Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, rCRU&HKH KTLKT AKTKRNOOR, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) 4t (is Star Bmildingr tatnar r?f Ptnmtfli?i* ??<*<* mud EUnntk itrut, By W. D. WULACH, ?^?11 tn. !*>rrr& to subscriber* by cn~rim at AND A ItUAKTKK CUNTS, payable weehly lit the Amenta; paper* vr<r*4 la parceeea at :f7Jt ?;n*n pet w<Kjtfc. To mail subscribers the sub a price Is TilItKK DOLLARS AND FIF TVCKNTH s year.TWO DOLLARS fr*r *lx months, and ONE DOLLAR for three ?oaths; for less ?uaa iaree moaihs at the rate ?( 1* 4 eent* a w?r*. JI7"SINGL? COPIES OHE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, MAY 19, 1856. NO. 1,023. THE WEEKLY STAR. This excelleat Family and New* Jwirm'. -rm aialat a greater variety of laiereatlng reading tbaa ?a a be found la aay ether?Is published oa Satur aa> aaoraiag mat. elafleeep?. per assess *1 SI *e mil Plretepies. ai w ten * 9 w Twenty copies.. .....lft M CT Ca??, iRTsataUT til aiTtuca. Single copies (In wrappers) can be proc ? e<1 at tbe counter, immediately after the Issue of tbe paper. Prlce^-TBaaa CawTS. Post hast ? as whoact asageats wtM ?e allowed a commission of twenty per ceat. < HAUNt Y WARRINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AID DIAL!* IN Fiac Watehet, Jewelry, ami Silver Ware. 4 M)LU 9KAL9, FOII AND VEST CHAINS, " * FINE J KWELR Y. SI L- - ? V KR SPOONS, PORKS, GOBLETS, CUPS Ac., for sale at New Y'-rk prices. ' H EPA IRINti. ? The Chronometer. Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical, and other W \TCljF.S repaired Al*o, JEWELRY, Ac. NO. *70 Pb.VNSTLVaNIA Avmck, bPtw'n Slxtk rnfl Serena stresta. Browns' Rot?l bul!ding, sign of the UOlDEN WATCHES, ap * tf Washington. NEW StTIMLR AKRANGEMENTS. IN ADDITION TO OUR PREMIUM MIN eral Waters. Mead, Are, and Porter, we f h ive made such arrangement* as will enable us to keep constantly on hand a large supply of the following article*, most of which have ? b -en carefully prepared by scientific men, as ton ic* for weak acd delleate persons : Ginger Wine, Native Port Whie prepared from mrivefrunt. Blackberry Brandy. Raspberry do., Cherry. Rose Cordial Clnamon, Anise. Curacoa, Stomach Bit ters, Wine. Stoutens; Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry. Pine Apple. Vanilla, Lemon and oth er Syrup*; Ex'ract* of Sarsapirllla for cleansing the Mood, an<l a hoet cf other article* too nume rows to mention. All orders left at cur Depot, or with the drivers of Oiir Wagons pro-nptly attended to rn 1?tf ARN \ A SHINN. Georgetown. OAJOC'S KID AND DTHER GLOVES. I NO II SMOOT, No. lir> BRIDGE *TREJiT, Georgt:orn, has received, from New^p Yo'k- ladles Baj';ii*? KID GLOVES if: 110 white, bla--k and colored; ?ents do do JkyliJjj ladies and genu JafT ta Silk and Lisle ? ? Thread Glove*. Also, a first rate a??crtment of bl<racb?d and Lro-.ra Cotton Ho?e, all qualities; bleached, brown and fancy Hilf !Ir*e; misses and boys" How and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very beet makes of the above goods, purchasers may depend upon get ting a good article as cheap as the sam? qualify c?n be nought el?cwhere, m 1 tr JOHN II. SNIOOT. SHAD AND HERRING ?? ALIVE." Dealers and families desirous of rvociiring the best cr IIERKING for malting can Inve tae*n deiiverM a'-mark-t prices, immedi ately upon being caught, by leaving their orders at the Union Land Office, Tth street above Odd Fellows'Hail, or at the lishiag shore adjoining the Navy Yard bridge, Washington, where they can be obtained alive. api2-lm? WATCHES. *1 W GALT A BRO. OFFERS CON i*I? stsatlv a complete asuortmenf of sipwior Watches They call particular attention to those made by T F Cooper. V* B. Adair* A Sons, David Taylor. D xon, Or.dg, and others, London M. T. Tobias A c's . R A J. Bwlry. Joseph Johnson, B'-^ndell A Co , Llverp ol. Jules .'uigemoa, Copenhagen. Al"''. Varheron A Const'nMne's celebrated Ge neva Watches, which, ?rori their s'.re and style, are peculiarly sul -d f r 1'iies. The above, with those by every other maker, are offered at the lowest ra'e* M W GALT A BRO . Jewelers, ap It dtf .*ttl Pa av bet. 9ih and Itithsts. WOOD AMD COAL. THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVING NOW MADE extensive arrangements, are prepared to sup ply cu-toraers with the very best article cf Lahlgh and Schuylkill White acd Red Ash COAL, and also Cumberland Coal, either by the cargo or slBiile ton; 2.210 lbs Invariably given Also, the very best qualities of Hickory, Oak, and Pine WOOD, at wholesale or retail. We will i?ell at a very small advance when taken Im mediately from the vessel. Perscn* desirous of laying In their winter sup plies of Wood snd Coal would do well o leave their crders early, and thereby secure the ad vantages of low prices. BOGUK A O'NEILL. Office No. 105 Water street. Georgetown, at 3-lm Girarl Fire nnJ Marine Insurance Co, 4 ht PHILADELPHIA. INSURES AGAINST " " Loss cr Damage, by FI RE, Buildings, Mer chaudise, Furniture, Ac , in Washington city, or taecountry. POLLARD WEBB, Agent, No. 51'J Seventh St., opp. apjl-lm National Intel. Omce ll'ATtHES AND JKWELR* iit per ct. vf cheaper than It can lie ^ ^ ? bought elsewhere In W asnlug ton, at J ROBINSON 3, ap *l-lm 3,9 Pa av. opp. Brown's Hotel. iROH E FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. APPLE TREK3, OF 1 growth and well assorted. _ ? rvsxj growth and well assorted. OSCti PEACH TREES, forming a com-W? soitmeat and well frown. ?"?" 10 000 APPI-E TREK3? OF KXTRA S.UUO PEAC , plete assortment and well grown. A f-w very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra size. Th? above comprising a very choice assortment of Tree< were raised by the late John H King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented. Apply to W. Albert King, No. 15 south High ?traet, Georgetown, i). C , or at Valiev View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalog".;* furnished on application. K. