Newspaper of Evening Star, July 14, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 14, 1856 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, D. C., MONDAY. JULY 14, 1S56. 1,070. the EVEITIKG STAR, PUBLISHED I??Rf ArTERNOOM, (EXCKPT SUNDAY,) At lis SI" SmtldinitLi?r*t. a/ Finns f iaaMs ????*; ui llriK, Ey W. D. WALLACH, Will be served U> subscribers by carriers at SIX AND A yUARTBR CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents: P1!*" ****** >n r^ckagea at 37* cents per month. To mall anbac rlbers the sub ^Hptlon price la THREE DOLLARS ANDFIF Tf CEN TS a year tearfeanc*, TV. O DOLLARS for alx months, and ONE DOL AR for three months; tor loai than three mont a at the rate of 12ceata a week. jet single copies onb tent. protection and indemnity PROM loss bt fire: Subscribed Capital and Surplus S1?35S,151 IS* TABMERS A!TD MECHANICS' INSUR ANCE CO., OF PHILADELPHIA. Otic* nsrtkwest comer Pennsylvania avenue and 17tA $ rett, Watkin tm City, D. C. STATEMENT OP BUSINESS FROM THE 1ST day of Au^u't to the 31st day of December, 183*: Am unt received U ma-ine pri-miam?..$63,24-2 31 Do fir<* premiums 39,908 0i Total artmiam* for five m lnths 108,151 13 Capita' l,25o,000 00 1,358,151 13 Invested asfollow*: Bond* of Allegheny county, P.ttsbarg, and Pniialwphia City 6'm $78,721 66 Ratlrra 1 bonda,cosl33,400 00 Lnansc.i firs'. mirt(a*e of rral estate.. 50,900 00 O-t stocks, eatfalaia* 80,384 00 Ca?h i~i ba ik and on baad 11,09122 Capita' *ub?cribed 1,947,700 00 Premium antes, not maturei 66 387 31 Dne from ajrnts (secured by b inds)... 18,8->3 61 Expenses an 1 cr mm ssi'ms 11,662 33 1,358,151 13 T??a' amount of looses reported to 1st Ja wa'y, 1856: F^re ......91,666 66 Manne 3 009 00 4,666 66 DIRECTORS. Hon. Thos B. Pi rencs, Charles Dingee, Georjs H. Artnurnng, Thoma< Maiderfield, Charles A Rub ram, Erfwa'd R. HelmbiM,* George H?*tmb>ld, F. Ca-roll Brewster, Jamii E Neail, I.aac Leech. Jr. THOMAS B. FLORENCE, President. EDWARD R. HELM BOLD, Secretary. LOCAL SURVEYORS. Charles Wa'ter, No. 397 11 street In . M. Taornton,corner First street and Virginia avenue. James William*, No. 22 Poor and a half street. MARINE SURVEYOR. Capt. J. P. Levy, No. 474 Pennsylvania avenue. GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT. John Thomason. The bnsiness of this Company will compare fa vorab'y with the m nt successful of sim.lar institu tions in the United State* From the 1st day of Aujast, 1855, in five months, up t? 1st Janua y, 1856. the prem-nms received am mnted to the la-ge <um of owe hundred aud eight thon?and, one hunlred and fifty-one doHan, with only f>rty.*ix hundred an1 sixty six d^las losses reported. With tbe>e evidences of sauces* and good man at^rn'ot," the directors f^el justified in soiiciiiug a share o.'pub ic patronage, b"!ievwi< that the (teca ruy off:*ed u am ?!e. aid ihata'l lair cla:ms will be a ijustrd more according to equity than legal techni calities. With a vi<tw of affording am?l? indemnity 11 the pub!i3, the company have deposited with MESSRS DUNCAN, SHPRM^N, * CO., OF NEW YORK, TIIEIR BANKERS, Cash aid premium a?ne? to provide an accruing Tnut Fund of On* Hundred TKousani Dollars, To b? held by idem ai a Jditiora! security to policy h dtiers f.?r the payment of losses. The company la prepared to is?ue policies agarnnt los? or damare by tire nn DWELLINGS, PUfiNI TU*?, MILLS, MANUFACnEHH, WAKE 0OU8KS, a'l descriptions of BCILDIffiJd, a id their content*, or ail kinds of MERCHANDISE, Iran'purted by V&5SKLS, STEAMBOATS, CA NAL B >AT3, RAIL iOADS, aid the asaal con veyances to or from any portion of EuR'>P? a id AMERICA, aad on the hulls of STEAMdOAl'S nav ^a'ini; the western wa'?r? The ia'-s of premium will br a* l iw a* other com;anie.->, a id in fixing them eveiy improv^m 'nt in construction and a*ra ig'm -nt wul be taken into coasiderau'Ki. All losses speedily a ijusted an ! promptly jaid. Olfi .e nor.hwe*tc rner PennsyJva lia av-nue and SeT^nteeoUi street, \va"h;agu>u city, D. C. /iiur<n'( miry al*o he effected at the Home Ofvee, \rrt\'ceit corner Walnut and Sccond Streets, PkUa delpkxt. Also,a*. the Com; a iyV ifli:es: New Yur'n? A W. Th mpwn, No. 10 Wa'l s?U4et. Boston? Oltver Brewster, No 4 Sia e street Baltimire? 11. H. Ricta'dnoo. No 72 Ka'timxe street. ?:mcin nau?Taylor k Anih >ny. Charleston?J. H Tay lor, No. 121 K. Pay street. N?-?r :>rlt-au?Ha ma 1 Doa is. Montgom' ry ?Albert VV liiams. Mobile? A. C. Waijh. Pittiburj?T. J Hun'er, No. 90 Water str**^ Itavanna.i' A. Wi Lar, No. Ill Bay Strnet. Aosrusta?Girardey, Whyte a C<?. Atlasta? Ma^eus A. BtU. Treatoa?Narr k Cocks. F<?nd da La:?Robert A Ba<er. Vicksbare?J Putnam. Buffa??A Parker. Memphis-W. E Mliton. DeU'itt -Taomas Fa'mer k di>n Milwaukie?A Wellington Hart. WelUburg, Virginia-Daofo'th Brown, jr. Eri?*, Peaasy.valia?Allen A Wy m 1 g. Pennsy.vama R C 8mr.b. Louis vins?il. tl. t'lmbs.lake. Nashville?Joseph >'a?b. Port'and?D Rib ison, jr. Chicago? E P. Wa d Pad F aoeisco?W.l.iam Biggs. Si. Louis?Thus U. Court-sr. ay, gene a. a tent lor the southern a id w-ste-n S ate*. And in oth*" prinnpal cities of the Cnm-d S a'.es by aithorized offi;er? o' the mm pay. JeH-lyt AUEFIOY OF TUB Alliance Insaraace to. or Philadelphia, Capital 3300,000! Annual report por the year ending January 1, 1356 ths Company, e?n?l?tlnf of Bornls Had on innramlwml r??l nUM $110,C04 00 ev>rks ?f othw Oorp-<r?Uou?, worth p*r 2i,es0 00 0??h ok W tlliu r?c?iv*i?U, eoBslstlut of Mariao not* ?nd ?bort to?u? I3S.91S ?S ttiuck nous h 7# $11?,?30 00 Wh !? r*r?tpU fir pr??!am* 'faring the j**.t III J.H1I 04 r*l<l Uc looses ?a4 ?