Newspaper of Evening Star, June 25, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 25, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. ! Tb* Board or Commok CorwciL met on Monday afternoon, at the usual hour. The members were all present. The President announced the appointment of the following committees : n w*7? *nd Means?Messrs. Lloyd, Towlts, Bayne. Watteraton, Abert, Orme and Ken nedy. Improvements-Mewrs. Walker, Baldwin, \ enable, Lloyd, Turton, Fisher and Edmon ?ton. Claims?Messrs. Towles, McCutchan and Orma. Taflnished Business?Messrs. Knight and Jeffenon. Elections?Messrs. MoCutchen, Towlas and Abart. Police?Messrs. Watterston, McCutchan, Bayne, Lloyd, Abart, Fisher and Edmonston Canals?Messrs Bayne, Towles, Baldwin, Knight. Turton, Jefferson and Clarke. Publio Schools?Messrs Gordon, Walker, Watterston, Lloyd, Abert, Kennedy and Fisher. Fire Department? Messrs. Baldwin, Boh layer and Lee. JOIIfT COMMITTEES. Washington Canal?Messrs. Bayne and Jef ferson. Money Transactionsofthe Corporation?Mr. Lloyd. Washington Asylum?Messrs. Gordon, Boh layer, Lloyd, and Abert. Count and destroy Due Bills?Mr. Bohlayer. Register's Account.-?Mr Watterston Wharves-Messrs Walker, Venable, and Clarke. Health of the City?Messrs Baldwin, Abert, McCulchen, And Towlef. Enrolled Bills?Mr. Edmonston To examine Eligibility of Assessors?Messrs Lloyd, Towles. McCutcben, and Abert. To attend to the iuterests of the Corporation before Congress?Messrs. McCutchen, Towles Gordon, and Abert. . ' A message was received from the Aldermen, stating that that Board had appointed the usual committees. Mr. Lloyd presented the petition of Patrick Brennan, asking for the remission of a fine * referred. Also, a bill authorising messengers in the Mayor a office and to the Councils, and the appointment of a janitor; referred. Also, a resolution requesting the Mayor to inform this Board by what authority he offered a reward of five hundred dollars for the ap prehension of John Essex, aocused of the killing of 0. Quigley, and pledging the Cor poration of Washington for its payment; adopted. Mr. Abext presented the petition of Charles Steedman, asking that certain taxes erro neously paid by nim may be refunded; re ferred ?The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Mayor in relation to the damage done to the streets and gutters through out the city by the late rains, for casual re pairs in the several Wards, Ao ; referred. Also, a communication from the Mayor in relation to the books in the Tax Clerk a office, and asking authority to employ temporarily two additional clerks in the said office; re ferred. The President laid before the Board a com munication from the Collector of Taxes in re lation to the appointment of a messenger and the purchase of certain articles for said office : referred Mr. Abert moved that the further services of a page to this Board be dispensed with * agreed to. Mr. Fisher introduced a bill for repairing and securing the sidewalk on the east side of eleventh street west, between G and U streets north; (a?sed. Mr Jefferson introduced a bill prescribing ?truck measure for oats; also, a bill regula ting the weight of hay ; referred. Mr Knight, from the committee on unfin ished business, reported the following bills, , which were appropriately referred : A bill for errors in grading and paving in front in of lot No? 2, in square No. Z43; peti tion of Hugh Dowling, praying for the remis sion of a fine; a bill to prevent the tapping ?of sewer*; petition cf J ilunsberger and otters, asking the extension of an alley in ecjUiie No. 4i2; petition of Henry Seifert and others against the opening of an alley in Suare No. 4*1; bill for the relief of the ranklin Fire Company; bill to regulate the sale ot poisons in the city of Washington ; petion of T. E Clarke, asking that the chan nel :uay be deepened at the Corporation wharf at the end of Eleventh street; petition of Henrietta ^hyrtik, asking the remission of certain taxes; petition of the Anacostia Fire Company, askiig an appropriation for said company; bill amendatory of an act regu latiLg sales at auction ; petition of Edgar fl iiates ; bill authoriaing the delegation of the becond Ward to purchase a lot tor the use of the Franklin Fire Company. Also, joint res olutien apjljing to Congress for the opening of all the avenues from one terminus to the other; laid on the table. The President laid betore the Board a com munication trom the Mayor, transmitting statements of the acounts of the Corporation with the Bank of Waahingtou on the tfth and lath of June; referred. Corporation of Washington in account teitk tht Ltd.. Bank of Washington. Ca. o* *r*i run.! - $:v*i is M War4^?fca^p ? ?* M k ^ I Ka??u - S.HJ M ? 22 [ Surplu? Fund - . . W?rJ - - ?,o4l it ui fuud - - ? *,7 rt r.nh W.r , ... Ml 31 Kir?( W.rJ . . ? B,?u. W.r I S.1.VJ 67 j Thlril W?,d . . . j !! >*-?? e:.:; A ?. - 1 771 ?? | rourtli W?r> 1 - - - 14 ?*?*i - i,k't ?s Cor)K,rsiiun Ktertat 19 <X>ma. *ri AJylum n ;? | June lfc-To bai?iice <Jne tl>* ot WMhiQ.-u,o SiTlm ? fc ,m. . 8 ? VUiKHIN, ??,k W b*I.k of * aautnftoii. Jang IS, I'M. A communication was received from the In "?dant of the VV ashing ton Asylum, transmit ting his report for the m-jnth of May. lhe bill iron the Aldermen imposing taxes for the year 18o? was then taken up for coi aideration Mr Jefferson moved to amend the bill by striking out the word k< sixty" io the first and third sections, and insert '? seventy;" which was decided in the negative?yeas 9, nays 11 Mr Abert moved to refer the bill to the committee of ways and means; which motion was d s lgreed to. Mr Jefferson moved to amend the bill by adding after the words ?' collection of the aame the following * 44 And so much of the third section of the act entitled ? An act prescribing the duties of the Collector of Taxes and fixing his compen sation' as conflicts with ttiis section be ana the sa&e is hereby repealed; and that the tenth section ot said act be and the same is hereby amended, so that its first provision shall be as follows, vij