Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Haziran 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Haziran 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. UVAL INTELLIGENCE. Ibe Wbm? Mbbtinc.?We wore astonished, "B entering Copp a Saloon on Saturday night to find so many Old Line Whigs still in exist^ ence <>n this side of Jordan, as indicated by the large number in attendance, bnt farther developments illustrated the deceitfulness of appearancea in all earthly thingi. It was painfully evident that the children of Belial had mingled with the "elect" for purposes of tbeir own. Scarcely had that bewitching di vinity the spirit of old line whiggery been evoked by the getters-up of the meeting, than a promiscuous scramble of Know Nothings, Locofocoe, Black Republicans, and other Lat ter Day baints, commenced?all beiug anx ious to be introduced to the lady to cultivate her acquaintance, and to appropriate her ex clusively each to himself. But the wary du ennas who had her in charge said, "Hands off. gentlemen; the lady is no such a woman. She is poor, but honest; and must be treated as stch Pay your addresses to her respect fully, but honorably ; and at Louisville, Ken tucky, in July next, she shall be given to the most deserving of herauitjrs." Thereupon the crowd of ardent lovers fell back a few feet, but their watering mouths and the carnal flash ing of their eyes, showed how badly regu lated were their passions. On motion of Richard S. Coxe, Col. W W Seaton whs called to tha chair The chairman on taking tha s and made a humorous allusion to the rickettv platform under him, and then having sta'ed the exact purposes of the mee'ing, said a secretary won d be requisite, whereupon Mr George ilarkneas nominated James P. M Kean. Mr Jacob Gideon inquired if the nominee waa not a Know Nothing. A tremendous pother here ensued, and there seemed a prospect of a general fight, but it ended in Mr McKeans name being with drawn, and Richard Burgess was elected to the position. Mr A F Klopfer now offered a resolution, which was objected to on the ground that Mr K was a member of the Democratic or Union Aflociationa. Another grand entanglement ensued, but something liko order was finally restored by the exertions of the chairman, who rebuked the disturbers of the meeting in no measured terms Mr Klopfer denied that he was anything but an Old Line Whig, or ever meant to be. The difficulty was got over by the appoint ment of a committee of five, to draft resolu tions. consisting of tha following gentlemen : Messrs P R. tendall. Jacob Gideon, Richard Wallach. Richard S. Coxe, and Joseph C G Kennedy. The Chairman announced, that while the committee were absent, the Hon J C Jones, of Todu.. would address th .necting Senator Jones came f.-rw.rd, but with the first word was ^met by an interrogatory as to his political stripe. The speaker retorted that he despised all such dictation ; he was as good an American as any of them, as good a Demo crat a? any of thein, a?d a better Whig than any of them. (Cheers and other sorts of noises j lie expressed his supreme contempt for the person who would come there to inter rupt the little remnant of the Whig party He knew this little remnant were looked upon with contempt by the other parties; but he believed, from the bottom of his heart, that it was 'he nucleus around which was to be gath ered a party to preserve the liberties of the country |Lr>ud applause.) As for himself, he never gave a vote but a Whig vote, nor breathed a breath but a Whig breath. The Whig party was dead, it was said ; wh j killed it' J A Voice?"Gen. Scott !"J No! (thun dered the speaker,) No. sir ! Gen Scott never killed any but the enemies of his country ; an i it may be that among these you should be re.k' ned . [\ ells of applause ] The speaker accused the Whigs of being the authors of their own defeat. Had they stood firmly to their eolor? they would not now ba singing funeral dirges over the Whig party, lhe speaker, anu< ^ed by the continued interrup tions, paused and, after sayLg he had not expeited to find more than a couple of juries present?twenty six men or tt.reabout?in quired if all there were W higs ? iCries of *' No ? 'rem all quarters J Then gentlemen, he continued, you are in the wrong box. and had better leave [Laughter, applause, and hisses; but nobody left.] lie continued : The W nig party was in a minority. What should they do ' Should they join the Democratic cartj or the American party par excellence ' * a r*8bt to join the .Democracy or the Know Nothings, had they not a right to do neither* They proposed to get together, to confer together, and see what they ought to do. He did not disguise for himself that he ex pected to vote either with the Democratic or American party If( after comparing notes in convention, it should seem best to vote for the American candidates he should do so ; but if on the other hand (and he would lrankly say that this waa his conviction,) it should appear that the interests of the country demanded it, he should vole for the Democratic candidates (A voice?" won't that be a bitter pill ?") Yes, it will be a bitter pill, but not half so B,ack Republicanism! [Cheers I ibe Whig party waa in a minority and was treated with contempt, but before November next it would be more terrible than an army wi'.h banners. If they were true to their colors, they held th* balance of power in ?very State in the Union He meant to fight in tLiB battle to endeavor to obliterate the last vestige of abolitionism ; to do that he would vote for the devil himself! They would get together on the 4th of July at Louisville, Kentucky, not as individuals, but us a party marching on with their own banners, and Keeping step to their own time and music They would march against the enemies of our country a-king no rewards, no honors; and when the victory was achieved, they would return with flying colons to their camp, satis fied with hiving saved the country Senator Jones showed himself, in this specch, veler*u in the guerilla warfare to which he was