Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A gHIlfOTQy CI T T: MONDAY Jane 30, 1U? fff Advertisements should be handed la bv W o'clock, m., otherwise they may aot appear until the ne* day. To Political Clcss ?Political clabi will And the arrangements of the Star offioe for printing their circulars, addresses arguments, pamphlets, Ac., aa complete as those of any other printing office in the United States. They may rely upon having such work done at the Sftr office in a satisfactory manner as to style and price, and in the shortest possible time Be sore to give as a eall before making arrangements elsewhere. Notice ?Those charged with the manage ment of clnbs, societies, and all other associa tions are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertisements or notices of any description in the Star, payment must be made fer them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms hare not been complied with. This rule must be imperative. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS The Intelligencer earnestly deprecate? the Idea of a war with England. The Union argues that there can be no question as to the fact that the purpose of Colonel Benton is to defeat the Buchanan and Breckinridge electoral ticket in Missouri, and also that the Colonel, through F. P. Blair, Jr., haa proposed a eoalition-iutrigue with the Know Nothing party of the State, the main object of whioh on his part is to secure his (Col. B.'s) re-ele?tion to the Senate of the United States by means of Know Nothing votes. So ttey go. ^ ^ WAfHIKOTOK SEWS AND GOSSIP The state of Pan Francisco?On our first page will be found a full account of tbe singular state of things existing in San Francisco when the last steimer whose mails have reached us, departed thence. It will bo perceived that the Vigilance Committee are doing their work thoroughly, and the op position which the State government has. so far, been able to make to them, has been one of words only. A private letter, from a re liable source, bears out the declarations of nearly every one of the mar;y published ao counts from thence?that so fur as the obser vance of^aw, private rights, and public de cency are concerned, the city has never before been in so healthy a condition. The grand jury, in their presentment of the Vigilance Committee under instructions from one of the judges, take occasion to declare their earne&t sympathy with the Committee's acts, and to add that they were wholly the result of the sweeping corruption of all fountains of law and justice there, of the insecurity of life and property, and of the fact that perjurers, thieves and desperadoes bad obtained so complete con trol of tbe goTernment#rganisation as that no other defence was left for those having a stake in the condition of society, but such a revolu tion as bad occurred. It is understood that the Cam.'Bittee designed cor.tinuing in ses sion until it ^ad driven from the State the notorious desperado.?* and scoundrels who were the chief actors in tnC occurrences that forced it (the Committee) again into ac tive measures. So far, not a man had molested except those of the class to whom we refer. Nor was there any reason to believe that any other citizen would in any way suffer at their hands. We care not what may be the nominal pol itics of the villains thus hunted out of Cali fornia, we rejoice that the State is getting rid of them on any terms; a temporary revolution con ducted by the best citixens, being a far less evil than the continuance of the entire control of their State and municipal affairs which tbe hunted class had obtained by perjury, force and fraud. We have seen no more striking evidence of the abiding stability of our system of government than is to be drawn from the existing revolution in San Francisco, and the certainty that those who have created it will resign their power without having once abused it, on the moment their patriotic task shall have been oompleted. Apropos A single fact which we see stated in a San Francisco newspaper illustrates so forcibly the state of the sources of justice in that community and the necessity for its cor rection oo any terms, that we republish it, as follows?vii : Out of a thousand murders that have been committed ic San Francisco since its settlement by our countrymen, but three had been punished under judgment of the eourts! Ths Hards and Softs ?Nothing else has occurred since the Cincinnati Convention that has caused so much pain to the democracy of Congress from all quarters of tbe country, as the refusal of the Hard Central State Com mitte (of New York) to carry out, in good faith. the pledge made by their delegation at Cincinnati to execute the programme for the settlement of ibe difficulty in the party in that State agreed on by tbat Convention The representatives of the Hards upon that pledge alone were admitted on equal terms (wish the Softs) over the report of tbe Cre dentials' Con.mittee eompoeed of tbe ableat and moe considerate member of each dele gation, ee*ected to diepote of their question, and that a!one. Tfcey devoted long days and early whole nights to a patient investi gate n of the voluminoue testimony presented and to carefully weighing the arguments ad duced. and reported in favor of allowing the two rival sections to be represented pro rata with their relative strength as manifested in their average vote at each succeeding election* in the three previous years; and also that the Soft