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROARS. Apply as above. E. J. K. mar 11?tf "THE MARRIAGE GUIDE." Marriage guide, or natural His tory of Generation, for the use of married persons and those abont to marry, of both sexes; price. Hi. ' THE MALE GEN ERATIVE ORGANS," in health and disease, from infancy to old age, with the treatment of all their derangements; for every man's own private use; with colored plates; price, CI. A POPULAR TREATISE ON VENEREAL Diseases; their cure and prevention; for private use; with colored plates: p.lce, 81. THE MATRON'S MANUAL OF MID wlfary and the Diseases of Pregnancy and Chlld blrtn, for every female's own private use; price THE DISEASES OF WOMEN?THEIR Causes and Treatment. Any of the llooks can be had of the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar 22-3m Tth street, opposite Post Office. BIRGAIN* FROM AUCTION. I OH N H SMOOT, No 119 BRIDGE ST., ?I irgetown, Las recently received from the New York Auctions: Pure Linen Table C.otns, 8-1 a:.d 10 4; pure linen Napkins and Doylies ; pure Irish Linen and Birds eye Linen ; white Cambrics, JaconeU;:nd Nainaook Muslin*; checked and striped Muslins; plain, dotted end figured Swiss M'jsllas; gents, colored, bordered, and white Linen Csmbrlc Handserchlffs; ladies plain and hem-stitched Handkerchiefs: Lace .snd Muslin Curtains : worked Collars ana Sets ; with other desirable gojds, which will be found to be very cheap. Persons in want of goods of ths above descrip tion, or any d*-*crlpUon of Dry 9oods, are in vited to call and take a look. m2-tr J. H. SMOOT. / 'LOl KS I CLUt'KI : !?JUST RECEIVED * s another lot of No. I Clocks some entirely nsw patterus They will be ?old at astonishingly low prtcas. Remember every Clock is warranted, ap 1? G FRANCIS, 41(0 Seventh street. rjlliK RISING STAR GAME?THIS IS A ' b? and Instructive uaiins for Child en. It tee.rrtn them to commit to memory all the inci ? !i i - ? i?hra'etl battles that were fought du slcg the Aiuerlcan Revolution For sale by the agent, ALKX. ADAMSON, uvtr ri-4m 7th street, opposite Po*t Office. 329 PENN. AVENUE. I >" Yj* CLoraiNG ? WE HAVE THIS DAY I* op r.ed a large assortment of Youths, Boys, and (.'hildrens Spring and S<inim:-r c'otning to whi< h w- w>sld invite the attentjoacf purchasers teo^rally WALL A STEPHENS, ml- 8i*J Penu avenue, next to Iron Hall. I>VK01>T ON HIAWATHA: Plu-rl-h>is 1 tah. A Swng that's by no auihor. "A D^d without a n.iUi.' " PerpetraU-d by J. K. Phi an d- Doetie.ks, P If., illustrated with an lin.nense auiiib-f c! cattlnes In wood, SI, for s;ile :?t TAYLOR A MAURY'S *** 8 Bookstore, near 9;h st. f '"RPftHATtO* sro'-H.? Corpo ration of VVa*blngtf>u J^'oi'k for sale at feoi*?tf CHUBB UKOTUEKS. SlOO REWARD. RANAWAY FROM MY FARM, ADJOIN lng Upper Marlboro', about the middle 01 December last, Mulatt) boy AMBROSE belonging to my brother, Alfred \V Gardi ner, cf Charles county. Thru bov ia about v - M yeva oid?not very bright but rather of a ?n?C? a ?* ?el^cate Hmbs. He has on ally a mild and p.easant countenance when pro ton to. * I wjU give the above reward for his apprehen 8i& ln Washington City, or north of George's county, Md., and fifty dollars if itRen in Frlnce George's oounty, or south of it ID el ther case be must be brought home er secured in la 11 so that 1 can get him again. m 13-eotf B J. GARDINER G&KAT BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS FROM AUCTION. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING IMMENSE ?upnli^of rich and beautiful Silk Robes, JTlaln and Figured Barege Robes, Muslin and Lawn Robes, which will be sold at about half tb^'r value 50 pieces rich plaid and staple Spring SUka which w? m ill sell at?i, 75andP?c., the* are decided bargain* 50 pieces assorted styles Silk Tiseues and Ba reges 2) pieces rich black Sllki. from 81 to S2 per Tir d 100 pieces black Silk Mantillas, from S2 50 to 312; theeew* know to be cheap 3h0) yards l awns, at 12* cents, all warranted raft colors 100 new style Straw Bonnetsand Children's Sha ' ken I P'mM rIch Bonnet R,bb?ns. at reduced pri A fall stock of Ladle*' and Children's Ho-le-v and Gloves. . 7 ALSO, is STORK ? 60 pieces superior Shirting Linens from 30 cent* to SI 25 per yard 75 pieces Barklie?' soft finish Linens at 25. 31 and 37 cents 18') p.eces plaid Muslins and Cambrics from 12k to 31 cents " 5 cases bleached Cotton from 6m and 12i* dozen Table Napkins from 91 25 to Si.M per dozen r Vo pieces T&ble Diapers, In all grades 100 dozen Towels, bleached and Brown Table Cloth . With an immense stock of all kinds of season able Dry Goods of the best class, to which we ask the spec la 1 at-entioii of purchaser*!. ?r VOLLEY Jt SEARS, No a23 Severn.; stre.t, 3d door above in 9- e?2w Fa. avenue. rOR (.fc>TLEME>. f\JEW SPRING ROODS, embracing A L* grneral variety of the newest and prettiest styles and fashions. Orders promptly filled *'on8tiUi1llyo" band a g ?od supply of Garments, re?dy m*dc, of superior quality. AUo, fliie Dress SbiiUi, with Sauz*, Silk, and Lorton underdrew, t urnlahing and Toilet eoods in variety A 11. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor and Clothier, Browns' Hotel, Mar <6-wif j?a avenue HARDWARE?CHEAP FOR CASH. CUTLERY, house furnish goods, y tools Scales, brushes, Shovels, Spades, Forks Hoes, Traces, Plough Castings, Locks * ' Hinges, Screws, GIu?, Files As Ac . in..faci ?Teryt*l?