Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A 8HIH0T0H CIT T t THI RSDAY June 13, 1Mb. XTT Advertisements should be handed In by 1* o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear oatll the next day. To Political Clcbs ? Political clubs will find tbe arrangements of the Star effice for printing their circulars, addresses arguments, pamphlets, Ac., as complete as those of anj other printing office in the United States. They may rely upon having such work done at the Star office in a satisfactory manner as to style and prioe. and in the shortest possible time, lie saro to give us a call before making arrangements elsewhere. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRE6S. Ibe Union is, to day, devoted to a histoiy of tbe political movements of Col. Benton and bis followers in Missouri, since the annex ation of Texas, designed to prove that he and they are at this time merely engaged in their old work of laboring tj defeat the Democratic party wbile pretending to be engaged in sus taining it. Tbe Intelligencer replies to the Union's paragraph of yesterday, wherein that journal took occasion to rap the Intelligencer''t editor oyer the knuckles for quoting the dispatch of the St. Lonis Democrat's editor speaking ir reverentially of the platform recently adopted ?t Cincinnati. The Intelligencer declares in this conn* 3tion, that par.y platforms have fcunk f o the level of custom-house oaths, and that tbe St. Louis man tells tbe truth in de claring tbat no one respcots the Cincinnati platfoija, Ac. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP A Valuable Man.?While recently in Cin cinna.i, we took occasion to call on the ven erable Nicholas Long wot th. Esq , the success ful American pioneer in the culture of the grape. We learnc d fiom his lips many intcr esting facts concerning the progre;: of tbe business of making pure nine in this country. Having received h's first impressions of the capability of the United States for rivaling aoy other land in the world in the production of valuable wines, irom Major Adlum, who ex perimented with the grape unsuccessfully in this vicinity for many years, Mr. Longworth has, for more than twenty years past, devoted a considerable portion of his large incomo to the pesfcotion of the business of vine growing and wine makirg in this country until mil lions of dollars worth of better wines than nice tenths of those now imported, are annually pro duced in the United States, and sold at large profits to all ergaged in the trade. In thirty years more, the entarpriae and public spiritof this gentleman will have conferred more bene fits upon bis country than those of almost any other man to whom it has given birth. Already he stands its first living benefactor. Besides the pecuniary profits of the great business he has made for his countrymen, be will, in time, have been the means of checking the vice of hard drinking, so essentially an American vice No people remain habitually inclined to it among whom pure wines have become cheap. This axiom haa'held gcod throughout all time and among every people of whom bis tory has preferred reminiscences. What Maine liqaor laws will never accomplish, will be done by the so rapidly increasing culture cf the Catawba grape in the United States; and that, too, long ere the present generation of our pecple shall be under the sod ; as. in a few years, a healthy, pure, and palatable light will be obtainable everywhere in the Uni" ted States at a price per gallon or bottle, less than that for which villainous whisky now sells. The additional millions of anuual in" comewbich tbe country already enjoys through the enterprise and public spirit of Mr. Long worth, and the percep?ible preference which a'l classes in and around Cincinnati are al ready giving to American wines at their pre sent high prices, over every other description of fermented drinks, are fair indications of what he is doiDg for his country, and point unerringly to the fact that, in aftsr times, his memory will be universally regarded as that of its cbiefeat industrial and moral benefactor. Boich ?Among the most amusing incidents of the times is the "whistling" of the New ^ ork 1 ri' ?///#. 1'itneand other such jour nals, to keep up the courage of their followers We refer to the flaming accounts of tremen dous Kansas-affairs meetings, 4c , which are nightly coming off throughout the non-slave holding States, according to their correspond ence \^!ages of three or four hundred souls rarely tui.i out le?s than four or five thousand parsons to attend these gatherings, if the Tri bun* is t> be ciadited ; and folks, a majority of whom can hardly raise coppers enough to j'ngle upon a tombstone, subscribe thousands on thousands in aid of the cauie of "Free Kansas. Reeder is jukt now begging for only ten thousand fighting men and two mil lions of money, to be employed in an invasion of Missouri, according to the programme laid down in the Kansas coirespondencc of the >'ew York limes; and all the balderds?h falsehoods concerring the meetings to which we refer aWe, are designed to aid him in raising tho wind. That can orly be done by making the gullible among tbe Republicans believe Ur the nonce that there is a possibili ty that they may defeat Rucbanan and Br :k iniidge. As, otherwise, not another dime could even such men as Reechei and Billiman ex tract from them. While the newspapers re ferred to above are publishing their "whop pers," the politicians among the Republicans in Washington are .rankly admitting in Con versntien tbat there does not remain a single chance in a hundred for the defeat of the ticket of the Cincinnati Convention. ~N? 01l>" jHWll respond k..rUl, ??4 frtllki7 ,0 th, Cj "??