Newspaper of Evening Star, July 1, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 1, 1856 Page 5
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EVENTNG STAR. LOCAL IKTKLLIQENCt. Boaxd or ALnr**?* ?The Board met at the usual hour, the President, (Mr. Clarke,) in the chair. Communications from the Mayor were re ceived. and, with various petitions, were ap PrIjnrmot!Jn^Mr4 Smith, the Board took up the resolution in relation to the late police of Mr. kusey moved that the question be port ioned in order that the Mayor ? nominations might be taken up ; postponed. Prior to proceeding to rote on the nomina tion*. Mr. Busey stated the eourse of action he should pursue on the nominations. He should make no factious opposition. The competency of the nominee would be the main question In deciding his vote, with one or two excep tions. He would not rote for any man who bad changed his politico a day or two before the election for the purpose of getting office. The rote being taken on the nomination of James M Carlisle, for Corporation Attoroay, he received 14 rotes, and was declared to be confirmed unanimously. h. J. Klopfer was confirmed as Bookkeeper by a rote of 10 to 4 The nomination of Andrew J. Locke was rejected by a vote of 10 to 4 Mr- Dove inquired what the objection was to the nominee ? Why didn't tha opposition come out openly and state their grounds of opposition. He objected to this fighting in the bush. Mr. Busey said no threats of chastisement, which he understood had been mado, would intimidate him. He understood that the nom inee was in bad health, and ha was evidently unfit for the office Mr. Dove said it had been the custom here tofore, when changes have been made, to have a committee of investigation, and contended that it was the proper course in this case. He would like to hear a repetition of Mr Busey'? remarks about ''threats 1 Mr Busey replied that he didn't allude to him, (Mr Dove ) Mr. Dove gave notice of a motion of recon sideration of tbe rejection oi Mr. Locke at the next meeting. The nomination of Joseph E Rawlings, as Commissioner of Improvements in the first dis trict was rejected by a vote of 10 to 4 Mr Dove gave notice of reconsideration at the next meeting. Mr Buoey gave as a reason for voting against tbe nominee that he had changed his politics lately. Mr Smith said he would very frankly state that he objected to the nominee on the ground that he had belonged lately to the American party. He might make a very good officer for aught he knew. Mr Miller objected te the past crime* of the nominee being raised against him He thought he was not so badly tainted by his late associations but that be might reform (Laughter.) Mr Dove stated that Mr. Rawlings bad withdrawn from the Know Nothings some time ago. The nomination of R B. Owens, as Com missioner of tbe Second District, was rejected by a vote of 9 to 5 The nomination of Thomas (J Barrett, as Commissioner of the Third District, was re jected by a vote of 9 to 5. Mr Busey said he had no charge of incom petency to make against Mr Barret, but he considered it an outrage to bring a citisen from another Ward to fill the most important office in the Fifth and Sixth Wards Mr Moore expressed a hope that some one who had voted in the negative would make a motion to reconsider in the case of Owens, and Mr. Houston thereupon made that motion. The nomination of James Espey, as Com missioner of the Fourth District, was confirmed unanimously, whereupon tome laughter en sued in consequence of an intimation upon the part of the anti-Know Nothings, that the vote looked suspicious, and as if Mr. Espey must be a member of the Order. Oeorge H Fulmer was confirmed as Com missioner of the Washington Asylum by a vote of 8 to fi W Bruner, for the same position, was con firmed unanimously, Mr. Smith being excused frcm voting. Mr. Busey gave notice of a motion to recon sider tho vote by which Mr. Fulmer had been confirmed. E F. yueen was confirmed by a vote of 8 to 6. Mr. Evans asked and was excused from voting on this nomination. Mr. Bayly moved to excuse him for the bal ance of tbe evening. [Laughter J The nomination cf John R Queen, as In tendant of the Asylum, was rejected by a vote of 10 to 4. Mr Bayly gave notice of a reconsideration of the vote. The nomination of A. W. Miller, M D., as Physician of the Asylum, was rejected by a vote of 10 to 4 Mr. Miller gave notice of reconsideration. Joseph Crosi was confirmed as Commissioner of Canal by a vote of V to 5. William Wise, do., was confirmed by a vote of 8 to 6. Mr. Emery, having voted in the negative on Mr. Wise's appointment, asked leave to change his vote, he believing Mr Wise to be a good man and well qualified for the situa tion. Mr Emery's vote being changed, the vote on the confirmation of Mr. W ise was an nounced as standing 0 to 5. Hiram Riichey was confirmed as Sealer of Weights and Measures by a vote of 9 to 5. Jos W Martin was unanimously confirmed as Inspector of Fire Apparatus. The question coming up on the nomination of James W . Baggott, as Chief of Police, Mr Smith said that the bill before the Board wruld, if passed, materially change the police system, and he thought the nomination had better be laid over Mr. Miller thought they Lai better confirm Mr. Baggott, and then legislate him out again if necessary. Mr Busey thought it was necessary they should elect somebody. Tbe question being taken tbe nomination was rejected by a vote of 8 to 6. Mr. Dove gave notice of a reconsideration. R H Digges was confirmed as Police Con stable of the First Ward by a vote of 13 to 1 J T May. same office, same Ward, was re jected by a vote of 8 to 6. Mr Dove gave notice of reconsideration. Joseph Williamson was confirmed as Police Constable of the Second W ard, by a vote of 11 to 3. W. H. Fanning was rejected for same by a vote of 0 to 4. Mr. Bayly gave notice of reconsideration. Mr. Houston gave notice of reconsideration of the vote by which