Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A SHISQTOlf CI X Y : THURSDAY Jnly 3, 1*5?. ]?J~ Advertisement* ahould be banded In by lis o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear nntll the ne*t day. To Political Clues.?Political clubs will find the arrangements of the Star office for printing their circulars, addresses, arguments, pamphlet*. Ac., as complete ai those of any other printir.g office in the 1 nited States. They may rely upon having such work done at the Star office in a satisfactory manner as to style and price, and in the shortest possible time. l?e sure to give ua a call before making arrangements elsewhere. Notice?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, societies, and all other associa tions are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertisement* or notices of any description in thenar, payment must be made fer them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been complied with. This rule must te imperative. SPIRIT OF THE MORHIHG PBESS. The Intelligencer contains an elaborate and interesting account of the present difficulties in Washington Territory, the point of which falls with force against Governor Stevens. The 9vion, commenting on the fact that the reports?majority and minority?of the Kansas Investigating Committee, with the evidence, will make a volume of a thousand pages', conoludes that it is to bo about the most ponderous electioneering document ever published. The same paper recounts many recent important accessions to the Demooratio party from the Old Line Whig ranks, which gives it3 editor great joy. It also shows that thecharge of fillibusterism does not lay against Mr. Buchanan. An Interesting and Important Letter. This morning's mail brought us a slip from the Nashville Union office, containing the following letter to the editor of that journal. It is from the pen of Gen Jackson's adopted son and executor, in whose keeping|his memory rests most appropriately. It has been drawn out evidently by F P. Blair's sinister publi cation of garbled extracts from letters written by the hero and sage of the Hermitage As ?o comments of ours can possibly add force to its plain and sensible statements, we repub lish it without them : Hermitage, June 2(5, 1856. Gentlemen : Be kind enough to give the followirg letter insertion in your paper : Within the last few weeks, several individ ual*, claiming to have been personal friends of Gen. Andrew Jackson, hate published let ters addressed to themselves, under the seal of confidence and friendship, which were never intended for publication, and are cal culated to wound the feelings of many per sons who stood high in the estimation of Gen. Jackson to the closo of his life. The object of tbe?e publications is so manifestly for the advancement of petty, personal ambition, and to irjure or destroy those who stand in the way of those mousing schemes, that no good motive can possibly be attributed to those who are gratifying a morbid public appetite. It seems that they are willing, for the gratifica tion of their own passions, to raise the current of the past, open fires, over which the ashes have long since gathered, and destroy, as far their puny efforts can accomplish it, the uni versal veneration with which the name of Gen. Jackson is regarded. The undersigned, as the adopted son, execu tor, and trusted friend c.f Gen. Jackson, pro tests most solemnly against this unsc;upulous use of the private and confidential corres pondence of his father, and he appeals most confidently to the public to sustain him in this protest, he, himself, was the repository of most of his father s private papers, and has never consented to the publication of any of then, becauso ho believes that no such ad dition cub be mado, with justice to the memo ry of the deceased until the men who served with him have parsed from the stage of ac tion. It would, however, bo unfair to the feelings of those who may have been touched by the extracts or full letters from Gen Jack son, heretofore published, to withhold the tes timony of tbe undersigned, that un to the close tf his life he entertained for President Polk and Hon. James Buchanan the highest esteem and affection. In in.iny conversations during his declining years, when in the full freedom of fireside ease he spoke freely of their eminent services and moral worth, on no occasion did he ever intimate to his family that his confidence in them had abated, or his kindly feelings towards them undergone any change It is well known to all who were well acquainted with Gen. Jackson, that he clung with intense pertinacity to the interests of those '? whom he regarded as friends?as somewhat dependants, and whom he had raised up by his patronage " These persons frequently (as can and might easily be shown) appealed earnestly to him for assistance in ad vancing their own schemes and views even to the close of bis life. Whilst suffering under a painful, withering disease, and earnestly i resaod by every artful suggestions he would nave been more than human, if he had not permitted expressions of momentary irrita tion to crccp into private letters, and the fiuit of their expression was not in him who wrote, but rather in those whom he unwisely trusted. The letter of Gen. Jackton in regard to Mr. Buchanan written in February, 1845, (dated 2b:h.) ixtracts from which have been