Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR.! LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Navt Yard Homicide ? Early ywt?r day afternoon the eastern section of the city was thrown into great excitement by the an nouncement that John R. Nally, ayonng man of 20 or 21 jean, had been shot dead by a fellow workman at the Navy Yard, named Daniel W. Jarboe, aged about 22. Coroner Woodward held an inquest, the ver dict of which waa rendered about six o'clock in the evening From the evidence before the jury it appears that about a quarter be fore one o'clock p m , young Jarboe and his .?ister Sarah Jane, called at the house of an acquaintance (Mrs. Irwin) on Ninth street south, where they remained a short time, and when thoy left the house they met the de ceased, who resided with his mother in the vi cinity, and who ww on bis way to his work in company with his brother William. Jarboe accused deceased with having seduced his * ms'ct, and asked if he intended to marry her Nally's reply is stated to have been negative <>r evasive, whereupon Jarboe advanced and fired one barrel of a revolver at Nally, the ball entering the left broast Nally ran a short distance, the blood flowing from his mouth, when his brother caught him in his arms. Nally died in about ten minutes after receiv ing the wound. After firing at Nally. Jarboe said to his sifter 44 Stand back till I shoot the other d d son of a bitch," moaning Nally's brother. He did not fire again, however, and the pistol, which was a five-barrelled re volver. was found upon examination to have loads in the four barrels Jarboe walked away, and meeting Officer Willard delivered himself up lie was taken before Justice B"gg?, who committed him to the county jail for a further hearing. On hearing that Nally had died of the shot he appeared much af fected. Nally was a member of the Anacostia Fire Company, and the different Are companies of the city havo been invited to attend tho fu neral, which takes place this afternoon. This morning Justice Briggs was with the District Attorney to consult about a further hearing ?? The Citt Election Bill.?Ws publish be low the election bill pa^ed yesterday by the House of Representatives, and which wa* pre sented by Air. Campbell, of Ohio, as a substi tute for the Senate bill. The bill has yet to pass the ordeal of the Senate : A Bin to provide for at least two election pre cincts la each Ward In the city of Washington, and for other purpose* He it enacted, iVf , That it shall be the duty of the city Corporation to provide at least two election precincts in each Ward, to appoint commissioner* to superintend elections in the same, and to adopt such other regulations as may be necessary to give full foroe and effcct to this section. Sec. 2. And whereas, native-born citixens, residsnt of the city of Washington, who ar rive at the age of twenty-one years between the 3lst day of December next preceding the ?lection and the day of election are not al lowed to vote at such election? Be tt farther enacted, That no person being naturalised between the said day of Decem ber and the day of the succeeding election shall be entitled to vote at such next succeed ing election. Sec 3. And A# it further enacted, That at all elections to be held in the city of Wash ington for municipal officers the polls shall be opened at seven o'clock a. m ani closed at seven o'clock p. m ; and that all acts and arts of acts inconsistent with this act are ereby repealed. Etcnsioi or the Emigre Clib.?At an early hour yesterday morning the Empire Club starred for that favorite resort, ' the White House,'' having a pleasant company of fair ladies and gallant gentlemen, end with Esputa's band to furnish time and tune for those disposed To trip it 44on the light fantastic toe " Arrived at the White House, the lance-inspiring music called to their feet the happy company, and for an hour or two the spacious ball-room was in full requisition, and then the assemblage were called to dinner, which had been served up by Coke, the pres ent host of the White House, in style After dinner the company separated in various par ties to enjoy tnemselves as, their tastes dic tated?dancing, fishing, promenading, and not a few to witness the hauling of the 11 big seme " At an early hour the steamer's bell gave notice for all to come on board, and soon the gallant boat was ploughing its way swiftly homeward, where the party arrived without aocident or any thing to mar the pleasuro ol the trip. The trip will long be held in pleas ant remembrance by those present. Beggars ?A large number of persons, ap parently able to labor, have been infesting public places, and annoying citisens and strangers by begging for money. Few of them will receive bread, and consider it an insult when offered. Money is their aim, and money they will have by begging and steal* iiig Some of the beggars aro property own ers, and others who are sent out by relatives who are in good circumstances to make their living by imposing on the charitable. One case we will mention: A boy comes to this city regularly during the week from Alexan dria. He is a oripplo, and by exhibiting him? self a: the hotels he receives more than the nioft skillful mechanic can obtain for his labor That boy's parents?we are informed by one who knows?are well able to support him decently without allowing him to beg on the ?treets. We have a law io relation to sturdy beggars, vagrants. Ac., that no doubt wdl be enforced by the efficers so soon as their attention is called to those persons. House Brracihg ?The same gang that en tered several stores in this city a few weeks feince is oertainlv at work again. Last night, some one entered the wood office of Mr Reyes, corner of Twelfth and B street*, and foroed open an iron safe by filling the lock with gun powder and exploding it. Fortunately, the amount of funds deposited there happened to be but three cents, which v^ill hardly pay for the powder used The door of the safe was shattered to piccee, and the repairing will be the heaviest loss by the operation. This gun powder g*ng operated at the lamp and oil ?tore adjoining Brown's hotel on C street, and at several warehouses in Alexandria, during the last two months. They obtained more from those places than from Mr. Keyes, and left the city This is probaby their firsl oper ation since the last burglary arrests. Bin Docs.?This merning, a young gentle man made