Joseph Williamson had be-n confirmed On motion of Mr Busey, the nomination of John W Reynolds, as Police Constable in the Third Ward was laid over. William S. Ross, same Ward, same office, was confirmed unanimously. J as A. Cooper was unanimously confirmed as Police Constable of Fourth Ward. Heary Yeatman, for same, was rejeoted by a vote of 9 to 5. Mr Emery, at request of Mr Moore, gave notice of reconsideration. On moti in of Mr Pearson, the nomination of Joseph P Huu^h was laid over. On motion of Mr. Pearson, the nomination of Reuben CUlins, a*Police Constable of the lrifth W ard, was laid ova?. He would cheer fully vote for him, but belted he wa 4 ineli gible for tbe position on account of his already holding another ofiice "? Hugh Dougherty, same Ward, same office, was rejeoted by a vote ot 8 to 6 Joseph Mitchell, do., do , was rejected by a vote of 7 to 7. William Harper was confirmed as Police Constable of Sixth Ward by a vote of 7 to 6. Thcs. H. RoberUoa was unanimously con firmed. Joseph U. (iill was confirmed as Police Con stable of Seventh Ward by a vote of 7 to ?. J >hn M. Lloyd, do., do., was confirmed by a vote of 9 to 5. Mr. Basey gave notice of reconsideration in the cases of the confirmation of Harpe; and Gill. The Board then adjourned. r ^ltjE',^ABV-~kart night the gun shop of Mr. z. Munck, on the Avenue opposite the National Ujtel. was entered by thieves and a Lumber of pistols and knives stolen. No clue to tue perpretratorf has been obtained. The Kwow Nothiho Ratification Mebt iro Last >igiit ? We learn that the Know "AP. ar? I!?0* deal out of ham<* to day with the unsatisfactory manner in which their ,1Bt night Prom firat to IVrtihH 7 ele.m?D.u of th? Know Nothing finn Af 7' "U*01*1! to the dissatisfac? rmwinl r^T fleda!5 membe? of the order. T ?! ?oh 8taid> respectable ? t/F r J-!? J(?wpvh H Br*dley ?Dd Sen ^ M' iTL b"in* con|inuallT inter dP?k?? V r ?08^ P^notic Eigh-fafutions. by the drunken, imbecile rowdyism of the ju <r?.l. Sims," 0T.t whom thi .IJ.ii of&. "1" win ?W" ?? ??reiM no wh?t ever. Everything went wrong?the lights rLWJ4? absolutely refused to go up in the direction assigned for them bat went cffobliquelyin all directions to the dis* with"?!! theaudienoe; transparencies, upon which the getters up had specially plumed I T" J?9' *?r? f?und to be in such outrageous at they were ignominiously hus lifr ??t of >ight in the rear of the stand. This fate be.oil a very elaborate monumental transparency from the Seventh Ward, on which the Genius of Liberty, in a blue gown, represented in a bent position, with her hands pressed upon her stomach, with an ap pearance of acute agony, as if she were suf fering from the summer complaint and was in the last stage of collapse. A sailor, on the reverse side, was represented straddled like the Colossus of Rhodes, and with legs dis tended at so obtuse an angle as terribly to threaten the integrity of the seat of his pant aloons. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Jos. U. Bradley, who made a few opening remarks, but he was evidently not in the enthusiastic mood, nor was the audience. Gen. McCalla defined his position and read U!** r99oluti<jD$ (Alienee still out of spir Senator Crittenden was brought forward, but he too was laboring under the prevailing blues, and failed to pump up any enthusiasm. Ao ill'ftdfiscd imitation of th6 Dcmocrftt ic meeting, double-stand speaking, resulted in a failure, as the meeting, though respectable in point of sue was not large enough to bear dividing. W e have no doubt the Know Noth ings will rectify all these little errors in fu ture ; and bv holding their mass meetings iu some school-house make a pretty rospectable show* ?? Disgraceful Know Nothing Riot.? The Mayor wa3 promptly on the ground at the Know Nothing meeting, as was his duty, to preserve order, and while in the exercise of this duty he came across a party of boys, and boyish men whe were gathered on the steps in the vicinity ef the speakers stands, drinkirg whisky from a bottle, and making a general disturbance, being a portion of the same party of Sam's followers whom Mr. Bradley had oc casion to rebuke so pointedly for disturbing the speakers by their mandlin rowdyism Ihe Mayor very properly attempted to check tho disturbance, and while doing so, was as saulted by these rowdies, who wero encour aged by men standing by, who, too cowardly to incur the odium of the dastardly act them selves, *gged on these boys and rowdies to attack the Mayor. The chaste rallying cries of "Gumballs" and "Chunkers" meantime was raised, and a large crowd of these pre cious specimens of humanity gathered round the Mayor, striking him with fists, stones aod slung-shet, shouting hurrah for " Sam," and swearing like so many demons. The police officers, and members of the aux iliary guard, who endeavored to penetrate the crowd were resisted by the gang of rowdies. The Mayor, while endeavoring to seize and carry away a person who had struck him, with a ston?, was disabled momentarily by a stroke from a slung-shot upon tho back of the neck. The Mayor, accompanied by some of the officers, made his way with difficulty towards the guard house, and on reaching toe market was joined by Captain Mills, whereupon the skulking slung-shot rowdies made way for him to pass. A fellow with a fiddle now followed the Mayor, scraping away, at the instigation of these brave " Samites," whereupon Captain Mills attempted to arrest the fiddler, but was struck on the back of the head with a slung shot, and the prisoner escaped. The crowd continued to follow the Mayor until he entered the Kirkwood House The rowdy gang lingered here, shouting, throwing stones firing pistols, Ac., for a while and then dispersed. The Mayor reached his own residence about midnight. He is at his office to-day in the exercise of his duties, and though somewhat bruised is we are glad to hear not seriously injured. The disgracefully lying reports which the