Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHINGTOIt CI I T: MO.IUAV June 9, l?7~ Advertieementa should be handed In by It o'clock, m., oliierwlie they may not appear cHitll the next day. SPIRIT OP THE MOKWIWQ PBES8 The Union, in an article opon the Demo cratic nominations and the Democratic pre?, " The whole country cannot fail to be struck with the spirit of harmony and concession, the self-sacrificing devotion to principle, the union of sentiment and action, and the entireabeenee of conflicting elements, which have charac terized the proceedings of the Democratic National Convention, the labors of which have been brought to a close so full of bright promise to the patriot, and so auspioiouslj for the sopremacy of a party whose triumphs are the triumphs of truth over error, tolerance over bigotry, reason over fanaticism, and equal righta over oppressive privileges The enthusiastic unanimity of Mr Buchanan's nomination is only equalled by the graceful and generous manner in which delegates sur rendered their personal preferences as soon as it came manifest in what direction the hopes and wishes of a majority of the conven tion were directed. In this patriotic sacrifice of preferences, the delegates have shown them selves faithful representatives of true demo cratic constituencies ; for wherever the an nouncement of the nominations has been made, regardless of locality or of previously-ex ] re.-ied wishes, a degree of enthusiasm has been produced almost without a parallel in the history of our presidential campaigns. The Intel!igenctr is devoted to new?. WASHINGTO* HIW3 AND GOBBIP The Opening of the Campaign ?The rati fication meeting on Saturday night, which, in consequence of the threatening state of the weather, was held at Copp's saloon, way, as we anticipated, a formidable gathering, re markable both in numbers, and in the per vading enthusiasm which exhibited itself in response to the sentiments of the speakers. On motion of Daniel Ratcliffe, Esq., Hon. 6. A. Smith, of Tennessee, was called to the chair. Mr. Smith acknowledged the compli ment appropriately, and on taking the chair the following additional officers were nomina ted and elected p Vr Daniel Ratcliffe, George Parker, Wm. B. Magruder, C. W. C. Dun nington, Thomaa Carberry, B. J. Semmes, p.?i h K0X' Dil?s> R Gillette, Peter Hepburn, Lambert Tree, Geo. McNeir, Dr. Wm. Jones, Henry S. Davis Secretaries.?John P. Ennii, Francis Mc Nerbany, James S. Holland, Wm J. Donohoo. Mr. Cass was now loudly called for, and his appearance was the signal for repeated cheers .A,i8 **'1 be d'd not come to make a formal th* / *? un-16 in con?*?taIations upon J"??* 1 Venation of the mission of the It Cinlin^r b<Kij ?f the -^ocrauc party James Buchanan is respected by the Ameri can people for his services and experience talcr?UhT,?iIhred 'nU?rit7 *nd unquestioned k * ^U*1QUnc? Wlth PQblio t. tii?'* ? -'S P*tnotum and his devotion blln i A 7:i.n what?v?r situation he has been placed, at home or abroad. He has filled 7 hono1r ,and distinction various hieh sta tioof, and lett them all tDjojing a greater POM* ?n>SdenV/th?n ?he"hc If ?c'rcnmstance in the life JL.Fn Inoenntry. And he is i.* ^ respected by his own party for his dilitl ?en/ * ltS CauSe and P"nciples. his fi ielity m trying times, and his rejection of mere local considerations, alwayg regarding tb? r,gbtfl and claims of ever? section of the country. The labors of the convention are closed, and well closed, a?d now ours of the whole Democratic party be. gin. Let every true Democrat buckle on his armor? not the armor of fcharpe s rifles which are .applied b, of U..rhlre!??"b^ ""''J' "?**<* ">? of Jtm, Chrirt, but the armor of truth, of reason, and of per suasion, and go forth to the combat, and he is sure to go forth to victory. ' " wl" WM.there a which more de h!h !*PVV?tUim *nd de*otion of every ml *,if? American than does the pres ent. Evil days are upon us, and in the very wantonness of blessings and prosperity un* known elsewhere in ancient or In modi? tunes, we are engaged in an anf rj and fen? Io m.Cn T controversy, whose consequences Xfrn. tt t con.t?mPIat? Without the most gloomy apprehension. One portion of our countpr, not satisfied with enjoying the rights of -elf-government, seem to desire to govern 8! "ft? Thfeday of trial has comf and otr u!h*JZ i Lmon? *nder the God of ty fa'ha? aEd ??r own God, who led us through the waters and the desert to thi? tSZSS*#* ?f prTU?' bnt of perform Mce-under Hui overruling Providence the destiny of the Lnion is in the hearts and hands of the Democratic party. W kj- ^ ?poke of the dissolution of the old wJhL?*2,; rf the d^8 of ^e lamented tha? f/wl ?7' lh? Bectioilal parties that have arisen out of the ruins, some of them with avowed designs, fatal to onr n* Uonal existence, and all of them without any other connecting bond than opposition to the oerat*^. P***J??nd urK?d upon every dem ?:rat to sacrifice hia personal prejudices and predilections, if he have any that will be in .*? of L parT;1 If'? (Mr. Ca?s) had one single friend in this nu merou, assemblage who, for the safe of aid l*ng syne had anv regard for his wishes or pinions, he a*ked him to do as he should do? 'ni in A* to th, candidate for the Vic* Prejiien^v Ind tolK Mrt\10 the c"nvention inrid!?e beat beat kHZ Th? kD0W Mr Breck" ?unujje oeai, t?est know his true democrw. talents an'ddhisDe?r*b,e charat*tcr? bi? eminent to U. .M?; u^.tb? P,,bli,= Ja?7,' Tin t b.# a co-laoborer with than ever before fell L thTl^? r lre?dom Withered be the hand t^t ^ ?