Newspaper of Evening Star, June 10, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 10, 1856 Page 1
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? THE EVENING STAB, f C RLI&HKD KVERT AKTKK.IOOH, (EXCKPT SUNDAY,) Jl Hi 5?' Bnildtnts, torn$r #/ Ftnntyl^mmi* mmtnmt mmU KiivmU ihid. By W. D W ALL ACH, Will be served to subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A tfUARTKK CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents; papers served In package* at 37% cents per month. To mall subaoribers the sub scription price is THREE DOLLARS AND FIF TY CBNTSayearusa/franee, TWO DOLLARS for ?U months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months, for lest than threa montha at the rata of cents a week. IET SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, D. C? TUESDAY. JUNE 10, 1856. NO. 1,042. THE WEEKLY STAB. This eicellent Family and News Journal?eon tainlng a greater variety of Interesting reading than can be found In any other?la publishedon Satur day morning. . Timi Single copy, per anaum..,.,.* _ TO CLVn*. Five copies .?* oe fen copies e w> Twenty copies i* uu ITT Cash, t in abvisci. CT" Single copies (In wrappers) can be procured at the counter. Immediately after the Issue of the paper. Price?Tirana Cm* Po s t m k s t a as who ac t as ageats wl U be all owed a commission of twenty per cent. official. T*iA?tr?Y Dbpa*tmi*t, Mar 28, 1S5?. Notice Is hereby glvon to the holders of the stock Issued pursuant to the net of Congress of 22d July, 1816, that such stock Is redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe surrender of the certificate* thereof, on the 12th of November next, when interest thereon will cease. This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the f>llowlng premium, In addition to the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day rf July, in elusive, one-h?lf of one per cent, on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the 1st and 31st days of August, one-fourth of one per oeot; And on such stock received after the31st day of Angus*. the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificate of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st J uly the current half year's interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December next, unless the sum of ?1,500,000 shall be previously obtained, and will pay for the same, in addition to the in terest accrued from the day of the last dividend of Interest, and one day's additional interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of presium: On stock cf the loen of 1812. a premium of 10 percent.; On stick of the loans of 1817 and l>4fia premium ol 18 per cent; And on stock Issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, l-*50, commonly called Texan Indemnity ?tock. a premium of ft percent. Crrtlficates transmitted under thlsnotlee should be?lily assigned So the United itates by the par ty entitled to receive the money ; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeit for all the foregoing stocks will be mad# by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton. New York, or 1'hUadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, ra29-dtl2Nov Secretary of the Treasury. COfFliq WARKHOOH, *s. J WILLIAM PLANT * CO., VNDEK.VA ? KF.RS?realdnceU:! Seveath ?treet, be?weec ? and H streets lateraaeats procured la aay ground ?? cf*m<tery. Coflns, Caps, if krcuds, Carriages, Hearie, ar.d every article for interments of the bi*t quality furnished at short notice, on the moil rca-oiiabie terms, and at all hours cf the Bight. H*vinar the exclunlve right of Crump's Paieat Corpse Preserver, w? guanuitee to keep the dead for a ty length of time. Jy 11?If t HAl'EICT WARRINER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, A?ID D1AL1R !!f Fine Yfatehu, Jewelry, unit Silver Ware. (?'?OLD SEALS. FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * FINE JKWELRV. SIL VER SPOONS, FORK?*, GOBLETS. CUPS 4c., for sale at New V?rk prire>. ' HEPAIHISG. ? The Chronometer. Duplex, Lew. Cylinder, Repenting. Musical, and other WATCtiES repaired Also. JEWELRY, Ac. No. 370 Psxjsylvaxia Aitknci. b*tw'n Sixth aid Seventh streets, Browns' Hotel building, si?n ofthe GOLDEN WATCHES. ? apW-tf Waahtagton. WOOD A*D COAlT" WE HAVE NOW ON HAND AT OUR yard, corner of G and 22d streets, First Ward, a superior article of White and Red Ash COAL. Also, Cumberland lump COAL, with a good stock of Hick>ry, Oak and Pine WOOD, all of which we will sell at the lowest market prices. All orders left at P. J Steer's Store, 498 Seventh street, between D aad E. will be promptly 111 ei, JOHN W. MYERS A CO. JJ,^40 pounds given to tbe ton. m I4~3m ?.4UZE >1E)tlNO AN D SILK HDLd SHIRTS AMJ DRvWErtS. Another and very large supply of (ientlemen's Underdrew this day opened, of every varietv of size and quality, such a*? 6auze *11* SHI KTS and DRAWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do Do Thread Do l)o Do Shaker Do Bo Also, a full supply of Linen and Jean DRAW ERS. of gold quality and styles. It will he recollected that we bny exclusively for cash, and that we offer the best goods at the lo#e?t and uniform prices at STEVENS'S m 18-tf Salesroom, Brown*' Hotel. CHOICE FRUIT TREES rOR SALK. 1(1 mm apple trees, of extra iUjUUU growth and well assorted. 5,0\?0 PEAOH TREES, forming a cora-WP plete assortment and well grown. A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra slae. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Tre?*s were raised by the late John H. King, tuey will ix guaranteed to be what they are rep resented. Apply to W. Albert King, No. 36 south High street, Georgetown, Dv C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown. Catalogue* furnished on application E. J. KING. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice Rusts. Apply as above. E. J. K. taar 11?tf OLD COON At' BRANDT. J ust received out of the Custom House at New York Fine 0;d Martell Brandy of ls40 Fine OU1 M irrett Brandy of 1841 Choice Old Whisky, none better in the country Brown Stout, Scotfn Ale Bottled Cider Old Cheese For sale by JONAS P. LEVY, 474 Pa avenue Wine, Liquor and Havana Cigars, and Fine Groceries. ra ?-tf ONLY 151* CENTS. BUCKLEY'S CE LEU RATED SONG BOOK for the parlor, containing a collection of new aid popular Songs, as sung by Buckley's New OrleaiM S^renader* at their wpera house, Broad way, New York For sale by the agent, ALEX ADAMSON, mar 7th street, opposite Post Office AKRI V t:U THIS DAY! JUST RECEIVED, PER SCHR GEORGE, onecarj^oof LOKBKRRY COAL,/?r cook p*tf9$ts Those who use coal for cooking shoiiid not fail io give It a trial, as it Is warranted superior to any ever brought to this market. Sar *?/metiou fiotm, or no sale. ALso, Ol* HAND? Hlrkory, Whit? Ash. Red Ash, Oak and Pine Uray Ash and Cumberland WOOD. COAL. ty'oei u"d?r cover, delivered free from slate N vv T J * W M GALT, in - N W. cor mh and C st s, No. 517. T"?" K R qEOROE WASHING A rON wuidepartat the follow log hours: Le*vs Alexandria 7M, #, n Leave Washington...*!, iu I2,*'w \ ^ JOB CO ksoN, CJptaln Ur.f a'H?v? " Soldi- r ? Aaieu," " uon't sjy one thma and mean another," Ac. Prloe onlyii centa. m3o RICH SILK. AND LACE Mantillas at reduced prices.? 50 new style black Silk and Lace, Mantilla*, just received, at greatly reduced prices 20 black and whit* Barege Shawls and Scarfa 25 black Lace Point* and Scarfs 100 very rich Farnsols, lined or unllned 50 larg^ size do In black, b'own and green 100 and Children'* Parasols, ver^ cheap 10 boxe* Ladles and Gents Gauze Merino Shirts 50 Silk and line Scotch Gingham Umbrellas, some smalt sizes and extra light finish 3C0 dozen Ladles', Geoltemen's, and Children's Cotton Hcse. in all grades. All of which, with many new and desirable dress goods, daily receiving, will be offered at the lowest prices. ITT" All articles sold are warranted to prove as represented COLLEY * sears, No 523 7th street, 3d door north Pa. avenue, m 94-eol0t the artic refrigerator. The first ever introduced into this market, is for sale at the House furnishing Ware-rooms of the subscriber Thl? matchlessarticle needs buttobeseen to be admired and approved; and the^ZfiA^^ pulillc are Invited to call at the s ore where a mcdel with glass doors is kept In constant operation, showing the circulation of air In the refrigerator, which continues as long as there Is Ice In it No ventilation from the external air is permitted or needed, en account of the oonstant purification of the air by Its passage through the ice. The air leaves the ice a temperature of 32? in a dense and dry state, and falls directly upon articles below the ice box, thus producing the results of refrige ration nevef obtained before by any other refrige For sale by the subscriber, agent of the manu facturer pj. M McGREGOR, ml7-eo4w No. 330 Seventh street. WILLIAM A. BATCHKLOR'S LIQUID HAIR DYE SKILFULLY APPLIED. AND SOLD Whole C5 sale and Retail at GI BBS'S Hair Dressing Es tablishment on Pennsylvaniaavennv between9th and loth streets, and under Wlllards' Hotel, m 9-eo3m NOTICE TO THE LADIES. ^.SELLING OFF A HANDSOME, ?T|lct or Summer Millinery, Flowers,! Ribbons, Straws, Ac.,rich F.mbroid- rr - erles, Collars, Undersleeves, Lace and Silk Man tles of all Kinds and colors, Infant's Waist* and Dresses, with a variety of articles suitable for ladles, mlsres and Infants N B ? Ladles can be supplied with French and English Corsets. Jackets. Waists, Supporters, Braces, Bands, all of the l>est materials and war ranted to fit, at MRS. CASSIDY'S, No. SSI Pa avenue, south side, between 10th and 11th streets. je3-eolm JOR DANS' W. S. SPRINGS^ Frederick countr, Va. OPEN THE SIXTEENTH OF JUNE. Leaving Washington, Baltimore, or Cuml>eriand in the moral* g cars, via Har- iff* prr's Ferry, for?tephen?on's Depot, thenee?B M miles in coaches to the springs to dinner the same day; from Staunton, Virg nla, same day. In dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism, dropsy, liver and spleen di^eusts, chronic diseases of brain, bjwels, and urinary organs, A , and especially in skin diseases, Its curative medical effects are well known Hot and co'd S-ilphur Baths. Rice's Band and experienced servants engaged. The water for sale In barrels and bottles. E. C. A R. M. JORDAN A BRO. je3-eodlm [>o. 55? 1 TVOTICE OF THE discontinuance OF 1" THE LAND OFFICE AT DANVILLE, IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS. Notice is hereby given that In pursuance of law, aiid In view of the fact that the unsold land in the Danville d'strict Is reduced below one hundred thou*,ii.d acre*, the Secretary of the Inte rior has directed the discontinuance of said d s trict, and that the unsold lands therein be mad<? subject to sale and entry at Springfield, In said State. Lands remaining unso'd and unappropriated by law, and subject to entry at this o?ce, now dis continued, will cease tobesnbjectfo entry as here tofore from the date of the receipt of notice to that effect by the proper officers thereat; and the land officers at Springfield will give public notice of the day on which they will be prepart d to re ceive applications for ectiies of any such lands at their office. Given unde' rar hand at the city of Waehlng toa this 5th day of May. A. D. 1855 THOS A hendricks, Commissioner of the General Land Office. mO- lawfiw PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. CJl aRtermaiter's Off;cb .