Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1856 Page 1
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VOL. VIII WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY, JULY 7, 1856. NO. 1,064. 1 EE ?VM?IHG STA&, frflf,?1Hrn KVEKT APTEJlSOim, (EXCEPT SUNDAY,) if lU ols? FtitWnff. timer tf Pnm?yt+m%t* MM?I t-W llfMl . By W. D. WALLACH, Will b? WfTci to takdriberi by carriers at 81X AND A QUAKTKK CENTS, payable weakly to the Agents; pap-rs served In packages at 37# r^nts per inontk. To mall subscribers the sub scription price Is THRKK DOLLARS AND FIF XV CBN TS a year?'? ad pane#, TWO DOLLARS for six months, and O.VK DOLLAR for three months; for lee* than three months at the rate of H# cent* n wtek. ID- SINGLE COPIES ONE CENT. tii mm. linns. BUY AND SELL FOSZIGW AND DOMESTIC EXCHAV01; FURNISH DRAFTS On all Farts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States andXnropr, DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS: BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS,* OTHER SECURITIES: NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Iavsstmeat paying 10 v and ever, fer sale. LAffD WABEAII8. We are at all time* Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of all denomination*. Land Warrant* located in Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota CHUBB BROTHERS, jan 23-tf Hankers, opposite the Treasury. J. CONNELLY, Undertaker, iV? Ifl Seventh strut, v?t?t side, bet. Q and H, WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he isl prepared to attend to all orders at t he shortest notice and on the most liberal terms, He will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the d>?ad in the warmest weather for any length of time A large supply of ready made COFFINS of all sizes and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article famished of the b*st quality. A share of the public patronage is respectfullv solicited mar 94-tf SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. To which was granted the Higheat Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby receiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. I^HE IMPROVEMENTS IN THIS MA chins has simplified them in rainy respects, and they are capable of executing twice the amount of work they did formerly in any given time Thev are without question the only Machines ca pable of sewing every variety of goods perfect; a shiit bosom or heavy trace for harness can be tewn by aay of these machines by a simple change ef neeale and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as then are built strong and durable, and not likely fS get out of order. We have machines with guages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts, gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread, Cotton, Needles, Ac., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Person* desirous of Information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address 1. M SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral Persons who have l?een Induced to purchase inferior machine-' under the pretext of being cheap, will find this a benefit indeed. mar 10?tf ANTHONY BICHLY, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Residence No. 303 Peun'a avenue, south side, b twaen 9th and 10th sts. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE,. and all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting his business, would respectfully inform the public that he is fully prepared to 111 all orders entrusted to him, at the shortes- notice, and In the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sizes, always on hand, which will be fur nished on the most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains w!U be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. N. B.?Resld ng on '.be premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hours feb 7-lv IKON 1IALL BOOT, SHOE, A ThUNK I ESTABLISH MENT.-I have this day received a large assort meat of Ladles' and Gentlemen's lr>n and Wood frame Trunks; also, Uonnet Box es, Hat Cues, Carpet Bags, cf all stvle*. Ladies' new style Gaiters all colors: and black, bronze, and colored Walters, with and without tips, at SI Misses', Children's, and In fant's Shoes, all atvl^s Gents. Boys, and Y ouths Patent leather an i French Calf Boots and Shoes frcm fl to S5. Call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. S. P. HOOTER, Iron Hall, je li-tr Pa. av., bet'n 9'h and 10th sts 324 TRUNKS. 323 WE HAVE JUSX RECEIVED A GOOD , assortment of Sole Leather Traveling Trunks, Ladies' Dress and Packing Trjnks, Hat Boxes, Valises, Carpet Bags, Satchels,' Ac , which we will dispose of at very low prices. WALL A STEPHENS, je 11-tf 322 Pa avenue, next to Iron Hall. CHAlUCr WAKKINEK, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, AND DBALSK lit ' Fine Watches, Jewelry, aad Silver Ware. C^OLD SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, * FINK JEWELRY,SIL- - ^ VER SPOONS, FORK*4, ~ GOBLETS. CI PS. Ac., for sale at New Y rk prices. i REPAIRING ?The Chronometer, Duplex, Lever. Cylinder, Repeating, Musical, and other W ATCHES repaired Also, JEWELRY. Ac. No. J70 Fkji!*sylva !*ia Avkncb, betw'n Sixth and Seventh streets. Browns' HntH buiiding, si"-n ot the GOLDEN WATCHES ? ap i9-tf Washington. 6KKAT KKUl'iTION 15 THE PRICE OF BOOTS AlfD GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL M. adelphla manu facturer, a fi st rate Sewed or Pegged Calf-Skin BOOT at S3 6*2. fhll as good as those usually sold at S5 or a*d a French Calf Patent Leather G A I T E R at S3 50, as good as any at $5; a first rate Calf Gaiter at i'l 50,the<e are the best goods that Is (or ever were) sold In the District for the price; for the firoof, come and see or yourself. Terms positive v cash No extra profit charged to ofset bad debts. Call at the NEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventh street n<?