Newspaper of Evening Star, June 28, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 28, 1856 Page 1
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the evening stab, ri'BLISHKD KVKKT AFTEItNUOR, <EXCEPT SUNDAY,) gt ti4 St*r unir of P???fff*aa<o mmmi ami Eltvtnrk itritt. By W. D. WALUCB, Will be served to tabecrlbere by carriers at MX. AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agent*; papers served la paekages at 37X rents per month. Te mall subecrlbera the tub acrlptloD price Is THRtK DOLLARS AND FIF TY CBN TS a year ia advanct, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and ONE DOLLAR for three month*; for lest than three months at the rate of cents a week. |rr SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. T?ia?c*t D**a*t*k*t, MayS8, 18*$. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the stork Issued pursuant to the net of Congress of Ju'y, 19M. that such stock Is redeemable by Its tern*, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificate thereof, on the l'ith of November next, when Interest thereon will cease. This department will oontlniieto purchase such rr.o> k prior to said day of redemption, and win pay therwfor the following premium, In addition to tho Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such sto<-k received at the Treasury between th? i?t day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per cent, on the amount* specified In the certificates; On such st*k revived between the 1st and 31st itavs of August, one-fourth cf one per cent; And en such stock received after the31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional Interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice inuit be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and wden sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's Interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is farther given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December next, uniess the sum of*l,500.?Wshall be previously ob'alned, and will pay for the same, In addition to the In 'ereat accrued from the day of the last dividend of Interest, and one day's additional Interest for the money to reaoh the vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of 1*12, a premium of 10 per cent ; On st ?ck of the loans of 1817 and 1919 a premium of 18 per cent.; And on stock issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, 1950, eorntnnly called Texan indemnity stock, a premium of 6 percent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par ty entitled to receive the money ; and If sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's ln tere?t must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that dav will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m'29-dtV2Nov Secretary of the Treasury. GIBBS' WIGS, Half wig?, braids, curls, scalps, TOUPEKS. Ac . equal to any In the United States for sal* or made to order at his Stores?for ladles, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 9 h and intn streets; and for gentlemen, under Wlllards' Hotel m 13-eo3m* LIME !?LI.HE : !-LI>lElTi WILL BE OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Ume Kilns of W H. Godev A Co., situated on Rock Creek, between the upper ana lower bridges, a kl'n of very superior WOOD BURNT LIME. The subscribers have also on hand a large supply of PLASTERERS' HAIR, CEMEN f. CALCINED PLASTER, and every description of the very be?t quality of lime, which Will b? disposed of on the most reasonable terms, ap 11?eotf W. H GODEY A CO. JORBANS' W. S. SPRINGS. Frederick county, Va. / hPEN THE SIXTEENTH OF JUNE. " Leaving Washington, Baltimore, or ^ Tumoerland in the mornl'g cars, via Har- 4A p*r s Ferry, for Stephenson's Depot, thence.iT'M lj{ mile* .n coaches to the springs to dinner the ?aiueday; from Staunton. Vlrg nla, same day. In dyspepsia, gout, rheumatism, dropsv, liver and spleen diseigf s, chronic diseases of brain, >- jwels. and urinary organs, A , and especially In skla diseases. Its curative medical elfocts are well fcnowa Hot and co'd Silphur Baths. Rice's Baid and experienced servants engiged The water for sale In barrels and bottles E CAR M. JORDAN A BRO. _Je 3-eodtm SlOO KIVTARD. RANAWAY FROM MY FARM, ADJOIN lng U pper Marlboro', about the middle of Oecember last. Mulatt) boy AMBROSE, <3 beionuing to my brother, Alfred W Gardl- JP ner, ot Cha-les county This bov is about ^1 11 years old?not very bright but father of a chest? nut color?and has delicate limbs. He has usu ally a mild aud pleasant countenance when spo ken to. I will jr'.ve the above reward for his apprehen sion if taken In Washington Citv, or north of Prince George's county, Md., and fifty dollars if taiea la Prince George s county, or south of it In either cue he mu?t be brought home or secured In |all so that I can get him again. m 13-eotf u j. GARDINER. CHOICE fHL'ir TREKS VOKIkLK. in nnn AppLK treks, of extra A erowth and well Assorted flMfe J.oue PEACH TREKS, forming a coin-WP plete assortment and well grown ? A few very choice Dwarf PEAR TREES, of extra sire. The above comprising a very choice assortment of Trees were raised bv the late John H King, tbey will be guaranteed to be what they are rep resented Apply to W. Albert King, No 35 south High street, Georgetown. D C , or at Valley View Farm, one mile northwest of Georgetown Catalogues furnished on application E. J KINO. Also, for sale, a few thousand very choice ROSES. Apply as above. E.J.K. mar 11?tf MARBLE ANt> SHOWN STONE WORKS, Pa stesM, t?li?MS I81A and 19** streets. fpHE U .N DERS1GN ED KEEPS ON HAND * and make* to order on the most reasonable terms ?MONUMENTS. TOMBS, GRAVE STONED. MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLE, and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kinds of plain and ornamental Marl>U and Brown Stone Work