Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1856, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1856 Page 3
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K V EN ING STAR. "r oO/L INTELLIGENCE^ T-at or Oovwiimwt.?w? mo#t respect ln\\i iucgeit to the city authorities to make 11. rrovision for the reception of the accu <" tfc? Tb? rp?"; Jon bu increased so much as to 'lemand '^mediate attention. The present mode of rr^iin* it with horse manure and spreading it ^h??djoioing fields to be hardened in the *nn and impregnating the atmosphere with deleterious gases, to be distributed through ,hi cftT certainly is not a good arrangement. The e resent location for the manufacture and ??*? in this odious stuff la the worst that SSdE relied, tKiDgon tb, .id. of . r?. rine on Seventh, nesr Boundary street, the itresins of water eminating from which con *" WIth them these heavy gases to the heart of the city, agisted by the prevailing north erlr breeies ILe location of Washington is beautiful in the extreme, surrounded by hills forming a b*-*'11 diversified by the waters of the Pot mic. The view must be seen from a proper point to be appreciated. The pecu liarity of its situation requires that the north ern environs should not be used as receptacles of filth and offensive matter, carrion, Ac., tbev are the lungs of the city and should be kept pure As the air in the basin in hot weather becomes rarified that of the hills is constantly pouring in and keeping up an equi librium. When the weather is temperate the prevailing brceses from the north and west pass over these environs and carry with them health or disease to the city. Keep the envi rons of Washington free fVom the materials that carry death and disease in tbeir train aid there is not a healthier city in the Re public. If the citiiens are willing to permit the present sanitory regulations to remain as they ir< ?considering that some, by the excrement traffic make fortunes, while others are ruined, and it is merely changing from one individual to another, and those who are killed, by the exhalations, merely make room forthose more fortunate who havo constitutions like bus tards?still, for the sake of the large body of ?? journers. it is hoped the evil will be reme died The cititens proper, are only a portion of those affected by impure air Washington being the seat of Government, ftie officers re quired to conduct the business, must reside here. These officers are very properly taken {rem all parts of the nation. Surely they are cot to ne brought here to he deprived of pure air and made subjects of disease that a few may grow rich on the manufacture and traffic in excrement. Our Legislative halls arc filled with men from a distance, who represent the local interests of each part of the Republic, many of them venerable men who have been accustomed to breathe the pure air as nature provides it. To them, a del eterious chansgo, if not fatal, deprives their constituents of the full power of their representation. Foreign ministers and agents as well as individuals, whose presence is required at the seat of Government, and those who come froia a de sire to see and understand, by personal ob servation, how so great a Republic is con trolled and provided for, and numbers who er.j ij wealth and leisure, spend much time in Washington enjoyingthe refined society of other nations whose connection with the Gov ernment locate them here swelling the num ber of sojourners to many thousands?to pro tect the health of whom it is a duty as philan thropist rfelf preservation, nature's first law, urges to the effort?preserve our friends and they will protect us Do not rely on the seat of government being located where nature has, with a lavish hand, arranged so many beau ties and substantial advantages, or on the saiulrity of the climate which the father of our country and his friends selected. Be faithful to the duty assigned you. See that your sanitary regulations are good. Art is now filling the spaces which nature has pro vided for the display of the ingenuity of man The legislatives are progressing cautiously but rapidly towards the completion of the gov ernment buildings to be worthy of the age and the gTeat republic of the western world They are the monuments that we are to pass on to posterity They mark the destiny of kings and ncbility, and yet no traces of them can be found there. They are the monuments 6f a -elf-governcd people, born with equal rights and willing to make any sacrifice to preserve tbeir compact. Surely, those who have the privilege rf living in such an era will exert every effort to be made that will tend to the prosperity of the seat of government of so mighty a people. r. S ?Since writing the above it has been suggestel to us that the M.iyor can remedy the nuisance by requiring all the excrement to be removed a reasonable distance be yond the city limits, and there emptied in trenches of from four to five inches deep, and then sprinkle a little earth over them, after which it will not be effensive until again moved, which should only be permitted du ring the months of December, January, Feb ruary and March. By this mode the entire strength of the fertilizing properties will be retained, and agriculturists will have a bettei article, at a less price, yielding an equal profit to the trader, as all the labor of spreading on the ground, drying in the sun and gathering t getber into heaps again will be saved In deodorizing a portion of the fertilizing prop erties are destroyed To deodorise properly requires a class of men who can rarely be i: ? duced to engtge in the traffic, hence the stench arising from the deodorizing procegs as prac ticed in our city. Cobosku h Ixyi'EST ?On Saturday last, Woodward held an inquest, at Beck ert s li .tel, over the body of Capt C W Bell, alias Casper Kohrinan, who was killed in the riot at the Park on the evening of the 4th in star t A post m rteni examination was made by Drs. J. II Jordan and Johnson .Elliott, who stated that the fatal wound was inflicted in the back near the tpine, severing one of the ribs ai,d a principal artery, and entering the right lung About