Newspaper of Evening Star, June 26, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 26, 1856 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. T iV \h INTELLIGENCE. CoHEESC EE E!*T OF CoLt'MBIAM COLLEGE? The annual commencement of this uaeful in stitution was held yesterday in E street Bap tist church, (Rev G. W. Samson's) a* briefly stjted in our isaue of the day. A Urge au dicnce were in attendance, and the exercises were enlivened by the musioof Weber a band. The young gentlemen of the institution ac quitted themselves in a praiseworthy manner; ?reflecting credit upon themselves,?while the faculty have Mason to be proud of the standard of attainments and tnlenta exhibited by the graduate#, as manifested in the excellence of toe orations delivered, a list ef which we ap pend : 1. True patriotism. By Thomas M. Soott, of Northampton county, \a. A patriotic and well delivered oration. 2 Acadia; its settlement and the expulsion of its inhabitants. By James O. Board, of Bedford county, Va Well put together, and giving evidence of patient research. 3. The spirit that should accompany our in stitutions By J B Kidd, of King and Queen county. Va. Sensible, orthodox, and worthy of an older head 4 The Fall and Future Prospects of Poland. By Mahlon A. Hensley, of Bedford county, Virginia This oration showed much research in the history of Europe, and detailed the moving causes of the partition and final dis memberment of that unfortunate country. But we doubt much the realization of the hopes of the speaker; which, while they do honor to his head and heart as a lorer of freedom and a patriot, are nevertheless but the ex jreesion of sympathy for a people worthy of a better fate than total extinguishment. The peroration was trnly eloquent. Alluding to the final establishment of the kingdom and the restitution of their ancient rights, the speaker remarked that the ashes of Kosciusko and Pulaski would be gathered together, and, amid the chanting of priests, the thunder of cannot, and the tears of millions, would re ceive a sepulture equal to that which marked the entombment of the Ureat Napoleon. 4 The Influence of National Monuments. By Charles II Uteriuehle, of Washington City. This speech wu brilliant, and eulo gistic of the virtues of Pater Patnu The pres ent condition of the W ashington Monument of this city wad denounced, and a stirring ap peal made for its speedy erection?that its *? summit might pierce the clouds." ? The responsibilities of the man of letters. By (iccrge F Bajby, of King and Queen coun ty, Va. This in our opinion, was the best oration delivered. The elocution was better, anl a grace of manner, the effect of aelf-pos ^rtssion, gave a charm lo the matter spoken. W e nrodict that the yellow-covered novels ol the day?those '? caterpillars on the tree ol knowledge," as they have been aptly termed will find no favor In the sight of this young gentleman, in his future career, which w< trust may be a brilliant one. We published yesterday, the list of those or whom degrees were conferred, failing, how ever, to add that tho honorary degree ot Mas ter of Arts was conferred upon Kev. Alfred S. Patti-n, of New Jersey ; that of Bachelor ol Philosophy upon Kev. Chas. Sexton James, ot Lewisburg A.-ademy, Pa ; and that of Doctoi of Divinity upon Kev. James B Taylor, ol Kichmond, Va. The valedictory was then pronsuueed bj Kev. Dr. Binney, President of the College In elosing this account, we congratulate the young gentlemen upon the success of theii several effjrU They bear with them to theii homes the best wishes of a large number ol our citiiens, whose efforts, with the essentia aid of the gentlemen of the faculty of the Col lege, have been to make it a model institution We doubt not the graduates will, in the fu tnre. recur to their collegiate course with emo tiuns of pleasure, and ever retain for theii Aim* Mater a high and abiding affection. Ciecuit Codet?Several attaching rredi? tor, vi Mr Knight ?In this case the follow in,: facts appeared: Anthony Preston dicc intetate, leaving a large real estate in thi. city. Bis widow and heirs applied to th? Circuit Court for the appointment of commis sior.era to make partition of it, which appli cation was granted. On examining the va rious parrels of land, the commissioners re ported that they were so situated that itcoulc not be equally divided. The court thereupon at the request of the petitioners, directed tin lands to be sold, and the proceeds to be dividet and paid to the widow and heirs. The salt was accordingly made, and the shares dull paid over, except that of Mrs M<*Knight, wh< wx- a daughter of Preston. Her husband wa insolvent and largely indebted to sundry judg mei.l creditors, who sued out attainment, thereon against hiui. ai.d levied them upoi Mr? M Knight s bhare, consisting of monej aiid bonds, while in tho hands of the commis skners The creditors contended that the sale and confirmation thereof by the court, convert ed her share into personal property, and tha as such it belonged to her husband, am became liable to be attached for bis debts la behalf of Mrs McKnight. it was inaistec tna* her share of tho proceeds of her real es tate eontirued hers ui.til he had exercised i ie?il control over it A motion was made ii t r Lehalt to the attachment*. Darini ttie pendency of this motion. Mr McKnigh 'i.ed. wile and two children surviving Liir.. The cases were elaborately argued ot both sides. After full consideration, the cour held that tho attaching creditors acquired n< n*Lt to Mrs. MeKnight a share in the pro ceed- of -Did sale, and thereupon quashed th< a ?tac L nit nt.