Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1856 Page 3
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.evening star. " LOO AT. INTELLIGENCE. The Comhcnicatioh of the City Register to tl.e Board of Common Coancil, in answer to the resolution passed on the 19th instant, was received and read on Monday last; and, on motion of Mr. Abert, ordered to be printed with the proceedings ; but the crowded state of our columns hare, until now, prevented its publication. The resolution and reply is as follows: Whereas, it appears by a statement fur nished by the City Register to this Board, in compliance with a resolution of this Board, that the appropriation granted by the act of February 3, I8a5, ot $200, <4 for the casual repairs of streets, avenues, Ac., in the First Ward,'' has been overdrawn by the sum of 5460 041, as follows : 1*55. March 2 To George T McGlue, $8 44 44 Aug 27.. " 21 25 ?? Sept 1. ?? 78 25 44 Oet 1. 44 US 24 44 Nov 3. 44 58 25 1456. Jan. 16. ?< 10 50 1855. March 5. T. McNaney, 136 50 ?? Aug 25. 44 93 40 44 July 5 H. N. A J W.Eisby, 23 47 1356 Jan 12 F R Dorsett, 79 00 44 44 Martiu Conner, 6 00 4* June 8 WO Bitner, 6 90 1365. April 9 Joseph Goodyear, 5 25 44 June 8. J. Sinnett, 1 50 And that the appropriation of May 17, 1855, making appropriations to pay the expenses of cleansing the city, of $525 50. has been overdrawn in the sum of $242 56. as follows: 1855 July 3 To George T. McGlue, 175 25 44 Aug 2. 44 87 50 44 Sep: 1. 44 87 75 44 Oct 1. 44 114 00 54 Nov. 3. 44 1 39 50 1856 Jan 16 . 44 1 62 06 1855 Oct. 1. AG Smoot, 3 00 Therefore reso/vtd, That the City Register he required to exhibit to this Board, under whose direction and by whose authority these amounts have been so overdrawn from the city tressury. Register's Orrica. May 26. 1S56. Sir I received a copy of the preamble and resolution adopted by the Board of Common Council May 19, 1856; the preamble stating '? that the appropriation of two hundred dol lars for the casual repairs of streets, avenues, Ac , ia the First Ward. approved February 8, 1855, has been overdrawn by the sum of %4^O.06;:> und that the appropriation to pay the expenses of cleansing tne city, approved May 17, 1855, has been overdrawn in the sum of i242 56; and the resolution requiring "the City Register to exhibit to this Board under what authority and by whose direction these amounts have been so overdrawn from the city treasury " In reply to the above I would respectfully state that the above sm<unts for the casual repairs of streets avenues, Ac., and for clean ing the city have been paid to the several }?rsons who were engaged in that work by the commissioners of the Wards, under the direction and by the approval of the Mayor. By referring to the books of this office I find that the appropriations for the casual repairs of streets, Ac., and the appropriations for the removal of nuisances have been repeatedly overdrawn during the past six years; and it would seem that these appropriations, from their nature, have been considered as contin uous rather than special, nor is it to be sup pose-1 that work cf this character should cease immediately on the amounts appropriated having been expended Respectfully, Ac. Sahcel E. Douglass, Register. J. T. Clements, Esq., President of Board of Common Council. Election Notices ?It waj considered a pretty rich joke, that our Corporation author lties having advertised the tax sales in a pa per having no circulation, were obliged after wards to announce to the public through the oolnmns of another paper where the aforesaid advertisement could be found ! They are furnishiug the public with more fun of this description, by inserting the election notices in the Organ, as, of course, they might as well f>r all practical purposes, be consigned to the dead letter office. Feeling disposed, however, to do the hand some and magnanimous thing, and in order that the public may know where they are to go, we give the places of voting in the differ ent precincts: First Ward ?First Precinct?On the north side of I street, between Nineteenth and Twen tieth streets. Second Precinct?On Twentieth street, be tween li street and Pennsylvania avenue. Second Ward.?First Precinct?At the corner of Massachusetts avenue and Eleventh street. Second Precinct?At the corner of Pennsyl vania avenue and Eleventh street. Third Wari>.?First Precinct?At the southeast corner of Eighth and L streets. iSevnd Precinct?At the northeast corner of F and Ninth streets. Foi'Rth Ward ?First Precinct?At the corner of H and Fourth streets. Second Precinct?At the City Hall. Fifth Ward.?First Precinct?At the achocl-bcuse on the corner of A street south and Third street east. Second Precinct?At the corner ef First vtreet east and Pennsylvania avenue Sixth Ward?First Precinct?At the American Hook and Ladder bouse. Second Precinct?At the Anacostia Engine house. Seventh Ward?First Precinct?At Is land Hall. Se- ond Preeinct?At the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. The Wkather.?Our Georgetown lriend '? B.." again favors us with the racge of the thermometer for the past week, beginning at noon of Saturday, May 24, and ending this morning : Morning Moon. Night. Saturday ? 78? 76? Sunday 70J 72 60 M' nday 53 70 66 Tuesday 52 75 70 Wednesday 66 73 64 Thursday 56 79 58 Friday 48 59 52 ?Saturday. 44 ? ? Awrage height of the thermometer in the mornings from 25th to 31st of May, inclusive, 04'. AW ?This morning, (May 31,) frost Tues day, (June 2,) new moon between 6 and 7 p. m. Tbe gross Battles, mentioned some time sin?