recently published, is precisely one of the character, and written under tLe circumstances above alluded to, and did not contain any deliberate conviction of his mind, as is amply shown by hia cordial treatment of Mr Buchanan during his whole administration?hia appointment to Kussia?bia subsequent recommendation of him to others?and tbe fireside conversations with bis family, to which I have before al luded to. It is not the intention of the undersigned in this publication, to interfere iu the political conflicts of the day, or to do anything further than to protect the reputation and famo ot bis father, and preserve the consistency and bar iuony of a character dear to the whole Ameri can people A.ndhew Jackson. Hew Publications From Taylor A Maury we have the May number of the North British lieview. The contents are: Plays and Puritans, Life and Writings of the late Justice Talfourd, Histori eal Painting. MacauUy, British New Testa ment Criticism, Grote; History of Greece, The Weather a^d Its Prognostics, Indian Litera ture. Outrages on Woman, l'oace and its Po 1 tical Duties In the article headed ?? The Weather and its Prognostics" the eminent services rendered to science by the investiga tions of Lieut. Maury, Prof. L'spy, and Mr W. C. Redfield of New York, are handsomely acknowledged. Am Example ?An association is about to be formed iu Boston, for the pu.pose of enab leJSgi m!UJen8e b,aker?' "here bread may fcc sold at rates merely sufficient to cover the ? r? Mh.en-? 1,11,0 includes the es IbS I u>h#?ri ,Q CTer* ward in the c tj, and in each of the market places The nrtT,*!' X" n'l?1 the industrial Masses. ? J ? satisfied with five per cent interest on the money invested. The h??been induced by the conduct ? '' bakers, iu keening the loaves so small, in spite A the heavy fail in the prices of flour. WA8HIHGT0* WXWS AHD GOSSIP Our inniversary ?To-day the Star enters upon the fourth year of its publication under our auspices. Its career has been one of un preoedented prosperity. No other daily jour nal published in a city of the population of Washington, in eithor hemisphere, having ever attained to its present circulation, which continues stoidily to increase. While it has I some fifty thousand daily readers in the Dis trict of Columbia and the surrounding coun try, it goei to every quarter of the Union in large numbers, and beyond the limits of the United States to wherever there are Ameri I cans residing who tako interest in American public affair*. | As a matter of course, it i> now the main advertising sheet of tho region, as whatever it published in that way cannot fail to me?t the eye of nine-tenths of those around the ad vertiser who read any newspaper whatever. Our business customers tell us wonderful sto- I ries of the results of advertising in the Star's columns. It not unfrequently happens that ere the sun goes down upon the publication of the Star, patrons whose advertisements ap peared iu it for the first time on that day, I will rush to the offico and order them out; I because overwhelmed with applications at tracted from reading this journal. A busi ness firm whose address we have, advertised not long since, in another city paper for a fortnight, for a storage room within certain limit#, without obtaining an applicant Con cluding to try the Star, six premises were of fered to them on the evening of the first ap pearanco of their advertisement in its col- I umns! I While we claim credit for the industry and energy with which tho Star has been coc ductcd, and without which its fate would have been that of all its predecessors do pending upon the patronago of tho pub- I lie of Washington especially, as it does, I we have to thauk our fellow-citizens of all I parties for the kind sympathy with whiob our efforts to make a journal especially in dispensable to them have been greeted, and I to as3ure them that we shall continue to fur- I ni.-h them daily with precisely what nearly I all of them are eagerly anxious to know. P. S. As illustrative of the result of adver- I tising in the Star, wo hare to mention that I after advertising for some time for the heirs of a certain John White, in other city papers I without receiving a reply, a Washington mer chant inserted a similar advertisement in the Star, in answer to which be has received, through this office, at leaet two hundred ap plications by mail from all quarters of the United btatcsaud Canada; not yet having re' ceived the first application in reply to either of his advertisements for these heirs published elsewhere ! His address is at the service of any one who may question the truth of this statement. The National Anniversary.?Tomorrow being tho great national holiday no paper I will be issued from this office, in order that all connected with the Scar establishment may participate in the celebration of the day in city or town, op river or down, as suits their several inclinations. We are now on the eve of the eightieth an niversary of the memorable day upon which the birth of American liberty was first pro- I claimed to the world, and wo believe, notwith- I standing the gloomy auguries of approaching I national dissensions and calamity put forth by those with whom, in many cases, " the wish I is father to tho thought"?notwsthstanding I some few clouds lowering around the political'! horizon?we believe the coming anniversary