Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1856 Page 3
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KVENTNG STAR. : fy'tCAL INTELLIGENCE. National Theatre ?The play of " Mary Tudcr, in which Mrs. Farreu performed lot n*bt with *ach brilliant effect, is said to hare h?en written for Mrs. Farren by Mr. Eimund F1 yg- of the State Department, and was first produced in St Louis The success this ad mirable piece at once attained, shows that s capital playwright was lost when Mr Flagg devoted himself to graver pursuits. Mr* Furren appears to-night as Peg, in the o mtdy of Peg Wellington, which we are glad to *ee repeated, as. we doubt not, will all who hit 1 the satisfaction of beholding its first per formance, at the National The evening's en tertainments conclude with the sterling drama of 4i The Golden Farmer." The management of the National have am ply redeemed their promise to supply the first dramatic talent available to their Washington patrons, and we trust their pecuniary returns may substantially indemnify them for their labor and expense. U.\sns us Yom Pocket Book ?Yesterday afternoon, on the arrival of the Southern boat, four sqppicious looking persons, who had been lingering about the wharf, were arrested bv the new police officers, Gill and Lloyd, upon the information of Mr George Taylor, who te-tified that one of the party, a youth of about fifteen years, bad made an attempt t<> pick a lady's pocket while she was entemg an omnibus. While these parties were stand ing in the vicinity of a gentleman on board the boat, bis pocket-book suddenly dropped <>n the fl'?r in a manner indicating that pick pockets were about, but that they had failed to menage t'no attempt with usual adroitness. The fu.?pected parties were sent to jail by Justioe Rowland for further hoaring. The New Police who have given bond, en tered upon their dutie9 yesterday. Some of them have already given evidence by their conduct that the laws of the Corporation will be enforced strictly without prejudice or par tiality Others have not completed their ar rangements, but all will probably be on duty before tbo end of the week. Last night the M tyor, with the Captain)of the Guard, visited the beats of the watchmen in the central Wards, an act not often performed by the May r since Msyor Lenox's time, when it was considered a duty of his honor to make him .-elf personally acquainted with the guards ard the manner in whioh they attended to their duty. Corporation Cases.?Quite a number of ca.-es of this descript'on will be reported to the Chief of Police during the coming week, by the new officers. Many grow out of ne glect or ignorance of the laws The following cases were disposed of yesterday : Catharine ^rmesby, drunk and disorderly; workhouse thirty days ; committed by Justice Hollings tcad. Henry Douglass, for profanity, and Chas. Brown, throwing stones ; fine and costs ; arrest by Officer Fanning, and tried by Justice Stevens. New Bookstore ?Some doien years ago, < r thereabout, a person undertaking to set up a bookstore on Seventh street would have be*r. ?h??urtit a fit subject for a lunat e hos fital; note, wbat with increase of population ir.d the steady march of improvement, Sev enth street bus become a great business thor oughfare, aud numbers almost as many book t ma aa Pennsylvania avenue. By the ad vertisement it will be seen that Mr B. W. Ferguson has opened a fine assortment of books at No Seventh street. Something ?Thi3 morning we noticed a small tent erected on the market spaee, and fr<>m the crowd of boys and men around, sup ; ?e that something is there exhibited to at tract :he curious. The music of a hand organ, < r f instrument of the sort, was drawing the b vs in to eye the sight*, and there was a little disorder until the Guards interfered. Cot rt or Claims ?Yesterday, Mr Phillips rWoi the argument in behalf of the oliimants in th- case <>f ihe brig General Armstrong on the facts, and the case was submitted Mr Polk opened the case of J. H Waggo man ts. The United States, when the Solieitor replied, and the case was submitted. Ad journed. Omnirise* tor Pir-Nics, elegant, roomy, and every way comfortable, can be had of Mr William Whaley at short notice. Mr- Whaley his had much experience in catering for the public convenience in his line, and we feel confident th3t those who contemplate a rural trip cannot do a wiser thing than to apply to him See advertisement. Arrest*. 4c ?Davy Coates. colored, was charged with malicious mischief, by throwing fi-h brine on a lot of newly washed clothing, a d with miking threats Davy being unable t give security was sent to jail for court by Justice Smith Matilda Beck, indecent ex p< sure dismissed. Removal ?The Northern Liberties' Fire Company have t?ken possession of their new engine bouse at the intersection of New York avenue and L and Sixth streets, and the old engine bouse has been removed: thus leaving the view through Eighth and K streets unob structed. ??? Great Bargains is Lace Goons are offer ed by Mr. A. Tate We think it would be ?hffi -alt to find a finer assortment of goods this side of New York, than is offered by Mr. T<*te, and the prices at which they are sold are suprisingly low. Call and give them an examination. Scpep.r Strawberries were those received from Mr- M Griffith, as may well be admitted when it is known that thirty of them make a heaped quart. They are styled the " British Queen Strawberry," and the germs were ob tained, we learn, from the celebrated gar dens of the Duke of Northumberland. Excursion ije Contemplation ?We learn that the accomplished Choir of Ryland Chapel contemplate giving an excursion some time this month to the White House. Sheuld the 1 .lies and gentlemen of this choir carry out tocir design we can anticipate for them a most satisfactory entertainment. Ai pointei) ?Mayor Magruder has appoint cl J as. W. Baggott, of the Second Ward, CLief <>1 Police, in place of John Davis. The 'PT' intment meets the approval ot the citi zens generally. Matter*- ok Art?See the advertisement ia another column of a sale of elegant paiat on Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Open t the public at nine o'clock to morrow morn ing Resignation ?We learn that Mr Thomas E Llojd bas resigned his position as Secre tary of the Board if Commissioners of the Washington Asylum [ COM Mr MIC ATE D. A Great Ncisa.nce ? Mr. Editor : Have w .i dog-catcher among us? If so, will he be I leased to devote a portion of his attention to the *rmy "f wretched, starved, lousy, yelping ars that infest the Island portion of our city, ar.d make the night hideous with their howl ? < Of late their favorite stamping ground . ia the vicinity of the Stoamb tat wharf, and there tliesa ragged mongrels have full and r. ii-1 u:ed possession, rendering sleep out of the question The nai?anc? la intolerable, ?