Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHIWOT01T CI T T * Tl'Ein&Y May IT.IW. Advertisements should be handed In by 1 i o'eloak, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. SPIRIT OF THE MORHI*? FRE68. The Union publishes extracts from varioue newspaper acccunts of tbe condition of affairs in Kapsas, with running commentaries. The editor taken the same riew of them expressed yesterday io the Star. It is very clear now that the great majority of the people of the Territory, whether for or against the legalixa tion of slavery in their State constitution when admitted into the Union, have combined to aid the authorities to compel the abolitionist* sent oat by the Emigrant Aid Society to obey the laws ; and that all the men among them who bare been conspicuous as leaders of the Lawrence faction, ran away when it became certain that the i fficers of the law hare power to enforce it. No Missourians .ire involved in the existing troubles there ; the actors being eitixensof tho Territory only. The Intelligencer is to day devoted to news literature, Ac. WASHINGTON WKWB AMD GOSSIP The Result, to far.?If ever men were cursed by the interference of their friends in their behalf, it is in the case of the Aboli tionists of Kansas. The howiings of the New York Tribune, the squealing! of the I?ew York Timss, and the acreechings of the thou sand othor Abolition presses, and the shriek ings of the thousand Abolition orators for men, arms, money, and sympathy, has resulted in getting them simply into the position of avowed rebels utterly incapable of defending them selves against the offioers of the law. When last heard from, Lawrence contained but a third of its population at this period last year, all haying abandoned it but the loafer* and madmen. Little was to be had in it, for love or money, but shocking bad whisky, which ?old very high, and Sharpe's rifle-, for sale at one-fourth the cost of manufacturing them The leaders of those in rebellion had vamosed, believing discretion to be, by long odds, the better part of valor. All know what extraor dinary exertions have been made by the Abo litionists, every where, to insure the erection of an ultra abolition State on the border of the slavebolding State of Missouri, though all may not knew that the bubble has fairly burst?that the means used to accomplish that end are apparently about to make it cer tain that Kansas will conclude to adopt slaveiy through disgust at the character of free State populations, as exemplified by the Abolition ists who have been precipitated upon them by the emigrant aid societies. Had Kansas been left to natural settlement it would have re jected slavery, beyond all question. But the work has been overdone. The hands of a'?* rational ani orderly men from tbe North who have emigrated upon their own means, are being turned against the Free State oause, from being only turned not long sincc against the Abolition 4?magogue leaders with whom the Territory has been cursed. The freemen of the non-slavoholding States of Iowa and Illinois, both within a stone's throw ot Kansas, appreciating the true state of affairs in the Territory, do not lift a finger to the rcscue of the cause of abolitionism; be cause they comprehend clearly that its tri umph there will be as unfortunate for their section of the Union as that of the Mormonism would have been, among themselves, had they not driven it away, neck and beeli, not long since, by foree of arms. But wherever abo litioaUm prevails in the old States so as to be able to set up its views of the fitness of things above the law, no man whose legal rights are in the way of its purposes is able to maintain them. It robs slaveholders with impunity, shoots them down if essaying to vindicate their rights, and protects the instruments of its murders in such cases above, beyond, or around the reach of the law's arm. Wherever it is in the arsendant in tbe States, it is simply an unmitigated curse, blasting the happiness and true moral and worldly prosperity of the communities suffering under its influence. In Kansas it has almost worked its own cure al ready. No ethers rejoice more over tbe fact that is fo fast cutting its own throat in Kansas, than tbe non-slaveholders of Iowa and Illinois who look calmly on, while New England and interior New York are in agonies over tbe sqnolohing up of the Kantas schemes and plots of Messrs. G reeley, Henry Ward Beecher, el al Our " Angel Gabriel."?The Rev. F. S. Evans is just now taking the shine off his dis tinguished political prototype, the original Angel Gabriel. We congratulate our amiable and reverend fellow citixen upon the aptitude be displays for excelling in the school of ora tory introduced into this country but a few years since by that distinguished Know Noth ing orator from Demcrara, Mr. Orr. In a speech at the Navy Yard a few nights oinee, we bear, --ur indigenous Angel Gabriel was as extravagant, inflama'.cry, and as abusive as his distinguished prototype ever was after one oi bis never-to-be-forgotten truupet flourishes. He is said to have been funny withal; having delared that if he were not a man of peaco and a man of God (quisical notions those, aint they, for him to entertain, reader?) he would take a sword and cut off Dr Magru der's ears close to his head; the Doctor's rffence being an oratorical identification of the reverend brother with Washington Nailor, as politicians ef the same school. We hear that be charged Dr. Magruder with having perjured himself six times, and called on Dr. Busey to prove the fact, but the latter would r.ot respond to the eall. He also is said to have talked ferociously about " piling dead bodies mountains high" in the Know Nothing cause and exceedingly piously (if ludicrously in consistent with hi. furious fighting, biting and scratching demonstrations made just be fore) of his services and sufferings in the cause of the Saviour of man, which, to jut!