Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. w ashinoton citt? WEDNESDAY Job* 4, 1Mb U7" Advertisements should b? handed In tor I* o'clock, m , otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Vw The mail from Cineiooati at # o'clock thi? morning brought as throo letters from the ?ditor, dated the 31st of May, one of which will be found in to day's Star. The interest ing account of his passage across the moun tains and arrival at Cincinnati is unavoidably deferred until to-morrow. . f P1BIT OF THB MOBNING PBE88. The Inttlligtnctr, in answer to an article in the Star upon the enlistment controversy, and which article contained soma strictures upon the remarks of the Intelligtncer u|>on this subject, say?: " To intimate that times of high political excitement are not the most conducive to the prevalence of wise and sober counsels is sure ly to convey no other imputation upon the President, than to suppose him a partaker in our common humanity. The evil deplored by such a moralism is personal to no individ ual; it peemi to inhere in the very genius of free institutions." m The Unitii i? devoted mainly to new*, po litical and otherwise. THE CINCINNATI CONVENTION. [EDITORIAL CORR*8rO!?DBJ?CE ] CiNcurvATi, May 31, 1856 THE CROWD. The large throng with whom we traveled over from Washington reached this city this morning at two o'clock, (the railroad connec tion having been made all through,) owiDg to the politeness and spirit of accommodation characterising the management of the great route ef travel via the Baltimore and Ohio) Ohio Central, and Little Miami railroads. A slight deiangementof an engine, and the mar tyrdom of a few fat cattle, caused eoi#fe little delays that might have resulted in our laying over for from twelve to twenty-four hours but for the spirit of accommodation to which we refer above, which, by the by, on that route, always insures a continuous trip between the coast cities and this emporium of the West, when the traveler does not desire to atop by the way. There are believed to be, this morning, about eleven thousand strangers in Cincinnati, who eame to attend the Convention as dele gates. alternates, lobby members, excitement hunters, politicians, showmen, pedlers, news, paper men, and the Lord knows what else. Three-fourths of those who throng the halls of the Burnett House at this moment (which remind me precisely of the halls of Bar cum's Hotel, Baltimore, when a similar im portant affair was in progress in that city in 1848, and again in 1852.)(are now electioneer ing for Mr. Buchanan, as the same sort of peo pie electioneered in 1852 for General Cass; loeal clubs principally. New York sent her Empire clubs to Baltimore ; and now Philadel phia sends, we imagine, quite two thousand outsiders, composed in fart of just such gen tlemen, among them being one engine com pany, numbering about two hundred, we hear. The different delegations of the different large States have headquarters in the Burnett House? t. reception rooms?which are con stantly crowded by persons from their respec tive States principally. The Pennsylvania room, of course, contains most person.*, as Penn sylvania has sent so large an electioneering del egation here. A few moments ago their band of music was at work there, while in another cor ners ome one was endeavorirg to make himself heard as an advocate for the nomination of Mr. Buchanan above the interminable din ef the doien brass pieces which made the place unbearable; the accompanying buzz of hun dreds of voices being anything but an accom paniment in accord with them Mr. John Pettit, of Indiana, appears to be the most active ^iotrhwestern Buchanan men on the ground, though every one now here from that region who looks with disfavor, se cret or avowed, upon the Nebraska-Kansas act, is doing his best for Mr. B. So manifest Is this tendency of the gentlemen referred to ?bove, as that it is really doing more to pre vent Mr. Buchanan's nomination than the venciaent electioneering of his host of outside friends to bring about that eveu. Up to this hour it ii impossible to say how Virginia will vote on the first ballot. The Buchanan men of course claim her, though I cannot make the figures come out so. Her course will be determined by the votes of the different dis trict delegations as such. Mr. Buchanan has six of them and some members of other di? trict delegations; but not enough to secure him the eight whole district delegations ne cessary to cast Virginia's vote for LIm. I shall not be surprised if Mr. Hunter receives her vote on the first ballot The Mississippi delegation met this morn ing, numbering fifty-nine, and by a vote of all but three of them, determined to east the rote of the State for Pierce, and passed a res olution declaring it to be their duty as Demo crats to stand by President Pierce to the last This resolution was offered by Mr Sicgleton, * U Wl11 bo collected, was in the last House of Representatives. It would ke worse than useless to speculate upon the probability of the nomination. Strong efforts are beinjr made to make combinations likely to effect results. The rumor is, that Tennessee, 0oor gia, and Indiana, last night concluded to vote for Mr. Buchanan. We have no faith in it whatever, regarding it a? a tub thrown to the whale. That is, as a bait to obtain for him the votes of delegates from other States believed not yet to have made up their minds When it is said that Tennessee is sure for *r. Buchanan, it is also said that Gov. A. V. Brown will be the nomine, for Vice President. one t?l!s that Georgia is sure for Mr. is eer'tl* th&t Hon. Howell Cobb tion If* lh# Vi<* Pre,id#nti?l nomina tion If one remarks th?