rowdies have started to shield themselves will injure none but themselves Several officers were bruised and beaten, among them Officers Cooper and Reynolds. The names of the most prominent actors have been obtained, and others who were there can be identified as soon as seen again All will be reported to the Grand Jury, without re spect of persons, and it is the sinoere wish of all good citizens that they will be punished to the extent of the law. Mr. Wm Palmer, well known to the ma sical professors and amateurs of Washington, died suddenly yesterday at Liberty Hall, Pennsylvania avenue, near Fifteenth street He went into the hall about one o'clock, and, attempting to sit down, fell upon the floor. He was helped to a seat, and appearing to bo unwell. Mr. Hammack, one of the proprietors, helped to move him to a refreshment room, where he could rest himself without being disturbed. In this room he remained until his groans again attracted the attention of Mr. Hammack, who sent for physicians and at the same time had Mr. Palmer removed to a bet ter position in the passage. He was taken with convulsions, and after a relief from them he died before the physicians arrived. The physicians in attendance decided that the death was oaused by disease of the heart. The deceased is not, as stated by a cotem porary, Prof. William H. Palmer, (Robert Heller,) but an uncle of that gentleman. Court or Claims.?Yesterday, Justice Scarburgh delivered the opinion of the court on the reargument of the case of Sturges, Burnett, <k Co.; favorable Bill ordered to reported. Judge Blackford dissenting. Chief Justice Gilchrist delivered the opin ion of the court in the case of Thomas Phoe nix, jr.; unfavorable to the olaim. Ali?o, in the case of Rhodes A Austill; fav orable. Bill ordered to be reported. Also, in the case of William Neil and oth ers : unfavorable to the cluim. Robert C. Gilchrist, of Charleston, S. O., was sworn an attorney of the court. The Solicitor being unable to attend oourt, no further business was done ; and the court then adjourned to Saturday next. Fooli8u Wager?A young man named Cavilland, from Iowa, made a bet that he could drink a pin? of whisky and walk from the lower part of the Seventh Ward to the City Hall without staggering. A young man who was with him said that he walked straight enough until he got within two hundred yards of the bridge on Seventh street, when he fell and had several convulsions. He recovered sufficiently to walk home, helped by his friend. We predict that he will not make another wager of the kind shortly. Comb, why will you suffer all the ilffe of bed bugs, cockroaches, moths, ants, and every other species of insects when Lyon's Magnetic Powder will surely rid your house of all such pestilence. For sale at Shillington's Book selling and Stationery Establishment, Odeon Building, corner Four-and-a-half street end Penu a avenue. r. r. Drowrbd.?The body of a colored boy who was drowned in a reservoir in the First Ward some days since, was recovered yesterday The buy was about fourteen years of age, and was attempting to get water to wash his faoe, when be fell into the reservoir and was drowned. The boy was drowned at Sally Smith's boarding-bouse, where be had been hired He was the property of John Contee, of Prince George's county, Maryland. Fcgitivb Captured.?Randolph Cokely. a colored men who broke jail in Alexandria, \*a , yesterday morning, was retaken in this city by Officers Allen and Boss and returned to hi* old quarters. A Small Bor, we learn, had his skull frac tured last night, by some of the rowdy Sam ites, in the neighborhood of Tenth street and the evente. 8cj?den Death.?A very old man who has bean residing near the railroad depot for tome time oast, died suddenly yesterday. He wm an old soldier, it is said, pnd was worn out in the service. Old age and exposure was the probable cauo of his death. Getting a Foretaste or their Hereaf ter.?The Organ folks are alarmed abont the heat of the weather. They qu^te the ther mometer at 140 degrees! That must be ra ther a iery location at the corner of Tenth and Louisiana avenue. Essex.?We shall not be surprised to learn ere midnight of the re-arrest of Essex, the murderer of Quigley. Watch Returns.?Hanson Cokely, colored, drunk and disorderly at the meeting in front of the City Hall; workhouse thirty days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 1,1856. After considerable drumming up yesterday evening, the Know Nothings mustered quite a respectable procession to attend the mass ratification meeting in your city. Being a lit tle anxious to know how many old line Whigs (those who had not long since united with the Know Nothing party) would accompany them, we watched the line pretty closely as it passed out Bridgo street, and we confess if there was any in it we were unable to discover them. We did, however, to our utter surprise dis cover borne in the line the old Whig banner. This trick, bj the old tars say, "took us all aback." We wondered how it was possible that they would consent to march under the banner of a party which had been denuunced by one of their pet leaders (the Hon. H. W. Davis) as " the rump of a dishonest, and broken down party." The glorious old em blem of other days seemed to hang its head and blush as the light now and then fell full upon it and soliloquise thus : "Oh, Doolittle, Doolittle, yon have brought your pigs to a fine market at hut." Thev also carried in the line quite a multitude of transparencies. Decidedly the cheapest and most desirable excursion which we have have seen advertised for the Fourth, is the- one which is going to Harper's Ferry on the fine packet Arago. Every inducement is offered the seekers of pleasure of recreatiou to avail themselves of its advantages Only think of it; for the email sum of f3 50 you can have the pleasure of riding over one hundred and twenty miles, seeing beautiful and romantic scenery, the government