for building purposes eiecuted with promptness, and at as low price* as can be had elsewhtre. ap lS-eoly H PARRY. HAJOU'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES. J NO H SMOOT, No 119 BKIUGE STREET Georgetown, has received, from New? , York, ladies Bajou's KID GLOVKSifM()1 white, black and colored; gents do do ladies and genu JatT ta Silk and Lisle V *F Thread Gioves. Also, a first rate assortment el bleached and brown Cr*toa Hose, ail bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose: misses and boys' Hose aud Half Huse. P^rtlc ilar attention being paid to keeping a >">od assortment of the very West make* of tije above goods, purchasers m.iy depend upon get ting a good article as cheap as the same quality r jn be nought elsewhere. .m 1-tr JOHN H. SMOOT ICE-ICE?ICE. I> SHADO'S ICE AND LAGER BEER DE 2 PO r, :?t the southwest corner of Third street and Pennsylvania avenue. Ths* Ice nsed, known ?s Kettiboue s is and Ice. can be had at all hours u*1a? quantity. The L*ger Beer Is from reading, Peansylvania, and can be had by tfce oarrr., quarter cask, or doien, sent to any part el the city. Orders left at the above place will be promptly attended to. llu B. SHADD. OR. J. TilOK.1l, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN & SUBGEOJ ornciAJIB IIIIDINCI, Corner i3th >t and New York avenue, OMr k WASHINGTON, D.C. ^ hour*-" to 10. 4 to jo, m7-1m* ( Ur^|P,>H,AT 10% bTocik Corpo" Ub WMbLngtoa stock for sale at OHtBB BROTHERS. VOL. VII. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY. JUNE 28, 1S56. NO. 1,058. Auction Sales. Bv JA8. C. McOUIRE, Auctioneer. DESIRABLE CITY RfcllOKIICK WITH Fine Grenada, ia the First Ward?On MONDAY EVENING, June 30th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall sell at public auction the desirable residence at the corner of F and 9lst streets, now orc?ipid by Capt A. W. Whipple. The grounds attached to the house are large and handsomely laid out. The Lot fronts 07 Feet on F street, with a depth of 138 feet ft Inches on 21st street There are sixteen rooms In the house, completely fitted with gas, and heated by a fur nace, and Is In every respect a desirable residence. Term* of sale : Une-tlfth cash, and the residue In 6. 12, 18, and 21 months, for notes beating In terest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises J AS. C. McGUlRE. je25 d Auctioneer. Hv A. GREEN. Auctioneer. I^XCELLENT THREE.STOKY BRICK 1-i House nn t Lot at the csrner of 10th at. and New York avenue, at Aaction .?On TUESDAY, the21th Instant, I shall sell. In front of the premises, at half-past six o'clock p.m., f art of original Lot No. 4, in square No. 372, hav r?g a wide front on Ne* York avenue, at the cor ner of 10'.h street west, with the Improvements, which are ?.n excellent three-story brick house, containing ten or twelve conveniently arranged rooms, with a ba:k building and ether necessary -utbulldlngs Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in 0, 12 and 19 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of tru?t taken. Je 12-d A. GREEN, Auct. |[7"Thf above sale is postponed until FRIDAY, the 11th of July, same lionr. je 24-eoids A. GREEN, Auctioneer. Hv JAS. C. McGUlRE, Auctioneer. WRCSTEK'S SALE OF (INI PROVED 1 Property on the Island and enst of the Capitol?By virtue of two deedj of trust and recorded March ttth, 1955, in Liber J A 8,,No. 91, folios 1)1 132, and 133, and the other Septem ber 21th, ls55, in 1 iber J. A. S , No 105, folios 161, 162,16), and 164, two of the land rccirds for Washington county, In the District of Columbia, the subscriber will sell at jubllc auction, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July 2d. at 5* o'clock, on the premises, lots No* 2, and3, In square No 59"), having a front of 241 f?et on Dela ware avenue, between sauth K and I. streets, run ning back and average depth of V2kX feet, con taining 3rt,-.?l,}< square feet The whole will be subdivided into suitable building lots. also? At 6)* o'clock, on the premis s, I shall sell Lots 4,5.6,7, 13, 14, 15,16, and 17, in square No. 1,009 These lots are situated, respectfully, at the corners of north C and 12th streets east ard north D a.d 13 th streets east. Immediately after ? On the premises. Lots Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, In square 1,<Kj1, fronting respectfully >n Kentucky avenue, nort'i C street, and 13th street east. Terms: One-half cash ; balance in 6, and 12 months, for notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises All conveyancing at the cost of purchasers. JNO R. ASHLEY. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUlRE, je21-eodJcds Auctioneer. By F N BOTELKR Auctioneer 'PRLSCKE'S SALS OF VALUABLE Real I Estate. - Ale lander Keech and others, vs. Eleanor H Callis and Anthony Addison, in the Circuit Court for Prince George's county, sitting as a Court of Equity. By virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court fcr Pri .ce George's county, sitting as a Court of Equity, parsed on the nineteenth day of February, eighteen hund ed and fifty six, In the above cause, the undersigned, as Irustees, will expose to public sale, to the highest bidder, on TH U RS DAY, the 3d day of July next, if fair If not, on the next fair day thereafter, on the premises, the portion of the REAL ESTATE of which the late Henry A Callis died seized and possessed, con taining (by a survey made under this decree) one hundred and sixty acres, more or less This land has been alvided by the surveyor, as will apjea* by a plat, which will be exhibited on the day of sale by the Trustees, into three lots?Ncs. 1, 2 and 3?Lot No. I contains thirty six and one fifth acres, more or less; Lot No. {contains sixty-four and four-fifth acres, more or less ; and Lot No. 3 contains fif.y-nine acres, more or less Tte lots will be offered in the order of their numbers?the purchaser of Lot No. 1 having the privilege of taking the second and third lot* at the same price, at his option, Ac Each lot contains about one third arable land, the other two-thiids being heavily timbered The soil la fine, and admira bly adapted to the produce of any crop raised in the neighborhood The wbo'e property is a de ferable purchase for capitalists. 