exposed, and the happiness of his retorts, and the adroitness with wbich he parried attack3, elicited shouts of applause from friends and foea Not leu admirable was the address and grace with which the chairman controlled the turbulect elements <f the assemblage; but now a aoene ei:. u d which called for the fullesl exercise of his ability. .k^k0!! LtW't-D having entered th? hall, the Know Nothings, who had congre gated mainly to the left of the chair raised a vociferous cry of "Campbell! Campbell!" and amidst an indescribable tumult, that gen tleman was elevated to the platform Wnen arrived there he did not commence speaking however, immediately, but seated himself by tne chairman, and a conversation ensued be tween them, in which the orthodoxy of the lion L D C. appeared to be under diacus sion, and upon which the chairman seemed Hot quite clear Aaother call for " Campbell" being raised be stepped forward, but hardly had he made bu opening bow when the question was plumped at him "Are you a member of the American party'" Mr. Campbell, with a theatrical sweep of his dexter arm. and a clutch with the extended digitals at that por tion of his vest under which the heart is sup Posed to lie, Kood upon the extreme points of Ma toes, and replied, in a melo-dramatic tone or couden?-.-d intensity, "/ am What he would have gone on to say nobody knows, for the tumult tb it followed was a damper to any small ;-Led nia.i, and in ^ir Campbell's case proved a complete extinguisher. While the aodienoe in front were shouting by turns for "Fillmore and "Buchanan' the Old Liue " higs on the platform, in the rear of Mr. C., were communicating to him (through the me dium of his coat tail) their sense of the im of his proceeding lurther. The chairman announced that the Commit tee on Resolutions were now ready to .ecort, whereupon Mr Campbell banged his bat up on hia bead with the air of a man who con siders himself ill used and stepped down from the platform at one straddle tJv recommend that ? k.k? Convention proposed by the Ken portp.ned until the last Wed Ueaday in Ju.y, and that the Whi^a in all tionsof the Union send delegates to deliberate ??.ssrccurse ,o b< The resolutions being adopted a motien to n now ? fresh call Date P ul when tbat infortu gentleman promptly answered the call. and was just in the act of placing his hand upon his heart again, a similar oatMtrophe happened to that which is set down in ancient history as having occurred at a Tammany Hall meeting. The lights went out, and again Mr. Camp bell was extinguished ; but not to give it up so, the Know Nothings adjourned to the City tiall, where, by the dubious light afforded by a single corporation lamp, the little group or ganized by the appointment of John L. Smith, Esq., as chairman, and Mr. Oeorge Harkness. as Secretary. Again Mr. Campbell essayed to speak, and this time the largest liberty was afforded him. He spoke of having gone to 6opp's not as an invited guest, but as one of tho old Whigs, thinking be might be allowed a corner in that saloon to see what the Wbig party proposed to do for the safety and honor of the country. That in answer to the call he had come for* ward there to speak, but that a new sort of gag was put on the liberty of speech by turn ing off the gas! [Somebody in the crowd? "He's an Abolitionist ' J Mr. Campbell proceeded to define his posi tion on the slavery question. He would say there what be would say at home in Ohio, or elsewhere. Slavery was fastened upon the country by Northern as well as Southern votes. He did not believe it an institution calculated to encourage the industrial resources of the country where it existed; but he recognized no higher power than the Constitution of the country. On the conclusion of Mr Campbell's re marks, three cheers were given for Millard Fillmore. Mr Richard S Coxe came forward in an swer to tho call. It was many years, he paid, since he had addressed a political meeting He tad been called an aristocrat; he did'nt know why. He believed in the intelligence of the people In speaking of the present troublous political times, be alluded to past dangers of dissolution when parti** were ar rayed against each other even more bitterly than now, but which had been allayed by the healing influence of the people. He looked with horror up6u these outrages in Kansas, but believed that the people would fix the proper punishment upon the perpetrators. The meeting adjourned with nine cheers for Fillmore. David Y Moore, the " fast voter." who escaped from the county jail with Bailey, Croggin and Ray, a week since, was recap tured about ^o'clock this morning in an alley opposite St Patrick'* Chursh, by Deputy Marshal Phillips, assisted by Messrs F Ward and Dove of the Auxiliary Guard, and Riley and Ward of the jail guard. He arrived in the city about half an hour previous to his ar rest The information having been obtained, the deputy Marshal arranged his assistants and trapped the fugitive :n the alley desig nated. lie offered no resistance when taken, and was returned to his old quarters. The information was given by a person re siding near the house whfere Moore lived at the time of bis arrest. Moore's family moved out of the house, and he probably knew nothing of it He went to the house, and the person who notified the officer saw him, and gave the information which led to his re-capture. The Excrement Nuisance.?If the yellow fever fails to run riot hero shortly, the escape of this community from its ravages will be wonderful. Those who doubt the fact are in vited to go anywhere of a calm day within half a mile of the place near the Seventh street road, whereon the human excrement of the city is spread for manufacture for agri cultural purposes. Everywhere within the di?tnnce of that spot mentioned above, the smell on such a day is almost sufficient to stun a bullock. Men may swear what they please as regards the bealthfulness of such an odor, on trials for making and keeping up nuisanccs; yet piles of oaths mountain high, will fail to make ?uch a tainted atmosphere