Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1856, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. waphtwotow city*. Mom D AY J?lT T? lMtt |?7" Advertisement* should be handed In ky 18 o'clock, m., otherwise they may not appear ontll the next day. To Political Clubs.?Political clubs will fled the arrangements of the Star office for printing their circulars, addresses, arguments, pamphlets, Ac., as oomplete as those of any ether printing offiee in the United States. They may rely upon baring such work done at the Star office in a satisfactory manner as to style and price, and in the shortest possible time. Be sure to give us a call before making arrangements elsewhere. Notice.?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, societies, and all other associa tions are notified that in order to insure the insertion of advertisements or notices of any description in the Star, payment must be made fer them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been complied with. This rule must be imperative. SPIRIT OF TEE MORNING PRES3 The Intelligencer, in reply to a North Car olina paper, defends its declension to advo cate the election of Buchanan and Breckin ridge, and attributes the present fearful po litical condition of the country, in great part, to the enactment of the Kansas-Nebraska bill - The Union's leader is a criticism upon the arguments of Senators Wade, Wilson, and others of their political stamp, against what those gentlemen term "the slave power " The editor, in the course of his remarks, explodes their nonsence concerning the alleged condi tion of the non-slaveholders of the South, and relative to the erroneously assumed existence of an anti-slavery narty in the South. Of all conceivable humbugs, those of the abolition ists bearing on the condition of southern so ciety and southern sentiment are the most eg regious. High and low, rich and poor, there is far more of real civil liberty eDjoyed among the citiiens of the South than among any other people in the world ; while their una nimity in defence of the institution of slavery, as existing here, is the most remarkable po litical unanimity of a free people known to records of history in any clime or at any stage of the world's existence. In the face of these facts, the efforts of the abolitionist leaders to cheat their ignorant fol lowers into the belief that their cause is gain ing headway iu the Soutfc, or into the equally unfounded idea that the mass of the citiiens of the South are fools, dolts, and brutes, who are driven hither and thither by a small mi nority of slaveholders, are simply proofs that they (the abolition leaders) look on their own followers as an ignorant mob, to be cheated into any notion, the general existence of which, for the time being, may be likeiy to serve their own political purposes. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP ??????mmm The very last Wrinkle!?The readerwil, And on the first page of the Star to-day. a de fence of the Mormons against the allusions to them in Col. Benton's last spcecb. It la from the pen of a distinguished leader in Mormon Church and State affairs, who has been sent to the Atlantic coast on a business session by ?? Brigham." We publish his phillippic against his antagonist, so peculiarly worthy of his steel, by way of affording the Star's read ers an opportunity to see how thorough a Mor mon in habits of denunciation, self-sufficiency, and unmitigated rowdyism Thomas H. Ben ton has really become through the working of that rankling disappointment of his about the presidency ; the style of the communication in question being a counterpart of Benton's own. The point of note in the communication is the apparent earnestness with which the writer defends the peculiar habits and custom* of tiy Mormons that are so repulsive to civilised, well-ordered and christian society everywhere, as being based on the soundest morality, the moet evangelical religious principles, and the wisest political economy ! Nothing we wot of just now, equals the modesty of this defence of Mormonism and its accompanying onslaught upon views of right and wrong in domestic affairs aLd affairs of State that do uot tally with Mormon pecu liarities, but Colonel Benton s constant habit of accusing those he dislikes of being guided by sinister purposes in all they do in connec tion with public affairs, and heaping foul mouthed blackguardism upon them from his lip?, now never opened upon the subject of politics, except to pollute some one or some measure; while he must be aware that all the world remembers that, coming originally into Congress without a dollar of property, all he now possesses was made by speculations, fur the fortunate termination of whioh be is wholly indebted to facilities (opportunities) growing out of his connection with the Government .Nay, he must remember further, tLat the members of his tail who have moans, are also indebted for them originally to their connection with the Government in places obtained for them by him, affording opportunities for the ultimate acquisition of much more wealth than any one else we have heard of was ever known to accumulate so soon after taking office under the Government of the United States. Under such circumstances, his per sistent cackling of falsehoods against the in tegrity of all distinguished public men whose failure to become his instruments for the fur