Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAB. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. The Condition or thb Financbs or thb Citt ?We have heard ao much of the good condition of the finances of this city from oar talented and truthful neighbor that we have been induced to look into them aa far m Know Nothing light* afford the opportunity. Al though there is a great mystification about tha financial atatementa of the Mayor, yet he really shows by hia own figures that-they are far, very far, from being in tha condition he seema to believe they are in ; and on getting at tha real condition of things our tax payars will indeed ba startled. in the Mayor'a boastings of having reduced tha debt of the city, daring tha first yaar of hia administration, $42 966 72, ha had not the frankneaa to aay that tha Collector, (Mr. Roche.) ander the new and heavy assessment, had paid over to him in that year $37,616 34 mere than was paid to hia predecessor?thus making his boasted redaction, instead cf the large amount above stated, the mere ,;song" of $5,350 39. This is the caae when we take for granted all that he saya in this connection ia true; and we doubt this very much, for among the itams of indebtedness claimed to have been paid by him is one of $15,260 to Jay interest and principal on loan per act of one I, 1854, which waa borrowed to be car ried to the credit of the Ccrporation tor the use of tha new Mayor, (Mr Towers.) and An other item of $5,152 50 loan and intereat thereon, borrowed by himself per act of Octo ber 6, 1854 In the Mayor a statement of the debt due at the end of thia fiscal yaar, he sums them all ap at $51,094 ; and he estimates the receipts for May and June at $27,335, and (5,000 due by the Commissioner of Public Buildings, which would leave $18 459 the indebtedness, lie then goes on to say of certain amounts bor rowed on various accounts by special acta, and of what he terms unexecuted appropriation?, all of which he does not put in the indebted nesa ; but wbi*h are, in truth, debts, juat as much ao aa any othcra, and which should have been placed against the Corporation. We, therefore, fot the edification of those interest ?d, proceed to state tho account fairly, viz : Amount of indebtedness stated by tha Mayor $19,469 For purchase of School House 900 Borrowed for Fourteenth street 5,000 Steam dredging machine 7,000 Certificates issued for relaying pave oients in f irst Ward 1194 For two book and ladder compunies.. 600 Lot for engine house 1,400 Relief for Perseverance Fire Co 200 Hcse for Franklin Fire Co 425 Kelief for Columbia Fire Co 408 Relief for Union Fire Co 1,200 Relief fer Northern Liberty Fire Co.. 100 Relief for John Agnew 231 For dumping scows 1.700 $40,817 Hia estimates for May and June are set down at $27,635, but we are satisfied from the miaoranle failure of the tax sale?from which aource the Mayor calculated to receive nearly all of this amount?that he has over estimated fully 510,000, and that when the amount of the surplus and redemption funds, (which he has used and which did not belong to the Corporation,) amounting to thousands of dol lars, ia added to the amount, our city will be found in debt nearly 560.000. and this too, after the Mayor confesses that he bad been compelled to suspend many necessary im provements. The Mayor complains about the reduction of the taxes from seventy to sixty cents, as a reason which prevented him from making necessary improvements, Ac. He should be the last one to complain of the reduction, for previous to his election he is said to have stated in the Board of Aldermen that fifty cents on the $100 taxation was sufficient to carry on the city government, particularly as the new assessments were so high. Perhaps this waa a Buncombe ipeeeh. fer he altered his mind af ter he got into the office, and advocated, and now advocates, the highest rates of taxation. We believe that the citicens of Washington will never know the true condition of the city's finances until the party now in power shall be expelled from the City Hall. Let every good cititen interested in the welfare of our city go to the poll* on Monday next and set his jeal of condemnation on tkat party. Sbvbnth Ward Mbbtikg.?'Tho meeting ol the Union party in (he Seventh Ward laal night, notwithstanding the coolness and threatening weather, was largely attended and eloquent addresses were delivered by Dr. Ma^ruder, Hon. Mr. Peck of Michigan, Hon Mr. Caruthers of Missouri, andWaltoi Lenox, Esq, of this city. The speakers were well received, and enthusiastically cheered The band diacoaraed most excel lent music, and good order prevailed While Mr. Lenox was speaking, the stand on which the speakers were seated gave way, precipi tating them, the musicians, and others to the floor. Tbia little incident created some alarm at first, but when it was ascertained that no one waa hurt, quite a merriment was created, and the proceedings of the meeting continued in a pleasant and spirited manner. We have no doubt 'hat good results will follow this meeting, and that many worthy citiiens ol the Seventh Ward who have heretofore been on the Know Nothing side, will be found sup porting l)r Magruder. Thb Sunday School Cblbbbation?Acci dxst.?After the celebration at the Capitol Grounds, yesterday, the school attached tc Ryland Chapel invited the West Georgetown school to an entertainment in the baaoment ol their church. The little ones were well sup plied with the good thinga of life by tLeir hos pitable entertainers, after partaking of which both schools passed some three hours together most agreeably, singiog and speaking alter nately. We regret to add that the highly esteemed superintendent of Ryland