Newspaper of Evening Star, May 17, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 17, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHINOTON CIT T ! IATIRUAV ; May 17, 1M?. THE WEEKLY STAB, for this week, contains aome fourteen or fifteen columns of interesting Washington News and Goerip; the President's special message; a full budget of Local Intelligence, including a Teport of the testimony in the Keating homieide at Willard's; an account of the homicide at the Navj Yard, description of the Sabbath School celebration, the Jamestown supper, and the visit of the Philadelphia Good Will Company; two capital stories, "The Purloined Loiter,'7 and '-The Picture and the Face;" together with foreign and domestio news, per sonal intelligence, political items, humorous sketches, poetical brilliants, and everything calculated to make a first class family paper. SPIHIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Jnttlltgenctr's editorial column is to day devoted to ? synopsis of the proceedings in Congress yesterday. The Union quotes recently published let ters from Mr. Crampton to Lord Clarendon, to prove that the former has as grossly mis represented alleged conversations with Mr. Cass and Mr. Maroy, as with Mr. Clayton, according to the positive declaration of the latter. The Sentinel, declaring that Virginia has ehoaen a majority of Buchanan men delegates to the Cincinnati Convention, goes into ecsta lies thereat, of course. Having watched the action of the different district conventions in Virginia we feel perfectly certain that a ma jority, firm, fixed, and effective, of anti-Buch- i anan men have been chosen. That is to say, i of gentlemen who prefer either the President. < Senator Douglas, or Senator Hunter, to Mr. Buchanan, as the next Democratic Presiden- 1 tial candidate. We have seen three or four i claimed for Mr. Buchanan whom wa know personally by no means favor his nomination; 1 and we have heard of quite as many more claimed to be for Mr. B., who we are told by gentlemen of their several districts who know their inter-party affiliations and preferences as well as we know these of our neighbor of the Stntinei, that those who are writing them down as being in favor of Mr. Buchanan's nomination are cgregiously misleading all who place confidence in their miscalculations rela tive to Virginia The truth is, a settled effort is being made to get up a sort of unfounded prestige for Buchanan, so as to bring over the < uncommitted to his support for the nomina tion, which till in the end damage his cause < far more than it can benefit it. Thus, it is being insisted in this city that the Norfolk district convention passed a resolution in favor of Mr Buchanan s nomination. It < turns out, however, that that resolution was ] one for which any advocate for the nomina- < tion of any other distinguished gentleman in preference to him could eheerfully and prop- ' ?rly vote It is as follows : i On motion of Mr. A F Leonard, of Norfolk I city, it was unanimously Kesolved, That we hail the result of the re cent signal election in Philadelphia as a har binger of the success of the national Democ- i racy in the coming Presidential election It i manifest* the approval of his own people of that true and tried servant, James Buchanan; and we regard it as the final extinction of 1 Know Nothingism in the place of it* birth. I Those relying on such "instructions"' as 1 this resolution embraces are childish. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP I Highly Important.?We havo every rea- I 1 ?on to believe thnt Mr. Crampton was this I 1 morning officially notified by the Secretary of I State that the President had determined to | suspend diplomatic intercourse with him as I the representative of Her Britannic Majesty's I Government until Lord Clarendon's reply to I request of this Government for his recall shall I be received. Interi&l Improvement! by the General I Government ?As great interest continues to I be felt in the solution of the question whether I the President will or will not veto the inter- I nal improvements bills, recently passed, we I have to say that the advocates of the exercise I of the veto power upon them are now quite | certain that tuch will be the oourso which the I Executive will pursue with reference to them. I They are gentlemen who do not form opin- I ions on such matters lightly Wc therefore I think they must have good grounds for their I ?listing impressions in this connection P. S.?Just before going to press we have I satisfied ourself that the gentleman to whom I we refer above are correct in their judgment I in this case?or, in other words, that the bills I will probably he vetoed. j To b? Noted ?The Preaident has signed I the Washington city Election bill; so it is now I ? law. There are points about it worthy of I tote First. As amended in the House, through I the votes of the Know Nothing members, it I embraces an emphatic Congressional Know I Nothing condemnation of the illegal acts of I the election commissioners of last year, under I the advice of the Corporation Attorney If, I as was then pretended, one year's citizenship I was necessary after naturalisation (under the I law as it stood up to yesterday) prior to voting I here, why did the Know Nothings of the House I enact into law the declaration that no for- I ?igner shall vote at any election in this city I unless he shall have been naturalised five I months previous to the election to come off on I the first Monday in June next7 Thus the I Know Nothings of Congress have emphatically I put the mark of fraud upon the action of the Know Nothing election commissioners of this ?ityinJune last; rendering the illegality and injustice of their act so clear that all must now comprehend it. Second. Those young men (natives) who became of age since the 31st of December the day on which