-e in tbe Star, seem likely to be terminated through the interference of the County offi cer! The boj? from the Second and Seventh Wards have been engaged in these encoun ters Throwing stones id an offence against the Corporation, as well as the United States law. Complaints were made to Justice Clark, and about thirty boya have been identified in both wards If these cases are sent to court the parents of those engaged will find it r serious matter. A Dasgbrocs Lunatic.?Ruthy Davis, a colored girl, last evening obtained warrants against a number of colored women whom she said she ieared. After these were issued the mother of this girl went to the guard-house and charged her daughter with an attempt to kill her The girl was sent to jail for a fur ther hearing. This morning, the mother went to the guard house and proved that the ?irl was a langer 'US lunatic- The cases against the other parties were dismissed, and she was committed to await the notion of the giand jury The Citt ?The city was very quiet last night, though in tbe vicinity of certain politi cal meeting* attempts were made to get up a little noise ; but the evening air, or the sud den change of weather, seemed to affect tbe ]<e< pie, and cheers were given as if all in the erowd were suffering with the ague. Some few boys and men, who had been drinking, tried to create riots by shouting and threaten ing in the neighborhood of Sixth and C streets. Cestrb Market?As usual upon the last market day of the week, tbe msrket was crowded Provisions were selling at prices much the same as during the last two weeks. The Grace Curch (Island) Sabbath School Excursion, takes place on Wednesday next, the 4th of June. Every paias, we learn, ba> beon to insure a pleasant time I 1)r MiCitTMA Aks tla Mcfiooiifs.?A report hu been circulated by some of the Know Nothings that, at a meeting held one night laat week over Farnham'a. Dr. Ma gruder spoke disparagingly of tbe Methodists and their clergymen. The statement ia ut terly untrue. Dr Magruder only spoke ofone clergyman by name, who, in this city, had dis (raced hia aacred calling by tbe courae he bad thought proper to puraue in politioa; and ar Sued to snow that all clergymen, of whatever enomfnationa, committed themselves to du plicity and falsehood by taking tbe oatha and obligationa heretofore imposed by the Know Nothing order. Not a word haa the Doctor ever said derogatory to tbe character of the Methodists as a sect We have reason to know that no one haa a more exalted opinion of the great body of tbia highly respected denomina tion of Christiana than be haa ; and he has not failed to give ezpreasion to thia sentiment whenever toe aubject haa been alluded to. National Theatre.?To-night, our favor ite Jefferson takea bin benefit ?hia farewell benefit. We are sure it will be a substantial one; for Mr. Jefferson haa won the hearty re gard and admiration of our citizens, almost aa much by his modeaty and moral worth, aa by, bia eminent profeaaional talent. While we see actors of not half thia gentleman's ability setting themselves up as stars, and practising every device to attain an ephemeral popular ity. Mr. Jefferson haa, with rare modeaty, been content to devote his talent and induatry to iffhkirg a strong and efficient atock com pany. We wish him an overflowing benefit? a proaperous Old World trip, and every suc cesa in after life A great bill is offered to-night. The ex cellent comedy of Paul Pry, in which, of course, Jefferson takea the part of Paul, with hid whit* hat and umbrella, opens the even ing s entertainment: then we have the fine nautical drama of " The Ocean Child." Mr. George Kunkel gives a favorite song. Mr. Jefferson sings Villikina and his Dinah with most approved dolorousness Jefferson after warda personates the hump-backed tyrant, in Richard III , in a manner which is bound to bringdown the house The performance o:' Weber'a fine band will give additional eclat to the occaaion. Run Opp.?A clothing merchant, Mr. Bien, has been loaing gooda for a long time paat, and his suspicions rested on a clerk in bis employ. Tbe services of county officers Kimball and Norwood were obtained, and by them a trap was laid to detect the thief. A purchase of 4 oda was made by Officer Norwood, who marked the money be gave in payment. This morning., the officer informs us, the clerk bad discovered that he was oaught, and to avoid a proaecution in the Criminal Court left the city. Mr. Bien cannot say what tbe amount >f bis loss is. The officers deserve credit for their promtness of action. The efoape of the clcrk ia co fault of theirs. Ranawat.?Yesterday, a pair of horses attached to a hack ran down Twelfth street to Pennsylvania avenue, where they turned and ran over a dray, frightening the colored dri ver nearly out of his wits. The conch upset near the corner of Eleventh street and was considerably damaged. Fortunately no one was injured by the occurrence. The hack and horses, we believe, belong to Mr. H. Tur ner. Trials.?Justice Clark was busily engaged this morning with tbe trial of about thirty ca^es against the fighting boys who have been occupying the streets and public grounds in the Seventh Ward u battle fields. A number have been held to security for peace, and othcrsdissmissed The boys sometimes attack ed grown persons of both sexes, striking them with stones and chasing them off of thectreetr. Black and white were engaged GtTNMAKEB OP Moscow, COMPLETK ?The New York Ledger, June 7, has the conclusion of the Gunmaker of Moscow. All the maga zines for June, also all the New York and Philadelphia literary newspapers, for sale at Sbillington'a Bookselling and Stationery Es tablishment. ? ? * The Weather for two or three days past ha* been remarkably cool, and we learn from several farmers that there was considerable frost in variona portions of adjoining counties Warm clothing was very comfortable, and pro tection for tbe eyes against the dust and small pebbles considerably in demand. Leslie's Ladies' Gazette is the only re liable medium of fashion. The June number, which ia for sale at Sbiljington's Book and Stationery Establishment, contains a splendid colored steel engraving, full length figures, the latest Paris, London, and New York Fash ions. ? Notwithstanding the many reports of the critical condition of Senator Sumner, we learn that he has been steadily improving for the last two days. He passed a comfortable nigbt 11 ia physicians, wh? held a consultation at ten o'clock this morning still onjoin strict repose. The New Yobe Ledger, the Flag of our Union, and Ballou's Pictorial for June 7tb, cne week in advance, at the Ncrthern Liberties Bookstore, 327 Seventh ssreet, between K and L streets. * Pic-Nic.?The English Lutheran Sabbath School give one of their pleasant pio-nics at Arlington Spring on Wednesday next. The boat leaves tbe Fourteenth street bridge at 7i o'clock in the morning. Tub Infantry Excursion to the White llouse comes off on Monday, June Vtb, please bear in mind. A Mayoralty Squib for the Doctor. Rally men ' ral y men ! ! to meet the modest In ' trud?