Cbnpel school. Thot. k Gray, Esq., met with a serious accident While bidding their visitors good-bye, he fell from the steps of an omnibu?, breaking hie arm near the shoulder. Wo wish him a speedy recovery. His school can ill dispense with his valuable services. National Tmbatrk.?To-night, be it held in especial remembrance, is the benefit and last appearance of Mr Hackett, and for this night the great bill is put up of 14 The Merry W ives of Windsor'* and *'The Alarming Sac rifice " Those of our play goers who remem ber the interest which was manifested in the performance of the Merry Wives ef Windsor on the occasion of Mr Hackett'a last visit to this city?the crowded bouse and the shouts of laughter and delight with which Hackett's enactment of the outwitted knight was greeted ?will D it be slow to secure front seats to night it will be remembered, too. that the opportunities of seeing our favorite Jefferson are now reduced to the two remaining nights </[ this week. Colonists iv thb Firm Wabd?The Urgan of yesterday contains a false statement in re gard to thirty Germans going into the Fifth W'ard from Georgetown. We are satisfied that this statement is only mado to cover up aud hide the eoloniting in that ward which the Know Nothii g>-themselves aro carrying ?-n. This ayatem of colocisicg deserves the reprobation of hoaest man. Comb, why will you suffer all the Ills of bed !>ug?, eoekroaohes, moths, ants, and every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Poeder will surely rid your house ol all such For sale at Shillington s Book selling an*I Stationery Establishment, Odeon Hutlding. corner Four-and-a-half street and Pennsylvania avenue. t r. We < ill attention'of teachers to the notice in another column, of the meeting of their Association to-morrow at the Smithsonian The essay will treat a subject of importance to education, and the questions discussed at the meetings of the Association are of mueh interest t? every inquiring mind, but cf pecially so to teachers. ^ Man v or our Citizcns are leaving f?r the Convention at Cincinnati, and the hotels, which have been so crowded by strangera for weeks paat, have room for the accommodation of others. The record at one hotel gave the names of over twenty gentlemen who were to leave this utorniog TWO MbRTINQS AT TBI NaTT YaED?A Contrast.?About a week nine* an oat-door mta meeting of the Know Nothing party wai held at the Nary Yard, and several abusive, scurrilous, and inflammatory speeches were made to a crowd, one-third of whom, at least, were anti-Enow Nothings The Rev French S. Evans, " the North American Angel Ga briel,' ' peculiarly distinguished himself on that occasion by the defamatory language he applied to Dr Win B Magruder, and by the sectarian appeal which he made to the pre judices of a denomination of christians to whioh he is attached. Yet, in the face of all these provocations not a whisper of diiappro bation escaped the lips of the anti-Know Nothings, but the various speakers were lis tened to with attention, and treated with a courtesy to whioh, it must be confessed, some of them could not lay any peculiar elaim. This is one pioture; now for the other: On Thursday evening, the anti-Know No things of the Sixth Ward held an in door meeting at Odd Fellows' Hall, in the vicinity of the navy yard. Speeches were made by Senators Brown and Weller ; by Representa tives Maxwell, S. A Smith, Peck. Davidson, and Florence; and by ex Mayor Lenox and Dr. Wm B. Magruder. The speeches were able, eloquent, respectful and courteous to the opponents of the principles so triumphant^ ly vindicated by the speakers. Not one word was uttered to which the most deluded and irrational Know Nothing could take exception The field of fair and legitimate argument was alone traversed by the speakers. Yet, in such a presence, and in view of such circum stances, Know Nothing bullies gathered in front of, and at the entrance to the building, interrupted the speaker?, and made night hideous with their demoniaoal yells. The ejection of one of the intruders was the signnl for the rallying cries of the bullies of the Order, and slung shots were called into requisition, one of the anti-Know Nothings being clandestinely assaulted, and receiving a severo wound upon the face. And all this occurred in the presence of Know Nothing pelice officers and a Know Nothing justice of the peace, who looked on calmly and encour aged rather than prevented the outrageous assault. Such is the true picture. A simple narration of tne foregoing facts renders comment unnecessary. Let the people at the ballot-boxes peaceably but firmly re buke this spirit of rowdyism now rampant in the national metropolis, and encouraged and cbeercd on by some of the Knew Nothing speakers. ? New President or the Gas Light Com pany.?George W. Kiggs. Esq , of the firm of Kiggs A Cc., Bankers, ha* been chosen Presi dent of the Washington Gas Light Company in place of Silas H Hill, Esq., whose resigna tion will take effect on the 31st instant. The Directors were fortunate in the selection of a gentleman so deservedly popular and pecu liarly qualified to discharge tho duties of this I responsible office. Salr or Heal Estate.?We understand that James W. Coombshas purchased of Dan'l S. Harkness Lot 14 in square 170, improved by a handsome brick dwelling, for $2,700 This property is on F street, between Seven teenth and Eighteenth streets, being in the immediate vicinity of the War and Na?vy De partments. ?? Death of Mrs. Nailor.?We learn that Mrs. Nailor, the wife of Washington Nailor, died last night at twelve o'clock, leaving three small children to mourn their loss. Mrs. Nailor was highly esteemed by all who know her. She was a good