the registry list is olosed and the first Monday of next month, who, by the present law, are excluded from voting, may thank the lion Humphrey Mar shall, L D. Campbell, H. Winter Daris, and their Know Nothing compeers of the House, for a continuance of the policy so improperly denying to them the right of suffrage So anxioua were these gentlemen to deprive nat uralised citizens of a portion of the rights that attach to them by virtue of the consti tution and laws of the I'nitcd States, as that they were unwilling to remove the difficulties whioh prevent the exercise of the franchise by tba young men to whom we refer above; as, through such a refusal only, eould they have a plausible excuse for practically extending tho term of anti-naturalisation residence here, and here only, under the laws of the United States Mr. Cobb, of Georgia, In the course of bis able remarks on thia bill, tendered to Mr. Marshall for hie aooeptance aa a substitute for hia pending amendment, a proposition that secured the right of Toting to all native born young men of age on tba day of eleetioo, without at the same time depriving our fellow citizens of foreign birth of any portion of thair right-? as they existed up to yesterday, accord ing to the decision of the Circuit Court aod the acknowledgment of the Know Nothinga o* tha House, involved in thair final action on the bill. Mr. Marshall refused to accept this proposition, and the rule of the House pre cluded a vote upon it. Mr Campbell's substi tute was then adopted by the votes of the Know Nothing members; thus subjecting to continued disfranchisement the young men of our city. Such it Know Nothingiam ! A Question Sattlad?Ever since tha organ, ization of the present House waa completed, the question what they will do with reports from their recently created tribunal, the Court of Claims, has attracted much attention here, and has occupied much of their time on private bill days The professional gen tlemen practising at the bar of that court or commission have manifested deep interest in it also. The object of those claiming to be the peculiar friends of that tribunal has been to have their reports referred directly to "the committee of the^whole House," without pre vious reference to the Committee on Claims, or other standing committees. The House yes terday determined otherwise, and hereafter all reports from the Claims Court go to ap propriate standing committees. In our judgment, this decision will do mora towards effecting the point of those who itruggled against it, than the plan they advo sated would have done had it triumphed. The 3ourt of Claims is not a law court It is an examining commission, to sift the testimony in cases of claims on the Qovernment for the payment of which there is, confessedly, no ex sting law. Its functions are advisory only, rhe main argument urged in procuring its sstablishment, by statute, was, not that i* would take the place of Congress in determin ing what private claims should and what should not be liquidated from the national treasury ; but that it would save the commit tees of Congress the labor of themselves sift ing?scrutinising?the testimony of theclaim ?nts, and hunting up and preparing the coun ter testimony of the Government. Or, in >ther words, that cases reported on by the Claims Court would be in a condition to be immediately understanding^ a3ted on by a sommittee, without the vast preliminary labor previously necessary where the committees :ssayed to discharge their duties properly. Of late, there has been an effort to change the real character of the tribunal, making it ei court of law, as far as possible independent >f Congress, and without the privilege of ap peal from its decisions on the part of the Gov trnment. No one has been more anxious than ourself hat it might become a very useful tribunnl, ind it has afforded us great gratification to mow, from carefully watohing its proceedings, that, with hardly an exception, its dotermina .ions have been such as to make it certain that t has discharged its functions under a due lense of its obligations as well as of its privi oge?. It has been, in the main, no less the jrotector of the rights of public, than the guardian of those of the individual. Up to his time it has deserved, and has therefore en oyed, the confidence of Congress, and the best possible way of insuring that it shall continue 10 to do, is to continue in existence all possible guards and checks upon its action that may lot prove obstructive to the transaction of the business of legislation. 80 we are gratified with yesterday's action of the House. The D?1 to Pay.?The determination of the majority of the (Edie) State Know No thing Council of Pennsylvania to stand by Fillmoie, was quite unexpected among tho mass of the Know Nothings of all shades of opinion here, it has caused many finger nails to be bitten dvwn to the quiok. Three-fourths iff those from the North in public life, be longing to Know Nothing lodgos, are exceed ingly anxious to toss Mr. Fillmore overboard, md to make a coalition with the Republicans on Judge McLean or some one else who will not profess to hold to the principles and aim? of the Republican party higher than those of Know Nethingism? hatred to Catholics and those among ua born on the other aide of the Atlantic. They thought that they had surely laid the foundation for tho coalition to which we refer above, ar.d conceived that its con summation would meet but very trifling op position, indeed, in Pennsylvania. The refusal of the Pennsylvania State Coun cil to throw Fillmore overboard, demonstrates the fact that there is htill a live real Hindoo party in the non-slaveholding States, and that Senator Seward may not reasonably calculate that it is a portion of his own stock in trado for the next Presidential election?a disagree able development indeed; very. The