Newspaper of Evening Star, July 3, 1856, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 3, 1856 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. A CHILD S WISH. Be my fairy, mother. Give me a wish a day; Something; an well in sunshine A a when the rain-drops play. And If 1 were a fairy, With but one vlib to spare. What *hr.ul 1 1 glre the?, darling, To quiet thine earneet prayer ? I'd like a little brook, mother. All for my very own, To laugh all day among the trees, And shine on the mossy atone. To run right under the window, And sing me fast a?leep. With toft steps a; d a tender sound, Over the grass to creep. Make It run d wn the hill, mother, With a leap like a tinkling tell, So fast 1 never can catch the leaf That Into Its fountain fell. Make it as wild as a frlght?n<d bird, As craiy as a bee. And a noise like the baby's funay laugh, '1 ha.'s the brook for me! ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTXLS XT 11 tarda' Haiti? j. e. * a.&. wiiun. W A Gates, NY Hon C H Mason, WT 8 Mason, do A Bm'th, N V J Aidrlcti, NC G A Salnger, Vt H Caswell. Mass W A Heed A dau, O T B Phetteplace, Pa DC Kelly A ly, China C G Strain. Mass H H Brunny A ladies, N Taber, ly A c hild. Pa Md F T Conover, U8N H 8 Tlmmerman A ly, Miss M Conover, NJ do C ConoTer, do J K Dorranre, Ct Miss Cral?, do K F Dorranre. NJ W Sayles A ly, N Y J W hippie, N Y J J Eaten, do E Ames, Mo J Este '.do H Kelly, Ml W F Simeon, do W S Wl?der, Md G Anthenv do H O Durkee. Vt C L Wteelock. SC M M Mariradake, Mo H Paine, ly A child, Va J Adams, Paris J 8 Manson, 111 C T Mitchell C Hix A lv, Iowa R A Reading A son. NY Miss Hlx. do J P Deer, Md W Tellot, NY c Purdy A ly, Tenn W J Kapham, do H F Hanson, Texas R Kerch.Mich W Horning, do G S3 Mur?>7, ly. 2 child'n H Basler A ly. Ct A svt, do T J Wevkamp, Pa Mr* E P Mosely, do J E Jarner, do Miss Williams, Ky C B Krliling, Mass Mrs L Marmadak*, Mo 8 Callurn. pa Mi*s 1.8 W F Hol -rnft, N V Miss J C Sapping ton, do G Martin, jr. Ky W Cornell, Md 8 S Benedict, flo J Dlnsmore, Mass C Wlngste, do A Thurston. NJ E S Handy, USN J. Spooner, Md D U Macomher, NY C Kinsley, do W 8 Tlce, o ^atlsoa1 wtLLI&M ?*t. C H Carter, Md T Butler, Ky M F Cartway, Kan W V Butler, do T J Heymari, Pa Miss Fe kins, Va R H H'.inton, Va J Bancroft, ly, SC C M Alexander, do Miss Burchmver, do J A Washington. do C G Terrell, Va J Scarbo-ougti, Cal O P Kane, Md F Cooper, NC Dr Harding, ly 8 W Conf, O C B Smith, l.a T J Waterst Ga R H Stuart. Va J M Young. d> HA Middleton, Md H Conzess, l.a K D Watson, do E C D dd. N J W 9 Bndeison, 111 D P Washfleld, Iowa W fhak*peare, Del 8 D B Clark, Mo O R KidiV, do F B Howell, O H W Cloud, Va H H Book?/, La J Fu.hs, do F 11 Hickman, Md L C Brickenttaln, do W A Stokes, Pa J M Murphy, do Col Jackson, Kan J C Mavo, do W B Biockett, do C H Carter, Md Hrewn*' H?UU| FA Ml tew*. F R Windsor. Cal Mrs Clifford, Ky J B Kimball, USN Mrs Collins, Va ti Auld. Md Mrs Crump, do B Lindsay, 111 F W Bedford, ly, Xa A I'avis, do W H Johnson, Ala H Dunghson, and fam, S P Finks, Va Scot A ohnston, NY B Idvin^ton, Tex o DnBols. La J W Farrbh. Va Mrs Spring. Mo Hon G E Pugh, O Mi* Sprlgg, Mo H Kobinsoa, do T Horrell. do *Nve. Ill WJBea'l. Md W Goff, NY II Grlnneil, N V G A Kofceits, ly, Pa T Brown, NY J F l.uckett, ly, .Md C Browning, Va N S Lmmart, ly, do J H Eaton, Pa Miss MUleron, do W B Harris, Va 8 8 Stansbury, do M lss Calhoun, Mo T C Lyon, Tenn E Morris dr, Iowa R L Rogers Md B W Mison, ly NY J Mather, ly, Mass E E Talbot, MV Ktr*w?4 Mian?i, ? a. H L M Davis, Md A N Hart, Pa J F Steele USN H Bixbv, Mi J Whaling, NY LH Cary, do B Motion, Pa J B Kirk A ly, La A Prlvaux. NY Mrs Richardson. Ky J W Mtctile, Va ' MOVEMENTS 07 OCEAN 8TEAM1EI. TEOM TH? SfllTXD STATU . Limii For Dmf. Ame<lca Boston Liverpool ..July' 2 North Star....New York ....South'ton ..July 2 Philadelphia New York....Hjivar.a July i Aima New York.....Havre July 3 At.antle New York Liverpool,..July 5 Illinois New York....Aaplnwal!. ..July 5 As.a New York Liverpool.. .July 9 Hermann New York Bremen July 12 Edinburg New Yo.-k....Glasgow,...July 12 Cantdi ..Boston LI verpool...July 16 Baltic New TorK....Llverpool...July IS Africa New Yofk....Liverpool...July 23 Lebanon New York....Liverpool...July24 Fulton New York....Havre......July 28 raoM icxon Hermann Southampton.New York.. J une IS Canada........Liver pool .... B oston ..., J u ne 21 Bal tic Liverpool N ew York.. J une ? Africa Liverpool....New York.. Jun?"> ?nlton Havi# New York..July 2 Niagara Liverpool Boston July 5 1 rlesson Liverpool New Yok...July 9 ??.r"U;.7 V? ? f York.. July 12 Cky of bait... Liverpool.... Philadelphia. July 18 The California steamers leave New York on the 5th ar.d 20th of each month. FOR MOUNT VERION ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. rpHESTEAMER GEORGE WASHINGTON A will leave Washington at 9 ^ o click am , and Alexandria at The passengers will sp;-nd three hour^^lount > ernon on that day. which will make it a pleas ant place to sfend the day. .. ^*T* r?undtrlptl. Coaches will connect with , ^214. JOB CORSON. Je 27-Ht Captain. *OK MOUNT VERNON. ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS?FARE, ROUND TRIP, ?1: FROM - T?'fc. ALEX AN DR IA 75 C EN "t 8?TiiS&MiBi^ Steamer THOMAS COLLYER leaves v. ashlnz ton at 9 and Alexandria at9^ o'clock. CCaches leave the Capitol for the boat at 8M o'clock. Coach fare 10 cents. Personi wishing the coaches will leave their residence with George A Thomas Parker Beftefchmei-te on tue boat. ?PS-tf SAM'L GED.NEY, Captain. REMOVAL. DR M UN SON HAS TAKI?N AND FITTED up the house formerly occupied by Major Robert Key worth, No P?nns)iva:iia avenue, and Is now ready to fulil hl? old eng^gemen's and mate new oaee Dr M Is *tlll making those beautiful eontlnuo .9 ?fum T?