Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Cajb or Herbert.?At ten o'clock to day, the prisoner being brought in and hia c antel being in attendance. Judge Criwf' ri read the following decision npon the applies tion for the release of the prisoner upon a writ of habeas corpus. Mr Du Boi?, the minister from the Netherlands, did not appear. In re Philemon T. Herbert on Habeas Corpus. The testimony adduced at the hearing on the writ of habeas corpus directing the mar shal of the District of Columbia to bring the body of Philemon T. Herbert before mo cn Saturday last, has been the subject in connec tion of the law arising thereon of as full con sideration as the intervening time will allow. I was strongly impressed by the evidence as it was detailed, and the reflection of which I have sought aid, instead of damaging that impression has strengthened the conviction er. tertuiued when the evidence was closed. I abstain from giving the reasons for tha con viction arrived at. Why, must bo obvious. In any view which a jury enn take of the evi dence under proper instructions from the Couit as to the law, it is quite clear to my mind that n conviction of murder should not take place. If the evidence had left room for debate whether the prisoner was guilty of murder or manslaughter, or was eulitlcd to acquittal, al though the ground for such debate might have been slight, I should have remanded him to prison. In relation to the two last branches of enquiry just stated, via : Whether a charge of uan alaug'nter can be maintained or the defendant should be discharged, there is contradictory testimony, and not only contradictory, but utterly irreconcilable; and it is not for the Court, but a jury, to say what of that testi mony they will credit, and to what the weight of evidence which may be adduced cn a trial shall point When a matter of fact is in volved, the Court should bail or remand ; to dischnrge, would be for the Court to try and decide the truth of the fact for which a person may be committed, instead of a jury, l'eters do r'tTs Law of Bail, 522-3, Ac. The order of the Court is, that the prisoner enter into a recognisance, with ore or more pood surety or sureties, in the lum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for his appear ance at the next term of the Criminal Court of tho District cf Columbia, to be holden on the third Monday of June next, to answer to the charge of manslaughter of Thomas Keat ing. and not to depart from the jurisdiction of the Court without the leave thereof, and on his failure to do so. that he be remanded to the jail of Washington county, District of Co lumbia. Joseph H Berret and James Owner were received as bail, and the prisoner was set at liberty. Sahbath School Celebrate*?This morn ing the Sabbath schools attached t) the Pro testant churchesof this city assembled for their annual celebration, and was undoubtedly tho largest gathering of little children ever wit nessed in this District. It was found neces sary to chauge the arrangements made at first, in order that all the schools might part?ke in the celebration. It wa* intended that tw> divisions should be mad<>, one to proceed, j f ter the assemblage in the Smithsonian grounds, to the E Street Baptist church, tho other to the First Presbyterian church, on Four and-a half street; but after both of those churches wer* crowded, it was found that several schools were outside The FirstCon^regationalchurch or Fifth street was then opened, and the re maining schools conducted thither by the marshals. It was designed that the Rev. Drs. Murray of Georgetown, and Gurly should address the schools, but that arrangement was ehanged, ??nd those reverend gentlemen addressed the divifrkm at the Presbyterian Churcb, and Rev. Messrs Hodges and Griswold to that at the Baptist Church; and the acb?H>Is at the Con* gregati.ral church were addressed by a gen tleman whose name we did not learn Esputaund Weber, witn their splendid brars banji. helped to make up the procession, and enlivened it with appropriate musio, skilfully performed. An attempt was made to obtain the actual number of children in tho proces sion, but it was a failure, the crowd upon the sidewalk frequently confusing those engaged. The police officers, under the direction of John Davis. E?q , the Chief of Police, ren dered good service by preventing the hacks, omnibuses, and horses from breaking through the lines. The Homicide.?We are informed by M-j r Graham. of California, one of the witnesses examined for the defence on Friday evening last, in the case of P. T. Hertert, chargci witb killing Thomas Keating, that our report of a portion of his testimony is incorrect. Thus, no report him as having said that "He (Herbert) is a quiet and peaceable man. ex cept when a little aroused by passion;" whereas he said Ijp4'4 He is a quiet and peaceable man. When insulted, or bit pas sion* aroused, he would defend himself like itier men." Mij Graham also informs u* that Mr. Gar diner sajs that cur report of his testimony Is incorrect, where we say that he said " Go away, a damned scoundrel, or he would kill him Whereas, he said instead thereof? Go away, a damned scoundrel, or get me some breakfast." yoi? ?The reporter very cheerfully gives these gentlemen the benefit of their state ment. but after referring to his notes is in clined t rely upon his versiou; however the public present at the time the testimony was given can decide. His purpose certainly was t > give a scrupulously accurate report of the evidence - The Sea or Ice : or, A Moturr's Prater great moral drama, to eminently sue r"?:ul in other cities, will be produced at the National Tueatre to-morrow evening. We under-tacd gre v. preparations have been made f r i - production. at.d it may be expected to ?'jrpa<u a&y soenic and dramatic pr>Juction ever pr duced in this city The cast is a fine ne, embracing the names of the entire com pany?Mr. Boniface as Carlos, the adventurer, as per!"'i-med by him in Baltimore with great I ra,*? Mr Jeffer* n as Bamba.