twenty witnesses were examined, whose testimony was very conflicting. It wa? stated that \\ m Sullivan and John Eggleston had each said they had inflicted the wound ; that one ot them. Eggleston, we understand, displayed the knife in a tavern on Seventh street; that they went to Kggleston's home, where Sullivan said to Egglestoa:8 brother-in law that he (Sullivan) had killed a Dutch man Other witnesses proved the riot, and named some who were engaged in it, among them Daniel and Isaiah Stewart The jury, after a long consideration of the testimony, returned a verdict, the substance of which i?, that from the conflicting testimony they are unable to say who struck the fafctl blow, but are satisfied that it wa-i done cither by Wm. Sullivan or John Eggleston during a not in which several persons were engaged, among them Daniel and Isaiah Stewart Officer Keese explained wiy the deceased came to take the name of Bell It appears that some years since, when the deceased fol lowed the sea. he was accused of being en gaged it? the slave trade, was tried and con victed, but subsequently pardoned. He then quitted the sea altogether, and in order to re gain his former good name he assumed the name of C. W Bell Many witnesses are yet to be summoned at tae further hearing. The two Stewarts have been re .eased on $1,000 bail, the evidence not ?iirectly connecting them with the killing of Bell. _____ Kksionatiow AMD Pbomotio*.?At the last mtctirg of the Board of Trustee's of the pub lic school/, the resignation of Miss Hattie R. caker, principal of primary No. 3, of first district, was accepted, and a vote of thanks parsed for her attention in the duties of the school, Ac Miss Jane M. Thompson, the ac complished assistant in that school was pro mud to the position vacated by Mis? Baker, and Miss Richey was chosen assistant in place cf Mus Thompson. Pi aLic Schools.?The following Primary Schools will b? examined to-day : First dis trict?Miss Well s, Miss Bates's. Miss Thomp *'1' 8-. Second district?Miss Paraon's, Miss Hawkins s Miss Ilenshaw s Third district? Acton s, Min Brush's, Mrs. Clark's fourth district?Miss Adams's, Miss Leo's, Miss Asbdown's. ?? Aaaai lt Battcrt ? Last night Elisa Lee and George Butler were arrested by Mr Norwood of the auxiliary guard, for an as ?ault and battery on Francis Wheeler They were taken before Justice Smith, whocommit Ud them both in eeveral cases. The Annual Exhibition of thh Washing ton Seminary wis held to-day atCarusi's Sa loon The annual exhibition of this school, it is well known, is a public event, and never fails to draw a large assemblage. The exei c ises of to-day sustained the high reputation of this school, and the handsome manner in which the pnpils acquitted themselves elicited the warmest approbation from the large au dience present. We have only room to-day to give the order of these very interesting ex ercises: Prologue?Latin by Geo. P. Murray, Eng by"Wm. A Hayes; Rest?Andrew Jack son ; The Holydays?Jno. F. Hanna, Colum bus Noyes, and Jos. T. Dyer; The Patriot's Despair?Wm. Quieksall; Virginius-Chas. B. Lallan; True Happiness?JohnC.Fitspat rick ; The Canadian's Love for his Native Land?Alex L Hayes; Thirty Lines?Wm B. Pope and Daniel Harbaugh; The Seminary Bo?T.Edw N Callan; Public Station-Jaa. A Wise; The Voice of Liberty?Edward C. Woodbury; Le Lapin de la Fontaine?Half Jefferson ; Debate on the Study of Greek? Thos. G. Noyes and Wm. A Ward; Death of Cwsar?Geo. F. Murray; Germaaicus?An drew Jackson ; To the Steamship Minnesota? Charles H. Dunnington; Jephtc's Daugh ter?Nicholas Callan ; Site vs Size?Wm. A. Hayes and Philip Julien; Triumph of Con stantino?Ado! phe Kieckhoefer ; Shade of Fa bricius to the Romans?Wm. A, Ward; Wash ington?Jno. H. W ashington ; Osceola?Philip T. Ferris; Address to the Students, by John C. C. Hamilton, Esq. The exercises concluded with the distribu tion of prises. Celebration of the Fourth ?The Assem bly's church Sabbath school spent a delight ful day in Clendenin's grove, near the Glen wood Cemetery. At an early hour a large congregation assembled at the church to wit* ness the presentation of a most splendid ban ner, painted by the renowned artist, Stanley. Mr W. H. Powell delivered the presentation address, and was responded to on the part of the school by Mr. J T Hoover. This banner, costing from 80 to 90 dollars, and richly orna mented with silver lacing, Ac , has on the front an angel, over which are these words, "Our Guardian," and below " Assembly'* Church." Oa the opposite, " Presented to tl ? Sabbath School of the Assembly's Church, July 4, 1856. The procession, numbering more than 200. was now formed. First came the pastor, elders and trustees, and a fire band of music, then the school and congre gation, accompanied by the children of the Protestant Orphan Asylum, who were present by special invitation. At the grove the band played several national airs?the school on* pitted in singing, and after prayer by the Rev. Mr. Carothers, the Declaration of Inde pendence was read by Mr. W. M Robert-on, the Farewell Address of Washington by Mr. John E. O'Brien, and addresses were deliver ed by the pastor, Messrs. Jordan, Radstrake, McL&in and others A sumptuous dinner was m>w enjoyed. Aftsr an address to Mr Clen denin, thanking him for the use of his woods, and giving him three cheers, the school re turned to tho church and were dismissed. This was one of the most spirited and success ful celebrations of the Fourth. A Rare Chance. Indeed ?The adminis tratrix upon the estate of the late John H. King, offers for sale forty five acres of the farm on which Mr K resided, and which he improved so remarkably The part for sale ombraces the highest land in the District of Columbia, being four hundred feet above tide water, though within half a mile of the Po tomac, all the windings of which, from the Falls to Fort Washington, are within the range of the observer's eye from it It con tains a grove of some twenty acres of fine natural timber from which this magnificent view, including the whole of Washington and Georgetown, may be seen. The tract embraces also a young orchard of about a thousand choice apple and peach