works at the Ferry, feast upon nil the delicacies of the season, and that, too, without any fear of being blown up or run off the track. The pupils of Mr. P. A. Bowen's mathemat ical and classical academy are preparing to give us, on Thursday, a rich literary treat in the way of an exhibition. From our personal knowledge of many of the pupils and the teacher, we havo not a doubt but it will be somcthirg well worthy the attendance of every admirer of youthful talent. In addition to the Sabbath schools already noticed by us that intend publicly to celebra ting the Fourth, we have learned that the West Georgetown Methodist school intend spending the day in the woods of Mrs Dashields, where the Declaration of Independence will be read by Mr. James Calhoun, and an address suit able to the occasion delivered by the Rov. Mr. Gotwalt The day will also be celebrated at the old Georgetown College in their usual appropriate and interesting manner. Notwithstanding the extreme heat of the last week or so, the health of our city continues excellent; never better, to our knowledge, at thii season of the year. The flour market continues firm, with a brisk demand for shipping and other purposes, at S6 23 for good standard brands No change in the grain market since our report of Satur day. S. GA8 HEATER, OR NATURAL LAMPS. Seventy-five Cent* each at Retail. Patented by W. F. Shauf, Botlon, Massachusettt. The following is tfckcn from the Boston Transcript: Gas and Aip. Suwmkr Cooking Stoves, in vented and patented by Mr. W F. Shaw, of Boston, who after experimenting in this line of inventions the past six years, ha* finally succeeded in indenting a most perfect appa ratus, which for utility, comfort, neatness, economy and uniformity of results, surpasses any before invented or offered to the public Mr. Shaw has letters of approval of the scien tific principles adapted by him to his different styles of gas cooking and heating apparatus, from some of the highest professional chemists, who not only approve of those stoves, but have adopted them in their familes. Among the patents which have been granted Mr. Shaw, three have been for gas and air heating and cooking apparatus. As other in ventions have been introduced which are in tended to accomplish the same object, it would be well to state that every invention of Mr. Shaw's has his name and date of patent affix ed to it. and that he will refund the money for any of his apparatus that does not fully ac complish all they are represented to. Hither to the objection to the use of gas and Atmos pheric air mixture as fuel for culinary and heating purposes, has been, that as the mixed gas and air is inflamed on the surface of the wire gauxe, part of the product of combus tion escapes laterally from the wire gauze surface and mixoa with the surrounding atmospheric air, thereby forming not only noxious odors, but those deadly poisom, form ic acid gas and aldehydo, which bocoines ab sorbed by the food, thus rendering it highly deleterious. Mr. Shaw's invention consists in part of surrounding the wire gauze surface with fine ly perforated tin, by which the flame and the products of combustion are supplied with at mospheric air at a very high temperature which he has discovered is actually necessary for a complete chemical union or perfect com bustion of the mixed gases and the entire pre vention of the formation of the above named poisons. As the apparatus is now construct ed, the most sensitive tests cannot detect the least trace of their presence Incommunisa tions received from Prof. A A. Hayes and J. M. Wightman, Esq , the absence of these objections is attributed wholly to surrounding the wire gauxe surface with finely perforated tifi, operating as above stated Messrs. W. F. Shaw A Co., No. 174 Wash ington street, opposite Bromfield street, are making extensive preparation for manufactur ing these apparatus. The most convenient article we have ever used is the cone cooking stovo, which they connect, and leave in ope ration in any room, for the sum of $10, includ ing oven, tea kettle, steamer, pans, flexible pipe, Ac. They have also flat iron heaters S2 75 each, and gas range and stoves from $5 to 80 each, all of which they are happylto ex hibit in actual operation at their Gas Fixture and Gas Fitting WareroemB. For sale by all the principal House Furnishing and Gas Fitting Establishments, at the Boston prices, excluding freight bills. N. B.?A liberal discount made to the trade. It* nAKKIKU, On the 24th June, In Wilmington, Del., by the Rev. Bishop Lee. Mr. JOHN McMACKlN to Miss ADELINE E. HED&ES. * DULD, Suddenly, on the30th of June, Mr. WILLIAM PALMER, of con;estlou of the brain, aged forty two veari |ZjT The friends of the family are Informed that the funeral will take place from the house of hi* nephew, Wm H. Palmer, tG6 F street, near 13th, it 8 o'clock this afternoon. At Hopeton, on the 30th of June, HERBERT DENNY , son of Joseph C. and Mary K Lewis, aged 9 vears and 6 mouths, being the third child within "one week. On the 1st July, at 10 o'cl'k a m , MARY SO PHIA, the youngest child of T. W. and the late Sophia Jones, aged 6 mouths and 4 days. The ftlend-> of the family are invited to the fu ? neral at 4 o'clock to-morrow, from north B, betw. 1st street east ?nd New Jersey avenue. ? This morning, the 1st Instant, at 2% o'clock, EDWARD, infaut son of Jo eph and Elizabeth McOulgan, aged 10 months. The funeral will take place from their resl. dence, cornear of East Cap tol and Third streets. The friends of the faintly are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Oft have we seen the biting blast Sweep o'er the budding flower, And all Its promised beauties crush, Within a short lived hour. 'Tis thus this dear and cherished one Is from its parents riven ; But weep not, he la gone from earth To be a saint la Heaven. ? AUCTION SALES. f.l. FIMt ,0. OT.l. a.CTIO!. ??. ] BvA.tiREEN. Auctioneer. TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE at Aac On MONDAY, tlie 7th of July, I ?hall sell In front of the premises, at o'clock p m., lot No. 23In square No.419, situated at the corner rf 4 % *nd 1 streets south. The lot fronts 47 feet on 4^, running-back with the line of 1

