Newspaper of Evening Star, July 1, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 1, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. W A SHIWOIOI CIT T? TlESDAY July 1, IMS. 1X7" Advertisement* should be handed in by W o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear until the nex< day. To Political Clcbs.?Political clubs will And the arrangements of the Star offiee for printing their eirculars, addresses, arguments, pamphlets, Ac., as complete as those of any other printing offiee in the United States. They may rely apon having such work done at the Stmr office in a satisfactory manner as to style and prioe. and in the shortest possible time. Be sure to give us a oall before making arrangements elsewhere. None*.?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, sooieties, and all other associa tions are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertisements or notices of any description in the Star, payment must be made far them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been complied with. This rule must be imperative. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The Intelligencer is to-day wholly devoted to news. The Vnlon'comments on the efforts of the London Times to bring about the dismissal of Mr. Dallas, pronouncing its arguments ex ceedingly silly. The editor characterizes the attempt of the English journals and Mr. Crampton to give undue prominence to the part Herts and Strobel played in the affair on this side of the water a mere '?dodge," contending, at the same time, that Mr. Crampton's own letters convict him of all the charges alleged against him. WASHINGTON NEWS AND QPSSIP What a Pall!?Our earliest knowledgo of Col. Benton was when he was the trusted and admitted leader of the Democracy in Congress under Jackson's administration. From that day until the Texss question arose, he was universally regarded by the party as the in dividual who was certain to be placed in the Presidency by them next after Mr. Van Bu ren. At that time he was notoriously the moet vehement stickler for implicit obedience to tke action of party conventions?county district, State, and National?in Congress j making fierce war on all who dreamed of cer. eeiving it poMible that a Democratic party Con* vention could do any wrong. Even pereonal association with a Whig or an Abolitionist was an abomination in his eyee not to be forgiven He made a fautc pes upon the Texas question, and for his own future a greater one in his subsequent effort to enub and browbeat the party into the adoption of his mistake as their policy. Thus, he quarrelled with tho?e on whom be really had strong claims, who had stood shoulder to shoulder with him for nearly a quarter of a century His bitter taunts and sarcasms, carefully rehearsed, in advance of their utterance in public, instead of making them submissive to his will and views, only ex asperated them the more, and destroyed the ties binding them to him. He was found, while nominally supporting Mr Polk's election, and administration, really furnishing the Opposi tion most of its arguments against both. By the et.d of the Polk administration he ud the Democracy of tb? ?o?nt,7 aw feooomo as l itterly hostile to each other as it was possi ble for parties with different principles and totally diverse interests to be. Since then, at no time has he acknowledged the au thority of the party organisation; nor has he lost any opportunity to bring it into dis repute. His labor of love (hate ?) has been to convince the world that the blackest hearted villains and the greatest fools in existence are those men, one and all, whom the Democracy delight to honor. Hia M history of his own times'' was undertaken, and has been faith fully prosecuted, wholly to the end of render ing them, and all others to whom he attributes lot or part in the work of stripping him of the confidence and control of the great Democra tic party of the country, unpopular. Nothing in the shape of slander, derogatory to then.* though insuring for him the contempt and disapprobation of the country, has proved too low and too undignified to be resorted to by him; until his speeches, one and all, have be come mere vulgar falsehoods against sounder men than himself intellectually, politically, and morally. So universally is this fact now comprehended that ninety-nine in every hun dred men of all parties realise and admit there never was anything written, purporting to be history, more unreliable than the state ments of Colonel Benton concerning publie occurrences in which he participated. His last published speech (delivered in Missouri) illustrates eapitally, the depth to which he baa fallen from his former high post tion as a statesman. Embracing neither a single original argument nor a single patriotic entiment original or filched, it is made up of ? ulgar and dirty personalities and impudent virago-ish abuse of gentlemen from whom he iiffers, conceived and expressed as though he had studied as models, only tke never to be forgotten Mr Felix Grundy McConnell and Mrs. Anne Royal, whose styles he manages to combine so artistically as that he cannct fail to draw shouts from some portions of the mis cellaneous crowd usually attending the deliv ering of a stump speech in this country. Yet Anne Royal would have " done up" the vitu perstion of his effort better, while Felix Grun dy McConnel, would have "out" blackguarded even him, as great a proficient in that accom plishment as he has certainly become. Read ing his effort on that occasion is sufficient to tarn one who values dignity of character, re gard for truth and unselfishness in our publio men, sick at the stomach over the thought that one of his now so evident low natural tastes and brutal malignity of heart, eould, by the force of party drill and efforts to disguise his innate propensities, for so long a period as Col. Benton did, maintain himself in a distin guished public position in this community. Thunderstruck, by Go?h !