1 he land lies about six miles from \\ ashlngton, and thre^ from Alexandria Ferrv, and adjoins the lands of Messrs. Thomas Berry, Col Maddux, George Walker, and others. The Trustees deem it unnecessary to give any further description Tho*e desiring to purchase will be shown tee premises by Mr. J. E Thomp son. residing at "Barnaby." T'ae society of ths neighborhood is excellent, and churches of dlifsient donomlnatlons within two or three miles The terms of sale, as prescribed by the decree, are as follows: One-third of the purchase mon ey to be paid in cash on the day of sale, or cn the day of the ratification thereof by the court; and the residue In equal Instalments of six, twelvs and eighteen months, with interest from the day of sale, to be secarel by the bonds of the pur chaser or purchasers, with sectrrlties, to be ap proved t>y the undersigned, bearing interest from the day of sale, their date at six, twelve and eighteen months, as aforesaid The Trustees have the privilege, by the decree, to vary the terms of sale, if in their judgment, they deem it expecient and proper. N.B Sale at 12 m. J CONTEEMULLIKIN,* C. SMITH KEECH. 'Jlrustees. F.N BOTELKR, Auctioneer. Upper Marlboro' May 11,1:456 je 9-2awtds CHAUNCY WAKKIflEH, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AND DliLll IN Fiae Watches, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. G'OLD SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, r FINK JEWELRY, SI L- - V ER SPOONS, FORKS, GOBLETS, CUFS, Ac., for sale at New York prices I H E P A1 HI Sir ?The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repeating, Musical, and other WATCHES repair d Also, JEWELRY, Ac. No. 370 Pkmhstlvania Avinci, betw'n Sixth and Seventh streets. Browns' Hotel bull ding, sign of the GOLDEN WATCHES, ap 29-tf Washington. SEm-ANNUAL NOTICE. Hutchinson a munro would take this method of returning thanks to their cus tomers for the liberal patronage with which thev favored them during the f ast season, and hope, by fair dealing and hy keerlog a constant supply or all the new and d -sirabie goods in their line, to merii a continuance of past fiivors. We would also say to those of them having un settled accounts on our books that we will have them made off by the 27th Instant, and would be glad to have them call and settle the same, either by ca?h or notes at fhort dates Tho?e not set tled by the 1st of July will then be p esented for settlement. HU1CHINSON A. MUNRO. je21-tf NEW MATTRESS FACTORY. At Fairview Cotton Works Alexandria,Va. Having addkd the mattress Busi ness to our other manufactures we are now prepared to supply the trade with a superior ar 1 cle of Cotton cr Shuck MATTRESS. We a new patent shuck picker in use, which splits aud euns the shucks tu the most perfect manner. Mattre-?e-> filled with these are superior to the old kind, bcini; more elastic and dur?ble 'lbs, with other facilities and arrargemenls.enable us to compete In pries and quality with Baltimore and other Northern manufacturers Orders for any particular mzi or kind ill sd immediately. Also, a supply of Cotton Warp, Wrapping Twine, and Halting always on hand, at manufac turer's prices FIT2? PATRICK A BURNS, Proprietors, Alexandria. JOHN J. BOGUE. Agent, No. % East Market Spacs, Ge rgetown. Je IS?lm rPHE STEAMER UKOROE PAGE 1 now running regularly between Washington ana Alexandria at the following hours: Leave Alexandria4#, b, ltt, 12, 4 , and <5 o'clock. Leave Washington ?*, V, 11,IM, 3*, 5*. and 7 o'clock. ELLIS L. PRICE, Captain, mar 24 Houses, &c, for Rent and Sale. FOR RENT, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER.?The Urge, airy, convenient, and well finished Hall next door to the Star Build Ings It la 50 by 80 feet In the clear, with high ceiling, and Is capitally lighted. Also, the atore immediately under the west half of said ball. '25 bv SO feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, In the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable business stands are now being offered to the public ) Thev will lx? rented separately or together. For terms apply to GEORGE HILL, Papermiker, Bridge >treet, a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George town, or at the Star Otilce counter. N B.?If renters desire to carry on any business requiring steain power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Office, manufactured by the Messrs. Ellis, and arranged so as to furnish ample power, If required, to renters of the premises advertised above. Je '20-tf For sale?a tract of land, con tilnlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley Vi<w Farm, the resid*nce or the late John H King, deceased. This Is one of the most <le?i ruble sites In the District for a fine private residence; about '20 acres of this tract Is a beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation The snrnmlt of this tract Is from 350 to 400 feet, along tide water, and has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val* ley of the Potomac. It will be sold entire or in lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No. KO Prospect street, Beorgetown, D. C je 18-tf _ [Intel] E. J. KING AT PRIVATESALE ?EIGHTEEN SMALL building lots for sale, corner of L street and New Hampshire Avenue, near the circle, First Ward, ranging In price from 80 to 160 dollars each Terms noma to 15 dollars per month Par ties purchasing with the view of building thereon, lumber or bricks (at market prices) to the amount of 