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Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1856 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W A BHINGTOH CI T Y - 10, !???? j[T Advertisements should be handed In bv 1* o'eloek, m., otherwise they may not appear until the next day. Notic?.?Those charged with the manage ment of clubs, societies, and all other associa tion! are notified that in order to Insure tho insertion of adTertisements or notices of any description in the Star, payment must be made for them when offered, or an arrangement for the payment for the same provided for. There are now on file in our counting room many advertisements, not inserted, because our terms have not been complied with. Thi.< rule must be imperative. To Political Clubs.?Political clubs will find the arrangements of the Star office for. printing their circulars, addresses, arguments, pamphlets, Ac., as complete as those of any other printing office in the United States. They may rely upon having such work done at the Star office in a satisfactory manner as to style and price, and in the shortest possible time. Be sure to give us a call before making arrangements elsewhere. SPIRIT OF THE MORNING PRESS. The bnton regards the passage of the Toombs' Kansas Pacification bill through the Senate as a heavy " fire in the rear" on the Republican party and its schemes for the can vass. The Intelligencer contains nothing editorial to-day. WASHINGTON NEWS AND GOSSIP General Gadsden ? Somebody writes, from time to time, paragraphs to the New York Herald like the following : "An intimation coming to the cars of the President that General Gadsden had hinted at a full knowledge of the mysteries surround ing the payment of the three millions of dol lars due M exico, the Minister was sent for, and the next day left the city for parts un known, but supposed to be for Mexico." Here is another mare's nest. All the docu ments on the subject were communicated to the Senate last April. They show that in De cember, 1864, nine months before the down fall of Santa Anna, the Mexican government began to draw on the United States for the three millions by letters to the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Treasury Mr. Marcy and Mr. Guthrie of course refused to pay at that time, because the money was not yet due. Afterwards, in November, 1806, a change of administration having occurred in Mexico, the new President, stating that he had not yet had time to examine the subject, requested the United States not to pay the drafts until further advice. Very well, said Mr. Marcy, take your time, and let us know what your conclusion is. Tho Mexi can government did take its time to ex amine the subject, and the result was that, in March last, it withdrew its objection to the payment of tho^ drafts, and renewed its re quest to have them paid by the United States according to their tenor. That was done, of course. On what ground or pretext could our Government undertake to dictate to Mexico what she should do with her own money, or to oompel her to rep udiate her own engagements ? If anybody will read the printed document, he will see that all the imaginary mystery in the matter if mere moonshine. Kansas Roorbacks.?By way of showing the Star's readers how little confidence is to be placed in representations of occurrences in Kansas, concocted by those who have got to gether the testimony for the House Investi gating Committee?the correspondents of the Abolition press from that quarterfor the most part?we herewith publish an account of the arrest and incarceration of some of the notori ous Brown-gang of Free State murderers an 1 horse thieves?the nose-splittir.g, scalping party, who have amused themselves with dash ing out the brains of infants, and violating and murdering women when their protectors were away. It will be perceived that, accord ing to the sbrieker for freedom in Kansas whore account we publish, they were very much maltreated indeed, the poor suffering christians and publio spirited patriots. But Immediately following it will be fpund a letter describing the same transactions, written to the Albany Argus $ At/as by a Northern man?one of the thousands in the Territory who, though opposed to the existence of slavery there, is, nevertheless, opposed to the deeds of murder, rapine, perjury, Ac., being perpetrated in the Territory by some of the loafing " chris tians ' of the Yankee emigrant aid societies, in the name of " freedem'g cause" in Kansas. We invite to these two letters the attention of those members of Con gress who recently voted for the Topeka con stitution to any end whatever, except in order to make Republican party capital: THB PKISOXIIH I.V CHAINS RELBASBD. Liwri.-?ce. K T , June 2?j, 1856. To the Editors oj the Missouri Democrat. On Saturday last, a company of five men came into our city from Tecumseh, where they had been confined for some time as prisoners. They were captured by the dragoons on or about the 27th of latt month, near Osawatta mie Their arms were taken from them, chains put upon their ankles, and driven thirty miles under the hot sun with the irons upon them, in front of the troops mounted on horses They were hurried along cn foot all day, without time being allowed them to get dinner and water on tho road. One of them described bis sufferings on that very warm day as horrible. At other times they were treated very weil The dragoons were under the command of Lieutenant Iverson. a rabid pro-slavery man, who ha.