*, the faithlul sailor. Miss Mary Devlin will appear as Ov er:ia. the Indian girl. We doubt not, an overwLelming housa will greet this new drama t- m rrow evening : the theatre being closed t -night for the purpose of rehearsing the Sea of Ioe. Careless Driving ?Saturday afternoon, Col H. Nay lor was placed in considerable ranger, wnle sitting in his buggy, by the careless driving of the coachman of a hotel. N was Just preparing to start from C 'treet. near Sixth, where he had been attend ing to business, when the coach was driven rapidly to his buggy, and the wheel of the t'h, catching the skaft of his carriage, his " r*e was thrown, and but for the assistance icniered by persons near by, Col. N would ave been severely injured The driver did t stop, but kept on, dragging the buggy a -t.ort distance with the coach This habit of driving bo rapidly and carelessly is indulged in by drivers, both public and private Pe destrians lives are endangered by it. and it is an offence against the laws of the Corporation Fumsti ?Yesterday, the river shore and the wharves, were reported to by number* ot men and boys who were anxious to spend the day in tithing for minnows Rods and lines were in demand, and frequent inquiries were mide for places 4,to get the best bait." In tte afternoon the amateurs returned to the c'ty. very few having as many fish as they could carry. ?-? % The Maiyilla Emporium.?Maxwell 1 Bro. are again in receipt of new style Mantillas. Ihey bave < as stated in a former notice) the ex ctsive agency for this city of an extensive New York importer and manufacturer of Man tillas and have made arrangements that enable them to return all that are unsold and receive new supplies eemi-monthly. Call la aD<* their new style opened to-day. I heir advertisement is in another column. Distt-rbahces ?Saturday night there wa? a great deal of disturbance in various parts of tie city. None of thom were serious, all Jr***' ^ intemperance, and settled by the oflteerft at-d auxiliary guard without much uim-u'iy 1 nr. J MESTow.t So? iett give their annual rr-:: ;r c?"?u:emorat-m of the landing of . a,. m fc athers, at Kuj t il ,tel, on Tues day tt' To the. Editor of the Union : Sir: You will greatly oblige as by giving the following an insertion in yoar issue of this evening : In tbe local columns of the "Organ" is the following : 4> Mr. Smith was in favor of discharging tbe defend not. and Mr Birch for committing him " This is entirely ineorroct, and unauthorised. The report in the "Evening Star" is substan tially correct. "Organ" will please correct. Yours, very respectfully, Da.vikl Smith, Jas. H. Birch. Washisgto.v, May 10, 185ft Tbe judgment reads thus : "After a careful examination of the evi dence, we feel it to be duty we owe, alike to tbe defendant and the government, that tbe onds of justice may be fully mot. to send the matter to the criminal court of this District. That tribunal we conceive to be the proper one to grant or refuse the application of the defendant for a discharge. As to tbe applica tion for bail, we are divided in opinion, and we therefore commit the defendant to the custody of the marshal until he be discharged by due course of law."?Union of Saturday evening. Repbtitiox or Carcsi's Mat Festival.? The announcement of the repetition of this delightful festival, on tbe 16th inst., will be rectived with great satisfaction by those who were present at the one lately given by Mr. Cnrusi, and who propose to do themselves the pleasure of a second attendance, as well as by the many who were not able to attend the first to their regret, and who will avail them selves now of the opportunity afforded. The M ?y Queen is spoken of as a most lovely and interesting child, and her loyal little subjeots a< every way worthy of their sovereign. Mr. Carusi manages these affairs perfectly, as our citisens well know. Their stock is unsurpassed in the District ?r. ?<"<?? .ow^r--1^ every three poor fel shore? aflnTil* m j8 CIty from the fishing plaiTt'hI?!L^,ng pa,d an(1 di***rged, com? sttn on tie way ?D^n:Dd Cl?th? beeo j J.rQ6, iBflDv of them drinlc hard, and probably lose their monS when ?squenilj i, is C0D bush, on Fifteenth street be teen I .vrs? r set .uTfor .is ? ne iiealtn Officer to wend bis w?v Seventh Ward, Fourteenth street Island If be raetrif"th 'u g??d con'l?^'n he will and Fourth W1 1 SarrbaK? depot of the Third tractor ha, 'f appCarS that thc c<>? h,S . ,oca,"7 his duranee *n8,n? from "isbeyond in _ Islander. ,h" SgBE pi?a>?nt ELBrraic oii. it riir'J nk'.inrerb"U'* "r 1 *?. ani tt per bottle. W "ke *, thVif f? ?" by M. i. Ann. K. c.llii tn wVlrllrl# "ffer#d '?>r<?l? Hruilh. A K Sm'th Ch?m ,t l, I Boclor KettrlcOiJ" ' *? *?-' '? "D? Orath'a or I '-r? ?lth Mr. u,U K Hinlth f r??,l? J""' "'?t-'lnk^plnrtheb^kalri * ?nx?Ke'l with Pn.f Dp A Co , bnt nererln*triict?H Or.lh Tbe p.rtlM U/. ..a'*,,D,'rtur*of ??>? me<ll Inake "Ot, tiratb'a rrlr ^ rl<c,lt or ,he ability to prod** th. ' "?"??*? "< rrofeasor He Qrath h'm'i'fat It ??rl''n,,'? ?? prepared by llahmsns, N M i! llW wHI kn"?" Mt.N delpbU B"h,h 'trf*x> Cbeatnnt, Phi!. . ?n Jo-tr I. -5Twor[,?"t " ' T,:,0^hr~T'''* Preparation ?petktf.g or ? OK!U<. iu ? wtfT.l*'!?'?reU*??I5*d publ! ?on? n^.r? nulTernmlir b L,7t ? . ?f renoe,1;''* ?f'?re la B onchtt , ? *"U.r '? r???* f CoM Cnori, fcev?r bwa 11 r t,7! M? n " T*n' * "1 r*m?!y I,a? ef..?r wr juatouie. ?rJfar ai.ilS I ??1 ^aliata th*y c..uia -o .u'.t^rTon. ^ t?"*'" 10 ?" ?? Ihrm If rtqniiite mfd \re nev*r I ^Q?', tir^ ?atl?f?rt|r>n -XxrhtaV/ m *XC?P* <?n k m' A. Batrbfior'a Hair Dre firm r.rx?? *kuxJ'ad*"' i"'1 "Vur> ?? Hair ?r 8k|a. A. ainta 1,19 iC, i ^ ljav? been mwar led loHru. b?an m?Je tu the H? r of hi.?"^ aO.Mo application* ba\e U -OJ.M gKKi dlttnml.hM fn,tn?omtarw?? ' ** * "olnr not l" h? uot 10 (Ma *".| p.r,.y G,.,4t tbe 1 nlted Stataa, bj Dro*. pui? ?wigr?rnln? "on hf^.?"'rTltr"* V' lr**" ?P"" ? "?e*l A HATCH BLUB. MJ BW!?Ty i,. Tork ' ?f WILL1aM aT:^r byCHAS atcone. srs;.'?r"' "ruiAOHThlT^irV0' Dr ?,U"^TETTKB?fi Ha p*rlodlr*l ,n of " K?-neral y bring. ?'mrlr ia? of Hiaio h ?