street75 feet On the sou?h part of the lot is a jjood two-story frame honse, containing live rooms and a good dry cellar. The part of the lot with the house will be sold separate; and the north part of the lot, which Is thecorner, wl l be sold as a Tenant lot. Terms liberal, and made known at sa>. Je26-d A OR KEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. TTAKDSOMK BUILDING LOT ON Nerth 11 K, between 16th and lTth streets, at Aactlen.?On WEDNESDAY, the 21 July, I ?hall sell, In front of the premise*, at fi o'clock 1> m., Lot No. 4, in square No IN. fronting on he north side of North K 4* feet 10 laches, with an average depth of 146 feet 10 Inches to a 30 feet alley, wlih a 15-feet side alley. The above des eribed property to handsomely located lirme diatelv In the rear of the magnificent dwelling now being erected by George W Riggs, Esq., and only two squares north of Lafayette square. Title lndlsputaoie. Terms at sale jeJO-d ^ A GREEN, Auct'r. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Valuable building lot on Ninth street, between nsrth I street and Hew Ysrk avenne.?On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON. July 2d, at 6 o'clock, on the premise*. I shall sell part of Lot No 6, in square No. 403. fronting 20 feet on 9th street west, between north 1 street and New York avenue, running back 92# feet, containing 1.850 square feet. Terms: One-third cash; and the residue In six, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises JeM d JA8.C McGUIRE, Auct'r. WANTS. WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK AND wash for a small family. E street, tMrd house east of 3d. It# WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN A SITU tlon to drive a carriage Apply at this of fice between 2 and 4 o'clock to morrow afternoon. It* TWO SERVANTS WANTED?WANTED, to purchase or hire a gondcolorM woman for the kitr-hen. that can cook, v?ash and iron. Also a good child's nnrse, for which merchandise vill l>e given in exchange at cash prices Apply, through Box 313 Post Office. Je39-lw LAND WARRANTS WANTED IN Ex change for a small house on M it., near 13th Enquire at No. 427 Eighth street, between G and H. Je30-3t? SEVERAL COMPETENT DRESSMAKERS wanted. Apply at 490 Fourteenth st., south of the Avenue. je 30-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, wash and iron for a small f -milv Must bring good recommendations Apply at 391 Massachu setts avenue, first door from 10th street. Je 30-2t? WANTED?BY A respectable young woman, a situation as Ccok, who perfectly understands her business The be?t of reference can be given. Address a note to the Star Office, for"B P" je 30-2t* WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG Woman, either as nurse and sewing, or chamberwork or sewing. Apply at No 18 13# street. Je 23-3t* WANTED ? WANTED?WANTED?TO find persons in want of the following ar ticles : French or German Looking Glasses Portrait or Picture Frames, round, ova! or square Oil Paintings, large and small Marble-top Brackett Tables, in bronze or gold. All kinds of Pictures framed, and any sire Looking Glasses, or other work in the gilding line done to order with disnatch. Also, a lot of cast-iron Bracketts, en',table for shelving, Ac., on hand. Terms moderate to suit the times, for cash. N.B.?Old Work Regllt,end Looking Glass Plates Inserted. 255 Penna. avenue, opposite Klrkwoo i Hor*e. dec 19 JOHN WAGNER. FOR GALIi AND RENT. [SEE F13ST PAGE IOK OTHER NOTICE' ] For rent?a comfortable dwel llng House to let, No 400 Ninth street above H. and all or part of the Furniture for sale Ap ply on the premises je 30-3t# For rent?a pleasantly situa ted House, with the conveniences of gas, wa ter, Ac. Apply at No. 353 1 street, between 13th and 14 th. je 2a-lt? WITH THE VIEW OF CLO-ING OUR business, we offer for sale, on accommoda ting terms, the following property in Washing ton city: Part of Lot 2, square 51*, on which is a three story Frame House, (No 588) fronting on north side of I street, between 4th and 5th, having a back building attached, with stable, and tmall frame house on rear of lot. Part of Lot 19. square 2S9, on which is a two story Brick. (No. 411,) with back building ard cellar, fronting on south side of H street, between 12th and 13th. Part of Lot 27, square 100. with two two-story Frame Houses, on the west side of 20th street, between L and M Three three story Brick Houses, fronting 50 ft. on 9th street west, in Square No 399, commenc ing at corner of N street north, and running north on the east side of 9th street. These houses have back buildings, and they are on ground rent by lease of ninety-nine years, renewable, with priv ilege of purose at any time. Lot 9, square 514, fronting on north side of M street south, between 3d and'4# streets west, en closed with a good fence, and having a two story Frame Building on rear of it. Lots ?, square 447, fronting on west side of 6th nt:eet, commencing at the corner of O street and running southerly 300 feet. They can be leased If desired And in Georgetown, the following: A two-story Frame House and Lot on Mont gomery street, opposite the Public School. Ard a two-story Brick House and Lot on Wa ter street, near Congress On the rear of this lot is a good stable, sufficiently large for 4 horses. DICKSON A KING, je 28-eo2w> Georgetown. FOR RENT ?FOUR newsmallbrick Houses Just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. Applyatthe Capitol extension to FRAN CIS J. BROOKS. m 15-eotf Drug store for sale?the ad vertiser wishing to enter lntr> business in another place, will sell his Drug Store at a very small price for cash or notes well endorsed Ad dress (Immediately) "Druggist," Washington. N . B ?The store Is well situated. )e 26-eo3t? For rent?possession given im medlately, that large brick house on 18th st , between E and F, recently occupied by Col B F Lamed. For terms apply to Mr. CHARLES B. KING, Artist, 12th street, or at the ortice of the Paymaster General No. :H Winder's Building. Jel9-3w House for sale.?a fine new modern built hous?j on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a tine basement, kitchen, Ac. Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Ac In quire of H. A. WILLARD, at Willards' Hotel. je23-lm BOARDING*. Board, Ac.?mrs. bates,on the s_w corncr of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street Is prepared toaccommodategenUemenwithrooms, wfth or without board. Every effort will be made to render those comfortable who may fhvor her with their patronage ap a?tf NOTICE TO THE LADIES. ^-SELLING OFF A handsome fl^lot of Summer Millinery, Flowers. /fflwRibbonsStraws. Ac , rich Embroid edE. Collars, Undelsleeves, Lace and Silk Man tles of all kinds ard colors, infant's Waists and Dresses, with a variety of articles iuitable for ladies, misses and infants. N P Ladies can be supplied with r rench and English Corsets, Jacke s, Waists, Supporters, Brades, Bands, all of ^ * **} war" rantfdtofitat MRS. CASS I u\ s, No. 281 Pa. avenue south side, between 10th and ! 1th streets. jr^she will selliher stock until the 14th of July at cost. je-.'-eolm COOKING COAL. LORBERRY, BLACK HEATH, LOCUST Mountain, and other superior COALS, ex pressly for cooking. As particular attention i> paid to the wlectlvn of coals for this purpose, fhoae who mav favor us with their orders can rely on getting a superior article. Satisfaction given or no sale. 2 210 lbs. to the ton Hickory, Oak, and Pine WOOD of the bed quality always on w M eALT> N W corner 12th and C streets. No. 517. ITT Coal kept under cover, delivered free from slate and dirt. J? 18-11 AUCTION BALES. THIS AFTKRlTOOiy AND TOMOIIOW. By WALL, BARNARD A CO , Auctioneers OS TUESDAY APTERNOO!Vf JFLY 1, at 3 o'clock, in front of oar store, corner fth street and Pa. avenue, we shall sell, on account of whom It may concern? 1 two seat Pfcwtnn, In good order, and a nice ve hicle for family u?t Ai?o, 1 Coupee Carriage belorglng to Mr. Cramp ton, British Minister This Carriage Is to be sold on account of the purchaser not complying with the terms on which It was sold at a previous *ale. WALL, BARNARD A CO , Je 30-d A actiot eers Bv JAMES C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. VALUAHI E III 1LDINO LOT ON North I, brkwffn 21st and 22d streets at Auc tion -On FRIDAY' AFTERNOON. June *7, at 6^ o'clock, I ?hall sell Lot No. 18 In square No 77, fronting 53 feet I inch on North 1. between 21st and 22d streets, rusniug back 143 feet 9% inotes to a 3 ? feet alley This lot will be subdi vided into three 17 feet 8 ? lB<"h lota. Title Indisputable. Sale on the premises Terms: One-third cash; the residue In oneand two years, for rotes bearing interest sod secured npon t! e property. J. C. McGUIRE. jeSl-eod Auctioneer. JO"The above sale Is postponed aatil TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Julv 1st, same hour and place. J AS. C. McGUIRE, jj'28-d Auctioneer. Bv JAS. C. McGUI RE. Auctioneer. SMALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT Public Sale?On WEDNESDAY AFTKR NOON, July 2d, at half-past ? o'clock, on the Rremises, 1 shall sell part of Lot No 7. inSqua e [o512, fronting 25 feet on north N street, between 4th ar-d 5th streets, running back 185 feet to a J** feet alley. wHh the Improvements, consisting of anea*lv tew Frame House, fontalning four rooms, 14 by 16, with en excellent dry oellar under the whole. This property Is situated in one of the most healty locatiors in the city, with excellent water near by, and Is very desirable. Terms: One-thld cash ; the residue in six and twebe months, with lnteiest, secured by deed cf trust on the preaiises. Je 26-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, AucUr_ By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. Twelve beautiful building Lots at the corner of Kr.nd 3d streets at public Auction.--On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, June 'Pth, at half-pas: 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell Lots N'os 3ai.d4, Square No. 570, situated at the corner of north E street and Third street west. Those lots havebeen sub divided to make six lots fronting each 25 feet 6 Inches on north E street, running back 116 feet to a 10 feet allev, and six lots fronting 24 feet I Inch on 3d street, running l*ck 155 feet to a 30-leet al ley. Ihese are probablv the best proportioned and most eligibly situated lots to be found for sale In that very desirable part of the city for a private residence, and the sale should command the at tention of capitalists as well as persons desiring a first-class building site Title indisputable Terms : One-fourth cash: the residue in six. twelve, and eighteen mon'hs, wl'.h interest, se cured by deed of trust on the premises je 12-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. JI^The absve sale is postponed until WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 25th. same hour ard place, at which time the beautiful Lots on E street will positively be sold without reserve. JAS. C. McGUIRE, je 20-d Auctioneer. (C7* The nbove sale is postponed in conse> qnence of the rain, uatll WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON, July 2d, same hour and place je20 d JAS C. M:GU1KE, Auct'r. By JAS. C McGUIRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE and Beautiful situated Building Lots 9th street west, between ?? and H streets north. Bv virtue of a deed in trust bearlns date oa tbe 23<l day of November, 1855, *nd recorded in Li ber J A S., No. ?('2. folios 433 et seq,, tbe sub scriber will sell on Till' RSDAY, tt?