* no sympathy for free State men in his power. They wore the chain* upon their limbs for nearly four weeks, and when brought beforo Judge Cato they were discharged, as nothing could be found against them Three of the party captured were, however, retained : *"rs- Partrilge. John Brown, Jr , und Wil *w? letter are members of the Air.cas legislature The former was released on bail, and arrived here this morning. Four indictments were found against Mr. John Brown, Jr.? one for "high treason," 41 kid napping a slave, " "conspiracy," and one for ?? horse stealing," Mr W illixuis for high trea son; Mr. Partridge for conspiracy ; theoth"rs nothing against them?they have been impris oned nearly a month for no crime. Mr Brown came to Lawrc^ce to asaiet in ita defence a few days prior to the destruction of the hotel and printing presses, and f..r d< ing that he is in dicted for high treason by Judge Cato ' KANSAS ArrAJaB-KBri tal of falsehoods. , .. . Alcasv, July 4, lb56. Jidttofs At/as q- Argun :?Dear Sirs * An ^demand' *#W ^ Time8 ?f thla ing demands a pM8IDg notiee at my handa ?Vrf. Rt'i?1 mD * th? treatuittnt received by of whil? ?n the hands of the authorities in Tecum-eh, ia a deliber ate lie from beginning to end. manufactured th* purpose that hundreds of similar ones have been, namely, that of makii/ tk.e\ ,^P,iUf 7 ??it?ng tho sympathies of the North in favor of the criminal faction, who have long been trying to deluge the plaint of my late adopted home with the blood of their fellow citizens. It is true that a number of prisoners were brought te Tecumseh for trial, before a United States Commissioner; it is true that they were chained, for security on the journey. But it is a lie that they walked sixty-fire miles, or any distance, on loot while chained. They traveled in a wagon, guarded by true and rentable specimens of the red shirted Border Ruffian. I was in Tecumseh when they arrived and during their entire stay, and can assert that they were treated far better than they deserved. They were, of course, strictly guarded day and night, in a room in the hotel; brought down regularly to their meals at the hotel table; in fact, treated with every indulgence consistent with safe keeping. All this time they were in the hands of those terrible Border Ruffians, so graphi cally described by the New York Times and Tribune, as blood-thirsty monsters, with hands constantly steeped in the innocent blood of Abolitionists and Free Soilers Two of those men were sons of that atrocious monster, John Brown, sen., better known in the Territory aa ?' Ossawatamie Brown," the captain of that band of ruffians calling themselves " The Army of the North," who bad so recently committed a number of the most diabolical murders, aach individual case attended with acts of barbarity far exceeding anything ever perpetrated by savage Indians in the worst time of border warfare In fact, all of the prisoners were w^ll known to have formed part of this monstrous company at the time those atrocities were committed : and I would venture to say, if taken and guarded by citi zens of California under similar exciting cir cumstances, would have speedily obtained their deserts, " a short shrift and a merry leap" from a limb of the nearest tree As to the case of Tucker of Topeka, who happens to be a lawyer and not a doctor, I was the person who arrested him in my capa city of Deputy Sheriff, in the act of removing a horse, which had been concealed the night before, in a thick piece of brush on th? lands of a settler living near Topeka. llo was caught at 10 o'clock at night removing a horse with a saddle and bridle, all proved to have been stolen on the previous day from a man named Le Hay, a pro-slavery man. living six teen miles east of the Abolition town of To r ka. Four witnesses proved to the fact of nis coming to remove the horse from its place of concealment, and tvo of his comrades from Topeka proved that ho had not left town on the night the horse was stolen, which was the night previous to the ono on which he was ar rested This is tho alibi which, according to the Times correspondent, was proved by live or six witnesses, lie was held to bail, with two securities for $500 oach, to answer the charge of horse stealing. Since his committal, three persons have been discovered who met Tucker and an accomplice on horseback, within a few miles of the seen# of the robbery, about nightfall, on the lfith of June On that night, two horses wore stolen from Le Hay. and the house of a neighbor of bis with all its contents, burned to the ground. The custom and example of Illinois and Mis souri in their early days, and of California and Oregon at the present time, would have justified us in hanging Tucker from the near est tree. Had a pro-slavery man been de tected in tho act of horse-stealing by a party of Free-State men, his doom had been a short one Such is the difference between the so called border ruffians," and tho^e much-in jured, innocent Free-State men Hio former party have simply endeavored to enforce the laws and keep peace and quiet in the country ; while the latter have been setting law and order at defiance, murdering, under cover of night, isolated and defenceless settlers, but never daring to meet their adversaries in a fair and open field. Lying and boasting of | their intention to resist the laws, hut whenever an official of tho law came with an armed party, resistance was no longer spoken of? their object was accomplished?a g'?od case for lying was made out for tho abolition pa pers. Those individuals who are keeping up excitement in Kansas, cannot possibly care one fig whether it becomes a free or tlavo State, each and every of their acts tell ag.iinst their own interest and the cause they pretend to have at heart. If they really wished to make Kansas a free Stato. they would have cultivated peace, and peace only Fighting is not ther forte?they know nothing of it, and had better never have commenced it. I