innoxious. Since the action of the Court upon the subject wo know of no remedy whatever, that this community have against this growing and dan gerous evil. Who 18 Commissioner of the Fourth Ward ' The late rain washed away the foot bridge at the corner of Fifth and G streets, with a goo J deal of the pavement. It has so far been remedied, by the simple process of nailing a plank aero*; the pavement, which throws pe destrians into the street, What makes the case the moro conspicuous is, that the scene of damage is just opposite the store of the late Commissioner, ot whose promptness and faith fulness we have never heard any complaint ? Organ, 18*A inst. The " late Commissioner" being still the Commissioner of the Fourth Ward, is the party upon whom the above "blessing" of our truth ful and talented neighbor justly falls. Evidentlt Insane?Saturday night, a man named Adam Hyrick, was taken to the guard house for an assault and battery on Daniel Hicks. Hicks, after working all day, laid down on the floor of his house near the door, which was open. A friend lying near him saw a man eome to the door and look in Hicks raised up, and as he did so, the man threw a brick bat and bit him on the head. He said the reason why he struck the man was that since he came to this city a number of men and women have been following him wherever he went. He has had several opportunities to strike them, but when he raised his arm they would glide away like shadows This time he thought Hicks was the man, but was mis taken. He was sent to jail. The Steamer Powhatan, with the Amer ican Riflemen and other excursionists, will leave the wharf, to-morrow morning, at eight o'clock, for Piney Point. As this will aff >rd an opportunity for a salt water bath, fibbing, and sailing, as well as dancing, doubtless the limited number of tickets will all be disposed of. Fine mcsic has been engaged, ani every arrangement made to insure the pleasure and omfort of the party. Latham's coaches have been engaged to convey parties from the Navy Yard and from Georgetown to the boat. Third District Police.?J. W. Kelly, Mary Kelly, Thomas Magee, Elisabeth Magee, and Daniel Donelly, two families living in one house, quarrelled about the right of ingress and egress through the front door; a disturb ance of peace was the consequent, and they w?re held to security for peace by Justice Uollingsheadt John Diggs and William Rob bins drunk and disorderly ; workhouse thirty days. Jane McBennett and Biddy Reardon, assault; security for peace Amy Carter and L.ucinda Mahoney, threats and malicious mis chief ; do. ?? The White House Pavilion will present a gay scene to-morrow, the Boone Rifle Corps making an excursion there in the slenaer Georgv Washington, leaving the Washington wharf at li o'clock in the afternoon. The services of Esputa's band has been secured, ss well as an experienced caterer; and if every thing does not pass off as ''merry as a marriage bell" i: will not be the fault of the Rifles, who have made every arrangement that pleasure or comfort could suggest. Buchanan and Breceinridgb Club.?This Club was permanently organised on the lVth iust., by the election of the following officers : President?Cornelius Boyle. First \ ice Pres ident?McC'lintock \ouug. Second Vice Pres ident?Thomas J. Fisher. Third Vice Presi dent?J C. Reillv. Fourth Vice President? John ii Goddard. Corresponding Secretary? J. W Irwin. Reoording Seoretary?Christo pher Ingle. ??? The of the National Theatre* to-night, will no doubt be witnessed by a large and discriminative audience, as Kun kel s Original Opera Troupe rarely fail to draw such an aassmbly. The programme for the occasion presents an array of rich musical gems. Go and bear them?and stand not upon the order of your going ! CoRoNER'i iNguEST.?Yesterday morning, the body of a colored man named Wm War ner, well known on the fishing shores and in the eity, was found in a lot back of E. ? White's grocery store, on Louisiana avenue. An inquest was held by the Coroner, and a verdict of death from intemperance and ex posure rendered. Adjusted.?The matter in which Messrs. Pickett and Marriott was concerned was called op for further hearing on Saturday. There appeared to bo but little difficulty in settling ttie whole affair between the parties. The Sarties were all discharged, and the case* is pose J of by Justice Hollingshead. Abkitaj. or Nativi Americans ?There j have been several arrivals within the last few weeks of aboriginals of the soil from different part* of the Far West. Of course their visit to Washington is not political?having nothing to do with parties or their principles, the "fire loaves and two fishes''?but on business with the (Government, to make treaties and com- | plete unsettled claims. Mostly they stop at the Union hotel, whose obliging and cheerful hostess (Mrs. Maher) provides for them all the material comforts of life In appearance some of them are robust and handsome, and possets attainments of mind to a commendable degree. Among the representatives or agents of the different tribes arrived, and stopping at the Union hotel, we find three Creeks, i headed by the Chief Each-Harjo or Crazy* 1 Deer, a dignified and good looking man. There are four Seminolee, whose chief is Nehar Mioa or John Jumper, a tall, athletio and dark complexioned personage; and there are four Seneoas, prominent among wh~>m is wm. King. Chief. The Wyandott tribe are repre sented in the person of Silas Armstrong. He is light colored and tolerably good looking, and has a polish of mind rarely met with in the ordinary walks of life. To conclude, though with an incompleto list, there is the noted Chief Hole-in-the-day, of the Chippe was, and wife. Ho has the rustic appearance of the wild man of the forest, and no doubt feels as he acts, unrestricted by the forms of conventionality and fashion of oiviliiation. His wife is a likely woman, with beaming countenance and sparkling eyes. Mad Dog.?a mad doe was killed yesterday, in a yard attached to Mrs. King's boarding house, on C street. We presume His