I will le more earnestly and generally celc- I brated than aiiy previous one, and that ut no time has the inestimable political blessings I secured to us by that day's work been so tho- I roughly understood and appreaiatcd. No public celebration of the day is to be I made in Washington, but an unusually large I number of private re-unions and demonstra- I tions are on foot; and taking into considera- I tion the intense beat of the weather, we are I not sure but that our citizens exercise a wise I discretion by indulging their patriotism in I select groups, quietly, and in the shade rather | than by any collective display in the glare of I the sun. In the neighboring States of Maryland and I Virginia, the day is to be celebrated with un- I precedented spirit, and we presume many of I our citizens design participating with their I neighbors in their several gatherings at va- I rious points Ample facilities are afforded I for this purpose in the various excursion trips I advertised in the Star, and to this depart- I uient wo refer our readers, and take leave of I Lheiu until Saturday, when we hopo to be I able to record the enjoyment upon all handi of an undoubted good time, unmarred by ao cidcnt or unpleasantness of any description. The Last Dodge of the Humbug ?The " American" State Convention in session very I recently at Worcester, Massachusetts, having I pronounced, by a largo majority, for Colonel I Fremont, the re-election of Mr. Sumner to I the U S. Senate has become a matter of cer- I lainty ; as, combined with the Republican party, there can be no doubt of their power to return him once more. It strikes U3, there- I fore, that the game of desperation in the mat ter of his bodily injuries at the hands of Mr. I Brooks need pot be played much longer. In deed, nothing more is to be rnalo by playing possum. So we presume the trial of Mr Brooks, under the pending indictment against bim, will shortly come off Mr. Sumner, it will be recollected, was well enough to testify before tho Urand Jury a few days since, nni subsequently, it is being said over the city, to be the lion of a delightful strawberry party, given to him at 41 Silver Spring," where he continues a guest. But the poor man is not well enough, it seems, to permit the trial of Mr. Brooks to come off at once So, at his re quest, that has been put off until such time as be may be in condition to take his place in the witness stand, wherein, we presume, he wilj be compelled to face proof which will hardly tally with his testimony before the House committeo that investigated into his affair with Mr. B But our present purpose is but to suggest the propriety of his getting better at a very early day, now that the managers of the American party State Convention at Wor sester, Mass., have declared that they are willing to join the Republicans in re-electing him to the U. S. Senate. How this World it given to L The New York Tribune is positively in ecsta sies over the manner in which the Presidential popularity of Lieut. Col. Fremont is swelling ! Ihe whole North, according to that journal, is on fire about him?-there being every evi dence, it says, that Le will almost walk over the course unopposed. Now, in representing his prospects to be sueh in their judgment, the oonductors of that journal are deliberately imposing on the credulity of their readers. They know full well, and very recently in an unguarded moment admitted in their columns, that he has about as much chance to be elected to the Presidency of the United States as tho man in the moon. By way of carrying ou' the impudent humbuggery of their present representations of his strength before tho peo. pie, they pretend to believe, not only that eleotoral tickets for him wiH be run in every Southern State, but that he will prove a3 strong in them as the Democratic ticket in the non-slaveholding States ! We call atten tion to this childish misrepresentations of tho Tribune of the true condition of the canvass, a? capitally illustrating the extravagancy of the bastard Republicanism of the day?it be ing univeisally understood among the Repub licans of Congress that his chance of success is not one in ten thousand. Orange and Alexandria Railroad?Wo are pleased to note the growing prosperity of this work. It forms with its adjunct, the Vir ginia Central Railroad, an entire lino by rail between Washington 'and Richmond, (save the six miles by water from this to Alexan dria,) and is the only direct route from Wash ington and the cities north of it to the princi pal Virginia watering places. The cars arc now daily crowdcd with passengers, yielding a very handsome revenuo to the company; indeed, we arc informed that the receipts of the current year will excecd tho sum of $250,000. Tho company havo a charter for, and are now engaged in, the construction of an additional link to their road, to connect it with Lynch burg, where it will be in direct communication with the railroads of Tennessee, Georgia, Ala bama, and Mississippi. To effect this highly important objcct, a distanco of only sixty miles, (about one-third of which is airoady d< ne,) the company have issued their coupon bonds, secured by a mortgage upon the whole work, which are now for sale in the market, interest payable semi-nnnually in New York. These bonds are selling at exceedingly low rates, considering the unquestionable value of