-*r Pennsylvania avenue, m 21-tf ANTHONY, A^ent. CO WIN WAKEKOGM, St*. J WILLIAM PLANT * CO., VMBEKVA ? KERS?resldeace41b Seventh street, hetweea ? and H streets. L" I iter menu procured la aay ground ?r cemetery. Co&ns, Cape. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearse, aad every article for 1 sterns <;nU ef the beet quality furnished at short notice, on the most reasonable terms, and at all hours of the Bight. Having the exclusive right of Cramp's Patent Corpse Preserver, we guarantee to keep the dead for aay leagth of UiM. Jy 11?If 91RS. M. E. HAKVEY, (Svccbssob to Jambs F. Ha&vut, lkckasan,) UNDERTAKER, No. 410 Seventh street, beiwen U and H, Begs leave to inform the puklic that she has la her employ the ? ?am? persons that were formerly la the establishment, who are fully competent tsconduct the Undertaking Business; aad that every attention will be given to calls, day or night, as heretofore. rn 19 5m A BPKl IAL NOTICE?ALL PERSONS In -T*. debted to us on open acconnts or otherwise are respectfully informed that their amounts are made off and will be rendered to 1st July We do earnestly request an early settlement, as '"^portent to ns that our Books should closed Those who do not wish th ir bills sent in will oblige us by calling for them during this COLLEY A SEAKS, Seventh street. 3 doois ab^ve |?a avenue. PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY FROM LOUS BT FIRE ! Subscribed Capital and Surplus S*?3?8,101 11* FARMERS AID MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO , OF PHILADELPHIA. Office north.trtit corner Pennsylvania arenue and 17(A s'.reet, Washington City, D. C. STATEMENT OF BUSINESS FROM TflE 1ST day of Aujuu to the 31st day of December, 1855: Am iiiut received in marine premium*. .$6?.24-2 31 ?>a (ire premiums 39,938 82 Total prtmiums for five months 108.151 13 Capital 1,250,000 00 1,358,151 13 Invested as follows: Bond* of Allegheny county, P.tuburg, and Philadelphia City 6'* $78,721 66 Railroal bo ds, cost 33,400 00 Loans ou first m image of rta! estate.. 59,950 00 Do stocks, collateral 30 384 00 Ca<h in ba lk and on hand 11,09J 21 Capita1 suOscnbed 1,047,700 00 Premium notes, not matured 60 387 31 Due from ajenu (secured by bonds)... 18.853 61 Expenses an J commissions 11,662 33 1,358,151 13 Total amount of losses reported to 1st Ja iua'y. 1856: Fire $1,666 66 Marine 3 000 CO 4 666 66 DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos. B. Florence, Charles Dinger, George H. Arm t-ong, Thomas Maideifield, Charles A ltub ram, Eilward R. Helmb >ld,* George Hplmbrid, F. Carroll Brewster, James E. Ncall, Laac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B.FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELMBOLD, Secreta y. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa ter, No. 397 I) street. Jno. M. Tnornion, corner First street and Virg ma avenue. James William-", Xo. 22 Four-aid a half streat. MARINE HURVEYOR. CtpCJ. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsy.vaaia avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thoinason. The business of this Company will comparc fa vorably with tha in wt successful of sim.iar insutu tions tn the United States From the 1st day of August, 1855, in five months, up t? 1st January, 1856, the premiums received amounted to the large sum of one hundred and eight thousand, one hundred and fifiy-one dollars, with only forty rii hundred and six^y six dollais losses reported. With tbeie evidences of success and eood man a?emeut," the directors ftel justified in soliciting a -hare of pub ic patronage, betievm* that the secu rity offered is ample, and that all lair c!a ms will be adjusud more according to equity han legal techni calities. With a view of affording ample indemnity to the public, the company have deposited with MKSSR3 DUNCAN, SHERMAN, k CO., OF NEW YORK, TIIKIR BANKERS, t.a-h and premium notes to provide an accruing 7Vu?t Fund oj One Hundred Thousand Dollars. To ba held by uiein as additional security to policy holders for the payment ofIosfis. The company is prepared to issue polieie? against loss or damage by fire on DWELLINGS, FUIINI TUKK, MILLS, MAN! FACT KIKH, WARE >|0U^E8, a'l descriptions of BUILDINGS, and their c intent-, or all kinds of MKRCU ANDME, Itansported by VRSSKLS, STEAMBOATS, CA NAL B JATS, BAIL tOAUS, and th ? u-nal ccn vevances to or f om any portion of BUROPB and AMKKICA, and on the hulls of STEAMBOATS navigating the western waters The tales of premium will b; a* low as other companies, and in fixing tbein eveiy :mprov meet in construction and artaagi msnt will taken into consideration. All losses speedily adjusted and promptly jaid. Office northwest c rner Pennsylvania av.-nue and Seventeenth street, Wa-b>ngti>n city, l>. C. Insurance may al*o be effected at the Home Office, Xorthu-est corner Walnut and Second Streets, Phila delphia. AI-o,attheComj any'si ffl*es: (Sew York? A W. Th mpson, No 10 Wail street. Bo*tnn? Oliver Brewster, No 4 S.a'e street. BaUim >re? B. H. Richardson, No 72 Ra'tim >re street. Cincin nati?Taylor k Anthouy Charleston?-J. II Tay lor, No. 121 E. Bay street New Orleans?lla man Doane. Montgom^iy? Albert W luams. Mobile? A. C. Wau?h. Pituburg?T. J Hunter, No. 90 Water street Savannah- A Wilbur, No. Ill Bay street. Augusta? Girariiey, Wl.yte k Co. Atlaita ? Ma'cus A. Boll. Trenton?Narr A Ctcks. F ind du Lai?Robert A Baker Vicksburg?J Putnam. Huffa'o? A Barker. Memphis-W. E Milton. Detroit?Thomas Ta m-r ? rfon Milwaukie?A Wellington Hart. Well-bjrg, Virginia?Danf?