Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1856 Page 3
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e veninq STAR. ljOCAX intelligence. The St Louis Intelligcncer of Monday Among the distinguished stringers now in our city is Mr. George Bancroft, the eminent and talented historian. He is on a Ti*it of a few days, and contemplate, we un derstand, an excursion to some of the locali ties in our neighborhood, connected with that period of our rev lutionary history which will foria the subject of the next volume of his brilliant work " The Escape of Essex ?Yesterday, a war rant was issued by Justice Offutt for the ar rest of Justice J no S Hollingshead, charged, on the oatn of Officer H T. L Wilson, with suspicion of complicity in the escape of John Essex when under the charge of murder The warrant was directed to Officer Charles Kim ball. and served by him, and returned before Justice Jno. D. Clark. A hearing of the case was commenced at 10 o'elock this morning before Justice Clark at bis office. Officer H T L. Wilson was sworn.?Heard the outcry of murder, while he was sitting in Justice Donn's office ; he was sick with a bad headache; ran in pursuit of the prisoner, but when he reached him he bad already been arrested by other officers. The prisoner asked to go to Hollingshead's office ; witness said be could go to Hollingshead s if he wished ; the prisoner di<l not belong to witness, and he had nothing to do with him. When we entered the office, Mr Hollingshead inquired wh.t charge the prisoner was brought up on It was remarked that it was upon suspicion of murder News was brought in that the wan wa? dead The only conversation wit ness had with John Ejsex. the prisoner, wi s that Essex asked witness what was the news, witness told him the man was dead; this was all witness said to prisoner ; witness said to Justice Hollingshead, *'I would commit him, Squire;" the Justice said he wanted further evidence Mr. Hollingshead and Officer Duvall went into the other room, and had a conversation to gether; did not see Mr. Hollingshead speak to the prisoner; they allowed Essex's father to take the i risoner out in the yard; witness did not see Mr. Hollingshead acting with the appearance of complicity; Duvall was the officer in charge of the prisoner; did not see Mr Hollingshead in conversatioo with the Erisoner In tho opinion of witness, old Mr ssex. the prisoner's father, could tell as much about the escape of the prisoner as any body I>aring the trial, the prisoner was be fore the Magistrate in the front office; it was only during the suspension of the trial that the prisoner was in the back room Hollings head declined to take bail when witness asked him; witness saw no complicity on the part of Mr. Hollingshead with the prisoner himself; had heard officer Parhain say that be told Mr. Hollingshead the prisoner was charged with the murder, but aid cot know it of his own knowledge In consequence of the abscnce of other wit nesses the further consideration of the ca?e was deferred until five o'clock this evening Ajistal Meeting or the America* Insti TrTE or Homeopathy ?The Institute held its thirteenth nnr.ual meeting at the Smithsonian Institute, Commenting its sesiirnson Wednes day n: rnirg. find completing its business yes terday afternoon. Tho meetirg was called to order by Dr. J. P. Dake of Pitubu'g. Pa Dr. Geo. W. P. Sweciey of Springfield, Mass., was elected chairman ; Dr. F R MrManus of Baltimore, was elected general secretary for the next year; Dr. John T. Middleton of Baltimore, provisional secretary; Dr. S. S. <iuy of Brooklyn. X Y., treasurer, and Drs. Willian - son, Piper, Green. Gardner and Jannev, the Board of Censors. . The Treasurer's report showed assets in hand to the amount of SI, 184. Alter the transaction of further business, the meeting adjourned until ^ o'clock in the, when the annual address was deliv ered by Dr D. M. Dako ; subject: " Reasons why certitude in scicnce, and stability in the art of medicine, have been precluded through f receding ages, as cultivated by the old or empirical school The lecturer presented the clairrscf Homeopathy with clearness and force. The characteristics of the new and old schools wore given The te*ts by which facts are elicited; the coursc of observation pursued, and the logical formula by which f?cts are construed for scientific purposes, in the respective schools, were pointed out. The lecturer undertook to show by analogy how medical Fcience must be built up to become the fixed basis of therapeutics; cni bow, by all the accepted tests, methods of observation, and logical formulas of the old schools, pro gre-s has been impossible Blind adherence to medical authority was severely dealt with ; and slavery of mind to mind repudiated as the surest brake upon the wheels of progress in any branch of learning. Yesterday, the Convention concluded its proceedings by the appoointment of commit tees on various scientific subjects to report at toeir next meeting to be held at Chicago one year from this time Much interest was man ifested in tho proceedings of the Convention, and its audiences were intelligent and appre ciative Th* ColuSel Captured.?We received on Tuesday, two cards, enclosed in a neat envel ope; the one bearing the engraved word?, '' Joseph Shillington, and the other. " Lis tie Cummings, Central Presbyterian Church, Thursday morning, 5th June, 71 o'clock Now, this was to us a compliment as well as a surprise ; for although nothing was said about a wedding, the wording of the cards was significant of such an event. We had, for a long time, thought that the Colonel was too sensitive to the tender passion to live in perpetual singleness; in other words, to adopt the idea that *' celibacy was like a fly in tbe heart of an apj le, living in perpetual sweet ness " When, however, he was recently ac cused of a design to commit matrimony, h!usbes would appear on his honest face, which betrayed, as we thought, the truth of his commendable design. He had traveled m Europe within the past year; bad seen the demoiselles of la belle F"ran<-e, the huxom Eng'.i-h lasses, and the fair girls of his own n: ? tive Erin, and. for aught we know, waltzed with the maidens of the Rhine : but, after all, the Colonel has rushed to arms, aud won a victory in Baltimore, securing a partner for life worthy of his generous heart Col. Shit l.ngton?Joe Shillington?is really married ! He has thn* set an example worthy to be fol lowed, and has wheeled hindsomely into the Watrim ranks. We must be permitted, thus publicly to congratulate him upon the happy event If our hopes could be realised, he would never know a throb of sorrow. Damage by Lightsiso ?Yesterday, during the heavy storm of wind that visited this city, the new Presbyterian church in the First Ward, on I, between T wenty-first and Twenty second streets, was struck by lightning and seriously injured. The square tower, which wii in progress of erecti.