*tion ! touch the Ark of the Constitution ! ?Ut 10 I'pon the conclusion of the speech of the venerable statesman, and whieh had been in terrupted by burets of the most enthusiastic approbation, there arose a general call for oug as. and, amidst a tempest of cheers, which threatened the stability of that ancient ? oon, tbe " To?Dg Qiant of the West" was .nt^dpeed to the audience by the chairman b?fore the meet ilv the action o/ 10 endo"* *nd rat CiceiQQati [Anri ? Convention at matter of foni SX'LL ^ not " a tom, but with heHrt ^?pUVf# a CUlJ He came to eongratolat? ^th!? ,Q tbe C,UB? imous adoption of ? pUtform^K0 tb* unat* the approbation of eT?rvd?.m C commaDd8 c ngratul.te them u^J xHTZT* beart' lo eacdidate for presidency and vS'lT -5 ?f * worthy to stand upon tJat platform?*. ^7 receive the unanimous aupport of eyerr^ ?rat [Cheers] The platform and th7*u,S* ard-btarers were worthy of each oth^Lh wtole d,*wK'"?? he1uS,L',?,'T!fhMrt in u,u ??<?" <k?" ?nj waj a ,re to i * ? ?D*?ge<i in, and there l"cr <f bia eo"n"trI Thifr0""" ?f "'7 through the ConstiTnt: ^ni?n was made through te PrMCrTed for a eir.ifle dav th* , kh ?? cannot survive f'?re the eoantrv as th? 1 D?w be ib. ?h?i. Bi7.Kk '.h0'7 "r''0"1 <""??in Mr. D called attention to the feet that upon that disturbing element, the vexed question of slavery, the Cincinnati Convention had es tablished a platform which has received the sanction of every Democratic delegate from every state in the Union. Democracy is now the itme in Massachusetts in South Carolina, [applause,] in Michigan, and in Illinois, in Ohio, and Louisiana ; and wherever the Amer ican flag waves there the Democratic creed is one and the same. Can this Union be preserved (he inquired) in the hands of a political party whose prin ciples of action is notility on the part of one half of the States against the rights and insti tutions of the other half of this Union 7 Can sectional strife, sectional animosity, and sec tional warfare?a part cf the North against the South, a part ftf the South again?* the North?produce that fraternal feeling and brotherly love which is essential to preserve the Republio as our fathers made it? Have we not the greatest inducement to stimulate our utmost exertions ? No less than the in tegrity of the Constitution, the preservation and perp?tuity of the Unions depend upon the result of this election We had a candidate for the Presidency whose reputation was as wide, he was about to say, as the Republic, but he would say as wide as civilisation?a man who has filled the highest offices in his country, save that only to Which he is to bo inaugurated on the 4th of March next?| great and ototinued applause |? a man of wide experienco in the House of Representatives, in the Senate, in the cabi net, in the foreign sorvice, and wherever com manding abilities and stern integrity were re quired for the discharge of high duties. Every where in the line of duty you have found James Buchanan elevating his own reputation, while sustaining and carrying forward the in terest and honor of his country. ,He was a man without a stain upon his priva'te charac ter, and with a political rcoord equally un tarnished, from tne days of Jackson down to the present time. Such was the man whom the Democracy had presented to them for their suffrages. The candidate for the Vice Presidency was too well known to a Washington audience to require mush praise. Most of them knew him personally, and all that was necessary was to know him in order to love him. He possessed the highest qualities for the office for which he was now designated, or for a higher station in future years when his expe rience should be more fully matured. The democracy thus had standard-bearers with which they could defy the combined forces of the enemy. They were one compact party, professing one common creed ; and they were arrayed against the allied forces of abolition ism, know nothingism, and every other ism Mr. Douglas proceeded to show up with masterly effectiveness the principles and con duct of the Black Republicans wnoclaim pro tection under the constitution, and refuse to yield obedience to it. The difference between them and the democracy is, that the democ racy support the constitution in all of its parts with fidelity, without reference to whether they like or dislike it It is no excuse for a man to say that he does not like a new law, and therefore will not obey it Did they ever know a criminal who liked the law? [Ap plause.] Law-breakers never like the pun ishment that follows the act Law-abiding men have no fear of the supremacy of the law ; and the question to be decided in this contest is, whetnor a law made in pursuanco of the constitution, and as expounded by the courts, shall prevail, or whether such a law is naught, and whether cowardly leaders may shoot down the officers of the law with im punity. He rejoiced that the convention, by a unan imous vote, had approved of the creed that law must and shall prevail. [Applause j He rejoiced that we had a standard-bearer with so much wisdom and nerve as to enforce a firm and undivided execution of those laws. Mr. Douglas spoke of the brilliant prospect before the Democracy, and in conclusion paid a glowing tribute to the administration of Franklin Pierce. When the history of these times should be written, it would be seen that there never had been a Chief Magistrate who had stood with more religious fidelity by the constitution of his country than has the pre sent Chief Magistrate. [Great applause ] The proudest honor which his suocessor could de sire to have paid to him would be to say that he had been as faithfnl to the consitution and the Union as had been Franklin Pierce. [Re newed cheering ] Mr. D. said that he felt it a duty and a privilege to have the opportunity of saying, under circumstances when there was no danger of misapprehension, what every Democrat Lad in his heart to say, that the country owed an immense, undying obligation to this administration for the fidelity with which the constitution ha3 been upheld and guarded. Judge Douglas having concluded bis speech, not, however, without a very loud speken re quest on the part of the audience