ther advancement of his fortunes and those of his tail displeases him, passes with the think ing public at its true value only. It serves only to render more glaring the most promi nent features of his own speculating, selfish, grasping and sinister career in the Senate of United States. SnuDb?4.?We really do not know any other two gentlemen who have been, in their time *> badly treated by their friends as Governor Ford, of Ohio, and Governor Johnston, of Pennsylvania, by the recent Republican Abo lition Convention at Philadelphia On ar riving at that city, and finding that it wus idle to insist on the nomination of Speaker Banks for the presidency, the conference com mittee from George Law s convention offered the Republicans, as an ultimatum, that they ?hould nominate either of the gentlemen ?rst above named for the Vise Presidency. Their proposition was hooted down with contempt. Tfc* Ohio delegates, with great unanimity, pronounced Ford untrustworthy and odious to the real anti-slavery party of hi* State, who, wonld not touch any ticket with a fcrty-foct pole contaminated with his name, That, of coarse, " fixed his flint." Thaddeus Stevens it will be recollected, declared that to nomi nate Fremont woald be to give Pennsylvania to Buchanan by fifty thousand majority; while the other delegates from that State made no secret of their belief, that to essay to add to the Fremont dose the dose of Wm. F. John ston for the Vice Presidency, woald probably secure for Buchanan doable the majority indi cated by the sagacious and experienced Mr. Stevens! Now, these two individuals have been, per haps, the most conspicuous and xealous Know Nothings in the land ; laboring harder to ob tain prominence in " the Order," than per. haps any other two men in the United States. They have been their party's men of all work, and have earned only notoriety so notorious, as that their touch is voted by their fellows at home to involve political death. Not a few patriotic Know Nothings in this quarter have been treated rather ungratefully by their friends in tho matter of nominations, b ut these two have been more shockingly dealt with, if about according to their deserts. Born Again.?According to the Kopublican press, we have not only a " Bourbon" amongst us as was so conclusively proved not long since to the satisfaction of?here and there a fool?by the reverend Ebeneter Wil liams, but a veritable second Washington, and what is quite as remarkable too, a second Patrick Henry. The Washington being John C. Fremont, and the Henry, of course no other than the Mr. Dayton, of New Jersey, recently nominated by the Republicans for the Yicc Presidency. It was our lot to have had our eyes on this new born Patrick Henry in the Senate cham ber every day he sat therein from his entrance on to his exit from the stage of public affairs in this city. We therefore know tho motal of the man as thoroughly as any one man can possibly know the calebre of another. Now we aver positively that no other man has served in that body in the last seventeen years who has made less character in so doing, with a single exception?John C Fremont?whoso entire unfitness to be entrusted with tho duty of thinking in connection with American pub lic affairs, became so manifest as to have been from that day to this a standing joke among the reporters and correspondents for the press, a class of shrewd observers and astute com mentators on the capacities and character of public men. Dayton, is intellectually an owl, with the dignity (pomposity) of a peacock Lie is a goad nisi jirius lawyer. There his capacity terminates. The ultraism and bigot ry of his federalism rendered him a mono maniao against progress while in the Senate, where his idiosyncrasies had no influence whatever, because his intellect was too feeble to give them effective point. His bombast, ooupled with his so remarkable weakness, ren dered him the laughing stock of the reporters gallery for years. This is the Qod's truth about the Tribune's second " Patrick ilfnry." The End of the Enlistment Question ? The turn of the last news from England upon the Enlistment embroglio is, that public opin ion there most completely justifies the course of this Government upon it, from beginning to end. Its force (that of British public opinion) has compelled its Government, however re luctantly, to acquiese gracefully at last, in admitting the entire propriety of the course of the American President and State Depart ment. We record the fact just now only to call the attention of our cotemporary of the Courier det Etas Urns, and of the French Embassy in this city, to the position in which they are thus placed ; it being a significant commentary, indeed, upon the justice and propriety of their course in rushing so swiftly forward to meddle in the matter, against the side of the United States, thus vindicated so triumphantly by the tardy admissions of their antagonist?the British Government The position in which tlft Courtcr and the French Legation are left by this alteration of the tone of Britain upon this question illustrates, with a deg4ee of force indiscribable with the pen> the idea of " putting one's foot in it " Left Washington ?We hear that Senator Sumner left Washington this morning on the train for Baltimore ; for scmo watering place, we presume. The wags around town have, for some days past, been discussing tho propriety uf serving a writ of habeas eorpus upon the Republican party managers requiring tkem to produco the honorable Senator, and to show cause why they have been holding him in so close custo dy for political effect. Tht Current Operation! of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 5th of July, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of Stocks.... $6,385 38 For the Treasury Department... 