> th. Charleitoa M.r "" ?D4 " N? T?rk of tw d" mor. ,ow.M or The sp?,k. for th. ,M. ' gentlemen active in politics throughout the Soath who bold to tke principles of Mr Cal houn, while the lattcr'a pulsations are those of the great moneyed interests of tbe countiy that head and front in Wall street, New York> i:tate street, Boston, and Chestnut street, Phil adelphia. Thia is the first time, within our recollection, when there bar existed almost en tire unanimity on tbe part of thoee last men tioned interests in f*vor of Democratic pauy nomir atr cs. Heretofore, they have, for the most part, sustained, in general eleotiona, thoee opposed te the Democrats. They wield ? power over the pubHc mind, tbe legitimate rwilt of thair deep stake in th? country's ' ?_ * future?the maladministration of American public affairs, foreign or domestic, being likelj to irjure them soonest and most extensively Their present unanimous support of the Cin cinnati nominations tells of their entire confi dence in the experience, enlarged nationality, and abiding patriotism of Mr. Buchanan, and also of their entire want of confidence in tho?e who may be his opponents, because the latter will stand pledged, both of them, if elected, to administer the government on principles plainly antagonistic to the Constitution, and revolutionary in their tendencies. The George Law Know Nothing Conven tion?that assembles in New York to-day?at tracts much less attention among tho public men now here than we anticipated. This arises altogether from the fact that the well-informed of all parties anticipate certain victory for the Democratic Presidential and Vicc Presidential nominees. It seems to be taken for granted that the Law faction convention will shape its action as far as possible to strengthen the Re publican party ticket to be nominated on the 17th inst., or shortly thereafter; the ulterior purpose of these expected to dictate its action being conceived to be as mueh as possible to embarrass and weaken the friends of the suc cessful aspirants for the regular Know Nothing Presidential and Vice Presidential nomina tion*?Fillmore and Donelson. We shall by ao means be surprised if tbis Law-party con vention proceed at once to nominate McLean or Fremont, by way of placing themselves in the line of patronage in case through some un dreamed-of casuaUy, the Republicans may succeed in the fa'l. M. MarcolieUa ?This gentleman, we hear, depaita by the steamer of the 18th, the Niagara, for London, Paris and Madtid, where bis friends in Nicaragua continue to be re cognised as the government of that State li s amiable and accomplished lady, we un derstand, will a:company him. Their de paiture from Washington wiM be a loss to the refined circle of diplomatists from abroad and their families and associates, to whom Mr. and Mrs. M. are greatly endeared. They will leave betide, in tbis metropolis, a large number of personal friends who will greatly legret their departure from nmop; us. The Speech ?A crowded and distinguish ed auditory l'sianed this morning to Mr. But* ler's speech in the Senate. He spoke with great feeling indeed, and with powerful effect upon the resent affair between Messrs Brooks and Sumner, and with equal force concern ing Mr. Sumner's speech, and the circum stances leading that gentleman to deliver it The Cnrrent Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 11th of June, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... 9172,913 56 For the redemption of stock?.... 2,574 47 For the Treasury Department... 2,650 00 For the Interior Department 45,235 92 For Customs 8,645 63 War warrants received and en tered... 55,160 00 Interior repay warrants received and entered 14.006 18 On account of the Navy 13,990 02 From miscellaneous sources 324 71 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the question of taking up the resolution of Mr. Crittenden, requesting the President to order General Scott to the command of the troops of the United States in Kansas, was further debated by Messrs Adams, Mallory. Mason and Reid, all of whom opposed the aid resolution as involving, if adopted, a direct and unauthorized intoirerence on tbe part of t!.o Senate with the duties and sole functions of the Executive of tbe United States; and by Messrs Clavton, Crittenden, and Seward in its favor Without taking the question the Senate then adjourued. In the House, there being no quorum pre sent, they adjourned. PreceedlBf * ?' Te-Day. In the Senate, to day, Mr. Hamlin, rising to a personal explanation, asked to be dis charged from further service on the Foreign Affairs Committee on the ground that be found it impossible for him longer to act with the Democratic party in politic*; the platfoim adopted in tbe Cincinnati Convention being one ne could not sustain, and being ono that compelled him tj op peso tbe election of that Convention's nominees. Mr. U&mlia was duly excused by a vote of the Senate At tho ariival of the hour for taking up tho spccial order?the bill from the Territories Committeo for the admission of Kansas as a Stat,?Mr. Butler commenced his specch in r*plv to the late specch of Mr Sumner, on Kansas affairs; in the delivery of which he was engaged es the Star went to presf. In the House, aiter the reading of the journal, the attendance of members being tbin, it was moved to adjourn ; not agreed to. But it being found