Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1856 Page 1
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TTTE EVENING STAB, fVRtlSHEO KVKRT AKT FH.IOOH, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) At tkt Sfr tormf *f P tmuflmmmim ?????? strut. By W. D. WALLACH, Win be frxed to subecrlbera by earners at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served In peokagea at 37 cents per month. To mall subseribers the sub scription price to THREE DOLLARS AND PI P TV CENTS a year i*a4r*nc?, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of cents a w*ek. Hr SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C f WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1856. NO. 1,037. (ETC IFT1 Single copies (la wrappers) can be procured at the counter. Immediately after tke issue of tke paper. Price?T>m C*wtb Pos t m a st i as who art as agents will be allowed a commission of twdbty per cent. AGENCY OF THE Imtonc Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. A??' ? of Hi* Company. >?n*l?tlng of Boil 4a and M ->rtc???? an un?ncnir b?r?d raal aatats $11#,C04 *o Rtn?li of ?rt??r Corporation*, worth par IS.Mfl OS Oaah ob hand U,li( 30 IHUii race:Table, const.Uag J Marte* note* and abort loan* IM.MJ 7# Stork notes ?!*.?? M 51.SI* 7# $119,4 20 00 Wliuii rareipu for premium" lurio* the ya*x 06 Pa!d ft>r lixrai and ripaiia** J a r1 ? tha ysar 71,151 IN P M. Mori ARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE IIISU* AffCE CO. OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital f5O0.U0O. Charter Perpetual. DIRECTOR* Chafes C. Lathrop. 612 Sprue? street. Alexander Whllden, merchant, 14 Noiih Front street. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co. E. Trace*, firm of Tracey A Baser. John R. McCurdy, flrm of Jones, White A M<~Curdy I?sac rf*z'.ehurst, attorney and counsellor. James B smith. Aran of Ja* B i'mlth A Co. Theo W Baker, llrui of Tracy A Baker. R. S. Walton. 3*>0 viarket street Thomas K Limerick, 6(4 Spruce street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHAKLESC LATH RoP, President. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks rhanged from other companies to this, no charge f >r policy fee Enquire at the ofllce of J. E. Kendnli, over R Morrow* Exchange Ofllce first door West of W. B Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvania avenue m^7 3m DAVID MYERLE. Agent. I'UAUnC'T WARKINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, A!fD D1ALIR IN Fine Wa!che% Jcwelrjr, and Silver Ware. CM1LD SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * F1NR JEWELRY,SIL VER SPOONS, FORKS, GOBLETS. CUPS. Ac., for sale at New Ycrk prices. R E P AI RING.? The Chronometer, Duplrx, Lever. Cvllnder. Repeating, Musical, and oth>r W XTCHES repalr-d Al?o, JEWELRY, Ac. No. 370 Psnhsvlvakia Avsnttk, betw'n Sixth and Seventh street*. Browns' Hotel bui ding. sign ofthe GOLDEN WATCHES, ap 29-tf Washington WOOD AND COAL. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND AT OUR yard, corner of G and 22d streets, First Ward, a superior article of White and Red Ash COAL. Also, Cumberland lump COAL, with a good stock of Hlck>ry, Oak and Pine WOOD, all of which we will ee'l at the lowest market prices. All orders left at P. J Steer's Store, 488 Seventh street, between D and E, will be promptly fll'ed. JOHN W. MYERS A CO. 2,240 pounds glvea to the ton. m U-3m (i.U'ZK MERINO AND SILK l SDER SHIKTJ AND UavWtttb. \NOTHER AND VERY LARGE SUPPLY of Gentlemen's Underdrew this day opened, of every variety of six# and quality, such as? Gauze Sllic SHI KTS and DRAWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do Do Thread Do Do Do Shaker Do Do Also, a full supply of Linen and Jean DRAW ERS, ?f gold quality and styles. It will be recollected taat we buy exclusively for cash, and that we otfiw the best gooda at the lowest aad uaLform prices, at STEVENS'S ?i 18-tf Salesroom, Brown*' Hotel. COffin WAKKKOOH, fee. J WILLIAM PLAN? A CO., WNDEEVA ? XEE3?resld*ace413 Seventh ttreet, betwesn G and H sueeta. I uterm*?ats procure* In any greund ?r cemetery. Coins, Caps, Shruuds, Ciniagea, Hearse, aad evrry article lor Interments of the best quality furnished at short notice, on the m"?st reasonable terms, aad at all hours of the Right. Having the exclusive right of CramtPi Patent Cor pee Preserver, we fearantee to keep tha lead for &a7 Inuih of tlaa. Jy 11?ly OLD COGNAC BRANDT. Just received out of the Custom House at New York? Fiue Old Martell Brandy of 1^40 Fine O.d Man-ett Brandy of 1*43 Choice old Whisky, none better In the country Browa Stout, Scotch Ale Bottled Cldef Old Cheese For sale by JONAS P. LEVY, 471 fa. avenue. Wine, Liquor and Havana Clgan, ar,d Fine Groceries. m ft-tf ONLY IJX CENTS. BUCKLEY'S CELEBRATED SONG BOOK fi>r the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New Orleans Sere.inders at their ?|>era house, Broad way, New Vork. For sale by the ageat, ALEX ADAMSON, mar *2-3 m 7th street, opposite Poet Ofltae ClOFFEE, HAMS, Ac. J 9 Packets of old Gov Java COFFEE 2 Ca-ki Prime Fan lly HAMS 1 Do Choice S.vlOKKD B-EF 10 Kegs Whale Oil SOAP For sa'.r by Z. M P KING, m W 266 ver. av , corner of Utb and I streets Schooner SYLVAN US ALLEN, Cap tain Urafton Sears, Jr . ha- arrived and^??C will have quick dispatch for the above port For Freight apply to ARRIVED THIS DAY! JUST RECEIVED. PE* SCHR 6EORGE, one cargo of LORBERRY COAL, for cook ing purposes. Those who use co?al for cooking should not fail to give It a trial, as it is warranted superior to any ever brought to th a market. Sat is/action given, or no saU. ? Lao, on HAND ? Hickory, Whit* Ash. Red Ash, Oak and Pine Gray Ash and Cumberland WOOD COAL. Cy Coal under cover, delivered free from slate aad dirt. T. J. A W. M. liA'.T, m ae- N. W. cor i2th and C at a, No. 647. FOR