* , fr*m the tone of his amiable argument de pends, the world over, upon the unanimity and seal with which the Methodists of Wash ington may rally at the polls on Monday next to vindicate the entire godliness not only of his walk in life as a christian minister, but as a politician?such being tbe substance of his in7ocation, said to have been directly ad dressed to them Our informant assures us that in the whole e< urse of his political ex perience be nerer heard more slang and foul mouthed abuse from the lips of the most viru lent broken down politioal hack than was ut tered on that occasion by the reverend brother. The truth is, the reverend brother must be ia love with the distinguished oratorical ^p,.. Ration earned by The Great Original in tfcif country, and ambitious of himself becoming tkt North Antriem Angel Gabriel. to the Cincinnati Convention continue to crowd in upon us by each sue oeediog railroad and steamboat arrival. The leading public houses of Washington are crowded with them Judging from what we bear among them, President Pierce has a fair prospect for his re-nomination It is now comprehended by all of them that the ap proaching contest is to be fought fairly and squarely upon the principles and measures of bis administration, one and all. licre and there, we find oao or two who would nominate to shirk the i3sue ; and, of course, such gen tlemen are opposed to his re-nomination. Those who condemn the Nebraska bill, are advocates of Mr. Buchanan's nomination, upon the ground that he will receive a large portion of the anti-Nebraska vote of the North. Their effort* in his behaif, on such grounds, only weaken his prospects, serving to close up the ranks of the friends of tho Ne braaka bill in favor of the re-nomination of | the present incumbent- It girts us great joy to find such unanimity in favor of securing to the future of the country the legitimate fruits of the bold and unflnching Democratic policy of the present Administration as wo discover among the delegates now here. High-handed Proceedings ?It will be rcc ollected that Mr. F. Jefferson, a member of the Council Board of this oity from the Second Ward, some timo since caused the publication of his minority report from the special com mittee to inquire into the alleged violation of the law involved in the fact that Mr. T. E. Lloyd holds the office of clerk to tho Commis. sioners of the Asylum while serving as a Coun cilman from the Seventh Ward?the report of the majority of the sa'd special committee, justifying Mr. L. in holding the olerkship, having previously been published. Last nigKt the Know Nothing majority of the Council Board passed a vote of censure on Mr. Jefferson for spreading his minority re port, above referred to, before the public of Washington. We need hardly say that this unauthorised and foolish vote of censure is equivalent to a declaration on the part of those voting for it that their purpose is, as far as possible, to manage our corporation affairs hereafter as though the Washington Councils are mere Know Nothing lodges, with all the members thereof sworn, under pains and pen alties, to adopt the ritual of the order for their guidance as public functionaries, rather than the Corporation chartcr and the laws of the land. The minority (anti-Know Nothiugs) of the Board, upon the adoption of the vote of cen sure, promptly asked leave to place on record the protest that will be fouad below; which privilege was refused. It is as follows : Protbst.?Forasmuch as the papers in re gard to a member of this Board holding the Secretaryship of the Washington Asylum were reported to tue Board and were a part of its public records when published ; as tbey were each and ail official papers, written by officers of this Corporation, on a subject of public concern, in obedience to the mandate of the Board ; as they were no longer in possession of tho Committee, but pail of them bad been read in public meeting and the contents of the whole of them publicly stated ; as no in junction of secresy bad been placed upou them, and no prohibition of their publication made; as their publication was useful to tho Eublic and hurtiul to no one who had right on is side ; as none of them were suppressed, and theiefore the publication was not one aided ; as the Chartcr declares of the two Boards that " their deliberations shall bo pub lic;'' as the two cages cited as precedents arc not parallel to this, because the report ad duced in one cate was published before the Committee had reported, and that in the other after the Board bad refused by direct vote to consent to its publication ; as no sufficient par liamentary rule has beon presented to show that any wrong has been done; as thero is no restriction to tbe publication of such papers, under the circumstances of the present case, recognised by any legislative body under any free government; and as the withholding the right to publish them is an attack on the liberty of tho prcsa and would lead to the general concealment of flagrant violations of law. Therefore tbe undersigned solemnly protest against the resolution parsed, as unjust and unprecedented, and as an invasion of tbeir rights as members of this Board. Ferd Jefkerson, William Ormk. T1108. J. Fisher, Kdw. II. Flllkr, Charles Abert, May 26, 1856 John B. Tcrton. The Hard?.?A pamphlet reviewing tbo history of the Democratic party of New York, for somo years past, was laid on the tables of all the members of Congress yosterday. It is of great present interest to the large oon coursc of Democratic politicians now in Wash ington. It proves up tho ftct that the Hards are now little more than Know Nothings in disguise, saying: '? Among tho first individuals to join the Know Nothings in the State of New York, was Mr. Minor C Story, the notorious Adamautine conspirator, whose name has been mentioned, as having largely contributed to the treachery and deception, of the 13th September, 1853. This gentleman was a noisy supporter of the claims of George Law, at the Philadelphia Convention. "Ira P. Barnes, of Chonango, the first chairman of the Ilards after their secession, has also held conspicuous office in a Know Nothing lodge. 