organisation is the regular Democratic organisation cf tbe Empire state. The Softs, however, manifested, so generous a spirit that the majority of tbe Convention determined to tax their devotion to the eause to the extent of demanding that they should mest the minor ity on equal terms in the body; and to that determination they added instructions that a single State convention should be called. On the assembling of the two State commit tees recently at Albany, to tbe astonishment of the Democracy of the whole Union after what transpired at Cincinnati, the Hard com mittee refuse to join in that call, alleging that they have no authority to do so from thoir constituents. They make this refusal on so flimsy a pretext, with the full knowledge that they are thus endangering the success of the Democratic national ticket in New York. They have fead ample time to obtain such au thority, if th?t were indeed necessary; and the fact that not having essayed thus to do what they now Bay wu nccessary to enable them to comply with the obligation under which their delegation was admitted at Cincin nati, is prima facie evidence that their plea is a mere subterfuge to enable them to perpetuate the division in the party of the State. There san be but a single purpose on the part of those who are controlling their mad councils?vis : thus to obtain more influence under the in joining national administration than may be legitimately due to their aggregate vote when sompared with that of their rivals, whose con iuct is challenging the approbation and ad miration of all sincere supporters of the Cir. :innati nominations at this point. They (the Bard committee) feel that they are largely n the minority of the party, and think that >hey may continue to conceal that fact by maintaining their separate organisation, rhey (the Hard State committee) are fool shly childish in essaying such a game at such i time. Mr. Buchanan is a man of experience ind good sense, and cannot fail to deal with ill wings of the party with strict justice; as, ipon the sternness with which he carries out hat policy, depends in a great measure the 'act whether his administration will command he support of the great body of the Democ acy, without which which it must be power ess for any good whatever We believe that he mass of the Hards of New York are as inxious as are the Softs to carry out the set lement of their inter-party difficulties decreed it Cincinnati, and that they will promptly -epudiate the apparently sinister and certain y suicidal actnn of their representatives re ently assembler at Albany, which cannot be ustained by thjm except at the cost of an intire loss of confidence in them by the whole f the Democracy of every other State of the Jnion. ? The Progress of the Fine Arts in this Country.?We were wonder stricken a few lays since on entering the studio of a gentle nan of wealth and high standing in this com nunity, who in his day was one of its most loted business men, to find that he has not >a!y been devoting his late years of compara ive leisure to the production of model* of the iculptor, for which wo did not dream he was mdowed with taste, but that ho proves to bi >ne of the very first artists known, so far, to >ur country's history. He has devoted somo iwenty years to such pursuits, for his own imusement; keeping his secret from all but ais immediate friends, who seem to have con i pi red to aid him in concealing all knowledge )f his proficiency as an artist from the world. We found in his studio tbe busts of many per lons whom we know, all of them striking like nesses. Among them is a bust of John Quincy ^.dams, as he appeared shortly before his ieath. It is by far the finest work of art ind the most faithful likeness that we ever (aw in a lust of that distinguished man, md we have seen every noted bust of Mr. Adams in the country, we believe. Among the gems in the studio of this gentleman s a figure of a child eighteen months old, in eighth larger than life ; the subject be ng a grand child of the artist. We cannot lescribe the perfection of the conception and execution of this life-like work, which, in its ivery line, speaks to the heart, as it were. The little fellow is represented seated on the floor (pedestal) stretching out one arm and ?esting on. or rather balancing himself by aid )f the other. This gentleman has uncom pleted in his studio a colossal hor^e, upon irhich he has been three years engaged. The rork, completed, is to represent a nude In who having mounted a wild horse has lashed UpOT1 him up to the edge of a precipice >r chasm, where animal suddenly and riolently checks his speed starts back ; itanding with one leg uplifted and the others traced so as to prevent him from being presi )itated into tho yawning abyss below. We lo not believe that thore exists elsewhere, in iny country, so fine a colos-al model of the 'ull-blooded horse. Being an adept in horse lesh ourself to a certain extent, we pro ess to know and to be able to appreciate he points of a magnificent animal; and there 'ore speak from the book in criticising the ine judgement of the artist in bis concep ion of his task, and tbe great artistic skill with which the design in all its points is >eing carried out. This work is an immense task of itself, and must require some years :or its entire completion. When completed, Jo grand and affective is the design, and so irtistic is the manner in which it is being cx scuted, as that it can hardly fail to