neighbor, a kind friend, and a devoted wife. She has been in feeble health fjr some time past. Yestrrdat was a quiet Thursday compared with the corresponding day for some weeks past, when the city has been excited by oc currences that called for the action of consta bles, lawyers, and judges. The dockets at the various offices show that most of the p3tty cases were caused by the uso of intoxicating drinks. Malicious Destruction or Propbrtt. Timothy Green, drunk and riotous, was ar rested by Officer Btrrr for the malicious destruc tion of certain property. He was taken be fore Justice Offutt, and in default of security, was sent to jail. A Typographical error occurred in the communication in yesterday's Star signed " Office Holder." The paragraph in question should read, " I would like to call the atten tion of the voters of the Third Ward to the merits of one of their late members, who is a candidate for re-election, and ocghttobe sup ported without dlBtinotion of party." Pimp out or Order?Whirr are the Authorities??We learn that the pump at the corner of Thirteenth and D streets is sadly out of order and has been for some time. Will those having authority give the matter at tention ? Acknowledgment?Tho scholars of the Union Sunday School return their most sincere thanks to Mrs Franklin (of tho First Ward) for tho presenting of a beautiful flag. Watch Returns.?There were no cases for trial this morning. A champagne basket, filled with vegetables, two cane-seat chairs, a cloth similar to those used by butchers and bacon dealers on their market stalls, and two c*pper pans, have been left at the Central guard-house for identification. ? ? aa ?? ? 1 VB ? ? *' a ? The Navy Yard Meeting. ? Mr. Editor : Under the head of " City Intelligence," tho Amorioan Organ of yesterday, notices the meeting of the anti-Know Nothing party, held at Odd Fellows' hall, in the Sixth Ward, on the evening of the 23th inst , and states, on information said to be derived from a credita ble witness, that the language used by one of the orators, designated us " an old grey-head ed blackguard,' was of so foul and disgust ing a character, that one of his own party, whose house is near the hall, was obliged to shut down the windows to prevent his family from hearing it. The uudersigned is the person whose he,me is near the hall; and to correct any im pressions, and do justice to the gentleman whose character is thus slandered by the American Organ, he begs leave to make the following remarks: The undersigned is subject to sudden and severe attacks of tonsilitis, and, being seated near one of the side windows of tho hall, the cold draft of wind blew directly upon him. Remembering the advice of his physician, (Dr. Dove) in relation to his disease, and warned by the very uncomfortable feeling produced by being thus exposed to a cold draft of air iu a heated room, he arose and pulled down the lower sash of the window? the upjter sash being dvton, howefer. as were all the others in the room. This, he believes, occurred during the speech of Col. Weller? certainly uot during the speech of Mr Di vid- I son, (the venerable gentleman referred to in terms su opprobious,) who did not speak until near the close of the meeting. Subsequently, the undersigned left bis seat, and took another in the corner of the room, behind the stand, to avoid the cold wind from auother window in the end of the building, which also blew directly upon him. These are the facts in relation to the matter, and on mentioning the article in the Organ to the ladies of his family they assured him that they had heard nothing totffend them. The elder of the two, however, remarked that she did hear in the street, blasphemy aud lan guage which she did not eare to remember. In connection with this matter, the under> signed may be permitted to remark that his fam<ly have often been disturbed in the night by oommotion in the street, and regrets to say that the majority of those engaged in them were generally bis Know Nothing friends. A case occurred last Monday Dight at a late hour, when a prominent citisen of the Ward, and one who holds an official position in it, was most certainly an active participant If the "credible informant" of the Organ desire* it, the names of prominent citiiens of the Ward, of the Know Nothing party, oan be given, who oondemn in unqualified terms the disgraceful and cowardly demonstration made ?>y adherents of Silas Hill, and who say that fA'y did not hear any of the brotlul tan gunge, or anything but what they took plea sure in listening to. I am sir, your most obe dient servant, Jno D. Bra*nr. Navy Yard, May 30, 1860?It ty The young lady who refused to go into the rifle manufactory because some of the guns had no brtecAee, is spending a few days at Na faant, looking out for ft ship that is said to be in ttayt. CT1 niitral Water*.?A (r?ih ?apply ef irofORD WATII, no Juetly r-*takrata4 tor dyspeptics Congreaa and Umpire f?l?n, from the world renowned Spring* tt Sara too Bine Lick Water, from Bin* Lick Spring* In Kenlncky. All received Uils <1*; direct. at OIL MAN'S M? Drag Store, tt* Penna. trinn. ro #-l? JUT* HtiUtttr'i Bitten hare rwelrfd the r*comm*nd<t1on of all who have given them a trial For cramp* U?ey ara Invaluable; for cbolara the oaly certain preveatltlve known ; for Indigeetlen theee Bltler*, takan oor.ting to U>a dlra ttona on tha bottla, have proves their v'rtuee beyond a doobt Daring the sickly aaaaon laat year In Pittsburg, a* well a* elaawhere, they were found excel lent, and ara represented to have dona mora for the salTbrete than any other tnedl< tne In tha markat They caa be oh talued, wbolaaala and retail, from the Drag Store of J AUKS N. CALLAN, aad all other dragglsts throughout the ceun try. m *?'" IEF Freeh l'tigr?n Water, received this dsv, .11 reat from the Spring. 