<--V -IhM, C,n k' *v !'1-1 ?'7 a auj>plia<1 wlUi ihe:n In ft, . ? # "TVy ?honld h.'.?o^-?L Th.T? mJ?,"* Tlrtn^> !' ?"ay wV.n^lT.^,..P^nVr*"' V ?oestan Hemedy._Pro k"?Mh*Qd' 'VaTu?;^;^,n th# by'phT^0: "n!??n0 <> Bnrna, P!lw B .||, Corna F?lnr. "P^T ?-nr* for t>f *Tery km*; r'r rZrL ^L''S^b4,V !,nd Krtlla B?.h linnlon. Sore ' 8r*''1 l,e*'1' Dureef,t Wliltlowa Hti*- r ? Jreco?Di?ndnd by rrwu r.un^ s4 i BhVn r . B,U?- 8P'1? B..r. No*., wirta ana r^^wZI' 5??, rrd <>?<*?? Lip-, SSSSSiSfiSS5: '-5TK-S.S?=5 iMtora rr?u .n propMe*or' :J'* ? r?pp?r. Prl^e ia f ?1 i .5 *? on th? t-?n.r co"t r, ,?J ..'"k.1 ^?"i ,h* fn <lrn?lat. For ta'la at IHlf MmrnM ?f 4D' whol*^le ngtoa. *l ?mili-INOTo?>8, ACant for Waah _ J|Q || urnTO^WKill. H F*r?T*>?? Wood's Hair W? ???war. wl'ihont bT hnndrala. I* la (lie only article known which wm ?hat tli? baman batr. It ?in racaw ita " Prott!?** for f?l)!n?-lt will raatnra tu natural <?l!Tr ~j!,.W"1 "t?1' U* !>y*. bnt a and aUaartona ? * not ? H*,r ?i; plot* ?i;^ZUu u aid ' TrUI pa?a. H M H^JU,*^v*r"??menlonUia'onrih ?P 19?tf OAHKIEli, On the 9th instant, by the Kev. Mr Cnmmlns, I)r. WILLIAM K. WALKER, of Louiaiana. to NIm LUCY K HILL1AKU, of North Caro ina On the 8'h in?tant, by tbe Kev. Wm Kreba, JOSEPH H ALLEN and MAKY A BLADES DIED. On tho 12th instant at 7 o'clock a m , MARY ROSALIA YOUNG, daughter of WJlferd and Elizabeth Young, aged '4 months. Ttie funeral will take piace from the house, on Second atreet. Georgetown, cn Tuesday afternoon fcKween 4 and 5 o'clock. ? On the mb instant, JOHN FR1ZZELL, In the 30ih year of hi* age. His funeral will take place from the residence of hia uncle, on L atreet, botween 16th and 17th oi to-morro# (Tuesday) afternoon, at I o'clock, to which his friends and acquaintances are re fpectfuily invited. * (Alex , Va , papers copy) On the loth instant, In Georgetown, Mr. EV ERETT KROUSE, in the 57ih >ear of hia age. GENERAL AOEJICY. TW W. McKNEW LATE DOORKEEPER OF Mi* the House of Representatives of tho United f tates, will undertake, with real and diligence, the settlement of Claims before Congress arid the several Departments, and any other business re quiring the services of an Agent at the seat of (jo?ernment. He will also attend to the sale and purchase of Real Estate, Paying Taxes, Renting Houses, fcc , Ac., la thUcity and Georgetown. ALSO? The aale and purchase of Farms and Lands in the adjoining Mates of Maryland and Virginia. Conveyancing and copying of every description executed with neatnesa and dlsp?tch His com mi v ions w* 11 be moderate; and all busiuesa con tided to hia care will be fkithfully and promptly attended to. He lespectfully refers to members of Congress whom he has served In that capacity for the Uht Dv? years, ai.d the citlzena of Washington gener ally om.e at Jackson Hall, Pennsylvania avenue | ap *Mf WANTS. Dry goods salesmen wanted ?we need one or two good Salesmen. Permanen' situation* and liberal pay will be offered None need apply but those acquainted with Georgetown or Washington city tradn. PEKRY A BROTH ER, " Central Stores." It* WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WHITE wonan, (American) one that Is able to do general house work In a family of five person* (no children.) To such a persen a gcod home Is guaranteed and a fair compensation paid. Refer ence as to character reqnlred. Inquire at No 416 6th street, east side, between F and G. inl2 3t* WANTED ?A DRUG CLERK. ONE WHO perfectly understands his business, and Is competent to take entire charge of a drug store Also, a yonth who wl?bes to learn the business Address " Drug Store" immediately through the City Dispatch, prepaid. m 12-3t* WANTED?A HORSE, SULKY, AND Harness Any one baring the abort or either of them con probably find a purchaser by addresi lrg a note to Box 117, Georgetown, stating where they can be seen. m 10-3t WANTED?A YOUNG MAN PERFECTLY acquainted with the prescription business, and who can give good testimonials for character and competency in his business, will hear of a durable situation by addressing PHARMACY, Washington, D. C, ni 10- f WANTED ?A WHITE MAN AND Woman, either married or single, to work on a farm three miles from the city on the piank road The man t"> work on the farm, capable and trustworthy to take the direction in the proprietor's absence, One acqualcted with gardening preferred. The woman to perform the usual dut.'es In a farm house, and assume the direction when necessary. None neei apply who cannot give recommenda tions as to their c baracter and ability. To such persons liberal wages und permanent employment will be given. Address " FARMER" at this office. m 10-3t* WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN FROM Virginia a situation tn a retail Drug and Prescription store Has had four yea s experience ir the business. Best of reference as to character and ability can bo given. Address J S , Star Office. m 9-31* WANTED.?COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE obtained at a pleasant location near Bla densburg df pot, on reasonable terms after the 15th in'tant. The grounds are well supplied with shade, making it a desirable r? treat for families through the summer. An omnibus runs twice a day. bfslde the convenience of the cars, thus af fording ample faciitles for persons having busi ness in the city. MRS. D. JONES, m 6-eot m* WANTED?A PASTRY COOK, AND A woman to assist in the kltcuen. Also, a steward and several waiters Apply at No. 233 F street. m 9-lw* A COOK WANTED.?GERMAN OR COL cred preferred. She must undentand the business thoroughly, come well recommendrd and not be afraid of work. Ask for E. K. at the Star Ofllce. m6-tf FOR BALE ATTD RENT. Pa?* /?' other Rent and Sale ho'k<.<.] f^OR RENT?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED Bed Rooms on reasonable terms at Mr. DA VISON'S, over Messrs Gait A Bro., Jewelry Store. Penn avenue, between 9thand 101b streets m 12-tf w< OOP AND COAL YARD, Ac .FOR SALE AND RENT ?A Wcol Yard, office and a m arly new coal scale, one of Fairbanks' patent for cale, and a large yard for rent. " Also, a small frame house and let on' 0th street, between L and M struts, for sale. Enquire of JAMES DAILY, New York avenue, between 13th and 14th streets, or corner of L and 14th sts. in 12-3t# F^OR RENT?THE GENTLEMAN WHO rented the House on 12th street, between G and H, having failed to take It, tfce Louse has been fifed up and Is again offered for rent In quireof R. W BATES, at Mrs. Wennell? 