become i world-wide wonder. We might dwell upon be treasures of the studio of this hitherto :oncealed American artist for hours, with un signed delight, if.our space at command in he Star would permit us so to do. The P/esident's Position, and that of his friends ?Col. John H. George, of New Hamp* hire, one of the most eloqtffent and gifted ihampions of the democratic faith in New England, recently stated in a speech at Na hoa, New Hampshire, that " none will fol ow tbe standard of Mr. Buchanan more :losely or give him more hearty and enthusi utic support than the friends of Gen. Pierce, lowever strong their personal preferences may lave-been before the convention [Knthusias -hi applause ] By so doing they will not only lo their duty to their candidate and their jarty, but gratify most fully tbe desire of ien Pierce On his return from Cincinnati he saw the President at Washington. Say to my friends at heme, said he, that the highest tribute of respect they can pay to me will be to roll up a majority of thousands for Mr. Buchanan. |Cheers and cries of ' we will do it "J Affairs in New Mexioo ?A correspondent st Santa Fe, New Mexico, writes us on the 2d uf June as follows: W ? are on the eve of a war with the Navajo Indians. General Garland intends to take the field against them in person at the head of as strong a force as be can make by drafts upon tbe various posts within bis military depart ment. The court martial for tbe trial of Major Geo A. H Blake, of the U. S. dragoons, resumes its sesaion to day, having adjourned to this period in order to procure tbe important tes timony of Judge P U. Brocchus. Tbe Judge arrived at Fort Union, in bis judicial district, on the ltftb ult., and is now in this city, having been most kindly greeted on bis return to tbe Territory by the citisens of Santa Fe. The charges against Major Blake are numerous and serious, and relate to a mutiny of the troops belonging to bis regiment at Fernandet de Taos last spring He i? charged, among other things, with having aided and abetted in bringing the mutiny about. Ail the officers of the Territory are now at their posts, excepting Mr. Davis, the Secre tary, who is on a visit to tbe States. Our esteemed fellow oitisen, James L. Col lias, Ktq.t editor of the Santa Fe Uaiette. leaves with the mail ol this mouth for Wash too. Tbe citisens of this place called upon bins in a body last evening to take leave of him?to wish him a safe journe^ and a speedy return to a community by which he is so highly esteemed, and to whom his services as a bold and faithful editor are of the most vital importance. Let the influence of your spirited, able, and widely circulated paper be felt at the metrop olis of the nation on behalf of our remote and neglected New Mexico. If the country wishes to see the vast resources of this portion of our domain rapidlv and brilliantly developed, a liberal fostering policy must be pursued towards us. All honor to our gallant and pa triotic Secretary of War, Col Jeff Davis, for the vigorous manner in whieh he has directed the strength of the Department over which he {resides with such eminent ability against the ndian? of this Territory Under such an ad ministration as his the Indians will soon retire from our valleys and fields, and leave the plowman and the shepherd to reap the rich fruits of their honest industry. If the whole government would do as true and effective a part by us as the Secretary of War and the gallant officers under him have done, we should soon cease to suffer or complain, and New Mexico would become as bright in her prosperity as she is in her diamond stars and cloudless skies. Amioo dkl Pais. The Texas Debt Error.?It may be inferred from an article in our issue of Saturday in relation to the settlement of the Texas debt* that the error (which amounts to but a few hundred dollars,) was entirely attributable to the Comptroller of Texas. We did not intend to be so understood. The action of the Comp troller of Texas in connection with the set tlement of the debt, is, as we now understand it, simply to certify to the genuineness of the securities filed ; the further adjustment of the :laim is not under his control. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday the 28th of June, ;here were of Treasury warrants entered on ;he books of the Department? For redemption of Texa" debt. .. For the redemption of Stocks..., For the Treasury Department... For the Interior Department For Customs ...? War warrants received and en tered War repay warrants received and entered-.... From Lands From Customs [)n account of the Navy CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the House, Siturday, after we went to press, the speech of Mr Stopbens against the id mission of Kansas with the Topeka-madc State constitution, was replied to by Mr. Campbell, of Ohio. Mr. Evans next argued against the passage of the bill to that end reported from the Ter ritories Committee by Mr. Grow. Mr Dunn moved to amend the pending amendment (substitute) of Mr. Stephens to that bill by adding thereto a section restoring the Missouri compromise. Mr Grow here moved the previous question. And then, after the failure of a few motions to delay action on the demand of Mr. G , it was seconded by the House ; after which the; adjourned. PreceediBg* ef To-Day. In the Senate, to-day, the bill to accord to the State of California 8,000 stand of Govern mcnt arms was passed. Mr Douglas reported back from the Com mi'.tee