Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR W A 8HIW0T0K CIT T : FRIDAY May SO, 1N?. HIT Advertleeinesita should be handed In by W o'eloek, m , otherwise they may not appear until the nasi day. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The leader of the Union is upon Mr Cramp ton i dismissal and Mr. Marcy'a reply to Lord Clarendon, and closes as follows: " The whole case is presented by Mr. Marcy in a style at once dignified, pacific, and for cible, whilst the argument is ao elearly and logically trade that it admits of no answer. Aa the cafe now stands, we hare only to re peat a remark made some days ago : that the gronnds on which Mr. Crampton a dismissal ia placed, furnish no reaaonable cause to ap {>rehend any ii.terrnption of the amicable re ationa between tbe two governments ; and we cannot bat indulge the oxpcctation that when Mr. Marcy'a reply reachea London, the Bntiah cabinet will promptly acqaieace in the coarae of our government, aa the only one conaistent with onr national self-reapect. It will be seen clearly that our government haa much additional evidence fully auataining tbe guilt of the accused partiea, and that re cent developments furnish further reaaons why our government cannot conaent longer to bold diplomatic intercourse with him " The Union in an article headed, " Th? I nion and harmony of the Democratic party,'' aay>: " Ami ! the aolicitude ao generally felt in regard to the action of the Cincinnati Conven tion, it is gratifying t<> observe that it is entire ly free from that embittered feeling produced by conflicting views and sentiments and per sonal preference, overriding good sense, good temper, and party obligations, and pushed to the offensive length of ezclusiveness. The platform of resolutions adopted by our friends in all the States, while embracing the aaine cardinal principles of the Democratic faith, have also recognised the wisdom and patriot ism of the great measures inaugurated by a Demooratio administration, sanctioned by a Democratic Congress, and which will soon be gloriously ratified by a grateful people " The Intelligencer in discussing the onlist ment question, expresses its regret at? " The extreme issue to which the Executive haa brought thia protracted oontroversy bv thus definitively dismissing the British Minis ter and revoking the exequatur* ef Consuls Barclay, Mathew. and Rowcroft, who are al leged to have been implicated in a violation of our neutrality laws; for while, from the disclosures which had already transpired rela tive to the determination of the President to persist in his extreme demand, notwithstand ing the conciliatory assurances and ample apologies contained in Lord Clarendon's last despatch, we are not surprised by the an nouncement of the final step which ho haa taken in this diplomatic squabble, yet candor J tbe le**t0 Confea* our r?*"t that the President a convictions of public dutv have exacted at his hands a requisition ao un gracious, and which, as we are constrained to tnink, was not demanded by the nature of the unintentional offence committed, and. least of u ' n ? f. repeated disclaimers by which fo"if? Government has sought to atone The IntelligtHttr thinks, however, that we have ? no reason to fear that any disturbance of the peace, now so happily subsisting be tween the two countries, will result from this 4 inexorable policy' of the Executive Its ten. dency to alienate the sympathies and to chill I the cordial good feeling which should always be cherished by both countries alike is what I we chiefly deprecate in the present aspect of I the case." rtr'ASHIRGTOR IVXW8 AND GOSSIP J Know nothing MitruU? the Remedy ? I We believe there are a great many residents I of Washington who seldom manifest much 1 concern in its municipal elections, and who I under ordinary circumatances do not even I trouble themaeivea to go to the polls on the day of auch an election. If any at preaent indulge in thia apathetic I fading in relation to the election which is to take plsce on Monday next, it must be be- I cauie they have regarded Know Nothingism I aa an ephemeral excitemeat necessarily seon to die out, and who are. therefore, not disposed to wrangle with the generally obstreperoua and often verdant disciples of "Sam," but I prefer to let ao much of this silly and intole rant ?twt aa ia not already merged in the Black I Republican party perish ignobly by ftlo due I Aa tax-payera they knowingly submit to be I tieeced, under an expectation that the evil I will soon cure itself without any exertion on I their own part To auch persons we propose I to addreaa a few words, with a view of indu cing them to change their purpose of abaten- I tk>n, and of urging them to join the great maaa of the citi.ens at large in active exer tions to put an end to the imbecility and cor ruption which have characterised the city I government in the hands of the Know Noth inga, and which the success of their new can- I didatea will rather increase than diminish. If the Know Nothings are defeated, in the I change which will ?0<ue, the irregularities, the blundera, the corruptions in the City Hall I will terminate, and in their stead we shall have order, correctness, and good manage ment The bad personal feeling which has been ao generally generated throughout the ?itj by the ascendancy of Know Nothingiim, will be succeeded by a duration of good fee!