inquiry at tho guard house relative to the law in relation to vicious dogs. He had teen attacked by one in the Second Ward last eight, and had to defend himself by using a brick. The owner ef the dog abused the young man by cursing him and denying his right to defend himself in that way. It is made the duty of the Mayor to notify the owners of vicious dogs to keep them in confine ment when complained of, 4<and if any person t<r persons, after receiving such notice, shall suffer such dog or dog* to run at large, he. she. or they shall forfeit and pay a penalty c t exceeding twenty dollars, nor less than two, for each and every such offence." See Corporation Laws; act approved July 25th, 1 section 8. WasnixaTo* Philharmonic Society.?At the annual meeting of thin Society, held la?t evening at Temperance Hall, we learn that the following officers were elected for the en suing year: President?J. L Cluhb; Yica Presidents? J B Dawson and T. L. Potter; Recording Secretary?S V Noyos; Corresponding Sec retary?J F. 1 McClery; Treasurer?H. Puk'o ; Librarian?J. A Stewart. H- ard of Directors?Messrs. R Ball, jr., J. II l>aniet, J Hunsberger, J. F. Hodgson, T. 1' Lloyd, and S. F. Spaulding. The rehearsals of tue Society will be con tinued every Ihursday evening, as heretofore. Focin Dead ?Monday night a dead in fant w is found by the scavenger, in a privy, m the Sixth Ward Upon inquiry being Uiaio by the proper authorities a verdict ac cording to the testimony was returned. The ?"PP <ed mother id de*d ala >; and this m.>ra i'v per is in the neighborhood ask that a further ex iniinatiun may be had. I Jrir-Harper's Magazine just received . r -,1c oy the agent, Alex A dam son, sevetia sueet, opposite lo the Post Offioe. * Stmalino a Coat.?This morning Officer Kitchen, of Georgetown, arretted a man named Patrick Cronan, at the railroad depot, for stealing a ooat from Herman ftoh. He went into Roh'a store and asked to pee some clothing; he tried the coat on, and Roh told him to make him an offer for it. At the mo ment other customers came in and Roh turned to them. Cronan answered, 14 No, I wont make aa offer for it," and walked oat of the store, taking the new coat and leaving his old one instead He was taken to tho Ruarl house and oommitted to jail. He had the coat ob at the time of his arrest. Thi Sba of Ice.?We feel that we shall do our readers, who may not have seen this gor geous piece, a favor by reminding them that it will be necessary for them to avail them selves of the present chance, as it must give way speedily to other attractions which have boon engaged. To-morrow afternoon, at two o'clock, u special representation will be given for the benefit of ladies and children. Ho not fail to see the Sea of Ice. Caicsi's Second May Festival takes place to-night We presume it will be, if that were possible, even more successful than hie last one. Mr. Carusi by his long and most successful experience as a teacher, has rallied around him a host of friends and admirers sufficient to make '' assurance doubly sure " Cameron vs. SaiFrin.?This case, whioh has occupied the time and attention of the Circuit Court and jury over two weeks, was finally disposed of by the jury returning a verdict for the plaintiff, awarding him the sum of $8,290 with interest from November 20, 1852, until paid. Anti-Khow Nothing Mass Meeting ?We arc requested to say that, in consequence of the threatening appoarance of the weather, the place of holding the mass meeting to-night has been changed from the City Hall to Copp's Saloon, upon Louisiana avenue. Distinguished friends of the cause will address the meeting. Seventh Street.?The northern end of Seventh street is in a shocking condition, be ing oven now but the scries of humps and hollows it was just after tho frost came out of the ground there. Whose business is it to put it in proper condition ? Only Twenty Cents a Hundred for fine Buff Adhesive Envelops. For sale at Alex Adamson's, Seventh street, opposite to tho Peat Offico. ? Mercurial Grammar.?"Mercury" heads his account of the homioide at the Navy Yard : " A Brother Revenging his Sister's Sedu cer." GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, May Id, 1856. The remains of our osteemed former fellow citizen, Capt. Levin Jones, was taken from his late residence to Christ church yesterday af ternoon, where an able discourse in commen dation of hi* many good qualities as a citizen aad virtues as a christian, was delivered by the pastor, the Rev. Dr. Norwood, after which they were tollowed to their last resting place in Oak Hill cemetery, by the member* of Cov enant Lodge and tho Grand Lodge 10. 0. F., and a large conoourso of sympathizing friends. At a general meeting of the Democrats of our city, held at Forrest Hall last night, H. C Mutthewi, Efq , was callcd to the chair, and E. Pickrell, Etq , appointed Sooretary After the passago of a series of resolutions touching the interests of tho party R. Ould and ii. C. Matthews, Esq '?, wero appointed delegates to the Cincinnati Convention We have been credibly informed that, in case the gentleman iMr. William Matthews) whose claims wo have been urging for the Presidency of the Canal Company, t-hall be elected, and confidence in the stability of navi gation upon the canal thereby restored, (by having to superintend the line a practical man. who will devote bis whole time to its in terests,) that another coal company with a capital of at least one million of dollars, will soon after embark in trade upon it, and make their depot in our oity Wo learn this morning that Major Addison is much easier, and that his symptoms are de cidedly more favorable. Business generally along our wharves this morning looks very encouraging. The nuiu ber of vessels, chietly packets, receiving and difbarging cargoes is quite large. The Hour market this morning is in a verj ?[uiet state?held at 55 75a$fi; the latter price or choice extra brands. The quantity ol wheat arriving is very limited?held at SI 3(1 a$l 35 for red, and $ 1 35aS1.40 for white, Corn 45a48o. for white and yellow. Spectator. The vices of some men cause the virtue; of others ; as corruption is the parent of fer tility. |^*A wise man will desire no more that what he may get justly, use soberly, distrib ute cheerfully, and live upon contentedly. .'H**t(tur'i Bitters?Hsstetters Bit. TKR9.? Have yon the Dy?pep?la, take Hosietter'a Bitters. Hut you Flatulency. Ui>? Hoalctter's Bluer*. Are jon Ccetlve, take Hosteller's Bitters. Have yon Indigestion, take Uoe teller's hitler*. H.??e you loet yenr Appetite, take Hoslett-t'e Bitter*. Have yun Ague anil Pever, take Hoetetter's B'.tters. Are you well aud want to keep ?