on all taxes, if paid within two months after the same shall beeoine due and payable, eight per cent ; after which no abatement shall be allowed." Decided in the negative?yeas ?, nays 12. Mr. Abert moved to amend the bill by striking out the word "sixty" and inserting ?'seventy;" decided in the negative-yeas 7 nays 14 ' ' Mr Jefferson moved to amend tke seventh ?ection by adding after the word ' same" the following : " And that there shall be a deduction of six per cent upon all taxes paid in July and Au gust of this year, and five per cent upon all taxes paid in September and October of this year.' Decided in the negative by yeas y nays 12. The bill was then referred to the ways and means committee. Mr Wisher moved that the Board do now a lj urn , decided in the negative. Mr. Lloyd, irom the ways and means com mittee, reported without amendment the bill ircm tho Board of Aldermen imposing taxes lor the year lbifi. nnli* b',, h?TinK been read twice, and the H?,Tk * 0U third *??*??!, it was so ordered by yeas and nays, as follows : leas?Messrs Baldwin, Bavne Eohlaver I V^lu^wik' Lwjd' McCutobcu Towles' dett-il' Witlker? Watterston, and the Frcsi ?U?r*J2E!: i-b<rt' C,arke Kennedy, Lee, and Tart?,n wid l[!LW.? tl;.*n ? 'bird time and 11? the Loard adjourned. the first page, Pic-nij uIlH' PWtJ WUh Wboai J0U St. John's Dat.?According to notioe, the Maaons yesterday celebrated toe anniversary of the nativity of St. John the Baptist. The proeewion of the Graft, with regalia, banners. Ac., was imposing, though from the heat of the weather it was not so large as had been anticipated. The exercise s at the Smithsoni a n Institute were opened with prayer by the Qrand Chaplain, which was followed by an address by Her Byron Sunderland. The orator, in sketching the rise and progress of Masonry, spoke of other secret institutions, whieh, founded on a wrong basis, had per ished, while Masonry, by force of inherent truth, had maintained its vitality in full vigor. A vivid picture of the process of initiating the neophyte into the Rosicrucian mysteries as detailed in Bulwer's " Zanoni ' was riven. The grand aims of Masonry were mentioned, and it was urged that such a system cannot be dangerous to the three other great sys tems?the family, the state, and the church? but is auxiliary to them. In enumerating the long list of the great and the good who have been connected with this institution, it was stated that Washington was a Mason ; the Generals of the Revolution were Masons ; four-fifths of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Masons; Jefferson, Franklin, Lafayette, Jackson, and Clay were Masons. The speaker then took up, seriatim, the va rious objections to Masonry ; that it is monas tic, latitudinarian, exclusive, dangerous, se cret, Ac , and disposed of them most happily and conclusively The address was throughout a beautiful effort, and on its conclusion the orator was warmly congratulated by the veteran Senator from Michigan, Gen Cass Afi impressive prayer by Rev. Mr. Hol mean, of Grrce Church, concluded the exer cises at the Institute ; after which the proces sion was re-formed and marched to- the Odd Fellows' Hall, where they partook of a ban quet. ?? An Obstinate Customer ?Yesterday, Mr. Burch of the Auxiliary Guard arrested a col ored man named W J. Payne, and with the assistance of Officer Plowman and others took him before Justice Smith Payne was charged with two cases of assault and battery, and also disturbing the family of Mr. Dyer. His head had been cut in the first attack which he made on bis wife, she having struck him with a fiat iron in the scuffle. The Justice committed him to jail. Getting him to jail was the hardest work He resisted, and was thrown on his back; the twitches were placed on bis wrists, but without effect; the officers dragged him till they were tired ; he wouldn't get up One officer, finding that the strength of the other* was failing, seited a cane, and I two or three smart raps on the shins of the I prisoner had more effect than all their per I suasion and previous efforts. The prisoner I agreed to walk the remaining distance, not caring to try another application of the cane He was a very powerful man, and his obsti I nate resistance of the officers attracted a large I crowd around them. Appointments ?The Mayor has appointed For Commissioner of the Eastern Section of the Canal?Joseph Cross. Sealer of Weights and Measures?Hiram I Richey. Inspector of Fire Apparatus?JohnW. Mar tin. For Measurer? of Grain, Bran, Ac ?First I district?John Wilson. Second district?Jos I T. Williams Commissioners of the West Burial Ground ? Joseph Borrows, Wm. Wilson, John T. liark I ness Superintendents of Sweeps?First Ward? I Thomas J Jones. Fourth Ward?Frederick 1 Kiotz. Fifth Ward?John T. Neal. Sixth Ward?James R.Wood. Seventh Ward?Ed ward Hammersley. Panorama op China and Japan?This se I ries of gorgeous tableaux now at Iron Hall, I one of which illustrates the manners, customs, arehirectnre, scenery, Ac., of the curious Chinese, and the other the incidents and scenes connected with the treaty of amity so I recently and peacefully negotiated by Com. M C Perry, are said by Hon Calet> Cashing. Com. Perry, Bayard Taylor and others, to be I truthful representation, and by artisU and I connoisseurs as artistic paintings We re I commend to those who desire a rich treat to see these truly artistic, entertaining and in I structive pictures before they leave the city. I China is exhibited to-night The afternoon exhibitions for schools are Thursday and Sat I urday ; and we cannot recommend them too I forcibly to teachers and parents, as an oppor I tunity for their pupils and children to gain information for a mere trifle. The Annual Commencement ok Colum bian College, D. C , was held to day in the E street Baptist chuioh Degrees were con ferred as follows : Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy?Thomas M Scott, Va. Degree of Bachelor of Arts?J as. G Board, Va ; M ah Ion A Hensley, Va ; J. Boulware Kidd, Va., Charles H Utcrmchle, D. C. Degree of Master of Arts?George F. Bagby, Va ; William E. Duucan, Va ; Edward L Force, D. C.; Luther B Gwaltney, Va.; William J Houston, N. C ; Jesse J. Nags, Miea.; William D. Rice, S. C ; Henry H. Wyer, Va. A large audience was in attendance, and much satisfaction was expressed at the high order of scholarship and ability displayed by the graduates in the oratorical exercises. 