Issue.?The positive denial of the truth of Mr. Crampton'a atatement to Lord Claren don relative to the alleged admission of Mr. Clayton concerning the indisputable validity of Britain's title to the Island of Ruatan, made by Mr. Clayton, and backed by the testimony of Senator Fifh, who is said to aver that Mr. Crampton told him precisely the reverse of what be wrote to his Government, has created a great flurry among those coanected with the different foreign Legations at this point. It aeems to complicate the difficultiea of the poai tion of Mr. Crampton in Washington, and prcbably to make it more desirable for him to remain here ; aa, to retire in the midst of such a atate of things as thus surround him per sonally, must be exceedingly trying to a gen tleman of hi* sensibilities. Confirmed.?The nomination of Samuel M Hyams to be tho United States marshal for the western district of Louisiana, vioe Henry 11 Womach, resigned, has been confirmed by the Senate. Tho Iowa Land Bill-?We hear inciden tally that the President has signed this bill, and state tha faot as a matter of public in terest juat new Tha Current Operations of the Treatury Department.?On yesterday, the 16th of May, tnero ware of Treasury warrant* entered on the books of the Department? Krlh- T^,npt4o5lof,to':k,-''? 73 Vol th! Inu/Qr]rn ,pirtment- ? ? S'819 26 rl-SST. DeP4rt?*Dt 83,928 88 For Customs in <??<> i* War warrants reoeived and*in tered 84 327 On account of the Navy 28'376 00 Repayment on account of the 22 50 65.020 00 1,36b 70 From miscellaneous soaroes From Customs CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the debate on the Naval Reform Board queation waa continued by Messrr. Critten den, Toombs and Benjamin. Mr. Mason bav ing then obtained the floor for the next speech on the subject, it waa postponed until Tuesday next. Shortly afterwards they went into as executive session, at the conclusion of whieh, they adjourned until Monday. In the House, the bill making appropria tions for the payment of certain claims here tofore reported from the Court of Claims, waa further debated (on the question of its proper reference) by Messrs. Walker and Warner. The pending motion to commit it to the Com mittee of the Whole House waa then rejected? yaae 62, nays 78; and it was referred to the Committee on Claims The Speaker laid before the House sundry other bills reported from the Court of Claima. Mr. Haven moved their reference to the Committee of the Whole House ; which mo tion was debated by Mr. Haven for it, and Messrs. Campbell, of Ohio, Allison, and Lot eber againat it. When, by unanimous consent, the following , resolutions, offered by Mr. Ritchie, were con sidered and adopted: Resolved, That bills and reports from the Court of Claims shall be referred by the Clerk of the House to the Committee ef Claima. t Resolved, That it shall be in order every Friday morning, immediately after reading the journal, for the Committee of Claims to report with reference to business from the Court of Claims. Mr. Haven then withdrew his pending mo tion, and on his motion the pending bills from the Court of Claims were roferred to the Claims Committee. The House next went into a Committee of the Whole House, (Mr. Washburn, of Me., in the chair,) wherein private bills were consid ered. After the committee rose, the bill for the relief of Wm. M. T. Magraw was passed be fore the House adjourned until Monday. New Booke. From De Witt A Davenport, we have ??Salad for the Social," by the author of " Salad for the Solitary." The latter work, it will be remembered, has had ao extraordinary ?ale, and from the hasty examination we have been able to bestow upon the present publica tion wo incline to think it will be equally popular. The Salad seems to have been most carefully culled, and served up in exquisite style. For sale by Joe Shillington. From California. We copy the following interesting item8 from the San Francisco papers : The Legislature is still in session, but has agreed by joint resolution to dissolve on the 21st instant. Nothing of special interest haa been transacted since the sailing of the last steamer. In the House a joint resolution was adopted to go into ^"oint convention to elect a U. S. Senator, but it was lost in the Senate by a vote of 18 to 15, ao the election is certainly defeated fur this session. A personal rencontre occurred between Messrs. Borland and Williams, of Eldorada, both members of the lower House, in which the former wag seriously wounded by a pistol shot, which penetrated "his lungs, and was at first thought to bo fatal, but the injured man is fast recovering The Charter election of Sacramento, on the 7th instant, resulted in the election of the en tire Democratic ticket, with the exception of one or two unimportant offices. The Repub licans olaim to have decided the result, by giving their aupport to the successful ticket. The latter party are organizing throughout the State, and have oalled a State Convention to asaemble on the 30th inatant, at Sacramen to, to perfect their organization, and elect del egates to the National Convention. Tho merchants of the city have been mak ing some efforts to supprosa tho system of pri vate coinage which exists among us, and are taking steps to call into the mint that already issued. The coinage was originally encour aged and fostered by the bankers, but expe rience has taught them that the step wad an unadvised one. The Spiritual mania, or the philosophy of Modern Spiritualism, haa been raging exten sively hero of late, and two or three lectures per week have been delivered to anxious but suspicious audiences Moat of these efforts to explain the hidden mysteries of the other world have failed to accomplish their object, even to the satisfaction of the adherent* of this theory. Rodman M. Backus has been convicted of manslaughter, aud recommended