trees in full bearing. The buildings on it are a very comfortable cottage, containing six rroms and a kitchen, with sufficient out-houses. The price asked for this property, which lies but about a mile and a quarter from the Georgetown omnibus stand, is very moderate indeed The roads leading to it are the finest in the District, and are not toll roads. Alto gether this property is really the most de sirable for a rural residence in the neighbor hood of this city, now obtainable. The Western Prembtterian Church Sab bath School.?An error having crept into our original account of the celebration of the Fourth by this school, we now present our readers with a correct statement of tbeir doings on that occasion. Thus, they celebrated the day very agreeably at the Gen. Van Ness grounds by invitation from its very generous proprietor, Mr. Thos C Green, whose magnifi cent mansion, spacious and beautiful grounds, ad well as his attentive and well trained ser vants. were all assigned to the use of the school and its friends from morning until night. Nor were the usual and appropriate ceremonies en tirely omitted. Mr J. W. Easby read the Declaration of Independence, and appropriate remarks by Mr. Wilson and the Pastor preceded the singing of some suitable hymns. The school was dismissed at tundown at the resi dence of the superintendent At night, the gayer portion of the assemblage adjourned to the house of Dr. Van Patten, where, as on former Fourth of-July occasions, they and and other friends fared sumptuously. Arrest of John Egoi.kston.?Last night, a posse of men, detailed from the auxiliary guard by Captain Mills, in connection with a number of the city police, all under the direc tion of Captain Baggott, went in search of Sullivan and Eggleston, charged with the murder of Captain Bell, alias Casper Kohr man. When near Mr. Samuel Tanner's (Eg gleston's brother in laws's) house in the First Ward, they were seen by Tanner and Eggles ton, and, finding that they were entirely sur rounded, Eggleston decided to make good bis retreat to the jail, and, in company with Tan ner, succeeded in getting to the jail, closely followed by the posse. The warrant was served by Officer Williamson, and the prisoner committed for a further hearing by Justice Daniel Smith. Eggleston said but little, and was apparently not much affected by his ar rest As he left the guard room he remarked " this is a bad business " Our Public Schools ?To day commences the interesting annual examinations of the public schools, and which will be continued from day to day up to the 28th inst. The fe male primaries are to be examined by a single trustee ; the male primaries by the sub-board of each district; and the district schools by the whole board. The examination closes with tho distribution of medals, preurums, Ac., *nd with a psocessiun to tho Capitol grounds, where they are to be addressed by Joseph H Bradley, Esq ,'and other gentle men The friends of the public schools and the public are invited to attend the examinations, which will generally commence at 3 o'clock on each afternoon, except Saturday, of the next two week?. It will ao much to encour age the teachers and pupils if there shall be a good attendance on the part of those who support and patrjnise them. Death or a Stranger ?Mr. W T. Bales tier, of New Orleans, arrived in this city by the Stuthetn boat, at six o'clock on Saturday morning, and was conveyed in a weak and dving condition to the Kirkwood House The Messrs. Kirkwood, with their accustomed kindness of heart and indifference to trouble or expense, where the calls of humanity are concerned, were unremitting and devoted in their attentions to the dying stranger Dr. Berry and Dr. Miller were immediately sent for. the former of whom remained at the bed side of Mr Balestier until his death, which took place at one o'clock this afternoon. The M asonic fraternity of this oity, of which the deceased was a member, have taken tho body in charge, and are now making suitable ar rangements for the funeral ?Union, Sutur day evening. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, for the week, up to the letting out of the water on the Georgetown level on Thursday evening, did a fir<e business. The Lonaconing Company's aqueduct was tested on Friday t>y letting in water to the depth of five feet, and answered well.?(Jntun, Saturday evening. Funeral or Bell ?The funeral of Bell, who was murdered at Beckert's on the 4th, took place from that point yesterday. The body was followed to the grave by a long pro cession, including thirty two carriages. Arrest of Sullivah.?About four o'clook thia morning Officer Keese and a detachment of the auxiliary guard, detailed for the pur po e by Captain Mills, succeeded in arresting Sullivan, one of the party concerned in the murder of Bell. Sullivan was traced to his own residence last night, and the premises were closely watched by the guards; this morning they found him concealed in the house He was taken to the county jail, and committed by Justice Qoddard. Sullivan and Eggleston are both young men, neither being apparently over thirty years of age. Eggleston is married, and we believe Sullivan is also. We are informed that Eggleston is a butcher by profession, and Sullivan a carpenter Montoovrry Guards.?We are pleaded to learn that this company is in a prosperous con dition, and that at a meeting held a few even* ings since, Nicholas Callan, one of our most esteemed citizens, was unanimously elected first lieutenant, to fill a vacancy occurring. Mybrs, the German who was so badly beaten at Beckerts, when Captain Bell alias Eohrman was killed, is still confined by his injuries, and yesterday some doubts of his re covery were entertained. Thrkatbning.?Yesterday a man namod Bailey was arrested on English liill for rush ing into a crowd of persons and threatening their lives. He had in his hands a double barrell gun. He was sent to jail by Justice Smith, and released this morning. Thb Fugitive Bay.?It is reported that Ray was seen yesterday in the First Ward ; and that a party of citizens entered upon a chase, which terminated unsuccessfully. Watch Retitrhs.?Daniel Batson, fugitive slave; jail. Georzo Welch, assaulting his wife; jail. Wm. Ball, drunk; reprimanded and dismissed. James Moran, disorderly ; dismissed. No witnesses appearing against him. DIBD, On the 7th Instant, EDWIN PETER, the youngest son of Peter and Marv E Hepburn. The relatives and friend* of the family are re quested to attend his funeral on Tuesday after noon, the 8th instant, at 2 o'clock. * (Bait Sun and Oilopercopy.) On June, Maj. J. J. P. KINGSBURY, formerly of the 6th regiment U.S. Infantry, aged 57 years. On the Bib Instant, HANNAH P MUNDAY, daughter of the late Capt. Win. Munday, of the Army of the Revolution. F FOR SALE AND SENT. [SEK FIRST PASS lol OTHKK NOTICES ] OR RENT?THE TWO NEW THREE story Brick Houses on 7th street, opposite Centre Market Persons wishing to open a Rfa ta unnt cannot find in the city a more eligible lo cation. R. H. LASKEY, jy 7-2w No. 3B Lonslana avenue. TO KENT.