remainyours, Ac., IVn OkoGHAn, M. 1>. The Merrimac'B Boilers ?As reports have been put in circulation against the boilers of the United States steam frigate Merrimac, w<: publish the following?these boilers being constructed on the same model with those of the United States steam ship Susquehanna: A letter has been received from tho Chief La gineer of the United States steamer Susque hanna, speaking of the satisfactory perform ance of her engines and boilers ; also, copies of her logs for four days steering against light head winds without any assistance from her sails. Her average speed was two hundred and nineteen miles per day, with an average consumption of thirty-ono tons of coal per day, showing a saving of more than thirty-three per cent, over her former cruising, under tho same circumstances, with her old boilers. Eeing Consolidated ?Tho varl<u3 offices (clerk's apartments) of tho different bureaus of the Treasury Department are being con solidated. Up to this time they have been scattered over tho Treasury building, and ?ome of them in other buildings in the vicinity of that one. The recent removal of tho Land Office bureau from the Treasury building has afforded the Secretary an opportunity to sys tematize the location of his subordinates, of which he is availing himself; drawing in his offices located elsewhere and placing the clerks of each bureau in immediate juxtaposition with each other, by which means much really unnecessary labor and many vexatious delays in the transaction of the business of the De partment will be hereafter dispensed with. Mr. Ball's Resolution ?We understand, from gentlemen engaged in the construction bureau of tho Treasury Department that they are glad indeed that the accusations against the integrity of their office which have been, as usual, whispered around by disappointed applicants for contracts and their drummcra uud agents, have at length assumed definite shape in the movement of Mr. Ball in tho House yesterday, which will enablo those sought to be implicated, promptly to set them at rest. The I"ine?The fine (amount) in which Mr Brooks, of S. C., was mulcted by the Criminal Court for this county, on tho day before yes terday. for his assault on Senator Sumner, was to a penny, the penalty in which Ocn. Sam Houston was mulcted by our District Court, many years ago, for his assault on Hon. Mr. Stansbury, of Ohio, whom he attacked for words spoken in debate, beating him severely with a cane, it will be remembered. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department-?f)n yesterday, the 9th (f July, there were of Treasury warrants entered on the books of the Department? For redemption of Texas debt.... $2,135 II For the Treasury Department... 65,500 00 For the Interior Department..... 19,34.* 30 For Customs 17,108 08 War warrants received end en tered 14 020 00 From miscellaneous sources. 2,692 83 Harvest i.i Maryland.? Our farmers are all busily engaged in the height of their wheat and hay harvest; the yield of wheat is much better than was anticipated some few since, but the hay crop is nbort, owing to the dryness of the weather. The oats begin to look better, and prospects are favcrable for an average crop; the corn looks tolerably well, but both oafs and corn want rain badly. Cmahtrlurnl Civilian. COWQSESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS In the Senate, yesterday, after we went to press, the debate on the resolution from tho Printing Committee for printing JO.ftOO extra copies of the Senate's Kansas pacification bill was continned by Messrs. Toueey, Wade. Wil son, Bigler. Douglas, Hale, Stuart, Fessenden, Toombs. Crittenden, Pngh and Foster; when at 9 p. m the laid resolution was agreed to without a division The Senate then adjourned. In the Home, the pending resolution for the printing of 100,000 extra copies of the re ports of the Kansas Investigating Committee, (majority and minority) together with the tes timony taken by the said Committee, amend ed so as to reduoe the number of copies to 10,000, was adopted. Mr. Ball offered the following preamble and resolution, viz : Whereas, in an affidavit made in January. 1854, by Cornelius Wendell, who now holds the position of Printer to this body, and which affidavit reads a9 follows, to wit: "That Alanson Sweet, of Milwaukie. Wis consin, informed me that it cost him $10,000 for the alterations made in the Mobile custom bouse contract; that it was necessary to fix Mr. Young, the architect of the Treasury ; and that the $10,000 thus expended would bo more than doubled by the alterations he (Sweet) had thus procured to bo made; also, that to procure said alterations it was necessary to fix a friend of Mr. Guthrie, and that he had made the necessary arrangements to have him right. C. Wbkdkll. "Washington,January 14 1854 Subscribed and sworn to before me, J. W. Beck, J. P." it is charged that alterations in the manner of construction of the Mobile custom-house have b?en made by the architect and others entrusted with the construction of said build ing, at the instance of the contractor and for a consideration in money; and whereas other statements exist which tend to corroborate the same accusation, and also to specify others similar in character and in numerous in stances; and whereas it is the duty of the People's Representatives to inquiro into the truth of such allegations, when sustained by evidence such as to render their truth proba ble : Therefore? Resolved, That there be appointed by the Speaker a select oommltteo of five members, whose duty it shall be to inquire into the gen eral management and expenditures connected with the public buildings, or works construct ed or purchased or in process of construction by tho I nited States, of