impossible to get a quo. rum in tbe Hall, in a few moments thereafter they adjourned * Ithout calling the yets and nays on the motion to that end. Book Notice. Mokaldi; A Tale. By Wnbirjton A'Hton. Bos' >n : Ticknor A Fields This tale, we are told, was produced by the selebrated ai.u. as long ago as 18?2, but hav ing been written f?r the periodical of a fiierd, which was soon after discontinued, the manu script was thrown into tho author's desk, where it laid until It'll, when it was pub lished. The present issue is a republication Notwithstanding tho author's, modest dia :l?'mer, we tb'nk this little volume shows the title of AHston to a distinguished pla?e in letters as well as art. The def?riptive por tions ari given with artistic power, and tbe story is of absorbing interest. For sale in this city by Taylor A Maury. The Modkt or Olives ?The Mount of Olives near Jerusalem, has been purchased by a Madame Polack, the widow cfa weathy ban ker cf the Hebrew persuasion at Kom^sberg, in Prussia. This lady intends to beautify the pla.'e and improve the whole neighborhood, at uer sole expense. The first thing she has done is ro plant the whole area with a grove of olive ti i es, and thus to restore it to the original atate to which it derives its name. The olive tree thrives well in that locality, and through it taken many years before arriving in a state of maturity, and sixteen years before bearing any fruit at all, it requires but little or no tending, and lasts for several hundred years. Mcst Leave their Arms Behihd ?The United States Military Gazette says the Gov ernment of Great Britain has issued orders that no military corps from New York or any pert of the I oited states shall be permitted to land on the Canadian side with muskets, U,?!7?rd*V *r Pi#tol>' or warlike in .Any??mp?ny desirous to visit ? Jit Nil"8 2 summer can leave their Juli. M ciu\.Z CnM Whn tb" A O..TO f.rnw in 0hi , fall, put up his wheat crop for a high price In February he was offered $10,000. Id Aoril he offered to take $7,000. In June he will probably sell for $5,000. Jfcere ** a lesson in this for other farmers. PEESOWAL. .... M?j^r Delafield, U. S A., is at Wil lards. .... Benjamin F Ilnllet, Esq , of Boston, is ?topping at Willards. ....Got. Hibart, of Louisiana, it in the eitj, and ia stopping at Willards' Hotel .... J. E. Murdoch is playing in Norfolk, Virginia .... Sarah H. Young, of Massachusetts. has just received the degree of medicine from the Penn University, in Philadelphia ....Count Gairowski is engaged upon a work entitled " Europe and America," com paring the social and political aspects of the Old and New World. .... A Baltimore paper says that Laura Kcene has been engaged by Mr. Manager Ford for the fall season, at the Holliday street theatre in that city. .... It ia rumored that a lucky French gen tleman, a grandson of Qcn. Moreau, is now on his way to this country to marry and carry off a young lady of New York city, who posses ses an extrinric charm of seven hundred and fitly thousand dollars. .... On dlt, that Mr. Edwin Forrest is about to marry Miis McMakin, daughter of the nro prietor of the Saturday Courier, Philadelphia. Ibis seems very unlikely, however, as we pre sume it to be absolutely necessary '? to be off with the old love before he takes on nith the new " .... Dix, Edwards k Co. have in press a book by Mrs Farnham. narrating the expe rience of her life in California. Mr. F. waa formerly matron in Sing Sing prison, and is a woman of most masculine powers. She made a fortune in Califouia, where she owns sev eral ranches. .... It is repotted that the brother of the young lady who eloped last week with the one Rimed Major followed the parties in the Baltic, thrc s days after the sailing of the Her mann, and a hostile meeting, without cere monies, is expccted The lady's age is 24, in stead of 17, as reported in the papers. .... The advertisement oi Drury Lane Thea tre, London, annources the last sevonteen Dights of Mr. and Mrs J. W. Florence?Mrs. Florence singing in "The Yankee Housekeep pr," "Bobbin Around," and "Polly, won't fou try me, oh ?" "These wonderful Ameri :an productions are vociferously encored oieht'y by audiences crammed to tho ceiling .... At the concert of M Benedict, (says the London correspondent of the Boston Trans jript.) Exeter Hall was crowded with lis teners, who gave their ginnea and half guinea a seat with all the eagerness of former years Jenny Lind is the same sweet singer and the same fascinanng woman as of old, if she does sail that nice looking, little man, with the moustache, who nlayed the piano so well last Wednesday evening, by tho endearing name &f "husband." It was my good fortune, being "Inconnu," to get a look at Her Majesty in Buckingham Palace. No one woula suppose that auch a motherly looking personage, short and rather thick set, with such a good natured face, jould be the Queen of these high-spirited Islanders, or that they would have such an ardent affection and reverence for her person is they profess. Know Nothingiem in NewOrleans ?Know Nothingism and bloodshed walk hand in hand in New Orleans as in Washington. The ;olumns of the New Orleans Courier of the 1th inst. are filled with details of the murder jus outrages perpetrated iu that city at the [ate municipal election, under the name of " Americanism." We have room only for the following : " The details of the various Know Nothing outrages at the polls on Monday are so dis gusting that we cannot boar to dwell on them. VTe give, in another place, accurate accounts jf a few of them, intended merely to seire as ?pecimens of what occurred over the whole :ity. If we should collect and ret forth at length all the various knocking^ down, brass knucklings, stabbings, shootings, and mur iers committed bv the ruffians in the employ 5f the Know Nothings, we would fill our who!