on Territories his bill to admit Kansas as a State into the Union, accompanied by a report in writing; which, with the bill, was ordered to be printed. The printed substitute of Mr. Toombs for the bill mentioned above was being read for information as the Star went to press. In the Honse, Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, moved to take up the joint resolution fiom the Senate fixing the 28th of July, proximo, fir the day on which the session of Congress shall terminate Mr. Matteson and many others objected ; leave was not granted to Mr J. to make that motion Mr. McMullin moved to reconsider the vote by which the House had, on Saturday, ordered the main question to the bill to admit Kansas as a State on the Topeka-made constitution and on the amendments pending thereto, and previously, on the pending motion cf Mr. Dunn for their commitment yx; Giddings moved to lay the motion to reconsider ou tbe table; agreed to?yeas 98, nays S9 Mr Grow then delivered the closing speech on the bill above mentioned, arguing in favor of its immediate enactment. New Publications From Joe Shiliington we have Blackwood's Magazine for June, an excellent number The article entitled " Speculatiuns on the Future? Our Alliances," will be found of special in terest at this juncture to American readers. From J. Shiliington we have also '-Putnam" for July, the literary department of which is' as usual, of a high order ; otherwise it is dis figured by a rabid political article, hardly dignified enough for the columns of tbe most virulent partizan sheet. From Shiliington we have received also Frank Leslie's Gazette of Fashions, which, from a hasty examination, strikes us as a su perior number. PERSONAL ....John Brougham is about to open the Bowery Theatre New York. ....Laura Keene and Mr. Burton have compromised their resp^ptive rights and pro jects in regard to the Metropolitan Theatre. .... A. G. l'enniman, C J Orem. Wa. S Hopkins, and J G Gurlett, of Baltimore, and E T Blake, of Washington, were in Paris previous to the llthiust. .... The commencement exercises of the University of Virginia closed on Thursday. 0 P Baldwin, of Richmond, addressed the three literary societies, and Rev. J. U. Brooks, the Society of the Alumni. .... The Huntsvilln (Texas) Item states that General lionston has recovered from bis lato attack of cat.irrb, and is now able to stir about and see his friends H? will return to Wash ington shortly. The General's attack was very serious, and at one time his friends were alarmed on account of his danger. Speculation in the Fak West ? A corres Kndent ol the Northern Advocate, writing >in St Paul Minnesota, May 30, says : " A gentleman from Massachusetts, a capi talist, last month, offered S140 900 for a ''wa ter privilege" at St. Anthony's Falls, for manufacturing purposes, which would have baei of incalculable advantage to that local ity and country, and which wad thought by the more rational of the citiiens to have been all the privilege was worth, and even more? and yet his offer wag spurned with a vim, and colly remarked 4ithat privilege must bring him a quarter of a million or no sale " In village property there will be a cra*b, and let those that will, stand from under lest they find themselves buried beneath its ruins Scores are returning to tbe East without mak ing investments for business purposes, who, but for tbe sharkish speculations of the West, would have increased her business facilities, in many towns fifty per cent, within the short spaoe of two years '' The Frog Market.?We presume a majori ty of our citiiens are unaware of the fact that quite a lively frog business is being transacted in our city. Such, however, is the case, and a man is constantly engaged in buying up this delectable delicacy for the New York market where it commands a high price We are in formed that the consumption of thia article is not alone confined to tbe Johnny Crapraua, but it is also indulged in to a considerable ex tent by Americans. We also learn that sev eral of our leading restaurants serve up froga to a portion of their customers.?Albany Ar gut. $43 215 38 4.756 26 2.890 09 5,000 91 16.459 70 12,647 60 2,647 60 571,401 69 36,501 85 79,547 00 POLITICAL ITEMS. A Democratic exchange says the "names ef six of the Presidents of tne United State* end ed in N?nearly half?and the next N will unquestionably be BuchannN." One of the Know Nothing electors of Ken tacky? Col. Thames L Jones, of the Tenth District?is eboat to resign his position, end take the stamp for Bucnaaan end Bteekin ridge. Col Jemes was a delegate to the Know Nothing National Council which recently met in New York city. The Old Line Whigs of the Ashland district of Kentucky have presented to Hon. J. C Breckinridge e handsome pair of boreea '-a? an evidence of their pride in their fellow citi sen, though of opposite politics, and as a pledge of their confidence in toe coming administra tion, of which he will be a prominent member. The St. Louis Republican says that Benton has no idee of being elected Governor of Mis souri, but that he nopes to get votes enough to defeat Polk, the nnti Beaton oendidate, and give the electioo to Mr. Ewing, the Know Nothing. Io that event he will go before the next Legislature and ask at the hands of the Americans au election to the Senate of the United States. We see by our exjhange papers that in Vir ginia the candidates nominated for electors on the Fillmore licket are declining to run since Mr. Buchanan has been nominated S S. Weisiger, of Amelia; J H Gilmer, of Rich mond; K B Davis, of Lousia; W W Cros by. of Goochland, and G W Boiling, of Pe tersburg, decline to act as Presidential elec tors In Mississippi, Amos R. Johnston, Esq , one of the candidates for elector on that tick et for the State at large, has also declined. The Democrats are making heavy calculn tions on Kentucky. The Louisville Democrat speaking of Breckinridge, remarks : Without his nomination we should have carried the State by a small majority say from four to five thousand With his name upon the tick et we shall probably increase the majority lightly?perhaps to twelve or fifteen thous and. The speech of Hon. Anson Barlingame, lelivered in the House ?