Honor, the Mayor, will at once use means to prevent 1 animals of the dog kind from going at large, so soon as this fact is made known to him. Watch Keturms ?Justice Steven3 of the Second Ward police, disposed of the following c>*ses at the central station, Sunday morning : Wm Burk, vagrant; workhouse thirty days. Adam Hyrick, assault and battery ; jail. Su san Roles, colored, assault and *butt?ry on a woman named Hannah Johns, nged 83 years; jail. When passing out of the trial room sho again assaulted her. and was committed for that offence also Monday?Jas Diggs, col ored, indecent exposure ; workhouse thirty days. Mary A. McPherson. assault and bat tery ; jail. C. L. Peras, vagrant; workhouse thirty days. aiAKKieii, On tbe 22d instant, at the Ryland Chapel Par sonage, by the Rev M Deale, Mr. JAMES Mc CAUSLAND, of ph ladelphia, to Miss MARY LIZZIE, daughter of j. Davis, Esq. (Bait, and Phlla. papers copy ) * WANTS. WANTED?a SITUATION AS AN assistant In plain cooking or to do washing. Has no objection to go in the couniy. Apply at No. 202 G street. It# Wan TED ? TH R EE FURNISHED rooms in the country, wl hout beard for 3 months, or a small furnished cottage, where fruit, milk, and vegetable'are plenty. Address immediately " Country Rooms Box 4 ' t tar office je23-lt? WANTED ?\ YOUNG MAN FROM 16 to 19 years cf age, cf gond address and genteel appearance One residing on Capitol Hill or Navy 'S ard preferred. Apply the City Despatch Office No.3*?l D street, near 7th. It WANTED. ?TWO COLORED BOYS from 9 to 12 years of age. Apply at the Restaurant corner or llih street and Pennsylvania avenue. je*.3-3t* WANTED?at NO 37 ST . A GOOD Cook, Washer and Ironer, with a written recommendation from her last place. Also, a young Woxan as seamstress, as above. Je 23-lw Wanted immediately?a COM fortably furnished House, in a central part of the city. Address "L," Box No. 7, at this of flee. je qi-2t? WANTIS D?a GOOD DINING ROOM Servant. Also, a Woman Cook. Slaves preferred. Address "A B," through City De spatch. je20-3t WAN i ED?a GOOD DRESSMAKER Al so, two young ladles to learn Dressmaking Inquire of MADAM FALES, 500 Seventh street, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. je l?-3t* WANTE D?on the MANASSAS GAP Railroad, sixteen miles from Alexandria, Va , TWO HUNDRED LABORERS. Enquire at the iirst toll gate on tbe Fairfax road. je 19-lw* __ THOS COYLE a CO. WANTED?TWO agents FOR the publishing farm of Marten. Johnson 4. Co , of New York Suitable men will apply to JAS. CARTER, street, between D ana E, Island, before 9 o'clock a. m . or after 4 o'clock p. m. je l7-eo3t WANTED?a NEAT. MIDDLE AGED Woman?American or German preferred? with good recommendations, to do tbe general work of a small family. Inquire at No. 499, cor ner of 14th ?nd D sts. je 17-eo3t FOR sale and RENT. F [SIB viast PAGE VOK OTHER NOTICES ] OR RENT.?FOR THE SUMMER. OR _ longer if wanted a comfortable furnished House, in a hea'tyand pleasant location Attached to the Is a good tlower and vegetab'e garden, with fruit, 4c. In the yard, convenient to the kitch n, Is a well of excellent water. If desired fan have the use of a tine milch cow Plea*e call at the bouse No. 470, corner of fth and P streets. je 23-eo3t# F' <OR SALE?a VERY VALUABLE im proved property, beinsr Lots no 33 and 34, ia Square no. 62j, fronting 50 feet cn the west s de of north Capitol street, and running back 105 feet to a 15 foot alley. being two lots f om the corner of G street north, improved by a *ery neat and well but t two-story Frame Hous-, containing 5 rooms, a got.d kitchen, wi h (ther nect-xtary shed* Ac , and a very ni-ely laid ofl' flower f arden, with fruit trees cf various kinds For urtLer Information ap^-ly on the premise* to P. muller je 23 3.? House for sa le ?a fine new m dern built housa on k street; fronting Fraukln Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement kitchen, 4c Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with ba>h room, 4c In quire of H. a WIlLARD, at Wlllarda' Hotel, je '23-lm FOR RENT?no. 263 L ST , A THREE story Frame Houre, containing 6 rooms and kitchen to rent, for f !50 p?r annum. Apply to J. H DRUR ? , City Post Office. je2i-3t FOR RENT?a BRICK HOUSE, SITUA ted on 6th stree*, near the corner of M. In quire of F. M MaGRUDER, Dry Good and Shoe Store, corner 7'h and 1 street. je 21?tf SUMMER RESIDENCE ?a DES1 rable summer rjjidenc# may be found st ti e ^unction uf the plw-y Branch and Seventh street plank roads, about 4 miles from the city. There are four rooms for rent The place is healthy Meals will be furnished, If desired Apply to I. W hltesilow, on the premises, or lANU DALE a KIRK WOOD, 514 Seventh street, jo 20-3t* For rent?possession given im m?dlat-ly, that large brick house on 18th st , between E and f, recently occu pled bv Col. b. F Larnfd For terms apply to Mr. CHARLES B. KING, Artist, 12th street, or at the odice of the Paymaster General No :)4 Wlndei's Building, je 19-3w For rent?four newsmallbrick House* just finished, irare;ediatalv northwest of the Cap'tol, tetween B street and tbe Railroad Depot A pbly at the Capitol extension to F R AN - CIp J BROOKS. ra 15-eotf F^or SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY Property?a va uable Farm and delightful Country Residence, within a pleasant distance from YYashington and Georgetown, comprising, with nearly 00 acres of line land, sufficiently tim bered, a commodious and handsome dwelling, gardens, orchards, abundance of pure water, bams, stables, ice-house, stock, implements, crop*, and every requisite for the farm, garden, ana dairy. For further information address Bex No city Post Office. Je ll-eo2w* l^or rent-a new AND NEAT brlck k Dwelling containing nine rooms-the mid dle house of ;he brovn front Row?on 13th street, lsbind, nwar the Smithsonian Institute and the public grounds, in a pleasant and healthy loca tion Inquire at D. b Clarke's Drug Store, cor ner of Maryland avenue and utb street; or, at r. h Clarke's Law Office, corner 6th street and Louisiana avenue. je 17-eo3t? Furnished rooms?a parlor and two bed-rooms will be rented together or separately, If required Terms moderate No. 431, corner of F aad i3'h streets Je 13-eo6t? FOR RENT?two NEATLY FURNISHED 1 Bed Rooms on reasonable terms at Mr. DA- i VISON'S, over Messrs. Gait 4 Dro., Jewelry ! Store, Henn. avenue, between9thand loth streets'. . m 12-tf AUCTION SALES. Ull 1H.T H?E tO? QUI. ACCTIOS By A. GREEN, Auctionedr ITANDSOIQE BUILDING LOT UN Sixth, ?nd H street, at Auction.? On FRIDAY, the 27th Instant, i shill sell, In front or the premises, at 6 o'clock p m . a hand some building Lot, having a front of'2o feet on 6th street, running 85 feet, to a IS te*t alley, being lot No. 4, In square No. 496. This property Is verv handsomely situated on 6th. between 6 and fl streets north, near the corner of G. .T""?8: One-third cash ; balance on a credit of la, and 18 months, for notes bearing in