>n, and which had reached to about thirty feet above the roof, was nearly all thrown down, tho bricks falling upon the r??of, breaking through a section of it, and penetrating to the basemeut. The loss will probably amount to about *1,000 or ?1.2IH). We are informed that just previous to this occurrence the workmen had descended to the roof in the tower, and were there at the time, but fortunately none of them were hurt. We also learn that another house in the First Ward was slightly damaged by the lightning. The Metropolitan House, rear the s'ejinboat wharf, was also struck, and s me bricks torn from the walls. A number of perj .ns fitting in and about the house were stunned. ??? Military Klkctios ?Last evening, at a meeting of the President s M uuted Guar!, the followiug officers were elected: C W. Flint, first lieutenant; Robt Teal, second do ; hamuel o?en. third do; J.ll U McCutcheo, third ?erg*ant; E Noer, first corporal; W Stndereou, second do , J. Augusterfer. third do ; E Jones, fourth d-? After the election of officers the n embers of the corps proceeded to Harvard A Wilson's Union House, and en joyed tne remainder of toe evening over % full supply of the delicacies of the season A Xr^arR of ass mlt and battery cases, and peace warrant have been disposed of by va rious magistrates in two or three days past, m >st of them growing out of the rccor.t el ac tion excitement. Quite a large portion were dismissed by couseut of p-irues, and others feeld to security for peace. The Steawbebry Festival now being held at the Colombia engine house. Capitol Hill, for the benefit of the Capitol Hill M E. church, has been rar st handsomely and taate. fully arranged by the ladies of the congrega tion, and an abundant supply of the finest strawberries, ice cream, lemonade, cake, Ac., provided?also coffee and other substantial^, fancy articles, Ac ., Ac The ladies with their strawberry colored cheeks and smiling faces are there in full forca, attractive and atten tive to customers. The room is airy and plea sant. An evening cannot be more pleasantly ?pent, and while indulging in the good things so profusely provided, it will be consoling to remember that the amount of money spent will be appropriated to a most praiseworthy and benevolent enterprise It is expected that it will be continued through this week. Go and see the ladies of Capitol Hill. National Theatre.?An excellent bill is offered for to-niafct - The Serious Family, in cluding the polM and Quaker dance, and the nautical drama of The Ocean Child, so suc cessful on the occasion of Mr Jefferson's bene fit. To morrow evening is set apart for the benefit of Mr G. C. Boniface, who has made so favorable an impression upon tha publio. He is a good actor, and deserves a fine house. The bill ii rich in variety and amusement? the first time of the new drama of The Bear Hunters, in which Mr Boniface. Mr. Jeffer son, Mr Burnett, Mr. AdamB, Miss Devlin, Mrs Jefferson, and the entire company ap. pear, then the great iee scene from the spec* tacular dram* of The Sea of Ice, and the great extravag.inza of the Glance at New York, Mr. Boniface as Moso, and Mr. Jefferson as Dutchy. A Public Calamity.?During the storm yes terday the noble and venerable oak which, for many years, has shaded the spring at Ar lington, was prostrated by the wind. This will cause many a sigh among tho young and gay who were accustomed to enjoy the sum mer days, protected from the scorching rays of the sun by this monarch of the forest, and, seated beneath its wide spreading branches, have listened with delight to tales of by gone days from the lips of the venerable and be loved proprietor of Arlington He will re ceive the warm sympathy of the community in his los.4, which, indeed, may well be con sidered a publio calamity. The Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church are now holding a Fair in the Hall corner of Ninth and D streets This church his peculiar claims upon the sympathies of the christian public. About a year ago their beleved Pastor was removed from them by death, since which time they have been sup plied statedly by kind friends. The object of this effort is to extinguish a debt still remain ing upon the church edifice They appeal to the generouB public to patronize them in their laudable undertaking. Their advertisement will be found in another column. Illegal Voting ?David Y. Moore was brought up on Wednesday before Justice CI irk for a further heating on the charge of voting at the second precinct of the Sccond Ward, wh re he swore he was a native born citizen ; at the second precicuct of the Fourth Ward, where he swore he resided three doors from the City Hall, on Four-and-a-half street; at the first precinct of the Fourth Ward, and ah) in the Fifth Ward. The witnesses stated that he voted for Mr. Hill. The charges being proved to the satisfaction of the Justice, he committed to jail for trial at court in every case. Mr. W. Henry Palmer s fir?t half-yearly examination of piano forte classes took place Wednesday night at Carusi's Saloon, ana was eminently successful. Too muuh praise can hardly be awarded to Mr. Palmer for his novel and effective mode of instruction. We must not particularize individual performan ces of the young ladies, where all was dono so well; we may say generally, however, that the accuracy and precision with which their parts were given by the performers, was most gratifying to their friends and satisfactory to the audience at large. Rowpyi9m ?Yesterday morning, about one or two o'cl?