the security and the promptness with which the company has always paid the interest, and we would invite the attention of.persons to them having money to invest. The bonds are in the hands of Messrs. Riggs <k Co ,of whom more detailed information can be had. Wash ington city is greatly interested in tho prose cution of this work and its early connection with the great suuthern chain of railroads at Lynchburg. The Amendments.?The two amendments adopted by the Senate last night to the Kan sas State bill, of importance, wero that of Mr. Adams, confining the right of suffrage there to native and naturalized citizens of the United States ; and that of Mr Gcyer, abol ishing tho test oath law, and those against free discussion enacted by the Territorial Le gislature. * Passed.?The Kansas State bill?that of Mr. Toombs, with amendments?reported last by Mr. Douglas, passed the Senate at 8 a m. this morning?yeas 33, nays 12 Monetary and Commercial ?The following quotations of bonds, stocks, and land warranta were furnished us to-day (July 3) by Swee ney, Rittenhouse, Fant Co., bankers : BONDS AND CITY STOCKS. tVaahlnctnu Corporation 6 per < eut. Georgetown do 6 do fllexandri* do 6 do corroK*. ?it. I/ml? City b?ud? 6 per cent, ex Int. ?luriiiiiatl do 6 do do r?r. *100 103 Q 104 ISO 96 '4 9 7 100 85 <4 e6 Loulaville do [<cui*ville do FVederitkaburg 6 do do 6 abort b'da do kiempbia S>w Orlaus fittabnrg Burlington *4ii Kran?-l?co iari Kr*urisco iacraraento <o do do do d 9 do do 8 GO do do do do 10 pay N. Y 10 ;>ay S. F. 10 pay N. Y do do do do do do do do UNITED STATUS STOCKS. Loan of lsi6 6 per rent. Loan of lf">2 6 do Loan of 1867 6 do Low of 1st* 6 do Loan of loss (Coopona) C do Loan of 1?65 (Texaa tnd.) 6 do KAlf.KOAD BONDS do do do do ms laeo Saltlmora k Ohio 6 p. ct. Headline 6 Jrauge k Ales. 6 lllnola Central 7 llluola Central (Freeland) 7 BANK STOCK. lank of Metropolis Junk of Waalitngton 'atrlutic Bank ?"armers k Mecb.'a' Bank, Georgetown tank of the Old Dominion, Alexandria J*nk of Commerce, Georgetown, (none for a?le) INSURANCE STOCKS. rlremen'a f none In marketi Tranklln (uoue lu tba market) 1,008 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 I 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,900 79 89 79 92 80 M 75 75 M 103 9# 71 <4 80 <$ so <6 ?0 (4 (?9 81 I '? (4 76 (?. 83 (A 1<H 8 97 10214 @ 10354 li? @111 <4 117 @ 117 117 (A 107 116 116 119 106 83 93 I 75 90 I 91 105 ! 75 45 : 100 <S> 77 (4 a im (a, 80 60 ? 71 (A 101 'oUrnac flrglnU Maryland dlaaonrl Centncky ."Uialaaa ri'iinenei .'aiifurula do do STATE STOCKS. 6 per cent, ex lut. do do do do do do do ?? ? 91 106 (.r, 107 86 (4 86't 104 (ay 104 *4 ?j:< <4 s.'.V4 96^ (j) <<7 "83 (? 81 RATES OF FOREIGN BANK NOTKS. Dlsc't. Eastern States... i NTew York State. i STew York city... par *ennsylvania.... i Philadelphia .... par S'ew Jersey | Delaware Maryland Jaltimoro par Virginia j Dlsc't. ? ? I Richmond. Norfolk Petersburg Fredericksburg.. Winchester N. W. States Kentucky j \ Tennossec 2J North Carolina... 2 Other S. States ,.la2 I i I I 1* LAND WARRANTS. 60-acre warrants, per acre....SO 90 a$0 '.>4 80 do do do ...? 20 do do do ???? 60 do do do 40 do do do ...? 1 91 a 95 87 a 90 87 a 90 10 a 1 121 The cessation of the Diplomatic crisis in our elations with Great Britain was announced on Tuesday last, and an immediate rise in nearly ill kinds of Stock was the result. In New k'ork, Erie Railroad shares went up to 62i, ind nearly 18,000 t-hares of this stock were old. The totr'. advance during the week irecoeding was nearly ten per cent. Illinois Central Railroad also improved, reaching 90J rith considerable sales. Great bouyancy was ibserved in State Stocks. Missouri 6's were old at 86. Western Railroad shares generally ulvanced, and much business was done in ;hein. Money is abundant on call loans for business purposes at 5 to 6 per oent. Exports of specie continue large. The iteamer of yesterday took out $1,100,000; ihat of the proceeding week $1,600,000. Ex

ihange on London is quoted 10 per cent pre mium. The present prosperous condition of our monetary affairs, confirms the views express jd by us in former articles. The only check upon the buoyancy of the market having been removed, a further advance in prices uay be looked for in all leading stocks. land warrants ire in fair demand at quoted rates. Holders n the country stand aloof from the market, expecting better prices?when compelled to ?ealiie the market must again become de pressed, as the demand will continue light. Ne learn that the entries in Minnesota are {0,000 acres a week. It is supposed that the ,ill pondiug to give grant of lands for railroad >arpoM? for that Territory will soon become i a law, and hence the active location! in that district before tbe closing up of the Land offi pe?. That district contains about the only lands that can be now advantageously located. In New York warrants are quoted at 86 to 90 Tii? Currant Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 2d of July, there were of Treasury warrant# entered on the books of the Department? For redemptien of Texas debt.... For the redemption of Stocks... ? For the Treasury Department... For the Interior Department ForCastoms ..???? ? ? ???????????? War warrant* received and en tered From miscellaneous sources f9,719 52 19,631 31 32,213 79 15,059 94 8,009 18 7,?32 00 90 92 COKOKESSIOKAL