ter?8t A deed given and a deed of trust taken Titie indisputable. A bKKKN, Je *** Auctionter. By A. GHEEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 4th ? street at Auction-On FRIDAY, the 27th instant. I shall sell in front of the premises, at ,'*East e o'clock p ni , south part of Lot No 8, In Square No. Pi*!, having a front on 4th street east of-ifl fee , with a depth of 105 feet I inrh. between D and E streets north, containing 2,101 square feet of ground Also, the lumber now on the lot, which Is sufficient to build afraine bouse. Terros of sale for lot: One-third cash ; balance in six and twelve morths. for notes bearing inte rest from the day of cale; a deed given and a deed of trust taken. For the lumber sixty and ninety diys, for notes sat gfactorilv rnriorstd, bearing interest A. OR KEN, Je'j3 Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer /CATALOGUE SALE OF STOCK OF Boot * ant Shoes ?On THURSDAY MORNING, June 26th, at 10 o'clock, at Store No. 3-15 Pennsylvania avet.ue, between 8th Rid 7th str? eta, I shall sell the en ire stock of a firm declining business; comprising an excellent as ror*mer!tof fine goods for Indies'and gentlemen's wear. Siile positive and without reserve. The trade are invited to attend this sale, which will be made in lo's to suit. Terms 925 and under cash; over that sum e credit of 60 and 90davs, forsatUfuct^rllvendorsed notes, bearing interest. JAS. C. Mc6UlRE, _je2l-d __ Auctioneer. By JAS. C McGUI KE. Auctioneer. SQUARE OF GROUND AT AUCTION ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25 'in mod lately after the saleof the Government Lot* I shall sell the who e of Square No. 1S8, boundc bv New Hampshire avenue, north V, 16th, and north W strees, containing 90,0s0 square feet Terms : One-thl d cash ; the residue in six and t?eLe months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Je 20-d JAS. C. McGUI RE, Auct'r. By J A*. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. UNREStKV KD SALE OF VERY VAL uable Bai Ming Lot on F street, between 10th and 11th streets.?On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, June 26th, alb* o'clock, on the premises, I *hall sell t art of Lot No 11. square J47, fronting 46 feet on F street, between I0;h and 11th streets, running back 85 feet to an alley. This valuable Lot adjoins the property of Ds rius Clagett, Esq , at the corner of F Mid 10th streets, and will be divided into two buildinc lots of 22 feet 6 inches each. Persons desiring a ruperior building site are respectfully invited to attend tbe sale which will fce made without reserve. Title indisputable Terms: One fourth cash; the residue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, re cured bv deed of trust on the premises. jegQ-d JAS. C^IcGUIhE, Auct'r. By J. C McGUIR E, Auctioneer. Twelve beautiful building Lots at the corner of tJ and 3d streets at public Auction.--On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, June ifeth, at half-past 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lots Nios. 3 and 4, Square No. 570, situated at the corner of north E street and Third street west. Tdose lots have be* n sub divided to make six lots fronting eaob 25 feet 6 inches on north E street, running back 116 feet to a 10 feet alley, and six lots fronting 24 feet 1 inch on 14 street, running back 155 feet to a 30-feet al loy. i hese are probably the best proportioned and most eligibly situated lots to l>e found for sale in tha' very desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the at tention of capitalists as well as perions desiring a Mrst-ola** building site Title indisputable Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue in six, twelve, and eighteen mon'hs. wi h inttvest, se cured bv deed of trust on the premise* je 12-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctr. IH7" The above sain is postponed until WKDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, same hor* and place, at which time the beautiful Lots on E street will positively be sold without reserve. J AS. C. McGU IR E, je iu-d Auctioneer By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. 'FHLSTEE'S SALEOF VALUABLE im A proved and units proved Krai Estateon the ?sland?Fourteen Dwe ling Houses and sev eral Building Lots ?By virtue of a deed in trust, bearing date on the 8th day of October, ls53, and recorded in Liber J. a S, No. 66, folios 1?8 et seq , the subscriber will sell at public sale, on THURSDAY, the 3d day of July, 1S5S, at6^ o'clock p. m , on the premises, Lots Nos. 15, 16. 