*??a?? Snrtof lb* y?*r 11.1M 04 P M. M?>RIAETY. President. J. MORRIS THOMPSON, Secretary. THE GREAT WE3TE&* FIRE IIT3UR AHCK CO. OP PHILADELPHIA. Cipitil f5UO,0W. Charter Ptrpttual. DimacToas." Charles C. Lithrop, 514 Sprace street. Alexander Willden, merchant, 14 North Front '":john C. Hunter, firm of Wright, Hunter A Co. E Tracey. fl'm of Tracey A riaxer. John R McCordy, flrm of Jonea, White A McCardy. Isaac rf?lehur?t, attorney and eoaaaellor. James B Smith, firm of Jas. B Smith A Co. Theo W Baker, llrm of Tracy A Baker. R S. Walton, 350 Market street Tooma* K. Limerick, 5*1 Spruce street. John J Baker, Goldsmith's Hail. CHARLES C LATH HOP, President. THOMAS K LIMERICK, Secretary. Risks ehanged from other companies to this, ne charge for policy f'? Enquire at the otlce of J E Kendal', over R Morrow's Exchange Otlce first door West of W. B Todd's Hat Store, on Pennsylvania arenne. m? 3m DAVID MYERLE. Ageut^ ORKAT REDUCTION I!f THE PRICE OF BOOTS AND GAITERS I HAVE ON COMMISSION, FOR A PHIL adeiphla manu- ? facturer. a 1'at rate Sewed or Calf-Skin BOO F at H3 <n full as good as those usually sold nt 95 or ??; a d a French Calf Patent lseather GAITER at *150, a* good aa any at ?S. air*trate Calf Salter at t i 50, the* are the best gooda that is (or ever were) sold 1a the Dlaulot f.w the price; for the _ _ proof, come and see ^ f<>r yourself. Terma positive v Thr p oflt chtrved to ofset b'.d debts. Call at. h .SEW YORK HAT STORE, Seventi atreet, " m'? rT """ANTHONY, Agent. CHAUNCT WARRINMi WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER, ASS DIAL** IS Fine Walehei, Jewelry, and Silver Ware. i SOLD SEALS, FOB AND VEST CHAINS, Ijr FIN F. J EwELK V, siL- yafclg> VKR SPOONS. FORKS, GOBLETS, CUFS, Ac , for^figtiAH sale at New Y ork prices. I U k. P A IRISH. ? The Chronometer, Duplex, L-?er. Cylinder, Rroeating, Mus|c^ and ?Jher W .T?:HES repair d. Al?o, JKWbLR*,*? N-j. i>i Pk*?s*lva!iia A vxiici. b^tw n elxth an<t ie<y .th atreet*. Browns' Hot :Jlj?al8*Kn J oftae GOLDEN WATCHES, ap ?-tX Washington. m OFFICIAL. Taxasoay Dkfaktmint, May 36,18M. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the stcck Issued pursuant to the act of Congress of 22d July, 18MJ, that such stock Is redeemable by Its terms, and will be paid at the Treasury on tbe surrender of the certificates thereof, on the 12th of November next, when Interest thereon will cease. This department will continue to purchase such stock prior to said day of redemption, and will pay therefor the fallowing premium, in addition :o the interest accrued to the day of purchase, with one day's Interest for the money to reach the vendor: On such stock received at the Treasury between the 1st day of June and the 31st day of July, In elusive, one-half of one per cent, on the amounts specified in the certificates; On such stock received between thelatandUlst days of August, one-fourth of one per cent; And on such stock received after the 31st day of August, the Interest accrued thereon, and one day's additional interest only, will be paid.. Certificates of such sMc'x transmitted under this notice must be duly isslgned to the United States by the party entitled to receive the pur chase money; and when sent prior to the 1st July the current half year's interest mu t also be as signed by the present stockholder, otherwise suoh Interest will be payable as heretofore. And notice Is farther given to holders of other stocks of the United States that this department will purchase the same between the 1st day of June and the 1st day o? December next,- unless the su on of 81,900,000shall be previously obtalned, and will pay for the same, in addition to the in terest accrued from the day of the last dividend of interest, and one day's additional Interest for the money to reach the vendor, the following rates of premium: On stock of the loan of 1819, a premium of 10 per cent.; On stock of the loans of 1947 and 1848 a premium of IS per cent.; And on stock issued under the act of 9th Sep tember, 1890, commonly called Texan Indemnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Certificates transmitted under this notice should be duly assigned to the United States by the par* ty entitled to receive the money; and If sent pre vious to the 1st July, the current half-year's In terest must also be assigned by the present stock holder, otherwise the Interest for the half year to that day will be payable to him as heretofore. Paymeat for all the foregoing stocks will be made by drafts oa the assistant treasurers at Bos ton, New York, or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHRIE, m29-dtl2NoV Secretary of the Treasury. SINGER'S Improved Sewing Machines. To which was granted the Highest Award of the Paris Exhibition, thereby recoiving the World's Verdict of Superiority. The improvements "in this ha chlae bas simplified them in many respects, andthey arecnpableof executing twice the amount of work they did formerly In any given time They are without question the only Machine ca pable of sewing every variety of poods perfect; a shirt bosom or heavy trace for harness can be wwn l?v any of these machines by a simple change of needle and thread in such a manner that the closest scrutiny cannot detect a fault. Manufacturers, planters and families will find them the only safe Machines to purchase, as they are built strong and durable, and not likely to g?K out of order. We have machines with goages attached, for binding hats, cap-fronts. gaiters, Ac. Silk, Thread. Cotton, Needles, Ae., constantly on hand, at the lowest rates. Persons desirous of Information regarding Sew ing Machines will please address I. M. SINGER A CO., 105 Baltimore street, Baltimore. N. B.?We are prepared to exchange these ma chines for old machines of any kind Terms lib eral . Persons who have been Induced to purchase Inferior machine* under the pretext of being cheap, will find this a benefit Indeed. mar 10?tf (HON HALI. BOOT, SHOE, A TH UNik ESTABLISH MKNT ?I hav* this day received a large assort ment of Ladles' and Gentlemen's lr>n and Wood frame Trunks; also, Bonnet Box es, Hat Cases, C;-.rpet Bags, of all stvies. Ladies' new style Gaiters, all colors: and black, bronze, and colored Gaiters, with ana without tlpn, at SI Misses', Children's, and In fant's Shoes, all styles. Gents. Boys,and Youths Patent Leather aad French Calf Boots and Shoes from SI to S5. Call and examine ray stock before purchasing elsewhere. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall, ja 13-tr Pa. av., bet'n 9*h and 10th sts. EH WTilS, Ulriir BUY AND HELL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE; FURNISH DHAFTS On all Parts of United States and Europe; COLLECT DRAFTS On all parts of United States and Suropo; DRAW BILLS ON IRELAND FOR ?1 OR UPWARDS; BUY AND SELL BONDS, STOCKS, A OTHER SECURITIES; NEGOTIATE TIME PAPER. Javtslnasat payiag 10 V ud ever, fer sale* LAND W AS BAITS. We are at all times Purchasing, and have for Sale, LAND WARRANTS of all denominations. Land Warrants located In Iowa, Wisconsin, or Minnesota CHUBB BROTHERS, Jan?-tf Bankers, opposite the Treasury. ANTHONY ULX'HLT, UNDERTAKER, Shop and Besidence No. 303 Penn'a avenue, south side, between 9th and 10th sts. Having provided himself with an ELEGANT HEARSE, and all necessary conveniences fori properly conducting hi; business, would respectfully inform tbe public that be Is fully prepared to fill all orders entrusted to him, at the shortest notice, and in the best manner. A large supply of READY-MADE COFFINS of all sixes, alwajs on hand, which will be fur nished on tne most reasonable terms. As heretofore, no pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. II. B.?Resld ng on the premises, orders will be promptly attended to at all hoars. feb 7-ly J. CONNELLY, (Jadertaker, 423 Stvtntk strut, will nd?, btI. G and Ht WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM the citizens of Washington and the adjoining counties that he ls| prepared to attend to all orders at the shortest notice and on the most liberal terms, He will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction on all occasions. He guarantees to preserve the dead in the warmest weather for any length of * time A large supply of ready made COFFINS of all sixes and qualities, always on hand. Shrouds, Carriages, Hearses, and every other article furnished of the best quality. A share of the public patronage Is respectfully solicited. ?4-tf BARCLAY'S NEW DICTIONARY, con taining an epitome of History T Blocraphy, and'he useful Sciences. FERGUHON. Je 30- next to Lammond 7 th at VOKPOKATION STOCK.?f9,000 Corpe W^SmMS &0?W G EXCURSIONS, Ac. FLEAST1EE EXCDESIOH TOM THX BKHKf IT OF TBI YOUNG CATHOLIC'S FRIEND SOCIETY OF 6IOReiTOWN|D C. The safe and commodious steam er POWHATAN, Captain _ Mitchell, having been chartered by the above Society. will make an excursion down the Potomac on WEDNESDAY, July 16th The steamer will leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock a m ; Washington at 9, and Alexandria at 10, and proceed down the river, stopping at Fort Washington a sufficient time to view the pla e, from thence to Pye's Landing, Charles county, where there will be sufficient accommodation for those wishing to danof, and thence returning to Georgetown about sunset The Committee promise to spare no piins or expense to make this the most pleasant excursion of the season A line Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets FIFTY CENTS each; Children ac companied by parents or guardians half price. Refreshments and Dinner will be served up by an experienced caterer at clt prices. Tickets can be procured at John L. Kidwell's Drng Store, Georgetown; K id well & La-rence and John F. Ellis', Pennsylvania avenue, Wash ington, and at the boat o > the day of excursion. Committee. John J McQuillan, James O'Donoghue, James Riley, Francis Harper, John J. Bogue, Johu Stakes, WmSJonts, John love, Wm Pettit, Jacob Klnglev. je 3.5,7,9,11,12,14,15-8t (Intel) GOOD WILL TO ALL I