1 Criminal Court.?Yesterday, the following I cases were disposed of after tbo trial of San I ford: Thos. Ferguson, (colored.) stealing a I ham of bacon from Mary G. Horschamp; fuilty ; six months in the county jail. Jonn oreman. tried in three eases of larceny, con I victed in two and acquitted of one. j When the reporter left the court room to-day, I no cases had been taken un for trial, none being I then ready. His honor, Judge Crawford, ex I pressed a great deal of anxiety to have the I business of the Court promptly proceeded with. Where does the fault lay ? The Sea Side ?The reader will find in to day's Star the usual advertisement of Dr. Banks's Chesapeake Hall, the celebrated sea ride watering place at Hampton, Va. It is the summer resort of the elite and refined, of the State of Virginia especially The visitor esjoys there all the luxuries of air, fish, game, and bathing for whieh Old Point Comfort (dis tant but three or four miles) is distinguished, and in addition the soeiety of the first minds in the South, without being annoyed with all the usual frivolities of watering places. A Gbeat Booc ?We are happy to inform the public of Washington that they are shortly to be supplied with one of the most valuable works ever issued in this country. This work will be of rare interest and invaluable ser vice U the whole religious community. The work referred to is published by that enter prising firm of Martin, Johnson A Co., New Terfc There is a splendid steel engraving ia sack number, worth double the price of the subscription on each volume. . Fjrk ?About one o'olock this morning, a rouui in the dwelling of Mr. Chas. Reman, on Four-and-a-half street, in the Seventh Ward, was discovered to be on fire, and the room and furniture were considerably damaged be fore the fir* eould be put out The upper stories of the house are occupied as a dwell ing, and the lower as an apothecary's store. The watchosan and a few citizens are entitled to credit for their exertions to gave this prop erty ??? Something New?The Pic Nic at Mason's Island ?The pic nic to be given to-morrow by that enterprising fire company, the Vigi lant, of Georgetown, at Mason's Island, pre sents an agreeable change of place to the lovers of pleasant picturesque pic nic locali ties. We anticipate a Hue time for the Vigi lant members and their friends. The Streets of Washington, last night, along the line of procession of the Washington delegation to the Georgetown mass meeting, presented a most animated appearance. A Fins Programme ia presented by the Kunkel Troupe at the National to-night. Cabes dispoS?d or?By Juatice Rollings head : Ann Ricaud. disorderly house, threats, Ac ; dismissed. Frances Penny, Isabella Penny, Ellen Dade, fines, costs and security Thomas Whits and James Johnson, fighting and riots ; lecurity for further hearing. Jas. Brown, Geo. Harris and Ellen Harris, threats and assault; security for peace. By Justice Smith: Alfred Surges*) bastardy; dismissed. Wm. Greer and Francis Thomp son, astault and battery ; dismissed. Martha Hall, charge of larceny ; held for trial. Watch Returns.?Thos. Duly, vagrant; workhouse thirty days. Jno. Maher, vagrant, sick ; sent to the Infirmary by the Commis sioner of Public Buildings. Jno. Butler, col ored, resisting officers; jail Jos Thomas, disorderly gathering; dismissed. David Hoi* land, drun,\ and disorderly ; fine, costs, and security. Jas. Watson, drunk and fighting; seourity for peace. Jas O'Neil, do ; do. Busi ness could be done more speedily if perrons having no business in the guard house would leave the business of others alone. We un derstand that an arrangement will be made to confine interfering visitors to their proper places. ??-? , [C0M*CNICATKT>. Thl DiSTTTRBAHCR or THE W*16 Mkktins. A friend of the Hon Lewis D Campbell in forms the readers of the Intelligencer in yes terday morning's paper, that he, Mr. C., when he proceeded to address the Whig meeting on Saturday night last, said that he would not speak if there was any objection made ; nnd that whatever opposition was manifested at first, there was none which reached Mr. C's ear when he commenced. Now Mr. C or his friend could not have failed to bear the hisses, in which the writer of this, as an Old Line Whig, participated, which greeted every call of Mr. C 's name by his Know Nothing friends. And if Mr. C. made such deference in words to the rights of the Old Line Whigs who not being members of an;' other party or organi sation alone legitimately composed the Whig meeting, as his fr*end claims for him. the writer did not hear him ; being with others busily engaged in loudly objecting; which he continued to do after Mr. U. npreared, and for which the Know Nothings raised the cry of?put him (the undersigned) out. The fact that the meeting was one of Old Lftie Whigs only (tho public not being in vited) for the purpose of consulting and ad vising as to the best course to pursue in the ensuing Presidential election, and further, the fact that memt :rs of the Know Nothing party and the Union Association were objected to as participators by the Whigs, and were not allowed to serve as the secretary or on the committee, ought to have been enough to have informed Mr. C., who proclaimed himself a Know Nothing, that he was alike an intruder, being: called on only by the Know Nothings and Black Republicans, to speak. A. Brbknbr. HARRIED, On the 24th Instant, bv Rev. 8. Remitter, JAS. W SPALDING, Est , to Miss S. LIZZIE ROBINSON, all of th>s city. OIKD, On the night of the :21th Instant, Mr. WM H. CLARKE, son-in-law of C P. Sengstack, In the 40th year of hl? age, leaving a wife and four chil dren to lament his loss. The decsased was a man of corr zt moral habits, and honorab'e In a" his relations of life. His iantral wl'' take place * om his late resi dence on Twelf.h street, on to-mor.