>f Representatives at Washington, on the 2lst inst , in de.enee ?f Massachusetts Republican partyi.-m, ?md tgainst the South, is to be printed and spread >vrr the old Bay State as an electioneering iocument. _ Later from Liberia ?By the bark Mendi Miller wo have advices from Monrovia to the 13th of May. The emigrants who went out last fall are generally doing well A letter in the Liberia Herald, dated Green rille, Sinoe, April 1, states that nothing had ?ccurred with the Sinoe tribe of importance huugh s)mo signs of hostility are still appar

ent The outposts of the Republic of Liberia ceia to be prospering and extending The Mendi mission house there had been tiled down, and the mission converted into to out station. A Slight Mistake.?The Louisville Jour lal has the following nonchalant paragraph : ' We learn that a shooting affair came off at [jake Providence, about a week ago A man iamed Jones shot a man named Patterson, uistaking him for one Pennington. Patter son, after being shot twice, one of the ba'ls odging in his breast, drew a pistol and was ibout shooting Jones, when the latter begged lis pardon, saying he had mistaken his man Patterson generously accepted the apolcgy. His wounds are not mortal " Singular Death.?A young naval officer >f Dantzic, lately died under the following itrange circumstances. He was attending x large party at Oltwa, when a boy brought a frog into the room. The young man took it, looked at it a moment, and handed it back Ele soon after lifted the hand to his lip on which there happened to be a small pimple or sxcoriation. The lip immediately began to nflamo and caused him sq much pain that he was obliged to return home. His whole lip was cut away but the infiamation could not be stopped, and he died two days afterwards in unspeakable agony. jNOTICB ?ALL CITIZENS OF 1L linois now re ldiny In tbls ei'y, who re favorable to the election of Buchanan ard Breck I- ridge are earnestly requited to meet at tVe 11M io's emo ratlc Club Room, No 273 F treet, rn THURSDAY, 3d day of J ulv next, ^t 7 o'clock p.m ; is bqslneis will be brought to the at ertion >f the Club/ (Union) je 30-3t? .ATTENTION, JOURNEYMEN CONFEC HONLKS- All Journeyman Do fectloners fivorable to the formation of an As sociation for their n.utul bencHt, ire req ested :o attend a meeting for tfe*t purp -se at Tempe rance Hall on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, July 2d, it8 o'clock. je30-3'. ? JOS. SHAFF1ELD. Pr?s. .GEORGETOWN COLLEGE?THF usual defence of Theses In Intellectual jnd Moral Philosophy and the dell?e y of Lec :u es on Philosophical subjects, by tpe s-nior iUss of the rollege, will take place on TUES DAY, the 1 t, and THURSDAY the 2d of July, it 5 o'clock p. m. The public are respectfully in lted to attend. j?2S-2t B. A. McGUlRF., President. .TAX PAYERS TAKE NOTICE -A discomt of 6 percent, will be allowfd on the tax of 1*56, If paid on or before June 30th, 1356 C. F. SH EKF.i L, Collector. Georgetown, D. C., June S7-3t* .NOTICE?THE SUBSCRIBER bejfs lt-ave to call the attention of t e public to his stock of GL.ASS and HUKEN^WARK !>efore purcUalng elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from 15 to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner Sets 1? wer th-?n the lowest at J09 Pa. avenue, between 9th ar.d 10th ?treels. je 9-6in JOHN McDEVlTT. ^TELEGRAPH NOTICK-A SPE - cl 1 meeting ot the Stockholders of the Magnetic Telegraph ? ompanv Is called greeahly to the requirements of the charter to be he'd at the office of the Company, in tbe city of I'hllsdel ph:o, on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, the st of | July, at 4 >'clock, to consider and decide some questions of Importance, when and where It Is hoped all the stock will be represented In person or oy proxy. By order of the President: Jeg?,26&30 JOS SAILER, gee. P)R SALE?A LADY'S FINE DAPPLE bay M ARE, well broke Soldonly( because of the owner's going abroad Ap ply at BIRCH'S Stable, 14th st. je 30^51*" FOR. SALE ?AN EXCEI lent RiniNG PONEY, for a boy or young lady, or _ will be exchanged for;; good buggy horse, V it PUM PHREV S Livery Stable, corner of fith and C streets. je 3<'-3t* Lost betwken dexter'S hotel and Fourteenth street, an EYEGLASS, upon which was Inscribed the name of the owner A liberal reward will be given if the same will be left et Gait Sc. Bro.'s Jewelry Establishment je 3"-3t* LO*T?ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, BE tweea the M E Church on Dumbarton street and Gay stre't, a pair of WOLD SPECTACLES. A reward w 11 be glv. n if required, by returning th"m to 113 Gay street, Georgetown. je i0-3t (?