SECOND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION OF THE GOOD WILL CLUB, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, MONDAY, idly 21, IMS. THK GOOD WILL CLUB HAVING MADE all the necessary arrangements m g| tak? great pleasure in announcing to their numerous friends and the public in gen eral that their second Annual Excursion and Pic Nic will take pUce as above. The Commute** of Arrangements pledge them selves that no effort will be spared to make this one of the most pleasant of the season. Ksptita's Brass and String Band is engaged for this occasion The Refreshment Department is In the hands of an experienced caterer. The Steamer George Washington will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock, Washington 1#, Navy Yard wharf 2, and Alexandria at 2?$ Arrangements have been made with Mr Wha ley to run his Coaches at 1 , from the following places: Corner of 15th street and New York ave nue; Corner of 12th street and Penna avenue; Northern Liberties' Market House; and the Cap it?l. On toe return of the boat the Coactes will be in waiting to convey persons to these respect ive places, and to the Navy Yard. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?io be bad of any of the Committee or members of the Club. Committee of Arrangemcntt. R J McCormick, G G Dubant, Wm Noerr, Joeenh Mattingly, A S Dent. J A Br.ker. jy 10-ThM WS4t X, O- R. M, FIBST GRAND EXCURSION LOGAN THIitL Improved Order of Red Men, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On WEDNESDAY, iaiy lb, l^b. COMMITTEE HAVING COMPLE <ed their arrangements take _ _ fx great pleasure in announcing tneir friend* and ihe public generally, that ihi* being their first Excursion they will endeavor to make it the best of the season. A fine band cf Music has been engaged for the occasion. steamer "George Washington" will leave Georgetown at 7)f ; Washington R)tf, Navy Yard at 9, a-.d Alexandila at 'J% o'clock. Dinner and Refreshments furnished by an ex perienced caterer No intoxicating liquors allowed on the boat or at the Pavilion Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and two ladies; to be lud frJin any of the Committee or at the boat on the morning of the excursion. Committee of Arrangements. Jacob F Straub, J Shoeir aker, W A Yates, Geo Collins, John Williams, J T Hilton. Robt Cunningham, John Paxton. FIoot Manager?Samuel L. Davis, jy 7,9,11,12,14,15? (Organ) rFHK 1 <ed 19 A RAKE CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY. 1^1 FTY TO 8EVKNTY FIVE DOLLARS per month inav be made by the manufacture of an article in common demand, and from the sale of which at least one hundred per cent may be easily realixed. It can be manufactured witn little trouble in any family; the materials are cheap; not over f 10 or #15 aollara are required to start it. Many persons in different parts of the country ?re now engaged luits manufacture,from ~1'hli h they are receiving handsome returns Full directions and particulars for its mam:fac ture will be sent to any part cf the country on the receipt of 81. Address, ERASTUS HOPKINS, je 19-eolm* Washington, D. C. rpilK UNDERSIGNED RESPECTFUL* X ly informs his friends and the public gener ally that he has sold to William N. H. Maack the good will, machinery, bottles, fixtures, Ac., belonging to his Mineral VVater Factory. _ JOHN McKEON. Having purchased the above,the undersigned, in connection with bis present facilities, will be able to supply the public at all times with the best PORTER, ALE, CIDFR and MIN t?RAL WATER lna pure state Thank ful for the liberal patronage bestowed upon him for the last six years, he nopes, by a strict atten tion to his business and with his enlarged estab lishintnt, to merit a continuance of the same. WILLIAM N. H. MAACK, je 3Q-2aw7t* Corner 4# and N &ts., Island. BAJOU'S KID AND OTHER GLOVES. J NO H . SMOOT, No. 119 BRIDGE STREET, Georgetown, has received, from New-ox York, ladles Baiou't KID GLOVES white, black and colored; gents, do do , ladles and gents Jaifcta Silk and Lisle' Thread Gloves. Also, a first rate assortment of bleached and brown Cotton Hose, all qualities; bleached, brown and fancy Half Hose; misses and boys' Hose and Half Hose. Particular attention being paid to keeping a good assortment of the very best makes of the above gooas, purchasers may depend upon get ting a good article as cheap as the same quality can be nought elsewhere. ml-tr JOHN H. SMOOT. FOR GENTLEMEN. NEW SPRING GOODS, EMBRACING A general variety of the newest and prettiest ?tyles and fashions. Orders promptly filled. Constantly on hand a good supply or Garments, ready made, of superior quality. Also, fine Dre*s Shirts, with Same, Silk, and Cotton underdress, Furnishing and Toilet Goods In variety. A H. YOUNG, Merchant Tailor and Clothier, Browns* Hotel, mar *?wtf Pa. avenue. DENTAL SIR6ERV. DR. WILLIAM A. FRANKLIN HAVING taken rooms at No. 448 Pennsyl* van la avenue, will be happy to serve J all who may stand in need of the ser vices of a Dentist. His prices will be moderate, and all work warranted. je S~eotf 'PO PERSONS ABOUT LEAVING THE X CITY ?If you wish Brushes and Combs of auy kind or quality, Soaps, Perfumery, Fans, Paper, Porte Monnaies, Ac , call at our store, as we are determined to sell these Goods at unpre cedented low rates. 3U0, bet. 9th and 10th sts. Je3J JOHN F. ELLIS. Refrigerators.-just received,