whatsoever descrip tion, whether at the seat of government or elsewhere ; and that said committee be au thorized to send for persons and papers, and to examine witnesses touching the manner of construction and the manner of awarding con tracts ; whether any bribes or fees have at any time been taken by any officer in the ser vice of the Government as a consideration for awarding any contract, or for making any changes m the original termsof any contract, or for making alterations in tho plan of Tiny work, or for using his influence in any manner in obtaining any contract orextracompei sation for ai.y person for such work, or for being in any other manner instrumental in aiding to defraud the Government; and that said committee be authorized to inquire into the capacity, as well as character for integrity, of any archi tect, superintendent, or any other officer; and that they have power to appoint aclerk to aid in tho performance of these duties, and also authorized to report, in whole or in part, at any time ^ After some conversation between Messrs. Clingman, Houston of Alabama, and Ball, the said preamble and resolution were ordered to be printed, and to be laid over until the next day. Air Campbell, of Ohio, called up his reso lution for the expulsion of Mr Brooks, and to censure Messri. EJmundson and Keitt, on ac count of the assault of Mr. Brouks on Senator Sumner. Mr. Cobb proposed a substi'ute for it de claring that that the House has no jurisdic tion over the case, and therefore declines in terfering in it. The House wero then addressed at some length by Messrs. Campbell, of Ohio, and Binghani for the original resolution, and Messrs. Clingman and Orr against it In the course of the remarks of Mr. Orr, that gentle man said : He believed that tho object was to operate upon the public mind with reference to the approaching election That was the founda tion of all this clamor; for who had ever be fore heard of a personal controversy between two individuals being magnified to the extent that this had been f This inornir.gover eighty members of the Hou.^e had voted to print one hundred thousand copies of the reports of the cunmittee at the public expense, showing that this report ^ras intended as an electioneering document, to be scattered over the North to assist the Republican party. Mr Hickman. I voted against the amend ment ol tho gentleman from Georgia to limit the number to ten thousand. Does the gen tleman say I voted for it as an electioneering document to assist the Republican party ? I say to the gentleman from South Carolina tiiat I did not vote for it as an elcstioneering document, and for tho simple reason that I owe no allegiance to tho Republican party I am opposed to it. Mr. Orr. All I havo to say in reply to the gentleman is, that if ho has no affiliation with the Republican party his position is very much misunderstood throughout the country. Mr. Hickmau. And I say The Speaker Does the gentleman from South Carolina yield the floor f Mr Orr. The gentleman from Pennsylva nia can reply if I have said any thing" that touches him But Mr Nichols objected. So Mr Hick man was not r.ermittcd to respond further. When they adjourned, Mr. Comins was en titled to the floor. Proc??dl?u? ? ' To-JJay. In the SenatG, to-day, after tho disposing of petitions, reports, Ac., they took up tho an nual Indian appropriation bill, and were con sidering it when the Star went to press In the Honso. to-day, tho resolution of Mr. Ball for the appointment of a select committee with power to send for persons and papers to report on his allegations of fraud in the coi struction of the extension of the Treaiury buiding camo up and was debated by Messrr. Elliott, Houston of Alabama, Greenwood' Ball, Barksdale, McMullen and Florence Mr M^Mullin moved to amend it by strik ing out the portion authorizing the committee to make reports in part from time to time ; not agreed to The said resolution was then passed. The Speaker appointed Messrs. Ball, Ken nett, Burnett, King of New York, and Cal wallader, on the said committee. The House then proceeded with the consid eration of tho resolution reported from the select committee on the Brooks and Sumner affair by Mr Campbell, of Ohio, when Mr Comins delivered a speech in furor of that resolution. Ihk National Convention of cigar mak ers which met in New York last week, after a stormy debate decided to have nothing to do with the slavery question. They resolved to take earnest measures against Senator James tariff bill. They also adopted resolu tions tending to equalise the prices of oigars and tobacco, and looking to the assembling of an annual National Convention. They also propose memorializing Congress for a tariff bill laying a duty of 30 per cent on all imported cigars, and admitting the unmanufactured ar ticle freo. There were also resolutions offered to establish a Trade Union for the protection of journeymen cigar makers and the trade generally. The convention adjourned without making any nominations for the Presidency or Vice Presidency. The vessel sent out by the New York, New Foundland and London Telegraph Com pany for the purpose of endeavoring to recov er the submarine telegraph cable lost in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, has returned, having succeeded in recovering in good order a large portion of the cable. PERSONAL. .... Mr. Phelpe, of Missouri, who bu been indisposed at bil lodgings since Friday last, was again in his seat in the House Hall this morning. ....lion. N. Hay ward, of Conn, Major Chotard and family, of Natch**, Hon J B. Guthrie, of Pa , Hon. Andrew Fulton, of Pa., and Hon. Wm. Wallace, of Tenn., are in this city, stopping at Willards' Hotel. ....Among those on whom the*degree of