>r 1 if the proprietors of the brutes do not put i s*. i to it the sufferers mudt. One or the Sleepless. Wat^u RtrfRii.?Buck Lacey, colored, t-?keii fr< in a L >u?c on complaint of neighbors; li mited with a lecture Biddy Carrol, drunk the street; workhouse thirty days. Susan Wilium*, disorderly conduct, do. Thomas .'rTtor, colored, assault and battery on a boy by him in the mouth with a brick; jail. Tr^NELivQ ?Although the workable depo sitee .m California are generally on the sur face, 'he Nevada Journal describee one hill, the M uneluke, in which a journey of a mile at.d a half can be made under ground, and e-tiioate* that enough tunneling has been performed in the State to extend, in a straight line quite across it. The tunneling in Mam < luke Hill cost about $12 to the foot of linear jse isurement. [ AD VBaTISBM INT. Thb Fair and Fkstital of the ladies of Trinity church, now being held at Forrest Hall, Georgetown, presents attractions, among the articles to be disposed of, rarely found at such places. Among them are two very hand some sets of silverware, one of which was pre sented by the congregation of St. Mary's church, Alexandria. There is also a basket of wax flowers, manufsctured by Mrs. H. Barron, which, if we are not mistaken, was a present from friends in Washington. The ex ecution of these floors is so perfect as almost to preclude the detection or their artificial character except by the touch. These ar tioles, together with many others that are very costly, if not otherwise disposed of, will be raffled for, presenting a rare opportunity of obtaining a prise. An examination ef the articles for aisposal will richly reward the visitor for the trouble and expense of the ?isit, to say nothing of the many other pleas* ures. A Visitor. [JX Freeh Congress Water, received this day. dlreet from the Spring. Dally expecting to arrive, BSDFOKD AND HU E LICK WATKBS, at OILMAN'S n*w Drug Stor*. lit Pa. avenn*. on 14-1 w ICT Mineral Waters.?A fresh supply ef BBDFORD WaTKR, ?o Joatly celebrated for dyspeptic*. C"i>gress and Empire VtUrn, from th? world ran owned !?pr'ng* at Saratoga. Bin# Lt?k Water, from Bloe Lick Spring* In Kentucky. All received tbla day direct, at OIL HAN'S n*w Drag Store, US Penna. avenue. m 2t-lw 1ET lo Tinseef Peace prepare fer War. The warm weather la at hacd, aud a* experience la the be?t teacher in the nnl verse, wa would ad else all irho are affected by the chance of season to gat a aapply of Dr. J. HO"?TKT TEK'S STOMACH BITTERS. a* a stand by for the inmmer. Laat year daring oar alckly timea. theae Bitter* were proved Invalnable aa a tonic agent, and It will be well to proflt by the experience and lay In a aapply In time. For sale by Drngglst* generally ja 11-tr What is it Far?Thia Weed's Hair KKSTOR ATIVK T?I* a question asked dally by hundred*. We answer, withoat herniation or fear of contradiction, that It la the only article known wblcb will do all It promise* for the tinman hair. It will renew Ita growth?It will atop It* filling?it will reatore Ita nataral color. It la not a Hair Dye, bat a speedy and efBcacious Restorative. Trial bottle* $1; pint* $1, quart* 11. Head the advertisement on the'onrth page. ap 1??tf (CrBrown s Branchial Troches.?Weare rendering the pnbllc apeaker*, vocalists, and other* who are affected with hoar*eneea. Incidental to *paaking or sudden change* of climate, a benefit, If they will but follow our ex parlance, by drawing their attention to theae valuable lo tenges, which have commended themselves to many of oar most dl*tlnj?il*I>ei divine*, and are recommended by ocr mo*: prominent doctor*. They possess the power of afford ing relief to the throat, after any continued exertion, and we know of many profeealonal ladle* and gentlemen who Sod theai truly Invaluable.?[Gazette. Sold In Washington by J. N. CALLAN. Ja S-tr fry Ceats, Pants, and Vests, Dress Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WALKSB A CO., Mskrlk Hall CLorame Kiiro aii'M, Brown*' Hotel Balldlng, r.-spectfully annoanca that thalr annaal display ofSFRING AND Sl'MMKB CLOTHING I* now ready for Impaction, comprising an assortment of Qbntlkvkr am Tomia' Cionm of tha nawaat and rich est daalgaa. In material, trimming, and workmanahlp. To tho*a who atady excellence, with economy In fashlonabl* ar ticle* of dree*, an opportunity I* now offered for selecting from one of the aaoat attractive a lock af good* In thi* city, at vary reduced price*. ap 3?tf 1X7" Aaether remarkable care ef Screfnla. Sparta, Carolina County, Va., March, lib*. Me?r?. Bennett A Be?r*, Richmond. tiantlemen.?Your Carter'* Spanish Mixture ha* per formed a rAnarkable care in the person of a servant man, afflVted with Scrofula in the very wo ret form. So bad had lie become, that hi* eyes were entirely cloaed and had been au for more than a year. A* a last reeort, as everything else had failed. It wa* reaolved to try tha mixture. We admin istered it according to directions, and wouderful to say, a perfect care ha* b?en effected. I am satisSed that no medi cine equal* "Carter'* Spanish Mixture" aa a purifier of the bkxil. It i* creating quite au excitement here, and sells very rapidly. Seud anether lot by railroad. Je 2-lm Your* truly, B. 8. B HO A DDI S. IZF1 Important to the Ladies!?Dr. Du PONCO'S FKMALK PILLS ?The Combination of Ingredi ent* In the Pill* are perfectly harmless. Their eflicacy and merits are lased upon an extensive practice of over thirty years; and. where the direction* have been atrictly lol lowed, they have never failed to correct all Irregularities, re'ieve painful and difficult menstroation. (particularly, i at the change of life. They will enre the White*, and remove all obstruction* arising frrm cold, exposure or any cause* ; and may be used snrc*e?fu'Iy as a Preventive. Call npon the agent, and get a Circular for parttcnlar* free Price )1 per box, with full direc tion*. Sold wholeaala and retail by CHAS. STOTT, Druggist, Pennsylvania avenne, SAMI'il. B. WAITK, 5tt Seveuth street, Waahlngton, D. C.; and It. S. T. CISSEL, Georgetown; to wh"Di all order* trust be sent, and the Pills will he ?ett confidentially, by mall, to ladle* who enclose them one dollar. N. B.?See signature on the box; to ccnnterfelt it I* for gery. ja 2-tf Hseflaad's German Bitters.?lerti ticate of Ralph Lute, Esq , Kdltor " Spirit of Times," Iron ton, Oblo. IaowTO*. October 3S, 1*M. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir:?The Bitter* are In great de naacl here. In addlt'on to the quantity *old by Moxley A Barber, yoar agent*. the two other (tore* fell more of them than auy other medicine. I find they are much a*ed by con valescent faver patient* to rebuild their broken constitutions. I Wave used daring the la-t summer, in ray own family, four bottle* They were recommended to me first by a neighbor, at a time when my (ystem was much debllita.ed from trie effects of a severe Bilioa* Fever. They gave me an appetite, and reetored a tone and rigor to my whole system. In one of the September numbers of my paper I related my experi ence of the good effect* of the Bitters, ilnce which time they have had a lar<e sale, and have now become the standard medicine la this vicinity. In conclusion, I would say that I feel great pleasure in giving yoa tbla testimony of the valae and sncceaa of yoar preparation. Rcsptcl'ul y your*, Ktira Li t*. See advertisement Ja " Smr 117 Wns. A. Batchelor's Hair Dye.?Gray, B d. or Ruaty Hair dyed Instantly to a Beautiful and Natu ral Brown or Black, without the least injury to Kair or Hkln. Fiktbk.n Medal* ani> Diri.OMa* have been awarded to Win. A. Batchelor since 1*39, and over 30,00* application* hue been made to the Ha r of bis patrons of his famous Dye. Prejudice against Dying the Hair aud Whisker* is unjnet, as It would be again?t covering a bald head with a wig. W?. A. Batchklos'* Hai? Dtk prod no* a color not to be distinguished from uature, and Is warhantku not to luJure in the least, however long It m?y be contiuned. Sold in all citte* and towus of the United States, by Drug gists and Pancy Goods Dealers. The Genuine ha* the name and addreaa upon a steel plate engraving, on four side* of each bottle, of WILLIaM A.BATCHELO It, 133 Broad may. New York. W^'ir tale by CHAS. 3TOTT, Pennsylvania avenue. ap T * |?7* Dalley'i Geaaine Pain Extractor, will subdu* the pain and Inflammation from the severest burn* or acalds. In from one to twenty minute*?aud that it will heal tha woanda without *car; and effectually cure Fever S..rea?Pile*?Salt Rheum? Intiammatoiy fbeumati*m?Sora and Inflamed Kyea?Cuta?Wounds?Bruise*?Oil and lu veterate re*?Scald Head?Corn* and Bniiion*?Erysipelas ?Sprain*?Swelling*? Felon*?Chilblains? Bite of Iussvta? Swelled and Broken Breaat?Sore Nlpplea?Eruptions?and all other inflammatory and cutaneous disease*, where the part* affected can be reached. Don't be incradulous about the many disease* named to be enred by only one thing?but reflect, that the few, but posi tive propertiea which the Dalley Halve alone contalu*, and aa heretofore enumerated?one to four?can reach not alone the af-'re mentioned dieeaaea. but many more not euaiuerated. Each box of Ukxvixe Dali t s Paid Extractor has upon It a Steel Plate Engraved Label with the signatures of C. V. CLICK ENEK A CO., proprietors, aud HEN BY DaI.LRY, manufacturer. All other* are counterfeit. Prlc* it cent* per box. All orders should be addressed toC.Y. Cllckeoer k Co., SI Barclay street. New York. fcTForsale by CHAS. STOTT, NAIRN A PALMER, and Druggists generally. ap S?ao?m iZT The Great Knssian Kenedy?Pre BONO Pl'BLICO.?" Every mother should have a box la the koaae handy In caa* of accident* to the children." BEDDING'S BVSSIA SALVE. It I* a Boston remedy of thirty year*' standing, and I* re commended by pbydclan*. It 1* a sure and speedy car* for Burn*, Pile*, Bolla, Corns, Felon*, Chllbains, and Old Bore* ?f every kind; for F*y*r Sore*, l iters, Itch, Scald Head, Mettle Rash, Baaloaa, Sore Nipple*, reccmmccded by aur*ee,) Whitlow*, Stlea, Featers, Flea Bites, Spider Sting*, Fr iien Limb*, Salt Bhaam, Scarry, Sor* and Cracked Lip*, Sore Noee, Warto and Fleeh Wound*, It i* a mo*t valuable remedy and care, which can be teetlfled to by thouaaad* who have used It In tUa city of Boston and vicinity for tha laat thirty year*. lu no lnstanc* will this Salve do an Injury, or Interfere with a physician's prescription*. It 1* made from the paraat material*, from a recipe brought from Knuala?of article* growlug la country?and the proprietor* have latter* from all claaaea, clergymen, phjralclan*, sea captalna, naraea, and other* who have used it themselvea, and recom mend It to other*. Bedding's Russia Salve I* pat In large tin boi'a, atarnped on the cover Willi a picture of a horaemud a dlaauled soldier, which picture I* alao engraved cu the wrapper. Price, SS Cent* a Box. Sold at all tha atora* la town or country, and may be ordered of any wholeeal* drn<g!*t. For *al* at SHILLINGTON'S, Agent for Wash* t rtoa. l*i SS DIKD. On the 6th Instant, in St Lawrence co , N. Y , WILLIAM F GURl.EY, Esq , elder and only brother of the Rer. P. D Gurley, of this city. PREPARE FOR WARM WEATHER. WE HAVE A LARGE AND COMPLETE rt ck of SUMMER UNDERSHIRTS a id DRAWERS for {rent*emen. of Gauze Merino and Cotton, Silk, Lisle Thread, Linen and Twilled Cotton Our friend* and the public are solicited to ex amine hem. Price* low. Goods cheerfully ex hibited at all times GEO H H WHITE A CO., Gents Furnishing Store, 3W Pa avenue, je 5-eo-^w l?ftween 9ih and loth streets. OtAIUHABLH FURNITURE DRY ^ Ooads ?J ust recelvedand on sale? 1U0 rolls superior and heavy 4-4 White and Red checkered contract Mattings These aie tbe best goods for the price ever offered for consumption in this city 10 sheets wide, heavy, and elegant Floor Oil cloths 19 sheet* In axsorted widths, at low prices i ca*e 10-4,1'i 4 and 16 4 Linen Dauiask Drug The*e goods are now much used for covering line Carpet* while on the tloor, and at the same tline are a delightful summer Carpet. The widths are such a* will enable tbe purchases to lay them down at short notice. 