-ow (Thurs day) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, to which his friends and acquaintances are Invited to attend. On the24th lrst., M*?. MARY DELPHENA, confort of Thos. G. Williams, In the 30th year of her age She suffered a short nalnful 1 \ness, which she bore with christian fortitude Her frlerds and acquaintances are invited to attend her luneral this (Wednesday) af.ernoon, at 5 o'clock, from her late residence, coiaer of G and 23d streets. * In Georgetown, on the21th Instant, Mrs. MARY C. TODD, In the 43d year of her a<-e. The relatives and lrlends of tue fam"y are herebv invited to attend her funeral to morrow afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 23 Sixth str et, between Market and Freder ick. * WANTS A COOK WANTED?A GERMAN GIRL preferred?to cook, wash and Iron for two persons Must be In all respects well recom mended Apply at 357 Maryland avenue, be tween 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill. It* WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE middle aged woman a situation as nurse, or to do general housework in a sm?ll familv. Good recommendations given. Apply at Mo. 564 Penn sylvania avenue, I ?tween -2d ard 3d strets. It# WANTED ?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework. To one who can come we'l recommentd as competent and trustworthy, a good home and fair wa^es wi'l be given. Aj:nly at the he'l door. Hit WANTED ?A GIRL TO DO THE GENE ral housework of a smaH family. American or German preferred, Inquire at No. vDO Gth street, between M and N north. It* A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER, pleasing address. AC, wishes a position from which he may realize a support. Be. . references Slven. Address J. S. te , through Cltv Post > flee. je -23-21* ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRST rate Caok and Wasber for a small family. Ap at 403 Twelfth str et, between I and K. e 25 2i? W SITUATIONS W A N T E D?TWO BOYF, between 15 and 17 years of age, wish to gei situations ki the cltv. Good recommendation# can be given. Apply to the porter in Mr Mur ray's Hotel, Pa avenue, between 3d and 4K ats. je 25-3t* __ WANTED-A GIRL OR MIDDLE AGED Woman?American or Ger.nan preferred? to do the general work of a small family. En quire at the Union Land Office, Seventh street, above Odd Fellows' Hall. je24-2t* WANTED ?TWO COLORKD BOYS from 9 to 12 years of age. Apply at the Restaurant corner or llth street-and Pennsylvania avenue. je 23-31* WANTED?AT NO. 37 4* ST., A GOOD Cook, Washer and Ironer, with a written recommendation from her last place. Also, a young Woman as seamstress, as above. Je 23-lw WA N T E D?ON THE MANASSAS GAP Halltoad, sixteen miles from AleTandMa, Va , TWO HUNDRED LABORKR8. Enquire at the first toil gate on the Fairfax road. je l#-lw* THOS. COYLE A CO. FOR SALE AND RENT. [SXI FIRST PASI IOR OTHER NOTICES ] ROOMS.?SEVERAL PLEASANT ROOMS can be obtained with or without board, at No 473 Sl*th street, betweeuD and E Location desirable. je 25-31* For rent-a pleasantly situated House, with the conveniences of gas, water, Ac. Apply at No. 353 I street, between 13th and 14th. Je *5-3t? Furnished rooms for rent?car riage AND HORSE FOR SALE ?One large front, and te*eral ple.'sant and nicely fur nished Rooms can be had on reasonable terms by early application One very flee family Horse and Carriage will be aoid very low, as tee owner hrs no fuituer use fcr them. Can b? seen at Mr. Nailor's Livery Stable. Apply to Mrs. KNOTT, 252 G street, be tween 14th ana 15th. je25-eo3t* FOR KENT?ON THE 1st JULY A LARGE and very convenient Frame Hcuse, contain ing a passage, two parlors, a large dining room, kitchen and seven good chambers. It is situated on 8th street, e**t side, a few steps below New York avenue, and, to an approved tenant will be rented at the low rate of ?20 per month Apply at the House, No 378 Elgnth st. jc 15-3t* FO R R E N T?THE HOUSE, AS FUR nlshed, at the northwest corner of Louisiana avenue and Sixth street Apply to CUTH BER r P WALLACH, at Fitzgerald's, Pa avenue, n-xt to the U. S. Hotel. je25 3t* For sale or rent?a brick house, with basement, and a very large l-.t on Pros pec: Hill, Georgetown Price for the htuse ard lot S2.MK); i>nt #160 Terms liberal Apply to the undersigned, Bridge street, Georgetown Po*. session given immediately. je2?-lw T A. NEWMAN ?OH SALE?A VERY VALUABLE 1M proved property, being Lots No 33 and 34, in 9uare No. 625, fronting 50 feet on the west s'de north Capitol etreet. and running back 105 feet to a 15 foot alley. Being two loui the corner of 6 street north, improved by a very neat and well bul t two-story Frame House, containing 5 rooms, a good kitchen, with other necessary sheds Ac , and a very nicely laid off tlower garden, with fruit trees of various kinds. For lurther Information apply on the premises to P. MULLEN. Je23 3.* House for balk ?a fine new modern built hous* on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a line basement, kitchen, Ac Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Ac In quire of H. A WILLARD, at Wlllards' Hotel. )? 23-lm G AUCTION SALES. * [811 IHIT PA01 roi OIII1 AUCT OS BALIS.] Bv JAB C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. nEMKABLECITY RESIDENCE WITH Fiat Or?adi,li the First Ward?On MONDAY EVENING, June 30th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell at public auction the desirable residence at the corner of F and 2tst ?treets, now cccupld by Capt A. W Whipple. The grounds attached to the house are large aid handsomely laid out. The Lot fronts 67 feet on F street, with a depth of 138 feet 6 Inches on 21st street There are sixteen rooms in the house, completely fitted with gas, and heated by a fur nace, and is In every respect a desirable residence Terms of sale: One-fifth cash, and the residue in 8, 12, it, and ii months, for notes bearing in tere?t, aud secured by a deed of trust on the premises. JAS C. McGUIRE, Jc25-d Auctioneer. Bv A. GREEN, Auctioneer rilRCSTKKft' SALE.?ON MONDAY, THE A 28th of Julv, 1HC6, by virtue of a deed of trust to us, dated the 4lh davof September, A D.