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WANTED?RENTERS FOR LARGF and airy Rooms for the summer Price 81( Ber month, nicely furnished Address" Rooms' lox 3, Star Office lt? WANTED?A NURSE, WHO CAN COM* well-recomrn?nded Apply at No. 2'J7 F street, between 12th and 13th streets. It* WANTED?A GOOD DINING ROOM servant at LLOYD'S Union Hotel, near th< Railroad Depot. in 30 3t A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD EDUCATIOPi and character desire* a position from whlcl be may realize a support. Permanent situatioi more an object than much compensation now Best of reference. Address through Post otUci N.C. A. m30-2t# Rooms wanted ?one large, of two common alied rooms wanted for flv< months, to be convenient and public of access and well ventilated. Situated between 7th ant 13th streets, and the avenue and H street, prefer I'd. Address for five days Bex 121 City Po? Office m 30-3t* WANTED?A DWELLING HOUSE furnished or unfurnished. It must not b< large, but convenient and tasteful; have nea grounds with shrubbery, and a cistern of water may be either in Watliington or Georgetown mu?t not be upon Pennsylvania avenue, nor so fa from it or the chief omnibus routes, as net to b< reached by pavement. Whoevfr has a hous< capable of meeting these conditions to a fair ex tent, can And an acceptable and permanent tenan by addressing R. P., care of MaJ. P. Lindiley and stating location, terms, &e. Possession re quired by the 14th of June. in 30-1 w* WANTED.?TWO APPRENTICES TC learn the dresi making at No. 430 14th street between H and I. ?> >> TAILOR WANTED TO GO TO WARREN ton, Virginia. He must be a good workman Good pr ce given. Apply at this office m Vt 3 WANTED ?A WOMAN TO WASH ANI iron; with good recommendations. Applj at No tw Montgomery street, Georgetown. m SiU-tt WANTED ?A WHITE SERVANT Womar to cook for a small family, (American oi English preferred ) A tidy, good cook required Apply at No. 96* 14th street, near L. miM WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A YOUNG man who unde stands Ice cream mailing or one to l? am tbeconfectionery bnflness A ppl) to J. G WEAVER, opposite llrowns' Hotel. N li ? Ice Cream, Water Ice, and Roman Punch, $2 per gallon. m t8-3t* ANTED IN GEORGETOWN. ?AN active colored girl of IS to 15 years <d age, by the year or for a term of yeara If capable and willing, she would be mid? an accompli?hed housekeeper. A desirable place caa be secured by a suitable person on application at this office. m 28-3t* A COOK WANTED?TO ONE WHO comes well recommended liberal wages wi 1 be given. Apply at No. 410 9th street, between H and 1 m28-3t A YOUTH DESIRES A SITUATION TO learn some respectable trade, or in a counting room or soinethl g of the kind. Good New York and Washington references can beglvea. Plea*e address O. F. P. at the Star Offios. ra*8-4t? WANTED?BY A respectable Yocn woman a situation as chambermaid an seamstress, or to travel with a family The best of refeience if required. >pply at No. M90 <th street, between H atd 1. m2a-3t* WANTED?A GERMAN OR AMERICAN middle aoed W oman to cook for a family of three per on*, aud resl Je for the Summer about th mile* from the city, in the country. Ad dreas, Immediately, Box City Post Office, m -6-tf W BOARDRTO. Hoarding can be had for ladies and gentlemieu at No. 473 on Sixth street, be tweeu D aad E. Families without children pre f. fid. m 30-eo3;* A CARD ?G E N TLK M E N, WITH OR without families, can be accemmodated with pleasant apartments, aud choicest boatd at No :<65 C street, between 6th and 4^ streets, in a flae neat^and comntodlous hoase in the moat desirous and pleasant locatlou, handsome, neat and com fortaOly furnished. m 5Jy?3t? 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I *200 yardi Bonnet Ribands, of various patterns Florence,Satin, Crape Lisle Velvet and Satin Ribands, Feathers Bocnet Wire, Whalebone, Cords and Tassels

Trunks, miscellaneous Goods Ac Geld Watch and Chain, one Dressing Bureau. Terms eiah ANTHONY BUCHLY, Administrator, m 30- JAS C. McGUlRW, Auct*r._ By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Acctloneer. TWO VALUABLE BUILDING I OT8 AT Pnbllc Sale On THURSDAY AFTER NOON , May 29th, at?,K o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lots Nos. lft and 17, In Webb ana Bradley's subdlvition of Square No. 589, each frcntln: 83 feet4 Inches on north I, between TMrd and Fourth streets west, running Lack that width ninety feet to a public alley. These lots are well located, in a very rapidly improving part of the city, and ara very desirable for medium sited housm, from the fact of tbejn dlclous manner in which the lots have bee n laid off, affording ample room, without any waste giound. Terms at sale. m88-d JAS. C. McGUlRF, Auct'r. IDT The above sale la peatpoaed nattl WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Jun?4th, sam* hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIKK, m 3o-d Auctloueer, By JAS. C. UcGUlRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BlILDING LOTS AT THE v Nary Yard at Fabllc Sale ?The subscri ber will sell at public sale, on FRIDAY, the 6th day of Jun?, 185ft, at ft)j o'clock p. m , on tbe Bremises. Lola Nos. 11. 13, 13, and 14, in Square o. 101s, the whole fronting 173 fe?t.?Indies on I3:h ttreet eas and 175 feet on south M street, running beck to a 30 feet alley. The lots will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and from their proximity to the Navy Yard offer a vervfavorable ooonrtunlty to persons desiring either to build or invest. Terms : One-third cash, and balance In A and 1? months, for notes bearing Interest. secured upen the property; and if not compiled with in six days arier tbe sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of tbe purchasers All convey incing at the expense < f the pure has era CI1S. S. WALLACH, Attorney m30-eo&ds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By C. W. BO'JTELER, Auctioneer. Peremptory saleofa valuable Let in ttoe First Ward.