\1ari*k Corps, ) Washington, May 12 185i < ^JKPARATE SEALED PROPOSALS WILL be received at this office until Thursday, the 12th June, 1&>6, at 10 o'clock a m , for supplying su~h quantities of Wood and Coal as may be re quired from 1st July, 1858, to the 30th June, 1957, for the Marines stationed at Washingten city, ^ The Wood to be the best oak sapling, and the Coal best anthracite and bituminous, at tne option of the co-nmanding officer, and to be supplied in such quantities as inay be required by him ; to be delivered piled and measured at >uch points as may be directed by said commanding office;, free of exp-nse to the United States G F LINDSAY, m 13-lawtJel2 Major and Quartermaster MARBLE AND BK'>WN STONEmmKS, Pa avenue, ??(?>?? 10IA and 19th streets. 'pHE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND A and makes to order on the most reasonable terms ?MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE STONES, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLB, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring. Also, all kinds of plain and ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purpoees executed with promptness, and at as low prices as can be had elsewht re. ?p 10-eoly H. PARRY. LI "VIE !?LIME I !?LIME !! ! WILL BK OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Lime Kilns of W. H. Godey A Co situated on Rock Creek, between the upper and * kl'*a e' very superior WOOD BURNT LIME. The subscribers have also on hand a large supply of PLASTERERS' HAIR CEMENT, CALCINED PLASTER, and every description of the very best quality of lime, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms ap 11?eotf W H. GODEY A CO. PDRTU RICO MOLASSl S ? 7 hhds. P R MOLASSES for bakers' o*e 3 do Cuba do je5-eo3t BARBOUR A SEMMES. THE STEAMER GEORGE PAGE IS 1 now running regularly between - ?.[y, ?" ^ Washington and Alexandria at the following hours: Leave Alexandria 8, 10, 12, 2*,4*, and # o'clock. Leave Washington fl*, 9,11. 1*, 3lf,5tf,and 7 o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain, mar 24 TYLER'S COMPOUND STRIP OF GUM ARABIC AS A REMEDY FOR CO*?HS. COLDS, * HOARSENESS, ASTHMA, WHOOPINS COUGH, CROW P.&c , possesses the greatest ad vantages, with the least objection* of any other in nee, having been extensively used the last twenty years with unparalleled success, pot trumpeted to the world as a specific or cure all, bnt reeom mended as a valuable and *clentlAc auxiliary in MLiioSii! casks, ready at haod, and one that has been generally fo::nd tw afford relief where most others have be?^Rrled without material ben efit As such It is recognized by numbers of our leading physicians, wtio know its composition, and have been eye witnesses of its superior efiL cacv, as well a* by thousands of our most respec table citizens, who all endorse Us claim to belne safe, palatable, economical and efficacious. Prloe 25 cents, or three bottles in one 50 cents. Wholesale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN and STOTT A CO., Penna avenue; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSEL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggist, generally Also, TYLER'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition in lozenge form, lift cents a box jyfi~ly BAJOL'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES. J NO H. SMOOT, No. 119 BRIDGE STREET, Georgetown, has received, from New. York, ladies Bajou's KID GLOVES,', white, black and colored; gents, do do ,|i ladles and genta Jail ta Silk and Lisle. Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities; bleached, brown and fkney Half Ho*e; misses and boys' Hose and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very best makes of the above goods, purchasers may depend upon get ting a good article as cheap as the same quality can be ooiwht elsewhere. rnl-tf ' IJOHN H. BMOdT. Auction Sales. MARSHAL'S sale.?IN VIRTUE OF two writs of Fieri Facias Issued from the Clerk's Office of tbe Dlst let of Columbii, for tbe county of Washington, and to me directed, 1 shall expose to public sale, for cash, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the 10th day of June. 1856. at 5 o'clock, p. m , the following described property, to wit: All the right, title, and interest of Robert 8. Clark and Wm Gutridge. in and to lot No. 12 in Square No H8, together with all and singular the Improvements thereon, as laid down on the plat of the city of Washington, seited and levied upon as the property of Robert S. Clark and William Gutridge, and will be sold to satisfy Judicial* No. 1*9 and 130, to March term, 1956, In favor of Thomas S. Beall. J. D. HOOVER, Marshal m 16-dts for District of Columbia. By JAS. C. McSUIRE, Auctioneer. TUlSTfc.ES' SALE OF DESIRABLE lionse and Lot on 13th street at Public Auction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 10th, at 0% o'clock, on the premise*, by vir tue of a deed of trust dated February 3d, 1853, and duly recorded in Liber J . A. S., No. 52, folios 153, 154, 155, and 156, one of the land records for Washington county, the subscriber will sell at Sublic auction, to the highest bidder, part of Lot [o. '26, in Square No. 250, beginning for the same on 13th street, at the southeast corner of raid lot, and running thence north sixteen feet, tfcence west thirty feet, thence north one foot ten Inches, thence west sixty six feet, thence south on tbe line of the public alley seventeen feet ten Inches, and thence east ninety-six feet t? tlie place of be ginning, together with the Improvements, which oonslst of a very neat and we 1-bnilt two-stoiy and basement frome