<tb Brown, jr. Erie, Pennsylvania?Allen A Ciai^. Wyoming, P^nn^y van.a R C. Smith. L?.u s vilte?II. n.Timbe lake. Na hvllle? JosephNa?h. Port and?D Robinson, jr. Chicago?B P. Ward San P ancisco? Wil.iam Biggs, tit. Louis?Thos K. Courier ay, geiteial a<ent lor the southern and western 8fate*. And in other principal cities of the United States by authorized officers of the com paiy. je 14-lyt AGENCY OF THE Alliance Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, Capital $300,000! Annual report for the year ending January 1, 1856. Asa'ts of the Company, conalatlng of Bonds and Mortgagee on unencumbered real estate $110,C04 00 Btocka of other Corporation*, worth par 25,620 00 Ouh oa band ll,#5l 80 B1IU lecelvable, constating of Marine notee and abort loane $3?,!M? 7S ?lock sotea 00 61,?? TO $219,4-0 00 Wii'ile receipts lor premiotua during the year $112,112 OS Paid for lossea and expenses daring the year 71,143 01 P M. M^RIARTY, President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WESTERN FIRE INSUR ANCE CO OF PHILADELPHIA. Capital #500,000. Charter Perpetual. DIBKCTORf. Charles C. Lathrop,5tt Spruce street. Alexander Whilden, merchant, 14 North Front street. John C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co. E. Tracey, firm of Tracey A Baser. John R McCardy, fl'in of Jones, While A McCurdy. Isaac Hszlehurst, attorney and coussellor. James AT Smith, firm of Jas B Smith A Co. Theo W Baker, firm of Tracy A Baker R. S. Walton. 360 Market street Thomas K. Limerick, 5J4 Spruce street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hall. CHAKLKSC LATHROP, President. THOMAS K. LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks changed from other companies to this, no charge for policy fee. Enquire at the office of J. E Kendal', over R Morrow's Exchange Office first door West of W. B. Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvania avenue. m27 3in DAVID MYERLE, Agent. J 14 ATI1 II ?TC ' UST RECEIVED A FULL SUPPLY OF _ fine drab Beaver ventila ted HATS, vrhlch 1 offer at f3 50; they are the best Hsts for the price in the United States. The best black dress Hats got up In the latest style for f1 50 as goad as those usually *old at f5: and a good fashion able Hat at worth SI; and a first-rate Hat, 8*2 50. The be-t materials and tee best workmanship Is employed to produce a ?5 Hat, which Is sold for ?3 50. We do a cish business, meet with no los ses but gi*e each customer full value for his money. Felt aid Straw Hats unusuxllv low. N. H Agent for Drlscoll's Balm of a Thousand F lowers Trice 25 cents per bottle. ANTHONY, 7th street, near Pa avenue, Agent for a New York Hat Compaiy. m 24- tf J. F. CALDWELL, Dentist, IS LOCATED ON ELEVENTH STREET, the serond house from Pennsvlva nla avenue, next to Farnham's bookMllSSflh ?tore,whereheisreadytoOP?ii^r? "lll^ ON THE TEETH He would respectfully in timate that teeth though mnch diseased, however they nay ache, can be sived without destroying the nerve j the d structlon of the nerve Is the caitsj of more deep-seaU?d pains about the face and head His mode of extracting teeth is greatly more safe, and Is atten 'ed with much la* force and the lntl ction of less pain, than by methods dependent on keytd instruments, pulllcan* or for. Ceps Those who are suffering pain in the fore head, face and Jaws, would do well to submit to his remedial treatment The most satisfactory Oertificat s and references can be seen as testimo nials of his skill In his operation m 10-Stf PJCKKT KNIVES, IHI1A OOODI, Port MonuaUs ihd Perfumery closing out a low fate4 JOHN F ELLIS, je 'J6-tf Pa avauue. EXCURSIONS, Ac. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION OF THB Western Hose Company, No. lf TO PINEY POINT. The western hose company hav lng completed their arrange- r > menu, now take pleasure in an-AgSSSEoM ncuncing to their friends and the pu bile generally, that they have chartered the swift and splendid Steamer POWHATAN, for thepurpose of giving one of their Excursions to that favorite watering pltce, PINEY POINT, on TUESDAY, July fcth, 1856. The boat will leave her wharf at the foot of Eleventh street at 7 o'clock p m ; will stop at Alexandiia at o'clock; arriving at the Point by day light next morning, wheresliewillremain until 10 o'clock on Wednesday night, at which hour she will leave for home, arriving at Wash ington at 7 am, on Thursday, thus allowing Pissengers all day to enjoy the luxury of salt wa r Bathing, together with an abundance of Oys ters, Crabs, Sheepheads, Drums, and the varieties of fish and fowl with which that place abounds. On tfcis occasion, there will be a Ukans Ball on Wednesday evening Being desirous i f giving satisfaction to our patrons, we have (postively) limited the number cf our tickets to be sold, and the Committee have determined on no account to premlt no imj roper persons on board of the boat. The Company have fixed the price cf tickets for the round trip at the low rate of 82.50, admitting a Gentleman and Lady; each additional Lady 91. Children and Servant's tickets #1 ; to be tad of the C Jrnmlttee, or at the beat on the evening of the Excursion. A fine Band is engaged for the Excursion. Refreshments will be provided byan experi enced caterer, at city prices 1X7* Having roede arrangements with Mr. Latham for his coaches, they win leave as fol lows: From High street, Georgetown, at 6)$ o'clock; from the comcr of 20th street and Penn svlvania avrnue at 5^ and o'clock; from the Northern Lil*rties Market Hou?eat 4# o'clock; from the Navy Yard at o'clock. Vommittte oj