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON. June 2d. at ft o'clock, I shall positively sell without re?.erve. on the premises, tbo while i f Lot No 21, In Square No. 79, front ing 61 feet, running back 150 feet 9jt Inches, coa ta'nl:ig 0.199^ square feet. This property is most beautifully located on Twe-nty-first street west, between north H and north G streets, in the most desirable part of (he First Ward Terms: One-fourth cash; balance on a credit of 6 and 12 months, with notes bearing Interest, ? enured by a deed in trust on the property m 30 d C. W. BOTELER. Auct'r. ByC. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer SALE OF A VALUABLE LOT AT AUC. tion near the Railroad Depot.?On TUESDAY, Jun^- 3d, at 6 o'clock p. m , I shall sell, on the premises, part of equare 63<>, fifty feet from the southwest corner, and adjoining Foy's Hotel, and opposl e the Railroad Depot. This lot front. 29 feet on D street, by about 95 feet deep, aiid would make an excellent business location. Titl<* perfect. Terms: One-fourth cash; ba'aice acredit of ft, 12, and 18 months, for nctes bearing interest, tsccured by deed in trust on the properly. m2S-eod C W. BOTELER, Auct'r. TOR SALB AND REtfT. [?EE F1R?T PAGE FOR OTKSK NOTICES ] For rent-a furnishkd pari ok and chamber, situated near the Patent Office. Addre>s Box No. 12, at this odice. m 30-3t F'OR SALE OR RENT ?ONE OF THOSE large and commodious Dwelling Houses, on O s'reet, between First and Second, No. 455. The house contains water, gas, ar.d other convenien ces. making it very desirable for a family real dene cf tie first class. Inquire next door, of JOHN H WARD, Twelfth street and Canal m 3U~eo6t - FOR RENT ?TWO ROOMS, with Board, at No 403 F street. In Union Row, and the immediate vicinity of the Patent Office. an 28 3t? ROOMS AND BOARD.?NEATLY FUR nlshed parlors and bed rooms with board can J?e obtained in a small genteel boarding house at No. 2t*4 G street north, between 13th and 14th streets. Families without children preferred, m 2t lw BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?The subscribe?, intending to move nearer to his place of busiaes3, offers at Frivate sale the place at which he now resides, t is situated on no:th Boundary street, between Second and Fourth streets, ou side Lh<. city limits, combining all the advantages of a town and country residence, t-elne only one and a half miles from the Centre Market, and free from all city taxes, which is an item worthy of consideration. It is a perfectly healthful neighborhood, being as elevated as the ground on which tbe Capitol star.ds The house is large,containing 17 rooms, with high and lofty ceilings, wide halls, Ac , and Is in e>ery w?y calculated for any one wishing to entertain, having six rooms on the principal floor; is heated by furnace Hot and cold water in tbe bath-room and kitchen. About eleven acres of ground are attached, all under cultivation, an orchard of old trees < f choice frul in good bear ing condition; a never-failing pump or excellent water at the door. For funher particulars, terms, Ac , arplyto Z D OILMAN, New Drug store, 350 Pennsyl vania avenue. C ty property will be taken In part payment if desired. Ui2tf 6t FfOR SALE ?HAVING MADE ARRANGE ments to engage In another business 1 will s-?U tbe entire stock and fixture* of my Confec tlmeiy Establishment The ftand is one of the best In this city, having been long esfciblisLed, aLd doing a fine business Bad health compels me to change. Inquire at this office m2fl-lw For sale ?a beautiful wood lot (of about 8 acres) on the plank road, 4 miles from Washington. It would be difficult to find a prettier site for a country residence, or one posses sing greater advantages, in the neighborhood of the city, inquire at this office. m23-lrn* &(?(} R E W AR D.? 1 WILL PAY THE Ovfabove amount to any one who will return me a Horse stolen from my stable on the night of the 26th Inst. He is a light dap pie prey, about 15 hands high, Las white mane and tall, and fore-top cropped. He is between 7 and 8 years old. He has a sllg >t scar from a sad dle, and is supposed to be spavined In his near hind leg. PARKE G HOWLE, m 27-lw 14th street, Island. IOR MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FR1DAYS ?FARE. ROUND TRIP, 81; FROM _ ?tT~- k ALEXANDRIA75CENTS -The steamer THOHAS COLLYER leaves \\ ashing ton at V and Alexandria at9)f o'clock. Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 81f o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wfahing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat. ap 2-tf SAM'L 6EDNEY, Captain MEDICAL CARD. DR H. PERAHEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an. haa the honor to offer his services to the inhabitants of Washlagton and vicinity. Office on D street, two doors west of 0th, where he will be found from 9 to 12 a. m , and from 4 to 6pm Residence on I atreet, No. 188, between 20th and 21st streets. N. B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. m lft-3m OFFICE REMOVED. DR. van PATTEN, DENTIST, WILLBE happy to serve his patrons at his residence,"Cedar Hill,'' on Pennsyl-AMEsi vanla av near Georgetown, where^-ex/ r nr his greater comfort, convenience and retirement will enable him to do his friends better justice, and their comfort, he believws, will Insufficiently gre*ater