M. D., was conferred by the medical depart ment of Georgetown College at its last com mencement was Mr. Thomas J Miller of Ten nessee. ....Among the passengers for Europe by the Asia, are Bayard Taylor, the poet traveler, and Mr. Kensett, landscape-painter Mr. Taylor goes abroad with the expectation of remaining about two years, during which he intends to travel in the north of Europe, and spend a winter in Lapland. Mr. Kensett in tends to sp?nd two or three months in sketch ing in the Lake Districtsof England, Sootland, and Ireland, and return in November. POLITICAL ITEMS. It i> whispered that negotiations are going on between the proprietors of the New fork Times and Mr. Forney, for the sale of that paper, which is to be converted into a Buchan an organ ?Alb. Kniek. Bosch ! Put it in your pipe and smoke it, reader. On the day of Mr. Buchanan's nomination, the Presbyterian church in Washington was struck by lightning ?Ex*'hange. And the Republican party was struck with consternation.?Boston Post. The Georgia Union says : "We believe we approximate very near the truth when we give

it as our candid opinion that fully 20,000 Old Line Whigs in Georgia will vote for the nomi nees of the National Democratic party." \3T Extract from a letter by the Rev. Mr. Churchill, of Boston, who is now travelling for bis health in the East: "It gives ono an ever present idea of the expansive enterprise of his countrymen, to find their commodities of commerce continu ally in his path wherever he goes I have not visited any considerable city of Turkey, where I did not find the medicines of my coun try represented by Aver's Cherry Pectoral. In Smyrna. Aleppo, Jaffa, Jerusalem, and Constantinople, we pee in ea"h, on the door post of some bazaar, the peculiarly American looking iron card of Or. Ayer. saying in a language which not one in a thousand of the pass?rs-by can read, ' Ayer t Cherry Pectoral for Cousrhs, Colds and Consumption, Fold Here ' On a shelf behind the cro?s-Iejjg?d mussulman, are seen the bottles with their English. Spanish, French and German faces turned towards the crowd, and on enquiring we are told that foreigners are not the only purchasers, but the true believers themselves waive their trust in fate to try this product of American skill, when they find there is no other cure for them " ' I was told yesterday that the Cherry Pecto ral had been presented to the Sultan, and is now in constant use in his harem, and in the Hospitals of the Empire." GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Georgetown, July 10,1S56. The distribution of premiums at the Ladies' Academy < f the Visitation, came off yester day afternoon in the presence of an unusually largo and brilliant audience. This is one (f the most flourishing fem'ile institutions of learning in our country, and enjoys a reputa tion for usefulness unsurpassed by any. Du ring the scholastic year which has just closed, the number of pupils has been greater than during any previous year in its history ; almost every State in our Union being repre sented. The exercises of yesterday reflected great credit on the ladies in charge of it. Time and space will not allow us to give a full account of the various exercises, and the names and places of residonce of the young ladies who participated in them. Suffice it to say that they weie all of such a character as to sond a thrill of joy to the hearts of the au dience, and reflect great honor upon the in stitution. The first honors in the senior circle, consist ing of a crown and gold medal, were awarded to tho following young ladies: Miss Frances Bickham, of Warrenton, Va : Miss Martha Smith, of Middieburg. Va ; Miss Rosa Cole, of Philadelphia, Pa ; Miss Ada Semmes, of Georgetown, D. C ; Miss Caroline Davis, of New York ; and Miss Cecilia Coad of St. Mary's, Md. The first honors in the junior circle were awarded to Miss Mary Delaigle, of Augusta, Ga , and Miss Mary E. Smith, of PrincoGeorge's. Md. Several hundred hand some ar.d costly premiums were also awarded. Among the guests were Bishop Whelan, of Wheeling, and Bishop Magill, of Richmond. A grout number of beautiful paintings and specimens of exquisitely wrought tapestry were exhibited, eliciting universal admira tion. On next Sabbath, the solemn ceremony of confirmation will take place at St. John's church The Rev. Bishop Whittingham will officiate, assisted by tho pastor, the Rev. Mr. Tillinghast. W? would advise every seeker of pleasure and recreation to read carefully the advertise ment of Logan Tribe, I O. R. M. Their pro posed excursion ofl'ers an opportunity for in dulgence in oaoh, which may not be met with again this season. Procure your tickets early. Markets firm and active at our prices yes terday. Spbctator. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, July 9, 1858. The county court, which has been in session during the first two days of the week, trans acted but little business ef importance. Sam uel Howard, charged with the murder of his brother, was sent on for trial at the circuit court. Several ordinary licences were granted. A negro man named Lewis received permission to remain in the county ; and most of the new justices, togothcr with the sheriff, his depu ties, the county surveyor, and several consta bles, gave bond, and qualified according to law. The county levy being incomplete, the court adjourned until Friday. The " Americans" met at American Hall on Monday evening and took preliminary steps for the organization of a Fillmore and Donel son Association. T. M Monroe and W. D. Massey held forth to the faithful. The Old Line Whigs met at the Lyceum Hall on Tuesday evening, appointed twenty-five delegates to the Whig State Convention, and passed a resolution declaring their