-Never were gen tlemen more amazed than were the Repub licans of the House yesterday on finding themselves caught in their own trap. Their aim was to have rubbed the Topeka made con stitution of Kansas through, sans c~e,?ui* ; thrusting it down the throats aot only of its avowed opponent/, but of a dosen gentlemen who voted with them only under the foolish belief of its overwhelmning popularity in the North. They (the Republicans) admitted freely that its adoption by the abolitionists of the I -tory was an act of palpable revela tion against the Government of the United State?, and that it had not been voted for *>7 more than from three to five hundred citisens of the Territory ; and jet insisted that the House should impose it on the people of the Territory by way of strengthening the cause of the Republican party in the ap proaching national election. A day or two sicca, the New York Tribun$, whose organ and agent in the House this same Republican party is, avowed that such and such alone was the purpose for which the measure was being urged. Its (the bill's) main object is to put Reeder, fresh from his speculations in his pub lie trust, and Lane, as fresh from affairs re flectirg quite as little credit on him person ally, in the Senate of the United State?, and Robinson, the purchased California legislator and refugee, into a governor's chair, and to establish on the immediate border of the heavy slaveholding quarter of Missouri a grand harbor for runaway negroes ; and farther, to vindicate the right of Massachusetts in meet* iogs of her preachers, loafers, women, aid Sunday sohool children, to determine what shall be the institutions under which the peo ple of a far distant quarter of the Union shall live. Our summary, though brief, really em braces the points involved in this dashing effort of the Republican party of the House te cram this mad measure down the throat of Congress. Great credit is due to those Northern friends of Mr. Fillmore who evinced the courage to vote their sentiments against this measure. Our only regret is that more of them could not raise their independence to as high a point. They all know and feel that this scheme for forcing, by Congressional action, the Topeka-made constitution upon the peo ple of Kansas at the behest of a more hand ful of Abolitionists of the Territory, is in fla grant violation of every principle of our system and Government; that it is wrong in every point of view ; and that the best inter ests of the Territory and country impera titely require its defeat Believing, however, that the Senate would surely give it its quie. tus, they declined risking their own political future by running counter to abolition senti ment in their respective districts. The Settlement.?The action of the House yesterday, after we went to press, upon the Topeka-made constitution of Kansas, leads us to anticipate with much confidence that ere the session terminates, the bill not long since introduced into the Senate by Mr. Toombs?to authorise the people of Kansas to frame a State constitution for themselves, if they desire t) change their politioal status, and to secure them a free expression of their, sentiments upon the subject at the ballot box perfectly unmolested by persons not residents of the Ter ritory?will become a law. Such is the sub stance of this bill as reported back from the Territories Committee, accompanied by one of the most powerful arguments known to the history of the legislation of this govern ment, from the pen of Stephen A. Douglas. Had that gentleman's career as an Amerioan statesman resulted in nothing save thissinglo report, it wuuld immortalise his reputation as a publicist and statesman. The Senate will pass the bill as thus re ported tack, ere adjourning on Weduesday next; and as soon as it can be reached in the House, after due debate, it will be enacted there, also, despite the lashings and lucubra tions of Mr Greeley and his Tribun*, and the howlings over the action of yesterday upon theTopcka abolition soheme that will be set up throughout the North wherever they may be combined in the same immediate neighborhood, a cunning demagogue, a half crazy, over-righteous and really ignorant par ion, and an old maid whose restless spirit attends to the business of every body around her because she has no domestic establish ineht of her own to care for. We believe that at least a dosen of those who voted yes terday for this measure last referred to, would not have done so, if not very sure than the Senate would reject it; and that at least half of them, if not more, will gladly vote for the bill which the Senate will send to the House