*? She will now come into posses' *k>n of a respectable property, sought to b? taken from her by creditors of her late hua band. Counsel fur attaching creditors. Messrs Bradley. Davidge, and Chilton ; for Mrs M Knight, K H. Oillct, and J. M Carliale. L'aion. ? A Yorao UrrEJinEE ?The bey Wm Connor wh'> was eharged in connection with the boyi Wilsor and liarrod, with certain larcenies, ii only about eleven years of age. The othei b -ya w re tried by the Criminal Court in thre< rasas? onvicted in two and acquitted in one lhe re.a.iocs and friends ot the poor chilc Lave applied to the District Attorney in bit behalf and we are credibly informed that h? has eonscnted to enter a nolle prosequi ii ? :.r r'erases provided his friends will giv< bond it. the sum of $jo0 that he will be takei < ut of the Di-trict and not return for a speci ted time. The bond was ready yesterday and < nly waited the approval of the District Attorney to g? into effect. This is anothei argument in favor of a bouse of correctioi f'f juvenile offenders. Cro??is ajid Rav.?Marshal Hoover and L s deputies are still actively engaged in tb< search for tboee fugitives from justice. Yes terday Mr Ward, of the jail guard, having under him a number of eounty constables. \ Wt the eity for the purpose of pursuing them on a track tnat promised to lead to their lurk ' g place At ten o'clock none of the po^se hai returued, and the Marshal had received & j intelligence from them. It is believed that Kay ati.i Croggin are making the r way to wards Norfolk. Va., with the design of ship 1 ug as sailors from that port. 8aiu bi t Van-able Pate.vt.?Among the 'umerous patents i utd th:s week, ia one to '<ur town-man L Ii liolmoad (assignee) for a small article oalied a shield, to protect broaet P'.qs or other personal decoratioua from loss or theft while in use. This invention, although small, and aold at a trifling price, will prove great value to those who wear the above articles ei'her for their intrinsic merit or as uieiuentoes. The shield is entirely concealed Jf*'in view, ai*i protects linen or other fabric 'rum ordinary wear. SoeotHvio.v ?A friend suggest that the *aveLger who is employed on the route that ^eludes the eoutheru part of the avenue and *?ath etreet might repair bis cart to advaa "4<?- judging fioin the appearance of the Greets, it must be in a dilapidated condition. FcevaaR Heaeijo ? A man named Ueoree Han*. wua arretted to-day for au assault ? f1 i battery, io which another was aeverely 1 he wounded man, named Smith, W? inf unable to appear at the examination, CUrk committed him to jnil for a fur Tug Do? Law went into operation in New I Wbc? il?" ia op-1 National Thiati*.?The Kunkels offer another remarkably fine bill to-night, inclu ding new songs, new dances, and an entirely new programme. That irresistibly comie bur lesque 'The Rose of Caroline, or the Lost Child," will be produced for the first time. The National is a comfortable roomy place of amusement for the hot weather, and with tbe inimitable Kunkels to do up the fan and sen timent we do not wonder at its popularity. Til Panorama ?The exquisite pictures of Chioa and Japan, now exhibiting at Iron Hall, can remain, we are informed, but a few nights longer, and we are afraid, that unless our eitixens hasten to arail themselves of the opportunity, they will, when it is too late, find the privilege lost We repeat, this fine col lection of piotures is not of the ordinary dap trap panorama order, but is something well worth the examination of the scholar and itateeman Criminal Court.?This morning as the re porter left the court room the court and jury were engaged with the trial of Daniel Duni gan. charged with ass tult and batffery with intent to kill A. E L. Keese, an officer of this county. The clerk's desks were surrounded by pe-sons who had been summoned to appear before the grand jury, and all the offloers of the court were busily engaged. For the Fourth of Jolt?Go to Alex. Ad arason's, Seventh street, opposite to the Post Office, and get the Fourth of July Brother Jouathan, the Comical Pictorial Yankee No tions, the Laughable Pictorial Picayune, and the Sportsman's Pictorial Clipper. 1 Assault.?George Hutton was arrested yesterday for an assault on Mr. Nathan llara uaond, at the corner of Sixth street and Penn sylvania avenue lie was taken before Jus tice liollingshead. who after examining the testimony, held him to bail for peace. Arrksts, Ac.?Martha llall, larceny; jail. Joseph Lewis, breach of pence; security for peace. David Johnson, breach of peace; se curity for peace. Tbe above cases were dis posed of by Justice Daniel Smith. Sbk tok if otic ? in another column, of the Sue concert to be given at Carusi's saloon to morrow night. [COMMUNICATED. Man Dog# at Largs.?The editor of tbe Star will add greatly to the safety of our citi zens, from the attacks of rabid dogs, if be would announce the fact that mad dogs ire running at large in the city, and, of necessity, coming in hourly contact with troops of dogs, from the little barking, squeaking fice to the insjestio Newfoundler Is it not in the com petency of tbe powers with which the Mxyor of the city is invested to issue his proclama tion commanding all owners of dogs to keep tbem up during the '* dog days," and direct ing his police to catch, or shoot, or kill, any and all dogs that may be found at large with or without collars, until the termination of the hot weather? Better that all the dogs in tbe city should be killed than that tbe lives of our wives, children, and servants should be in jeopardy whenever business or pleasure may call them out. McK. Watch Rbturns.?Patrick Flemming, mis chief; costs and dismissed. Colored boy Dick, a runaway; sent to jafl. Drs. Hunter t William*. Physicians for Diseases of Throat and Langs, 52 North Charles street, Baltimore. Tbe practice of Drs. Hunter <k Williams is confined exclusively to tbe treatment of chronic diseases of the throat and lungs by Medicated Inhalation, and tbe success that has attended their labors is sufficiently well known. It has demonstrated not only that Bronchitis, Asth ma, Catarrh and Granular Sore may be permanently cured, but that Consumption in all its stages is a curable disease, and that tbe direct application of remedies, by means of inhalation, the seat of the malady, instead of giving them by the stomach, (always over taxed and delicate in these diseases,) roust here after be regarded by the profession as tbe only rational and scientific mode of treatment. Parties unable to visit the city may be treat ed by correspondence?medicines, inhaling instruments. Ac , being sent to them by ex press. lu order to obtain a proper statement of such cases, a form of questions has been prepared, which will be forwarded by letter. Dr. Huktcr or Dr Williams will visit Washington on the 12th and 29th of each month. The next visit will be on Saturday, the 28th instant, and Sunday the 29th. Office 260 Pennsylvania avenue, over Mrs. Voss's Jewelry Store f JIT" Silver Ware Mauufactery ?Having commenced tbe manufactory of Silver Ware In connectloL ? lib icy Jewelry establishment. ptruim wishing to furnish the'r own ?ilver to be mat. uf ictured lut> war*, ran do i?, aii l rely on having tbe aaoie returned tn proper shape. AUo, ?very variety of Sue Watch Kep.iirlsg executed in the beat workmanlike a*aan*r. H. O. HoOf, je ;? S3S Penn?ylv*nla avenue, near ?th afreet. ITT^hrate