a few roore of those excellent plain Refrige rators. When all the patent Refrigerators have been tried and laid aside, these will continue to be used, as they long have been, ann give uai versa 1 satisfaction. Prices are low. jy I G FRANCIS, 49} Seventh st. GAS-HEATERS.?another supply of those Gas Heaters so convenient for the nurserv, or for cooking s meal for a s \ all family. Also GAS STOVES, for cooking and baking, complete. ? <i FRANCIS, jell 490 Seventh ?t. Houses, Ac.,for Rent and Sale. For rbnt?A BRICK HOUSE, 8ITUA ted on 8th street, near the corner of m In quire of F. m. MAGRUDKR. Dry Good and Shoe Store, corner 7th and 1 street. je 21-tf For sale ?a tract op land, con tainlng about 45 acres, on the Heights of Georgetown, being a part of the Valley vi>w Farm, the re*id?nce of the late John H. King, deceased. This is one of the most desirable sites in the District for a line private residence; about 20 acres of this tract is a oeautlful grove of tim ber, the balance cleared and In a high state of cul tivation. The summit of this tract is from 350 io 400 feet, above tide water, and has a fine view of Washington, Georgetown, and the adjacent val ley of the Pctomac. It will be sold entire or In lots Also, a large Frame Dwelling-house and Lot on the corner of Fifth and H streets west, Wash ington city. Apply at Valley View Farm, or to Dr. H. King, No. 80 Prospect street, Georgetown, D. C je 18-tf [Intel] E. J. KING. For rent, with or withoutsteam POWER.?The large, airy, convenient, and well finished Hall next door to the Star Build ings. It is 50 by 80 feet in the clear, with hlgb celling, and is capitally lighted. Also, the store immediately under the west half of said hall, 25 bv 80 feet, fronting directly on Pennsylvania avenue, in the heart of the business portion there of, (no other such desirable butine** stands are now being offered to the public ) Thev will be rented separately or together. For terms apply to GEORGE HILL, Papermaker, Bridge street, a few doors west of the omnibus btand, George town, or at the Star Office counter. n. b.?If renters desire to carry on any business requiring steam power, they can be accommo dated with shafting attached to the new and pow erful engine of the Star Newspaper and Job Printing Office, manufactured oy the Messrs. Ellis, and arranged so as to furnish ample power, if required, to renters of the premises advertised above. j? 20-tf r The lease on the above property will be For rent.?a three story brick Dwelling, with extensive Buck Building, a large lot of ground attached, with a pump of good water in the yard, situated on K street, nearly op poMte the Brewery To a good tenant the rent will be made moderate. Apply to COM S. CASSIN, or at GODEY * CO'S , Hire Kiln, Beall street, between Congress and Washington streets, Georgetown. m 2-eotf VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FORSALE. I have for sale a large number of Bulding Lots In different parts of tne city, very favorably located either for residences or business. Ap ply to WILLIAM H. philip, Attorney at Law, No. 40, LoulsUaia avenue, near 6th street. m5 eo For rent ?four newsmallbrick Houses Just finished, immediately northwest of the Capitol, between B street and the Railroad Depot. Applvatthe Capitol extension to FRAN CIS J. uk.OOKS. m 15-eotf Building lots for sale?a va riety of Building Lots in all parts of the city, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms, Enquire of the subscriber at John E Kendall's office, next door to W. b Todd's, Hat Stcre, Pennsylvania avenue, third floor, front room. ap 21-eo3m DAVID MYERLE. FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME Par lors and Chambers, with board. Also, table and transient board. Inquire at Mr*. SMITH'b, 233 F f-treet. nov27?tf My lord, the dukk of bucking ham ii takes. Hand Lira a copy of Mrs. stephens' rew Magazine. and say there are more leJt. Also, other new publications, at FERGUSON'S, je 30- next to Lsmmond, 48<l 7th street. WHAT WOULD BEAN APPROPRIATE p'csent to take orsord bom" to your wives and daughters ? Four, five, or a drzen pieces of new and fashionable music, selected from the lot just received at the great fiaao Forte and Music Establishment of JOHN F ELLIS, je30 306 Pa. av., bet 9th and 10th sts. COMMODORE PERRY'S EXPEDITION. Narrative of the Expedition of an American s^-iudron to the Chin* Seas atd Japan, under the command cf Commodore Perry, complied from the original notes and journals by Francis l Hawks, D. D. LL D , profusely illustrated; price s5. A New Chapter in the Early Life of Washing ton, in connexion with the Narra ive Historvof the Potomac Company, by John Plckell. Just published, and for sale at TAYLOR * MAURS'S jy 11- Bookstore, near 0th street. BOYS' SUMMER CLOTH I NO.?in CON sequence of the advanced sta'e of the season we have concluded to offer our full stock of Boys' Clothing at very reduced prices, consisting of i Linen Coats, Roundabouts, Jacktts, Pantaloons, Shirts, Drawers, Vests, Ac. WALL