>ck, a party of rowdies attacked the house of Mr Charles Magee, corner of Sixth s'reet ea*t and Maryland avenue. Bricks and stones were used by the assailants, and the lives of the inmates placed in jeopardy A child of Mrs. Magee was near losing its life by a brick thrown in the window. Not satis fied with this, we are informed that the row dies broke down the doors and shutters. The family, with the exception of Mrs Ma^ee. were all asleep when the attack was made. Cocrt or Claims.?Yesterday, Judge Black ford delivered his dissenting opiuions in the c*?es of Thomas 11 Baird t\t. the United States, and O. H. Berryman and others vs. the United States. The ca?e of Richard K Ward and others, assignees of Jacob Bacher, claiming the differ ence between the price of stock issued to him and that of subsequent stock issued by the government in 1814 was opened by C E. Sherman, ?<q , for the claimants, who con tinued his argument until the court adjourned. Oi'TRAQEors Assault.?Thos Butler, col ored, was arrested by Officer Wilson for an assault and battery, and was taken to the guard house. When arrested he hal a large crowd of men and boys after him, who were throwing stones and other missies at bira in a house, where he had taken refuge. Yester day morning he appeared to be cut about the face and head, and his clothing much spotted with blood fron the wounds He was held to bail for court by Captain Birch Assault.?On Wednesday night three men went to the Union House, on C street, near Seventh, and assaulted the barkeeper. A scuffle ensued, when Mr. Wilsou, one of the proprietors, interfered, and two of the assail ants were knocked down and put out of tho house. A row out of doors occurred ; but the arrival of of5;ers nut an end to it, and two of the party, Martin Kelly and Jas Connor, were taken to the guard-house, and held to bail for peace. ??? The Last Sale of fine paintings in the rooms, eorner of Pennsylvania avenue and Eleventh street, will commence this (Friday) evening at 7J o'clock. Gallery open to the public until the hour of sale. - - ' . -! ? - ? I CTWhat is it For-This Wtid'i Hair RKSTOBATIVKT?Is a question asked daily by hundreds. We uuw?r, without limitation orfMr of contrail It tk?l-, that It 1* the ouly artlcl* known which will do all It promises for the human hair. It will renew Its growth?it will atop its falllu<?it will restore Its natural color. It Is not a Hair Dye, i?ut a ?peedy and efflcarious Restorative. Trial bottles |1; pint* ) J. quarts )S Read the ad\ bit'sement on the 'onrtb page. !?? tf )?^Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair Uye.?Gray, Kr I. or Rusty Hair dyed instantly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Black, without the leant Injury to Hair or Skin. Firriitn WroAL* and Uitloma* have been awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 18)9, and over 80,000 applications ha\e been marie to the Ha r of his patrons of his famous Dye. FretudIce against Dying the Hair and Whisker* is unjust, as It would be against covering a bald head with a wig. Wm a. B? rcHKLon'* Haik Dyu produces a color nut to lie dletingalehed from nature, and la waBbamtkd nut to Injure lu the least, however loug it way be continued. Sold in all citiea and towns of the Lulted States, by Drag (let* and Pancy Uoods Dealer*. f The Genuine baa the name and aJdrees upon a steel plate engraving, on four aides of each bottle, of WILI.IaM A iiATCHKLOtt. W Broadway, New York. ?JTifur ante by Oil A^. STOT1, Pennsylvania trtuoe. ap ?- n.tai \iT Important to the Ladiei!?Dr. i?u PONCO'S FKMAl.K PILLS.?The combination of Ingredi ents in the Pilie are perlectly harn.leaa. Their efficacy and n erita are baaed upou au extensive practlcr of over thirty years . and, where th* directions have l.eeu strictly fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve pai-ifnt and dIAcult menstruation, I particularly,) at the chat g?- of life.. They will cure the Wiiitea, and lem'ove all obstructions arlslug from cold, expoaui e or any cansea , and Biay be u*ed succeeefally as a Preventive. Call npon the agent, and get a Circular for particular* free. Prtre |i per box, with full directions. Hold wholesale and retail by CH A3. STUiT, L rirtglst, Pmi aylvanla avenue SAMt ki. b. W A1TK, yii Se.culU street, Washington, U. C ' and K. 8. T. CIHSK1, Georgetown ; to wh~ui all order* must be s*nt, and the Pills will be sent confidentially, by mall,, u> lad lee who euclnae them one dollar. N. a.? see signature on the boa; to counterfeit It Is for gery. Je l-tf Prof. De Grath on the Weather.? Prof De Grath wants all sufferers from the effects of the lu cieKent weather lately, to call and procure a bottle of his pleasant KLKCTIIO OIL. It cures like magie. Prices M, M. au I $1 per bottle. Pro'eesor De Orath fW#1s It to be bis daty to li'saself end to the public to state explicitly, that the article offered for sale by Mrs. Ansa K Smith, called In ber advertisements Doctor Smith. A K Smith, Chemist, Ac., Ac., la net "De flrath's Electric Oil." Mrs. Smith's pretentions to a knowlelge of the prepera ti ins of tills celebrated remedy, arlrae from her connection with Mr. Oalntla B. Smith. formerly engaged with Prof De ?iratu In keeping the bioks and correspondence of De Qrath % Co i hut never Instiucted in the maunfacture of the medi cine ' The parties have neither the right or the ability to make ?? De Grath's lUectrlc Oil," and i-o Imitation of it can pro luce tbe wonderful effects of the original, as prepared by Profesior Ds Gratb himself at his old and well known e*iab llebment. No. ?9 South Eighth street, below Chestnut, Phila delphia. .. . . . . ?r D> Uggisu will address their orders to him alone. Sold by all irrafglsW, and by CHAD. SrOTf A 00., Aitus, WaeWuglon. ? MAKRIED. On the 5'h Inst., by the Rtv. Dt. Sunderland. Mr SHEPHARD Actuary of the Mu tual Life Insurance Company, N. Y ork, to Miss SALLIE L , daugher o! John H. Houston, Etq cf this city On the 5th Instant, at St Mary's Church. Bal timore, by the Rev. A. G Elder, Mr. SAMUEL WISE, ef Wash ins ton, to Miss LIZZIE E. T. LYBRAND, of Baltimore. * In Baltimore, on the 5th Instant, by Rev. Stu art Robinson. JOS. SHI LLINGTON, of this city, and LIZZIE CUMMINGS, of the former place. OIKUt On theSth insrant, Mr. MICHAEL LEAHEV, aged 46 years. WANTS. WANTED ?WANTED TO HIRE A COL ored girl, between the agea of twelve and tiiteen. None need apply unless well reccm mended. A slave would be preferred Address Bo* No. 8 Star office. It* WANTED.-A WHITE WOMAN WANT ed as chambermaid, to assist with washing and ironing Apply at 149 F street west. jp ?