ef Magnesia, aa agreeable refrigerant and laxative, lot extenaively use I on Pie coutl n-.ta of Kurcpe and America. niannft tured dally. Hols P.unta'.na, of a new and highly approved construction. A chofre lot of Havana Cigar*; with a fall enpply of Ann Per fumery, 111 r e*n?bMi, iJisibi. Shaving Brushes, and Toilet 6r>wda generally. Juat received, of direct importation, at I LYI A\'s Maw Drug Store, 100 Penutylvauia avenue. )e JS-tr 1X7- Aeether remarkable cure el Scrofula. SrAXTi, Caroline County, Va., March, 1*M. Messrs Berme.tA Baeru, kchmond. Usbtlemsn. ? Your Carter's Spanish Mixture has per formal r remr.rkahle enre In tbe person of a servant man, afflicted with (Wofnia in tbe very worat form 80 bad bad he become, that bla eyes were entirely cloeed and had been mi for more than a year. Aa a laat reaort. aa everything else had failed. It was resolved to try the mixture. We aiinln Ittertd It according to directloci, and wonderful to aay, a perfect c?re has been ejected. I am aatlslled that uo medi cine equate " Carter'a Spanish Mixture" as a purifier of the blood. It la creating quite au excitement here, and sella very rabidly, head anatlier lot by railroad. J? 3-lm Yours truly, H. 8. BBOADDl'8. HjT What is it For?This Weed's Hair KKSTOKATIVKr?Iaaqueetlon aaked dtlly by hundreds. We answer, wiltoat haaitatlou or fear of contradiction, that It is lue ouly article known which will do all It promisee for the human lu?lr. It will renew ita growUi?It will atop It* failing?It will reatore Ita natural color. It la not a Hair Dye, bat a speedy and ettlcartoua Bestoratlva. Trial bottlea II. plala I*, qaarla M itaad the advartlaemeut on the'onrth ap 1??U HT rbelera bas becense one al the pre vailing dl sea tea of our land, aa well aa tureign countries. This being a anlvaraal fact, precaution should be taken in ragsrd to dtat during the warm weather, and tn vltw of the beuadctai resnlu la tbe naa of Dr. J ilOHTJCTTKB' ?i STOM ACH BITTEBS, la-t aeaaon, lu our dty, aa well aa else Where, we would ad viae all to procure a supply ft, r Umiiy uea, and aae It aa per directions on the bottle. When this Is do jd much sick u??s can t e prevented At least this Is tba ?* (?ertanoe of tba past, which can be and it t??tUied to by tbou??i.d?. Ki r aaie by druggiata an>l hotels g?-?tarally. Js 17-tr l^r teats, faats, and Vests, Drets Suits, Business Suits. NOAH WtLKiat CO., Miiau Hall CLortuito Kuro Kin, Browns' Motel Batldiug, respectfully announce that tfeelr anuaal JUplay of briilNU AND 81MMBB CI.OTHINO la now ready for Inspection, comprising aa aaaortmenc ?' Ok<*tlci>?b a*i> Youths' CLoratii of the nswast and rich est daslgas. la material, tr! aa Ilk, aad workmanship. To those who stady excellence, with economy to faakionaule ar tlclaa af drees, aa opportaalty >? aow offered for selecting from one of the moat attractive stock of good* in tbla city, at vary reduced price*. ap S?tf l?7"<;*a*Us, BreBchlds.-Urewn's Brea CHI aL THUOCUK8 are as faailllar aa ' heuaeWd words" lu Boston, because fsw of our clliaaoa who are a 111 i? ted with abv trouble of tbe lungs hAva failed to avail themselves of tkis favoilta aad thoroughly teeted apeclflc It la not alone tba Invalid wbo may be materially bcuaflttad by thia admlr abia preparation, but It le to tba public apaakar or vocalist aa aduilrablaausllla' y u> their trying professions, inaemacli aa It strengthans tbe vocal orgtna, and Is a plesaaut and uataral auxiliary to the |>byal>-e! effort that b-jtli singer and pabtte spaaksr must make (Ballou's Plctoral.l Hold by alt Draggista. JAMBS k. CAl.LA N, Agent. Ja SS -tr |[T Tbe Ureat Kassian Kemedy.?Pre BONO rL'BLIOO.?" Every mother sboaW have a box Is tlia hsaaa naudy la caaa of asctieuta to tba children." UAODIMU'li Bt-SHIA SALVE. It la a Boston rew-dy of thirty years' aUndlng, and la re commended by physician*. It If a (are and speedy cure for Nartia, Pilaa, Holla, Corns, Felons, Obllbalns, and Old Horaa of every kind, for Pavar Soraa, I'leara, Itch, Scald Head, Nettle Ba?b, Bauloaa, Sore NiPplea, >reoon>mauded by nsreea,! W'ultlows, gtlsa, Kaatsra, Vlaa Bttea, Spider Stlnga, Kr >seu l.lmhe, Salt Kheam, rtenrvy. Bora and Cracked Line, Bore Noes, Wsrta and Pleeb Wooude II la a moat valuable retuedy aad curt, which caa be tee lined to by thouaaada who bate used II la the city of Boelou aud vlciatty for the laat thirty yaara. In no instance will this tiaive do an Injary, or interfere with a phyalrlaa'a praacrlptlona. It la made from the pareat materials, fro* a recipe brought from Rceala ?< f artlciae growing In that con a try -and the prof-riatora have letters fi olu all Ueaeea, clergymen, phyaicleaa, aea captalna, ? areas, and othara mlto have u^l it toemaalvae, and recom meud it to others. Bedding's Kssala Salve pat 1s larga Uo bosa*. stamped on tha cover with a picture af a horteaud a dieahied soldier, which plctsre la alao angravad on the wrapper. Price, M OtaU a Bos. Bold at all the storee in Iowa or coantry, aad may be ordered of any wbolaaala druotlst. Pot aala at SHILLINOTOITS, Agent for Wash ington. tsaSS |?jT Wns. A. UatcheUr's Hair Dye. ? Uray, til, or Busty Hair dyed instantly to a Beautiful aud Natu ral Brown or Black, wlttiout the least Injary to Hair or rtkin. PirvasM M an a La aar> DirLoaaa have haaa awarded to Wm. A. Uatrhelor aiacs 1(39, and over SO.Ma applicaUona ha>e h?ea sale to the Ha r of hla patron* of hla famous Dye. Prejudice agalast Dyiag tha Hair and Whiakera la uujuat. aa it WoaJd ba agaiast over lag a bald bead with a wig Wa A UATiMKUM's Mai a Dtk prudacaa a color aot to ba SlatiugTiuliad lrt>ui astsra, and la wassabtko not to Injure In the least, however long It may be coutinued. Sold lu all cities and towua of Ike I sited stales, by Drag gisgs and Psucy Oooda Dealer*. a#" The i??oulae the naaie and address npon s *teel plate eugravlag. on four S4w a# sach bottle, of WILLIaM A .BATcHKLOB, 111 Broadway, New York. e#-Por sale by CHaS STOTT, Pennsylvania atssn*. * MAAR1ED) On the 10th Instant, bv the Rev. Mr lllldt, I. NEWTON UNDERWOOD, of the Illinois "Plalndealer," to Miss JULIA A., daughter of Dr. J. K. Worster. ofthlscltv. Farewell, fair Julia! our fondest praver shall be That all his dealings may be plain with thee; Health to ye both, abundance and long life To loving husband and confiding wife. * On the 25th lnstsnt, bv the Rev. Andrew O Carotters. Mr. SEOROL E8L1N to Miss ANNE DOUGLASS, both of this eity. On the 34th instant, by Rev. Stephen P. Hill, JAMES M M'LLEK,of Louisiana, to ISOBEL C. LAUR1E, daughter of Cranston Laurie, Esq , and granddaughter of the late Rev. Dr. Laurie, of this city. DUO. On the25th Inst , WILLIAM BAKLWEI.L. infant son of Allan and Susan E. Pollock, aged 1 year and 20 days. The frieads and acquaintance* of the family are invited to attend the funeral from their resi dence, 319 K street, opposite Franklin Row, to morrow (Friday) at 4 p m. * WANTS. W' 'ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL housework To one who can come well re commended as competent and trustworthy, a gooi home and fair wages will be given. Ap ply at the hall door, 491 Seventh st. It AYOUNO MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER, pleasing address, Ac , wishes a position from which he may realize a support. Best references given. Address J. 9. 