- loth day of July, 1856, at6)f o'clock p m., on the premise* part of square No 375, fronting 4- feet 10 inches on 9th street west between G ard H streets no:th, tunning back that width 101 feet.. The above property is situated near the Patent Office and the 9th street Presbvterian Church, in a well improved neighborhood anil rapidly en hancing lu value, and is one of the most b autl ful and desirable locations for prlvav residences in the city, and off**r* a favorable opportunity to persons desiring either to build or Invest. The propeity will be sold either as a whole or in two building lots of 24 feet 5 inches in front each way, to suit purchasers. Terms of sale : One third oash; and the bal - ance in 6, 12, ar d le months, for noted bearing interest from the day of sale, and if not complied with in live days alter the sale the property wi 1 be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense oftoe purchaser All conveyancing at the expense cf the purchas er, and title made indisputable. CHAS. S WALLACH. Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE. je 26-eodAds Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer TWO BKIUK KILNS AT AlUTIHN ?On THURSDAY, July 3d, I shall sell on the pnnlses, at 6 o'clock p. m, two Brick Kilns, containing sixty or eighty thousand brick, situated on Square No 359, between north V and W a?d 10th <-nd Boundary stieets. The kilns to be re moved In twenty davs Terms: Under $30 cash; over S30. a credit of two and four months, for notes bearing interest, and satisfactorily endorsed. A. GREEN, je 23-d Auctioneer. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. HANDSOME BUILDINO LOTS on north I, between 14th and 15th streets at Auc tion.?On THURSDAY, the 3d of July, I shall sel1, at C o'clock p m , in front of the premises three ha*da me Building Lots, fronting 22 feet each on n rth L street, rjnning bark about 100 feet, between 14thstreet and Vermo t avenue ard 15th street, being Lots C, 1), and E. in *ohn Daly's subdivision of square No. 215. Tbe above described property is handsomely dtuated as it regards hea th, goed water, and con venience to the public Departments. There is an abundance of grapes and other fruit on the prem ises . Terms of sale : One-fourth cash; the balance In 6, 12. and 18 months, for notes bearing Interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. jeu<d A GREEN, Auctioneer Gas kkaters?another supply of those Gas Heaters so convenient for the nursery, or for cooking a meal for a srall family. Also, GAS S 1'OVES, tor cooking and baking, compete. G. FRANCIS, je 21 490 Seventh st. GAUZE MERINO AND SILK UNDER SHIRTS ANII OR VWEttS. Another and verv large supply of Gentlemen's Underdress this dav opened, of every variety of size and quality, sueh Gauze Silk SHIRTS and DRAWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do Do Thread Do Do Do Shaker Do Do Also, a full supply of Linen and Jean DRAW ERS. of gold quality and styles. It will be recollected that we buy exclusively far cash, and that we offer the best goods at the lowest and uniform prices, at STEVENS'S m 16-if Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. LA * D AN D iT A~X~A OENCY, LANDS LOCATED, BOUGHT * SOLD. DALLAS A STEELE, East Saginaw, Mich., (Hoyt's Block,) Prom: t attention pa'd to all communications. . J.BALLAS. R H STEELE Hrnncn. Hon R J Walkar, Wah'n, I?C. 8*in C BrewMer.SyTaeu*#,NT Albert J Steele, Chicago, 111. Hou Weo M Dkllu, Phil?del a. John Wlldon, ror'lyCom. Oen. Norman Little, E. Sactuaw, M. L*Pd Office, Chicago, 111. John Gtlltgher, K Sagiuaw.lL. J no K Uevelln, New York. Hon Levis Cats, Detroit, Mich. je 16-lm IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Having determined on changing our business, we will, after the 1st proximo, offer our stock of Fancy Goods, Plated War Watches and Jewelry, at cost, and in lots to suit purchasers, at wholesale or retail T GALLIGAN A CO , Dealers in Fanrv Goods, Perfornery, Ac , je 25-fft 370 Pa. av. undar Browns' Hotel. TTtOR SALE ?A PORTABLE STEAM EN r GIN E, three horse power, locomotive boiler. It ha? been in use at this office, and Is offered for aale becaute it is replaced with en engine of much greater power. It will be found extremely ser viceable, aid will be sold low for cash, je 24-tf GREENWOOD SEMINARY. SITUATED ON THE SEVENTH STREET Plank Road, three miles from Wathlngtcn, now open for the reception of boarding and day F je T^lm# Mrs WM. KESLEY, Principal. NOT'CE.?OUR CUSTOMERS ARE MOST respectfully nctiled that their accents a:e drawn off and will he presented to them on the 25th of this month We ask as an especial favr>r that all those who are indebted to us wi'l ca'land settle their respec tive amounts on or before the 1st of July. GLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. je 24-10td Fans?SELLING OFF AT A GREAT sa clflce, at Je26-tf JOHN F. ELLIS 9. TELEGRAPHIC TOWS. FROM THZ ASSOCIATED PRESS. by hoisk rniiTno tclk^raph. ARRIVAL OF THE XORTH AMERICA. FOl R Dill LATER FROM KtRUPE. QrBBiC, June 30 ? The steamer North America arrived her* this ???Ding, bringing Liverpool dates to Wednosday, the 18th inst., four days later than the Asia s ad rices. The most important feature of the news is that there is now a prospect of the pending difficulties between Great Britain and the United States being soon amicably adjusted. In the Hna?e of Lords. Lord Claretidon stated, in reply to a question from Lord Der by, that it was not the intention of the Govern ment to adviae the Queen to sus|*nd diplo matic relations with America This announce ment was loudly cheered Lord l>erby expreaae-l his satisfaction, but ?aid he regarded the Government's course ea humiliating, and an acknowledgment of error. Lord Clarendon appealed to the House nit to j oin Lord l>erby in pressing the question and the subject *a? then dropped Tbe fund* immediately rose in censequence of the announcement that Mr. Dallas was not to be dismissed Consols for money are quoted at ?4iatf4i. THE MARKETS Liverpool. June 17th.?Cotton?Sales yes terday of 12,000 