* t-> be found In a well regula . Hardw?re always to be found on hand and cheap for cash at ^ . HARVEY A ADAMS, epgS foim 325 Pa av , near 7th st. ( HIBBV WIGS, Fi^Jbf.rr,VJ,U8, BRA,DS. CURLS, SCALPS, 11 roui ELS. 4c equal f>anv ia the United Mates for sale or made to order at bis Stores?for 0n *>tnnsylv<inia avenue, between 9ih and l<?th streets; and for gentlemen, under Willards' Hotel- m 13-eo3m? WILLIAM A. HATCHKLOR'S LIQUID HAIE DYE SKILFULLY APPLIP.D. AND SOLD Whole sale and Retail at GI BUS'S HairDresilng Es lao! I st, men ton Pennsylvania avenu-. between 9th Ba "K& s reets, and under Willards* Ho el in 9-eo3m LIMEI-Ll.tlE !?L 1MB!!! WILL BE OPENED TO MORROW. AT the Lime Kilns of W. H. Godev A Co. situated on Rock Creek, betw-en the upper ard MURNT^Im'r* S8? *8ry s?P?rior WOOD v V i LIME. 1 he subscribers have also on ?r^"nP]7.of PLASTERERS' HAIR, CEMENT, CALCINED PLASTER, and every of ll!e very bestquality of lime, wt ich vrill be disposed of on the most reasonable terms ap 14?eotf W. H GODEY A CO. CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE OERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEKPiNG v rr b?Xin? ^ surplus of Household Effects on hand, win find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire stoe*, or srcicb articles as thev may wish to dispose of. Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS, f?b 19-eotf No. 389 7th st , bet. I and K. 5,,^^-?FOR SUMMER 18E. ~ J?T RECEIVED AT THE WASHINGTON Stove, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory the .a8?ort"?ent ofREFRIOERAT <5'r S water coolers, bath tubs baking RANGFS YhNJEKh BA*KRS? PORTABLE ka.iUKS. Hard aad ? harcoal F'URNACES Ac . Ac , that has #?ver been offered to a Wash' lngton Public, together with a full and complete TIN W*?L"' 1I>1^D,,,h<vd, Block and Japanned ?,M.nnwl *nd Enamelled i? HOLLOW WARE; all of which will be sold on terms that will compare with any estab lishment south of New York; ? p . u JAS skirving, o l?f?rner Pe,jna avenue and 11th street, ra a eovw t? ^ ABDUCTION IIf PRICE OF ICE CREAM AND WATEE ICES. AR!* Y'W CONFECTION ERV B*r!J?ttK,8T?.fcET.GEORGETOWN, D C " rhe price of ICE CREaM and WATl^R ICE* at ttils establishment will hereafter beTT * PTr/?alloa Pla,n.?r S2.86 moulded; single Y quart 62^cents J. The anali'y of oir productions Is so well knowJi to our citizens that comment is unnecessary ; to Strangers and sojourners we need only say that for ,,?.*.uperlor Hellene* of our ICE CREAMS CAKES and WATER ICES we were awardtd' a Stiver Medal by the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute. Ii?lb55. To all we say, the above arti Mfherto b^5f <?qU e3ft<'r 10 whal tL*>' A I orders for DINNERS, WEDDINGS HALLS, Ac., at;ended to with our usual care and P4i " A. L ARNY a3,,:rtment of French and Doni^stic CANDIES, FRUITS, NUTS, and CAKES CHARl0?!^.-, J.KLL1K8- BLANC MANGE' mmm * '"jD1, RUSSE, CANDY PYRA * c ? made to order at short notice. ofT??t Mnt 10 any part of Wa8hinKton free ' m 9-eo3w (No. 555.J N?|TiND orp?.nS HKMOVAL OF THE GHkVnvii i T .w ROM CAHABA TO GREENVILLE,,N THE STATE OF ALA ln accordance with the provisions of the act of Cahaba, in the State of Alabama, will bf tc moved from the town of Cabal* to ????* ot JuJe n?t ' frOIC ?ad aft*r the day "iSi".n,y har'd' at the rlty of Wa*hInK ton, this 34th day of April, A D. 18?. By order of the PrtMdent ? THOS A HENDRICKS. Conimissloner of the General Land Ottlce ap?*-law?w I No. ) NOTM E OF THE TEMPORARY CON T1NUANCE OF the LAND OFF ice mTcihaganmaz0?' in the 8tatb of Congress, by an act approved April 5, 1956, ha?lng authorized the temporary continuance oI the land office at Kalamazoo, Michigan, which office was directed to be dlsontlnned by notice No 547, bharlng date November 12, 1865? It Is, therefor?, hereby declared and made known that the raid order for the discontinuance of the Kalainaioo district Is revoked, and the of fic^' will be reopened for bnslnets on the 1st day of Junenett, and continued until further notice. Given under my band, at the city of Washing ton, this 15th day of April, A. D {85*. THOS A HENDRICKS, ? Commissioner uf the General Land Office. ?P lT-law<Jw Houses, &c.f for Rent and Sale I7LEGANT RESIDENCE FOR SALE ?THE House and Lot In Square 104, on the south east corner of F and 2!*t streets, will be for sale at a low price until theflrstdayof July next The lot has a width of 67 feet on F street, and extends south on aist street 13. feet 5 lnche?, and Is beau tifuiiy laid out, asd mpplied with fruit, shrubbery and ornamental trees. The house Is in perfect H ij i conveniently arranged. It will ? 8 w , an" 11 jx'n favorable terms of payment Application may b? made to ALBERT SMITH . at the hbbltt House, F street. m 9-eo5t* PUnR f^T-TWONKAILY FURNISHED treasonable terms at Mr. DA ' OVeT Mw,r? UaJt * Bro.. Jewelry aVTOUe, botween 9th and 10th streets'. ra 12?t f |^Or RENT.?SEVERAL OF THOSE DE t countryresldences with large gardens attached, at Kendall Green, having beer put In #???,? rePa,r- are now for rent at the low prlc* of 9150 a year, p r beauty of location and health iness of slti .."j, these residences are unsur passed, offerIiik, as they do extraordinary induce ments to all who prefer the salubrity of country air to the sultriness and dust of the city. Distance from the Post office a mile and a quarter. Apply ? J ')] rS r'CKNEY, at his residence No. 1 Kendall Green_ m5-2w KH>R SALE?THE ADVERTISER WILL a. sell at private sale between now and the first of August, a very desirable Lot neatly enclosed with a small two-story frame house on it, sltu a ed on the corner of Virginia avenue ard 23d street, and fronting ei feet on Virginia avenue it is in the immediate neighborhood of the Ob servatory Persons wishing to purchase can examine the property at any time, when the terms of sale can be ascertained. m l-lm? pOR SALE.