8 , through City Host Ufire. je 25-2t? WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRST rate C?ok and Washer for a sma'l family. Ap plv at 40.1 Twelfth streeJ. between 1 and K. ie 2> 2t? SITUATIONS W ANTE D?TWO BOY?, between 15 and 17 years of age, wish to get situations in the city. Good recommendations can be given. Apply to the porter in Mr. Mur ray's Hotel, Pa averue, l*tween3d and 4^ its. j e 25-3t? * WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A COOK, who can bring good recomm nditions as to character and quailflcitlon. A colored woman preferred. Apply at No. 3!3 I street, i>etween 13th and 14th je 21-eo3t WANTED?AT NO 37 4* ST , A GOOD Cook, Washer and Ircner, with a written recommendation from her last place. Also, a young Woman as seamstress, as above. Je 23-lw WAN TED ? WANTED-WANTED?TO find persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frame*, round, oval or square Oil Paintings, large and smtiil Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronie or geld. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any sixe Looking Glasses, or other work in the gliding Line done to order with dispatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracket is, suitable for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N. B.?Old Work Kegllt,and Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwood House, dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR SALB AND BENT. [SBK FIRST PAGB VOR OTHER NOTICES ] FOR RENT?NO. 263 L ST , A THREE story frame House, containing 8 rooms arid kitchen to rent, for ?150 per annum. Apoly to J JLDRURY, City Pott Office. je U-6t For r e n t ?the subscriber of fers for rent the two store*and dwellings new being bulit, on 7th street, opposite Centre Mar ket. The houses will be finlsaed on or about the fir <t day of July. R H. LASKEY, j9 2fi-d'Julyl 36 La. avence. Drug store for sale?the ad veniser wishing to enter lnti business in anctfcer place, will sell his Drug Store st a very small price for cash or notes well endorsed Ad dress (Immediately) "Druggist," Washington. N. Li ?The store is well situated. )e 2S-eo3t* Rooms.?several pleasant rooms can be obtained with or without board, at No 473 Sixth street, between D and E Lrcation desirable. je 25-3t? For rent?a pleasantly situated House, with the conveniences of grs. water, Ac. Apply at No. 353 1 street, between 13th and 14th Je H5-3t? FOR RENT?ON THE 1st JULY A LARGE and very convenient Frame Hcuse, contain ing a passage, two parlors, a large dining room, kltrhr". ana seven geed chamber*. It is situated on 8th street, ea.'t sld-, a few steps below New York avenue, and, to an approved tenant will be rented at the loav rate of S-'O per month Apply at the House, No. 37b Eighth ?t. je 25-3t# FOR REN T?THE HOUSE, AS KUR nlshed, at the northwest corner of Louisiana avenue and Sixth street Apply to CUT11 HERT P WALLACH,at Fitzgerald's, Pa avenue, n?xt to the U. S. Hotel. je25 3t* For sale or rent?a brick house, with basement, and avf ry large let on Pros pect HItl. Georgetown Price for the house and lot #?.!,? itO; rent S150. Terms liberal Apply to the undersigned. Brldgw street, Georgetown. Pos session given imuedlately. je24-lw T A. NEWMAN. FOR KENT?a BRICK HOUSE, SITUA ted on 6th street, near the corner of M. In quire of F. M. MAURUUKR, Dry Good and Shoe Store, corner 7th and 1 street. je 2i-tf 'OR RENT ?FOUR N EW SMALL BRICK - Houses just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. A pplyat the Capitol extension to FRAN CIS J. BROOKS. m 15-eotf F' House for sale?a fine new mr.dern built house on K street; fronting Frauk'in Square, containing 13 rooms and a tine basement, kitchen, Ac. Gas. hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Ac in quire of H. A. WILLARD, at Wlllards' Hotel. je23-lm BOARDING. Boakding.?a gentleman and his wife, or a single gentleman, can be accommo dated with a pleasant room and board, at No 421 Eleventh street, (west side) between G ami H streets Also two or three table boarders can be accommodated. je26-4t Boarding ?mrs. cudi.ip, on south side Pa. avenue, Vetween 3d and street, opposite Jackson Ha'l, has a few pleasant rooms varant, which she would be glad to fill with fam ilies or single gentlemen. je a4-lw* Boarding.?one large room and oae good sized single room, suitable for a family or a single gentleunn, for rent, with or without board, furnished The house has a large vard attached, making it desirable for a fatuity with children No. 4C8 Tenth street, between D and K, east side. je 23 !'>:? Board,Ac ?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street iapreparedtoaccommodategecUemenwlthrooms, with or without board. Every effort wilibe made to render those comfortable who may favor her with their patronage. ap6?tf PRESENT* FOR THE YOUNG FOLK4 at Home Lots of Toys, Games, Building Blocks, Battledores, Graces, Ac., at Je 24 3t LAMMOND'S, 7th st. HARPER'S MAGAZINE FOR JULY; 26 cents. Harper's Story Book, No. 20 (Ramble Among the Alps;) 25 cents Godey's Lady's Book for July ; 25 cents. Sparrow Grass Papers ; 81. Graham's Magazine for July ; 25 cents. New York Journal for Juiv; 18fc cents. New York ledger for June 2Sth and all the back number for side by E K. LUNDY. je2l No. 128 Bridgeitreet, Georgetown. jVjoTICE.-ALL PERSONS HAVING ll open accounts on our books are respectfully informed that we shall at once make an indis criminate distribution of ttesametoiheirrespee tlve owners Those persons who prefer not to have tbelr bills sent to them will find them ready made off and for delivery at our desk. Settle- j meats according to terms of Kale, are respectful ly asked without delay. je23-dtJulyl CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. YIEURAL t'AKU. R H. PKKAbfc.AU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an, has the honor to offer his services to the inhauliauts of Washlegtou and vicinity. Ofice on D street, two doors west of 9th, where he will be found from 9 to 12 a. m., and from 4 to 8 p in Residence on I street, No. 188, between 20th and 2lst streets. N. B?Homeophathlc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself wltn the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac. m l6-3in Bar iron i COACH FINDINGS!! Building and Cabinet HARDWARE !!! Just received a full assortment of Goods sul.a ble for Blacksmiths, Coach Makers, C^penters, and others, at low prices, and ofgord qualities. . at th*store Of ELVAN8 A THOMPSON, ! 326 Pa ave , bet vthand lOihsts. je 24-lw (Organ A Intel) D1 AUCTION SALES. fg?B T1K8T PAfll TOK OTHKE AUCTION SALS*.] By A. GR EEN, Auctioneer. TWO BRICK KILNS AT AUCTION ?On