a STEPHENS, je 9 322 Pa avenue, next to Iron Hall. SILKS, SILKS FOR CASH. Ladies who want a silk dress should not fail to call and look through our Immense assortment. we have Just > one through the stock acd marked on each piece just the price we paid for them at auction, which la many In stances was less tbau they cost to import. We prof ose to t>ell off at cost for cash only the entire balance of our Silks and all kinds of sum mer dress goods. We will not charge more than cost nor take lest. Good bargains may be expected CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. jy 9-10t corner Penn. avenue and 9th street. MRS. A. C. REDMOND'S SKY-LIGHT DAGUERREAN GALLERY. No. 401 Seventh street, above H, west side. PORTRAITS TAKEN EQUALLY WELL in Fair and Cloudy Weatfcer. Particular attention paid to copying Daguerreo tvpes, Oil Paintings, Ac. Pictures of Deceased Persons taken and made to resemble life. Mrs R. solicits the patronage of the Indies particularly. Jy 10-lw COAL. on THE WAY. 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Mr Ooldham. to the surprise and amuse ment of the crowd in the Justice's r<?om, gave the following account of Gilson: u I have had a great deal of trouble with the defend ant, who is constantly imposing on the public by the trioks of his trade He puts the gills of fresh fish into the bodies of fish that have been long dead, and he also supplies the heads of fish with fresh eyes. Sometimes he throws a little blood amongst the pale old eillfl of the fish, and the old ladies are deceived by the freshness of their appearance, the cod or mackerel actually looking as if it had just passed the agonies of death, and throw down their money for a prise that, when they get it home, turns out to be as bad as a throe weeks' old smelt. |Great laughter ] The Lord Mayor?I have often heard of giving new feathers to birds, and of making a " wonderful crocodile" of the skin of a buf falo lined with block tin, {laughter, j but 1 never heard of making up food in the market before. Mr. Goldham?It was only the other day he imposed a Dutch plaice on an old lady for what he called a turbot. |Laughter.] She said, "O dear, a turbot' a young undergrown turbot, I suppose.'' " Yes, ma'am," said he, "just like a parroquet, but younger and more tender." So the lady took home her turbot, and it was more tender sure enough. (Great laughter ] The lady came down the next day, but Tom was too good a judge to be there. She had paid 2j for the turbot. and he had sold its fellows, when good, at 4d a piece. [ Laughter. 1 The Lord Mayor?Is it true, defendant, that you act in this way ? Gilson?Why. my Lord, they do put new gills and eyes into the fish that comes up to the market: but howsomedever the fish ain't the worse for having bad eyes and white gills The iish may be good fisn, though his eyes is sore (Laughter) But there's some people as won't have no fish as ain't perfect everywhere, and so we're obliged for to please 'em, and we do put in a fresh eye or two that looks bright, and the moment they sees the eyes glisten, they say I'll have that un. (Loud laughter ) Howsomedever, we never beautifies, barrin the fish is good fish. The Lord Mayor (to Mr Goldham)?and is It the fact that people are imposed upon by this sort of dealing ? Mr. Goldham?Not a doubt of it. my Lord. A lady bought a turbot a short time ago from this man, and as it had been lying on his form for some time, it began to get flabby. To remedy this defect, he shoved a stick up the body, which, of course, became quite stiff enough, and he soon found a customer. Down came the lady next day, to the terror of the defendant, who, however, had not much rea son to frightened, for she says to him, " My good man, I don't blame you, but wecould'nt eat a bit of the poor turbot yesterday. Doyou know that the unfortunate fish must have suffered a great deal of agony, for upon boil ing him, we found that he had swallowed a piece of timber very nearly as long as himself. [Laughter] Gilson?But the fish was good, please your lordship This lady did nt think there was any good in him if he wasn t as stiff as a poker; and I thioked it no harm for to ram a bit of clean wood in him, for t" make it an out-and out caper. [Laughter] She might have et him if she chose ; the wittles he got after the life was out of him done him no manner oi harm. The Lord Mayor?Well, you have acted candidly at any rate, and confessed that you are a practiced imposter. But pray, what blood do you color tho gills of the fish with ? Gilson?It don't signify, please you my Lord; any blood as is nearest at hand The Lord Mayor (to tho defendant)?How much do you get for doctoring fish in this man ner, to cheat a family with f Gilsou?I'd like to have a little to do in that way, my Lord, but not for cheating. I takes pride in beautifying the watery hauimals. [Laughter ] The Lord Mayor ?For all that I'll make you find bail. Here the son of the defendant, also a fish retailer, but a respectable young man, offered bail, which was immediately received. Abtonishisg Effects of Gcaso ?Al though some people may be inclined to doubt the truth of the following yam, we can bring forward any quantity of