- I ?ng Citisens will be able to discuss measures of local policy on their real merits, and not with regard to the influence they may have on the fortunea of a senseless and intolerant P?rty; .QJ, thui ^ ffoe ff0m ^ inrij|ible and irresponsible power in the Know Nothing lodges, the city will r?sume its career of pros parity;, her young men, who are now driven into ether cities to aeek for employment, (ex cept a few who are employed on tbe Govern ment work, and whose employment a Know Nothing member of Congress has lately been taking measures to suspend,; will return and be kept busy here; handsome edificea and comfortable cottagea will .rise; property will anhance in value, and all tbe channel? of ?,??? f?, , beDeaci? , ^ In.'.L l"""**"" 10 "7 ,hlt K"0" dri,'? c*pi"' cT Vb ' "> in th. city. The improvements of our ? thorised by law, win in thl I ' *U" contemplated, be carried intoeff^f laws not remain a dead letter a* at ' 1113 * account of the manner in which "thT^ have been disbursed ; no favort will be whom a in tarrying on improvements, or in payi6? the honest debts of the Corporation; e4ual and exact justice to all will be the order of the day ; prompt and polite attention will be P*id by the city cfficials to those who have bum.. tlwm . tb, ^ w|u b< ^ " '?J "ld* '???!>:. for th. citit.D. ?t """" 'f*1 *hi,( "i'1, J1."'1wi,h ? '??"??, .h. city will be made worthy the day. of the a*oy estimable men who have been called to adminiater ita affairs before Know Notbingi,m ?prung into exiaUnce. These and many other i benefit* will surely follow the defeat of Know Nothingism at our election on Monday next. The Challenge ?We learn that Genera] Lane, of Oregon, was, yesterday, the bearer of a challenge from Hon. P. S. Brooka, of South Carolina, to Hon. Henry Wilson, of Massa chusetts The letter of Mr. Brooks, we Isarn, concludes thus: ? I, therefore, hold mjself at liberty by this note to request that you will inform me with out delay where and when outside of this Dis trict a further note will find you." Gen. Wilson replies : ^ "I characterised, on the floor of the Senate, tne assault upon my colleague a* " brutal, murderous and cowardly." I thought so then. 1 think so now. I hare no qualifications whatever to make in regard to those words. I have always regarded duelling as the linger ing relic of a oarbarous civilisation, which the law of the country has branded as a crime While, therefore, I religiously believe in the righs of self-defense in its broadest sense, the law of my country and the matured convio tions of my whole life alike forbid me to meet you for the purpose indicated in your letter." Vote Early ?It is to be hoped that every anti-Know Nothing voter of Washington, draw ing wisdom from the experience of our last municipal election, comprehends the import ance of essaying to get in bis vote as near the opening of the polls as possible. The fact that the number of precincts is doubled and the time during which the polls are to be kept open is lengthened, furnish no reason for ne glecting the prime duty of voting as early as possible. At the last election the anti-Know J Nothing cause lost full five hundred votes, owing to the difficulty attending the getting them in, most of which loss would,have been avoided if the voters weilding them had at tended early and kept their places in the lines until reaohing the windows. Nine-tenths of the violence that disgraced that election and deterred hundreds from persevering until they could exercise their right, occurred in the af tornonn, when the luggards came on in crowds. It is the duty of every voter, of whatever politics, to strive to deposite his vote as early as possible on Monday next. An Old 'Un.?Yesterday we saw, is this oity, a Roman silver coin, weighing about as much as two of our ten-cent pieces will weigh, and of the diameter of the 12* oent piece. It was coined as early as A D . 10 ! ! ! and its execution is not inferior to many of the silver coins of this era. On one side it boars the inscription "Tiberius Imperator," around a rai.-eJ bust of the Emperor Tiberius, on the throne when it was coined ; a very marked and distinct countenance, indeed. On the other side, it bears a raised figure of a female (seated) resting one hand on a lance standing on the ground, and bearing a branch in the other hand. It was sent to a friend in Wash ington by Buckingham Smith, Esq , the Sec retary of the Legation of the United States in Madrid, who is himself a distinguished numismatist and literary antiquarian. Telegraphic Feat?The voluminous and important documents communicated yester day to Congress by the President, concerning our relations with England, were transmitted by the telegraphic agents of the associated press to the principal cities northward, and appear this morning in the columns of the leading journals of those cities. fcait Lake Mail ?By telegraphic despatch from Independence, Me., dated May 2S, we lesm that the Salt Lake mail, which left Salt Lake on the 1st of April, arrived at Indepen dence on the 29th of April. It was delayed in consequence of high weather and deep snow in the mountains. Bemoval ?It was rumored on the Avenue yesterday afternoon that Virgil D. Parris. special agent of the Post Office Department for the New England section, bad been removed. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yeterday, the 2Vthof May, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department For the redemption of at x>ke.... $23 6W7 80 For the Treasury Department... 13,002 14 For the Interior Department 4,088 24 For Customs 3 623 38 W ar warrants reoeived and en tered,... 22 820 20 trom Lands 2,288 21 jrrom miscellaneous source?. ? ? ?.? 17 28 On aoeount of the Navy 38 082 45 GOHGBBSSIOITAL PBOCSBDINGI. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the President's message concerning the dismissal of Mr. Crampton, with documents relating thereto, were read, and ordered to be printed. Mr. Mason [we quote from the Intellijren eer s report] expressed the pleasure be felt at learning the conciliatory tone of Lord Clar endon s dispatch, and complimented Mr. Marcy s letter as being at once temperate, calm, and courteous, and no doubt would be received by the British Government in the same amicable manner that Lord Clarendon's dispatch had been received here. Mr. Cass had listened with pleasure to the reading of tho despatch of the Secretary of State. He regarded it as a conclusive and powerful analysis of the whole case It seemed to him that tho honor of the country imperiously required the dismissal of the Brit ish Minuter, aw J his only regret was that it had not been done long ago. He held that suspension of intercourse was a very com mon circumstance; indeed, he believed that it was an ordinary occurrence to inquire of gov ernments if ministers would be acceptable. He alluded to his case when appointed Min ister to France, and said that he remained in London until it was ascertained that it would be agreeable to France to receive a Minister Lngland had sent a Minister out of her coun try under a guard. Indeed be might cite nu merous instances of such suspension of inter course, if it was necessary. It was no cause f-.r war nor would war grow out of it unless Li.gland was determined to prooeed to it. The dccumen was an important one, and would be sought for with muoh avidity as containing elements of history, and he would move tu print 10,000 additional copies ?KMn ?T?,'- a.dmitVl tbat tbe dismissal of the British Minister did not of necessity lead * V/^nce of our pacific relations with Great Britain ; but still ne could but re gret that the matter had taken the course it had. Our Government having been satisfied, m.!i ^ /iW ? gi?d-' WUh the "Presentations n K^J?*reat, Lnta,u' the British Minister ought to have been permitted to remain. He thought it was m vain for us to say that the ?uKject in dispute had been satisfactorily ex plained, to declare that the apology or expla of th? British Government was ac cepted and then to remove the Minister who ZZSlBTZV' th? di'PUt? Whil? J ? ur ?***rnment that the exDla h! u!u?htJtE CJ"*D(i0D w" sufficient, yet *in??Siterred' afUr ob lomatic intereourm?Dr ??D' ,.nt?rruPt *be dip He expressed thl^ the two countries. been pressed to a p, 'bat tbe matter had tb? Pof '.'her with the construction u not e06cur nient to tbe neutrality * "i?r WoT?"> think th. BritishGov^rnm^ v"! d,id not them in any thing which it had d^ne that negotiations had terminated hi t.-?v ojcrfo. to .xpresfl hi. 4?.., of his own Government. views Mr. Betler agreed with the Senator from Georgia (Mr. Toombs) that it was LeculiarN uutortunate that the British Minuter should havo been dismissed after all this protractcd correspondence Daring the time when t h? Allies were engaged in the war against Rus sia it ?u highly proper for oar Government to have said, " hands ofT," so far as regards oar own people, in this controversy ; but after the war had oeaied, he thought the course scarcely rroper. He would not say that the British Government had a right to take ex ception to it, but he would have preferred to have had it done in the first instance or not at all. lie saw no reason why the two Gov ernments should be involved in commercial difficulties and scenes of retaliation, much less in actual war. He should regard that as a great calamity. It was one of those things he desired to avert, so far as he could do so by his counscl, consistently with the honor of his oountry. The Minister had been dis missed, and ho supposed the developments afforded what oar Government considered a justification for it; bat be thought, frcm the temper which pervaded the correspondent I of Lord Clarendon, and the tone of feeling I that seemed to exist in both countries, this I would be regarded as a most inopportune I time for thus dissolving diplomatic relations. I He would not say that our Government was not justified, but must be permitted to think it had chosen an inopportune period for its I action. Mr. Pratt desired to call attention to the fact that the letter of apology on the part of | the British Government was dated after the I Seace lately established by the Powers of I Europe. Whatever might have been the state I of affairs at the time when the offence was I given, England was certainly relieved from all expectation of difficulty with any European I Power at the time when the apology was made I whioh was deemed sufficient by our Govern- I ment. The offence oharged was that England had attempted to enlist soldiers hefe while en- I giged in war with a country with which we I wero at peace. The Government, after that peace, had disclaimed mry intentien of viola- I ting the luw of which we had complained. I Ho deemed it, then, beneath the dignity of I this Government to turn off the mere agent, I who had made a similar disclaimer, when the I British Government was released from all ret- I ponsibility. After brief rejoinders by Messrs. Cass and I Mason the conversation dropped. Bills granting public lands to the States of I Wisconsin, Alabama, Louisiana, and Michi- I gan to aid in the construction of railroads I were pas?ed, and the Iron Mountain railroad I bill was debated at considerable length, ere I they adjourned until Monday. In the Houae, Mr Grow reported a bill I for the admission of the State of Kansas into I the Union, and the 25th of June was fixed for I it; consideration. A resolution was adopted calling upon the I President of the United States for any official I information in his possession in regard to an I arrangement by the principal European Pow- I ers on the subject of privatoering. The House then agreed to adjourn over un- I til Monday (the Sergeant-at-Arins having been I directed to fit up the Hall for summer) with I the understanding that they would adjourn I from time to time throughout the whole of I next week; and the" they adjourned. I PERSONAL. .... Hon J. E. Ward, of Georgia, and Hon* I li. B. King, of Alabama, are at Willard's. I .... 