* ? ? U tb. CODTtOtiOQ WrR'" " ' . * . r* Buchanan, he will fir Buchanan five, for Pierce three The friends of Mr. Douglas appear sanguine of the vote of Ohio, though adding that if any I ?tage of the proceedings her vote will re nominate Pierce that gentleman will receive 11 W. D. W h. L? fcy the 1] i o'clock mail this morning Vditi?T? 'V < therintere,lil)F letters from the bditor, as follows: Cincinnati, June 2, 1856. THK CONVENTION. thattInJi? ^t*U mornins, I ascertained hat Ind'.na, W.sconsin, and Connecticut had e c.mmed to rota unanimously for Buohan that Ohio will probably start out 14 for to 9 against him. Knowing that there will be more or lets rotes from non-slaveholding States which will abandon their first choice for others not long henoe, I forsee his nomina tion, unless in making the platform and set tling other contested questions it may become apparent that a considerable wing of his northern strength is unwilling to endorse the present attitude of the Democracy in Con gress upon the slavery questions in all its points and bearings. Any such demonstra tion will unite a sufficient number of the Vir ginia delegation to make his nomination im possible, as were she to hold out against him, it would be impossible for him to get two thirds. I must do his Pennsylvania friends the jus tice to write that we at the South could not reasonably ask more than their tone on that subject, as manifested in conversation. It is undeniably true that much of the outside pressure for his nomination is the result of a disposition to bring in the rotes of men of free soil tendencies?anti-Nebraska-bill men? those who, while professing acquiescence in the questioned feature of fhe Kansas-Nebraska act, are eternally disputing the propriety of its original enactment. I have no fancy for such Democrats, and would prefer fighting the contest without them Hence my earn est opposition to Mr. Buchanan's nomination. I deprecate the day when their counsels will have weight in those of the great Democratic party, and do not comprehend as yet, how, after courting their votes in making a nomi nation, we can with any degree of Self-respect fail to accord to them frankly the weight in determining our future course as a party, legitimately due to their numbers as an iute gral portion of the Democratic organization However, if they will pledge themselves in Convention! hereafter to sustain the doctrines of the party as they will be laid down if the South remains in political conncction with them throughout the canvass, the evil may bo cured, and we who hold to ultra State rights' doctrines may labor heartily for Mr. Buchanan's election, in the belief that his administration will be heartily Democratic, as we understand the principles of the Demo cratic party to be. W. D. W- n Cincinnati, June 2, 1856 The speech of Col Medary, on taking his seat as temporary chairman this morniBg, was a capital one, and was delivered with much feeling. He went over the history of his con nection with each succeeding Democratic con vention, and illustrated, with force, the duty of standing by the conservative features cf tbe Democratic organization. Much of the time of this first (morning) session was occupied in the delivery of a prayer, of interminable length, by a local clergyman The Benton delegates from Missouri having in vain applied for tickets of admission, forced their way into the ball by knocking down tbe doorkeeper, and, rushing in, took seats on the floor. The other delegation having prima facie evidence of regularity, received the tickets of admission from the Committee of Arrangements. Members of the Benton dele gation who, as before remarked, entered forci bly, essayed to address the chair, to protest against the recognition of any member of the other delegation by the chair Mr. Richardson, of Illinois, called attention to the fact that they had entered by force, and tbe consequence was, they were not per mxtted to be heard. The Chair invited them to retire and refer their claims to the Com mittee on Credentials ; and percciving that their presence, after entering as they did, would not be tolerated by tbe mass of the Convention at that time, they gracefully and cheerfully retired, bowing to the decision of the majority. Great confusion existed through out the whole morning, owing to want of ex perience in such bodies on the part of many of its members. The best temper, however, was preserved. I close this brief letter just as a disposition to adjourn for dinner is being manifested, at 2i P- m W. D. W h. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP A Shriek from the Organ -Our talented, truthful, and most essentially used up neigh bor. goaded on by tbe mortification of defeat, and by the reproaches of its deluded followers who, confiding in iti reckless gasconade, have lost tbeir money upon the contest, changes its tune in a single day, from the confident swag ger of certain victory, to most imbecile win nings, and the absurdest excuses to soothe the natural indignation of the duped Know Noth ings it has contrived to betray. Thus, in its blind flurry we find it making the most cruel charges against the appointees of its own party It says : ' Many of the commissioners, when a voune American would swear on the Bible that he was twenty-one years of age prior to Decem ber last, would require other proof; while tbe s*me commissioners would take tbe oath of irishmen, that they were duly qualified resi dent* of the city, when men were near bv ready to swear that these same Irishmen were <?MarJlantl; but it ww sufficient for these IKwr men to know that they now slept in the city isterid toY Cai*3,the ?at? #f a?e admin" 1?? ? i .bearded men. Besides this, govern ment clerks voted by scores?some of whom ?n ,*"d 0tkors k?own to have voted in the States during the last six months." Now, were the fact not upon official record it would scarcely be deemed credible, that the very Commissioners thus be* .ted by the Organ are men relected for and elected to the office by the Know Nothing City Coun cils ; that the anti-Know Nothing members of the Councils wero not allowed any lot or choioe in the selection of Commissioners, and that to such an extent did the Know Nothings carry theirspiritof unfairness and illiberality that some of the anti-Know Nothings declined voting and withdrew in disgust. These facts are notorious, and yet in the face of them the Organ would palm off its ridiculous fables upon its dupes as a sufficient reason why" they lost their money. But the Organ can, if it chooses, see some thing more in the result of this election, than a mere municipal defeat. It cannot avoid fleeing the universal collapse, which has be fallen the bubble upon which it had staked its political fortunes. We do not wonder then *l th* perturbation and dismay displayed by our u-ed up neighbor under the double task of accounting to it, victim, for present defeat ,t,oir for u"u>b" Farther Fruits of Higher Law ?Th* f. unfortu?ate" has been harried mor* death, all unprovided, into the \ his Eternal Judge. From the awful JX' of Batehelder, in Boston, while acting in de. ferce of the laws providing for the rendition of the fugitive slave Jarns, we have been taken through a series of riots, atrocities, and murders unparalleled in the annals of civil* iied nations. The murder of Father Bapst, at Calais, Maine, for no ether apparent rea son than that he was a Catholic prie?t, the murderous riots in Portland, Maine, at Cin cinnati, Ohio, and at Louisville, Kentucky, where unoffending Oerman citizens were mur dered in cold blood, and their little children shot at the mother's breasts?are fresh in the painful recollections of all. What is the cause, where the source of this fall spirit of misrule 7 The subject may be ungracious, but good men must look at it fair in the face. Is not answer to the broad question found in that higher law doctrine first promulgated by Senator Seward, and since elaborated and carried into praotioal execution by Sumner, Beeoher, Silliman, Giddings, and company ? Is there any other solution of the problem ! The intemperance of thought and language indulged by Siliman and Beecber in New Haven meeting-house4, and by WilEon, Sumner, and Hale, in the United States Senate, has at last produced results with the uneducated and bad men throughout the country. The treasonable sentiments of Abolition and Know Nothing orators and presses hare brought things to this sorry pass The men who utter them are responsible for these riots, atrocities, and murdersof which we have heard of late. They are the men who counselled, encouraged, and inspired John Essex to bru tally stamp out the life-blood of Owen Quig ley. Will the sympathisers of Sumner shed any tears over Quigley'a untimely death ? We shall see. Letter from Mr. Sumner?It would seem from the following extract of a letter written by Mr. Sumner to Theodore Parker of Boston, and read by the latter gentema" before an anti-slavery convention in that city, that Mr. P. intended to pronounce what should be an insult to South Carolina, and to inflict in his seat in the Senate personal indignity on a fellow Senator then absent. The extract reads thus : "The tyranny over uj is complete Will the people submit to it? When you read this I shall be saying in the Senate that they will not I shall pronounce the most thorough phillippic ever heard in this legislative body." Is it any wonder that with such language uttered by grave Senators that degraded men think they too can avenge their own wroDgs ? They make up " the people," and why should " they submit" to laws ? Texai Debt ?We understand the Treasury Department paid on Monday, Tuesday, and to II o'clock to-day, to the creditors of the late Republic of Texas under the act of Con gress of the 28th of February, 1855, $4,359, 524.12. It will be recollected the amount ap propriated was ?7,750,000. Lift of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office for the week ending June 3, 1856?each bearing that date : William Alley, of Columbus, Ga?For im provement in uterine supporters Solomon Andrews, of Perth Amboy, N. J. For improvement in gas burning lamps. Josian Ashenfelder, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improvement in marble sawing machines. N. Aubin, of Albany, N. Y.?For improve ment in feeding apparatus for gas retorts. Jesse Battey, of Honeoye Falls, N. Y.?For improved method of regulating wind mills. Jos. Becker, of New York, N. Y.?For im proved piano-forte action. William Burdon. of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For improvement in relieviogslide-valves from the pressure of steam John Ca*ey, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in window irames. Riehard 11. Cole, of St. Louis, Mo.?For