-r Who bear* the name and title of " Doctor Ma gruder," So that he may prescribe and admln'.ater a pill To his worthy opponent, Silaa H. Hill; Tbat shall, for the present, keep him qufet Without restraining him from Lla diet' huirih rca the Doctor. W aatilngton, May UUt, 1956. | advertisement. Falsehood Revoked and Slander Repit. ted.?It having been industriously circulated throughout the Seventh ward tbat I was about to withdraw from the American party, I con sider it my duty to repel swh a calumny, in the most empathio terms Offers of pecuniary emolument were, indeed, made to me, members of tbe anti American party, on con dition of my renouncing all connection with tbe American party ; but tbe cunning and malice of the Sag Nichts came to nougut i have amongst the Magruder party some of my best peraonal friends, and I do not intend to quarrel with them on political grounds ; but I can neither be coaxed nor bullied te vote any other ticket than the American, next Monday No, even if that big brown baton Greenleafs Point was heaped full of gold and sogers, floating m wkisiyj Robert T Cross. Seventh Ward Council. May IS, 186(1.?lt? (COMMUNICATED. Two-Dollar and a-IIalp Mrs." ?Mr. Bradley, the Corporation Attorney, in his re marks. last night, at the great Know Nothing failure in front of the City llall, said that the candidates of tbe American party were iden tified with the interest of the city, and "wrra not ttno-dollar-and-a half men." This was a pretty declaration to oome from a man who was originally raised up by the clientage of men in humble circumstances, and who, now that he has grown purse-proud and has fat and wealthy clients, turns up his imperious nose and talks contemptuously of '? two-dollar-and a half men!" Did not Mr. Bradley perceive that he was insulting the great mass of bis own political friends by this most ungenerous and undignified remark ? How nice and how lordly has this new-dodged aristocrat become, when he luasts in effect that wealth is tbe proper passport to munici pal distinction \ T wo-dollar-and-a-half men, forsooth! Did Mr. Bradley recollect how, less than two years ago, he took off hia white kid gloves and graciously condescended to take hold 'jf some of the rough hands of the two-dollar-and-a-half men of his own party who were engaged in tbe disreputable work of wresting the Washington Monument from tbe management of as pure high-minded, honorable, and houeat a set of men as waa ever known in this community ? It is true that large numbers of the twa-dol Ur and a-halfmen (including some of the best of those heretofore is the Know Nothing ranks) are now united in support of Dr. Magruder; and that th?if candidat?fl for th? do?oett aft not selected with a view to the amount of prop erty they posseM; bat it is also true that united with then are many of the wealthiest men of the oitj, who do not claim any supe riority on aocount of their wealth. We ask the " two-dollar-and a-half men" to remember this intuit on Monday next, and to go to the polls to vindieate themselves by supportinf the candidate for Mayor who is no less the poor man's than the rich man's candidate. Wake up, two-dollar-and.a-half men! X. Y. Z. [ADVBRTISBMBNT. Fipst Wardbrs be on your guard ! Look out for the so called independent candidate, who has been brought out for the purpose of defeating your regular nominated candidate. There is a candidate nominated in your Ward for Alderman as independent. That same candidate has been nominated by the Know Nothings to split the outside vote, while the order has a nomination for the same office, thereby hoping to defeat Wm T. Dove, the Eresent Alderman and candidate of the antl .now Nothing party. See to your ticket car* fully before you vote, that no deception is practiced upon you. * [ ADVBBTI8BMBNT. Thb Dbath of Kbatiwo?The American Celt, an Irish paper, devotes much space to the killing of Keating by Mr Herbert. Re-, ferring to the vote by which Mr. Herbert was shielded from nn investigation, tho Celt says : " Now in relation to that division on Her bert's ease, we have a duty to perform, and we shall not shrink from discharging it. That duty is, to announce, in unmistakeable terms, to tho adopted citizens of Irish birth through out the country, that the Democratic party in Congress have shamefully deserted their duty, deserted their own professions of impartiality between different classes of citizens, and that they have, as plainly as deeds c.-in speak, de clared the murder of a man of Irish birth by one of their colleagues to be a trifle wholly un worthy even of inquiry. Is the Democratic party mad, or is it only rotten, that it should so belie itself? With half a dozen exceptions every man of the majority for Heating's mur derer is a professed "Democrat." What, then, does it mean ? Or ran it mean anything but one thing?that an Irishman born, how ever peaceable, or loyal, it is only fit to be used by the Democratic party, and when used, set up for a target, and shot with impunity. This is what it means, and to this meaning we shall hold the entire party. "Wo hold Mr. Pierce, Mr. Douglas, and Mr. fiuohanan responsible for this conduot of their confidants and supporters. They were all in Washington ; it was for days the topic of tho town ; if their friends have taken sides against the victim and against common jus tice, they are not wholly above suspicion A few days ago the blood of Thomas Keating was on the hands of but one Democrat; it has spread since then, and it is now