vouchers. A a old Salt, of our acquaintance, says that when he was in the guano trade he sailed as mate of an old brig which might have been a tender to Noah's ark. On a return trip with a load of guano, tho hatches were left open one night and a tremendous shower wet the guano in the hold, and produced the most surprising effects. The timbers of the vessel sprouted and grew in all directions. Between decks was a com plete bowery The forecastle became an al most impenetrable thicket, and the cabin a beautiful arbor. The rudder post being made of white oak, grow up into a " live oak ' tree, which afforded a grateful shade to the man at the helm, though be was sometimes annoyed by the acorns rattling upon hia tarpaulin hat The masts became very imposing with their evergreen foliage, and, strange to relate, the foretopmast, whioh had been carried away in a gale, grew out again, and the altitude of all the masts was so much increased as to render the brig exceedingly crank The ves sel had boughs on her stern, and the figure bead (speaking figuratively) was as full of bought as a dancing-master. They were ob liged to prune the bowsprit and some of the spars tvice a week The quarter deck was covered with shrubbery, and the cook's ca booee resembled a rustic summer-house Crah apples grew on the pump handle, and a cher ry table in the cabin bore fruit. Perhaps the most remarkable circumstance occasioned by the stimulating and fertilising influences of the guano was that the cockroaches on board became so large that they could get up tho anchors and make tail on the brig. One of the owners of the craft facetiously remarked that she went out a full-rigged brig and came home half bark. There is nothing like guano to make things grow, and for strict truth and reracity give us an old sailor when he lays himself out on a big yarn.?Boston Herald py We aococted a little fellow t'other day. Be was about the size and build of a plug of < dog-leg" tobacco, and bis face was some tort of a landseape. done up with free-soil an 1 ipple-butter. "Who are you?" we asked, rather sternly. *'Mo?" said Young America, trying to look brave; " Vm on* of'em! dent yon Ittotc me ?" np A farmer going to get his grist gToar* it a mill, borrowed a bag of one of his neigh bors. The poor man was knocked under t~e water-wbeel7?nd the bag with hi?* drowned ; and when the melancholy news was brought to his wife, she exclaimed^ My gracious ! what a fuss there'll be about that bag'-" TEX WEEKLY STAB. This PiceUeat Frally tad Neva Jenmal?oou can be found In any othar?Is pubUahadaa ?afnr d?r morning. YBBJIS. Slngte copy, per annum 91 M TO AIM. Five coplti??????????????????????????????? Ten copies S MO Twenty copies IS wi CT7" Cam, mtiiuitT ia abtajtcb. ICTStoirle copies (la wrappers) can he pweur*! at the counter, immediately after lha Issue of tfce paper. Price?Tbrbr Cn?Ts Post* asters who art as agents will Wallowed a commission of twenty per omt. BieiPia Stewed Frksb Bbep axp Rica?Put an oaooo of fat in a pot; cot half a poaad of meat in large dice; add a teaapoonful of aalt, half one of sugar, an onion slieed; pnt on tbe Are to stew for fifteen minutes, stirring occa sionally; then add two ounces of riee, a pint of water; stew gently till done, and aerve. Any savory herbs will improve the flavor. Fresh pork, veal or mutton may be done the **me way. and half a poaad of potatoes used instead of rioe. To Clbax Britannia Wabb ? Britannia ware should be first rabbad with a woollen cloth and sweat oil ; then washed in water and rods, and robbed with soft leather and wbitiag. Xhas treated, it will retaia its beau to the Tast. Bakiho Ham ?Moot people boil ham It is much better baked, if baked right Soak it for an hoar in clean water, and wipe it dry ; next spread it all over with thin batter, and then put it into a deep dish with sticks under it to keep it oat of the gravv. When it if fully done, take off the skin and matter crusted UDon the fresh side, and set it away to cool. Yon will find it very delicious, but too rich for dyspeptics. Boiled Fowl abd Mbat Stew.?Skia and cut a large fowl into joiats; wash and lay it ia cold water for an hoar ; cut some sait beef or pork iato thia slices, and, if it is very salt, soak it a short time in water; make a paste of flour and butter, in the proportion of one-half pound of batter to one poand of flour ; cut it into round pieces tbe size of the pot ip which the pie is to be stewed ; butter well the inside of toe pot, and lay a layer of beef, saaaoned with pepper, salt and t>ome onions, flnely minceu ; then put a layer of paste, and then the fowl, highly seasoned with the above; add anothey layer of paste, and pour in three pints of eold water ; cover the pot elwse. and let the pie stew gently for nearly four hours, taking care it does not burn. A Dear Kiss.?A curious trial was recent ly held at Middlesex Sessions, in England. Thos Saverland. tbe prosecutor, stated that on the day after Chrirtmas he was ia the room where the defendant, Caroline Newton, and her sister, who bad coma from Birmingham, were present. The latter jokingly observed that she had promised her sweetheart '.bat no man should kiss her while