BOSTON?THE FAST-SAILING Sch afton Sears, vc qaick disc Freight at> c f. HARTLEY a bro, m 29 101 Water street, Georgetown. [\f KS. GEORGE, LATE FROM ENGLAND 1*1. wishes to Inform the popu'ation of Wash ington and Georgetown that *he can be seen and cousu.ted on s ch subjects as love, marriage, law suits, absent frlecds, losses, Ac. She expects to remain In the city but a short time Her resl4ence Is .No ofi F street no-tfc, be tween 2id and 23d stere s, opposite the Observa tory . N ame on the door ttentlemen So cents - Ladles 26. Hours from > a m . to 9 o'clock p. m. m 19 3 w* MEDICAL CARIl Doctor stanistas hernisz, reg ular Practitioner of Homoeopathy. Ofllce, 231 corner F and Fourteenth stretts. Consulta tions from 10 a m , to 3 p. m. Doctor Stanislas Hernisx, having returned from Europe witn unproved health, wUl attend to the practice of his profession. Le Docteur pirle Francals. D-?r Doctor sprloht Deutscfc. El Doctor haola Espanol 11 Dottore par I a Italia no. mar 7?3m? FISHING TACKLE. Hooks, lines, rods, reels, sink era, Ac , a large a/sortment. Purchasers can t id a complete and cb?ap outfit here, m 19 G. FRANCIS, 493 7th ft. H OIERIC BALLADS AND comedies cf Luclan, translated by the late William Maglnn, LL. D.: annotated by Dr. Shelton Mackenzie, 1 vol, SI Rights or Wom-n. with Stricture* on Political and Moral Subjects, by Mary Wollstone craft, 1 vol, 7Sc. Paul Ferroil. a Ta.e by the author of "IX Poems by V," 1 vol, *1. m Jtt FRANCK TAYLOR fruiK HIDING STAR GAME THIS IS A X b-autlfu! and Instructive bame for Children It learns them to commit to memory all the Inci dents aid celebrated battles that were fought du ring tiie American Revolution For sale by the agcut, ALEX. ADAMSON. in*r 1. street, opposite Poet O Ace. tsoHPORATION STOCK S9.000 Corpo) ' ration pf W aahlngton Stock ft)r sale at frt -ii?tt CHUBB BMITHEM. ) OIN ?M Brussels and velvet carpe tingi at a Sacrifice.?In consequence of the advanced state of the seasan, and with the view of making room for autumn supplies, we are determined to run off the remainder or our Carpetings at unusually low figures. Tbose In Win: of n*w and elegant Carpets have now a rare ebance to be tupplied for a little money. Bargains miy b; expected. Still on hand and for sale a few more of those elegant velvet Hearthrugs at 85,50 and #4, worth $10 and 88 Also, a tew 11-4 and 12-4 Dimity and Allendale Quilt*, very cheap, expressly for summer use je2 eo3w CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. SEA Ml SABLE F U K N 1 T U R E DRY Goods.?Just recelvedand on sale? 100 rolls superior and heavy 4-4 White and Red checkered contract Mattings. These aie the best goods for the price ever offered for consumption in this city 10 sheets wlae, heavy, and elegaat Floor Oil cloths It sheets In assorted widths, at low prices 1 case 10 4,12 4 arid 18 4 Linen Damask Drug get The-e goods are now much used for covering fine Carpet- while on the floor, and at the same tim- are a delightful summer Car *t. The widths are such as will enable the purchases to lay them dnwn at short notice JO pi ces assorted color* Bobbinct. for protecting mirror and picture frames a' d gas fixture*. 50 pieces very wide w it? and colored llose Lace for mosquito and fly nets 1 case assort d colors mosquito nets, very cheap lease bra^s Bed Arches, for suspending nets or drapery over beds, a new, convenient, desiraole article, and very ornamental 1 case dark gre^n and dark Mae Saade Linen, for darkening rooms. Colors warranted. Al?o, manv other deMmble novelties in furni ture dry goods, wnlch c*n only be found at our room*. CLAGETT, DODSON 4, CO. je 2-eo3w 8100 KEWARO. RAN A WAY FROM MY FARM, AD JOl fl ing Upper Marlboro', about the middle of December last, Ma!att-> boy AMBKUSK, belonging to my brother, Alfred W Gardi ner, of Charles county. This boy la aboutj 14 years old?not verv br'ght but rather of a chest nut color?end has aelicate limbs. He has usu ally a mild and pleasant countenance when spo ken to. I will give the above reward for his apprehen sion if taken in Washington City, or north of Prince George's county* Md , and 'fifty dollars if taken in Prince George's county, or south of it In either case be must be brought home or secured in tail so thai 1 can get him again. m l%eotf B. J. GARDINER. OIBBS' W16S, Half wigs, braids, curls, scalps. TOU PEES, Ac., equal to any In the United States for sale or made to order at bis Stores?for ladles, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 9ih and loth streets; and for gentlemen, under Wlllards' Hotel. m 13-eo.lm* CASH PAID FOR FURNITURE. PERSONS DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING or having a surplus of Household Effects on band, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire stock, or such articles as they may wish to dispose of. Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS, feb 19-eotf No. 309 7th st , bet. 1 and K. FOR GENTLEMEN. NEW SPRING GOODS, EMBRACING A genera' variety of the newest and prettiest styles and fashions. Orders promptly filled. Constantly on hand a good supply of Garments, reidy made, of superior quality. ANo, fine Dress Shirts, with Gauze, Silk, and Cotton underdrew, Furnishing and Toilet Goods in variety. A. H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor and Clothier, Browns' Hotel, mar 26 ? wtf Pa avenue. J. F. CALDWELL, Dentist. IS LOCATED ON ELEVENTH SlRKET, the second house fiom Pennsylva nia avenne, next to Farnham's book^ store, where he is re*dy to OPSR-1TE" ON THE TBETH He would respectfully tlmate that teeth, though much diseased, however they nay ache, canbesived without destroying the nerve j the detraction of the nerve Is the cause of more deep-seaU*l pains ai>out the face and head. His mode of extracting teeth is greatly more safe, and is uttemed with