8. F. Butterworth, Esq , U. S Aseayer, I New York, is in th<j city and is stopping at Willard's. .... Rev. Theodore Clapp, for 34 years pas- I tor of the First Congregational church. New I Orleans, has resigned his charge from ill health. I .... A life of the celebrated Davy Crockett I is about being published by his son, Col. R. I H. Crockett. .....The daughter of Robert DaleOwor,l American Minister at Naples, was married a few weeks ago, at that place, to Dr. James A. I Cooper, of New Harmony, lnd. ....Miss Lacy Stone Biackwell has repudi- I ated Bloomers, and appeared on the anti- I Slavery platform in New York, in a long black I silk dress, fashionably flounced. .... A complimentry benefit, in Nashville, I Tenn , is announced for "John Smith," of I Richmond, Va , to relieve him from pressitg I pecuniary embarrassments, incurred by con- I nection with Julien's Minstrels. The Gaiette I announces him as a fireman, holding the ret- I ponsible position of assistant foreman of Ir- I dependent Hook and Ladder Company, No. 1, I in Richmond. ....Among the passengers by tho Africa I was Mrs Fanny Keinbtc, who returns after a I protracted visit to England, where she has I been giving her dramatic readings with very great success. The lady has hosts of warm I friends in America, from whom she will re- I ceive a sincere and heartfelt greeting; and I the admirers of her genius will be anxious for I further opportunities to place their tributes at I its shrine. ....A Philadelphia letter says: Among! the rumors of the day is one to the following I effect: That a distinguished actor and emi I nent tragedian is ab^ut to lead to the altar a I very interesting and beautiful young lady, I the youngest daughter of the publisher of an I eld established weekly journal. A beautiful I mansion belonging to the happy bridegroom I in the prospective, is now being handsomely I furnished for the future residence of the happy I pair. Tuk Teeth and Breath ? If those who I are ble&ied with well farmed teeth knew how I soon decay steals into the mouth, making un- I sightly what otherwise are delightful to ad-1 mire, and designating unhealthiness by im- I purity of breath, they would spare no expense I to chase away these fatal blemishes The I Balm of a thousand Flowers will embellish I and preserve the dental structure, and impart I a grateful fragrance to the breath. For sale I at Shillington's Book and Stationery ostab- I lisbmont, Odeon building, Pennsylvania ave- I nue, corner of Four and-a-half street. IdT From J. Shillington we have received I Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashions for Juno Leslie "takes no step backwards" in the beauty I and usefulness of his magasine, as the number I now in band abundantly demonstrates. 1ST The manufacture of letter envelopes I is oarried on very extensively in this country I since the introduction of these articles into I use In Now York city about four millions of I envelopes are made every week. Railroao Progress in Texas.?The Gal- I veston, Houston and Hondersou Railroaj, has I been graded for a distance of twenty-two I miles, and is under contract to be completed I fur a distance of twenty-five miles by tho 3Uth I of July Cost of the War.?Tho London Times esti- I mates the cost of the late war to Great Britain I at not much under one hundred millions pounds sterling Immense as this is, the ex- I penditure of Great Britain, in the closing year of the Napoleonic war exceeded very greatly. Marriage or Miss Cappkll.?This young lady, whose performance was so much admir ed at Pkwnix Hall, in Taylor s Troupe, bus recently been married to a wealthy young Virginian, who fell in love with her from see ing her in this cityPetersburg ( Va.) Dem ocrat. The Destroyer?The destructive effect of even a rumor of war upon commerce is signifi cantly kpparent in the following extract from a letter sent us by a mercantile house in this city as from their correpoudent at Charleston, S. C. " The war fever has possessed almost everybody. So strong is the belief of a war with England, that many houses won't buy any goods at the present time, and insurance oompanios are inserting the war clause in their policies."?iV. T. Advertiser. iy On Sunday, the 1st of June, a celebra tion of unusal solemnity will take place in the Catholic Church of Hoboken, New York, on the occasion of the translation of the relics of St Guietus, Martyr, which were presented to the Pastor of the Church by Pope Pius IX. These relics, it is said, consist of the bones of the Martyr Guietus. taken from the Cata combs of Rome, the vase containing the blood gathered at the time of his martyrdom, and the tablet commemorating his burial. The ceremonies will be conduoted by the Rt Rev. Dr Hajley, Bishop of Newark, who will preach on the occasion an appropriate sermon. .THE AFFRAY IN THE SENATE ? _ There U much diversity of opinion It regard to the Brooks and Sumner affair Some gen'lemen teem to think that Mr Brooks did wrong lncming Mr. S?mner t? tkt Senate. Moat Persons agree, kow?