1881, and dulv reco.dcd in ~iber J AS, No 33, follous 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46. cne of the lar.d records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia, we shall sell at piib.ic auction, In frort of the preml<es. at 6 o'clock p. m , the west half of Lot numbered twenty-three, In square num bered four hundred and ninety six, in the city of Washington Terms of sale: One-ha'f In cash, and the re mainder In six months, with interest, and to be w^cured by deed of trust If the terms are not notcomplhd with in five days from the day of sale the trustees reterve the right to resell the premises at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. All conveyancing at the cost cf the purchaser. E C MORGAN, I rp . I1UGU D. av\ EfcN Y ) T,ust es je25--eoAdT A GRELN, AudTr. By JAS C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. Excellent furniture and Housekeeping Effects at Anction.?On MONDAY' MORNING, June 30% at lOo'clock, a* the residence of Cant A. W. Whipple, U. S. Armv, corner of F and 21st streets, I shall sell all his Furniture aad Household Effects, consisting in part of? Superior Rosewood seven octave Piano Forte, by Rosenkrauz Two black walnut plush covered French Sofas Six walnut plush-cove cd parlor Chairs Rosewood a m Chair, reception Chairs Marble top centre and side Tables Damask and lace Curtains, Cornice, 4c <?as Ohmdellers, Brackets, Ac Handsome Oil Paintings, Shades Velvet, Bru?sels, and ingrain Carpets Oil Cloth, Matting, Rugs Oak Hat Tree, Hall Chairs Ws'nut extension Table, Sideboard Cnins, Glair, and Crockery Ware Table Cutlery, Castors, Fire Irons Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstands Wardrobes, Tables, Chairs Hair and Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows Cooking and other Stoves Together with a general assortment of Kitchen Utensils. Terms: 830 end under cash; over that sum a credit of 60 and 90 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing interest. P S ?The House wlH be sold at 6 o'clock P. M. the same day. For particulars see advertise ment in another column J. C. McGUIRE, Je25-d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. OVERNMENT S*LE OF HAT.?ON -- THURSDAY* AF l ERNOON , Jure 23tb at6X o'c'ock, In the Smithsonian Park, I sha'l se" 12 stacks of well-cured Hay. CHAS. F. R CUMMIN, Supei't. Je 21-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By E. S. WRIGHT, Georgetown PORTO RICO SUOAR AT AUCTION.? On FRIDAY next, the 27th instant, at 12 o'clock, on F A A. H. Dodge's Wharf, thecargo of the barque Wm. Chase, trom St. John's, con sisting of? 369 bhds. choice and prime Sugars. jeJl-dts EDW. S WRIGHT, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUl RE, Auctioneer. A CHANCE FOR SPECULATORS.?Will be seld for cash, without reserve, at our Auc tion Store, on FRIDAY EVENING rext, Jur.e 27th. at 6 o'clock, the following Lots : Brick Yard, with kiln and Improvements, em bracing Lots 8 and 9, in square 653, possessing building sard and the best clay in the city. Also, two small Lots, 25 by 55 feet each, being part of Lot No. 19, square ?, near the Circle. Also, Lot 21, square 51, ditto. Also, Lot No. 2, square 6, valuable to brick makers for possf-slng a red loamy soil used by them Also, Lot No 12, square 541, cn 4K street, near south L, to a 30 feet alley. Also, small House and Lot, 25 feet by 105 feet 1 inch, on Fourth street east, near M. Central warrantee title given je24-4t JAS C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. MPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROP. ? rty at Anrtion.?Oil MONDAY, the uotli instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, commencing on the first-named property, viz part of lot No 15, In square No. 567, situated at thecornerof New Jersey avenue and no:th G street; and immediately after the sale of the above I shall sell, on tne premises, Lots Nos 4 5, and 6, in Cabot's subdivision of square No 677. These Lots front on north G, between north Capitol and 1st streets east. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6, 12. and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken Immediately after the above sale I shall se! Lots Nos 31 and 32, in Cabot's subdivision of square No. 525, situated at the corner of North Capitol and north G streets, having a front on North Caoltol street of 50 feet, rsnnlng back 105 feet to a 15 foot al ey, with the improvements which are two two-story and attic rough cast brick Houses, containing 9 rooms, store-ioom wood-sh<d, Ac. Terms: One-third cash; balance in six and twelve month?, for notes bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title Indisputable. je 21-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Trustees1 sale of valuable Property at Public Auction.?By virtue of two deeds of trust, each dated 30th January 1855 and duly recorded in the land records Washington county. District of Columbia, respec lively, in Liber J. A S., No. 91, folios 213 to217 and Liber J A. S., No 92, folios 379 to 383, an to satisfy debts named in said deed, will be sold at public auction, on THURSDAY, 26th June 1853, on ihe respective premises, commencing at 6 o'clock p m., the following parcels of ground lying and being In the city of Washington, and known upon the plan of the said city as Lots Nos 25 and 26, in square No. 555; also Lots Nos 14 15, 16, and 17, in fquare No 551 The sale will begin upon Lot No. 14, of square 551, and be continued on the different lots until the whole Is disposed of. Terms of sale: One-fourth cash; balance pay able In six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, to be secured by deed of trust upon the property. Deeds to be at the expense of the pur chasers If the terms of sale are not complied with within three days after the sale, the trustees reterve