-A handsomely FUR A nlshcd house, pleasantly situated In a central tart of the citv. within a few minutes walk of the epartment Terms very moderate. Address, Immediately, R T, City Post Office, jy 7-3t? Furnished house for rent -a House dellgi.tfully situated In the First Ward, and comfortably furnished, will be rented low If applied for Immediately. Address A Y. Z , Star Office jy 8 3t ONE LARGE ROOM AND ONE GOOD sized single room, suitable for a family or a single person, can be rented with or without board ou the most reasonable terms The situation Is pleasant for the summer, and w.Ml adapted for a family with children ; having a large yanl attach ed to the Dwelling. Apply to No. 469 10th street, between D B streets. jy 7-lw* FOR SALE?SEPARATE OR OTHER wise, 8 small Frame Houses, opposite North ern Liberties M?rket-hou?e, on K and flth streets west Terms: $300 cash; balance in one and two years Enquire on the premises of HENRY JOHNSON Jy 7-6t? (Organ,MWF, Intel,TuTh?) I^OR SALE ?A comfortable TWO story Brick House on G street, Washington. It Is situated a few doors west of the War De Sartm nt, on the eas* side of the alley on which wartz's stable stands The Lot fronts 16 feet on G street and runs back 113 feet The Housecon tains five excellent rooms and kitchen, and w. 11 be sold a bargain If Immediate application Is made. For terms apply to WM. WILLIAM SON , First Ward. jy 7-lw For sale ?thesubscriber offers for sale, upon accomodating terms, his two Frair.e Houses on the Island One Is situated on C street south, between 13tu and 13,^ st eets. and at present occupied by E T.Allen, Esq. The other on E street south between 6th and 7th streets, and at present occupied by the Corporation a-? a School House. R. H. LASKEY. jy7-lw 38 Louisanaav-nue. A GREAT BARGAIN ?FOR SALE, RENT, or exchange for a farm near the city, im Eroved property near the Capitol. Rent $100. Inquire of McNew, at the Globe Office, or ad dress J . A H , Post Office. jy 5-3t* FOR RENT?A NEAT AND COMFORT able frame house on 13th street. No 470, west side, two doors south cf Pennsylvania avenue. Possession given Immediately. Apply at the counter of the Star Office. The premises are among the most desirable of their size in this cjty. Jy 5-tf APOLLA HALL?APOLLA HALL?FOR sale or lease, from ons year up to ninety-nine, renewable fore^r, the lot on wblrh the Apolla Hall formerly stood, fronting on Pennsylvania Avenue 48 feet 4 Inches, opposite the National Theatre Terms easy Apply to K C. Dyer, 256 Pa avenue, or the undersigned, 331 G street. jv5 3t WM. MORROW. FOR KENT?A WELL FINISHED AND comfortable brick dwelling hou e on I street, opposite Franklin Square. Apply at No 353 I street, between 13 and Mth July 3-lw* FOR SALE ?A CORNER LOT suitable for a Cburjb or Grocery Store. Being Let No 1 and part of Lot 22 in square No 447, front ing 100 feet on 6th street wes- and SO fee1 on N ?treet north, the most desirable corner lot now for sale on ttie heights of the Northern Liberties Also, Lots No 1, 2. 3. 4, 5, and half of 17 In square 822. fronting 132 feet on 4th street east, 210 feet on G street south, and 104 feet on 5th street seast. being the south part of the square on whic h the Ebenezer Metnodlst Church stands: These lots are convenient to market, and within one or two squares of several churches, about midway between the Capitol and the Navy Yard, and very d*slri?ble for private residences Tlieywlll be subdivided to suit purchasers, ar.d be sold on very reasonable terms. Title unquestionable. Apply to JOHN G. ADAMS, Northern Liberties, or JAMES H. JONES, near the Navy Yard. July 3-t* WITH THE VIEW OF CLOSING OUR business, we otf'er for sale, on accommoda ting terms, the following property in Washing ton city: Part of Lot 2, square 516, on which If a three story Frame House, (No. 588) fronting on north side cf 1 street, between 4th and 5th, having a hack building attached, with stable, and small frame house on rear of lot. Part of Lot 18, square 268, cn which Is a two story Brick, (No. 411,) with bar-k building ard cellar, fronting on south side of 11 sttect, between 12th and 13th Part of Lot 27, square 100, with two two-sfory Frame Houses, on the west side of 20th street, between L and M. Three three story Brick Houses, fronting 50 ft. on 9th street west, In Square No 390, commenc ing at corner of N street north, and running north on the east side of 9th street. These houses have back buildings, and they are on ground rent by leas# of ninety-nine years, renewable, with priv ilege of pure *se at any time Lot 9, sqhare 544, fronting on north side ofM streetsoutn, between 3d and 4 ? streets west, en closed with a good fence, and having a two story Frame Building on rear of it Lots ? , square 447, fronting on west side of 6th street, commencing at the comer of O street and running southerly 300 feet. They can be leased If desired And in Georgetown, the following: A two story Frame Hous? and Lot on Mont gomery street, opposite the Public School. And a two-story Brick House and Lot on Wa ter street, near Congress On the rear of this lot Is a good stable, sufficiently large for 4 horses DICKSON A KING, j a 2S-eo2w Georgetown. FOR RENT?possession GIVEN 1M medlately. that large brick house on 18th st , between E and F, recently occupied by Col. B.F. Larti'd. For terms apply to Mr. charle8b. KING, Artist, 12th street, or at the odice of the Paymaster General No. 3J Winder's Building. Je l?