<>, take Hialetter* Bitter* Y?n cau bay II by the buttle, <t< zeo, or gross of the A <-u lor Washington, at the Dray Store corner of h and 7tU at*, at IS lw JAMES N. CALLAN. U7" Fresh Congress Water, received thii Hay, dlreet from the Nprlng. Dafly exporting to errivs BEf)P'>Kl> AND Hl.l'K I.ICK WATER*, at OILMAN'S new Drug Su re, J.O Pa. avenue. m i t-lw 1X7" An old Friend to the Sullerlag is >lrs< Gardiner's Indian Balaam of Liverwort aud Hoarhound, foi the cure of cough*, rolde, cruup, Ac. TLm preparation hai stood the teat for the pact twenty year", and now ar.d evei will aland unrivalled. It la for aale by all the drugsiab throughout the United Plates and Brltlah Provlncae. Weeka A Potter, lit Washington street, Boston, Wholesale Agent. in 11-1 w Z D. OILMAN, Washington, SpcdaJ Agent. Ify Coats. Fasts, and Vests, Urns Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALKK8 A CO., Mabilk Hall CLOTVma Burn at UK, Crowns' Hotel Building, re*perUot!y announce that their annual display of SPRING AND fU'MMER CLOTHING la now reedy for Inspection, comprising an aaa-irtirient ol OcaTLeuKa ?*i? VocT?a' Clothidh of the newest and rich eel design*. In material, trimming, and workmanship. To those who st?dy eioe.lei <-?, with economy In fashionable ar ticles of dre*?, an opportunity la now offered for selecting from one of the moat attractive stock of goods In this city, at eery reduced price* ap j? tf 1X7" Fever aad Ague?An Infallible Core. W? defy the world to produce any Medicine which doee net contain ljululne, Bark Arsenic, Mercury, or any noxious or deadly Compound, to cure Ihla aunnylng dlseas* ao effect oally aa Carter's Spanish Mixture. While It contains none of the aboTenamed danceroua article*, yet It poaaeeaee a rower In relieving aud curing Fever end Ague which cannot s approached by any of them separately or In combination. It acta specifically on the Liver, purlAesthe Blood, opens the poree of tbe *k1n, and as* 1st* nature to expel from the sys tem the seeds of aleeaee, or what ta ae bad. the remain* of the Mineral Drugs, which clog aud lually ileetroy the con stltnU'.n. See the cure of If r. Longdon, of Virginia. He had Ohllla twice a day for three years ; uothlug would relieve htm until lie tried Carter'* Spanish Mixture, only three bottles of which reaior?4 htm in health ; nor has he had a return of the dl*. eese sUtce. myl-lm. 1X7" Prof. Da tirath on the Weather.? Prof. De Orath wanta all sufferer* from the effect* of the In cleiaent weather lately, to call and procure e bottle ef hi* pl*aseut KLKCTBIC OIL. It enree like magic. Price* Ifi, SO. and )1 per botUe. Pro!e*?or De Oralh feela It to be hll duty to himself and to the public to atate explicitly, that the Article offered for aale by Mra. Anna K. Hmlth, called In her advertlaemeuta Doctor Hmlth. A. E Smith, Chemist, Ac., Ac., la not "De Qralh'n ?iectrlc Oil." Mr*. Smith's pretensions te a knowledge of the prepara tion* of this celebrated remedy, frem her connection with Mr. Ualetla B. Smith, formerly engage,! with Prof De Oralh in keeping llie bocks and correepoudence of De Uralh A Oo , but never instructed in the manufacture of the luvdl clue. The parties have ualtber the right or the ability to make " De Grath's Electric Oil," and no Imitation of It can P-oJace the wonderful effects of the original, a* prepared by rnfeest* l>c Oratb himself at hU old and well known eetab llahmeui. Bio. 39 Sooth Klghth afreet, belew CUealaut, Phila delphia. e*~ Drogglata will address their orders to him alone. Sold hy all Drngg'rte, and by CB AS. STOTT AOO., Agenia, Washington. _ _ m lS-tf I^Wb. a. Batchrlor's Hair Oje.-Graf, Red or Ru.ty llair dyed instantly to a Beautiful and Sstu ral Brow* or Black, without the leaat Injury to Hair or Sklr. Pit-rBKM Midiu awt? Diriov.s have beeo awarded to Wm. A. Bat- he'or since IW, and over so,*00 applU alloua hate been made to the Ha r of hie |>atrone of hi* laraoua Dye. prg|iad1oe agaiuat Dying the Hair and WhUkera 1* unjust, aa it Would be agatuMl covering a bald head with a wig. Wu A 11* rcnai.ox * Hate Dru prodncee a color not to be dtsiiic?lehe<l from u at ore. aud I. tiiiASTU uot to lujure In tlie least, however leog It may be coutinued. hold in ail ritaee and towue of tlie Lulled Stales, by Drng giet? and Paucy Oooda Dealer*. mr The Genuine ha* the name and addrees opon a ateel nUte engraving, on tour aide* ef eetli bottle, of WILLIAM A BATCHKLOU, -US Broadway, New Tork. mr for aale bj CHAS. STOTT, Peunajlfanla avenue, apl?eodm . ?r7? What is it Fer?This Weed's Hair aR^rOKATIVR??U a qneetion aaked dally by hnndre<ta. We aaawe* wlthcirt beaitatlou or fear of contradiction, that It la tlie only article known which will do all H promisee for the tinman l.afr. It will renew Ha growth?It wIM stop Its fa'llug? it will rectore 1U natural color. It 1? not a Hair Dys. bet a speedy and eOsadous Reetoratlvo. Trial hollies $i, pin la 11, tuatU |A JUad U? ad?MMaa?wl on the fourth ma n A*~M fj'7' Ttae Great Raiilan Reacdy?Pr? BONO PCBLIOO.?" Kvery mother shoald have a box In the bonne handy In <?%?? of arcldenta It the children." HKPDlNG'8 ROSIA HALVK. It It a U"?u>n rmtitj of thirty ;Nn' Maudlng, end Is re conimtnded by pbyslclana. It I* t anre and n|>?Mr care for Born*. Fll<*. Bolla, Corna, Felon*, fhllhalnt, and OH 8orea of ovary Hn<l; for F'??r 8or??, riwri, Itch, Scald Heed, Mottle B**h, Hnnlon*, Roro Ntpplee, ) recommended by nnreee.) Whitlow#, Hllee, Feater*. Flea Fit**, ttolder Stir**, Fn>?n I.lrabe, Palt Rlxnm, Scarry, Bore and Crv k?<l Llpt, 8<ir? Notii, and K"l~?h Wound*. It ia a nmt valnabla remedy aod rare, which ran b? testified to by tbonnaad* who hare atari it In therllyof Boston anl vicinity for lite la*t thirty yean. Id no tnatance will thl* Salre do an Injury, or IntarfliT* with a phy*l<-1ae'e preecrlpttona. It la made from the purest naterlala. from * roc I pa brought from Kneel*?of article# growInK la tliat country?and the proprietors bava letter* ftom all claaeaa, clergymen, physicians, tea captain*, nurses, and other* who hare Die) It themeelvea, and reo-m mend It to other*. Redding'* Rnaela Halve la pnt In large tin box?