8,446 95 For the Interior Department....* 4,283 01 For Customs 40,561 28 War warrants received and en tered. 13,037 23 From miscellaneous sources 73 28 From Castoms 85 VI CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. In the Senate, to-day, after the transac tion of some morning business, the internal improvement bills not long since vetoed by the President were taken up, and the ques tion being on their passage over the vetoes upon them, Mr. Slidell addressed the Senate at some length against the views embraced in the veto messages, and in behalf of the pas sago of the said Dills. Mr Cass was addressing the Senate on the same bill as the Star went to press. In the Hotue, to-day, the first business in order was the question on the pending motion to suspend the rules for the introduction of a House resolution for supplying the new mem bers of the House with the books usually pui chased for them at the public cost. The rules having been suspended, Mr. Sher man moved to amend the resolution (a sub stitute) authorising those to whom the books in question are to be donated under the reso lution, may, at their eleotion, take other books at the same cost, Ac , Ac.; and it was agreed to?yeas 54, nays 116. The question then recurred on the original resolutioa. Mr Watson moved to lay it on the table ; on whieh motion the House was voting as the star went to press. A Rimian Califoihiaw ?Some two weeks ago a Californian returned to Salem who had been absent over seven years, and whose family supposing him to be dead, had admin istered upon his estate He had not been heard from after the first two years, and news of his disease having been received both by spiritual telegraph and persons supposed to know, his wife took out letters of administra tion. and sought to arrange for her family as an independent woman. Upon his return ho found her unembarrassed, beinic nothing but a vidow.?Nevburyt/ort Herald NOTICE. National Democratic Com. Rooms, } July 5, I860. 1 State executive committee?, county and city clubs and assocations, organised to promote the eleetion of the Democratio nominees for the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United State?, will address their communications to Hon. Chablz9 F. Faulkner, of Virginia) Chairman of the National Democratic Resi dent Com mitt**, Washington city, D. C. Democratic papers throughout the United States are requested to copy the above notice. By order of the Committee. PERSONAL. .... Salvador lturbide, son of the former Emperor of Mexico, was drowned at Topic, Mexico, recently while bathing. .... The grand jury of the county of Ber nalillo, in New Mexico, have indited Governor Merriweather for his inefficient management of the Territory. .... In the Forrest Divorce case, in the New York courts, the motion for a new trial has been denied. A reference was ordered to set tle some questions respecting alimony, coun sel fees, ac. .... Sir Walter had a plain and homely? a look even of what, on an ordinary person would be called clownishness ; if, indeed, this b? not a mistake in the observer, who, think ing only of his genius, felt a disappointment on discovering that his features were not per fect statuary. .... The Catholic Standard announces that two clergymen of the Church of England have been received into the Roman Catholic Church. One is the Rev. F. Temble, M. A , Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford,a nd late Principal of the Government Training College at Kneller Hall. The other Is a son of tho celebrated Rev. Dr. Arnold Rugby. ....The Providence correspondent of tho Boston Times says Dr Bunting, who testified so extensively in the Sumner case, is the same individual who, a few years ago, hung out his shingle in Westminster street, in that city, as "physician and surgeon " Among his patients was was a young lady of the first respectabili ty, who became attached to him, and he to her. The match was opposed by her fathor an J mother, and he was forbid tho house. Not long after she escapcd from the home, and with him repaired to Stonington, where they were married. The honeymoon had hardly passed before he began to abuse hor, which increased to such a fearful extent that she had to leave him and return to her father's house, broken-hearted ; she having learnt too, that tho scamp had another wife living in England. She lived but a short time alter her return. This is Doctor Bunting, the "Eye Witness " POLITICAL ITEttS. Beccher's Independent, of this week, comes out flat-footed for Fremont. A Philadelphia correspondent says that the vestry of the church of tho Epiphany, in that city, have requested that Rev. D A Tyng to resign his rectorship in consequence of having introduced political topics into the pulpit. The Fremont men are very unxious to see Jessie? nobody but Jessie will please them. Well, gentlemen, have a little pationce?wait till November?and you fball bo gratified every one of you ; for that is the very person age the Democrats have determined to give you. The