-eth. called AUen s Pa^nt for the excel ency of which over all other styles of teeth, many now wearing thim in this city, will eheerfullv vouch. There is cne Dentist in this ?lty who ha* been infringing the patent, and made a bid imitation of R, against whom I here by cau'lon tbe public ,B W^ever a Dentist speaks against Allen s Patent Continuous Gum Teeth, when preperJjr eonitru'.t,d. It Is because he Is ignorant r?r the process, incom etent to ntake the work, or is unwilling to pay or Um patent Dr M Is now extracting teeth without pain by ft new and p^rfwtly safe process References as .nfi^rmer adver:lsement. Jelfl-tf RVT1EDY FOR WdKll WEATHER. Jv*l ^??5IV1KD AT THfc: UNi(>^ wt>T ? l"K? ?PP y Of that ensur- m *; Cp (!'lnv!iiloS' ^^OKR WINE 1 Al?o XXX. P*l? and Burton-a Ales ar d cor A t?ff of vvry s jperlo* quality, together with al in'?er?fwkyruP? of ??ery kind: nl wS? winS1?" pr#mlu,n Mine . ?111 ** '?"nlshed to cuatomeis la anv part of Wa*hinKton or G?or etown 7 jS'SttJJSPn th* ln ?MrK*>own, or with tfce drivers of our Wagons, will meet with Pteatioa- ARNV A B511NN. A*D MEXKAN STATUTE a" ^ prli.ted at Madrid and at He, "beln*"' decrees of the Spanish Cortes and the Mexican o_giess. a number of volume*, more or les< coLsecutlve, for sale at a low prW. fran?k Taylor. pievv DHTIONARV fn? alag aa epiu>me of Hl?t*ry. Bleeraphv" and ^e u^fui bc.e-cee. FERGU?oN?P^ 7' je <*>- out to Lauuaond, 4M 7tk at. UNITED STATES MAIL. MISSISSIPPI. Po?t Orrirs Dipaitmkit ) Washlngton, J une 25, 1856 f Proposals for carrying the malls of the United States from 1st October, 1856, to 30th June, 18i8, on the following route in the State of Mississippi, In the manner herein specified. will be received at the Contract Office of tbc Post Office Department, in the city of Washington, until 5, p. m., August s>5th next, to be decided next day : ' No. 748 > From Tatesvllle, bv Crmo, Man thai la, Halifax. Panola, Hygein, California, Oakland, and Preston, to Grenada, 6J miles and back, six times a week, la 4 horse cosch^s. Leave Tatesvllle, or terminus railroad, daily, except Sunday, at 9 a m : Arrive at Grenada same days by 12 night; Leave Grenada daily, except Sunday, at 4 p m; Arrive it Tatesvi!l<?, or end of railroad, next day by 9 a m. NOTE. Proposals must be guarantied by two responsi ble persons, certified to as suck by a postmaster or judge of a court of re -ord, and contract must be entered Into by the successful bidder, with surety, before the 1st of J uly next No pay will be made for trips not performed, ?nd for each of such omiss'ons not satisfactorily explained three times the pay of the trip may be deducted. For arrivals so far behind time as to break connexion with depending rralls, and not lufficiently excused, one-fourth of the compensa tion for the trip is snbject to forfeiture. Fines will be imposed, unless the delinquency be promptly and satisfactorily explained, for neg lecting to take the mall from or into a post office: for suffering it to be injured, des troyed, robbed or lost; and for refusing, after demand, to convey the mail as frequently as the contractor runs, or Is concerned In running, ve hides on the route. The Postmaste. General may annul the contract for repeated failures to run agreeably to contract, or for disobeying the post ->flice laws or Instructions of the department. The Postmaster General mny alter the sched ule He may also order an Increase of ser vice by allowing therefor a pro rata Increase on Lhe contract pay. He may also curtail or discon tinue the service in whole or in part, at pro rata decrease of pay, allowing one month's extra compensation oh the amount of service dispensed with. Bids should be addressed to the '? Sec ond Assistant Postmaster General," superscribed u Proposals for No. 71*6 Mississippi.'* For further particulars see pamphlet advertise ment for conveying thf in-dls in Alabami, Mis sissippi, Ac , of 1851 and 851. JAMES CAMPBELL, j9 26-lawlw Postmaster General. ORVlKflS' C'OI RT, June !i4th 1S3<?. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Washing ton Coctty, to wit; In the ca*e of Soioiron *torer, Administrator ofJabez Travers, deceased, the administrator aforesaid has, with thea, proba Hon of the Orphan*' Court of Washln-itoncounty, afores:i!d, appointed TUF.SOA V , the 15th day of ' uly next, for the final settlement, and distribu tlon of the Personal Estate of said dee?>ws<*d of the assets In hand so far as the same have been collected and turned into money, when and whTe all the credl'or. and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, (at the Orphans' Court of Washington county ) with their claims properly vouched, or th^y rcav otherwise by law, be ex cluded from all benefit r f said deceased's estate ; provided a copy of this ofd-r be p'.ib'lshM once a wrek for three weeks in the "Evening Star," previous to the said 15th day of July rext Test KU. N. ROACH, Reg Wills. True copy?Te3t: ED. N. ROACH. Je26-Th3t? Reg. Wills. TNo. 5fli 1 \TOTIt:EOF RKtluVAi.OFTHE LAND ^ OFFICE FROM LEBANON TO CEN TRE. IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA?In accordance with the provisions of the act of Con gress entitled "An act authorizing changes In the location of land offices," approved Mirch :j, 1863, It is hereby declared and'mvle known lha' thn 'and ota^e far the sak-of public lands at Lkban oh, In the State of Alabima. wlli be removed to tbetown of Cbntbk, In the said Stite, from and aft?r the thirty-first dav of July next Given under my hand, at the city of Washing ton. this 17th dav of June, A D. 1-56. By order of the President: THO.V A HENDRICKS. Commissioner of the Gcaeral Land Office. Je 19-law8w FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL TREES. FOR SALE. AT THE NURSERIES OF the subscrl W. at Llnnsn Hill, ar.d oni 11th stre-t. In Washington, a large and well' selicted assortment of FRUIT and ORN A-? MENTAL TREES. Amongst them 12 to 15 thousand APPLE TREES, well-assorted and of fine growth, at S20 per hundred. 15 to 20 thousand PEACH TREES, forming a complete assortment, at ?12 50 per hundred, or 8100 per thousand. 