PBOCIKDIHGS. In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the debate on the Kansas question was continued by Messrs. Pagh and Biggs, in re ply to Mr. Wade. The pending amendment of Mr. Adams was agreed ti?yeas 25, nays 15. Mr. Wilson moved an amendment abroga ting all the laws of the Territorial Legisla ture, which was debated at length by the mover, Messrs. Crittenden, Toombs, Seward, Clayton, Hale, Bigler, Trumbull and others At half past 10 p. m., Mr. Trumbull moved to adjourn ; not agreed to. A long debate on amendments ensued amid much exhaustion and some excitement on the part of the Senate. After 8 am. to-day the bill last reported by Mr. Douglas from the Territorial Affairs Committee, to admit Kansas as a State into the Union was duly passed, with two or three amendments, the vote being yeas 33, nays 12. The Senate then adjourned. In the House, yesterday, after wo went to press, the reading of the report of the major ity of the Kansas Investigating Committee was concluded, and a motion to dispense with read ing the testimony accomanjing it prevailed atter some conversational debate on a point of order arising under it. Tho said report having been ordored to be printed, they ad journed at 3 p. m. Proceedings ?( Te?Oay. The Senate were not in session to-day ; their session of yesterday having extended to twen ty hours duration. In the House, to-day, a resolution to ad journ over until Monday wa3 agreed to?yeas 94, nays 93. In answer to a question from Mr. Kunkle, Mr Campbell, of Ohio, gave notice of his in tention to call up hid report on the Brooks and Sumner aff lir on Tuesday next, and if possible if to the the vote upon it on tho next day?Wednesday. The regular order of business being de manded, the question recurrod on the pend< ing motion to lay on the table Mr. Barclay 's motion to reconsider tbe vot? bv which the bill admitting Kansas into the Union on the Topeka made constitution was rejected. Mr Barclay asked leave to reply to the speech of Mr. Houston of Ala , delivered on tbe day before yesterday ; objection made. Mr Jones moved a call of the House ; n ot ordered. Mr. Whitney asked leave to make a per sonal explanation ; objection mado. Tho question was shortly afterwards put on tho motion to lay on the table Mr. Barclay's motion to reconsider, above explained ; and it was cot laid on the table?yeas 97; nays 102. PERSONAL. .... Among the families at Old Point, is that of lien. Quitman, of Miss. .... Mrs C Howard is playing at Newark, N. J., with Burton, of New York. ....John Clayton, Superintendent of Com. Stockton's farm, N. J , was thrown from a horse at Princeton on Friday and instantly killed. ....Cnsey, recently hung in California, says the Newark Advertiser, owned six lots of land situated in that city, valued at about ?600. ... .Many years ago?about 1804?Mr. Nich olas Longworth of Newark, N J., removed to Cincinnati and began to study law in the of fice of Judge Burnet. He practiced his pro fession for a number of years, investing his income in lands and lots in the vicinity of tbe city. He has been a fortunate speculator. Mr Cist relates the anecdote of his once de lending a man accuscd of horse-stealing. The only fee the man could give were two second hand copper stills. These Mr. Longworth exchanged with one Joel Williams, a large property-holder, for thirty-three acres of land fronting on Western Row, and which, at this time, is worth two millions of dollars. Mr. Longworth has acquired a very large property, and is supposed by some to be next in wealth to Astor of Now York. This gentleman ii the pioneer wine manufacturer of Cincinnati. For m*ny year* he bag been spending large sums in cultivating our native grape? lie has cultivated and tested over one hundred kinds of native grapes, brought from ail parts of the United States. A long series of expe riments has proved the Catawba to be the best native grape for the manufacturg of wine, and in 1851 Mr. Longworth had vineyards in the vicinity of Cincinnati covering one hun dred and fifteen acres. All the fixtures for the making and keeping of wine have required a largo outlay of capital. In ordinary years he makes about throe or four hundred gallons to the acre, and in very fruitful years has m?de five hundred. Mr. Longworth has em ployed experienced wine makers from the old countries. POLITICAL ITEMS. James O. llolliday, Esq., of Portsmouth, has been appointed elector for tho Norfolk district by tho American party. Hon. Uri Osgood has been nominated fcr Glongross by the Democrats of the Third dis trict of Illinois. A banner va< strung across Broadway, in Albany, bearing the following motto : "Wel come the "Pathfinder" to tho White House!'' The Bellefontaine Gazette, of Logan county, Ohio, an Old Line Whig paper, has come out Democratic, and run up tbe name of Buchan an and Breckinridge. The friends of Mr. Fillmore in New Orleans fired a salute of fifty-one guns upon the an< nouncement by telegraph of his arrival in New York. The citizens of Fauquier county, Va , held a meeting on the 23th alt at Piedmont station to express their indignation at the alleged cwnduct of Mr. J C. Underwood, in pretend' ing to represent Virginia in the Republican Convention at Philadelphia Tho meeting adopted resolutions discarding all sectional parties, adhering to the constitution and the Union as it is, and denouncing as a libel any attempt to make an impression that free soil or abolition doctrines are gaining a foothold in Virginia. A committee was appointed to convey the sentiments of the meeting to Mr. Underwood, and to inform him "that they deem it just p.nd advisable that he should leave the State as speedily as he can find it in his power to do so." Advices from Havana of the 25th ult. state that dispatches of an important charac ter had been forwarded to the fleet at Vera Cruz It was generally supposed in Havana that if Comonfort did not pay the Cash a bom bardment would be immediately commenced, in pursuance of a plan hatohod in Europe. Havana was more healthy. Exchanges were easier. ^NOTICE !?