Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1856 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAB, KVE'IT APTKtWMMMI, (EXCEPT SUNDAY',) Jf r*? Si?? tsrasr #/ Pinfi-y Mini M<i EUnntk ttr$$t. By W D. WALLACH, Will be served to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weakly to the Agents; papers served In packages at 37X cents per month. To mall subscribers the sub scription price la THREE DOLLARS AND FIF T7 CENTS a yearinadratc*, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR tot three months; f<?r lesi than thrae months at the rate of WS rents n welt CT SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. ? . ?T ? t " "*"?* ? ~T++ mr ' VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. Cm THURSDAY. JUNE 5, 1S56. NO. 1,038. THE WEEKLY 8TJ.lL This excellent Family aad News journal t?v?tnga greater variety of Interesting reading thaa caa be found in any other?Is published en ftett* day morning a m i nans. Single eepy. per ananm ...Rl ** "' ' TO CLWS Flv? copies?R6 ^ fen roplwft Twenty roptee .*...15 uo |?7* Cask, ilMKimt m isTtsoa. , i^TSlnglec^pfcs i la wrappers) can be pvoenreu at the coimtfr. nrttnedfstel\ after the Issue of the paper. Price?Tnaan Cists PosTMasTiaswboertasageets wl.l baaliesred a commission of twenty per cent. J CUAl NCY U ARKINKR, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, A!f? DIaLIR l? Fine Watehes, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. (^OLD SEALS. FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * FINK. JKWKLRY, SIL VfcR SPOONS. FORKS. GOBLETS, CI'PS. Ac., for sale at New Y rk prices 1 K E-PATRINW ?The Chronometer, Fup'.ex, Le*er, Cylinder, Repeating. MuslcaL and othtr W *TCrtRS repair d Also, JKWKLRY, Ac. No. 170 P*!?'?ia Avsscs, betw'a ^ I nth and Seventh streets. Brown*' Hotel bui'ding, sign of the GOiillEN WATCHES, ap *9 tf Washington. WOOD AND COAL. WE HAVE NOW ON HAND AT OUR y*rd, earner of 9 and Wd street*. First Ward, a superior article of Wh'te and Red Ash COAL Also. Cumberland lump COAL, with a good stock of Hkk>ry. Oak and Pine WOOD, all of which we will sell at the lowest market price*. All orders left at P. J Steer's Store, 488 Seventh street, belweea D and E, will be promptly flUed JOHN W MYERS A CO. *2,440 pounds given to tbe ton. m 14-3m (J.\ l/E VIEHINJ AN O SILK UNDER SII1KTS AND DRYWEKS. Another and very large supply of Gentlenen's Underdre a this day opened, of ever* var.ety of sire and quality, such as? Gaoxe Silk SHIRTS ai.d DRAWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do Do Thread Do Do Do Shaker Do Do. Also, a ftiU supply of Linen ?nd Jean DRAW EKS, of gold quality and styles ltwil"l>e recollected that we buy exclusively for cash, and that we off* the best goods at the lowest and uniform prices, at STEVENS'S m id?tf 6a;esroom, Browns' Hotel. corrm VTAKX&DOM, *?. WILLIAM PLANT * CO., BKDERTA _ ? K.L XS?icsldcaceAi^ Seventh LL ?treet, between 6 aad H streets. Interments procured 1 aaay ground ?r cemetery CoSaa, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages. Eearsv, and evary article for Interments oi Ih? oest quality furalshod at short notice, on the most rias. nabie terms, aad at ail hours of the might. Hating the exclusive right of Crcmp?? Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep tk? tnd for any lea*th cf Use. Jy ll?lj_ CHJItE KKUIT TRKES FOB. SILK, in /llin APPLE TREKS, OF EXTRA 1U,UUU growth and well assorted AA 3.000 I'fcACH TREES, forming a cotn-^W p'.ete assortment and well grown. ? A few very choice Dwaif PEAR TREES, of extra sUe. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised by the late John H. King, they will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King, No. 35 south High street, Georgetown, D. C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogues furnished oa application E J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply as above. E. i. K. mar 11?tf COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned HAVING TAKEN the Store occupied by the late Arm of t. (jo deyA Co , respectfully inform their friends and the public that they will continue the business under the name of Grubs A Losano, and will spare no pal as to sustain the reputation enjoyed by the late Arm Our stock of Goods for the sea son Is complete, to widch the attention of our friends and the public is Invited H GHL'BB, Late of E Godey A Co. M LOSANO. Merchant Tailors, 40tl Eighth st near Ave. All persons indebted to the tat* tirm of E Godey A Co., will confer a favor by closing their accounts without delay. mdS-iw GRUBB A LOSANO. OLD COGNAC BRINUT. Just received out of the Custom House at New York Fine Old Marteil Brandy of 1-40 Fine Old Marrett Brandy of 1^4 i Choice Old Whisky, none better in the country Brown Stout, SootCh Ale Bottieil CldtX Old Cheese F or sale by JONAS P. LEVY, 474 Pa. avenue. Wine, Liquor and Havaaa Cigars, and Flue Groceries. in 6-tf ONLY 151* CENTS. Buckley s celebrated song book for the parlor, containing a collection of new and popular Son^s, as sung by Buckley's New Origans Serenaders at their opera house, Broad way, New York. For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar ???1m 7th street, opposite Post Ofloe. COFFEE, HAMS, Ac. At Packets of old Gov Java COFFEE 2 Ca<ks Prime Family HAMS 1 Uo Choice SMOKED BEEF 10 Kegs W hale Oil SOA P For sale by Z M. P KING, m 19 265 Ver. av , corner of ljthand 1 streets ARR1VED THIS DAY! JUST RECEIVED. PEM SCHK. GEORGE, one cargo of LOKBERRY COAL, for rook~ purposts Tho?e who ns? coal for cooking should not fall to give It a trial, as It Is warranted superior to any ever b:ou?nt