to the mercy of the court. The case of Charles Cora, the murderer of (ien. Richardson, it set for a re hearing at the close of the Backus trial, and will probably be taken up next week. Doctors Hill and Hitchcock have been ap pointed by the people, a committee, to carry to Washington their memorial to Congress for a wagon road across the mountains This pe tition has been signed by about sixty thousand of our citizens, nearly one fifth of the entira population of the State. oreoon. The steamship Columbus, Capt. W. L Dall, arrived from Portland, Oregon, yesterday bringing dates to the 13th of April. It will be recollected that at our last ac counts the Cascades had been retaken by the regular trroops. The Oregonian of tho 5ih of April contains the following items : Latest from the Cascades ?We learn from J. O'Neill, who is just over from Van couver, that news came down yesterday that 1,000 Indians were approaching on the Dalles from the north, and were within ten miles of that place. Also, that Mr. Pearson, the mountain express man, had followed the trail of tho Indians who were defeated at the Cas cades, aome ten miles below the Dalles. There is no doubt, therefore, but that those Indians who destroyed the Cascades have gone back to the main body of Kamaikiu'a command. State Convention ? So far as heard from, it is highly probable that a oall for a conven tion to organize a State government, had been voted down by the people. WASHINGTON TERRITORY. We have received the Puget Sound Courier up to April 14th. There appears to be no mora Indian fighting THE SANDWICH ISLANDS. Honolulu, March 20, 185? ?The British sloop of-war Alarm, and tho French brig Al cibiade are lying here, and it is said will re main for several months. The lava from the volcano of Hawaii still gradually approaches the aea, and seems in clined to spare tho town of Hilo PERSONAL. .... Hon Mr. Pringle and family, of South Carolina, are at Willards'. ....Judge Pitts and family, of Virginia, are stopping at Willards'. .... U. William Shields, Esq., and lady, of this city, arrived at New York yesterday in tho Asia trom Europe, where they have been on a wedding tour. ? ? ? ? we learn from the Catholio Mirror that on the 13th inst , at the Convent of the Visi tation, in Baltimore, Miss M Frances Admn (Sister Mary Peronne) received the White Veil and the Holy Habit of Religion. .... Wm. D. Kennedy, Esq., of New York city, "Father of the Council" of Tammany Society, aad also a Soft delegate to the Cin cinnati Convention, is at Willards', in this ? ? 18 a??- a^V0C&te of the re nomination of President Pierce. Political Items. Dr. Edwards and Col William B. Shandi have been selected to represent the Democra cy of the Second Congressional district of Vir Sinia, in the Cincinnati Convention. These elegates go unpledged, resolutions favoring tho nomination of Jame8 Buchanan for Presi dent having been voted down. The Spiritualist* are determined to have a hand in the great political struggle this year, and have nominated Judge Edmonds, of New York, for President, and A. J Davla, for Vice President. If Edmonds and Davis oan obtain the votai gf the spirits of all the dead men, they have a chance for a tolerably large ma jority of all competitors GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. 0?o*?iTOWWrM?y 17,18W. Our City Councils had under consideration last night the following business : The Aldermen passed Council bill in favor of T. Blundon ; bill in favor of the late trus tees of the poor, and bill in relation to the guaging of spirituous liquors. They also had under consideration and dis cussed at some length Counoil bill in relation to clerk, collection and disbursement of Cor poration finances, which was finally laid over. In the Council, Mr. Orme presented tho ac counts of E K Lnndy ; which waa referred Mr. Seymour offered a resolution in favor of Seth Schall; passed Mr. Seymour, of the committee on griev ances, to whom was referred the communica tions of Capt Dela Roche and Mr. A Barber, asked that the committee be discharged from the further consideration of the subject, and that it be referred to the ward commissioners on party walls and fences ; granted Mr Barron offered a resolution, which passed, in favor of Dr. Isaac S. Lauk. Mr. English, of the committee of ways and means, reported an ordinance levying the tax on real and personal property for the current year, and providing lor the collection of the same This bill imposes a tax of 70 cents on the S100 for general purposes, and 10 cents on the $100 for the benefit of the railroad; passed. Accompanying this bill was an elaborate and carefully-prepared report, from which we gather the following items : Whole amount of taxable property,real and personal. S3,700,000; net amount of revenue from tax on same, $24.123; indirect and uncollected taxes, $18, 3S8 21 ; sum total of revenue to general fund, $42 411 21: estimated expenses tor year, $40, 864 45; leaving a balance in the treasury at the end of the year amounting to $1,646 76. Tho report was ordered to be printed. We think it moro than likely, however, that the Board of Aldermon will add on to the pro posed tax the additional five cents which the charter allows, which will, if the conclusions of the committee of ways and means be cor rect?and we doubt not they are?swell the balance in the treasury at the end of the year to about $3,229 E S Wright sold at auction on Thursday two lots fronting on High street 20 feet eaoh, known as the Deall property, one for $14 75 pir front foot, and the other at $13 50 per foot Also old brick house and lot on the same street, known as the Kenner property, for $1,500, and two lot?, one at $6.75 per front foot, and the other at $8 per do. All of these are regarded as very good soles. We hear of no news of moment in the mar kets, and no material change in prices. The offerings of beef cattle at Drover's Rest yesterday, amounted to about 170 be^d, near ly all of which was sold at $4.50a$5.50 on the hoof, equal to $9a$ll net Lambs $2 50a $3.15; old sheep, good qualities, 5c. per lb. gross. Spkctatob. 