12th street, between G aud F, or at the Clerks Office H. R.U.S m 10-3t? V) J.ET ?A FRAME HOUSE ON 15th S rett . west, No. 363, between Land M Tbe hou?<e lias eight rooms in good order, a pump of good water In the yard, and possession glvtn on the 12th. by applying to JAMES MILLER. m 9-3t* fjV>R RKNT OR SALE?A TWO STORY and half brick House, No. 216 C street Rent 812 50 per month. C. U. GRAHAM, m 7-if 1 VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR MALE. I have for sale a large number of Bulding Lots In different parts of thv [city, very favorably located either for residences or btislne>s. Ap rly to WILLIAM H PHILIP. Attorney at Law, No. 40, Louisiana evenue, near 6th street. m5 eo I^LEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SALE - THE -A House and Lot In Square )04, on the eeutii eist orner cf F and 2'ft streets, will be for sale at a low price until theflrstdavof Julynext The lot has a width of 67 feet on F street, and extends siutli on 2lst street 13) feet 5 lnchef, and Is beati tifullylaid o-it, and supplied with fruit, shrubbery and ornamental trees. The house is n perfect repair and very conveniently arranged. It will be sold low ana upon favorable terms of payment. Application may t>*? made to ALBERT SMITH, at the Ebbltt House, F street. m 9-eo5t* I^OR RENT ?SEVERAL OF THOSE DE lightful country residences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having beer put in tho'ough repair, are now for rent at the low price of ?15? a year. For beauty of locatlom and health iness of situation, these residences are unsur passed, offering. as they do extraordinary Induce ments to all who prefer the salubrity of eountry air to the sultriness and dmtof th*>clty Distance from the Post Otfl-ea mile andaquarter. Apply to WM. ST1CKNEY, at his residence No. 4 Kendall Green. m 5-2w BOARDING. Board.?four single gentlemen and a gentleman and hi* wifecan obtain board a*. No 459 10th street, between E and F, at *3 per we?k. m 12-lw* Board for a gentleman and his wife, er two single gentlemen, in a private family p ?-asantly located, No. 5i>0 Pith street, Is land. in 12-eo3t* Board,Ac.?mrb. bates.on the s. w. corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street is pre pared toacceimmodategentiemenwitLiooms, with or wltnout board. Every effortwlllbemade to render those comfortable who may favor hex with their pationage. apS?tf FIR E '?FIR E !!?FIR E WILDER'S IRON SAFES. 11/E HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER t" Invoice of Wllder's celebrated IRON SAFES, with Rich's Improvement. These Safes are superior to any manufactured In this count y, having stood the test of some of the hottest flres that have ever occurred ; certificates of which are constantly coming in, two of .the latest of which we have subjoined: RAILROAD FREIGHT DEPOT BURNT. New York, May 2, 1656. Messrs Stkarn* A Marvin. Gentlemen :?On the morning of the 1st instant, the Freight Office, with a portion of the four story Freight Depot of the New York and New Haven Raiuoad was entirely destroyed by fire One of your WILDER PATENT S AF ES,pur chased by the Company, August 19, 1850, fully sustained Its reputation as a fire proof article, by preserving In excellent condition the books, pa pers and other valuables it contained. The *test was a severe one?the triumph of your Safe complete Respectfully, CHARLES ROCKWELL, Freight Agent N. Y.kN.H, Railroad. ? Exposed 15 hours. GOLD STREET FIRE! Niw York, April 11, 185?. Messrs Stbarns A Marvin. Gentlemen :?One of your SALAMANDER SAFE*4, Wllder's Patent, wh? severely tested, by the destruction by lire of our Packing Box Manu factory. Nos 41 and 42 Gold street, which oc curred last night The buildings waie four stories high, filled with lumber and boxes, which ere aud an Immense heat. The S fe was locattd on the second floor, and fell to the first, where It remained eleven hours amid the burning ruins ; and on being taken out, cooled and opened, the contents, consisting of books and valuable papers, were found iu toed condition, untouched by lire, and perfectly legi ble. Please send another Salamander to our manu factory, 12ti Chur< h street, and oblige, Yours, respectfully, LOWERRE, HAWLEY A CO. These SALAMANDERS, secured by the "LA BELLE" POWDER AND BURGLAR PROOF LOCK, and of every desirable size, with Improved finish, for sale at reduced prices by the subscribers. HOWELL A STR1BLING, Agents, Southwest corner of High and Water sts., m 9-lw Georgetown, D. C. Girard Fire and Murine Insurance Co, OF PHILADELPHIA, INSURES AGAINST Loss or Damage, by r IRE, Buildings, Mer chandise, Furniture, &c , in Washington city, or the country. POLLARD WTiBB, Agent, No. 51* Seventh st.f opp. ap 'J4-liu National Intel. Office. 1 AUCTION SALES. By J AS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE or l'ni?pr?vrd I Property?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, May 15th, at4# o'clock, at the auction roomi*, I shall sell, without reserve. Lot* No. lit a<W 11, In squore No. 154, situated at the corner of north N ana 17th streets, fronting 155 feet on 17th street, 1S9 feet 5 Inches on north N street, and 106 fectfl inches on New Hampshire avenue, and con taining 23.711 square feet. Terms: One-third cash; residue in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured bv a docd of trust or the premises. JAS. C. McGUlRE. in 12-d Auctioneer. BV J AS. C. MeGCIRE. Auctioneer?" TWO THOUSAND VOLI'MFSof RARE nnd Valuable Beaks at Public Anctien. On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY EVEN INGS, May 20th and 21st, commencing at six o'clock, at the auction rooms, we shall sell a por tion of the Library cf Thomas fewbark. formerly Commissioner of Patents, consisting of rare and choice Scientific, Historical, I.lterarv and Miscel laneous Works, a full description of which will be furnished In a comple catalogue, now ready for delivery.