to this market. Sat tsfacttom give*, or n? sale. ALSO, ON HAND ? Hickory, \\ hlte A?h. Red A?h. Oak and Pine Gray Ash aad Cumberland _ WOOD. COAL. \ -r Coal uudtr cover, delivered free from slate and ai't - T J AW M SALT, m ito- N. W . cor 12*.li and O st s, No 547. I^OK BOSTON.?THE FAST-SAILING . schosner SVLVANUS ALLEN. Cap tain oraftoa Sears, Jr , ha^ arrived and<^ will hiv? quick dispatch for the above port. For Freight apply to HARTLEY A BRO, m 29 101 Water street, Georgetown. MRS. GEORGE, LATE FROM ENGLAND wishes t? inform the population of Wash ington snd Georgetown that ohe can be seen aad consumed on s ch subjects as love, marriage, law suits. ab?ent friends, looses. Ac. She expects to remiin in tbe city but a short time Her residence is No. F street no tb, be tween iid aad ild stere:*, opposite the Observa tory Name on the door. Gentlemen 54* cents ? l^adles *i5. Hours from * a in , to 9 o'clock p in. ?a lll?a MKDIIAL URU. * ? VICTOR STAN 1ST AS HERNISZ, REG 1 " ular P-actltloner of Homeopathy OiH< e ?ill corner F and Fourteenth streets. Consulta tions from lo a m , to 3 p. m. Do;tor ^tn'-'slas Hernlsz, having returned from Earope wit inproved health, will attend U> the practice of his profession. Le Docteur parie Fraiicals. Der Doctor sprlcht Deutsrh. El Doctor haDla Fspanol ll Dot'orc parla I'.alltno mar 7?3m* FIMI1NU TAthLK. OOK.H, LINES, RODS, REELS, S1NR II eri. Ac . .t large a?*ortinent. Pjrcha?ers i an find a complete tad chtap outht here. iu It* G. FRA NCIS, 7th ?t. nOVtKKH BALLAD* AND COMEDIES of Lurtan, translated by the late \\ llllain Maglnn, LL. D., annotated by Dr. Sheltou kenzle, I vol, SI Rights ?.f \\ om^fl, with Strictures on Political snd Moral Subjects, by Mary Wollstone ? raft, 1 vol. 75c. I'aai Ferrou, a IV> by the author of ' I \ Poeini by V," l vol, SI. IB 31 I 1AWCK TAYLOI ' I'; 1 1 KI?|S|G STAR GAME.?THIS IS A A beautiful and luatructlve Game fcrr Children It iearut) 'h rn to commit to memory all the Inci dents and celet*ated battles that were fought du ring the American Revolution. For saie by the sgent, ALEX ADAMSON, ?WiB-Jin * stm-t, opposite Kost < ?dlc?. |>IANOS FOK KEST,by ?? nth, quarter ? and yrar. Old Piano* taken in part payment for new. Pianos sold on monthly payments, at the Piano and Music Store of JOUN F ELLIS, m 14-tr between 1Kb and loth streets. (1UHPORATION STO? Ik.???,OOU Corpo; ' latloo pf \N ashlogton 8toi k for sale at f^9 tf ti CUt BB BROTUERV. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. Ran away from the subscriber, living in Anne Arundel county, and M near the Governor's Bridge P O , on SAT UK DAY NIGHT lact, without any cause or provocation, a short, well-set N Kr.RO W - MAN, of dark complexion, grum appearance, down look, slow or speech and motion. He calls himself Perry Anderson, and \m about 30 years cf age. Had good clothing, such as grey pant*, red rest, chocolate eolcred coat, and bT*ck fur hat There are reasons to suppose tbat he may be lurking in or about the District of Columlria. a? it la likely he la company with a tall bright mn atto man belonging to Mr. James W. Kent, who absconded at the same time, and who has a wlfbi.t Mr Clement Hliliary's, near Biadensburg. I will give the abo^e rewa:d of two hundred dol lar* if taken out of the State, and s cured so tlat I get him again, or one hundred dollars any whero in .he Dlrtrlct of Co umb'.a or gtste of Maryland, m 31-eo4t DANIEL KENT, IVf D. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. SELLING OFF A HANDSOME, 4^1lot or Summer Millinery, Flowers,! Ribbons, Straws, Ac .rich Fmbrold erles. Collars, Ur.dersleeve*. Lace and Silk Man tles of all kinds and colors. Infant's Waist* and Dresses, with a variety of articles sui'able for ladies, mis-es *nd infants N B ?Ladies can be supplied with Frenrh and English Corsets, Jackets. Waists, Supporters, Braces, Bands, all cf the best materials and war ranted to lit. at MKS. CftSSIDY'S, No *91 Pa avenue, south side, between 10th and 11th streets. je 3-eol m JORDANS' W. S. SPRINGS, Frederick ciunty, Ya. Leaving Washington, Baltimore, or Cumberland In the moml?g cars, via Har-J^J^ QPEN THE SIXTEENTH OF JUNE. Cur p?r's Ferry, for Stephenson's Depot, thence* I# miles , n coaches to the springs to dinner tfcie same day; from Staunton, Virg nla, same d4y. in dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism, dropsy, lifer and spleen diseases, chronic diseases of brain, bowels, and urinary organs, A , and eopeclallyiin skin diseases, Its curative medical effects are wfcll known Hot and cold Sulphur Baths. Rlrt'a Ua^d and experienced servants engaged. The water fo~ sale in barrels and bottles. E. C. & R. M. JORDAN A BKOj je 3-eodlm lime '.-Line i:?lime : i i WILL BR OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Lime Kilns of W. H. Godey A Ci., situated on Rock Crwek, between the upper aid lower bridges, a ki'.n of very superior WOOD BURNT LIME. The subscrlbers^tve also (>n hand a large supply of PLASTERERS' HA If CEMEN i\ CALCINED PLASTER, and eva description of the very bestquality of lime, wbl< will be disposed of on the most reasonable term ap 14?eotf W. 11. GODEY A CO^ RICH SILK. AND LACE Mantillas at reduced prices.* 50 new style black Silk and Lace, Mantillas, just received, at greatly reduced prices '2? black and white Barege Shawls and Scarfs ? ?25 black Lace Point- ar.d Scarfs lOu very rich Parasob, lined or unllned 50 large size do In black, brown and green 100 Misses and Children's Parasols, ver. cheap 10 boxes Ladles and Gents. Gauze Merino ShiA* 50 Silk and tine Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, soi$? small sizes and extra light finish *100 dozeu Ladies', Genltemen's, and ChlldrenN Cotton Hcie. in all grades. All of which, with many new and deslruHe DKESS GOODS, dally receiving, will be offered at the lowest prices. If/** All articles sold are warranted to prove ts represented COLI.EY A SEARS, No 523 7th street, 3d door north Pa avenue.? m :M-eoiot I MARBLE AND BR?