44 Besides these two gentlemen, the follow ing, and perhaps more?at least twenty-tiro out of tweut^-mne who seceded from Syra cuse in 1853. have taken degrees in the Know Nothing Order. *' DinidlD Campbell, of Schenectady, Vice President; Robert 11. Shackland, Cattarau gus, V. P . founder of the Otsego County 4 Ex aminer,' Know Nothing, and editor of the American Union, Know Nothing paper, in Cat taraugus ; Pliny M. Bromley, of Monroe, Sec retary ; John 3. Nafew, Albany, (member of the order of United Americans); Stephen Clarke, contesting delegate, Albany, elected State Treasurer on the Know Nothing ticket of 1855; Wm. Eggltston, Albany, contesting delegato, new superintendent of the first sec tion of the Erie canal, appointed by the Fill more Canal Board; BenjaminF. Chamberlain, Cattaraugus ; Addison D. Adams, Chenango ; John Wheeler, New York, Know Nothing can didate for Congress in 1854 , John S. Emans, Dutchess ; F Henry Bernard, Monroe ; John Murdock, Monroe; Jerome B. Kyerson, Niag ara; J W. Graves, Orleans; J. R Pratt, On tario ; Tobias Bouck, Schoharie ; A D Wait, Washington ; David Barret, do.; Sam'l Stover, Rennsalear, K N. orator; Charles J Wilbur, Kennsalear, delegate in 1856 to Know Nothing National Convention at Philadelphia, which nomiaated Fillmore and Donelaon, and a sup porter thereof. 44 This appalling statement has been repeat edly published iu the New York State papers. U abundantly proves what the character was ?Tlmnn who ere*ted the Hard schism. o? tt.p iStttSE. ?rJ" 8. Bowd. tlriatf, I j n* J U ono of th?M Uii al ternate, L. J. Burdett, i. the editor of the Examiner, the Know Nothine p.ner of Ota?*o EDarwin Smith, ofth. W^TsI rilt other, who was last fall the candidate of the American narty, for Supreme Court Judge and elected as such. J B. Croaby, Joaeph Sibley and J. C. Paterson, delegates and al ternates from the same district, are Know Nothings also. E D Smith, of the 21 at dls triot, in of the tame order, as well as Wm. G. | Sands, his alternate. N. S. Benton, the *1 t*rnate from the I7?h distriot. is the Know Nothing State Auditor-the highest place in the gift of tbe American State officers, b- ? Wendell, alternate from the Albany diat"?*> is of the same stamp John S. NU|f. w other alternate from that district, is a mem ber cf the order of the United Americans, the parent society of the Know Nothings. H. Goldick of the 31st district, and his alternate, H v Hewei are both members of the Order. (J P Pelton,' alternate from tbe 12th district, was "delegate from Poughkeepsie, on the 18th of September, 1855. to a Know Nothing Con vention of tha 2d Judicial District, and, on the 26th October of the samo year, a delegate to the Know Nothing County Convention at Peekskill. He was, that fall a delegato to threo Know Nothing Conventions i?nd two Hard Shell Conventions. Charles Gray, of of the 17th district, is a member of the Order. Orvillo Clarke, of the 15th district, was tbo Know Nothing candidate for Congress, in 1854 W. Williams, of the 32d district is also a mem ber of the Ordor, as indeed have been, or now nre, many other delegates claiming admission to tbe Convention. '? Before the nomination of Fillmore and Donclson by the Know Nothing National Con vention, it was believed that thero was a chance for the selection of a very prominent 'Hard' by that body, for one or the other of the highest offices. That hope has now been disappointed; and the motive for conciliating the Know Nothing organization, by giving prominence and a Democratic conntenauoo to its leading men, and by the support of its candidates, is said to hare ceascd. The dele gated who seek admission into the Convention, may, therefore, disavow any present connect ion'with the Order, but they cannot deny their Kast affiliation with it; nor that, if rejected y a Democratic Convention, they have the full right to take their places, and continue unbroken communion with the American Party. " In the State election of 1S54, the Hards were so divided by men who professed to be Democrat?, while secretly belonging to'the secret society, that the Know Nothing influence prevailed. The Hard ticket contained the names of two Know Nothings of the third de gree?t e. Clark Burnhaw for Canal Commis sioner, and Abram Vcrnain, for State Prison Inspector. Nevertheless, the Know Nothing Hards split their ticket, refused to vote for IJronson for Governor, and cast their suffrages f.>r Ullman. Tbo result showed the extent of .be amalgamation of this section with tbe Know Nothing party, and its consequent dis organisation : Prxk-katic. Whiii. Governor Seymour - - 1S6.I9J OUrk - - - 15*,?0l C?n*l Com'r....Clark - ? ? 133,210 FitzhUffh- ? 