5,000 to 7,000 PEAR TREES, dwarfs and stan dards. A f^w hundred DWARFS of extra size. W ith a general assortment of PLUM, CHER RY, APRICOT, NECTARINE, and QUINCE IRK E3. Also, CURRANTS. GOOSEBERRIES, H ASPBERR1ES, STRAWBERRIES, Ac of the most approved kinds. The stock of ORNAMENTAL TREES Is ex tensive and fine. Amongst those cf large size for streets and lawns are many thousands of such as American and European Elms and Lindens. Tu lip Trees, Aspaa, Abele. and other Poplars; American and European Horse Chestnut*; Sugar Silver, scarlet, and Norway Map'.es; Mountain A'h, Green and Whits Ash; several vaiietl-spf Oaks and Magualias; Weeping Willows. Golden Willows, and many others. Ornamental Evergreim ani Shrubbery. Great exertions have been made to make this department corculeie; It now contains from thirty to forty thousand Firs and Pines of choice varie tie*, a portion of which are of extra i-ize. Persons wishing to embellish their grounds and proprietors vf public cemeteries will flnd It to their ad van-age to call and select such as may an swer their purposes. Persons residing near, when It is desired, can have Trees delivered, with balls of earth to the roots, which they wiil find to give them a decided preference over trees transports from a distance. Job gardeners will be cupnlted at a reasomble discount. JOSHUA PIERCE, mar 14?wtf N rNo.awi OTM'E OF TIIK WmiOHAWAi OF LANDS IN WISCONSIN ? Inpursuanceof au act approved 3d 'une, 1856, " granting public land* to tne State of Wisconsin to aid la the con struction of ril.roads In said State," instructions hav? been issued from this office, withdrawing from market, until further orders, all the. lands in said State ; and continuin? the re?ervatlon of the same, as heretofore ordered by telegraph on the i0th <f Ma7 last. A portion of the lands will be restored to mar ket when the expected sketch-mans of the routes of the roads are received at this office; of which restoration 3D da,a' nubile notice will be given. Given under my hand. at the yeneral Land Office, at the city of Washington, this 13th of June, A. D. ItSG. THOS. A. HENDRICKS, je 13-law4w Commissioner. rpms I* TO GIVE NOTICE, THAT THE 1- subscriber bath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the person al estate of Isaac Goddard, late of Waihlngt n county, deceisod. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby w aned to exhibit the siitue, with th? vouchers there, f, to the Mibsclber, on or before the lOtti day of June rext; t'ey may otherwise by law br:excluded from all benefit of the said estate Given under my hand this 11th diy of June, 195J. SARAH GODDARD, je 27?F3w* Administratrix. SEttbiNllAL NOTICE. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO WOULD TAKE this method of r?t?rn\ng thanks to their cus tomers for the liberal patronage with Waich they favored thern dirin- the l ast mutou, and hOj<e", by fair dealing and by keetijg a constant supply of all the new and desirable goods In their Ilue, to iiiuri. ?? continuance of past flavors We wculd also say to those of them having un settled accounts on our ooots that we will nave thein made off by the 27ch Instant, and would be glad to have thein call and settle the same, either by cash or notes at short dates. Tho e not set tled by the 1st of J uly will then be p exacted for settleaieut. HUTCHINSON A .MUNRO Je 21-tf BAJOl'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES. J NO H SMOOT, No. 119 BR IDG E STREET, Georgetown, has received, from Ne\i?r York, ladles Bajou's KID G LOVES, /.f|\ white, black and colored; gsnls. do do ;|l ladles and genta Jafftta Silk and Lisle **? - Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities; bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose; misses and boys' Hose and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very best makes of the above goods, purchasers mny depend upon get tlugagood article as cheap as the same quality can be Lou^ht cist where fn 1-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. R4CUKL All) TIIK NEW WORLD? A Trip o the United State* and Cub -; by l.?:>n Beau vallet. oae of the Troupe; ore volume: translated from tne French: 91. Jnst published andfors*laby Lk ISJFKANCK TAVLOK ("?IRPOR AT ION ^Toi;k.?t orpo J ratio* of Waahlngton Stock for at febitt?tf OHUBB BROTHER*. I u BUY AND SELL rORSIG* AND DOMESTIC EXCHAHOE) FURNISH DRAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe COLLECT DRAFTS On all parti of United State* and Europe DRAW BILLS UN IRELAND FUR ?1 UR UPWARDS: BUY AND SFLL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHKR SECURITIES; negotiate time papek. Invsitruent paying 10 V and or?r, fer sale. L A If D WARRANTS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale. LAND WARRANTS of all denomi nations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or .Minnesota. CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan 23-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. J. CONNELLY, Undertaker, No 423 Stvtntk ttrtet. uist sidi, Ut. G and H, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he is prepared to attend to all orders at the shortest notice and on the most liberal terms. He will spare no pains to Rive entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead In the warmest weather for any length of time. A large supply of ready-made COFFINS of all si??* and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article Tarnished of the best quality. A share of the public patronage Is respectfully EOllclted. * mar *.'4-tf SINGER'S Improved Sowing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Lxhib'tion, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. 'FWE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA A chine has simplified them in many respects, indtbev are capable of executlngtwlce'be amount of work they did formerly In any given time They are without question the only Machines ca pable of towing every variety of woods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for narness can be wwn by any of these machines by a slmplechange of neeale and thread In such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, ar.d not likely to git out of order. We hive machines with guages attached, for binding bats, cap fionts, goiters", Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly ?n hand, at the lowest rates. I*cr?OT! - desirouscf Information regarding Sew ing -achiaes will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore N B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral. Person* who have been induced to purchase Inferior machine-i under the pretext of being cheap, will find tb's a benefit Indeed. mar 10?tf ANTHONY BUCHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and F.osidenre 17o. 303 Penn'a avenue, south side, b twoou 9th and 10th ate AYING PROVIDED HIMSELF V\ ITH an ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences for1 properly conduci ng hh business. would respectfully Inform the public that he Is fuliy prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him. at the shortes notice, and In the best manns-r. A large supply of RE\UY-MAl)KCOf FINS of all sizes, always on baud, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. As pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. D.?Resid ng on the premises, orders will be prompt'y attended to at all hours fea 7-fy IKON HALL BOOT, SHOE, A Thl'NI ESTABLISH MKNT.