ere separating on Wednesday next; and that thus the vexed question of the session will be settled on the basis of justice, popular rights, common sense and integrity of purpose, which will insure the approbation of the people of the United States, (except that of the ultra Abolltionifets.) whenever it becomes thorough* ly c.mprchended; as it can^t fail to be in a very short time, popular attrition being now so universally directed to the subject. Monsieur Tonson come again, be gar! [coxvukioaYbd. Mr. Editor : There seems to be some diffi culty in ascertaining what Mr. Campbell said in his speech on the steps of the City Hall, on Saturday night, the 21st June, in reference to the Brooks and Sumner affair I was within thiee or four feet of Mr. C , and though he did not mention tbe names of either of those gentlemen, be said that which led me instantly to revert to that affair. He made use of words that could not possibly have alluded to any thing el?e ; and on this point was very violent and abusive. His abuse of the Administration Wud characteristic; he soemed to have gone into the place where was hid away from sight all the vulgarity of his language, and raked up the nastiest of tbe slime aud served it up on the occasion for the palates of his epicurean audience He put on high steam, and ranted and reared and bellowed liken young bull at the sight of something red. He actually got so low down as to accuse some little boys, who were rather disorderly, of being 44under pay" to make a disturbance there. While upon this subject I would correct one sentence of your notice of his speech?know ing, as I do, that rou have no desire to do any man injustice You said that he made a 4* violent and virulent Abolition speech " His speech was really the mo3t moderate and national, 1 suppose, that has escaped his lips since he took upon himself Abolition affinities. He said he was opposed to the spread of sla very, because he believed it to be an evil, but that he was willing to meet the extreme South at our oountry's tribunal and abide their decision; that he was for maintaining all our laws, and knew no higher law than the Constitution- Indeed, there was so muoh more of soundness in this speech than what he has had the character of uttering heretofore, that I really feared be was contemplating an at tempt to eoine into the Democracy and support Buchanan?being credibly informed, as 1 was, that he repudiated both Fremont and Fill* more. Lbx. The U.S. Steam Frigate Merrimac ?The newspapers are in error as to the result of the recent trial of the machinery of this noble vessel. According to the official reports of her, her boilers and engines give perfect satisfac tion in every respect, as well as all her other parts, except the journals of her propel ler shaft, which, having sunk aft about half an inch, have thrown the propeller off its proper centering, and thus occasion it to werk badly. This is one of tbe usual contingencies of a new ship, such as occur with many Ream ers on flnt going to work. The Mernmac will soon leave Key West for Boston, where thia ; slight defect will be remedied in perhaps twenty-four hours. At Key West there are no facilities for remedying it. The Strnggl* in the House ?This morn ing the Republicans seemed to hare won over Mr. Barclay, of Pa. The exposition of that gentleman'* course on the bill, made by Mr. Houston, of Ala., was an unmerciful affair very. When we left the House hall we did not entertain the impression that the Repub licans could carry the motion to reconsider. Their efforts (backed by sundry extraordi nary decisions of the Speaker) to get in the report of the Kansas Investigating Committee, looked as though those managing them were then hopeless of passing the (Topeka constitu tion) bill. The United States Steamer Fulton arrived at the Washington navy yard yesterday morn ing, in five and a half days from Key West, Florida?three and half days to tho capes of the Chesapeake; officers and crew all well. The following is a list of her officers, vf*: Lieut. Commanding?Richard L. Tilghman Lieutenants?Henry Wilson, John Irwin and A. W. Weaver Purser?Wm. G. Marcy. Passed Assistant Surgeon?D. B. Phillips. Engineers?First Assistant?G. F. Hebard ; Third Assistants?C lei and Lindsley, J. B. Kimball, Charles Shroeder and Alexander Greer. Contract Awarded ?The contract for the supply of stationery to the Department of the Interior and its various bureaux for the en suing fiscal year, ha* been again awarded to our enterprising fellow citiiens, Messrs. Tay lor <t Maury. The samples accompanying M osars. Taylor Jt Maury's bid, elicited uni versal admiration throughout the Department for their very superior qualities. Messrs. McSpeden A Baker, Roe A Co., and Bowne A Hasbrouck, of New York, and R. Farnham, of this city, were the unsuccessful bidders. Their samples were also beautiful and elicited much praise. A Peace Document.?The New Orleans Delta, in publishing the cotton document re cently prepared at the Statistical office of the State Department, in obedienco to a resolu tion of the Ilou?e, offered by Mr. Stephens, of Ga., says : "Altogether, this document is one of the strongest peaco arguments that could be produced. While revealing tho commercial strength and wealth, it exhibits also the mu tual dependence, of rival