Ttrms cash. P s ?Persons at a distance will he furnished with catalogues upon application to the Auction eer. m 12 d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auet'r. By A GREEN, Auctlrneer. [EXCELLENT 11 titSEHOLD AND Kltch i eu Farnitnre. Bar fix tores, Liqnors, kc.. at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 19th In, 1 shall sell at 10 o'clock a in., at tiie resi dence of Mrs. Foy, at the c< rner of New Jersey avenue and D streets, near the Railroad Depot, an excellent assortment of Furniture, vi7 : Mahogany Divans. Lounges, Chairs, ottomans Do marble top dress and other Bureaus Do centre and sofa Tables and Washclosets Do dining, breakfast, and cord Tables Do French Bedsteads, large Wardrobe, and Sideboard Gilt fram? and other LooklDg Glasses, Paintings, and Engravings Cottage ard maple Bedsteads, W'ardrobes, and Chairs Walnut extension dining, writing, and other Tables Girandoles and mantle Ornaments,Clocks, Ac. A large assortment of china, glass, and cro:kery Ware and Castors 12 line feather Beds and Bedding, hair ard shuck M attresses Painted Blinds and painted Window Shades Brussels, 3 ply, and other Carpets and Rugs Passage Ollclo h, bras* Andirons and Fenders Refrigerator, Cbafln LM-hes And a la:ge assortment of Kitchen Requisites Also, the Bar Fixtures and a gocd lot of Liquor?. Terms cash. THE HOTEL IS ALSO FOR RENT, AND will be rented to a good tenant at a moderate rent Th's hottl is in thorough repair, and presents rare inducemfnts to persons wishing to embark in ihe ho.el business, as the house Is very conveniently arranged and rear the Depot. Apply to Mrs. Foy, on the premises, or to the subscriber, m 12-?t A. GREEN, Auet'r. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. I EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FUKNI J tare and Kffects at Public Sale.?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 16th. at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Maj M C. Denny, on H street, between 17th and Ibth streets, I shall sell all his Furniture and Household Effects, comprising? Mahogany hair spring-seat Sofas Do Arm and Parlor Chairs, Rockers Marble top pier, centre, and sofa Tables Handsome walnut Etagere, corner Stands Hush-seat reception Chairs, Ottomans Two six-light Lilt gas Chandli* rs Gilt Window Shades, Cornice, bronze, Candela bras Oak hall Set, walnut Hat-tree Vel-. et Tapestry and three plv Carpets Oilcloth. Matting, stair Carpets Mahogany exten-lon dining and side Tables (i.ik cane seat dining t.hairs Mantel Clock French China Dinner Set, gold-band Tea Set Silver-plated Castors, table Cutlery Britannia Tea Set, Glassware Four superior mahogany Chamber Suites, com prising in each? Handsome buhrost Beadstead Marble-top Dressing Cabinet Double W arrtrobe, marble top Washstand Cane seat Chairs and Rockers Granite toilet Stts, fire Sets, Rugs ^urerlcr curled hair and hu*k Mattresses Bo sters and Pillows, Window Shades and Curtains Superior Refrigerator and Cooking Stove Together with a general as.-.ortmei.t of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms: ?30 and under cash: over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes bearing interest. m 1'2-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auet'r. By E. S. WRIGHT: Auctioneer. ADEMKABLE BUILDING LOT IN Georgetown for sale at Aaction.?A verv eligibly situated Lot. fronting on the ea-t side i f High street 40 feet, and running back 130 It forms the north half cf Lot No 20, In Beatty A Hawkins addition, belonging to the heiis of the late Wm. M. Beail. The sale will take place on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 14th inst., at 5 o'clock p m Terms of sale: One-half cash on the day of sale, the balance in six months, with Interest and security. SAMUEL HUNT, Attorney for Heirs. EDW. S. WRIGHT, mS-eo3tkd3t Auctioneer. By JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer" DEMRAHLE IMPROVED PKIIPERTV on Tenth street, near Pennsylvania av enue.-On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. May 11th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises. I shall *ell part of Lot No. 5 In Square No. 3-a, fronting on Tenth street west, between C street north and Pennsylvania avenue, witn the Improvements, consisting cf a two-story brick Dwelling House and back bu:ldir:g, containing 9 rooms Terms : One-third cash; the residue In six and twelve months, ror notes bearing Interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the premises, m 6 d J. C. McGUIRK, Auct. REDUCTION IN PRICE OF ICE CREAM AND WATER ICES. ARNY'S CONFECTIONERY, Bridge street, Georgetown, d The price of ICE CREAM and WATER' ICES at tuis establishment will hereafter be1 82 per tailoa plain,or moulded; single quart Accents. _ _ The quality of our productions is so well known to our citlzurs t^at comment is unnecessary ; to strangers and sojourners we need only sav that for the superior excellence of our 1CK CREAMS, CAKES and WATER ICES we were award'd a Stivei M'dal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' institute, in 1855. To all we say, the above artl clt-s shall be equal hereafter to what they have hitherto been. A 1 orders for DINNERS, WEDDINGS. BALLS, Ac., attended to with our usual care and dlsnitch. A L ARNY An assortment of French and Domestic Cam DIES, FRUITS, NUTS, and CAKES, always on band. JELLIES, BLANC MANGE, CHARLOTTE DE RUSSE. CANDY i'YRA MI I)S, Ac , made to order at short notice. UZ7* Goods sent to any part of Washington free of cost. m 9-eo3w FOR SUMMER USE. JUST RECEIVED AT THE WASHINGTON Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactoiy, the largest assortment of R E F R I G E R A T O R S, WATER COOLERS, BATH TUBS. BAKING OVENS, YANKEE BAKERS, PORTABLE RANGES, Hard and Charcoal FURNACES, Ac., Ac , that has ever been offered to a Wash ington public, together with a full and complete stock