im provement in nut machines Thomas Estlock, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improved device and walls of buildings for preventing damage to goods by water in case of fires. Riohard H. Cole, of St Louis, Mo.?For im provement in making nuts. Richard H. and John C. Cole, of St. L9uir, Mo ?For improved machine for polishing me tallic nuts George Crangle, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement in rotary brick machines. Rufus Ellis, of Boston, Mass.?Forimprova ment in needles for knitting machines. Benjamin Gilpatrick: of Jjowell, Mass.?For improved saw set. Sylvester H. Gray, of Bridgeport, Conn ? For improvement in machines for felting hat bodies. Jacob Green, of Philadelphia. Pa ?For im provement in gas-consuming furnaces John G. Hock, of Newark, N J.?For im provement in the arrangement of a gas retort bench Christian Knauer, of Pittsburgh, Pa.?For copying preaa. Win D Leavitt, of Cincinnati, Ohio.?For improved sawing machine. Henry F Murn, of Westville, Ind?For improvement in harvester frames. Wm. N. Manning, of Rockport, Mass ?For improvement in melodeons. Robert Myers, of Factory Point, Vt ?For improved marble sawing machine. Foftor Nowell, of Lowell, Mass.?For im provement in wool-cardin&machines. R H Peverly, of Chelsea Mass ?For im provement in self-regulating ships' compasses. Sam'l. Richards, of Philad'a. Pa.?For im provement in glass furnaces Josiah A Rollins, of Buffalo, N. Y.?For improvement in melodeons. Isaac M. Singer, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in sewing machines for binding hats. Lysander Spooner, of Boston, Mass ?For improvement in elastic bottoms for chairs and other articles. Wm. Samuels and Geo. L. Stanbury. of Jackson Township, Ind.?For improved boring machine Wm. B. Treadwell, of Albany, N. Y.?For improvement in cooking stoves. John A. Toll, of Sugar Bridge, O.?For im proved marble sawing machine. Otis Tufts, of Boston, Mass ?For improve provement in operating valves of steam en- | gines. Henry S. Vrooman, of Logansport, Ind.? For improved sawing machine. Chapman Warner, of Green Point, N Y.? For improved filter. Marshal Wheeler, of Houesdale, Pa.?For improvement in gas regulators Allen B. Wilson, of Waterbury, Con?For improvement in grain and grass harvesters. Henry R. Wortkington, of Brooklyn, N Y. For improved method of attaching steam to a conical valve. Linus Yale, jr., of Newport, N. Y.?For im proved lock. Frederick B E. Beaumont, of Upper Wood ball, Eng.?For improvement in fire arms. Solon Bishop, of Horner, N. Y.?For im provement in washing maohines. John T. Bever,| of Haynesville, Mo.?For improvement in washing machines. bamuel L. Denney, of Lancaster, Pa.?For improvement in hand oorn planters. David L. Davis, of Dedham, Mass.?For im provement in clastic bearings for railroad chairs. James W. Evans, of New York, N. Y.?For improved amalgamator. Mahlon S Frost, of Detroit, Mich.?For im provement in railroad oar brakes Cyrus Garrett and Thomas Cottman, of Cin cinnati, 0.?For improvement in sub-soil ploughs. Horace L Hervey, of Quinoey, 111.?For im provement in parallactic instruments for meas uring distances. George Kesling, of Lebanon, 0.?For im provement in fire arms. Servetus Longley, of Cincinnati, O ?For improved apparatus for rolling and handling barrels, Ao I John MoChesney, of Louisville, Ky.?For I improvement in washing maohines. Jacob J. A H. F Mann, of Westville, Ind.? For improvement in reaping machines Josiah Mamford, of Clarksburg, 0.?For improvement in revolving last holders Joseph Smith, of Condit, 0.?For improve ment in maobines for raking and loading hay. Oren Stoddard, cf Busti, N. Y?For im provement in machine* for haskins corn Lucius E. Tread well, of Warren, Ma**.?Fcr improvement in lattice bridges. George W N. Yost, of Pittsburg, Pa.?For improved driving wheels for steam drags or propellers. George W N. Tost, of Pittsburg, Pa.-?For improved steam land propeller. Samuel Fahrncy, of Boonsboro. Md.. as signor to Abraham Huffer and Benjamin Fahr ney, of Washington Co., Md.?For improved vise. Cullen Whipple, of Providence, R I , as signor to the New England Screw Company, of same place.?For improvement in making screws. Wm. P. Wood, of Washington, D. C., as signor to Sam'l De Vaughn and Wm. P. Wood, of saae place?For improved mitre box. Daniel Dodgj, of Heeseville, N. Y.?For im provement in nail machines. Designs ?William Resor, of Cincinnati, 0.?For design for cooking stoves The Current Operations of tlie Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 3d of June, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt..$1,589 317 74 For the Treasury Department... 6 062 85 For the Interior Department..... 41,732 61 From Customs 2.630 19 War warrants received and en tered. 273,439 60 From miscellaneous sources...... 532 18 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS The Senate was not in session yesterday ; and the House of Representatives had merely a formal meeting, Mr. Aiken in the chair. There was no quorum present, and conse quently no power to adjourn for more than one aay. Preceedtnga ef To-Day. The Senate was not in session to-day. In the House, twenty or thirty members only were present. For want of a quorum the House could not adjourn till Saturday ; and then adjourned till to morrow No legislative business will be transacted this week, owing to the Cincinnati Conven tion calling many members thither, while others than Democrats have availed them selves of this opportunity to repair to their