to compensate for the distance. m 28-d 1 w MRS. M. E. HARVEY, (SuccBssoa to Jams F. Habviy, dichhd,) UNDERTAKER, JVe.410 St ventk ttreet, between O and U, EGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC 1 ttat she has in her employ the same persons that were lormerly< In the establishment, who are fully competent to conduct the Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to calla, day or night, as heretofore. m 19-ftm B VAST OFF CLOTHING Bought and sold at 78 Louisiana aveaue, opposite Holmead'a Grocery, near Sem noes'. Address, through Post Office, to "Mr. Tailor." m7-lm* N. B?Wanted, a Hand to aaaiatat Tailoring and Repairing AUCTION SALES. [?.? ??? mi IOE OTBKE !?.?, ] By A GREEN, Auctioneer Great chance for iuvmtsimt, IpedlatUi, nnd Building Pirp?Mi. I shall sell, without reserve, on TUESDAY, the loth d?y of June, A D. 1^6, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premise*, all that valuable property front ing 3*8 feet on New Jersey avenue, between K and F street* north, and one square from the rail road depot, being lots made In the subdivision ol original lots 3. 4, and 5, in square 022 These lots front n feet 6 Inches each, on New Jersey avenue, and run back with the time width to a tan alley. Terms : One-sixth cash ; balance In 1, 2. 3. 4, and 5 years, with Interest, payable semi-annually and secured by deed of trust on the premises. The title to the above pro perry is perfect In ev eryrespect This property c'alms more than ordinary atten tion, being situated on t>n? of the Anest sveaut-s. In one of the most rapidly improving portions ol th3 city, the second square from the Capitol grounds, and having the advantage of the Im provements which will be made by the Govern me t on that avenue In planting trees, laving down gas-pipes, grading. Ac. It will be sold at whatever may be bid for It without reservation A pl&t of toe lots may be seen at my aucttor rooms, corner 7th and 1) streets m \><t-d A. GRKKN, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Excellent furniture and Hemae keeping Effects at Fablic Auction.-Oi TUESDAY MORNING. June 3d, at 10 o'clock at the residence of Colonel B. F. Lamed, oi 13th street, between E and F streets north, 1 shall sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, viz: Two elegant Kcmwo d French Sofas, flnlshef with rich silk Brocatelle Handsome Hrocatelle covered Arm. Eavy, ant fancy Chairs Rosewood and Walnut Marble-top Tables Lounges Rocking Chairs, Ottomans, Footstools Walnut Whatnot, Rout Tables Handsome Gilt Mantel Clock, Va*es, and Orna merits Brussels. Three ply,and Ingra'n Carpets. Ruga Brussels StRlr Carpets, Oiiclctb, Kodsand Eyai Mahogany French Bedstead, Wardrobes Do dressing Hureaus, dressing Tables Do *-ofas, VVo:k?tand?, Washs ands Feather Beds Bolsters, and Pillow* Hair and Husk Ma tresses, BJank< ts, Comforts Large quantity of Ta? le and Bed Linen Common Bedsteads. Washstand?, Chairs, Tab!* Curtains, fchndrs. Easy Chairs, Lounges Mthogany Sideboard, Secretary and Bookcase Mahogany Dining Tables, Side Tables, Butler'i Tray Silver plaud Tea get, Castors, Liquor Stand Handsome Dinner Set Gold band Dessert and Tea Service Cnt Glassware. Tabl^Cutlery, Waiters Excellent Refrigerate Kitchen Utensils A. ALSO? At 4 o'clock. In front of the premises. I shall sel a nearly new Family Carriage. Terms: t30 and under cash; over that sum credit of 60 end 90 days, for satisfactory endorse" notes, bearing Interest. P. 8 ?The House is for Rent Inquire on th premises or of the Auctioneer. m 20-d JA8. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen firni ture, four Gross of Knivee and Ferks Excellent Family Carriage and Rnggy, Ac at Anctioa.?On SATURDAY, the31st Instant 1 *hall sell, in front of my store, at 0 o'clock a. m an extern ive assortment'of? Housekeeping walnut and other Furniture Feather Beds Carpet*, Matting, Oilcloths Bureaus. Bedsteads, Sideboards. Chairs, Ac. 4 gross of Table Knives and Forks Carpenter's and Cabinet Tools 1 excellent and nearly new one-horse Family Car rlage I excel lei. t Buggy Wagon, both built in Wash lngton te order Terms cash, for ail except the Carriage, whlcl a credit will be given of 60 and 00 days, for satis factorily endorsed notes bearing interest, m 23-d A GREEN, Auct Will be added to the above sale a fine yoke o young oxen, cf large size and well broke. A G. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED Prep erty on Nerth II, between 4th aid 5tt streets west, at Anction.?On FRIDAY , tv< 30th Instant, I shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. m., li front of the premises, all of Lot No 7 In squan No. 517, having a front on North H. between 4tl and 5th streets west, of 30 feet 3 inches, runnint through to and fronting 30 feet on Massachusett: avenue?the average depth of Lot f<om street t< avenue is 130 feet 3\ tticbes?with the Improve rnents, which are a good three-story frame nouse containing eight conveniently arranged roomi and passage j also, a good storeroom, with foui rooms attached, adjoining the dwelling, with i large atabie, carriage, and wcod house fronting on the avenue. The above deecr.bed property is handsomely located la the most rapidly Improving part of thi city, and presents main- inducements to personi wishing to make a good investment. Terms: One third cash; balance In 6, 14 and 1: months, the purchaser to give notes for the defer red payments, bearing Interest from day of sale a deed given and a deed of trust taken m 16-c-oAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctlcneer. Handsome square of ground fronting on Connecticut avenue, l?tt street west K and L streets north, at Asc< tien.?On THURSDAY, the 5th June, I ehai sell, at 5 o'clock p