Arrangements. Wir. Higgle#, F T Wilson R E Booth, A F Beadle je 27-eo6t PLEASURE EXCURSION FOR THI aXNBTIT OV THE YOUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SOCIt.Y OF GEORGETOWN, D C. The safe and commodious steam er POWHATAN, Captain ^ Mitchell, having been chartered by the above Society, will make en excursion down the Potomac on WEDNESDAY, July 16th The s'eainer will leave Georgetown at8o'clock a in ; Washington at 9, and Alexandria at 10, and proceed down the river, stopping at Fort Washington a sufficient time to view the pla e, from thence to Pye's Landing, Charles county, where th? re will be sufficient accommodation for these wishing todanc*. and thence returning to Georgetown about sunset The Committee promise to spare no pilns or expense to make this the most pieasant excursion of the season A line Coti'lon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets FIFTY CENTS each; Children ac companied by parents or guardian* half price. Refreshments and Dinnf r will be served up by an experienced caterer at cit prices. Tickets can be procured at John L Kldwell's Drug Store, Georgetown; Kldwell A Laurence and John F. Ellis', Pennsylvania avenue, Wash ington, and at the boat o ? the day cf excursion. Commiitte. John J McQuillan, James O'Doroghue, James Riley, Francis Harper. John J. Bogue. je 3,5,?,9,ll,12,14,15-8t (Intel) Sale of United States Land near Richmond, in the State of Virginia. ORDNANCE OFFICE, ) Washington, June23,1836. ) PROPOSALS IN WRITING WILL BE received at this office till noon of the iWd day of July next, for the pureh se, for cash, of a cer tain piece or parcel of land, with the buildings there >n. lying on James river, In the c unty of Chesterfie'd, about twelve miles above the city of Richmond, and known as Bellona Arsenal This land was purchased by the United States from Willi im Trabue and wife, and Mary Reddy, by deed bea'ing date *2ist of Sep.ember, 1815, a:.d is described in said deed as?beginning on the bank of said river at a sycamore tree and running thence S. 16 deg , W. 6 chains 43 links to a stone marked U. S ; thence N 80dep., W. 9 chains, to a stone marked U. S ; thence S. 22)$ deg., W. 9 chains V7 links, to a stone marked U. S ; thence S. 5% deg , E . 2 t chains 45 links, to a stone marked U. S.; thenre S. 75 deg.; E. 20 chains V5 llnkp, to a stone marked U. ?; thence N. 25% deg , E 40 chains 10 links, to a sycamore t:ee on the bank of said river; and thence along the southern shore of said river, as the same rte\n ders, 25 chains 25 links, to the beginning, con taining twenty-seven and a half acres The above property will be sold to the person offering the highest price for the same, if such offer shall be satisfactory to the Secretary of War ; In which cas-e, and the price offered being paid, a deed will be executed by him under the acts of Congress of 3d March, 1819, and 28th April, 1028, conveying to such pcrsoi, his lelrs, and assigns foiever, all the right, title, and Interest of tha United State* in saTd premises The proposals must be seiled, and endarfed u Proposals for Btllona Arsenal." HENRY K. CRAIG, Colonel of Ordnance. The Int lligenccrand Star, and the Richmond Enquirer, and Examiner, will pjblish ?he aho*e twice a week till 2-/d J uiy, ar<<t one copy of the paper containing it inu t be tent to ihe Ordnance Office with the bill. je 24-'Jawt22July 8100 KEWARU, RANAWAY FROM MY farm,adjoin lng Upper Marlboro', about the middle of December last, Mulatt ? boy AM BROSE, belonging to my brother, Alfred W Gardi ner, of Charles county. This boy is about^__? 14 years old?not very br'ght but rather of a chest nut color?and tias dclicate limbs. He has usu ally a mild and pleasant countenance when tpo ken to. 1 will give the above reward for his apprehen sion if taken in Washington City, or north of Prince George's county, Md., and fifty dollars if taken in Prince George's county, or south of it 1 a either case he must he brought home or secured In Jail so that 1 can get him again. m 13-eotf B.J.GARDINER. '1 [No .561] NOTICE FOR RESTORING CERTAIN LANDS IN WISCONSIN?Noticeis here by given th?t the land office at Mineral Point, Stkvbns'h Point, and Mknasha, in the State of Wisconsin, will bs open to s*le and location of any cf the lands in said districts which were subject to entry and location at the date of their recent withdrawal by notice No. 560, on and *fter Monday, the 4th day of August next, ezctpt the following townships, tke restrvatton of tvkich will be continued, viz: Office at Minipal Point : Townships 11 to 14 Inclusive, of ranges 1 to 8 east, inclusive. Office at Stkvens's Point : Townships 15 to 22, Inclusive, of ranges 2 to 6 east, inclusive. Townsbip 15 and 16 of range 7 tast; and Township 15 of range8 east. Office at MinaiIa : All the townships in the district situated t>etween township 11 and the