nations " The House, on Saturday, ordered the print ing of 10,000 extra copies of this document. Resigned.? Our friend, Joseph J." Brown, Esq , has juet proved that even the great Jef ferson did not always speak infallibly, or that things have changed since his day, for he has voluntarily resigned the fourth class clerk ship ($1,000) in the office of the Adjutant General, War Department. Mr. B. enters upon the moro congenial pursuits of business in private life, for which, from his industry and shrewdness, he is peculiarly fitted. New Consuls Acknowledged ?The Presi dent has acknowledged G. K Zirgler, as con sul of the Netherlands for tho States of Pennsylvania and Delaware, to reside in Philadelphia; and Cluus Vacke, as consul for the same government, for Marylaud and the District of Columbia, to reside at Balti more Americans Ruling America.?The reader ] is referred to our local columns for an account of the Louieville-ish conduct of a Know Nothing mob in this city under cover of the j darkness of last night, concerning which we have no room for comments to-day. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 30th of June, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt. .. $30 253 04 For the Treasury Department... 34,730 93 For the Interior Department.,.. ? 9,323 55 For Customs 2,828 30 War warrants received and en tered 693 93 War repay warrants received and entered 693 93 Interior repay warrants received andentered 7,074 71 From Customs . 3,184,401 07 From miscellaneous sources 125,047 24 On account of the Navy 2,518 52 CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the (vetoed) bill for the improvement of the navigation of the mouth of the Missis sippi was made the special order for Monday next, on motion of Mr. Cass. The annual Indian appropriation bill was then taken up, and after being amended in sundry particulars, was postponed until this morning. The following bills were then passed, vis : Bill to extend the charter of the President and Directors of the Fireman's Insurance Company of Washington and Georgetown. Joint resolution to enable the Secretary of State to pay to certain clerks in the Depart ment of State the same compensation which has been paid to clerks of the same grade in the other Executive departments Bill for the relief of Richard W Meade. The bill for the relief of John H Scranton and James M Hunt, owners of the steamer Major Tompkins, was taken up; but no quo rum being present, they adjourned. In the Home, tho question was put on Mr. Dunn's amendment (directing the restoration of the Missouri Compromise) to the proposition of Mr Stephen; to reccmiait the Topeka-made constitution of Kansas with instructions to re port back in lieu therefor the bill for tho ad mission of Kansas as a State into the Union, offered by himself, which was identical with the bill proposed in the Senate by Mr. Toombs; and the proposition of Mr. Stephens was agreed to?yeas 109, nays 102 The question then recurred on agreeing to the proposition of Mr. Stephens as just amended by the addition of that of Mr. Dunn. Mr Stephens asked leave to withdraw tho instructions forming a part of his proposition ; but objection being made, leave was not grant ted ; and then the question last above-stated, to commit, &o , being put, it was not agreed to?yeas 2, nayB 210 Mr Barclay moved to reconsider that vote. Mr Grow moved to lay the motion to re consider on the table. Mr. Joues, of Tenn., moved to lay the whole subject on the table ; not laid on the table? yeas 106, nays 107. Mr. Carlile moved to adjourn ; not agreed to. The bill was then read a third time, with* out a call for yeas aud nays. The question next arising on its passage, it was rejected?yeas 106, nays 107?as fol lows : Yeas?Messrs. Albright, Allison, Ball. Barbour, Bennett of New York, Bensan, Billlnghurst, Bingham, Bishop, Bli-s, Bradshuw, Brenton, Bit Hint ton, Burlingame, Campbell of Pennsylva nia, Campbell cf Ohio, Clarke of New York, Clark of Conn , Clawaon, Colfax, Comins, Cra {ln, Covode, Cumback. Damrell, Davis of Mans , >av, Demn, De Witt, Diek, Dickson Dodd, Bar fee', Kdie, Edwards, fcmrie, Flagler, Galloway, biddings. Gilbert, Granger, Grow, Hall cf Mass., Harlan, Hickman, B olio way, Horiou cf N York, Horton of Ohio, Howard, Hughs ton, Kelsey, King. Kuapp, Knight, Knowlton, Knox, Kunkvl, Lelter, M.*tte?on, AdcCarty, Meacbain, Miller of New York, Millward, Moore, Morgan, Morrill, Murray. Nichols, Oliver of New York, Pelton, Pa ker, Pearce, Pennington, Peny. Pet tit, 1'ike, Purviance, Bobbins, Huberts, Robison. Sablu, ?app, Scott, bhtrman, fcimmons, Spinaer, Btanton, Stranahan, Tappan, Thorington, Thurs ton. Todd. Trafton, Wade, Wakeman, Wal brldge, Wa'dron, washburne of Wi* , Wash b'ime of 111 . Wanhborn of Me . Watson, Welch, Woxl, Woodruff, and Woodworth?106 Nays?Messrs. Aiken. Allen, Barclay, Barks dale,' B^ll, Bennett of Miss , Uncock. Bowie. Bovee Branch, Brooks Broom, Burnett, Cadwal ader, Campbell of Ky .Carllle. Carutkers.Caskie, Cobb of Ga , Cobb of Ala., Cox. Craige, Craw ford, Cnl en, Davidson, Denver, Dowdell, Dunn, Edraundxon. Elliott. English, EtberMge,Eustts. Evans. Faulkner, Florence, Foster, Poller of Me , Goode, Greenwood, Hall of Iowa, Harris of Md., Harris of Ala , Harrison, Haven, leibtrt, Hoffman, Houston, Jewett, Jones of Tennessee, Jones of Penn . Ke!tt, Kelly. Kennett, KldweU, Lake, Letcher, Lindley, Lumpkin, A K Mar shall or Kentucky, H. Marshall of Kentucky, Marshall, of lllincIs, Maxwell, MrMullin. Mc 3ueen, Miller of Indiana, Mlllson, O.iverof Mo , rr, Packer, Psine Peek, Phelps, Porter, Pow ell, Puryrar, Quitman. Readv, Ricaud, Rivers, Rain, Rust. Sandige, Savare, Seward, Shorter, Smith of Tenn , Smith of Va , Smith cf Ala , Sneed, Stephen*, Stewart. Swope. Talbott, Tty lor, Trlppe, Underwocd, Valk, W'alker. Warner, Watkins, Wheeler, Whitney, Williams. Wiigbt of Miss., Wright of Tenn , and Zollieoffsr?107. Mr. H. Marshall, of Ky , moved to recon sider that vote ; bat subsequently withdrew that motion. The Houfe then adjourned. Proceed!