J; in kogs llalllo WANTS. w ANTKD?A HORSE, CII.KV, AND ffaucss Aay oh tiitnc (lie .boww fllhH of them con piobalily find a purciiawr by address ing a note to Hot 14/, Georgetown, stating where they ran be seen. m WANTEti?A VOUNU MAN PERFECTLY ac?) iau?trd with the prescription buslaea*. ard who can give good testimonial* for character and competency In his business will hear of a durable situation by addressing Ptl ARM AC V Washington. D. C, m 10-f WANTED ?A WHITE MAN AMDWoimi, either married or slncle, to work on a farm three miles from the city cn the p'ank road. The m?n to work on thefarm, rapabteand trustworthy ti. the direction In the proprietor'* abatnee, Ore acquainted with gardening preferred The woman to prrfortn the usual duties in a farm house, and assume the direction when necessary. None neel apply who cannot give 'erommenda tlons as to their ? h&raaSer ar.d ability. To such persons liberal wages and permanent employment will be glvea. Addre*? 41 FARMER'* at thia office m 10-31* WANTKD ? BY A VOU.NG MAN FROM Virginia a situation tn a retail Drug aad Prescription store Has had four yea ? experience ii the business Best of reference as to character and ability can be given. Address J. S , Star Ottce. tn ?-*? WANTED?A PASTRY COOK, AND A wo it an to assist in the kitcben. Alan, a steward and several waiters Apply at No 233 P street. m )Mw? WANTED?AN ACTIVE YOUTH, between 15 ;<nd IS years of age, to attend In an lee Cream Salocu. Good references as to character r quired. One who can read and write preferred, enquire of It 11 DAILY. No. 74 Bridge street, Gtorgetown. m 7-4t* 4 COOK WANTED?GERMAN OR COL ' * ered preferred. She mint understand the business thoroughly. come well recommended and u<n be afraid i f work. Ask for E. Rat the Star Office. m ft-tf 1 lr ANTED ?TWO AGHNTH FOR THF. *7 publishing firm of Marten, Johnson A Co , of New York. Suitable inen will app'y to JAM KS CARTER. 6u street, between D and K. Island, before9o'clock a. m , or aft-r 4 o'clock p* in. m8-eo3t i _ _ ??mm . DR. J. THORNE, homeopathic physician a sukgeow, OFFICK AND RKIIDENei. ( orntr 13?Ii at. nnd Hrw York avenue, WASHINGTON, D.C. (iffice hours- ? to 10. 2 to 4, 8 to 10 m7-3m? PI! I LA DEL. P11' A AUCTION BARGAINS CHEAPER TMAM EVER WK HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM THE *? Philadelphia Auctions? 12 Silk Flounced Robes 915 00 Simi >ards neat check Silks ?2* 3<><i do plaid do 79 2'Ki do rich striped do 1 46 2 0 do Co do 7$ 3<Mt do Plain do V) U 03 do black do all prices 25 pieces French Ginghams lt% 20 do do Brilliants 12? vo do fine Book Muslins Ii^ 10 do tine Swisa do 19 ? 3'? do dotted do do 1*^ .'0 do Check Cambrics 12il 10 do Bishop Lawn 12|f 50 do White Cambric lv 10 do fine Nainsook Muslins le ^ 15 do fine plain Barege 25 20 do 4-4 line Prints Ittt 10 do 4 1 French Chintz IS If lit do 4 4 Furniture do l*j{ 27 do lace embroidered Curtain Musllna 37 11 do muslin do do 12 ? GO dozen fine linen Napkins * IVtj 10 do do Union do list d ? Linen Towels, all prices 50 do Linen Dovles do 3<W Ladies' eiab'd Lliten Hdkfs, all prlets 4: 0 Gents col d bordered do li? 100 do white Linen do 12^ 115 dozen black Net Mitts, from 12^c. to 1 50 ALSO? Too black and col'd Visltes, very cheap 102 Shawls do ALSO? A large lot of Embroideries Laces, Kibbons, French Boncet t lowers. Para*")*. Ac W EGAN A PON, 3*J3 shady side Penna. avenue, m 7-Ct 3d door east 7th street TEAS, I'UKKKBR, *c. /?? HALF CilLSTS FRESH TEAS (Green vl and Black) Hi bags K lo CO F F E K 41 do Maracalbo COFFEE 25 do Laguira Do 15 do Dobia Do 7? do Java and Mocha Da 2i>hbl? SUGAR, fair to prime 50 bbls. prime N . O. MOLASSES 12 do Sugar-house Colden SIRUP 10 hhds. Muscovado MOLASSES sn boxes STARCH fti do Brown and Fancy S<?APS So do and baskets SWEET OIL )00 dor.?n Painted BUCKETS 2?kl do BROOMS 25 1k>\cj> TOBACCO 50,?H>t) G1GARS (assorted kinds ) Ju?t received, Mud for sale by HOWELL A STRIBLING. Southwest corner High and Water streets. m ?3t < SwqMsw COAL UNDER COVER. fpHK DIFFICULTY OBVUTED.-T H E X threat difficulty in the use of COAL in this vi cinity proceeds from its exposure to the eauh and weather before getting Into the hands of the con sumer. To avoid this difficulty and render our Coal en tirely fr*t Jroni dirt, %t ti kef I ?? a floored yard, trAic* is alto roofed Tel* advantage is well kcown to those who have ever resided In the Northern cities, where the yards are all floored and roofed. On band, superior RANGE, for cooking, and all other kinds of COAL Also, Pine, Oak snd Hickory WOOD T J. A W.M. GALT, Office ou tbe northwest corner 12th and C sts. m U-3t GENERAL AGENCY. ZW. McKNEW, LATE DOOR KEEPER OF ? the House of Kepr??enUtives of tbe tnlted States, will uudt rtake, with ztal and diligence, the settlement of Claims before Congress and tbe several Departm?nU, and any other business re quiring the servloei of an Agent at the seat of Government He will slao attend to (he sale and Burchaeeof Raal Estate, Paying Taxe>, Renting Louses, Ac., Ac , In thia city and Georgetown. ALSO? The sale and purchase of Farms and I.*nds in the adjoining States of Maryland and Virginia Conveyancing and copying of e*erv description executed with neciness and dispatch. His com missions will be moderate; ana all bualness con. bded to bla care will be faithfully and promptly attended to. He respectfully refers to members of Congress whom he has served in that capacity for the last live years, and the citizen* of Washington geoet ally. office at Jackson Hall, Pennsylvania aveoo* ap 30-tf C^LOI KS-CLOCRS?CLO< RS ?A GREAT ?> variety of CLOCKS, a'l warranted (ohm keep good time one year, at 131 J. ROBINSON'S, H|I 349 p. nnsylvanla avenue ESI ap 24 1m opposite Browns' Hotel Girarii Fire and Marine Insurance Co, OK PH1LAUELPB1A.1NSURES AGAINST Loss or Dimage, by FIR K, Buildings, Mer chandise, Furniture, Ac , in Washington city, or the country POLLARD WTJBB, Agent, No. 512 Seventh st., opp. ap2l-lm National Intel. OMee. WATCHES AND JEWELti^i per it, cheaper than it can be bought elsewhere in Washing J. ROBINSON'S, ap 24-lm 319 Pa. a*, opp u , Moiel