Michigan State line, In ranges 13 to 20 east, in clusive. Given under my hind, at the General Land Of fice, at toe city of Wu'hington, this 24th diy of June, 1*56 THOS. A HENDRICKS, Je2S-2aw6.v Commissioner. NEW MATTRESS FACTORY. At Fairviow Cotton Works Alexandria,Va. Having added the mattress Busi ness to our ether manufactures we are now prepared to supply the trade with a superior arti cle of Cotton cr Shuck M ATTK KSS. We have a new parent shuck picker In use, which splits and furls the shucks in the most perfect manner. Mattre->e.< filled with these ate superior to the old -lnd, bein? more elastic and durable This, with other facilities and arrangements.enable us to compete In price and quality with Baltimore and other Northern manufacturers. Orders for any particular size or kind 111 ed immediately. Also, a supply of Cotton Warp Wrapping Twine, and Batting always on hand, at manufac turer's prices. FITZPATR1CK A BURNS, Proprietors, Alexandria. JOHN J BOBUE, Agent, No. 38 East Market Space, Georgetown. Je 18-lm ISHIFIG TACKLE, a larg?* supply; Hooks. ? Keels, Rods, Sinkers, and Flsh'ng llnsket , ?t 4iM) Seventh street. (J6^) ti. FRANCIS. F Homes, Ac , for Kant and Sale. F?ti?nE^T^i.BR,CK HOU8K, SITUA ted on ?(h iItpc., near the corner of M In SSiT- W wAeRUDERTD^ eo!d and ^noe ? tore, corner 7th ?nd 1 street. je21-tf P?,R? ^ALE -A TRACT OF LAND, CON L'pS a^Ut 45 arrefi' on tbe Heights of a P?rt of the Valley Vhw Ja?' residence of the late John H Klnc fn theWDl,trW e U T ?f the raost ,lesir?bl? ?lt? in tbe District for a fine pnv.ite residence: about d X* of tht8 tracta beautiful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and in a hlg? stale of r til 5<?Tf?tn ??The f,Tmlt ?f thl9 tract ?? fro'? 350 to W VidC T*tCr' and bas aflne v^w of ZaZ?l&t??a\0eor*et?wa< and lb* adjacent val lots Potomac. It will be sold entire <m in ^A.LM>,alar?fl.Framc Dwelling-house and l ot !? u vn?c?hyeir *5ftb an<* H streets west, Wash N? ?n?at Vttliev Vlew * arm, or to Dr. H. King, No to Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C. jeiS-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. AW&L* S.ALE -EIGHTEEN SMALL Npw H.lSi1,0" {or sale> corn? of L street and w?JH8mP<71ire Avenue, near the circle, First 5 ln Dr,ce from 80 t0 16?> dollars each. Termslrom&to 15 dollars per month Par with the view of building thereon, m(u market prices) to the amount w W. L advanced thereon, secured by deed of trust on the property. Title lndlspu I. J, otber information apply to H PARRY, Marble Yard, Pa. av.,bet. 18th A l#th __ ap 10?3m F?po??F^?T'^1T^ OR WITHOUT STEAM ,?n ? I V ^ -T,he Izr?*> a5ry? convenient, and well finished Hall next door to the Star Build ing" It is 50 by 80 feet in the clear, with high ceiling and is capitally light- d A Is., the store immediately under the west half of said hall. 25 by 60 feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, in the heart of the business portion there Of, (no Other Mich desirable butlness stands are now being offered to the public ) They will be rented separately or together. For terms annlv to GEORGE HI M,, Papermaker, Bridge stffi a few doors west of the omnibus stand, George town, or at the Mar Office counter. N. B.?If renters dtsireto carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with snaftine attached to the r ewand pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Jcb tripling Office, manufactured by the .Messrs. Ellis, and arranged so as to furnish ample power, if required, to renters of the premises advertised above- Je 20-tf ^ITT" The lca>e on the above property will be FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. :t'?ri8lent board Squire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street. nov 27?tf t^OR RENT.?A THREE STORY BRICK a Dwelling, with extensive Back Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of trood water in the yard, situated on K street, nearly op posite the Brewery To a good tenant the rent ,nade moderate Apply to COM S. CASSIN'Or at GODEV Sc. CO'S . Litre Kiln, Ileall street, between Congress and Washinirton streets, Georgetown. m2-eotf FOR KENT -FOUR NEW SMALL BRICK House** Just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad LfS0.1- ?APPL>'at tbe Capitol extension to FRAN CIS J. BROOKS. m 15-eotf BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE?A VA riety of Building l ots In all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms. Enquire of the subscriber at John E. Kendall's office, next door to \V. B Todd's, Hat Stcre, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room. ap 21-eo3in DAVID MYERLK. yALUABI.E BUILDING LOTS FORS/LE. v I have for sale a large number of Bulding Lots in different Darts of the city, very favorably locited either for residences or business. Ap ply to WILLIAM H FllILIP. Attorney at Law, No. 40, Louisiana avenue, near Gth street. m5 eo OFFICIAL. Treasury Department, May 28, le56. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the stock issued pursuant to tha net of Congress of 'iid July, 1S16, that such stock is redeemable by its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on the surrender of the certificates thereof on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will cease. This department will continueto purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the f >llowing premium, In addition to the Interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, in elusive, one-half of one per cent on the amounts specified In the certificates; On such stock received between the !st and 31st days of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after the31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid. Certificates of such stock transmitted under this notice must be duly assigned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's interest iuii t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise such Interest wHl be payable as heretofore. And notice is further given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day of December next, unlets thesumof $1,500,OOOshatl be previously obtained, and will pay for the same, In addition to the in terest accrued from the day of the last dividend of interest, and one day's additional Interest for the money to reach th2 vendor, the following ratts of premium: On stock of the loan of 1812, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1847 and 1848 a premium of 16 per cent.; And on stock issued under the act of flth Sep tember, 