of Plain, Planished, Block and Japanned TIN WARE; Plain, Tinned ?nd Enamelled IRON HOLLOW WARE; all of which will be sold on terms that will compare with any estab lishment south of New Ycrk JAS. SKIRVING, S E. corner Penna avenue and 11th street, m 9 eo'iw < ^REKN TURTLE AND LOBSTER J k ferved up at C. GAUTIER'S Saloon. Just received fresh Pine Apple and Banana. d. GAUTIER, m 9-91 252 Pennsylvania avenue. A CARD. THE UNDERSIGNED (LATE OF THE firm of D Finch A Son ) still continues to carry < n the Painting business in all its various branches. He respectfully solicits of former patron and the public gent-rally a continuance of their favors. All work contracted for by him will be execu ted with promptness and fidelity. Orders to be left as usual, at tne old stand, cor ner 12th and E streets. JNO. SU.MMKRFIELD FINCH. ap ll-lm ti LOCKS?CLOCKS?C LOCKS ?A GREAT J varletv of CLOCKS, ad warranted topm keep good time one year, at B3i J. ROBINSON'S, HI 349 P. nnsylvanla avenue, 13# ap24-1m opposite Browns' Hotel. Daniel ca>ifbell, in closing his present business, would thank his customers for their kind patronage, and la doing so, states that their respective accounts are made out, and that prompt payment will be expected. All to whom he is indebted will please present their bills m a-tf BAV WATER! MAY WATER! 10 . ases (1 doien each) double distilled BAY WATER, for sale low by WILLIAM M. CRIPP8, m?-bt fii La. av., bet. 6th and 7th sU. AUCTION SALES. Bv J AS. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer Furniture a>d hudskiiuld ep. feels at Public Anction.?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 2d, at 10 o'clock, at No 562 Pennsylvania avenue. between 1st and id streets west, I shall tell the Furniture and Effects of a famliy declining housekeeping, rlz : Mahogany Sofa, arm and parlor Ch*1r* Do centre, side, and card Tables Cane and wood seat Chairs, Lounges Window Curtains, Shades, Clocks Three ply. Ingrain, and other Carpets Oilcloth. Rugs, Stair Carpets High and low-(tost Bedsteads Bureaus, Wardrobe*. Washstands Fourteen superior Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows Counterpanes. Comforts. Blankets Mahogany dining Mid side Table* Ca?tors, Table I aUfry, Fire Irons Mahogany Sideboard", Coffee Urn Excelleut'cooklng and other Stoves Together with a general assort meat of Kitchen Utensils P S The House Is for Rent; Inquire on the premises. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ap 24-d Auctioneer. d/"The above sale is postponed in con sequence of the rain, until W E I) N E S D A Y MORNING. May 14th. same hour and place. mO-d J AS. C McGUIRE, Auct.^ By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. New two-stur* f k a m * hoi se nnd Lot at AnitUw.-On FRIDAY.the 2d May next, 1 shall sell, in front of the premi ses, at 6 o'clo'k p m . a good new two story frame House. with live good snd conveniently ar ranged rooms, fronting on 22d street, near cornel of H street no:th, being part lot No. 1, in Square No 55 Terms : One-third cash ; the lalance In 6 and 12 months, for notes, tearing interest from day ol sale A rfefd glvei and a deed of trust taken. ep24-eoftds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Immediately nfter the above sale I shall sell, on the premises. Lot No 7, in square 1*24, fronting on 19th street, between New York avenue and north D street, with the Improve ments, which are a Frame House, Ac. Also, Lot No. 4, in square east of square No. 8" fronting on north C, between 20th ana 21st sts. Terms at sale. ap50-d A. GREEN, Auct. l?^The above sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain until W EDN ESI?A Y, ihe 7tfc instant, same hour. A. GKEEN. iii 3-d Auctioneer. JO* The above sale is farther postponed in consequence of the rain until TUESDAY, ih< 13th Instant, same hour. m8-el ? A. GREEN, Auct. Bv A GREEN. Auctioneer Household and kit< hen fi rni. ture at Auction.?On TUESDAY, thel3tl Instant, 1 shall sell, at the :esidence of a. lady de c inlng housekeeping. No 3J5 Sixth street, be tween II and 1 ftreeis north, at 10 o'clock a. m. an excelh ut assortment of F urniture. vlx : Mahogany Scfa, dre*e*inir and other Bureaus Du marble top Commode Fancy and other Tables Fine Rosewood Etagere ai d Walrut Whatnot Walnut Cottage ami other Bedsteads Do Dress stands, Wafb ClcsttJ China, Glass, and Crocsery Ware Excellent hair and husk Mattresses Mantel Clock, Cane seat Chairs Ingrain a::d otfer Curpe s Cooking, A'.r.ight ai d other Stoves A .d a uood let of Kitchen Requisites Writh many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enuniera e. Terms : $25 and under, cash ; over that sum t credit of tLlrly aud sixty days, for satisfactory etidi rs< d notes, bearing Interest, m8 d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome building lot on ma ryland avenue near the corner of 10 ti street, at Auction ?On TUESDAY, the 13tt Instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at ( o'clock p. m . part of Lot No. f? in Square No 3-5, having a front on Maryland avenue, nenr the corner of 10th street west, on the Mand, of 33 ft 6 Inches, running back 79 feet This prope'tv is handsomely located on Mary land avenue in the most rapidly Improving p-r of the Island Terms: One third cash; balance in 1,2 end 3 years, the purchaser to give i:ot^s for tb?