-A SMALL FRAME HOUSE r ?. ,\?Lon eth slreet< between K and L, Let fronting 2* feet, with a depth of cfi feet 8 Inches, rerm treasonable Location unsurpassed. Apply to ROUhRT. A I'A YN E, Druggist, corner 4th street ard VIass, avenue. ra j_tf V* V F ArBliK FARM FOR SALE, CON talningJH) acres, situated K mile east of the Rockvllie Turnpike Read, and 2* from Wash ington city. It U well watered, and on it a grod supply of tire wood and young orchard The im provements are a small frame dwelling and sta ble. It possesses all the advantages requisite to make a garden of great vilue. or a dairy farm, and a plea-ant residence The terms will be made easy. Apply to POLLARD WEBB, No ?.Ucutb ****** opposite National Intelligen ce OBo ap 22-^tf ffOR RENT-SEVERAL HANDSOME Par *? lors and Chambers, with board. -mJ?rLt5Lbic,^,"?-l"uu?ltnt board inquire at Mr*. MWITH'S, 833 !? street. nov'27?tf .RKN T.~LENOX'iJ WHARF, NEAR ?- the Long Bridge, the l*est ar.d most reliable one in the territory for landing s'one end other heavy articles, if has about 100 feet front, with depth of wa'er sufficient for landing purposes on evtherside Attached thereto is a .square of grout, d for the purpose of depositing coal or wood. On said square Is a comfortable swelling which mav be adapted to store purposes I here Is about 14 fret water alongside said Wharf at low tide To those desiring to make a profitable bu Ices* a rare ?jspoitunity is offered. For terms apply at No. 490 H street north, between *th and 9th streets went JAMES TOW LES. Property Agent, ap 25- eotf r ' a POR SALE OR RENT.?LOT~NoTl IN ,V Square No. :?53, corner of E street south and lO.h s'reet wtsf, near the Steamboat Wharf, con t_?htiug about ld.tKK) square ft ?t, recently occupied by i no. W. Martlu's blacksmith and wheelwright shop*. Also, for rent, Square No. im, (*? ween 3d and 3d streets west, and H and I streets north, con taining 2^ acres; now occupied by Mr. H. N. Lansdale. On the square, which will )>e enclosed with a good fence, Is a stable and carriage house, ar.d the land ia excellent order and weu situated for cultivation Possession given on the first of April. An abundance of excellent gravel and sand, on the premises, for sale Inquire of marb?eolwAStf JOSEPH INGLE. An????EPrtunity *'?k a good in V EST MEN r ?For sale, 17 or IB actes of L<and, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining V10nPioPer^ formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox. ^ w Cedars,) P?3S S!,lng rare advanta. es as a building site, market garden. It has a fine | giowth of voung cedars and oak iqcssou the great er part < f it?the elevation Is such as to command tue moat extensive view of Georgetown. Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being Just outside of the Co poratlon limits ren ders It more desirable, being free from the Corpo ration taxes. r For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown. jan22-wt| A T P.^J.VATE LK ?El?HTEEN SMALL f. building lo's for sale, corner of L street and ftew Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, Fir*t Ward, ranging In price from 80 to 1?0 dollars xerms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of buildln- thereon lumber or bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollar*, will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title Indispu table. For any other Information apply to H PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av., bet. 18th i 19th _?. ap 10?3m POR PRIVATE SALE?A VERY NEAT, i convenient, thre^ story frame House, with a aeep lot laid oil as & flower garden The above house contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the priviledge of a back alley The above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between <5th and 5;h streets .No. 5oi For further information please call as above. Possession given In a few days. If the 8 a?V3(!*tf0t S?ld ,a 3 feW days 11 W,U t0T rent WANTED.-COUNTRY HOARD CAN BE f? ol)tained a: a pleasant location near Bla den sburg depot, on reasonable terms after the 15th lntt?int. 'I he grounds are well supplied with shade, making It a desirable retreat for families through the summer. An omnlbu* runs twice a day. beside the con*enience of the cars, thus af fording ample faclities for persons having busi ness in the city. MRS. D. JONES m 6-eolm# flARE CHANCE?THE UNDERSIGNED for ,sale tho*e beautiful LoU situated on Jd street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue Their iiltuation cannot be excelled for either business or residence Htes, and will be sold at a great sacrl . H.C. HARftOVER. xerms: A small cash payment, and the bal anceIn 1, 3, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb23-tf MR WIL LIA >1 PALMER, Profdsaor of S?nging and the Flute, Blt>ewTv?1NFOR'* THK INHABITANTS ?i xi t-1 v ?sM?xton tbat he proposes establishing nil u CLAisSfcS fortwo, three or four pu

fii?" w^^reljy each voice will be properly ex "?Parat?ly cultivated, according to lv wtf! W could not be done, consistent ly. with simultaneous teaching-as Sopranos w!rfZH?v ^Ta"??'.an.d ?ontralto voices require a I ^ iifhr? itniln.lng- Tte "arne care '" ne cessary with male voices, vir: Tenor, Baritone | and Bas-r. \\ hen the pupil* are sufficiently ad Swh? tn ? !hemv'lves they will then be ffi.Vr u'SS.'.k ' rim Terms per quarter: *10 for each pupil. If only two pnplls one Lour will be devoted, and at. extra half hour for every additional pupil: #20 per quarter tor separate pupils. ap S-tf '?467 Pennsylvania avenue' ALNWICK FRENCH AND ENGLISH FE nALK MEMINARy, FOR BOARDING PUPILS SITUATED SIXTEEN MILES ON THE ^ Baltimore and Washington Railroad and i urn pike, and two miles south of the village of i-aurei Stopping place at Contee's Switch foim A-.TV?<,N * SISTERS respectfully In ? ra,rons others that It Is their in '1'?^ permanently their day school In April, and that the summer >1""^ In.titu.lon will op? ?? to^pop?.;C7'ivS,7,Sc.mMdb>""" Auction Sales. McOIJIRE. Auctioneer jv . VULlMkS of RAKE r?- caT,f?bI* Pohlir Anctltn. H?i<??.90AY nd WEDNESDAY EVEN INGS, May '10th and 21st, commencing at six ?.C ?Z?l? ..