Sraight Whigs of Kentucky stand out firmly against Mr. Fillmore. At tho reccnt Whig Convention in Louisville, a resolution expressing tho confidence of the Whigs of Kentucky in Millard Fillmore, and saying he was as worthy of their support as in 1&48, was rejected by the vote of sixteen counties against, to one in favor. The Wheeling Intelligencer, an old and able advocate of Whig doctrines which, with the mass of Whigs, supported the Know Nothing party after the sudden disruption of the Whig party, now comes out boldly in favor of Buc hanan and Breckinridge. The same disposi tion appears to prevail very generally among tho Wnigs of Virginia. Many of the Republican journals speak of Indiana as one of the certain States for Fre mont How they expect to achieve a victory over the Democracy of that State is thus dis closed by tho New Albany (Indiana) Tribune: " It is very evident that neither the friends of Mr. Fillmore nor Mr. Fremont can succeed in Indiana without a union of the two upon fair, equal terms. Let us see to this before it is too late " The Lincoln (Maine) Democrat says: The nomination of Fremont and Dayton have proved signal failures, so far as the hopes of the Republican wire-pullers are concerned. The peuple some how or other won't respond to them, and all the braggadocio which the party can muster, is insufficient to create even the appearance of rejoicing. The speakers at the ratification meetings seem to be under a restraint which they cannot throw off and speak, a3 it were, against time. We would suggest the propriety of calling another con vention and nominating somebody else The Panama Chain ?An historian giving a description of tho city of Mexico, as it was found by Cortes, states that "there wero rows of silversmith, who sold jewels and chains of extraordinary fashions " Concerning this passage, Ewbank, in his celebrated work on the Mechanic Arts, as known to the ancients, has the following curious information : These chains, which were worn round the neck, wero doubtless similar to those known as Panama chains, which certainly are rare specimens of workmanship. They may sometimes bo met with at our jewalors, who buy them for tho purity of the gold. It is said that the modo of making them has nover been discovered, and that the secret is still preserved umong the Indians of Panama. Wo have examined one which came from Carthagona, tho length of which, bad it been cut, was eight feet two inches ; its section, which was hexagonal, did not exceed one-twentieth of an inch in diame ter. It was formed of one or more fine wires, which seemed to have been woven or inter laced liko tho plaiting of a whip handle. When a single thread was examined by a mi croscope, it was found to be composed of sev eral smaller wires, which seperate, were scarcely perceptible to our unaided vision. The weignt of tho chain was eleven penny weights, and it appearded to be as flexible as a piece of twine, certainly far more so than any chain formed of links. No end of the wire could be detected, and not a particle of solder was used Ci Biors Invention.?A very curious inven tion has been made in England. Its object is the manufacture of picture frames, and other articles of like description, out of bricks ; and, singularly enough, such an object as this has been and can t>o successfully accomplished. It is done, as we understand, by reducing pieces of old bricks to powder, mixing this powder with some portion of the tar or refuse of the gas works, and then compressing the mixture into suitable moulds The result is said to be a solid, durable and beautiful ai ticle, of almost any given pattern. Locusts.?The Concordia (La.) Intelligen cer of the 13th ult. says : " We are sorry to be informed that this scourge of ancient Egypt has appeared in our vicinity, bearing the por tentious 'W' which superstitious people say always means war, upon a shield or band, drawn, like an escutcheon, across the back of the neck of each insect. The same supersti tion indioatea that the letter -P' found in the same place would mean that peace would pre vail.^ i. ? ? -?<#? A Perkumed Breath.?What lady or gen tleman would remain under the curse of a dis agreeable breath when?by using the "Balm of a Thousand Flottrers" as a dentrifice would not only render it sweet but leave the teeth white as alabaster? Many persons do not know their breath is bad, and the subject is so delicate their friends will never mention it. Pour a single drop ef the "Balm on your tooth brush and wash the teeth night and morning. A fifty oent bottle will last a year. For sale at Shillington's, agent for Washington, and ?U Druggists. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, July 7,1866 Of all the excursions that have left our citj this season, we have heard of nona firing such vnirereal satisfaction as tha one to Harper's Ferrj on the Fourth, on board the packat boat Argo. The company was quite large, and composed of the most agreeable materials They Ian the wharf of the Messrs. Ritter at 6 a. m., and after a most delightful ride of twelve hours reached Harper's Ferry in good time for the party to tako a general Tiew of the romantic city, the government works, and the surrounding mountain scenery, before the time arrived for the festivities of the danca to commence. On the return, the boat reached Fisher's Lock, four miles above Georgetown, on Saturday evening, where omnibuses were in waiting to bring the company into town, the water having been let off the lower level of the canal. Everything connected with the trip passed off in the most agreeable manner, and all who went are loud ia their praises of Capt. Merrill and Mr W. 11. Hitter, who ac companied them on the occasion, for their kind, obliging and gentlemanly deportment during the trip. We learn that quite a serious fire occurred (the work of an incendiarv) on Thursday night last, in Knoxville, Maryland, which entirely consumed the dwelling of Mr Sell man, together with ail bis costly furniture and most? f tho contents of a large grocery which was kept on the first tloor of the build ing. The loss of Mr. Sellman is supposed to be from $S;0oU to $10,000 He waj absent from homo at the time. The water has again been let on the lowest level of the canal, and our mills and factory are again iu operation this morning It has also been let on to the new aquoduct of the Lonacona Coal Company, which acts admira ble ^ We have been requested to call the atten tion of thw acting mayor, R. Ould, Esq , to the propriety of affording some protection against the rude and noisy conduct of a parcel )f youths and boys to tho occupants of the iou>e on tho corner of Montgomery ani Dam barton streets. The supply of flour in market has become very light, aud prices have still further ad vanced under the effects of the fureigu and domestic newj Holders are firm this morn ing at 5(5 50 for good standard brands. S ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE Alexandria, July 7, ltf56. The 4th of July was pretty generally ob ssrved throughout our city. No public de monstration took place beyond the usual salvos of artillery and an exhibition of fire-works ; but the greater portion of our people availed themselves of the occasion to spend the hot day in pic-nicing at some shaded spot. The river boats took away quite a number J and Yates' Garden furnished amusement for the many who love the mazes of the dance ; and, fortunately, no single accident occurred to di minish the general enjoyment A man named W. E. Campbell has been ar rested. and was, on Saturday, identified as the thief who carried away the mare of R Y. Cross. The July term of the county court opens this morning, and is likely to be a moat inter esting session. Politics are beginning to grow brisk. The friends of " the Washington" aro called to

gether in council at Liberty Hall to-nigbt, and on tomorrow evening the "Old Line Whigs" are requested to assemble and elect delegates to represent the Whigs of Alexan dria in the coming convention at Richmond. The Democracy here are in high glee at the prospect of some opposition, for they had be gan to fear that the friends of the " Restorer of the Governmont to its pmtine purity," would never make a rally. Arrangements are on foot for a grand Demo cratic mass meeting, to take place in this city on the evening of the 16th instaut. The un terrifiedDemocrata of Washington and George town are expected to be with us on the occa sion tramp*,-The meat effectual Kem? edy for Orim^ lu the Stomsrh, Cholera Mo.bu. or any other ?t<>K>ach <Ie. augment, Is the tree us. of Ur Hustkt TER'S STOMACH BITTaKS. lb. SSHJmw briu?a )U periodical all oJ Wh?c?i can ^ aroidM ?y*,inK T lh""" Bitters Therefore, every family ?..' Uld bs supplied with them In time A* a family tted ! no eqtal. Their tcelical virtue, have Uen tested by eur m??t emloeut physicians, anl adopted iu ibeir practli-e whenever a tonic is required. For .ale by lirug Kl.U generally. IjyS-tr] J. N. CHUN, is t 1H7" "Drisceli'e Balm of Theasand Flaw* BBS."?This admirable compound ha. now become an Indis pensable article of the toilet of the lady or genll.uitn After a .plrlted contest fir the ri*l?t of title, afaiu.t au eppilcati< n J*?ctlon. ?* ??>? "f Mr Fetrldge, flc.tou in ? hich the demand and the enterprise of Driecoll were f oily sustained by Ju-ige Ulles, In the District Court of the l*nited state, the arUcle ie now to be iotrodoc.d into every part of the lotted State*, and wilt in a short time be accessible to fit n*** .?A . P*?rle. the price being *uch a- to place It literally within the mean, of all. [Philadelphia l.edg.r It I. for .ale at the Now York Hat Store, Seventh street, near Pennsylvania aveuiie. Price it cents per bottle ?" 6 11 ANTHONY, AgeLl lETConsht, Asthma. Mrsuchitis.?John L. 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Holder Stings Froxen Limbs, Ba!t Bhenm, Scurvy, Sore aud Clacked Lips' Sore Noee Warts aud Flesh Wounds, It le a moet valuable remedy and cure, which cau be teetlfledto by thousaadswho have used It Iu the city of Boetan and vicinity for tl.e last thirty years. In no In.Unce will this Salve do an Injury or Interfere with a physlclaa's prescriptions. It Is made ftVm the purest materials, from a recipe brought from Bussia of article.i growing in that ooontry?and the proprietors bavs letters from all classes, clergymen, physicians, sea captalus ??k " Wr, ?. b*T# D*?d themselvee, aud recoil rneudlt to others Bedding's Ku-.i. Sslve Is pat In Ur?e tin boxes, stamped on the cover with a picture of a horsa.nrf a disabled eoMler, which picture I. .l^ .ngr.T^?7n ". wrapper. Price, IS Cents a Box. Sold at all the stores i. town or country, and may be ordered of any wholeaaU drag?Ut. >or sale at HHILLINOTON'8, Agent hr Wuk nft0B- HAM IEr?a??ha, Breach!tis.?Bnwn'i Bran lt^I?A.L ^"K0CH,CS ?? familiar aa ? household words" In Boston, because few of our citlxens who are afflicted with aoy trouble of the lungs have failed to avail tbe.n?lv!L .fr this favo lte and thoroughly test*d soeclflc ^ the lo valid who may bem/^Tly ^e'flued bV hls?UmT sble nreparatlou, but It la to the public apeaker or .S. an admirable auxiliary to their trying profL.,o:elaa*^-lI !