*! ? of To-Day. In the Senate, to-day, two or three pri vate bill* were passed, and Mr. Collamer made a minority report from the Territories Committee on the bill of Mr. Toombs. The bill granting the right of way for the St. Louis and Iron Mountain railway through the publio grounds at Jeffermn barracks, was discussed by many Senators before the hour arrived for taking up the Kansas State bill question, upon whieh Mr. Thompson, of Ky., was addressing the Senate when we went to press. In the House. Mr. Barclay moved to re consider the vote of yesterday, by which the Kansas Topeka State Constitution bill had failed to pass. Mr. Houston addressed the House against that motion, commenting, in the course of his remarks, on the policy of Mr. Barclay upon the bill. Mr. H then moved to lay Mr. Barclav's motion on the table ; but withdrew that motion to Mr. B to make an explanation. Mr Barclay addressed the House in expla nation, and was replied to by Mr Houston, of Alabama, and then renewed the motion to lay on the tablo. Mr. Howard, rising to what be called a question of higher privilege, proposed to re port the Kansas affairs select (investigating) oommittoo, ?ud the question of that gentle man's right to make the proposed report at that time. The Speaker ruled his report to be in order. Mr Orr appealed from that decision ; and was arguing his appeal when the Star went to press. PERSONAL. .. Professor Maury, has accepted an invi tation to deliver a course of leetures before the Lowell Institute, next winter. ???James Strong, the Mormon prophet, who was shot at Beaver Island, was alive on Saturday last. .... There is a Chinese In San Francisco, who was Stewart to Napoleon on the Island of St. Helena in the year 1815. He is engaged in importing from China, and in general mer chandising. .... At the late session of Gilmore County Court, Va., the Grand Jury of that county presented the Editor of the Cincinnati West

ern Christian Advocate for publishing aboli tion doctrines, and also Kev. Levi Parke, for circulating the paper. .... We are informed says the Newark Eagle, that a young lady, lb years of age, daughter of a widowed mother, named Eaton, residing at Eist Bloomiield, N.J , on TueeJny evening last, eloped with her Unc'e, who leaves a wifo and child in New York. They are suppossd to have g> ne to California. Fp3Schoocer Susan Cannon, M. C. Farland, from Charleston, with marble for Washing ton, D. C., having encountered heavy wea ther, which caused the vessel to leak very hadiy. hnr? up for Norfolk in n xinlcinc *nn dition, and was run ashore at Sewell's Point 26th nit. ATTENTION, SONS OF THE OLD _ BAY STATE ?The members of the Bay State Buck arrt Breck Club will meet THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at 7% o'clock. In the building at the southeast corner of F and 7th streets/ A full meeting is desir'd All clt'xens of Massachusetts favorable to the election of the Democratic nominees are invited to unite t hemselves with the C.ub. It ?J BOULANGER HEREBY GIVES nctlce to his pafons and the public that the bar-room nf bis establishment on G ?t. north, ne?r the War Department, will be closed on Fri day, the 4th Inst (InttUnioD) jy l-3t ,SEVENTH WARD, ATTENTION __ The regular monthly meeting of the Demoentlc Aisociatlon will be teld at Potomac Hal on WEDNESDAY EVENING, July rid, at 7* o'clcck JAMES E3PEY, ?'res. JNO M THORNTON, free. Jy l-2t* ,THE FOLLOWING NAMED GEN _ tlemen having been selected to art ag aids and assistant marshal" on the occasion of the c?leb?at!on of the approaching 4th of July, at Bladensburg, are hereby reque ted to report them selves at Democratic He dquarters, on Pa. ave nue. near 10th street, TO MORROW (Wednes day) EVENING, at 8 o'clk precisely. Aids to Mnrthal. Michael W. Cluskey, Sam'l S. Taylor. dsstJtant Marshals. Wm E Spaulding, L. F Cla'k, Sam'l P Hoover, John J. Mulloy, Wm E Morgan. Samuel Pnmphrey, James F Divine. THOMAS J GALT, jy l-*t Marshal in Chief. ?CELEBRATION OF THE IRVING Lyceum, on t'aa evening cf July 3d, 1356, In the hall of the new Library BulUlinp of Wm W. Corcoran, Esq., on H. between 13th and 14th streets, to commence at 8 o'clock p. m. Ordtr of Exercises: Reading cf the Decla'ation of Independence F N. Rrche Address p. v. R Van Wyck Oration Peyton Wiie The public are respectfully invited to attend. ED T MATHEWS, G THOS COX, EDWIN JAMES, jyl-3t Committee. MONTGOMERY G U A RDS, ATTEN - iTION ?You are hereby notified to attend a regular monthly meeting of the Corps on WEDNKSDAY EVENING, the 2d Inst Punctual attendance is requested as butinesi of Importance to the company will be