>\\ ft STONEWORK*, Pa. aremuf, between ISth and 19rA streets. , T1HE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND and makes to order on the most reasonable terms?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONE*, MANTELS, Table TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC T1LES for Flooring.' Also, all kinds of plain ana ornamental Marine and Brown Stone Work for building purposes executed with promptness, and at as low prices &s can be had elsewhtre. ap 10-eoly H. PARRY. WILLIAM A. BATl'IlELOR'S LIQUID HAIR DYE SKILFULLY APPLIED, AND SOLD Whole sale and Retail at G1 BBS'S Hair Dressing Es tablishment on Pennsylvaniaavenu*. between !?<h an* 10'.h streets, aud under Wlllards' Ho id. in 9-eo'Jm ' [No. 357 ] \OTICEOI ffirHllK*ffAL OF LAND** 11 IN IOWA.?In pursuance of an act approved 15th May. 1=56, " making a grant of lands to the State of Iowa, In alternate sections, to aid in tqe construction of certain rallroxds In said State,?' instructions have been issued from this office withdrawing from market, until further orderfc, all the lands in that State except those sltuaUd ti the following-named districts, which are stUl open to purchasers for effecting sales and loca tions. viz: Office at Dacorrah, all the lands In the district, offire at Dodge, all the lands north of the liqe between townships 92 and 93. office at Sioux city, all the lands north of the line between towcships ?l and 92 Glv.n under mv hand, tt the General Larvl Office at the cltv of Washington, this '21st day ef Mi;. THOS A HENDRICKS, m'i-i-lawflw Commissioner ' THE ART IC REFRIGERATOR. THE FIRST EVER INTRODUCED INTO this market, Is for sale at the House Tarnishing Ware-rooms of the subscriber This mat' h'.ess article needs but to be sc? n I to be admired and approved; and the public are invited to callatthes orewherea mod 1 wlta glass doors is k*pt in constant operation, showing the circulation of air In the refrigerator, which continues as long as there is ice in it. No ventilation from the external a!r Is permitted or need d. on account cf the constant purlflcaMon of the air ?y its passage through the ice. The air leave* the Ice a temperature of 32? in a de-se and dry state, and falls directly upjn articles below the ice box, thus producing the result* of refrige ration never obtained before by any other refrige rator. For sale by the subscriber, agent of the manu facturer N. M McGREGOR, m 17-e>lw No. 530 Seventh street. IRON HALL Beot. Shoe, and Trnuk FstnMlik hment, Pa avenue be lie ten'J tk and l<?f A sts. J l m r..i i of Oentl^men's Imported Frcnch Gai ters, Molii-Vllle Shoes, manufactured byj Melus Paus, for my ovtn sales. Call early and examnn- my stork. I have alto, Ladles' whole and half Gaiters, at 50 cents ar.d ? 1, made by McCurdy, "original'' cost 91 t?5 Children's Shoes at 37)<c , old style My stock of Traveling Trunks, Vallsee, Carpet Bags, 4r , is the largest In the city. Call on S. P. HOOVEK , ?n u 1 ran Hail CAST OFF CLOTH 1 NO IJOUGHT AND SOLD AT 78 LOUISIANA avenue, opposite Holmead's Grocery, near Semmes'. Address, through Post Office, to "Mr. Tailor " m7-lm* N B?Wanted a Hand to assist at Tailoring and Kepalrlug |)Kfc*KR YEN, Pit KLES, *r. AT COST. I We shall commence this day to close out our sto<-k of French and other Pickles, Preserves, Jellies, Catsups, Ac., at cost Z M. P KING, . m'At 105 Vt. av . oomer 15th and I stress. (^KOLND PLAISTEH? A barrels vary superior article. In store and for sale by HARTLEY A BKO , je <-1ib 101 Water street, iieoigetown SALE?A MUGGY AND HARNEStT, Saddle and lliIdle, ail but little used They eau be seen at A K X V ASH INN'S Bottling Ue pot, 57 Green street, Ororgetuwn. m la-tf WR. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLASSES, Fire Dollars Ptr Ouarter. Apply at GEORGE HILBL S'S Music Depot, Peuasytv&nla avenue mar ll-tf HAY ! HAY ! 1M) bales prime HAY, for sale low to cl**?? consignments, by PETER BERRY, je 3-3t* "5 YVater street, Georgetown. UP AND BE DOING.?JUST PUBLISHED at the Music Depot, a spirited Song of th? above title, compmsd ? y Wm Palmer, author c< ?? eoldlwr's Adieu," " Don't say one thing and meaa another," Ac Prie?> only ?5 cents mSO CiRKiT BARGAINS 1(1 FANS, PKRFU * mery, Toilet Goods, Ac, Ac., at ELLIS', between w.h and 10th sue?u. in '<H Auction Sales. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. A LARGE AND VALVULE COLLECTION ?f Kirtptia Oil Paintings.?On THURSDAY and FRIDAY MORNINGS, June 5th and 6th, at 10X o'clock each day. in the ball over Farnbaors Bookstore, I will tell a large ar.d choice collection of Oil Paintings, compiling some of the best ma.stfr* works. which were re cently selected and imported from Europe for private individuals, a ? d for beauty of de?H n, har mony of cploting, careTm execution, and high order of subject will compare favorably with any collection of Painting ever ottered in this city. Catalogues are ready ar.d the Palntingsarranged for Inspection. Ladles and gentlemen are respect fully Invited to examine them previous to the sale. Terms cash in city funds. j? 2-6t* A. GREEN, Auctioneer. BvJAS. G. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING House at Public Sale?On FRIDAY AFTER N OON, J unetfth, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lots No. 8and 10, in Davidson's subdivision of square No. 340, fronting 15 feet 6 Inches on 11th street west beiween M and N sUee'.s north, running back M ft** to a public al ley, with the improvements, consisting of a sub stantial, well finished three-story and basement brick Dwelllng-Ilouse, containing elgLt room*, a lconveubntly arranged, with closets, Ac. There is also a well of pure w.itpr a>,d a good cellar on the premises, and the whcle property Is very desi rable to any person desiring a ccmfortabie dwel ling in that healthy and pleasant part of the city. Terms: One-third cash; the residue in 6 and 12 mo iths, with Interest, seenredby adeed of trust on the premises. If the terms of sale are not comp ied with within five days the property will be resold at the risk and fcpense of the defaulting purchasers. Title indisputable. m^I3-d J AS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r MARSHAL'S SALE?IN VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias issued from the Clerk's Office of the Dlst let of Columbii, for the county at Washington, and tone directed, 1 sball expose to public sale, for cash, on the premise*, on TUB?DAY, the 10th day of June, 1856. at 5 o'clock, d. m , the following described property, to wit? All the right, title, and Interest of Robeit 8. Clark and Wm Gutridge, In and to lot No. 12 In Square No 88, together with all and singular the improvements thereon, as laid down on the plat of the city of Washington, seized and levied upon as the property of Robert S. Clarfc and William Gtitridge. and will be sold to satisfy Judiclals No. 129 and 130, to March term, l?.#, In favor of Thomas S. Beall. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal m 18-dts for District of Cylumbia. Bv JAMES C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. kEslRAItl.E DW ELLINO.HOl SEaND Lot near the Navy Yard at Public Sale. In pursuance of an order from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, District of Columbia, co? ttrmed by the Ci cult Co irt, sitting as a Court of Chancery, the subscriber will sell at public auc tion, on Tfl URSDA Y AFThHNOON. Iune 12th, at 6)4 o'clock, on the premises, part cf Lot No 8, Square No. 90i, fronting on Se venth street east, in between south G and I streets, with tLe Improve ments, consisting < f a neat and Well buiit frame dwelling-house, containing ?lx rooms Terms: One-third cash j the residu * In six and twelve months, for nctes, with approved se:ur'ty, bearing Interest. Upon the payment of the pur chase money and final ratihcatlon of the sale a deed will be executed, at the cost cf thepurcha*er ZEUEDEE KIR WAN, Guardian, in 10 SawAds J AS. C. McG U1R E, Auct'r. D! Bv JAS C McGUIRE, Auctioneer I?EA t'TIFUL UL'lt Dl.Tti SITE OVER J looking the Smithsonian Grounds, at Auction.?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, J une t>tb,atC){ o'clock, on the premise*. | ?ha 1 sell Strts of Lots No* 12. 13, 14. ar.d 15, in square No. J, situated at the corner of South B tnd 13th streets west, having a front of wo feel on South 11 street by 125 on 13th street we>t, containing 11,250 Mjuare feet, the whole well enclosed with a goo?l fence and supplied with fruit trees. This property is probably one of the most eligi ble and l.eantlfii) building sites for sale in that section cf the c!ty, having a oommanding vl*?w of the Smithsonian Grounds. Potomac river, and city tenexally. if desirable the propeity will be subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen months, for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing interest Title irdlspata ble. JAS. C. .McGUIRE, ui 20-coAcds Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer. )IU L It SALE?DY VIRTUE OK A DEED of trust executed to me, and recorded in Liber J . A. S., No. 93, folios Nos. 517, Ac , one of the Lands Records of Washington county, In the District of Columbia, I shall on MONDAY, the loth of June next, at t> o'clcck p m , in front of the premises ctlVr for sale at public auctiou, to the highest bidder therefor, the following prop erty to wit: All that part of Let 11, In Square 217, beginning at a point in the dividing line of Lots No 13 and 14, distant l?o feetfrom Massachusetts avenue, and ruuulng a southwesterly direction along to a point on said dividing line, distant from the alley 53 feet, thence in an easterly dlrec tlon along the rear line of said Let No. 14 on the alley 16 feet 10 inches, thence lu a northeasterly direction along the line of said Let No. 11 to a >oint distant 170 feet from .Massachusetts avenue, and thence in a westerly direction to the opposite point of beginning After deduct ng from the property first above described that portion thereof which was soid !>y Edw'd C Carrington (as Trus t's in a ceTtaln deed of tiust made aid executed to him as trustee by Simon Canter and his wife Christey. <>f said City and District, forth* beneOt +1 John P. Hiiton, < f said City and District .and