1 DIVINE SERVICES WILL BE held In the Union Engine House, Flrt>t Ward, on Sunday, the 18th instant, at 11 o'clock, a in , and 8 n m'., and to be continued everv suc ceeding Sunday at the same hours till further no tice. The public are invited to attend. It* REV. DR. DOGGETT HAVING RE turned to the city, will, by permission of Divine Providence, preach In the old Trinity Ch'trch, on 5th street, opposite the City Hall, next Sabbath, the 18th Instant, at li o'clock a m. ami h p. m. The publio are cordially invifd to att?nd lte .SERVICES AT THE CAPITOL ? _ The Rev Dr. NEVIN will preach In the Hall of Representatives to-morrow, at eleven o'clock a.m. lt? SIXTH PRESBYT'N CHURCH, cor ner .Maryland avenue and 6th at. Island. Preaching In this Church at 11 o'clock a. m , to morrow, the 18th Instant, by Rev. GEORUK R. MOORE, and at 3* p. m. by Rev. Dr. NEVIN, late of Walpole, Mass. It* TEMPERANCE MEETING.?An ad journed meeting will take place to-mor row (Sunday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, near to the Island Hall, to discuss the constitutionality of Prohibition. By order of the Committee: lt? DR. WM BOYD, Pres. A CARD ?MR EDITOR ALLOW me to say to the public, through your Riper, that I have withdrawn from the Know othlng Order, and you may consider me no longer a member. Yours very troly, W.E.POOL. Washington, May 1?, 1666. It* MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION?A special meeting will be held at Temperance Hall on TUESDAY EVENING, the iiOth instant, at? o'clock, to con sider the reportof the Committee appointed at the last meeting. A punctual attendance of all stock holders Is earnestly desired. Persons desirous of becoming stockholders are also invited to be present, as some shares are yet unsold. By order of Committee. 111 17-3t WASHINGTON BUILDING ASSO CIATION ?By resolution of the Board of Directors of the above Association, It is made my duty to notify the stockholders of said Asso ciation that all of their arrearages must be paid up by the first day of J uae, otherwise their prop erty will be advertised by the Trustees and sold to satlsf) the Association. No further Indulgence will be granted to any stockholder. By order of the Board of Directors: m 17-3t C ASHFORD, Sec. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY' ATTENTION ?The Company will meet for drill THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at b o'clock; also, on MONuAY, the 19th in stant, same hour. By order: m 17-2t H R1CHEY. DEDICATION ?THE METHODIST E Church at West Georgetown, D C. will be dedicated to the service of Almighty God on Sunday, the 18th instant. Preaching at 10)< o'clock by Rev. R. L. Da ? ?isL;at3^ by Rev B F Brook; and at8 o'clock probably by Rev. W. B. Edwards. m 16-at THOS.D GOTN ALL, Pastor ,OG LOST STRAYED FROM HOME A Newfoundland Dog, nearly black, whlth face and paws; strong leather col lar on his neck. Whoever will return him to No. 2f6 F street, will be liberally rewarded, m 17 3t it D' OPERA CLASSES. A I.ARSK ASSORTMENT OF GOOD Opera Glasses, some as low as $3, may be found at T GALLlGAN A CO'S , Dealers in Fancy Goods, Pefumery, Fan^. Ac , at No 370 Penn. avenue, under Browns' Hotel. m lT-3t THE CHURCHMAN, A WEEKLY RELIGIOUS PAPER, "DE voted to the United Interests of the Gospel and the Church," published at New Ycr-,on Thursday mornings, will henceforth be kept for sale at WM. ADAMS'S Book and Stationery Store, No 438 Pennsylvania avenue, where sub scriptions will be received. lte STRAYED IRON 14th strest, near the Columbian College, a Bay Horse, i with hU tight hind foot white and a s:ari In his forehead, and a scar on his breast. long switch tall, and went off In company with a gray stallion, and Is about 5 years old. Any one giving information so that he can be recovered, or leaving the horse at Birch's Stable, will be 11 oe rally rewaided m 17-3t MXdAMB S. Dl'VALL, Practitleoer ?f Astrology and Phrenology, together with the assistance or Professor Bronghton. Is prepared to answer all questions relating to Human Life. Questions answered personally or by letter. Na tivities also written. M S. D. Is late from Eu rope, where she has received the most flattering patrona e from the nobility. She is now taking a tour through the United States Her stay will be shoit here No 228 Seventh street, between M and N, Washington lt*_ PLATED WARE. ALBATA FORKS and Speons, English and American Table Cutlery,Arc.?J ustopenlng asplendid assortment of very superior Plated Tea sets, Cake Baskets,

Castors. Butter Dishes, Ac. Also, the best quality Albata Forks and Spoons, warranted extra fine. The above, with a complete stock of superior English and American Table Cutlery, we offer unusually low. M W. GALT A BRO , m 17-3t 324 Pa. av., bet , 9th and 10th sts. THE ARTIC REFRIGERATOR. THE FIRST EVER INTRODUCED INTO this market, Is for sale at the House furnishing Ware-rooms of the subscriber This matchless article needs but to be seen I to be admired and approved; and the' public are invited to call at the s ore where a roc del with glass doors is kept in constant operation, ?bowing the circulation of air in the refrigerator, which continues as long as there is ice In it. No ventilation from the external air Is permitted or needed, on account of the constant purification of the air by its passage through the ice. The air leaves the ice a temperature of 32? in a dense and dry state, and falls directly upon article* below the ice box, thus producing the results of refrige ration never obtained before by any ether refrige rator For sale by the subscriber, agent of the roaiu facturer. N. MMcGREGOU, m 17-eo4w No 530 Seventh street. 