Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAK. LOi:AL INTELLIGENCE. T?t Another Homicide ?Shortly before three o'clock, yesterday, a commotion was no ticed at the oorner of Pennsylvania avenue And Ninth street; a large fifed, athletic man, (camel John Essex,) was observed to turn and overtake a person he had just met and pa. 8 id, ar,d to strike him a crushing blow upon the back of the head with his fist, or some instru ment in his haDd, and to follow up his attack a series of ferocious kicks upon the face and neck of the individual attacked, who had now fallen senseless to the ground. The person thus struck down and beaten was named Owen Quigley, and the offence seems to have been simply calling out " Hur rah for Magruder," in reply to a jostle which threw him in the gutter, received from Essex and bis companions as they parsed. Essex now turned and fled, but was pur sued by officers and citixens, and was arrested finally by Officer Duvall, and some gentlemen assisting, and conveyed to Justice Hollings head's office in despite of the attempt of a a party of Essex's confederates to rescue him. Dr. Finks, of Virginia, and other witnesses, testified to the facts as above stated. Mr C. F- Wood, who was sworn, said he was crossing the street when he saw the yourg men, and heard one, he could not say which, say " Hurra for Magruder !" he looked and saw Essex step back and knock the man dowu, and then go to him and kick him twice; thought the attack was unprovoked. After Mr. Wood had concluded his state ment, Officer Parham entered the office and told the lustice that (juigley was dead. Justice Hollingshead inquired if he had seen the body. Parham answered that he had not, but that Officer Wise ?as there and could tell more about it Uffiier Wise stated that Dr. Young had toid him iWise) to go for the Coroner to hold an inquest, ard (hut Dr. Young had cent for Dr. May to assist him in a post mortem examina tion. Justice Iiollingshead said, that before com mitting or bailing Essex he would like to have more positive testimony, and requested Officer Wi*e to go for Dr. Young. While this was going on, and the Magistrate was awaiting the arrival of Dr. Young, the officer (Duvall) who claimed the arrest, and who had the prisoner in charge, was talking to various person* in the front office, the pris oner mean time moving about at will in the office and the adjoining rooms. The Magis trate admonished Officer Duvall to look after his prisoner, and thereupon Duvall went to the back room where tbe prisoner was. Offi cer Wilson also went into the back room, and had some conversation with the prisoner Offi cer Duvall again returned to the front office and sat down. Officer Parham told Duvall ho had better look after Essex, or he would run directly. Duvall replied that there was no danger; it wouid be very much against him it he did such a thing After a tew minutes Officer Wilson came into the front office, and said to Justice iiollingshead with a laugh, " You can't try that case, the prisoner has escaped."' The Justice turned quickly in his chair and asked Wilson if he intended any reflection up<>a him. Wilson said he meant no insult to the Magistrate ; he only meant to say that the prisoner had escaped, and the caif could not be tried in his absence. Trie Justice then aske^ who was the officer who had Essex in charge Wilson replied " I am not " Parham clued that the case hai been claimed by another itficer. Duvall then got up ?'id said M I i-uppose the prisoner was in my custody, but 1 ?; the Justice interposing '? Ifaen y<.u had better go and find him ; this is a serious matter liut this Duvall did cot appear to think it worth his while to do, and tbe last we saw of Lim he was loafiog on the sidewalk, in front of the offi;e, a most painful specimen of incapacity at?d inefficiency, to call it by no harsher name Essex, it is supposed, made his escape from the cily. Erom the Magistrate's office we went to the house where lay the dead body of Ouigley, surrounded by weeping relatives; ani as we ?aw the gray..':aircd p.irents of the deceased, the l ther especially, bend in speechless, convulsive agony over the cold, pale corpse, we lelt that the modt depraved heart must have been softened by that scene of distress, and impressed with the fearful responsibility resting upon those who counscl such deeds of violence or allow them to go unrebuked. We hear, but for the credit of human nature would not willingly believe, that a person on the street, in the vicinity ot the examination, was heard openly to vindicate the deed as only the killing of an irishman! Will not all r.ght minded men?lovers of justice ani ot their country?irrespective of party, join to repress this appalling spirit of violeLce ai.d bloodshed whi'h now walks unblu?hiug in open day7 Y> ill they not shake off those affiliatioLs which bind them to give moral support, and countenance, at least, to men whu avail themselves of such support to grat ify to the fullest extent their lawless and tloxly propensities ? Thx Mator has issued an official order cer tifying that tbe following named persons have been returned by the Commissioners of Elec tion as duly elected members of the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common Council and Assessors at an election held on Monday, the 2d instant, vis : F:rst Ward.?Aldermen?Wm. T. Dove, Geo W Riggs. to fill vacancy occasioned by the resignation cf W. B. Magruder. Common Council?Charles Abert. John B. Turton, and D. C Lee. Assessor?Wm. Rizgles Second Ward.?Alderman?Wm F.Bayly. Common Council?Thos. J. Fisher, Wm Orme, and Ferd Jefferson Third Ward.