to go on, the meeting resolved itself into a procession, and accompanied by the Marine Band, proceeded to serenade the Presidentcf the United Stater. The soene presented in front of the Prtsi dential Mansion, the immense assemblage swarming upon the portico, fences, railings, side walks, carriage way?every available standing place; the heaving to and fro of the clustering masses, and the electric shout that went up as the President made his appcarance at an upper window, will long be remembered. Again and again as the President essayed to speak, would a fresh burst of irrepressible en thusiasm on the part of the people oblige him to pause; but quiet being at length restored, he proceeded as follows: I congratulate you, my fellow-citizens, upon the occasion which brings you here, and I in dulge the confident hope that the j-^y with which you bail the harmonious anl unani mous result of the deliberations at Cincinnati may be strengthened and deepened by the ratifying voice of our countrymen. (Cheers ) It is pleasant to realise that, however other parties may be divided and distracted, there is nothing with us but union of purpose, and will be nothing but union in action. From this hour to that when the polls will *be opened in November all prejudices and personal animosities among those who Bhould cultivate mutual regard and afford mutual support will be laid aside ; nay, even prefer ences, which ciay have existed in our ranks, are already no longer remembered. (Long continued applause.) The preference of tbo convention is the preference in this crisis ot every frioud who cares more for the country than for himself. Devotion to the cause, and an earnest support of the standard-bearers who are to lead us through the great struggle, will constitute the controlling sentiment of tho (ieniocracy, North and South, East and West We are all, I am sure, quite sincere in our convictions that not only the prosperity of the republic, but the perpetuity of this blessed Union, depends essentially upon the vindication and maintenance of the princi ples declared by the recent convention. But these principles can be vindicated and sus tained only by concerted action, and that can Ouly be secured by organisation Hence, fidel ity to this organization and its usages becomes, like fidelity to principles, a cardinal virtue. The latter can only be manifested and made effectual through the former. (Cheers.) My friends will have duties to perform in the canvass which my position alone will pre vent mc from attempting to fulfill in parson. It is never to be forgotten by me that, in 1852, older and better [cries on all sides of 44 no, no, no! not better"] soldiers than myself?men who had been faithful and tried leaders through many years of labor and conflict? were passed by to call me from tho retirement which I had sought, and to which I shall re turn without regret. May I not add, gentle men, that, iflif# be spared, I shall go back to kAjL j0' w7 bit*1 with a consciousness of adopted no single measure of publio Ktl&iJS?i V which I did Uresis of I, * demanded by the best in to Siht on? whicb d<?B not> the approbation of mi Pu?? ] conscience. [Protracted ap The conduct of thoM older and better sol dier. of whom I have spoken, and of the youn ger but nevertheless better soldier? now under my eye-now standing by the great, venera ted, and good man [referring to Douglas and C?ss| who, for so many years has had, not morelv my confidence and re?pect, but my affection, will never cease to be gratefully re membercd bj me. They were all in the field, not merely to encourage and direct, but ac tually to lead the columns. Their energies were not put forth because the standard was in my hands, but because its bearer was, in their estimation, for the time being, the im personation of those sound constitutional prin ciple* which they believe could alone give stability and permanence to this glorious fabric of our institutions. [Applause ] It is cheering to know that the action of the late convention placos the statesmen and pa triots, who are to lead us now, upon a plat form identical, in scope and spirit, with that which I accepted with full conviction of my judgment and with every sentiment of my heart, and that they are to oocupy it with the standard lowered never an inch so far as the strict construction of the Constitution and the vindication of the constitutional rights of every portion of the Union are concerned. [Loud applause] Much and justly as we admire the patriot ism, attainments, and private virtues of our standard-bearers, there will be nothing like man-worship in thia contest. Men become comparatively insignificant, except as instru ments, when great principles and the vast in terests of a country like ours are involved There will be on your part no appeal to un worthy passions, no inflammatory calls for a second revolution like those which are occa sionally reported as coming from men who have nothing at the hands af their govern ment but protection and political blessings, no invocation to the shedding of blood by those who have had none to shed when our country men have stood face to face with foreign foes. But the issue will summon you to a calm, earnest struggle for the Constitution, and, oonsequentlv, for the Union. |Cheers J You will bear yourselves like men deter mined to cling to that sacred instrument as the only security from general wreck, and the only refuge from universal ruin. Men who feel and act with you will cling to it with pa triotic wisdom and steady fortitude, and they will defend it, if need be, with heroic valor against all assaults from without or from within. [Cheers ] That a signal triumph awaits you in such a oause I entertain no doubt. If, as I fully believe, our lathers were not only guided and sustained through the chang ing scenes and struggles of the revolution, but were