-3w ? House for sale?a fine new modem built house on K street; fronting Franklin Square, containing 13 rooms and a fine basement, kitchen, Ac. Gas, hot and cold water throughout the house, with bath room, Jkc In quire of H. A. WILLARD, at WlUarda' Hotel. JeSJ-lm AUCTION SALES. s By JA8. C. McQUlRE, Auctioneer. MALL FRAME HOUSE AND LOT AT P?fclic?ale.-On WEDNESDAY AFTER NOON, July 9th. at half-J>ast6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall tell part or Lot No 7. In Square No 519. fronting *5 feet on north N street, between 4th aoa 5th streets, running back 185 feet to a 3?' fM>l ?1I?W wl#V. IV. * whole. This property is situated in one of the most healty locations In the city, with excellent water near by, and la very desirable. Terras: One-thl>d cash ; the residue In six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Jy 7-d J AS. C McQUIRE, Auct'r. By JA8. C. McGU I RE, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE csraer of Nsrth >1 sad 20th streets, at

Aaction.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July 10th. at 6# o'clock, on thepiemlses, I shall sell Lots .<0, 31.1i, and 33, InChastin's suhdlvls icn of Square No. 99, fronting on 2oth street, at the corner of north M Tnese lots have been subdivided into four lots of 17 feet 9 inches each, and one lot of 22 feet front, runnin" hick 9S feet These lots are beautifully located for building purposes, and worthy of attention. Terms: One third cash; and the residue In six, and twelve months, with Interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Jy 7 d JAS C. McGU IKE, Auct'r. Bv J C. McGU I RE, Auctioneer. Government sale of ?upfrioh Hay.-On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, July 5th, at 0% o'clock, on the ground south of the President's House, 1 ?hall sell? 35 large stacks of very superior Hay. Term* cash, In specie. By order of the Commissioner cf Public Build ings. Jy 3-d JAS. C. McGU IKE, Auct'r ICTTlif absve sale is psstpsned until thursday AFTERNOON, July 10th, at same hour and place. Jy 7-d JAS. C. MCGU IRE, Auct'r. By J. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. PAIR OF SUPERIOR I'AKK I AGE Horses at Public Auction?On SATUR DAY MORNING, July 12th. at lOo'clcck. In front of the auction rooms, 1 shall re 1? A pair of hindsome black Carriage Horses, pure Morgan breed, about 15^ hands high, per f c?ly gentle, admirably btoken. and very fast One double-seated Wagon, with shafts and pole, made to order by Lawrence, New York One set Silver-plated Double Harness One set Black Double Harness One set SI.ver-plated Single Harness Carrl?ge Blankets. Hocds, India R ubber Covers Whip, Trotting Bits, Curbs, Ac. The *l>ove may be seen at the stables of Mr. De Cramer, Secretary Russian Legation, in the rear of his residence, No. 4*21 Fifteenth strett, between G and H streets. Terms- A credit of sixty and ninety davs, for Fit'tsfae.torllv endorsed note.*, bearing interest jy 7-d J. C. MeGl lRE. Auct'r. B Bv'WALL, BARNARD a CO., Auctioneers. TIFUI. Bl ILDINS LOT ON THE Plank Road at Auction.?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, tbe 10<h instant, at 5 o'clock p m., we will sell on the premi?e? a beautiful Lot, fronting on tb<' plank road forty feet, with a depth of about 200feet, being ample for all necessary ou'btlUlings, besides a garden of good size. This lot is in a beautiful situation, only a mile and a quaiter from the Centn Market and i ? rap dly im proving in value. Terms: One half rash; the reslduMnone, two and three years, recured by a deed of trust, and bearing Interest Title perfect Sale positive. WALL, BARNARD St CO. july5-ts Auctioneers* By A GREEN. Auctioneer. HANDtOME BUILDING LOT* lORTH of the Capitol at Aaction.?On WED NESDAY, the 9*.h Instant, 1 shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clcck, p in., the follow lng de-crlbfd building lots, v'r : lots Nos 4, 5, and 6, in square No 551, fronting 57 fe^t each on North O, between 1st and 3d streets west, run nlng bick to a 30-feet alley; and Immediately alter the sale of the above 1 shall sell, on the firetnise*. lots Nos 17 and 18. la square 616. hav ng a front each of 63feet 9 Inches cn north P, be twten 1st street west and north Capitol street Terms of sale: One-third casb: balance 1,2, and 3 years, for notes be .ring interest from the day of sale. A deed given and a deed of t ust taken. Tl'le indisputable. jy 5 d A GREEN, Auct'r. WANTS. ** iv ? * -* AS . * * & fc. ?.,? a ? Ski ? M. a i ? mm m ? ?? Apothecary Store in the city: must be quali fied tocum ound prescriptions ; or good character and willing to make himself useful Application mo" mAA raccaA tr\ (? P thrniKrVi Pnst WANTE D?TWO GOOD HARNESS hands, and one Bov to lenn the Saddle Harney and Trunk Business Good wages and constant em loyment given. Apply at H. S JOHNSTON'S, !?o. 420 Pa avenue, between 4^ and 6th ?treets. It* Hands wanted?twenty men and five bovs wanted to work in a Briek the Alexandria canal Apply to CAN I) Y PAIN TER, Dodge's Brick \ ard Old hands prefer red- Jy T-3t? WANTED.?A NUMBER OF FIVE OR six pupils to receive a rudimental course of Instruction on the P;ano Forte Terms very mod erate Karlv application is respectfully solicited at No. 461 Tenth street. jy 7-lw# WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO PLAIN cooking, washing and ironing. Has no ob jection t" go Into the country Address Box No 1, at this office. jy 7-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN WHO IS COUPE tent to cook and wash, ordo the housework, as she ir ay prefer, for a family of thr<e persons, to whom a permanent place and the best wages will be given A'.eo, a B y, of 12 or 14 years of age, familiar with the city and willing to make himself useful. Apply at No. 419 13th street. Jy7 ** CCOUNTRY BOARD W A N T E D ?GOOD S board is wanted, within ten miles of the city, for two ladtes and three chl'dreu. Two rooms will be required Address "MM," Star office, stating terms and locality. jy 7 3t WANTED.?A