^Lr^fc*,#rm fcM s( the ara I? I.1U.K.|?0f ou,r '4nd- " - foreign eoantrlea. This WMUBwa.^ precaution should be taken In k!*4* fi,,l^ns w?rm weather, and In vltw of the !of Dr- J "oxTrrrBB-s stom , BITTEBS, laat aeason. In our city, as well aa elee where, we would advise all to procure a supply for family use, and uss it as per directions on the bottle. When this Is Sons much sickness can be prevented. At least this Is the ex pertanea of the put, which can be. aud la teitlfled to by thousand*. For Mia by druggists an<l hotels gensraliy. .CARD OF THANKS-I BEG leave . _ to return my linwrr thank* to the kind neighbors who to nobly exerted themselves !i saving my property from lire en the morning oi t- e 6th Instant. Alto, to the Northern Liberties Fire Company for their prompt attention. It* ANDRBW SESSFjORD ,JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCI __ ATI ON.?The members of the Jackson Democratic Atsoctatlon wl'l meet to-night, es mats*, at their Head Qiarter* Come one, conn all. DANIEL RATCLIPFE It President. BUCHANAN AND BRECKINRIDGE CLUB OF THE DISTRICT or CO LUMBIA?A special meeting of the Club will be held at the hail on the northeast corner of Pa avenue and 11th street, on TUESDAY, the 8th instant, at 8o'clock p m Members are request ed to be punctual in their attendance, as btulnesi of Importance will be brought before the meeting. By order of the President: Jy 7-2t? C. INGLE, Rec. gee. NOTICE ?THE RK8UI.AR month ly meeting of the ?4Unlted Sons of Lib erty,*' (Junior Democrats ) of Georgetown, will be held at 7* o'clock THIS EVENING, at No. *1 Frederick street, between Prospect and First streets. As business of the greatest Importance will bfl laid before the meeting It Is earnestly dedred that every member will attend. Br order S M GARRETT, Pres. C. C. CALLAN, Sec It? GRAND PIC NIC OF ST PETER'S SUNDAY SC II OO L ?The teachers of St. Peter's Sundiy School most respectfully announce to their numerous patrons and tte pub lic In general that they will giv? a Grand Pic Nle to the White hou?eo:i WEDNESDAY, July ?1. IBM. Particulars In future advertisement. By order of the Jy7-3t? EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY ? A meeting of the corns will b- held on MONDAY EVENING, the 7th of July, at 8 o'clock. By order of JyS-2: B F. BEERS, Secretary. ,GEORGETOWN COLLEGE?THE annual commencement of Georgetown College will be held on Tuesday, the8th of July, at ? o'clock, a in. The public are le-pectfully invited to attend. B. A. MAGUIRE, Jy 5-2t President. NOTICE?ALL GERMAN CITI zens favorable to forming a Buchanan and Breckinridge Asuociatlon are hereby notified to attend a meeting at Conctrdia Hall, B street, between 6th and 7th, in the rear of Charles Wer ner's Hotel, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Ju ly 0, 1856. All friends of the Democratic cause are most respectfully Invited to attend Jy 3-6t? THE COMMITTEE NOTICE ?THE SUBSCRIBER bens leave to call the attention of tie public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARE before purchadng elsewhere, as by so doing ihey will pave from lb to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lnwer th*n the lowest at 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and loth streets je9-fitn JOHN McDEVlTT. IOST-ON THURSDAY MORNING, near ?J the corner of G and 3d afreets, In the neigh borhood of the sale, a Bead PURSE, containing about $70. the largest portion of it In gold A reward of ?25 will be given for the return of the same at THOMAS BENSON'S, on the comer of fid and G sta Jy 7-3t* (FACTION.?WAS LOST THIS MORNING J between our Banking House and the Treasury, a check of T J. Leslie, Payma?ter, favor of A. D. Tree, for sixty-six do l*r? and fifty cents, upon the Treasuer of the United States. Payment lias been stopped and all persons are uereby cautioned against cashing the same, jy 7-3t CHUBB BROTBERS NOTICE ! NOTICE!! REWARD?STRAYED FROM THE UpO subscriber on the fourth instant, a SORREL MARE, well made. 7 years old. and about IS hand? high The above rewara will be given to any person who shall deliver her at SHREVE'S Livery Stable on 7th, between H and 1 streets. jy7-3t* FIREBOAR D PRINTS. HAVE YET REMAINING A HANDSOME assortment of FIREBOARD PRINTS, from 20 cents to t2 50 a piece. Paper-hanging of every description execute! with skill and punctuality, either In the city or countrv. J. MARK RITER, Jy 7 3 * 7th at next to Odd Fellows' Hall. ARRIVAL OF NEW (iOOOS. I HAVE RECEIVED DIRECTLY FROM Paris somo very fine Ladie*' DRESS BONNETS, which I will sell at cost pri-4S^ ces. as the stason is advanced. Also, a line assortment of fine RIBBONS, at costprices. D. HERSICH, Louisiana av , opp Centre Market. Jy 7-3t near Sth street. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County. In the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the per sonal estate of Sarah Coakley. late of Wash ington County, deceased All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, witn the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the Sth day of July next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of said estate. Given under my hand this 5th day of July 1856 U COAKLEY, Jy 7-M3w* Administrator. I W VV TOILET ARTICLES. E HAVE A LARGE AND SUPERIOR stock of English Hair Brushes, St ell. Buf falo, English Horn and Gutta l'ercha Toilet, Tuck, Fine-tooth, and Long Combs; Engllsn Tooth, Shaving, and Clothes Brushes; Pomades Hair Oils, Wastes. Extracts, Hair D*e, Ac , Ac which we will sell at unprecedented low prices, to close business #*#There Is r. f?*v changes to disrobe of In the Ratfle of Splendid Dressing Case , Papier Mache Gocds, Ac. T GALLIGAN A CO , No 370 Penna avenu', under Jy7-3t Browns'Hotel. COAL ON THE WAY. /ILL BE READY FOR DELIVERY IN ' a few days? 1 cargo of White Ash Broken Coal, for furnace 1 do do do Egg do, for Radiators 1 do Red Ash Coal, for Grates and Ranges. Those who lay in their coal for winter duricg the bummer months can now do so to much ad vantage by having their orders at the Wood ard Coal Depot, N \v. corner 12.h and C streets, No. 547. 2,240 lbs to the ton. Coal kept under cover Wood of the best quility always on hatd. j y7 tf T_J . A W M GALT. Excursion and Pic Nic. 1*HE NINTH STREET AND NAVY YARD M P. Sabbath Schools have r i ^ chartered the large *nd comrnodl-^^^g^Jt ous steamer ALiCE C PRICE, Capt Samuel Baker, which will leave the wharf at Georgetown at## o'clcck ; 7th st , Washington, at7>< : Na vy Y ard and Blagden's at 8#, *nd Alexandria at Ham, and will proceed down the river as far as Marbury's, snd return to Fort Washington, and kperd the day. and return by sundown. Refreshments and Ice Cream will be furnished on board, bv Mr H Nater Tickets &0 cents?children half price. Jy 7-3t* FIRST GRAND EXCURSION OF LOGAN TRIBE Improved Order of Red Men, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On WEDNESDAY, Jaly 16, 1?W. The committee having complk ted their arrangements take Seat pleasure In anrounclng to jnnUSiU*' eir friends and the public gtnenuly, that tL*. being their first Excursion they will endeavor to make it the best of the seison. A fine band of Music has been engage d for the occasion. Tne steamer "George Washington" will leavi Georgetown at 7# ; Washing tor, Navy Yard at 9. ard Alexanarlt at 9% o'clcck. Dinner and Refreshments furnished by an ex perienced caterer No Intoxicating liquors allowed on the boat or at the Pavilion Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and two ladies; to be bed from any of the Committee or at the boat on the morning of the excursion. C ommitUt of Arrangement*. Jacob F Straub, J Shoemaker, W A Yatee, Geo Collins, John Williams, J T Hilton. Kebt Cunningham, John Paxion. Jy7,?,H .19,14,15* (Organ) VfUST ME SOLD, OUR ENTIRE STOCK l"l ef Fancy aid Plata Beaaeta.? 31 open worked worked Lace and Hair Bonnet*, with curtains 21 Fancy Hair and 61rap Bonrets i5 Misses' Hair and Lac? Bonnets 1 Case slightly damaged Straw suitable for com mon wear, travailing, Ac , will be offered a great bargain Call at Mrs R G ETCHISON'S. Our < ustomers who have recel ved their bills are respectfully requested to make an early settlement either by cash or notes at short date, and thereby greatly oblige jy 3-lw Mrs. K G.ETOHISON. Found on Saturday, ji nk ? h 0I Pennsylvania A venue, a WATCH, which ? ti? owner can obtain by directing ? note. descrlM^ the Mime, to box IW, City Po?t Glee Jy?-** CULL AT LAMOND'S IIVMTH / street, tad we Clinton * Alchobol Cook W*-* nOR SALE?A FINK YOUNG HOR*l JT gentle In harness. Also, ? Bnggy r\' ?ulable for a pkyslclari, together with t?olO seta of Harriett The owner being about ioi^V the cltf will dispose of the whole at a srvat ?*, gain. Inquire of EDWARD 1IMMS, t ity *tT. lnga Bash jyS 3t RKMKMBKR THK I'HILDKhN.^i* LAMMOND S, Seventh street .can be foai><i a large and boautilul collet tirn of Tojs. ?i#rr ^ Ac . suitable for preaenta for the " young fblk* >i bom*- jy CAVTIUN. All persons ARK HKRKB y CAUTION el against receiving two nous tiven hv Albert A.J ohnaon to Augusta Lee fJVSiSeacfe pa able in three and aix montha from M Instaat' ?aid Lee no: having complied with agreeme t? mad* with me, the endcr er jy 5-3.? RICHARD BROCK' MVNB. GKN. WALTER JONKS AND CHARLF* LKKJONKS have removed their < dire No. 606. K atreet, between 3d and 4th street* Charlea Lee Jonea will practice in the Sunrea* C< urt of the United Statea and all other roar* held In the Diatrict of Columbia. Gen. Walter Jones. though mostly retired from general pra*. tice, will unite with him and do hl? best ti ad. vance the aucresaof client* by written statemei u and argument*, and by all other re <tful and proper eiertfo^a. jy 6KLLINO OUT. WK HAVE O.N HAND WRITING DESK* Work Boxes, Portfollca, Dressing Cases' Ac., which we are selling at very low prices to eloae busineess *m+ There are a few chances le ft In that rattle < f splendid Dre*alrig Catvs, Ac , Ac , kr Chancea only S2 SO, cash T GALLIC AN A CO . j/ 5-3t 370 Pa av^, under Brown'a Hotel CA BAI? WORK CASKS, RETTK I LI'S FOKTFOLIOS, Ac. Hutchinson a munko have receivd direct from the manufactures a II t. ? assortment of the above embracing many rewind d -Mrable styles, and which tliev are eaabied to sell at greatly red iced price* Also, constantly on hand a large aa?ortm>nt of Porte Monies. Card Ca?p* Portfolios. Writing C ses, Ac HUTCHINSON A MoNRo. iuly5 310 Pa av., bet. i*th and 10th streets P>R SALE ?A PORTABLE STE4M EN~ GINE, three horse power, .locomotive bolier It has be?