161.006 Know Nothixo. Makp. Governor ri'mxu - - - 122.2S2 Broanon - - 33.AS0 C*??l Com'r ... Willlumi - - SS.2M BnrnUam - 120,747 " The 86,897 which Bnrnham received over Bronson was the vote of the Know Nothing party upon a secret understanding of mutual support." [C0MX01I1CATBD. Mr. Editor: There seems to be quite a difference of Opinion amongst the Democratic party as to who shall receive the nomination for the next Presidency at the Cincinnati Convention, which is to meet in June next. My ideas of public duty do not permit me t > indulge in personal predilections on a ques tion of such national importanoo, and I trust and hope that the Cincinnati Convention will l>ok alone to the maintenance of the great principles o[ the Democratic parly, which are those of the Constitution itself, and not to in dividual candidates Personal preferences or sectional jealousies should nut be permitted to have anything to do with a matter cf such magnitude. Not at all. Tboy should be sac rificed upon the altar of public good. That there are many distinguished leaders of the Democratic party who are worthy of the nomi nation, and eminently qualified to fill the high office of Presideut, every Democrat will, I ap prehend, readily admit. I am one of those, how ever, who prefnr principles rather than in dividuals. I bad infinitely rather be de feated with a candidate who is known to be true to the Nebraska and Kansas act, and tbe Issues growing out of it, than successful with on* who is doubtful, because that a<it is in accordance with the Constitution, recognizes the rights and equality of all the States?does justice to all ?injury to ncne. If the North intends to deprive the South of her Constitu tional rights simply bccause she has a majori ty in tho National Legislature and the will to do so, it is time that tbe South should know it. Now is the time to meet that question and bave it definitely settled, and 1 know of no better way to do so than by re nominating the presentdistinguished Chief Magistrate, Frank lin Pierce. He has administered the Gov ernment according to the principles of the Democratic party that elected him and the Constitution, and in thus doing ho has ex hibited a degree of justice, firmness, ability, and integrity, which shows that there was wisdom in his nomination, and the fidelity with which he has discharged his duty in re gard to tbe Kansas question, proves conclu sively, ia my humole judgment, that he should, as a matter of principle and as a re ward for the faithful discharge of bis high duties, be again selected as the leader and standard-bearer of tbe great Democratic party in the next Presidential contest. If tbo South is true to herself, her interests, and her constitutional rights, she will stand fiim, and voto for no other candidate but Franklin Pierce at the Cincinnati Conrcntio: If the South abandon Mr. Pierce after the noble, rational, and fearless manner be has discharged his constitutional duties, no North ern man can, will, or ought, hereafter, stand up for her constitutional rights, and her de struction will soon be accomplished, and she will be accessory to it Now is the time to have the issues growing out of the Kansas question settled. If tho South is to be de prived of her rights under tho constitution, she ought to know it, and " provide new guards for her future security." Washington, D C. Virginia. Ill? Enlistment Embroglio ? Wo arc sat isfied that the meeting of the Cabinet yester day was with referenco to Lord Clarendon's dispatch, and not conccrning Kansas, as inti mated in tho Baltimore Hun this morning. If tho dismissal of Mr. Crampton has not been determined on, public rumor here and the general impression amorg the foreign dip lomatists in Washington aro entirely in error. For our part we look for that event to take place, as matters now stand, not long hence. Confirmed?The Senate have confirmed the following nominations, vis : Peter Parker, of Massachusetts, to be the Commissioner of the United States to China, vice R. M. McLane, resigned. Jas. Riley, of Texas, to be United States Consul at St. Petersburg, Russia, rice Wm. L. Winans, resigned. A New Consul ?Duncan Robinson has been acknowledged by the President as the Consul of Belgium at Norfolk, Virginia. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department ?-On yaterday, the 26th of May, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stocks.. $44,617 00 For the Interior Department....? 99 46 For Customs.... 2,514 26 War warrants received and en tered 8,229 88 From miscellaneous sources.....* 99 46 On account of the Nary 14.000 00 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, Mr Pugb concluded his spaech in favor of tha Kansas State government bill reported by Senator Douglas. Mr. Wade having next obtained the floor on that bill, they adjourned. In the House, Mr. Ball's resolution of in quiry for detailed information oonoerning the manner in which the construction of the va rious public buildings now being built in Waahiaptoa la aia paged, was agreed to. Mr. Kally obtained leave to print, as part of | the proceedings of the day, a speech upon general politics. Mr. Stephens presented the argument, in English, of Mr. Qallegos, the sitting delegate from New Mexico (who does not speak the English language) in the New Mexioan con tested election case, which, with any replj thereto Mr. Otero, the contestant, might make, was ordered to be printed. Tile bill to expedite the issuing of California land bills was then taken np, and after a few remarks bj Mr Denver for its postponement until this day (Tuesday) two weeks, and alto a few remarks from Mr. Herbert against that motion, it was agreed to. After the transaction of some other business they adjourned. rrieiidiifs ef Te-Day In the