1950, commonly called Texan indemnity stock, a premium of ? per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the Un'ted States by the par ty entitled to receive the msney; and if sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest most also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Payment for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts on the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES 6UTHR1E, m29?dtl2Nov Secretary of the Treasury. MEDICALIAED. DR H PERABEAU, GERMAN HOMEO pathlc physic an, has the honor to offer his services to the Inhabitants of Washlsgton and vicinity. Office on D street, two doors west of 9th, where he will be found from 9 to 12 a m , and from 4 to #P m Residence on I street, No. 188, between 20th and 21st streets. N B?Homeophatblc medicines for sale, which the Doctor prepares himself with the greatest care, for Fever and Ague, for Bilous and Bowel complaints, Ac., Ac. m 16-3m L. J. niODLKTOFI, DEALEB IN ICE, OJJltt and Dtfot?Southwest corner of F and Twelfth streets feb 27 tf LI31K !-LIAlE t !?L1MK !! ! WILL BE OPENED TO MORROW, AT the Lime Kilns of W. H. Godey * Co.. situated on Rock Creek, between the upper and lower bridges, a ki'.n of very superior WOOD BURNT LIME. The subscribers have also on hand a large supply of PLASTERERS' HAIR, CEMENT, CALCINKD PLASTER, and everv description of the very best quality of lime, which Will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms, ap 14-eotf W. H. GODEY A CO. EVENING STAR. [comiriiicATiP. Editor of the Star: Please permit me to reply to Colonel Benton's last published speeob, wherein he slanders Colonel Step toe (Captain he ha? it) and Brigham Young, with reference to the Governorship of Utah Being personally acquainted with Colonel Steptoe, Got. Young, and all the proceeding*, justice to the parties assayed, requires a cor rection from my pen, of the falsehoods of Col. Benton with reference to them. In the fall of 1864 Lieut Col. Steptoe ar rived at Great Salt Lake City, Utah, in com mand of several companies, on his way to California The season being far advanced on his arrival, he went into winter quarters i Col. Steptoe wa> received as an officer and a gentleman by Gov Young, and the people there; and indeed he never foifeited that confidence by act or deed during his stay, which was some six or seven months. During Ccl Steptoe's stay in Great Salt Lake City President Pierce, who was, and had been con tinually beset since he first came into the Presidential chair, by political demagogues and office seekers, like Col. Benton, (not by the gallant Col Steptoe, for he never applied) to remove Gov. Young, or to appoint some one else to fill his place. At last President Pierre consented to appoint another Governor for Utah, as Gov. Young's term of office had then already expired Accordingly President Pierce officially informed Col Steptoe that he had been appointed Governor of Utah if he would accept the office. On the news of Col Steptoe's appointment reaching Great Salt Lake City, I heard Gov ernor Young publicly express himself before thousands, in theso words : ltThat there was not a rran living outside the Church of fhicJi he was a member that he mould prefer for the Governor of Utah before Col. Step toe ; and that if he accepted the, appointment he (Gov. Youug) mould take ?ff 'its hat to him and salute him irith a band of music, for he considered him a gentleman"?and all the people said Amen. But Col. Steptoe, caring little for the (ffice, well knowing that the emoluments of the Governorship of Utah for a few years were a mere nominal consider ation compared to the emoluments from his position in tho arrnv, (which he would have nad to resign if ne accepted the Gover norship,) and also knowing the general feeling existing in the community there, that they would prefer Brigham Young to any other man to govern them, he (Col Steptoe' wrote to President Pierce declining to accept the office. Whereupon Brigham Young retained the Governorship of Utah, and ha-, ever since his term of office expired in lbi-4, under the organic act creating said Territory, which ?ays that " the Governor shall retain his office until his successor is appointed and qualified " Governor Young's successor has never been " appointed and qualified." President Pierce did not appoint Uovcrnor Young, neither has he removed him, nor appointed another in his place that would accept the office. Thus Mr Benton will perieive that the " prophecy" he says Brigham Young uttered when he made a speech to the people on the occasion of Col Steptoe's being Governor? '?that he intended to remain in his place until God should say, ? Brigham. I don't want you to be Governor of Utah any longer,' " is be ing fulfilled. But there were no such words uttered by Governor Young on that occasion, though he did utter them in substance at the time the first judges left Utah some three years previously So Mr. Benton s West Point tactics smuggling, hybemating, ?3 , reminds me of the '?Indian that cursed the King on the other side of the hill " But, says Mr. Benton . " There was some thing else which J did not for see; which was that this Military Governor carried off four dozen of the Mormon Betty Martins with him, to the infinite distress of the saint*, profoundly chagrinntd to find themselves encroached upon by the Gentiles.'