SERVANT, EITHER GER man or English, to do generil hocscwork. Apply at No. &27 9th street, between 1 and K. July 5-2t? "yy ANTED ?AN ASSISTANT IN AN fled t aad \ f.? ....? ? ri may be addressed to '? P," through City Post Office, stating name and reference. july 5-'lt A SMALL FAMILY WISH TO RENT TWO furnished rooms in a desirable part of the city, oi asixall house ready fuinl-hed, and con talnlng about 4 comfortable rooms. Address M through the Post Ofllre. july5-3t WANTED?A GOOD WOMAN COOK Also, a Dining Room Servant. Good wa ges paid, and good reference will he required. Slaves preferred A: ply at FLINT'S. jy 3-tf A good STEADY CARRIAGE DRIVER, well acquainted and can bring go*!d recom mendation, can hear of a fltuation at the Firs Ward Livery Stable, G street, between 17th and 18th. Jy 3-3t? SEVERAL GENTLEMEN, WITH or with out families, may be accommodated with hardsome apartments and choice board, at No 3o5 C street, corner 4#. A large, handsome, and commodious bouse in the most pleasant and de sirous location. Jy3-3t? Housekeeper wanted?for the Warren Green Hotel, Warrenton, Va. One who can give satisfactory references miy apply to Dr. wadsworth, Brown's Building. jy'J-eo4t* WAN ted?A good COOK, WASHER and lroner for a small family, to reside In the Navy Yard. Enquire at Mrs. WALKKR'S, 46 Missouri avenue jy 2-10.* WANTED?A SITUATION AS OVER steron a farm. The advertiser is met re spectably connected, and will give undeniable references aa to his comp tency of management. Apply, for Information, to Mr. WALKER, Ode on Hall, 4# street. jy 2-lw? rPWO SERVANTS WANTED?WANTED, A to purchase or hire a good colored woman for the kitchen, that can cook, *ash and iron. Also a good child's nurse, for which merchandise ill he given In exchange at cash prices Apply, through Box 313 Post Ogee. je 39-lw BOARDING*. PLEASANT SUMMER BOARD FOR A gentleman and lady, or a single gent eman, at 59" Twelfth street. T.WARD. jy?-** Board,&e.?mrs. bates,on the s. w. corp.ct of Pennsylvania avenue and 9th street la pre pared toaccoinmodategentlemenwithrooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to render those oomforiable who may favor her with their patronage. apg?tf CHANGE OF HOURS. N AND AFTER MONDAY, THE 30th of _ June, the Steamer GKORGE _ PAGE will run at the following hours: Leave Alexandria at 4#, 8,10,12, 2*, 4*. and o'c'ock. Leave Washington 6, 8,11, 1X,3X,5K, and 7 o'clock. Je 29-tf El.LIS L. PRICK, Captain O AUCTION SALES. THIS ATTKBHOO* AVD TO MOBBOW. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer TOWO STORY FRAME HOUSK at Auc f ,? **???n MONDAY, the 7th of Jul* I ?ball sell in front of the premise*, at 6 k o'clock p m., lot No. 931a iquare No.499. situated at the corner of 4 k and 1 streets south The lot fronts 4. wet on 4*, running back with the line of I street75 feet On the south part of the lot Is a P*" two-story frame honse, containing five rooms andagocd dry cellar. The part of the lot with the house will he sold separate; and the north part of the lot, which la the corner* will b? sold as a vacant lot. Term* liberal, and mad* known at sale. jeW-d^ A GREEN. Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. 'THRUST EE'S SALE OE VALUABLE A Building Lots at the corner of 3d street H street sooth at Auction?On Tl hSDA^ , tb<? 8th Instant, 1 shall sell, on the premise*, at 6 o'clock p. m , four beautiful build ing Lots, situated at the corner of 3d street west, and H street south, having a front on H street of 160 feet, and on 3d street of 91 feet 7 inches, con taining between 15 and 16 thousand square feet: all the lots run back to a 30 feet alley This property is very handsomely located and rill be sold in lots to suit purchasers Terms : One-fourth ca?h; the residue In <dx, twelve, and eighteen months, the purchaser to gl*e notes for the deferred payments, bearing In terest fiom day of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing at the cost of purchasers By order of the Trustee jy3-d (Organ) A. GREEN, Auet Bv JAB. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer UALUABLE BUlLDlRe LOT ON Fifth V atreet, between M and N street* ?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, July 6th, st 9% o'clock, on the premises. I shall sell part* of I o'? No* 10 and 11, in Square 481, fronting 17 feet on 1- ifth street we*", between M and N sts. north running back 93feetinches. Terms ca?^h. Jy*-d JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. EX< ELLENT AND WELL.KE PT House hold and Kitchen Fnrnitnre at Auction On WEDNESDAY, ti e 0th instant, at 10 o'cl'k a. m , we shall sell, at the late residence of Mr Worcester, on 14th street, between H and I, (the tlig will designate the honse) an exteaslveassort ment of Household Effect*, consisting, in part, as follows? 1 Mahogany spring-seat and plain Chairs Do Sofas, Locnges Fr?nch plate Gilt Mirrors Marble mahogany centre and other Tables Oilcloth, Hat rack Carpeting, Matting, Rugs, Ar. 1 Cottage sett, Ueds, Bedsteads Hair and shuck Mattresses <"hina, Glaw, and Crockery Ware Cookinsr, parlor and other Stoves. Together with a good assortment of Kitchen Re quisites Terms: ?25 and under cash ; over tt at amount a credit of 3'l and 6't devs for notes satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest. jy^'? A. GREEN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN. Auctioneer. I^XUELLENT THREE-STOKT BRICK ' A Honae and Lot at the corner of 10th at. and New York avenue, at Aaction ?On TUESDA Y. the'24th instant. 1 shall sell, in fronl of the premises, at half-past six o'clock p.m., part of original Lot No. 4. in square No 372, hav ing a wide front on New York avenue, at th? cor ner of 10th street west, with the improvements, which are an excellent three-story brick house, containing ten or twelve conveniently arranj;<<l rooms, with a ba'.k building and other necessary outbuildings Title indisputable. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance In 6, 12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing Interest from day ol sale. A deed jjlven and a deed of tru?t taken. Je 12-d A. GREEN, Auct. (17 The above sale it postponed nntll FRIDAY, the llih of July, same lionr. je24-tokd? A GREEN, Auctioneer. By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. POSITIVE SALE OE VALUABLE Bnilding Lota on 1 street north aud Third street west?The subscriber will sell al public sate on TUESDAY, the 8th day of July, 1856, at6j{ o'clock p. m., on the premises? Lots Nos. 16, 17, IS, 19, ?0,21.22. and 21, in Square No 528. Lots Nos 16. 17, 18, 10, 20, and 21 front 23 feet 4 inches each on 1 street north, be tween 3i and 4th street" west by 90 feet deep tc an alley; and Lots 22 and 23 21 feet 8 inches each on 3d street, between north H and I streets, by sj feet deep to an alley. The above lot* are located in a most desirablf and rapidly improving part of the city, and offei a rare opportunity to persons desiring to build oi Invest. Terms: One third cash, and balance In one and two years, for notes bearing interest, socured upon the property by deed in trust: and if not oompfled with In five days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser CHAS. S. WALLACH. Attorney. je2S-eod&ds J. C. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By JAS. C. McGUiRE, Auctioneer TRUSTEE'S SALE OE VALUABLE and Beantifnl situated Building Lota on 9th street west, between ?* nnd H streets north. By virtue of a deed In trust bearing date on the 23d day of November, 1*55, ?.nd recorded In Li ber J A. S., No. 102, folios 433 et seq,, the sub scriber will sell on THURSDAY, the 10th day ol July, 1856, at 6^ o'clock p m , on the premlst-s, part of square No 375, fronting 48 feet 10 inches on 9th street west between G and H streets north, and mnnlng bad- that wld'h 101 feet. The above property is situated near the Patent OtUre and the 0th street Presbyterian Church, in a well improved neighborhocd. and rapidly en hancing in value, and is one of the most b autl fu! and desirable locations for prlva'e residences in the city, and otfers a favorable opportunity to persons desiring either to build or invest The property will be so'd ei.her as a whole or in two building lets of 24 feet 5 inches in front each way, to suit purchasers. Terms of sale : One third cash; and the bal ance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for note* bearing Interest from the day of sale, and if not complied with In live days after the sale the property wl'l be resold, upon one week 's notice, at the risk ard expense of the purchaser All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas er, ar.d title made indisputable. CHAS. S WALLACH, Trustee JAS. C. McGUIRE. ^-eodAd* Auctioneer. By C. W. BOTELER, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at Auc. tion.?On WEDNESDAY, J une *25th, at 6 w o'clock d. in., I shall sell, on the premises, Lot No. 47, being Cabot's subdivision of Square No 677 This property is located in a rapidly-improv ing part of the city, having a front of 22 feet on north H street,between 1st street east and North Capitol street; depth87* feet, containing 2.187M feet. ~ Terms ca-h. Je 18 C. W. BOTELER, Auct. 117" The abeve sale is unavoidably post* poneJ until MONDAY, July 7th. at6u o'clock Jy<-3t By JAS. C. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. TWO VALUABLE IIUILDING LOTS on A Massachusetts avenue, between 13th and 14th streets ?On WEDNESDAY AF TERNOON. July 9th, at 6 o'clock, on the prem ises. 1 shall sell two parts of Lot No. 11 in Square No 247, fronting each 21 feet 8 Inches on Massa chusetts avenue, between 13th and 14th streets west, running back 140 feet, containing 3,033 ft 4 Inches. Terms: One-half cash ; balance In6, and 12 months, for notes bearing Interest, andsecuied by a deed of trust on the premise*. JAS. C. McGUIRK, jy 3-d Auctioneer. Gas heaters.?another supply of those Gas Heaters so convenient for the nurxerv, or for cooklag e meal for a small family. Also. GAS STOVE&, for cooking and baking, complete. G. FRANCIS, je 21 490 Seventh st. GAUZE MERINO AND SILK UNDER* SHIRTS AND DRAWEKI. ANOTHER AND VERY LARGE 8UPPLY of Gentlemen's Underdrew this day opened, of every variety of size and quality, such as? Gauxe Silk SHIRTS and DRAWERS Do Merino Do Do Do Cotton Do Do Do Thread Do Do Do Shaker Do Do Also, a full supply of Linen and Jean DRAW ERS, of gold quality and styles. It will be recollected that we buy exclusively for cash, and that we offer the best goods at the lowest and uniform prices, at r STEVENS'S m 16-tf Salesroom, Browns' Hotel. THE STEAMER GEORGE WASHING TON wllldepartat the follow- _ |n lng hours: flwoLL Leave Alexandria 7J{, 9, 11, Ik, 3*. 5k Leave Washington.. .8 10, IS, 2*, 4 %, 6* je'28-d JOB CORSON, Captain. W1 SLEEVE BUTTONS AND STUDS. E OPEN TO-DAY A LARGE ASSORT ment of plain gold and fancy Sleeve But ton* and Studs, to wulch we Invlte'atten lon. M W. GALT A BRO.. je 27 324 Penn. av , bet. 9:h and 10th otreetii TELKORAPHIO BTBWB. FROM THE ASSOCIATED PBSIt BY HOUSE PKINTINO TBLMftATH. FOUR OATS LATER FROM EUROPR New York, July 6 ?The Collins steamship Baltic, Capt Comsto.'k. from Liverpool at 1 o'clock on the aftemoen of the Xfrth ultimo with London date? of that daj, arrived at her dock at 10 o clock thif morning The feeling on Americas affair* had to far subsided at to have do longer any unsettling effect on the markets, although several of the leading presses continued to grumble. The London Timen advises Great Britain to hurry up a settlement of Central American affairs before Mr Buchanan is President. Nothing of importance had oecurred in the British Parliament. In France the subject of the Empress's regenev continued to be the topic of discussion. The Emperor of Kussia ha? constructed a new Cabinet, including (iortschakoff. Lanskoi, Ostensacken. and Or loff. THE MARKETS The Liverpool cotton market was unchanged, having been favorbly afiected by the advices per Africa, received 22d ultimo. Sales of th? three days 23.000 bales. Breadstuff* were firm, with an spward ten. 'lency. Wheat had advanced 2d; red. 9? Sda 10s yd ; white, losfiialls 31 Flour advanced Ad ; Wextern Canal, 30sa33s Ad ; Philadelphia, 34s Ada3As 'id ; Ohio and Baltimore, 3&s Ada 3Hg Com variously quoted as easier, but not quotably lower, to a decline of Ad ; white. 30s Ad?32s; yellow and mixed. 