homes. A .NOTICK ?WE, THE UNDER pipped. Grocery Merchants, do hereby agree to close our respective storea at 8 o'clock, from the Sth day of J une to the 3uth of 8 ptember, Saturday evenings excepted. Geo. <St Thos. Parker A. William Orme, Co.. Harbour & Semme i, J. B. Wilson, KE Write A Co, Murray A. Semmes, B. F. Morsell, W. C. Harper, Wm Bryon, Thompson,Hamilton8c W.M.Crlpps, Co , B I. Neale, Bam'1 Bacon &. Co , Ed. Hall, Mldd'eton & Beall. Kennedy A Pugh. C. kvana, per8. Evans, Hermann H. Voss, Jno. H. Semmes A Co., F.M.Orme. Edwards A Smith, je 4-3t PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, ATTENTION ?You are heicby noti fied to attend a regular monthly mee'lng kof the Company on THURSDAY EVE NING, the Sth instant, at 8 o'clock. Punctual at endance la called f^r as busir ess of Importance will be transacted, in which every mf mber is In terested. Bv order of Capt Jog Peck : je l-2t* ROB. TEAL, Sec. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY. The members are notified that a meeting of the Company will be held THIS EVEN ING, at 8 o'clock. By order: It B F. BEERS, Sec. A. FAIR, FOR THE BENEFIT OF the Fifteenth street Presbyt'n Church, will open THIS AFTERNOON, at 4 o'clock, In the large Hall, on the corner of 9th and D streets, and continue until o'clock every evening until further notice. The public generally are solicited to patronise the same. There will "be a lirge as sortment of Fancy articles, Confectionery and Re freshments, such as Lemonade. Ice Cream, and Soda Water. Je 3-3t* .STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL at ODD FELLOWS' HALL?Th-ladies late ly engaged In a Fair for the purpose of erecting a a Mission House In the suburbs of Trinity ParUh return their gratef j1 thanks for the very liberal patronage thev received; and that they may be enabled more fully to carry out their views they would most respectfully call the attention of the public to a STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, to take place on THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVE NINGS, of the present we?k. Marty fincy articles left from the last Fair will be for sale. Je3-4t* MONTGOMERY GUARDS, ATTEN TION.? You are hereby notified to at'end a regular monthly meeting of the Company on WEDNESDAY EVENING. th?4th in stant. Punctual attendance la called for aa busi ness of importance will be transacted. By order of Capt. Key : Je 3-3t THOS. McENlRV, Sec. NATIONAL GUARDS, ATTENTION. Ycu are hereby notified to attend a meeting of th? Comrany on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, the 4th Ins-tant, at 7k o'clock, aa particular business la 'o be transacted. By ord?*r of Captain Tate : Je3-2t _ J. E. JOHNSON, Secretary. ,NATIONAL THEATRE. AUTHOR'S BENEFIT! J O. BURNETT r spec'fully informs his friends and the public generally, that his FARE WELL BENEFIT will t ke'place on THURS DAY EVENING, June 5th. when will be pre sented, for the fourth time his dramatization r f | Duma*' po ular work, THE THREE GUARDS MEN, together with a condensed version cf the laughable ext'avaganza, entitled TOM AND JERRY; cr, LIFE IN LONDON, both pieces embr clng the combined talent of the Company. The hitherto flattering tokens of approval, of which he has been the recipient, encourages the beneficiary to hope that his efforts will, on the above occasion, meet wl'h a substantial response from the citizens of Washington and vicinity, icr Box sheet now open. Je 3-*2t THE LADIES OF THE CONGRE gation of the Capitol Hill Meth Fpis Church purpose holding a STRAWBERRY F EST! VAL this week at the Columbia Engine House, Capitol Hill, to aid In paying the dr-bt on their Church; to begin TUESDAY EVENING, June 3d, at 7 o'clock The public generally are respectfully invited to attend. Je 2-3t* WASHINGTON BUILDING ASSO CIATION?The Ninth Annual meet ing of the above Association will be held at the Fourth District School House (Island) on WED NESDAY EVENlNGf June 4th. 185T., at wh'.ch time the election of officers will take place Stockholders will please attend, and those In ar rears will please pay on or before that time either to the Treasurer or to Mr James Frason, who is authorized to receive the same. The meeting will commence at 8 o'clock Je2-MW C. A8HFORD, Sec. PATENT HAT STEVENS, BROWNS' Hotel, withes to call the attention of( the Hat wearing public to the new Patent VENTILATING HAT of "Beebe," being satl fled that it Is the best Ventilated Hat ret In troduced. STEVENS'S Salesroom, Je4-6t Browns' Hotel. REWARD OF 8300. & Office U. S. Marshal Dist't Columbia, ) Washington, June 4, 1850. J THE UNDERSIGNED 18 AUTHORIZED to pay a reward of five hundred dollars to su h person or persons as shall apprehend and bring before anv justice of the peace, In and for thecounty of Washington, JOHN ESSEX, who being In custody, charged with the murder of Owen Quigley, In this city, on the 3d Instant, es caped from the office of the magistrate pending the preliminary examination upon the sain charge. * JONAH D. HOOVER, Je 1-lw Marshal for District of Columbia. (Unloni Intelligencer, Sun, and Richmond En qulrer ) A CARD.?T* the Ladlea and Gentlemen ? f Alexandria, Georgetown, aad Wash ington ?You havedouhtlens seen the advertise ment Inviting voi r attenlon to and inspection of the beautiful Gallery of European Paintings, which are now on free exhibit ion in i hargeof Mr. Tolman, in the room over Mr. Farnham's store, corner of 11th street and Pennsy vania