oonfidenco in Mr. Fillmore. Tho anti-Fillmore Whigs did not however, participate. The city oounoil at its last meeting elected 0. E. Tennesson watchman, vice W. E Man kin, deceased. The Mayor has vetoed the bill appointing an inspector of guano. Am. New Music.?Our neighbor Hilbus, has produced in fine style the " Rat-Catcher'g Daughter," as sung by Harry Lehr. This song fairly rivals the renowned " Villikens and his Dinah" in comic dolorousness. NIC?THE PIC NIC OF THE Sabbath School of the E afreet Baptist Church la POSTPONED to MONDAY, Julv 14th, at CUSTIS' SPRING. It ^s?MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION .?The monthly meet ing of th^s association will take plare at Temper ance Hall on MONDAY, the 14'.h Inat Stock holders are requested to be punctual in their attendance as business of Importance will be laid before them. Persona wishing to take stock in tbe Association cau doso on the following termr There hatt been nine meetings, and nine dollars a share has been paid In?persons not having the r<-ady money to pay in the back payment*) can give their note on demand for the payments up to July, then keep on with the regular monthly pay ments of 81 per share, and pay interest monthly on their note at the rate cf 6 per cent, per annum jy IO-eo3t CHAS. WILSON, Secretary U 41 ATTENTION UNION GUARDS.?You A are hereby notified to attend aapeclal meet fl filing of the Corps on FRIDAY EVENING, ill ill July 11th, at 8 o'clock, to transact business of Importance to the company. By order of Capt. Rexse, It JAMES LACKEY, Secretary. .NOTICE?AN ADJOURNED Meet - - ing of the Board of Director* of ths Washington Building AssoclaMon will he held on FRIDAY EVENING the 11th instant, In the room of the Franklin Fire Company. A punc tual attendance of members In requested, as busi ness of Importanoe will be transacted, jy?-3t J p DICKINSON, Secretary. H MONTGOMERY GUARD?, ATTEN TION?You are hereby netHed to attend a meeting of the Corp* THURSDAY EVE NING, the Iftth Instant, to make prepara tions for the Excursion which will take plare on the 4th day of Angust next, at the White House By order of Capt. Kit: Jy#-2t THQ8 McENIRY, See gi - ^NOTICE ?THE SUBSCR IBER begs leave to call the attention of the public to his stock of GLASS and QUEENSWARF. before purchatlng elsewhere, as by so doing ibey wlU save from 1ft to 25 per cent. Toilet and Dinner Sets lower than the lowest at 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th streets Je 9-6rc JOBMcDEVlTT. THE VIRGINIA SPRINGS. The foi.lowing are trf terms of Board at BURNER'S WHITE SUL PHUR SPRINGS, Virginia, viz Per week f* 00 Per month $30 00 J? lo-lm $10 REWARD . ? WAS STOLEN ON Saturday night, July 3th. a dark ITV-* Roan MARE, with very Till footlorks, yVJrv and small wMte star In her forehead ; has lumrs on the outside of her hind leg*. canted by being sprained The ab've reward will be paid on her delivery to WM. CROJiS, corner 4)f and D sts (Island.) jy 10 3t* Lost?on Wednesday afternoon. Julv 9, a b ack MEMORANDUM! ^ BOOK, cortalning a passbook be-,!*! ** tween James G. Naylor arid Harvey * Adams, and other papers^ A liberal' reward will he paid to the finder If left uith J AS G NAYLOR, on New York avenue, between 4th and 5th streets, or at E. F. QUEEN'S Grocery, on Seventh, between 1 and K sts It* WHS. A. C. RKDm?!IU'8 SKY-LIGHT DAOTJERREAN GALLERY. Xo 401 Seventh street, abort H.u-est tide. PORTRAITS TAKFN EQUALLY WELL in Fair and Cloudy Weatter. Particular attention pa'd to copying Daguerreo tv pes, Oil Paintings. Ac Picture* of Deceasel Persons taken and made to resemble life. Mrs R solicits the patronage of the Ladles particularly. Jy 10-lw 75 SETTS OF COLLARS ANO SLEEVES AT REDUCED PRICES. WE HAVE MARKED DOWN THE PRICE of mmv of the following goods to prime ro<t our present stock being teo large All per sons wishing a cheap sett of Collars and Sleeves wou'd do well to give us an early call. 15 Ri<-h Worked Swiss Setts 2f? Handsome Cambric Setts, quite low 25 Worked and plain Linen Setts for travelling 16 Misses Swiss and Cambric Setts, from 100 to 200 ? . Also, just opened a rew supply of Swiss Reef Fringes for Basque-. Swlrs and Cambric Edging, Ladies Buckskin Gauntlets, Ac, 4c jy K-?3t MRS R G RTCH1SON. FIRST GRAND EXCURSION (THIS SEASON) NATIONAL GUARD, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. THE NATIONAL GUARD HAVING COM p!eted their arrangements row take pleasure In announcing to their _ friends and the public generally that they nave chattered the swift and splendid steamer George Washington, for the purpose <t giving one of their Excursions to the white House Pavilion on MONDAY, July 14. 1856 The Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains to make this one of the best Excursions of the?esson ? ..... The boat will leave the wharf at tlie foot of 11th street, at 2o'clock ; Bla^den's Wharf 3; Alex andria at 3&. The Guards have fixed the price cf tickets at ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and la dles ; to be bad of the Committee or at the bo it on the dav of the excursion. Esputa's Band has been engaged for the occa sion Refieshmer.t?, including Supper, will be pro vided bv an experienced caterer, at city prices Omnibuses will leave the Northern Liberties' Market; Corner of 19th street ar.d Fenna avenue; and the south gate of ti.e Capitol square at ? be fore 2 o'clock p.m. Cemmittet of Arrangement s. T.MUburn, T.J Weir, Wm O Drew. Floor Managers. G B Clark, W McConvey, R H Graham, L Jones. J J Anderson. jy 10-3t* GOOD WILL TO ALL! SECOND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF TDK GOOD WILL CLUB, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, MONDAY. Jaly 21, THE GOOD WILL CLUB HAVING MADE all the necessary arrangements ( take