Senate, to-day, Mr. Slidell, rising to a personal explanation, denied the accuracy of the testimony of Mr Sumner before the spe oial committee, as published in the Baltimore Sun of this morning, relative to tbe fracas that took place a few days since in tbe Senate oharaber. Mr. Douglas also made a personal explana tion, wherein he, too, denied the correctness of the statement made by Mr. Sumner with ref erence to himself, as connected with the fraeaa above mentioned. Mr. Toombs also did the same, and took oc cas on to add that when the affair occurred, he felt no other sentiment with reference to it than that Mr. Sumner received just what he deserved, and nothing more. Mr. Butler addressed tho Senate in a few remark?, wherein he stated that Mr. Sumner, in saying that his (Mr Butler's) personal re marks had called for the language that Mr. S. had used towards him personally, had com mitted a mistake lie challenged a reference to the record to prove that he nad long since ceased to recognize Mr. S. in debate, or to al lude in any way to anything the Senator (Mr. S ) said or did. Mr. Wade denounced the declaration of Mr. Toombs lie declared that, on tbe doctrine of Mr. T., it would bo necessary for his side to come into the Senate chamber armed, and, though but a small number, to vindicate tbe r.ght of free speech there by force of arms, Mr Wilson explained that his colleague s testimony might bo wrong in unimportant par ticulars on account of the confusion of his sit uation in the uff.iir; and thus accountcd fcr his mistakes, to which Messrs. Slidell, Doug las, and Toombs had alluded. In tho course of his remarks he took occa sion to denounce the assault made by Mr. Brooks on Senator Sumner as base, outra geous and cowardly. When he uttered that last word Mr. Butler said,44 You are a liar."

Great excitement here occurred for a mo ment; when Mr- Stuart called to order, and argued that all tbe current proceedings were out of order. Mr. Butler then apologised to the Senate fur using tbe words that had last escaped him. After a few further remarks from Messrs Wils?c and Foster, the hour for the special order arrived; and the Central Amerioan question with Britain was taken up. In the Home, Mr. Walbridge reported back from the Public Lands Committee the bill granting lands to Michigan in aid of the con struction of oertain railroads in that State, with a substitute therefor. Moving to put it on its passage, he addressed tho House in explanation of its provisions, and called the previous question on its third read ing Mr. Jones, of Tennefsee, and Mr. Craige, urged him to withdraw the call, in order that the opponents of such legislation as the bill proposed, might be beard; but Mr. W. de clining, the House seconded the call for tbe previous question?ayes 74, noes 55. Mr. Jones, of Tennessee moved to recon sider that vote. PERSONAL. .... Hon. Rufus Choate and son, of Massa chusetts, are at Willards' hotel. .... Gov. Bradbury, A. B. Chase, and A S. Chandler, of Maine, delegates to the Cincin nati Convention, are at Willards'. ....Don Albuqurque, the Brazilian Minister, has arrived in the city, and is stop ping at Willards'. ....Chat. Macbeth, Esq., is now in this city, and ia a guest of his friend, the Hon. Wni. Aiken. .... Senator Butler, of S. C , has returned to this city, and was in his appropriate seat this morning ....Hon. A. II. Colquitt and Hon. M. J. Wellborn, of Georgia, delegates to the Cin cinnati Convention, are at the Kirkwood House. THE ENGLISH LUTHERAN SAB bath School Intends giving a Pic Nlc at Arllneton Spring, on WEDNESDAY. June 4th m 27-TTh2i? ,TO THE PUBLIC.?A MEETING willte held on WEDNESDAY EVE NING, the !'9 h instant, at 8 o'clock, at Kloman'a Hotel, up stairs, ooposlt"! Odd Fellows' Hal', to take Into considtnulon the high prices now being paid for Flour in tbi < city, in comparison to the prices paid In tbe North, East and We*t. The public are respectfully Invited to attend. By order of the COMMITTEE, m S7-2t fcTH E H EPUB LI CAN ASSOCIATION of Washington City will hold a special meeting at their rooms in Washington Place, 7tti street, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 28th instant, at 7# o'clock. A full attendance of every member !s particu larly requested, as business of importance is to be c< nsldered L. CLEPH ANE, Stc. in 27-2t? .SALE OF FANCY ARTICLES BY A uctlon at the Fair for the kenefit of the Poor, get up by the ladies of this city ?On WEDNESDAY EVENING, the2Sth instant, at ' % o'clock, will be sold at 4'3, south side Penn sylvania avenue, corner 4* street, a great variety of useful and fancy Articles, to cluse out the ubove Fair The public are respectfully invited to attend. The goods will be sold bv m27-2t C R. L. CROWN. Auctioneer. >UNION ASSOCIATION ?A meeting of the Union Association will be held rn WEDNESDAY EVENING, the??lh instant, at 7# o'clock, at Coombs' Rooms, south side Penn. avenue, near corner of 10th street. The friends of Civil and Religious Liberty, and all oppos- d to Know Nothing rule (or lather misrule) are particularly invited to attend. Those membrrs who have not signed the Constitution, and all who wish to identify themselves wl'h the friends of the Constitution of their country, and the rights of man, are invited to attend as an oppor Uinity will be ottered for all who are desirous to join ant sign tbe Constitution of said Asasocia tion. By order: 'A. K. OFFUTT, Sec. m '-27-11* v * yMASONIC ?A REGULAR COMMU nicstton of National Lodge No. IS will he ^l^held at their new Hall, corner D and 9h streets, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 7* o'clock Members are requested to be punctual, and Brethren in good standing arc fraternally Invited. By order cf the R. W. M : m27 8. BULOW ERW1N, Sec. ,FIRST PRECINCT OF SECOND WARD ?The Anti-Know Nothing vo ters of the First Precinct, Second Ward, will m-etfor important butiness at A N Clem^uta's, corner of Land 14th sts, on TUESDAY EVEN ING, at 8 o'clock. ma?