- Alderman?French S Evans. Common Council?Jonathan T Walker, Jaa. Towies, and J. H G. McCutchea. Assessor ?J M Downing fourth Ward.?Alderman?William W. Moore Common Council?Richard H. Clarke, Elijah Edmonston. and Jas A Kennedy. Fifth Ward?Alderman?John il. Hous ton. Common Council?Amon Baldwin, D A. Watterston, and John Bohlayer. Assessor ?B F. Dyer Hijth Ward.?Alderman?George R. Ruff Common Council?John Bayne. James A. Gor don, an 1 Jo*iah L. Venable. Seventh. Ward ?Alderman?PeterM. Pear Sin Common Council?S Yorke AtLee, Thos. E Lloyd, and Robt. T. Knight Assessor Peter Hepburn, jr. Thk Gcaro Cos vex no* ?In accordance with the recommendation of the convention assembled at Wilmington, in March last, a convention of delegates from the several States interested in tbe guano trade, will be held in this city on the 10th of June inst , at 11 o'clock, for the of consultation in regard to the present high price of Peruvian guano, and tbe best course for tbe farmers and planters of the United States to pursue relative to the vexatious impositions to which they are sub jected by those having the direction of the trade therein Delegations from all agricul> tural societies, and from local conventions of farmers, are expected to be present. By the fallowing note from Professor Henry, it will be seen that accommodations for the meeting of the convention will be provided at the Smithsonian Smith son i ax Ihstitltiox, May It) Lsak Sir : Your letter relative to accom modation f >r a convention of the farmers and planters of tbe Midd'e States has been re ceived In behalf of the Regents of this In stitution, 1 have the boner to inform you that the second story of the Smithsonian buildiug ha; been arrai ged with special reference to t:,e ac* immodationof associations which have f<?r tbeir object the promotion of knowledge or the advat<*e of art: and as the discussion of the question ?.f the means of procuring an im portant fertilizer would appear to fall within tbe class of objects above mentioned, suitable apartments will be provided for the meeting. I am. very respectfully, your ob'l serv't, Josti'B Hkxrt, Sec'y. SariSards, Esq , "American Farmer," Baltimore, Ml. ? Ap.rkst or a* Officer ?H P. L. Wilson, County Officer, was this morning brought be fore Ju'titie (iod<iard by Officer Hnrr, charged by Ma^:-trate John S Hollingshead with aid ing and ibetting tbe ejcape of John Essex. All the witnesses not being in attendance, Wilson gavi bail for h.< appearance at four o dock tflis evening, at the same office The National ?The drams of the " Three Guardsmen," so enthusiastically received, ia again presented this evening. Mr J. G. Bur nett. the author, takes a nenefit to morrow night. Being an old fellow-printer, and hav ing; by unflinching exertion, risen in the the atrical profession, we wish for him all the success which should crown the efforts of such a fine a^tor and good fellow As the author of the " Three Guardsmen," he has succeed ed in producing one of the best dramas of the ege, both in language and construction. The great extravaganza of " Tom and Jerry : or, Life in London," is also announced, making the most attractive bill presented for some time. Mr Burnett, Jefferson, Boniface, Adams. Wallace, Hamilton, Mrs Adam?, Ger r->on, Devlin, <tc , and all the favorites appear. The Eleqant Collection of Paihtings in the rooms over Farnham's bo?k store, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, is receiving increased attention daily. Those who wish to see one of the finest galleries ever opened to the public here, should improve the opportunity to-day, as the sale commcnoes to morrow at 101 o'clock The gallery will be open to the public until nine o'clock this evening ?? Assault and Battery.?John Cassidy, Henry Myers and Conrad Heissler, assault and battery on John Kenaing. Cassidy and Myers were held to held to bail for peace ; held to bail for court. They were arretted bv Yeatman and Parham and tried before rustice Offutt. Securities fob Peace.?John Lavender and John Wells, disturbing the peace ; secu rity. G 0 Davis, threat* and assault; se curity. Jenny Evans and Lucy Mockbee, disturbing the peace; security. By Justice Smith. Whkre, tell rs where is the speech which Joseph B Varnum oame on especially from New York City to deliver on Monday night, upon the confidently expected election of Hill ? Larceny.?Tom Jones and John Lawrence, arrested by Kimball and Norwood on suspi cion of larceny ; sent to jail for further hear ing by Justice Offutt. Six Hundred Men in Blckram !?the six hundred majority for Hill, promised by the Organ to its dupes. DEMOCBATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. [BY TELEGRAPH | SECOND DAY Cincinnati, June 3 ?The Convention was called to order at 10J o'clock John L Dawson, of Pa., from the committee on permanent organization, reported the fal lowing name* : President?John Ward, of Georgia Vice Presidents.?J. Smith, Me.; L. Wood bury, N H ; J P. Kidder, Vt ; H. H. Childs, Mass ; P. W. Gardiner, R I ; J. G. Pratt, Conn ; John L Hutchinson, Pa ; John L. Darcy. N J ; E Hammond, Md.; W. S Ross, Del ; T. C Lyon, Tenn ; R K. Banks. Va ; B. Brown. N C.; B. Wilson, S C; J. W.Lewis, Ga.; R. Chapman, Ala.; X S. Balfour, Miss ; Alex. Morton, La ; G W. Belden, Ohio; M. E. Crawford, Mich.; Levi Y Tyler, Ky ; W. Rochell, Ind ; Joel A. Mattison, III ; J S. Roane. Ark ; D. D Berry, Mo.; S R. Millo ry, Fla ; Matt Ward, Texas; H L. Walling, Iowa; Nelson Dewey, Wis.; J. H. Hill, Cal.; and thirty-one secretaries. The announcement of the Presiient's name was received with applause. The or>inmitt?e also recommended the adop tion of the rules of the last NationalUonvcn tion for the government of the present Con vention. On motion of Mr. Rockhill, the report was unanimously adopted Mr. John L Dawson then conducted the President to the chair. On taking the chair Gen Ward said : The summons to preside over the deliberations of the Convention was as unexpected as the hoBor was undeserved. The distinguished gentleman who yesterday presided?the con necting link between the past and the pres ent?had carried them back to the period when the Democratic party was accustomed to go fwrth to battle with a great, noble, gal lant party. That party, with