*!? TWO SERVANTS WANTED AT No 374* street, with recommendations. je 6 3t WANTED?AN ACTIVE WHITE Wo man to cook, wash, iron and milk for a family residing a short dlstan' e in thecounry. A- ply Immediately at No 539 H street, between 6th and 7th. Je 6-2t Twenty-five tailorsandtailor esses wanted immediately. Apply to WALL A STEPHENS. . j?5-3t WANTED?A GOOD HORSE SHOER? Apply to JOYCE A LENMAN, corner of 14th and E streets Je 5-8t WANTED -BY ARESPECTABLE YOUNG Girl, a Situation with a lady going traveling, as Nurse and Seamstress, or to do Chamberwoik. Has no objection to remaining with a private fam ily in the city. Can be seen for two days at 299 I street, or by addressing a note tj Box 17 Star office je 5-2t*^ Harness makers wanted?two gcod harness hands wanted Immediately. Apply to LUTZ A BEALL. Je 4 3t WANTED ?goldsborough'S NAVAL Chronicle, one volume, published in Wash ington in 1824. Second hand copies if in good order would do. m31- FRANK TAYLOR. WANTED ?A WHITE SERVANT Woman to cook for a small family, (American or English preferred ) A tidy, pood cook required Apply at No. 365 15th street, near L. m '29-* WANTED?A GERMAN OR AMERICAN middle aged Woman to cook for a family of th^ee persons, and resi le for the Summer about th ee miles from the city, imhe country. Ad dress. Immediately, Box 'X9, City Post Office. m*5-tf FOR SALE AND RENT. [SEE FIRST PAOS FOR OTHER NOTICES ] FOR RENT?ONE OF THE STORE rooms in Island Hall, (Island) is now vacant, and will be rented to a good tenant at a molerate rate. It Is well suited for a feed or provision store. Ap ply to the undersigned, at the store adjoining. Je6-eo3t* P. M. PEARSON, Agent. FOR SALE?A VALUABLE FARM, containing HO acres, will be divided into lot*, say from 20 to 40 acres, to suit purchasers, if de sired. It is situated 2% miles from Washington city, mile frcm Tenallytown, east of the Kock vil e 1 urnpike Head It is well wate ed, a good supply of lire wood, and possesses all the advan tages requisite to make a garden cr dahy farm, of great vnl'ie For'further information apply to POLLARD WKBB, No 512, (re^ond story) op posite the National Intelligencer Office. Je 6-tf FBURNISHED ROOM, PARLORS and Large airy Chambers. for rent, with or without board at No 4*-3 lith street, west side, one square from the avenue. Je 5 3t* TO LET ?A FRAME HOUSE.on 15th street west, near L street norlb, No 367 The house has Un rooms, In good order; a pump of good water in the yard. Possession given on the 15th. Apply to A BORLAND. je 5-3t* FOR REN I'.?A COMMODIOUS DWEL ling. inthe West Knd. handsomely furnished, will t>e rented to a small family for the board and lodging of two person* References given and required Apply at Box 251 Post Office jg5-tf I BURNISHED HOUSE FOR KENT FOR the snminer months. Centra and hea thy po sition, and convenient to restaurants. Apply on the premises, eomer of E and fcth streets, je 4-3t+ OR SALE OR RENT ?ONE OF THOSE _ large and commodious Dwelling Honses, on C s'reet, between Firttand Second, No. ?55 The house contains water, gas, ar.d other convenien ces. making it very deslraole for a family resi dence of tbe first class Inquire next door, of JOHN B WARD, Twelfth street and Canal, in 3U-eo6t A VALUABLE BUSINESS STAND FOR RENT?The store situated rn the corner ef 12'h and B streets, near the Canal, formerly occu pied by Sengstack A Clark. This store is well known'to be one of the best grocery stands in the city. To a good and punctual tenant the rent will be moderate. For terms, Ac , apply to the subscriber at No. 355 K street, opposite Franklin Row FRANCIS HANNA. je 4-eotf House for sale?a fine new modern built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ac Gas. hot and cold wa'er throughout the hou^e, with bath room, Ac. In quire of H. A. WILLARD, at Willards' Hotel Je 3 2w OR SALE ?A beautiful WOOD LOT (of about 8 acres) on the plank road, 4 miles from Washington It would be difficult to find a prettier site for a country residence, or one posses sing greater advantages, In the neighborhood of the city. Inquire at this office. m 23-lm# F F Kerosene this is an entirely new burning material, made from coal, and gives a light ur paralleled for Its brilliancy ar.d st adlness Tt is perfectly harmless, as it does rot burn on the surface or generate any explo-ive gas; but its greatest recommendation is that It costs in the end r early one half less ttian any other oil now used for giving light. The public are requested to look into this, as it will one day undoubtedly supersede all ether burning flu ds. Forfaleby J. R- McGRKGOR. jeS dlw KCWARD OF *500. Office U. S Marshal Dist't Colombia, ) Washington, June 4, 1SS6. S The undersigned is authorized to pay a reward of live hundred dollars to su :h person or persons as shall apprehend and bring befo'e any Justice of the peace, in and for tbecounty of Washington, JOHN ESSEX, who being tn custody, cha ged with the murder of Owen Quigley, in thla cltyton the 3d Instant es caped from the office of the magistrate pending the preliminary examination u pon the said charge. description. The above named John Essex is about 22 years old. about ?ix feet high, light hair, smooth face, soft voice, flne looking, a fresh scar on the left hand; had on, when he left, light colored sum mer clothes, and a light colored slouch cap, and Is a stone cstter by tr?de. JONAH D HOOVER, Je 5-lw Marshal for District of Columbia. (Union, Intelligencer, Sun, and Richmond En quirer ) KDWIN C CI.ARKK BDOCARD P.CARON. ( LAKKG a ? akon, HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, O ffice corner < f Main and Sixth streets, DUBUQUE, IOWA, WILL ATTKND TO the PURCHASE sale of City Lots and Outside Lands Collections made and Taxes paid throughout the Sta'e of Iowa and the Northwest. Conveyancing and Investigating Titles. Money Invested with the greatest care. Land Warrants for sale. REFERENCES : Herron Brothers, Bankers, Dubuque, Iowa F . S. Sesup A Co , " 44 41 Easton. Cooley A Co. " Decorah " Suter, Lea A Co , 44 Washington, D C. J. M. Clarke A Co., 44 '' Ureen A Sewell, " New ^ ork Johnston, Bro's A Co. 44 Bait more. Md. R H Maury A Co., 44 Richmond, Va Burt A Uaiker, Attori*ys-at-L?w, Dubuque Jndson A Powell, *' Ogdensbnrg, N. Y P H Conger A Brothers, Dubuque, Iowa. Hon. John D Rnssell, Canton, N. Y. 44 James Thorl?gton, Davenport, low* " Jackson Morton, ex-Senator U. S. from Florida. Henrys, Smith A Townsend, New York. Rol>ertsoo, Hudson A Pulliam, " Je 3-lw (1HOUB butter: J Fresh New York BUTTER just received at KING'S, m H 2^5 Vt. avenve, cAr. 15th and 1 ats.^ Love letter polka.?price only 14tf cents,composed by William Bergmanu, author of 44 Smithsonian Polka," 4* Be le Sohot tisn," Ac. Published at the Music Depot mSO-tr GEO. HILBUf. AUCTION SALES. By A. GREEN, Anctlone*r ITOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNI. I J. tare, Sugar, Liquor*, Horses and W|. sons at Auction?On SATURDAY, the7th Instant, I shall sell, In front of the Store, at 0 o'clock a m.,a large and general aslortment of Furniture. ? bbls. fine N. E Brown Sugar 8 bbls. Vinegar ? small boxes line black Tea 7 dozen Blacking