dwelling house, with a back building. Terms : One third cash ; the residue in six and twelve months, with interest, secured to the satis faction of the Trustees If the terms of sale are not complied with within live days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right to resell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. JNO. W. McKIM, ) Vm^m RICHARD H. CLARKE,j m T-lawftds JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome building lot on the nerth aide of nsrth K, between 4th and Mil streets west, at Auction.?On THURS DAY, the 12th instant, I shall sell, without re serve, a very handsome building Lot, fronting 58 feet 1 inch on the north side of north K, between 1th and 5th st-eets west, running back with a side alley to a 30 feet alley, being lot No. 6, in square No. 515. It will be subdivided and sold In lots to suit purchasers. Terms: One-sixth cash ; balance in 1, 2,3, and 1 years, the purchases to give notes for the defer red payments, bearing in'erest from day of sale. A derd given and a deed of trust taken. Title lnlsputable. A. GREEN, Je3-eoAtfs Auctioneer. By C W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. S4LE OF THE WHOLE OF hQUARE !No. 202, with the Improvements, and the one-half mt Square No. 204.?On TUES DAY AFTERNOON, June loth, at6* o'clock. I shall sell, on the premises, the whole of Square No 202, with the Improvements, consisting of a substantial brick Dwelling,frame Stables. Sheds, Ac This valuable Square fronts 222 feet 6 Inches ?n 14th street West, JH feet 7 Inches en New Hampshire avenue, 5*55 feet on north W street, and 310 feet 8 Inches on Boundary street, contain ing altogether about 74 ?63 square feet The crop consisting of Oats, Timothy, an atundanc^f Strawberries, Grapes. Ac., will be sold with We ground. Also, the west half of Square No. 204, embrac- , ing Lo's No. 1, 3, 3, 4, 15. 16, 17,18. 19 and 90, containing about WO,000 square feet These val uable lots front cn 11th street west, north U and north V streets. A pavement recently 1?id runs past both the above squares. This property is most eligibly situated in the northern part of the city, and presents an excel lent opportunity for a safe and prcfltable invest ment. Terms: One-third cash; balance on a credit of one and two years, with interest, secured by deed in trust on the property. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. Je3-eo'kds C. W. BOTEl.ER, Auct'r._ Bv JAMES C McGUlRE. Auctioneer. Desirable dwelling-hoi se and Lot near the Navy Yard nt Public Sale. in pursuance of an order from the Orphans1 Court of Washington county, District of Columbia, con firmed by tne Ci cult Court, sitting as a Court of Chancery, the subscriber will sell at public auc tion.on TH URSDAY AFTERNOON. June 12th, at 6){ o'clock, on the premises, part of Lot No 8, Square No. 901, fronting on Seventh street east, In l>etween south G and 1 street*, with the improve ments, consisting t l a neat and well built frame dwelling-house, containing six rooms Terms: One-third cash ; the residue In six and twelve months, for note*, with approved se urlty, brarln* Interest. Upon the payment of the pur chase money and final ratification of the sale a deed will be executed, at the cost cf the purchaser. ZEBEDEE R1RWAN Guardian, m 19 2awAds J AS. C. McGUI RE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 7th street east, near the Navy Yard, at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 11th of June lmtant, 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at half-past 6 o'clock p m , Lot No. 11. in square No. 903. having a front on south E of 64 feet 1 Inch and ou 7th street east of 100 feet. This property Is very handsomely located in a very rapidly im proving neighborhood. Terms: One third cash, balance In 2, 4 and 6 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Je3-eo&ds A. GREEN, Auct'r. By JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Eligibly sit u at ed improved Property in the First Ward, at Public Sale.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. June4th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the ncrth half of Lot No. 21, in Square 1C9, fronting 26 feet 10Jf luches on 17th street west, 3 doors north of "Winder's Building," running back 89 feet 11 inches, with the improvements, consisting of a well-built three story Brick house with back building. This property has lately been put in thorough repair, has gas-plpee throughout, and is occupied by a first rate tenant. Terms at sale. rn2H-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. inr The above sale Is postponed until TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 17th. at same hour and place. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 6 eoAds Auctioneer. NOTICE To the holders of Bonds, Certificates, or other Evidences of the Debt of the S ate of Texas, or the lute Republic thereof, under act of tSth February, 1950. Trbasuky Department, April, 14. 1956. HEREAS THE 4lh SECTION OF THE W act of 28th February, 1855, entitled "An act to provide for the payment of such creditors of the late repu bile of Texas as are comprehended In the act of Congress of September 9, 1856," re quires the Secretary of the Treasury to give notice by public advertisement for the space of ninety days of the time when payments will be made under said act: - And whereas notice was issued on the 27th February last by this department, and duly pub