30 pieces assorted colors Bobblnet. for protecting mirror and picture frames acd gas ixtures. 50 pieces very wide white and colored Rose Lace for uioaqulto and fly nets 1 case assort-d colors mosquito nets, very cheap lease brass Bed Arches, for suspending neto or drapery over beds, a new, convenient, desirable article, and very ornamental 1 case dark green and dark blue Sbade Linen, for darkening rooms. Colors warranted. Also, many other desirable novelties In furnl< turedrv ^ooas, which can only be found at oar rooms. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. js *-eo3w FISHING TACKLE, a large supply; Hooks, Reels, Rods, Sinkers, and Plsh*ng Baskets, at iw Seveathstreet. (j?9) 6. FRANCIS. w WANTED?A GOOD HOUSE-SERVANT, to make herself generally useful. Good rageewill be given Apply at the Star Oflce between 11 andl2 to-morrow. It WANTED?A YOUNG MAN RESIDING on the Island, of genteel appearance and ;ood address. Apply at the City Despa'ch Of lce. Also, one from the Nary Yard. It WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A GOOD Wheelrlght and Blacksmith Enquire of B. RANDOM, corner 1 and 21st streets. Jc lt-3t? WANTED?A girl ABOUT 12 Y EARS of age, to attend a child eighteen months old. Reference required Enquire at this ofltee. Je ll-8t ANTED?A chambermaid AT F and 20th streets. Je ll-3t? WANTED?A neat, TIDY WOMAN TO do the work of a family of four persons. Call at 495 Fourteenth street. j? U-St* WM. PETTIBONE. 1 AALABORERS WANTED IMMEDIATE J-VjLF ly to work at Culvert No. 12, Washington Aqueduct, about nine miles from Georgetown. Wages Si 25 per day. Apply to M . A. Kellogg, Agent, on the work near L~ck 13 C and O Canal. Je 10 6t? WANTED ?A SITUATION AS ASSIS tant Book-keeper In an v kind of business by ? graduate of ChamWlln'o Commercial College, Baltimore; good references as to character given, inv communication addressed to A B through Alexandria Post Othce, will meet with prompt ktten<lon. Je 10-lw? WAN TED ?WANTED?WANTED?TO And persons In want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, In bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any size Looking Glasses, or other work in the gliding line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-lroa Brackett*, suitable for ihelvlng, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old vVork Regllt.and Looking Glass Plate* Inserted. 255 Penna. avenae, opposite Kirkwood House. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR QALXI AND RENT. [SRK FIRST PAGR FOR OTHER NOTICES ] For rent?the comfortable Dwelling House, No.40? Ninth street, above H, nnd the furniture for sale either in part or the irhole Possession may be had immediately. Apply on the premises. Je 12-3t* DRU8 STORE FOR SALE.?A WELL Es tablished Apothecary Store. In a desirable ocation, with complete stock and fixtures, and a aige patronage, for sale. Address UP 9,'' Post Jfflce, Washington, D. C. Je 10-lw* rHREE DARGE ROOMS, WELL ADAPT ed to summer use, may be obtained by ap plying at Mrs. SEArLE'S boarding-house, No. &j south side Pa. avenue. Je7-lw BOARDING-. Board?a few respectable me chanlcs can obtain good board and pleasant rooms by applying at No 387 13th street, oetween H end 1. Also, two young ladles can be accom modated with board.' Terms moderate, m 22-1 m* OARD, Ao.?MRS. BATES,ON THE S. W. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street B s pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, irfthor without board. Every effort willbe made :o reader those comfortable who may favor her irltb their patronage. apS?tf EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS IN SUPERB NEEDLE WOBK, LACE AND FANCY GOODS! WHICH MUST BE SOLD OUT BY THE 1st August at some price. I will, therefore jommence this week to offer unprecedented ln luceinents to ladles, and Invite an early call from my customers and the public. A. TATE. Penn a venue, between lot A and IliA streets. BONNETS, Ac. 9traw and Gimp Bonnets, 12){c to $3.50 Straw, Gimp and Leghorn Flats and Hats. RIBBONS, Ac. Bonnet and Sash Ribbons Cap and Fancy Ribbons Trimming Ribbons Florence of all colors. embroideries. Embroideries Habits, 50c to S3 50 Do Sleeves, 12){c to 83 Do Collars, 6 jtfc to ?7 Do Swiss and Cambric Flounclngs Do do do Kdge and invrtings Do do do Caps and Cuff's Do Handke'chlefs. 50c to S10 Do Infants Caps and Waist. LACE GOODS Embroidered Lace Habits, Si to S3 50 Do Sleeves, 60c to S3 Do Cellars and Bands Do Falls, black and white Do Nets for sleeves, Ac. Plait and Fancy Mitts R^al Thread and Yalencls Lace and Edge Point de Lance French Plait and American Laces and Edgings, very low Th-ead Bobbin and Calais Edgings Wide black Silk Lace and black Edge White Silk Lace and Edgings. WHITE GOODS AND TARLETONS. Swiss, Book, Mull Nainsook Plaid and Cambric Muslins Bishop and Victoria Lawns 911k and Cotton Illusions Mosquito Netting White and colored Tarletons, 25 cents to 82 cts. peryerd. DRESS TRIMMINGS. Gimps, Braid*, Fringes, Velvets, Ac. 911k, Gilt, Gla-s and Bone Buttons. FLOWERS AND CAPS. Straw Flowers and French Sprays Wraaths, Roses, Buds, Japonlcas Face Sprays, Green Leaves and Sprays Dre*s Caps 25 cents to 92 Infants Caps 50 cents to SI 50 Ribbon, Mohair and American Head Dress MEDLEY. Black and White Kid Gloves 37#c a pair Doored do 50 cts. do illk and Thread Gloves for Ladies and Children Sotton Hose 6^ to 56 cts a pair Long and short black Lace Mitts Do colored Thread Mitts for children ?ombs, Brushes, Bracelets, Sosps Fans, Powders, Hair Oil, Perfumes Skirts, Ruchls Sewing Silk and Cotton drapes. Silk Cravats, Pins, Needles Steel Trimmings, Ac. Je7-eo3t AT KING'S OLD STAND. SELLING OFF OUR ENURE STOCK OF FANCY DRESS SILKS. WE SHALL COMMENCE TO-DAY 8EL ling off all Fancy Dress Silks at greatly re luced prices, many at le*s than cost orlmporta :lon As we Lave concluded to run off' all fancy Dress goods previous to making our Fall purcba ies, we have marked them down at sucn prices is cannot fall to suit all in pursuit of any styles of Drfss goods We name In the lot? 25 rich flounced Silk Robes at 812 to 825, many of them at less than cost L50 pieces assorted styles Spring and Summer Silks !00 do printed silk Tissues