the right, at their option, to resell the property at the < o?t and risk of the purchasers. Bv order of the Trustees. HMMORF1T, >Trus.PP9 JNO. B K1BUEY, J lrUhlees Je 21-3t A GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Handsome buildino lot on sixth, between U and H street, at Auction.? On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, 1 shall sell, tn front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p m , a hand some building Lot, having a front of 25 feet on 8th street, running 85 feet, to a 10 feet alley, being lot No. 4, in square No. 486. This property Is very handsomely situated on 6th, between G and H streets north, near the corner of G. I Terms: One-third cash; balance on a credit of 6, 12, and 1W months, for notes bearing in terest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Tit'.o indisputable. A. GREEN, jf 23 Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. Handsome buildino lot on North K, between 16th and 17th streets, at A action.?On WEDNESDAY, the 24 July, I shall sell, in front of tho premises, at 6 o'clock p m , Lot No. 4, in square No 184, fronting on the north side of North K 4^ feet 10 Inches, with an average depth of 146 feet 10 inches to a 30 feet alley, with a 13-feet side alley The above des cribed property is handsomely located Imme diately in the tear of tne magnificent dwelling now being erected by George W Rlggs, Esq., and only two squares north of Lafayette square. Title Indisputable. Terms at tale Je20-d^ A. GREEN, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDINO LOT ON 4th street at Anettoa ?On FRIDAY, the 27th Instant, 1 shall sell In front of the premises, at half-past ? o'clock p m, south part of Lot No 8, in Square No. 8lft, having a front on 4th street east of 20 feet, witnadepih of 105 feet I inch, between D and E streets north, containing 2,101 square feet of ground Also, the lumber now on t.e lot, which is saflclent to buUd a frame house T> ras of sale for lot: One-third cash; balance in six and twelve mor.ths, for notes bearing inte rest from the day of sals; a deed given and a deed of trust taken. For the lumber sixty and ninety d4ys, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest A. GREEN, Je >3 Auctioneer. SOFT CRABS AND URKEN TURTLE SOU Pare served every day at C. GAUTIEK'S Saloon. r m I AUCTIOH SALB3. THI8_AFTEBH001f AND T0-M01B0W. By JAB. C McGUIRE. Aucllonw. SQUARE OF GROUND AT AUCTION ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 48, immediately after the saleof the Government Lot*, I shall sell the whole of Square No. 190, bounded by New Hampshire avenue, north V, 16th, aid north W stree's, containing 80,080 square feet. Terms: One-thl?d cash , the residue In six aad twelve months, with Interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises - Je 40-d JA8. C. McGUIRE. Anct'r. By WALL, BARNARD * CO , Auctioneers. IBabmabd A Breast. Georgetown ) VALIABLK FOUNDRY PROPERTY IN the First Ward at Auction.?On WED NESDAY,the 25th Instant, at 4 o'clock p. m.t we will sell Lots 9, 10, and 11, In square 15, known as "Rock Creek Foundry." on the comer of Pennsylvania avenue and Twenty-sixth street, with the Foundry, Blacksmith Shop, OAce. and other buildings thereon. This property is very valuable, and worthy the attention of persons who wish to carry on a Foundry acd Machine shop, or for a most beau tiful building location?the view of the Potomac, Georgetown, and Virginia shore being from there awurpased Terms: One-fourth cash; the remainder In one, two, and three years from the day of sale, bearing interest A deed given and a deed of trust taken. WALL, BARNARD A CO , je 21?d . Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. C'LOSING OUT SALE of GOVERNMENT / Lets in the City ef Washington. ? On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 26tli, at 3 o'clock, atthe Auction Rooms. 1 shall sell, by order of the Commissioner of Public Buildings, the following described City Lots belonging to the United States : Square. No. of Lets. 33 4 51 3 80 part of 13 116 4. 5 and 18 551 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 13, and 16, 17, 10, and 24 613 3 030 south half of 15 052 14, 15, 16, 17 and 19 654 3 835 13 959 13, 14 S. of 1067 1 S. E of 106B 1 1119 1,2,10,11,12,13,14 1125 1,2,11,12,13,14.15.16 1126 1,2,10.11,12,13,14 1127 3,4, 5,6,7,8 112* 1,3,9.10.11,12 1132 1,2.11,12,13,14,15 1133 1,2,10,11, 12,1?, 14 1134 1,2,9,10,11,12 1135 3,4 , 5.6,7,8 11* 10.1?. Ik, 13 1137 1,2,11,12,13,14,15,16 1138 1,2,10,11,12,13,14 1139 1,2,9.10,11,12 1140 1,2,9.10,11,12 1141 1,2,11,12,13,11,15,16 1142 3,4,5.6,7,0,9 1143 1,2,9,10,11,12 1144 1,2,3,4.5,6,15,16 Terms of sale : One-third cash; the residue in t?roequal payments at 6 and 12 months, with in terest The terms of sale must be compiled with with in five days thereafter, or the property will be re sold at the risk end expense of the delinquent purchaser. J. B BLAKK. Commissioner of Public Buildings, je20-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Excellent household and Kttcheu Furniture at Auction.?On THURSDAY, the 26th instant, I shall sell at the residence of Mr. John Hands, No 4091 street, next to the comer of 9th, at 10 o'clock a. m., an excellent assortment of Furniture, viz: Mahogany Sofas, deeded and other Chairs Do Bureaus, Wardrobes, Tablet, and SUnds China, Crockery, Glass, and Stoneware Fine plated Fruit Dishe*, Castors, Ivory-handle knivfs Maple and other Bedsteads, Washstands, and cane-seat Chairs Feather Beds, Bedding, Hair and ether Mat tresses Moreen, Parlor, and other Window Curtains Brussels, Three ply, and other Carpets Flue mantle dock, Vases and Shades Cooking and other Stoves. with ? good lot of Kitchen requisites. Terms cash A. GREEN, jeai-d Auctioneer. By J AS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer (CATALOGUE SALE OF STOCK OF J Beets und Shoes.?On T H 1T R S D A Y MORNING, June 26th, at 10 o'clock, at Store No. 335 Pennsylvania avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, 1 shall sell the entire stock of a firm decliuing business; comprising an excellent as sortment of fine goods for ladles' and gentlemen's wear. Sale positive and without reserve. The trade are invited to attend this sale, which will be made In lots to suit. Terms : 825 and under cash : over that sum a credit of 60 and90 days, forsatisfaetrrilvendor^ed nctes, bearing Interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je 21-d Auctioneer, ByJ.C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWKLVE BEAUTIFUL BUILDING Lots nt the corner of E and 3d streets at public Auction.