>rgan j A {* REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY wd night, the 21st of June, lb56, a NOTE OF HAND against Dr Wllilam B Magruder, pay able to tbe order c;f Edward Wllburn, bearing date April 28th, 1851 The aald note has a receipt for forty dollars payed the 31s' of May. 1858, on theback. J J WILBURN, Je 3o-3t? Administratrix. TO PERSONS ABOUT LEAVING THE CITY ? If you wish Brushes und Combs of any kind or quality. Soaps, Perfumery, Fans, Paper, Porte Monmles, Jtc , call at our store, as we are determined to sell these Goods at unpre cedented low rates. 306, bet #th and 10th sta j3 3J JOHN F. ELLIS. WHAT WOULD BEAN APPROPRIATE present to take or send home to your wives and daughters ? Four, Ave, or a dozen pieces of I new and fashionable music, selected from the lo lus received at the great Klano Forte and Music Establishment of JOHN F ELLIS, je 30 306 Pe. av., bet flth and 10th sts. RE?T INDUCEMENTS T?? LAY IN Winter supplies of COAL will be offered frr the iext wee* by the subsc.lber, who has now in yard 750 tons of the best kinds of Coal, and of ail sizes - F L. MOORE, Je 3c'-eo3t West side ?th st , bet D. end E. GERARD, THE LION KILLER Rachel ?nd the New World Tangletown Letters Camp Fires of the Red Men, at FERGUSON'S, Je 30- next to Lammond, 486 7th street. G MY LORD, THE Dl'ILC OF BUCKING. ham Is taken Hand him a copy of Mrs. Stephens' new Magazine, and say there are more left. Also, other new publications, at FERGUSON'S, j# 30 next to I .ammond, 48a 7th street 0 A LOT OP OOOD BCBOOL DESKS AND seats for sale very cheap. Also a ine toned aix-octave Piano. Iiqili* at this ottce je 30 3t* . SPECIAL. MOTI^I ??ALL PERSONS having accounts with ua are respectfully in form* d 'hat thfy are now ready asd will be de liver* d In the course of thi? week Prompt pay ment of the same is earMstlv reauest'd. SIB LEY A ?UY, Pa av*nne. betw 10th and 11th sts. je 30-3t (Organ) BAH CLAY'S NEW DICTIONARY* con taining an epitome of History. Biography, and -he useful Scle eea FERGUSON, ?e 30- next to Laromond 4P6 7th at. TEN DOLLARS HEWARD.-! will pay he nbere reward to ary one who will fl\_ deliver Into my bands a dark bay Horse, /g>y with white hind leg", and a small white ?t*r in forehead ; also a lone switch tall He Is a low. heavy-built horse, in good order. He strayed from the owner on Friday evening, at 5* o'clk. DENIS LOONEV. It# G at., betw. N ? J?av AN Capftol at. JOHN HALIFAX, 6INTLIWAN.-BY the author of The Head of the Family, Oljve, Ac , 50 i ents Western Africa; its history condition and pros pects; bv Rev J Leigh ton Wilson, with numer ous njgravlngs, ai ?5 Clara, or Slave Life In Europe, with a preface, by Alison, #1 Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Je 30-tr Bookstoi*. n* ai 9*h atreet INSTRUCTION IN ?R\WIN? * PAINT ISC. MR. WILLIAM McLEOD, LANDSCAPh Pa'nfer, respectfu ly Informs the cltlrens of Washington and the adjacent csmmunltUs that he proposes to open ciasse- f? r instruction In Drawing and Palnllng. In a few d lys he will be able to state where a d when his tla- ses wi 1 be opened Schooia attended and private lessons SI yen at his class room or the residence of pupils urtber particulars known by ei qniry at the bookstores of Franck Taylor and Tav or A Mau ry. Je 30-eo3t The iisdarsioncd respectful ly informs his friet.ds and the pub ic pener ally tha'he has sold to William H Maack the yood will, machinery, bottle?, fixtures, Ac , belonging to his Mineral Wa'e' Farto-y JOHN McKEON. Having purchasf.d the above,thk undersigned, in connection with 1 is present facilities, will be able to supp.y tbe public at all times with the best POR I'ER, ALE, CID^'H and MINER AL WATER Inap restate Thank ful for the liberal patronage bestowed upon hin. for ih9 last *lx years, he hopes, by a str ct atter. Hon to his business and with his enlarged estab lishment, to m-tlt a continuance of the same. WILLIAM N. H. MAACK. Je30-2aw7t? Corner 4 X and N au . Is and. Tid|W<llIE CHIEF?By Captain May tie The 9calp Hunters, by Capt Mayn* Feid. Every Lady her own Shoemaker,or a > om let* self-instructor in the art of making Gal era and Shoe*; prlce50cent . Immigration, its evils and consequences, by ?'amuel C Busey, M D. Comic Miseries of Life lllus r*Ud The Struggle for Life, or Claude and the Skel 'ton Horseman John Halifax, Gentleman, by the aut ior of Olive Clara, or Slave Life In Europe; a novel. Western Africa; Its history, condition and prospects; by Rev. Leigh ton W ll?on. Je 30-tr FRANCK TAYLOR. E X C U R S I OlT rHE CORSUCH CHAPEL M. E SABBATH SCHOOL have chartered the Steamer . GKOROE WASHINGTON, for an EXCURSION DOWN THE POTOMAC, Om W EDS t SUA V, July 2d. Tte Boat will leave the Eleventh atreet wharf it 8 o'clock, go down the river as far as the White House and Craney Island, tben retnrn to Fo-t Washington, where the aay will b? spent In the isual pi nlc way. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-Chlldren lalf-price. j 30 2t# STILL SELLINH OFF iUR ENTIRE STOCK OF FANCY DRESS GOODS.?We have marked down stll! lower ill Fancy Dress Silks Plain Beregrs, Figured -Ilk Tissues and Bereges, Fiench Lawns, Chlnt tes. and Figured Brilliants. >0 pieces more of those rich Plaid Olnghams ;.t 16 cents, worth 25 MK) yards extra good Printed Lawns at 12)f cents, all fast colors In fact, we shah sell oil' every artie'e In fhnry styles in Spring at d Summer Goods at extreme'y low prl^s for caan, In order to close them out this season. We have remaining about 50 Silk and I.?ce Mantillas, which we desire ta ?ell. and w 11 i tier :bem at co t; black Lace Scarfs and Lace Points, it reduced i rices Also. In store A full stock of Staple Goods, li lupe tine Shrtlng Corona and Line a Sneetings. Bgured and striped Shirting Llr ens; ion A.len lale Counterpaines, Toweling, Table Diaper* i d Napkins, wltn many desirable ar idea fo fhe present season, all of tbe best clasa and will be so d at the lowest market prices for cash, or t pr. mpt paying customers All articles warranted ro prove as represented and goods cut off cannot be taken back ( OLLEY A SEARS, Je 30-eo2w 523 7th st , 3 doors above Pa. av DEMOCRATS, R A lTy^ Fourth of Ju y Celebration A T BLADENSB LRU. The democracy of the district and of Prince George's county, Md . will assemble at Biad^nsburg on FRIDAY, j ulv 4th. 1056. 