17,18,19,22, 23, and 21, and the north half of 1-otNo 25, in Squere No 543, with the improve ments, which consist of fourteen comfortable and well-built Frame Dwelling Houses. The above property is located partly on Third street west, between south K and L streets, and partly on south K street, between Third and Four and-a-half streets, in a raoldiy impr 'Ving part of the city. The several dwelling houses will be so d separately, with the ground appertaining to each, and the building lots will be subdivided to su t purchasers, and the sale oilers a rare and fa vorable opportunity to persons desirous to obtala dwe'llngs or to build or invest The terms of sale will be rue-third cash, and the balance lu 6, 12, and 18 months, for no es bearing interest frcm day of sale, secured upon the property by deed of trust; and if not complied with in bve davs after the sale the property, the terms of sale of which are not so complied with, will be r. b Id, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchasers. All convevancing at the expense of the purchasers CHAS.S WALLACH, Trustee. je2n-eo&ds JAtt^C McGUIRE, Auct'r OALK OF LAND.?BY VIRTUE OF AU tliority vested In me, on the premises, in A1 exandrii county, Va., 1 will sell, at Auction, at 4 o'clock, on THURSDAY, June'26th, a valuable lot of 48 acres of land, part In wood and a part cleared, and remarkably well adapted to garden ing purposes. It is joined by the farms of Mrs. Hamilton, R Cruit, and the Rev A Hays?about \% mi es Georgetown There are two ex cellent springs of water, and a comfortable log House on the premises, whleh Is all enclosed by a fine fence. Any person wishing to purchase may get any deslrid information by calling on Robert Bi+u, Sr near bdll's Cross Roads, or the subscriber; at 558 G street, near Ti ird. Terms of sale: f a00 ca^fa , ihe bataryre in three equal payments at S,'l2 and 18 months A deed g^en and a deed of t list t?w#n ROBERT BALL Jr Je 10-ta? Executor for Win. Ball, deceased. By J C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. C1LOSING OUT SALE of GOVERNMENT > Lots tn the City ol Washington.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, at ?? o clock, a? the Auction Rooms, I shall *ell, by Ordei oftne Commissioner of Public Buildings, the following dt scribed City Lots belonging to the United States: ' s s Squsre. No. of Lota. 33 4 51 3 80 pattofl3 11? 4, 5 and 18 551 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 13, and 16,17, 18, and 24 613 3 63ft south half of 15 f52 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19 654 3 835 13 939 13, \i 8 of 1067 1 S. Kofi US* 1 Ilia 1,2,10,11,12,13,14 Ut5 1,2,11,12.13,14.15,16 "26 1,2,10.11,12,13,14 1127 3,4 , 5,6 , 7 ,8 1,2,9.10,11,12 1132 1,2.11,12,13,14,15 1133 1,2, 10, II, 12. IS, 14 1134 1,2,9,10,11,12 1135 3,4 , 8,6, 7,8 1136 10.11,12,13 1137 1,2,11,12,13,11,15,16 1138 1, 2, L0, 11, 12, 3, 14 1139 1,2,9,10,11,12 1140 1, 2, 9, lu, 11, 12 1141 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 1C 1142 a, 4,5,6, 7, 8,9 1143 1,2,9,10,11,12 1144 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,16 Terms of sale: O ne-third cash; the residue in two equal payments at 6 and 12 months, with in terest. The terms of sale must be complied with with in live days thereafter, or the property will be re sold at the risk end expense of tbe delinquent purchaser. J H. BLAKe, Commissioner of Public Buildings, je20-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct BOARDING}. |>OARDING.?ONE LARGE ROOM AND one good Biied single room, suitable for a fim ly or a single gentleman, ft>r rent, with or without board, furnished. The house has a large yard attached, making it desirable for a family wiih children No. 46? Tenth street, between D and E, east side. 23-3t? AUCTION BALES. THIS AFTEBHOON AND TO MORROW. By A. GREFN, Auctioneer. Holskhold and kitchen furni tare at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the tUh instant, I shall sell, at 10 o'clock a m , at No. 357, on 1 street, between 13th and 14th streets, an excellent assortment of furniture, viz : Mahogany, F and other Sofas and Lounges Do Parlor and Rocking Chairs Do Bureaus, Sideboard, Desk, and Ward robe Rosewood, marble-top Centre Table and Etegere Walnut spring-seat Chairs Extension, Dining, and other Tables Fine Damask crimson and white Window Cur tains Fine Brussels and other Carpets, and Oilcloth Fine Gothic and other Bedsteads, Dress and Washstands Hair and Shuck Mat trusses Large lot of flnc Bedding Table and other Linen and Chamber Curtains China, Glass, and Crockery.ware Among which are Gilt China, Dinner, Coffee, and Tea Sets Stoves, with a good assortment of Kitchen re quisites And many other articles which we deem unne cessary to tnumerat*. Terms rash The house !s also for rent. Inquire of the sub acrlber jeZO-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. By J. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer GEJTEEf. RESIDENCE AND HOUSE hold Furniture at Auction.? On TUES DAY MORNING, June 24 h, at 10 o'clock, I shall sell, without reserve, that beautiful and convenient Brick House and large Lot attached, situated on the corner of F and 2lst streets, one of the most delightful residents in the city, now occupied by Captain A. Whipple* U S A Toge:her with all the Furniture and Hou?et-old K(Tacts In the House, affording a rare opportunity for inves mi nt and frr the purchase of 1 andUome And useful articles cf Furclture. Teims for the real e&tate liberal and made known at sale Terms for furniture : ?3(> and under cash; ov r that sum a credit of 6o and ?0 da**, for satisfac torily endorsed notes bearing Interest The House will be so'd at 1*2 o'clock m., pre cisely. J AS C. McGUIRE, jeiO-ts Auctioneer. Bv JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer I? * EC'UTORS' SALE OE VaLIABLK Li IIrick Houses en 7th and 9th ?trets an d the whole tf Square r*?. 15*?Un TUES DAYAFTEKNOON, June 24th, at 4 o'clock, we shall sell at public auction, to the highest bid aer, the followa*i# valuable property belonging to t*e estate of the late 6eorge Wm. Uttermuhle, viz: Lot No 7. in square No 407, fronting 51 feet 9 Inches on 9th street west, between D and E streets norih, running back 100 feet, with the improve ments consisting of three three storv Biick Dwelling-houses, with two storv brick back build ings, cellars, Ac. ' The p.oxlmity of this valuable property to Pennsylvania avenue and the Centre Market ren ders it very desirable for busine<s purposes Lot No. , square No 424, fronting on 7th street, b-,ween M and N streets with improve ments, consisting of three new three-storv Brie* Dwelling-houses, with two-?tory brick back ars word sheds, Ac. 1 woof these n o ?k1C store? occupied as dry gords stores and the other ts a grocer store a pntrr cf excellent water is immediately a front of tne premises, a d the porperty Is aitoge.her very desirable Immediately after which we slnll wii tfce who ecf Square No. 152, fcocndfd by 17th ai d ' th streets and n rth S and T streets : this will be so d entire or by the lot. at the opin ion of the company. One of the lo s has a two story Crick Dwelling on It. This square has been nr.d<r cul ti vation as a market-ga den. and is a very va ua ble tot for tbat p;;rpo5?e wl 1 C01l,rijcnce, precisely at 4 o'clock, with the hojs'.s or >nh street. TitJe Indisputa or,^e,Mus: One third cash; the residue In 6, 12, and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. 