--On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, June 18th, at half-past 6 o'clock, on the Kremises, I shall sell Lots Nos 3 acd 4, Square lo. 570, situated at the corner of north E street and Third street west. Those lots have been sub divided to make six lots fronting each 25 feet 6 inches on north E street, running back 116 feet to a 10 feet alley, and six lots fronting 24 feet I Inch on 3d street, running bzck 155 feet to a 30-feet al ley. i'hese are probably the best proportioned and most eligibly situated lots to be found for sale in that very desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the at tention of capitalists as well as persons desiring a 8r*t-ela*s building site Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen mon'hs, wi'.h Interest, se cured by deed of trust on the premises je 12-d JA?. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. jjy The above sale is postponed until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, san e hour and place, at which time the beautiful Lots on E street will positively be sold without reserve. J AS. C. McGUIRE, je20-d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE IMPROVED Prop. erty at Public Sale.?On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, at 5 o'clock,on the premises, i shall sell part of Lot No. 2, in square numbered 518, fronting 22 feet on north G. between 4 th and 5th streets, improved by a new two-story Brick Dwelling-house, built in ttemost substan tial manner, with water and gas throughout the building, furhished In first-rate style, with mar ble mantels, Ac. Terms: One third cash; and the residue In six, and twelve months, with interest, tecured by a deed of trust on the premises. Je 18-d JAS. C McGUIRE, Auct'r. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer VALUABLEBDILDING LOT at Auction. v On WEDNESDAY, June 25th, at half past 6 o'clock p. m., 1 shall sell, on the premises, Lot No 47, being Cabot's subdivision of Square No 677. This property is located in a rapidly-improv ing fart or the city, having a front of 25 feet on north H street, between 1st street east and North Capitol street; depth97# feet, containing 8,187# Terms cash. je 18-d C. W. BOTELER, Auct'r. SALE OF LAND.?BY VIRTUE OF Au thority vested in me, on the premises, in A1 exandrii county, Va., I will sell, at Auction, at 4 o'clock, on THURSDAY, June 26th, a valuable lot of 48 acres of land, part in wood and a part eieared, and remarkably well adapted to garden ing purposes. It is joined by the farms of Mrs Hamilton, R Cruit, and the Rev A Hays?about 1# from Georgetown. There are two ex cellent springs of water, and a comfortable log House on the premises, which is all enclosed by a One fence. Any person wishing to purchase may get any desired information bv calling on Robert Ball. Br., near Ball's Cross Roads, or the subscriber, at 558 G street, near Third. Terms of sale: S800 cash ; the balance in three equal payments at 6, 12 and 18 months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. ROBERT BALL, Jr., Je 10-ts* Executor for Wm. Ball, deceased. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer I UNRESERVED SALE OF VERY VAL- , ?able Building Let ea F street, hetweea " 10th aad 11thstroets.?On THURSDAY AF- ? TERNOON, June 26th, at6# o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell, art of Lot No 11. square * j47, fronting 46 feet on F street, between lo;h and ' Uth streets, running back 85 feet to an alley. " This valuable Lot adjoins the property of Da riua Clagett, Esq , at the corner of F and 10th ptreets, and will be divided into two building lots of 22 feet 6 inches each Persons desiring a superior building site are respectfully Invited to attend the sale, which will be made without reserve. Title Indisputable. Termsi One fourth cash; the residue in sit, twelve, and eighteen months, with Interest, se cured by deed of trust on the premises Je20-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, AttCt'r. TL UBORAPHIC 1CEW 8. FEOM THE ASSOCIATED PEES? BY HOUSK PRINTING TKLKWHAMI. Depart or* of the Arabia New York, Jan* 2J ? The Arabia tailed at noon to-day, with 180 psatenger* and nearly *1,600 000 in tpecie. Batifleation at Albaay Albakt, Jane 2o.?The Repablieafi ratifi oalion meeting here laat night was large and ipirited. Got. Ford, of Ohio, and other lea<i Irg Americans refuted attendance Fillmore Mooting in New York Now York. Jane 25 ?The Fillmore ovatii. yesterday was grand throughout lie wee in troduced to the Whig General Committee last evening, and made a felicitous *|>eeeh on the occasion. Tbe Kansas Committee Returning BtrriLO, June 24 ?Ex-Governor Reader. and Messrs. 