7 ' The Gea'g-town ??emocratlc Assrciatijn, Buc hanan a: d Breckinridge Club, tog- ther with th? *ever?l State and locnl clubs of this and the ad jareat ci^es and counties of Maryland and al. friends of Bucha an and Breckinridge, are cor dially invited to attend Hon A. E. Max will, of Florida, will deliver *n oration on the life and chera^ ter of t*ener>-l Andrew Jackson, aft r which the me ting will be rdd eased by eminent demr jrats from every State ,n th?- I'nion A procession will orm at Democratic He?d quarters, south side of Pennsv vinla avenue, near i e corner of lGti street, on Fri?lay, at 8 o' lock a m , with banners, music, Ac , Ac., and pro ceed to t?~e rai roid depot A special train will leave the d?pot at 9 o'clock a m , returning to Washington at 7X o'clock, p. m Round trip tickets will be issued by the azent at the decot. A collation will be prepared fora large number THOMAS J GALT, Je 20 -3t Marshal in Chief GRAND CIVIC & MILITARY RXCUKSI05 OF THI WASHINGTON 7AG-ERS, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On MONDAY July 7th, 1S56. THK UNDERPINNED COMMlTTr E OF Arr??gementa in making the _ H aboye aruouncemer.t begle^ve. In behalf of the ' omnany, to return 'heir sincere thanks to their frlenos for the p-itronage exten 'ed to tbem on <ormer occasions, and can o* ly promise I.) do all tbat can be done to merit the continuance of the same. The steamer George Washington, commanded by the we11 known Capt Corson, will leave her wharf at 8 a m and 2 p m , ar.d leave the Pa vilion at 6 and 9 p m L W Weber's Brass and Cotillon Band Is en paged, and he services of an experienced caterer secured Tickets, admitting a pentleman and two ladles, ONE DOLLAR Committee of Arrangements. Lieut M Hopp, J Angermann, Ord Sergt M Kuppel, H. Busher, Saret. W Schmail, A. K. L. Keeje, Cerp'l J. Wahl, G. H. Lorch. Je30-6t "THE WARRfN NPRINUS,' ONE MILE FROM BUCKTON STATION, on the Manusas Ra'lroad, will be - - opened for the reception of vhitors on the 1st July. Four Horse coaches mill run dally between the Station and the Springs on the anival ard departure of the Cars Passengers leaving Baltimore by the morning train arrive at the Springs at 12 m. and those re turning leach Alexandria, or Washington to dinner These Waters have been long known ard ap preciated in the vicinity. An analysis of tne principal Sulphur Springa, by Dr Stewart, of Baltimore demonstrates its high medical and "Urative properties < ther varieties of mineral water are foucd In close proximity 10 the Sulphur: and wnen ihe analysis of ttese shall have been completed by the same eminent chemist, the whole will be giveu to t*;e public This property having but recently passed into the poRHesfrion of an incorporated company, lire has been wanting to ccmplete u-e Improvements projected. A commodious build ng haa been erected, however, and Bath houses. Billiard R 00m and Ten Pin Alley are In course of con atructlon, and wil shor ly be completed Tbe Springa are ?1 uated In the immediate vicinity of the Fort and Ma anut'ln Mountalna ' view from the prln i^tl h?itiding it ^rery +x ten? lve and exceedingly vrand and be^nM al; tbe prospect belne > ounded by tie Blue R Idge on the one aide, and by their eater and lass North Moun tain on the other TERMS?S10 for llr?t week ; 96 for2rd week: ?7 for 3d wsek, and ?30 for a montn of 28 dava. Je30-wl?w T 8. HALL, President AMUSEMENTS. RATIONAL T f? K % T K Monday Bvinna. jcnb so. i??6, Will be prwwHed 11 >rn tlmmrW Xk?i ? tmnal aaiiric i Sketch. rMlU?4 BORDER RUFFIANS; FOR FHKil>VD1. Jugglewesft,? FreedomShrleker...T H* nil on Uncle Abram. 1 J K Search. ?*? kansas " K Jo?>e?on, iS'bwter, iDwkl" | EJSVJii, Hiss Bruno, , T. L Floyd Previous to which en ETHIOPIAN" SOIREE BY Kankel's Original OPERA TROUPE! Jet7 FOR MOUNT VIKHOH ON TIIK rol'?VH OF J I I.Y. THE*TfcAMER GEORGL WASHINGTON will Inw Wasblrg'on at W x o'clock a m , and Alexandria at W# (he paungfr* * 111 spend thrrr bv^rwaiNTiTnt Vernon on that cay wiilch wUl make it a p;ea%. ant place to spend the day Pare round trlpfl. Coaches will connectwl ^ the boat JOB CORSON. jetT-4t Cspiala. THE STEAMER OEOK..F WAknt..?. TON wllldepartat the follow ing hours r n Leeve Alexandria 7*. ?, 11. iRlsk" Leave V\ a?hlngtcn...P. i?. 4k ?w J?B ti,RsV,"* 0CHANOE OF MOl'HI, N AND AFTER MONDAY. THE tk*h of June, the Steamer GEOKGE ^rr-* r AGE will run at the following hour*; L r.^cT^AkeMfldrU at **'8',0'lf' **'4*' rttok? Wi,b1n*tcn?' 9 ?