lished, setting forth said act of Congress, and the act of the legislature of the State of Texas assent ing thereto, requiring the certificates or other evi dences of debt therein provided for to be filed at this department with assignments, releases, and affidavits, therein pointed out, thirty days prior to the 1st of June next: And whereas the said 4th section further pro vides that uo payment shall be made on any bond, certificate, or evidence of drbt which shall not, thirty days before the time limited by said noti ces, oe presented at the Treasury Department : Notice is hereby given to the holders of any bonds, certificates, or other evidences of said debt, that unless the same shall be received at this department within sixty-days from the date thereof, they will be excluded from all benefits of said act, azreebly to the 4th section of the same. JAMES GUTHRIE, ap 16 Secretary of the Treasury, IB0N HALL Beet, Shoe, and Trunk Establishment* Pa. avenue betieeen'Jth and 10(4 sts. UST RECEIVED A LARGE ASSORMENT of Gentlemeu's imported Krench Gai ters, Molla-Vllle Shoes, manufactured by J Mel us l'aus, for my own sales Call early and examine my stock. 1 have alto, Ladles' whole and half Gaiters, at 50 cents and f 1, made by McCurdy, "original" c<>st #1 65 Children's Shoes at 37#c., old style. My stock of Traveling Trunks. Valises, Carpet Bags. Ac , is the largest in the city. Call on tt. P. HOOVER, m 9 Iron Hall. J ft Houses, Ac , for Rent and Sale. For runt.?a two story brick bouse on High street. Georgetown, a f?w doors above West, with ten good room?, and a fine lot attached Apply to C MYERS ft SON, ;tt their Wood and Coal yard. No 27 Water street, tr at their residence 1st street. To a good tenant he rent will be moderate m 19-tf FOR RKNT?TWO NEATLY FURNISHED Bed Rooms on reasonable terms at Mr. DA VISON'S, over Messrs. Gait A Bro., Jewelry Store, Penn. a venae, between 1Kb and 10th streets', m 19-tf FUR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 P street. nov27?tf AT PRIVATE3ALE ? EIGHTEEN SMALL building lots for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, Fln?t Ward, ranging In price from 80 to ID) dollars each. Terms from 5 to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumoer or bricks (at market prlcos) to the amount of 15<t dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title Indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av., bet. 18th ft 19th sts. np 10?3m For private sale?a very neat, convenient .three story frame House, with a deep lot laid en as a flower garden The above bouse contains ten rooms, all private; a side alley, and tbe privl ledge of a back alley 'ihe above house is situated on the north side of Mas sachusetts avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, No. 504. For further Information please call as above. Possession given in a few davs. If the above is not sold In a few days It will be for rent, ap 30-tf ^ OFFICES FOR RENT IN THE LARGE doable bouse No. 476 7th street, opposite the city Poet Office. The rooms are lofty, and lighted by gis. For convenience and excellence of situa tion they are unsurpassed in this city. Inquire of EVERETT ft POLLAK, Attornies for Patents, No. 446 Ninth street, comer of F m 16-Sawtf Rare chance?the undersigned offers for sale those beautiful Lots situated on 3d street, a few feet south of Pa. avenw. Their situation cannot be excelled for either business or residence sites, and will be sold at a great sacri flce. H. C. HARKOVER. Terms : A small cash payment, and the bal ance in 1, 2, 3, and 1 years. Residence, No. 6, north A street, Capitol Hill. feb23-tf new music just received. OLGA MAZOURKA, by W. H. Palmer, Esq. Jcsephlne do do do Ripple Waltz do do Ocean Spray Polka do do Heller's hreludesand Eludes, belag exercises for Planl-ts, med by Profes'or w. 11. Palmer, and recommended by the first musicians of the world Railroad ^chottisch, American Review Pclka Cashmere Schottlsch, Venus Polka Evening Schottlsch, Flower Scottlsch Golden Ring Waltz in addition to a large coilec tlon or New Songs, Marches, tyuicksteps, Rondos, Exercises, Ac., ftc. Music sent by mall, free of postage. At the great Piano, Music and Musical Instru ments Establishment of JOHN F. ELLIS, Je f-tr 306 Pa. avenue, near 10th street. MRS. M. E. HAKVEf, (Successor to Jaxks F. Harvit, deceasbdO UNDERTAKER, No. 410 Seventh street, between G and H, Begs leave to inform the public that she b?s in her employ the^?j same per.ous that were formerly In the establishment, who arefully competent to conduct the Undertaking Business; and that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofoic. in 19-6in NEW JEWELRY, WATCHES, SILVER. WAKE, Ac WE OPEN THIS DAY THE LARGEST AS sortrnent of goods ever offered to our custo mer, embracing every 'dug new and desirable in our line We name in part? Ladles' and gentlemen's very superior Gold Watches, warranted time keepers Diamond, pearl, ttorentlne. mosaic, and cameo Bracelets, Brooch??, and Earrings, In sets Ladlei' and gentlemen's extra fice Chatalalns, Chains, Seals and Keys Silver Tea Seis, Pitchers, Goblets, Cups, ftc. Also, all the latest patterns of table, desert, and tea Spoons and Forks The above are marked down at prices far below any heretofore named. M. W.GALTA BROTHER, je 4 324 Pa ave., bet 9th and ldth streets. fOK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS.?FARE, ROUND TRIP, 81: FROM ? ?]