-l have this day received a large assort ment of 1 adles' and Gentlemen's Inn and Weed, j'rarne Trunks;' also, Bonnet Box es, Hat Cases. Carpet Bags, of all srvles. Ladies'new style Gaiters, all colors: and black, bronze, and colored Gaiters, with and without tips,at SI Misses', Children's, and In fant's Shoes, all stylts Gents. Boys,and Youths Patent Le ather and French Calf Boots and Shoes from SI to S5. ( all and examine my s!ock before purchasing elsewhere. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, Je H-tr l'a. av., bet'n 9?h and 10th sts 322 TRl'NKS. 322 E HAVE JUSf RECEIVED A GOOD assortm-nt of Sole Leather , , m , Traveling Trunks, Ladies' Drees ar.d Packing Trunks, Hat Boxes, ^J^?\111 Valises, Caipet B<n;s, "uti In 11, ilTll Ac , which we will dispose of at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, Je 11-tf 322 Pa avenue, next to Iron Hall. UHAUNUY W A ft. II1N EH , WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, A!?D OIAL1R 13 1 Fine Watches, Jewelry, nn?! Silver Ware. Gold seals, fob and vest chains, FINE JEWELRY, SI L VER SPOONS. FORK", GOBLETS. CUPS. Ac., for sale at New Y >rk prices. BL'fSSSr-a REPAIRING ?The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, Cylinder, Repenting, Musical, and oth-r WATCHES repair d Also. JEWELRY, Ac No.370 Pennsylvania Avenue, betw'n JMxth and Seventh streets. Browns' Hotel building, sleu of the GOLDEN WATCHES? ap 'i9-tf Washington. GREAT KEzlUl'TIO* IN THE PRICE OF B001S AND GAITER3 | HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL a adelphia manu facturer, a fl st rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOO r at 43 62, full as goad as those usually at $5 cr ; asd a French Calf Patent Leather GAITER at S3 50, as good as any at S3; a filtrate Calf Gaiterat $2.50, the <e are the best goods that Is (or ever were) soid in the District for the price; for the proof, come and see for yourself. Terms positive y cash. No extra p-oflt charged to o.Tset b-d debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORK, Seveati street, near avenue. m ANTHONY, Asent. corriN WAiixaouM, *?. J WILLIAM PLANT * CO., RN9ERVA ? KEK.3?resl:iei?ce413 Seventh street, Itetwees W aad II strnets. Intermtntsp'ocuTodinaaygT'and sr cemetery. CoflLns, Caps, Shrouds, Carriages, R-arne, sad e**ry article for laterments of Ihc beat quality faraished at short notice, on the laont reasonable terr.-.e, an-Vri all hoars of the ? ighi. Havlay the e~clu?Ive right cf Cramp's Patent Corps? Preserver, vre suaruRtee to ksep the tsad fc tay ieag'.li of tl'xo. Jy U?ly MRS. M. > . HARVEY, (Successor to James F. Haevey, i>scka?ed,) UNDERTAKER, No. 410 Seventh str>et, betwm G and. H, BEGS LEAVE TO INFORM THE PUBLIC that she haa In her employ the sam* persons that were forinerlv^pW j In the establishment, who are fully " unrrTSCi competent to couduct the Und-rtaking Business; and that every attention will be glren to calis, day or night, as heretofore. m 1# ftin Jl?_ ? HATS! HAT?! UST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF tone drab Beaver veatila ted HATS, which 1 offer at S3 50; they are the be.ot Hats for the price in the United States. The best black dress Hats got up in the latest style for *3 50. as goed as those usually sold at $5 ; and a good fashion able Hat at Si, worth ?4: and a first-rate Hat, S2 60. The be-t materials aad the beat workmanship la employed to produce a S"> Hat, which is sold for S3 50. We do a cssh business, meet with no los ses, bat give each customer full value for his money. Felt aad Straw Hats unusunllv low. N B Agent for Drlscoll's Halt* of a Thousand Flowers Price 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa. avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Compaay. m 21- tf JONAS P. LEVY, iMPoaTiit ai?s ntAT.xm in wnris, liquors, cigars, and yum GROCERIES, G?n?ra!Commission& forwarding Merchant INSURANCE AND BILL BROKER, No. 474 Pa. av., two doors below U. 8. Hotel, Washi,?uton Citt, D. C. ! ee'i-ly W' w IKK DISH VOV ER9, roa.ld a id obljAg , all sliea, for sale low by Je9-U jG. FRAN018,4W 7th street. THE GREATEST MEDICAL DISCOVERY OF THE AGE. Dr. KENNEDY, ?f Rexbary, ?m discovered In one of onr common fabtbbb

wnsi a remedy that cures E/ERY KIND of HUMOR; n?K hi worst tciorvLi sown to a com* MOM riMPLl. He has tried it in over eleven hundred cases, and never filled except Va two cases, (both thunder humor ) He has n?w In his possession over two hundred certificates of Its vir tue. all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles axe warranted to care a nursing sore "one to three bottles will cure the worst kind of plmpler. on the face. . . Two to three bottles will clear the system of biles. Two bottles are warranted to eare the wore aanker In the mouth and stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted t* sere the worst case of Erysipelas. One to two bottles are warranted ta eure all humor In the eves. Two bottles are warranted to cure rnnnlig " the ears and blotches among the hair. Four to six beetles are warranted to c?re aorrapt and running ulcers. One bottle will cure scaly eruption of the sltla. Two to three bottles are warranted to euro the worst ease of ringworm. Two to three bottles are warranted to cure the ?ort desper-te ease cf rheumatism. Three to four bcitles are warranted ta eare th? fait rheum. Five to eight bottles will eve the went eases el Krofula. A benefit is always experienced from the first bottle, and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity Is taken. Reader, I peddled over a thousand bottles ol thin In the vicinity of Bostin. I