duly recored In the land record of Washington eouaty, District of Columbia) to one Geo ge R. Miller, and conveyed to hirn by deed bearing date the 12th of May, 185$, andduly recorded In the Laud record of Washington county. District of Columbia, which said portion sold as aforesaid totiiesaid George R Mil er, is described as fol lows, to wit: All that portion of Lot No 14 in Square No 217, beginning for the Mine at a point 170 feet distant from Mass. aveni:? on the di viding line between ori^l-al Lots Nos ;3andll, and running with the sa'd dividing line 33 feet 1 Inch in a soutci westerly direction tothe northeast angle of alley, thence south and along the east side of said alley 53 feet, thence east and along the north side of mala alley li feet and % inch to the centre of dividing line of the two brick houses, thence n-rth and at right angles lOfeet Inches, thence northfasterlv 31 feet 10 inches, thence north westerly and at right angles 11 feet % Inch tothe place of beginning. The ? property first above described, after deducting tl.erefrom the said Jropertv last above described, will be sold as (foresaid wl h all the improvementsthereon. The improvements on the property 3rst above describ ed, after deducting therefrc'm that portl n last above described, beirg one two story Brick House and comfortable yard e closed by fence, and me small Frame.Houseand comfertable yard enclosed by fence. Terms cash Property to be resold at the risk and expense cf the purchaser, unless terms are complied with within three days from day of sale EDWARD C. CARRINGTON,Trustee, in 31-2awAds A. GREEN, Auctioneer If. S1I&D, Union Refectory, Corner Pennsylvania, avtnue an t Third street HAS JUST RECEIVED ANOTHER LOT of GREEN TURTLE from Nas sau, snd will serve them to morrow atj 10 o'clock and every day during th>* season ; OYSTERS, CRAHS, and all the dellracies of the season at all hours. His Par is furnished withthe finest LIQUOKS AND CIGA11S, and Philadelphia \X and Read ing ALE and LAtJER HI Kit. N B.?The Union Howling Saloon, on Third sreet, has been put in complete ?rder at great ex >enM\ and will l>e opened this evening for the jublic. je2-lm All the opera music an sunu by the P\n<- A Harrison Opera i'rfpe at ELLIS' Muslr St its. m21 BAJOI ,'S kid A N l> OTHER GLOVES. ? NO H . SMOOT, No. 110 BK1DGESTREET, ** Georgetown, has received, from NfwM . \ork, ladles Rajou's KID GLOVES ,f,jjll/)\ white, black tu.d colored; gents, do do jin i||| ladles and gents Jail ta Silk and LLle jJV K1-I W Also, a first rate a^soitment of 3k"d brown Cotton Hose, all qualities; .'I?k uroWtl und f*HCY Half Hose; misses u boy" Hose and Haif Hose. ' f attention being paid to keeping a ^ * a8H?,r,,,-"t of l^e Very makaw of the above goods, p urchasers may depend upon get iTU:U' UM ' UeaP ^ Mannf quality can be bought elsewhere. ml~tr JO UN H. SMO( IT. JUST ARRIVKD? 5o cas?s Turner Brothers' Glncer Wine Rasp berry and Blackberry, and dally ex'fected a choice lot of byrups of all flavors, for Soda Wa leni- ^ arnyashinn, No. Green street, Georgetown ax 13- (lutvl A Organ) Houses, &c.tfor Rent and Sale. For rent.-a two story brick house on High street, georgetown, a few door* above West, with ten good xoomi, and s fine lot attached Apply to c MYERS A SON, at their Wood and Coal vard. No '27 Water street, tr at their residence 1st street- To a good tenant he rent will be moderate m 19-tf For i?knt?two neatly furnished Bed Rooms on reasonable terms at Mr. DA VISON'S, ov?r Messrs. Gait A Bro., JewpJrv Store, ?>nn. avenue, between 9th and lfofh streets, m 13-tf Valuable farm for sale, con tainlng 80 acres, situated % mile east of the Rockville Turnpike Road, and '2% from W??h lngtoa city. It is well watered, and on It a good supply of Are wood and young orchard The lm Erovcmeats are a small rrame dwelling and sta le It posse-ses all the advantages requisite to make a garden of great v?lne, or a dairy farm, and a pha-ant residence The terms will be madeeaKV. Apply (6 POLLARD WEBB. No. 512 Seventh street," opposite National Intelligen cer Office. ap 88-tf FOR RENT?several HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inqr.lre at Mrs. SMITH'S, '-133 f street. nova??tf Atpr1vatksale ? EIGHTEEN SMALL building lo'.s for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging In price from ?0 to 160 dollars each. Terius from i? to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumoer or bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title Indispu table. For any ether information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av.,bct. IBtb A 19th at*. apio?am For sale or rent.?lot no. i, in Square No. ?53, corner of E -tree* south and 10th street west, near the Steamboat Wharf, con taining about 10,000 winare feet, recently occupied by J no. W. Martin's blacksmith and wheelwright shops. Also, for rent, Square No. l*tween 2d and 3d streets west, and H and 1 streets nerth, con taining '2)f acres; now occupied by Mr. h. N. Lansdale On the square, which will be enclosed with a good fence, is a stable and carriage house, and the land in excellent order and well situated for cultivation Possession given on the first of April. An abundance of excellent gravel and sand, on the premises, for sale Inquire of marB?eolwAStf JOSEPH INGLE. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A GOOD IN VESTMENT ?For sale, 17 or 18 acres of Land, on the Heights of Georgetown, adjoining the property formerly occupied by Colon 1 Cox, (called the Cedars,) possessing rare advantages as a building site, and market garien. It has a fine growth of young eedais and oak mess on the great er part >.f it?the elevation is such as to command the most extensive view of Georgetown, Wash ington and Alexandria. The fact of this property being just outside of the Co pcratlou limits ren ders it inore desirable, bwing free fr?