-ver, that a chastisement xtaould have been administered; but tk* place la the question. It appear* to me that Mr. Snmnor received hla punishment In tko right oloe?, aad to have In flicted It elsewhere would not hare given that dignity to the transaction which the circum ttances called for, noi would It have harmonized with the Constitution of the United States. The alxth section of the first article of 1 be Con stitution says,?"for any speech or debate in either house they (the Senators and Representa tives) "ball not be queetioned t* any other place." Now, by the very words of the Constitution, it is evident that Mr. Brooks could not have pun* ished Mr. Sumner "In any other place" wlthrut his violating his oath, unless, Indeed, he could be justified upon the axiomatic rule that ''neces sity knows no law ?? If members of Congress are made to know that they will cert dnly be held to a personal respon sibility for insulting remarks, either In debate or otherwise, they will, I am sure, very seldom use them. Supposed Impunity only gi*ea ? vll doers confidence, and Is the cause of nine-tenths of the insults offered in and oat of Congress No rain can tamely submit to insulting reflections upon bis honor without degradation, and so long as the law does not punish those who give insults, self respect must constrain gentlemen to resent the indignity. * Liberty of speech Is a precious immunity? guarantied by the Constitution; but liberty of abuse Is neither warranted by the National Char ter, nor the principles of good-brooding Hence, Mr Sumner was not authorized, according to either rule, to stigmatize Senator Butle-. who Is confessed bv his peers to be the impersonation of chivalry and honor, as a liar and fool, without reprehension. Upon the question of the mode of the chastise ment pood men may well differ; but upon the proposition that honor required a proper rebuke to M r. Sumner for his swaggering Insolence In so characterizing the venerable Hutier. no one will doubt that such rebuke was prompted by a proper principle of self-respect and a due regard for the courtesies which ihould obtain between gentle men Th's chastisement will, doubtless, act like a sedative among our legislators. A few moresuch

salutary examples will greatly Improve the style of the Congressional debates, and ladles will te able to attend them without being Insulted by such indelicate remarks as were Indulged in by Mr. Sumntrin his late "un-American and un patriotic speech,"as Gen. Cass has so aptly styled It. The Abolitionists of Boston seem quite indig nant because a Sou hern gentleman punisbed one of their representatives for insulting the ?ato of the Senate But when a Maryland slave-holder was pursuing hi* property under the Constitution in Pennsylvania, and was brutally murdered at Christiana by Abolition fanatics, no howling voice was then raised to condemn the atrorlous and cowardly act. And even in Boston, when that poor Irishman, Batchelder, an officer of the United States sworn to do his duty, was mur dered in cold blood, not one word of sympathy fer his bereaved family, or in condemna ion of the Infamous act, came from thnse pious fanatics cf that saintly city! In the one case they ap prove the murder of innoetnt men; but in the other the mere enn n? of a fanatic is of more con sideration to them than the lives of citizens pur suing their rights under the guaranties of the Constitution ! It VIRGINIA. ? NOTICE?ALL PERSONS WHO ? left Watches or Jewelry at George Key worth's Store to be repaired are requested to call upon Mr H. O. HOOD, Pa. avenue, betwe?n 9th and loth streets, for the same previous to 1st Sep tember next, or they will be sold for the repairs m 30-3t* _ ,THE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION will meetattheSmithsonian TO-MOR ROW (Saturday) MORNING, at 11 o'clcck. Mr R T. Tatloe will read an Estav before the Association. Subject: "Comparative merits of Worcester and Webster's Dictionaries " It* ,THE REV WM. J. HOOE. of BaltT more, will deliver a lecture in Bridge it Church, Georgetown, on MONDAY EVENING June'2d. Subject: " Religion and Liberty In Danger from Falfe Philosophy " Tickets?admitting ? gentleman and lady, 25 cents ; Family Tickets 50 cents. Lecture to commence at 8 o'clock. The pro ceeds will be devotod to the erection of a mission cburob, li the upper put of Montgomery county . Md. m 30-3t ,NOTICE ?ON AND AFTER THE 1st of June, the undersigned, Drr Goods Merchants, doing business on 7th street, agree to close our places of business every evening (Satur day excepted) at 7 o'clcck, in order to give our selves and employees a few hours cf relaxation. R. B HALL, J W. BARNECLO, A. GODDARD. F. M MAGRUDER, m30 3t? __ R G HYATT. ,IN ORDER TO GIVETHE CLERKS _ In our employ time for recreation, we, the undersigned. Dry Goods Merchants, do agiee to close our stores, from the 1st June until tie 1st September, at 1% o'clock, (Saturday evenings excepted ) JOHN H. SMOOT, H. E BERRY, MAY FIELD A BROWN. A F. OFFUTT A CO , W R. HURDLE, J. E. CORTUE, R W. SMOOT. Georgetown, D. C , May 30?3t COVENANT LODGE NO. 13, 1. cO. O. F.?The members of Uils Lodge are earnestly dt sired to be punctual in their attendance MON DAY EVENiNG next, as business of vital Im portance will be under consideration. By order of N. G : m 30-3t R. L MARTIN, R. Sec. fcSKCOND PRECINCT, SECOND WARD ?The Anti-Know Nothing vo ters of the Second Preelnct, Second Ward, will mee-forbi-slntssrn FRIDAY EVENING, at 8 o'c'ock, at Harmony Hall, on D street, between 18th and 13th streets. Every voter of the prer inct Is requested to be present. m?9-9t kCARD ?MR. JOS. JEFFERSON re turns his sincere thanks for the many kindness received at the hands of the Washlnp tonlsns. and announces his FAREWELL BEN EFIT on SATURDAY EVENING, May 31st, being his last appearance but six in this city. He will have the honor of presenting a