great pleasure In announcing to their numerous friends and the public in gen eral that their second Annual Excursion and Pic Nlc will take place as above. The Committee of Arrangements pledge them selves that no effort will be spare 1 to make this one of the most pleasaat of the aeason. Esputa's Brass and String Band is engaged for this occasion The Refreshment Department is in the hands of [ an experienced ca'erer. The Steamer George W ashington will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock, Washington 1X, Navy Yard wharf 2, and Alexandria at 2^. Arrangements have been made with Mr Wha iry to run his Coaches at 1 ^, from the following places . Corner or 15th street and New York ave nue; of 12th street and Penna avenue; Northern Liberties' Market House; and the Cap itol. On tte return of the boat the Coaches will he in waiting to convey persons to these respect ive places, and to the Navy Yard. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?lo be had of any of the Committee or members of the Club Committee of Arrangements. R J McCormick, G G Dubant, Wm Noerr, Jofenh Mattingly, A S Dent, J A Baker. Jy 10-ThMWS4t Lost?on the day before yester day, a pair of EYE GLASSES, gold frame, bftween the Senate chamber and 6th street. The finder will be suitably rewarded by handing them to the Secretary of the Senate. jy 9-3t FIKBOKTUK ?THE PACKET BRIG ANN ELIZABETH TAYLOR has arrived and will sail the last of the week^j-^t for the ubove port. For freight apply to HARTLEY A BRO., jy 9-3t 191 Water street. Georgetown. FOR LIGHT LITERATURE, Periodicals, Statlcnery, Standard \\ orks, Balm of 1,000 Flowers, Ac. Call at FERGUSON'S, 7th st , jy v next to Lammond's. STRANGERS, REttKMBKR YOUR children at home, and don't return to them without someihing from LAMMOND'S Great Toy Emporium, 4s4 Seventh st. ^ jy8 3t R EtOSUMY, I T1LITY, AND Con venience there is nothing that equals Clin ton's Alcohol Cook. Forsaleby jy ?-3t LAMMOND, 7th st OY8' SUMMER CLOTHING ?IN CON ? sequence of the advanced stae of the season we have concluded to offer our fall stock of Beys' Clothing at very reduced prices, consisting of Linen Coats, Roundabouts, Jackets, Pantalouns, Shirts, Drawers, Vests, Ac. WALL Sc. STEPHENS, je V 3*22 He avenue, next to Iron Hall. GERHARD'S GARDEN, No. 396 Maryland attnue, Island. IS SITUATED A SHORT DISTANCE from the Capitol grounds, and is a fine place of re sort. On every MONDAY night It Is lighted with gas and a fine Band plsying some choice pieces of music. The Saloon is open for thoie who wl^h to trip the light fantzstlc toe, while In the garden, under fine trees, the visitors can re ga'e themselves either by smoking or drinking his excellent Lager Beer. jy ? 3t* SILKS, SILKS FOR CASH. Ladies who want a silk dress should not fail to call and look through our Immense assortment Wehave Justi one through the stock and marked on each ple~e Just the price we paid for them at auction, which In many In stances was less than they cost to import. We propose to eell eff at cost for cash only the entire balance of our Silks and all kinds of sum mer dress goods. We will not charge more than cost ncr take less. Good bargains may be expected CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. jy 9-10t corner Penn. avenue and 9th street. MAD'LLE SOPHIE I1ERSCH, JUST ARRIVED FROM PARIS, WILL, In a few days, open a fine Millinery al,(l Jfaa Dressiraklng Establishment, opposite the Centre Market Ladles wishing to be furnUhed with a good fit at cheap prices will do well to call and try 1 bOPHlE H1RSCH. Wanted, at the above place, a few yocng la dies, to learn the Millinery and Dreasmatlng business. Jy 8-#t F?,' B FOR BALB AND RENT ONE GOOD-SI7.KD BOOH, WRI.L pti I nishet.and two or three unfurnlskerf J rent. with board. If desired Appiv to Ninth rtreet, fcXww D and E Jy lft^ Desirable residence for The brick House on Ninth street - and G streets, '? '?r r?nt on ???.?? k%1 F good tenant in a central por yard Inqnlre Oi *v i&^ijinm ?/n if h *? , ?* Store, between llth and l*th street* on p,for"v vania avenue r"???ri ? JT Mt For salf.-a double lot op irr~ front by 1*5 de?p It has on It ? fr^J. f'?* and a nice garden, full of veretaLu. .r11* being enclrsed by a railing fenre it w, *bc ? on aseommodatlng term*. Fnqtrtre r f 4 GERHARD, No. 9W Marvland avenne jy fl -3t? "P FOR R fcNT-TH E TWO.STORv7, ~ Bouse on I3:h street, betwren N,w \ f ?nue and I. To a punctual tenant tht * r4 ? ZSTT&t""-*? For rent?the desirabif ?t7?V~ No. ite Seventh street, opposite ' ket fitted up with shelving. counter. g,. Sp awning. kr Possession riven irrn. dl. e , ? ApplytoROBT C BIOOKE ..... ? ? , J) ^tr For rent-the two new tuh, story Brick Houses on ?th street ' Cent's Market Peraona wishing t? open ? ? lte taur nt cannot find in thecltvs m?? SJ.JI* ?tlon.) ? H LASKKV jy 7~*L No * Usdiai F?? s? !'w:u~A comf,'Rtahu: two I sto-y Brick House on G street It Is situated a few do.-us w^st 0f the \\ par;m nt, on the eos- side of the all?* ?? !JV fwarti's stable stand* Tfce Lot fronts-?? t tains five excellent rooms and kitchen and ?! i be soda bargain if Immediate a P nil ration ?. made. For terms spply to W>|.\% n | jA, SON, First Ward. JvV1 ** [JV>R SALE -THESURScTlBKROFFtr* for sale, upon accomodating terms H*-? Frame Houses on the Island One <? C street south, between 13tj ?nd 11 w ?t *e?? ,,'a at pre** nt occupied by E T Allen, Ksc Tie other on E street couth between tith ar.i TfhVreniT and at present occupied by the Corporal* a* School House. R || |.Ar*KK\ Jy 7-lw 36 Lou Nana av'-nue FOR KENT.?a WELL FINISHED /TmI comfortable brick dwelling bou e on I "ppo Ite Franklin Square. Apply at No mi' street, between 13 and tlth julv 3-iw? HOUSE FOR SALE?A FINE NKA\ modern built house on K street, fron"r Kranklln Square, containing 13 rooms and a aiTe Utsement. kitchen, 4c Gas. hot and cold w*>r throughout the house, with ba'h room kr *leTMm A WILLAR0' at ' WE. WI.LL WISIKUCt FROM THI ti Iu . 