<, I tamped on the cover with a pl<nureof a horaeand a disabled soldier, which pit tare Is tleo engraved on the wrapper. Price, 25 Cents a Box. Hold at all the atoras In town or country, and may be ordered of any wholesale drumilst. For aale at 8HIL.LIKQT01T8, Agent for Wash at ton. lull MAKRICD, On the15th Instant, by the Rev Bvron Sun d'riaod- 0 D , WM B DONALDSON to ARA BELLA A., daughter of the ate John H Wad*. ?ID, On Thursday morning, the ll*th instant, of con sumption, Mrs RACHEL I'. RARNARD,con sort of the la'e 16 F. Barnard, of tbls city The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, at her la'o residence. 387 Fifteenth street, on Sunday next, at 2J< o'clock p. m. * In this city, on Friday morning, the 9th inst., at 10 o'clock, LA VIM IA 8., oaly daughter of Ed ward and Virginia Auld, aged thlrtee*i years and five months. in the deith of this beautiful girl, her relatives and a wide circle of friends are suffering feelings of doepest woe and distress. The wilter of this loved r>er as his own sister, and notwithstanding her youth, considered her one of the finest models of feminine perfection he ever knew; she gave early promise of the rarest qualities that could adorn the human character, and when deathcame he took from us a beautiful being, gifted with mental and moral worth in a degree to which few everat'aln. The devoted friends who watched her l*st moments with Intense anxiety, still clung to a faint hope deceived by a moral energy never surpassed, and the mostuimiflledseranlty of tem per that (had It been the will of Heaven) they might have been permitted to rescue a life so pre cious?but alas! this gentle, affectionate. Intel lectual being was destined soon to die. ? * All that was earthly of so much loveliness has pessed away, whilst the immortal spirit has as cended to tne skies. During her illness her advice and admonltirns to those around her was touchlngly beautiful, worthv of oneof sublime Intel ect in mature v^ars. While suffering with pain she would compose and sing praises to llim who gave and was so soon to take her away. She passed away bless ing God, and expressed the fullest confidence for her eternal happiness P. C. D. WANTS. WANTED?TWO FIRST RATE 8BOK in'.kers, for men's work. Apply to K. W LUKE, 7th st., opposite Odd Fellows' Hall It WANTED?A GOOD BREAD BAKER AT No 5t-9 Virginia avenue, to whom good wages will he given. W.AIGLER. m 16 it* \irANTED?AN ASSISTANT COOK, A t v jof'd oyster opener, and one or two servants at DRAKE'S Restaurant, corner of E and 7th ?treetii. First rate wages wiil be paid for good hands m lft-2t WANTED A WIFE?BY A YOUNG MAN ?25 years of age, said to be very handsome, and is in corrfoitable circumstances. Address "Merchant," through (he City Despatch. All communications will be considered stilctlv confi dential. m 15-3t* WANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework, washing and Ironing in a small fam ly of two. Reference required. Call at No. 342 Fourth street, opposite the Gate, m 14-3t* A DRY GOODS SALESMAN WANTED ? We wish to employ a first class salesman. One acquainted with the city trade preferred. To such a permanent situation and a liberal salary will be offered. COLLKY A SEARS, No 523 7th street, 'i doors north Penn.avenue. m l'-3t A SMALL FRAME HOUSE WANTED ? The advertiser desires to rent a small brick or frame house, 5 to 9 rooms, situated within the ranpe ot 0'b to l'Jth st'eet east and west, and from the avenue H street north and sou n. Anyoue such a house will find a good tenant by adiressing post na'd, stating tlie loralon, num ber, and rent cf the houte, ABC, City Dispatch, in 11 3t SERVANTS WANTED.?TWO AMERICAN or German or Colored woman, one as eook, washer and ironer, the other as nurse and cham bermaid in a small family. Good reference re auired Apply to JONAS P LEVY, No 478 IVnn avenue, Wine, Liquor and Grocery Store, m 14-lw WANTED?EVERY BODY TO KNOW that A R N Y A SH INN are the sole proprle tors of the District for Turner Brothers celebiated Ginger Wine, and other Liquors. Send your orders to No. 57 Green street Georpetown. m l"3-6t (Intel?nd Organ ) VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE. I have for sale a large number of Buldln^ Lots in different parts of the city, very favorably located either for residences or business. Ap plyto WILLIAM 11 PHILIP, Attorney at Law, No. 40, Louisiana evenue, near <ith street. m5 eo WANTED-COUNTRY BOARD CAN BI obtained at a pleasant location near Bla densburg d* pot, on reasonable terms after the 15tb Instant. The, grou&d* are well supplied with shade, making It a desirable retreat for fami'le? through the Hammer. An omnibus runs twice a day. beside the convenience of the cars, thus af fording ample faciltles for persons having busl ress in the city. MRS. D. JONES, m (Jeolm* WA NT ED ?WANTE D ? WAN TED?TtJ find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Framo?,' round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marblo-inp Brackett Tables, in bronie or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any slit Looking Glass***, or other work in the gilding; line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, suitable foi shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to sull the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Re?llt,and Looking Glast Plates Inserted. * 255 Penua. avenue, opposite Klrkwood Hcuse. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. TOR SALE AND RENT. [Se? fir?t page for other Kent and Sale notices.] L For sale?a small frame house containing seven rooms, and fronting on the President's grounds. Apply to JOHN P HIL TON. m 16-lw* OFFICES FOR RENT IN THE LARGE double house No. 478 7th street, opposite the city Post otttce. The rooms are lofty, and lighted by g*s For convenience and excellence of situa tion they are unsurpassed In this city. Inquireol EVERETT A POLLACK, Attorniesfor Patents, No. 448 Ninth street, corner of F.^ m 16-'2awtl OT FOR SALE, ON NINTH, NEAR THE corner of P street north. Terms % cash, and fca'anre in 8 and 151 months, with interest Ap ply to J. H. McCHESNEY, corner of 7th and N streets north. in 15-3t* IIlOK SALE, ON ACCOMMODATING TERMS ?That valuable Square of ground, No. lt8,contalnlrgfb,0H)feet,bet'n V and W sts., north of Lafayette square. Also, Building Lots, and several small dwellings, either brick or frame, situated In various paits of the city. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, Re?l Es'ate Agent, N0 512, (2d story) 7th street. m 15-lw* For rent?the north room on the second story of the Savings Bank Build ing, corner of Tenth street and Pennsylvania avenue, suitable for an ofllce. Application to be made at the Saving's Bank. m 14-4t 1JLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR 1 rent, wlh or without board, at E H.KING'S on 11th street, three doors from E and one square from the avenue. m 14-3t* BOARDING. TUBLE, AS WELL AS PERMANENT and transient boarders, may find pleasant accom modations at the Wehster House, 4V8 Louisiana avenue, opposite Washington Assembly Rooms, m 15-8t* DELIGHTFUL AIRY ROOMS WITH FIRST RATE BOARD ?A few, vtrycom fortable rooms with good board can be had if im mediate application be made at No. 393, north Capitol Hill,i?t street east, between A and B, near the old capltol. nrt 15-3t* OARD.-FOUM SINGLE GENTLEMEN andagentleman and his wlfecan obtain board B at No 459 10th street, between E and F, at S3 per week. m 12-lw* Board, Ac.?mrs. bateb.on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Vth stree' is prepared to accommodate gentle men wlthrooni'., with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor hex wltk their patronage. ap 6- w L. J. NIODLKTON, DF. ALER IN ICE. UJJlct and Depot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets. f?b *7-t* ?W WB .MSSlr? AUCTION BALES. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneer*. Excellent household run mi. tare Md Housekeeping fcffeota at Fablte Auction. ? On i\TUKOAY MORNING, the i7th Instant, at 0 o'clock, we will *ell Without reserve in front of our Auction Rooms, a lar^e assortment of Furniture and Housekeeping Ef fects, Ac., consisting in part of? Mahogany Spring and plaln-a^at Sofas Walnut Extension, dining, and other Tables Mahogany Dressing, and plain Bureaus, and Sideboards

Walnut marble-top Enclosed and plain Wash stands Do and Maple High and Low post Bedstads Wardrobes. Walnut. Cherry andj>ine-leaf Tables Cane sad Wood seat Chairs and Rockcrs i good Feather Beds, Pillows, and Bolsters, Comforts Hair and Shuck, Single and double Mattresses, Clock Brussels, Three ply and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloth Walnut Gilt-band Mirror, Curtains ..nd Window Shades Cut and Presided Glass Dccantors, plated Cas tors, Ac. Cook btove and Fixtures, Parlor and Bedroom Stoves Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisits. Also. 10 000 Prime Havana Segars, assorted Brands. With an invoice of sundry fancy arti cles we deem unnecessary to mention. Terms at sale it WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni ture, Spring Murkot Wagon, Ac., at Auction? On SATURDAY, the 17th instant, I shall sell, in front of my store, at 9 o'clock a. in., a large and excellent assortment of K urniture. One fiae steel spring Wagon, Northern built, suitable for butchers, fped dealers, or gardener. China, Glass, and Crockery Ware. Also, at II o'clock, 1 shall sell 7 dozen fl::e Holland Gin. 5 dozen Cognac Brandy. Terms cash. A.GREEN, m 16-d Auctioneer By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Desirable dwelling house on 13lh street, at Anotioa ?On TUESDAY" \FTKRNOON, May 20th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell a very desirable two-storv and attic brick Dwelling House and Lot, situated on the ea*t side of 13th street, three doors north of New York avenue, and containing 8 rooms. This property is delightfully situated, and Is very desirable for a small family as a residence Terms: 81,400 in cash; residue in fl and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. JAS. C.McGUIRE. m 16-d Auctioneer MARSHAL'S SALE.?IV VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias Issued from the Clerk's OtMce of the Dist let of Columbia, for tbe county of Washingtoa, and to me directed, 1 shall "xpose to public salo, for cash, in front of the Court-house door of said county, on TUESDAY, tfie 10th day of June,18fl0, the following describ'd property, to wit: All the right, title, and interest of Robert S. Clark and Wm Gutridge, In and to lot No. 12 in Square No ?8, together with all and singular the Improvements thereon, as laid down on the plat of the city of Washington, seized and levied upon as the property of Robert S.Clark and William Gutridge. and will be sold to satlsfy Judlclals No. 15d9 ard 130, to March term, 1*56, in favor of Thomas S. Beall. J. D. HOOVER. Marshal m 16-dts for District of Columbia. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. S~ ALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED Prop erty on North II, between 1th nnd ith streets \ve?t, nt Auction.?On FRIDAY, tie ?JOth ins ant, 1 shall tell, at fi o'clock p rn., In fiontof the premises, all of Lot No 7 in square .\o. 517, having a front on North H, between 1th and 5th Jtreets west, of 30 feet 3 inches, running through to and fronting 30 feet on Massachusetts avenue?the average depth of Lot from street to avenue is 139 feet 3& Inches?with the Improve ments, which ate a good three-story frame nouse, containing eight conveniently arranged rooms and rassage; also, a good storeroom, with four rcoms attached, adjoining the dwelling, with a large stable, carriage, and wood house fronting on the avenue. The above described property is handsomely located in the most rapidly im| roving part of the city, and present* many Inducement* to persons wishing to make a good inve?>tirent. Terms: One thiracash; balanceln6, 12 and 18 months, tbe purchaser to give notes for the defer red payments, bearing Interest from day of sale; a deed glvt n and a deed of trust tasen. m 10-eoAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 3 fANDVOME HOUSEHOLD AND Kilob it rn Fnriiitnre and \ery superior Roue wood Ptauo Forte nt Anclion.?On THURS DAY, the vJd Instant, 1 shall s?dl, at 10 o'clock a m , at the residence of Col. W. F Wilson, No. 411, north I, betwt en 9th and 10th streets west, an excalient assortment of nearly new Fur niture, viz: Very superior Rosewood case I'laso Fort?