inspired after its close to devise and adopt this constitution by Omnipotent Power, we may repose upon a bumble but unwaver ing faith that that Power will not permit the madness of their children to destroy it. Accept, gentlemen, by best wishes for you collectively, and individually, and my thauks for this gratifying sail. The immense crowd lingered after the con clusion of the specch, vending up cheer after choer with a warmth and earnestness indi cating unmistakably the love and respect felt by our citizens for President Pierce. Naval.?The United States sloop-of war Plymouth was put in commission on Friday' and dropped down to the Naval Anchorage below Norfolk. Va., from whence she was ex pected to sail for Annapolis on Saturday last The Plymouth is to become a permanent at tachment to the Naval School in lieu of the Preble practisingship. The following is a list of her officers : Lieut. Commanding? Robert II. Wyman Lieutenant?W. McGunnegle. Passed Assistant Surgeon?John Ward. Pur ser?B F. Gallagher. Boatswain?Alfred Hingerty. Carpenter?Henry P. Leslie. The new steam frigate Colorado will be launched at the Gosport Navy Yard on Thurs day, the 19th instant. Resignation and Appointment.?L. F. Tasistro, the translator to the State Depart ment, on Saturday last ceased to hold his office, Prof. Dimitry taking his place. Our accomplished fellow-townsman, Mr. Ferninand Jefferson, we learn, has been ap pointed to a clerkship in the State Depart ment. Texas Band*.?The amount paid at the Treasury to-day at noon to the creditors of the late Republic of Texas in $5,423,768.21. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 7th of June, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt. .. S472 659 46 Kor the redemption of stocks.... 14,236 48 For the Treasury Department... 14 710 00 For the Interior Department 36,954 58 War warrants roceived and en _ 35,348 00 Interior repay warrants received and entered 1.937 67 From miscellaneous sources 4.144 32 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Sonate, to-day, Mr. Bright being absent, Mr. Stuart was elected President pro tem., and took the chair. Mr Adams moved to take up the bill to amend the naturalisation laws, and make it the special order for Saturday next; agreed to. Mr. Butler said that he wished to speak on the Kausas question next Thursday, as he was expecting soon to leave the city. The bill was made the special order for that day. Mr. Foster reminded the Senate that Mr. Wade had the floor on that bill. Mr Trumbull introduced a bill to restore order and peace in Kansas. In the House, Mr Jones, of Tenn., moved a correction of the journal?to strike out the notice given by Mr. EJwards of the introduc tion of a bill to change the seat of government to some point within five miles of Cincinnati, alleging that the nctico could not be entered, inasmuch as thero was not a quorum present on Saturday. After a brief conversation on that point the question was taken with the following result yeas 41, nays 51. There being no quorum the House adjourned. PERSONAL. .... Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams sailed on Saturday for Europe. ....The Connecticut Legislature has at length passed the resolve inviting Mr. Everett to deliver his oration on Washington. .... Messrs. Derby <t Jackson, the onterpii sing publishers, have announced the life of James Buchanan. It will be issued forthwith. ....Col. Allen's Kentucky regiment for Nicaragua disbanded after reaching New Or leans, for want of funds. ....Tom Hyer, says the Cincinnati Sun, whipped a politician at the Burnet House, on Monday. .... Mr. Buell, of this oity, who was stabbed in au affray at Cincinnati is recovering from the wound His brother left Washington for Cincinnati on Saturday. .... Among the delegates from New York to Cincinnati, is Major General S G. Hathaway, of Courtland county, one of the oldest delegates to the Convention, being in his 77th year? He vo;?d for Jefferson and is now a Hard. .... Req. Lyman Whiting read before the Congregational Library Association of Boston recently, an able essay on the " reintroduc tion of the Westminster Catechism as a memo of instructing the young." .... Barnum has declined accepting of the complimentary benefits which were proposed for nim by his friends in New York, trusting that they will approoiate his desire 4,to live unhumitiated by sense of dependence." Hum ! .... Madame Henrietta Sontag was buried on the 2d of May in the eonvent of Marient cbel, near Dresdon, in which her younger sister is a nun. Th* interment was attended only by her husband, Count Rossi, her mother and four children. .... Among the passengers bf the Baltio, wbich sailed from New York on Saturday, were Prof. Morse, the telegraph inventor, and ,8idn*J Morse, Rev. Mr. Gaither, the Irish delegate, Gen. Cadwallader, of Phil adelphia, Col. Preston, of Charleston, and Col. and Mrs. Colt, ef Hartford, Conn. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gkorqbtown, Jane 0, 1S56. The Democracy of oar citj have been in eciUeie* ever since the nomination! of the Cincinnati Convention wm announced. General Pierce was the first choice of nearly every man among then, but all coincide ia the opinion since the nomination that the nomination of Mr. Buchanan will tend more to unite and harmonise the party, throughout the country, and bring to its support in the coming contest more outsiders than any other man who oould have been nominated. All parties regard the ticket as a very strong one, and many of the more moderate of all parties, as well as the Democracy, its ultimate success as a fixed fact. We learn that the friends of the ticket contemplate having in a few days a grand ratification meeting.' > Yesterday afternoon and evening we were again visited by several heavy thunder storms and drenching rains, accompanied by consid erable quantities of hail; We havo, however, heard of no damage being done. The ladies of Trinity church commence, at Forrest Hall, a fair and strawberry festival this evening. The hall has been handsomely decorated for the occasion, and the numerous tables will be supplied with useful and faney an cles, confectionery, ice cream, Ac , Ac. All who may wish to spend their evenings duiing the week in the most agreeable man ner should go to Forrest ball. Ma yor Addison has sufficiently recovered from his recent severe indisposition as to be able to ride out. Excursions to the Great Falls, by way of the canal, are becoming all the go among seme of the pleasure seekers since the Messrs. Ritter bave provided such excellent accommodations for such trips On Saturday last a large party of members of Congress and others, headed by one of the vener^le editors of the Intelligent