# paper for many days in succession, aud weary jur readers with tales of violenco, presenting i dreary sameness of ruffianism and butchery, disgraceful to our city, and even to human nature itself At every voting nlace, inoffen sive voters of foreign birth, simply beciuse :hey were of foreign birth were beaten, cut, ind shot, from morning till night Timid >nes were were seized and forced to vote tho Know Nothing ticket to save their lives Res >lute ones were kicked, beaten, stabbed, and shot, and not permitted to vote at all There was, apparently, a regularly organized sys tem of villainy carried on at all the different precincts after tho same fashion. A beating >r a murder committed at one is a faithful description of what occurred at a doien others, shangingonly names and places. The ruffiar.s ^ere mainly imported from other parishes, and icted in organized bands, under regular lead ers. "The whole city was in a state of perfect inarchy. The polka wero entirely ineffec ive, and tho authorities were unable to make irrests, even in tho most flagrant cases. Our nunicipal government, or what should have >een our government, seemed stricken with ho palsy. Violence and brutality ran riot. S'o man was safe except one able to defend limself without aid from the authorities 2uiet and peaceable men, who never thought ?f such a thing before, were compelled to arry arms whenever they left their houses." Who owns 'em.?We notice a large number >f boys wandering about the city, who, as we uppoee, must be lost. They are for the most >art very well dressed, wearing long coa*i, ight pantaloons, shiny hats and boots, and ;enerally carry small canes iu their kid ;loved hands From the manner in which hey stare at tho ladies that pass them, we nfer they are trying find their mothers IVby don't our charitable citizens get up an k?ylutn for these poor children ? It is a ibaino to allow them to be wandering about be city by themselves in this manner. They ire much more fit to be in the nursery Tbo nnd-heaitsd keepers of taverns and billiard aloons allow them a refuge in their estab ishments, and most charitably supply them with segars and adulteratad liquors. At all lours of the day and night these unfoitunates ?rowd beneath their hospitable roofs. Parents n search of their sops will bear of them by jnyiag these places a ?visit.?Philadelphia Evening Post. Philadelphia is not alone in her show of ?lost boys." Washington oity can exhibit a air display of these unfortunates. They can >e seen any windy day, congregated on the iteps of tho different hotels, anxiously sur reying ea:h pa-sing female, no doubt in ?earch of their " mothers." A Perfumed Breath.?What lady or gen :leman would remain under the curse of a dis agreeable breath when by using the liBalm >/a Thousand Flowers" as a dentrifice would sot only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subjeot is w> delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop ef the "Balm on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty cent bottle will last a year. For sale it Shillington's, agent for Washington, and til Druggists. Bitten bt a Snake ?We are informed that four persons besides Mr. Davis, whose oase we aotieed some days since, havo been bitten by makes in Bulloch county within the last few lays Two of them died?one a young wo man and the other a young man the other two were still living at the last ascounts. Of those who died, one was bitten by a rattle make and the other by a mcccasin.?Savan nah Republican Me. Thackerat ?The London News says that Mr. Thaokeray is onoe more in London, having ehanged bis Yankee dollars into Pi htrucci and Wyon sovereigns. He looks well, is full of his old drollery, and has oaught a little Yankee aocent, which, like the lisp of the Blaok Douglass and Sir WalterSooU, "be oomes him wonder wall." POLITICAL ITEMS The Democratic ratification meeting at New York last night was an immense gathering. Addresses were delivered from three stands, and maoh enthusiasm was manifested. The meeting of the Democracy of Baltimore for the purpoee of ratifying the'nomination of the Hon- James Buchanan for President and the Hon. John C. Breckinridge for Vice-Presi dent, and also for the purpoee of endorsing the party platform as presented by the Cincin nati Convention, took place last night at Mon ument Square, and is said to have been among the largest of the kind ever held in that city, the whole of the spacious square at one time being well filled. The New Hampshire Republican Conven tion, which met at Concord yesterday, elected ?iz delegates at large, and one from each Con gressional distriot to the Philadelphia Con vention Speeches were made by Ex-Governor Kent, of Maine, Qen. Nye, John P. Hale and others. Resolutions were passed in favor of Col. Fremont, and instructing tho delegates to vote for him. Otherwise these resolutions relate entirely to the slavery question. In the afternoon, addresses were made by Mr. Stowell, of Worcester, Mass , and Dr. Cutler, of this State, (both late of Kansas,) soliciting material aid, and Mr. Qoodwin, tho chairman, was appointed a committee to raise funds for that objc jt. It is estimated that 20,000 persons were pre sent: on Tuesday night at the Democratic