> ?X,3*,5*, and r J* ' ELLIS L. PRICK, Captale P?t^'?ale~Ta soi)a water appaha us' complete and In good crd-r Am.1v ?eara'mi *? a^befwi1: M Md 3d streets jeJT-lt* I ! % 1 "TOR'S AI/'OHOL COOK IS A first rate article for f. -illle" or bachelor# k< r LAMMONDS je z. -? Seventh street. [JRATIFT THE CHILIISkF|;y selecting their Toys anil Fancy Notionsfrom Le large collection at LAM MOND'S j***7-'* Seventh street SLEEVE BUTTON *? AND ST' OS /E OPKN TO-DAY A LARGE Af?ORT "f? ?f Plaln Kold and fsncy Sleeve But ons and Studs, to Wi,ich we invite atten ion i-o-, ??? ? M W GALT A BRO.", je 27 3-24 Pe* n. av . bet 9th and 10th ?tre? ta. &.1GLIIII AND AMERICAN TAltLfc. CUTLKRV, PLATE D W AKE, Ac |1 ST RECEIVED AN INVOICE OK VERY I buperior EnglishaiidAmerican TableCu'im Llarata Tea Sets, Cake Baskets Castors. Butter Makea, Albata Fork-, SiKnns, I..dies. Ac Thesbove are all of Superior quality. and of. eredlow. M \V. GALT A BRO., Jewellers, No 324 Pennsylvania avenue J< '*7- between 9.6 and lO.b streets OMIIBl'^ES FOR PIC NIC PAH.THs rHE PUBLIC ARK RESPECTFULLY Informed that I am prepared A~7~iX-'~ 0 furnish large and ccmfbr aci?4#PfA-','^' i* >MMBU!*li8 wiih md hrrm md careful drivers, for Pic Nic Parties Arrar. e. nen scan be made with Mr. Rost G 1 Hails Cigar Store, neit to Adams,' Lirress Jfire, or Mr Thos Thomas, at the West CaU ol Gate rne undersigned'? coaches are new and in fine OLdition. telng equal to anv in tbe Uni ed 'tates His charges are extremely mr<l- itf. a/d lis teams two, four, and six horses, are ur.surpi-?d ijiy where He<: an f .irnlsh any number of oacbes hat may be required. J*? B UGH LATHAM SREKN GINGER FOR PR KSEh \ I ><? and pickling, and Cel-ry and Whit- aid Irown and Black Mustard Seeds, for sale by M ^ JW H SH-? KLLL. Je 2*-3t 2Tt? F street, corner I3:h. CDWIN GREEN'S CABIN FT WARE !5k ROOMS, occupying the whole of * ^tbe large four s ory bu'ldlrg oi? Pennsylvania avenue, No loo be ' 1 1 twun 17th and 1? h stret-j "^"tme-tofCAB.NET ? URNlTURE, chairs, and MATTKKSS#-j? on* an<' "buck, at the 1< west pricr-i STKR,N6 ,nd REPAIRING and > ARN ISHING promptly ailended to. A good stock of Mahogany suitable for build ?rs always on hand The fne store. 20 feet by 75feet deep, a?join5nC nd under his ware.ooms. will be rented low to a ;ood tenant ^27-3t n*REAM?A CONFECTIONER. HOTEL ^ keeper, or other persons can be supplied srita rom six to e'ght gallona of pure fresh CR F.AM ?erwrek. sent rtally or thrice a week froit a la'ry and garden fa'm near VN esbington Citv bv ddresstn^a note to Box No 6 ^tarOfflc so tL*i u t u may call and make arrar.2em pis or its delivery j> 4ff!CiAL NOTICE.?A' L PE RSONS in 1*. dehted to us on open accounts or other* <?? je r?specif.iLy informed that their amounts zre nadeoff and will "oe rendered to 1st Jo'v \Ve do earnestly requ?st an ear.v settlement. 1 t is all important to us tb*t ojr Books should i-e ,ry\ , ? 'whodn rot wish th ir bills s-nt in il- oblige us by calling for lb in duri v tL'? COLLk.Y A SEAMS. 553 Seventh street, 3 doo-s ab ve je *7-8t averu:^ \"OTI? K._I ttoiLU Rr.SPtOTFULI \ notify my customers that ti;eir gesperttve ac :ounts are dr-iwn ofl' ?nd a?e r?-ady for del'very rhose who object to having them 'ende er will ?le se tall on or before the 1st July ard ?p.tir h-m either by cash, or with notes at skoit dates, ire mo t earnestly requested J W BARNFCI.O, je 27 3t J75 7th streK. 3 doors ab^ve I. POCRET kNIVfck, CHI * A bOuSS, Port Monnaies ahd Perfuir^rv closimr ?? ? at low atea JOHN F ELLIS, je 26-tf j4if, p4 avenue Boston and new yore piano*. Guitars, Violins, Flutes, Acc.ordeons, B.n os, ? Pegs H osin. Hows, Music, kz , tf he great musical establishment cf JOHN K. ELLIS. 306 Pa. av., between 9th acd l<Hk st? Pianos and Melodeons for rent. ie ft noR boitu n?the; f as r hailin r Clipper Schooner SEARSVILLF. .a* trrived and will have quick de*patc; f?r>'^. he above port. For Fre'gbtapi lv to HARTLEY A BROTHKR, je28 1 w Ageni? ?7<elR HOkTO N?THE FAST BAILING Schooner HAK1ETTA BUKK . ?'cp ain Nlckereon. h<is anlvtd ard will bav< ^ ^ulsk despatch for the abeve port For freight apply to HARTLEV A PRO . je 2&-1 w 101 Water st , Georset'n H IMPORTANT INFORMATION. AVING DETERMINED ON CHANGISC our business, we will, after the 1st p-ovi 1 "ffer our stock of Fancy Goods, Pitted U* W?tchts and Jewelry, at cost, ar.d In lots t. > puKhaser?, at wholesale or rcta 1 T. GAL1.IGAN A CO . Dealers In Fancy Gods. E'erfuirery. Ac . Je 25-ft 370 Pa av. undvr Browns' Hotfc jy O T I C E . ? Al L PERSONS HAVIN L v open accounts on our fceoks are rerper info'med that we shall at ?oce make an rd'* *r: mlnate distribution of the same to :fce;r re-p?r live owners Tbose persors who i refer noU1 b?ve their bilis sent to th- m will find item 'rT*' made off an<) for delivery at our desk ?'' ' ments arcordlcg to terms of sale, are resfettfu iy ask? d without delay je23-dtJulyl CLAGETT. DODSON NJOTICE.?A L L ?'ERONs"lNI>FBT^1! I v to the undAisigned are hereby inforiwd ielr respective accounts will be tradeeff brt teth lnstai t, and he confidently expects will call and tettle thr sairebv the l-t either by cash or with notes at *bf r: date?f WM R Rl^M. Corner of 6th street and opposite tf ' tJ'. je 24-fit *1Vfl - SPECIAL NOTICE?ALL having accounts with me ere resp^ca~^ K formed that they ere now ready. *?tl Pr0ltf dellv red In the course c-ff tbl> %+'? payment of the same is mnrh needed an earnestly equeated. CHAS H ^ teH-lw No 424 Pennsylvania CM?R SALE -A PORTABLE STKj'bnllf T GINK three hors? f^wer.)ocomoti~ ,, It has beru In use at this cRoe. and 11 j|*i -ale because It Is replaced with an enir i*r greater p?wer It will b* fo?rdex^v ^ vlceable, and will be sold low for cask^r JOHNSToR'ls FlllLOSOPHIf^ complete wnh Key, 'aid lo be the _ ever gotten up for acbools an.^ 20 next to Lanunond ?,