! O, mira? bile dictn ' What is Mr Benton's object in misstating and exaggerating every thing he writes or speaks about ? Does he expect to make political capital thus? If he does, let me inform him that such bogus coin will not go in the market; but "drowning men catch at straws," even to making ugly or wry faces, and cramping contortions of the same at generals while sitting in court martial s. Poor old man ; he is certainly in his dotage ! There were eight females in all that left Utah with the officers and soldiers of Col. Steptoe's command, one or two of them were married to the soldiers previous to leaving; some left with the officers, and the balance wont off of their own accord ; and Gov. Young, and all the "Saints'' there were heartily glad they were gone. For, let me inform Mr. Benton, tho lossof such ' Betty Martins" does anything else but " chagrin the Saints.'" I would further inform Mr. Benton that Utah is too hot a place for "Betty Mar tins," libertines, or adulterers to tarry in long; they soon "cu* stick," and make 'Straight wakes," and, bowling, flee rfway. If Mr Benton has everpassel through Salt Lake City lio can bear testimony to it,n> doubt These " Betty Martins" wont off with the soldiers, and some inferior officers under the promiie of marriage, as I understand But Col. Steptoe declared expressly that no female from Utah was going with him or by hio consent; aud if others carried them off, they did so upun their own responsibility. Mr. Benton also says " Utah is in revolt." Revolt against what? Why. against all in fernal scoundrels that wish to contaminate so ciety?adulterers, Ac.,?that ruin female vir tue, destrcy the peace of families, deny their own flesh and blood, and all liars, hypocrites, murderers, and wicked men, that are a dis grace to society, to the very name of man?a stench in the nostrils of tho Almighty and all good men! But Mr. Benton would imply in revolt to the Governmentof the United States He knew better when he made the remark ; and every honest man that has ever been in Utah will bear testimony to the same ; for a more law-abiding people, or one that is^more attaohed to the Constitution of the United States, than inhabit the Territory of Utah, cannot be fouud. But Mr Benton must spit out his spleen againsl Utah and the Mormons whenever and wherever he speaks. To be sure, his influence is not much at present, but ho well recollects, no doubt, what his influence brought upon the innocent and unoffending of the Mormons in tho State of Missouri some years ago. The widows, orphans, and tho maimed now in Utah have not lorgotten it. Mr. Ben ton is like all others of the same stripe. They know the increasing power and influenced the Mormons, and are afraid of retributive jus tice. lience. they keep barking But a '?guilty conscience is its own accuser.' Mr Benton, the Mormons will not hurt you "You are bitting at a hat that has no head in it." Polygamy, too, like "Hamlet's ghost,' is always haunting him; or. perhaps the thought of the feminine gender almost overcomes the old man now, who, po doubt, is like one of the nneienta : i as one dead to the world ami as imp 1 as the grave " It is a matter of as tonishment to me that such a reformer as *r Benton should not, in his celebrated speeches, refer to the existing things (putting polygamy to the blush) almost every where, abounding especially in the large cities of the ktat?s. as he well knows. I wonder he did not advert to it in his celebrated speech, or insert it iu his "Thirty Year's \ lew," and then charge it upon the Administration Does Mr. Benton ever refer to those things ? O, no, they are " too popular." But let me ask Mr. Benton if Abraham. Isaac, and Jaoob, men after God'a own heart, and whose God he declares him?elf to be, were not all polygamists, as well as David and Solomon, and many others. Look at their descendants. Did not Jesus, the Saviour of the world, according to the fleth, come THE WEEKLY STAR. This ?m0m Family u4 Navi Jt talnlng a greater variety of iMnMai feeding than ou be fwind la ht ether?ts ptrtwwhedeo Setur dsv rooming Single oopy. per ft ? TO OLVM. FlVeCOplOS ?*' Ten ropln..,., 8 ?i Twenty copiee II wi 117" C4II, IIMIUM.T IB iDTilCI l?T Single copies (In vrtppM) can be procured at the counter, Immediately after lk? Issue of the paper Price?Tbbbb Cbiits Post uasTaas who act at agents will be all owed a coir,mission of twenty per cent. through tbe lineage of Jadah, who was a rod of one of the wives of Jacob, end Jesas says, ummmw thai I come from tk* Ernst, and from the West,and from the North and the South, ana tit down tcith Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of God," while inch men a* Col. Benton, and all other* of the same stripe, will no doubt be cast out; for he oertainly would never want to be in company witb polygamistv It appears the Lord think* so much of that old polygamic Jaaob. that be in going to have the i.ames of his twelves sunt (from different wives) "engraved upon the gates of the New Jerusalem the Holy City to co vie down from Heaven " I do not write to advocate polygamy be re, but to reply to Mr Benton, wherein he speaks of Dale Owen being "sent to a foreign court for his election servioes, and says that he must con vey the idea, wherever heroes, that the United States is a whole nation of Mormons returning to the state of forest animals " This is a nut for Mr Benton to erack, by way of keeping himself from again expressing his ignorance in talking of things be knows nothing about. Bat 1 have traced his nonsense far enough? he ts dead in a volttical tense, and his fate reminds me of tue verdict of a negro jury on an inquest of a deceased negro, returned as follows : "We, de underscribed darkies, bein a Ker ne's Juray of disgust to sit on de body ob de aiggar Sambo, now dead and gone before us. hab bin sitting on dc niggar aforesaid, did, on de night ob de furteenth of Nobembvr, come to his def by fallin