know the effect of it In every casa. So sure as water will extin guish tre, so sire will this cure humor. I nerei sold a bottle of It but that soid another; afters trial ;t aiw.tys speaks for lire1 f. Th?re are twa ihirrs a^out this herb fiat appears to inc surpris ing j'lrst that it gr~ws In our pastures. In same ?liw:-3 qelte plent&al, and yet Its val-te has n?Ter been know-, until I discovered It In 1946?second, that it should errs all kinds of humor. In order to give so??e idea of the sudden rl?? and yrcat pct'Uarlty of the dlscovcry, I will slat? I tbat ;n April, 1853, J peddled it, and sold about t bottles per d'ey?In April, 1354,1 sold over 1,001 bottles ?er day of It. Sonis of the wholesale Druggists who have ore* la business twenty and thirty year?, say that no thlar: in the annc-ts ef patent m^lclnc^ was evr like it. There 1* a universal prul#e ef it froju si' quarters In my own practice I always aept it strictly foi humorr,?but since its introduction as a genera family medicine, great and wonderful virtue hare been found in it that I r.cret suspected Several cases of epilep'lc fits?a disease whlcl jras always considered incurable,have been curec by a few bottles. O, what a mercy If 1' will prov? effectual In all cases of that awful malady?lh?-r? arv bat few whe Lave seen more of it than I have I know of several cases of Dropsy, all of then. aged people cured by it For the various disease* of the Liver, Sick Headache. Dy>pejwla, Asthma. Fever and Ague, Pain in the Side, Diseases of the Spine, and particularly In diseases of the Kid neys, Ac., the discovery has done more good tha: any medicine ever known. No change of diet ever necessary?eat the be;* you can get and enough of it. Directions for Us*.?Adults one table spoonful per day?Children over ten years dessert spoen ful?Children from five to eight years, tea spo.m ful As no directions can be'apfilcable to all cod itiiutlons, take auftclent to operate on the bowels twice a day. MAltBVACTVBBD BT DONALD KF..1NEDI, N$. 120 Warrtn strat, Roxbury, Mmt. Pricb, OjiB DOLLAR. Wholesale Agents?New York City. C. V CL1CKNKR, 81 Barclav stre. t: C. H RIN6 1W Broadway; A. B. A D. SANDS, 100 Fulton street. Philadelphia, T. W. DYOTT A SONS Baltimore, DROWN A BROTHER, C A N A HATCH Alexandria, PF.ELA STtiVENS. At Retail bv all respectable Druggists In the United States and British Provinces, and also b? tkfl Dnif?i?t* of tilt -"li* Carter's Spanish Mixture THE KRF. at PURIFIER OFTHR HI.GOD BEST ALTERATIVE KNOWN'! Hot a takticlb or mercurt in it!!! An infallible remedy for Scrofula, King's Evil. Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous Eruptlonfc, Pimples or Postules on the Face, Blotches, Bolls, Ague and Fever, Chronic Sore Eye*, R inform <w Tetter, S^ald Heald, Enlarge ment and pain of the Bone* and Joints, Salt Rheum. Stubborn Ulcers. Syphilitic Disorders, and all diseases arising from an injudicious use of Mercury, Imprudence lr. Life, or Imparity of the Blood. TiHIS greaf remedy, wbich has became so rap idly and so Justly celebrated for Its extraordi nary efficacy in relieving and curing many of the most obstina-le and terrible forms of disease with which mankind is a?icted, is now offered to the public, wits the confident assurancethat no Mim ical discovert ever made has beenso eminently successful lncurine Scrofula, and all DiiBASia of thi BLooD,ai> CARTER'S SPANISH MIX TURK. The proprietors are receiving by every mall most flattering and astonishing details of cures made in all parts of the country, and In most cases where the skill of tho best Physicians had bees rled In vain. Its power ovrjr the Blood Is truly remarkable and ail diseases arising from impurity of the great Siat of Lifs have been relieved anacured with out a single failure, outof thethousands who have used it. Carter's Spanish Mixture contains no Mercury, Opium, Arsenic, or any dangerous drugs, but is composed of Roots and* Herbs, com bined with other ingredients of known virtue, and mav be given to the youngest Infant or most de bilitated Invalid, without the least possible hesi tation. We have only room for short extracts from the volumes of testimony In our possession, and all from gentlemen of the highest respectability, well known In their various localities. Please read fo yoursel?as. We take great pleasure In calling the attentlet of our readers to the merits of Carter's Spanish Mixture as a remedy for diseases cf the blcod. It erjoys a reputation In this city unequalled by ant other preparation ?Daily Dnyatci, Riekmand. Yn. The Hon. John M. Botts,cf Va ,sava heconsid ers It a matter of duty to add his testimony to the virtues of Carter's Spanish Mixture,* rom act bal rzRkOlAL obabrvatioh of Its remarkable cura tlvc powers for the disease* in which it is used. We have been cured of a violent and protracted Liver disease by Carter's Sr.aalsh Mixture. We know it to be aL it professes.?Editor Soutkitd* DtmceraQ Pitirsbvrg, 7m. We have found from personal trial, that Car *er'sSpahi3h Mixture 1* a truly -valuable mrdl? cine.?Zd. Vtrgtn*45 indtftndtn:, Vt. 'J RE AT CUKE 0/ SCROFULAA pre-s man in our employ wuj cure d of Scrofula of a Tlx ulent character by a few bottles of Carter's Span Ish Mixture, after everything else had fhiled. Oth er cures which ha^e coa*.e under our own obeerv*. tlod, proves to us conclusively, that is reslly & val uable medicinal agent. We take great pleasure in calling th-* attention of the a&lcted to Its mer its ?Richmond Rtwvblicnn. SYP HILIS.?l hafe seen a number of cured 1 Syphilis performed toy Cartel's Spanish Mixture^ 1 believe it to bo a perfect aatiJote for that horri ble disease. E. BURTON, Com. cf Ilcvovie for cliv of Richmond LJWER JPJGSA88.?SamuelM. Drinker. 0; the firm of Drlak-si a* Mcrriii, Bookseller?, Rich mond. Va., wsnenred of Liver disHaa? of *?verai years ctandl*g by only three bottles of Carter's Spe aioh Mixture. a11> sgret, *Lerr,s and obstinatb VRUPVIO -Vo ON THE SKiy? the cure of Mr. Harwood, aad others, detailed in cur Ai laanaa The noca'aer cf sucn casck cured by Car ter's Spanish Mixture, prxiindes the possibility of lnrertlngths'n In an advertisement. EFFECTS OF HBF-CQIL7 SeeU-ecamol Mr. Elmore He was cat?