5 small casks Cognac Brandy 2 barrels Whiskey With a large lot of other Groceries and Furnl tuie, which we deem unnecessary to enumerate. Terms cash. Je61t A. GREEN, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUlRE. Auctioneer T.MPRO VED PROPERTY ON Eleventh ?f ?* * * * *' V" '????ylTMli areaat.' On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Jnne 11th, at o clock, on the premises, 1 sbrll ?ell part of Lot No. 11, In Square No 324, fronting 1? feet on Kleveoth street, between B and C streets* runr. iny back that width half of the depth and 10 feet the residue, with the Improvements, consisting of a two story Brick House, 40 feet deep Terms: One-third cash; the residue In six and twelve months, for notes satisfact rlly se:ured, bearing interest J?^ JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer By J: C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Valuable building lots near the Navy Yard ?OnTUESDAY AFTER NOON, June 17th, at o'clock, on the prem lffcs, I shall s^ll Lots Nci. ar?d 19, In *quare 947, fronting fto feet each on fi:h street east, near Vi glnia avenue, running back 105 feet one Inch. The lots are well situated for building pur poses, and will be subdivided to suit the pur chasers r Terras: One-half cash ; the residue In one and two years, with Interes', and satisfactorily secured. Title indisputable. J.C McGUlRE, je6 eoAds Auctioneer. By JAS C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer Eligibly situated improved Property in the Firat Ward, at Public Sale?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June4lh,at 5 o'clock, oa the premise*, I shall ?ell the north half of Lot No 21, in Square 169. fronting 26 feet 10)tf inches on 17th stre> t west, 3 doors north of "Winder's Building,>' runn ng back 89 feet 11 inches, with the improvements, consisting of a well-built three story Brick house wlih bark building. This property has lately been put in thorough repair, has gas-pipes throughout, and is occupied by a tlrst rate tenant. Terms at sale. m28-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. The above sale fa postponed nntil TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June 17th, at same houraud place. JAS. C. McGUlRE, jefl eoAds Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome square of oround, fronting an Connecticut avenue, 17tlt street west. K and L streets north, at Auc tion?On THURSDAY, the srh June, I shall sell,at 5 o'clock p m., in front of the premises, Square No. 164, bounded by the above-mentioned streets, beautifully located a little north of La fayette Square It will be subdivided, with an alley through the square, and sold in lots to suit purchasers Terms: One-fourth cash ; bal nee in 6, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tit;e indisputable. m'46-eoids A. GREEN, Auct'r. jjy Theabove sale is postponed in conae quence of the rain until WEDNESDAY, tbe nth Instant,same hour. A. GREEN, je 6-eoAds Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BCir.DISO LOT, in Square No. 12B, on lTth street West, between I and K street north, at Auctian.?On THURS DAY, the 5th of June, I shall sell on the prem ises, at r> o'clock, or immediately efter the sale of square No. 164, lot No. 31, in square No l\j?, ha\ ing a front on 17th street west, between I and K north, running bark to a wide alley. This Is beaatlfully located, immediately in the rear of Mrs Gen Macomb's property, fronting on 17th s'reet, on Connecticut arenue, and considered one of the handsomest building lots now for sale in Washington. Terms : One third cash ; balance in 1 and 2 years, the purchaser to g ve notes for the deferred ( ayments, teiring interest from day of sale A d?ed gl-.enand a deed of trust taken All convey ances at the cost of the purchaser Title nn41s putabie A.GKE1N, m27-e>:Ads Auctioneer. JIT" The ahoTe sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain untii WEDN KSDA Y , llth in stant, same hour. A. GREEN, Je 6-eoAds Auctioneer. By BARNARD A BUCKEY, Georgetown" (Wall, Barna?? A Co , Washington ) SALE <>n THE II EIGHTS OF GEORGE town of Urgent Furniture, Rich China, Fine CutGlnso, t hoice Wines and Liquors, Horrs Carriages, Ae.? On WEDNESDAY, II tn Instant, at lo o'clock a m . we will sell at the residence of his Ex ellency J F Crampton, British Minister, on Koad street, between Con gress and Washington streets, the Household ? lf*cts. Horns, Carriares, Ac , as? Vtry superior rosewood Piano and dtool by Chick erlng of Boston Wa'nut and rosewood Etagere? Do do Book shelves Fine upholstered Arm and Kasy Chairs Do do Sofas and Lounges Do c^rvei and Brocatelle Arm Chairs Do do do Parlor do India cane Settee and Chairs Mahogany centre and side Tables Elegant Fren- h Chandeliers, crystal and gtIt French gilt and China Carcel ^amps 6 <s Brackets, Burners, and Lamps Elegant walnut Writing Table and Des* Carved mahopany Sideboards, etagere tops Kxtenslon Table, breakfast do Beautiful blue and gilt China Dinner Set Elegant flowered ai d gilt Dessert Set Do China Tea ar.d Coffee Sets Do Cut Decanters, Fruitand Preset ve Dishes Wine, Champagne, Hock, and Ciaret Glasses Mahogany wardrobes, vtry superior Do and iron Bedsteads Kirst-iate hair and Husk Mfttresees Feather Pillows and Bolsters Chir a Toilet Sst?, Japanned Tin do Bath Tub, Shower Baths, V? a?h Tables Carpets, Rugs, Matting, Curtains Bureaus, Mirrors, Bedding Tbe most complete lot of Copper, comprising more than aOO pieces, Fench made, and ol ? very kind Kirchen Tables, Stoves, Turn spit Iron and Tinware. also? A choice lot of bottled Liquors and Wines. These wines will be sold by catalogue