1 . J1th^terms of sale are Dut corapl.ed with with i?th7ruaLVtn^rea the, PT?Perty will t* resold at the risk and ex pense of the defa ?Ittng pnrchas I*Itle Indisputable and sale positive utteRmuhi.e, AUGU^TLS UTTERMUHLE, GEO. XV. UTTERMUHLE. * ,y, ? . Executors. fr 16 d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. H?,nAA(iREKN>A uctionf er. ANDSOY1E Bl ILDI NO LOT ON North K, between l?th and lTth street*, at AK*nU#f!Ttiu "*DNESDAY, the 24 Julv l shall sell, ,n fri-nt of th? premises, at ti o'cloc^ pm, Lot No. 4, in square No 184 fron'inv en the north side of North K is feet 10 lyr*^ w;th an average depth of 146 feet 10 Inches to a 30 fit alley with a 15-feet side alley The atoved^. Si,pr"Perty ,s handsomely located itrn-e n u- L" *far of the ma^a'flcer.t dwe'iln^ now being erected Ly (ieorge W rw, h' a" T.H- ?ly.,tW?Jltuare8 north LafayeUe sQuare' Title Indisputable. Terms at sale __A GREEN, Auct'r. Bv JAS C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer ern par ofi o?\n* w"?1*.?' 1 ?*1 the etst jnei" f??. onnorthM ??'d IB St1' mJifth?,rd cash; the residue in 6 and 12 a deed of trustS ^ ^AS C McGU i R E, Auctioneer Bv JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer. ytRY DESIRABLE M1PKOVKO H?t. AFTK?jlnn"v,,.C Sale?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, at 5 o'clock on the premises, 1 shall sell part of Lot No. 2 infausre 'ron'InK *2 feet on north G between Bric'k nwJ r^L8' lmPrOVed bV a two-story t i? ?15;bouse, built In the most sub.ten hn i?i? v water and gas throughout the ble ma,fteKAc. in flr#t"rate 9tfle? with mar si?'*0d liiiv tblrd *nd the in bl a lii nn months, with interest, secuied i * i ?' truat 0,1 'be premises JM^-d JAS C McGUIRE, Auct'r. By C. W BOTELER, A^I^n^ ALUA RLE BUILDING H?T at Auction ,5ovV"wwkdn^uay' *sr.vw Nn ^ ,nri J* ,* s*>11, on tLe P?mi?es, Lot N^o 4/, being Cabot s subdivision of Square No. inT^1* ProPf[ty )?located in a rapldiv improv rZZth u ? t^elc,ty- having a front of 25 fee-on north H street, between 1st street east and North ^ap.tol s.reet, dep4hS7^' f??et, containing2,lfr7^ 'i urmscash. C_ W BOTELER, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. OALE BV OhDtR OF THE ORPHANS' ^tourtol Fishlcjf Tackle. S?ines, Boats fcc., at unction.?On WFDNKSDAY the 1 sball sell, by order of the Orphan-' Court, the Fishing Tackle, Ac., be longing to the estate of Thomas W. Perkins de c ased. sale to commence at 10 o'clock a m at the residence of Mr Henry Perkins at Bine Plafr.s known as the head of Frazier about four miles from the Navy Yard bridge, t<a; the Poto mac, the following art'rles viz ; 1 lerge new Seine. Kone and Corks 1 Seine, Rop- and Corks, which has fce?n used 1 keel bottom boat, with 10 Oars 2 Scows. 2 Look out Boits * Capstans, 3 new Reams, 2 Lanterns 23 1 In Cups, Pots, Ovens, Kettles, Buckets TermT^h*' T??l8' Chesl". Wo<>d BowU. Ac. A. PER KINS, Administratrix. je 19"* A. uREen, Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. EXCELLENT THKEE-STOKY BRICK *-* Hease and Lot at the corner of loth st and New \'?rk avenue, at Anctlon ?On TUESDAY,the24th Instant, I shall sell, in front of the oremises, at half-past sli o'clock p m f>art or original Lot No. 4 in square No :172 hav ng a wide front on New York avwine. at the cor ner of 10th street we*t, with the Improveinen s which are an excellent three-storr brick house' containing teu or twelve conveniently arrang>?i rooms, with a ba?k building and other necewiv outbuildings. j Title indisputable. Terms ; One-fourth cash; balance in ?, 12 and IS months, the purchaser ta give notes for the deferred Pt) menu, beaUag interest from day of A deed given and a deed of trust taken. J* Vi~* A. GREEN, A net. By A. GREEN, Auctioaser. EK"fcLE" HOUSEHOLD AND TBl!R?^vVF,il[,lf" at Auction.?On THURSDA\, the 2Bth instant. I shall sell at the residt nee of Mr. John Hands, No 4C91 ?rre? t next to the corner of Pth. at 10 o'clock a excellent assortment of Furniture, viz: ' I Mahogany Sofas, Heeded and other Chairs ' 8UndfUreaUS' Wardrob?J Tablwi, and G.lass>and Stoneware Fine plated Fruit Dither, Castor*, Ivory-kaadle knivfs Maple and other Redstead*, Washstands, and cane-seatCliairs Feather Beds, Heddlag, Hair and other Mat U<s?es Moreen, Parlor, and othet Window Curtains Brussels, Three-ply, and othe Carpets Fine rnunile C<ock, Vuk? and Shades Cooking and other Stoves, with a good lot of Kitchen requisites. Terms cash. A. GREEN, J* Auctioneer. V TELEGRAPHIC 1TB W8. FROM THX ASSOCIATED PRESS BY HOUSE PRINTING TELURiPH ARRIVAL or THg ATLANTIC. FOUR DATS LATER FROM EUROPE MR FILLMORE A PASSENGER New York, Jane 13 ?The Collin* steam ship Atlantic, C#pt Eldridge. arrived it 11 o'clock last night from Liverpool, at 3 r m of the 11th instant. She brought eighty pas sengers, including ez-Pr*sident Fillmore, in honor of whose arrival salutes were fired frnn the Collin* dock, and the Batter/. The Cunard steamship Asia arrived e?t on the morning of the 9th The Knghcti public wai still withoat oflleial notice of Mr- Cramp ton's dismissal, hat re garded it as a fixed fact. The positive bat unofficial statements taken out by the Asia created little excitement. The London pa per* all have editorials on tha subject, in which thej generally argue that as the eaae is merelv a personal one, there is no oocasion to 8=nd Mr Dallas away. The Times continues to exhibit b:tt?rMss