*n up with Mercury and could obtain no relief, until he took six bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, which perfectly restored him to health and vigor NEURALGIA.?Mr. F. Boyden, formerly f the Astor House, N. Y.,but more recently propri etor of tne Exchange Hotel, Richmond, was cured of Neuralgia by Carter's Spanish Mixture. Since that time, he savs he has seen it cure more than a hundred cases of the disease ;r. which it is used &o never fails to recommend It to the aJfilcted. RHEUMATISM? Mr. John F. Harrlsoa. Druggist, of Martlnsburg, Va , writes of the aln ,; ':lar cure of a violent ease of Kheumatlsni. The patient could not walk. A few bottles entirely cured hixa. SCROFULA.?Mr Harrison aleo writes of a great care of Scrofula, in the person of a younp lady, (of three years standing,) which all the doe tors could no: reach. Six bottles made a cure of her. SYPHILIS.?Dr. K.T. Hendle, of Washing ton. D. C , who cured an obstinate case of Syphl Us by Carter's Spanish Mixture, says "it acts spe daily on the Blood, Liver and Skin and la prompt and efficient In Its results." Dr. John Mlnge, formerly of the City Hote), Richmond, now of Alabama, aeys he has sect Carter's Spanish Mixture administered la a num ber of cases with astonishingly good efTect. Ht recommends It as "the most emclent alterative la aso." ?* SALT RHEUM AND SCROFULA? Mi Jos. Robinson, of Wooater, Ohio, was cured 01 Scrofula and Salt Rheum of three years standing by only three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture I ?VM. S. BEERS A CO., Proprietors, No. 304 Broadway, New York. 'XJ* t'tioc 91 per botUe, or si* bottles for ft5. For sale by CHAS. STOTT. Washlagton, D. O., tad Druggists generally. e?t 1?iy DOCTOE HOOFLASD'B CELEBRATED GERMAN BITTERS PKBFAKBD IT Dr C. X JACKSON Philadelphia, Pa , WILL ITFICTTALLT CVMM LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, CHRONIC OR NERVOUP DE billtr. Diseases of the I14n#*?, and til Dis eases arising from a Disordered Lt*? or Stomach The proprietor, la calling the attwtlon of the public ta tni* preparation, does so with a feeling of the utmost confidence In It* virtue* and adapta tion to tha diseases for which It is recommend ad It Is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the teat of a ten years' trial before the American people, and it* reputation and sale la unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in ita favor given by the most prom inent and well known physi.iant and indl Mduala in all rarta of the country 1? immense, and a care ful perusal of the A1 manse, published annually by the proprietor, and to be had gratis of any of hi# agents, cannot but satisfy the most skeptical that this remedy Is really deserving the great cel ebrity It has obtained Principal rtflre and manufactory No. w? Arch ?treet, Philadelphia, Pa. READ THE FOLLOWING: MoaQAWTOWW. Va , Argmt 4, 1855 Dr C. M. Jaceso!*?Dear Mr:-The 'ales of the Bitters are increasing, and what speaks vol urns* in tbeir favcr is th * t all who have used them spewk highly of their eff-cts No medicine that 1 sell gives such general satisfa- tlon, and th** d? mard for It e:ce?d^ all precedent; and I a?surs you it affords me p easur? to sell such a remedy. Our physicians no longer scowl at It. but are com pelled to acknowledge It* Jntrinalc valve, and ifcw grent> r pa't of th?m nave had rr.agnanlmlty suf ficient o lay aside their prejudices ard prescribe it in their practice. Kesoectfullv vours, r P. M. CHALKANT. For sal- bv storekeepers and druggists In every town and village in the United Sta'es. Prl'l "5 cents per bottl'* Z D GILMAN, Washington, ar.d JOHN 8. KIDWKLL, Georgetown, Agens. Je7-?m TO AI L IJ1A1 V^LUK THSIK W ISl? KS to call the attention to all that suC? > . . with defective sight, causcd by a^e. ? ? * ness an"d pirtlcrlarlv from f*!aw* s injudiciously wletfd, to bis superior SPECTACLES aad SLASH'S carefully ground by hlir.^elf to a trr.e spherical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, suited precisely and beneficially to the wearer ac cording to the concavity or convexity of the eye. V?'<y numerous are the lii effects caused to u:e precious organ of tlgh*. from the commencement of u?lj;g gia yes In notbt'lLg precisely suited, by the use cf an Ov:cmittr; ana t^e prac.lcect ir?nv year', eaab!es h'.*n to measnre the focal d'^ease t - the eves, and i*uch glasses that are absolutely re cuired will be furnished with precision and satlr faction. J. T. acknowledge* the very libera^ encourafe meat already obtained, and furtaer solicits the pa tronage of tnose that have not yet availed then* se^es of bis aid. Persons that canact conveniently call, by send ing the glasses In use, and slat.^g how rtu.'jy lnche? they can read this print with their specta cles, can be supplied with such that will Improve their sight. . Innumerable testimonials to be seen ; aa<v itzts eaces given to many who have derived the ?tuaiest ease and comfort from his glasses. Circulars to b* bad gratis, at hi# office. No 51. Seventh street, three door* from Odd Feliows Hall, npsialra. ? . , 1M NomroLE, September 7. i*)M. Cii The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and *-cera tc have improved my sight sacra the* nay etker 1 have lately tried. 1 LITf W. TAZEWELL. 1 have tTlrd a pair of Spec tacles obtained ?*c? Mr. Toblss, ei.d Jnd them of great assistance t? eb" f!^ht, tad co*reepcEdt?g W:tL his descrlp.l'^a cf the foctts 1 reccntraead him as a sklllf-.'.! or i tiu. BL.NEY A.. WISE. Mr. J. Tesiae : Bit?The pair of Spectacles y*? famished ffif yraiercev are particularly eat'.cfaf tory to ?c. 'tfi.ey arc verv uec'&ediy the bes: i peeress, and I am the cwner of eight o- nlni pair, carefully selected. In d-Terert places and tr^ja op ticians recommerdei to me oa acccnat o* tbilr prcfceMonal standing inLrglind, France and 'he United btatea. I Lave been atec pleased w U yocr renoaxkr. and direction? oa the tren're^at r{ 'he eyes, for t tepar^oeeof prnservlpg aad lap sv lag t!i? s?*1 KY?pectfully, von; s, ^ %AS. dALliWE!