^aUCtlnn roonw, we shall sell a por tlon of the Library tf Thomas t wba^k, toimeriv Commissioner of Patents, consisting of rare and choice Scientific, Historical, I lterart and Miscel laneous VV orks, a full description of which will for deliv<? * t>/0n,P'e ?ataloguo now roady Terms cash. wv 8^er#ons ? distance will be furnlsled with catalogues apon application to the Auction OCT ? m 18-d _ JAS C. McGUIRE, AucTr. T HyJAS. q McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ??H *AL&: OF ALL PUATE 1,#t ?" *h? island. ?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON", May 20th, at 6k 0 clock, on the premises, by virtue of a doed ?>f trust, dated October 1st. 1?>5, and duly raided ini Liber J. A. S , No. 101, folios 388,19ii 400.and 401, one of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will sell at public auction, the west half of Lot No 23, in Square No. 496, ronting 25 feet oil south F between 4W and Cth streets west, running back 79 feet 9 incues to a 30 feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of a nearly new two story Fran e Dwelling-House, containing four good rooms, with an excellent kitchen dctsched /roin the main building. A pump of excellent water is near by. Terms cash. ? JOST, Trustee 11113 * J A3 C. McGUIRE, Auct r. V By JA8. C. McGUIRK, Auctioneer -RY DK&lttAULE 1M>IILL!.N<; House nt I'nbJIc Hale.?On FK I DAY AFTER NOON, JunrOth. atO o'clock,on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lets No. Sand 10, in Davidson's subdivision cf square No. 340, fronting IS feet 6 Inches on lUli street west between M a? d N streets north, running back 92 fett to a public a; ley, with the improvements, consisting of a sub stantial, well-finished three-story ana basement brick, containing eight rooms, adconveni-ntly arranged, with closets. Ac. Then1 is also a well of pure water and a good cellar cn the premise.-, ard the whole property Is very desi rable to any person desiring a comfortable dwel ""j? 'n Lenlti y r.r.d pleasant part < f the city. Terms : One-tbird cash; the residue In A and ' - mo ,th.?, with Interest, secured by a depd of trust on the premises If the terms of sale are not comp led with wititin fiveday* the propetty will be resold at the rl>;. and expense cf thcdcfault n^ purchase rs. 'I ltlc indisputable ? 13-4 JAS C. McGUIRK, Auct'r By A GRF.EN, Auctioneer XTKKY HANDSOME AND VALl ARLL ? Square of Cronnd, being Square No 739, with the improvements, nt Auction. ?On THURSDAY, the 26th instant, I shall wll in front cf the promises, to the high* t bidder, at 5 o'clock a m., the above-mentior.<d property. !>e log the fi rmer residence of Mr. Thomas Blagdpn, and recently vacated by Thee Jore Mosher, lisq tjtuatrd on New Joisey avenue, south of th?> Capitol. The improvements are of the first order, 'i he House contains twenty goo?l and conveniently arranged notus. with wide passages, and is sup' p iel with water fixtures ana oiher'convecJences. i*he parden and grounds are large and in the htghrs-. state cf cultivation, and stablenrd car met- house si:ffl5?ent for the accommodation ef six horses aa 1 four carriages. In the garden there Is a targe vinery, which yields large quantities of tte most delicious grapes Thin Kjua:e a front of ill feet on New Jcr&ev avenue. As I am directed to sell to the highest bidder persons wish ng to make a gocd investment or to secure a beautiful residence would do well to ex amine the property and atend the sale. Mr. White, who has charge of the premise*, wlii show the prorerty to parties desiring to examine It, and for particular* apply to Theodore Mosher, at his lumber-yard, iJlagden e \\ hnf. c r to the subscriber. Terms: One-fifih cash; tie residue in four equal instalments cf 1,2, 3, and 4 vea.s, the pur chaser to give noles for the deferred payments, bearing Interest Lorn the day of sale, (interest to be paid semi-annually,) and alien on the property to t-ecure the paymeat ef the notes >'?-<* A GREEN, Auct'r MA? SHAL'S SALE ? IN VIRTUE OF A writ of Fieri Facias "under the Lien Law ' issued from the Clerk s Office of the District of Columbia, for the County of Washington, and to me directed. I shall expose to public sale, for cash, ? n SATURDAY, ihe31st d-.y of May inst., in front o? the Court house door, at 12 o'clock m , the following property, to wit : All defendant right, title, claim, and interest into a frame elwel ling bouse situated on Lot No 1 In Square 477. in the City of Washington, D C., se'zed and levied upon as the property of Will,am Coxen, and will be sold to satiny Judicial No 35. to October term 1866, Joseph Llbbey & Son rs W illiam Coxen J. D. HOOVER. Marshal m 7-dts for District of Columbia. orncuh. ? ?? Tkkasu&t Dkpakt.mkut, Dec. 1, lb54. Notice Is hereby gi ven to holders of stocks of the United States that this Department will pur chase to the amount of 81,500 ooo of said stocks it any time when the same may be offered prior to the 1st dey of J une next, and will pay therefor the following prices, to wit: For stock of the loan of 1042, a premium of ten percent; for stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848. a premium of sixteen per cent.; for stock Issued under tho act of 1850. commonly called Texus-In demnlty stock, a premium of six per cent.; and for stock of the loan of lb46, redeemable on the 12th November, 1848, if received at the Treasury prior to the l?t day of January next, a premium of 2* percent.; If received between the 1st Jan uary and the 31st of March next, a premium of 2 per cent ; and If received after the 31st of March md prior to said 1st of June next, a premium of IH percent. interest will also be allowed on said stocks at the rates specified in the certificates, from the 1st July last, If assigned with the principal of the certificates received prior