the issues that divided us, has passed away. The great lea ders of that party have, one by one, stolen away to their silent resting place, filled with years and honors, and mourned by their polit ical friends ; for 44 How sleep the brave who *lnk to reat, With all their country's honors blest " Those of that noble band who still survive aro with us only to take part in our delibera tions, and go fortii with us to battle for the Constitution and the Union. But this great party passed away. We find ourselves surrounded by dangers before un known, and our land from end to end convul sed with factions. On one side i?re a-en who will admit foreign born citizens among us only on the condition of serfdom. They would dic tate laws that power should be held only by those who bow before the same shrine as them selves ; they hold that they only aro fit for power who approach the throno of grace alter the fashion they themselves prescribe On the other side is a faction only more nu merous than the first?a faction with liberty on their tongues, but with treason festering at their hearts ; who profess love for the Union only that they may bury in the ruins of the Union the glorious memories of the past and hopes of the future This faction is formida ble only in case of the succcss of its attempts to uiiite against the Democratic party with the first The National Democratic party have met to-day to appoint standard bearers to carry on the war against these factions. Let us then come together like a band of brothers to lay on the altarof patriotism and ot the Union a willing sacrifice of personal preferences and sectional feeling, and, above all, of private dissensions Let our deliberations and actions be sanctioned by higher and purer motives. Let our preference for persons be lost in a de sire to protect and save the Constitution of the country. With an abiding confidence tbat the kindness which summoned me to this place will bear with me in the performance of its duty, and that that kindness will par don any errors I may unintenti< n illy commit, I enter upon the diseharge of that trust. A motion was made to admit the delegates from the District of Columbia to the floor, and debated, and subsequently laid upon the table. Mr. Bayard, from the Committee on Cre dentials, reported in favor of admitting the Missouri anti-Benton delegates, which was received with cheers The report was adopted. It was also announced that the committee was engaged upon the New York case, and would report as soon as possible; and the committee was allowed to sit during the ses sion of the Convention. The motion to admit the District delegates was again renewed. Mr. Bander, of Indiana, protested against admitting more than two delegates from the District. He said the object in taking the Convention from Baltimore was to get clear ef Congressional influence, and he was opposed to admitting delegates from the District to the galleries without limit Mr Pettit, of Indiana, was also opposed to all motions to fill the galleries even with la dies ; but would certainly prefer to see them filled with beings wearing pantaloons than those with petticoats The Vice President declared the motion to be to lay the motion on the table. A call by States was demanded, and result ed . Yeas 150, nays Wl. So the motion pre vailed A long debate on the question of the admis sion of outsiders ensued, and several resolu tions having that object in view were tabled amidst the direst confusion. On motion, the Committee of Arrangements was authorized to appoint a sergeant-at-arins uud two assistants The hall of the Young Men's Democratic Association was offered for the use of the Con vention, if thought preferable to the hall in use. An invitation was also extended from the Horticultural Society. A delegate from Connecticut moved to ac cept the offer of the Young Men's Democratic Association. He had been in tbat hall, and could assure members it held nearly double the number of this hall. Several gentlemen with weak voices spoke there last night, and were distinctly heard. He would say, too, that on that occasion the Democracy of Cin cinnati in that ball showed themselves far more orderly than the Democracy of the Union does here. The motion wan referred to the Committee of Arrangement?. The Convention then took a recess till four o'clock, p. m June 3, p. m ?The Convention re-as?em bled at four o'clock, p m There was no bu siness of importance transacted, and the Convention adjourned until ten o'clock, a. m. to-morrow. Mr Levien is appointed Sergeant at-Arms of the Committee on Credentials, which is now in session U7* Pref. De Orath's Cure in the First Night. GIIakd Hoi UK, Philadelphia, May 7, 1 -?S. Prof. Pe Grath :?I recently took cold from aleep'ng In damp ?h?n-BT neck became so pwol'en and painfnl that I could not turn my head .After nslnc, without sncce?s, every thin* prescribed by my physicians, I last evening tried a bottle of yoor Ki mcthi. Oil. This morning I am well, the relief having been as complete ss It tan install tan *nti*. Ynnrs, Jobr Livikottck, Rdltor Monthly Law Magazine, 1ST Broadway, New York City. I refer any party to Mr. L|v|ngstOD, who ts well known throughout the Unite] Ptates. 