?? fc> A L K X A N D RIA 75 C E N TS ?The steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves V\ ashing ton at 9 and Alexandria at9){ o'clock Coaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 9jl( o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Persons wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George ft Thomas Parker. Refreshments on the boat ap#-tf SAM'L GEDNEY, Captain AGENCY OF THE Alliance Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. Aaset* of the Company, ceuslaMng of Bonds and Mortgagee on unencumbered real eatate 00 Stock* of other Corporations, worth par 2S B.0 OS Cash on hand U,d56 30 Bill* receivable, oonel?Un* of Marine note* and short loans 70 Stock note* $U,386 00 S1.33J 70 ?219,420 00 Whole receipts for preinlnms daring the year till,*11 OS Paid for losses au<l expeuaea daring the year TI.1U M P M. MORI ARTY, President. J.MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO. OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital $-500,000. Charter Perpetual. 01 RECTORS. Charles C. Lathrop, 532 Spruce street. Alexander Whllden, merchant, 14 North Front street. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter ft Co. E. Tracey, firm of Tracey ft Baker. John R. McCurdy, firm of Jones, White ft McCurdy. Isaac Hszlehurst, attorney and counsellor. James B. Smith, firm of J as B. Smith ft Co. Theo. W Baker, firm of Tracy ft Baker. R . S. Walton, 3ft0 Market street Thomas K. Limerick, 5 A Spruce street. John J. Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHAKLESC LATHROP, President. THOMAS K. LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee. Enquire at the office of J. E. Kendall, over R. Morrow's Exchange Office tirst door West of W. B. Todd's Hat Store, ob Pennsylvania avenne. m 27 3m DAVID MYERLE. Agent. DR. J. THOKNK, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, OFf ICE AN B RESIDENCE, Corner 13th it- and New York avenue, WASHINGTON, D.C. Office hours?8 to 10, 2 to 4, 8 to 10. m7-3m? IQEUICAL CARD. DR H. PERABEAf, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an, has tbe honor to otter his services to the inhabitants of Washington and viainity. Ofilce on D street, two doors west of 9th, where he will be found from 8 to 12 a . m ., and from 4 to ftp m Residence on I street, No. lfe8, between 20th and 21st streets. N. B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Blious and Bowel complaints, ftc., ftc. m 16-3m WORTH REMEMBERING. PERSONS MAKING PURCHASES OF Housekeeping Hardware and^ Cutlery, Silver Plated Ware,! Clocks, Feather Dusters. Bas kets, Brushes, ftc , will find It decidedly to their advantage to look In at FRANCIS'S, above Odd Fellows' Hall, on Seventh street He has en larged his store?has It stocked with every useful housekeeping article, and is tatlsfled with very small proflta. His prices are certainly low. mao-tf [R. W. HENRY PALMER'S PIANO FORTE CLAS8E8, Fiv? Dollars Ptr Quarter. Apply at GEORGE HILBUS'S Music Depot, Pennsylvania avenue mar 14-tf M1 EVENING STAR THE SEA-CAPTAINS ADVENTURE A THRILLING 8KSTCB. On my last voyage to Bristol, the owners of the ship took passage with me. The whole cargo belonged to them, and they not only wished to do some business in England, but they also had a desire to travel some. ' Be side* the three owners, I bad four passengers in the cabin. The passage from New York to England on that occasion wui the most se vere and stormy I ever made. I have expe rienced heavier.storms, but never such con tinued hard weather The old ship was on a strain the whole of the time, and though I run into the Avon without losing a life or an important spar, yet she bad received much liimago.^ ller main mast was sprung, her tim bcrs strained, and for the last week the pumps had to be kept going all the time, owners, pas teomra, officers and all doing their share of work at the brakes. As soon as we could get the cargo out, the ship was hauled into the dock for repairs, and we found, upon examination, that it would be a week before the could be fit for sea, and if she had all the repairs which she absolutely needed, it would take her nearer two weeks A contract was made for the job, and one of the owners agreed to stay by and superintend the work. This left me at liberty, nnd I began to look around for some place to visit. I had heard much of Salisbury Plain. The famous tone hege was there, and so were there other relics of Roman and British antiquities Ac cord.ngly to Salisbury Plain I resolved to go When I went on board the ship to make ar rangements with the owner who had remained there, I found one of the passengers just leav ing. His name was Nathan Laeman. He was a young man, not more than thirty years of age, and 1 tupposed him from his foaturcs and idiom, to be an Englishman. I told him I wae goin; to Salisbury, and he informed me he was going the same way Leeman had been intending to take tho stage to Devizes, and thence take some o? the cross coaches ; bat ^ had resolved to take a horso and travel where,and how.and when I pleaded, and he liked the plan so woll that he went im mediately and boughi Lim a good horse and saddle. It was about the middle of the forencon when we sat out. and I found that L-eman in tcnuei to visit tie curiosities with me, and .hen keep cn towards London, by the way of I Anlover and Chertsey, he having sent his baggage on ahead to Salisbury by the great mail routo, which ran many miles of tho way. I lound my companion excellent company, and on the way he told me some passages from his own life. He was born in England, but this was the first time he had been in the Kingdom since ho was fourteen years of aire, i an 1 I was led to infer that at that timo ne ran away from his parents. During tho last six years of his residence in the United States , bec& engaged in western land spec ulations, and he was now independently rich. We took dinner at Bradford, a largo manu facturing town, six miles southeast of Bath and as soon as our horses were rested, wc set out again. Towards the middle of the after noon the sky began to gruw overcast, and we had promise of a storm. By 5 o'clock