150 dollars will be advanced thereon, secured by de-d of trust on the property. Title indispu table. For any other information apply to H. PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa.av.,bet. 18th A 19th sts. _ ap 10?3m FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board Inquire at Mr*. SMITH'S. 233 F street. nov '27?tf Foil RENT.?FOR THE SUMMER, OR longer if wanted, a comfortable furnished House, In a hea'.ty and pleasant location Attac rd to the house Is a good flower and vegetab'e garden, with frnlt, Ac. In the yard, convenient to tit kltch n, Is a well of excellent water. If desired can have the use of a fine milch cow Please call at the house No. 470, corner of flth and P streets. je23-eo3t* CH>R RENT?A THREE STORY BRICK 1 Dwelling, with extensive Back Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pumpof good water in the yard, situated on K street, nearly op posite the Brewery. To a good tenant the rent will be made moderate. Apply to COM S. CASSIN, or at GODEY A COfS . Lirre Kiln, Beall street, between Congress and Washington streets, Georgetown. m 2-eotf For rent?possession given im medlatfly, that large brick house on 18th st , between E and F, recently occupied by Col. B. F. Larntd. For terms apply to Mr. CHARLES B. KING, Artist, l'2th street, or at the otlice of the Paymaster General No. 31 Winder's Building, je 19-3W PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FHON LOW HY FIKE! Suhtribed Ccjutal an J Surplus 91,338,151 13. FARMERS ASD MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO . OF PHILADELPHIA. Office northireU corner Pennsylvania avenue awl 17/A s.reet, Waihin ten City, D. C. STATEMENT OF BUSINESS FROM THE 1ST ray ot Augu?t to the 31st day of December, 1B56: Am ?unt reciived in maine premium*. .$ti?,34-2 31 Do lift: premiums 3K,yjH e2 Total pr< mium* for five m-;nth* Ii8 151 I I <"api a' 1,'200,000 00 l,3jt*,151 13 Iivsted a* follows: ConJ-i r.f AH.'ghei-y county, P.tubug, ami Phila le'phia CityG'- $7>i.721 CO Raitiralbo d?, cosi 33,400 00 Leans on II st moruaje ?#l n al e?".ae.. all.SjO (.0 D? flock?, colla eta' :io ;k?4 (>o Ca?h in bank aid on ha id 1I.0K2 QJ Capi'a; ?ubstr.b:d 1,047,700 00 Preuuuin notes, not matured 60 3*7 31 Due from agents (i<ecurert by bonds)... 18 Hf>3 CI Expense* aart CGtiuni 'sions 11,662 33 1,35?, 151 13 Tola! amount of losses r? ported to 1st Jaiua-y. lKr?6: Fire $l,6Gr> 09 Marine 3 000 00 4,006 05 DIRECTORS. Hon. Tlios. B. Florence, Charles Diugee, (itor<? II. Aim iiong, Thoinai Manlerfield, Charles A Rub tain, Edwa'd it. rte!rnb>l?l, George Helmbold, F. C'a. roll Brewster, Jam is E. Neall, Laac Leei li. Jr. THOM AS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD it. HELM BOLD, Secretay. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa'ter, No. 397 D street. Jno. M. Tborntou,corner First sirect and Virginia av.-nue. James William*, No. 92 Fonr and a half street. MARINE HIJRVEYOR. Capt.J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPFRl NTr.NDhNT Jolio TLoiuason. The business of tliis Ci inj.a'iy will compare !a voiab y with the m ist successful of s iniiar institu tioiis lii ihe United States. Fr?m the 1st day ot' August, 1855, in five months, up t > 1st ,'anua y, ISM, thu premiums received amounted to the large *um of owe hundied aiut eight tlx>u a id, one nuulred a-;d fiuy-one dollars, with only forty MX hundred au1 sixty six dolia s losses repoited. Wi -!i the;? evidences of succrss an 1 good man* a;eiuent,t the directum feel justified in soliciting a fhare of public patronage, believing thai the s c i ti y offered is am,?le, and ifcat a'l lair eta ins will be adjusted more according to equity lian lepal techni calities. With a view of alt'-uding am,ile imlemuity to the pub'ic, the enmfany hav<? depo?ited with MKSSRS UUNC.iN, SHE KM \N, * CO., OF NEW YORK, 'I HEIR HANKLRt*, Ca-h a:id premium n"te-i to provide an a^cruirg Tru*t Fund of One Hundred Thousand Dollar*, To be held by them as alditior al security to policy holders for the payment of losses. Tlie company is prepared to issue policies again: Ins* or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FURNI TUWB, MILLS, MAN UFACT?'RIPS, WARE HOUSES, aU descriptions of BUILDINGS, aid their contents, or all kinds of MkRCIIANDISR, t>ansportcd by VJ-hSl-Lf, tTf AM BOATS, CA NAL B .'ATS, RAlLtOADS, and the u?iia!cm veyances to or from a iy portion of E?iROpiS and AMERICA, a id on the hulls of STEAMHOA I S'ing ihe western waters The lates of premium will b-> a< low a^ other com,anies, avd in fix-n* them every :mprov m> nt in cciisuuction and a ra :gtinjnt v>i,l b- takm into considerauon. AH losses -pcedily aljusted and pnmptly jaid. Office northwest c nter Pennsy'va i a avenue and Seventeenth streer, U a h'tipPui ciiv, D. C. Insurance may aUo Lc effecUd at the Home Office, XorthweU corner Walnut and Second Street?, ftiila delphia. Also. a*.the Comj a'lV'*' ffiim: New York ? A W Th mp on, No 10 U'a'l street. Ilost' n? Oliver Rrews'.er, No 4 S a*e strei-t I'a'tim -re? B. II. Rirl ardson, No 72 Ta'tim ire street, tiii cin nati?Taylur * Amh ny Cha-leston?J. II Tay lor, No. 1*21 E. Pay striet. New < rleais?Ha ma i Di a ie Montgotn ry?Allit rt W liiauii. Mobile? A. C. Waagh l iii barg?T J Hunter, No. 90 Wa'er str.-tt. Savannah- A. Wilbur, No. Ill Bay street. Augus;a?Ulrardey, Whyte a ?>. Atlanta ? Marcus A. Bell. Trenton ? Narr A Cick<. Pond du La>?Robert A Baker. Vicksbarc?J Piitrani Buffalo?A Barker. Mrmphis-W. E Milton. Detroit?Thomas I a m r k don. Milwaukie?A Wellington Hart. Wellsburg, Virginia?DanfO-th Brown, jr. I-kie, Pennsylvania?Allen A Cialg. Wy. miig, Penn-y vama R C. Smith- Louis