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Iowa On the 3d instart. by the Rev. French Evans, HOWARD WORTH INGTON COSBV, of Frederick, to Miss HARRIET LOUISA, the youngest daughter of the late Joseph Warren, of thtsclty. (Bait San copy) ? DIED, On the 3d, SARAH JANE, aged two months and 23 days, daughter of Patrick W. ard Bridget Hicaey, ? (Bait Sun please copy) On the3-1 instant, Mr. RICHARD ELMORE, late of Richmond county, Va , in the 29th year of his o?c On the i'.h instant, Mrs. ANNE Bl'IL, In the 05th year of her age Her funeral will take place from her la'e resi dence, on L, between 18th and'IPth streets, at 4 o'clock p m ,to morrow. ? WANTS. WAN Tt D-A GOOD NURSE APPLY, with recommendations, at 352 C street, be tween 4)f and fith streets. it* Harness makers wanted?two good harness hands wanted immediately. Apply to LUTZ & liEALL. je 4 3'. Employment wanted-for an Ac tive, Intelligent Negro Man, in a sto e, pr'iv ltig office, or any I lace where he could be useful Best reference ^lvenrsto character, Ac Apply at the Coal and Wool Ya-i corner Ninth anu H streets je 4-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY.?A WHITE Woman to cook for a small family. Apply at sf60 F stieet. between 13th and 14th. It# PARTNER WANTED?EITHER ACTIVE or s eeplng, with a capital of about 310,000. For particulars address C. C , Poi?t OlFce Wash ington, D C., stating name and where an inter view may be had je 3-3t# A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG man who h-is had six years experience in the mercantile business Good reference given Ad dress R II. N , Washington. je3-3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A GOOD woman to cook, wash, and iron. Also, a girl of 12 or 15 years of age to look after children. To a good woman good wages and permanent employment will be given App'y at No c7 Montgomery street, above North fetreet, George own, or at No 214 Pcnn. avenue. je 3-3t* WANTED?A BOY OF FIFTEEN TO 30 years of age as house and ? ining room fervant Colored preferred ard must bring refer ences. Apply at No. 10 Road street. je '-3 * WANTED ? GOL'JSBOROUGH'9 NAVAL Chronicle, one volume, published in Wash ington in 18*24. Second hand copies if in gocd o'der would do. m 31- FRANK TAYLOR. WANTED?A DWELLING HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished. It must not be large, but convenient and tisteful; have neat grounds with shrubbery, and a cistern of water; may be either in Washington or Georgetown; must not be upon Pennsylvania avenue, nor so far from it or the chief omnibus routes, as not to be reached by pavement. Whoever has a house capable of meeting these conditions to a fair ex tent. can find an acceptable and permanent tenant by addressing R. P., care of MaJ. T Lindsley, and stating location, terms, Ae. Possession re quired by the 14th of June. m 30-lw# WANTED ?A WHITE SRRVANT Woman to cook for a small tamiiy, (American or English preferred ) A tidy, gocd cook required Apply at No. 365 15th street, near L. m 2*-* WANTED?A GERMAN OR AMERICAN middle aged Woman to cook for a family of three persons, and resi le for the Summer about thiee miles from the city, in the country. Ad dress, immediately, Box '189, City Post Office. m i6-tf FOR SALE AND RENT. [OKI FIRST PAQB roH OTHER NOTICRS ] [BURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT FOR the snminer months. Central and hea thy po sition, and conveulent to restaurants. Apply on th? premiss*, eorner of E and tth streets je 4-3t? A VALUABLE BUSINESS STAND FOR R ENT.?The store situated on the corner sf 12th and B streets, near the Canal,formerly occu pied by Sengstack A Clark. This store is well known to be one of the best grocery stands In the city. To a good and punctual tenant the rant will be moderate. For terms, Ac , apply to the subscriber at No. 355 K street, opposite h ranklin Row FRANCIS 11ANNA. je 4-eotf FOR RENT.?TWO LARGE UNFUR nished rooms on the second floor of the large and alrv building on the corner of D and 1.5th street*, No. 608. Rent low to a punctual tenant. Apply on the premises. je 3-3t* House for sale?a fine new modern built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ac. Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Ac In quire of H. A W1LLARD, at Wlllards' Hotel. Je 3-'2w FOR RENT?A two STORY BRICK House, with basement and attic, situated In a quiet and desirable part of Capitol Hill, and has a yard and garden attached For particulars lr Q ire at the Paint and OH Store of J. R MCGREGOR, No. 8817th street. jV2-3t pOR SALE OR RENT ?ONE OF THOSE large and commodious Dwelling Houses, on C street, between Flrtt and Second, No 455 The bouse contains water, gas, ar.d other convenien ces, making it very desirable for a family resi dence of the first class Inquire next door, of JOHN B WARD, Twelfth street and Canal, in 30-eo6t FOR SALE ?a bkautiful WOOD LOT (of about 8 acres) on the plank road, 4 miles from Washington. It would be difficult to find a prettier site for a country residence, or one posses sing greater advantages, In the neighborhood of the city. Inquire at this office. m ?-lna* ATTcnoir s AC'AKD.?Trmtrr'i Sal# af Eic?H?at Second-hand Pianos.? On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June Sth, at 5 o'clock, at W. C. Zantiinger's Store, i shall four excellent rose - wood Piano Forte*. Ja 4-d J AS. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv BARNARD ft BUCKEY; Georgetown rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF EXCELLENT ? Fnraitare, Piano, Harae, Carriage, Ac. at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the6th of June, at 10 o'clock a. m , w? will ae'.l, at Ae residence of the late Dr. O. M. l.lnthicum, deceased, on 3d street, near Market, Georgetown, all the House hold and Kitchen Furniture, Horse, Carriage, Ac ,aa? Fine rosewood Piano and Stool