much lets forte and the Infliction of less pain, ihan by methods dopendt-nt on keyed instruments, pulllcans or for ceps. Those who are suffering pain in the fore hotd, faoe ai.d j tws, would do well to submit to his remedial treatment. The most satisfactory certiflcat a and references can be seen as testimo nials of hka skill In his operation m 10-Stf THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE, AT CAPON SPRINGS, VIRGINIA,willbeopened for th- reception of visitors on MONDAY, the 18th day of of Jane. TKRM3 FOB BOARS. F irst week 812 Second woek 10 Third week.?..8 On? month of twenty eigbt days 35 Children and colored servants talf price. The undersigned lias spared no expente in ob taining the tervk-^s of gentlemen to assist in the management of this place for the xpproaching season Visitors will fce supplied with Saratoga, Bedford, Chalybeate, and Alum Water from a spring)!! the neighborhood, said to be equal to the Rockbridge Alum Sprirgs. in 24 eolm T L HLAKLMORE Prop'r. ^ II >1 >1 E R 11 ATS?TODD A CO.. ARE dally receiving ltr^e additions so their stock so kof HA TS, suitable for the warm season They woad particularly invite thei _ attention of purchasers to their White Beavers. French Felt*, and several new kinds of ventilat ing Straw Hats of East India manufacture, en tirely new In this markot m 23-utdAeolm a 10,000 ?9. CH 'MCE FRUIT TREES FOR SALE. APPLE TREES, OF EXTRA Sowth and well assorted TREES, forming a com-' piete assortment and well grown. ? few very choice Dwarf PBAR TREES, of extra size. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised by the late John H King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogues furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply u above. E. J. K. mar 11?tf COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING TAKEN the Store occupied by the late firm of E. Go deyA Co , respectfully Inform t'.eir friends ard the public that they will continue the business under the name of Gauss A Losako, and will spare no pains to sustain the reputation enjoyed by the late firm. Our stock of Goods for tbe sea son Is complete, to which the attention of our friends and tbe public is invited. H. GRUBB, Late of E. tiodey A Co. M LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, 493 Eighth st. near Ave. All persons Indebted lo tha late firm of E Uodey A Co., will confer a favor by closing their accounts without delay. m*3-2w GRUBB A LOSANO. IB0N HALL Beet, thee, and Trunk fcsiabllishmeat, Pa. avepue 6<itee??9iA and 10rA its. JUST RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORMENT of Gentlemen's Imported French Gai ters. Molla-Ville Shoes, manufactured by] Mel as Paus, for my own sales Call early aad examine my stock. I have also, Ladies' whole and half Gaiters, at 50 cents and SI, made by McCurdy, "original*' cwtSl 65 Children's Shoes at 37J(c , old style. My stock of Traveling Trunks, Vallsee, Oerpet Bag's, Ac , Is the largest in the city. Call on S. P. HOOVER, m 9 _ Iron Hall. CAST OFF clothing Bought and sold at.7? Louisiana avenue, opposite Holmead's Grocery, near Semmrs*. Address, through Poet Ofcce, to "Mr. Tailor." m7-lm* N. B.?Wanted, a Hand to aastst at Tailoring and Repair* ng Preserves, pilules, Arc. at cost. We shall commence this day to close out our stock of French and other Pickles, Preserves, p K1N(J mae 995 Vt. ay . corner 15th and l ^re4U. Fans: fans:: fansh: A large lot of Fans selling off low at n? * ELLIS'S, 300 fa. avenue. IME.N1 Auction Sales. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. A LARGE AND VALIBLE COLLECTION K ? r#P? ? 11 Paint lags.?On THURSDAY and FRIDAY MORNINGS, June 5ih and 6th, at 10^ o'clock fach day, in tte ta'l over Farnbam's Bookstore. I will tell a large and choice collection of Oil Paintings, comprising some of the best masters works which were re cently selected and Imported from Europe for private individuals, a d for beautv of design, har mony of coloring, careful execution, and high order of subject, will compare favorably with any collection of Painting ever offered In this cl:y. Catalrgues are ready and tbe Paintings arranged for inspection. Ladies and gentlemen are respect fully invited to examine tbem previous to the sale. Terms cash In city funds. je2-5t# A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Bv J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 1TERY DESIRABLE DWELLING House ? at Public Sale?On FRIDAY AFTER NOON , J une6th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lots No. Sand 10, in Davidson's subdivision of square No. 340. fronting 15 feet 6 Inches on lltli street west between Si ard N streets north, running b*ck K feet to a public al ley, with the improvements, consistirg of a sub stantlal, well-finished three-story and basement brick Dwelling-House, containing eight room*, a 1 convent-ntly arranged with closets, A.c. There fs also a well of Dure water a"d a good cellar on the premises, and the whole property Is very desi rable to any pwson desiring a comfortable dwel ling In that healthy and pleasant part "f the city. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 tno ths, with interest, secured by adeed of trust on the premises If the terms of sale are not comp led with within five day* the property will be retold at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchasers. Title indisputable, m 13-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r MARSHAL'S SALE ? IN VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's Office of the Dlst let of Columbii, for tie county of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, f<>r cash, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the 10th day of June, 1856, at 5 o'clock, p. in , the following de*crlbfd ?perty, to wit: All the right, title, and interest lobert S. Clark and Wm GutMdge, In and to lot No. 12 in Square No 88, t^ether with all and singular the improvements thereon, as laid down on the plat of the city of Washington, seized and levied upon as the property of Robert S. Clark and William Gutridge. and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* No. mand 130, to March term, 1856, In favor of Thomas S. Beall. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal m 10-dts tor District of Columbia. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 'TRUSTEES' SALE OF BEAUTIFUL I. C ountry Sent.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Geo T Massey, as trustee.and Ann Brown, bearing date on tae thirteen.h day of December, 1853, and recorded in Liber J. A S., No. 69 folios 505, 5ti6, 507, 508, 509, and 510,one of the Land Re cord < for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, the undersigned will sail at pubi c auc tion at the auction store of J. C. McGuire, to the highest bidder.on THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June 26th, 1856, at 6 o'clock p. m , the following highly improved and beautiful country property, viz: All that piece or parcel of ground tying in the ceunty of Washington and Dls rlct aforesaid, be ing a i art of the land whereof Anthony Holmead. senior, died seized, and part of the tract called ?'Pleasant Plains," and part of the land which Anthony Holmead, Jr., conveyed to Boltzell and Mayfcew, which they conveyed to John Plckrell, the piec or parcel of land aforesaid, lying on the east of the Washington and Rockville turnpike road, containing 5 acres and one sixteenth tf an acre, more or less, being Lot No. 2 of Geo. Taylor's subdivision, and teginnlngfor the same cn the e?st side of the said turnpike road, at the end of 76.42 perches measured southerly from the inte - section of said road with the Rock Creek church road, to a road or private way called Taylor's road, leading from tne said turnpike road to an other pa t of the s>aid tract of land owned by said Grorge Taylor, and running thence with the said Washington and Rockville turnpike road north three degrees, west 28 40 perches to the Lot sold to J C. Lewis, thence at right angles with the said turnpike road 26 46 perches, thence at right angles with the said last line, and parallel with the sa'd first line 2t< 4rt perches, and theaceat right angles with the said last mentioned llieand parallel with the paid second line 28.<6 perches to the line of the said turnpike road and the place of beginning, being the same land and premises which w<-s conveyed to tfce said Ann Brown by John F.Shanetts by deed dated April 19h 1853, and duly recorded Together with the impiove ment and appurteninces, which may be seen by the premises. Terms: One-fourth cash; the res'due in 6, 12, IS and 21 months; to be secured by deeds of trust on the premises. Unless the terms of sale be com piled wl hln five days from day of sale the Tru- - tees reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyance- at the purchaser's expense ERASMUS J. MIDuLETON,) ~ , RICHARD H. CLARKE, \ Trustees. m ?l-2awts JAS C. McGUIRE. Aurt'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF DESIRABLE House and Lot on 13th street at Public Auction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 10 h, at 6!^ o'clock, on the premise*, by vir tue of a deed of trust dated February 3d, 1853, and duly reco ded In Liber J A. S., No. 52, folios 153, )54, J&5 and 150, one of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will sell at public auct on, to the highest bidder, pirt of Lot No. Si6, in Square No 250, beginning for the same on 13th street, at the southeact corner of raid lot and running thence north sixteen fret, tl:en<e west thirty feet, thence north one foot ten inches, thence went sixty six feet, thence south on the line of the public alley seventeen feet ten inches, and thence east nlne'y-six feet to the place of be ginning, together with the Improvements, which consist of a very neat and well-bnilt two-story and basement frome dwelling house, with a back building. Terms: One third cash ; the residue In six and twelve months, with interest, secured to the satis faction of the Truftees if the terms of sale are not compiled with within Ave days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. JNO W. MchlM, ) . RICHARD. 11 CLARKE,< Trustees. m7>-lawjtds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON (.API. tel Hill, narthef the Capitol at Auction On WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of June, I shall ?ell, In front of the premises, at 5 o'clock p m that beautiful Bul.dlng Lot situated at the corner of D?laware avenue and north B street, being part of Lot No. 5, in Square No. 686, containing 13,912 square feet, more or less, having a front on the avenue of 142 feet and 129 feet on north B street. It is scarcely necessary to say any thing relative to the beautiful and advantageous location of the above mentioned property, as It Is well known to be the most beautiful and desirable location either for a private residence or public house in the city, as the extension cf the public gtound to north B