cer, Mr. Seaton, went up on the M. C. Meigs. We learn that all were so perfectly delighted with the trip that they resolved to repeat it on Saturday, the 21st instant. Tbe flour market remains steady at $6. There is but very little snipping demand, prices being rather above the views of shippers, consequently sales are small and confined en tirely to the home trade. The stock in mar ket, we learn, is light Red wheat f 1 35 ; white $1 40a$l-47. Corn 45c. Spectator ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, June 9, 185ft. The Democracy of Alexandria assembled at Lyceum liall on Friday evening, organised a Democratic association for Alexandria city and ceunty, and elected the following gentlemen as its officers : President?G. W. Brent; Vice Presidents?W. D. Klipstein, 11 C. Ward, Robert Brockett. I. Buckingham. Jas. Roach; Secretaries?J. J. Bocock, B. C Major; Ex ecutive Committee?H S Wattles, J. L. Smith, R. S. Douglass, G. Washington, W. T. Harper. A resolution cordially ratifying the nomination of Buchanan and Breckinridge was passed by acclamation; and the meeting, which was very enthusiastic, was addressed by G W. Brent, B. H. Berry, and D. Funs ten, of Alexandria, Mr. Ames, of New York, and Col Stoddard, of Maryland. The City Councils have been in session for threo evenings past, and meet again to night The revenue bill is under consideration, and much difficulty is experienced in adjusting equitably the various subjects of taxation. Tbe town continues very quiet, few cases requiring legal interposition occur, and for tbe last five days the Mayor's docket has been without a record Tbe Baltimore Clipper has ceased ta circu late in this city. Its subscription list grew small by degrees and beautifully less till at last it "gin out." Ami. JUT Freeh Congress Water, received this day, dlreet from the Spring. Daily expecting to arrive, HKDFUKD AND BLCE LICK WATERS, at OILMAN'S new Drng Store. JiO Pa. arson*. m 14-lw JET Hosteller's Bitters bave received tbe recommendation of all who have given thernatiial For cramp* they are invaluable; for cholera the only certain preven'ltlve known ; for Indigestion these Bitters, taken ac cording to the direction* on the bottle, have proven their v'rtue* beyond a donbt During tbe atckly leavin laat year In Ptttubnrg, aa "well as elsewhere, they were fonud excel lent, and are repreaented to have done morefor the anffereia than any other medicine In the market. They can be ob talned, wholeaale and retail, from the Prng Store of JaKKS X. CaLLaN, and *11 other drng(!*U throughout the conn try. m 24-tr ITTImpertant to the Ladiea!?Dr. Do PONCO'S KKMALE PILLS.?The combination of Ingredi ents In the PIIU are |>erfectly harmless. Their effi. a-y and aerlta are base J upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and, where the directions have been strictly fol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, relieve painful and difficult Rienetrnation. (particularly,) at Die change of life. They will enre tbe White*, and remove all obstructions arleing ftvm cold, exposure or any causae; and mty be n?ed ?iicceasfnlly a* h Preventive. Cell upen the agent, and get a r"lrcnlar for partlrnlere free. Price $1 per box, with fall dlrectiona. Sold wholesale and retail by CHA8. STOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenne, SAMI'KL B. WAITK, r.2s Seventh etreet, Washington, D. C.; and R 8. T. CI.SSKL, Meorgetown; to >h?m all orders mist be sent, and the Pills will be sect confidentially, by mall, to ladles who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; to counterfeit It Is fnr Itery. je 3-tf - - ' - _ _ ? 1 - g ?-^a?8AINT ANDREW'S SOCIETY D. 0.?The postponed quarterly me?Mng of this Society will be held THIS (Monday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock, in Temperance Hall. It* G1LUEKT CAMEKON, Pres. MEETING OF THE "SIXTH Ward Democratic Association" will be held in Anacostla Hall, on TIESUAV KVEP 1N9, 10th Instant, at 7V o'clock Members are requested to be punctual in their attendance je_?-?? F\0 BER, Sec._ m ^a?NOTlCE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENS WARE before purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 15 to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lawer than the lowest at JOHN McDEVlTT'S, 309 I'a. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets. je 9-flm fce^THE STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL ~held at tbe Columbia Engine House, Capitol Hill, last week, for the benefit of Capital Hill M E. Church, will, ia consequence or the inclemency of the weather, be continued THIS and TO MORROW EVENING. The friends of tbe station and the public are respectfully in vited to patronize the ladles In their laudable ef forts to do good. The room will be open at 5 o'clock. ? It >THE LADIES OF TRINITY Church, Georgetown, will hold a F AIR at Forrest Hall, to aid In liquidating the debt yet due or this Church; to begin on MONDAY, the 9th instant, and continue during the week. They most respectfully Invite the public to pav them a v'slt, and examine tbe manv beautiful and rare articles they bave to dispose of, and en joy the delicious Stnwberries, Ac , prepared for the occasion. Je7-tf r-J-^WE THE UNDERSIGNED, DRY Goods Merchants, do hereby agree to close our respective places of business from and after tbltt date until the 1st September, at 7 o'cl'k p. m., viz: Harper & Mitchell, Wm. R. Riley, Clagett, Newton, May Perry k. Brother. A Co W. Evan A Son, Clagett, Dodson A Co. R. W" Carter, W. M. Shuster A Co Colley A Sears WasHiKOTon, JuneS, 185<J. je7 3t? ??55>WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, GRO PC5^eery Merchants, doing business on 7th street, do hereby agree to c'ose our places of busi ness at 8 o'clock, (Saturday excepted) commenc ing Monday, June 0th, and continue the same un til the 'JOth of September Morgan A Bro. J McNew, SteuartA Bro. Wm. H. Campbell. Wm. H. Brereton, C S O'Hare, Kennedy A Push, Frederick St. Nlznlg, Moore A ClsseQ, Jno. H. McChesney, E. F. Queen, Theo. Sbeckels, Rawll:>gs A Co. H. H. McPherson. je 7-2t? fc^>MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ?*^35* ASSOCIATION ?A regular monthly meeting of the Directors will be held at Tempe rance Hall on MONDAY EVENING, June 9th, at 8 o'clock. Bv a resolution of tbe Association the shares yet for sale can be subscribed for at any time with the same advantages as at the commencement of the Association. CHAS. WILSON, Sec. JeS-3t DEPARTMENT OF THE INTE ?sZfli RIOR ?All officers of this Department having la their possession books belonging to its Library are requested at once to return the same to the I ibrarian. Department or Imiaioa. > June 5th, 1856. S Je6-3t ? - uTrnnnirirmm and new or FCSk LEANS TELEGRAPH COMPANY. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Wa?hlneton and New Orleans Telegraph Com* pany will be held at the office of the President, In the cltv of Washington, on WEDNESDAY, Ju ly-id, 1856. DANIEL F. CLARKE, Sea. m - LADIES' ELASTIC MOHAIR BELTS, Fans, French workiag and lior?*i?? Cot ton, Floes Thread, Lily White, fce.. for sale at j? 9-3t LAMM ON D'8. 7th st 'III E PISH COVERS, round and oblong, ?11 sizes. for sale low by je 9-tr FRANCIS, 490jth street FISHING T ACE LB, a large supply ; Hooks, Reels. Rod*, Sinkers, and Flsh'ng Basket*, at 490 Seventh street. (je9) 8 FRANCIS. J~UST RECEIVED A NEW STYLE OF Buchanan Over and Under SACKS, being a very graceful and elegant Garment Also, the Raglan Dusters, *lth a superior as sortment of summer Goods WALL A STEPHENS, Je 9-lm Pa av , betw. 9th and 10th stt. REA1EDT FOR WARM WBATHER. JUST RECEIVED AT THE UNION BOT tUng Depot, a large supply of that unsur ? passed tonic for Invalids, GINGER WINE A Also XXX. Pale and Burton s Ales acd for-? ter of eery superior quality, together with aW large assortment of syrups of almost every kind ; all of which, together with our premium Mine ral Waters will he furnished to customers la any part of Washington or Grorsetown All orders left at the Depot in Georgetown, or with the drivers of our Wagons, will meet with prompt attention. ARNY ASHINN. jc9-tf DISTRICTOE COLUMBIA, Washington Cennty, to wit: I hereby cert fy CV__ that John Davis. Hotelkeeper, of George town, In the District of Columbia, brought be fore ice, the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace la and for said county, this 7th day of June, in the year 18.VI, as a strav trespassing upon his enclosure*, alight brown MORSE, about 15 hands high; about 4 years old; legs darker than the l>ody; shod all round; no marks perceivable. Given under my hand. HENRY REAVER, J. P. The owner of the above Hcrse Is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away. Residence, coraer of High and Beall streets. Georgetown, D- C. JOHN DAVIS, je 9-3t* SELLING OFF OUE ENTIRE STOCK OF FANCY DRESS S1LES. WE SHALL COMMENCE TO-DAY SEL llng off all Fancy Drew Silks at greatly re duced prices, many at less than cml of Importa tion As we have concluded to run off all fancy Dress goods previous to making our Fall purcha ses, we have markfd them down at such prices ss cannot fall to suit all In pursuit of any styles of Dress Roods Wa name In the lot? 25 rich flouuced Silk Robes at Sit to S2S, many of them at less than cost IV) pieces assorted styles Spring and Summer Silks 200 do printed silk Tissues and Bereges 150 do Challey De Lains and BeregeDe Laics, In i ood styles 200 do assorted styles Lawns, BrlUl&ntes and Chintz is. JCST OPBSED IO-BiT ? 15 do superior plain black Silks. of extra high nistre, from St to SI 75 50 do fine Gram Cloth Sklrtlrg 20 dozen assorted styles Skirts, ready msde. COLLEY A HEARS, No. 523 7th street, 3 doors north of je 9-2w Pa avenue 6BAID ANNUAL PIC NIC OF THX lORTflfll LIBERTIES' FIHE CO.. TO THE WHITE HOUSE PA V1LIOW. ON MONDAY, JUNE 16, l?4b. THE COMMITTEE OP ARRANGEMENTS appointed by the Northern Lib erties' Fire Company to make tbe? necessary arrangements for their Annual Pic beg leave to inform their friends and the puhl ic that they Intend giving a PIC NIC at the WHITE HOUSE PAVlLIOS.on MONDAY, June 16 h The Committee pleoge themselves to spare no pains to make this one of the best Pic Nlcs ef the season Omnibuses will be In readiness at the Northern market at 1 o'clock Scott's Coullon Band will be present; and the Furnishing Department will be in the best liands. The Steamer Giorgb Washington will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at 2)f; and Alexandria at 3 p m Tickets ON E DOLLAR ; for a Gentleman and Ladles. Floor Managers. Wm Smith, Sam'l Culverweil, Wesley Turner, Nath'l Topping. Committee of Arrangements J H Goddard, jr, ChasMatlack, T J Dawson, J H Keenan, Francis Blrckhead. je tMt> ^ J. T. HALLECK, Treasurer. UNITED STATES MAUS.