Mahogany Pa'lor and Arm Chairs Marble-top Pier Table*, Stands Mahogany Centre Tables Ollt Mirrers, French Timepiece. Ornaments Brussels, hall and chamber Carpets, Rugs Mahogany dining Tables Sideboard. Refrigerator Fine Cut Glassware, Fruit and Preserve Dishes Table Linen, Din er and Tea Sets Stiver Tea and Table Spoons Knives and Forks Mahogany Bedsteads l)o Bureaus and Stands Wardrobes, Chamb?r Sets, Curtains Blankets, Quilts and Counterpanes First rate Cook Stove Ironware Kitchen Utensils, Ac also? 1 first-rate family Horse, Carriage, Buggy I good Milch Cow ' Als?, 10 V shares Washington Turnpike Compa ny Stock Terms at the s-?le. JNO MARBURY. Trustee, je 4-d BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auct. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OK MIL iiuery Goods ?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, June Id at4 o'clock,at theauctlon rooms, i shall sell, by order of the Orphans' Court, a small stock of Millinery Goods belonging to the late Anne E Marselus. comprising? 1 ,*200 yards Bonnet Ribands, of various patterns Florence, Satin, Crape Lisle Velvet and Satin Ribands, Feathers Bonnet Wire, Whalebone, Cords and Tassels Trunks, miscellaneous Goods Ac. Gold Watch and Chain, one Dressing Bureau. Terms cash. ANTHONY BUCI1LY, Administrator m 30- JAS C McGUlRK, Auct'r. The above sale Is unavoidably po*t roned until FRIDAY, June 6th. at 4o'clk. fame JAS C McGUIRE, Auct By C. W. BOTELKR, Auctioneer. Peremptory saleofa valuable Lot in the First Ward.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, June 2d, at 6 o'clcck. I shall positively sell without reserve, on the premises, 'he whole rf Lot No *21, in Square No 79, front ing 61 feet, running back 150 feet 9\' inches, coi ta'nlng 9.199square feet. Thii property Is most beautifully located on Twenty first street west, between north H and north G streets, in the most desirable part of the First Ward. Terms: One-fcurth cash; balance on a credit of 6 and 1'2 months, with notes bearing Interest, secured by a deed In trust on the property m 30-d C. W. BOTELER, Auct'r. }?7*The above sale is pestponed until W EDNESDAY. June 11th. a' which time it will positively take place. je 4-eofcds C. W. BOTELKR, Auct. ByE. S. WRIGHT, Auctleneer. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT Auction. On TU ESDAY the 10th of June, at 5 o'clock p. ni , 1 shall sell iu front of the rremises, the west half of Lot No. 129, in Bealle's first addition fronting 30 feet on Dumbarton street, by 115 feet in depth, with the Improvements, being a Two. Story Frame House, containing 7 rooms with ravage, and a pump of good water in the yard Terms at sale. E. S. WRIGHT, Je3-?s? Auctioneer. Bf JAS C Met; UI RE. Auctioneer I^XTENSI VE SALE OF STA^DARII an.I I ' Miscellaneous Books by C atalogue. ? I shall seli on TllUKSDAY and FRIDAY, June 5th and 6th, commencing at 6 o'clook p. m., a large invoice of n^w ant valuable Standard and Scientific Pooks, Family Bibles, Ac., Ac . among which are tie works of Irvlrg, Sco t, Cowper, Montaigue, Burton. Goldsmith. Milton, Moore, Byron, &c Al*o. Encyclopedias, Biographies, Histories, Gazetters. Ac. Persons wishing to add to their librarie? would do well to attend the sale of this valuable lot. Catalogues will be ready on the morning of the gales. Terms cash. je 3 d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Handsome nquarf. ok okound, fronting on Connecticut avenue, 17th street west. H oud L streets north, at Aie tion.- On THURSDAY, the 5th June, I *ball sell,at 5 o'clock p m , In front of the premise*. Square No 161, bounded by the above-mentioned '?treet- beautifully located a little north of La fayette Square. I twill be subdivided, with an alley through the square, and sold In lots to s Jit purchasers Terms: One-fourth cash ; bab nee In 6, 12 and 18 months, tt>" purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. a deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tit e indisputable. m26-eo&d? A. GREEN, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 'IT R U S T E S SACE OF IMPROVED 1 Property at Auction.?On WKDNES DAY, the 4th of June next, I shall sell, at six o't lock p. m , in front of the premises, at public auction, commencing with the first named proj - j erty, by virtue of a deed of trust from J udsoa MUstead to the subscriber, bearing date the 4th day of February, in the yar lr-39. r< corded In Li ber W B , No 73, folios 20, 21, 22 and 23, one of the lard records for Washington county, in the District cf Columbia, the following described pieces and parcels of groudd 'yirg in thee;tv of Washington District of Columbia, with the Im provements, to wit: Part of square numbered 742, with the Improvements. which are a good two *torv Brick House, with passages and cellar, and other improvements; thl* proper y fronts on New Jersey avenne, between L and M sts south Also, part of Lot No 5, in square south of square numbered 744, with the improvements, whicn are a two-story Frame House This property is near Mr Lambell's brick yard The plat, with the course and distance of the above properly will be shown on the day of the sale. Terms cash ZADOCK WILLIAMS, Trustee. m22-?ofcds A. GREEN. Auct. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON F street, between 20 and 21st streets, at Public Auction?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON Mav 30th, at6)f o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell part of Lot No. 13, In Square 104. fronting 32 feet inches on north F, between 20th and 21st streets west, running back 180 feet 8 inches. This lot is very handsomely located in a very fashionable neighborhood, and Is a very desirable site for a fine residence. Terms: One quarter cash ; and the residue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Title indisputable* JAS. C. McGUIRE, rn #8- Auctioneer. The sale ol the above is unavoidably fostponed until W KDN ESDAY AETERNOON, une 4th, same hour and place, je2-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. B BOARDING. OAltD-A FEW RESPECTABLE ME ? chanlcs can obtain good beard and pleasant rooms by applying at No. 387 13th street, between H and 1. Also, two young ladlrs can be accom modated with board. Terms moderate, m 22-lm* Boarding can be had for ladies and gentlemen at No 473 on Sixth street, be tween D and E. Families without children pre pared. m30-eo3l* Board,ac.?