vilie?H. II.Tlmbe;lake. Na liv.lle- Jrseph Nash. Poit'and?D Ilobi'eon, jr. Chicago?E P.Ward \ Saa F ancisco?Wil.iam Biggs. S:. Louis?Thoa K. Courtei ay, geueial azent lor the southern and western S aies. And in other principal citiea of the United S:a;e* by aathorlxid officers of tb* com pany. J? n-iyt SLItL'LHOFF'N THIRD MAZLKKA just published at the Music Depot Price'25 cents. m 30-tr ? GEO H1LBI S. EXCURSIONS, &c. T FOB THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILIOS AHI? FORT WASHINGTON. <>X THE FOURTH Oh' JULY. HK STEAMERS GKORGK W ASHING TON and THOMAS COLL YER will make >lx tilps to above plaCiS, leaving at the following bo"-s named The boat* will land pa? senders on each trip at the Fort Persons wishing to spend some time at tbe Fn?t can leave thereon any trip for the VVlii'e House without ext-a pay. Mr Jno. Gallon will furnish dinner at the Pavilion, also ire cream, lemonrd--,confectionery, Ac , ai d Mr Wm Coke A Co will furnish re freshments in great abur.dinre oit tie boats Am ple refreshments will l>e provided for a Urge number of p rsons No spiritinus liquors will b-? sold at the Pavilion or on ti e boats Fleet's celebrated band of music is engaged for the Pavilion. JUT" I'as'e^aers must purchase tic kets before going < u tbe boat. Kcui.d trip :ic.Yetatii^ cents Phi clren from 3 to 1(1 years of a^e, haif price Persons from George'ow i caa t ike tbe coacht s there and connect with tLe boats' coaches 011 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th street and the Captiol A large number of couches will be put on the route for the boats. A coa< h will 1? ive the Capitol every ten minutes for the boat and pass up the Avenue to 12th strett. Coach lare 6Ji' reus. The boats leave Washington at 8, ft, 1?, 1,4, and 5 o'cloct ' ' ' ' The boats leave Alexandria at SU, i?w, 12X, lX.4*,and5><; The boats leave the Pavilion at 10, 1!, 2,0, and 7 o'clock. JOH CORSON A SAM. GKDNKY. Je Captains. I'LEASUKK EXCURSION OF THK Vouii? Cftliiolie's Friend Society. THK SOCIETY WILL SPEND THE DAY at th? White House Pavilion? ?ka on MONDAY next, ? ^ invite the patronage of tteir fellow-citizen- gen erally, as the proceeds nre for the benefit of a Urge number cf indigent children now dependent on us for education and clothing An abundant dinner wl 1 be served up by Coke, and the very best music will be in at' Steamers will leave t!:e Washington wharf at o'clock in the forenoon ai d rt 2 in the after noon, stoppingatthe Navy Yaid both trips. The tirst return trip will be at 6 o'cl??ck. Tickets FIFTY CKNTS, children half-price; to be had at Ellis's fancy store, j'ern. avenue; Harbaunh's, 7th street; Wa'/h sNavy Yaid ; I). B. ClarkeV, Island, and of the following COMMITTEE : GeoSavage, C J (Jmen, S Masi, K H Clarke, Neal Kflb-y, T. J FPzpatrick W P Gallant, Geo F Allen, K Elchorn, J?bn F Callan, CS Jones, G S Grlprs. M Renaban, P J Mclienry, P? S.?Omnibuses will r*:n In connexion with the boats from tbe Northern Liberties Market house, starting from that point one half hour be fore the time above stated for the departure of the boats. je 21-eo3t Excursion to Harper s Ferry. Round Trip Ticket 83.50, Meals mclndtd. fFHE FOURTH OF JlTLY BEING THE X regular trip day of thw fine Canal Packet A RGO, Capt. Mer rl.l, the proprietors have consented, at the s< licl t i"on of a number of persons, to make an EX CURSION on that davto the above named point Excellent Cotl Ion music has been engaged for the occasion; also, a tine Hall in tt e United States Hotel at the Ferry for a cotillon party Those who may not wish to Indulge in the festivities of the dance will have provided for them at the hotel beds free of charge. An opportunity will be afforded all who may deahe to do so to visit the United States Armories and other works The Boat wlllleave the wharf of W. H A H . G. Rttter at 6 o'clock a m precisely. je24 9 PUBLIC NOTICE. TO PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, OK PRI VATE PAHTIF.S. THE U N 1) E R S I G N E D TA K E GR EAT pleasure in Informing his nu-i mer:>:is friends and the public gen erally that he has, at all times, a numtx r of large and comfort tide OMNIBUSES for their accommodation, and at a in< derate charge Applications may be made to eilbtr of the un dersigned, George A Tbos Pdrher, or to John T. Killmon. WW WHALEY, Proprietor JNO M HOLBROOK.Ag't. ll /~ A line of stages leave Washington every Tu-sday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 o'clock a. m , for t-'airfax, (C H ,) Aldie, and Middltburg. Passe g#rs will please leave their names at Dy son's Drug Store, corner Pa. avenue and 12th st. je 11-lm* REMOVAL. I |rl MUN'SON HAS TAKEN AND FITTF11 mJ up th*? house formerly occupied by Major Robert Keyworth, No 33t<J Pennsylvania avenue, and is now ready to fulfil bin old engagements and make new ones Dr M is still making those beautiful continuous Gum Teeth.called Allen s Patent, foi the excel ency of which ever all ether styles ol teeth, many now wearing them in this city, will cheerfully vouch There is one Dentist in tbit city who has been Infringing the patent, and made a bad imitation of H, against whom 1 .Uere by caution the public N. B Whenever a Dentist speaks agalnsl Allen1* Patent Continuous Guin Teeth, when properly constructed, it is because h? Is ignoranl of the proctss, incomt etent to make the work, oi Is unwilling to pay for the patent. Dr. M. Is now extracting teeth without pain b] a new and perfectly safe process. References as in former advertisement, jt 16-tf AGENCY OF THK Insurance Co. of PhilndHj hia, Capital $300,000! Annual report for the yeah ending January 1, 1-58. Aaacta of ihe (joiupaiijr, roUHlKtin^ of Bonda aud Mort*ii;<* on nnencrnnbereri real ealata $110,cm tx Sloeka vf other Corpoiatiuua, worth par (X Quli on ham! SI 31 tiilis receivable, couaUUug of Uarlua ioUr aud aliort loaua $36,y4S 70 HU.Vit UOteS 00 81,aa9 7( t*19,42Q m Wiiole rwil|.:< for firrmlnnm ilurlng tVe year $112,fl2 of Paid for loitaoa aud ?zp?ii?ea daring Ui? year 71,133 04 P. M. Mori ARTY, President. J. MOHRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GLEAT WESTEUN FIKE IRbCK ANCE CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital ^500,000. Ckarttr Perpetual DIRECTOR?. Charles C. Lathrop, 512 Spruce street. Alexander Whilden, merchant, 14 North Fronl street. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co E. Tracey, firm of Tracey A Baker. John R. McCurdy, firm of Jones, White A McCurdy Isaac Hazlehuret, attorney and coussellor. James B. Smith, firm of Jas B Smith A Co. '1 heo. W Bakw, Arm of Tracy A Baker R. S. Walton, 360 Market street Thomas R Limerick, KM Spruc? street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHAKLKSC LATHROP, President. THOMAS K. LIMERICK, Secretary. Klsks changed from other companies to this, no charee for policy fee Enquire at the office ol J. E. Kendall, over R Morrow's Exchange Otilre tirst door West of W. B Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvania avenue. m?7 3m DAVID MYERLE, Agent REMEDY FOR WARM WEATHER. JUST RKCEIVKD AT THE UNION BOT tllng Depot, a large suppfy of that unsur- a passed tonic for Invalids, GINGER WINE A Al?o XXX Pale and Burtoira Alee and Hor tt ter of very superior quality, together with al large cssortment of syrups of almost every kind ; all of which, together with our premium Mine ral Waters will be furnished to customers la any part of Washington or Gwor^etown. All orders left at the Depot in Georgetown, oi with the drivers of our Wagons, will meet with prompt attention. AKNV A SH1NN je 9-tf rim E STEAMER GEORUE WASHING. will depart at the follow-^^^r^^ Leave Alexandria 7J^, 9, 11, 1^, 5^ Leave Washington...8,10, 12, 2k, 4M, 6 . ap2-d JOB CORSON, Captain AS HEATERS.?ANOTHER SUPPLY of those Gas Heaters so convenient for the nursery, or for cooking a meal for a s nail family. Also, (JAS STOVES, for cooking and baking, complete. U. FRANCIS, je 21 490 Seventh at. G EVENING STAR. CROSSING THE FORD. I began lifo by running away from home, iioilean. we are told, was driven into hie ca reer by the hand of fate and the peck of a turkey Attilla started in lifo with no other CHU^e and capital than an old sword. which he was adroit enough to palm off for the divir.e weapon of Mars, and Robespierre owed his political oarecr to wetting his stockings, and there heard ?? the words which burn,'' which fired hi* soul and determined his course in life. My running away from home arose from a minor mortification, caused by carrying a pretty girl over a brook Donald Lean and myself were good friendi at fourteen years of age, and we both reg.-wd e I, with a liille more than friendship, pretty Helen 11 rah am, " our eldest girl"'at school. Wc romped and danccd together, and this lasted for su^h a length of time that it is with a feeling of bewilderment that 1 lookback on the mystery of two lovers continuing friends. But time came, a* come it mii^t, when jcalou-y lit her spark in my boyish bo som. and blow it into a consuming d ime. Well do I remember how and when the ''green eyed" perpetrated this incendiary doed. It was on a cold October evening, when Helen, Donald and myself were returning with our paronts from a visit to a ncighbor i: g hamlet As wo approached a ford where the water ran somewhat higher than ancle deep, we prepared to carry Helen across, as we were accu^tomcd to do, with hand? intei woven "ch;iir fashion," thus wo took our pretty passenger through the brook Just as we were in tbc middle of the water?which was cold enough at that time to have frozen anything like feeling out of boys less hardy than ourselves?a faint pang <.f jealousy nip ped my heart Why it was I know not, for we had carried Helen fifty times across the brook ere now wi:hout emotion, but this even ing I thought or fancied that llelcr. gave Don ? aid an undue preference by casting ber pretty arm around his neck while she steadied her self ou my tide by holding the cuff of my jacket No flame can bum so quickly ?>r with so lit tle fuel as jealousy. Before we had reache I the opposite bank, 1 was wishing Donald at the "bottom of the sea." Bung naturally impetuous, I burst out with? ?' You need na hand sae gingerly. Helen, as if ye feared a fa. I can aye carry ye lighter than Donald wad half of y j ' Surprised at the vehemence of tny t >nc, oar queen interposed with an admission tha* wc were both Mrong, and that the had no ?de* of sparing my powers. But Donald s ire wus kindled, and ho utterly denied that I wa? at 1 all qualified to compete with him in feat? of carriage. On such topics boys are generally emulous, and by the time we had reached the opposite bank, it was settled that the point should be determined by our single bearing Helen across the lord in our arms. Helen wa; to determine who had carried her most easily, and I settled with myself privately in advance, that the one who ob tained the would really be the i person who stood highest in her affections. ; The reflection stimulated me to resolve to ex- j ert every effort, and I verily believo to thie day, that I could have carried Donald and Helen on either arm, like feathers. But 1 anticipate j Wc suffered all the rest of the party to pass j quietly along, and then relumed to the ford j i lilted Helen witu the utmost ease, and car- ; ried her lifco an infant to the middle of the ; water. Jealosy had also inspired a warmer love, and it was with feelings unknown before \ that I embraced her beautiful form, and 1 felt the pressure of her cheeks against mine I Ail went swimmingly, or rather wadingly, for a minute. But alas ! in the very deepest part of the ford?1 trod on a treacherous bit of wood, which rested, I suppose, on a smooth stone. Over 1 rolled, bearing Helen with me, I nor did we rise until fairly soaked from head to foot. I need not describe the taunts of Donald, or the more accusing silence of Helen Both believed I had fallen from mere weakness, anil my rival illustrated his superior ability bearing her in his arms for a. long distance ou our homeward path. As we approached the house, Helen leeling dryer and better hu mored, attempted to conciliate me But I preserved a moody silence?I was mortified beyond redress. That night I packed up a few things, and rin away My boyish mind, sensitive and irritated, exaggerated the negation it had re ceived, and prompted me to a course which fortunately led to better results thsirusuaUy attend such irregularities. 