the groat black clouds wore piled up in heavy mastcs, and it began to thunder. At War minster wo took the direct road for Albany, a distance of fourteen miles, and when this storm had clcoed upon us we were about half way between tho two places. I was in no particular hurry, and as 1 had no desire to get wet, I proposed that we should stop at tho hrst place we came to In a few moments more we came to a point where a small cross road turned off to the right and where a jjuidc board said it was five miles to Debtford I proposed that we should turn into this by way and inako for Debtford inn as fast as possible, and my companion readily assented We had gone a mile when tho great drops of rain began to fall ; but as good tortunc would have it, we spied a small cottage, not more more than a furlong ahead, through a clump : cf poplars. We made for this place, and 1 reached it before we got wet. There was a ; good-sixea burn on the premises, and a long ! &heep ehed connected it with the house. Bo- ' neath this shed we drove, and just as we ' alighted, an old man carno out We told hiui ! that we had got caught in a storm, and asked i him it he could accommodate us over night, i He told us that we should have the best his ! humble place could afford, and that if we would put up with that, we should be wel como. As soon as tho horses were taken care of wo followed the old man into the house. Ho was a grey-headed man, certainly on the down-hill side of three score, and his form was bent by hard work. His countenance was naturally kind and benevolent, but there were other marks upon his brow than those of old age. Tho moment I saw him, I knew he had seen much of suffering. It was a neat room to which wo were led, a living room, but yet free from dirt and litter. An old woman was just building a fire for the supper, and as we entered she arose from her work. " Some travelers, wife, caught in tho show er," said the old man. " Surely, gentlemen, you're welcome," the woman said, in a tone so mild and free that I know she spoko only the feelings of her soul. "It's a poor fare wo can give, but the heart of the givor must e'en make up for that." I thanked the good people, and told them i that I would pay them well for all they did i for us. " Speak not of pay,;' said the old woman, taking the toa kettle from the hob, and hang ing it on the crane " Stop, wife," uttered the old man tremu lously. "Let not your heart run away with ye. If the good gentlemen have to spare out o their abundance, it becomes not such suffer ers as we to refuse the bounty. I saw the woman place the apron to her eyes, but she made no reply The door close by tho fire place, stood partly open, and I saw in the room beyond, a bed, and I was sure there was some one in it. I asked the old man if he had siokness. ''Yes,' he said, with a shake of the head " My poor boy has been sick a long while He s the only child I have?the only helper on the little farm?and he's been sick now all the epring and summer I've taken care of the sneep, but I couldn't plant. It's hard, but wc don't despair. My good wife?God bless her?shares the trial with me, and I think she takes the biggest share." "No, no, John, don t say s#," uttered tho wife, 44 no woman can do the work that you do." 441 don't mean to tell too much, Margaret, only you know how you've kept me up. A call from the sick room took the wife away, and the old man then began to tell me in answer to my questions, some of the pecu liarities of the great Plain, for we were on it new ; and I found him well informed and in telligent. At length the table was set out. the cleau white cloth spread, and we were in vited to sit up. We had excellent white bread, sweet butter, some fine stewed damsons and a capital cup of tea. There were no ex cuses, no apologies?only the food was before us and we were urged to help ourselves. W hilo wo were eating, the rain ceased falling, but the weather was by no means olear, though just as we moved from the table a gleam of golden light shot through the window trom Che setting sun. It may have been an hour after this?it was not more than that?when a wagon drove up to the door, iu which were two men. The old man had just come in from the barn, and it was not so dark but we could see the faces of the men in the wagon. They were middle u^eU men, one of them haliteu in a sort of jockey hunting garb, and the other dresoti in black clothe? with that peculiar style ot hat and cravat which mark* the officer. I turned towards our host for the purnoee of asking if he knew the new comers, and I saw he was very pale and trembling A low, deep groan escaped him, and he arose from his oh air. lie in the jockey <vat cauie first, and his eje<? rested upon Leetnan and myself "Only I'ime travelers, Mr. Vaughau," said our host. So Mr. Vaughan turned his gate elsewhere about the room, and at length it was upon the old man. " Well," said he, ,l what about the rent ?" 4-We havn t a penny of it yet, sir," aa swercd the host, trembling. " Not a penny ! Then how'll you pay me twenty pounds ?" " Twenty pounds murmured the old mani painfull*. 4,Alas! I cannot pay it. You know Walter has long been sick, and every penny 1 could earn has been paid the doctor. You know he was to havo earned the rent if ho had been well." ?? I don't know anything about it," return ed the landlord doggedly?for Mr. Vaugban owned the little farm, it afterwards appeared " Alt 1 know is, that yoa have had the house and land, and that for two whole years you havn't paid me a peony. Yum know I told you a month ago tnat you should have just one more month to pay me. That month was up last night Can you pay me?" 44 No! uo ! ? O, God knows I can't." 44 Then you must leave the house." 