-2t .NOTICE.?AN ELECTION WILL be held on MONDAY, the 9th day of June next, for seven Directors of tbe Georgetown Gas Light Company, at the office of the Company on Green street, between the hours of ten and two o'clock of said day. D ENGLISH, Pres. m 28-2aw2w .THE REV. T. H. STOCKTON, OF _ Baltimore, will deliver the address be fore the Juvenile Missionary Society of the Siath Presbyterian Church. (Rev. Mason Noble's,) on the occasion of the celebration of Its first Anniver sary on TU ESDA ? EVENING, May 27th Ex erclses to commence at 8 o'clock. m 21-31* THIRD WARD UNION TICKET. FOR MAYOR. WILLIAM B. MAGRUDER. ALDERMAN. JOHN H. GODDARD. COMMON COUNCIL. LAMBERT TREE, MARTIN V. B BOO AN, WILLIAM P. HOWELL, Jr. AS8ESSOR. GEORGE T. LANGLEY. St FOR BALK?AT REASONABLE PRICE and terms, a beautiful and well-/ built one-horse CARRIAGE, (new ) _ Enquire at No. 4ft2 Seventh street, north of M m87-3t? C. 8. O'HARE. s uw ina m At) RE WAR D.?LOST, YESTERDAY, ^ either on Seventh street, or the vicinity of the Park Hotel, one SEAL, with the tetter* " H H. V." engraved In agate and surmounted bra Gold Dog. Enquire at this oSce m 27 Ito Lust.-a few days hincr. in the Northern Liberties, achild's Red CORAl. NECKLACE; the clssp contains three ruby sets The tnder will be rewarded by leaving It at try residence oa Massachusetts avenue, next doer to nor hwest corner of 81xth street. It* J. GREY JEWELL^ APA REWARD.?I WILL PAY THE w ?'v7above imo; nt to any one who will return me a Horse atolen from mv iUbl? /g>\ on the night of the 26th ln?t. He is a llghTdap ple prey, about 15 hands high, has white mane and tall, an4 fore-top ciopped. He is between 7 and 8 years old. He has a sllg t scar from a sad dle, and Is supposed to be apavined Is his near hind leg. PARKE 6. HOWLE, m 27-lw 14th street, Island. TRiTED OR STOLE N FROM THE subscriber, living In Georgetown, on* the 27th Instant, a white and red Buffa-j lo COW, on the 12th Instant. Any per-t son returning the same or giving lnfoiroatim where she may be found will be liberally reward ed. MICHAEL OAT*, m27-3tn On Thirdstreet, near High. Floor watting -i have just rk celved a lot of FLOOR MATTINO, the best article tbat has been received in this market this season, and which 1 will sell as low as a much inferior article can be bought for elsewhere intalsclty. L F. CI.Ah K, Upholsterer and Paper-hanger, No -248, north side Pa avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. m 27-3 * (News) GRAND EXCURSIONS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE pavilion on SATURDAYS?The Steamer _ -fT? GEORGE WASHINGTON ??''Jfiy.\ leave Washington at IS o'clock a in , and Alex andria at 10#, and return to Washington before sunset. Messrs Coke A Co , will frtrnlsh Dinner and Re /esbments at the Pavilion Persons wish ing to st end a pleasant day shru'd go on those trips. There is a fine Ball-room and Ten*pln A'tey for the amusement of the passengers. A good Band of Music Is engaged for the trips Fare for round trip ONE DOLLAR?Children half price. JOB CORSON, m 27-d Captain. SCHOOLEY'8 PATENT REFRIGERATOR, SOLD BY O. U. WIGHT, 97 Louisiana avenue, Varnvm Block. THIS REFRIGERATOR HAS BEEN thor oughly tested by many families In this city, and in every case have been ac knowledged to be the best article ever! used, both fbr rconomy and preserving! meats and fruits Schoolev'a Patent is applied to various sizes and forms, all of which is neatly finished, making an ornamental as well as useful piecs of furniture. Price of theje Refrigerators vary from f 10 to ?120. Every description of Cabinet Furniture can be found at our Warerooms. Prices always to suit customers We are constantly receiving Iron Bedsteads and other kinds of Iron Furniture. G. U. WIGHT, m ?7-e^t &7 Louisiana av>. GRAND RALLY or ANTI-KNOW NOTHINGS lit TO! S ? XT H WARD. A GRAND RALLY OF THE ANTI-KNOW Nothings of Washington will be held in Odd Fellows Hall, Navy Yard, on WEDNESDAY EVENING next, the2?th Instant, at 7# o'clock. All men, without respect to parties, are respect fully Invited to attena. The meeting will be addressed by the follow Ing distinguished gentlemen : Hon A G Brown, Miss Hon S A Sm'th, Tenn Hon J B Weller C?1 Hon G W Peck, Mich Hoa L McKeltt, SC Hon W Bark* dale. Miss Hon A E Maxwell, Fla Hon T G Davidson, La Walter Lenox, Washington City. Dr. Magruder, do m 27-21 AGENCY OF THE Keystone Insurance Co. of Philadelphia. Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, IBM Assets of the Company, confuting of Bonds and N rt?i(M od iiBnccnbiTtd real eatata $114 CM ?0 Stocks or other Corporation*, worth par 16.62# '?? Caah os hand SI. 6*6 M Cilta receivable, coDrtfttBg of Usrlns notaa and ahort loan* |1* M> 71 Stock notes I1M86 oo M.JS9 74 SS Whol* re~etp?a for premfnma daring the f?ar $119,611 M Paid for loaaea sad expeoaae durtoj the year T1,1U M P M. MoriaRTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO. OF PHILADELPHIA Capital $500.OtNl. Charter Ptrpetval. DiaxcToas. Charles C. Lathrop, 532 Sprues street. Alexander Whilden, merchant, 14 North Front street John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co. E. Tracey, firm of Tracey A Baser John R McCurdy, fl-m of Jones, White A McCurdy. Isaac Hazlehurst, attorney and counsellor. James B. Smith, Arm of J as B. Smith A Co. Theo W Baker, firm of Tracy A Baker. R S. Walton, 390 Market street Thomas K Limerick. 