1 went to Edin burgh. where I found a material uncle, a kind-hearted, childish man, who gladly gave mo a place in his home, and employed uie in his business Wealth flowed upjn him I became his partner?went abroad?reside! four years on the continent, and finally re turned to Scotland, rich, educated?in short, every thing but married. One evening while at a ball in (Ha*gow, I was struck by a young lady ot quite unpro tendirg appearance, but whose remarkable beauty and high-toned expression indicated a mind of more than ordinary power. I was introduced, but the Scottish names had long been unfamiliar to my ear, and I could not catch hers. It was Helen something, and there was something in the face, too, that seemed familiar ? something suggestive of mixed pleasure and pain But we becamc well acquainted that even ing. 1 learned without difficulty her history She was from tLe country, had been well edu cated, her parents had lost their property, and she was now governess in a family of the city. 1 was fascinated with her conversation, and was continually reminded by her grace and refinement of manner, that she was capable of moving with distinguished success in a far higher sphere than that which fortune seem ed to have allotted her. I am naturally neither talkative or prone to confidence ; but there was that in this young lady that inspired both, and I conversed with her as 1 had never Conversed with any. Her questions of the various countries with which I was familiar, indicated a remarkable knowledge of litera ture, and an incredible store ot information Wo progressed in intimacy, and as our con versation turned on the causes which induced so many to leave their native land, I laugh ingly remarked that I owed my own travels to tailing with a pretty girl into the ford I had scarcely spoken these words ere the blood mounted to her face, and w?s succeeded by quite a remarkable paleness I attributed this to tho heat of the room?laughed?and at her request, proceeded to give the details of my ford adventure with Helen Graham?whi< h I did, painting in glowing colon the beamy and amiability of my love. Her mirth during the recital became almost irrepressible At itsconclusion she remark, d : ?? Mr. Huberts, is it possible that you have forgotten me?" I gazed an instant?remembered?an ? as dumb-founded. The lady with whom I . id become acquainted was Helen Graham uer 66 If ! I hate, and so do you reader, to needk^'y prolong a story. We were Boon married?He leu and I made our bridal tour to "tb?olu place." As we approached it in our carriage I greeted a stout fellow working in a fieiil, who seemed to be a better sort of laborer, or perhaps a small farmer, by inquiring trifling particular relating to ttie neighbor hood. He answered well enough and I was about to give him a sixpence, when lie en stayed my Land, and cried in the old style if Hey, Donald mon, dinno ye ken ye r auld ^The man looked up in astonishment. It was Donald Lean. His amazement at our ap THE WEEKLY 8TAk This MrrllecU Family and News Journal ?con talning a greater variety of Interesting reading than can be found In any other?Is ptfV1?bed Satur day morning TtMM Single copy, per tl J* to cLtms. Five copies w Ten copies...*,....... fl no Twenty copies 16 Mi IET Caii, imiuuT ii itiriioa I?7*Slnglecoples(ln wrapper*) ean be prooiireJ at the eonnter. Immediate^ after tb? lawoe <4 me paper Price?Theib CsnTa Postmaster* who acta* agent* wlii be allowed a com ml Ml on of twenty per rant pearanee was heightened by its style , and it was with the greatest difficulty that wa coaM induce him to enter our earriafe. and aniwei cur numerous queries as to old friends. Different men ''start in life'' different ways 1 believe however, that mine it the only in stance on record of a gentleman who owes wealth and happiness to rolling over wt(h a pretty girl in a stream of water. The Fashions.?The Paris correspondent o? the >'ew Vork Journal of Commerce fur nishes the following, which no doobt will prove interesting to our lady readers For the ball room, at this season, heavy stuffs, such as silver or gold moire antique*, brocades, velvets, Ac , are laid aside. Crape-', tulles, muslin^ embroidered in cotton or g"ld or filver, sote de Chtnt, are the materials in favor. A charming dress is of white grena ?line. The skirt nas five flounces, trimmed with a bias of white satin out in f>oints, which arc edged with a narrow moss fringe. When worn as a dinner toilette, this r be has a bi^h body, with batquincs to meot the top flounce, trimmed to match, and the front docoratcd with plaits very narrow at the wai't and wide at the .-boulders. On the middle of the body is a narrow rorerse, to match the flounce*, and fastened t gether by pearl bead.-. Tho sleeves arc formed of threo bouillonncs. ovi r which ?ro satin points; the lust bonill^nne reaches to the elbow, and is finished by a ru-ho of tulle. A similar ruche is placed louud the throat. A robe of white gr<<* grains or taffeta silk is trimmed with three flounces of cherry silk a quarter of a yard wide, over which fall black lace flounces. The luw body is trimmed tn brittelle*. with cherry riband, edged with black l*ce Tho short sleeves are finished with two frilts of black lace. But favorite and most magnifi cent toilettes arc those composed of bla:k or white laces?flounces or tunica of point de Bruxellcs, point d Aiencons, or English point made over tulle, crape or silk robes. A,;r?