avenue, in w ashlngton I deem It un essary toattempt any description of them from mr own judgment; suffi e it to say that this is con iiered oy compe tent judges to be the li hest and handsomest dis play ever made in this district. The sale will commence on Thursday, the Sth Inst , at half wst 10 o'clock, a. m , and will be continued on Fii day, the 8th lnst , at th* same hour Permit me, very respectfully, to invite your attention to the ?ale, and I latter myself that you will had it well worthy of attention. A. GREEN, Je 4?It i Auctloi FIRST EXCURSION AHD PIC VIC or TBI Eagle Club of Georgetown. The eagles take srkat pleasure In Informing their friend* and ^ tbe public generally that their at rangementa ere now complete for th'lr Excursion, wh'ch takes pliee on WEDNK^DAY, June 11th, 1?5<J, to the WHITE BOOSE PAVILION The steamer George Washington has been chartered for the orcasion, snd will leave tbe wharf at the foot of High street, Georgetown, at 7K o'clock : Washington at 8% : Navy Y?rd ?; Alexandria 9% ; returning, will leave the White Home at 5K o'clock The beat Otlllon Music has been engaged. Dinner will be serv?d by an experienced ca terer at mcdera'e prices. Omnibuses will leave corner Seventh and L street*, and corner Twelfth and Pa. a venae, at 7# o i loos, to convey pera na to the boat. Tickets ONK DOLLAR; to be hid of any ef the memb rs of the Club, or at the boat on the m^rn'.ng of 'be excursion je4 6t* COM OF ARRANGEMENTS. NAVY BEEF AND PORK FOB. IBiT. NAVY DEPARTMENT, 1 Bureau of Paovmoas akd Clot? me, > June a, ipso S SEALED PROPOSALS, ENDORSED PRO posals for Beef," and " Proposals for Pork," aa the case roar be, will be received at this office until 3 o'clock, p m , on Saturday, tbe igth day of July next, for furnishing and delivering, ft>e of all cost ard risk to the United States, at the following navy yards: Barrels bet/. Barrels pork At Charleatown, Mass.. 1,400 1,900 At Brooklyn, N. Y *,400 1,100 At Oosport, Va l,t.03 1,800 5,400 4,200 One half of said Beef and Pork must be deliv ered at each of the above-named yarda. respec tively, by the lat day of April, 1857; and the re maining half by the lat day of June, 1857, unleas earlier de iveiles should be required by tte chief of this bureau. Payment to be made within thirty days after delivery Bidders must specfy their prlcea sepatatelv and distinctly In separate offers for the beef and for the pork. and for each of the places of delivery, covering all expenses and all charges. Tbe beef must be from well-fattened cattle, slaughtered between the 1st day of November, 1656, and the lat day of January, 1857, and weigh ing not less than six hundred pounda, net weight, each. The legs and 1-g rands of the hind quar ters, and the shins and shoulder clods, the shoul ders of mutton and ends of sticking plec<s, and at least eight pounds from the neck end of each fore quarter, or the parts marked Nos 1, *, 3, 4, and 5, on tbe drawing or delineation of tbe fore and hind quarters of an ex. which wiU be at tacbed to and form a part of the contract, must be wholly excluded from each barrel, and tk? re mainder oftkt carta -s,insttad cf bet-g cut ttitk a cleaver, must be cut tkroui;k toitk a . arc a*d knife, to give tke m-at a squart, neat, and smooth appearand, in piece* of not less tkan eigkt poundf, nor more tkan txttlvt pounds, tack. The pork must be packed from corn fed, well fattened Logs, alaughtered between the lrat day of November, 1850, and tbe first day of January. 1857 and weighing not less than two hundred pounds each, excluding tbe heads, Joles, necka. shoulders, hams, legs, feet, butts, rumps, lard, and all refuse piece*; and muat be cut with a sate and kni fe, in pieces weighing not le?s than six pounds, ncr more than twelve pounds, each Both the beef and pork must be salted with at l?ast one str'ute bushel of Turk's Island, Isle of May, Key We*t solar, or St. Ube's salt: and tbe beef must have five ounces of floe pulv*iiied salt petre to each barrel, exclusive of a pickle, to be made from fresh water es strong aa silt will make it, and mint be perfectly origbt and clear Each barrel must contain full 800 pounds net weight of beef or pork, and no excess of weight In eithet article will be paid for The barrels mu t be entirely new. and be made of the best seasoned heart of white oak staves and headings; the staves to be not lass tbsn five-" eighths cf an inch thick, and the headings no: less than three-fourths of an inch thick; tbey must be three-fourths hooped over, including the iron hoops, with the best white oak or hiekory hoops, and each barrel must have on it four Iron hoops, vii: one of ore and a half inch in width on each bilge, and one of ore and an eighth inch in width on each chime, and each to be of ere sixteenth of an inch thick fcaeh barrel must b of the Internal capacity of thirty-two gallons. Each barrel must be Branded bv burning on its h?ad "Navy Beef," or "Navy Pork," as the case may be, with the contractor's name and the year wh'n packed. and weight: and ahall also be branded on the bung atave with the letter B. or P , as th- case may be Th* b<vf and po'k will, unleas otherwise di rected by the chief of this bureau, be inspected by the inspecting officers at the respective navy-yards aforesaid, anabvrorm; ' sworn Inspector cf salted provisions," who will b-selected by the respfc tWe commindlng officers; but their charges for such inspections must b" paid by tbe respective contractors, who must likewise have the