>m the Corpo ration taxes. For terms, Ac., apply to J. L. KIDWELL, 8eorge?ow*. Janifti?wtl For private bale?a very neat, convenient, three story fram<? House, with a deep lot laid off as a tiower garden The above house contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and the piivlledgc of a back alley The above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between 4th and 6th street*. No. 501. For turtner Information please cnll as above. Possession given in a few days. If thf above is not sold in a few days it will u* for rent, ap sd-tf Rahh CHANCE?THE UNDERSIGNED offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on :id street, a few feet south of Pa. avenue: Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri fice H C. HARROVER. Terms: A small cash payment, and the baJ ance in 1. '2, J, and 4 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol' Hill. feb 23- tf GRAND excursions |7*or THE WHITE HOUSK PAVILION ON r saturdays ?The Steamer _ ^ hkokl.k WASHINGTON lpave Washington at 10 o'clock a in ,and akx audria at 10)(,and return to Washington before sunset. Messrs. Coke a Co , will furnish Dinner ard Refreshments at the Pavilion Person* wish ing to spend a pleasant day should go on those trips. There is a line Ball-room and Teu-pln Alley for the amusement of the passengers A gocd Band of Music is ergaged for the trips Fare for round tilp ONE DOLLAR?Children half price. JOB CORSON, m'27-d Captain. f OK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS ?1 ARK, ROUND TRIP, si: FROM _ ait""'* alexandria 75 CRN TS ? thejg?5?3fafc steamer THOMAS COLLY kr leaves \\ ashing ton at 9 ai d Alexandria at9)f o'clock Cocchcts lewve the Capitol for the l>oat at o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George a Thomas Parker. Refreshments on tne boat. ap-2-tf sam'L GF.DNF.Y, Captain. MEDICAL CARD. DR H. PERABEAU, GERM AN HOMECl pathlc physic an, has the honor to offer his services to the Inhabitants of Washington and vicinity. office on 1) street, two doors west of 9tb, wb^re he will lie found from 9 to 1"2 a in , and from 4 to 6pm Refidenceonl street, No. 188, between 20th and '21st streets. n'. B? Homeophathic medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac , Ac. m 16-3m rilllE STEAMER GEORUE washihg x TON will depart at the follow ing hours: i Leave Alexandria 7 if, 9, 11, 1w. '.1%, 5# Leave Washington.. .8, 10, 12. *2 ,4^,6 ap'2-d JOB CORSON, Captain MRS. M. E. HAKVEY, (Sccck??ok TO Jahbs F. Harvky, DECKasbd.) undertaker, No. 110 Seventh street, betwen G nn<i //, j^kgs LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC that she h?s in her employ the^~ same persons tbat were formerly ' In the establishment, whoarefully competent to oonduct the Undertaking Business; arid that every attention will be given to rails, day or night, as heretofore. in 19-6m NEW SUMMER arrangements. N ADDITION TO OUR PREMIUM MIN eral Waters, Mead, ai*, and Porter, we a have made such arrangements as will enabe M us to ke??p constantly on hand a large supply h of the following articles, most of which lave W been carefully prepared by scientific men, as ton ics for weak and delicate persons : Ginger Wine, Native Port Wl:e prepared from native fount, Blackberry Brandy. Raspberry do., Cherry. Rose Cordial Cinamon, Anise, Curacoa, Stomach Bit ters, Wine, StOHtons ; Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawbprry, Pine Apple, Vanilla, Lemon and oth er Syrups; Extracts of Sarsaparllla for cleansing the blood, and a host of other articles too nume rous to mention. All orders left at our Depot, or with the drivers of our Wagons promptly attended to m 1-tf AKNV a shi.nn, g Georgetown. UK. J. TIIOKNE, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, OFFICII ANU RESIDENCE, Corner llttli st. and New York avenue, WASHINGTON, D O. OiUce hours?s to lu, y to 4, 8 to w. in7-3m* Daniel campmeli ,, in closing it in present business, would thaiik his customers for their kind patronage arid iti doi"g so, states tbat tlielr respective accounts are made out, and that prompt payment will be exacted All to whom he is indebted will please present their bills. _ m 2- if L. J. AllUULKTONi DEALER IN ICE. OJflrt and Utjwi?Southwest comer of F and Twelfth streets. feb'27-tf NOW RECEIVING, New and fashionable styles of Gentlemen's Furnishing Articles adapted to Spring and Summer wear, at LANE'S Gents' Furnishing Store, ap 14- 4*24 Pa. av., near corner 4# street. SOFT CRABS AND GREEN TURTLE SO UP are served every da> atC UAUTIEK's Saloon, m22 EVEN INGEST A R. CROSSING THE MOUNTAINS. [EDITORIAL correspondence J Cincinnati, May 31, ld56. This trip was our first journey over the Alle ghanies by railroad. aDd also our first through tho interior of Ohio. The most remarkable point striking us upon the journey is the so lidity and perfection with which the Balti more and Ohio railroad is constructed and fttr nished from end to end. To a person who has spent many years iu the business of a civil en gineer, i-uch a trip discloses instantly whore tho immense amount of money has gone which the road cost. Nowhere else in this country is there a railroad, of considerable length, neces sarily costing anything like the average sum per mile that this road must havo cost; nor is there another considerable railroad in the 1 nitcd States built like this, apparently for all time. Everything about it is substantial, from the cut stone water-tanks, that look like fortification? along its liue, at regular dis tances, and the stone cut viaducts, someof them apparently three hundred feet high4? from foundation to road surface?to itg maty tunnels, three of which are said to bore the mountain over half a mile through?one more than three quarters of a iailo. I know not the precise number of tunnels on the line, but three of them are immense works indeed, each having cost millions of dollars. The longest is now being lined with an arched casement of brick, which is probably neces sary to the completion and security from da?