* defer red payments, bearing Interest from day of sale, a deed given ?nd a deed of trust taken All con vey mcing at the cost of the purchaser m 10-d A GREEN.Autt Ky JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD PIANO Fortr Excellent Furniture urd Mouseheld Ef fects at Public Sale.?On TUESDAY MORN ING, May 13th, at 10 o'clock, at tLe residence o] Lou's Janin, Esq., corner of l-'thaud II streets, 1 shall fell all his excellent Furniture and House keeping EfTecls, comprising? Superior Rosewood satin dumz'-k covercd parlci f irr.iture. consisting of two French Sfofas six arm Chairs, and six parlor Chairs, made to order in P iris Hands me Freach-plae mantel and pier Glass, Slabs, and Brackets Two rich six-light gas Chendellers Rosew >od marble-top centre and tofa Tables Walnut Whatnots. recert;on Chairs, Ac. Damash and Lace Curtains. Cornice, Ac. Several chticeoll Paintings .it.d Engravings Superior Velvet. Bru?sels, and Three-ply Carpets Oilcl' th, Matting, hardsoue Rugs Mahogany exten-ion Tale. Marble-top Sideboard Oak dlnlr.g Chairs, side Tables Krench chlr a, ^ ranite Dinner, Dessert, and Tea war?. Gla. sware Elegant mahogany high-post Beds.eads, with heavy cornice ana csucpy Handsome enamelled Cottage Set Mahogany E!!z.;bethian Uedstr;?ds, Wardrolts Dressing fables, Bureaus. Washstands Excellent Fai'and Hui>k Matt esses Bolsters and Pillows. Blarkets, SI eefs, Spreads Cane-seat Chairs, Toilet Sets. Shades Four Iron Setttes for porrh cr garden seats Datrobe, open front, and other t?tove? Kitchen Utenslis, A?*. Term?: ?30 and under cash: over thntsima credit of 60 and 9 ? day. for satlsfac crlly endorsed notes, bearirg Interest. J. C. McGUIRE, m 6-d Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. CALE BY ( ATALUttlk OF AN EATEN ?5 si ve Stock o! ihe beat(juality of U?otiann Slums at Auctiou*?On WEDNESDAY, the iith instant, 1 shall sell, by catalogue, at ihe Boot and Shce Store No. Seventh street, between D and E. at 10 o'clock a. B., an excellent ars.rt ment of Ladles and Gentlemen's, Misses and Boys' Boots and Sho* s. The stock being of a general assortment we detm it unnecessaiy to specify. Th?? Catalogue, giving a full description, will be read) for delivery an Monday, the 12th Instant. Gentlemen in the trade will please call a: my store and obtain them Terms of auction sale: Under S25 cash; over S25 a credit of 2 and 4 months,for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing Interest A. GREEN, in lo-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. TRCSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE and Eligibly Situated Honse and Lot on Maryland avenue, between 4^ and 6th sts., west. ? By virtue of a deed rf trust bearing date on the 5th day of February, l?53, and record-d in Liber J. A. S , No 52, folios 83, Ac , the sub scriber will sell at pul-lic sale, on THURSDAY, the22d day of May, 1856. at 6^ o'clock p. m . on the premises, all that piece or parcel of grourd lying and being situate in the citv of Washing ton, and known aid distinguished as Lot t^, in the subdivision of I ots Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, and II, in square No 4V2. fronting 21 feet 5 inches on Mary 1 nd avenue, betwe n 4j{ and 6th streets west, and running back to a twenty feet alley, with the buildings and improvements which consist of a well arid substantially built two >^ory and attic brick dwelling-house, with two story frame back building and necessary out-bnlldings The above property is situated In a heaithy and desirable location, and rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a favorable opportunity to per sons desirous of obtaining a conven ent and com fortable residence or making an investment. The terms of sale will be: One-fourth cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twentv-four months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale, secured by deed of oust upon the property. If the terms of sale are not com plied with in six days after the sile the property will be refold at the' risk and expense of the pur chaser upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tike indisputable. CHAS S WALLACH, Trusteo JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap3l)?eo&ds Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. SMALL AND DESIRABLE FRAME Dwelling Hoase at Auction.?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON. May 13th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell tarts of Lots num bered 11 and 12, In the subdivision of Square No 5'iS, commencing for the same on Fourth street wast 17 feet 11 Inches from the sonthwest corner or said lot numbered 11, and running thence north alon ' said street 14 feet, thence east 68 feet, and thence south 14 feet, ther.ce west 88 feet, to said street, being the place of beginning, with the Im provements, consisting of a new and neatly-brilt dwelling house, containing 6 rooms, with a good cellar The above property is situated on Fourth street west, be.ween H and 1 streets north, In a rapidly improving part of the city, and is very desirable to persons desiring a sma 1 neat dwelling-house. Terms: One-fourth cash; residue in 6, 12, and 15 months, for notes bearing Interest, secured by a deed of trust on tho premises. mfl-d J. C. McUUIRK, Auct. TELEGRAPHIC BTBW* FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOl'SK PRINTING TELEORAPH. ARRIVAL OF THE ATLANTIC. FOL K DATS LATER FROM El'ROFB. Nsw York, May 12?The Collins mail steamer Atlantic hu arrived. bringing foir days later European sew*. She left Liver pool on the 30th April. The Canard iteuitr Asia arrived out on Monday the 28th The principal feature of the news of the week is the publication of theefiijlel treaty of peace ; together with three appended oonven ttons ; the first baring referenoe to the paeaage of the Dardanelles ; the aeeond arranging the details of the naval force In the Black Sea; and the third declaring that the Aland Islands sha.! remain unfortified. Also an important declaration of maritime law, via : abolishing privateering?that a neutral flag is to protect the cargo, except when contraband, and neu tral gt.eds under an enemy 'a flag arc to be ex euij't from capture. Ihe treaty is precisely the same a* received by the laH sieamor. The mining articles five and six relate to the general tmnesty and exchange of prisoner*, and seven and eight ^ivc Turkey admiasion into the European po litical system. and secure European arbitra tion in case of dispute with her l'cace has been formally proclaimed. Important meetings of the political partlea in Parliament presage trouble to Lord Pal merston. Ttie Parliamentary Blue Book has been pub lished, containing all the Central American documents. There is nothing elso of striking interest. [SBCOWD DISPATCH ] The missing articles of the treaty ore to the following effect : Art 5th Grants a full and entire amneaty to tbo.