transacted. By order of Capt. Kkt : jyj-2t THOS McENIRY. f~^NOTICE ?ALL CITIZENS OF 1L -KS linols now residing in this ci'y, who are favorable to the election of Buchanan and Breck inridge are earnestly requested to meet at the Illl no's Pemo' ratic Club Room, No. 273 F Hreet, cn THURSDAY, 3d day of July next, at 7 o'clock p. m ; as business will be brought to the attention of the Club. (Union) je 30-3t* ?ATTENTION, JOURNEYMEN CON F KCTION ERS- All J ourneymen Confectioners fnvorable to the formation of an As soc iatlon for their mutual benefit, are requested to attend a meeting for that purpose at Tempe rance Hall on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, July 2d, at8 o'clock. je 30-31* JOS. SHAFF1ELD, Pr?. ^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER begs _ leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before purchating elsewhere, as by so doing they will save from lb to 25 per cent Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 300 Pa. avenue, between Oth and 10th streets, je JMJm JOHN McDEVITT. FIRE WORKS!! FIRE WORKS!!' to IN LARGI AMD SMALL QUANTITIES at No. #10 SEVENTH Street, jy l-3t* near Odd Fellows' Hall. Notice.?all persons indebted., the estate of the late Isaac Goddard. deceased are notified to come forward and s- ttle immedi ately * SARAH GODDARD. jy Administratrix. NOTICE.-MY CUSTOMERS ARE RE spectfully informed that their accounts are now redy for distribution, and will be pre?ente< I by Ut July. Those who do not wl*b their ac counts sent to them will please eall f.r them aa early as possible. SAM'L LEWI.-, Je*>-?t Jeweler. TREASURER'S STATEMENT, Showing tki amount at hit trtdit in the Trontnry, wit A Mrilta?t trrasnrtrt and d^ignaud #f. ro.'ttariff, and in tlu Mtmt and retmrn* r*?,i**d to Monday, Ju%* ?. |** u? omoMHl /er vtuk dra/U /im been illMi, *?l *'? ?*?? unpaid, and tlu amount tk*a subject to draft. Skowin?, alto, tk* amount of fnturt tran^/eri to and from dojotttarut, at ordtrodbf tkt Secretary of th* Treasury In what place. C?... Treasury of the United State*. Washington. D. Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts..., Assistant Treasurer. New York. New York Assistant Treasurer. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Assistant Treasurer, Charleston, South Carolina ... Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans. La Assistant Treasurer, St. i.ouis, Missouri Assistant Treasurer. t*sn Franc'sco Depositary at Buffalo, New York Depositary tt Baltimore, kfland Depositary at Richmond. Virginia (Drafts fore drawn. Amount on De- but not yrt poalte. pnid. though pa^ his Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia Depositary at Wilmington .North Carolina Depositary at Savannah. Georgia Depositary at Mobile. Alabama. Depositary at Nashville. Tennessee Depositary' at Cincinnati. Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Depositary at Galveston, Teia< . Depositary at Cincinnati, (late) Depositary at Dubuque. Iowa Depositary at Little Rock. Arkansas Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida Depositary at Detroit, (late) Assay office. New York Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Penn Branch mint of the United Mates, Charlotte, N. C.... Branch mint of the United States, Dahlonega. Ga Branch mint of United States, New Orleans, La .... Branch mint of the United States, San Francisco, Cal Add difference in transfers. 9196 791 IS 9,983 069 90 9,845 752 75 171.525 68 118 64? 69 407,3*6 98 Li8l,03? 70 1,196.779 88 3.56/ 6* 3n.'> :is* 4* 48.3'5 17 41 696 41 81 ,58t 55 107,126 75 90,440 10 97 ,"31 00 101.049 31 39.8(6 89 7,016 n 90 39 16S.055 4? &6 8M> 74 **,017 15 180,951 00 1489,79 SOn 03 2,244.Sou 00 4 81*2.354 16 33.000 01 <7.PS. U3 1.853,416 8) 1.800.000 00 996 965 95 193,^79 74 568,Sfi2 41 130.999 43 38 698 86 30l,ffti 4* 164, 64 94 074.1*7 19 *89 *1 106 779 97 8,260 99 1?.'*?3 26 8.87? 53 9 453 89 94 ** 68 731 00 576 89 4.933 09 1,101 94 Aaountsubjeet to draft 45.35 / 99 99.378 8 37,h44 49 lt> 865 86 497 96 88.765.687 77 8.331.944 40 ???7.7*9 40 9 86W .1*- 79 5,857,900 *4 43.-33 19 89,148 71 l?*,9t> 79 1,I*6.HH bt 594 592 6lt 3.896 17 *> .558 75 46 V* t? 633 16 12.643 tn 191,978 93 65.751 48 26 897 09 10n 078 ?? *?.273 89 6 014 9Q 80 30 118 708 49 *4 871 93 96't,174 66 169 18* 23 9*9 50 500 00 8,944,500 UO 4.248 354 16 3' (hi 97.950 U3 1.2."3,4'ft ?5 1,299,990 0U 90.434 944 37 175.9.0 00 Net amount subject to draft 37 Transfers ordered to treasury of the United States, Washington, D. C Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United State*. New York Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United State*. New Orleans, 1a.... Transfers ordered to assistant treasurer of the United States. SC. Loots. Mo Transfers ordered to assistant treasarer of the United Stales. San Francisco. Cala Transfers ordered to depositary at Baltimore. Man land Transfers ordered to depositary at Norfolk. Virginia Transfers ordered to branch mint of the United States at tan Francisco, Cala 2U0.000 m '?95.01*1 00 4*0.(91(1 (10 3U0.000 00 t*?,0ll0 (HI SO.MNI MC Nt.noo no 300.00V (19 ?8 ?05 <N? (41 Transfers orderM from assistant treasurer, Boston. Massachusetts 925.999 un Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, New York. New York.. lrCXt.