> gerous slides of all such works Of civil engi neering. The highest point on the route is said to bo 2,700 feot above tide water. Tte consequent great change in the temperature made me quite sensible of the soundness of the scientific axiom with reference to the va riations of the thermometer at different alti tudes. Iu Washington, on Thursday last, the light est summer garb was all sufficient for com fort At Piedmont, the point at which the im mediate crossing of the Aileganies commence*, wo were glad to find the car stove being lighted. Day break caught us at Akamont. the highest point on the road, where it was snowing The difference between the temper ature at the immediate foot of the mountains and their summit, was 12 degrees of Fahrea heit, and perhaps 24 degrees between the temperuturo of Washington City and the mountain's top. The ascent from Piedmont t> Akamont is fifteen miles. From thcnce there is a run of twelve or fifteen miles along the top of tho mountain with slightly varyidg changes level; at the end of which?"the Summit"?the dcscent commences. The mountain track indeed begins at the Point Of Kocks, where the read intersects the Bull Hun ridge, or easternmost spur ?>f the Blue Kidge. Tho work between the Point of Koclis and Harper s Ferry was stupendous in its dat ing and cost, being in its .lay the most expeA sive ever constructed in any country?requir ii.g rock cutting for miles in some places, one hundred feet deep along the face ot the moun tain that skirts the Potomac between th<>se puiuts, and thicugh the solid walls of which the river bursts its way just below it* juncture with the Shenandoah, making the world re nowned gorge that has rendered the scenery at Harper's Ferry so famous. The ascent from Harper sFerry to Cumber land, though less costly, is through a,very pic turesque country, the road hugging the Ches apeake and Ohio Canal bank in many placer From Cumberland, the great centre of tho Maryland coa! trade, to Piedmont, tho route is along tho valley of the Potomac, whiah grows small by degrees and beautifully less, until one might almost clear it with a tup skip and jump' Tho scenery is beautiful be yond description on that portion of the rout*, not stunning in its grandeur, as upon the western descent from the mountain top?. Here the road winds around the base of mountain spurs, many of them apparently isolated, atsd though of no great height, exceedingly ia teresting ?n account of the charming \ariety they give to the scene. Some rise suddenly like cones, others gcutly, others are faced witJi a perpendicular wall of rock Inying in well defined strata and having the appearance of human masonic work. The valley thrcu^h that particular region is very narrow and being fertile, is capitally cultivated, wearing at this time a carpet of green. W.^>. W H. Cincinnati, May 31, 1S5? My last letter brought tho reader amid tho beautiful littlo isolatod mountain spurs around and among which tho Potomac dashes i on its course, where it is little more of a river than tho Tiber between the railroad depot and Pennsylvania avenue One can, in no other way than making the trip in person, obtain a correct idea of the charming variety of the details of the scenery along the Balti more and Ohio Kailroad between Cumberland and Piedmont, at tho immediate baso of the great backbone of the country laying between the Atlantic ocean and the Mississippi river It is not grand : but at every turn, as una winds among the hills, new and strikiDgly differing picturesque views burst upon his sight w ith the rapidity of shifting scenes in a I theatre. (Jradually. in making that compar atively gentle ascent, the thermometer falls, until at Piedmont one gets beyond the grain growing range?that is, the range of territory in which corn and whost can be profitably grown From Piedmont to Akamont. fifteen mile*, the ascent towards the clouds is rapid At Altamont the traveler enters upon4tTh.j ? Hades," along which he journeys for twehe miles, almost on a level upon the mountains' top. No effort to grow grain is made here, tho snow always laying for six months in the year, and in the gorges of the mountains at times nearly ten months. These glades are valuable agriculturally for summer pasturage for the stock of farmers whose main estates are from fifty to a hundred miles below?in the famous " South Branch country. No effort to keep the stock up here in winter is made, as the grajiers find it more profitable to drive them to market in the fall after being thus fattened in tbe lunutr Th* popular belief is. that slock attended to, at is Mary land generally. will not weather the aereritj of the climate of the Glades through a wiater So, those not sold in the fall are driven below to be wintered in that more genial clime. Oakland ia the prinoipal point on the ronte in the Glades It it the retort of health and pleasure seekers in tbe summer months, When its temperature is that of genial Maj in Wasbington Around it are tront streams and deer in abundanoe, which form an additirral inducement for the presence, at certain season?, of the lowlander. The soil seem* to be wet and springy, the railroad drains giving evidence that, to make it advantageously cultivable, requires a heavy expenditure of labor. From tbe Summit station, where the road commences to descend from the mountain1! immediate top, for about twelve er fifteen miles the scenery is stupendous. To a low lander it strikes him dumb with astonishment at the wonders of the results of the struggling of the contending force* of nature, frhich have been thrown out of the