5 >4 Spruce street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hall CHAh LES C LATHROP, President. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretsry. Risks (hanged from other companies to this, no charge for po icy fee. Enquire at the office e f J . E. Kendal', over K Morrow's Exchange Office first door West of W. 11. Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvtnla avenue. m 27 3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent First ward elec tion notice SECOND PRECINCT. Notlce Is hereby given that an election will be held In the above precinct on Monday, the 2d day of June, 1856, at the house of C. and M. Hlnes, on Twenty-sixth street, between II s'reet snd Pennsylvania avenue, south tide, fcr Mayor, one member of the Board of Aldermen, three mem bers of the Common Council, and one Assessor, to represent said Ward. And at the sime time and place, one member of the Board of Aldermen for tue unexpired term cf William B Magruder, resigned. Ths polls will be opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and close at 7 o'clock p m. T. H CRAIG, A. W. DENHAM. WM. H. PERKINS. Commissioners of the Second Precinct of the m 20-lw First Ward. SECOND WARD ELECTION NOTICE. FIRST PRECINCT. Notice Is hereby given tkat an election will be held on MONDAY , the 2d day of June next, at the corner of Massachusetts avenue and Twelfth street, for Mayor of the city, one member of ihe Board of Aide;men. and three memb<ri of the Board of Common Council The above precinct embraces all the Second Ward rorth of H street north The Polls will be opered at 7 o'clock a. m ., and closed at 7 o'clock p. m J. P. DICKINSON, JOHN W. SIMMS, C. L. COLTMAN, mS0-lw Commissioners. FIFTH WARD ELECTION NOTICE. SECOND PRECINCT. Notice Is hereby given that an election will be held on MONDAY, the 2d day of June noxt, at McPbersoa's Drug Store, corner of First street ea?t and Pennsylvania ?venue, In the Second Pre cinct of tbe Fifth Ward (embracing all that por tion of the Ward south of the line ef Pennsvl vanla a?enue) for Mayor one member of the Board cf Aldermen, three members of the Board of Common Council, and an Assessor. The Polls will be opened at T o'cloak a m , and closed at 7 o'clock p. m. JAS A. BROWN, JOHN P INGLE, JOHN MeCAULEV, Commissioners of Election m 26-lw for Second Precinct of Fifth Ward. AC A R D.-ATTENTION IS RESPECT fully called to the Chancery Sale of Valuable improved Property to take place on THURSDAY AFTERNOON, May 29 h. at 3* o'clock, on the premises. The sale will commence with a lot on E street, between 9th and 10th streets west, improved by a two-story brick Dwelling House and back build ing, and continue with the sale of two House* and Leta on north M street, between 18th and 19th st'eets. The property on E street deserves special atten tion, from lis central and desirable location THOS. J. FISHER, Trustee m 26-d JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auct. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING TAKEN the Store occupied by tbe late firm of E. Go dey A Co , respectfully inform their friends and the public that they will continue the business under the name of Gnvaa A Losabo, end will spare no pains to sustain the reputation enjoyed by the late firm. Our stock of Ooods for the son son Is complete, to which the attention of our Mends and the public Is Invited. H. GRUHB, Late of E Godey A Co. M LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, 493 Eighth st. near Ave. JC7" All persons indebted to the late firm el E Godey A Co., will confer a favor by cloeirg their accounta without delav. m *S-Sw GRVBB * LOSANO. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAI. IHEATRR. KUNKEL k CO I.|(WSF.| JOHN T FOR U ?OLfc DANAGKR JOS.JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGKK. ? raicxs or Reserved vat* 7S Boie* and Parqne* 50 rttti. Family Circle and Galleries 23 coi.t* Second night of the em Inert Ccmedlar, melj hlhackkti. THIS EVENING, May V7, The original drama, Id two lets of THE KENTUCKIAN. Col Nlrrrod Wildfire. Mr. J. H. Marked Previous to which the serio ccmlc Sketch of MORS. MALLET. Mom Mal'et Mr. Haelott To commence with th? Farce of MT PRECIOUS BETSY! Mr. Boh tall Mr J JeEerscn In rehearaal, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR 117" The Bo* Sheet for the sale of Referred ea a will be open everyday. Office bomabe twten ? a m. and 5 p m. m *7-It GBA*N0 X1LITAET AID CIVIL TBK WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY take great pleasure In laform- ? J1 " ^ ing their friends and tbe public,1 generally, tbat they will give an ^Tu77r77<Tn to the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION oa MUN. DA Y, June 9th, oa which occasion they expert to ha^e one cf tbe'r old time rt-*niont with <be1r friend*; pledging tbemae.ves to make this, in all Ita arrangements, prrfect, a* far a* practicable They will be careful in securing the beet Co tillon Music. have the Refreshments served la a sitUfactory manner, and will exert themielves in pri-aerrlng the le*t crder Future advertisements will contain particulars. BM By the CtiM'TLE OF ARRANGEMENTS mti TbSTATh STATIONARY. Navt I)xr a r-i mist . M?vK, 18M ^JEPARATK SF.ALKD PROPOSALS WILL O be received at the office of the Pecretarv of tha Navy until three o'elorfe, p m , cf Monday, the 3iKh of June next, lor furnishing all the ata'ionety that may be rtqulred by the Navy department and Ita several bureau* for the year comment tng the 1st of Jul), 1656, and ending on the 30th if Jane, 1P57. All the artlclea furn abed must be of the best quality, delivered without delay wben