street, which will speedily take p'ace, will bring this property into the 1 mmedia ? vicinity and the nearest to the north Capitol gate of any private proper y north of the Capitol. Terms : One fourth cash in hand ; balmce in 1, 2, 3, and 4 years, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of sale A deed glvsn and a deed of trust taken on the property. Title Indisputable m21-eodts A. GREEN, Auctioneer All the opera music as sung by the Pvne Jt Harrison Opera Trope at ELLIS' Music St re. m ai BAJOU'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES. JNO H. SMOOT,No. 119 UR1DGESTREET, Georgetown, has received, from New, York, ladles Bajou's KID 6LOVEI, vora, ladles liajous KIU GLOVES,!. white, black and colored; rents, do do ,|il ladles and gents Jalftta Silk and Lisle *. - Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities* bleached, brown and fancy Half Ilose: misses and boys' Hose and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very West makes of the aoove goods, purchasers may depend upon get article as cheap as the same quality can be bought elsewhere. ml-* JOHN H. 8MOOT. 1UST ARRIVED- " brothers' Ginger Wine, Rasp i ai d dally expected a choice lot of Syrup* of all for ?od; Wa ARNYisHINN, *7 Green street, Georgetown. Pi 13^ (Intel & Organ) SCHULHOFF'S THIRD MAZURKA just' published at the Music Depot. Price 96 cents. m?-tr GKO. HILBU8. Houses, Ac.,for Rent and Sale For rent?a two story drick house on High street, Georgetown, a few dcors above West, with ten good rnomn, and ( Ine lot attached Apply to C. MYERS A SON, at their Wood and Coal yard. No 27 Water street, tr at their "residence 1st street. To ? good tenant toe^ent will be moderate. m 19-tf FOR RENT?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED Bed Rooms on reasonable terms at Mr. DA VISON'S, over Messrs. Ualt A Bro., Jewelrv Store, ?*enn. avenue, between 9thand 10th streets. m l?-tr For sale.-a small frame house and Lot on 8th street, between K and L, Lot fronting 25 feet, with a depth of ffi feet 8 Inches Terms reasonable Location unsurpassed. Apply to ROBERT. A PAYNE, Druggist, corner 4tn atre?t ard Mass. avenue. m 1-tf VALUABLE FARM FOR SALE, CON talnlng #0 acres, situated % mil? east of the RockvlUe Turnpike Road, and from Well ington city. It is well watered, and on It a good supply of fire wood and young orchard The Im provements are a small frame dwelling and sta ble. It possesses sll the advantages requisite to nuke a garden of great value, or a dairy farm, an-t a pi- a-ai:t residence .The terms will be made easy. Apply to PGW&AR D WEBB. No. 512 Seventh street, opposite National Intelligen cer Office. ap *22-if FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, tahle and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S, 233 F etrcet. noY27?tf ATPRIVATESALE ? EIGHTEEN SMALL building lo's for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging In price from 80 to 160 dollars each Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par tit* purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumoer or bricis (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa av.,bet. 18th A 19th sis. aplO?3m f\FFICES FOR RENT IN THE LARGE double house No. 476 7th street, opposite the city Post Office. The rooms are lofty, and lighted by g <s For convenience and excellenceof situa tion they are unsurpassed in this city. Inquire of EVERETT A POLLAK, Attornies for Patents, No. 44fl Ninth street corner of F m 10-2awtf VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FORSALE. I have for sale a large number of Buldlng Lot? in different parts of the city, very favorably located either for residences or business. Ap ly to WILLIAM H PHILIP, Atton:eyat Law, id. 40, Louisiana ovenue, near <Uh street._ mS eo Building lots for sale?a va riety of Building 1 ots In all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms, Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's otiioe, next door to W. B Todd's, Hat Store, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room ap 21-eo3m DAVID MYERLE. FDR KENT ?FOUR NEW SMALL BR ICK Houses just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. App'yatthc Capitol extension to FRAN CIS J. HROOKS. m 15-eotf For private sale?a very neat, convenient, thre? story frame House, with a deep lot laid eft*a* a flower garden The above house-contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the prlviledge of abaik alley 'I he above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, No.5t>l. For further Information please call as abowr Possession given in a few days. If the above is hot sold in a few day* it will be for rent, ap 30-tf Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale th03e beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue. Their situation cannot be exc?liod for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice. H. C. HARROVER. Terms : A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2,3, and 4 years. Reeldcnce, No. 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb23-tf GRAND EXCURSIONS 'OR THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION ON SATURDAYS -The Steamer _ . GEORGE WASHINGTON will, leave Washington at 10 o'clock a m , and Altx andrii at lO^.and return toWarbington before sunset. Messrs. Coke A Co., will furuish Dinner and Refreshments at the Pavilion Persons wish ing to spend a pleasant day thcu'.d go on those trips. There is a flue Ball-room and Ten-pin Alley for the amusement of the passenger*. A good Band of Music Is enKng^d for the trips Fare for round trip ONE DOLLAR?Children half price. JOB CORSON, m ?7-d Captain. fOK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?FARE. ROUND TRIP, Si: FROM __ k ALEX AN DR1A 75 C EN TS?The steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves \\ ashing ton ^t 9 m d Alexandria at9)? o'clock COeohes leave the Capitol for the !?oat at o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker. Refreshments on tee boat. ap 2-tf SAM 'L GEDNEY, Captain MEDIC AL CARD. DR II. PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an,.has the honor to offer his services to the inhabitants of Washlcgton and vicinity. Office on D street, two doors west of 9th, where he will be found from 9 to 12 a. m., and from 4 to Cp m Rerldenceonl street, No. 188, between 20th and 21st streets. N. B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor pl?pares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac. m 16-3m THE STEAMER OEOROE WASHING. TON will depart at the follow ing hours: i Leave Alexandria 7 Jif. 9, 11, -1% , 5K Leave Washington...8. 