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Ispreparedtoaccoinmodategentlemenwlthrooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may favor her ?nth their patronage ap 6?tf This is to notify the person who left a Mahogany Sofa and Rocking Chair at my shop to be repaired abcut four months hgo, that unless th? same Is called for, and thecharges for repairs paid, by Thursday, the4th Inst., 1 shall sell the same at nubile auction for whatrvc;r they will bring JULIUS VIEDT. je 3-2t* Corner E and Tenth streets. NOTICE. The copartnership heretofore eilstlng under the firm of Hl'esbew&Du vall, is this day dlssolvtd by mu?ual consent Per?ons indebted to the firm will settle with J. W. Hitkschkw, who will pay all demands against said firm. J W. HITESCHEW, je 3-3t? GEO. W. DUVALL. U BLOCKS?CLOCK9?CLOCKS.?JUST RE ^ ceived, a great variety of CLOCKS,! which will be sold on fair terms, and waf-' ranted one year, at J. ROBINSON'S, 349 Pt nnsylvanla avenue, opposite uj *Mm Browns' Hotel, AUCTION SALES. ['*? I1IIT PAOB ?0* OTHER ^lOTICEi] By WALL, BARNARD A CO .Auctioneers. VALUABLE BIILDI*? l ?T at Aactisn. On TUESDAY AKTKRNOON. atflocl s, we will ?**?! 1. In front of the premises, Darts rf Lot* *1, 56. 5? and S?, In Square 387. (l?!and.) fronting 21 feet 7 Inches on IOth street west, and running back ?7 feet 11 inchfs, to a 15 feet alley. This property Is in a very fast Improving part of the Island It must be sold, aid offers a good chance to persons about to build. Terms at sale. WALL, BARNARD A CO , Je3-d Auctioneer*. Bv JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. DESIRABLE RESIUEMCE IS THE First Ward at Aactlon.?On THL'KS DAY AFTFRN(KIN. June 5th.at5)? o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Subdivision No. 10, of square No 38. fronting 25 feet oa Twenty-fourth street, b^'ween Pennsylvania avenue and north L street, with the improvements, consisting of an excellent three story and attic brick Dwelling house and back buildings. Immediately afcr the aVove, I shall sell I o< No. IS. ard part of Lot No 1?, In square No 1?, fronting 81 fee: U inches on north K street, be tween 2?th and '26th streets west, and runnirg back 124 feet 11 inches to a 25 feet alley, with 'he ( improvements. consisting of a fine large and well* i built brick Dwelling house. Both of these pieces of property are handsomely located for private residences, being in full vie\? of the Avenue and Circle, and sufficiently retired to avoid the noise and dn*t of the Avenue Terms easy, and made known at the sale. Je2 d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By J AS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer mwo VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT 1 Public Sale.?On THURSDAY AFTER NOON, May 29th. at6* o'clock, on the prenr!ise?j I shall sell Lots N< s 16 and IT. In Webb ard Bradley's sul division of Square No. 5'2S. each frontin: 23 feet 1 inches on north I. between Tf ird and Fousth sheets wfst, running tack that widtb ninety feet to a public alley. Thes>e lets are well located, In a very rapidly improving part of the city, and are very desirable for medium sized houses, from the fact of the j i dicious manner in which the lots have been laid off, affording ample room, without any waste giound. Terms at sa.le. m 28-d J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. ir^ Tfoe al.ove ?ale is poatpoaed until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. June4th, sam? hour and place. J AS. C. Mc^UIKh.. m 30-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Great t ham e iok investment, Spe< ulatian, and Building Purpose#.? I shall sell, wiihout reserve, on TUESDAY, the 10ih d y of June, A D 1^56, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises, all that valuable property front ing :i6H feet on New Jersey avenue, between E and F streets north, and one square from the rail road depot, being lots made in the subdivision ol original lots 3. 4, and 5, In square C'i8. These lots front 22 feet 6 inches each, cn New Jersey avenue, and run back with the tame width to a ten feet alley. Terms: One-sixth cash ; balance 10 1,2,3,1, and 5 years, with interest* pa>able semi-annually and secured by deed of trust on the premises. The title to the above properry is perfect In ev ery respect This properly claims more than ordinary atten tion. being situated on one of the finest avenues, in one of the most rapidly improving portions ol the city, the second square from the Capitol grounds, and having the advantage* e.f the im provements which will be made by the Govern me t on that avenue in planting trees, laving down gas-pipes, grading. Ac. It will be sold at whatever may be bid for it without reservation. A plat of tne lots may be seen at my auction rooms, corner 7th and D streets m 5c9-d A. GREEN, Auct. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILD INU HITS AND Three New Two-story Frame Houses at Auction.?On FRIDAY, t'u? 6th of June. 1 shall seil. at 5 o'clock p m , in Iront of the premi ses, a very handsome Building Lot on tie north side of 1'ennsyivanla avenue, between 17th .?nd 18th streets west, nearthe War department, being the west half of Lot No 5. In Square No 166, having a front on Pennsvlvania avenue of 3<i feet, running tick about 111 fest to a 20 foot paved alley And Immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall s 11, in fioct of the premises. Lot No. 2f, in Square No. 28, the east part of which fronts 4? feet II inches on 24th ?-tre?t, running buck lUOfeet to an a!ley; the west part of the lot has the: same front on a wide al ev, on which is three conveni ent new two story frame houses; all of which will be so.d separately cr in lots to suit purcbaseis. Terms of sale of the lot on the avenue will be one third cash, balance in C, 12, ai.d IS month*; for lot t>6, iri : piare2-, w! h tb* irr.prove:ne: ???, one tourth c -h. balance in 6. 