>ffo? of precious stones or chatelaines of flowers locp up the skirt Ear* of corn either in siher or gold are much worn for head dresses F?>r wnlkin? dresses there arc splendid taffea?, with pattern fl< unfici in velvet Other taffe tas, rot le?s elegant have shaded stripe" or chccka, the colors of which harmonizo in good tistc with tho grourd of the material There nre also iiffetas with stamped velvet stripes. Velvet has for many years been associated with taffetas for summer toilette, and is ex cec'lingly becoming. A great many Louis XIII fichus and fancy pelerines will he worn with bummer dresse* ; th? first has leng ends profusely decorated with bows and loops of riband Some are mads entirely of bouillounes, others are mixed with insertion, nnd others again are composed of lace. I'nder sleeves are still made either with a wristband and embroidered frills or with puff? and frills The musquetaire cuffs op,?n down the middle, and are embroidered and triame t with Vallencicnnes lace. Young ladies jen erally wear white under sleeres with two rows of embroidered trimmings, or lace, ac cording to the greater or less elegance of the toilette. Lilies and violets are the flowers the most i" fashion for spring and summer bonnets. While crape bonnets are bordered with a dark purple riband A deep blonde covers the front and extends on the curtain, which is trimmed with a second blonde. On each side is a large bouquctte of Parma violets The inside trimming is violets and blonde lace A Sixgl'LAH Apt'air.?We have a bit <d news from Holland, which, coming at this | time, excites a good deal of attention. A man at the Hague, becoming tired of his wife, at j tempted to prison her in the following man ner : They hud sat down to dinner, and while slie left ttie room or her back wis turned, be ; put the poiaou into bersoup. Not daring to ? tru t himself in her presence, he feigned some j excuse and left thu room By a wonderful i Providence. when she came to the table, a | spider hud dropped from the ceiling of the ' room into the soup plate She was esreciaily afraid of spiders, and her husband bad often laughed at her for it. So she caretully took the spider out with a spoon, and finding she ! Could not bring herself to eat alter it, ?he. in 1 the absence of her, changed tL - plates and ate hi* soup. After a white ha cime back and devoured what be supposed to bo the pure soup. He was immediately taken with convulsions and expirel. Before death he Confessed that he had poisoned the soup, and that it muft have been put before him. unintentionally, by his wife Now how nir r?w vas ihc escape of his wife, not only from bein^ poisoned, but from t>fiuq kaug If tho man hud died without confession, the Woman mast have been immediately arrested. Pui s- n would have been found in the man and in the soup-plate She *ave him the soup. Here would have been circumstantial evidence strong enough to have hung her. and an inno cent woman would have expired but for the confession. A Counterfeiter and a Counter Feat ? A fellow the other day passed upon Mr Kris be ?, the ticket agent of the Great Western Railway Company, on the Canada side id the Suspension Bridge, a counterfeit note, the character of which was discovered too lnta to arrest the gentleman who had strolled over the bridge, but Mr Frisbee wa* net to be done in this way, and started in pursuit of his man, wh m he eventually found enj ying a nap in a car on this side. Of course he could not be arrested there, so retiring on tip-toe not to disturb his nap, Frisbee found two or three track men to whom he tinped the wink to shove the car across the bri lge It is said that the rurprife <>f that dishonest youth o?i coming to himself a British prisoner was some thing to witness When he had sufficiently gathered his Mattered wits, he attempted to drop a roll of spurious notes, but was detected at this too, anl finally went to jail miserably. Ten years is the least he can expect in Can ala.?Buffalo Erp. A Son or a British Consul Fighting with Iiiiiiahs ?Walter James, a son of (1. P R. James. Brit'sh Consul at Norfolk, orderel some Indians away from the hunting grounds around Rice Lnko, Waunacca county, lately The Indians refused to leave James, as we understand, visited them late on last Satur day night, and called one of them out with the apparent purpose of speaking with him. After s >me yords, he cut open the Indian's head with a bowie knife; two others came out. not knowing what had happened, wbore upon Mr. James cut the arui eff of ore of them, and laid open the side of the other. The Indians are on the trail of James, and will in all probability have their revenge.? Beaver Dam (Wis ) RejmUtcan, June IV. A Novel Deer Hfnt.?Herr Driesbach was traveling with his mammoth men igeno recently, and when near La Porte, Ind , ob served a short distance from the road, under the shade of * cluster of tree, a fine fat buck. He was anxious to obtain it; bu' thera was a law prohibiting the shooting of deer, and he bad no dogs In this emergency a happy idea struck him .He unbarred the cafe of his pet leopard, and pointing tothe deer, in a moment the beautiful but treacherous auimal was stealthily creeping towards his prey, and, with a .-udden spring, buried his talons in its Wody Uarr Driesbach then went and dis patched the deer. New Antidotes for Strychnine ? Doctor Sliaw, of Texas, has found sweet oil, drunk freely, successful antidote to strychnine in two cases The oil to be poured down with out any reference to tho patient's vomiting Professor Rochester has reported two cases ot poisoning by the same terrible drug, success fully treated by a free use of camphor inter nally, and mustard poultices outside*