30* Ad. Provisions continued unchanged and dull. The money market was easier. Consols for account were quoted at 94Ja94). Baltimore Markets Baltimore, July 7 ? Flour has advanoed. and it> very firm at $A 75. Grain is firm; new white wheat at Sl.AOa SI SO; new red S1.60a$l 55. Corn is rather easier; white 5AaA0c ; yellow 57a58e. Provisions are firm but dul'; mess pork $21. Bacon?hams 11 Ac; sides Hi; shoulders 91a 10 cents. Few Tork Markets New York, July 7 ?Flour has advanced: s .les of 14.500 bbls; good State S5; super perfine Ohio Sft 85; standard Southern $7 30; to extra Southern $7 35a$8 75. Wheat has advanced 5o ; sale* of 40.000 bushels; Southern red SI .70; Southern whita 51 924. Corn is firm; sales of 20 000 bushels; Southern mixed Arte Pork has advanced; sales of 1,500 bbls.: mcfsS20.ft2i Beef is dull; sales of 30frbbla ; repacked mees SI I. Lard is buoyant; sa'as of 300 hbls at 12* Whisky is buoyant; sales of 300 bbls; Ohio at 31c. Financial. New York, July 1 ?Stocks are dull. Chi cago and Rock Island 93# ; Cumberland Coal Company 23J; Illinois Central Shares 99; Illi nois Central Bonds 90?; Michigan Southern 100J; New York Central 93j; Reading 93; Virginia A's 93i; Missouri A's Sterling exchange is firm. HE WHITE CHIEF?By Captain Mayne Held. T 1 be Scalp Hunters, by Capt Miyn? Held. Every Lady her own shoemaker, or a complete self-Instructor tn the art of making Bal'era and ?hMa; price 50 cent'. Immigration, its evils and consequences, by Samuel C. Buaey, M D. Comic Mlserle* of Human Life illustrated. 1 be Struggle for Life, or Claude and the Skel eton Horseman John Halifax. Gentleman, by the author of Olive Clara, or Slave Life in Europe; a novel. Western Africa; Its history, condition and prospects; by Rev Lelghton Wilson je30-tr FRANCK TAYLOR J I ST REt El V ED ? Scotch Herrings Fresh Peaches and Apricots Prune Cordial Levy's celebrated Bitters Vermacelll and Macaroni Swet-t OH F resh Teas, for sale by JONAS P. LEVY, 474 Pa. avenue, Wine, Liquor and Segar Store Je 10-tf PIBLU NOTICE. to pic sirs, excursions, or pri vate PARTIES. The undersigned take great pleasure in informing his nu mer > :> friends and the public gen ' erally that he has, at all times. a numb; r of large and comfortable OMNIBUSES for their accommodation, and at a moderate charge Applications may be made to either of the un designed, George A Thos Parker, or to John T Klllmon. WM. WHALEV, Proprietor JNO M HOLBROOK. Ag't. CI7" A line of stages leave Washington every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 o'clock a. m , for Fairfax. (C. H ) Aldle, and Middleburg Paste gers will please leave their names at Dy son's Drug Store, corner Pa. avenue and 18th st. Jell-lm* BLAt KISTONE'S PAVILION. This place op resort will be open on the 3d day of July for the ac commcd&tion of visitors. The subscriber has engaged a first rate CotlUlon Band for the season, aud with his large and spendid Ball Room otter* vast lnd ? emetts to the lovers of the dance His table will be constantly supplied with all the luxuries of the Potomac, and his Bar with tic rhoiest liquors. This is known to be one of the healthiest places on the river, being situated between Black Intone's ard St Catharine's Islands. TUere will be a oelebra-lon on tbe 4th of July, and Ball and public Cotillion Parties on Thurs day, 21th July. Thursday, 7th August, and Thurs day *21st of August. The steamer Alice Price will land passengvrs during the waierlnr reason on Tuesdays ar.d Fri days going down, acd will stop for passengers on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on her return trips. Bosrd?*1 per day for a week or longe;; 91,85 loss than a week j?-25 -.?m GEORGE. W. BLACK1STONE. HAKPEK'S MAGAZINE FOR Jt'LV^ ?25 cents. Harper's Story Book, No. 20 (Ramble Among the Alps;) 25 cents Godey's Lady's Book for J uly ; 85 cents Sparrow Grass Papers , f I. Graham's Magaxlne for July; 25 cents. New York Journal for July; 18fc cents. New York Ledger for June 28th and all the back nnmbe for hale bv E K. LUNDY. je2l No. 12^ Brldgeitreet, Georgetown TYLER'S iOBirvURD STRIP OF UI M ARABIC As a rkm;:dy for cosshs. coldt HOARSENEbS, ASTHMA, WHOOPlNto COUGH, C ROUP. Ac.. possesses the greatest ad vantages, with the leaet objections of any other In use, having been extensively used the last twenty years wl;h unparalleled success, not trumpeted to the world as a spootSe or cure all, bnt recom mended as a vaic&ble and scientllc auxiliary m riLKCKitT cash, ready at hand, and one tha* bar been generally found to afford relief wher, most others have bo<n tried withoct materia: fc?n eSt. As such it Is rtoognlxed by cumbers of out leading physicians, who know Us composition, and have been eye witnesses of Its superior eft eacy, as well as by thousands of onr most respec tably cltlxens, who all endorse Its claim to being safr, palatable, economical and eBcaclous Price 23 cents, or three bottles In one SO cents Wnoie*ale Agents, PATTERSON A NAIRN, and STOTT ? CO., Penna. avenue; PEEL A STEVENS, Alexandria; CISSKL, Georgetown Retailed by Druggists generallv Also, TVLKR'S GUM ARABIC COUGH CANDY DROPS, the same composition la lose age form, 18 * cents a box. Jy S?ly MARBLE AND BROWN STONEWORKS, Pa se(ss(, bttvrctn 16tk ssd 19(4 KfMli, THE UNDERSIGNED KEEPS ON HAND and makes to order on the most reasonable terms?MONUMENTS, TOMBS, GRAVE STONE, MANTELS, TABLE TOPS, MAR BLK.and ENCAUSTIC TILES for Flooring Also, all kinds of plain and ornamental Marble and Brown Stone Work for building purpose* executed with promptness, and at as low price* as can be had elsewhere. ap 10-eoly H PA R R Y. LAND AND TAX AOEICT, LANDS LOCATED, BOUGHT f SOLD. DALLAsT"6TKELK, East Saflnaw, Mich., ( Hsyt's Block,) Prem, t attention paid to all communications. A.J.DALLAS. n.H STEKLK. iimims. Hod K J Wilktr.Wuli'i, l>0. H?m CKr??rt?r,?fr?rM?.!?V Albert J Cblr*?o, III. Hon M rkllaS?l ?_ John Wllaon,(oe'lyOom. Uh. Norm?u UttU. K a. l.Mid Otfie*. Chicago, 111. John M. J no K l??v?lla, New Vork. Hob UwliOu., DMrolt, Mick. je 16-lm JOHNSTON'S PHILOSOPHIC ALC Sarta, complete with Key, ?a1d to be the best design ever gotten up for schools and seminaries. 6 FERGUSON. 2U next to Lammoa4's,M 7th k.