absent. It being holiday time, Saverland oonsidered this a challenge, and caught hold of her and kissed her. The young woman took it aa a joke, bat her sister, the defendant, said that aha would like as little of that fun as he pleased. Saver land told her i^she was angry he would kiss her also ; he then tried to do it, and they fell to the groaiid. On rising, the woman struck hiiu ; he u^ain tried to kiss her, and in the scuffle she bit off his note, and spit it out of her mouth. The action was brought to re cover damages for the loss of the noae. The defendant said he bad no basineas to kiss her; if she wanted kissing she had a husband to kiss her?a better looking man than aver the prosecutor was The jury without hesitation acquitted her ; and the chairman said that if any man attempted to kiss a woman against her will, she had a perfect right to bite off his nose if she had a fancy for ao doing. Pbobubciation or tbb Name op Sweden borg.?A correspondent (says tha Philadel phia New Church Herald.) sent us a commu nication a few days ago. inquiring in regard to tbe correct pronunciation of the name of Swedenborg, sends as tbe following note from Captain Ericsson, a Swede by birth, and a gentleman wellaknowu through his disooveries and experiments in connection with propell ing steamboats. Addressing our correspon dent, Captain Ericsson says: New York. June 2, 1856. My dear Sir: Tbe Swedes pronounce Swe denborg's name thus :?Svedenborg Both eys pronounced alike, and dwelt upon, as in "/f? onade." The English sound ?c is not known to a Swede. When employed in names it is pronounced precisely as v in "rindicate " The o is pronounoed as in "worth The r is sounded very hard, as in "brat." Lastly, the termination of the name should be abrupt, by no means resembling the termination of the word "for#*;" tha g to be pronounced as in 4'?"eogrnphy." I am very glad you have aff >rded me an op portunity of correcting the universally erro neous pronunciation of the same of my won derful countryman. Yours, very truly, J. Eaicsso*. IdT A statement of tha movements of the precious metals in France for tbe three years ending 1853, '4 and '5, has been made up, from which it appears that the Empire im ? ported in gold 5236 088,000 of which $51, ?*>0,000 ieft the country, and $184,720 000 entered into circulation or bank use Mean while the Empire lost by export $162,220,000 in silver, and imported $66,660,000, making the net loss $95,560,000. The actual net ac cession of both metals in the three years, two of which were years of war with Russia, was $89,160,000; notwithstanding which the Bank of France entered the struggle with Russia with a reserve of about one hundred and twenty-three millions of dollars, (we assume the uighest point of 1?52, '3.) and came out in January 1856 with less than forty millions The gain to her vaults since the peace has been steady and rapid, as it is beginning to be with the Bank of England. The captain of a canal boat was bring ing a large number of passengers down the Pennsylvania Canal, and had been consider ably irritated by tbe publications in the pa pers, showing that the traveling public were all for Adams. Watching a favorable oppor tunity, while nearing a bridge, and while his passengers were on deck diseuaaing polities, he called out, 41 All in favor of Jackson will stoop their heads." Every man ducked of course, to avoid coming in collision with the bridge, and tbe captain triumphantly raised his head, crying, " unanimous for Jackson,'* and so it was reported in tbe Democratic pa per of the next village This was cansideiei the best political " dodge'* of tbe campaign. ty The Buffalo Republic says that a young and genteel looking man named Cammel was sent to the penitentiary in that city for six months, on Wednesday, for kiaaing a young lady in the street on the night of the 4th. a she was returning from a display of fire-works. She swore that he came rudely up to her and forcibly put his arm around her neck, draw ing bar towards him, and kissing her repeat edly. She was very indignant at this insult, and fiualiy broke away from hiai and escaped to her home. This established the value of a kiss?six months in the penitentiary. "Heabs Up."?A tall, raw-boaad rocrui* was put on drill by a little cock sparrow of an officer; as every order was given to him, he would look down to see his ooasmandsr. and was often admonished to hold up bis head. Repeateu admonitions of this kind at length had the effect to induce the recruit to raise his head, at least to a level with tbe setting sun, and the officer ordered him to keep it there. " What, always ?" was the inquiry. ?< Yes, always!" was the replv. *' Then good bye, leftenant; I shall newer see you again." Shbbmab abd Rabdolpb?Mr. Sherman was a representative ia Congress from Con necticut; his business had been that of makiag shoes. John Randolph, who had In dian blood in him, rose, and with his usuxl squeaking sounds said, "1 should like to know wnat tha gentleman did with his leather *pron before ha set out for W ashing ton ' Mr bber man replied, imitating the same squeak, " I cut it up, sir. So make nsoooaaina for the de soonAaale of Peoahoalafc"