rat ification meeting in Philadelphia Mayor Vaux presided, and opened the meeting with a few appropriate remarks. He concluded by introducing General Cass, who was warmly received, and addressed the meeting at con siderable length. He enlarged upon the im mense importance of the coming contest which he thought was fraught with more serious consequences to the destiny of our country than any event since the Declaration of Inde pendence was consummated on the spot where be stood. He spoko in favor of squatter sov ereignty, eulogised the presont administra tion, and heartily endorsed tho action of the Cincinnati Convention. Judgo Douglas and the Hon Howell Cobb followed in a similar strain, commending tho candidate! nominated by the Convention, and the platform adopted, to the Democracy. At tho seoond stand speeches-were delivered by William McAl lister, William B Rankin, Col. E W. Power, and others. A series of resolutions were then adopted ratifying tho nominations, and ex

pressing hearty approval of the platform. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, June 12, 1856. Yesterday, the household cfTcots of Mr. Crampton, late British Minister, was sold at auction by Barnard A Buckey. The company was very large, and the competition among bidders very great. Nearly every article sold brought excellent prices ; some, according to our estimate of them, went beyond the bounds of all reason, from fiftv to one hundred per cent, above their intrinsic value. Many of the purchasers were from jour oity, the prin cipal of which was Mr Sartiges, the French Minister, who is going to occupy the same premises. Tho following gentlemen have been elected (by the Board of Directors) officers of the Georgetown Gaslight Company for the ensuirg year : David English. President and Treas urer : Henry King, Secretary, and Jonathan D Cathell, Superintendent. It seemi to bo a foregone conclusion that every gentleman in our city has determined to patronize the ladies fair now being held at < Forrest Hall. We are not surprised at this | Such a profusion of delioocics and useful ar ticles is rarely, if ever, seen at a fair; and such a bevy of agreeablo ladies, &nd such showers of sweet smiles, pleasant talk, and winning manners, are sufficient to charm the sences and melt into tenderness and love the adamantine heart of eveu a crusty old bache lor, and cause him at once to resolve to rush to the fair, if not to arm*. Sweet musio from the piuno lends a charm to the festivitie? eveiy evening. Trade upon our canal, except in coal from Cumberland, has been less active than it was during the several preceding weeks. This is J doubtless owing to the pressing engagements of the farmers, and will be likely to continue | until after harvest. Mayor Addison is still gradually recovering , his health, and will from all we can learn, ] soon be able to return to the duties of bis office i again l The flour market is steady with consider- 1 able demand fur shipping and other purposes at S6 for good standard brands. Wheat? I SI 35 for red, and SI 40 for white. Corn? | 15c. for white and yellow. Spectator Turkish Religious Toleration ?The 1 Turkish Government has just given a distin guished proof of its toleration of other forms ?f worship besides the Ottoman. Three Cath- , ,>lic monks cf Bosnia lately murdered a Turk, i and, the more effectually to conceal their :rime, burned the body in the kit:ben of the jonvent They were ail three tried, found ( gruilty, and sentenced to death; but the , iiovernment has ordered the execution to be i suspended until the Pope, informed of the sircumstances, shrll have had time to deprive i the criminals of their office, ao tbat the pun ishment shall be inflicted on the man, and ' not on the priest. The Aimenians and Greeks, it appears, have protested against the late I toleration and reform decree of the Sultan The Greek petition is directed especially 1 Bgainst tho articles relating to the clergy. curious trial took place recently at I a Rhenish tribunal, Germany. A man pos- i seesed some nut trees, of which the branches hung over the ground of a neighbor, who picked up the ripe nuts that fell from the tree, and also broke some branches. For th;s the latter was prost ;utei for theft and tres pass, but acquitted, on the ground that be was entitled to profit by the fruit growing over his own property. Appeal was made from tbia decision, and the judgment reverted by the superior tribunal, because the princi ples of civil law ordain that all fruit and l oranches belong to the atcm, and tho stem to him upon whose ground it is planted, and that the right of nroperty of the latter does not cease with tne extension over neighbors' ground, no matter how far this extension. The accused was consequently condemned on both count?. India-Ribber BrrreNs.?A style of but ton for overcoats and general business cloth ing has been introduced within the last two years, which grows more shiny with age and wear, and in its every quality seems to be an admirable button. It is mado from one of the Goodjear varieties of prepared rubber, and a manufactory is now in operation in New Brunswick, which gives employment to some two hundred hands, male and female. The buttons have until this season been held at so high a price as to a great extent to prohibit the'r introduction, but a material reduction has, we learn, been lately made, which bids fair to render them the standard style for the class of clothing described. The Free State Hotel at Lawrenci ? The Free State Hotel was built and owned by