1 i LIST OP LETTERS Rimaiuingin tkt P?$t Offlct, Washington, DC, Kay |7( jgjc [Ordered to be advertised in the 14 Evening Star,?? agreeable to the following section of tb* Pest Office Uw?It Win? the newspaper having the largest clreahUion of any dally paper pub lished In Washtlijtoa: Sic 5. And be it fwrtkfr enacted, That the list of letters remaining unfinUM for In any post office In anv city, town, or Tillage, where news paper* shall be printed, shall, hereafter, be pub lished omee only la the newspaper which, being issued weekly* or oftBMr, skaJl hav* the target! circulation within the rang* of the delivery of sakl office, to be decided by the postmaster at such offioe ] "?f'r* na applytnr ? IB the followlac Hat, will aay they art Advbbtissd. LA DIRS' LIST. A.lam*. Mia* A Fleming. MleaKllan Price Mlsa Sarah V AruolJ. Ml?Marlh iiray.MraS.rali Auu ree?ee. lira Oali* A lieu, Mr* Hary Gordon, Mrs J C Pertrldee.MraSeml Bell, Mia* Maria Orahrnn. MtaaJeocie Pumphrey.M laaB A Brooka.Mr* LlailaS Oaaton, Ml*a ? Brown, Mr* HI Utllett. MralC Bayne. Miaa Laura Hill, Mr* Uni? BaMkeiUer.Ux* Jaw Uaydoa. Miaa B J 1 ? Howard, Mra L Bailey, MrtClinall llth, Mr* A ten a L. ?lattb. MUaCarolla* ? " Pat terao* ? lasMi 11 a BoboMaaeM r*9s rab A t Bocbs, Mrs BIlia BlordoU, Miaa Ellen Herbert.Theadorela Banney, Mra Tboa Raydrn M reCherlott B?>t>t?eu*M reChaaC Brown,Mra John M H.KlceaMlaaVlrHnlalBcan, lor Mary, Baser, MIm Ht-lena Hooper. Mra Sarah J 'Uaua and Johu Baker, Mia* MaryT Hamiaall.MriBllsa B * He*te rOlartl bath Collin*, Mra Looiaa Jannon, D? Mra M Catliu.Mtaa AnnaM Biug, Miaa Anna M Bwilti, Mra I. OoowayMtaaCath'BsKfnc. Ml** .land Sim*. Pa in B.rrl* Coldou, Mra C B Bl*pper,Mr?4?u*C Saandera. Mra B k Coo way, Mra Wm Loaf, Catl.artit* A ?ktteora.MteaBtia CheeneyMisaMaryA Lee. Miaa Msty V beth Cooper,MlesSarahC LittleMtt.Oar&lneLSadler, Mrs Saral, A CoartueyMla*Mi>WyMM*Mt**Beb*c?? T Sutfc n.Missrinctcia Car Iter, Miaa Bllta- Mott. Miaa Mary 8 SpaMIng MraMarU>a Maaoa. Mr* Eiiaa 1 Stephana. r . MraJol.u Cains, Miaa Catb'ne Murphy, Mr* Boliuea, Miaa Celea Cuthr-omb.MlaaHan Montgomery,Mr* r Hue "?'I Maaon.Mi* Jamsetf Tvrnln, M e* Anne Dunn, Mra Brl Uet Miller. Mr* Turt.ef, Miaa Ann Dlgr?Mie*C ornaolta Mitchell. MlaeUzile Wnabinct. o, Mlu M Delaliunl.Miea M?r Miller, kll? A W.teraMl?> Aringri Metzler. Miaa Julia V ?y?e Mia*'e Miller, Miaa Kanuls H tle<>u Mr* MaryJ Macrc<W, Martha Watklas. Misa.lulta McDuell, MlaeCath- Wootyarl But J site arlne A (rat Donohoe, lira D?n(1ar, ChrUtena Deltcu, Margret Dailey, Mr* Harriet KrwIn.MUiCharlott Orrlaon, Mia* D K W.M>41!a,Mr* Marc t M U'Donell.M ia? A ia 3 Walton, Mr* A.tele ParrinftoiiXrsBoss INITIAL -Miaa Mary L. GKNTI.KMKVS LIST. / OulUimotKr. Icrtc* Neliill, Mlckasl AnJer*<>n, Jos D Art iar, J A A?h, Jame* K Al en. Arnold, O W At>ell, D H Andrew*. A Alien, A T Budd, Wm H Brown, Wm Boyd, Hubert Bill, Patrick Bowss. M 1 Boyd, Linn Barher. J C Boyd, Jamea Banga. J T 2 Uoorman, J A > Browu. J M Blosrlier, John Briaaey. leaiah B Bair<l, Jobu Borland, Jobs B S Balu, Juo Bradford, JelT Brown, Jno ? Ber.-iuan, Henry Brott, Geo ? 3 Brown, Ueo BurUaaaa. Capt F Bond, T 8 Brown, Eil w*rd Hrookv, Kdmiind Bali, Oh a* H Lieu iley, a J Butler, Arthur A Gill. C K Hook, W H , Hamilton, Iftn HIckIii*ou, Waldo Hainmer, Wa*h'n Hoyt, W B Hall, W Frank Newell, J Noarae, H M Nlcbota, H 8 Or ma, A H OITu t, H K Offley, H E O'Daa, Juo Harrlaou.WmMtCo O'Leary, Jao Hamilton, Wm Hera, Tbeodors Hilbrun, N W Harrl*. L B Henderson, Jos Maydan, Iaatab Hlbb*. Jao W Hayden, Joaiah D Hoaa'on, Jamea B Hadccman, Jno O Henry, Ll Jamea Hamiltan, Oenl 1 Ueureu, Ueo Hiifhee, IB 1 Holbrook, D B Hatch, Daniel Horusby, C C Hasac in, A H Jon*-*, W W Johnsiou, Thos Jo Lea, K Johnaon, Satul Jonea. Dr Betrbnm, Wm T Bin*. TO Bine, B M Kiu[. p a Ktnnev. Patrick Conner, Wm K Cartwri*lit, Wllaon Bemp, Jos Co llin. Tlinotiiy Keuixdy, Jno Cami beJl, K H I Bmg, Jamea Crawford, K J King, Jnah*a Carr, Lt Overton Bidder, J P Oornock, Mr Bochlar, C H Co mbe, Gen I/Salte Bing, C C Claw ton, Isaiah D Kendall, Cb?s Capertou,MajJitmea Lludun. Sarnl Cook, J M Crow, J?kn Col*. k?* laaa ? Ciine, laaac Conoley. Jno M Cailan, K J Ooofier, Gen D H Clai k, D D Lyou*, S I L<>oa, Kev laaak B Lee 1a, Harry I t* ia, H H Lewis, G Leroux, Dr G Owen, Joa Oi'Tar, Stapksn.Jr fowere, Thoe H Palmer, B H Powell, Or Jno 8 Phillips. Jamae Parker, Francis K Proctor. F H Page, Aldan L Busaell, W (. Boberta, 8 V Blue*. 8amaal Bine*, Capt Bold H i Ktinkle, K K 2 Blng, Mo*e* Boger*. Jno W Boa*, laalah Baaadeli, Jno H Beld. JiaoT > B ley, Jae L Bel ey, Jaa M Boblaon, Jno Buwley, Hit an W Br?er?. Gao W j Bobat, P Buaael', Andrew C Bcoit, Wm Bmitli. T Wa*h S Bnowdec, B N Bmoot, K W Haiti van, Patrick Mtevec* A Peel Hrbulu. M Sullivan, Jno Btapie*, Joshua, Jr Brott, Jatuea W Stew.rt, Juo A 8]?ar, 8 Sheldon, Israel Smith, J G Snyder, J II Siser, J no G BhaiMia, J G I^? renc?AK Iwsrd.-Se.>'maD*. H J Lewi*, Chae Cra\ el 1 a g. A W BOo Lanriey, Baker CarMo, Monsieur De Be.rt. Wm Doherty, Tliea Duane, he - D B Donavin. M W Da\ Is, Lt D ii a-y. J bo U Urew, J H Dennl*, Joahna Day, Ke? G H Deponta, Capt l>ai ia, Alfred Dspre, Cyp Doltey. Rev A B Kvarhart, Wm Bat-in, Tho* C Kvani, Jamea Porce, Dr Wm J K-ab.rty, T M Prancl*, Tbu* Flthman. 8 Foy, P L 3 Movra, Wm Miller, W H A B Marahall, W C Stauabury, Captsta Howard Saltk, Geo H Btanzing, F St. e e, K B Matbew*. Maj W B Bpedden, B T Moranitx, Wm W Sullivan, Kngeae Moore, Sam M Miller, Saml Mtiller, B H Mulonsy, Patrick Murphey, Peal Mlddlswortb, Mr Maury, L 1 Mitchell, Jane* J Bcoit, Gas B P SUielta. K H Smith, Calvin W ftpann, Caleb Bchell, Aiis-uatu* Battle. A L Taylor, 8 S Taylor, P Henry Mozart.Don JoaqalBTbompeon, N t Murray, J J Mills, JSC b Ma,aa. Jno Maukln*, Jno W Morn*. Henry Mackay, Geo Mailer, PrederVk Mogul, Flilppo Ku^gerald, Michael Martin, B s Freuch, J B Mar*ton, K W Pratman, Johannei Morgan. Chaa Pord, Jamea Minor, C D Pool, JW A Morriaon, Cbas K Oo l,GW?