-L n?far?cT of M. C., LoaliiylLt. Zj. L.TNCEB?a?, Ncv. 10 1^5*. Mr. Je'aa Tobias having furnished me wiik ? la^'?;. by which I have been greitly aid^d (:ry vision having suffered greatly from reading et night in my earlier life) It affords me the highest plcabuie to say that I consider him a skillful prac tical optician, and well prepared to aid tho*e wka ?sav a??d his rrolewicual services. J * WM.B. ROVZIK, Elder of Methodist Con'erenM. W1LM1N6TCM, N. C., Jan. S7, 1S54. Mr. J. Toaiaa: Dear Sir?I am happy to ?%y that the S pectacle* wnlch 1 obtained from you larl week are entirely satisfactory. Frem an inequal ity in the visual range of my eyes, I have hereto fore found great dilkculty In getting glasses of :&? proper focal distance. It affords me pleasure t? state that, by the aid of your optcmeter, this d'ft tulty has been happily obviated so that theglanct vnu furnished rue arcdccldrdly the oest adapted t? ?ay eye* of ary 1 havn erer -^et used J fry respec^rully, y-ura, R B DRANE, Rector cJ St. Jimos" rariah Drraitrm.t of Interior, May 7, 135*. Fr?a* aatarai defects and the unequal raDgeol my eyes, I have been compelled to use glasses for several years. I have tried different octlcianr without obtaining glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes. Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially for mt, which 1 have frond tc serse iue perfectly. the use of his optometer he Is enabled to adapt Glasses minutely to the eye. I mo?' cheerfully reoonimeud Mr. Wobias to aL kavina occat-ioc to useglaasca, and bM? ny t*ti n>r?n! to hli skill as an optician. J.14SNE.Y 1? BALDWIN, A6?lFt. ^ea'ytc. I*aed WaiTan? hria-tf PRIVATE MEDICAL IilEATISK on tux PHIL0S0PEICAL VIEW OF MAEBIAO*. ?T Kt . B. LA CSlOlIi Mi* D., ALBANY, N Y.. 25C P*gU and 130 Ft??, Pi*\u.a%d C*l?r?d LitH cgrr.pks and Plttts. Paten ojilt Twn?*TT-Fiy? Ckkts. Sent Free of Postage to all parts of the Un'.oa (^HE'. PEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED? J ai.d containing nearly double the quantity of read ing ma'tcr in that of the Ftrily CENT OR DOL LAR PUBLICATIONS. It tr?tt* on the PH VSIOL OGY OF MAKK1AGE, and the Sccret Iaflrmlti?* and Discrder of Youth and Maturity, lesultlng from ex cesses, which destroy physical asd mental pow erK, with Obeervatlons on Marriage, lis duties and disqualifications, and their remed'es; with Lithograpus,illustrating the Anatomy and Physiology t nd Diseasesof the Re productive Organs of both sexes, their structure, uses, and functions. A popular and ccmprchen sive Treatise on the Duties and Causaltle* of sis gle an^. married life?happv and fruitful alliance, mode of accorlng them?infelicitous and InfertiU ones?their ?bvlatU.u and removal?imporan' hluts to t"uo?e couteii- nlating matrimony, that win overcome objections to it; none, however, should lake this important step without firstcoasultlug It* pnges?commentaries on the diseases and medicai treatment of female# from infancy to old age, each case graphically Illustrated by beautiful llthogra ?hlc plates?nervous debility, Its causes and sure y a process at once so simple, safe, and effectuaJ that failure islmpoasilAe?rules for daily manage mer.t?an essay on Spormatorrhcea. with practical ob^efv-ailcns on the safer and more< ucM?ful iuod? of treatment?precautionary hints on the evils re sulting from empirical practice?an essay oc all dl^osos arising rrcm inaisc-tUon. with pialn and slnple rules by which ail persons can eure them eelvcr without merrury?remedies for those self lnfii< ted miseries and disappointed boo* eo un fortv lately prevalent In the young. It is a truth ful adviser to the marrladand thosecoatemplating marriage; IU perusal Is particularly recommend ed to persons entertaining secret doubts of thel! physical condition, and who are conscious of hav ing hazarded the health, happiness, and privilege? to which every human oelng ih entitled. Price TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per oooy, e? Five Copies foi One Dollar. Mailed, nec of post *ge, to all pexi? of the United States N. B.?Thoee who prefer may consult Dr. LA CROIX upon any of tne disease* upon which th U book treats, either personally or by Medi cine sent to any pa!rt af the U nion according to di rections, safely packed and carefully secured fron all observation. Address Dr. M. B LA CROiX, No. 31 Maides Lane, or Poet OAceBoz i?7V Albany, N. Y. |fT" Office open dally.from 9 a m to ? p a. and cn Sunday from 3 until 5p.m. (pr Office REMOVED from No. M Beaver at. *.? ol fifstda* Lui, d^safr, N*t? I#ri. ?e? *J?ly ilfSTCHtS-WATCHES? WATtHKI *v Just received, a great assortment of Gold and Silver WATCHES, high ard low prices, which I wl 1 sell caeaper fC' SL than tain be bought in v\ ashlngtoa j. ROBINSON'S, Jeweler, m 18- lfH M9 Pa. av. opp. Brown's Hoisi. Information for Travelara. WIHIIWMTOI BRANCH RAILROAD, C^HANOB OF HOIRI.-Onud after Mn. J day, the *3d Instant, the Trains will LetK Waahlagtca at 8 and u4 3 *14 ^?n Sunday at 4){ p m. Leave Baltimore at 4 Jtf u< t JK ft u< 9 m ? K P ? On SoBdny b?4* a. m a???*r * B. PARSONS, ir??i KiriRSIOM BOATS FOR THE WHITE HOUSE PATlLIQjt THE BTFAMERB TWOS COLLYER OR. 0KOR0K WASHINGTON ^P7"*V ran be chartered for publtr or se-JJ&Ks^IS-J. lect parties to the White House Pavilion, Fort Washtneton. Mount Vernon or any plane on ths Potomac River. For further particulars apply to the CaptelM of the Boats or to the President of the Company, ap 17-tf OBAFftE & ALEXANDRIA EAILEOAD Great Southern Mail Lino I ?r T RICK DAII V1? (SUNDAY KIOHTS EICEFTED) Bctvffn Washington City and tbc Sooih! VIA: ALEXANDRIA. ?ORDONSV1LLE, AND RICHMOND Liar a W aihla?Ua at# a m and T pa Fare from Washington to Rlclnoad li m OMNIBUSES and BAGOAG K WAWNff Will be at the \\ asblngton Rallrocd Depot to r<*. ?ey PASSEN6ERS and BAGGAGE. brt, cj Ck*< t*. to STKAM KR GfcORGE _ ? P A G E, f o r A L E X A ND R IA. a d la t ft tanc* of all rollea. allowing airple tins*, far >1? Tickets procured rn the ooat. Expedition and Orrfnrt are aeeur-d by this Roote.a*ltl?acoHTintHit? ii!i?prni?m??i BatLBOaD tick ALEXANDRIA TO RUB MONO. THROUGH PASSENGERS and BAGGAGE carried without coat to the Depot of Jst i Btcxaoitrt Railroad. Irformitlon of R^nte ard !.oat Pagrrge ob tained of JAM KB > EVANS. fr>- 11 Ager.t. A.e-: : ?. V* rOH HARPER'S FERRY, Ft" CkesaTfatrt i 1 OkftCmmml. THROUUH IN TWELVE HOLRSt The new and splendid packft. BOAT ARGO. Cap* Cbas H Mkbbiil, -grill winunw m<iklrg Regular T*i?t between GEORGE!OWN aadUtabon Polrt, en Men. ilav, March87th. lfcSf The Boat will leave the wharf of W. H ft P G RUter. Geo?