to the 1st of JanuaTy next. After that date the interest will be allowed in addition to the premium from 1st of January to the date of their receipt. In both cases one day's Interest will be allowed in addition for the money to reach the seller. certificates transmitted to this Department ua dcr the present notice should be duly assigned to the United States (with the current half year's In terest, if sent prior to the 1st of January next) by the party entitled to receive the purchase money. | Payment for these stocks will be made by drafts upon theasslstant treasurers at Boston, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. , ? . JAMES GUTHRIE, dec 3?dtj unel Secretary of the Treasury. M EDICAL CAR I* lyjCTOR STAN 1ST AS HKRNISZ, REG ular Practitioner of Homoeopathy Office, 231 corner I- and Fourteenth streets. Consulta tions from 10 a. m., to 3 p. m. K,Vr^'Li!i?n.l8,as Hernlt'*' having returned from i ^_ Improved health, will attend to the practice of his profession. Le Docteur parle Francais. Der Doctor sprlcht Deutach. H Doctor habla Espanol. 11 Dottore parla Italfano. mar 7?3m* W*OR THE MAY BALLS. E HAVK NOW IN STOKE A UEAUTI ful assortment of WKKATHS. suit able for tho approaching Alay festivals; also, all kinds of Flowers for ?3re*sing the hair; and would respectfully request those who will be in need of such, to give us a call at our Fancy and Millinery store. No 3.0, Pennsylvania Avenue, between ?ih and 10th sts., north side, ap ae-tr HUTCH IN SON k. MUNRO. Lieut, macry i physical geou. raphy of the Sea, new edition Alison's HUiory of Europe, secoud series, 2 vols. Vagabond Life in Mexico, by Gabriel Ferry Professor Looiuis' Arithmetic Cicero's Orations, literally translated Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Bible 1 vol. 8vo ' Masterpieces of Pulpit Eloquence, by the Rev Henry C. Fiah, 2 vols; 8vo _5*J3 FRANCK TAYLOR. ICE CRKAM. - SoM at TWO DOLLAR Ap?* gallon ^ NORBECR'S Confectionery*^ ?P ?-im M0 P?ma. avenao EVENING STAR. FRENCH VIEWS OF AMERICAN DREES. We give below au admirable article on the subject of Gentlemen's Hress in America, translated from the French of the eminent journalist Blague do Vuanart. whose contri butions to the principal Parisian and Belgien journals of late years attracted so much at tention It has often been remarked hy traveller*, that one of the predominant characteristic:! of our Amorjc.iu cities ia their newness. Every where there is a fresh, bright color, and an expression of recei.t manufacture : the house? seem to have been turned out by thousand* to order, and look as if juit finished in one cokssal bat5ii?the (lavements ara washed as if for a holiday?the very trees on tho side wa.ks, in their elaborately trimmed lieatnes*. look as if they were young, and not yet ac customed to a regular growing life?in short, the endless newness and recent fashion <;f everything creates at last a feeling as though the whole city were for sale, and its proprie tors ware bent on keeping it as clean, au'i as much in the stylo as possible, so that no op portunity to praise it as ?? a neat end tasty thing, sir,'' might be lost .But not in houAes alone do we perceive end less newness and never ending submission to th<? mode as though the Americans, who hav? succeeded thus far, better than any other na tion in annihilating space, were bent on defy ing lime a.s9, and leaving no trace of his pr' gross in the past. .Those people, so raijid, so brtutque., when threatened with delay, po intoxicated with tho endless spirit of busi ness, stsll contrive to present in their persons a newness and freshness of attire which alto, gcthcr corresponds with their, and wuicii. U> a practical philosopher, is p3tbaps one of the most curious of the lesser pheuom ena of the race. For, as among the houses, t^ere aro l ut few of those palatial edifices so comin n in Europe, although their freshness aud luxury of paint and scrubbing distinguish es them entirely from tho citizen homes of r ralioo and Germany, or even England, so the American, though but rarely a fashion-plate danuy. still in his stylo and attiro maintains on r.n average, an infinitely higher standard a? aspired to by his C'lleaguo in perhaps in the samo lino of life in Europe When you promenade even the Boulevards of ',ri3J of r'do in the Champs Elyseoi?thoMj jjariens of all tho flowers of fashionable ?t tire, where tho robe? anl flounces of Victo i rine wave in harmony with the artistically c mstruoteu ooatc of Humann?you do not, for *11 that, find yourself in a multitude of well dressed people. N<>, even there the lor. * haired peasant en Mouse? the artist, fierce, picturesque, and sometimes dirty?tho old gentleman who iccails tho storms of tha revo lution, and who clings fondly to his long queue and coat a fa Muzrrin, (or who, rather, suf f*;rs t:.em to cling to him;?all these persons, picturusquo though they may be, break in upon ino idea ol plain good dressing. * They ni ly serve as foils to others, but aro in them selves discord:?of silk, cotton, and wollen ? Hut let some one who can recall the best ressed strset multitude which he has ever so>.n in Europe, walk some fino morninz up an American street, and that at about Lite o clock, j'ist when the entire current of bw-i neso men is flawing down town in one enor mous tide towards itd daily hauuts! bar V'rf'jence, I would commend Broadway, New lork for this observation, rince X can recall no otner city in which such a vast flood cf lite flows through one single street You who have only seen the Boulevards, or the Pont A "hen most filled with passengers, or who have derived ideas ot a crowdcd thor oughiare from that terror to strangers, thy Strand in London, or who believe that the \ leuna Prator was ever too full on tho day of a high procession, would regard them all