barrels rut in go d shipping order, to the satisfaction of the commandants of the respective navy-yards aforesaid, after inspection, and at their own ex pense. Two or more approved sureties in a sum equal to one-half the estimated amount of the contract will bp required, and twen'y per centum in adcM tlcn wiU he withheld f om the amount of each payment to be made, as collateral security for tte due and faithful performance of the respective contracts, which w.ll on no account be paid until the contracta are complied with in all respects; and is to be forfeited to the United States in the event of failure to complete the deliveries w.thin the prescribed period. In case of failure on the Krt of tbe contractor to deliver all or any of tbe pf or pork al>ove mentioned, of the quality ai.d at the time and places above provided, the con tractor will forfeit and pay to tbe United States, as liquidated damage# a sum of money equal to twice the amount of the contract price to be paid In case of the actual delivery thereof; which l'quidated damagrs may be recovered from time to time as they accrue Payment will be made by the United States at the perirds above specified, (excepting the twenty per centum to be withheld until the completion of the contract, as before s ated.) after the said beef and pork shall have been inspected and received, and bllla for the >ame shall have been pre ented to the navy agents, respectively, duly approved by the Cf micandants of the respective navy-yards, according to the terms of the contract T it parts of beef to be excluded toil: it partic ularly designated in tke engraving to bt nttacktd to tke contract, ftrsons mitresttd can obtain tkem on application at tkis ajtct. Bidders whose proposals are accepted (and none others) will be forthwith notified, and aa early aa practicable a contract will be transmitted to them for execution, which contract muat be returned to the bureau within ten days, exclualve of the time required for the regular transmitslen of the mail. A record or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder of the acceptance of hi a proposal will be deemed a nc tlfl ation thereof within the meaning cf the act of 1M6, and hia hid will be made and accepted in conformity with this underatandlng Every offer made must be accompanied (as di rected iu the 6th section of the act of Congress mating appropriations for the naval service fo* 184?-'47, approved 10th August, i?46) byawiitten guarantee, signed by one or more responsible per sons, to the effsx t that he or they undertake that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within ten day*, wltb good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the article proposed. This guarantee must be accompanied by the certificate cf the United States district judge, United States diatrlctattorney, or navy agent, that the guarantors are able to make gocd their guar antee. No proposal wi'.l be considered unlets aecom panied by suck guarantee. The bidder'* name and residence, and the name of ea< h member ef the firm, where a company offers, with the Christian names written in full, must be distinctly stated Under the joint resolution ef Congress, ap proved 27th Msrch, 1851, "all bids for supplies of provisions, clothing, and small stores fcr the u e of (he navy, may be rejected at the option of tbe department, If made by one not kaown aaa man ufacturer of, or regular dealer la, the artlele pro posed to be furni lied, which fact, or tke reverse, o.ust be distinctly stated in the bids offered," je 4-taw4w ' C HOICK BUTTER! Fresh New York BUTTER just reeeived at KIN Of. 31 W VI. evenve, oor. lftfc and J ate. KUNKEL Jt CO LE8HEE1 JOHN T. KURD bOLK MANAGER JOS JEFFERSON STAGE MANA6EK rticxs or amission. Rwnrt mi* rs onu Boxes and Parquet ? .....SO cents Family Circle and Gallerle* 2> ce?.u THIS (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, To commence with the firet of THE KIIO'S OAKOSVIB. Gawchard Mr Jefferson To conclude with the Historical Drtanef tk? THREE GUARDSMEN; OR, THX SHOE or ROCHELLI D'Artagran Mr Bonlhc* Adair* Burnett , W #ll?oe Richelieu Mr Hamilton Anre of Austria Ml** Mary Devlin Lady Winter Mrs Gannon u miagran Mr 1 Atbo* ) <MrF.dw? Pcrtbo* > Three Guardsmeti {Mr J G Bu Aramls ) I Mr J J Wi *?* ? % a* UX The Box Sheet for the nolo of Re Seara will be open every day. OSoe boun be tween 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. It GBAJD MILITARY A CIVIL EXCTJRSIOK ?T TBI Washington Light Infantry. THF INFANTRY TAKE PLEASURE IN informing their frier ?laard the _ . J " ^ public tbat their arrangements arsAfldUUHB*. now perfect for their EXCURSION on MONDAY, inn* 9(b. to the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION The Steamer* Washington and Co'lver are ?n gaged Ibe Excursion leaving tbe Washington wharf at o clock. Nary Yard . and Alexao- ] drlalOa m An afternoon boat leave* the Wwb. tngtnn wharf at 2 p m Returning, leaves th? Pavilion at 6 and 9pm Esputa'a Bras* and Cotillon Band has been en ?; a* *<\. Dinner and Supper will b? furnished by Mr Rlghtatlne Other Refreshment* will be under tha Immediate charge of the committee. Mr Vendrrwerktn baa consented to run coaches from tbe Capitol to tbe wharf, Tlz : Pa avenue and ltth street; also, from tbe Northern Liber ie* market. On tbe retnrn of tbe excursion coaches will run to the Avenue ard Nnvy Yard Ticket# ONE DOL'.AR to be had of J War ner. Bridge street, Georgetown; Jas Kelly. Pt avenue. First Ward: Dyson's. Druggist, Bakers and Kunl's. Paaver.ue, Power'#. Coebrans's. and Kloman'a, 7th atreet; Todd A Davis's. Beater A Dubant's. and Shllllncton's. Pa avenue; Hmn iln's. Capitol Hlll^ OT>on?eil's, Dmpgt*t, Navy Yard; and of the company and committee. Cemmittge. I.t J r Taekrr. I T Mu.ld, W E Daat, Serf J Warner, H Kuhl, * I Cup M P Piihtr, L l> WillliM, J W k*<ruold>. Or>T J CoVtnan. J Ph*l(i?, J W tHifr t Je?