-WESTERN MARKET. Notice is hereby given that the Western Market will be opened ou the morning of the 4th Instant, instead of this evening. It* l-^jORAND ANNUAL EXCURSION of VOSk the NaMonal Guard, to come off on the L1th instant. By o: ier of Jy 3-2t THE COMMITTEE. .NOTICE?THE BOARD OF DI rec'ors of the Washington Building As lociatlon will meet TO-MORROW EVENING Ith instant, in the Room of tbe Franklin Fire Company, corner of Fa. avenue and 11th street, it 8 o'cieck. It* J. P. DICKINSON, Bee. .NOTICE ALL GERMAN CIT1 zens favorable to forming a Buchsnsa and Breckinridge Association are hereby notified to atlfid a nr eetinc at Conctrdla Hall, H rtrwt, brtwp?? 6th and 7tk, in the rear of Charles Wer ner's H?el, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Ju ly 9, 1MB. All frt?nda of the Democratic cauae are ino?t respectfully Invited to attend Jy 3-St* THE COMMITTEE M WASHINGTON HIGHLANDERS, AT TENTION ? Yo* are notified t^ attend tb? regular monthly meeting of f e Company to be held at vour armory TH IS (Thursday) EVENING, the 3d Instant. A full ar d punctual attendance la nrcessary a? business of importance will have to be transacted By order. 11* JNO WATT, Captain SPECIAL NOT I CE ?THE CITY Despatch beg* leave to Inform Its pe trons that there will bi no collections or deliver ies on the 4th of J oly. WASHINGTON SEMINARY ?The Annual Exhibition of this institution will take place on MONDAY next, the 7th Inst , at Carmi's Saloon, commencing at 9 o'clock a m The public are Invited to attend jy *-3t H J. DENECKERE, Pree NORTHERN LIBERTIES' MAR. KET.?As the 4th of July comes on Fri day. the market usually held on tkatdav will take place TO-MORROW (Thursday) BVEN1NO. jy? PR ESI DENT'8 MOL'N TED GUARD. ATTENTION?You are hereby or dered to meet at tbe armory In full unl form, with arms and aecoutremeats. in complete orde', for raradr.on FRIDAY MOR N ING, July 4th, at 5jf o'c'ock. By order of Capt. Jos Pxcx : jy i-2te \V. H. HAY WARD, 1st Pgt. THE UNION GUARDS TAKE great pleasure In announcing to their friend* and the public that their target tiring and <trnnd Military Excursion will take place on TUES DAY. j u!y 22d, to the Relay House Further particulars in future notice. jy*-* t J BOULANGER HEREBY 61VES notice to his patrons and the rnblic that the bar-room of bis eatabllshment on G ft. north, near the War Department, will be closed on Frl lay^ the 4th Inst (lntfcUnion) jy l-3t CELEBRATION OF THE IRVING Lyceum, on the evening of Julv 3d. IS56, In the hall of tbe new Library Bulldtng of Wm. W. Corcoran, Esq., on II. between 13tb snd lith streets, to commence at 8 o'clock p m of Exercise* : Reading of the Declaration of Independence F. N. Roche Address P. V. R Van rtycl Uration Peyton Wlae The public are respectfully invited to attend. ED T MATHEWS, ? THOS COX, EDWIN JAMES, j v_l?3t Committee. NOTICE ?THE SUBSCR I BKR beg* leave to call the attention of tbe public to his stock of GLASS and tJHEENSWARE tiefore purchasing elsewhere, as by so doing they ?rill save from 1& to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Seta lower thai tbe lowest at k>9 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th streets je 9-6in JOHN McDEVITT. Bank, of Waiblnjlta, Jnly 1. 1U6. A DIVIDEND OF THREE PER CENT has been declared by the Trustees of this Bank >utof the prcfltsof the last six month*, payable o stockholders on demand, jy3-3t JAMES ADAMS, Cashier LOST?ON SUNDAY AFTKRNOON, TH F. 2Hh ultimo, a package of nap?rs, five ex'ar don tickets, Ac., among whlc.i was a prom'ssory lote, dated March lit, 1S?6. for S?3 15, drawn mable to try order, signed E. M. Chapln, whb lo'endorsement on the same All persons are warned against n?Lr?tialint? for said note, as p*y uent for the fame has been stopped. It* CHAS J.qUEEN FLY UKL SHKS A D WIRE DISH COVERS. 4 BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF THE above named articles so necesrarv at this iea*on, juit received and for sale cheap at tbe lepot for all kinds of useful articles JOS. L SAVAGE, Siirn of Gilt Saw, ja'.y 3-6t Pa av , bet. loth and 11th streets. CO YlltOSO-? ON-JOKKRANDO. the Pat ca'cher* Daughter, with the original extra rerses, and t^e Ghost Story, as encore v?r.<es,and he genuirt original Melody, as sung by Harry L>?hr. iu ?ubllsbed at the Music Depot. Price mly 25 cents. Also, in ptess. and will shortlv be produefd. a lew Polki entitled, 41 Yes, Polka," by C G. Mortimer, Jr, author of "I Have no Mother Sow," Ac. GEO. HILBUS, je3-3t Agent R. W. SMOOT, No. 140 north side Bridge ft., Georgetown r\N MONDAY, THE 7th OF JULY, I WILL 1/ commence selling out my large stock of Dry Soods ata reduced price, for cash. My object is o change my busines* Those In want of great >argains will do well by giving me a call. All )ers?ns indabted to me will please ca". and make icttlements to July 1st, 1556 jy 3-2w R W SMOOT. JKAYKD FROM THE NEIU11BOR* 5 hoed of Fourth street, English Hill, ?7V__ >n Monday night, a dark sorrell HORSE, vith a wcite main and tail, and a low back. A cward of S5 will be given to an> one who will ?ring the horse or give such Informa'ion so I can ;et him. PATRICK HAN ROHAN, ' jy 3-3'.