10. 12, , 4 a. 6 ap2-d JOB CORSON, Captain MRS. M. E. HARVEY, (Successor to James F. Harvey, deceasm,) UNDERTAKER, Ifo. 410 Seventh street, between (i and H, Begs leave to inform the public that she h?s in her employ the same persons ttat were lormerlvl In the establishment, who are fully competent to conduct the Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofore. m 19-6m NEW SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS. IN ADDITION TO OUR PREMIUM MIN eral Waters, Mead, Ale, and Porter, we have made such arrangements as will enab'e us to keep constantly on hand a large supply of the following article*, most of which have I been carefully prepared by scientific men, as ton ics fer weak and delicate persons: Ginger Wine, Native Port Wlae prepared from native fount, Blackberry Brandy, Raspberry do., Cherry, Rose Cordial Cinanion, Anise, Curacoa, Stomach Bit ters, Wine, Stontons; Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Pine Apple. Vanilla, Lemon and oth er Syrups; Extracts of Sarsaparllla for cleansing the blood, and a host of other articles too nume rous to mention. All orders left at eur Depot, or with the drlYers of our Wagons promptly attended to. . m l-<f ARNY A SHLNN, Georgetown. DR. J. THORNE, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN A SURGEON, OFFICE AND RKUDKNCK, Ctrier 13th st. and New York avenue, WASHINGTON, D.C. Offioe hours?8 to 10, a to 4, 8 to 10. m7-3m* Daniel cawfbell, in closing his present business, would thank his customers for their kind patronage, and la doicg so, states that their respective accounts are maae out, and that prompt payment will be expected. All to >hom he Is indebted will please present their bllla. m2-tf L. J. MIDDLETON, DEALER IN ICE. OJJitt and Depot?Southwest cofner of F and Twelfth streets. feb J7-tf NOW RECEIVING, jVTIIW AND FASHIONABLE STYLES OF IN Gentlemen's Furnishing Articles adapted to Spring and Summer wear, at LANE'S Gents' Furnishing Store, aplt- 424 Pa. av., near corner street. SOFT CRABS AND GREEN TURTLE SO UP are served every dayatC. GAUTIER'S Saloon. m evening; st a r . How Deacon F. interfered in Sol's Family by joha. riTrHroH Sol was an honest, clever man In all hia intercourse with his friends and neighbors be would do what he oonceived to be right and honest Unfortunately, however, he was not gifted with the mental power in an extraor dinary manner. Sol was a member of the Methodist Church, and in his neighborhood there was a small school-house in which the Methodists held their different kinds of meet ings, as class-meetings, prayer-meetings, Over tho class cf the members in that neigh borhood was placed a man who was a kind of religicus tyrant, who would enforce with a Shylock strictness the rules of his church. According to Sol's account of the matter he he'd meetings three times a week ; and if the members failed to attend each meeting he would arraign them, and solemnly threaten to exfoliate them. He endeavored, by this means, to keep his flock together. But we will now let Sol tell, in his own way. how the Deacon's strict rules operated < n him and family: " While we had meetings once a week,"' said Sol, " I was happy, and Sally she was happy, and my children they was happy ; and 1 loved Sally, and Sally loved me. But then Deacon F., he must have meetin' three times a week. I told him it was too oft?n ; he said it wasn't, and that I should come, and my wife and daughter they should come. So he interfered in my family, and told them they must come whether I wanted them or not; they went. Now it was too bad for a poor man like mo to go to meetin' three times a week. When wo had meetin's once a week my leRther cost me three dollars a year, but when it was three times a week it cost me four dollars forty-seven cents and one-fourth' For my family wore out their shoes runnin' to meetin'. A poor man can't stand it. It's not right for a man to interfere in another s family. It used to bo they would d# what I wanted them, but now they won't listen to me. "And the other day when I came home, don't you believe Saily turned her back to me and wouldn't notice me ! Oh ! it nearly killed me, for I loved Sally. Now. when a stranger comes, and Sally cooks meat for sup per, my children, from the littlest to the big gest. will just pick up their forks and sock them right into a piece of meat; and before the Deacon interfered in my family, they'd cat their mush and milk and go to bed. And in the mornin', when Sally cooks biacuit they'll, the first thing, snatch a biscuit in- i stead of catin' cora-bread as they use to do ! And now I'm about out of wheat, when, in the fall I counted up and had plenty f<>r ' breakfast the year round ; and this is all 'cause he interfered in my family. Now, wasn't that enough to make anybody lose his j religion7 And that's not all. 41 The other mornin' I catched a turkey, and , was goin' to bring it to town to buy some coffee, and don't you believe Sally screamed j < ut, ' Put down that turkey; you'll have everything on the place destroyed !' In course, | I drapped it like a hot tater, cause 1 loved Sally. What was I to do for cc ffeo ? Well, I put the bridle on old Kosum, and got a bu.-hcl of corn to come to town with; and Sally j come out and saw Kosum and the corn, and ; hollered, ' What you goin' t<> do ?' 