upon tho souls of the 70 who refused all inquiry. It is on the Democratic party as a party, and accursed be ho who helps sach a party into power until that blood is lawfullj' purged away." This is pretty strong language, but tho Celt conclude s with the Following unmistakable hint: " Let them not suppose this matter is going to drop here. One 10/10 seldom dript any thin^ has it now in hand, and he distinctly warns the Democratic Representatives at Washington, that if justice is not done on the murderer Herbert, they vnll be held ar countable as the party who interposed to screen and protect him from the penalty of hi* guilt." W ho is this "one ?" The Celt is a Catholic paper Its editor is a mouth-piece for Bishop Hughes, and the above may be regarded as a threat of the Archbishop against tho Demo cratic party. He will hold them accountable "for toe Keating murder, and in order to show his power, sell out the distinctive Irish vote to Republicanism, or some other party." The language is incapable of any other con struction. The Democratic Representatives are to be judged by the Irish citizens and voters of the United States for the charges of guilt in the matter of slaying Keating. The old ally turns upon its own paity ! The Celt also severely attacks one of its Washington correspondents for venturing to (?hield Mr. Herbert by calling him an "hon orable," and saying that he deeply regrots the unfortunate occurrence. It* WANTS. WANTED.?goldsborough'S NAVAL Chronicle, one vol aire, published In Wash ington In 18*24. Second hand copies If in good order would do. m 31- FRANK TAYLOR. WANTED?A GOOD DINING KOOM servant at LLOYD'S Union Hotel, near the Railroad Depot. in 30 3t A YOUNG MAN OF 7?OOD EDUCATION and character desires a position from which he may realize a support. Permanent situation more an object than much compensation now. Best of reference. Address through Post Otiice N- C. A m30-2t? Rooms wanted.?one large, or two common sized rooms wanted for five months, to be convenient and public of access* and well ventilated. Situated between 7th and 13th streets, and the avenue and H street, prefer red Address for live days Box 121 City Post Office m 30-3t* WANTED?A DWELLING HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished It must not be large, but convenient and tasteful; have neat grounds with shrubbery, and a cistern or water; may be either in Washington or Georgetown; roust not be upon Pennsylvania avenue, nor so far from it or the chief omnibus loutes, ?s net to be reached by pavement. Whoever has a house capable of meeting these conditions to a fair ex tent, can find an acceptable and permanent tenant by addressing R. P., care of Msj. T Llndsley, and stating location, terms, Ac. Possession re quired by the 14th of June. m30-lw+ A1LOR WANTED TO GO TO WARREN ? ton, Virginia. He must be a good workman. Good pr ce given. Apply at tbli office m 29-,It T WANTED ?A WHITE SERVANT Woman to cook fur a small family, (American or English preferred ) A tidy, pood cook required Apply at No. 365 15th street, near L. m2t>-* A YOUTH DKSIRES A SITUATION TO learn some respectable trade, or In a counting room or somethi g of the kind. Good New York and Washington references can beglvea. Please address O. F. P. at the Star Office. m28-4t* WANTK.D?A GERMAN OR AMERICAN middle aged Woman 10 cook for a family of three persons, and reside for the Summer about th ee miles from the city, in the country. Ad dress, immediately, Box !?9, City Post Office, m v6- tf WANTED-?COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE obtained at a pleasant location near Bla densburg dr pot, on reasonable terms after the 15th instant. The grour.ds are well supplied with shade, making It a desirable retreat for families through the summer An omnibus ryns twice a day, beside the con'enlenee of the cars, thus sf fordlntr ample faclltles for persons having busi ness in the city. MRS. D. JONES m 6 -eolm* WANT ED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking ttlasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-ton Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work In the gilding line denu to order with dispatch Also, b lot of cast-iron Bracket", suitable for shelving, Ac , on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B.?Old Work Regllt,and Looking 61bm Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Kirkwood House. 4ec 19 JOHN WAGNER. BOARDING, A CARD ? G E N T LE M E N, WITH OR without families, can be accommodated with pleasant apartments, and choicest board at N 0 :<66 C street, between 6th and 4? streets, inatlae neat, and commodious house in the most desirous and pleasant location, handsome, neat ar.d com fortably furnished. m 20-3te Board?a few respectable me chinlcscan obtain good boaid and pleasant rooms by applying at No. 387 13th street, between H and 1. Also, two young ladles can be accom modated with board. Terms moderate. m2M-lna? DOARD, Ac.?MRS. BATES,ON THE S. W. D corner of Pennsylvania avenue and #th street Is prepared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render thoee comfortable who may favor her with their patroaage. apt?if AUCTION 6ALE8 B? Wall, BARNARD a CU , Auetio __ POSITIVE CLOSINB 8ALB OP GOLD ??4 Silver Watches, Jewelry, finrdi, Feb Cbtlai, field reu tad Pe?cile,L?cketa, aad Ria*s, Ac., at Aactlea.?On THIS (Sat urday) EVENING, at 7* o'clock, we will eell ntour Auction Rooms, the remaining stock of Jewelry, we name In part: Gold and Silver hunting-case Watchee Lever, plain and plaited Watches Fine Gold Guard and Fob Chains Fine Gold Breastpins. Earrings Lockets, Crosses and Charms Locket Breastpins, Mourning Pins Seal set and plain Rings Gold Pencils, Pens ana Cases W l'h other articles in the line not h*re enumera ted. all of which will be sold wllthout re serve. Terms: ?39and under cash; ever that sum a credit of 60 and 00 daya for notes satisfactorily endorsed bearing Interest.