*n In use at this ofll~e4 and la cffered for sale because it la replaced with an t ngine of murfa greater power It will be fornd extreirWv ser vlceable, atd will be sold low for cash je ?4-tf Bank ef Waahl.gte., J.Iy 1. lait. A DIVIDEND OF THREE PER CENT, has been declared by the Tnnt?es of this Bank out of the pre flu of the last six months, pavab!e to stockholders on demand. Jy3-3t JAMES A DAM J1. Cashier FLY BRUSHES AND W IRE DISIl COVERS. | A BEAUTIFUL ASSORTMENT OF THK above name?i artlclea ao neoeasarv at tkts season, just received and for sale cheap at the depot for all kinds or useffcl artlclea JOS L SAVAGE, Sign rf Gilt Saw, ja'y 3-6t Pa. av., bet. loth and 11th streets (^OHICOSO-CON-JOKKRANDO, the Ra' J catcher's Daughter, with the criminal extra verses, and the Ghost Storv. as encore ver'e*,and the genuine original Melody. as sung by Harry Lebr. Just published at the Music Depot. Price only 25 cents. Also, in press, and will shortly be produ .d a new Polka entitled, " Yes, Polka." by C o Mortimer, Jr , author of "I Have no Mother Now," Ac. GEO. H1LBUS. Agent R. W . SMOOT, iYo. 140 north at Je Brtlft i(.t Gtorgftetrn ON MONDAY, THE 7th OF JULY, I WILL commence selling out my large stock of Dry Goods at a reduced price, for caah My object is to cliange m? business Those in wan! of great bargains will do well by giving me a call. All persons indebted to me will please <~all and mate settlements to Julv 1st, 1856 Jy3-*w R w SMOOT. ^TRAYfeD FROM THK NEIGHBOR. ^ hood of Fourth street. English Hill. TV " on Monday night, a dark aorrell HORSE, with a wo.te maia and tail, and a low ba<k a reward of |5 will be given to an> one whr> will bring the horae or give aaeh information ao I can get him. PATRICK HANKOHaN. jy 3-3t? L at., l>et. lat and &1 wea* COOKING COAL. LOR BERRY, BLACK HEATH, LOCUST Mountain, and other superior COALS. e? presalv for cooking. Aa particular attention Is paid to the selection of c^als for this purpose those who may favor us with their orders ca;. rely on getting a superior art;- .e Satisfaction Oven or no sale. 2 240 lbs to the ton Hickory, Oak, and Pine WOOD of the beat quality always on hand. ?. ?r T J A W M GALT, N W corner 12th and C streets. 547 L7" Coal kept under cover, deli vend free from ?date and dirt. ^ jH_tr PRESERVED GINGER.?A BEAUTIFUL artlc.e just received and for aa'e by Jy 2 Z. M. P. KING. CAPON SPRINGS. Route?orange and Alexandria Railroad at 7 a m .to ttefX Manassas J unction : Manassa* flMS Gap Railroad to Strasburg ; J ff K^nip*slfneof Stages to Capon Sprirgs, arriving at the Spdngs bv 5 o clo*k in th? aftern on jy 2-1 m MANASSES GAP RA 1LROAD ENGLISH AND AMERICAN TABLE CUTLERY, PLATED W ARE, Ac. IU8T RECEIVED AN INVOICE OF VERY superior English and American Tabl.-Cutlery, A.abata Tea Sets. Lake Baskets. Castors, flutter Dlskea. Albata Forks, Spoons, Ladles. Ac The above are all of Superior qi alHy and of fered low M W GALT A BRO , Jewellers, No. 324 Pennsylvania avenue, between ar.d lu:h struts DOSTON AND NEW YORK PIANOS, A* Guitars, Violins, Flutea, Accordeons, Ban joe, Strings, Pegs, Rosin. Bows Music. Ac , at the great musical establishmeut of JOHN K. ELLIS, 306 Pa av , be wee a ?.h and lith sts. Pianos and Melcdcocs for rent. ?e 26 13 EFAIOIKATMRS.lj CST RKCEIV ED * S? a few :r ore of those exieiN nt f lsln Ktfrige ratora. When all the patent Refrigerators have been tried and laid aside, these will continue to be used, a* they long have been, ann give util ve aal satisfaction. Prices are low. Jy 1 G. FRANCIS, i9J S? V.^Lth *?. jyOTICE.?MY CUSTOMERS ARE RE As spectful.y Informed that th'lr acrount* are now re*dv for distribution, ard will be presented oy 1st July. Those who do not with theirec counts sent to them will please call for them ?n ?a4r!51?*Poe,,lble- SAM'L LEWIS, )e Sp-et Jewe'er. N8 ABOUT LEAVING THE CITi ?If you wish Brushes and Ccmbsof any kind or suallty. Soaps, Perfumery. Fans. Porte Moonaies, Ac . call at our s^re. as we are determined to sell these Goods at unpre cedented low rates 3t?, bet ?tb and 1<?Th sts J?3i JOHN F. ELLIS' jt| Y LORD. THE DI KE OFBt'CKING* i?A ham is taken Hand him a copv of Mra tephma new Magazine, and sav there are inorf left. Alao, other new publications, at FERGUSON'S, je 30- next to Lammond, 486 7th etr?et IOHN HALIFAX, ?KNTLE>1A%. BV the author of The Head of the Family, Oli?, Ac , 60 t ents. Western All lea; Its fclatoi v. condition and prw pects ; by Rev J. Leiphton Wllaoa.wlth numer ous n^ravini-s, fl.*25 Clara, or Slave Life In Europe, with a pre free, by Alison, tl. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR A MAURV'S je 3(i-tr Bookstore, n*ar # h street WHAT WOULD MEAN APPROPRIATE present to take or send home to your wi?*a and daughters ? Four, live, or a doxen pieces ot new and fashionable muale. sel?ct?d from the loi jast received at the ?reat Piano Forte and Muaic Establishment of * JOHN F ELLIS, je 30 306 Pa. av., bet. ?th and 10th su ERARD, THE LION KILLER VI Rachel and the New World Tangletown Letters Camp Fires of the Red Men, at FERGUSON'S, Je 30- next to Lammond. 486 7th street. GIBBS' WIGS, Half wigs, braids, curls, scalps. TOUPEES, Ac., equal to any la the United gtate* for sals or made to order at his Stores?for ladles, on Ptnnsylvanla avenue, between 9.h asd loth streets; and for gentlemen, under Wlllards' Hotel. m 13-eo3m? PINS.?SELLING OFF AT A~GRKAT St* dice, at je2l?^T JOBN F. ELLIS'S,