from de bridge over de riber into de said riber, whar we find be wat sudsemly drowned and arterwards washed on dc riber side, whar we soose he fro? to def " V. I. A , or Utah. Vi Edward McGowan, who is indicted as an accomplice in the assassination of Mr King, w is tried in Pennsylvania, some years since ;*nd sentenced to the State Prison for robbing the Chester Bank. After serving out a part of his -cntence. he was pardoned by the Gov ernor, and came to San Franciaco in 1M8. Here he was made ajustioe, and for two or three years dispensed a base imitation of that article?to the highest bidder. His talents and great cunning were soon found especially a l&pted to political rascality?and the bullies aid blacklegs acknowledged him as the head of their eorps. He was generally selected to preside at their primary meetings, and was a ways a delegate to the County and Stat^Con ventions. "Hon Judge McGowan" sounded ? ) respectable ! In part requital for his emi nent political services, he was made Commis si ner of Emigration, but although the amount of cash he fingered during his official term was very large, the strong box of the Treas ury was naver made one dollar the richer from this source. French women and draw poker were so expensive ! About six months since, a daughter of la belle France came near losing her life by the explosion of a torpedo, nlaced in front of her obamber door, and the Honorable Judge was generally suspected to have been the author of the ingenious plot to get his mistress into a better world. McGow an is very respectably connected in the At Untie states. He is sure to swing, if caught San Francisco paper. An Infallirlk Recite ?At this seaaon when dyseDtery becomes very prevalent, we can recommend the followirg means of cu ring the same, which are within the reach of every person at almost any hour: Take one tablespoonful of common salt and mix it with two tablespoonfuls of vinegar and pour upon it a half pint of water either hot or col J (only let it be taken cool ) A wine glass full of this mixture in the above proportions taken every half hour will be found quite efficacious in curing dysentery. If the stom ach be nauseated, a wine glass full taken every hour will suffice. For a child, the quantity should be a teaspoonful of salt and one of vinegar in a tea cup full of water. For all diseases man is heir to, nature's remedies are simple and sure, and there is no evil in the world without its antidote. We could mention numerous instance: in which tne 6 bove recipe was found effective in the cure of dysentery. UisTs to Frcoai. Housewives?Do not sweep carpets oftener than is absolutely ne cessary. After dinner sweep the crumbs into a dustpan with the hearth-brush, and pick up the shreds. A broom wears the carpet sadly. The oftener carpets ar? shaken, the longer they wear ; dirt grinds the threads out Washleather gloves should be washed in clean tepid suds. Jamaica rum, used to wash the hair, keeps it clean and healthy and promotes it growen. Bxandy dries and heats, while it strengthens the hair. If you are troubled to get soft water for washing, fill a tub or barrel half full of wood ashes, and fill it with water to make lye. A gallon of string lye put into a great kettls f hard water will make it toft as rain water Pearlash or potash is used, but costs something and is apt to injure the texture of the cloth Destruction bt Fire.?The folic wing table exhibits the amouut of pro|>erty destroyed iu tho United States during the past six months, as also for the same peri m1 of time in 1855. It does not include fires where the loss was le>s than $ 10 000 : No. of ahoi bt or lo>6 . Fires. In 1836 In liVi January 3W *1,444.000 $1,326,004) February 3o 1,26V,000 W4y,000 March 32 1,021,000 1,600,000 April 33 1,937.000 1,200,000 May 35 1,757.000 1.266.000 June 26 1,31)4 000 1.2vl,0oo Total $8,782,000 $7,839,000 The principal fires during the last month destroyed the prison and five steamers in New Orleans, the Military Institute in Kentucky, and a number of stores in Portland. Me. ty Lady Ellenborough. wife of the Eng lish Lord of that name, who wss f rmerly Gov. Gen of India, has boen separated from her husband for twenty years past, and is leading a wild life am >ng the Arabs She has marriod an Arab Shiekh. who it seems protected her from robbers during a visit she paid to Palmyra. Full of romantic gratitude for this service she determined to mary him, but ths Shiekh ran away on hearing it. Sho employed Arabs to bring him back, and being worth ?1,500 a year, she at last succeeded in getting him to marry her in tho desert in the Oriental fashion. They live in elegant style near Damascus After her separation from Lord Ellenborough she married a Greek Coant whom she left So that she has now three hus bands, all living. In her early days she was a great beauty. Stbwed Peabs?At a party a lady treatel her company with stewed pears A gentleman at the table put one, as be supposed into his nnutb, and attempted to pull out the stem; a'ter pulling for Dime time, he was obliged to rive it up, and on putting it en bis plate, he und he had been luggir g away at a mouse, which had probably fallen into the lady s pre serve jar. With the utmort coolness, he in quired of the lady if she had a cat in the house 44 Yes, sir, why?" " Well, I would like to have her take this mouse away?that's all." ty A mac in Wisconsin recently inserted a long advertisement in the papers offering his farm for sale, closing in the following style : -'The surrounding country is the most beautiful the God of nature ever made. The scenery is celestial, divine; also, two wa^oas to sell, and a yoke of steers."