*hiartnn Marliul, Andrew K.?-*yth,CaptClia?M M> Arthur, Arthur Karrall, Alfred Goodaon, W 8 Graham, W li G tt, Dr W W 4 Greel.y, Tho* Garrett, Saml Giddinga, 8 8 Gregory. Pe'.ee 8 Gillett, F Garvey. Jamea Grayaon, Juo il Goodrich, Geo M Greene, Pref G W Good, G O McBil beo, O.aa McLougb-ln, Geo McGowu, Jamea McQurm < k, Jame* M-'Do'igall, J A McGirk, Jno MrCormlrk, M M MrNamara, Pat McGlll, P M 2 M'-C eav*, R II Mcliatin, P*i ry Mae Timothy Naah, Samuel Nolen, 8 B Tea tar, Joa Trevors, Jno Thoniaa, Geo Thomaon, E H Tayloa, BIS Thieldke, f%aa Tliomaa, CPS Voelkar, Fransls Viebmanu. Geo Vila*, Levi B 1 Washington, Wna Wood, Ww. P Wllia, Bainl Wheeler, Mr William*.>n, M W M Walter, Jno Wilkinson, Jno P W11 eon. tsaae M Wood, J a in we B Wood, J W Willett, n w Whits. Geo, of Bos ton 2 Wright, Geo s White, Geo Ward, Edward Whltlodt, Prof A Yatea, Lewi* Yates, J D INITIALS. Cotton Plant; Yenezuelan Minister; Persian Mlnlater; Turkiah Minlner, South'u MauTi* iik., Mohawk Trit e. No. :; W. May IT, 1S58. JAS. G. BIwBBET. P. M. F1E8T GRAND EXCURSION ft PIC *IC OF The Associated Bookbinders, OF WASHINGTON. PLEASURE IN ANNOUNC lng to the public that our first WE TAKE lnp to the public that our first _ . ?.fl, ^ Excursion ana Pic Nic to theA?jHEfl|^? WHITE HOUSE PAVILION wlU take p.ace on MONDAY, May 18, l?.'#. The Committee pledge themselves that no ex ertion will be upartd that may contribute to the comfort and enjoyment of all those who may hon or us with their presence Scott's celebrated Brass and Cotillon Band has been encaged for the occasion. Dinner, Supper and Refreshments will be fur nished by an experienced caterer, a' city prices The Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON will leave Georgetown at 7 o'clock a m ; Washing ton at 3: Blagden's Wharf at 6>a ; A.exandila at y In the afternoon will leave Washington at 2: and Alexandria at 2^ . Returning, the tlrst boat will leave the White House at 6 o'clock p m Tickets ONE DOLLAR ; admitting a gentle man and ladies?to be bad of any memb? r of the Committee, and at the boat on the morning of the Excursion Executive Committee?{White Rosette ) F A Manning, W H Bailey, Frank Miller, John Burns, S T Crawford. Floor Managers?(Blue Rosette) W H Gorbutt, G Rosewag, H Wanbors, T Walmslv, John Espey, T L Lamb, W L Dowden, ui 17-It* NEW FLOUR STORK. Ninth strut, between Pa. avenue and I) st. The best family and all other grades cheap for cash Also, RYE FLOUR.CORN MEAL, OATS, CORN, Ac., In auantltics to suit purchasers Call and examine. m 17-lm SAM'L B. PAUL. W COAL! COAL.!! COAL1!! E ARE THIS DAY DISCHARGING A cargo of very superior Red Ash COAL, intended expressly for cocking purposes. Those warning such an article will ao well to give us a call. Also, other kinds of COAL, both Red Ash and white, Anthracite and Cumberland. A constant supply of Oak and Pine WOOD on hand. CASTLEMAN A BRO , corner Ath and B streets, fronting m 17 (Intelligencer) National Hotel. PAPER-HANGINGS, Ac. Lately received a desirable sk lectlonofnew patterns of PAPER-HANG INGS, of Foreign and Domestic manufacture, in cluding a handsome assortment of French Gold Papers, Statues, Centre Pieces, Screens, Ac. Acknowledging put favors, my aim shBil be to make the advantage mutual to those who favor me with their patronage JOHN MARKRITER, No 500 Seventh street, next door to m 17-3t* O F. Hall. *y HARPKR'S MAGAZINE for June. 25c Forget-Me Nots from Dewdrop Dale, Ruth Rustic, price only 60c New York Ledger for Mav 8ith, and all the b?ck numbers containing the Gunmaker of Mot cow Harper's Story Book No 19, The Engineer, 25c Plu-Rl-Bus-Tah, by J. K. Philander Doesticks, tl. For sale by E K LUNDY, m 17-tr 128 Bridge st., Georgetown. FIREBOARD PRINTS. A BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION OF FIRE BO ARE PRINTS, containing some hand some French Boquet and Landscapo Paintings. Acomplete asaortment of SHADE TRIMM1N6S and PICTURE CORD and TASSELS, PAPER CURTAINS, Ac , COLORED ENGRAVINGS and LITHOGRAPHS put on canvas, and var nished In a superior manner, giving them the ap pearance of oil paintings. For sale, two fine Colored ENGRAVINGS rep resenting the marriage of Poeahontas, Bad the Senate Chamber, both varnished and handseine ly framed. JOHN MARKRITJtR, No. 500 Seventh street, next door to m l7-3t* Odd Fellows Hall AMUSEMENTS. R1TIONA l< TBEATRB. KUNKKL4 CO LKIISFF.S JOHN T F0RD..~...S01,fc aiANAGFR JOS. JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGER earns or snMisston B?t?m and Parque* *? renU Family Circle and Galleries .....j......25 cei ts. THE SEA OF ICE, OH, A MUTHEK'S PRATER. will be produced (for the fifth t me) 011 THIS (Saturday) EVENING, with Iti WOSDERFVL MECHANICAL EFFECTS, DRESSES, SCEXERY, f*. Ok rim Mr ?. C. | Mr Wtllar? BwrtM Mr. J. , W?orf?* Mr o* t ? Mr B. ASato* Or?rtU M !???>?? Msdoc Mr. J ? B?rn?ti M?4. Tt>?rta?*r Mrs esrmos \ET The Bex Sheet fbr the Ml* of R^mr^nX _ ra? wtU be mm every day. Ofica houia be tween 9 a m and 5 p m. mlt-tf VARIK' V neulv OI,,HTY HALL!?THIS ELEGANT AM) - newly fitted Hall la now offered for rent for Balls. Concerts, Fairs, Ac Every car* will be taken to make thla cea?ral and convenient Hall the most attractive place In the city, lj a peeter and rticlent management Apply la W. >% ALL of Wall A Stephen*. apitt-lao IRPEK'S MAOAZI5lt FOR JUNE re. re! red and for sale at SHI LLINGTON'S Bookselling and Ststlooerv Store, m lS-3t Pa avenue. earner "4M street. H ITRAWBERR IKS-ITRAU BKRAIKfe iRh SERVED AT C GAUTIER'S #A tm. LOON at 25 rent# per saucer. Families who d.alre them by the quart, ran apply at C. GACT1EK*?, m 16-6t 2M Pennsylvania avenue. GKNTLKMEN'S DRESS SHIRTS.?Our aaaortment la thla department la very com plete, and we offer the beat quality and the largest variety at uniform and moderate price*, at