* L st., bet. 1st and 2d west. \1 UST BE SOLD, OUR ENTIRE STOCK <1 of Fancy and Plain Bonnets.? ? open worked worked Lace and Hair Bonnet*, with curtains 1 Fancy Hair and 61mp Bonaets 5 Miwes4 Hair and Lace bonne's Case slightly danaged Straw suitable for com mon wear, travelling. Ac , will be offered a srreat l?argtin. Call at Mrs R. G. ETCHISON'S. Our customers who have received their bills are espectfully requeued to make an early settlement ither by cash or notes at short daie, and thereby reatly oblige jy 3-lw Mrs. R G. ETCH ISON. CONFEC TIONERY AND ICS CREAM SALOON. rHE SUBSCRIBERS INTEND OPENING on the 4th of July, at the corner of eth*^ nd F streets, a first class Saloon. They will, rom time to ;ime, add ?. good many GOOD THINGS to these usually kept in'such an stahllshinent. They ask a share of the public patronage and rill try to please all persons The Store and Sa oon will he open from 5 o'clock in the morning o 10 o'clock at bisht. jy 3 tf HENRY A BARRON A CO. ! PLEASURE EXCURSION FOK TII X BKNXf IT OX THI 'OUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SOCItlY OF GEORGETOWN, D C. rHE SAFE AND COMMODIOUS STEAM ER POWHATAN, Captain - , llttdl, having been chartered b\ he above Society, will mske an excursion do*n he Potomac on WEDNESDAY, July 16th The steamer will leave Georgetown at ? o'clock . m ; Washington at 0, ard Alexandria at 10, nd proceel down tbe river, stopping at Fort Vafchlngton a sufficient time to view tbe pla e, rom theace to Pye's Landing, Charles county, vbcie there will be sufficient accommodation for hose wishing to dance, and thence returning to Seorgetown about sucset The Committee promise to spare no piins or xpense to make this the most pleasant excursion f the season A fine Cotl Ion Band has been eagageU for the ccasion. Tickets FIFTY CENTS each; Children ac ompanl?d by patents or guardians half price. Refreshments and Dinnt r will be served up by n experienced caterer atclt* prices. Tickets can be procured at John L Kldwell's hug Store, Georgetown; Kldwell A Laurence nd John F. Ellis', Penns\lvanlaavenue, Wash n-ion, and at the beat o ? the day of eicursion. Commiitee. Joi n J. McQuillan, James O'Donoghue, Ja:ues Riley, Francis Harper. John J. Bogue. Je 3 5,7,9,11,12,14,15-M (Intel) SCHNEIDER'S PATENT IBLF-MEAS* L'RING Ic VENTILATING FUNNEL. I^HE ATTENTION OF GROCERS, liquor dealers, rrsuurants, ard others having tse for a Funnel is respectfully called to this in rention. Its advantages over the ordinary fun tel are so plainly manifest as to strike the eb erver at once as being the neatest, el< anest, and nost economb al arrangement ever offered to the >ublic. As a saver of lime and labor It has no ?ual With one of these Funnels any quantity llqnitl, from half pint up to live gallons, can >e correctly measured and passed from one vesat l o another without the aid of any other mea?ure. Tbe undersigned, having tbe so'.e agency for he District or Columbia, will take pleasure n ixhibltlng the funnel te grocers and others The irticle miy be seen and orders left at L. H AG. Z. Schneider's Brass Foundry, Pecna. avenue. ?etween 16th and 11th streets. THOMAS B BENNETT, General Agent. The above mentioned patent F unnel has been isrd by the undersigned for a perltd of thue can, aid has given enMre satlrfactlon. Wm. lupp, Jas. Caspar la, Wm C. Harper, Edward S. Dyer, and others. It AMUSEMENTS. N a T I ? N A L TIIKATHK, CELEBRATION OF THE ?(* OF JVl.Y DB4MATIC FZRFORVAFCE this mr.HT only: lLe Performance will commence ? th a new GOVERNMENT PAPERS; OE. THI DISMISSAL OF A BRITISH MINISTER *SON6??, DANCES, Ac. After which the Dram* ef HOLE IN THE WALL. ' To conclude with tk? GRAM) NATIONAL TABLEAU WASHINGTON AND THE GODDESS OF LIBERTY'. Jy? Fire Works! Fire Works!! 15 LAEwE AHS * MALL QCAKTITIIS Et N<f. 510 SEVENTH Street, jy l 31* near Odd Fellow*' Hal'. Fire works, toys. ?a>ie?, Grace*. Battledore*, Building Block-. Dol's, Rtn! road*. American PUp>, for ?ale lew at jjr 4-3t LAMMOND'S, 7th at PKESKKVl.OCiOUIR?A BEAUTIFUL ar?lc!e juat rccelvcd and for sale by jy 2 7. M P. KING Ak) REWARD?STRAYED AWAT ? the subscriber on tbe l-th J one. Sf^r.rV ?mall red COW, with high htm*. white red, atd ba'r verv long Whoev? TjjLZTL er will return tbe Mid Cow to 5-Hi Thirteenth *t., Island. will receive the above reward jy2-2t? MRS *HEA CAPON AFRINOS. Route.-orange ani> Alexandria Railroad at 7 a m . to th* g Manassas Junction ; Mar.E*?a*Ji^ Gap Railroad to StrEsburg : J H K- iiip'slln* <4 Stage* to Capon Sprirg*. arriving at the Spring* by ?? o'clock in the aflern on. je2-1 m MANAMSEi* SAP RAILROAD. TRI NE*' THllltS: TKlHHfll ! WE AR I THIS DAT tBCBIVINC THF. moot extensive and elegant a*?orrrcefit of travelling requisites to tie foond in this city,com prising? Be* sole leather End packing Trunks Ladles' dres* Trunk* Hat-boxes. Valise*, Carpet beg*. Satrbel*. Ac. Which we arc pro pared to di?po*e ?f at very low price*. WA1.I. A STEPH KNJ>. Jy 2-3t 324 Pa. av.. bet tuh and lC?h strceta. WATCHES. JEWELRY. A*UAIL\LR War#.?A new assorta^-nt Ju*'opeued All the newer ftyic* of Ladles' and Gentlemen a Watchea. warranted time keeper* Diamond. Peart, Mosaic, and Coral Jewelry, in ae'a and single piee?s S?11d Pilver Tei Set*, Pitcher* Goblets. Cop* K nlve*. ForKa. t?poon*. and every article of fan< y Oliver Ware suitable for present* In edditlon to Hi* above we < ITer a compV a*, sortment of plated Tea !?