THURSDAY, July 3d, I shall *11 on the prmlses, at 6 o'clock p. m . two Brick Kiln*, containing sixty or eighty thousand brick, si tnated on Square No 356, between north V and \V and 10th and Boundary streets. The kilna to be re moved In twenty days Terms: Under S30 ca?h ; over ?30, a credit of two and four months, for notes bearing interest, and satisfactorily endorsed. A. GREEN, Jg 26-d Auctioneer. By J. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer. VALUBBLE BU1LDINO LOT ON Ninth street, between north I street and New Yerk avenue?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON , Jnly 2d, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*. I shall sell part of Lot No. 6, In sqn?re No. 41'3, fronting 2<? feet on Vtii street west, between north I rtreetand New York avenue, running back 92 feet, containing 1,850 square feet. Terms: One third cash; and the residue In six, and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Je S6-d J AS. C McUUlRE, Auct'r. T By A. GREEN, Anctlor.eer. WO STORY FHA>1E HOUSE at Auc tion.?On MONDAY, tse 7lh or July, I shall stll in front of the premises, at 0^ o'clock p ill., lot No. 231n square No. 41-9, situated at the corner of 4)f and 1 streets south. Tie .ot fronts 47 feet on 4^, running back with the line of I street75 ff(*t. On the south part of the lot Is a gocd twc-stoiy frame honse,centalulug live rooms anil agoed dry celirr The part of the lot with the house will l>e sold separatt; ard the north part of the lot, wllch Is the ccrnt-r, wl I be sold as a vacant lot. Term* liberal, and mid* known at sale. _Je26-d A GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctloreer. Household and kitchen flrni tnre, Groceries, Dry Goi4i, Horse, BuffT, Arc., Auction.?On SATURDAY, the29th instant, I shall sell, In front of the itore, at SJ o'clock a m,? A large lot of Furniture Groceries, Liquors, ard Fanry GoMs Also, a line Day Mare, which works we" in har ms <, Td perfectly gentle. 8 years old, sold f?>r no fault, the "owner naving no further use for her Ai?o, a tine Buggy Wagon. Terms cash. A. GREEN, Je 46-d Auctioneer, j By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. SALE OK VALUABLE BOOKS AT Auc tion On MONDAY, the 30 h instant, at 7 o'clock In ike evening, I shall sell, at my Auction Room, corner of Seventh ard D streets, by cata logue, a valuable collection of stardanl teliglous, historical, poetical, and mlicellaneous works, (King the private library of a gentleman who is about to leave the city. This coll ction contains very line editions of Shakspeare, Byron, Burns, Pope,Milton, Addison, Cowper, Goldsmith, ar.d Montgomery. This sale otters a line opportunity for gentlemen to idd to tbelr libraries. Terms cash. Catalogues leady on the morn'ng of the sale. A. GREEN, je20-d Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HANDSOME BL ILDINU LOTS on north I, between 14th and 15th streets at Auc tion.?On THURSDAY, the."d cf July, I shall sel', atU o'clock p m , la front of the prendre* three handsome Building Lots, fronting 22 feet each on n?rth L street, running back about 100 feet, between 14 th street and Verrao .t avenue ard 15 th street, being Lota C,D, and E, in John Daly's sut division of square No. 215. The above described pro pert" Is handsomely situated as It regards hea th, got d water, and con venience to the public Departments There is an abundance of grapes and other fruit cn the prem ises. Terms of sale : One-fourth cash ; the balance li C, 12, ard 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. je2t> d A GREEN, Auctioneer By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Household and kitchen firni ture ut Auction?On MONDAY, the90th Instant, 1 sl.a'l tell at No 410 Ninth street, Le tween H and 1 stree;s north, th?* residence of a gentleman declining housekeeping, at 10 o'clock a. m , a good assortment of Furnlture, viz : Mahcgany Sofas, dressing and other Bureaus Do walnut, card, and other Tables Cottage and o her Bedsteads, V\ ashstands Cane and other Chairs, hair and other Mattresses Parlor and other Carpets and Matting China, glass, and crockery Ware, \\ indow Cur tains and Blinds Refrigerator, cocking and o her Stoves \V i'h a good lot of'Kitchen Requisites. Terms: $25 and under cash: over that sum a credit of 00 and 00 days, for satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. A. GREEN, je 26-d Auctioneer Bv J AS. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer. SMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT Public Sale.-On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, July 2d, at half-nast G o'clock, on the Rremises, 1 shall s* 11 part ot Lot No 7, in Square io 512, fronting 25 teeton north N street, between Ith ai d 5th streets, running back 105 I. et to a 3o feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of a nearly new Frame House, containing four roouis, 14 by 16, with an excellent dry cellar under the whole. This property is situated In one of the most healty locations in the city, with ex ellent water near by, and Is very desirable Terms: One-thi'd cash ; the re*idue in six and tw ehe months, with luterest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. je*6-d JAS. C.McBUIRE, Auct'r _ By J. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer. 1WKLYE beautiful building L Lots at the corner of K and 3d streets at public Auction. -On WEDNESDAY AFTER | NOON, June 18th, at half-past 6 o'clock, on the Kremises, I shall sell Lots Nos. 3 and 4, Square !o. 570. situated at the corner of north E street and Third street west. Those lotshavebeen sub divided to make six lots fronting each 25 feet 6 Inches on north F. street, runniny bark 116 feet to a 10 feet alley, and *lx lots fronting 24 feet 1 inch on .Idstreet, running back 155 feet to a 30-feet al ley. i he; e are probablv the best proportioned and most eligibly situated lots to be found for sale In that very desirable ^art of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the at tention of capitalists as well as persons desiring a Irst-cla's building site Title indisputable. Terms : One-fourth cash: the residue In six, twelve, and eighteen inon'hs. wish interest, se cured bv deed of trust on the premises je l<-d JA?. C. McGUl RE, Auct'r. in" The above sal? is postponed until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th, same hour and place, at which time the beautiful Lots on E street will positively be sold without res-rve. JAS. C. McGUiRE, je 20-d Auctioneer, iry The abeve sale Is postponed in conse qnence of the rain, until WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, July 2d, same hour and place je26 d JAS. C. McGUiRE, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer. A CHANCE FOR SPECULATORS?Will be seld for rash, withont reserve, at our Auc tion Store, on FRIDAY EVENING next, June 27th, at 6 o'clock, the following Lots: Brick Yard, with kiln and improvements, em bracing Lots 8 and U, In square 653, possessing building sapd and the be?t clav In the city. Also, two small Lots, 25 by 55 feet each, being part of Lot No. 19, square 36, near the Circle. Also, Lot 21, square 51, ditto. Ai*o, Lot No. 2, square 6, valuable to brick makers for possessing a red loamy soil used by them Also, Lot No 12, square 544, on 4# street, near south L, to a 30 feet alley. Also, small House and Lot, 25 feet by 105 feet 1 iach, on Fouith street east, near M. General warrantee title given je2l-4t JAS. C. McGUiRE, Auct'r. By A. G RISEN, Auctioneer. IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROP erty at Auction.?On MONDAY, the 30th instant, 1 shall sell, In front of the premises, commencing on the first-named. property, viz : part of lot No 15, in square No. S67, situated at the corner of New Jersey avenue and noith G etree-t; and immediately after the sale of the above 1 shall sell, on the premises, Lots Nos. 4, 5, at.d 6. in Cabot's subdivision of square No. 677 These Lots front ou north G, between north Capitol and 1st streets east. Terms: One-third cash; balance In 6, 12, and IS months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken Immediately after the above sale 1 shall sell Lots Nos 31 and 32, In Cabot's subdivision of squate No. (>03, situated at the corner of North Capitol and north G streets, having a front on Noith Canltol street of 50feet, running back 105 feet to a 15 foot al ey, with the improvements, which are two two-story and attic rough cast brick Houses, containing 8 robins, store-remin, WO' d-shed, Ac. Terms: Oiie-Lbtrd cash: balance In six end twelve month*, for notes bearing Interest from day cf sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. je2l-d A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 1 / ^ AS HEATERS.?ANOTHER SUPPLY If of those Gas Heaters so convenient for the nursery, or for cooking a mesl for a small family. Also GAS STOVES, lor cooking and baking, compete. G. FRaNOIS, 21 Seventh st. pORI 1 On AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON AND TO-KOft&OW. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. fOVERKMEJIT SALE OF HAT.?ON vl THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June 2?th. o'clock, in the ?mith?onlan rark, I thall sell 12 stack* of well-curt d Hay. CHAS. F. R CUMMIN, Super t. je21-d JAi. C. McGUIRE, Anct'r. By E. * WRIGHT, Georgetown" TO Riro SUGAR AT AUCTION.? _ On FRIDAY next, the 27th instant, at 12 o'clock, cn F A A. H Dodge's Wharf, the cargo of the barque Wm. Chase, from St. John's, ton listing of? .">59 hhds. choice and prime Sugars Je24-d:s EDW. 3 WRIGHT, AnctV By A GREEN, Auctioneer TRl'STEE'S sale of valuable Property at Psbllc Anction.?By virtue of a deed of trust dated January 30, 1855, recorded in the land records of the county of Washington. In the District of Celnmbia, in Liber J. A H. No. V2, folios 383 to 387, and for the purpose of paying the debts therein secured, will be sold at public auction, on the respective premises, on THURS DAY, June 2fi, 1856, at 5 o'clock p m , all thooe lots of ground la the city of Washington, known upon the public plan of said city as lota 7, 17, *o, and 21. in square No. 5*5. 'ibe sale will begin upon Lot7, In Mid square, and continue until all ate sold Terms of sale: On*- quarter cash; balance pay* able in six. twelve ard eighteen months, with in terest, to Ik- secured by d?-ed of trust upon the property. If the ferms of sale are not complied with with in three davs after the sal?- the trustees reserve thV right, at their opuon, to retell tie said pioj ?rty at the rlfk and co-t of the purchasers Deeds to be at the expense of the purchaser* By Older of the trust<^j : H M. MORFIT, i TlU8fees JNO B KIBBEY, \ *'"?<**? jeM-3t A. GREEN, Auct'r. SALE OF LAND.?BY VIRTUE O" Au thority vested In me, on the premises. In A1 exandrii count v. Va ., I will sell, at Auction, at 4 o'clock, cn THURSDAY, June 26th, a valuable lot of 48 acres of land. Dart in wood tr.d a put cleared, and rtinarkauiy well adapud to garden lag purposes. It is joined by the farms of Mrs. Hamilton, R Croit, and the Rev. A Hays?about IX from Georgetown. There are two ex cellent springs of water, and a comfortable log House on the premises, which Is all enclosed by a fine fence. Any person wishing to purchase re a v get any desired inforrratlon bv calling on Robert Ball, Sr.. near Bill's Cross Rotids, or the subscriber, at 558 6 rtreet, near THrd Terms of sale: S-00 cash ; the balance In three eqnal payments at 6, 12 and 18 months. A detd given and a deed of tmst taken. ROBERT BALL, Jr., Je 10-ts* Executor for Wm Ball, deceased. 