> made by Knabe A Gaehle, of Baltimore, 7jj oc taves, of line tone ar.d touch, of modern style and beautiful finish, stool and cover. Mahogany at>d Walnut Sofas I'arlor and Rocking Chairs Mahoeary and Walnut Marble-top Centre and Sofa Tablet Fine Walnut G'-thlc Bedsteads, Bureaus, and Side Tables Gothic Gilt-frame Miiror Parlor and other W lndow Curtains ( hina. Glass, Crockery, and Stone ware Ivory-handled Knives, Plated Forks, Castors, Ac. Fine Feather B'ds and Bedding Hair and Shuek Mattresses Cottsge and other Bedsteads Washstand and Toilet sets Paslor, Passage, Stair, and Chamber Carpets Radiator and other stoves With a good assortment of Kitchen requisites With many other articles which deein un necefsaiy to enumerate. Terms: Unde* J*i5 cash; over 25. a credit of sixty and ninety days, fcr notes satisfactorily en dorsed, bearing iuttrest. A GREEN, in 16-d Auctioneer. MANTILLAS?M AN TILL AS. Received to-day?our fourth supply of MANTILLAS, la Lace and Silk, some entire new designs. Also, a few more of those beautljul styles at f8 and 810 each, ac knowledged by the ladies to be the prettiest Man tillas (at the prices) In Washington. MAXWELL A BRO , m l'2-eo3t 328 Pennsylvania avenue. T Lieut, maury s physical geog raphy of tbe Sea, new eilition Alison's Hislory of Europe, second series, 2 vols. Vagabond Life in Mexico, by Gabriel Ferry Professor l.oomis' Arithmetic Cicero's Orations, literally translated Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Bible, 1 ?ol, 8vo Masterpieces of Pulpit Eloquencs, by the Rev. Henrv C. Flab, 2 vols, 8vo. m!3 FRANCK TAYLOR. HE LAROEST AND MOST VARIED assortment of PIANOS in the city at JOHN F. ELLIS'S, ml4-tr 306, near 10th street. Clocks?clocks?clocks ?a great variety of CLOCKS, all warranted to| keep good time one year, at J. ROBINSON'S, 319 Pennsylvania avenue, ap 24-lm opposite Browns' Hotel. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. JUST RECEIVED FROM NEW YORK and Philadelphia, REFRIGERATORS, WA TER COOLERS, ICE PITCHERS. FEATH ER DUSTERS, CHILDREN'S CABS, BIRD CAGES, SWEEPING, DCST1N?, SCRUB BING. WHITE WASH, and all other kinds of Bristle BRUSHES In u*o ; FISHING TACKLE a general assortment; together with a lar e stock of building and housekeepers' HARDWARE, comprising the greatest variety to be found in any house in the city; all of which are offered as low as they can be purchased in any city in the Union. J L SAVAGE, Sign of the Golden Saw, m 10-Qt Pa. av. bet. 10th and 11th streets. IRON HALL Bsot, Shoe, andTrnnk fc.siablliahment, Fa annus betictt>n9tk and 10<A sts. UBT RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORMENT of Gentlemen's imported French Gal-. ters, Molia-Vllle Shoes, manufactured by] Melus Paus, for my own sales. Call early and examine my stock. I have also, Ladies' whole and half Gaiters, at 50 cents and SI, made by McCurdy, "original'' coat SI 65. Children's Shoes at 37){c., old style. My stock of Traveling Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, Ac., is the largest In the city. Ca 1 on S. P. HOOVER, m 9 Iron Hall. DR. J. T1IORNE, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN A SURGEON, OFFICE AND KKS1DBNCE, Coraer 13th at. and New York avenue, WASHINGTON, D.C. Otl.ce hours?S to 10, 2 to 4, 8 to 10. m7-3m? Daniel campuel-l, in closing his present business, would thank his cuttomers for their kind pat/ouage, and ia doing so, slates that their respective accounts are made out, and that prompt payment will be expected. All to whom he ia Indebted will please present their bill*. m3-tf J iwtni m AUCTION SALES. Bv WALL, BARNARD A CO i Auctioneers ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON THE 20th Infant, at 5 o'rlwk, we will well. In front of thr pnmtiK5, parts of l/X* 21, 56, 57, ,?? ' square 387, Island, fronting 24 feet 7 ^.TV"'! lfith street went, near 1>. and running back vv reel 11 Inches to a 12 feet alley. This lotls In a fast Improving vicinity, and Is a beautiful building lot Title good. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue In six and twelvemonths, for notes satisfactorily secured, and bearing interest. WALL, BARNARD ft CO , m 15-d Auctioneers By J AS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR FIJRMITtRK AND HOUSE, keeping ftffects at Public Kale. ?On WEDNESDAY MORNING, Mav 21st, at 10 o'clock, at No. 445 C street, between 1st and 2d streets, 1 shall sell tee Furniture and Effects of a gentleman declining housekeeping, consisting Handsomerostwcodcrimson *rtvetcarved French Sofa, arm and parlor Chairs Elegant French pute Pier Glass, with table and bracket _ _ Superior ro ewood marble-top Centre Table, row wood Stool Mahogany parlor Chairs, Rockers Haudsome velvet and Brussels Carpets Oil Clotli, Matting, Rugs Rich mantel Clock. Ornament* Suite of four hardscme damask parlor Curtains and Fixtures Sujerlat Oak Hail Set Extension dining and otker Tables Fine albata Tea s?er*lce, liurd with gold China. Glassware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Suite of cottage chamber Furclture bedsteads. Bureaus, a*hs-t*nds Lounge, Window Shades, Chairs Hair and husk Mattresses Bedd'ne, Ac. Stoves, assortment of Kitchen Utensils, ftc. The above articles are all tearly new, Bnd of excellent quality. Terms: $30 and under, cash; o?er that sum a credit of sixty and ninety days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing 1nt? rest. m 15 d J. C. Mc8IJIKE, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni tnre at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the tftth Instant, I shall eell, at the residence of a gent'eman declining housekeplng, No. 4fcn,corner of 10th end N streets north, at 10 o'clock a. in., an excellent assortment of Furnlture, viz : Flue mahogany Lounges and Divans Do parlor and rocking Chairs Do marble-top centre and sofa Tables J)o dlnln? and breakfast Tables Do dressing and other Bureaus Bedsteads, Mattresses, end Wardrobes Brussels and other Carpets, Washstands Fine pas.?ape Oilcloth, Hattack China, glaj*s, and crockery Ware and Looking Glasses Conking and other Stoves With a lot of kitchen requisites With many other articles which we deem unnec essary to enumerate. Terms: Under ?25, cash ; ever 925, a credit of thirty ard sixty d*v*, for notes satisfactorily en dor -cd, bearing interest. A. GREEN, m 14-d Auctioneer Bv JAS C McGUlRE, Auctioneer. EEXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FIARI j tare ami Effects at Public Sale.?On FRIDAY MORNING, May 16th, at 1U o'clock, at the residence of Mai. St. C. 11 street, between 17th aud 18th streets, I shall sell all his Furniture and Household Effects, comprising? Mahogany hair spring-seat Sofas Do Arm and Parlor Chairs, Rockers Marble top pier, centre, and sofa Tables Hutidsome walnut Etagere, corncr Stand3 Rush-seat reception Cfcatrs, Ottomans 'l'wo six-light gilt gas Chandl i*rs Gilt Window Shades, Cornice, bronze, Candcla