44 When ?" 44 To night!" [COHCLCaOft TO'MORROW. J A Washisgtosiak, now in London, sends us three copies of the London Evening Star, and writes us as follows, under data of April 20th: 44 London is all in a bustle just now, making preparations for a grand celebration, on the 2'Jth inst., and, like ' killing two birds with (.no stone,' the celebration will be for price, and at the same time for honoring the Queen's tLirty-soventh birthday. Preparations are also making for a grand display of fireworks at night; 1 have ascertained from good au thority that these alone will coet ?50,000 ; so you can judge from this how things are done up in London. "A row is anticipated next Sunday on ac count of the Lord Mayor stopping the music in tho parks on Sundays, and I have no doubt tho mob will give his Honor a ' rapping.' They did not miss the music last Sunday, as it was a very disagreeable day ; but If next Sunday is a fine one I think there will be quite an excitement. 4 1 visited Hyde Park last Sunday week and never witnessed such a crowd. It is esti mated that half a million persons, mostly of the working classes, visit the parks on .Sun days, and 1 have no doubt the sudden stop ping of the music will oause a great excite ment for a time. 441 was at the last grand reception of the Queen?dressed in quite a laughable dress to my own countrymen?and enjoyed myself very well, considering 1 ww mostly among strangers. The Queen looked very fine, but not pretty. '4I saw Mr. Dallas yesterday, and he ap peared the same as usual, looking very well and always pleasing. R. T.C'' The Democratic Nominee por the Vice Presidemct ?A Cincinnati paper, describing the personal appearance of some ot the prom incnt delegates to the Democratic Convention, thus speaks of the nominee for the Vice Pres idency : '? Near the eastern aisle, and within a few scats of the front?on the western side of the able?sits John C. Breckinridge, the imper sonation of Democratic Kentucky ehivalry, who won a high position in the last Congress, and declined to be a candidate for re-election, lie is a tall and gracefully formed young man, with delicate features, and would be singu larly handsome if his profile line was more prominent. Looking at him sideways, hi* forehead, nose, ana chin, are nearly in a straight liae. But his eye beams with intelli gence, his nose is handsome in outline, and tbe habitual compression of his lips indicates resolute will. On the whole there is a poetic glimmer about him And that there is some thing of this in his character, the fact that be has purchased an island in Lake Superior for a summer home would indicate. His manner in speaking is proud, defiant, and full of pas sion. tempered by educated discretion." In her description of the United States Madame Pfeiffer says: 44 There are such extraordinary numbers of poetessess, authoresses, female composers, and k> forth, that, if 1 were to mention the names of all who have been introduced tomsai such 1 should fill whole pages with them. Doubt less there are among these many highly giitod; but whoever has written only a few verses, or a little essay, or composed^ a waits or a polka, immediately assumes thevhigh sounding title of a poetess, composer. Ac., thinking,1 sup pose, to make up for the insignificance of the work by the grandeur of the name?and tba names certainly do go very far in the United Statas." Railwat to Jerusalem.?At the recent an nual meeting of the British Society, the Chair man, Sir Culling E. Eardley, mentioned the fact that a railroad is about to be established from the Mediterranean to Jerusalem, with a sanction of the Turkish and British Govern ments. and that it is likely that the material of the line from Balaklava to Sebastopol will b j transferred for the purpoee. Thus, mate rially as well as politically, the war ban tend ed to open wp the East to Western enterprise. >Encolragiro to Widows.?A bachelor friend of ours, who lives on Washington av enue, made a speech once and said?"In short, ladies and gentlemen, I wish I had a window in my bosom, that you might s*e the happy emotions of my heart." Imagine his surprise, the next morning, to find in one of the newspapers, which published his remarks, that the "n" had been left out of window. Never mind, our friend is a bachelor, and did not commit himself.?Albany Knickerbocker. {y The Norfolk papers state that William Lambden who was tried in that city for an at torn pt to eariy off slaves, has been sentenced to five years in the penitentiary. There are four more indictments against him, and as the evidence is the same, he will probably have to spend a considerable portion of his existence in the service of the State. Horse SHOErno ?William Mills, Esq . the author of a recent English treatise on iiorse Shoeing puts a gutta-percha protection across the sole of the foot, and secures tbe shoes on the fore-feet by only three nails in etch, lie has followed this practice with six hoises for seven years, and considers a larger number than five as very bungling r? a utter to the New York Tribune sets* " The Empress Eugenie is likely to re main an invalid for life. Her feet are paral ysed, and though the physicians hold out the hope'that a few days may restore her to her former health, her recovery ia very proble matic." iy Why was Herodias's daughter (he /'asust girl mentioned in the New Testament? Because she got a head of John the Baptiet on a charter. ty There is said to be a man in the New Jersey penitentiary who hae twenty-', hree wives, two u? whom he marrMl within two hours of each other.? Newurl Advirtuer.