WALL, BARNARD A CO., It Auctioneers. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Household and kitchen furni tare at Aactlea ?On TUESDAY, the 3d of June, I shall sell, at 10 o'clock, a. in , at the boarding-house of Mia Thompson, on th? south side of Pennsylvania avenue, corner of 4# street, an excellent and general assortment of Furniture, consisting cf In part? Mahogany Sofas, Lounges, Chairs, Bureaus Bedstead*. Wardrobes, Washstands Cane and wood Chairs, Lo.king-glasses Beds, Mattresses. Carpets China, Glass and Crockfry Ware, Ac., Ac. Terms : $85 cash ; over $25 a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notea satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest A. GREEN, m 31 d [Intel] Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. FU BLIC SALE.?BY V1RTUE Of A DEED of trust executed to me, and recorded in Liber J A. 8.. No. 94, folios Nos. 517, Ac , one of the Lands Records of Washington county, In the District of Columbia, I sball on MONDAY, the Kith of June next, at 6 o'clock p m , in front of h-5 pieuilass, titer for sale at public auction, to the highest bfdder theiefor, the folio whig prop erty to wit: All that tart of Lot 14, in Square247, beginning at a point in the dividing line of Lots No 13 and 14, distant 170 feet from Massachusetts avenue, atd runulng a southwesterly direction along to a point on said dividing line, distant from the alley 53 feet, thence In an casterlv dlrec tlon along the rear Hoe of said Let No. 14 on the alley 46 Feet 10 inches, thence In a northeasterly direction along the line of said Lot No. 14 to a point distant 170 feet from Massachusetts avenue, and thence in a westerly direction to the opposite o 1 nt of beginning After deducting from the property first above described that pat tlon thereof which was sold by Kdw'd C. Carrlngton (as Trus tie In a certain deed of tiust made and executed to him as trustee by Simon Canter and his -wife Christey, of said City and District, for the benefit ? f John P. Hilton, c f said City and District ,and duly recored In the land record of Washington county, District of Columbia) to one George R. Miller, and conveyed to him by deed bearing date the 12th of May, 1855, and duly rec rded in th? Land record of Washington county, District of Columbia, which said portion sold as aforesaid to t' e said George R. Miller, is described as fol vm v. vi vaiva v#cvi iv . iniiicij to ucswuuru d? 1U1' lows, to wit : Ail that portion of Lot No 14 in Square No 247, beginning for the same at a point 17n feet distant from Mass. avenue on the di viding line between original Lots Nos 13 and 11, and running with the said dividing line 33 feet 1 inch in a southwesterly direc tion to the northeast angle of alley, thence ?outh and along the east side of said alley 53 feet, there# east and along the north aide of main al'ey 14 feet and % Inch to the centre of dividing line of the two brick houses, thence n- rth and at rlnht augles49feet inches, thence northeasterly 31 feet 10 Inches, thence noith we-<terly and at right acgles 14 feet^ inch to the place of beginning. The said property first above dr*crlbfd. after deducting therefrom the said property last above described, will be sold as aforesaid wi h all the improvementsthTeon. The improvements on the property first above describ ed after deducting tberefrcm that portl< n last twy Bri< and comfortable yard enclosed by fence, and one .... ?? " ? - - - above described, being one two *t?*ry Brick House small Frame Houseand comfortable yard enclosed by fence. Terms cash. Property to be resold at the risk and expense cf the purchaser, unless terms are compiled with within three days from day of sale. EDWARD C. CARRINGTON,Trustee, m 3l-2awAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer By JAP. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 11WO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Public Sale ? On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, May S9th, at6# o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell Lots Nos 16 and 17, in Webb ana Bradley's sultdlvlslon of Square No. 528. each frontln; 23 feet 4 Inches on north I, between TMrd and Fourth streets west, running back that width ninely feet to a public alley. Thtrse lots are well locatrd, In a very rapidly improving part of the city, and ara very desirable for medium-sired houses, from the fact of the ju dicious manner In which the lots have been laid on, affording ample room, without any waste g i ou nd. Terms at sale. m 28-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. |[T The at>*ve sale la poatponed until WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, June4th, same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE, m 30-d Auctioneer. FOR BALE AND RENT. [SKK FIRST PAGK FOB OTHKR NOTICES ] FOR RENT?A CONVENIENT TWO story Brick Dwelling with back building, con taining six rooms, besides attics, pantries and cel lars, with wood-house, stable, fruit and vegetable gardent attached to the premises The house Is s>ti:ated cn N street, near the southern termination of New Jersey avenue, with a paved footwayfrom the door to the Capitol and Navy Yard, from either of which It Is a convenient distance Rent moderate. Apply to F. BARRY , next door, m 31-3t* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT FOR SALE on the east side of Sixth street, between 6 and II streets north ; having a f'ont of 25 feet on Cth street, running back 85 feet to a paved alley Inquire at No 3it* Third street, next to corncr of G,or at this ofllee. m31-3t* EjlOK RENT-A FURNISHED PARLOR and chamber, situated near the Patent Office. Address Box No. 12, at thla odice. m 30 3t OOMS AND BOARD?NEATLY FUR nished parlors and bed rooms with board can be obtained in a sinili genteel boarding house at No. 281 G street north, between 13th and 14th streets. Families without children preferred. iu 20 Iw Rl IfUJR SALE.?HAVING MADE ARRANGE ments to engage In another business 1 will s?lltbe entire stock and fixture* of my Confec tionery Establishment The stand is one of the best In this city, having be*?n long established, and doing a fine business Bad health compels me