-e their subjects who may have Leen com promised by any participation whatever in the events of tbe war in favor of the enemy ; and ?t i.-. expressly understood that thia amneaty shall extend to tbe subject# of each belligerent power who may have continued during tbe war to be employed in the service of or the other belligerents. Art. 6. Declare? that the prisonera of war shall be immediately given up on either aide. Art 7. Declares that the Sublime Parte shall be admitted to participate in the adven ture* of the publio law and xystem of Europe. 1 heir majesties engage each on his own part to respect the independence and integrity of t je Ottoman empire, and guarantee in oon> moii a striot observance of that engagement; and will, in consequence, consider any eet tending to its violation ad a question ox gen eral interest. Article bib says if there should arise be tween toe Sublime Porte and one er more of the other signing powera any misunderstand i ? which might endanger the maintenance of their relations, the Sublime Porte and each o. su<*h powers, before having reeource to force, shail afford the other contracting par* an opportunity of preventing such ex tremity by means of their mediation The following additional article has been rendered imperative by the necessity of trans p)rtirg troops from the seat of war, but it was evidently an afterthought consequent upon a suddenly suggested difficulty. AdoitI''H4L and Iraisitokt Artjclb ? 1 tie stipulations of tbe convention respecting the Straits of the Dardanelles, signed thia day, shall not be applicable to veaeels of war em ployed by the belligerent powera for the evac uation by sea of the territories occupied by their armies ; but said stipulations ahell re sume thtir entire effect as soon aa the evaoaa tion shall be term nated. ENGLAND Wep*e*dat afternoon?(ireal esoltanect exists in politics. Lord Palmeraton had ealled a meeting of bis friends, an i the conservative* La i held meetings in opposition, who, it is eiid, intend to make the fall of Rare the teat question. Lord Clarendon had lad before the 11 u?e of Lords a* copy of the treaty of P' ace. and moved that it be taken up on lha 5th of May Lord Palmerston had laid li also before the llous j of Commons. Tba -4th of M*y had been appointed as a d:iy of thanksgiving for the restoration of peace Lord Lyndhurst had C'>nsented to postpone hif motion upon tbe Italian question for the present, at the request of L ?rd Clarendon. The debate upon the fall of Ears was com menced on the 28th by Mr. Whiteside, who in troduced a motion of censure upon tue gov ernment. The Attorney General defended the government. Lord John Manners supported the resolution; after which the debate waa kpoatponed until the next eveniQg INDIA. Telegraphic advices hnd been received from C ilcutta to the 23d of March, and from Hong Kong to tho lfith of March In Oude tn alters were quiet. The King had left for England. Persia remained ;uiet Trade in India had improved. The insurrection in China continued active. The Inperial troops had been defeated at Ki angri. An extensive fire bad occurred at Dong-Kong. Nye, Brothers A Co , had failed. Exchange at Canton was fis 41. THE MARKETS Liverpool. April 29 ?Cotton?Tbe AeU arrive i on Monday night. Iler udvi.-ea unfa vorably influenced the market, ar.d prices are variously reported at " easier, but uot quo tablv lower, to a decline of |d.;M that is te say. the lower qualities have declined gd , while the better grades are easier, bet not lower; Meaara Riohardson, Spence A Oo. quotes mTddlir.g Orleans fi 4-6,1; middling Mobiles fi 3-fid., and middling I'plandsfiid. .Sales ? f f ur daya (or three !) 27,Ol?0 bales, in cluding 3 5u<) on speculation aud for export. Breadstuffs,?The markets for breadstuff's if firm, and prices have advanced. Plour ia CI. to Is better; wheat Id. to 2d better, and corn is firm with an upward tendency to an advance of fid. with a moderate business in each. Western canal flour is queted 29s aX4s ; Ohio, K4? 6d u35s fid.; white corn 2Vs 61.a 30s.; und yellow and mixed 30a Provisions?Beef is unchanged in price, with a limited business Bacon is without change, with a moderate business at 5.Va,'3*. fid. for short, and 54a a54? fid far long mid dies. Lard ia unchanged, with a moderate demand at 53s a54s. Produce?Common Roain eommanda 4a 8d a4# 101. Spirits turpentine ia unchanged, with a limited bnsincM at 34a Mahcbbstbr?Market ia dull, with little speculative demand. Money-The market ia tighter in conae quence of the anticipated new loan. Conaola closed at 924a92j. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, May 12 ?Flour ia ateady; How ard street $6; nothing doing in City Mills and Ohio but holders ask Sfi Wheat is unchanged; go< d to prime reds Sl.35a$1.40; fairtogood white* f 1 60afl 17; choice white for family flomr $1 fiSabl 7b Corn is quiet; yellow 48a6?3. Provisions are more active. Baoon shoul ders 8a8fc.; sides 9iaV)c.; bams 10al2*e.; mess pork S18 25. New York Markets Nbw York, May 12 ?Flour baa imtreved; Biles of 7 500 bbls.; eommon to good State S5 37aS5 75; common to low grades of extra Ohio $5 87a$* 31; good to standard Southern Sfi 25aS8.87; fancy to extra do. $7a$S 25 Wheat ia drooping; sales of 4,000 bu?hels: Southern while $1.80 Corn baa declined ; sales of 20 000 bushels, Southern mixed 69afi0. Pork has advanced; Bales of 1,200 bblf. me?s S18 25a*18 50. Beef is firm; sales ot 250 bbla ; Chicago repacked at $10a$18 Lard ia improving; sales of 400 bbla. at 10#3. Whisky is dull; sales of 50 bbls Ohio 28*o Financial Nbw York, May 12?Stocks are lower* Chicago and Rock Island Railroad 91* Cum berland Coal Company 21 i ; Illinois Coatral Uailp>ad shares ?9t; New York Central Rail road 9lf; Pennsylvania Coal Company 95, Reading Railroad 88; Virginia fi's 931; Mia S uri fi's 84i. Sterling exchange is dull. WATCHES AND JBWHLHY XJ per et cheaper than It can be bought elsewhere In Washing ton, at j J. Robinsonfi, apst-ua Pa. av. epp, Br own'a Bote*.