the Emigrant Aid Society; was built for a fort. Its walls ext mded three-and-a half feet above the roof, with four port holes on each side, large enough to admit the mouth of an eighteen pounder. These poit holes were bid from view by a thin coat of plastering, that could be easily knocked out. This statement, says the Lecomnton Union, can be verified by several hundred witnesses.?Kansas lltrald. tyiho Mormons are experiencing hard times at Salt Lake. Food is so scarce tbat beggary from door to door is as common as in our Atlantic cities. Brigham Young de nounces the practice as likely to be an impos ture, though be says where any of the saints have gone Jive days without food they ought to make their wants known. Rather a task for a man to support ninety wives in a coun try where food is so scare*. White Savages?A recent letter fromFoit Mjers, Florida, has the following : " The Tampa Peninsular, of thie week, oontaine a regular affidavit of a man or two who got frightened and eonfessed to Capt Hooker, of the Florida volunteers, and others, that they belonged to a regularly organised band of white men who disguise themselves as Indians and go about plundering and murdering through the country. jy Considerable excitement *M created in the vicinity of stores numbered JH) to 100 on Pearl street, yesterday, under the following circumstances. A gentleman residing in Cam bridge desired to aveDge certain gross and repeated Insults which had been received from a merchant's clerk, and discovering the object of his search in a store three or foor doors from that in which he is employed, he immediately drew a stout cowhide and commenced laying it well on and about the head end shruldert of the clerk, who ted and took refug* in his employer's s'ore, bat was pursued, end sun dry blows were inflicted upon him there The eowhiding left distinct marks on his face and neck.?Ballimori Patriot, 10/A. fy When the Russians desire to keep fifh perfectly fresh, to be carried a loug journey in a hot climate, they dip them into hot bees~ wax, which acts like an air-tight covering. In this way they are taken to Malta, perfect ly sweet even in summer. .BUCHANAN CLUB OP THE DIS TRICT OP COLUMBIA? Perrons desirous to become members of this Club (the ob J?>ct of which will be to co-operate with the dif ferent State Clubs, under the direction of the Na tional Committee In the Presidential Campaign) are requested to meet and enroll their name at the ottce of Charles 8. Wallacb, Esq , opr?o?lte we*t wing of City HaU, on THURSDAY EVEN 1NG neit, at 8 o'clock- Jell-St ,NOTICE?THE MEMBERS of the Executive Committee of the Jackson Democratic Association are requested to meft at the hall of the Association, on Pennsylvania ave nue between ?th and 10th streets, on THURS DAY, the l*:h Instant, at 3 o'clock p m. J* ll_2t JOHN F. ENNlg, Cor. Sec. m -^NOTICE ?OMNIBUSES WILL BE engaged and In readiness to convey vis itors from Washington to the Ladies' Fair, at Forrest Hall, and back again every evenlnr at the close of the fair. jcll-tf .TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CON CERN ?All persons are hereby cau tioned not to credit any one on mv account, as I will net settle any debt contracted without my own written order. JOHN WAGNER. Je 11?3t m-^THE MONTGOMERY GUARDS beg lfave to announce to their friend*, Cl?ll and Military, that they will give their Fourth An nual Excursion on MONDAY, August 4th, 1856, to tae White House Pavilion. Parlculars la future advertisement. The Company will meet on Thursday evening, the 12th Instant, for dr 11. Jelo 3t THOS McENIRY, Sec .COME ONE ' COME ALL!?THE . SCOTT GUARDS respectfully an nounce to their friends that they will take a Ben - eflt at the National Theztre, on SATURDAY EVENING, June 14th, on which occasion an at tractive bill will be presented. Through th? lib erality of the Management we have obtained this benefit, and appeal for its support to a generous public. Box Sheet now open Also, tickets to be had of the members of the Company. je 10 5t? *-~^2?THE BOONE RIFLE CORPS RE Bv'A spectfully announce to their friends and the public, that they intend to give an Excursion ard Pic Nlc at the White House Pavilion cn TUESDAY, the 24th inatant. Particulars in a future advertlsemeu?. je 10-3t ,THE L A D I E S OF T R%1 N I T Y Church, Georgetown, will hold a FAIR :*t Forrest Hall, to aid In liquidating the debt yet due on this Church; to begin on MONDAY, the 9ih ntant, and continue during the week They most respectfully Invite the public to pay them a visit, and examine the m<iny beautiful *nd rare articles they have to dispose of, and en joy the delicious Strawberries, Ac , prepared for the occasion. Je 7-tf ,NOT'CE ?TH E SUBSCRIBER bees leave to c?M. the attention of the public to his stock GL ASS ard (QUEENSWARE befo-e pu'cha ng elsewhere, as by so doing 'hey will save fror* 15 to 25 per cent. To 'ct a~d IV/ner Sets lower than the lowest at 300 Pa. avem.e, between 9th and 10th streets. je 9 6m JOHN McDEVITT. P>R SALE?A B08T0N BUILT CHAISE with harness. rJSF&M, Enquire of W. H. G1LMAN. W&B* Je 12-nt* 4% and Pa avenue P Lost?last evening, the nth in stant, probably on Pa. avenue, between the President's House end Capitol, a p'aln gold-hand Bracelet A suitable reward will be given If left PAIRO A NOURSE'S Banking House, opoo sits the Treasury Building. It* CREAM.?A CONFECTIONER, HOTEL keeper, or other persons can be supplied wi'.h from six to eight gslloas of pure fresh CREAM per week, sent In daily or thrice a week from a lairy and garden farm near