to change. Inquire at this office m 26 Iw Furnished rooms?a parlor and several spaclou* and airy chambers are for rent at No. 250, <n F, between 13th and 14th streets. Meals furnished from the basement by an experienced cook. m29-eo3t* For rent?a three story brick Dwelling, with extensive Baca Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of good water In the yard, situated on K street, nearly op posite the Brewery. To a good tenant the rent will he made moderate. App'y to COM S CASSIN, or at GODEY A CO'S., Line Kiln, Beall street, between Congress and Washington streets, Georgetown. m 2-eotf FOR RENT ?LENOX'S wharf, near the Long Bridge, the best and most reliable one In the territory for landing stone and other heavy articles. It has ahout 100 feet front, with depth of water suBclent for lacdlng purposes on eitner side Attached thereto la a square of ground for the purpose of depositing coal or wood. On said square Is a comfortable dwelling, which may be adapted to store purposes There is about 14 feet water alongside said Wharf at low tide To those desiring to make a profitable business a rare opportunity Is offered. Vat terms apply at No. 4tt0 H street north, between Hth and 9th streets west JAMES TOWLE8, Propeity Agent ap ?6-eotf For sale?the advertiser will sell at private sale between now and the first of August, a very desirable Lot neally enclosed, with a small two-story frame house on It, situ ated on the corner of Vlrglnta avenue and 23d street, and fronting 84 feet on Vliglnia avenue. It is In the immediate nelghborhoad of the Ob servatory. Persons wishing to purchase can examine the property at any time, when the terms of sale can be ascertalned. m 1-lm* For sale.?a beautiful wood lot (of about 8 acres) on the plank road, 4 miles from Washington- It would be diflcult to find a prettier site for a country residence, or one posses sing greater advantages, in the neighborhood of the city. Inquire at this ojllce. m23-lm* Clocks?cloces?clocks ?just re ceived, a great variety of CLOCKS,i which will be sold on fair terms, and war ranted oaeyear, at J. ROBINSON'S, 340 Pennsylvania ave?n% opposite m fiSHm Browns' Hotel. PA PER-HANGINGS. I HAVE JUST RECEIVEDA LARGE assortment of low priced Paper-Hangings. Persons in want of good papers fcr small prices can be suited by giving me a call, and will thereby save at least 25 per eent L.F.CLARK, Paper-hanger and Upholsterer, No 248 nortfc side renn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets m 29-3t* (News) AUCTION SALES. [??* tiasT FA#I ?0* OT1K HOTICII.) By J AS. C. McSUIRE, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MIL* ?* liaery G?*4i?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, June3d,at4 o'clock,at the auction roow, I "hail eell, by order of the Orphans' Court, a inqall stock of Millinery Goods belonging to the late Anne E Marselua, comprlalng? L**1 y*fda Bonnet Riband*, of various pattern* Flbrwce, Satin, Crape Liale Vdlvet and Satin Rib*ada, Feather* Btmnet Wire, Whalebone, Corda and Tassels Trunk*, miscellaneous Good.* *e. Gold Watch and Chain, ona Dressing Bureau Term* cash ANTHONY BUCHLY, Administrator m 30- JAB C MeGUIRK. Auct'r. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SAL EOF A VALUABLE Lot la the First Ward?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, June 2d, at 6 o'clock, I shall positively sell without reserve. on tha premises, the whole of Lot No. 81, in Square No. 7t, front ing CI feet, running bark 150 feet 9\ lnehe*, con taining 9.199 square feet. This property la most beautifully located on Twenty-flrst street weat, l?etween north H and north G streets, in the most desirable part of the Flirt Ward Terms: Ont-fourth cash; balance on a credit of 6 and 15t months, with note* bearing interes', secured by a deed In trust on the property m 10 d c. W. BOTELER. Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Great chaki e for investment, Speculation, and Building Perpeses.? 1 shall veil, without reserve, on TUESDAY, the 10th d <y of June, A. D. lt*5ti. at 8 o'clock p. m , on the premises, all that valuable propertv front ing 388 feet on New Jersey avenue, between E and F streets north, and one square from the rail rned depot, being lots made In the subdivision of original lots 3, 4, and 5, In square 628. These lots front 22 feet 8 Inches each, on New Jersey avenue, aid run back with tha tame width to a ten f?et alley. Terms: One-sixth cash ; balance In 1.2. 3, 4 and 5 years, with Interest, pa\able semi-annually and secured bv deed of trust on the premises. The titie to the above properry is perfect In ev erv respect This property claims more than ordinaiy atten tion, being situated on c.r.e of the finest avenues, in one of the most rapidly Improving portions of the city, the second square fh>m the Capitol grounds, and having the advantages of the im provements which will be made by the Govern me t on that avenue in planting tree*, laying down gas pipes, grading, Ac It will be sold at whatever may be bid for It without reservation. A plat of toe lota may be seen at my auction rooms, corner 7th and D streets m 2<J-d A. GREEN. Auct. By JAS C. MeGUIRK, Auctioneer pirELLC.lT FURNITURE A*DH?use 1-J keeping Effects at Public Auction.