12. I-, and 24 months for 10 es. i-s ail C3ses cf < redit. bearing interest f;om day of -ale A deed given and a d *d f trust tak n Title indisputable m29 d A. GBLEN, Auct'r By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE Bl'ILDI.lB LOTS AT THE !?avv Yard at Public Sale ?The subscri ber will sell it rublie sale, on FRIDAY, the 6 h day of June, 1856, at o'clock p. m , on the Rremises. Lots Nos II. 12, 13, and 14, in Square lo. 1 .OH, tht* whole frentlijg 173 feet .line e* on 13th street eas and 175 feet on south M street, running back to a 30-feet alley. The lots will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and from their proximity to the Navy Yard offer a very favorable opportunity to persons desiring either to build or Invest. Terms : One-third cash, and balance In 6 ard 12 months, for rotes bearing Interest, secured upen the property; and if not complied within six days after the stle, the property will be resold at the ri' k arid expense of the purchasers All conveyancing at the expense c f the purchas ers CHS. S. WALLACH, Attorney m30-eo&ds J AS. C McGUIRE. Anct'r. By J AS. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Trustee s sale of building i ot? on the Island. ?Bv virtue cf a deed of trust bearing date the 12th dav of May, 1853, and re cord din Liber J. AS, No. 76, folios 217 and 218, the subscriber wi'l setl, at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of June, 1856, st?* o'clock p m., on the premises, Lots Nos 14 and 20 in ? quare No 543. Lot No 14 frcntlr g 47 feet on 4X street west, by 75 feet on south K street, and Lot .\o 20 fronting 50 feet on south K street, be tween 3d and 4>< streets west, by 102 feet 6 inches deep to a 30 foot alley. i he Lots will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and offer a very favorable opportunity to persons desiring to bui^d or invest, being in a rapidly Im proving pa't of the city. Terms : One-half cash ; the balance In six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest, se- ured upon the property; and if not complied within five days after the sale, the property will be resold upon one week's notice, at tbe risk and expense of the purchasers. All conve\ascing at the expense of the pur chasers. ' CHA3 WALLACH, Trustee, m 2&-eo&ds J AS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By F. N. BOTELER, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF V ALL ABLE Keal Estate.?Alexander Keech ard others, ej, Eleanor H. Callls and Anthony Addisson, in the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, sitting as a Court of Equity By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, sitting as a Court of Equity, passed on the nineteenth day of February, eighteen hundted and fifty-six, in the above cause, the undersigned, as Trustees, will expose to public s?'e, to the highest bidder, on THURS DAY, the 5th dav < f June next, if fair, :f not, on the next fair day thereafter, at "Barnaby Mansion House," the residence of the late Henry A Callis, a portion of the REAL ESTATE of which tbe lute Henry A Callls dud seized and possessed, containing (by a survey made under this decree) one h'md.ed and sixty seres, more or less. This land has been divided by the surveyor, as will appe r by a plat, which wiil be exhibited on the day of sale by the Trustees, Into thre?- lots ?Nos. 1,2 and 3?L't No 1 contains thirty six and one fifth acres, more or less; Lot N o. 2 contains sixty four and four-fifth acres, more or less: and Lot No. 3 contains fifty nine acres, more or less The lots will be offeree! in the order of their numbers ?the purchaser of Lot No 1 having tbe privilege of taking the second and thtrd lots at the sime price, at his option, Ac Each lot contains about one-third erable land, the other two thirds being heavily timbered. The soil is flue, and admira bly adapted to the p oduce of any crop raised in the neighborhood The whole prcpertv is a de sirable' purchHse for capitalists The land lies about six miles from Washington, aa<t three from Alexandria Ferry, and adjoins the lands of Messrs Thomas Berry, Col. Maddux, George Walker, and others. The Trustees deem it unnecessary to give any further description. Those desiring to rurrhase will be shown the premises by Mr. J. E. Thomp son, residing at "Bamabv " The se>clety of the neighborhood is excellent, and churctet of different denominations within two or three miles The terms of sale, as prescribed by the decree, are as follows : One-third of the purchase money to be paid in cash on the day of sale, or on the dav of ratification thereof by the court; and the residue in equal installments *>{ six, twelve and eighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds of the purchaser or purchasers, with securities, to be approved by the undersigned, bearing Interest from the d ly of sile, their da e, at six, twelve and eighteen months, as aforesaid. Tfce frustses have the privilege, by the de cree, to vary the terms of sale, If U their judg ment, they deem it expedient and proper. J.CONTEK i\lULLlltlN,l Trustees C. SMITH KH ECH, 5 F. N. BOTELER, Auctioneer Upper Marlboro' May 183?. m8l-2awtd? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. F&OV THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BV HOUSE rKINTINB TBLKUR4PH. The Convention rp* l'p to the hour of going to press. noth ing had been receded of to-day's proceedings of the Cincinnati Convention. Later from Havana. New York, June 4.?The steamship Black Warrior arrived this morning, with Havana d?ffs of the 30th nit. There if no new? of importance from Ha vana. The U S. steamer Fulton left Havana on the 213th ult. for Key Wert Eansae Details Chi.-ago, June 3 ? Date* from Lawreooe of the 2oth have been received The correspon dent of the Tribune sends a lift of the proper ty destroyed at Lawrence amounting to SI30, ooff The difficulty mentioned as occurring at P.ttawatauiie Creek took place at Oswatomie The quarrel arose from depredations by soma nro-slavery men on the cattle of the Free State men ? >n the 26th instant some nro-slavery men soiled a Free-State man and nung him, when his wife fled and aroused their neighbor* to a rescue. A fight ensued, and five pro slavery ?nd two Free-State men were killed. A forca of sixty men organ zed at W est port and pro ceeded to Oswatomie. Baltimore Markets Baltimore June 4 ?Flour is active at v?s t-rdry's rates: rales of 400 bbls Howard at 56 12i; City Mills was held atthe same figure. Wheat is three to five cents lower, but the market is too unsettle! to give quotations. Corn haj?declined?whi'e47a51. yellow 48a50c Provisions are firm and upward Booon? shoulders 8ic.; sides 9i ; hams 10ial2ie. Men pork $18 5<>a>18 75. Lard 10{al2c Mew York Markets N*w York June 4?Flour is drooping, sales of 11,000 bbls.; good State S5 50; super fine Ohio $6; standard Southern S6.50; fancy t?"xtrado. 