-St Grand Prize Pic Nic ! THE BEN FRANKLIN TARGET COM pany No. 1 will glee their Second Annual Pic Nic at Arlington Spring on THURSDAY neit, Jane5 * The boat will leave 14th street Bridge at 7# o'clock a m n ketnONE DOLLAR-admitting a gentle man and l?dle*. Commtttft 0f Arrang<nu*tl. CaptATait, W Hutton, f Lieut E C Hckloff, Prlv Geo Edmonson Prlv A Eck'off. m 3W-5t* OFFICIAL. TEEASUKT DEPALTMEHT, Mav 26, l<-y Notice la hereby given to the holders of tt* stock Issued pursuant to the act of Congrcsa cf tid Ju y, 1816, that such stock Is redeemable bv its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tie surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 1 tl of Ncvtmber r.ext, when Interest thereon wlM case. Tola department will continue to purchase such stock priirtosald day of redemption, and will nay therefor the folic wing premium, in additioa to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day'a irttrest for the money to n?act the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the let day of June and the 31st day of July, in dual ve, cne-half of one per cent, on the amounts specified in the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and Jl?' days of August, one-fourth of cne per cent; And on such stock received after the31st day of ? August, the interest accrued therecn, and cne A Jay's additional interest only, will be paid Certificates of auch stock transmitted unde this notice mast be duly asalgned to the United * Spates by the party entitled to receive the pur- r chafe money: and when sent prior to the 1st Julr the current half year's interest mu-talso be a? signed by the present atockholder, otherwise sucb intereft will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is further given to holders of otter stocks of the United States that this departure! will purchase the same between the 1st day cf June and the 1st day of December uext, unless the sum of S1.500 COO shall be prev ions', y ob ai ne<S, and will pay for the same, in addition to tie In terest accrued from the day of the last dividend ?f Interest, and one day's additional Intereft for the money to reach the vendor, the following rate* of premium: On stock of the loan of 1812. a premium of )? per cent.; On at<?k of the loans of 1817 and 1849 a premium of 1# per cent ; And on stock Issued under tie act of 9th Sep tember. 1850, commonly ctlled Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted ucder this notice should be duly assigned to tbe Unlt?d States by the par ty sntitled to receive the money ; and if sent pre ^ vlons to the 1st July, tbe current half-year's in-1^ tersst must also be assigned by the present stock / holder, otherwise tbe Interest for the half year that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will made by drafts on the assistant treaturera at Be* ton. New York, or Philadelphia, as the parte entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m iO-dtlSN ov Secretary of the Treasury ANOTHER LOT OF THAT CHOlil -A BLACK TKA at SO cents per pound.< in store and for sale by > '/. M P KING, lift je 2 265 Vt. av , corner l>th and 1 ?t? STR * TED OK STOLEN?ON THE WTH May. from th* common north of the, c'.ty, a bay MARK, about seven years old., blind of the right eye, ar.d right hind feet wc S* reward will be given If taken within, and ? if taken without the District, and to be deliver* at No 30? Ta avenue, Washington City Je 3-3t? Qgr REWARD LOST, LAST EVENING V?J at the 2d precinct of theSeventLI Ward, a MEMORANDUM POCKET [ BOOK, containing papers of no vaiutl to any one but the owner. The above" reward will be paid and no questions asked if "? turned to the owner,,corner 12 and E streets. Je3-?f JNO S FINCH . EDWtn c CLACKS. IDOTaIC p c*ac* P CLARKE fit CAKON, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, Cfflce corner rf Main and Slith streets, DUBUCIUK, IOWA, . WILL ATTEND TO THE PUBCHA? and sale of CItv 1-ots and Outside L?nd'l Collections made and Taxes paid throughcut t? Sta'e of Iowa and tbe Northwest Conveyance* and Investigating Titles. Monev invtsied the greatest care Lend w arranta for stie mrnxsns: Herron Brothers, Bankers, Dubuque, low* F S. Sesupfc Co . " M " Easton. Cooley A Co 41 Decorah, ?' Suter, Lea A Co . " Washington, D C I J M Clarke* Co, " Gretn & tfewell, " New York Johnston, Bro's A Co. " Bait more. Md R H.Maury A Co., " Richmond, Va Burt A Ba ker, Attorneys-at-Lew, Dubuque Judacn A Powell, Ogdensburg, >? * J P H Conger A Brothers, Dnbnqoe. Io?a Hon. John D Russell. Canton N Y. " James ThrrlngUn, Civenport. Iowa " Jack.-on Morton, cx-Secator U. S. ir0 Florida Renrya, Smith A Townsen**, New York. Robertson, Hud so a 4 Pulllam. " ^ rpHE UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFUL^ -1- Informs his friends and the pubjlcQ^ that the Jewelry and Watchmaking Fs f tabllahment or'merly conducted bjr bbll jy J fcrothrr F Lanoi , Las bfentran>ferred to^PTjB his hands. Be will spare no pains to susta n ^ reputation enjoyed by his brother, ai d k fsvored with numerous order* ia his I line. AUGUST LAN^ \ 508 P?. nv.,het. id and 3d ?"