'Howard and Sherman, of tbe Congressional KansasInrettigation Conmittee passed through here this morning for tho Eastward. Municipal Election. Norfolk, Ya , June 24.?The American* carried the municipal election here to-day by one hundred majority, electing Finlay F Fer guson. their candidate f >r Mayor, by the aatne majority. Arrival of the Anglo-Saxon. ^cbbkc, June 25.?The Meam/alp Anglo Saxon, from Liverpool 4th inst., yj* Glasgow, which port fhe put into on the 11th inst.. to repair some portion of her machinery, has arrived. | We are not yet informed at to what day sfco left Glasgow ? Kxps ] The Hughea Telegraph Machine Nbw York, June 25 ? The papers to^lay have a notice of the liughes telegraph ma chine, which is stated to have achieved a complete triumph. Its capacity for transact ing business is from twenty to twenty-five thousand letters per hour Three new and much improved, or simplified, machines will be finished in about ten days, when the new line will probably go into operation between New York and Philadelphia. Political Intelligence?Mr Fillmore Nxw York, June 25?The National Fill more Club had a meeting last night, which was a noisy affair. Mr. Van Riper, its presi dent, who previously went over to Fremont, was not permitted to speak, was threatened with violence, and forced to retreat, while his friends turned off the gas. The club subsequently passed resolution* approving the Fillmore cause Tbe members then formed into procession, and went to the Sr. N cholas, where Mr. Fillmore made an ad dress, and congratulated them on not toing s >ld to the enemy, as had been reported. Few York Marke'a New York, June 25 ?Flour has advanced; F&les of 17 500 bbls.; good Slate (5.67; toper* fine Ohio SC.20; [southern standard $7; extra do SS 75 Wheat is firm; sales of 30 000 bushels; South ern red $1.60. Corn is firm; sales of 40,000 tushels; Southern mixed 57c. Pork has advanced; sales of 1,200 bbla ; met? 520.50. Beef is firm; sales of 400 bbls.; Chi cago repacked $12. Lard has advanced; tales of 300 bbls. at 12c. Whisky is dull; sales of 100 bbla ; Obio 31c. Financial New York June 25.?Stock* are lower Chicago and Rock Island W4; Cumberland Coal Co. 21 j ; Michigan Southern 98J; New York Central lf.3j; Pennsylvania Coal Co. lOli; Reading 91); Virginia 6 s 97$; Missouri 6 g 87j; Illinois CenCentral bonds bTi. Sterling exchange is firm at 10 premium. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. Tuhtkk's ?ale or valuable Property at Public Aactisa.?By virtue of a deed of trust dated J anuary 30, 1?55, recorded lu the land records of the county of Washington, lu the District of Celumbia, in Liber J . A S. No v2. folios 3ftl to 387. and for tbe purpose of paying the debts tterein secured, will be sold at public auction; on tbe respective premises, on THURS DAY, June 1856, atS o clock p m ., all those lots cf ground la the city of Washington, known upon t&e public plan of said city as lots 7.17, Vtt, and 21, in fquare No. 555. The Rale will begin upon Lot7, in said square, ard continue until til ate sold Terms of sale: One quarter cash; balance pay able In six, twelve and eighteen months, with in terest, to be Reeled by deed of trust upon th? property. ir the terms of sale are not compiled with with - In three davs after the sale the trustee* reserve tfa? right, at their option, to resell the said property at the risk and cost of the purchasers Deeds to be at the expense of the purchaser* By order of the trustees : H M MORFIT. |Tnl.t J NO. B K1BBEY, S ro,le** je'44-3t A. GREEN, Aucfr. SEMI-ANNUAL NOTICE. UTCH1NSON A MUNKO WOULD TAKE this method of returning thanks to their cus tomers for the liberal i>atronage with which thev favAM.l (l,Am 1...I 5; . . . ' H' ? | ... -**!??! wmivu aaavy favored them daring the fast season, ard hop*, by fair dealing and by keeclna a constant supply of all the new and desirable goods in their line, to mert: a continuance of past flavors. We would also uy to those of them having un settled accounts on our books that we will have them made eft by the 27th Instant, an?l would be glad to have them call and settle the same, either oy cash or notes at i Uort dates Those not set tled by the Lst of July will then be p ewits for se tlemeut. HUTCHINSON A MUNKO Je 21-tf LAND AND TAX AGENCY LANDS LOCATED, BOUGHT f SOLD. DALLAS A STEELE, East Saginaw, Mich., (Heyt's Bleck,) Prompt attention paid to all rommunicatlont a.v.naaaae r.h strklk uraracw. Hon RJW?lk,r,Wali'ii,l)C. Ham C Brewier, Bfrn-'ioe, N Y J Steele, Clitoago, til. Hon (Im M D?U>*. Pktil?4el >. John Wltiwu,ror'lyC'cm ?ien. N ?rruan Little, T IS. Land Offlce, Chicago. III. Jhu Ual lacker, K ->*rtnaw M. /do KDeveliu, New Vurk. Hon Uw',? Caaa, Uetroii, Hi ll. je 16-lm NEW MATTRESS FA< TOR*. At Fairview Cotton Works Alexandria, Va Having added th? mattrkpi* Busi ness to our nther minnb?hi~ " " ness to our other mannfUrtu-es we are new ired to supply the trade with a superior ar 1 "cle "of Cotton or Shuck M ATTR ESS We have a new patent shuck picker la use, which spliu? and curls the shucks In tbe most perfect manner. Mattre*se? filled with these are superior to the old wind, being mere elastic and durtble Th's. with other facilities and arrangements.entb'e us to compete In price and qi ality with Baltimore and other Northern manufacturers. Orders for aoy partlcular size or kind Ailed immediately. Also, a supply of Cotton Warp, Wrapping Twine, end Batting always on hand, at manufac turer's prices. FITZPATRICK A BURNS, Proprietors, Alexandria. JOHN J. BOGUE. Agent, No. 39 East Market Space, Georgetown, je 12-1m MEDICAL CARD. DR H PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an, has the honer to ?ffrr his ervices to the inhabitants of Washltgton and Iclnlty. Oflce on D street, two doors west of Kb, where ie will be found from 9 to 12 a m , and from 4 to p m Residence on 1 street, No. It*, between Oth and 21st streets. N. B?Homeophathlc medicine* for sale, which he Doctor prepares himself with the gveate?t are, for Fever and Ague, for BUous and Bowet omplalnts. Ac , Ac m lft-3m ^LOCRI?CLOCRa?CLOt R? ?JUHT RE ceived, ft great variety of CLOCKH^spa rhtch will be sold on fair terms, and war- tyl xn'e<l one year, at J. ROBINSON '8, fi?j J4W Pennsylvania avenue, opposite ESI m**-1na Brown*'Hotel 1REAM A CONFECTIONER, HOTe77 J keeper, or other personscan be supplied with om six to eight gallons of pure fresh CREAM tr week, sent in dally or thrloe a week from a airy and garden fartu uetr Washington City, by idresslng a note to Box No. 8 StarOAoe, to w> t ie advertiser may call and make* ?Its delivery. Je 12-if MAGNOLIA HAMS. rHE FIRST LOT THIS SEASON of these I celebrated Hams just in sto e and for tale bv Z M P. KING, Je 18-tf 965 Vt av. corper 15th and 1 sts ^TATIOHERY, PERFUMERY, TOILET * Articles, Cabaa, Canes. Umbrellas, Ac . Ac % >lllng off at a sacrnlce at 306 Penna avenup, b. veen 2th and 10th streets. jelt-lr JOHN P ELLIS