in., in front of the premises Square No 164, bounded by the above-mentioned ?treets, beautifully located a little north of La fayette Square. It will be subdivided, ?ithai alley through the square, and sold in lots to sul purchasers Terms: One fourth cash ; bal nee In 6, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing Interest from the day ol ?ale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tit>e Indisputable. m 26 eoAds A. GREEN, Auct'r. rUHUITKE'S SALE WILL BE EX a. posed to public sale on SATURDAY. th< 31st day of May, at 4 o'clock, p m., at the mar ket house, Georgetown, D. C., the following de scribed property, lying and being In Falrfai county/in the Stat - of Virginia, under a deed ol trust from Henry Schueir and Elizabeth his wife to the subscribers, to secure a debt due to Henr] C. Stroinan. Beginning at a mulberry tree desig nated on the original plat with ietter G ted run nlng south fifty-one and one-half degrees East sixty live poles, then North forty-four degrees. East sixty-eight pous, then North eighteen de crees East forty-nine poles, then North fifty-five deg.-ees. Weal twelve poles,then N orth two degreei west eighty-nine poles until it strikes the Plmmett Kun, tnen by aul with the meandering of the said run, until it Intersects a line from the begin nlrg on the original plat from point G to K of a course north eighteen degrees east to the begin ning, containing seventy five acres more or Ie?s One-half thesouthwe^t part, with Improvements, Is the portion to be sold. The terms of the sale are cash. Three hundred dollars of which is to be paid as earnest money Immediately after the sale. In default of sucn payment the property will be Immediately again offered for sale until the terms are compiled with WM H WEST, > .. B. F. MACKALL, J m 13-eota ByJAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. rPRUSTEE S SALE OP BUILDING Lote A en the Island.? By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date the 12th day of May, 1S53, and re cord'd in Liber J.A.8 , No 76, folios 217 and *18, the subscriber will sell, at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of June, 185?, *t?u o'clcck p. in , on the premises. Lota Nos 14 and 20, in tquare No. L43, Lot No 14 fronting 47 fret on 4^ atreet west, by 75 feet on tonth K street, and Lot No 20 fronting 50 feet on south K atreet, be tween 3d and 4^ street* west, by lltt feet? inches deep to a 30 foot alley. The Lote will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and offer a very favorable opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest, being in a rapidly Im proving part of the city. Terms : One-half eash ; the balance In six and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest, se ured upon the property; and If not complied with In live dayB after the sale, the property will be resold upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchasers. All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chasers. CHAS WALLACH, Trustee. m 28-eoAds J AS. Q, McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AND Three New Twe-storjr Frame Houses at Anctien.?On FRIDAY, the 6th of June. I shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. ra , In front of the premi ses, a very handsome Building Lot ? n the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 18th streets weit. nearthe War Department, being the weet half of Lot No 9, In Square No. lt>6, having a front on Pennsylvania avenue of 30 feet, running back about 114 feet to a 20 foot paved alley And Immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall s-11, iu front of the premlres, Lot No. 26, In Square No. 28, the eaat part of which fronts 40 feet II Inches on 24th street, runnln? back 100feet to an alley; the weet part of the let has the same front on a wide al ey, on which Is three conveni ent new two story frame houses; ell of which will be aold separately or in lots to salt purchasers. Terms of sale of the lot on the avenue will be one third cash, balance In ?, 12, 18 month*; for lot 26. la square 28, wl h the Improvement*, one-fourth cash, balance In 6, 12, 18, and 21 months, for no ee, In all caoee of credit, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. mii# d A. UBLEN, Auct'r. TELEGRAPHIC BTBWB FROM THl ASSOCIATID PBStt BY llttDIl PHIRTIIIfl TKLBORAPN. Emigration to Viasrsffua Naw Oblrars, M*t 29 ?Tho body of Kt lucky emigrant* under Col. Allen, destined for Nicaragua, arrived horo to-daj. Further from Iimu Chicago. May 29 ?Data* from Fort Leaven worth to Saturday saj that Uov. Shannon had called out tha troow stationed at difsreut point*, and that tho Miaeoariana vara return ing h<>me. Ohio State Council Cikcisrati, May 2a.?The Ohio A??ri;an State Council, in aeasioo at Columbua yester day, chose E P. Morton and J. N Guthrie u delegates at large to tha National Counoil to asacmble at New York ou tha 3d of June; also delegates from each Congressional diaSrk t. The electoral ticket nominated u pledged to kupport Fillmore and l>onel?on Republican Stats Convention. Circirrati. May 10.?The Republican State Convention met at Columbua yesterday. Res olutions condemning tha assault upon Mr. Sumner, advocating the immediate admission of Kansas as a State, with the Topeka consti tution, and deelaiing that Congreas has the power to prohibit slavery in the Territory, were adopted. A vote of thanks to Senator Wada for his course in regard to the reoent oeiault upon Mr. Sumner, and to Mr L D Campbell f< r his resolutions in regard to the aame affair, was passed. The Cincinnati Convention CiRCiRRATf, May 28 ?The city is in a great fever about the convention, delegates and outsiders are coming in by every train. The following Slates are represented this evening : Mississippi, 13 ; Louisiana. 