and Bereges 150 do Challey De Lalns and BeregeDe Lalns, in i ood styles JOO do assorted styles Lawns, Brllllantes and Chintzes. JUST OPENED TO-DAT? 15 do superior plain black Silks, of extra high lustre, from 81 to 81 75 50 do fine Grass Cloth Sklrtlrg 20 dozen assorted styles Skirts, ready made. COLLEY A SEARS, No. 523 7th street, 3 doors north of Je 9-2w Pa. avenue. lyEDDINtt PRESENTS WE CALL AT * v tent Ion to our assortment of handsome Jew lry, fancy SILVER WARE, Ac., suitable for redding and other presents M. W.GALTA BROTHER, J* 10 3t 324 Penn. ave , bet <Jth and 10:h sts. rHE LAST APPOINTMENT HAS JUST been received, in a cargo of 2,000 bush, wood >urnt LIME, cheaper than ever, at the Old Gas House, 10th street and Can?l. JcJ0-3t WM. P. DRURY. REMOVAL. f WISH MOST RESPECTFULLY TO IN l form my friends and the public that I have re moved my stock of fine WATCHES, rich JEW ELRV, and SILVERWARE to the ?tor- for nerly occupied by Mr. Keyworth, No 333 Penn sylvania avenue, where I shall be pleated to sec ill my customers. 1 have also connected with my Btabllshment a large Silverware Manufactory, rhere every article will be made from pure coin

liver. Mr. Brown, who is a thorojgh and prac ical workman, wi'l superintend the Maniifac ory and Watch Repairing Departments, and all vork will be guaranteed to give satisfaction H O. HOOD, ie 7 tf 8lg? * 'aMpiE-KSf E*?le' j0 7-tf SW Pennsylvania avenue. I AUCTION BALES. [.?! K..T rn.,.1. micu.| Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer ON FRIDAY AFTERNOUI?,c?mnifiirim at 5 o'clock, st the Gallery over Mr Farn ham's Store, corner of Pa. avenue and Eleventh s'net, I shall sell a chMce collection of OIL PAINTINGS, comprising original pictures by eminent living artists, and accurate transcript! of pictures of world-wide celebrity. Terms: $50 and uoder cash ; over that sum a credit of l, a, and 3 months, for notes satisfacto rily endorsed, bearing interest. Je l2 d A. GREEN, Auct'r By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. pICELLENT THREE-STOKY BRICK Li Htaie and Lot at the corner of 10th at. and New York avenue, at A ? c t i ? n .?On TUESDAY,the'21th Instant. I shall sell. In front of the premises, at half-past six o'clock p.m., part of original Lot No 4. in square No. 378, hav ing a wide front on New York avenue, at the cor ner of 10th street west, with the improvements, which are an excellent three-story brick house, containing ten or twelve conveniently arrangea rooms, with a ba^k building and c*her necessary outbuildings. Title Indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance In <5, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred pa\ments, bearing Interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of tru?t taken. Je 12-d A. GREEN, Auct. T By JAS C. McGU I RE, Auctioneer. BEALt**UL BUILDING Lota st the corner of E and 3d streets st nIwiiS i"cMo5??-On WEDNESDAY AFTER premie |D.h 8'?* ,half-P?st 6 o'clock, on the praauses, I shall sell Lots Nos. 3 and 4, Square ?H 8Jtuat?d at the corner of north E street dWidJd tJ ThOW> l0<" haVf b^n 8Ut> divlded to make six lots fronting each '25 feet (5 iTo tot ?i wth V1."*,1' runnlnK b*<* feet to !I . alley? an<* 8*x lots fronting 24 feet 1 Inch ley atreet, running btck 155 feet to a 30-feet al fwf P,r.obab'V the be8t proportioned and most eligibly situated lots to be found for sale in tuat very desirable r>art of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the at K*?* fa?.^ll8tR " wel1 as desiring a erst-class building site Title Indisputable Terms: One-third cash; the residue in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. 3 )e ltf~d JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer! *>LE OF VERY VALUA. Lot9' on 7th ??.. between thiTmhh?ve?v* l,Auc,Un ?On 1 ,i ?i i X' the26thd?y of June, A D 185?, 1 shall sell. In front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. "l'at Pllbl,c auction, by virtue of a decree from he Ornhans' Court for the County of Washing ton, District of Columbia, confirmed by the Cir cuit Court for said county and District, all of Lot No. 12 and the south 33 fret of Lot No 11. in square No. 424. fronting 9*2 feet on 7th street, te tw.enM andN streets north; said Lots will be .*lde5 into 'our Lot*> eacb having a front of 23 feet on Seventh street. s *n f"18 ?"*"'ourtb cash ; balance in three instalments of four, eight and twelve months *!ven an(* a deed trust taken to secure the deferred payments. A*J conveyancing at cos* ?' 'he purrhaser if the terms of the sale are not compiled with in three days after the sale the property will he re sold at the risk and expense of tne first purchaser ? io -W,LL'AMJ MARTIN, Trustee Je 18-sod JAg. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. STii?V? ?/.A RKTA,I' fiKOttRY AT ^ Public Sale.?On WEDNESDAY .MORN ING, J une 11th, at 10 o'clock, at the Store in Po tomac Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and 11th street, Island, I shall aell the stock of a Retail Grocery, comprising? Sugars, Teas, Coffee, Spices Tooacco, Cigars, Snuff Pickles, Catsup, Fish Brsndy. Whissey, Gin, Ac. China, Glassand Crockervware Counters, Shelving Store Fixtures, Ac. I frms : AU sumi under 825 cash ; over that a amount a credit of sixty and ninety days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing intere?t. Je9-d JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auct'r. _ Ji/" The above sale la postponed until FRIDAY MORNING, the 13th instant, same hour and place. ' .ie la-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Furniture and holsekeepino Effects at Public Auction.?On TUES DAY MORNING, June 17th,at lOo'clock, at the residence of Mrs. Blunt, on the corner of 8th and E streets, (immediately opposite the Post Othce Department,) 1 shall sell the Furniture and Household effects, comprising? Excellent spring-seat Louiiges, Easy Chair Walnut Centre Table, Whatnot, fan* y Tables Cane and wood-seat Chairs, \\'indow-*bade Walnut arm Dining Ch*lrs, Extension Dining Tables, China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Carpets, Oilcloths, Ru^i Plain and checkered Mattings Beds eads, Buteaii", Washstands Hair and husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Looking-glasses, Toilet Sets, Clock Refrigerator, superior Cooking Stove Kitchen Utensils, Ac. above articles are aU nearly new and but little injured. Terms ?25 and under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and SW days, forsitisfactorily endorsed nrtes, hearing Interest. JAS McGUIRE, Auclionter. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IMPROVED PROPERTY ON 4k atreet * between ? nod H streets south, and Lot No. 10, in aubdtviaion of square f??. iovj, at suction.?On FRIUAY, June 20th, I shall sell In frjnt of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m nart or lot No. a and all of lot No 28, in square No 497, having a front on 4)j street of 45 feet a inches running back 10U feet to a wide alley, with the improvements, which are two good and nearly new two story Frame Houses, which will be sold separate. This property is next to the corner of H atreet south Immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall aell lot No. 10, In subdivision of square No 582, 1 aving a front of 50 feet on Second street west' running back 158 feet to a wide alley between south D street and Virgintaavenue, on the Island with the improvements, which are a good two story Frame House, Ac. Terms : One fourtn cash ; balance In 6, 12 and 1* months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of A deed given and a deed of trust taken All conveyancing at the expense of the pur chaser. Tltje indisputable. If the terms are not complied with in five davs after the sale the property will be re-old, at the nsk and cost of the first purchasers, by advertis ing the came three times in the National Intelll A. GREEN, Je 12-d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Y/* ALU ABLE BUILDING LOTS NEAR ? the Navy Yard ?On TUESDAY AFTER NOON, June 17th, at 6* o'clock, on the prem ises, I shall sell Lots Nci. 18 a-.d 19, In /qrare 847, fronting ?0 feet each on 6:h street east, near Virginia avenue, running back 105 feet one inch. The lots are well tituated for building pur poses, and win be subdivided to suit the pur chasers. r Terms: One-half cash ; the residue In one and two years, with interew, and satisfactorily secured 11'le Indisputable. J.G McGUIRE, jf(i-eoAds Auctioneer. S100 REWARD. RANAWAY FROM MY FARM, ADJOIN lng Upper Marlboro', about the middle * ~ of December last. Mulatto boy AM BROSE, belonging to my brother, Alfred W Gardi ner, of Charles county This boy is about' 14 years old?not very bright but father of a cl nut color?and haa delleate limbs. He haa usu ally a mild and pleasant countenance when spo ken to. ^ I will give the above reward for his apprehen sion If taken in Washington City, or north of Prince George's county, Md., and fifty dollars If taken in Prince George's county, or south of it In ei ther case he must be brought home er secured in Jail so that I can get him again. m 13-eotf ' B. J. GARDINER. JUST RECEIVED? Scotch Herrings Fresh Peaches and Apricots Prune Cordial Levy's celebrated Bitters Vermacelli and Maccaronl Sweet OH Freah Teas, for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, 474 Pa. avenue, Wine, Liquor and Segar Store. Je 10-tf * WOOD AND UDAL. WHITE ASH, HICKORY, RED ASH, OAK, GRAY ASH, and and CUMBERLAND PINE COAL. WOOD. U7" COAL under cover delivered free from slate and dirt. ?2,240 pounds to the ton. j? 10 T. J. A W. M. GALT. MEXICANS JUST ARRIVED. 1 DOZEN SPLENDID MEXICANS, IN full dress and uniform, from the celebrated city of Pucbls, the late seat of the Revolutionary for sale by JONAS P. | EVY, 474 Pa. avenue, Wine and Liquor and Groorv 8tore. Je?-2w AUCTION 8AJLES. SALE or LAND.?BY VIRTUE OP AU thorlty vested In me, on the premise*, in Al exandria county. Va , I will sell, it Auction, at 4 0 clock, on THURSDAY, Juae 26th, a valuable lot of 48 acres of land, part In wood snd a part cleared, and remarkably well adapted to garden ing purposes. It is joined by tlie farms of Mrs. Hamilton, R Cruit, and the Rev. A Hays?about 1# miles fiom Georgetown. There are two ex cellent springs of water, and a comfortable log House on the premises, which Is all enclosed by a lne fence. Any person wishing to purchase may get any desired information by calling on Robert Ball, Sr.. near Ball's Crow Roads, or the subscriber, at 558 G street, near Third. Terms of sale fwuo cash ; the balance in three equal payments at 0,12 and 16 months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken ROBERT BALL, Jr., Je 10-ts? Executor for Wm. Ball, deceased. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. 1/ALUABLB BUILDING LOTS AND * Three New Twa-story frame Hoaaea at Auctioa.? On FRIDAY, the 6th of June, I shall sell, at 5 o'clock p. m .in front of the premi ses, a very handsome Building Lot on the north side of Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th snd 18th streets west, nearthe War Department, being the west half of Lot No 5, in Square No. 166, having a front on Pennsylvania avenue of 3li feet, running back about 114 feet to a 20 foot paved alley And Immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall s. 11, In front of the premises, Lot No 86, in Square No. 28, the east part of which fronta 49 feet II Inches on 21th street, running back 100 feet to an alley; the west part of the lot has the same front on a wide al ev, on which is three convent - entnew two story frame houses; all of which will be sold separately or In lota to suit purchasers Terms of sale of the lot on the a\enue will be one third cash, balance in 6, 12, and 18 months; for lot 26, in square 28, wl h the improvements, one-fourth cash, balance in 6. 12. 18, and 24 months, for no es, In all cases c.f credit, bearlrg interest from day of *ale A deed given and a deed -f trust tak*n Title Indisputable. m29 d A GBKEN, Auct'r. CI?* The ahore sale is nnaveidabty post poned until FRIDAY, June 13th, same hour je7 d A. GREEN, Auct'r. By E. 8 WRIGHT; Georgetown. PORTO RICO SlOMi AND MOLASSI'S at Auction.?On FRIDAY next, the 13th instant, at 12 o'clock, on F. A A H Dcdge'a Wharf, the cargo of tlie brig Fidelia, from May agoes, consisting of? 210 hhds. prince Sugar 20 do cnoice Molasses Je 10-d ED. S. WRIGHT, Auct. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 17ERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON " H street, near l?th, at Public Auction. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 13th, at6* o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall seil Lota 7 and 8, Davidson's subdivision, Square No 127, fronting 42 feet 6 In he* on north H, between Itth and 18th streets west, running back 149 feet to a 29 ft. alley, containing 6,"?32X square feet. This is probabiy one of the moat eligible build ing sites in the First \Vaid for a flrst-cla&s resi dence. Title Indisputable. Terms: One quarter cash ; the residue In six, twelve and eighteen months, with interest, se cured by a deed of trust on the premises, je9-d J. (J McGUIRE, Auct. By A. UREEN, Auctioneer. SALE BY ORDER OF THE ORPHANS' Court of Excellent HouaehoM and Kitch en Furniture at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 16th Instant, I shall sell, by order of the Orphans' Court, at 10 o'clock a. m , at the residence of the late Oliver Whittlesey, on Louisiana avenue, be tween 3d and 4th streets, near the City Hall, all the personal effects of the deceased, v z : Mahogany sofa, dressing, and other Bureaus, Hatracks Mahogany marble-top Sideboard and Washstands Do Bookcase and Secretary French and other Bedsteads Mahogany centre, dining, breakfast, card, and other Tables Fine gilt frame Mirror Marble Kracketand other Looking-glasses Girandoles, Crockery Ware Parlor, chamber, hall, and stair Carpets and Rods Oilcloth and Hearth Rugs Cane and Woodaeat Chairs With a good assortment of Kitchen Requisites And many other articles which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. Terms : All sums under S25, cash; over ?25 a credit of two and four months, for notei satisfac torily endorsed, bearing interest. By order cf the Administrator. A. GREEN, je9-d Auctioneer. P S. The House is for rent; It lshanlsomely located and conveniently arranged For further particulars Inquire of w'm B. Todd, Esq , or the subscriber. A. GREEN. Bv JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer Beautiful buildino site over. looking the Smithaouiau Grounds, at Auction ?On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 6th, at 6# o'clock, on the premises, I sha 1 sell Diirts of Lots Nos. 12. 13, 14> and 15, In square No. 29 ">, situated at the corner of South B end 13th streets we?t, having a front rf 9(1 ftet on South B street by 125 on 13th street west, containing 11,250 square- feet, the whole well enclosed with a good fence and supplied with fruit trees. This properly Is probably one of the most eligi ble and beautiful building sites for sale In that section cf the city, having a commanding view of the Smithsonian Grounds. Potomac river, and city generally. If desirable the property* will be subdivided to suit purchasers. Terms: One-third cash; the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen mon hs. for satisfactorily secured notes, bearing Interest. Tide ludlspata ble. J AS. C. McGUIRE/ m 29-eo&ds Auctioneer. ID" The above sale is postponed in con sequence of the rain until THURSDAY AF TERNOON, June I2lh. same hour and place. Je 7-d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. VAUUAHLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW Jertey avenue aud North Capitol street at Auction?On THURSDAY, the 12th Inst , 1 shall sell, at 6% o'clock p. m , in front of the premises, ccmmencingon the first named prop erty, north half of Lot No. 15, In Square 567, sit uated at the corner of New Jersey avenue and north G street; and immediately after the sale of the above I shall sell, en the premises, Lots Nos. 4. 5, and 6, In Cabot's subdivision of Square No. 677. This property fronts on North Capitol, north G, and H streets. All the above described property Is very hand somely located in a rapidly Improving part of the city. Terms: One-third cash ; balance in 6, 12, and and 18 months; the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Je6-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. u PATENT HAT.?STEVENS, BROWN9 Hotel, wishes to call the attention of( the Hat wearing public to the new Patent VENTILATING HATcf "Beebe," being s satl-fled that It is the best Ventilated Hat >et in troduced STEVENS'S Salesroom, Je4-6t Browns' Hotel. I^HE LIFE AND DEATH Oh "SAM" IN . Virginia, by a Virginian. Price fl, at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Je 7 Bookstore, near 9th st. SCHCLHOFF'S THIRD MAZURKA Just published at the Music Depot Price 25 cents, m 30-tr GEO. H1LBU8. CHILDREN'S BATHING TUBS, five sizes; Foot Tubs, Slop Jars, Water Palls, ToLet Sets, Ac., at 490 Seventh sireet. je 7-tr G. FRANCIS. SOFT CRABS AND OREKN TURTLE SO U P are served every day atC.GAUTIER'S Saloon. m 22 GREENWOOD SEMINARY. SITUATED ON THE SEVENTH STREET Plank Road, three miles from Wra?hlngton, now open for the reception of boarding and day pupils Je7-lin* Mrs WM KESLEY, Principal. ICE?ICE?ICE. BSHADD'SICE and lager beer de ? POT, at the southwest corner of Third street and Pennsylvania avenue. The Ice used, known as Pettlbone's Is and Ice, can be had at all hours and in anv quantity. The Lager Beer is from Reading, Pennsylvania, and can be h;id t>y the barrel, quarter cask, or dozen, sent to any part of the city. Orders left at the above place will be promptly attended to. Je 5-lm B SHADD. CHOICE HAMS. A LOT OF VERY FINK CINCINNATI Sugar-cured HAMS received this day, by Z M. P KING, Je 7- 265 Vermont avenue, corner 15th street. WATCHES?WATCHES?WATCHES^? J ust received, a great assoitment of A Gold and Silver WATCHES, high and low prices, which 1 will sell cheaper FTM. than can be bought In Washington J. ROBINSON'S, Jeweler, m 2b-lm 319 Pa av opp Brown's Hotel._ Township map of iowa, by henn Williams A Co., price 75 cents Just pub lished by FRANOKTAYLOR m 20-tf . WIRE DISH COVERS, round and oblong, all ?Ues. for sale low by ?. FRANCIS, 7th atre?t. * FROM THE ASSOCIATED FREW BY HOUSE PRINTING TBLK6RAPH. British Recru t inff Agents Discharged New York, June 12?In the Enlistment case of Stanley, attache of Consul Barclay, the aseused wu discharged?the district at torney declining a trial. Republican Meeting. New York, J ace IS?The Central Repub lican Committee met last night and adapted resolutions in favor of J. C. Fremont for the Presidency, and Mr. Speaker Bank) for the Vies Prcsidenoy. Material Aid far Ei Boston, Jane 11?The Kansas Aid Com mittee of this eity hare collected thus far ?10 000 in cash contributions, including $500 from Josiah Quincy. jr. The Worcester com mittee have collected 9$,000 for the same pur pose Ex-Governor Raedar at Home. Easto*, Pa , June 11.?Ex-Governor Reeder reached here this evening, and was publicly received. It is rumored that he spent two days with Mr. Buchanan on his way through Pennsylvania. Leuisville Races Locisvillb, JunelO ?The first race to day, mile heats, was won by Birdcatchsr The time was 1 m 52 see., 1 m 53 soc , and 1 m. 51 sec The second race, for two heats, was won by Mr. Moore's colt, in the following time : 3 m. 50 sec., and 3 m 50 1-8 sec. Latest from the Gulf Squadron New York, June 12 ?The United States a earner Dispatch from Key West, June 6, ar rived here this morning with invalids from th? Home Squadron. She left at Key West the Saratoga (bound for Pcnsaoola the next day,) the Potomac, and the steamer Fulton Connecticut Judgeship. New IIavrr, Conn., June 11 ?The Con necticut Senate have confirmed the action of the House eleeting Mr McCurdy supreme judge. The majority of the Senate bad de sired Gen Dutton for the office, and voted for Mr. Dixon for the United States Senate on the supposition that the Ilouse would give their candidate the judgeship. New Jersey Know Nothings. Trxhtoh, N. J., June 10 ?The Know Noth ings held a convention here to-day, and ap Sointed four senatorial and twenty district elegatee to attend the convention in New York on the 12th inst. Resolutions were adopted in favor of the Republican and Know Nothing fusion platform adopted here on the 4th instant, ana recommending Commodore Stockton for the Presidency. The New York Ratification Meeting New York, June 12 ?The ratification meet ing lact night in the City Hall Park was a mag nificent affair The throng was immense and enthusiasm very great Powder, tar. and torches were burned to an unlimited extent. Speeches were made by Mr Ward, of (Jeor gia, president of the Cincinnati Convention, Messrs. Archer, Douglas, and others. The chairman received a despateh from Washington, requesting that John Van Buren should not be allowed to speak. The Anti-Fillmore Convention New York, Jane 11 ?The feeling of the delegates to the anti-Fillmore Convention who have arrived here to attend the Convention to morrow is strong for Fremont, whose nomina tion for President of the United States is re garded as pretty certain It is understood that the Republicans of Philadelphia will also endorse him. The resolutions will also advo eate the non-extension of slavery ; the freedom of the territories; free speech, and oondemn the Kansas-Nebraska act and the disturbances in Kansas Delegates are arriving hourly, and a full attendance is anticipated. Later from Kansas Chicago, June 11.?Later arrivals from Kansas confirm the report* of the existing civil war in the Territory. Twenty-one Mis sourians. "Carolinians, and Alahamians have been killed in different engagements Sev eral free State men have been wounded, but none killed. The United States troops gen erally disperse the forces of the parties after the battles are ovy Governor Shannon's proclamation has produce! no effect in arrest ing the disturbances. Governor Robinson has been removed from Lecompton to Leavenworth. The reported death of Marshal Donaldson proves to be incorrect. Bodies of men are moving from Indepen dence, Weetport, and other Missouri towns, toward the Territory. A party left Lexington on Saturday for Uiokory Point or Lawrence, and a general battle was expected. Baltimore Markets Baltimorr, June 12 ?Flour is quiet; City Mills. 56; Howard street and Ohio $<J. 12 Wheat is firmer; geod to prime red $1 35a SI 42. fair to prime white* il.4?aSI.70 Corn is dull and unchanged, white 48j50c., yellow 47a50o Provisions are active and buoyant The sales yesterday were heavy. Bacon~ should ers are firm at 8ic.; sides 9i; Baltimore cured hams 11c ; oanvassed hams llal2c.; mess pork $18 50a$18 75. New York Markets Nrw York. June 12 ?Flour is firm: sales of 12.000 bbls.; good State i5 70; superfine Ohio$fi; standard Southern $6 75 Wheat is firm; sales of 25 000 bushels ; Southern white SI.80. Corn is firm; sales of 2) 000 bushels; Southern mixed 54c. Pork is buoyant; sales of 800 bblr.; mess $18.75 Beef is firm, sales of 350 bbls ; Chi cago repacked $12. Lard is heavy; eales of 250 bbls. at 10|o Whisky is improving; sales of 250 hbls., at 26Jc. for Ohio. Financial. Naw York, June 12?Stocks are dull Chi cago and Reek Island 91i ; Michigan South ern 97; New York Central 94$; Pennsylvania Coil Company 101; Reading 91 i; Virginia fi's 95J; Missouri 6 a 854; Illinois Central bonds 87. Sterling exohango is dull, ? ?.? J FOR BOSTON.?THE PACKET BRIG ANDOVER has arrived, and will have quick dispatch for the above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY * BROTHER, je 10-lw 101 Water atreet. Georgetown. A CARD. DR. P. C. DAVIS HAVING BEEN Ap pointed Physician to the Poor of the First Ward can be found at his offlce on H street, four d"or* east of .Mr. Redfern's store, at all hours, je 10-eo3te Shirts .hade to okder?stk VENS, Browns' Hotel, la prepared to make SHIRTS to order, and guarantee them to It, at STEVENS'S Salesroom, je4 81 Browns' Hotel DENTAL SURSKRt. R WILLIAM A FRANKLIN HAVING taken rooms at No. 448 Pennsyl vania avenue, will be happy to serve! all who may stand In need of the set- ? - . . . - vices of a Dentist. His prices will be moderate, and all work warranted je S-tf NEW FLOUR STORK. Ninth strut, btttcttn Pm. artnme and D ft. The best family and all other grades cheap for cash. Also, RYE FLOUK.CORN MEAL, OATS, CORN, Ac., In quantities to suit purchasers. _ 8AM L B PAUL. Love letter pole*.-prick only ltfu cents,composed by William Bergmann, author of '4 Smithsonian Polka,'? *- Belle Schot tish " Ac. Published at the Music Depot m'30-tr _ _____ 6EO HfLBL'S aqcA REWARD.?RANAWAY FROM CIa Ju the subscriber, on the 13lh Feb ruary last, my nefrroboy JOHN LANEV, aged about la or 13 years, color black, rath er stcut, square built, has small arms.j hands, feet?the only marw or peculiarity about bint la that hla toes a*e very short and nibbed I have good reason to believe he la still In thin city. 1 will give the above reward for his dellv fry to me, uo matter when taken Jell-eo3t EDW'D C. DTK*. D &