as dreary solitudes wheu compared w ith Broad way. In all this immense multitude there is not ore who is not more than passably drcs^d; and it you see a single person among them whf>se boots are not fruitless, or with soles which are net thin as a rose leaf, you may rely upon it that he is an Englishman, a Ger man. or a millionaire None bu' a foreigner or a man whose standing is moro than eccured in society, woull dare transgress the law of good boots, which weighs more heavily upon the American than ell the ten commandments and the common code of the land Chiefly are we impressed with the fact that among all these fine clothes there is nothing outre?nothing absurd - unless it be indeed an occasional instance given by some one who in his intense eagerness to keep up with the fashion, has actually leaped beyond it. In this uniformity?this droad of being '? odd''? we have a curious illustration of one of the ultimate social effects of a republic. In all communities where every one e'xerciscs freely his right to express opinion, and where such rights are cherished as the dearest of privi leges, we soon have a public opinion?for as history in nothmg but a fusion of biographies, so in a republic the governing opinion is no thing but tho concentrated '.houghts of the many. This public opinion, confined in Eu rope to so few poiuts, extends itself in Amer ica over many?I may say myriad? It has a few bad points, and many good ones It is tho eauso of a little hypocrisy and of much sound morality. It suffers no one to wear nn old coat, but condemns to a dreary and des perate life of brandy, of clubs and of stables, the man who gives himself entirely up to wearing fine clothes or to being idle. It is a striking peculiarity of all this fine dress-of all this broadcloth and velvet in in winter, and of all this delicato linen Orien tal cloth, which look like woven air, in sum mer, that it is enormously expensive The Parisian pent it rentier?the small proprietor who, in common with tho Prussian officer, is supposed to possess the art of carrying economy to its utmost extent, would tremble with terror could ho know the prices which th- se clothes cost, and the sacrifices which rome of those young clerks are imperatively obliged to make "to preserve nppeararces," and with them thei situations Yet with all this, as I have before said, there is but little elsborata dandyism, none oftho exquisiteism tite a quatre eptn Wm which distinguishes the petit mure of fans. No-the same inexorable public opin ion which requires the young man rising in I the world to conform to a certain standard, also forbids him from going beyond it. I do not remember to have seen or heard it re marked, but I am none the less certain that to succeed amon^ Americans, and above all to acquire with them the slightest influenco or respect, you must be neat in your person I am convinced of this from the frequency with which I have heard one American, while disparaging another, say " He is slovenly." This was always a concluding argument, and sufficed to silence the warmest friends of the unfortunate sloven. One of the most curious instances narrated to me, and which singularly illustrates this American mania for neatness, relates to tfce very eminent journalist and politician, Hor ace Urccly, who adopted a style of excessive carelessness in his outer garments, simply to attract attention to the exquisita finene a of his linen and his personal cleanliness in the use of the bath. All of his friend^ were carefully informed of this latter pe culiarity, and when some ignorant opponent endeavored to blacken the character tf Horace by speakiug of old hat and boots, tie was at (>nco confuted with?41 Ah ! my dear, you deceive yourself?Greely is t'eiy particular in his shirts and dratrerf ' I have hoard, but do not vouch for tho fact, that the lingerie?the linen of this eminent man costs from ten to fifteen thousand franca j per annum. p It will readily be understood that where a public Opinion forces with such silent ferocity t a standard of dress on ail the world, thsre v [ must be a perfect pa rad if e for the man who ?lesires to obtain an insolent notoriety in the cheapest and readiest manner It it very |m ssibie that some of my readers hare beard fan ancient teacher ot languages who re solved a few years ago in Paris, to become notorious by his drew What pains what ?g>ny of invention and of extravagance tho ui.fortunate was obliged to undergo, ere he could attract attention. Bands of blue, scar ? e and yellow ribbon, six inches wide, twined around nis hat and trailing six feet from it? a scarlet velvet cape and gilt shoes hardly caused as much observation as would be granted in America to a man with a cloak over his arm There lived not long since in New York, ? man whose peculiarly was that be wore very ' r*ry "gged and very dirty elothes. and. m addition to this had no fixed place of ?ibi'de, but slept in lime kilns or barn* " No thing very remarkable, this,'" one w*uld say, in Lurope, where every city has thousand* of -uch vagrants. Ah! but you do not undet -tand America! That lime kiln vagabond whj one of the lions of New York?his ap pearacco in Broadway was chronicled in the first papers ; when some one cave him a new old coat, it wm put down as en event in their reports when he died, the press embalmed .?a* memory in obituaries, a thousand rotund* w< ro let fly to his early life, a drama intro ducing him in his dirty coat, drew tears from the eyes of the ladies, and as I write a novel entitled " The Limekiln Man" lies before me. As* the fir?: New Yorker whom yeu meet, if he has ever heard of the Limekiln man ' 1 here is a man who forms one of the "intta tutions of Philadelphia?everjthing ia an institution in America?to whom there oc our red one day the brilliant