>?*. Cake Ba-kets Cas tor* Albtta Fork" and Spoon* Also, bf*t quality English ar.d American Table Cutlery M W GALT A BRO , july 4-3t 321 Pa av , fcet. 1Mb End U?h rti. ?Qf| REW ARD.?THE STORE OF THE undersljyied we* en'ered oa MONDAY nlgct. Ead e numbfr of Kniv?s and PlsU>'* stolen r-nm It A reward of f-JO will be given for 'he ilefctlon of the thieve* or th* recovery of th* property. For part of the property the reward wt<l be In pr r-ortloa. jy 8-31 C H. MUNCH. KNGLI9H AND AMKH MAN TABLE CUTLERY, PLATED WAR E. fee. JUST RECEIVED AN INVOICE OF VERY superior English and American Table Cutlery, A*aN?ta Tea Nt?,Cak* Markets. C? stora, Butter Dishes. Albata Fork*. t*no">ns, Ladle* k.r The above are all of Superior qaal'ty. and of fer, d low. M. W GAI.T A BKil , Jeweller*, No.324 Pennsylvauia avenue, je 47- between 9th ard 1 BOKTUN AND NEW YOltk PIANOS, Guitar*, Violin*, Flute*, Aecordeon*. Kan |oa, String*, Pen Ro*'.n.How? Mjsic, Ac , at the great musical establishment of JOHN F ELLIS, 306 Pa ev , between t>th and l*tfc at* Piano* and Melodcon* for rent. |e 2*1 Fire Works! Fire Works!! In Store on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE between 11th and 14th afreets, jy I St* In La*ge or Small Quantities. iy EFKIGEHATORS.? JLSTRECl IVED, i V a few n-ore of th< se ex'elWnt plEln Refrl^r. atora. When all tbe nat***< Refriceraors have >ecn tried and laid aside, these will continue to e used, as thev long have beer, ann give nnl vrsal satisfaction Prices ere low. jy 1 G. FRANCIS, 4*> Seventh *t. FAMILY COAL. r^m HOSE who LAY IN THEIR COAL for winter durlr g tfce summer month* csn now le so to mnrh advantage by leaving ? < -d- ? it the Wood and Coal Depot, northwc*t corner of ith t nd C streets, N o 557. T J. A W M GALT *#?The best article of WOOD elwaj-s on band ? ^?Coal kept undercover. Q<*2,24(l pound* to the ton. Jv l-3t NOTICE.?THE COPARTNERSHIP here tofore existing under the firm of F. T >111 ?ourn A Bro . wa- thi* day dissolved bv mutual onsent. The 6rocerv, Flour and Feed buflne** rill be continued at tfce oid s'and No ?i H .;h treet* Georgetown, by F T. Miieotes. in vho*e charge tLe book* of t ie late rtrm w'.ll 1-* eft, and all persons Indebted to the ?aire are ?arne^tly req\iest*d to ecme forward and settle heir sc~oiints on oi l>efore the fl-sr of Sep'^mber text F T MILBOl RN. jy l-3t C. W. M1LBOl'RN TORSE FOR SALE.?A FINE YOUNtf Horse for sale.?a fine v bEV HOKSE, four years old. "fune^. ^ itvte ai>4 Ectlon. warranted sound and/1^* rentle in every rc*p?ct?would make a Sn? fan ly or physician horse, mr would make a verv fl?e natch for E carriage?works in single or d e lErneaa Also, a thorough-bred Pointer PI P for ale?8 months old. Any gentleman wanting a well bred Do? thl* Is a rare chance, as be w.l, he ust the age to break In the Fall: warrar.vd g?? line. Enquire at tbe Wocd and Coal yard 'f T. JRURY, Pe Evenue, between I7thand lbtL sto , First Ward. Jyl^t* IELLINO Ol T TO C MANGE Hi SI NESS. WE COMMENCE THIS DAY TO SELL our stock of Pcrfsmerv, Fancy Goods. Ac , it cost, for cash. We nam'- 1n part? icrman Cologne ?3 per doien Do do short i?ottle* f 2 5t? per dcz Lubln'x Kxtracts S8 p< rd<icn The best Bav Rum S5 ixt rtt r- n 4oaps, Washes, pomades, Wor . Boies 'abas, Can**, Dressing Cases k^ases, Matuettes, CIocks. Ac. ALSO? lewelry ard Plattd Ware, and W t Le' We earnestly request all persfnis Indebted to u* o call nnd se*t'e a* soon as possible, a? ** ut inxlcus to cloa ? our b i*ine?s T GALLIGAN A CO.. Dealers in FancyGocd?, Fine Fan*. Perfuiue y, Ac . 370 Pa. av; , und- r Browns' Hotel. \OTICE.?ALL PERSONS INDEBYFD to the estate of tl?e late Isaac Goddard dec<a>^?l ire notified to come forward ard >-ttle iuini'^ itelv SARAH GODDARD. jy i_3t Admir.lstrEtru [VTOTICE.-MY CUSTOMER?* ARE RE Ll *pectful!y Informed that their acco auare jow ready for distribution, and will be pre-enteo jy let July. Tiowe who do not wl*b their ac counts sent to tbcm will please call for items* sarlv as possible. SAM'L LEWI'4. Je28-?t Jeweler r) PERSONS ABOUT LEAVING THE CITY ?If yon wish Brushe* and Co?Jt?s or my kir.d or .quality. S?oaps, Perfi'ii'^T- rans, Paper, Porte Mornaies. Ac , call at our store a> are are determined to sell these Goods at unpre cedented low rates. 3UA bet Otb and H*h s'* j#3J MiHN F. ELLIS \t Y LORD, THE Dl KK vr BU? MN6 Lfl ham is taken. Hand e copy of W r* ^tephrns' new Ma^tzine. sud say there srv more at aim, ?b? ??? -5, je 3U- next to Lsmnjond, 48* 7tk sucft I OHN HALIFAX, liENTLEWA N.-BY the author of The Htad of the Family, Oil*, fcc , 50 cents. Western Africa; Its history, condition and p.o* *-cts ; by Rev J Lelghton W ilson, with numcr >us ? ngravings, SI.25 Clara, or Slave Life In Europe, with a preface, Dy Alison, SI. Just published, and ?r sale at TAVLOK A I1aIR\ > Je 30-tr B ookstore, n-ar W.k street. ISH1NG TACRLE, alsrge.upplv; Pin ks, ^ Keels, Rods, Slnkei*. and 1 ! i ' v ? " > it 4V6 SeveaLhstreet. <)??) ?.1-RA.Ncltf. F