Washington City, by addressing a note to Box No. 8 Star Office, so that ths advertiser may call and make arrangem?nta for Its delivery je l*-<f CHFAP GROCERIES.?CASH BUYERS will find It to their interest to call at the cor ner of Vth and E streets, and make their purcha ses. Wolfe's celebrated Schl'dam Aromatic Schnapps by the case, dozen or single bottle, at a reduced price. It* JOS. W. DAVIS. ULP1T ELOQUENCE.?BEING THE _ master-pieces of eminent Divines of all ages; Bossuet, Bourdalone. Mass'lion, Flecbier, Bar row, Hall, Jeremy Tavlor, Watson, Chalmers, Mason, and otters; of Chrysostom, Basil, Augus tine, Athanasits, and oihers among the 4 Fa Ihersof Wlckllffei, Luther, Calvin, Me'anc ihon, Knox, Latimer, and ottiers of the ?'Reform ers; and from many other eminent Divines in the Greek, l.atiu, English, German, French, Irish, Scottish, Welch, and American churches, many cf which are now for the first time trans lated. Complete In two large octavo volumes. editidbyRev Henry C Flth. Ju?t published. Price *5. (je 12) FRANCE TAY LOR. SPHATI S PATF.Nff LIGHTNING CON. DUCTOKS. THE UNDERSIGNED, THE ONLY Au thorized agent for the tale of the above supe ilor Conductors, is now prepared to exe-ute all orders which may be given him, and will erect them in the best and most approved manner. He cautions the public against any who may offer this patent without his authority. Orders leu at the following pia es will rcreive prompt attention: F. A A. Schneider, Union Foundry, corner Pa avenue and )8th street; and at the Franklin House, corner of 8th and D sts. The subscriber has in his employment skillful mechanics, thoroughly acquainted with the pro per method of putting up tuese conductors ^ J. B. OLCOTT, Je 12-lw* Franklin House NATIONAL BRASS BAND, THE PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLY IN formed that the above Band has recently bren orgsnlzd, with mutual understardlng end goodwT'i,by the following named professlocal musicians: Philip Fisher, J. R. Marsolettl, Win. Eer->man, Ga? tano Rape;tl, Fellas, Herman Mesze, Hen / Eiseman, Nauman, Charles Bergman, John Eiseman, Glefle, Thos Mac key, JohnArth, Michael Arth. Confiden'lv relying upon the public for a stare of their patronage and support, we guarantee to furnish good music for all occasions upon tie most reasonable terms. Orders lelt with Messrs. Flshtr. at No. 316 Pennsylvania avenue, ?"arsolettl, Flr.t Ward, William Bergman, Northern Liberties, Rapettl, Naw Yard, wi"l be p omptly attended to. je i2-tf [ORE NEW BOOKS AT TAYLOR A MAURY'S ?Wit and Wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith; by Duycain<-k, ? 1 25. The Life and Travel of Herodatus in the Fifth Century before Christ; an imaginary biography founded on fact; by J. Talboys Wheeler, F R G S ; 2 vols , ?-' The Hrguenot Exiles; a historic*! novel, 75c. M-chanics' TaMes; containing areas ard clr ] cumferences of circles and sides of equr I squares, I circumferences of angled hoops, cutting of boiler nlates, Ac , Ac., by Charles H Haswell, Marine Engineer, 50 cents. Introduction to the Study of Art; by M A D wight, SL Life Sketches ftom Common Paths; a series of American tales, by Mrs Julia L. Dumoat, SI The Rise and Progress of the English Consti tution: by E. 8. Creasy. M A ., third edition, SI. Calderon, his Life and Genius, with specimens of his Plays; by R. C Trench, B D., 75cents, je 1? -tr Bookstore, near 9t * street. NEW MATTRESS FACTORY* At Fairview Cotton Work* Alexandria.Va Having added the mattress Busi ness to our other manufactures we are now prepand to supply the trade with a superior ar 1 cle of Cotton or Shuck MATTRESS. We have a new patent shuck picker in use, which splits aid curia the shucks in the most perfect manner. Mattresses filled with these are superior to the old kind, being mere elastic and durable 1 h s, with other facllltiesaad arrangements.enable us to compete In prii e and quality with Baltimore and other Northern manufacturers Orders for any particular s'.xa or kind filled Immediately. Also, a supply of Cotton Warp, Wrapping Twine, and batting always on hand, at manufac turer's prices. PITZPATR1CK A BURNS, Proprietors, Alexandria. JOHN J. BOG UK, Agent, No. 38 East Mark* Space, Georgetowa. Je 12-lm M' KUNKEL 4 CO I KB*EEn JOHN T KURD SOLE MANAGKR JOS JEFFERSON STAGE MANAGRR rucit or aamaaioii. Rtserrfd seats .....73 cent* Boir* and Parquet SO cants. Family Clrcleand Galleries ocnu Last Night bet one of KBS FABBZN, the great Tragic Actreaa THIS (THURSDAY) I VKNINS, Will be presented the great Comedy of PEG WOFFINOTON; OR, MASKS AND FACES reg Wofflngton Mr* Farraa To conclude with THE GOLDEN FARMER. Jemmy Twite her Mr C. Burnett 1X7* The Box Sheet for the sale of Reserved Seat* will be open everyday. OBce hours be tween 9 a. m. and 5 p m. it GRAHD EXCURSION BY KAILBOAD " or in President's Mounted Guard. TnE COMMITTEE APPOINTED BY THE ?bore Company hiring completed their ar rasgtments beg lesvr to Inform their friend* and the public that the? will give an EXCURSION BY RAILROAD to the WASHINGTON JUNCTION (Relay lleaae) On MONDAY, Jane It, 185ft This delightful Retreat ha* been put la the moat complete order by the pre->ent proprietor, Mr John Miller, late of this city, an we.I and favora bly known to the citizen* of Washington. The grounds are spacious, containing cool grottoes and shady art>o *, Il*h1n<; place*, a spacious pavilion for danrlng. Ac ESPUTA'S BRASS AND STING BAND will be in attendance A SPLENDID DINNER, with all thedelica ties of the season, will be served up by the pro prietor-ln short, nothing will be left undone to make the excursion one of substantial enj >yment to all who may fiver the Company with their presence The excursion will leave Washington at 8 o'clock a m , in a special train cf cars, under the charge of that meat careful and gentlemanly con ductor. Capt Collin* Returning, will leave the He!ay House at ft o'clock p m Tickets-For ladvar.d gentleman TWO DOL LARS; for each add!tioral lady *1; can be pro cured from the Committee and members of the Company onlv. Order and decorum insured CmmliM. Lieut. C. W. Flint, E.Jones. J. H. G. McCutchea, KALu'x, )e 11-41 Lieut R L. TEEL, Treasurer. FOR THE YOUNG FOLKI AT HUM!? A great variety of TOYS and at low rrices je ll-3t LAN MOND, 7th ?t NEW EDITION OFFICIAL CONGRESS* DIRECTORY, made up complete to Jur.?