idea of walking with the gait of a young roeruit undergoing is first drill. This startling, this wondrou., tlvH amazing conception wa> crowned with the iutlcst success?a success which he further se o^red by wearing his hat on the back part of 11 is head and tucking his pantalowns i^to his b Wonderful genius ' happy man ! Ou fine you m.iy see him walking along Liiesiiut street?tho fashionable street of Phil adelphia?condescendingly touching bis hat u> every lady, whilo all the wrrld murmurs atter him. "1 here goes the Man with the Mil itary Walk." It is needles to ay that the few youu; or middle aged men in America who arc gilted with wealth and leisure, and who give tbem * Ives up seriously to living for dress alone, ?uecerd (uturvrillr in attracting adm.ration, eu.y and hatred?as in ail part* of the world And wheu wo rcflect ou the manucr in which Americans euccotd in dress when tbev give them, clvos entirely up to it, it is really'auiai n;g that such lions are so rare among them. Tuo 'gilded youth of European capitals are not m .rc elaborate, more butterfly-like. m re perfectly exogenous, as they say in botany of those plants whose growth is entirely out ward, than arc the young men who appear at soirees aat receptions in Atlantie American cities. I have not exhausted this subject?nay, I uave not begun it. But I have said enou-h t. show you that in America, as in all parts of tho world, the soctal spirit of the people, its government and it* morale, are all, to a de gree, mirrjred in their dress American Phlegm Li.e Illustrated ifUites the following story t from the American experience of a ?* Monsieur A'frel d Almbert who having toured this I country through, of course published bis last Ideas about it to the world at large. Far away from the great cities, half hidden in the foliage, was the modest log hut of a man, half trapper, half fisherman, and more than half savage Of course his name was bmi:h. He was married, and he and his wif<* in this one little chamber led the happiest life in existence, for on an occasion she would n t object to go twenty miles to hear the Baptist miuister preach Oi:e evening at sundown they were both to gether in their little cabin, she knitting stock ings for the next wintei's snows.he cleaning the barrel of his fowling pie:e?ail the pans of which were lying dismounted about him?both busy and neither uttered a syllable. By degrees a dull but regular sound breaks upon the silence of the wilderness The steam ? cr is ascending the river, making the bast of us way against the stream. But neither bmith nor his wife pay any attention; he goes on cleaning his guu, she knitting her clicking I ho air, ho* ever darkens; a thick smoke rises upon every side ; a formidable explosion is suddenly heard ; ono would have said it was the discharge of several cannon at once The b 'tier had burst; the vessel was sunk ; every thing was destroyed Smith and hit wife did not look up; he went on cleaning his ^uri, she knitting her stocking, lor explosions of steamers are so common. But this one whioh was to interest them more nearly, for scarcely had the explosion ended, before the roof of the cabin split in two and something heavy descended through the nperiue. This something was a man who dropped between tho pair without, however disturbing either?he still cleaning his gun? she still knitting her stocking But the traveler ?so rudely introduced? seemed rather astounded at his descent. Af tor a few minute-', however, he resumed his oolness and began to look about him? fixing his attention, at last, upon the bole through which he had just arrived. "Ah! my man. ' sxid he at length, addressing Smith, "what's the damages V' On this, Smith, who had not given up his Work, put aside his rifle, and lookiug up to estiinato his loss, answered, after some little reflection, "Ten dollars." 44 You be hanged * exclaimed the traveler. ? Last week in the explosion I happened to be iu with another steamer, I fell through three flights in a now house an l they only charged me five dollars. No, no?I know what s the thing in such matters Here's a couple of dollars, and if that won't do, to and sue me and be hanged !" Progress or Telescopic Science.?Sir Bavid Brewster, adverting to the prospect of future astronomic*! progress and discovery, s lysthat, howevergreat have been the achieve ments of the past, and however magnificent the instruments to which we owe them, the limit* of telescopic vision have not been reached, and space has yet marvelous secrets to surrender. A ten feet reflector will b? duo to science before the close of the eentury, and a uisc of flint glais, twenty nine inches in iiametcr, awaits the command of some liberal government, or some munificent individual ; > be converted into an achromatic teloscona ?f extraordinary power. There is no doubt hat these expectations will be realiied in less hanvalf a century. A CoxcLt'Kive Reason?The best and most inclusive reason for an effect that weaver re nember to have heard, writes a western cor espondent, was given by a "one idea" Dutch nan, in reply to a friend who remarked. Why lans, yon have the most feminine east of con n enence I have ever seen." ,4Oyaw* wasthe eply. "I know df reason for dat; mtns tloder wo* a tromun Wirrr Kei-autse.?A yoang fellow was alkiug politics with a young lady he adorod mined Mary, and she sympathised with the Cnow Nothings 4'0h," said she, iu a de reciating tone, ' I see you are not a Know lothing. '? Oh ! no, of course," s^d he . how could I be when I worship the Virgin lary." iy The following advertisement lately ap peared in a Jersey print : 44 To be told by 'rivate oontract, a beautifbl rooster, monkey, ' purTot, two spaniels, and a tortolne-rhelt' )tn-cat, the property of I lady jxwt mart ted rho has no further use for th?m "