bales, including 5,000 bales to speculators at an ad vance of i Sales to day of 5 0l>0 bales, the market receding from the advance of yesterday and closing at Friday s ?ales. Breadstuff's ?Prices are a trifle higher f< r Flour and Wheat. Corn has advanced Is; Western Canal 36a; Philadelphia 36*a37s; Red Wheat 10s. 3d. Manchester advioes are more farorable. Kausaa Emigrant* Returning. Sr. Louis, June 30 ?The Chicago company of Kansas emigrants who were disarmed at Lexington, arrived here on Saturday, on their return home. Assistance for Mexico New York. July 1.?The Herald says that an armed expedition is forming here, and in southern cities, to proceed to Mexico, ar.d assist the government of that country in the event ot hostilities with Spain. Insurrection in Venezuela. New Tore, June 1.?Advices from Tene mela report the insurrection there as becoming serious. The insurgents had captured four towns, and were marching on Bolivar. Col. Fr?mont'i Views New Yore. June 30 ?The Evening P ?st contains Col Fremont's letter of acceptance of the North American nomination He inu mates that he will in a few days comuiuui<-?te a paper designed for all parties, giving his views on the leading questions agitating the country. Baltimore Markets Baltimore, July 1.?Flour is firm, witb an upward tendency; salesof 1.500 bbls H^wsrd, Onio, and City Mills $fi 25a#6 371, the latter for good VV heat is firm;?good to prime reds SI 3d aS1.45; whites SI 6>a$1.75. Corn?white 3'1 a56c ; yellow 50a54c. Provisions are dull; Mess pork $20 Barton? shoulders 9*a9Je ; sides llf. Lard b firm at IlJalS:. in bbls. and kegs Hew Tork Markets. New Yore, July 1.?Flour has advanced ; ?ales of 10 500 bbls; good State S6.10; superfine Ohio St) 35; standard Sjutbern $7 10 Wheat has advanced, but pricej are yet ut"iuotable; sales of 45.000 bushels Corn hv advanced, but is yet unsettled ; talcs of 25 000 t ushels Pork had advanced: sales of -*50 bbls.; me?a 520 37i. Beef is firm; sales of 250 bbls.; Western meas$l2 Lard is firm; salee of 3oO bbls at lljal2c Whisky is easier; sales of 100 bbls; Ohio 2V :c. Financial. New Yore, July 1 ?Stocks are higher Caicago r.nd Hock Island 93; Cuu.ltrl.nd C >al Co. 23; Illinois Central bhares?8; Mu ll igan Sohtbern 101 ; Now York Central 9Si ; Pennsylvania Coal Company 103; Renuirg y2;; Missouri 6's 86; Illinois Central Bonus 90. Sterlirg exchange is firm at 10 per cent. premium. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, July 1, 1S56. The preparations for the celebration of the coming anniversary of our national indepen dence are few and far between The Mount Vernon Guards leave the day before for Win chester ; and we suppose private pic nic par tita, amid the green wood shade; fishing par ties, beside the river's brink; excursion par ties to Piney Point, the White llou.-e. and elsewhere, will occupy most of our people, a considerable number of whom will, we pre sume, imbibe a moderate portion of the ex cellent fait df rt> for which ourcity is famous. Last Sabbath was an occasion of consider able interest to that large portion of our cit iiens that worship in the Protestant Ej iscopal Church. At Christ Church, on bunday m>m ing. after an unusually able discourse from Ephesians iv, 24, Bishop Johns adminiHertd the rite of confirmation to thirteen persons, of whom a considerable number were young la dies During the past week there have been services at either Christ or St. Paul s church every evening. The collection on behalf of the Kansas em igant movement proceeds but slowly. We hope that a more commendable feeling will ere long be exhibited on this subject, and the funds come in rapidly. We hear that it is in contemplation to es tablish a new Catholic diocess, the See to be at Washington, and to comprehend within 'ts jurisdiction Alexandria, the District of Co lumbia and the lower counties of Mnryland, and to be called the Diocess of Washington. It is said that the present Bishop of Rich mond. Rev. John McGill, D. D., will be tran^* ferrcd to the new diocess, and that Rev. Mr. Byrne, of 6t Matthew s, is te succeed Dr. M.-Gill at Richmond. Most of our schools have closed St John s Academy closes its seventeenth session with an exhibition at Liberty Hall The weather continues intensely hot. Trade is quite moderate, and our city never more healthy. Am Green uinoer fur fkk?i.h\ in? and pickling, and Celery and While, and Brown and Black Mustard Seed*, for sale by J AS H SH t K F.LI'. Je 28-3t 279 F atreet, corner 13th. (1&KAI1.-A CONFECTIONER, HOTKL J keeper, or other persons can be supplied with from six to eight gallons of pure fre?n CRF.AM Ser week, aent^n dally or thrice a week from a airy and gurden farm near V\ a?hlngton City, by addressing a note to Box No. 8 StarOfllce. ?o that the advertiser may call and make arrangement* for lta delivery. je H-tf A SPECIAL NOTICE?ALL PURSUE In debted to as on open accoanta or are respectfully informed that their amount* are made eff and will be rendered to let Jutv We do earnestly request an early aettlement, as it Is all important to us that our Books should te closed Those who do not wlah th lr bills sen: in will oblige us by calling for thtra durli.g tb!a week. COLLEY A SKAKS, 553 Seventh street, 3 doors ab&ve Je >7-8t Pa avenue. 1?OR B O S T O N?THK FASTBAILING Clipper Schooner SBAR^V I LLF lis* irrived and will have quick despatch for; he above port. For Freight apr Iv to HARTLEY A BROTHER, Je 26 1w Agents. IjJOR B O S T O N.?THE FAST SAILING Scboorer HARIKTTA BL'RK, Cap s* aln NirLeirn. has anlved and will hav. }ulsk df?natch for the above port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A FRO., je#%-lw 101 Water st , GeoryeCn. JOHNSTON'S PHILOSOPHICAL* harts. complete with Key. ?ald to be the beat design *vt r Kitten up for schools and seminaruw FERGUSON. 20 next to Lammond's, 4e? 7th st FISHING TACRLE, a large supply. Hooks Reels, Rod<, Sinkers, and Flsh't^ Basket , it400 Seventhstreet. (Je*) G FRANCIS.