bras Oak hall Set. walrut Hat-tree Vel-et Tapestry and three ply Carpets Oilcloth, Matting, stair Carpets Mahogany exten-Ion dining and side Tables Oak cane seat dining Chairs Mantel Clock French China Dinner Set. gold-band Tea Set Silver-pleted Castors, table Cutlery Britannia Tea Set, Glassware Four superior mahogany Chamber Suites, com prising In each? Handsome highpest Roadstead Marble-top Drej-slng Cabinet Double \\ ardrobe, marble top Washstand Cane seat Chairs and Rockers Granite toilet Sets, fire Sets, Rugs ^uter'or curled hair and husk Mattresses Bo'sters ard Pillows, Window Shades aud Curtains Superior Refrigerator Cocking Stove Together with a general assortniei t of Klith' n Requisites. Terms: *30 and under cash; over that sum a credit of Trtj and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. m 12-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. ir^Tlie shore sale is unavoidably post poned uutll TUESDAY MORN 1NG. May 20th, same hour and place. J. C McGUlRE, mll-d Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. rpnt'STEE S SALE OF VALUABLE and X Eligibly Situated lloase and lot on Maryland avenue, between 4 ^ and *>lta its., west.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearine date on the 5th dav of February, 1853. :;nd recorded in Liber J. A S , No 52. folios 83, Ac. , tbe sub scriber will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY , the i-'d day of May, 1?.j6, at o'clock p. m on the premises, all that piece or parcel of ground lying and being situate in the city of Washing ton, and known aad distinguished as LotQ, In the subdivision of Lota Nos. 7, 8. 9, 10, and 11. In square No. 4S>2, fronting 23 feet 5 laches on Mary 1 nd avenue, bet we; n 4)i and 6th streets w?t, aud running back to a twenty feet alley, with the buildings and Improvements, which consist of a well and substantially built two s-torv and attic brick dwelllug-house. with two story frame back building and necessary out-bulldings The above property is situated In a healthy and desirable location, and rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a fivoabie opportunity to per sons desirous of obtaining a conven ent at d com fortable residen'e or making- an Investment. The terms of sale will be: One-fourth cash, and the balance in s'x. twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale, secured by deed of trust upon tbe property. If tbe terms of sale are not com plied with In six days after the sale tbe property will be resold at the risk and expense of the pur chaser upon one week's notice. AH conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tlt;e indisputable. CHAS. S WALLACH, Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIKE, ap3U?eoftds Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE BY ORDER OF THE ORPHANS' Court af the Personal Effects of Thomas W. Perki ns, deceased.?On WEDNESDAY, the 21st instant, i shall sell, by order i f the Or phans' Court, commencing at 10 o'clock a m., at the late residence of Thomas W. ceased, about 1 * miles from tbe Anacostia or Na vy Yard bridge, on the Marlborough road, ad joining Good Hope, all the Stock, h arming Uten sils, Wagons, Carts, and Furniture of the de ceased, viz: 4 Horses, yoke of Oxen, 1 milch Low 3 Wapons, 1 Carriage 1 Ox Cart and two Bodies 1 Hor?e Cart and two Bodies Large lot of Harness Lot pf Kails and Lumber Hogsheads and Barrels, Hot-bed Sash Feather Beds. Bedding Mattresses and Bedsteads Tables, Chairs. Carpeting Oilcloth, Matting Clocks, Looking Gla?ses Bureaus and Sideboard China, Glass and Croc kery Ware Stoves. Kitchen Utensils, Chest of Tools Fsrmlng and Gardening Implements With many other articles which we deem unae cessary to enumerate. Terms ca?h. MARY A. PERKINS, Administratrix m 14-eoftds A. GREEN. Auct. EX. LUNDY, MANUFACTURER AND ? Importer of all kinds of Fishing Tackle, can supply ihe trade at Northern price*. A good as sortment constantly on hand. Abo, Drilled eyed Helex Needles, the best ar ticle In the market. Try them For sal? by E K. LUNDY, m S 139 Bridge street, Georgetown. A CHANCE~FOR YOUNO MKN OUT OF EMPLOYMENT. Having been frequently soli clted to open a Sehool for persons who may wish to learn Telegraphic Operating for a profes sion, 1 have consented to commence, on the 15th Instant, a course of lessons In that art. It will take from one to three months to learn the busi ness Situations are always open for tho?e who may be able to acquire the art, at salaries ranging from five to twelve hundred dollar?, If, lu addl tion to their capabilities as operators, they sre honest, reliable, and sober men Good and swift peusmen preferred. Terms twenty dollars, which Includes use of the instrument, batterhs, 4c. Application to be made in letter form to J b! TREE, Chief Operator Southern Telegrah Of lice, corner Seveath and D street*, Washington, DC. mlO-eolw SODA WATER. THOSE WISHING THIS MOST DELI clous and refreshing Beverage In a state of purity and freshness, will beur In mi^d that it can now be had for the season at NOKBECK'S well-known Confectionery Establishment, next to Iron Hall, oo Pa. avenue, between Vth and loth streets ap3u-lm ? <-1*2 Is I* sJ f TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FBOM THE ASSOCIATED PRFSS by house printing tklkukaph. Arii7?l of the George Law?Terrible Aoei dent on the Isthmus t ' A!*vY ^,K).K ^*T 1? ?The steamship Qao. Law Jim Hrrived from Anpinwall, with the California mailt of April 21. tight hundred passengers, and 51.700,000 in treas?re A aerious accident occurred on tha Panama railroad to the train oouveving tha George Law'i outward passengers Many were killed and wounded : the correct number had not been ascertained when the oteamer left Aspin wall 1 [SKCOSD DISPATCH ] The George Liw arrived at her dock at 11 a ru She aailed from Aspinwall on the 7th. The eteamer Sonera, which left San Fran cisco on the 21st of April with npwtrds of $2,000,000 in treasure; of which $1,670,000 was for New York. The Golden Gate, with the pn-sengers and mails from New York, on 1 ie 20th ult., arrived at Sun Franc;ac) April 13th. The fteauier John L- Stevens, upward bound. left Acupulco on the 22d of April Passed, on the 1st of May, a steamer, sup plied to be tho America, from Panama for taa Francisco. Ihero was no signs of any further disturb ance at Panama. Consignees by the George Law: W T. Coleman. $<.,4 000; Draxel A Co., $^0,000; ?'00 00?; Metropolitan Bank, uSC""1 >,2'ow-w"". The Isthmus papers are filled with official document? conccrning the Panama riots: but they exhibit no new tact* No additional names of the killed and wounded are given The citisens bad formed a guard for the pro tection of property, and the authorities hud placed a forcc at the disposal of the railroad company ; so that no further violence was an ticipated. The correspondence between the Governor of Panama ai.d Commander Bailey, of the St. Mary a. is published in full. The closing note <?1 the latter is exceedingly sharp. He tells the Governor that his answers are not satis, and efforts no satisfactory assurance of tho safety of the TranMi Company's pas sengers for the future ; and that until he hears frprn bis own government in the matter, he will take all means in his power to avert fur ther darger. 