at 4o'clk. also? One pair superior gray Carriage Horses, of splendid action and very fast; to be sold at lit oVlock. Together with ore Carriage; one Brougham, one buggy, Harness, Saddles-, Bridles To conclude with Garden Rollers, Tools, Ac Terms at sale. BARNARD A BUCKEY, jeC-tu Au tloneers. By JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT on F street, between 20th and 21st streets, nt Public Auction?On FRIDAY AFTER NOON, May 30th, at 5% o'clock, on the prem ises, I shall rell part cf Lot No. 13. in Square lOt, fronting 32 feet 3,^ inches on north F, he tween 20th and 2lst streets west, running back lfcO feet 8 inches. This lot Is very handsomely located in a verjt fashionable neighborhood, and is a very deslra ble site for a tine residence. Terms: One quarter cash; and the residue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, t.ecured by a deed of trust on the premises. Title Indisputable. J. C McGUlRE, m 28- Auctioneer, in- The sale of the above is unavoidably post pom duntil WEDN ESDA Y AFTERN OON, J une 4th. saine hour and place je2-d JAS C McGUlRE, Auct'r. IT^ The above sale is further postponed until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 10th, same hour and place. Je 6 d JAS. C. McSUIRK, Auct'r. 1) By JAS C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. KftlRABLE RESIDENCE IN THE First Ward at Auction.?On THURS DAY AFTERNOON, Junt^th, at 5* o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Wubdlvtslon No. 10, of r quare No 38, fronting25 feet on Twenty-fourth street, between Pennsylvania avenue and north L street, with tbe improvements, consisting of an excellent three story and attic brick Dwelling house and back buildings. Immediately after the above, I shall sell Lot No. 18. and part of Lot No 1?, In square No 16, fronting 81 feet i> Inches c : north K street, be tween 2?th and 26th streets west, and running beck 124 feet II inches to a 25 feet alley, with ?he 1 mprovements, consisting of a fine large and well built brick Dwelling house. Both of these pieces of property are handsomely located for private residences, being in full view of the Avenue and Circle, and sufficiently retired to avoid the no!.->e and du?t of the Avenue Terms easy, and made known at the sale. >2-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. j?T The above sale is postponed in conse quence of the rain until TUESDAY AFTER NOON, June 10th, same hour and plac*. Je6-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. AUCTION SALES. [??? FIRST F40K FOI OTBH ?OTICB? ] Bv WALL. BARNARD * CO , Auctioneer* EXCEL' ENT ASSORTMENT ?f Honae. htld Firnitarr and Kitchen Reqnialtea nt Public Auction ?Tbe Effect* of a family leaving the cltv, which must be sold ?On SAT URDAY MORN I NO. June 7th, we will sell. In front of our Auction Rooms, a good assortment of Furniture and Kitchen Requisites, *ueh as? Mahogany Sofa and Parlor Chairs Do dre?slng and plain Bureau" Cane and wood-seat Chairs acd Rakers Cottage and other Bedsteads, Mattresses Three-nly, ingrain and oth?r Carpets Toilet reta, Lampa, Looking glasses Window Shade* and Curtains F<ather Bed*, Bolsters and Pl'lows Comforts, Matting, Oilcloth Ac. Also, a general assortmrnt of Kitchen Requisite*. Terms at s?1e. WALL, BARNARD A CO . It Auctioneers Bv J C McGUlRE, Auctioneer. Government sale of carpets On MONDAY AFTERNOON. June 9th, at o'clock, near the east portico of the Capitol, I shall se'l about 2,(*00 yards of Velvet and Brus sels Carpets, taken tp from the House hall ard committee rooms. Terms ash In specie. J. C. McGUlRE, jeC-d Auctioneer. By WALL BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers. PER EMPTOR V SALE OF flOLIl AND Silver Watches, Jewelry, lrc.? at Air iton On SATURDAY EVENING, June 7th, we will se'l at our Auction Rooms, a large as. sortinent of Jewelry, and ether fant^r good, auch as Gold and Silver Hunting Case Watchea Lever plain and plated Wat hea F Ine Gold guard and f< b chain Do do Breastpins. Earrings Locke's, Crosses and Chains Seal Set, and plain Rings Gold Pencils, Pens and Cases Locket-Breastpins, Mourning Pins Alao, 50 Setts knive? and Forks. Plated Tea and Table Spo ons, Ac All of which wlil be sold with ut reserve, to close consignments. Terms: S3" and under cash ; over that sum, a credit of 60 and 90 da\ s for notes satisfactorily en dorsed bearing Interest. WALL BARNARD A CO., je6-2t Auctioneers. By BARNARD A BUCKEY. Georgetown STOCK OF A ORt? STORE AT AUC tion.?On MONDAY, the 9th Instant, at 12 o'clock m , we will sell, by order of the. Tria tee, the entire stock of Drugs and Medicines, Paints, Oils, Fancy Articles, Bottles, Gas Fix tures. Scales, Soda Apparatus, Crses, Ac , In the store lately occupied by Dr. O. M Llnthicum, deceased, on the corner of High and Bridge sta * This stock In great part is of late purchase and otters a rare chance to any person desiring to open In Georgetown, or to remove the stock The terms of sale are exceedingly liberal, and will be made known at tinr.e of sale J NO MARBURY, Trustee. jeg-d BARNARD A BUCKEY, Auct ByJAS. C. McG UIR E. Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BUILDING Lots on the Island.?By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date the 12th day of May, 1853, and re corded in Liber J. A. S , No. 76, folios 217 and 218, the subscriber will sell, at public auction, on THURSDAY, the 5th day of June, 1836, st?U o'clock p in., on the premises, Lots Nos. 14 ana 20, in rquare No 543, Lot No 11 frontirg 47 feet on 4# street west, by 75 feet on Ffiuth K street, and Lot No 20 fronting 50 feet on south K street, be tween 3d and 4# streets west, by 102 feet 6 inches deep to a 30 foot alley 'l he Lots will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and offer a very favorable opportunity to persons desiring to build or invest, being in a rapidly im proving pa't of the city Terms : One-half cash ; the balance In six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest, set ured upon the property; and if not complied within five days after the sale, the property will be resold upon or.e week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchasers All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chasers. CHAS WALLACH. 