*, embracing the changes of residence by Senator*. Members of Congress, A^ , together" with full and complete oflMal Diplomatic Lists FrkeT? cents. For sale by TAYLOR A MAURY, je ll-tr Bookstore nrar >th street JUST REUEIVEU FROM PARIS?" A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF LADIES GAITERS BOOTS, SHOES, and SLIP PERS, of all kinds, of the be*t material. a-d lu the lateat stvle of Paris. Also. Children's GAI TERS. of oil eizes and ever* color, at A. A J. GUILLOT'S, 170 Pa avenue, between 17th and 19th fttreei*, north side. Je ll-?t? NEW BOOK AND PERIODICAL STORE STANDARD BOORS. STATIONERY, PE ?5 rlodlcals. Ac , for *ale at low pric? a. by B W. ? ERGUSON,<98 Seventh street, next to Lam mond'a. Clark's Commentary, 4 vols, Chamber's Information, 2 vols, Pluribustah, AfruJa, or Life and Love In Norway, Prison of Wihevreden, Lord's Praver, Illuminated, ran be had only at FERGUSON 8, Je ll-tr Seventh st. CHAMPAON*, HOCR. MOSELLE AND CLARET WINES, per schooner Commander In-Chief, six : Verzanay, G. H. Mumrn A Co., In quartsaad pints Cabinet do do do Crencent Cordon Rouge, In quarts Heldslck, of RanauM A Francois Marcobrunner I H?* * LL.*"""' F"nk Seisenhelmer ) to?oa Milne Sparkling Hock. Nonpariel ) Sparkling Moselle > P A. Mumn Braunerberger Moselle, IMS ) Pt Estephe \ St. Jnlicn , Claret of J. Michealcon* A Chateau La Rose 1 Co., Bordeaux. Chateau L*ov121c ) (The Cord n Rruge is the best wine in the world) And other VN lnes of less flavor and quality For sale by JAMES H SHEKELL, je II-lw 279 F street, corner of 13th rUBLIV NOTICE. TO PIC NICS, EXCCRSIOSS, OR PRI VATE PARTIES. THE UNDERSIGNED TAKE GREAT plea-ureln Informing his nu merous friends and the public gen ^ craliy that he has, at all times, a numb* r of large and comfortable OMN IBUSE* for their accommodation, and at a moderate charge Applications may be made to ei her of the un dersigned, George A Thos Parker, or to John T Klllmon. WM WHALEY, Proprietor JNO. M HOLBROOK. Ag't. \rr A line of stages leave Washington every Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday at 5 o'clock a. m , for Fairfax, (C H.,) Aldie, and Mlddleburg. Passe .gers will please .save their names at Dy sou's Drug Store, cfrner Pa. avenue and 12th at Je 11-lm* 323 TRUNKS. 322 WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A GOOD assortment of Sole Leather Traveling Trunks, Ladies1 Dress and Packing Trunks, Bat B< xes, Valises, Carpet Bags SaUbels,' Ac , which we will dispose of at very low price* WALL A STEPHENS, Je 11-tT 322 Pa avenue, next to Iron Hall. (SONANTS POPULAR HISTORY OFthe J Bible; 1 vol Hasnell's Mechanics Tables Wheeler's Life and Times of Hercdltus; 2 vols Ingoldftby Legends : 2 vols; Illustrated Miller's History of the Anglo Saxons; 1 vol; London illustrated Kant's Critique of Plere Rea*on ; 1 vol; Lon don Guteri's History of the English Revolutioa; I vol; London Hand Book of Proverbs; 1 vol; Lor don Marco Po of? Travels ; 1 vol; London Egytt Ethlosslaand Sinai by Dr. Lesslurs; 2 vols; London Memoirs of PhllllfadeCommiMs: 2 vols ; Lon don De Fo?'i Works; 1 vol; London Jail FKANCK TAYLOR JUST RECEIVED A NEW STY LE OP Buchanan Over and Under SACKS, being a very gra eful and elegant Garment Also, the Raglan Dusters, with a superior as sortment of summer Goods WALL A STEPHENS, Je 9-lm Pa av , bttw 9th and 10th sts. P?R SALE, MORSE, WAGON, HAR* NESS.?The subscriber will dlsi c*e 5V* of the above on reasonable Urms, having no further use for them. The horte Is a good >trong draught. The wagon was l hy M r J W. Martin, of thla city; suitable fur grocer. fted butcher, and huckster dealers. Ali in Hue and good order. For terms apply to JULIUS DE SAULES. je 10-3t No. 3e9, corner of 9th and I t>ts. LOOK AT THIS! STILL GREATER REDUCTION Iff PEK'E OF COAL! WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED, AND ARL now landing, per Schooner Man^on. ?<*) tons be*t quality PL Had. lphla Wi Ife Ash CO A L which ws will warrant equal In qua lty to ai v ever brought to this market We will de iver it to any part cf Washington for SC per ton of 2,240 pound* We nave also a very large lot ?.f Oak, Pine a'?d Hlckorr WOOD, which we are aelling equals aa cheap. Terms cash. WARDER A STUART, Je 10-3t* Corner H and 12th st* REMEDY FOR WARM W FATHER ? JUST RECEIVED AT THE UNION BOT tllng Depot, a large supp'y cf that unktr f passed tonic for InvJids, GINGER WINK 1 Al*o XXX Pale and Burton's Alts n d ? ter of very superior quality, together with *? large^ a sac rtmen t of syrups of almost every kind. all of which, together with our premium Mln* ral Waters will oe furnished to customer* 1* any part of Washington or Geor.-etown All orders left at the Depot in Georgetown. * with the driven of our Wagon*, will mret with prompt attention ARNY * SlllNN I