'hU ?*v?ti?ement to r n off the ?r. , of our stock of Summer Silk. . an<I Perege Robes, Orgsulv ard l awn Hot.. Twisted Silk Robes. Figured and Plain Be e - * rl7n 5Wn.8, ^Tln^ 0r**nd'? rich K - ChaUles, Foulard Silks. Chally de Lalne, LVbt I- gured Mouslalnes, a! d o her klcdsof SumrXiCr Dress Goods at prime cost for ea*h. Our assortment of the above goods Is per) ap. much la-ger than that of anv ctb^r house in tL?. citF? consequently tb^ Inducfojrr.ti we rff^r to purchasers at this season by putting our loo.:. down at cost are very great, and should b. 'aken advantage of by all who b jy for cash and wLo Wi^-h to dispose of their money to the l?*t advan 1 *Vht t,,m',0 IT' *rf#t bar^ins furcasfa. and our house is the place Every on?- !s Invl-ed to call Those who wish to get the best bargem* fhoi)<l come Imii.fdlately h*V' W?1 ,r?nvnlber goods not morion J?ah ' ?? wiU fell equally che^p fjr CLAGETT NEWTON, MAY k CO JV 9-lUt corner Penn ave., and ath street. $2^!? AR( HITE< TS AND Artist. _ J* Tb* e^'ove r-rerrlnm will be paid t<r the best proportioned outlines for an obelisk or pyra mid, wbooe ba*e ^ball corre*r>ord k or 5 tin en Un height, K??e line not toe*, eed l*S f^e . and tr r 2^ fe^t, the four simple lines are all that H re quired To be decided by *clent!fir gertlem.. ?s soon as the desi^rs are in, whieh tlm-w J expire Augn-t 1st, 1SS6 Jy SHIRTS :? shirts:* WE constantly KEEP ON HAND A superior assortment of Gent's Dress SMrt* or L.inen and Cotton, with plain ard French Bosoms and Wristbar.ds, of the very best cut and make, and of every quality and price SHIRTS raade to order, ard we ifuarantm a gwu *< (. ?ji * w * "urP!"*reveryloWM we wo deteru.lnfd to i>a beaten by none. Call at GEO H B.WHITE k CO Gent a Furnishing *tore. 338 Pa ave ?JF ' lw bet #th and 10th sts Jt'ST RECEIVED 10 RI1LS. F\TKa fine OLD MONONGAHKLA WHISKEY rr,d1cthJjrl!1 i? p:^sed to furnuh m>' and those who are in want of som. thins verv ?UK^rl?L V w^ol?ale and retaW. at the well tab.lshed house, No *94 corner U-.h street a d Penn avenue. JULIUS DL SAULE* rir suT , 8?,# "ar/rlpr artlcIe of HAVANA LlOA KS always on hand. jy ~ 3;# ^WARD -STRAYED FROM THK yj residence of the subecrlber a d irk rr-Hs? brown Buffalo Milch COW. rather\ small size, a few dashes of brlndie on . ^ ' her sides, good show for milk, toth ears^Hlt about half way down. and one f the splits of the lefi ear cut off | will give the above reward to anyone who will return ber to the cc mer ofwh and B street*, Island, near the Smlth-onian Instl oeautiful ENGRAVINGS SELLING off at a aacrlfice, at ell.IS'S. jy8-tr :j(Xt. between ?th and lUth rtrref. pKN AND POCKET KNI VE:T SCISSORS, in. Strops. Shaving Soap and Cream, selling off to discontinue the business, at JOHN F ELLIS'S, Jy *-tr 3i* Pa avenue, bet Vth and totfc sts OEOROKTOWNi CLASSICAL AND Tmathema^cal AC?I>K*IY HE DUTIES OF THIS INSTITUTION wli: be resumed the first Monday In S p eoa ^ 0 . P A. BO WEN. Jy8-3' Principal^ POTOMAC Pa V!LIO!l. J CLT 6 \OTICl?EXCURSIONS BY STtAM ^ boat between the t'.th of Julv and !5t ,of?. t?mbOf ^elng offen< ive to my patrons, I d'llv g;ve no. ice that they will no lorver l>e permitted to W.W.DIX, jy e-2w Proprietor. NOTICE?ALL PERSONS HAVING bills agalcst either of tte offices *f the fl:s' and record Comptrollers of the Treasury, tLe Com mlssiocer of Cu?ton s. the fir t. tl.ird. f- r'L and tiftli^ Audit >r? of the Treasury, tl.e 'I r*;'?urer of the I nited States, the Kegts'er and Solicitor <<f the Trea^urj*. and the Light House Ibard. for Stationery, Blank Books, binding or other con tlngent expenses, arr hereby nottfli d and r#q .?*st ed prontiptly to present the seme for payment In duplicate pro perl t receipted, four days l?-for^ the end of every month, in order that they mav ??e included in the disbursing agent's account for tiie month In which they may be returned ?otb erwiKe payments may be delayed to the end of the next succeeding morth a ? I D COLVISN1L. Jy a ?w Diaburslug Clerk WCOAL ON THE W A*" ILL BE READY FOR DELIVERY IN a few days? ! White Ash Broken Coal, for furnace do do do Kgg do, for Kadiators ?, ? Fed Ash Coal, for Gra'es and Ktnim I'hose who lay In their coal for winter durlrg the summer months can nrw do no to much ad vantfjje by leaving their orders at the Wood ar.d Ooal Depot. N \\ corner l^th and C streets. No. 2.tf401bs td the ten. t'oal kept under cover Wood of the best quality alwa\s on hard tf T J k \\ M GALT WUST BE SOLD, OCR ENTIRE STOCK ? f Fancy unJ Plain Usnaets.? JSopen worked worked Lace and Hair Bonnets, with curtains ?M Fancy Balr and Gimp Bonnets 25 Misses Hair and Lace Bonne s 1 Case sllght'y da v aged Straw suitable fir com mon wear, travelling, kc , will be otMed a gr*at bargain. Call at Mrs K G ETCHISON'S. Uur.'J1?.tom''r8 wbo bave received their bills are respectfully requested to make an early settlement either by cash or notes at short date, and the:eby greatly cbllge Jy 3-lw Mrs. R. G ETCH ISON. . NOTICE. i^JKN. WALTER JONES AND CHARLES L.EE JONES have removed their office to J*?- E str?et. between 3d and ?th streets <-harles Lee Jones will practice In the Supreme Court of the United States and all other courts held In the District of Cclumlda. Gen \\ alter Jones, though mostly retired from general prac tice, will unite with him and do hi* be-t to ad vance the success of client* by written statemerts and arguments, and by all other ne?dful and proper exertions. jy j,n FISHING TACKLE, a large supply; Hook? Reels, Rods, Sinkers, and Flsh'ng Basket at 49U Seventh street. Jel?) g t RANClfc,