1 he accidcnt on the Panama railroad oc curred on the Obispe bridge, fifteen miles fjL>m Panama. The train was comp< sed of nine oars, containing about 9l?o passengers (ohiefly steerage.) Owing to the accident the passage through could not be effected, and the passen gers were sent back to Aspiuwall. Over 50 ef them were woundod, two of whom died aoon after their arriva', The next morning there was a further arrival of the wounded and in jured. The latest advices state that the wrock had n<>t been wholly clcarcd away, but thirty dead bodies bad been taken out. Very few W' men and children wero injured Am ng tho wouuded wore a number of the brakesmen The only name given is that of Mr baihouse, a clerk of Mr. Aspinwall, who was killed. CALIFORNIA. There hai been heavy rains during the pa?t month throughout tho State, and mining ope ration had taken a new start. The gr*in crof s gave evidence of an abundant harvest. The Governor had signed a bill eonsoli dating the city and county of San Frsncisco. The Democrats have carried the municipal election in Sacramento. Ihe Republicans held a mass meeting at the same plaoe, but were driven from the ground by violence A large fire occurred at Placcrville on the 16th, invciriug a lesj of $60,000 A powder vesjol sank in tho river at Sacra mento on election day. The loss was osti mated at $ft>,000 Business was dull at 8*n FranoUc>. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, May 10 ?Flour is firm and in brisk demand. Prices are unchanged. How ard stne', City Mills and Ohio, $?'. Grain ?Receipts are large Wheat?<lood qualities are in bri^k demand ; good to prime red 51 35*51.42: good to prime whites $1 65a 51 60. Cvrn is dull, white 43a If* ; yellow iO ?52c. Provisions are firtr. B~e:?n?Shoulders 8a aSfc ; sides 9ja9|e.; mess pork $19. Bar relled lard 10i; keg l^rd ll*e W hUky is quiet; City whisky 2?>ja27c. New York Markets New York, May 18.?Flour is firm; aalesof 9.500 "obis.; common to good Stat* $5 44a jj 94; common jto low grades of extra Ohio ?j.b7is50 3. i; mixed to standard Southern $6 ISia$6.92; fancy to extra do $7a$8 37*. Wheat is firm; sale* of 10.000 bushels; South* ern white $1.80; red $1 60 Corn is lower ; sales of 20,0d0 bushels; Southern mixed 56c Pork has declined; sales of 1,800 hhU Mess at 519.25. Beef hus decline 1, sales of 350 bbls. prime Ckicago repacked at $12 75. Lard is firm : sales of 250 bbls. at 10*c. Whisky has declined; sales of 200 kbit Ohio at 20Jc. FOR SUM HER ISE. JUST RECEIVED AT THE WASHINGTON Stove. Tin aud Sheet Iron Manufactory, the lar^e-t assortment of R E F K 1 0 K K A T O R S, WATER COOLERS, BATH TUBS. BAKING OVENS. YANKEE BAKEKS. PORTABLE RANGES. Hard and ? harooal FURNACES, Ac , Ac , that has ever been otfered to a Waih In^ton public, together with a full and complete stock of Plain, Plnnl?bed, Block and Japanned TIN WARE: Plain, Tinned end Enamelled IRON HOLLOW WARE; all of which will be sold on terms that will compare with any estab lishment south of New York JAS. SKIRVING, S E. corner Penna avenue and llth street, ni 9 ec2w A SUMMER OPENING. MISS WALI.ACH RESPECTFULLY IN forins the public that sbe will have an open'.nyof her Summer stock of very cle-< gam and fashionable Paris and New York , BONN' Tf* AN1) ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS on Saturday rext, the 17th Instant, at her Stote, over Wall's Shoe Store, on Louisiana avenue, be tween 7th and Mh streets. Aa herdUplay on this occasion ^ ill be superior for taste, elegance, va riety, and cheapness fo any thing of the kind heretofore attempted in Washington, she ronfl df i.tlv invites all the ladies to give her a call. M lO T11-L' ?p I'L' b ?i m 13-TWE-* GENTLEMENS Fl'RN IfeH I NG GOODS FORSPRING ANDSUMMER ?my STOCK is now full and complete In every department, and as mv facilities for doiae bu*lhe*? is of be?t character, the public will do well to examine my stock. as 1 am determined to sell cheap for cash, or to punctual customera. LANE'S Gents Furnishing Stile a)?*) "NoiaiPenn avenue, near 4jf street. SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSES. JUST RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORT ment of very superior Gold, Silver, and line Steel SPECTA-J CLES, Shell, Steel, and Gold EYE-GLASSES, Ac. We Invite particular attention to out as* or'meet of the above, with real pebble eyes, by fir the best article fcr defective vision ever dim overed. M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewelers, m 12?tf Pa. av. bet. 9th and ISth su. 'IU1K STEAMER GEORGE P A O E IS l now runuingregularlv between Washlcgton and Alexandria at tbe( foil swing hours: Leave Alexandria 4 #, 8, 10,12, 4*, and 6 o'clock. Leave WasLlngton 6?, 11,1^, 3*, SM- and 7 o'clock. mar *4 It HE STEAMER GEORGE WASMIWG . TON will depart at the follow ing hours: , Leave Alexandria 7*, t. 11. 1*. 5# Leave, I?, ?p4-d JOB CORSON, Captain. Oill^ilBUaSES FOR PIC NIC PARTIES. THK PUBLIC ARK RESPECTFULLY IN formed thst 1 am p-enared to - furnish l*nre and comfortable OM-? NIBUS^ES, with good horsesand carefnl drtvers. for Pic Nlc Parties Arrarge inent* can be made with Mr. Robt. Kme,at6. J HaU's Cigar Store, next to Adams Exjmom OtUrr, or Mr Titos Thomas, at the Waet Capi tol Gate. [mli-lw] HUGH LATHAM. igton6M.?, Hi VK? ELUS L. rRlCE, Captala. pOR SALE?THE FAST SAILING VATCH old ; respsct. Will be sold low for ca^h. Apply to I_I L? VI D \ f a a a at 1# ? * ^v . Am r a _ _ A n _%?? . _ CYGNET, 'ti. tons burthen; 4 years old : In good order, and well found la everySpM " >plr to HKN R Y M AN KEN .No. 03 Vhaint* .tract,Pell's Point, Baltimore. m