6 ; Tex as, 6; Arkansas, 4; Massaohuaetts, 4 ; Maine, 4; New Hamfahire, 5; Rhode island, S, Pennsylvania, 18 Every State in the Union except three have engaged quarters at tbe Burnet House, inclu ding tbe Hards and Softs of New Tork. Hew Orleans Market*. Niw Oblrars, May 29.?The Cotton mar k?>t is unchanged; sain to-day of 2,600 bales There is a good inquiry, bat the sapply is limited. The steamer's news had bo effect upon the market. Sugar?fair 7ia8e , with a limiied supply. Corn is a tiifle lower (and dull. Pork S17 50. Lard in tierces 10c., in bbls llic. Baltimore Markets Baltimore. May 30.?Flour is steady; How ard street 26; nothing done in other brand" Wheat is 3 to 4c. lower, but the market is unsettled. Corn is steady; white 60a62c ; yellow. 48a51c. Provisions are firm. Bacon?shoulders 8ia 8ic ; sides 9iaPjc Men pork is nominally quoted at $18 75. Lard lOiallie., in bbls. and kegs. Hew Tork Markets Nbw York, May 30?Flour has declined ; sales cf ft,000 bbls.; common to good Stato 55 75a$6: common to low extra OdIo fA 2.r?a **?50; good to standard Southern $6.50aSA 87*; fancy to extra do. S7a$rf Wheat is heavy; sales of 10.006 bushels. Corn is unsettled ; sales of 30,000 bushels Pork is unsettled; sales of ftOO barrels ; mese 518 50 Beef is firm, sales of 250 bbls ; Chi cago repacked 512 Lard is buoyant; sales of 400 bbls. at 11c. Whisky is firm; ealec of 400 bbls ; Ohio at 262c. Financial New York, May 30 ?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Rock Island 91$; Illinois Central stocks 97!; Michigan Southern 97}; New York Central 931; Pennsylvania Coal Company 100; Reading 89; Virginia 6's 93}; Missouri ? s 84 J, Illinois Central bonds 87. Sterling exchange is dull at 9|. ARRIVED THIS DAT I JUST RECEIVED, PER SCHR. GEOR6F.. one cargo cf LORBERRY COAL, far c ook i?r pnrp?jd. Thoee who use coal for cooking should not fhtl to give It a trial, as It la warranted superior to any ever brought to this market Sat it/action given, or mo tale also, on bard? Hickory, White Ash. Ked Ash, Uak and Pine Cray Ash and Cumberland WOOD. COAL. 1I~7" Coal und* r cover, delivered free from alate ana dirt. T. J. A W. M. GALT, m28- N. W. cor. ltth end C st a, No 647. For u o st o n.-thk fast-sailing Schooner SYLVAN US ALLEH. Cap tain brafton Sears, Jr , ha* arrived sndg will h&ve quick dispatch for the above port. For Freight apply to HARTLRY a BRO, m 29 101 Water street, Georgetown. A bro:aer MKS. ttKOEGE, LATE FROM ENGLAND wishes to Inform the population of Wash ington end Georgetown that she can be eeen and consulted on s ch subjects as love, marriage, law suits, absent friends, loaaee. Ac. She experts to remain in the city but a short time. Her residence Is No. 80 F street neth, be tween aid acd 23d atereu, oppotitethe Obeerva tory. Name on the door 4 Gentlemen 50 cents? Ladies 26. Hours from V a m., to 9 o'clock p. m, m 19 3w* _ ftlAA REWARD.-RAN AWAY ON the 1"" 23d Instant, (cm the subecri ber s Farm, in Charles county, Maryland, my Negro Man MADISON, who is about 21 or 22 years of age, ar.d of copper color j? weighing abcut ItO pounds He and his brother (who has fince been taken) went off together, and trek a variety of clothing He Is suptoeed to be either in Washington or Ita neighborhood, and I will give the above reward of one hundred dollars for his apprehension and lodgment in Jail at.y ah- re, so that 1 recover him LAURENCE POSEY, Allen's Fresh P. O , Charles county, Md. m 2?-4t ll'MVIKR SAD IRONS. JUST RECEIVED, A LOT OF CHARCOAL SAD IRONS, which are warranted te eave the price of the Iron in one week, together with many other useful articles for housekeepers, al ways on hand and for aale low for caah. JOS L SAVAGE. Sign of the Golden Saw, m 26-St Pa av , bet. 10th and 11th eta GOOD THINGS ARK IN ARUNDANtE AT RIOKNOUk f COS. WF. HAVE JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER lot of FRENCH CANDIES, direct from Paris, to which we lavite the attention or aur friends and the public, vis : Chocolate Caromel, Chocolate Cream Drops, Soft Gum Drops, verv Hue and all flavors ; the Oriental Fig Paste, from Turkey; Bloomer and Conversation Loaenges, soluble for modest young men t? visit tbe ladles with; Hock Csndy, and Mixed Candy, very cheap ICECREAM n.ade of pure cream at S2 per gallon We shall say nothing abcut it; the peop.e aay It Is the beat they ever est Please call axd try it U. H RIDENOUR A CO , No Jot Pa. avense, bee. Oth and 10th sta m 28-eo3t . (Orgaa) rpHE STEAMER OEOROE PAGE IS 1 now running regularly between m ^ x Washington end Alexandria at the^^^^B^ following hours: Leave Alexandria 48, 10, It, 2^, 4 and f 'clock. Leave Washington?*. 0,11, Ik, 3*, 6* e o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain mar 24 D' DR. J. THORNR, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN ft 8 URGE OH, orncB Ann rrsiorrcr, Corner 13th at. and New York sveasa, WASHINGTON, D C. ORce hour*?a to 10, 2 to 4. 8 to 10. n7-4a?s ARIEL CAMPBELL. IN I'LOSINO MIS present business, would thank his customers for their klr.d patronage, and la doisg so, amies that their reapeettve aecounta are made out, and that prompt pavment will be expected All to whouhe Is indebted will plea*e praeeat their bills. _ m%m UbT ARRIVED? _ 50 caw Tu ner Brothers' Ginger Wine, Raap berrv and B jack berry Brandy, and dally expected a choice lot of Syrupa of all flavors, for Soda Wa ters ARNY A SHIN'N, No. 57 Green street, Georgetown, m 13- (Intel A Orgaa) MR. W. HK.1RT PALMER'S PIANO PORTE CLASSIC?, Fici Dollars Per Qaarttr. Apply at GEORGE HILBU8'S Music Depot Peaasyivanla avenue mar lAAf PATEN ICR CREAM FREEZERS, ALL slaee. Prices always low. apW G. FRANCIS, 40U Seventh at.