(*m (Kj Transfers ordered from assistant treasurer, St Louis. Missouri .9W iti Transfe's ordered from depositary at Dubuque. Iowa ff> 9m 09 Transfers ordered from depositary at Chicago. Illinois 29T>.mmo ??j Transfers ordered from depositary at Detroit. Mich (ij.090 (Hi Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 50,(N? <?i July 1?It Sv?.730,(Wj 00 FIRE WORKS! FIRE WORKS!! In Store on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, between 11th and 12:h street*, jy 14i* In Large or Small Quantities. Spanish and nexican statute#, printed at Madrid and at Mexico, being the decrees of the Spanish Cortes and the Mexican Congress A number of volumes, more or less consecutive, for sale at a low price. Jy 1 FRANCK TAYLOR. Refrigerators?just received, a few more of those excellent plain Refrige rators. When all the patent Refrigerators have been tried and laid aside, these will contlnne to be used, as they long have been, snn give uni versal satisfaction Prices are low. jyj G. FRANCIS, 4>J Seventh at. FAMILY COAL. Those who lay in their coal tor winter during the summer months can now do so to iru h edv<nt-pe bv leaving their orders at the Wood and Coal D.^pot, northwest corner of 12th and C streets, No 547. T. J. * W M GALT. *#*The best article of WOOD always on hand *?*Coa' kept under cover. %?2.240 pounds to the ton. Jy l-3t NOTITIC.?THK COPARTNERSHIP here tofore existing under the firm of F T Mil bourn A Bro f wa- this day dissolved by mutual conseat. The Grocery, Flour and Feed bustn ss will be cori*luut d at toe old stand No 91 High street, Georgetown, by F. T Miisorn*, in whose "barge the books of the late tirrn will be lef:, and all p?rsors indebted to the *ans?' are earnestly requested to come forward and settle their accounts on or >>efore the first of Sep ember n?t. F. T MILBOURN, if v>. w. mimut'Krr. Horse for salk.?a fine youn6 bay HORSE, four years old, of fine GV__ sty;e and action, warranted sound and Sentle in every respect?would make a Inefam y or physician horae, er would make a very flue match for a carriage?works in single or double harness Also, a thorough-bred Pointer PU P for sale?8 months o'd. Any gentleman wanting a well bred Dog this is a rare chance, as he will be just the aire to break in the Fall; warranted ten uine. Er quire at the Wocd and Coal yard of T DRURY, fa. avenue, between 17ih and 18th sts First Ward. jy l-eo3t? SELLING OUT TO CHANGE BUSINESS. WE COMMENCE THIS DAY TO SELL our stock of Perfumery, Fancy Goods, Ac., at cost, for cash. We namr In part? German Cologne S3 per dozen Do do short bottles S'2 50 per dox In bin's Fxtracts S* per dczen The best Bay Rum S5 per dozen Soaps, Washes, Pomades, W*ork Boxes Cabas, Canes, Dressing Cases Vases. Statuettes, Clocks, Ac. ALSO? Jewelry and Plated Ware, and Watchea. We earnestly request all persons Indebted to us to ca.l and sett e as soon as possible, as we are anxious to close our business _ , T GALLIGAN A CO , Dealers la Fancy Goods, Fine Fans. Perfume ry, Ac . 370 Pa ave , und?r Browns' Hotel. Jy i-3t P>R SALE-A LADY'S FINE DAPPLE bay M A R E, wall broke Sold onl y (7\ _ because of the owner's going abroad A d ply at BIRCH'S Stable, Mth at. je 30(e F?PniJtfV^TA?. exceLLENT RIDING w J" ' .* or young lady, or . will be MchaDgcd tor a good hugoy hcrse .t PUMPHKtVs Livery SteK?, SSr'lRft and L streets. je 30^,# T OST-BETWEEN DEXTER'S HOTEL 1-^ and Fourteenth stree', an EYEGLA8S, upon which was inscribed the name of the owner A liberal reward will be given if the same will be ? * Bro '* Jewelry Establishment. T ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, BE tween the M E Church on Dumbarton street and Gay street, a pMr of GOLD SPECTACLES A reward wlI be glv. n If required, by returning them to 113 Bay street, Georgetown. j?*0-3t (O rgin; $5 REWARD.?LOST, ON SATURDAY h ? wg tbe ?Ut of Jnn*>185#< ? NOTE OF H AND against Dr William B Magruder, ray ab.e to the order of Edward Wllburn, bearin* date April 28th, 1851. The said note has a receipt for forty dollars payed the 31st of May. 186V on J J- WILBURN, ' Admlnlstrairix. 1PrvR8I/ON8 ABOU1 LEAVING THE j { yo" W18h Bru?hes and Combs cf P.Lr P ? ?,uailty- s??p?. Perfumery, Fans, I aper, Porte Mornaies, Ac , call at our store as W^8rt de,terrnlned to these Goods at unpre cedented low rates 3u6, bet 0th and loth ata Jl?! JOHN F. ELLIS. yyHAT WOULD BEAN APPROPRIATE . , Prf**nt to take or send home to your wires EiSraSZ ?0Uf'ave'or 1 of ntw and fashionable music, selected from the lo? J? r?e?Ted 11 l-e Bre*1 P,ano Forte and MuaJc isbment of JOHN F ELLIS, J 306 Pa. ay., bet 9th and loth sts. Ge*ard, the lion killer Rachel and the New World Tangletown Letters Camp Fires of the Red Men, at FERGUSON'S, J* ,l)~ next to Lammond, 488 7th street. Pv? DUKE OFBUCKIRG. it! 1. m, ,aien Hand Llm * copy Of Mrs Stephens' new Magazine. and say there are more . Also, other new publications, at . . FERGUSON'S. Jc30~ next to Lammond, 49B 7th street. A LOT OF GOOD SCHOOL DESKS AND ? v?nrchaap. Also alne-toned Plsno. Inquire at this oftce. JC 3U 3tw uiZS .fiiszare low *** i ii; ,V coaf*? Of tbl* week Prompt ray of tbe same is earnestly request* d. S1BLKV A 8UY, svjnue, betw 10th and 11th ata. (Organ) DBCKET KNIVES, CHINA WOODS, Port Mwwalesihd Perfumery c? o?t a! lS j.?-tf Joaw ?*?"