bill or attrac tion, consistlrg of three popular pieces, embrac ing his Sbakspearlan delineation of RICHARD 111 lecelved with so much favcr In other cities. L ix Sheet now open. m 23-4t ,NOTICE ? MY WIFE, M. FLANA GAN. has. without any provocstion, left my house, and taken with herabcu: J1'2U in money 1 hereby forewarn all persons from either harboring or trusting her as 1 will not pay auy debts contrac ed by her m28 3t? FLANAGAN. >NOTlCIi ?THE MEMBERS OF The Eagle Club of Georgetown beg leave to Inform th<-ir numerous frbnds and the public genet ally that they intend giving aGrand Pic Nic and Excursion to the White House Pavilion, on WEDNESDAY. June 11 1W6. See fut'ire advertisement. m 18-8to HOMIKOPATHY ?THE " AMERl can institute of Hrmeopathy" will hold its 13lh annual session In this city, at the Smith sonian Institute on WEDNESDA Y, the 4th June next, at 10 o'clock a. m. In the evening at li o'clock an address will be delivered by Da. H. D. Paine, of Albany, which the public are respectfully Invited U> attend. N II.?The usual preliminary meeting will be held at the office of Dr J. Green, C street, near , on Tuesday evening, June 3d. * mvM-eotd .NOTICE?AN ELECTION WILL be held on MONDAY, the 9th day of June next, for seven Directors of the Georgetown Gas Light Company, at the office of the Company on Green street, between the hours often and two o'clock of said day. D ENGLISH, Pres. m M-2awtw U. S. Maeshal's Office, May, I860. >TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CON CERN .?A large number of Ca t a 'sin U S. Cases, of fines and costs, forfeited recogni zances, against various Ii dividual* have beeu is sued from the Criminal Court of the District and plaeedlniny hands for execution. The penalty in these cases is imprisonment in lull unless the money be promptly paid. 1 therefore notify all persons who know themselves to be Involved as security for appearance at the Criminal Court, or upon whom fines have been imposed by said Court, that they must call at my offi-e ar.d ar range their respective cases before the second Monday in J one next; after which 1 must proceed to settle them according to law. J. D. HOOVER, m 81-td U S Marshal. SCHULHUFF'STHIRl) MAZURKA Just pabllfchcd at the Music Depot. Price '25 cents, m 30-U GEO HILBUS. ALT! SALT'.'. 150 sacks fine and G. A. SALT Just received and for sale by m 30-3^_. BARBOUR A SEMMES. OVE LETTER POLKA?PRICE ONLY I 12)4 cents, composed by William Bergmann, author of " Smithsonian Polka." " Be'le Schot tish," Ac. Publlfhed at the Music Depot m S0-tr GEO. HILBUB. S L O PER A SEGAKS! 9I.U0U OPERA SEGARS Just received and for >ale by in 30-'lt BARBOUR A SEMMES. AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL T II U A T R R ? KUNREL A CO.*. LESSEES JOHN T FORD SOLE MANAGER JOS. JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGER . ratcis or ADMISSION. Ressrved mti 75 ?nti Boim and Parquet v 50 rent* Family Circle and Galleries 26 cei.U THIS EVENING, May 3o. Benefit and last night of MB. J. H. HACK ITT, When he will appear in Shakspesre a great ton* *7, in 9 acts, of the Merry Wives of Windsor! Sir John Falstaff Mr. Hackett To conclude with THE ALAR HI'KG SACRIFICE. T Saturday Farewell Beaeflt of MR. JEFFERSON ITf The Box Sheet for the aaleof Rererved Seats will bs open everyday. Office houiabe tween ? a. m and S p. m. n. 30-It Grand Prize Pic Nic ! HE BEN FRANKLIN TARGET COM pany No 1 will give their Second Annnal Pic Nic at Arlington Spring on thursday next, June6 The boat will leave 14th street Bridge at?# o'clock a m Ti ketsONE DOLLAR - admitting a gentle man and l?dles. Committtt of Arrangtmt-ti. Capt A Talt, Lieut J T Evans, Lieut E C Eckloff, Prlv Geo Edmonson Prlv A Eck'off m 30-5t* EXCUR8I0N AND PIC NIC Of Grace Church Sunday-school, Island, TO THE WHITE HOUSE. ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4th, THE FINE boat. "The maa Col Iyer," will - -A - " - W H I leave her wharf for tie WHIT E. HOUSE, having been chartered by the Sunday School of Grace church for the day. The friend* of the Church and School, and all others favor ably disposed are cordially Invited to participate. A superior band ef Music has been engaged for the occai 1 in. The Committee Pledge themselves. If possible to make It one of tne most pleasant eicuralons of the season Single tickets 54) oents; Children's 1*2# rests Two tickets wilt admit a gentleman and two la> die* and may be had at the Bookstore of Me:eta. Karuham or Morrison, Pentsylvanla avenue, and the Drug fctore of Dr. Clarke, Island ; also at the boat on the morning of the excursion. m 28 eod i ?? Q L Teas: teas 75 X-chests Imperial, GunpowJer.l Young Hyaon and Black TEAS ' Jost received rer Schooner Arctic, from New York, and for sale by m30-3t BARBOUR A SEMMKS. OLD RTK WHISKY I 25 barrels OLD RYE WHISKY Just received per Schooner Arctic and for aale by BARBOUR A SEMME3 m SO?3t Lost.