toward* the United States. The Daily News worders that aggressive America should cite the annexation of India a* a palliation of her own propensities, India being entirely exceptional. Kansas affairs excite notioe in England * ithout being generally understood, it was argued that they would divert the attention of the 1 rated States from the direction of for - eipn war. Parliamentary proceedings were generally unimportant. The bill altering the Parlia mentary oath, so as to admit of Jews taking it, had passed the House of Commons. An attempt to take the life of the Queen of S| ?in i* reported , a young man presented a pistol at lier, but was instantly disarmed. Tiie inundations in France had rendered 10 000 people houseless, and thrown 100,9(X> ? u'. of employment Notwithstanding the fliMiJa, it wns hoped the <*orn crop would not be much below the ave i^e. 1 was reported in Berl a that Prussia and Sardinia have botti demanded to be admitted into the commission for re organising the Dsnnbtan Principalities, and that their de mand had been acceded to It was *t (tod that the Austrian tiovernmfent has resolved tj erect its Lombard Venitian prr vinces into the Kingdom of Upper Italy. Arabia is still in a state of insurrection, re fusing any longer to recognise tha rule of tha Sultan. Mure Turkish outrages against Christian# are rep? rted. The Russian Commissioner to settle affairs in the Principalities, has been instrnetod to retire from the Commission if Moklier Pasha, formerly Prince Stursv should be admitted to take part in the doings of the Commission. THE MARKETS. Li vbrpool, June 11 ?Cotton is easier, bat not quotably lower Sales for three days amounted to 14 000 bales. Sales to simula tors 500 bales Breadstuff? are somewhat higher and trans actions moderate Wheat hes advanced 2d W hite wheat lOjalls ; red d<> 9?alOe 4d ?!?"r h,Da al*. Western Canal ?Ws-Us.; Philadelphia flour 34ia35|s : straight Baltimore and good Ohio 35**37Is. Com ha? advanced Is als rtd. Southern white 29is or rlhprime white 30 js ' ?"?d mixed 2Js Ihe weather has been favorable for ag ricultural purpose*. Precisions are firm and unchanged, but w4th a in derate bupinesfl. Lard dm ad scarcity?selling at anction shilling. Roein is active and unchanged* common 4*g ? Consols onjehort acoount 94fa94*; for money 94a94i. _____ * Mr. Fillmore's Reception. Nnw York, June 23.?Mr. Fillmore had en enthusiastic re option at the St Nicholas Hu t( 1 ast night. The salutes fired amounted to several' hundred guns, and the firing was kept up until daylight. Kansas Affairs Chicago, June 20 ? A private letter receive! here from St. Louis states that the present re ports of quiet in Kansas are part of a plan to induce the government to remove the troops from the territory. Severe Squall at Hew York. New York, June 23?There was a severe squall of wind acoompanied with rain in *hie vicinity ye?terd:iy afternoon Many boats were capsised. and several lives lost. Many building* in the neighborhood were blown down and struck by lightning, and several persons killed thereby Railroad Accident Brasdo-c, Tt , June 21 ?The down mail train from Burlington wad thrown off the track this afternoon about a mile south of this place The engine and baggage car were precipitated down an embankment. The fireman was hurt badiy, but the passengers escaped without serious injury Several cars were broken up The accident was caused by an expansion of the rails by heat. Missouri Congressional Nomination ,VT Louis. June 21.?The Democratic Con vention to-day nominated Claiborne F Jack son from the Fifth District, to fill the va<* incy in Congress occasioned by the death of J G Miller ; and Wm Douglas was nominated for the regular term The former is a Democrat and the latter an Old Line Whig, both nom inated by the same Convention. Direct Telegraphio Communication with Canada. OoDEXfirac, N. Y., June il.-The subma rine cable connecting thisplaee with Prescott, Canada, was successfully placed in the St Lawrence river this icorning thus putting New \ork and Canada in direct commanica tl0D^ U ?wUt minutes were reouired to stretc- the wire the entire distance?one mile Arrest for Obstruc ing a Railroad Chicago, III , June 21 ?Two individuals named Carl Bledcr and Henry Kgger, have been arrested on a charge of obstructing the track of the Michigan Southern Railroad for tbe. Purt"^e of destroying the Toledo Express train. The obstructions were three cross ties which had been fastened acrcssthe track near Ainswortb, on Wednesday. They were dis covered in time and the train saved almost by miracle. ??. J Ealtimars Markets BaLTinona, Jaue 23 ?Flour ha* advanced 12ic per bushel; Howard street $S 25. Wheat has advanced 3a5e, bat is uosett'ad. Corn has advanced la2c , but prices are nomi nal. Provisions were tending upwards when the market closed on Satardaj. Baoon has ad vanced laic; bacon sh?ul.;er.j Die .; sides 10a JOic ; Megs pork $19a*I9 25 for bbls Lard New York Markets Naw York, June 23 ? Floar has advanced sales of 10 500 bbls.; go*l State $5 00; Bupe rior Ohio 05; Southern standard $0 8j ex tra do $8 75 AV heat has advanced, but prices are unset tied; gales of 26,000 bushels. Corn has ad vanoed, sales of 30,000 bushel*; Southern mix ed 57c. bas ad*anced; sales of 6o0 bbls : me?s $19 37. B*ef I* firm; sale* of 40? bbls ; Chi cago repacked *12 Lard ha* advanced; sales of 500 bbls. at 11 Jc Whisky has advanced ; sales of 200 bbls Ohio 3le. Financial New York, June 23?Stocks are higher Chicago and Hock Island 93; Cumberland Coal 2H; Illlnoi* Central 98; Michigan South ern Wi; New York Central 95; Reading 91* Virgiuia 6 s95|; Missouri 6's86ft; IllinoisCen tral bonds 87$. Sterling exchange is firm LAND AND TAX AOS H C Y ? LANDS LOCATED, BOUGHT t S0LO DALLAS A STEELE, East Saginaw, Nick., (Meyt'e Blwea,/. Prompt attention paid to all communications. A.J. DALLAS R. H HSILI mam Uoo R J Wtlksr, Wmu'ii, DO. 8?Clwrii?t.S,rtnH Kl fl ?n .* *?>? ???<> U IHU. V rhltatfrl . JM.t. Vgrtafcit j I? J ?*' i aictMW.H. JiII INmlU, Mew Tork. lies LswIsCms. H?, Ml. U. ]e lo-im