*> J U 3? Ps. ItMM. DEMOCEATS, BALLT! Fourth of July Celebration AT BLADEySBrRG The democracy of thk distr!ct and of Prince George's county. M<1 , win assemble at Blad< nsburg on FRIDAY, J c.y 4*h, 18M. The Georgetown democratic Association. Bur. banan and Breck In ridge Club, together with the several State and local clubs of this and tfce ad jacent cities and counties of Marjlard and a J friends of Buchanan and Breckinridge, are cor7 dlally Invited to atterd Hon A E. M\xwill,of Florida, will deliver an oration on the life and character of General Andrew Jackscn, aftT wtleh the will be addressed by eminent democrats front every State in the Union. A procession will 'orm at Democratic Head quarters. south side of Pennsylvania avenue, near tae corner of 10th street, on Friday, at 8 o'Mock, a m , with banner*, music, Ac., Ac . ai d pro oeed to the rai rosd depot A special train will leave the depot at 9 o'c!ock a m , returning to Washington at 7% o'clock, p in Roand trip tickets will be Issue 1 by the a^ent at the depot. A collation will be prepared fo- a large a umber. THOMAS J GALT. Je30-3t in Chief THE WHITE ClftlEF_By Captain Mayna Reid. The Scalp Hunters, by Capt Mayn't Reid Every v ber own Mice maker, or a complete self-Instructor In the art of making Gal.era and Shoea; price 50 cent*. Immigration, its evils and consequences, by Samuel C Busey, M D. Comic Miseries of Human Life Illustrated The Struggle fqr Life, or Claude and the Skel eton Horseman j/>a? Gentleman, by the autlior of Olive. Clara, or Slave Life in Eurore; a novel. Western Africa; its history, condition and prospects; by Rev Leighton W llson je 30-tr FRANCK TAYLOR BARCLAY'S NEW DICTIONARY. con taining an epitome uf History. Biography, and the useful Scisacea. FERGUSON*, Je 30- . neat to Ltmmocd. 4?6 7th st. JOHN HALIFAX, OKHTLEHAN.-BY the author of The Head of the Family, Olive. Ac , $0 cents. W'astern Africa; Its history, condition and pros pecta; by Rev. J Leighton Wilson, with numer ous -ngravlrea. SI.25 Clara, or Slave Life in Europe, wlih a preface, by Alison, Si. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURY'S Je 30-tr Bookstore, near 9th suet. The steamer georue washinu TON will depart at the follow- _ -eflT^ja ing hours: AaaSMlaC Leave Alexandria 7#, #, 11 1 k . ;|k . 5k Leave Washington...8, 10. 12,2k. Je Ve-d JOB CORSON , Captain CHANGE OF ROIIRI. ON AND AFTER MONDAY. THE 30th of June, the Steamer GEORGE _ Jl 11 * PAGE will ran at the followingjMBEHiC hou"*; Leave Alexandria at 4#,8,10, It. 2tf,4*. *nd o'c!ock. Leave Washington#, 9, 11, 1*. 3*, 5*, and 7 o'clock. J** ?-tf ELLIS L. PRICE. Captain ENGLISH AND AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY, PLATED W ARE, Ac. JUST RECEIVED AN INVOICE OK VERY superior English and American Table CuUery, Alafcata Tea Sets, Cake Baskets. Castors. Butter Dishes, Albata Fork*, Spoors, Ladles. Ac The above are all of Superior quality. an4 of fered low M W GALT A BKO , Jeweller*, No.324 Pennsylvania avenue, J* 27- between 9:h and 10th streets. PUBLIC NOTICE. TO FIC NICS, EXCURSION'S, OR PRI VATE PARTIES. The undersigned take great plea?ure in informing his nu merous friends and the public gen *rall v that he has, at aU times, a number of large and comfortable OMNIBUSES for their accommodation, and at a moderate charge Applications may be made to either of the un dersigned, George A Thos Parker, or to John T. Killmon WM WHALEY, Proprietor JNO M HOLBROOK. Ag't. ID" A line of stages leave Washing "on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 o'clock a. m , for Fairfax, (C H ,) Aidle, and Mldd cbnrg. Passe gars will please .eave their name.- at Dy son's Drag Store, corner Pa avenue and 12th st Je 11-lm* OMNIBUSES FOR PIC NIC PARTIES. The PUBLIC ARE RESPECTFULLY Informed that I am prepared , to furnish large and coiiifor!abl<4bMjpT?ijS OMNIBUSES, with good hor*e?-BZ$30c? and careful cri vers, for Pic N lc Panlee A naage menu can be made with Mr Ron K.v., at G. J Hall's Cigar Store, next to Adams' Eirros OtSce, or Mr. Taos Th.-his, at the West Capi tol Gate. The undersigned's eoaches are new and In fine condition, being equal to any in the United Mates. His charges are extremely moderate, and his teams two. four, and six horses, are unsurpased any where. He can furnish any nnmber of coaches th\t may be reqnlrtd. Je 25-lw HUGH LATHAM TB.! BLACRHTONE'S PAVILION. IS PLACE OP RESORT WILL BE open on the 3d day of J uly for the ac commodation of visitors. The aubsTlher has tngagfd a first rate CotlMon Bard f r?? the season, and with his large and spendid Hall Rocm offers vast i..d . cements to the lovers of the d?nce His table will be eocs'antly so polled with all the luxuries of the Potoma - ,and his Par with the choleat liquors. This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being*ltuated bets>een Blacklstone's ard SI Catharine's Islands. There will be acelebra i n on the 4lh of July, and Ball end public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 21th July, Thursday, 7th August, and Thurs day Hit of August l he steamer Alice Price will land pns*e?vrrs during the wale-la. resa.-?n on Tuesdays ard Fri days going down ,atd will stop for passengers en Wedne-d iys and ^turdays, on her return t 1c* Bo jrd??l per day for a week or loage ; #1,25 less than a week Jcas-am GEOR6E W BLACKISTON F _ SVHULHOFF'ITHIRS MAZiRkt j st published at the Music 1 e.?ot. Pr?ce 25 ts. a JMl 3T J_ GEO. HILBcb.