11 Id h?r ! softly as 1 could, thnt I was goin' to town to get some coffee, and don't you think Sally made me hitch up Kosum, and said she was goin' herself, so she was ! And 1 bitched up Kosum, 'cause I loved Sally. But I thought I'd kinder check her, so I pulls off my pant? and hands em to Sally, and told her she had ' better wear them. And my stars ! if Sally ; didn't take 'cm and put 'em on ! "Now what was I to do? Them was my over-alls, under-alls, and in-alls. Well, Sally I brought me an old, slim red striped linsey dresb?cusa the old thing ?I can just see her now shakin' it at me I had to put it on ! And I had'nt mor n got it on, till I sees a ! neighbor comin'. What must I do, thinks I to myself. I run and jumpted into bed, and i begun to groan awful, lie comes and says, < 'Not well, Sol?' 4 No,' says I, 'neighbor,' not well.' My little imps of childer was settin' ? r< und sniggerin and laughin', and presently Bill say, ' Mam's coat makes dad groan pow- \ erful" 1 jumped up?and who would ni '? : to whip Bill, before I thought. Neighbor ! jumped up and stared at me, and no wonder, 'cause my coat hung right down, and didn't touch the floor by a foot and a half. I was a ' sight, I tell you. And this was all 'cause he ; interfered in uiy family. Well, neighbor kin i (ier compromised 'tween me and Sally, and I got my pants, but I guess I slept with them on for the next six months ! "Well, Sally come onto town and got the ' oeffee, and what do you think she told the storekeeper? Why. not to credit me! Ij come to town after a few days, and wanted to ' buy some goods, and the storekeepers said they reckoned I was broke, as my wife told 'em not to credit me. Thunderation, couldn't la squashed her'. I could'dt stand it any longer, I cut for a forrin country?and this was all 'cause he interfered in my family But I guess I had'nt been gone long 'fore S illy writ to me, and said she loved me harder than ever she did. So I come home, and Sally did love me as she use to did, and I love Sa!iy, and the childer they loved me and I loved them, and they eat their mush and corn bread, and don't wear out but three dollars worth cf leather a year?and this is all 'cause there's no meetin' three times a week, and nobody interferes in my family."?Spirit of the Times. i ? ; Childish Sihckbitt ?A lady who was in j the habit of dropping in at her neighbor's ' about meal time, in the hope of obtaining an | invitation to partake with the family, was re cently completely nonplussed by the unhesi tating frankness of a child Knowing that aneighbor'a supper hour was five, she called in about four, and settled her self down for a long call. ''It takes two to make a bargain.'* and the lady honored wUh the call had no idea of giv ing an invitation, if it was in her power to es cape it. Accordingly the hour of five brought no indications of supper Time wore on, the sun was near ita setting, and still the same. A little girl, the daughter of the lady in ques tion began to grow quite uneasy. At length, her mother having gone out for a moment, the visitor said? "You must come over and tee me, Mary, some time." "No, I wont," said the child. "Why not?" "Because I don't like you." "But why don't you like me ?" "Because I'm hungry, and want aome sup 9f per ? " But," said the visiter amared, " J don't prevent you having your aupper, do IT" " Yes you do," said little Mary. "Mother said she* wouldn't have supper till you were gone, if you staid till midnight." In less than five minutes the visitor was marching out of the front door with a very red face She hasn't oalled to see little Mary aince. Little Mary, in her childish frankness haa not yet learned the important lesson which after years will not fail to teach her, vis : that " the truth, however excellent or desirable in itself, is not to be apoken at all times." IdiT The young ladies of Lagro, Ind , hav ing adopted a resolution in temperance meet ing not to ^ceive the addresses of uuy young man addioied to cups, the young gentlemen publish a pledge signed with their proper names, stating that they will not keep the com party of young women who are members of this soolety! m Ocean Wonders How pleasant it would be for those who an nually pass many pleasant boar* upon the Ma shore, to possess a sufficient knowledge of in sect and vegetable life, to enable them to study intelligently the habits and peculiarity ol those curious little marine insects and vege table* which are so abundant upon the rocks and beaches In a recently published work by Professor P. 11 tiosse, we find the follow ing interesting aocount of the manner in which the poor little hermit crab is rpongtd oat of its house: " A singular little creature, called the Her mit Crab (pagiirws,) the hinder part of whose body is unprotected, except by a soft skin, is endowed with an instinct which prompts it to seek some univalve shells, into whieh it thrusts it* abdomen, ^encefurth using it as a house. Now there is a species of sponge foend on our coast (H tuberm,) of a corky substanee. which grows on the surface ot similar shells, overspreading and enveloping them; and it so happens that in the great majority of in stances the ?k>onge is found ui.ou the individ ual shells inhabited by the Hermit. Grad ually and insensibly tbe sponge grows over '*tlie shell, and at lengtb creeps round the edge of the lip, and begins to line the inside ; the ojnbtant motion of the crab, who is very ac tivo, retards the growth for awhile, bat event ually the Sponge prevails, and the Hermit finding his premises becoming every day more and more contracted, is at length compelled to seek another lodging." Mr Oosse says it is a remarkable charac teristic of all the little water fleas which we see in every salt water pool, that they have but a single eye, which is generally of a bright crimson hue, sparkling like a little ruoy, and is set in front of the head. Of tbe s&ark s nursery, Mr. Gosse says : " The mode by which the race of these for midable creatures is continued, differing as it does so greatly from that of most other fishes, is exceedingly curious. The shark, instead