-On TUESDAY MORNING. June 3d, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Colonel B. F Lamed, on 13th street, between E and F streets north, I shall sell all his Furniture and Housekeeping Effects, viz: Two ele/ant Rosewood French Sofa*, finished with rich silk Brocatelle Handsome brocatelle covered Arm, Easy, and fancy Chairs Rosewood and Walnut Maibla-top Tables Lounges Rocking Chairs, Ottomans, Footstools Walnnt Whatnot. Rout Tables Handsome Gilt Mantel Clock, Vases, and Orna ments Brussels, Three ply,and Ingrain Carpets. Rugs, Brussels Stair Carpets, Oilcloth, Rods and E\es Mahogany French Bedstead, Wardrobes Do dressing Bureaus, dressing Tables Do ^fas, Workstands, Washs ands Feather Beds Bolsters, and Pillows Hair and Husk Ma tresses, Blankets, Ccmforts Large quantity of TaMe and Bed Linen Common Bedsteads, Washstands, Chairs, Table. Curtains, Shades. Easy Chairs, Lounges Mahogany Sideboard. Secretary and Bookcase Mahogany Dining Tables, Side Tables, Butler's Tray Silver plated Tea Set, Castors, Liquor Stand Handsome Dinner Set Gold-band Dessert and Tea Service Cnt Glassware, Table Cutlery, Waiters Excellent Refrigerator. Kitchen Utensils A. ALSO? At 4 o'clock, in front of the premises, I shall sell a nearly new Family Carriage Terms: 930 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 80 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. '?8?The House Is for Rent. Inquire on the premises or of the Auctioneer. m 29-d JAS. C McQUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Y7ALUA11LE BUILDING LOTS AND * Tkree New Twe-story Frame Heuaes at Aactiea?On FRIDAY, ths 8th of June, 1 shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. m , in front of the premi ses, a very handsome Building Lot on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and 19th streetv^est, neartbe War Department, being the west half of Lot No 5, in Square No lflij; having a front on Pennsylvania avenue of 3" feet, running ,back about 114 feet to a 20 foot paved And Immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall s-11,^a front of the premises, Lot No. 28, in Square No. 28, the east part of which fronts 49 feet 11 inches on 21th street, running back lOOfeet to an alley ; the west part of the lot has the same front on a wide al ey, on which Is three conveni ent new two stoty frame houses; all of which will be sold separately or In lots to suit purchasers. Terms of sale of the lot on the avenue will be one third cash, balance In 6, 12, and 18 month-; for lot 20, In square 28, wl h the improvement*, one-fourth cashpbalance in 8. 1*, 18, and 24 months, for no es, In all case* of credit, bearing Interest from day of^M^ A deed given and a deed ' f trust tak?n ^^^^Lidlsputable. m29 d Auct'r 'PRUSTLL A U ILL BE EX * posed to public sale on SATURDAY, the 31st day of May, at 4 o'clock, p. m., at the mar ket house, Georgetown, D. C., the following de scribed property, lying and being In Fairfax county, in the Stat ? of Virginia, under a deed of I trust from Henry Schuelr and Elizabeth his wife, to the subscribers, to secure a debt due to Henry C. Stroman. Beginning at a mulberry tree desig nated on the original plat with letter G ?nd run nlng south fifty one und one-half degrees East sixty five poles, then North forty-four degree*. East sixty-eight poles. th?-n North eighteen de grees Ka-t forty-nine poles, then North fifty-five degrees. West twelve poles,th^n North two degrees west eighty-nine poles until it strikes the Pimmett Run, tben by anl with the meandering of the said run, until It Intersects a line from the begin ning on the original plat from point G to K of a course north eighteen degrees east to the begin ning, containing seventy five acres more or less. One-half the southwest part, with Improvements, Is the portion to be sold. The terms of the sale are cash. Three hundred dollars of which is to be paid a* earnest money Immediately after tbe saie. In default of sucn payment the property will be lmmedla'ely again ofl'ered for sale until the terms are compiled with. m 13-eots WM H WEST, ) TrllMte_. B. F. MACKALL, J WORTH REMEMBERING. PERSONS MAKING PURCHASES OF Housekeeping Hardware and. Cutlery, Silver Plited Ware.! Clocks, Feather Dusters. Bas-1 kets, Brushes, Ac . will find It decidedly to their advantage to look In at FRANCIS'S, above Odd Fellows' Hall on Seventh street He has en 'arged his store?has it stocked with every useful housekeeping article, and Is satisfied with very small profits. His price < are certainly low. m 30- tf NEW LIVERY AND SALE STABLES. THE SUBSCRIBER HAS LEASED THE stand, known as the 14 Old Gas House," ccruer of Lou slana avenue and Tenth street, west or ;he CeUre JQKi Market, wh- re he has opened a LI ERY and SALE S'fABLE SADDLE AND HARNESS HORSES taken at Livery on moderate terms. There Is attached to the premises a fine enalosed Lot, suitable for a wagon stand, or for mules. TUMI ; Saddle Horses % S12 SO Harness Horses 14 00 Transient Custom, one horse per day...... 50 J?7" These Stables are fire-proof, and In good condition In all other respects Good and careful Ostlers are in attendance at all times, day and night. m 29 PHILIP BOTELER Lost?on yesterday (Wednesday) evening, in the Capitol grounds or on New Jersey avenue, a Gold BRACELET, formed of a number of small chains fhs ened to a heavy carved clasp It Is valaed as a relic, and any reasonable reward will be paid for Its return at the residence of JNO P. INGLE, 570 N. Jersey avenne south, m 29-3t? STRAYED OR STOLEN?ON SUNDAY last, from the commons northeast at fiV * the Capitol, a brown HORSE, with beld>?*V face and one fore foot white. He was bone-spa vined in his hind A reasonable reward will be given for the return of the horse, or such infor mation left with WM. BOSS, Wheelrlgbt, Qap Itol Hill, eo I can get him. m29-3t? C. W 6QRDON. AO REWARD STRAY ED OR STOLEN, qpO on Friday laat. a small, light redj COW, about 4 years old, a little white! In the right flank extending under the ? belly, horns incline te each other at the point, long (all. The above reward will be paid to anv person returning the said Cow to Ne. SIS IlIMfc street north. 1,1 tcleoraphio whwb. r*?* rai auociatxd mil. BY HOUSB PIUTIHQ THJ8KAM. further from Xuiu ?A corrMMsdiit of the ?P5a?S W.v '?s fro? *~i*P?