1 By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer UNRESERVED SALE OF VERT VAL nutile Building Lot ?n F street, between loth und 11 tli streets.?On THURSDAY AF TERNOON, Jnr.e 26th, at6^ o'clock, on the ? remises, I shall st 11 , art of Lot No 11, square 17, fronting 46 feet on F street, between 10?h and 11th streets, running back 85 feet to an alley. This valuable Lot adjoins the property of Da rius Cla'jett, Esq , at the corner of F and 10th streets, and ^111 be divided into two building lots of 22 feet 6 in' tes tach. Persons desiring a mperior bsilding site are respectfully Inv ted to attend the sale, which wi" be made without re erve. Title indisputable Terms: One fourth cash; the lesidue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, re cured by deed of trust on the premises, je20-d JAS. C. McGUlWE, Auct'r. Bv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE Property at Pnblic Auction.?By virtue of two deed* of trust, each dated 3<>th *anuary, 1855. and duly recorded in the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, respec tively, in Liber J A S., No. 91, foMos 213 to 217. and Liber J A. S., No 92. folios 379 to 333, and to satisfy debts named in said deed, will be sold, at public auction, on THURSDAY. 26th June, 185i, on 'he respective premises, coinn eyeing at fl o'Slock p m.. the following patcels of groucd, lying and being in the city of Washington, and known upon the plan of the said city as ^ots Nos 25 and 26, in square No 555; also Lots Nos. 14, 15. 16, and 17, in square No 554 The sale will begin upon Lot No. 14, of square 554, and be continued on the different lots until the whole Is disposed of. Terms of sale: One-fourth ccsh ; balanee pay able in six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, to be secured by deed of trust upon the property. Deeds to be at the expense of the pur chasers If the terms of sale are not complied with within three days after the sale, the trustees reserve the right, at their option, to resell the property at tbf 'ost and risk of the purchasers. Bv order of the Trustees. H. M. MORFIT. > Trustees JNO. B K1BBKY, S ,nmfes je 21-3t A GREfcN, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VLRY VALUA. I?Ic Uuilding Lois, on 7th St.. between M and N streets north, at Auctiou ?On THURSDAY, the26th d.y of June, A D 1856,1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at 4 o'clock p. m , at public auction, by viriue of a decree from the Orphans' Court for the County of Washiug ton. District of Columbia, confirmed by the Cir cuit Court for s tid county and District, all of Lot No. 12, and the so.uh 33 f*et of LotNo. II. in square No. 121, fronting 92 feet on 7th street, fce tw. en M and N streets north ; said Lots will be subdivided into four Lots, each having a front of S3 feet oa Seventh street. Terras: One-thirc cash; balance in two In stalments of six and twelve months. A deed given and a deed of trust taken to secure the deferied payments All conveyanc ing at th? cost of the purchaser If the terms of the sale are not comp.ied with in three days after the sale the property will be re sold at the ri-k tnd expense of toe first purr baser. WILLIAM J MARTIN. Trustee Je 12-eod JAS. C. McGUIRE, Anct'r. By JAS. C. McGUIR E, Auctioneer. POSITIVE PUBLIC SALE OF VALUA tile Improved Real Estate on Pennsyl vania aveime, near the corner of Hih street west.?The subscriber will eff-r at public sale, on THURSDAY, tne 26th day of June, 1-56. at 6^ o'clock p in, on the premises, part of Lot No. 1, In square No. 161, fronting 22 feet on Penn sylvania avenue, near the corner of 6th street west running ba,k with that width to norta B street, with the improvements, which consist of a well and substantially bul t Brick Building, covering the entire lot, containing a large and capacious store-rooin and comfortable dw< lling-house, with all the mcdern Improvements, Ac The above property is among the most valuable in the city, being in tbe immediate vicinity of the National ard Browns' hotels and the most busi ness pait of the city, and pays a large Interest on Its value, and oflVrs oce of the best opportunities to capitalists for investment. The store is at pres ent occupied by E. Tucker A Co., as a hardware store Terms of sale: One third cash; and the bal ance in 6, 12,18, 24,30, and 36 months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale, secured by de?d in trust upon the property, and if not com piled within five days after the sale, the property will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the purchasers All - onveyanc iag at the expense of the purchasers. Title Indis putable and sale positive. CHAS S WALLACH, Trustee, je ltf-dAds JAS. C. McGUIRE. Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer Handsome building lot on sixth, between U and H street, at Auction.? On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, I shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p in , a hand some building Lot, having a front of t'5 feet on tit h street, running sa keet, to a 16 feet alley, being tot No. 4, In square No. 4t0. This property is very handsomely situated on 6th, between G and H streets north, near the corner of G. Terms : One-thiid cash ; balance on a credit of 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing in terest. A deed given and a deed of trust taken Title indisputable. A. GREEN, je 23 Auctionter. By A. GREEN, Auctionter. Handsome bl iloinu lot on North k, between lbth and 17th streets, nt Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 2d July, I shall sell, In front of the premises, at 6 o'clock {> m , Lot No. 4, in square No 184. frontirg on he north side of North K 45 feet 10 Inches, with an average depth of 146 feet 10 inches to a 30 feet alley, with a I5-feet side alley. The above des cribed property Is handsomely located In me diately in the rear of the magnificent dwelling now being erected by George W Rigg*, Esq., and only two squares north of Lafayette square. Title Indisputable. Terms at sale. jeJ0-d A. GREEN, Auct'r. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. ALU ABLE BUILDING LOT ON 4th atreet at Auction ?On FRIDAY, the 27th instant, I shall sell in front of the premues. at half-past 6 o'clock p m., south part of Lot No 8, in Square No. 812, having a front on 4th street east of 20 fee', with a deptn of 105 f?*-t 1 inch, between D and E streets north, containing 2.101 square feet of ground. Also, the lumber now on the lot, which is sufficient to bulldafrainebause Terns of sale for lot: One-thirdoash ; balance In six and tw*lv? months, for notes bearing inte rest from the day of aale; a dred given and a datd of trast taken. For the lumber sixty and ninety d?ys, for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. A. GREEN, j??3 Auctioneer. V teleoraphio JBWfl, FROM THE ASS0CIAT1D PRESS by must printing telegraph. Arrival of the Sarsnac liHLAPKLPHIA, JQO( 20 ?Tin United St&Ul steamer Saranae from the Mediterranean u cow coming up the river. Pennsylvania Politic*. PHILADELPHIA. JaM ? Judgl ITO# bit declined the Domination bj the Democrat* for Surveyor General A ooriTeotion baa been called for the Sth ?f August at Chambenburg to nominate another candidate. Mr. Fillmoro. New \ rk, June 2'"??Mr. Fillmore had a 1 grand entertainment give* him at the resi dence of Ex-Mayor kingslsnd. last evening. Speeches were made bj Mr Fillmore. Mr Brooks of the Express. and others. He wan also serenaded by the National American Club The Hard* and Softs Albarv, Jane 25?The Democratic com mittees met here last night, when the Sofia wade-a proposition to the Hards for a fusion, which the latter rejected, and proposed double conventions, meeting at the same time and place, continuing to repreeent the two organi zations. ? Later from Mexico. New OmLBAH!, june tf.