3 rustee m 28-eoicds JA8 C. McGUlRE. Auct'r. ILT The above sale is postpaned in con sequence of the rain until MONDAY AFTER NOON, June 9th, same hour and rlace. CHAS. S. W ALLACH. Trustee je 6-eoAds J. C. McGUlRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Extensive sale of a fine stock of Fresh Family Groceries an<1 Liquors at Aaction.?On MONDAY, tbe 9th lr.stant, I shall sella' the Grocery Store recently cccupled by Bernard Devine, deceased, at the corner of south B street and New Jersey avenue, Capitol Hill, at 10 o'clock a. m , an excellent assortment of Groceries, viz: Tea, Sugar, and Coffee of every description Chocolate, Cocoa. Tobacco, Snutt'. and Cigars Soap and Candles cf every description Rice, Starch, Indigo, Mustard, and Spices of every description Wooden, Stone, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Brooms, Burshes Rope, Ac. With a general assortment of other G.eceries usually kept in a first class grocery store Also, a good assortment of Liquors, such as Crandy incasksand bottles, Gin, Whiskey, Wine, Ac . and the Store Fixtures, Scales and Weights, Measures, Ac. The aiiove stock of goods is that of Bernard Di vine, deceased, and George SlaA'an. the surviving partner. Terms : All sum-: under S30 cash; over #10, a credit of 60 and 90 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing Interett A. GREEN, je 5-d Auctioneer. ByJAS C McGUlRE, Auctioneer. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MIL linery Goods ?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON', J une 3d at 4 o'clock, at the auction rooms, I shall sell, by order of the Orphans' Court, a small stcck of Millinery Goods belonging to the late Anne E Marselus, comprising? 1,200 yards Bonnet Ribands, of various patterns Florence, Satin, Crape Lisle Velvet and Satin Ribands, Feathers Bonnet Wiie, W halebone, Cords and Tassels Trunks, miscellaneous Goods Ac. Gold W atch and Chain, one Dressing Bureau. Terms cash ANTHONY BUCHLY, Administrator m 30- JAS C McGUIRK, Auct'r. JO" The above sale la unavoidably post poned until F R1 DA Y, J une 6th. at 4 o'clk, same hour JAS. C McGUlRE, Auct. ? je 4-d By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VAUUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW Jersey nvenue and North Capitol street at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the Pith Inst , I shall sell, at 6^ o'clock p. m , in front of the premises, commencing on the first named prop erty, north half of Lot No. 15, in Square 5?7, sit uated at the corner of New Jersey avenue and north G street; and immediately alter the s^le of the above I shall sell, on tbe premises. Lois Nos. 4, 5, and 6, in Cabot's subdivision of Square No. 677. This property fronts on North Capitol, north G, and H streets. All the above described property is very hand somely located in a rapidly improving part of the city Terms: One-third cash : balance in 6,12, and and 18 months; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken j?6-d A. 6KEEN, Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer C^REAT CHANCE ?OR INVESTMENT, M Speculation, and Building Purposes.? I shall sell, without reserve, on TUESDAY, the 10.h d >y of J une, A D. lt-56, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises, all that valuable property front ing 368 feet on New Jersey avenue, ketween E and F streets north, and one square from tbe rail road depot, being lots made In the subdivision of original lots 3. 4 and 5, in square 628. These lots front 22 feet 6 inches each, on New Jersey avenue, and run back with the fame width to a ten fr-et alley. Terms: One-sixth cash; balance in 1,2, 3, 4, and 5 years, with Interest, payable semi-annually and secured by deed of trust on the premise*. The title to the above proj?erry is perfect in ev ery respect This property claims more than ordinary atten tion, being situated on one of the finest avenues, in oue of the most rapidly improving portions of the city, the second square from the Capitol grounds, and having the advantage* of the im provements which will be made by the Govern me t on that avenue in planting trees, laying down gas pipes, grading. Ac. It will be sold at whatever may be Did for it without reservation. A plat of tae lots may be seen at my auction rooms, corner 7th and D streets mjy-d A. GREEN, Auct. ByJAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE Bl'ILDINO LOTS AT THE nmr jr Yard at gublic Sale ?The subscri ber will sell at public sale, on FRIDAY, the6th day of June, 1856, at 6# o'clock p. m , on the r remises, Lots Nos 11, 12, 13, snd 14, in Square No. 1.04ft, the whole frontirg 173 feet 3 inches on 13th street eas: and 175 feet on south M street running back to a 30 feet alley. The lots will be subdivided to suit purchasers, and from their proximity to the Navy Yard offer a very favorable opportunity to persons desiring either to build or invest. Terms : One-third cash, and balance in 6 and 12 mor.ths, for notes bearing interest secund upon the property; and if not compiled with In six days arer the s*!e, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers. All conveyancing at the expense cf the purchaa crs CH8. 8. WALLACH, Attorney m 30-eoAda JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. TELEGRAPHIC IfBWF. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. BY HOUSE FRIFITIFie TCLEflftAPH. The Niagara at Boston Bohtos, Jane 6?The steamship Niagara from Liverpool via Halifax, arrived at her dock at Ewt B*t<.n at an early this morning. Her mails for the South were despatched in the 8 o clock, a m , train. ENGLAND The Bink of England has reduced the rate of dircouut for bills of more than sixty day from 7 to 6 per cent , short lime bills remain ing at ft per cent. The testimony in tba trial of Palmer is val uable, hj making public that vegetable poi. sons are readily detected long after death. ? FRANCE. No resident Russian minister hvj yet beea appoiuted, Count Orloff at present perf rming the duties. The Princes Maximilian of Austria, and Oscar of Sweden, have attended a raview, at<d balls have been given in their h< n >r by the Emperor. M. Thiers, historian of the Norman Coo quest, died at Paris, 22J ult. SPAIN. The Democrats had brought forward a vote of cer?ure on the Government respecting the reccnt troubles at Valencia, but it was nega tived by a large majority. PRISSIA. llerr Von Roschow has l?een sentenced to five years imprisonment for bis recent fatal duel with tbe Minister of Police. DENMARK The compensation fixed l?y