^eiown, D C i e?ery Monday, V ?d neaday, and Fr'.day it ornlup. atfto'?W'h Returnlne. she will leave llarper'a Ferry evorv Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at o'clock. Thrsngb Tickets, To Ltttburg 81 , t*Iwdtrng tk* Stifffern Edwards' Ftrry Families Intending to vU1t the Virginia firings the coming season will find this by far tbe mo?' safe, pleasant, and cheapest route to Terfceiey Capon. Shanondale, WhiteSnlobur and W arreii McaIb servd on board at r. <dera'** rate*. A coach will always be la readiness in George town to convey pa*se..i.'*rsto and from the f>(^t For farther particulars Inquire at the ste?r r.f W H A 1I.G RITTl'R, 6eorget?.wnj and G W. CUTPHAW, Harper's Ferry, Vn. max 1&?tf THE FEW YOEE AND LIVEEFOClT UNITED STATES ,MA1L ntAlAL? rpHE SKIPS COMPRISING THIS LINK i are the ATLANTIC Opt Ed ridge L'ALTIC Cap?. C<-mstock ADRIATIC Capt Jss. West. These shirs having ocrn built bv contract ei rrwpiy for Government service, evc-y care has beer u ken in <helr ocrs'rnctlon, rs a so in their engines, tj Insure ftiength and speed; ard tbelr accommodation* for passengers are unequaitd fcr and comfort Price of yassage from Nfw Vo*k 'o Liverpool In first cabin. ? 130; In second d?.. S*5 From Liverpool to New York. ?0 and tM? guineas An experienced surgeon attached to each ?btp. No btrtbs can be secuied utitll psld for. lie shir* (f this line ha** 'mprcv:d vatet-tl^Lt bu.k fcesds, ard to avob". darijrtr fron lc? w''.. not cro?s the Kaaks north of 48 degrees, until afttr the I?t of August. PBorosrn ciTii or saiLiTto. fV?m >i? 1'crA. ft em L'r*'pe?l. lbS6. lfcir?. Saturday Apr.'Jd Wednesday..* May 14 Saturday A.ay 10 Wedae?day.....Vay 'A Saturday May 24 Wednesday....June *1 Saturday .......June 7 Wednesday... .June S3 Saturday June 21 Wednesday .... Jnly ? Saturday July 5 Wednesday ....July V4 Saturday July 19 Wednesday... .Aug ? Saturday.......Aug, 2 Wednesday....Aug. JK> Saturday Aug Itt \N ednt>day....?"ept. ?i Saturday Aug. SO Wednesday....Sept 17 Saturday Sept. 13 Wednesday ....Oct, 1 Saturday S*pt 27 Weduesday ....Oct 15 Saturday Oct 11 Wednesday ... fct iu Saturday Oct VS Wedneaday.?..Nov. I* Saturday Nov. b Wednesday.... .Nov. 2$ Saturday Nov. *2 W<dneoday....D?e. 1? Saturday Dec # VVtdneMUy ,...Dec.24 Saturday Dec. For freight or pa-*age apply to EDWARD K. COLLINS A CO., 56 .Wall street. New 1 crk. SROWN. SH1 PLEY A CO.. Liverpool STEPHEN KENNARD A COM *7 Auatti Friars, Loudon D G. WAIN WRIGHT A CO., Parts The owners of these ships will not be account able for gold, silver bullion, specie.Jewelry, pre cious stones or metals, unless Bills of lading erf signed therefor, and the value thereof expressed therein. m l-tr BY EAILEOAD i>IEECT TO TEE WEST Tim* bitwttn Wathir^tun and W'n?*in.g tut 17i hour$ ' Sunning Tims between Wnshington Rta Cincinnati 27 hours II TBBOC?B TICKETS Air IA66A6I CBZCE* TO ?l BAD IB WASB1BOTOB. T1HE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD having greatly Improved Its W t?tern < onnoalons. now offers the fui est ind i.eujents ;o Trave ers between WASHINGTON. BALTI MORE. and a<i jortlons of the WEST, NOP TH WEST, and the SOl'THW EST. Ti'01 onr.? tlon between t'<e Trains from tsn ington aiid tSe Train* l>ound West from Balti more Is alwavs : romr t v ix*de at U'e W as .ng'vc Jun tion (late y ?a ed the Relay House) 9 ml ^ from Baltimore. This is me on v of eiir* required between Washington atd the < 'hi? river. Baggage Is cle- ked ti ronga to W heollngat u?? Wasiiington Station and retherkeJ and Trans ferrod t^ere. (with ti?e r as*enger*, wi' ?ut charge, for those ho ding Tnrou|M. Ti kets ft- ioinu ls? yond. The ? onne ting trains loave Washington dalyatda m anu4j^ p.m. On ru^daya at tiie later hour on*y. At BEN WOOD. 4 miles from Wheeling, connc' tion is made wit.< t e trains of CFNTKAL OHIO RAILROAD, running from Be lair, ob ttie Ohio, througli Cambridge. Xa?esvhlO, -nd Newark, to COLl MBU-. These trama . ossne.'t at Newark with th* < art> of the Newark, M an?fl?- d and ^andU3l^y Rai road for ?anavutky, Toi?do, Detroit. CM ;\go, M Louis, etc. At COLL MBile the C O Railroad tralM ne t with the fast trains of the Ltttl* Mia* 1 R*'1 ronri to Xenia, Cincinnati. Loulsvlle. etc At XENIA 1 on Lltte Miami Rai read ?onne *h<f> is formed with the trains through Dayton to Ii.rtlan a.oils, Terre Haute. Laf.i)ctte, Ci>l-ago, Rock Is and, Louis. Carlo,etc 1X7" Passenger* ho ding Through TlekeH fer Metnp/ia. Hrktlttrf, AatrHrt. Ae?r Or'.eant. ti* , whkh are also gold at Washington?are trans ferred at Cin innatl, to the Mai Steamers on ^e Ohio. TLkets for Evansvl:*, Ohrlo, and o< Louis are ?o'd bv the river route. ID" For CLEVI LAND, aid via Cceeand to To eCo, Detroit, Chi ago. etc , tickets ar? roifl, when tite Ot lo Is navigabe betwe? Wh?? iBg and Welisvl le (forty ml e*? where a ?-onne'-t,?*> with tl?e C eve and and Pittsburg R?1 * made Trave rs are r< queattd to noM<-e that whl-* t?* la the only route atfsrding Through Tl kets ano Chocks In Washington, it is 1 so the slior'est, most speedy, and dire t to maryaithe leading points In tiie great West. T* e distance from Washington to Cincinnati is bm 643 ml e*, about low ml st> siiort* r than by any oCi?r re^te FARC. BY IHUHUH TltRfcT, 1kw" WA8HI<GT(iK To Wbeo Ing, ?? S*>. Co *bj bus. f 13 ?5; Davton ?I5 ??; Cindnnatt, f 16 w , Louisvl e, by rai road, <>5. by steamer fr< m Cincinnati, ?lh 4W: Indiana-o Is. fl7 &0; *? ex^' and, St? 60, Toedo. f'5 Detroit. f15 ?i Clii ago, #20 65and #18 50; St Lor1?. f> *^nd ??5, M-m-Ids. New Or cans, #31. ?*r' IT^ FOR FRKDERJUK ANI? HAkPlR ? FERRY, MARHNSBLRG CUMRHU^ND, Bh RKI.EY SPRINGS. BEDFMH l?STRING^. PIEDMONT. t?AKLAND, ard FAIRMONT, cassengers may eave Washington tt ? a ?? 01 n p m For the minor way statKns between Baltimore and Wherilcg, take ? a. in. train from Washington. F or trains to and from BaUlmore, Annap o'l?, etc , see s:eila advertlsem* nis \tr For furt' er Information. Through Tl -keta, et ., apply to THOMAS H PARSONS, Agent, at Was'Ington Station. WM. S WOOPSIDE. Master of Tiansj orta'lon, mrnrcL 1?tt a A O. Rai-uad, lia-i mort.