STEVENS'9 m 16 tf Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. STRAYED, ON THE 14th INSTANT, A a mall bay MARE, blind in one eye, and white spot on the forehead A atm /CTy able reward will be paid If ahe la returned to M f CBAEL FREUDESBfc-RGER, corner C atreet north and 4th street east. Capitol Hill. m 16-3t* Fresh milk from R. NI COLS SNOW DEN S Farm of F A I R L A H D , for aale by O. V. DURFEE m 16-1 m a No 485 renth street. Hours or sorrow?hours of Sorrow Cheered and Comforted, bv Char lotte Elliott. The Ait of Perfumery, and method of obtalv lag the odors of plants, making perfumed soar*, cosmetlques, acented powders Ac ; by G. IV. Pleaae. For aale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Bookstore, m 16 near tfth street MEDICAL CARD. DR O PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathle physic an. has the honor to offer kls services to the inhabltanta of Washington an J vicinity. ORce on D street, two doors west of Vth, where he will be found from 9 to 1* a m , and from 4 to 6pm Residence on I street, No. 188, between 20th and 21st strep's N B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself wltn the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Btloua and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac. m l6-3m A N NL'AIRE IIISTORIQl'E IfelVlft. /*. i- l on Histolre Politique pour 1^S3,1 voj. Cours de Trace et de Calculs de deplacementet de stabillte Hydroslatique des Bailments de Mer. far M. Viel, 1 vol , Paris, with 29 plates. Theatre de Cornellle, 2 vols La Bmyere Carac teres, 1 vol. Montesqulen Estrit des Lola, 1 vol. Thealrede Racine, 1 vol. And many ethers, imported from Paris by mjfl FRANCK TAYLOR. nOYB' SUMMER C'LOTHIHO,?We are L> manufacturing and receiving dally every de scription of Boys' and Youths" Garments suitable for the present season, consisting of? All the various style* of Frock and Sack Coat*. Roundabouts, Jackets, Vests, Pantaloons Shirt*. Drawer*. Hosiery. Ac making the moste*tensive vnr?*tvof Boys'riotb lrg In this city, to which we would Invite the at tention of purchasers wishing superior goods at low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, m l6-3t 322 Pa. av , bet. iHb and 10th sts OAUZE MERINO AND SILE I'NDEK* SHIRTS AND DRtM EKS. ANOTHF.B AND VERY LARGE SUPPLY of Gentlemen's Underdrew thla dav opened, of every variety of sire and quality, such aa? Gauze Milk SHI KTS and DR AWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do lk? Thread Do Do Do Shaker Do Do Also, a full supply of Linen and Jean DRAW ERS, of gold quality and styles. It will be recollected that we exclusive.v for cash, and that w?< offer the beat' goods at tie lowest and uniform prices, at STEVENS'S m lfi-tf Salesroom, Brown*' Hotel CCANARY BIRD CAGES, BIRD NESTS J Children's Rocking Horses, Hair Brushes. Combs, Transparent Bar Soap, Ac., at m 15-3t LA M M OND'a, 7th street P>R SALE?A BUGGY AND HARNESS. Saddle and Bridle, a11 but little ueed They can be seen at A RN Y A SHINN 'S Bottling De pot, 67 Green atreot. Georgetown. m 15-tf OST-ON MONDAY, THE 12th INST , l cn the Sunday School Excursion tothe \\ b ? House, a Gold Necklace and Cross, carved on ore a'de, and the Injtlala "V E H" on the other The finder wl 1 be liberally rewarded opon leaving If at the Dry Goods Store of R B. HALL, No 3:3 Seventh street m 15 3.* L M SIMMER MILLINERY. RS J LANE. BRIDGE ST GEORGE 1?A town. D C., will open, on Saturday.^, May 17, a fashionable assortment of N^l SUMMER MILLINERY J** The I.adies ure Invited to call before purcbs'^ki elsewhere. mlS^t Memorandum booh lost, in thk street yesterday, a sn all BOOK with yellow paper cover, having in it| charges for work as carman, belong l.ig to WILLIS CARTER Thefind e. willccnfer a fa?or and receive a suitable^ ward by leaving it at the Purnlture Store next to Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th street. m 15-Ste Proposals will he received. with plans and specifications, for re bonding the Brick House on Bridge stree?, west of Fred erick street, and known as tte "Mason property Builders from a distance might find It to their In* tere?t to examine the work, which can be com menced immediately. Apply at " Columbia .Mills," Georgetown, D C. in 15 3t BOVCE, TAYLOR A CO (Bait Sun copy and tend bill to the Evening Star.) A LARUE LOT OP FANCY WOODS, Combs. Fans, PerfuHiery, Ac , very lew it JOHN F. ELLIS'S, 3t* Pa. avenue, m 14-tr^ PIANOS POR KENT, by maath, qanrter and year Old Pianos taken In (.art pa>meot for new. Pianos sold on monthly payments, st the Piano and Music Store of JOHN F ELLIS, m 14-tr 306. between 9th and 10th street A EL PERSONS INTERESTED IN iHfc late Ladies' Depository are informed tt auch articles as were left there.and have not b?en called for, may be found at Miss ROLLAND^ i tore, on 7th atreet, where they will remain until the ytar cloeea. In September ; they will then be given to the Benevolent Society, If application i* not made before that time m 15-3t SUSAN R. COXb NEW GOODS. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF FRENCH and American Gold. Velvet, fine Satin, and common PAPER-HANGINGS of every variety anFlneCLandacape Viewa, Flreprlntsand Curum large assortment of Spring pstternsof V lndow Shadea. Shade Fixtures, Taaaela, Cert* W 6lC . Also, a large stock of Chinese Floor Mattln| just reeelved, ard to which I respectfully call lH attention of my cuatomera and others. L F CLARK. Upholsterer and Paper-hanger. ?48 north aide Pa. avenue, between l*th m 15-3t? andlJthslB Daniel canpbell, in closing his present business, would thank his eustome:? for their kind patronage, and la doing so. sut * that their respective accounts are mtde out. an? that prompt payment will be expected Al> 0 whom he fa* lad?btod' wlil flaaaa piasen' 'y bills. m+* L. J. M1DDLETON, Dl&LXR IH ICE, OJRrs amd Dft?Southwest earner of t Twelfth streets .