~ Post Office Department. > June 7, 1956. \ PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING THE United States mails from the 1st day of Octo ber next to the 30th J une, 1555, on the following route in Tennessee, will be received at the Con tract Office of this department, in the city cf Washington, until 9, a in., of the 13th day of August next, to b?- decide! the next day, viz: No. 386-i From Concord Depot, Tenn , to Louls vllle, 0 miles and back, three times a week Leave Concord Depot Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, on arrival of train from Knox vllle?say at 10 a m ; Arrive at Louisville by 12 m: Leave Louisville Monday, W ednesday, acd Frldiy at 2 p m : Arrive rt Concord Depot by 4 p in. Proposals for six trips a week are invited. INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS. No pay will be made for trips zot performed, and for each of such omissions not satl>fhctorily explained tbree times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrlvas alter the schuedule time, not sufficiently excused, one fourth of the pay for the trip may be deducted. The contract may be annulled for repeated failures, for violating the post office laws or for disobeying the department's instructions. The Postmaster oeneral may order an increase of service at a pro-rata Increase on the contract. He may alter the schedule, pro vided the running time be not diminished ; also, he m jy curtail the service, or discontinue it alto gether, at a pro rata decrease of pay, on condition of his allowing one month's extra pay on the amount of service disp nsed with. No increased pay will be a'lowed for excess, If any, of actuul over advertised distance, If the W' points to he supplied are correctly ttatel. The contracts are to dc executed by the 1st of ?eptem her next JAMES CAMPBELL, je9-lawlw Postmaster General CHILDREN'S BATHING TUBS, five sizes; Foot Tubs, Slop Jars, Water Palls, Toilet Sets, Ae., at 490 Seventh street. je 7-tr G _F_R AN C IS. GREENWOOD SEMINARY. SITUATED ON THE SEVENTH STREET Plank Road, three miles from Washington, now open for the reception of boarding ana dav pupils . Je7~lin* Mrs WM. KESLEY, Principal. tor REWARD.?STRAYED, ON WED* nesday last, from Je*enclah 0'-< Conuell, corner of 4th and K sts , two! Mllcn COWS, dark red color all over^ large size, slick t-kln, and In good order. The above teward will be given to any person who may lead to the discovery of said Cows. JEREMIAH O'CONNELL. je7-2t? 3K) corner 4th and K sts. POCKET CUTLERY.?WE HAVE THIS day recieved from the manufactures. Messrs. Needham A Brothers, Sheffield, a beaut ful *ssoit - raent of the above named goods, to which we invite attention. These KNIVES we warrant o:' a quality eqaul to Roger's or Wostenholm's, an< offer the.u at prices twenty-live per cent lass. E TUCKER A CO., 353 Pa ave , je 7-3t nearly opposite Brown 'a. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. HE PIANO FORTE TAUGHT IN CLAS ? SES.?Since it has be.ome fash-# lonable to teach the above instrument at) f m , v . greatly reduced rates, the undersigned has deter mined to open a class on the famous and univer sal SYSTL.M OF LOGIER, provided sufficient encouragement will be given. Terms cask. JOHN E SCHEEL, Je 7-3t* 461 F ourteenth at T pROfOSAL* WILL BE RECEIVED AT X the office of the Secretary of the Smithsonian Inst tuilon up to the 1st of July, for furnlsfaln? 9i) or 100 tons best white Ash Broken COAL, and 20 or 25 cords of best OAK WOOD, to be delivered In the building before the 1st of October next. Je 7-3t REMOVAL. I WISH MOST RESPECTFULLY TO IN form my friends and the public that 1 have re moved my stock of Ine WATCHES, rich JEW ELRY, and SILVERWARE to the ?tor? for merly occupied by Mr. Keyworth, No 333 Penn sylvania avenue, where 1 shall be p ea-ed to see all my customers. 1 have also countcted wttb my establishment a large Silverware Manufactory, where every article will be made from pure c jib sliver. Mr. Brown, who Is a thoroogh snd prac tical workman, will superintend the Manufac tory and Watch Repairing Departments, and all work will be guaranteed to give satisfaction. H. O. HOOD. Sign of the Large Spread Eagle, J^7-tf 333 Pennsylvania avenue. SOFT CRABS AND 8RKEN TURTLE SOUP are sirred every day atC. GAUTIER'S Saloon. m 3* AMUSEMENTS. If ATIORAI. THEATRE. KUNKELA CO LESSEES JOHN T KURD SOLE MANAGER JOB. JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGER , PRICES or A D M III KM. RpiCTTfd 75 cents. Roxe? and P?rqw< 30 reiits. Family Circle and Galleries..... Menu Pint night of the groat Tragic Actress. MRS FAKBI5, Who will appear la two groat part* THIS (MONDAY) EVENING. Will be presented JANE SHORE. Jane Shore Mr* Farren After whi- b, PEG WOFFIWOTON; OR, MASKS AND FACES. Peg Wofllngton Mr* Farren |fT The Box Sheet for the sale of Reserved ?eats will be open everyday. Office houta be tween ? a. m. and ft p m It FIKST EXCURSION AND PIC NIC or TBI Eagle Club of Georgetown. THE EAGLES TAKE 8RKAT PLEASURE In Informing their friends and _ J| '? k the public generally that their ai rangemeuta are now complete for their Mcui?ton, which tike? place cn WEDNESDAY, J one 11th, 18.r>6, to the WHITE HOUSE FA VI I.ION Tltc at earner George Waahlat>toa haa been chartered for the occasion, and will leave the wharf at the f'yot cf High street, Georgetown. at 7% o'clock; Washington at "X : Navy V*rdk; Alexandria 9^ ; returning, win leave the White House at 5% o'clock The beat Cotillon Maalc haa b*en engaged Dinner will be served by an expenen rd ca terer at moderate prices. Omnlbuset will leave corner S venth and L street*, and corner Twelfth and Pa srenue, at o'clock, tocoavev perams to the boot. Tickets ONE DOLLAR , to be had of any of the members of the Club, or at the boat on the morning of the excursion Je? ?? COM. OF ARRANGEMENT*. DOCTOR HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS paxraRKD by Dr. C. M JACKSON Philadelphia, Pa , will BrricTraLLY cca? LIVER COMPtAINT, DYSPEPSIA, J AUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUSDE btlltv. Diseases of the Kidney*. ar.d all Dis eases arising from a Disordered Liver or Stomach The proprietor. In calling the attention of the public to tola preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence In Ita virtue* and adapt a tlon to the diseases fi?r which 1' la recommended It Is no new and untried article, but cne that has stood tbe teat of a ten yeara' trial before tie American people, and Ita reputation and sale la unrivalled by any alnatlar preparations extant The testimony In Its favor given by the most prom inent asd well known physicians andlndMdmls in all parts of tbe country la immense, and a (are ful perusal of the A manac, published annusliy by tnc proprietor, and to be had gratia of ary o< his agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy Is really deserving the great cel ebrity It has obtained Principal rffice and manufactory No 96 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING : Mobgajitoww, Va , August 4,1*45# Dr C M. Jackson?Dear Mr:?The >a:e* of the Bitters are increasing, and what speaks vol ume In their favor Is th- tall who have used them speak highly of tLelr effects No medicine that I sell gives such general satisfaction, and tbe de mand for It eicetds all precedent; and i a**i re you It aflords me p.easure to sell such a remedy Our physlclana no logger scowl at It. but are com pelled <o acknowledge Its Intrinsic value, and >Le SrreaU r pa't of the m have had n agnanlmi'v auf iclent <o Jay as'.de their prejudlciesaod prtm rite it In their practice. Respet tfully t ours, F. M CHALFANT For sale by ?tore keeper* and druggists la every town and village In the United Sta ea Price 75 cents per bottle Z. D GILMAN, Washington, and JOHN 8. K1DWELL, Georgetown, D C., Ageo's. je 7 Fur rale?just arrived from Lancaster county. Penn, a handsome fiV_ Cr of young bay HORSES, about fifteen A*^v ids nigh, of superior style and action, well broken to single or double harness Perfectly sound and one of them a good ladiea' hack En quire of BIRCH, at his Stables, on 14th stteet Je ?-3t* MEXICANS JUST ARRIVED. DOZEN SPLENDID N E X I C A N S IN full dress and uniform, from the celetrattd city of Puebla, the late Beat of the Revolutionary, for sale by JON AS P. i EV Y, 474 Pa. avenue, Wine and Liquor and emery Store. jet-2w HAIR BRt?HES AMR COMB*. Toilet and Shaving Soap, Balm of a Thousand Flowers, Ac , at LAMMOND'S, 7th it Je 5-4t ONLY 29 CENTS. DKISCOLL'S BALM OF A THOUSAND FLOWERS, for beautifying the skin, and cleansing the teeth, for sale at M ASON 'S Metro Jnlltan clothing Store. No el tiiidge street, ad olnlng the Post Oflke, Geargetown. D C. je S lw 1 CHOICE HAMS. A LOT OF VERY FINE CINCINNA1 "*? Sugar-cuied HAMS received this day, by Z M. P KING, Je 7- SS5 Vermont avenue, ct rner 15th street NEW FLOl'R STORE. Ifintk ttrttt, bttween Pa. arena * as d 1) it THE BEST FAMILY AND ALL OTHER grades cheap for cash Also, RYE FLOUR.CORN MEAL, OAT^. CORN, Ac., in quantities to suit purchasers Call and examine. m 17-lm _SAM'L B PAUL. REWARD OF ?50O. Office U. S Marshal Djit't Columbia. > Washington, June 4, lb&6 > THE UNDERSIGNED IS AUTHORIZED to pay a reward of five hundred dollars t< su b person or persons as shall apprehend snd bring before any justice of the pcacr, In and for the county cf Washington. JOHN ESSEX, wko being In custody, charged with the murder of Owen Quigley, In this cut, on tbe 3d Instant, es caped from the offlce of the magistrate fr<i r* the preliminary examination upon the said charge DESCRIPTION. The abov? named John Essex la about 22 years old, about six feet high, light hair, smooth face soft voice, fine looking, a fresh scar on the left hand; had on, when ne left, light colored sum mer clothes, and a light colored slouch cap, and Is a atone cutter by trxde. JONAH D UOOVER. Jc 5-1 w Marshal for Dlatrlct cf Columbia (Union, Intelligencer, Sun, and Richmond En quirer ) MRS. OEORGE, LATE FROM ENGI AND wishes to Inform tbe population of Wa?h lngton and Georgetown that she can be seen and consulted on soch subjects as love, marriage, law aulta, absent friends, losses, Ac. 8he expects to remain In tbe city but a shor time. Her residence is No 96 F street no th. be tween 2Jd and 23d sterets, opposite the Observa tory. Name cn the door Gentlemen 50 cents - Ladiea 25. Hours from * a. m., to 9 o'clock p m. m l9-3w* GIBBS' WIGS, Half wigs, braids, curls, scalps, TOUPEES, Ac., equal to any In the l! oited States for tale or made to order at bis Stores? for ladles, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 9 b snd lOtli streets; and for gentlemen. under W lllard? Hotel. m i3-eo3m* CASH PAID por FURRITCRE. PERSONS DECLINING HOUSES EE PIN? or having a surplus of Household Effects on hand, will find us prepared at all times to pur chase their entire stock, or auch articles aa theV may wish to dlapose of Call and see BONTZ A COOMBS, fob 19-eotf No. ?? 7th st , bet 1 and K J SUMMER HATS?TODD A CO . ARE dally receiving large addltlona to their rm stock stock of HATS, suitable for the warm season They would particularly Invite tb> attention of purchaseia to their White Beavers. French Felts, and several new kluds of veotlla! trig Straw Hats of East India manufacture, ec tlrely new in this market m tt-tudAeolm BBrussels and velvet ^arpe^ Ua(s at a Sacrifice .?In oonsequen<e oi the advanced state of the seasan, and with the view of making room for a utumn supplies, are determined ta run off the remainder of our Carpednga at unusually low figures. Those In want of new and elegant Carpets have 'legaht Carpets have now a rsre chance to be supplied for a little money. Bargain* Still on Kn'd and for sa!e a few more of thoss elegant eelvet Hearthrugs at f5,? aDd ercr t $10 and *9 Also, a lew 11-4 and 14-4 Dimity and AHendi Qollis, very cheap, expressly for summer use Je t-sotw cLAOkTT, DODSUN * CO