-in Georgetown, between B'ldge and West streets, on Wednesday, May fc^th, a lady's Gold Hunting WATCH. The fir der will l>e suitably rewarded bv leaving it with T. A LAZENBV, B ridge street Georgetown. m 30-3i? _ OST?BETWEEN THE CAPITOL AND I 6 h street, on Maryland avenue, a POCKET BOOK containing SI4. A liberal reward will be paid for it If left with the subscriber, J G WEAVER, opposite Browns' Hotel. N B ? It is the earnings of a poor youth who can not afford to loae it. 11* UP AND BE DOING JUST published at the Music Depot, a spirited Song of the above title, composed ty W m. Palmer, author cf "toldlrr's Adieu,*' "Don't my one thing and mean another," Ac. Price only 25 cents m9o SPECTACLES AND BYE-GLASSES ? ^ Ju?t received a large assortment of very supe rior Gold, Silver, and fine Metl Spectacles,Shell, Steel, and Gold Eje Glasses. Ac. We invite particular attention to our assortment of the above, with real pebble eyes, by fhr the best article for defective vision ever discovered M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, m 30 Penn. avenue, bet 9thand Uth atreetg. MANTILLAS RECEIVED TO-DAY. Mantlllaa S2 60 Mantillas *7. Mantillas S3, Mantlllaa SB, Mantilla* $4, # Mantlllaa ??. Mantillas S3, Mantillas S10, Mantlllaa 86. Mantillas S:2 MANTILLAS at all prices and of all styles, at the MANTILLA EMPORIUM of MAXWELL A BRO., m 30-eo3t 3-28 Pa avenue. N. B.?Mantilla Rooms tecond story. WORTH REMEMBERING. PERSONS MIKING purchases OF Housekeeping Hardware and. Cutlery, Silver Plated Were^ Clocks, Feather Dusters Bas keta, Brushes, Ac , wll< find it decMi dly to their advant ge to look In at FRANCIS'S, above Odd Fellows" Hall on Seventh street He bas en larged his stoie?bas It stocked with every useful housekeeping article, and Is satisfied with very small profits. His price* arecertalnly low. m 30-tf NEW LIVERY AND SALE STABLES. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS LEASED THE stand, knewn as the " Old Gas House," corner of Lou alana avenue and Tenth' atreet, west of the Certre XNI Market, wh re he has opened a LIV-^^^ZL? EKY and SALE STABLE SADDLE AND HARNESS HORSES taken at Livery on moderate terms There Is attached to the premises a fine eneloeed Lot, aaltable for a wagon stand, or for mules TIKKS : Saddle Horses $12 SO Harness Horses 14 04? Transient Custom, one horse per day 50 IC7* These Stables are fire-proof, and it good condition in all other respects Good and careful Ostlers are in attendance at all times, day and night. m29 PHILIP BOTELER. Lost?on yesterday (Wednesday) evening, in the Capitol grounds or on New Jersey avenue, a Gold BRACELET, formed of a number of small chains fas ened to a heavy carved clasp it Is valued as a re'le, and any reasonable reward will be paid for Its return at the residence of JNO P. INGLE, 570 N. Jersey cvenne south. m 29-3t? STRAYED OR STOLEN?ON SUNDAY last, from the commons northeast offiV-? the Capitol, a brown HORSE, with bald face and one fore foot white He was bone-spa vined In his hind A reasonable reward will be given for the return of the horse, or such Infor mation left with WM BOSS, Wheelrlght, Cap Itol Hill, so 1 can get him. mS9-3t? C. W GORDON. #3 REWARD?STRAYED OR STOLEN, on Friday last, a small, light red eT-gu W COW, about 4 years oH, a little whlteJL^K,*-' In the right flank extending under the^ixTTf belly, horns incline to each other at tte point, long tall. The above reward will be paid to any penon returning the said Cow to Ne. 24# Ninth street north. _ m29-3t*^ I7*l>UND?yesterday MORNING, ON Massachusetts avenue, near corner of A 7th street, a SILVER WATCH, which the owner can have by applying to JNO M SIMMS, corner 10th and N itwu OS proving property, and paying fcr this advertise ment m 28-3t* WATCHES?WATCHES?WATCHES ? Just received, a treat assortment of a Gold and Silver WATCHE8, high ai d dP% low prices, which I wi 1 s?U cheaper^t\i than can be bought in Washington J ROBINSON'S. Jeweler. mvS-lm 3*9 Pa av.opp Browti'? Hotel. (^iLOCKft?CLOCKS?CLOCKS ?JUST RE J ceived,a greet variety of CLOCKS.i which will be aold on fair terms, and war-[ ranted one veer, at J.ROBINSON'S, 346 Pennsylvania aveon*, opposite mIMm Browns'Hotel. BENT EH A DC BANT * Have just received another lot of GREEN sea TURTLE dl rect from Nassau. AUo, a fine lot of FRESH LOB BTEKS. Give us a sail m iH-3t _ SU IT ABLE KCR PRESENTS.?AT LAMMOND'S, 484 Seventh street, can be found a large aid beautiful collection of Fancy notions ana Toys at low prices. m 29-3' SUPEKIOR SODA WATER, MAY BE had AT BOSWELL'S DRUG Store, corner of Marvland avenue and 7th atreet, with most dellslous cream and other syr ups CaU*ndtryit. m 29-*t* I PA PEK. HANGINGS. HAVE JUST RECEI VEDA LARGE assortment of low priced Paper-Hang logs. Persons la want of wood papers for small prices can be suited by giving me a call, and will thereby save at leest 26 per ee?t L. K. CLARK, paper-hanger and Upholste'sr, No. S4S north sids Penn avenue, between ISth and 13th m 29-3t* (News) OFFICIAL. ?? 4 Ttitiiit DmiTHiiT, Mm f, WM Notlc* la bwtby given to the holders of tk? stock l?sued pursuant to the set ?f Congress of ? ttd Ju y, 19M, that inch stock la redeemable by ita t?rmi, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificate* thereof oa 'be lVtfa [ of November next, *hw lnteres* thereon will Tbla department will continueto purchase mrb stock prior to aald day of redemptlca. and win pay tharefor the following premium, in addition to tba Interest accrued to the day of purchase with one day's Intereat for the money to reach the Tend or: On such stock received at tba Treasm v between the lat day of June and the Slat day of Jaly, In clusive, one half of one par cent oa the amounts ?pacified in the certlleataa , On such atork received between the lat and Slat days of August, cne fourth of one par caat, And on auch stock received after tbe3lat day of Angus , the interaat accrued th?reon. and cne day'a additional In'erest only, will be pwld Certiflrat's of auch stock transmitted nnder this notice mu>t be daly assigned to tlie United Statej by the pertv entitled to receive the pur. chase money , and whaii sent prior to tba lat J uly the current half yaat'a Interest mu t klso be as* signed by the present stockholder ctberwUe such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice 1* farther given to holders of other stocks af the United States tba* this department will purchase tba same between the 1st day of ( June and the lat day of December neit, unle*, the aumof $1,500 000shall be previously ob alned and will pay for the tame, In addition to the in terest accrued from the day of the last divider.