-The ,t6ain,hlr Texas hw arrived from Vera Crur, 23d inst., ?"h dates from the City of Mexico to abmt ?no h inst. Considerable uneasiness waa felt in Mexico with regard to the movements of the hpanish squadron in the Oulf. The Spanish Minister had left Vera Crui for Ha vans. Mexico talks loudly, however. Col. Fremont. N*w \ork. June 26.?The Republicans af terI he adjournment of their meeting at the Tabernacle last night, formed a precession and proceeded to Col. Fremont's residence .Speeches were made by Col. F. and Hm Robert Emiuett. There were enthuaiastic calls for " Jessie," when Mr* Fremont ap pear*.d on the balcony, and was greeted with the warmest acclamations. Ficaraguan Affaire. N kw York. June 26 ?The Herald aays that Major lleiss baa been deputed by Padre Vijil to officiate as temporary Nicaraguan minister. Charles Morgan has completed arrange ments for a line of steamers between New lurk, ^ew Orleans, and Nicaragua, under the grant by Walker's government to Edmund July *"1# *nt? 0P?rEt*OD Later from California?The Granada at ITtw Orleans?$2 250,000 in treasure coming. New Oelxahs. June 25-The steamship "Jranada has arrived at this port from Aspin wall, via San Juan, with dates from San Fran cisco to the ith inst. She reports the mail steamship Illinois to have left Aspinwall for New Yvrk, with W>0 passengers, and $2,250,000 in treasure [ I p to the hour at which we were compelled to go to press, none of the Grenada's news had oome to hand ?Egs.] European News by the Anglo-Saxon Qcebbc, June 25.?Consols closed at London on the 12th at 94f. The English papers are editorially engrossed nth the American difficulty. The London Post, in allusion to the serious aspect of the internal politics of the United States, s.iys : Many bold that a postponement of the great slavery contest would be cheaply purchased by a foreign war. as the only means of uniting the jarring States once more under the same banner. The limes prognosticated the receipt of Mr! Crampton s dismissal by the next steamer, also tue withdrawal of the exequators of the three consuls The Times evidently had aome knowledge of Mr. Maroy's despatch It save it is assured that Mr Dallas arrived with the fullest powers to negotiate and finally settle the Central American question ; and, if una ble to come to an agreement without fur ther reference to America, to refer the question to arbitration. The times contends that the retention of Mr. Dallas should rest entirely upon Mr. Crampton s guilt or inno cence. The Fren^h army was to be further reduced by the discharge of 20,000 men. The ministerial crisis has occurred in Hol land The Premier has resigned. Lordox, June 13.?Wheat sold for67s a67s Liverpool, June 13 ?The sales of cotton J??terday amounted to 8,000 bales, including 2 000 on speculation and for export. Prices were steady and unchanged. At the Manchester corn market wheat was in t.ur demand, with an advance on English wheat of 2s.. and on Foreign 3d.a4. Flour was held at 6d.a2s over last week's rates, at.i sales were limited. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, June 2ti.?Flour is steady and unchanged: Howard street S6 25; nothing re p rted in other brands. Wheat ie firm; good to prime reds SI S5.a fl 4j; good to prime whites $1 ?>0aS1.75. C? n is unchanged white 50a55e.: yellow ?>0a<3o. Provisions arc active and buopant. Mess f?'k *2B shoulders 9ja9*c ; sides lO^alOicbams in canvas 12o. Lard 1 lJal Hc. New York Markets. ' Juno 2<) ?^'wur is quiet; sales Ski '?rState *5'67' ?P?rfinc L.i''6-28' Southern standard $7; extra do. 5? 75 Wheat f*quiet; sales of 32,000 bushels; South ern red 5-1.58. Cora is firm; sales of 14.000 ? ushels; Southern mixed 57c. ha? aJ7aiiceJ: 8a,e8 of 1.500 bbla.; mess S-0 90. Beef is firm; sales of 300 b bis* Chi oigo repacked S12. Lard is firm, sales of 700 obis, at 12c. Whisky is heavy; sales of200bbls ; Ohio31e. Financial New York June 26.?Stocks are higher. Chicago and Rock Island 94i; Cumberland Coal Co. 22; Michigan Central V6i; New York Central 93; Heading 91 J; Virginia 0's 97$; Missouri 6's87j. B Sterling exchange is firm at 10c. premium. 10 FllK>H OLADH Bt TTKIt * ^ Jost received and for sa_v bv jetM-eoit BARBOUK i 8EMMES JOST UK? EIVL1). LONDON AKT JOUR NAL and other Books, Periodicals and Pa pers- FERGUSON, Je next to Lamroond'a, 466 7th at. JOHNSTON'S PIIILOSOPH H AL Charts complete with Key. said to be the best design i ever gotten up for ^booi, tn<1 seminaries FERGUSON, next to Lammond's, 486 7th at. OOFT t'KABS AN1> GREEN TDKTLK 0 SOUPareaervedeveryd*) atC. GAUTIER'S Saloon. m tt CUEAM.-A CONFECTIONER. HOTKL keeper. or other persons can be supplied with from six to eight gallons of oure fresh CREAM per week, sent In dally or tnrlee a week from a dairy and garden farm near Washington City, bv faddiesfcint: a note to Box No. 8 StarOttce, so that the advertiser may call and make arrangements for Its delivery. is?tf TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. BONNET RIBBONS, WORTH 25 eta .from IPX to 20 cents Gause Primming*, worth I^Xc, from 10 to 19 Kc French Worked Colors, f?om ?5c to S3 litdlej' black Twisted Mlttlffiom 50c to Si 50 1 a. 11 a? d Children's Bonne's, leaa iLaa cost J?*t received, flftv Riding tnd Pic Nlc Flats. from 75c to SI 85. * Rcmeir.ber the place. R. C. STEVENS', Ne If Pa. avenue, opposite the Market. J-??4-eo3t (Organ) LADIKA' TAKE NOTICK. THE UNDERSIGNED DESIRES TO l.N form his patrons and the nubile generally of his Intention to dose out hl? Sprlnir stock of FANCY AND TRIMMING GOODS, at very re duyd prices There is bo humbug In thU notice, the gords (some of which are mentioned la aaother adver tisement) can be seen at R. C. STEVEN8'. No. 18 Pa avenue, opposite Centre Market Je21-eo3t (Org n) JA BBLS CL AH I Fl ED StUiK. tw Just received and for sale by jeM-eoJt BARBOUR X SEMMES