ordered, and to the satisfaction of the head cf the office for wh eh they are reqniied If It be required, each bidder for stationery must furnish with his proposal a *amp> of each article bid for " To lusvre uniformity In the proposal#, Mark forma will be furnished to tboae d sposcd to bid , and no bid will be considered wh'cb doea not fully conform to the advertisement, and in which each and every article Is not bid for. and In which more than one pri< a is named fcr any one article . Bondi in sufficient amcunt, with two or more approved sureties, for the faithful execution of tie contract, will be required cf tbe person or persona contracting. *lhe authorized rcmes of the sureties tbat will >?e given, as alM>satisfactory testimonial* to fulfil the contract, must accompany the bid ; otherwise It w 11 not be considered The department leserve* to Itself tbe right of ordering a greater or les* quantity of each and every article contracted for, as the public service may require. Snould any article be required net enumerated In the contract, It ia to be furnished at the lowest market price, according to Ita qualify. STATION F.RY. Writing paper, of I rat* ttock 3 reams folio-po*t. blue or white, satin flslsk. falnt-llnrd and trimmed, wcSgtlng 17 pounds per ream, p<? ream 5 do heavy bJu* laid despatch cap, hand made, atop ruled,weighing 1* per nam. per ream If do laid hand made foolscap, ruled, blue or white, weighing 13 pounda pe ream, per ream 10 do Owen A Hurl hurt's wove foolscap, blue or white, ruled, weighing It pounda per ream, or of any other manufacture of equal quality, per ream 10 do first clara band made quarto post, wove or laid, blue or white, welgnlng ^ pound* per ream, per ream 40 do extra-superfine, blue or white, la?d or wove, (to pest, ruled, weighing 0* pounds per reamr per ream 20 do beat yeilow or buff envelope paper, royal, fat, weighing 21 pounas per ream, per ream 4 do best super royal writing paper, per ream 5 do best French 4to post-ruled, per ream 5 do note-Daper, gilt edged, per ream 20 do copying cr tifsue paper, 4?o poet, per ream 10 d) copying or tiarue paper, foclscap, per ream 150 sheets best tracing paper, 40 by 87 Inches, per sheet 100 yard* tracing cloth, per square yard 100 sheets brat p epared paichment, 14 by 18 inches, per sheet 3 ream* blotting paper, royal, per ream SO quires patent bto'.tlng paper. medium, per quire 150 sheet* drawing paper, "Whatman'sTurkey Mills," froui medium to antiquarian, per sheet 5,00!) cream iald envelopes, letter *:ze. per l.*0 ?1,500 do do uote slse, per l,C0ii *W do do card size, p?r 5?-0 1,000 patent cloth-lined envelopes, S\ by 4 lnehea, per 1 0U0 800 patent cloth-lined envelope?, 5* by 3\ Inches, per ?50 S?0 patent cloth-lined envelope*, 5 % by 3, inches, per 250 10,000 best buE envelopes, government pattern. cRclal size per 1 ouo 5.0(0 best buE euveiopes, gevtrnment pattern, le'terslxe, per 1,009 6 000 best heavy white envelopes, hand made, official s'ze. per 1,000 *0 grosa steel pens, on cards or in boxes, (tte department to have tbe liberty cf se lecting from all the different k'.uoa manufactured,) per gross 100 cards Perry's peas, snort. d. per card ? do engineer's pens, per card 5 do lithographic pens, per card 94 gold pen?, large aize, with ailver holders best manufacture, per pen 40 quarts Mavnard A Noyea's black ink, In bottles 3d do best London copying ink, Arnold's or Terry's 9 dozen ounce-bottles Perrine. Guvot A Co's superfine carmine, per bottle fOO awan quilla. be-t quality, per 100 I,MM) quills, No 80, opaque or clarified, per 100 100 crow or brandt quilla, per lofi 75 dozen r*d tape, No. 15 to 25, per dozen 0 do ailk taate. per dozen 4 do penknives, Rodger's brat, pearl ban dies. Urge size, 4 blade*, per dozen 4 do erasers, large size, ivory handles, in cases, Rodger's best 8 do pairs of shears and scissors, per dcxen 2 do # inch Ivory folders, per dozen 1 do Carrington's parallel rulers, per dozen 8 do sand boxea. cocoa-wood, per dcxen 8 do wafer-stands, do perdczen 1 do pounce boxes, do per dozrn 1 do do ivory, per doxrn 4 do wrafer atampa, ivory handle*, per dor 10 do black lead percila, Faber's best, as assorted, par dozen 4 do best American drawing pencils, as sorted. perdcxen 1 do Cohen^s read lead pencil* per doren 2 do aable brushes, assorted, per dozen 5 do camel's hair brushes, assorted, per doze 3 2 do white French pump Inkstands, large size, perdczen 2 do Draper s patent air tight lakstand*. p>er dozen 2 do sticks best India ink, per stick 30 pounds extra superfine acarletseallng-^a*. per pound 20 do second quality sealing wax, per pound 15 do best quality wafers, per p?ound 10 do beat white'gum arable, per pound 3 do best pounce, per pound 10 do best hemp twine, per pound 10 do best Jinen twine, per pound 1000 lsrge office wafers for department seal, per 1,MS 21 pap?r weights,of brass, comrosltlon or lead, per weight 50 quarts best black sand, per quart 4 pound* best prepared India rubber, per pound 2 pounas unprepared India rubber,pier pound m 27-law4w Grand Mass Meeting. E ANTI-KNOW NOTHINGS OF THE Seventh Ward will hold a Grand Maaa Mee< lng on THURSDAY EVENING. May 9ttb. at 7)f o'clock, corner of Seventh street acd intersec tion of Maryland and Virginia avenues Di sling Dished speakers from all parts of the country will addreaa 'he meeting. ? The Anti-Know Nothing Associations of several warda, together wrlth the Georgetown* aociatlon, are requested to unite with us on th's occasion PeTvoos of all ptarties are respectful p invited to attend. Committee of IrrssftsirM Sam'l 8. Taylor, Ch'n. Michael Moooey, Thomas M. Harvey, Robert GUI. JoeephR.GUl, Mff-4t? T?