Denmark for tbe renouncement of tbe Sound and Belt dues is apportioned as follows: Denmark 260,900 rix dollars, Austria 29 000, Belgium 300.000, Spain 1 000 000, France 1,250.000, Great Bri tain 10,000.000, Norway 567,000, Oldenburg 28.000, Netherlands ],5o0 000, Prus it 4,500 - 000, Russia 9,750.000. Sweden 1,500,000. The total amount is 31,500,000, leaving a balance of 3 300.000 rix dollars due from pjwers Dot above named. Further, as there exists a present difference between Denmark and Great Britain, that may delay a settlement Russia agrees to keep open her < ffer on condition that tbe other powers do the same. RUSSIA. Navigation opened to St. Petersburg M .y 18th. Commercial advi;es do not, aa yet, de scribe any material variation in the state of trade. Tbe prohibition of the export of gold continued, but was expected soon to be re moved. IONIAN ISLANDS Letters from Corfu report these islands quiet. There is a flourishing crop of olives, and the currents promise well Ba;I:oad Collision?Loss of Life. Rocuester, June 6.?This morning two er press trains came in collision on the Central railroad near Lockport. One fireman, one en gineer. a:*d a lady passenger named Stephen*, were instantly killed Fifteen passengers were very badly injured. Mrs. Stephens was from Albany. Arrival of the Washington. New York, June 6?The steamship Wash ingUm irom Bremen via Southampton 21st ult , arrived at this port at 8 o'clock this morning, ller advices have been anticipated. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, June 6 ?Flour is steady; How ard street SO 124 There was nothing doing in other brands. Wheat is unchanged; g?od to prime re'Is 51 30afl 37; good to prime white 51 45a>l 57. Corn is firm; white 50a52c , yellow 4Ba50 Provisions are firm. Racon; shoulders 81c ; sides y 2 ; mess pork 518 50. Lard is steady at 10?al2c , in bbls and kegs. New York Marke's New York, June 6 ?Flour is firm; sales of 7,.">00 bbls.; good State $5 50; superfine Ohio 56; standard Southern 56.50; fancy to extra 56.60a58 75 Wheat is firm: sales of 10,000 bushels: South ern white 51 77. Corn is dull; sales of 20,000 bushels; Southern mixed 52c. Pork is firm; sales of 300 bbls; moss 51* 121. Beef is firm, sales of 200 bbls : Chicago re packed 512 Lard is heavy; sales of 300 bbls. at 11c Whisky is firm; sales of 100 hble , at 25jc. for Ohio. By WALL, BARNARD A CO .Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILl) I NO 1 OT at Aactien. On TUESDAY AFTEKNOUN , at 6 o'cl'k, we will sell. In front of the premises, parts of Lota '21, 56.57 and 58, In Square 387. (If and ) fronting 21 feet 7 Inches on 10th street wmt. and running back 07 feet 11 inches, to a " feet alley This property Is In a very fast Improving part of the Island. It must be sold, aid offers a good chance to persons about to build. Terms at sale WALL, BARNARD A CO , Je 3-d Auctioneers. By E S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer FK A !>!(-: HOl'SK A FID LOT AT Auction. On TUESDAY tbe 10th of June, at 5 o'clock p. m ,1 shall sell In front of the r remises, the west half of Lot No. 1*29, In Belle's first addition fronting 30 feet on Dumbarton street, by IIS fret In depth, with the Improvements, belnp a Two. Story Frame House? containing 7 rooms with passage, and a pump of good water in the yard. Terms at sale. E. 8. WRIGHT, _Je3-t?a Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDIKO LOTS AND Three New Twe-atory Frame Houses at Auction.?On FRIDAY, the ttth of Juue. I shall sell, at 5 o'clock D m , in front of the premi ses. a very handrome Building Lot en t?*e north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th ^nd 16th streets west, near the Vt ar Department, being the west half of Lot No 5, In Square No 16G, having a front on l?enn?vlv?nta avenue of 9M feet. running back about 114 feat to a 20 foot paved alley And Immediately after the sale of the above I shall ?11, in front of the premifea. Lot No 2?, in Square No. 28, the east part of which fronts 49 fe?t 11 Inches on 24th street, running back lUOfeet to an alley ; the west part of the let has the same front on a wide al ev, on which is three oonvenl - ent new two atory frame houses, all of which will be sold separately rr In lots to suit purchasers Terms of sale of the lot on the avenue will be one third cash, balance in 6. 12, and 18 month-; for lot 20. in square28, wl h the improvement", one lourth casu, balance in 0. 12, 18, and 21 months, for no es, In all cases of credit, bearing Interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed ' f trust tak*n Title indisputable m29 d A G BEEN, Auct'r By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer PEREMPTORY SALE OF A YALL ABLE Lot in the First Ward.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON. June 2d. at # o'clock. I shall positively sell without reserve, on the premise*, the whole cf Lot No 21, in Square No. 79, front ing 61 feet, running back 150 feet 9\ inches, con taining 9.199){ square feet. This prcperty Is most l?eautifully located on Twenty-first street west. i?etweea north E aud north G streets, In the most desirable part of -he First Ward Terms: One-fourth cash; balance on a credit of6 and 12 months, with notes bearing latere*, t> ecu red by a deed lit trust on the property m 30?d C.W BOTELER, AucTr \fj~ The above sale la peatpened aotil W EDNESDAY. June 11th, at which tlmeit will positively- taka place. je 4-eoAds C. W. BOTELER, Auet BOARDING*. Board?a few resectable me ehsnlcs ctn obtain good boa'd and plea-ant rooms by apolying at No. 387 13th street, between H and I. Also, two young .ladles can be accom modated with board Terms moderate. in 22-1 m* Board,Ac.?mrs. bates,on the s. w corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street la pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with r ooiti , with or without board. Every effortwlllb* made to render those comfortable who may favor he* with their patronage apft?iif if A!HI, SHOULDERS AVID JOLES S.onn ?ba Prime HAMS 2,500 lbs small SHOULDERS 1,003 lb*. JOLES 5 bbls No 1 LEAF LARD Just received and for sale hy Je 5-eo3t BAR HOUR A SEM V ES PATENT HAT.?STEVENS, BROWNS' Hotel, wishes to call the attention of the Hat wearing public to the new Putent VENTILATING HAT of ??Beebe," being satt fled that it la the best Ventilated Hat >et in troduced. STEVENH'S Ssle*ro< ir. jei-Ot Browns' Hotel