bowels of the earth in their labors against eaeh other. Maases of rock, with, at times, perpendicular faces a thousand feet high, and mountains of earth, each, at this time, weighing millions of tons, though perhaps for hundreds of <*ntarie* God's rains have been daily carrying dewn to their bases from their tops portions of their masse?. The results of man a labor as there mani fested, are hardly le6s remarkable. The rail re id course^ s way in, aroand, through and over the mountains there?now hanging sus pended in mid air, in a position from which we may easily cast a stone into a mad stream rushing. foaming over the rocks that lay a thousand feet below him. at the next moment diving into the bosom of the mountain by means of a tunnel, and this running for near a mile under the earth, groping in the dark ness of Erebus itself. Here bounding over a g^rgc upon a trcssle work three hundred feet high, or upon a more substantial arch of stone of equal altitude. All this is in a region with a semi-Siberian climate, and consequent at tributes of natural production of soil, the pic turesque fir tree, the native of the Northa being a conspicuous feature of the acene, torn the eye as one will. The Cheat river, one ol the heals of the Monongahala, creates the valley, or rather deep gorge winding among these immense mountains, along which a ronte has been found for this remarkable work. It leaps from mountain to mountain with a rap idity which sends up its spray to the railroad hanging hundreds of feel above its bed. In lice, the scenery on this particular portion of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad is Alpin#? equally .as grand as that of any sccnsry of the Alps themselves. No other work of art in America is more remarkable than this rail road through it; nor has nature any where in America scattered, as though with a hap bazard hand, m<>re wonderful specimens of her proverbial vagaries. The day will come when tbe traveller will feel it as necessary, once at least, to view its wonders, as now to see tbv>se of Niag-tra. W JJ. W ?. The Unrn States Armisg Khjlahd ?It is a curious fact, that American mechanic* excel all others in the manufacture of fire arms and are at the present time filling large contracts for parties in England representing the English government. Sharp s arms, par ticularly, are in high favor, both the carbine and ride being in large demaud. They arc claimed to combine simplicity of construction, rapidity of firing and extraordinary range, with perfect aoouracy and unequalled safety. An order for 25,000 American rifles, with the Minie sight and knob for the '? lock bayonet,'' is in oouroe of execution at the extensive works at W indaor, Vt , and is now probably half completed. Another order for 10,000 Sharp's rifle, also on account of parties in England. is in courve of fulfilment as Colt's factory in Hartford. In order to avoid a^v collusion or mistake as to the oonatruct.o^ wf the arms, English gunners personally inspect and stimp them as completed. Sharp s arm* aro peculiarly well adapted for eavalry ser vice. Tho remarkable suoces* which has been gained in this country in the manufacture of fire-arms is further illustrated by the fact to at machinery, to the value of (220 000, such as used in some of the large American es tablishments in this department of mechanics, has been msde at Windsor. Vt , and sent to England, and is now probably very nearly in readinesa for operation To insure its excel lence, it was particularly direoted that it must not only be made by Americans, but must tie taken out and aet up by Americans, and final ly. Americans must be employed to control and superiutend its operation Accordingly, some of our most accomplished artisans are now em ployed in the English workshops. This ar rangement is in part the result of an investi gation made in the United Slates, by direction of this English Government, with reference to the manner aud cost of making fire-arms It was proved that the same arm made in Eng land, at a cost of about S9, was made at tbe Springfield armory for only a trifle over ^3. The success <tT American mechanics here no ticed is matter for congratulation. The Eng lish Government have given the American rifle a very thorough test, and always with the nicst favorable rosulti IlAffnOLPa's SARt\is*.?A yorrug man at tempted to make his acquaintance. He ob tained an introduction, and among the first remarks said 4{ I passed by your house late ly. Mr. Randolph." 441 hope you always will," was tbe reply. Another one twitted Lim as to his 44 want of education." "Tbe gentleman himsell' reminds me," he replied, *? of the land about the headwaters of the Montgomery, which are poor by nature, and cultivation entirely ruined them Mas. Pepper axd thk Philosopher ? Mrs. Pepper got the better of tbe philosopher, the ether day, in arguing the question^ whether w.mien or men talk tbe most. 44 Vou say a Woman can talk a man almost to death, said Mrs. P , 44 but I'd like to know if Sampson didu't j!nv a thousand Philistines to death ' Tbe philosopher *ave in. and that very eve ning presented Mrs. P. with a ticket to a strawberry festival, where that respectable lady got into seventeen sharp disputes, and enjoyed herself amazingly. I^1 There is a maiden iady in Connecticut who is so extremely nice in her notions of fe male modesty, that she turned ofl her Wash woman because she put her clothes in the same tub with those of a young man, fy The Chicago Journal says accounia. al most without eiception. represent the growing Gain as promising an abundant aad glorious rVMt. r * ?