56.60*58 75 Wheatisfirm: sales of 20 000 bushels: South ern white 51 77. Corn is firm; sales of 19,500 bushels: Southern mixed 53c Pork is firm; sales of 300 bbls : mess $17 75. Deef is firm, sales of 300 bbls ; Chicago re packed 512. Lard is drooping; sales of 250 bbls. at 11c Whisky is unsettled; sales of 300 bbls.; Ohio at 26 Financial Nfcw York, June 4 ?Stocks aro dull? Chicago and Rock Island 92]; Cumberland C al Company 22i; Michigan Southern 97{; New York Central 9bi: Pennsylvania Coal Company 101; Reading 90; Virginia 6'? 94j; .Missouri 6's 85j; Illinois Central Bonds 871. Sterling exchange is dull at 9jc per cent. premium IAW BOU1S -PATTON it HEATH'SRE j ports of leas?s deMded In the special Court of Appeals of Virginia, with a General Indei to Grattan's Reports Kalsted's Law of Evidenc#; 1 vol. Parson's on Contracts; 2 vols. Kent's Commentaries ; t vols?new edition Blsbop on Criminal Law : vol 1. Dnrlcp's Digest of the Laws of th? United States . 1 vol Wharton's American Law; 1 vol? new edition. Wharton ft Stille's Medl al Jurisprudence Williams on Exe utor?: 2 vols?new edition Ssndeis on Uses and Trusts. 2 vols in 1?new edition Smith's Mercantile Law; new edition. Robinson s P.actke. '2 vols je 1 - FRANCE TAYLOR I^HE AMERICAN NAUTICAL ALMA - . sac far 1-4". Published by authority of the Secretary of the Navy, Commander Chas H Davis Superintend ent, price ?1 oo A'.so, Astronomical Ephemerles, for fheuseof Navigators, price 50 cents. TAYLOR ft MAURY, m 31 Bookstore, near 9th s(. STRAVVBI'HRIEP, PESH STRAWBERRIES OF LARGE - ;ij?- ard Mjp*-lor quality. may be hud anv hour of the day, ju*t gathered from the vlnea, at the Washington -Nursery, 5th street, corner cf K and New York avenue. ? Je2 eolw M. GRIFFITHS WATCHES-WATCHES?WATCHKS ? Just received, a treat asso*tment of Gold and Silver WATCHES, high and low prices, wh*' h 1 wi 1 sell cheaper than can be bought In t\ ashlngton ?? J ROBINSON '8, Jeweler, mi'-lm 319 Pa av opp Brown's Hotel. MRS. C. BEHRENDS, 379 Pa. avesi*, ?^-IS NOW SELLING OFF HER ^ C^carffully selected stock of Milliner y^^Goods, nairelv: Bonnets. Ribbons. _ Flower*, Collars, Slerves, Laces, ftc , at a< tual cost. Anybody who is In want of anv Mil lnei Goods should call and convince hlmielf Great bargains. Terms cash je2-3t* LOVE LETTER POLKA ? PRICE ONLY 12^ cents.composed bv William Bergmann, anther of 44 Smithsonian Polka,'' '? Be'le Schot tish,'' Ac. Published at the Music Depot m 30-tr GEO HILBUS F & STKA>rD FRO>I THE StHMR'BKR rn the 3t'th ult , a large cream colored ?jV-? HORSE. A reasonable rewa-d will be/CTA G given f r the delivery < f said horse, or an. liifor matlon of his whereabouu, so that 1 can get him DAVID MOORE, je 2-3t? North Capitol street KFROSENF THIS IS AN h NTIRELY new burning material, made from coal, and gives a light unparalleled for Its brilliancy aid tt-adiness Tt Is perfectly harmless, as It doea not l?urn on the surface or generate any explo i*e gas; but Its greatest recommendation Is that it co*t? in the end t early one talf le?s tian a> y other oil now used for giving light The f ubllc ere requested to look Into this, as it will one day undoubtedly supersede all other burning flu ds F or sale by J. R. McGREGOR. je2 dlw 11. SHAD, Inun Refectory, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and Tktrditrett, HAS JUST RECEIVED ANOT.1ER LOT of GREEN TURTLE from Nas sau. snd will serve them to-morrow at^ 1<? o'clock and every day during the season; OYSTERS, CRABS, and all the delicacies of the season at all hours. His Bar is furnished with the finest LIQUORS AND CIGARS,and Philadelphia XX and Read Ing ALE and LAGER BIER. N B.?The Union Bowling Saloon, on Third street, has been put in complete order at great ex pense, and will be opened this evening for the public. je 2-lm GROUND PLA1STER? 334 barrels verv superior article. In store and for sale by HARTLEY ft BRO, Jo 2-1 .ii Ull Water street, Georgetown. New jewelry?we shall open this day an unusually large assortment of ele gant Jewelry, to which we invite the attention of buyers. TLe above embraces every thing rare and ele gant in our line M W. GALT ft BRO je2-3t 224 Pa. avenue, bet 9th and 10th ata. LIUE-LIMK-tlME. 2 0 BUSHELS LIME, WOOD-BURNT now landing, in good order, and of superior quality, which will be sold low. WM WARDER. Corner 12th and Catreets, No 649, je 2-3t (Organ) near the Canal. MANTILLAS RBl'KIYED TO-DAY. Mantillas 82 50 Mantillas ?7, Mantillas #3. Mantillas ?9, Mantillas *4, Mantillas ?9, Mantillas 35, Mantillas *10, Mantillas JO, Mantillas ?12 MANTILLAS at all priccs and of all atyles. at the MANTILLA EMPORIUM of MAXWELL ft BRO , m 3b-eo3t 32(- Pa avenue N B ?Mantilla Rooma second story. FOR SALE?A BUGGY AND HARNESS, Saddle and Bridle, all but little used They ean be seen at ARN Y ft SHINN'S Bottling De pot, 57 Green street, Georgetown m 15-tf MR. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Ftvi Dollars Per Quarttr. Apply at GEORGE HILBLS'S Music Depot, Penaoyivinla avenue. mar 14?t/ Hay : hay : 110 bsles prime HAY. for sale low. to c'oae consignments, by PETER BERRY, je 3-3t* ?5 Water street, Georgeto w n UP AND HE IIOINO.?JUST PUBLISHED at the Music Depot, a spirited Song of the above title, composed by W m Palmer, author of "roldier's Adieu," "Don't say one thing and meai another." Ac Price only 25 cents m*> Great bargains in fans* perfu mery, Toilet Goods, ftc , ftc., at ELLIS', between 9th and 10th streets, in 21