*ieace on th? 26th, mji that eight pro-alavery settlers on Potawatamie Creek kad been bu^mI k* W?.f 1? SUt* ???. ^ report say* that the deed was committed bj an bad. who had determined to wreak vengeance upon the opponent* of their views. Tba otbe? settlers had petitioned Got Shannon for aid to protcct themselves and thair property. All was quiet at Lecompton, Lawrence. and Franklin. United States troop# bad baen stationed at eaah of theee plaeea. I>r Root and Mr. Mitchell, of New Haven, are report ?d to hare been killed by the poeae ten miles trom Lawrence. St. Locis, Mar Si.?Col Eldridge arrived !VI\,ert*r?,aj'."0? Lawrence, en route for h intends to demand damage* of the Government for the deetrnctaon of prop ? ?ty at Lawrence r Gov. Reader catta down the Miamesippi on ChlrWu" V hand wu at St iii- ' frOBl whence, passing over into he proceeded by railroad to Chicago. J! In? wer*.,<ft at Atchiwn, and are ?aid to have contained copies of letters from parties in the East which Involve him in a conspiracy against the Government J he steamers Satura and Polar Star, which arrived last night, brought down a large nam ber of Kansas emigrants, returning east. Hew Orleans Markets. New O&lban a, May 30 ? Cotton is dall ? the market is feeble, though not quotable lower; rales to-day of 2.000 bales; sales of th? week 20,000 bales Increased receipts at this rort 524.000 bales. Stock oa hand 150 000 bales Cuffee?sales of the week 10,000 bag* writre Rio closes at lOac. Corn is oonsidera bly lower; sales at 48?. Mas Pork $18. Other articles unchanged Baltimore Markets Burtiroii, May 31 ? Flour is fra; sales ar. io7 8tre*1 and 0hio at CitJ Mill* wO l*i e? " ZtTJ flim; V** 4-? reds ? ? wh,t-?8 ?136e$l?g. Com is un ? hanged ; yellow 46a48c ; 60a61c. Pry vision are bnoy ant. Mess pork is nom . nal at S18 <5. Baoon is firm at 8ia8fc. for shou ders, and ?ta?Jc for sides Lard is firm at lojc in bbla , and lUc. in kegs m tt Markets New York, May J1 ?Flour has declined bbl?-; common to good State Ia i t *1 comm?n 10 low extra Ohio *4 31a V>.41 good to standard Southern f4.37af8 87 fancy to extra do. $6 04af8 87. W heat is unsettled ; sales of 15,500 buabela Corn is buoyant; sales of 20.000 bushels soeth ern mixed 5Vc. ? ??'??of 1,600 barrels; toeas SJ5.50 Beef is firm, sales of 300 bbls Chi XfbM^UlJ.11 UrJ " 6?: <* at 26h/cky " finn' ***** ?f 150 kbU ; Ohio w Financial New Ton*. May 31.?Stocks are higher Cumberland Coal Company 2U; Mickignn Southern ?<; New York Central 03; Pennsyl vania Coal Company 100*; Reading 89); Vir Mieaouri 6's 84i; Illinois Central oonat oog. Sterling exchange is dull. FOR THE DEMOCRATIC COHTEHriOH TO BB MKLO IN CINCINNATI ?? MeaSar, iiae I, 18*6. Fare for the Round Trip only Sixteen dollars DOUND TRJP TICKETS WILL BB IB sued bv the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ??tV,!nJ and others who may deal re A ??iT*D"on at Cinclnaatl, at On* Half tkt Vtnal Kattt of Fa*t ' F?~? for ik< Round Trip oalv #10. 7 Flre tor <bs -nI1Cketf ^?od t0 r#tu,n Untu ^e 14th of June ' and muit be procured before aUrtlog, or tue naual fare will be collected in both d. ? :.on? WM. 8. WOOD8IDB, Master Transportation. T??c?*ARTNl?itSHIP NOT!CI. UNDERSIGNED HAVING TAKEN the Store occupied by the late firm of K. 6o 1l1Bforna ^alr friends and the public that they will continue the buslneaa under the name of Gacaa A Los a no, and will fni? to ,u#uln tbe reputttlon enjored by the late firm. Our atock of Goods for the sea son Is complete, to which the attention of our frleoda and the public is invited H GRUBB, Late of E Godey A Co. M. LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, 4U3 Eighth at. near Ave ,. V,AU. r^rsoo. Indebted to the late Arm of K Godey A Co., wlU eonfer a favor bv cloain? their account* without delav m GRUBB A LOSANO. *taa HatElVti). lOn D?ZEN SCOTCH ALE 1 "U 100 do BROWN STOUT t 100 dozen Old Jamaica RUM *0 do St Croix do 50 do Pale Sherry WINE 60 do Madeira do 75 do Aae Claret do Old Hennesnv BRANDY HOLLAND GIN "w A R 8 ? ?*" "-'O'??' \v. I. JONAS P LEVY'S in M if'' LWuot, S^gaiQand Grooerv Store, . In ^ tf No 4,4 PennsvlTaala aveaua. . (No 655.1 "" jVOTICB OF TMK RK.MOVAL OF THE iiBKNvVSr/S^JW CAHA^aT"5 bama^ state of ala In dacordance with the provisions of the act of Congrees entitled - An act authorltln^ ebanL2 la^.a^ ?oos," approved March 3.1HA8,lt is hereby dealared tnd made known that the land ottoe for the sale of publle lands at Cahaba, in the State of Alabama will he rm moved from the town of Cahahe to GasaevtLLE ot Ju?e n?t1Ct' tT?m *nd *fler *** "Ule?th day I1 U^^BtT ^tBd- at tfce cltT of Washing ton, thia i4th day of April, A. D. l's? By order of the President: THOS A HENDRICKS. Commissioner of the General Land Ofilo ap 5KJ-lawf5 w ^50 ^.K w A R D * ?1 L PAY THE V ?^"aboee amount to any one who will C\ return me a Horse stolen from itr stable on the night of the *th inst He Is a Ilgg^S. pie grey, about 15 hands high, has white itiaL and tall, and fore-top ciopp^l ' h" aud b year. old. HePha. a^ t SVtSSTZt M^*in 19 8UPP?9ed to be spanned 1? hts near hind leg PARKE G HOWLE. m *w 14th street, Island D~ WiEUICAL CABO. ' R H PERABEAU. GERMAN HOMEO ptithic physic an. has the honor to offer hts services to the Inhabitants of Waahlrgton and vicinity. Oflee on D street, two doors west of 9th where he will be found from 9 to 1* a. in , and ftom 4 to Ub??d nS'SSS"' No IW' " .wN ??Hona??Ph*thlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepare, hlmaelf with the greeted care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel compialnu, Ac., Ac. B?AST OFF CLOTHING OUGHT AND SOLD AT 78 LOUIS! AN* 4 aveaue, opposite Holmead's Grocery, not: Semmes Address, through Poet OfllceVfo "Wr. Ji ReMrt* B*?d ""riuSLg SlOO ?*:yrARD?RANAWAY ON the y AVV 33d Instant, the subsort- M "*r ? Parm, in Charles county. Marylsnd, my Negro Man MADISON, who la about *1 or 23 years of age, and of copper color weighing ahcut 110 pounds He and his bra (who has since been takra)went off together, and took a variety of clothing He Is supi>ueed ?o be Cither In Washington or Its neighborhood, and I Will give the above reward of one bundled dollars for his appseheaslon and lodgibeut In iaU any where, so that I recover him ' LAURENCE POSEY Allan's Freeh P. O., Charles county Md Jt'AT ABBIVAD? 50 caaea Tu ner Brotbera' Ginger Wlae Ram b*wry.*D<!-?,^b*ry BrmDdv- "5 dally eipe?ud a choice lot of 8yrupa of all flavors, for 8oda Wa AKNY A SHINN, No #7 Green street. Georgetown ">13- (Intel A Organ) MR. w. HKNKT PALMER'S . ? l*,iAN<i F?RTE clabskw, Wrt D?llmr? Per Qmatter Apply at GBORGK HILBUS'S Music liepot Peaaayivaala avenue. h, 1