* of Inter?*', and one day's additional Into.est for the money to reach the vendor, tba following iatr? of prealam: Ob atock c.f tbe loan of 18li, a premium of l? per cant.; On at ?k of the loana of 1947 and 1948 a premium of 19 per cent ; And cn atock Issued under the act of 9tb Sep tember, I860, commonly called Taxaa Indemnity stock, a premium af 6 per cant. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to tbe Vnlted States by the per. ty entitled to reoeive the money ; and If s< nt pre vious to the 1st July, the eurrent half-year's In tetest must also be asslgnad by the present stock holder, otherwise the laterast for the half year to that day will be payable to kim aa heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stacks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at B<?s* ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as tbe parties entitled to receive the money miy direct. JAME8 GUTHRIE, m'29-dtlSN'ov Secretary of the Treasury FIRST WARD TICKET. The Friends of Civil ai<d Religious Llbe:ty announce the following Ticket for the First Ward For Mnyr?WM B. MAGRUDER For Aldermen?WM T DOVE, frcr the un expired term?GEO. W. R1GGB For Common Coii?r,/_JNO. B TURTON CHAS ABtRT, D C LEE F*riii??w-WM. HIGGLER. m9W-3< [Intel , Union, and News copy, and charge Stir otnee J THIRD WARD INlOil TICKET. FOR MAYOR WILLIAM B. M &GK L'DER ALDERMAN JOHN H. GODDARD. COMMON COUNCIL LAMBERT TREE. MARTIN V B BOB AN. WILLIAM P HOWELL, Jr ASSESSOR. GEORGE T LAN t? LEY. St First ward election notice , SECOND PRECINCT. Notice la hereby given that an election will u held in tbe above preclact on Monday, tbe *a day of June, 1896, at the bouse of C and M Hlne* oa Twentieth street, between H s'reet and Pennsylvania avenue, south side, ter Mayor, ese member of tba Board of Aldermen. three mem bers of the Common Council, and one Assessor to represent said Ward. And at tbe sjme time and place one member of tbe Board ef Aldermer. for the unexpired term cf William B Magruder resigned. 'I hs polls will be opened at 7 o'clock a m , arid close it 7 o'clock p m TH CRAIG, A. W DENHAM WM. H. PERKINS, Com mi sal oners of the Second Precinct of tbe ma6"lw First Ward SECOND WARD KLKCTION NOTICE. FIRST PRECINCT Notice Is bf rebv given Oat an election will be held on MON OA \ . the M day of June nut. at tbe corner of Massachusetts avenue and TwtlftL f'r Mayor of tbe cltv, one member of the Board of Aldetmen, and ibree msmbtn of tbe Board of Common Council. The above preclact emb-acea all the Second Ward corth of H atree' north The Polla will be upered at 7 o'clock ?. tu., and cloeed at 7 o'clock p m J P. DICKINSON, JOHN W SIMMS, C. L. COLTMAN, m 99-lw Commissioners Fifth ward election notice. SECOND PRECINCT Notice Is hereby given that an election will be held on MONDAY , the 2d day of J une next, at McPbenon's Drug fctore. corner of First strict ea.t and Pennsylvania ? venue, in the Second Pn ? clnct of the Plfth Ward (eiiibraclng all that por tion of the Ward south of tba line ef l ennsil vanla a* en tie) for Mayor one member of the Board of Aldermen, three members of lbs Board of Common Council, and an Assessor. The Polls will be c pened at 7 o'oloek a m , and closed at 7 o'clock p m. JAS A BROWN, JOHN P INGLE, JOHN McCAULKV, Commissioners of Flection m 99-1 w for Second Precinct of Fifth Ward FOB THE D1M0CKATIC CONVEHTION TO RE HELD IN CINCINNATI Oi Meadayt Jane 9, 1946. Fare for tbe Round Trip only Sixteen dollaii Round trip tickets will be i* aued by tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com anv to Delegates and others who may desire to attend the Convention at Clocinsatl. at Omr Half the Utval Ratet of Fare! Fare for the Round Trip oalv 8.6. Tickets good to return until the 14th of June ' and muat be procured beforestsrting, or tee usual fare will be collected In both direction* WM. 8. WOOD81DE, m29-lw Master Transportation COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned HAVING TAKFA tbe Store occupied by tbe late firm of E. t??? dey & Co , respectfully Inform their friend* aid the public that they will couth.ue tbe business under the name of Gacaa A Losaho, and w?U spare no pains to sustain the reputation eajt-yed by the late firm Oar stock of Goods for the >ea son Is complete, to which tbe attention of our friends and the public Is Invited. H GRUBB, Late of E. Godey A Co M. LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, <V3 Eighth st. near Ave. ICT All persons indebted to the 1st* firm of E Godey A Co., will confer a favor by closing their accounts without delav. mt9-9w GRUBB A^LOSANO JUST RECEIVES. 1 AH DOZEN SCOTCH ALU 1UU 100 do BROWN STOUT 100 doxea Old J a notice RUM 90 do St Croix do 50 de Pale fherry W 1NE ftO do Madelia do 75 do fl ?Claret de Old Htnnessy BRANDY HOLLAND GIN 100,000 HAVANA 8EGAR8, of all brands, whole sale and retail, at JONAS P LEVY'S Wlr.e, Liquor, Sever and Grocery Store, m SH-tf No 4<4 Pennsylvania avtuue I Pennsylvania avtuue. GRAND EXCURSIONS For thf; white house pavilion on SATURDAYS.?The Steamer GEORGE washington will, leave Washington at ie o'clock a n^s!^ andria at 10%, and return to Washington before sunset. Messrs. Coke A Ce , will famish Din** and Refreshments at the Pavilion Persons wish lag to spend a pleasant day sh< uld go on tho* trips There Is a fine Ball-room aad Tea-p 1 Alley for the amusement of the p?ssenger?. A good Band of Music Is ecgsgtd for the trip* Fare for reund trip ONE DOLLAR?ChUdrse half price. JOB CORSON, m'h-d CajtaU.