of depositing some' millions of eggs in a sea son, like the cod or the herring, produces two "f a square or oblong form, the coat of wbich is composed of a tough horny sub stance; each comer is prolonged into a ten dril, of which the two which are next the tail of the enclosed fish are stronger and more prehensile than tbe other pair Tbe use of these tendrils appears to be their entangle ment among the stalks of seaweeds, and the consequent mooring of the egg in a situation of protection and comparative security. Near tbe head there is a slit in the egg skin, through which the water enters tor respiration, and another at the opposite extremity by which it is discharged That part of tbe skin which is near the head, is weaker and more easily ruptured than any other part; a provision for the easy exclusion of the animal, which takes place before the entire absorption of the rs tellua or yolk of the egg. the* remainder be ing attached to the body of tbe young fisb, enclosed in a capsule, which for awbile it carries about. The position of the animal, while within the egg, is with the head dou bled back towards tbe tail, one very un favorable for the process of breathing by internal gills, and hence there is an interest ing provision made to meet the emergency. On each side n filament of the substance of the gills project* from the gill-opening, containing vessels in which the blood is cxpose-l to the action of the water. These processes are gradually absorbed after the fish ia excluded, until which the internal gill.. scarcely ca pable of respiration. Philosophy or Sxeizixg?A.sneeze always indicates that there is something wrong. It doos not occur in health unless some foreign agent irritates tbe membranes of the nasal passages, upon which the nervous fila m nts are distributed. In case of cold, or what is termed infiuenta, these are unduly excitable, and hence tbe repeated meetings which then occur The nose receive* three sits of nerves?the nerves of smell, those of feeling, and those of motion The former communicates to the brain the edorous prop erties of substances with they come in con tact, in a diffused and concentrated state ; the second communicates the impressions of touch; the third move the muscle* of the nose?but tbe powers of these muscles are very limited. When a sneeze occurs, all these faculties are excitcd in a high degree. A grain of snuff excite the olfactory nerves, which despatch to the brain the intelligence that "Snuff has atta-ked the nostril!" The brain instantly sends a mandate through the motor nerves to tbe muscles, saying. "Cast it out!" and the result is untaistakeable. So offensive is the enemv besieging tbe nos trils held to be, that the nose is left to its own defense. It were too feeble to accomplish this. An allied army of museles join in the rescue ; nearly one half of the body arouses against the intruder ; from the muscles of the lips to those of the abdomen, all unite in the effort for the expulsion of tbe grain of muff. Let us consider what oocurs in the instanta neous operation. The lung becomes fully in flated, the abdominal organs are pressed down wards, and the veil of the palate drops down to form a barrier to the escape of air through tbe mouth, and now all the muscles which have relaxed for the purpose, oontract simul taneously, and forced tbe oompressed air from the lungs in a torrent out through the nasal pasiages, with the benevolent determination to sweep away the partiele of snuff which has been causing irritation therein. Such, then, is the complicated action of a sneete ; and if the first effort does not suoceed. then follows a second, a third, and a fourth , and not until victory is achieved, do the army of defenders dissolve their compact, and settle down into the enjoyment of peace and quietude [This extract i* from tbe Journal of Medical Reform, says Mr Littell, of the Living Age, published in New York, and ia a little bit of philosophy " not to be sneezed at." A Peep at Tom Campbell ?In a letter of the late Thomas Campbell, just printed, the deceased poet expresses himself as distressed at his inability to discover materials for a life of Mrs Siddons, *' dear, good MrsSiddons." He writes: "She was a very angel, but devils make better stuff for a biography than angels. The old toothless ladies?onoe dashing beauties? that were her sworn friends, heap upon me reams of proof of her piety parity; bat Lord help me. I can make no use of all their twad dle. * * Had she been a fie-fie, or a drunk ard, or a termagant, I should have had eom parativelv & sinecure in my biographical daty to her. Nevertheless, there are some interest ing particulars about her; her great gtand uncle was executed for being a Catholic priest. I have some faint hopes of being able to prove that he was even burnt alive ; but, unhappily that is not certain. Poor man it would make no difference to him new by what death he died; but to me it woald be most desirable, if possible, that he sboald have died by fire, for the sake of an exciting impressicm on my amiable readers." First Love ?A Fact ?Jeremv Dumps had arrived at a period of life when he thought a wife would be quite a convenient acquisition to his household. Aooordingly he made some inquiries among his friend* who would be a suitablo person for him "Alice Bradshaw will make you a good wife,'* said a noighbor. " Well I'll take a look at Acr,'' said Jeremy, as if he was about te view a piece of land or a horse Pursuant to this, he mounted his pony and rode straightway to the door of the damsel whom he had never seen. He knocked, she appeared at the door, after tbn usual salutation he remarked, " I wonder f you're the gal what's been recommended to nte. if you be. jest say so, and Til come in, and ttay all night with youV?Dedham Adv.